How to advertise on NationStates

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How to advertise on NationStates

Postby [violet] » Mon Jul 09, 2012 6:58 pm

A question came through about how to run an ad on NationStates (e.g. to advertise a region). I thought I'd post the answer here, in case it's helpful to others.

We currently use Google to serve ads, which means you can advertise here via Google AdWords. It's a pretty good system for small advertisers, because you can set low ceilings on how much you're prepared to spend per day or per click.

This is how to create an ad that will display only on, nowhere else on the net.

  1. Log in or sign up to Google AdWords at
  2. Click "Campaigns"
  3. Click "+ New Campaign"
  4. You are asked to "Select campaign settings." Choose a name for your campaign, and various targeting options, such as which languages you wish your ad to display in.
  5. Under "Networks and Devices", for "Network" click "Let me choose...". This will show a few further options. Uncheck "Google Search", and check "Specific reach: Show ads only on pages that match all my targeting methods."
  6. At the bottom of the page, click "Save and continue"
  7. You are taken to a "Create ad group" page. Choose a name and have fun creating an ad. It can be text or image.
  8. Don't select any Keywords, but under "Placements", click to expand "Select managed placements" if necessary, and under "Enter as many placements as you like, one per line," type in "".
  9. Choose a number for "Default bid", which is the maximum you'll pay per click, and click "Save and continue to billing" (or, if you like, "Set up billing later")
  10. After that, you should be good to go. When viewing the Ad Group, clicking "Placements" should show that you have "" under "Managed Placements". Also, clicking "+ Change Display Targeting" should show you a single circle that is 100% shaded to indicate "Placements" (and no "Display Keywords")

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Postby Mousebumples » Mon Oct 19, 2015 6:36 am

Expanded Rules on Commercialism


Players aren't permitted to use NationStates for commercial purposes (i.e. making money). With regard to player posts (forums, RMBs, telegrams), players are not permitted to post content related to:
  • Promoting a commercial product related to NS
  • Promoting a free site or product unrelated to NS
  • Promoting a commercial product unrelated to NS
Store Purchases as Currency

Players aren't permitted to use NS Store purchases to induce or reward in-game behavior, such as (for example) running a raffle on their region where a random new member each day is rewarded with TG Stamps or coordinating a contest where the player with the most activity (i.e. RMB posts, endorsements, etc.) in a region is rewarded with something from the NS Store.

Players can buy NS Store purchases as gifts and may do so to help a friend or region-mate. What is not okay is when the players don't have a common goal, but rather one is motivated only by the reward of an NS Store purchase, and performing some action that benefits the buyer. In that case, it is a simple "pay for service" transaction and is prohibited.

Note that parts of the game that are not Store purchases (e.g. Trading Cards) can be used as rewards or inducements.

Prizes, Raffles, Giveaways
Just as players are not permitted to use NS Store purchases to induce or reward in-game behavior, the same applies to any raffle or giveaway that has monetary value. This includes but is not limited to gift cards, Steam codes, paid or referral perks in other games, and straight up cash prizes. It's still a "pay for service" transaction at best, or outright gambling at worst, and as such remains prohibited.
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