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The Cathedral
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Postby The Cathedral » Fri Jul 31, 2015 11:05 pm

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: The Anglican Republic of the Cathedral

Name of Group: The Naval Service

Name of Outfit: Coastal Threat Reconnaissance Group

Detailed Outfit Loadout:

The CTRG are a light special forces unit - they lack the ell-encompassing power armor of some of Atlas, or the super firepower of arsenal-toting slavic supermen - but what they lack in cutting edge kits they make up for in rugged skill and their faith in the power of the Creator. Their standard issue gear includes:

- 7.62mm ammo for uniformity and penetrating power
- Ultra light weight Crye AirLite plate carrier with 7.62mm level plates (level IV)
- Enhanced Combat Helmets or patrol caps
- Long range bags with high-density food
- Lightweight Laser designators and extended range communications gear
- Advanced demolitions and recon equipment, including personal UAVs

The CTRG also receive advanced Special Operations training on:

- Trained in all airborne and submarine entry types
- Trained to survive in all environments for potentially a month or more in preparation to a military landing
- Combat tactics and living deep behind enemy lines
- SERE training
- Weapons training on international systems and heavy weapons
- Driver training on most types of land and sea vehicles from a variety of nations

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:
(Image) but with Multicam.

Biography of Outfit: With the Cathedral founded on 1985 and the Naval Service establishing the CRISIS - Christians Receiving Initial Sustenance and Individual Support- Program. It is a mission supported by the Government and run by the Naval Service. CRISIS is the program in which Christian refugees are offered asylum in the Anglican Republic. The Naval Service operates near international waters and uses helicopters and landing craft to bring refugees onto Naval Service vessels. Generally, these ships only operate in reasonably safe waters and under the flag of humanitarian aid.

A failed mission in 1991, where Anglican Republican landings were not possible due to unexpected hostile forces, led to the Gothan Inquiry. After this, it was found that an advanced reconnaissance force was needed to scope out landing sites well in advance of an actual landing. As such, the CTRG was trained by other national special forces and formed in 1993. It has seen numerous missions overseas and assisted in the rescue of and aid to over 7 million Christians. They now maintain their own special forces training centre and only recruit the finest Cathedralites.

Operators of the Outfit:

LIEUT Massimo Corwin - Team Leader / FAC - SCAR Standard rifle with long range optics
MPO Bradley Clancy - Signals - HK417
LS Mael Tate - Medic - SCAR CQC
LS Rowan Sebastian - Demolition - SCAR Standard rifle with M203 UGL

SUBLT Derby Almos - Team Leader / FAC - SCAR Standard rifle with long range optics
CPO Edgar Xavier - Signals - HK417
LS Izzy Urban - Medic - SCAR CQC
AS Barnaby Albany - Demolition - SCAR Standard rifle with M203 UGL

SUBLT Dominic Damien - Sniper - AS-50
MPO Theodore Zecharian - Spotter - HK-417

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Postby Murovanka » Sun Aug 02, 2015 9:52 pm

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: People’s Republic of Wanka

Name of Group: Sonderkampfentwicklungsgruppe Koppa-Koppa (or just Koppa)

Name of Outfit: 2nd Squad, 3rd Platoon (2/3 Staffel)

Detailed Outfit Loadout:

Rudi: STG-S

Weizen: MP-7, Grenade Launcher/Panzerfaust

Kondor: G-82 sniper rifle, Mikado-Drone

Piranha: GR-9 LMG, Sonderschrotflinte-10 (breaching shotgun), C4

Prinz: STG-S, Sanitäterpack 08

All of them additionally have standard Wankan army body armor, a USP Handgun, Frag and flash grenades, a combat knife, gas mask, helmet, radio set with earpiece, flares, food and water supplies for three days, basic medical kit, rappelling gear, basic navigation gear, weighing altogether around fifty kilograms, depending on mission. Also, depending on the situation, their primary weapons are often swapped to fit mission requirements. A squadron of assorted utility helicopters and aircraft of the Sonderhubschrauberregiment, the special transportation wing of the KKK has also been formed and follows the troop around.

Appearance/Description of Operator:
Something like this… nothing too flashy or special

Biography of Outfit:

Sonderkampfentwicklungsgruppe Koppa-Koppa (Special Combat Development Group Koppa-Koppa) started out as the secretive 11th Kampfkommando-Kader (11. KKK), which was to include only the best of the best special forces operators Wanka had to offer. Koppa, as it is known, only recruits from the other ten KKK teams (Wankan special forces) and its selection process is one of the toughest and dangerous in the world. It differs from the other KKK teams in that it is not subordinate to the overall Joint KKK Command (although it usually collaborates together with them) and receives near unlimited funding for training and exercises.

The unit also does not suffer from lack of experience. In the recent war in the Sellenland, Koppa units were at the forefront of training, and eventually leading insurgent units in conducting guerrilla warfare against Aemen. The second squad of third platoon itself, which has now been offered to be part of ATLAS, conducted a daring raid on a bridge which severely hampered the Aemen logistical situation. Several months later, it formed part of the Wankan Task Force 130 which provided recon/special forces capabilities to the 6th International Combat Brigade which was to defend a Greek island from Turkish invasion. 2/3 Squad, then under the newly-appointed Captain Martin Rüdiger were part of a risky but successful capture of the Turkish commander-in-chief. However, the heavy gunner, Obergefreiter Johannes Beer, was killed on the exfiltration when his chopper was shot down by Turkish aircraft. He has been replaced by the newly recruited Johann Müller who just arrived from the 2nd KKK (specializing in counter-terrorism and insurgency).

To fit the squad for ATLAS requirements, the squad sniper (Unteroffizier Helmut Hahn) was exchanged for Feldwebel Dietrich Söst, thus making the entire team fluent in English and capable to operate in an English-speaking environment. It has also been selected as a result of the vast experience of its commander, just known as “Rudi” as a short-form of his real name.

Operators of the Outfit:

Hauptmann Martin “Rudi” Rüdiger, Commander
The commander of the squadron, he is one of the most experienced Koppa officers having served in most Wankan-involved conflicts since 2010. Originally from the 3rd KKK, the Wankan ‘Navy SEALs’, he prefers water-borne infiltrations to chopper-borne ones and is usually given such tasks. Calm and leading with confident authority, there is ‘nothing special’ in particular about Rudi, as Weizen (see below) once put it. He is of average height, average appearance and averagely built as demanded by Koppa standards. While he is seemingly emotionally absent, the people he cares most about (other than his family) is his team and he holds himself responsible whenever anything happens to them.

Leutnant Johanna “Weizen” Holunda, Assaulter
The squad’s second-in-command, and only female on the team, she is a rather short but strong nevertheless figure. Loud, swaggering and boastful, she backs her personality up with daring exploits and the occasional fight with other Koppa operators. She is always the first one into a dangerous situation and often calls her more numerous male counterparts as ‘scared rabbits’. Her name comes from the Weizen-Beer, her favourite drug.

Feldwebel Dietrich “Kondor” Söst, Sniper
Kondor received his name for his expertise (and love) for shooting from helicopters. According to last years annual Sniper tournament Kondor came in third place and ranks as the second best sniper in Koppa. Educated in Sylva, he is the squads most proficient member in English and has been training his fellow operators for the past weeks.

Obergefreiter Johann “Piranha” Müller, Breacher
Piranha wasn’t given the nickname for being particularly aggressive or predatory. No, it was due to him biting another fellow 2nd KKK operator during a fight, which left deep marks on his opponent. At 22, he is the youngest and also the newest member of the team, replacing a Koppa operator who’d died in the units most recent operation. He is light-hearted with humor that doesn’t always reach his fellow fighters, and is welcomed as the solution to Prinzes ‘utter Wankanness’.

Obergefreiter Alfred “Prinz” von der Heide, Medic
Despite his name and nickname, Alfred “Prinz” von der Heide comes from the urban, southern-Wankan middle class and speaks with a strong Swabian accent sometimes not apprehensible by the others. He is the oldest and second-longest Koppa operator in the team, after Rudi. Having served sixteen years, first in the Army, then in the 8th KKK before transferring to Koppa, he has experienced practically every Wankan conflict since the establishment of the young People’s Republic. Having seen the horrors of war, he is a humorless and at times depressing figure who is determined to serve to the retirement age as he is an indispensable operator, which he knows.

Anna-Lena Aachen
Just known as Lena, she is the secretary of Rudi’s squad. She handles all administrative aspects to ensure that the Koppa unit operates smoothly within ATLAS. In addition, she ensures that the training regimens meet their requirements and that gear and the chopper squadron are oiled and ready-to-go at any minute. She is the connection between the KKK headquarters (for any additional support or equipment) for Rudi.

RP Experience:
Here, the finished Second Sellenland War and this dead thread, both of which are mentioned in the bio.

Note: All references to white supremacist/other radical groups are *cough*purely incidental*cough*. I am in no way racist/bigoted (of Asian ethnicity here). Just for clarification because I was… misunderstood last time. Hope this passes, tell me if there's anything else I should add/modify.

Techlevel: MT
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New Hayesalia
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Postby New Hayesalia » Wed Aug 12, 2015 6:36 pm

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: New Hayesalia

Name of Group: Special Aviation Force

Name of Outfit: Foxtrot Flight, 20 Special Squadron

Detailed Outfit Loadout:

5x OH-30 Vanguard helicopters


The OH-30 Vanguard is a light utility helicopter manufactured by Argus Industrial Manufacturing and the Vanguard Alliance, a coalition of Juuman aerospace firms lead by Nijino Rotodynamics, for service in the Amastoli Royal Guards, Remarkably Sane Dominion's Army, and Remarkably Sane Dominion's Navy. The New Hayesalian Military uses the OH-38 Vanguard in a training, observation, and light air support role. The OH-30 is chiefly used by the Royal Montmarian Guard and the New Hayesalian Army in observation and light support roles, and is also useful in the forward air control, air interdiction and special forces infil/exfil role.

OH-30 VanguardSpecifications
Service Model: OH-30A Block III
Primary Contractors: Nijino Rotodynamics and Argus Industrial Manufacturing
Major Subcontractors: Argus Industrial Manufacturing(airframe and airframe subsystems), Nijino Rotodynamics Rotor Systems(rotors, transmission, and assorted subsystems), Davenport Turbine & Propeller Co.(engine), Stackhouse Avionics Group(cockpit displays and cockpit subsystems), Asou Applied Aerospace Electronics(general avionics), TASRS Imaging Solutions Group(optronics)
Designation: Light utility helicopter
Crew: 2(Pilot and Co-Pilot) + 3 passengers OR 7 passengers with benches instead of weapon hardpoints

-Length, Airframe: 12.64m
-Width, Airframe: 2.8m
-Width, Rotor: 10.5m
-Height, Airframe: 2.62m
-Height, Overall: 3.34m
Weight: 1,250kg(empty), ~1,830kg(clean take-off), ~2,160kg(mission take-off), ~2,500kg(maximum gross take-off)
-Top Speed, Redline @ Altitude: 160 knots
-Top Speed, Redline @ Sea Level: 150 knots
-Top Speed, Maximum Safe @ Altitude: 150 knots
-Top Speed, Maximum Safe @ Sea Level: 145 knots
-Cruising Speed, Maximum Efficient @ Altitude: 130 knots
-Cruising Speed, Normal @ Altitude: 120 knots
-Service Ceiling: 6,500m
-Rate of Climb: 11.2m/s
-Range: 600km(combat range), 950km(combat range with 2 x 150L drop tanks)

Power Plant:
-Engines: One DavT&P Kelburn V588 turboshaft, generating 800ehp [597kW]
-Exhaust: Single tailpipe ventilated and radiated through a twin-channel cool-air-intermixing IR deadener/muffler

-Primary Rotor: One NiRRS P41Vr four-bladed composite main rotor
-Secondary Rotor: One NiRRS S41Vr eight-bladed inline composite bearingless rearward rotor
-Disc Area: 86.55m2

Flight Controls:
-Pilot Input: Twin sticks and throttles, plus an island vertical control interface, with touch screen support
-Transmission: Primary wire, secondary wire, tertiary wire, auxiliary wire

-Computers, hardware: 2 x PTR.5H2 hardened parallel processing combat servers
-Computers, OS: Juumanistran Integrated Land Warfare Operations Architecture, a proprietary modularly-organized, software-based operating system
-Avionics, software: “Burgundy” environmental awareness module, “Sentinel” flight status and information module, “Waltz” advanced flight control module, “Redeye” advanced combat maneuvers module, “Bulldog” threat assessment and management module, “Linguist” HOTAS, vocal, and biometric commands module, “Whisper” combat communications relay and management module, “Whack-A-Mole” advanced munitions targeting and guidance module
-Displays: Stackhouse ADDAM glass cockpit and 2 x Virtuoso HMD+CS
-Sensors: TASRS G3BT advanced EO/IIR package(imager mounted in ball turret at forward tip of fuselage), TASRS G4RM high-definition EO/IIR imager(detachable; mounted in ASMM on rotor mast), PCR Bugaboo IIM.A3E millimeter wave radar(detachable; mounted in ASSM on rotor mast)
-Navigation: GPS.29MX JILWOA-integrated GPS navigation suite, CHN.8H2 radio transponder
-Communications: ACL.27He JILWOA-compliant and –integrated radio communications and warfare array(HF, VHF, UHF), AKL.14K secure and encrypted datalink, IFF.9G IFF uplink
-Countermeasures, Fixed: PL9 laser detection/warning system, PH11 multiband radio receiver and warning system

-Two wet Universal Weapons pylons, one under each winglet, capable of handling up to ~140kg of mixed ordinance
-Two Light Modular Weapons pylons, one at the tip of each winglet, capable of handling ~25kg of ordinance
-One Advanced Sensor Mounting Mast sitting atop the primary rotor, capable of fitting a number of imagers and radars of Juuman and international make

-Up to ~280kg of mixed ordinance on two hardpoints; typical examples include 4 x ALSM.84U in two 2x1 braces, 6 x AGM.114 Hellfire in two 3-cell braces, 8 x TA-180 in two 2x2 braces, or similar weapons in similar configurations or two 150L drop tanks
-Up to ~50kg of light ordinance on two hardpoints; typical examples include two MANPADS anti-air missiles or two LMG gunpods


Pilots wear the same body armour system and 9LAND battle management system as BASTION, with the ACH and flight suit. The Aviator Combat Helmet is designed to provide pilots with binocular-wide field-of-view, give night vision abilities and scare enemy pilots at first sight.

ACH is equipped with numerous cutting-edge technologies, like extreme off-axis targeting and head tracking "providing the pilot with unprecedented situational awareness and tactical capability." In helicopter gunships, retina tracking software allows gunners to fire at what they are directly looking at, not what their head is facing.

The ACH offers a pilot or other aircrew:

- Binocular Wide Field-of-View
- Integrated day/night capability with sensor fusion
- Highly accurate head and eye tracking hardware and software
- Digital image source for helmet vision displayed symbology
- Custom helmet shell, liner and suspension system for lightest weight, optimal C.G. and maximum pilot comfort.

The pilots flight suit is specially made by New Hayesalian companies to be one of the best in the world. A one piece suit in FEAR camouflage, worn with thermal undergarments in cold climates, provides rugged protection from fire and flash with Nomex materials.

The flight suit is interwoven with advanced materials providing light protection from shrapnel, in the instance that an aircraft were to be hit by an opposing missile or suffer a major failure. The flight suit is air and water tight, as well as waterproof, which enhances survivability in the event of survival on water. A hood is zipped into the collar, allowing for protection from the sun in the instance of a survival situation. A large number of pockets and inbuilt kneeboards make this suit useful and comfortable for pilots.

Pilots of the SAF are generally armed with the Model 15 Personal Defence Weapon.

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:
Image. Ignore helmet, reference above.

Biography of Outfit: The Special Aviation Force has been developed as a group of the Military's most advanced rotary and tilt rotor pilots. It's ranks filled with members of the NH Navy, Army and Royal Montmarian Guards and some other services, the nation's best helicopter pilots find their way into one of the special squadrons of the SAF. Using the best aircraft and recruiting pilots and ground crews to complement them, the SAF provides most of the helicopter support to the 100th Special Operations Legion.

The SAF was founded in 1982 in response to SF concerns about inconsistencies between various helicopter squadrons from different parts of the Union, as well as different service branches. Starting with the famed Huey helicopters they have grown to comprise 25 Special Squadrons flying eight types of aircraft- all expertly at night, at high speeds, low altitudes and on short notice. They must also deploy with an absolute minimum of personnel and equipment and as such, pilot/observer pairs must be capable of intermediate repair work and preventative maintenance.

20 Special Squadron flying the light OH-30 Vanguards bring troops on target with immense speed. Footage of the 20th Special Squadron flying MH-6 Little Birds before the introduction of the Vanguards, alongside 6 and 24 Special Squadrons, can be viewed here.

Operators of the Outfit:

Flying "Vengeance"
MAJ Rick Dunhen [pilot]
CAPT Tony Rack [observer]

Flying "Minotaur"
CAPT Markus Hollet
LEUT Quentin Kaptin

Flying "Knocker"
CAPT Toni Kell
CAPT Chris Jilles

Flying "Salvo"
G-CAPT Zaran Felen
CAPT Tony Rack

Flying "George"
LEUT Harriet Oppen
G-CAPT Harris Same

RP Experience: Already in ATLAS, reference my prior application.

Techlevel: MT

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Postby ISAF-Usea » Mon Aug 24, 2015 7:42 pm

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: ISAF-Usea

Name of Group: Erusean BlackJacks

Name of Outfit: 2nd SFG, 1st Battalion, A company, 2nd platoon, 4th squad(Beta).

Detailed Outfit Loadout:Weaponry ALL:(NOTE* some are optional)- Armalite 15(AR-15), XM8, M9 Beretta, Glock 17, M1014, KABAR knife, Hatchet, Macheté, SPAS-12, MSR, M110, KSVK, ACR, MP412, XM-25, LSAT, Ultimax MK.5, M40 GL, KARD, P90, Skorpion, XBM-9, ARX-A (ARX alpha), AK-74, H&K MR5, H&K MR72.

Equipment ALL: (NOTE*Again, some optional for long-term missions): Combat Backpack, Hat/Helmet/Vest/padding, Night Vision goggles/Thermal imaging(has a wire attached to the cross-com that goes back into a small pack on the back of the soldier that has a battery)/General combat boots, E-tool, combat/tac vest, Cross Com (GR fans, hollar. DESC-, wool/cotton/various other socks for boots or shoes, tac gloves, stun-gun, claymores, C4, AP/Inced./hallowpoint rounds/for serious cases AT4/SMAW/RPG, ACU/BDU/AMU etc..., bandanas/buffs/goggles/sunglasses, experimental Active camo, Sensor grenade/flashbang/smoke/incend./M67/Deployable quad drone, 1 week of small C/D class rations, blowout first aid kit(small kit that everyone has if the medic goes down), 2 liter canteen strapped to backpack, small LED flashlight, space blanket, rain pancho (for severe storms), 4 water purification tablets, 4 flares, 25 foot survival rope/paracorp. Implanted DNA tracker chip

Sniper: One sniper rifle, either a machine pistol or pistol, knife, cross-com (with electronic warfare systems), active camo.

Medic/rifleman: One assault rifle, one pistol, knife, cross-com(with electronic warfare systems), active camo, A+ medkit(for medic)

Heavy weapons specialist: one machine gun, one rocket/grenade launcher, one pistol, one knife, cross-com(with electronic warfare systems), active camo

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:
Biography of Outfit:Created 200 years ago, in 1815, the BlackJacks's art is an old one. Combining guerrilla warfare, and bump-run tactics, the BlackJack's are known to strike from anywhere.

Erusea, besides North Point, was the first to create special forces. The BlackJacks were made to defend Erusea from early attackers, such as the no longer existing Grey Pirates.
The first group of BlackJacks was known as the "First Few." Since they were the first and there were few of them, an estimate of about 20-50 trained soldiers to defend Erusea from the Grey Pirates. This small group helped to finally push the Grey Pirates from Erusean territory, and destroy the Grey Pirates.

More than 150 years later, the BlackJacks would be called upon to destroy the biggest growing threat to Erusea: The Infinity Drug Cartel.
With the cartel spreading poison across Usea and Erusea, Erusea was pressured to eliminate the threat, or risk outside forces coming in.
The Eruseans quickly took action, and ordered the BlackJacks to eliminate the threat.
It didn't take the BlackJacks long at all with Better technology and better skills the BlackJacks tracked down the cartel leaders one by one. In less than a year, Erusea was free from the Cartel.

33 years later the BlackJacks would be one of the only groups to stand with the allied forces in the FUCW. With rebel forces pushing back allied forces in a blitzkrieg, the BlackJacks were assigned to take and hold key cities. One of these more famous city holdings was the one of Keyholst somewhere in Central Usea. A group of 8 BlackJacks easily took the city from a small group of retreating rebels. The city seemed like it wasn't important, but it was. It held the only bridge that wasn't destroyed that allowed safe passage into the Whiskey Plains. Since the connected land areas were heavily mined, and couldn't be crossed by ground forces this city was key for logistics.
Once the BlackJacks had taken the city, an allied recon plane warned the BlackJacks that there was a massive rebel force of 3 attack choppers, 22 tanks, 10 APCs, and more than 1,500 infantry headed their way.
The BlackJack group quickly scavenged the small city for equipment, and found multitudes of objects that were used to make mines with. They also found an abandoned RTB-101 experimental artillery piece, and an abandoned mobile weapons carrier that had 20 .50 cal machine guns and ammo for those machine guns.
By the time the rebel force arrived, the BlackJacks were more than prepared. After 2 hours of long, hard fighting, the BlackJacks stood victorious. With 2 blackjacks dead, and 2 injured, the price was enough for the outcome.

No more than 3 years later, in 2003, the BlackJacks were at war with ISAF. Though they played their role late in the war, they were deadly doing their part.
Sabotaging an entire ISAF air base, assassinating an ISAF four star general, and killing two NP falcons, the BlackJacks were deadly.

The BlackJacks are now apart of the ISAFSFCG and work alongside other SF groups in ISAF.

[b]Operators of the Outfit: Cpt. Jack 'Gunny' Voycheck- Originally from the Federation of Central Usea, Jack's family moved to Erusea when he was the age of two. Ever since Jack had heard of special forces, he had always wanted to be in it. Mainly because his dad was a former FCU bolt. He joined the ISAF army at the age of 22 after graduating college. After serving for three years, he tried out for the North Point Falcons. After failing the initiation, he decided to try out for the BlackJacks. He was successful in making the cut, and quickly rose through the ranks as an excellent rifleman and leader to the rank of captain. He now leads his current squad, Beta, and has yet to fail a mission.

MSSGT. Roy 'East' Ray-
Born in Erusea, Roy always thought he was born to be a tactical sniper. Roy has been shooting rifles all his life, he has trained so much at shooting that whenever he shoots it's second nature.
Roy joined the ISAF Army at the age of 18, and excelled at it. Oddly, the BlackJacks came to him after Roy had placed 3rd in the Usean Shooting Contest. He was then recruited, and put through training. He survived the cut, and is now Beta squad's tactical sniper.

SSGT. Phil 'The Punisher' Trevor-
Born in North Point, the "capital" country and city of ISAF-Usea. Phil was an orphan, as his parents were killed by a PMC named "Blackwater" when he was 2. He was raised by his uncle, who was an ex-Falcon, and trained Phil to be an excellent shooter and tactician. When he reached the age of 22, he asked his uncle what happened to his parents. His uncle told him the truth, and Phil set out to find the PMCs and wipe them out. While ISAF despises PMCs, a few operate within Usea with legit legal permission. Phil armed himself heavily, found the Blackwater HQ, and annihilated everybody within it. He then mopped up pockets of BW across Usea. Once Phil was arrested in Erusea after killing the last BW member in public, instead of getting the death penalty, ISAF offered him a spot in the BlackJacks. He accepted, and went through the training voluntarily. He is now the weapon's specialist of Beta squad. He carries heavy weaponry on ops that require it, and so on.

Sgt. Ishmael Ganxes
Ishmael was born in the Usean country of Delarus. His family was full of pacifists, including his own father and mother. They preached to him and his two brothers about the dangers of war and the military.
His brothers believed them, but not Ishmael... No matter how much they preached to Ishmael, he never listened. He was fascinated with the military, and joined it at the age of 23 after graduating college. His parents officially disowned him after he joined it, but he didn't care. He knew he was born for the military. He served as a medic in the ISAF army for 4 years unt
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Postby Shazbotdom » Sat Aug 29, 2015 4:25 pm

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation:
The Shazbotdom Empire

Name of Group:
Strike Team Zulu

Name of Outfit:
SPECOPS Marines, Assault Battalion, 1st Company, 1st Division, 2nd Fire Team

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
ALL: XR-02b Magnum Handgun, B-200 Battle Knife, 5 x G-01b Grenade Line (Various Enhancements), Escape & Evade Tactical Survival Kit, Communications System integrated into back-plate and uses an Encrypted Bluetooth connection to connect to ear piece and microphone built into either side of helmet depending on Operators need, Ration pack consists of 12 energy bars in a small pouch on the rear of the operators belt. Each Operator carries 1 PD-100 Black Hornet Personal Reconnaissance System.
OPERATOR SPECIFIC: 2 x XR-01c Crimson Battle Rifle, 1 x XR-06c Organ Grinder Shotgun, 2 x XR-10a Protector Assault Rifle, 1 x XR-12a Squad Automatic Weapon.

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:

Biography of Outfit:
After the reorganization of the Shazbotdom Marine Corps in early 2014 SSC, several fire teams from the newly created Assault Battalion within the Black Ops Marines underwent advanced combat field training within the foothills of eastern Shazbotdom. All of them excelled, but Fire Team Zulu showed major promise as a force to be reckoned with. They were administered as part of Talk Force Epsilon, the Empires division for Counter Terrorism operations and were instrumental in stopping an attack on the Imperial Parliament in 2017 SSC. Later that year, they were a part of an authorized covert operation that took down a leader of a terrorist feel within an ally of the Empire. Since that operation, they have been awaiting when they would be called upon again to defend the Empire against more threats.

Operators of the Outfit:
Col. Anthony Simmers, Staff Sgt. Timothy Pooliski, Sgt. Zander Gibbons, Cprl. Steven Simpson, Prvt. John Anderson, Prvt. Brian Wilson

RP Experience:
I would hope my interactions with some members would be okay enough.

Modern Tech

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Postby The GAmeTopians » Sun Sep 06, 2015 6:12 am

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: The Royal Empire of The GAmeTopians

Name of Group: International Law Operations (ILO)

Name of Outfit: Squad Romeo

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
Primary Weapon: 6.7 mm combat rifle, semi-automatic
Secondary Weapon: .45 service pistol
Melee Weapon: Combat Knife
Protection: Lyran Arms Dauntless ballistic armor (URA fit? I don't care)
Headgear: Lyran Arms BALCOTH helmet
Operator Specific Equipment:
Specialist Delton: 3 flash bangs, 3 grenades, 3 smoke grenades, 12 flares and 1 flare launcher
Specialist Alfa: 10 pounds of plastic explosive, 30 feet of electrical fuse, 2 detonators
Specialist Roman: Drone Controller (Different Drones are sent as the mission permits)
Miscellaneous Equipment:
3 MREs per operator
2 emergency smoke flares per operator

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:

Biography of Outfit:
The ILO as a whole was created to provide an elite law enforcement division that could make arrests and take down infamous figures inside and outside The Royal Empire. Squad Romeo is the elite of the elite, the top ILO squad. The Royal Empire has decided to put them on call for ATLAS, in case they can be used on any missions.

Operators of the Outfit:
Agent Quinton Jones, ILO
Captain Sparrow
Corporal Jameson
Specialist Delton
Specialist Alfa
Specialist Roman

RP Experience: Not happening, bros.

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Postby Versail » Mon Sep 07, 2015 9:53 pm

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation:The Grand Socialist Republic Of Versail.

Name of Group: Rapid Weapons Command.

Name of Outfit: 18th Rifle Squad,2nd Platoon, 4th Company, 10th Battalion.

Detailed Outfit Loadout:Firearms:AK-104, RMB-93, Scorpion EVO 3, AR-50, HK-P7, Machetes(2).
Armour: Dragon Skin vest, Kevlar Inserts for knees, elbows, back of lower legs, Kevlar Helmet.
Additional equipment:Night Vision Goggles, Heat Vision Goggles, Fragmentation Grenades, Smoke Grenades, Flash bangs, Flares, Rations, Camouflage for appropriate climates,Sensor Grenades, Camalpack, Radio, EMP Grenades, Personal Items.

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:

Biography of Outfit: Established by the Republic shortly before the year 1984 due to decade long run of terrorist attacks committed by Reactionary and Anti-Revolutionary terrorist groups, The RWC has since then forcibly shut down several hundred cells in the period of 2 years. After peace had been restored to the nation they had turned their attention to other foreign, far more deadly threats that would gladly see Versail dead at their feet. And thus the new mission of the RWC is to find these threats and then root them out of their holes.
The 10th Battalion in particular is given the more delicate missions, as many civilians would be outraged at what the real reason for the millions of people in other nations death cause was...

Operators of the Outfit:Image

RP Experience::

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Protestant England and Germany
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Postby Protestant England and Germany » Mon Sep 14, 2015 8:12 am

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: Protestant England and Germany

Name of Group: State Special Operations Bureau

Name of Outfit: Tactical Reconnaissance and Espionage Unit

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
Rifle:ACR (6.68) (Suppressed with Red-Dot sight and grip)
Pistol: Beretta M9 Semi-Automatic (9x19 Parabellum)
Sniper: Bor Rifle (7.62x59) (Suppressed with bipod)
SMG: FMG-9 (9x19 Parabellum) (Suppressed with Red-Dot sight and grip)
Shotgun: Kel-Tec KSG (12 Guage)
Combat Knife
Grenades: M64 High Explosive
Rocket Launcher: RDS-19M (Image)
Radio (Shortwave and long range)
Electronic wrist gauntlet (Contains GPS, List of Operatives, Electronic Map)
First Aid Kit
1x Field Survival Kit (Includes Canteen, 14 MREs, Purification kits and a flint and steel)

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:

Biography of Outfit: Founded in May 2015 after a brutal civil war in Moldova, the TREU was created to combat rebels and terrorists all over the multiverse. Each member has been selected from a variety of Branches and services (Marines, Army, Navy, Law Enforcement). Each team is sent to different countries for training with allied SOF groups, Colonial Rhodesia for Bush Combat, Estovakia for winter combat, the Amazon for Jungle training and Transylvania for basic training and Wooded ops. If a team member is wounded or KIA, each person is cross trained so they can do the job of the downed member.

Operators of the Outfit:
Lt. Heidrich Staffen: Current leader and co-founder of the TREU, Heidrich Staffen is a 2 year veteran of the SSOB and before that was a member of the 82nd Lowland Rifles, PEGs premier light infantry regiment. His most prominent achievement in the 82nd was as a Cpl. when he and his platoon captured 2000 men during the PEG civil war. For this he was given the Medal of Glory. He is a born leader and point man for the team. He is equiped with a silenced ACR and a FMG-9 SMG, along with 2 M64 High Explosive Grenades.
Sgt. Aldo Raynes: Designated Marksmen for the team, Sgt. Aldo Raynes was a member of the Government Security Service Group 9. In G9, he took part in drug raids, ambushes, and was often assigned to terminate crime lords, Mafia heads, and rebel leaders, if the courts agreed. They often did and as a result, Raynes was called on to kill 23 of the worst and most violent criminals Maxim has seen. But with the out break of Civil War in Moldova, he was transfered to the SSOB, where he took out the half of the Fascist leadership. Now he provides over watch for the members of TREU. He is equipped with a silenced Blaser 93 Tactical Sniper Rifle and a Beretta M9 pistol, he also handles logistics and comms for the team and as a result has an advanced radio receiver as well as advanced GPS programs.
Cpl. William Barnes
Specialist William Eckhart
Specialist Roger Graves
Specialist Frank Irons

RP Experience:
A New Conflict viewtopic.php?f=31&t=345735&hilit=A+New+Nation
Transcended viewtopic.php?f=31&t=351828
War in the Shadows viewtopic.php?f=31&t=347147&hilit=A+New+Nation

Techlevel: Modern

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The Predator Federation
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Postby The Predator Federation » Mon Sep 14, 2015 10:39 am

Name of Nation:the Predator Federation

Name of Group: PEFSOC

Name of Outfit: PEFSOC, First Special Operations Command

Detailed Outfit Loadout: MICH, LCH, Ops-Core, GPNVG-18, M137 Fragmentation Grenade, M290 EMP Grenade, Flares, Grappling hooks, Ropes, Guardian Comms, M900 White Phosphorous Smoke Grenades, Warrior Pad, AN/RCTQ-5 Drone Communication System, SATWIN, Rations, Survival Water, Gatorade, GOHUD-12 Goggles, MXB Silent Boots, Various Suppressors, Various Sights and Scopes
Weapons: M468, G17, P226, M39 EMR, FN Minimi, M27 IAR, MK.12 Special Purpose Rifle, TAC-50, SCAR-16, SCAR-17, Bayonet, DV2, Machete, XM8, Carl Gustav M4, MK.53 SMAW, M136 AT4, FGM-148 Javelin, FIM-92F Stinger, MP7, KRISS Vector, M4A1 Block II, M240G/L, M16A5, FGM-172 SRAW, M249 SAW Para, AR-15, 870MCS, M1014, XM25, MP5, FAMAS, L85A2, Trackingpoint Rifles, MK.23

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:
(Image (They're on the left-ish))

Biography of Outfit:

A unit assembled at the end of the coldwar. The military of the predator federation realized that an SAS-like special operations unit was needed. This need was pointed out when Predator Federation bases were raided by special forces of unknown origin for intelligence. Eventually these special forces were repelled but at a heavy cost.

Eventually PEFSOC was formed and was trained by IFC members and was tested in combat, their skills proved an invaluable asset. PEFSOC today operates mostly as an anti-terrorist organization. Secretly it operates as an intelligence gathering organization, raiding intelligence of enemy and sometimes allied countries. If a domestic threat appears PEFSOC will be called in to stop this. If a foreign one appears PEFSOC will be called in to stop it.

Operators of the Outfit:
PFC. Markus Lohanson
PFC. John Stark
Cpl. Reece Stevens
Cpl. Dwayne Howard
Cpl. Peter Kart
Cpl. Len Banning
SGT. Mitchell Lefon
SSGT. Aaron Lefon
SGt. Amy Striker
WO. Ben Terson
Lt. Ron Latson
SMJR. Ben Carry
MJR. John Orion
Cpt. Michael Prince
Colonel. David Conaway

RP Experience:
Can't find any good ones but I think you know me.

Techlevel: Modern

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Postby Meriad » Mon Sep 21, 2015 4:34 pm

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: The Constitutional Monarchy of Meriad (Meriad)

Name of Group: The Warbirds

Name of Outfit: 6th Special Operations Division, 4th Coastal Squadron, Meriadni Royal Navy

Detailed Outfit Loadout:

All missions: Battle rifle (G500 MWS), .45 Service Pistol, GY 57 Mk. III Grenade Line grenades (Fragmentation, White Phosphorus, Smoke {5 colors}, concussion, flash-bang, anti-tank, rubber projective), Kevlar body armor and helmet, UD-3 Chemical/Biological/Fumes mask and breathing apparatus.

Other equipment (such as night-vision goggles and scuba gear) may be added to load-out depending on the type of mission being preformed.

Appearance/Description of Operator:
Image One
Image Two

Biography of Outfit: The Warbirds was created to provide the Meriadni Navy with a rapid response force capable of responding to a huge range of asymmetric threats in, near, or far from Meriad's coasts. While they are under the operational control of the Meriadni Navy and are operated from a naval base, the Warbirds train for all sorts of missions, such as hostage-rescue and targeted strike missions. They were formed by executive order of the Prime Minister of Meriad in 2004 after a terrorist strike against an oil tanker near Járnfjördur threatened to release an immense oil spill into one of the most environmentally sensitive areas of the entire country and shutting down the nation's capital. They were placed under the command of the 4th Coastal Squadron because it already operated the small boats and fast assault craft that they would be using (primarily). At the nature of terrorist threats against Meriad evolved, however, the Warbirds began to train to combat the huge variety of tools and methods that terrorists use today. They now are able to be deployed via helicopter, small boat, or airdrop nearly on-demand.

Operators of the Outfit: The Warbird outfit consists of twenty-seven combat operators, all based out of the 4th Coastal Squadron's headquarters facility. They are backed up by an estimated logistics, command, and maintenance staff of one hundred and forty-four personnel. These personnel are responsible for planning operations, organizing training and combat exercises, and ensuring that all the numerous types of equipment that the outfit uses are ready at all times. Four of the "combat" personnel are designated helicopter pilots, and every member of the team can pilot, navigate, and maintain nearly any commonly-used form of watercraft the world over.

RP Experience: Lots and lots, most under another account that will (for the time being) remain nameless. Rest assured, some of you know me.

With this nation, I can offer the following: viewtopic.php?p=25382643#p25382643

I have three posts nearly back-to-back in that thread if that one isn't good enough for you. :)

Techlevel: MT

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Postby Cruxa » Tue Sep 22, 2015 6:21 pm

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation:Cruxa

Name of Group: 57th Regiment

Name of Outfit: Echelon Unit

Detailed Outfit Loadout: HEADS UP. READ FIREARMS FACTBOOK. XIE XIE. 1 AR-3 assault rifle(specs in factbook,) 1 M-33 handgun(factbook specs,) 1 C23 semiautomatic rifle(you know the drill,) 1 343t sniper rifle(do I have to say it,) Jaeger Mk. VII HUD system, Drillcorp Mk. XLII body armor, some soldiers have specialized weapons.

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:
Echelon Unit

Biography of Outfit: Used for extremely complicated stealth tactics, such as infiltrations or concentrated assault of a point, these veterans have each served at least three years as a Navy SEAL and one year in the regular old Navy. Specializations of the seven-man team include concentrated guerilla warfare, small tactical border raids, and infiltration of enemy bases.

Operators of the Outfit:

Col. Oliver Queen: Level-headed commander of the group. Refuses to drink, do drugs, or smoke. All-around, a good fighter, but his true power lies in tactics. Very good at planning the group's exploits, he is willing to co-operate with anyone to further Echelon's goals. Occasionally prefers to use a hunting crossbow to a sniper rifle. Which is illogical of him, but he doesn't care what you think.

2nd. Lt. James Rhodes: All-around average soldier, he is very patriotic and has an excellent sense of duty. He performs well under Col. Queen, and is able to take a smaller segment of the team and manipulate it in its own ways. Not a genius or a berserker, but good in general.

WO2 Roy Harper: Th best shot on the team. Rarely ever uses his AR-3, instead preferring the marksman's tool of the C23 semiautomatic. Good chemistry with the rest of the team, and often a voice of reason when things get complicated within the team.

SSGT Avery Johnson: Spray-and-pray, grenade-happy, explosion loving tank. Easily the best operator in a pinch, SSgt. Johnson can hold back a squadron of twenty Marines as the team eliminates crucial targets. One of the most vital assets of the team, Johnson's vulgar jokes help the team relax and cool off after a rough mission.

LCPL Laurel Lance: The only female soldier on the team, Lance is (like Harper) a crack shot, and sought after by many of the operators romantically, though so far she's rebuffed them. Stealth being her primary skill, she can walk across an open space barely being seen.

CPL Peter Parker: The ife and soul of the team, Peter's quick, easy, and PG jokes make the team laugh and support morale. Parker is the quickest reactor on the team- he always seems to know when something is coming before it does. He is the soldier with the most Purple Hearts in Cruxa, using his uncanny sense to protect his teammates.

Operator Felicity Smoak: A commercial helicopter pilot and self- proclaimed "Hacktivist," she is Echelon's ride in and out of missions as well as air support. Well liked by the team, she seems to like Parker a bit much.

PVT1 St. Jimmy: St. Jimmy, as he's known, is an addition to the team to help the team through Queen's plans. He always has a flask and a cigarette on him, and he enjoys his job of guiding the team throughout the mission by relaying orders through Oliver and Felicity.

RP Experience:
Show Spoiler

Techlevel: PMT.

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Postby Esgonia » Fri Oct 02, 2015 2:44 am

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation:The Esgonian Federation

Name of Group: Esgonian Ground/Maritime Special Task Force

Name of Outfit: Special Task Force 9 - "Cutthroat Corps"

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
    Shared Gear
    -White/Brown Ops-Core Helmet with SMETCOM Headset
    -NV/IR Googles
    -Knee and shin guards
    -Thigh holsters
    -Rations lasting for 2 days
    -Kampfmesser 2000
    -2x Fragmentation Grenades
    -Field Dressing
    -GPS Unit
    -IR/NV Strobes and beacons

    Team Leader
    -Mk. 18 Mod. 0 CQBR w/ angled foregrip, All-Purpose Optic w/ digital sighting unit , NV/IR Laser sight, and suppressor
    -USP Tactical handgun
    -Cross-continental radio
    -Flare Gun with 2 flares
    -Chest Rig with Plate Carrier and Mag pouches (w/ additional pouches for grenades)
    -2x Fragmentation Grenades
    -2x Stun Grenades
    -2x Colored Smoke Grenades

    -HK416 w/ vertical fore grip, hybrid sight & magnifier, IR/NV laser sight, and suppressor
    -P226 handgun
    -Chest Rig with Plate Carrier and Mag pouches
    -Extra ammunition
    -2x Fragmentation Grenades
    -2x Stun Grenades

    -K11 Dual-Barrel Air-burst Weapon
    -Additional Pouches for grenades, including standard and air-burst "smart grenades"
    -P226 Handgun
    -Ballistic Vest

    -HK416 w/ vertical fore grip, hybrid sight & magnifier, IR/NV laser sight, and suppressor
    -P226 Handgun
    -First Aid supply bag
    -Chest Rig with Plate Carrier and Mag pouches

    -LSAT Machine Gun
    -P226 Handgun
    -Tactical Vest with additional pouches for ammo
    -Extra ammunition
    -2x Fragmentation Grenades

    Breacher/Demolition Specialist
    -HK416 w/ vertical fore grip, hybrid sight & magnifier, IR/NV laser sight, and suppressor
    -P226 handgun
    -Chest Rig with Plate Carrier and Mag pouches
    -M1014 Shotgun
    -2x Fragmentation Grenades
    -2x Plastic Explosives (C4)
    -Grappling Hook

    -SR-25 SASS w/ Suppressor
    -APM-67/88 SMG
    -Range Finder
    -Grappling Hook
    -Compact Quad-Rotor drone with control unit
    -Load-bearing vest

    Serval Light Special Purpose Vehicle
    Heavily Modified UH-60 Gunship - Callsign "Dodo" - For air transport and support (If needed ofc)
    MC-130J - Callsign "Beluga" - For long-range operations (If needed ofc)
Appearance/Description of Operator:

Biography of Outfit: The Esgonian Ground Forces/Navy's 'Tip of the Spear' Created in 1944 during as a mean to counter the Axis powers, The STF was tasked in operations deemed 'too high-risk for regular grunts', usually in high-risk covert operations, using a variety of tactics to achieve their goal. It was under the command of the Esgonian Intelligence Service (formerly named the Office of Strategic Intelligence) until the formation of their own Special Ops group. As of now, the STF is now under direct control of Esgonian Special Operations Command, closely working with other special forces outfits and the EIS itself. Entry through the STF is currently invite-only, with an additional 8-week training awaiting the new recruits during their acceptance into the unit.

Currently, the hand-picked warriors of the STF have earned numerous awards since their inception, notably during the Canaam War and the Second Esgonian Civil War, where the STF's Marksman had achieved the most kills during the course of the war, and has recently been deployed in Azenyanistan, Iodinae, and other locations around the globe in COIN operations. The unit's total numbers remain classified, but are rumored to be between 200 to 370 members.

Operators of the Outfit:
    Zvezda Team
      Cpt. Gerard Hessler -"Zvezda-1" - 28 - A+ - Squad Leader
      -Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education at the age of 18, he was a University teacher for 4 years before deciding to fully join the Armed Forces, his knowledge in dealing with students developed his team-leading skills. He is known to be protective of his subordinates as he cares for his students, which he considers as his 'second family'. Because of this, his fatherly personality had saved the lives of numerous soldiers and civilians during his days in the Army. He was then invited onto the STF program because of this, and rose through the ranks quickly within a year.

      1st Lt. Yonatan Kilmura -"Zvezda-2" - 31 - AB - Sniper
      -An immigrant from Iodinae, he was known to be a quiet person, and an only child in a dysfunctional family, to which he rarely returns home and instead, lives with his uncle who was formerly an Iodinae Defense Force soldier. During the Civil War, however, his family, including his parents, and uncle, were killed when a Nationalist mortar team blew up their house during an annual visit, which caused him to pick up a sniper rifle from a nearby dead soldier and shot every last soldier there as an act of vengeance. With nowhere to go, he was taken by his surviving relatives, but he decided to voluntarily join the Army instead of waiting for him to be drafted. His exceptional marksmanship skills gave his unit a good reputation, to which he used it to his advantage to join the STF, where he was invited a year later.

      SSgt. Mayumi Shiina -"Zvezda-3" - 25 - O - Grenadier
      -A Portean-Esgonian college drop-out with no direction in life other than doing something 'extreme' like drinking, she was drafted in the Army during her 19th birthday, much to her excitement. The rigorous training and exercises failed to tire her out, but her love for grenades started when she was nearly struck by the grenades. Feeling the shockwave, her adrenaline spiked up which made her throw grenades a lot during combat. With this, she worked her way through the ranks slowly and explosively until she was invited.

      Sgt. Theodore Zwolf -"Zvezda-4" - 25 - A+ - Rifleman
      -Known as the 'Slasher' in his unit, not much is known about him other than having a dual personality, with a psychotic side to which he would kill his enemies in a more gruesome way with either his rifle or his knife, this personality well known during the Battle of Mecca, and a more friendly and outgoing side to him. He was invited to the STF in exchange for therapy on controlling his psychotic side, to which he agreed.

      Sgt. Jaroslaw Hrsika - "Zvezda-5" - 31 - O - Breacher
      -A pyrotechnician prior to being drafted in the military, his love for high-explosives and making things go boom, even a small pop, gave him an impression of being a pyromaniac, and he openly showed it by successfully sneaking plastic explosives and IEDs he himself made at an enemy motor pool and headquarters during the raid and witnessing his explosive creation come to light as he blew the charges. This kind of attitude made him an avid prankster as well, and got him into trouble multiple times. He was then invited during his 5th tour of duty in Azenyanistan.

      Sgt. Leonid Arkley - "Zvezda-6" - 26 - O - Medic
      Graduating with a Doctorate, he worked as a doctor at a children's hospital in Azenyanistan during the Azen Civil War as part of a humanitarian effort to help recover the country, until it all changed when a bomb car made by the New Islamic State detonated in front of the hospital he was working with. He was then in charge of treating the 120 wounded children, along with assisting security after the NIS raided the building. Vowing to ensure that this does not happen to people, he decides to return to service, where he served as a combat medic and had saved numerous lives during his service, and is one of the first people to be recently invited to the STF.

      Cpl. Shane Downeller - "Zvezda-7" - 25 - AB - Rifleman
      A son of a police officer, he was influenced by his father with a sense of justice and righteousness, seeing him as a mediator whenever fights occur, and a peace enforcer towards bullies when he was a child. On his 16th birthday, after seeing the chaos of war on television, he decided that he would join the Military to help 'fight for justice and to ensure peace, even in war'. His attitude as a peace enforcer made him famous in his first assigned unit, breaking up fights and using every option to take down war criminals and terrorists, this attitude of his raised the eyebrows of higher-ups, in which he was then invited recently.

      Cpl. Hermann Silvat - "Zvezda-8" - 27 - AB - Rifleman
      A person who was diagnosed with chronic depression at the age of 18 after a tragic event that killed his entire parents, he volunteered into the Army, thinking of it as a way to 'die with at least a bit of worth in it', but decided to continue his service after he found a place in the Armed Forces. With nowhere else to go and no other reason to live other than fighting and serving his nation, he used whatever spirit he has to his service, even taking on an entire group of insurgents by himself. His dedication to fight made him a viable candidate for the STF program.
    Dragon Team
      Cpt. Jonas Dniepert - "Dragon-1" - 30 - O+ - Squad Leader
      -A person with exceptional intelligence, he managed to graduate from his University at the age of 17, where he took up Languages and Customs, he was soon travelling around the world as a translator for various business owners before deciding to join the army at age 21. Knows at least 8 languages and is willing to think outside the box more to achieve his goals anyway he can.

      Lt. Rolan Abalos - "Dragon-2" - 27 - O - Support
      -A famous football player at his high school before a leg injury caused him to cease his career, after graduating, he was drafted into the Navy, being an armorer in one of the Nimitz-class Aircraft Carrier, as well as manning a fixed M240 in his position. He was then merited after he successfully destroyed 2 pirate boats by himself with his machine gun, as well as provided covering fire during the battle of Soraught as a Marine Boarding Team boarded and captured several Cruxan vessels. Was invited by the STF a year later.

      MSgt. Hereford Bartlett III - "Dragon-3" - 25 - A+ - Grenadier
      -The son of the former Bartlett Royal Family, he was drafted and stayed in the army due to family tradition. A tactician from being taught by his father, he usually gives recommendations to the Captain and other commanders on a suggested course of action. He's usually a person who wishes to flush out the enemy from far away, hence his love for grenades.

      SSgt. Catherine Pasternak - "Dragon-4" - 24 - O- - Rifleman
      A daughter of a boxer and a mountaineer, she was taught hand-to-hand combat by his father and the love for exploration by his mother, to which upon her draft, was quickly part of the Esgonian Army Rangers at a young age, specializing in mountainous combat and counter-insurgency. She is known for her brutal way of settling things: with her fists, to which she was nicknamed "The iron-fisted bitch" by her squadmates. So far, she is the youngest person to ever be invited to the STF.

      Sgt. Elizabeth Roweman - "Dragon-5" - 26 - AB - Medic
      A girl with a reserved nature and a daughter of a wealthy family, she was the sort of 'perfect daughter' that everyone wanted. After graduating with a degree in medicine, her parents wished for her to marry a wealthy son of a pharmaceutical company, but much to her parents' dismay, she wanted to join the Armed Forces after being influenced by an old friend, as she has seen the horrors of war and thought that she was needed in the battlefield more than in an office. Despite war being something that she was not fond of, she had grown to accept it after she had killed a few Cirillian soldiers during her first firefight in the Cirillian-Azen war. Her motherly attitude towards wounded people made her popular in the Army, with a ton of people wishing to sought her hand. Is known to be a bit crafty and is willing to beat people up when push comes to shove.

      Sgt. Naoto Shimamura - "Dragon-6" - 29 - AB - Rifleman
      -A self-proclaimed "Hikikomori" from the Ports, he was drafted into the army with "remarkable" weapons handling skills, to which he credited playing video games as part of it. Later decided to stay in the Army to help sustain his hobby as an otaku and by the wishes of his mother, who wanted him to get a decent job than stare at the computer all day, nicknamed "That fucking weeb" by his unit. Was somehow selected into the STF for unknown reasons

      Cpl. Movzar Nikanov -"Dragon-7" - 31 - O - Breacher
      -A former convict from a failed bank heist after his comrades shot him and left him for dead, decided to join the Armed Forces after he was released from prison to try and hunt down the former 'friends' that betrayed him. An expert in demolitions from his criminal past, he used it to break down doors and destroy positions, his love for explosives caught the attention of higher-ups, where he was recently invited to.

      Cpl. Albert Risona -"Dragon-8" - 26 - A+ - Rifleman
      A person who exercises caution, he is known in his previous unit as a person with an outstanding 'sixth sense', being able to sense nearby threats such as enemies, mines, and the like just by sensing it, and his predictions have a 92% accuracy rate. Not much is known about his childhood that he released publicly other than he was a son of a fortune teller. His paranormal gift gave him a seat at the STF program, something that he happily accepted.

RP Example:

Techlevel: MT/Soft-PMT

NS Activity:

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Postby Brandenburg and Saxony » Fri Oct 02, 2015 1:53 pm

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: Brandenburg and Saxony

Name of Group: Dragon Two-Four

Name of Outfit: 4 Section, B Company, D Squadron, 1st Special Operations Regiment, Branden-Saxon Army

Detailed Outfit Loadout:

Most of the Operators, with the exception of the LSW and HSW gunners,
will carry the same sort of equipment. Weaponry and Equipment is standardised,
however Operators are free to use Privately Purchased or customised equipment such
as LBV's, Webbing, Helmets etc.

* HK416 D14.5RS (Operator) ** Grenadier carries a LMT M203 GLA
* FN Minimi (LSW Gunner)
* MAG-58 GPMG (HSW Gunner)
* HK USP Tactical .40 S&W (All Operators)

* M67 Fragmentation Grenade
* M84 Stun Grenade
* M18 Smoke Grenade (White/Purple/Green/Red/Blue)

* Carl Gustav Recoilless Rifle M4 Variant (Fire Support Operator)

* AN/PRC-152 MBITR (All Operators)
* AN/PRC-119 SINGCARS (Intel & Signals)
* Dell E6420 XFR Ruggedised Laptop (Intel & Signals)

Appearance/Description of Operator:
Member's of Dragon 4 on Exercise

Biography of Outfit:

Dragon Two-Four is officially known as 4 Section, B Company, D Squadron, 1st Special Operations Regiment. It was formed, along with the other Special
Operations Regiments, at the formation of the Branden-Saxon Army in 2001.

It forms part of the Branden-Saxon Army's Tactical Assault Group - North, the primary unit called upon to respond to threats against the nation,
assisting Federal Police operations and undertake Counter-Terror operations both domestically and internationally.

Dragon Two-Four is commanded by Captain 'V' and consists of two fire teams, Fire Team One - commanded by WO1 'S' and Fire Team Two - commanded by Wo2 'C'.

Operators of the Outfit:

(NB: Names withheld for security reasons)

* Captain 'V' (Section Leader) - Capt. V joined the Branden-Saxon Army in 2009, taking a commission as an Infantry Officer in the Prince of Thale's Own Light
Infantry Regiment (PTOLI). He served with the PTOLI for three years before undertaking the Special Operations Selection Test. He was invited to undertake the 18 month
Officer's reinforcement cycle, where he qualified as a Special Operations Regimental Officer. He currently is the Section Leader of Dragon Two-Four.

* Warrant Officer Class 1 'S' (Fire Team 1 Leader / Section 2IC) - WO1 'S' joined the Branden-Saxon Army in 2001, after having previously served in the German Federal Republic's Army before the succession of the Kingdom, where he served for 15 Years as Special Operations member. WO1 'S' has been with the Regiment since it's inception and has served in a number of NCO positions within the Regiment, including WOIC(Selection), WOIC(Intelligence) and Regimental Sergeant Major for 1 Regiment. WO1 'S' speaks a number of languages including
German, Czech, Russion and Pashto.

* Warrant Officer Class 2 'C' (Fire Team 2 Leader / Joint Terminal Air Controller) - WO2 'C' also joined the Branden-Saxon Army in 2001, after having previously served in the German Federal Republic's Air Force. He joined the Regiment in 2006 after transferring to the Army from the Royal Branden-Saxon Air Force. WO2 'C' has been in charge of the training and development of 3rd Brigades JTAC and TACP capability, working closely with the RBSAF. WO2 'C' speaks German, Czech, Polish and Mandarin.

* Trooper 'E' (Grenadier) - TPR 'E' joined the Regiment through the Special Operations Direct Entry Scheme in 2011. He has served with a number of different units with the Branden-Saxon Special Operations Command, including completing a number of rotations through TAG-East, TAG-West, Drug Importation Interdiction Team, and served as an Instructor at the Special Operations Training Center. TPR 'E' is a Level 2 qualified CALS medic and speaks German,
Czech, Slovak, and Urdu.

* Lance Corporal 'A' (Fire Support Operator) - LCPL 'A' also joined the Regiment through the Special Operations Direct Entry Scheme in 2009. He has served with all Sabre Squadrons within the 1st Regiment. Within Dragon-Two-Four, he is responsible for the application of Direct and Indirect Fire Support, using weaponry like the Carl Gustav M4, Man Portable Mortar, AT-4 and Javelin. He also serves as the Sections Forward Artillery Observer, who assists the Sections JTAC with providing observation and adjustment for allied artillery support.

* Trooper 'O' (Light Support Weapons Gunner) - TPR 'O' joined the Regiment in 2013, after serving for six years with the Grenadier Guards. He enlisted in the Army in 2006. During his time with the Regiment he has rotated through A, B and D Squadrons, as well as served as a Direct Fire Support Instructor at the Special Operations Training Center. TPR 'O' speaks German, Czech, French and Spanish.

* Sergeant 'W' (Medic) - SGT 'W' joined the Regiment in 2008, after completing his Level 3C Combat Advanced Life Support training at the Army School of Health. He enlisted in the Army in 2002 and served as an Rifleman with the 4th Battalion, The Rifles.
SGT 'W' has served as a Combat Medical Advisor to Headquarters, Special Operations Command, and also sits on the Joint Health Command Training Committee.

* Corporal 'R' (Intelligence & Signals) - CPL 'R' joined the Regiment in 2006. He enlisted in the Branden-Saxon Army in 2004 and served with the 1st Intelligence Battalion as a Human Intelligence Analyst, and with the Defence Intelligence Agency as NCOIC of Open Source Intelligence Collection.
CPL 'R' Specialises in the aquisition, analysis and disemination of Human and Open Source intelligence gathered during operations. He also serves as the Sections signalman. CPL 'R' speaks German, Czech, Farsi, Pashto, Indonesian and Spanish.

* Trooper 'F' (Heavy Support Weapons Gunner - TPR 'F' recently joined the Regiment having passed selection and completed his reinforcement cycle within the last two years. He joined the Army in 2009 as a Rifleman in the 1st Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. He speaks German, Czech, Russian and Suomi.

RP Experience: Extensive, no current NS RP experience tho.

Techlevel: Modern

"Atlas Shrugged"(Do Not Delete)

Vancon wrote:
Brandenburg and Saxony wrote:I'll take Door number 2 thanks (with a prompt)

Your squad is pinned down by a vastly superior force.

Location : Haydar, Uruzgan, Afghanistan
Time: 0321 LOCAL 27SEPT2014


Distant Gunfire

North of the town of Haydar, Dragon Two-Four were inbound to the Extraction Point after a mission when they are ambushed by superior enemy DShK and RPG emplacements from either side of the Valley.

**Radio Static**

"Gunner 59, this is Dragon Two-Four Charlie, Fire for Effect , Grid, Over", Carl shouts over the radio. His calls are met with more static

"Zeeg, I can't get through to the bastards, must be out of LOS with the repeater! Axel! Get your fucking arse over here with that Goosty!" He continues to shout. Getting out of his hide, Axel starts running over to Carl's position with the Carl Gustav.

"Yes Sir?" Axel askes nervously. "Right Axe, you see where that gun fire is coming from?" Carl asks, "Yup" he replies, "Send a little gift to them will ya?"

Carl hear's some noise coming from his radio. "Las ... C......... Sig.......... Say.... Again... Over...."

He resend's his previous message, "Gunner 59, this is Dragon Two-Four Charlie, Fire for Effect, Over!" as he shuffles over to the other side of the house he's taking cover behind hoping to get a better signal, he hears, "Dragon Two-Four Charlie, this Gunner 59, Fire for Effect, Grid, Out!", which joy and enthusiasm he send's the grid reference to Gunner 59, "Grid 4-2-SIERRA-TANGO-BRAVO-2-6-4-4-5-2-5-ZERO-7-2, Elevation 1-2-5 meters". His message is repeated by the Fire Direction Controller. "Read Back Correct, Emplaced Heavy Guns, Scattered Infantry, Request ADAM, Over" he sends over the radio again, his message is repeated by the FDC, then he hears, "8 Rounds, ADAM, Target, 4-2-Sierra-Tango, Scatter, Shot! over", "Shot! out" he replies.

With the continuing gunfire in the back ground Siegmund (Zeeg) crawls over to Carl, "Carl have you heard from Ernst or Rolf?" - he asks, "No Sir, I think they're over the other side of the road trying to get some CAS on to the other side of the valley"

Suddenly over the radio, Carl hears, "Dragon Two-Four Charlie, Gunner 59, Splash! Over". Carl then grabs his range-finder, scans for the targets.

Distant thud of Artillery

"Splash! Out", Carl sends on the radio, "Gunner Five-Nine, Dragon Two-Four Charlie, good effect, repeat shots by 3"

Continuing thud of Artillery

Over the other side of the road, Rolf, the sections signalman, is trying to contact friendly air assets to get CAS (close air support) on an enemy troop and fixed weapons concentration.

"Reaper One-Six this is Dragon Two-Four Bravo, Standby for nine line", Rolf transmits over the radio.

"Dragon Two-Four Bravo, Reaper One-Six, Send traffic over..."

"Reaper One-Six, IP 4-9-3-LIMA-FOXTROT-3-1, heading 0-7-2 degrees, distance 1-2-0-0 meters, target elevation 9-ZERO meters, target 3 by emplaced guns, grid is 4-2-SIERRA-TANGO-BRAVO-2-6-6-9-0-5-2-5-0-7-2, type mark laser code 0-9-8-D-T-F, friendlies 1-5-0-0 meters east, marked with I-R, egress south."

Reaper One-Six reads back the nine-liner, with everything correct he sends to Rolf, "Dragon Two-Four Bravo, Reaper One-Six, Time on Target One-Five Mikes."

Rolf thinks to himself, 'fuck this is going to be the longest fifteen fucking minutes of my entire life ...', then all of a sudden [near distant gunfire] -- "Ernst! Get the fuck over here man! Haji inbound", Rolf sends over his two-way to Siegmund, "Two-Four Actual, this is Two-Four Bravo, contact, south-east, five hundred hards, and closing." - "Copy, Out. Break. Ole, Felix, the arty have softened up those DShK's up on the hill, get over to Rolf and cover him..." - Siegmund transmits.

For the next fifteen minutes, Dragon Two-Four exchanges gun fire with the Taliban, with their shots becoming more accurate the guys hope that the CAS they requested pulls through for them.

"Dragon Two-Four Bravo, Reaper One-Six, Pickle" the pilot transmits to Rolf. He then shouts out "Friendly inbound guys!" They all clammer together to get a good view. [ Thud ... Thud ... Thud ... Thud ... ]. The squad shouts with jovial jeers at the Taliban, "Take that goat fuckers!", "Get Some Wankers!" Then all of a sudden, the guns fall silent. Rolf picks up his range-finder, and scans the target area "Reaper One-Six, Dragon Two-Four Bravo, Good Effect, Thanks guys!" - Rolf radios to the pilot.

"Gents, lets get out there and clear out the hides." Siegmund radios over the net. The section rally up and starts heading out to the south east.

"Boss, I got a bad feeling about this" one of the team member's says. [Crack, Crack, Crack] "CONTACT FRONT! TWO HUNDRED METERS!" Siegmund shouts out. The section drops to the ground, and immediately Ole and Felix open up on the contact with their machine guns as Siegmund barks out orders to the team, "Ole, Felix, maintain covering fire! Ernst, Axel, Carl take the left, Wenzel and Rolf come with me".

The two teams get up and move up to the target area. With the gun fire continuing, it was noticeable that there was only one, maybe two DShK's still active. Siegmund radio's Axel "Axeman, what do we have left for the goosty?", Axel replies "I've got 2 HE, 1 WP, and 2 HDAP left, sir." Contemplating on what he can do Siegmund tell's the guys go prone and open fire on the targets. He pulls out his NVG's opening that the sky is clear enough now to get some usable moon light on the target area. As he's scanning the target area, he starts counting to himself, "1, 2 Dush's... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Haji's...", then radios over Axel again "Axeman, can you range up that DShK on the left, and tell me if you can get a shot off on it?", "Onto it sir", he replies. Axle takes his backpack off, and pulls out a HE round for the Carl Gustav. He sights up the targets. "Got em up" he radio's over to Siegmund. "Send it, Axeman!" Siegmund replies. As Axle fires the Carl Gustav, the rest of the team open fire on the remaining gun and take the crew out. They get back up and start advancing to the enemies position, taking out the remaining stragglers. They then arrive at the position, and all that could be heard by the team was "Holy Fuck." Not only did they get ambushed by a DShK emplacement, and not only did they wipe the enemy out, but they also managed to come across a massive cache of RPG's, parts for IED's, ammunition for the DShK's, AK's, PKM's it was almost like a mobile black market. Siegmund gets Rolf to radio the UAV operator to get a scan on the area to check for remaining enemy. "Eagle Three-Six, Dragon Two-Four Bravo, Can we get an active IR scan on our area, Friendlies marked with IR Strobes." - "Dragon Two-Four Bravo, Eagle Three-Six, Copy. Currently no active threats, area's clear boys, good job! out" the UAV operator replies.

"Well Boys, it's time to go home I think, Rolf call in the chopper will you?" Siegmund says. Over the radio, Rolf could be heard calling in the extract "Pegasus Five-Five, Dragon Two-Four Bravo, Request Extract, Our Location, Marked with IR", the pilot replies "Dragon Two-Four Bravo, Pegasus Five-Five, Copy, Marker Seen, Inbound."

The chopper lands, and Rolf walks over and picks the IR Marker up, as he goes to jump into the chopper he turns around and looks at the valley. He says to Siegmund, "That was all kinds of fucked up Sir, But I loved it."
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- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: The Most Serene Republic of the Rodina

Name of Group: Rodinan Golden Legion Praetorian Cohort

Name of Outfit: Primus Praetorian Consortium I. "Praetorians Urbanae (Urban Praetorians)"

Detailed Outfit Loadout:

CQC Carbine-Rodina Ballistics Model 990 "Gladius"
An automatic Carbine, incredibly reliable and versatile, firing 5.56x45mm. Features a magazine capacity of 20 rounds, a modular design that allows a variety of scopes, as well as barrel attachments. Carried by the Hastati

Rifle-Rodina Ballistics Model 89 "Veles"-
A semi-automatic carbine, also firing the 5.56x45mm round. It is similarly reliable, versatile and lightweight. Despite being semi-automatic, the Veles is competent in close quarters in the hands of a skilled operator. It features a standard 4x hybrid scope which can be quickly transferred between a red dot and a 4x ACOG scope. It is Carried by the Principes

Pistol-Rodina Ballistics Model B1 Rapid "Sica"
Standard handgun issued to elite forces, with a great variety of attachments available such as flashlights, laser sights, silencers and more.

Melee-Allem Steelworks Carbon Gladius
A Machete Gladius made of carbon steel in the event of close quarters combat. All Praetorians carry them and all Praetorians of the Consortia Urbanae are extraordinarily skilled in their specialized use. Can also be used in regular machete duties such as hacking through troublesome terrain.

Shield-Allem Steelworks Carbon Scutum
The Carbon-Steel Scutum is an optional part of the Urbanae loadout, it is used for close quarters combat missions but generally left behind on missions require slightly more subtlety. It can block most low to moderate sized rounds from 9mm to 5.56mm, but larger rounds from heavy machine-guns or anti-materiel rifles will be more than a match for it's armour plate.

Launcher-Senate Ordnance RPAT3 Launcher "Eversor"
Firing a 13kg Hollow Charge warhead, the RPAT3 is an infantry-held anti tank rocket launcher. It is very effective against enemy armour but lacks significantly in an anti-personnel role.

Anti Materiel Rifle-Rodina Ballistics Model 20 "Hasta"
Firing a powerful 20x110mm round, the Model 20 AMR can reliably penetrate any light plating of a hostile vehicle or blast through housing walls.

Sniper Rifle-Rodina Ballistics Model 53 "Sagitta"
Firing a 7.62x57mm round, the Sagitta is a highly concealable sniper rifle which can fire either subsonic or supersonic ammunition dependent on the situation, this makes it extraordinarily versatile and the choice rifle for the Rodinan Urban Praetorians.

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:
Helmet, Shield and upper body Loadout without Shield and Gas Mask

Biography of Outfit:
The Consortium Urbanae was born of a need to project power to foreign lands, and in particular to defend Rodina from the threat of international terrorism and crime. The Praetorians had been around for almost as long as the Rodina had, a staple of the Legion, the Praetorians served both as elite shock-troops and when needed, as stealthy elite special forces. The Arcani Cohort of the Praetorians served as the stealthy forces while the Gravi would fulfill the role of the storm-trooper.

But recently the Arcani have been lacking, they are both excellent soldiers, and brilliant minds. However the size of the cohort meant that surgical, high-priority missions would often be given to operators who were not well-trained in the field. As a result, the Senate Enclave founded the Consortium Urbanae to fill this much needed role. One Contubernium that would be able to be sent on missions across the globe and fight unconventional warfare.

They very quickly proved their worth and became the Tier One operators of the Rodina.

Operators of the Outfit:

Decurissimus Giusephes Magnus-
The man in charge, the Decurissimus gives orders to the Decurii of the different Contubernia. He does not take part in raids personally, but he does have a lifetime of experience as a special forces commando. Only weapon is an AVP8, since he does not take active part in combat.

Decurion Gaspar Dutra-
The Decurion (squad leader), he commands Contubernium of the Urbanae, he is a tough leader and doesnt get involved in the affairs of his men. They are a means to an end, and if they need to die for the Rodina, he knows that each one of them would willingly lay down his or her life.
Primary: RB990 "Gladius"
Secondary: RB B1 Rapid "Sica"
Other: ASW Carbon Gladius

Princep Legionary Marcus Mallius-
Marcus Mallius is Rodinan to the core, nothing comes before his patriotism, he is belligerent and hotheaded but is still a pretty reasonable guy between missions. As the First Legionary, he is second in Command to Gaspar Dutra, and would take over should anything untoward happen to his boss.
Primary: RB89 "Veles"
Secondary: RB B1 Rapid "Sica"
Other: ASW Carbon Gladius, ASW Carbon Scutum (Optional)

Triarius Attia Maritsa-
The most famous Sniper in Rodinan history, Maritsa was fast-tracked to the top after an incredibly performance at the battle of Veraglia in the Rodinan Civil War, as a result of her astounding skill, Maritsa has become an icon across the Rodina
Primary: RB53 "Sagitta"
Secondary: RB B1 Rapid "Sica"
Other: ASW Carbon Gladius

Princeps Hermann Torenko-
A foreigner, Torenko emigrated to the Rodina when he was a teenager, as he was raised around war and fighting, he naturally gravitated towards the Legion, showing particular talent he was picked up as a Praetorian, and eventually found himself in the most elite fighting force of the Rodina.
Primary: RB89 "Veles"
Secondary: RB B1 Rapid "Sica"
Other: ASW Carbon Gladius, ASW Carbon Scutum (Optional)

Princeps Aemilianus Scipie-
Scipie is a very ordinary soldier, he has no major distinguishing features, he is, obviously, a fantastic soldier and very capable at his position, he is pleasant, amicable, and seems to have some moral questions regarding the nature of his work.
Primary: RB89 "Veles"
Secondary: RB B1 Rapid "Sica"
Other: ASW Carbon Gladius, ASW Carbon Scutum (Optional)

Hastatus Quintus Vinchix-
By far the youngest member of the Constorium Urbanae, Quintus is just 20 years old, in fact the youngest person to go through both the Legionary training program and the Praetorian training. Normally he would spend at least 5 years serving as a regular Praetorian but he was hand-picked by Giusephus Magnus He carries the team's RPAT3 launcher and is well-trained on its use.
Primary: RB990 "Gladius"
Secondary: RPAT3 "Exersor"
Other: ASW Carbon Gladius, ASW Carbon Scutum (Optional)

Hastatus Arminius-
Arminius is also a foreigner, but unlike Torenko, he was adopted by Giusephes Magnus when he was young. Arminius is naturally stronger than three grown men, and is incredibly tall.He carries the team's RB20 Anti Materiel Rifle and is well-trained on its use.
Primary: RB990 "Gladius"
Secondary: RB20 "Hasta"
Other: ASW Carbon Gladius, ASW Carbon Scutum (Optional)

RP Experience: For NationStates, Limited. Outside of NationStates, Experienced.

Techlevel: P/MT

"Atlas Shrugged"(Do Not Delete)
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Neutral: Christianity, Europe, Monarchy, Limited Immigration.
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Thank you!!!

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- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: Azenyanistan

Name of Group: Azen National Agency of Protection Liberty and Nationalism aka ANAPALAN

Name of Outfit: Azen National Agency of Protection Liberty and Nationalism - Squad One

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
SPAS-12 Shotgun
Dragunov rifle
Makarov pistol (
AK-12 assault rifle
SAW (US machinegun)
All available RPG variants

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:

Biography of Outfit: By the request of Sadisia, Eimeria (before her death, in letter), Banshee, Oasis and Perima, several Azen politicians and commanders and soldiers themselves roamed the world, looking for Azens who seem to be fit for what they requested: Individuals that have known war for a long time or since birth, individuals that are in need of comradeship and company and some sort of friendship and group, individuals that are good or very good at combat or emergency aid and individuals that will be loyal to Azenyanistan and to her flag and to the Speaker and to the people. In September, several Azens have been selected and after a few tests, were included into the ANAPALAN, an organization made by Azen politicians and Azen commanders and contributed to by rich Azen civilians who were friends with the politicians and by Azen soldiers themselves.

With October coming, the ANAPALAN formed its first squad of operatives and are planning to practice and train and have their baptism by fire with the Esgionian Intelligence Agency and with other allied or friendly groups in the name of Azenyanistan. This is a new group and a very young group and is born out the want, hate, anger, frustration, hope and dreams of Azens who want Azenyanistan to be great again.

Operators of the Outfit:
Uyah ur Azenyanistan, Captain - Team Leader

- Born just before the Azen Wars, her family was in Syria and had a good life and had several siblings older than her. She was the youngest. During the Azen Wars, her parents were killed in Afghanistan by the rebels for helping other Azens and for helping Afghans flee to the Esgonian zones. Then her eldest brother was hanged by the Azen government for being wrongly accused of helping the Neo Philippine Empire. Three of her sisters were crucified in the NPE zones for trying to protest and reform the lives of Azens in the area. Her remaining four brothers were killed in battle for Mecca. A sister was killed in Mecca by Vanquarian troops. Uyah was a tanker of the Azen Armies during those wars and when she came home, her town was lost, bombed and destroyed by foreign planes. Uyahs last siblings were missing. This all forced her into unemployment and homelessness until she was recruited by Asyah, a mysterious Azen from Esgonia.

Age unknown, blood type B. Armed with a Dragunov and AK-12.

Tanyahanah ur Azenyanistan, 1st Lt, Ghost Division Tank Commander - Support

-Age 32, blood type O. Armed with the SAW and has a clearance to use any RPG variant she wishes to use.
A tanker since she got out of highschool, she has served her country and survived the Azen Wars. Not much is known about her except she was known for being in the feared yet very humiliated and hated Ghost Divisions of Azenyanistan. Her tank and her crew killed over 20 enemy tanks, mostly Vanquarian, with her heavily modified and customized M1A1 Abrams. After the wars, her tank was confiscated by the enemy and she tried to fight for it. Two of her crewmen were killed and the other went missing. Then she was fired and found work in an Azen chicken restaurant. She was recruited by an old friend of hers, who was a politician, and is the best friend of the only man in the group, Abdul.

Abdul ur Afghanistan, Lt, Police Officer of the Azen National Police - Demolitions

- Age 37, blood type O. Armed with any RPG variant she wishes and with the AK-12. Also armed with the Makarov pistol. An Azen-Afghan man, he became a police officer of the country after the genocide claimed the lives of his family (two sons, two daughters, a wife) and his entire village. He also was known for becoming an insurgent against the foreigners, claiming over 30 soldiers. He surrendered to Banshee when she was on a mission to convince them to give up and return to civilian life. He looks up to Banshee very much and is known to have taken a few pictures with her and a portrait of her leading a group of Azen tanks and tankers into battle. Abdul is loved by the group and is the best friend of Tanyahanah.

Yehayah ur Syria, MSgt - Sniper
-Age 27, Blood type AB. Armed with Makarov and Dragunov. Born into a family of both Bedouin and Azens, she was taught how to use a rifle on age 7 and was taught how to drive and operate the gun of a tank on age 11. A veteran of the Azen Wars, she escaped from a Vanquarian ambush which forced Dasyah, the White Movement Leader, to turn against her own country. Yehayah, because of her country and because of how her friends were treated by foreigners, was known for throwing shoes at the soldier who destroyed her home. She escaped and was found by Asyah and recruited.

Olayah ur Kazakhstan, Sgt - Corpsman

- Blood type O, age 21. Armed with a Makarov and an MP5. Born on the streets and struggling to survive, she was adopted by a lonely Azen woman who was a very good doctor in the place where she was from: Iraq. Taught by the woman, Olayah was known for saving the lives of her classmates and of soldiers during the Azen Wars. The woman was beaten by several hooligans when she quit from the military and Olayah took her to a hospital in Ratte, where she lies in coma. Found by Banshee when she was crying over the woman who was her adoptive mother, she was recruited into the group even though she really was not good with combat. The group calls her The Saint, because of her Christian status. The rest of the group are atheists.

RP Experience:

Techlevel: MT

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- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: Vanquaria

Name of Group: Vanquarian Black Operations Department

More Info On Commando Program Here: ... /id=467879

Name of Outfit: Task Force 081 ''Dancing Sharks''

Detailed Outfit Loadout: [Operators Choose From Variety Of The Below Equipment As A Mission Is Never The Same]

- XM8 A2 ''Bullpup'' –

- Kriss Vector Submachinegun

- Jericho 941

- Zeller-H Advanced Sniper Rilfe

- Remington 12 Gauge Shotgun


- PKP Pecheneg

- Nightvison Goggles

- MRE's that last up to 3 days

- Combat Machete

- Jagged Combat Knife

- Wrist Drone/Satellite Control Interface - Everyone in unit wears this

- Ghillie Combat Wear [Optional]

- SCUBA Diving Kits/Equipment [Optional]

- Semtex Grenades

- Flash Bangs

- M4A1s

- Range of scopes such as eo-tech or red-dot sight


- M32 Grenade Launcher

[b]Appearance/Descrption of Operator:
Standard Vanquarian Commando Gear

Biography of Outfit:
Formed in 2000 by the Vanquarian Security Agency to combat the increase in homeland political terrorism, its operators were selected from the Vanquarian Commando Program.

Their first operation was to eliminate terrorists and rescue hostages inside an age-care facility. The team infiltrated at pitch-black night, taking advantage of advanced surveillance and resources. They successfully killed all the terrorists. But only the nurses, doctors and visitors emerged from the facility. When the standard law enforcement went inside they discovered the commandos had also killed all the elderly. This act of initiative by the commandos impressed High Command and soon after the unit was granted access to operate internationally.

The unit from 2000 has completed countless missions with most of them being state execution or terrorism operations. The unit has also seen combat against foreign forces overseas in recent wars. *cough*WPT-NPE*cough*
Recently the Vanquarian government saw the benefits of their spec ops working together with other similar forces and thus Task Force 081 was chosen.

Operators of the Outfit:
Captain Morkov ‘’Ripper’’ Stuxa – As a kid in the commando program he broke 3 of his peer’s necks for insubordination and for this he was promoted instead of court-martialled as his superiors saw that he was merely cutting the weak links from the military. When he was a young soldier in the Homeland Black Operations he single-handedly massacred 100 detained unarmed civilians using a LMG because intel told him a rebel spy was in one of the masses. Eventually they found the dead rebel under a pile of corpses. He was transferred to Task Force 081 in 2023.

Ripper is known in terrorist situations to kill terrorist and hostage alike unless the hostage is high-profile.

Appearance: Morkov

He is large, muscled man that seems to have no feelings or emotions. He is said to be the ideal Vanquarian soldier as Vanquarian commandos are expected to be emotionless killing machines.
Age: 35
Gear: He operates as an assault-class commando. He usually wields a customised XM8 light machine gun and a machete when in combat along with a Jericho 941.

Sergeant Ungo ‘’Licker’’ Otovski- This commando earned his nickname by licking the blood of his enemies or fresh corpses after combat as he believes it helps him concentrate better during combat. He is a merciless soldier like his captain though he enjoys torturing his targets first before killing them. In one rebel incident where the surviving terrorists were captured Licker was reported cutting the rebel’s throats one by one and drinking the blood while the fellow rebels watched their comrades die a horrible death.

Age: 35
Gear: He operates as a Heavy-class using a PKP LMG. He also is the unit’s go-to explosive man as he carries in his gear multiple set charges and Semtexes.


Licker is a hulk of a man. He resembles a professional bodybuilder with many scars on his body and face.

Corporal Juri ‘’Nightmare’’ Miro- This man is the team’s specialist torturer and sniper. He has been known to shoot through civilians that terrorists use for a body shield to kill the target behind. As a torturer Nightmare has a vast range of ways to get information out but sometimes he can go crazy and kill the man in the most horrifying way available instead of prying information. In one incident he was supposed to interrogate two elite rebel soldiers for information. Nightmare tied up the two men, sat them in chairs beside each other and picked one random victim out. He then used his fingers to gouge out the man’s eyes and eat them while staring creepily at the other tied up rebel. After that he grabbed his combat knife and began ‘’drawing’’ on his victim’s face. When he was done the victim rebel was a mess of what he once looked like. And the other rebel told Nightmare everything when Nightmare promised he would not harm him if he told him all he knew. But when the rebel told Nightmare everything Nightmare grabbed his sniper rifle, loaded it, stuffed it down the rebel’s throat and shot him.

Age: 34
Gear: Zeller-H sniper rifle customised Kriss Vector submachinegun and two Jericho 941 pistols.
Appearance: Nightmare

Corporal Matista ‘’Lullaby’’ Boki- This commando is one of the few black-skinned soldiers in the entire Vanquarian Special Forces and he proves his worth. He earned his nickname by being known for stabbing unarmed, captured enemy forces repeatedly in the genitals while signing a lullaby to them.

Age: 37
Gear: He uses a customised XM8 assault rifle, a Jericho 941 and a jagged, ceremonial knife.

Appearance: Lullaby

Private Reid ‘’Sleepy’’ Tunzi- The youngest member of the unit he is still a commando and not to be underestimated. He has advanced medical knowledge due to him studying Medical science in the commando program while the other trainees were all killing each other. He is also an expert practitioner in the ‘’Drunken Fist’’ martial art, when he fights using style he seems to be falling asleep which is how he earned his nickname.

Age: 31
Gear: Wields a XM8 A2 rifle as well as a Jericho 941. Also carries portable medical equipment including performance-enhancement drugs and a defibrillator.

Appearance: Sleepy

RP Experience: Real World RP

Techlevel: PMT

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- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: The Armed Republic Of Eaka

Name of Group: Special Service Unit

Name of Outfit: Special Attack Team

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
R6 fragmentation grenade,R-36 smoke grenade, 1 red and 1 blue chemlight, hand held flares, kalask combat knife, Tactical Communications Phone, backpack, rations for 1 week, canteen, grappling hook, rope, tool kit, helmet mounted HUD, IR strobes, Foge combat suit, NVGs

Ghille Suits, scuba gear, flexi cuffs, demolition equipment, various optics, various AT weaponry

Ace: Ak-92 Assault Rifle, laser designator, binoculars, FN-57, chamelian cloak
Anarchist: RPK-74M, FN-57, GM-94, C4, and satchel charges, chamelian cloak
Shard: SVU sniper rifle, range finder, GsH-18, chamelian cloak
Traveler: AK-92 DMR, Vityaz-SN SMG, range finder, portable UAV, chamelian cloak
Angel:Vityaz-SN SMG, FN-57, Medikit, morphine, ephiphrene, tournaquiet, plasma, Chamelian Cloak

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:
The Team In a Training Excerise
Biography of Outfit:
The Special Service Unit or SSU was founded in the 80ies by the Eakan Joint Military Command to combat the special forces of other rival nations, however as tensions died down the force lost its purpose and was temporarily disbanded for many years, however it was revived in the 2000s with its reformation kept a secret being known only by trusted top ranking officers in the armed forces, anyone who tried to comprimise its security was silenced. With the reformation the unit was given new objectives such as, combating terrorism, stopping infiltrations of enemy forces into Eakan soil, assainating or capturing high value targets, countering enemy SF and much more. The unit's first members were recruited from the Eakan Army Rangers top operators, who were intensely and brutally trained to the point of perfection, these first operators then became instructors and trained new recruits, which in turn continued the cycle by training new recruits themselves. The Special Attack Team was formed to be an offensive strike team with its objective being to eliminate Strategic targets, the team has a high sucess rate but is running out of availiable operations and due to the JMC not wanting the team to lose its skill, wanted it to be apart of Task Force Atlas where it would get plenty of action.
Operators of the Outfit:
Captain Kiril "Ace" Kalash-Team Leader: Kiril started out his career in the Eakan Armed forces as a Eakan Army Ranger. Kiril joined the Eakan Army in hopes of getting college credit, in boot camp Kiril was noticed by his superiors to have natural talent being able to finish every course in 1st place with ease, on his graduation day from BMT he was pulled aside and instead offered a position in the Eakan Army Rangers, which he accepted and soon impressed his superiors in the Rangers with his mission sucesss record, he was noticed by the SSU after he single handedly took out a dam that was being used as an AA site by enemy forces, as soon as he returned from the mission he was recruited into the SSU, in the SSU he peformed well in offensive operations and was seen to be a talented leader and so his superiors formed the Special Attack Team and made him the Team Leader.

1st Liuetenant Hascovksy "Anarchist" Renov- Demolitions Expert: Hascovsky started his career in the EAF as a EOD disposal officer, he joined the Army in hopes of fulfilling his lust for destruction which he did get. He was known to be naturally skilled in explosives by his instructors in BMT and was given a higher rank than his peers once he graduated. He became an EOD officer which he enjoyed as his job was literally to get rid of explosives by using explosives. Hascovsky was noticed by the SSU when he accidentialy leveled a tower crane which fell on top of a HVT killing him and his comrades, as he returned to base he was informed he was going to lose his job due to the civilian casulties he had caused however once he reached base he was pulled aside and recruited into the SSU where he honed his skill in explosives and also learned valuble new skills, he was eventually placed in the SAT after being chosen by Kiril.

Senior Sergeant Rudolf "Shard" Malashcovy- Team Sniper/Reconasisance: Rudolf started his career in the EAF as a Sniper, he joined the Army to make his father a previous veteran of the EAF proud. In BMT he was known to be very agile and also a very good shot, this however did not get him noticed by the SSU. After he graduated from BMT he was deployed on a mission to eliminate a HVT, the HVT was in a compound heavily guarded by counter snipers and sentries, as he took out all of the sentries another HVT shwoed up to the compound unexpectadly, he was tasked with taking out both the HVTs but he only had one round, he sucessfully shot both of the targets who were in a moving vehicle from 1000 meters away, this got him noticed by the SSU which immediatly had his extraction helicopter diverted to a black site. He was recruited into the SAT by Kiril who compared him to the other availiable snipers in the SSU but choose him due to his agility and immense skill with a rifle. Rudolf is known to be very quiet and rarily speaks.

Sergeant Yakov "Traveler" Gorshkov- Team Reconasisance: Yakov started his career in the EAF as a Ranger just like Kiril, he joined the Army to fulfill his lust for exploration into new places and cultures. In BMT Yakov was known to be very agile along with very good at recon work. He just like Kiril was pulled aside on graduation day and recruited into the Army Rangers, he and Kiril particpiated on a few ops together however they never really became friends, he was recruited into the SSU when Kiril recommanded him to his superiors. He is Rudolf's Best friend and is one of the few people who Rudolf actually speaks to.

Corporal Vasily "Angel" Norovisky-Team Medic: Vasily started his career in the EAF as a medic, he joined the Army so he could get college credit just like Kiril as he was going into the medical field, the medical instructors at BMT noticed that he excelled in field at being a medic, he was also known to be a great thinker and great strategist. Once he graduated from BMT he was sent straight into combat where he was noticed by the SSU after he saved the lives of 10 of his comrades who could not be helped by another medic but were suprisngly saved by Vasily. He was recruited into the SSU by the reccomandation of Kirl to his superiors as he in Kiril's eyes was the best medic in the Eakan Armed Forces.

RP Experience:
NPE Invasion Of The WPT
Azen Age Of Chaos
Azen Military Reforms
No One Is Innocent
Operation Defensive Shield
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- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: Free Asian Ports

Name of Group: SEAL/UDT

Name of Outfit: Echo Team/Marine Light Helicopter Squadron 161

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
Knights Armaments PDW
PP-19 Bizon
IMI Negev
Combat Knife
"Electron" Night Vision Goggles

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:

Biography of Outfit:
As 4th section in the Special Operations Regiment, Echo team isn’t typically assigned very important missions. Generally, it is deployed to support Intelligence Service operations in combat zones, providing tactical support and acting on intelligence on the location of enemy leaders. Recently, it has gained notoriety due to the talent of its designated marksman. Because of this recognition, it has begun to be deployed on more major operations. It is supported in the field by Marine Helicopter squadron 161, which is equipped with a variety of light helicopters and COIN aircraft to provide logistical and battlefield support to the team.

Operators of the Outfit:
Captain Zen Xiao
Aged 38, Section Leader. Male. Born in Hong Kong to poor parents, he had to survive in the streets for most of his childhood. After managing to make it into college, he signed up for officer school. He performed well, and commissioned as an officer. A tactical genius, joined the special forces on a whim.

Sgt. Yuki Chirose
Age 29. Female. Medic. Joined the Marines to pay off student loans from medical school. Ended up in the SEALs, due to her expertise in treating wounds under fire.

Sgt. Makoto Zang
Age 32. Male. Machine Gunner. Muscular, but kind. A real softie at heart, he prefers to stay back and provide cover fire. Not that he isn't tough during missions. He hauls around his Negev like it's an SMG.

Sgt. Junko Otoko
Age 28. Female. Rifleman. Hand-to-hand combat expert. Dropped out of college. Apparently didn't want to become a lawyer. Decided that beating terrorists faces in was more fun.

Sgt. Tao Nagano
Age 30. Male. Breaching expert and point man. Gung-ho and not very smart, Tao is the stereotypical NCO. According to some of his team members, he is the spawn of drill instructors.

1st Lieutenant Oda Nanasawa,
Age 30. Male. Sniper (66 confirmed kills). Eldest son from traditional Samurai family. Graduated from the FAP Academy of Military Science at age 22. Joined the Marine Corps as a 2nd Lieutenant, received good marks and was soon promoted to 1st Lieutenant. Attended Sniper School, became a talented marksman. Joined the SEALs at 28 and became a team sniper.

Armed with custom M14 DMR and family Katana.

SSgt. Ren Yamasaka
Age 30. Male. Spotter. Part of the sniper team, and the only friend of Nanasawa. The two have been team partners for 5 years.

RP Experience:
Moscow RP: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=352047
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Contact CSSOCOM for further inquiry
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- DEN's Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: United Socialist States of Die Erworbenen Namen

Name of Group: Death Korps: Der KriegsJäger

Name of Outfit: Army Group A, 2nd SS Division, 21st SS Battalion 'Der Kammerjäger', Company A

Detailed Outfit Loadout:

Name: VGM2A3
Type: Assault Rifle
Fire Modes: Semi, 3x burst, automatic
Rate of Fire: N/A, 300 RpM, 950 RpM
Range: 900 m
Clip: 30
Ammunition: 7.62x8.2x60

Name: VGM2A2
Type: Assault Rifle
Fire Modes: Semi (grenade), Semi, 3x burst, automatic (AR)
Rate of Fire: N/A (Grenade), 300 RpM, 900 RpM (AR)
Range: 400 m (Grenade), 900 m (AR)
Clip: 6 (grenade), 30 (AR)
Ammunition: 25 mm (Grenade), 7.62x8.2x60

Name: VGM1A1
Type: Bullpup Assault Rifle
Fire Modes: Semi, Automatic, 3x burst
Rate of Fire: N/A, 900, 600
Range: 750 m reliable
Clip: 30 rounds
Ammunition: 7.62x8.2x56 mm

Name: VGM1A2
Type: Bullpup SMG
Fire Modes: Automatic, 2x burst
Rate of Fire: 1,100, 550
Range: 450 m
Clip: 30 rounds
Ammunition: 5.56x7x50 mm

Name: VGM1A3
Type: LMG
Fire Modes: Automatic
Rate of Fire: 1,400 RpM, or 800 RpM
Range: 2,100 meters
Clip: 30-100 rounds
Ammunition: 7.62x8.2x56

Name: VGM1A4
Type: Rifle
Fire Modes: Semi, Automatic
Rate of Fire: N/A, 600 RpM
Range: 2,500 meters
Clip: 20
Ammunition: 8.62x9.2x60

Name: VGM1A5
Type: Shotgun
Fire Modes: Semi, automatic, Pump
Rate of Fire: N/A, 350 RpM
Range: 250 meters w/ buckshot, 160 meters w/ flechette, 400 meters w/slug, 450 meters w/ Sabot, 400 meters w/ grenade, 250 meters w/Incendiary buckshot
Clip: 15, + 8 in interior clip
Ammunition: 12 gauge, 20 gauge, or .410

Name: VGM1A5B
Type: Grenade Launcher
Fire Modes: Semi, automatic
Rate of Fire: N/A, 40 RPM
Range: 400 m
Clip: 8 rounds
Ammunition: 30 mm

Name: SR-25
Type: Anti Personnel Sniper Rifle
Fire Modes: Single
Rate of Fire: N/A
Range: 1500 m
Clip: 7 rounds
Ammunition: .25 caliber by .300 magnum casing

Name: RPO-M Flame
Type: RPG
Fire modes: N/A
Rate of Fire: N/A
Range: 2,000 meters effective with sighting
Clip: Reloadable
Ammunition: 95 mm with Thermobaric, HEAT, HE (hundreds of steel balls inside round, bounces), HEI (Steel Balls and incendiary pellets), Incendiary, Parachute Flare, Gas, Smoke

Name: HG-1
Type: Magnum Hammerless Handgun
Fire mode: Semi
Rate of fire: N/A
Range: 300 m
Clip: 10 rounds
Ammunition: .44 Magnum

Suit and Uniform:
  • Tactical Backpack- Made of a strong, impact, fire, water, and chemical resistant synthetic material, the part closer to the body is covered with a thin layer of Kevlar, and a small titanium plating. It is held up by an unpowered exoskeleton, and is attached to the powered exoskeleton
  • Tactical Helmet- Contains a battery and solar panel for the HUD, as well as a computer to process the information. It also includes a gas mask, ear pads programmed to silence in a blast, and anti flash eye protection.
  • Advanced Tactical Lightweight Armored Suit(ATLAS)-
    Powered by battery packs in the shoulder pads, knee pads, elbow pads, and backpack, the suit can last up to three days, and can partially charge itself with clear solar panels on the helmet, shoulders, and with a deplorable solar panel in the backpack.
    Consists of a powered exoskeleton suit that increases speed, weight limit, strength, and steadiness. On the chest is a thin layer of composite armory, covered with a synthetic fabric armor and impact hardening ballistic resistant fluids. The shoulders, knee pads, shoulder pads, and helmet are covered with a small titanium plate and covered in lightweight, resistant fabric. The normal battle uniform has biological sensors in it to detect toxic substances and changes in body temperature.
    The shoulder pads, elbow pads, knee pads, hands and helmet contain a small radar sensor, allowing for better detection of enemy targets, as well as miniature computers for the sensors, as well as microphones.

  • Foldable heli Drone
  • Small foldable mine detector
  • High Explosive/Sticky grenade
  • High Fragmentation Grenade
  • Selective colored Smoke Grenade
  • Flashbang
  • Radar/Radio station grenade
  • 20&30 mm high explosive grenade
  • 20&30 mm high fragmentation grenade
  • 20&30 mm Flashbang
  • 20&30 mm Selective colored Smoke grenade
  • 20&30 mm Rocket propelled grenade
  • 20&30 mm Parachute flare
  • 20&30 mm Radar/radio station
  • Respective Ammunition for weaponry
  • Combat knife
  • Multipurpose knife (contains utensils)
  • Velcro strips
  • Zip Cuffs
  • Extra socks
  • MRE Rations
  • Powdered Milk
  • Water filled camelback
  • Personal First Aid kits
  • Advanced Medical Kit (Medic)
  • Compass (compass is also in wrist)
  • Map (GPS is also in HUD)
  • Radio (Radio equipment also in suit)
  • Pencil/Pens
  • Radiation Pills
  • Water Purification pills
  • Electric Water Filter
  • Water bottle
  • Gas lighter with refill
  • Waterproof Matches
  • Firestarter
  • Playing Cards
  • Pinups/pictures
  • Batteries
  • Energy Shots
  • Adrenaline Shots
  • Dog Food
  • Radio Headset
  • Multipurpose Leash (This is for a Wolf, people...)

Appearance/Description of Operator:
(Closest one I got)


Biography of Outfit:
Historically, the Death Korps has it's roots in the origin of the USSDEN, back at a time when a civil war raged in the country. History records the unit rumored to be the Death Korps as the 21st SS Battalion, which were known as Der Kammerjäger, or The Exterminators. The unit was a famous extermination unit, known for never taking prisoners, and for killing anyone who was in their path.

In the last year of the war, the 21st was ordered to exterminate the now ruined city of Victorgrad, which was, at the time, the last fortified Capitalist stronghold, and a strategic city in the base of the mountains. At the time, there was a small garrisoning of Capitalist soldiers in the city, as it was not expected to be attacked.

The Death Korps unit attacked at the night, and managed to secure the city after wiping out the entire garrisoning force of 2,250 soldiers, for only 150 killed, 209 wounded. At the time, the Capitalists were beginning to lose, and were desperate. In a show of frustration, the Capitalists dropped a series of large Thermobaric strikes on the city in a massed bombing run. The city was effectively wiped from the map, with barely a building standing.

The legend begins here, at the ruins. When the Capitalists walked into the city to retake it, they only found the dead of their men, and the 359 dead SS. There was no sign of the other 641 soldiers, or any sign that they were there besides the bullet holes, casings, and bodies. Days later, the entire Capitalist force in Victorgrad was wiped out to only one survivor: an officer who later went insane.

Afterwards, rumors began circulating throughout the country of soldiers who couldn't be killed, and who were already dead. Some say that the burnt bodies of the soldiers killed were getting revenge. Whatever the reasons were, the name Death Korps stuck, and every time a politician or soldier who participated on the wrong side of the war died, they blamed the Death Korps. Ironically, not many of them were the cause of the Korps. The Death Korps are now used for everything from political assassinations, to recon missions, and everything else in between.

Operators of the Outfit:

Name: Vladimir K. Lenin
Codename: Red Revolution
Age: 35
Weight: 190 pounds
Height: 6 Foot
Rank: Commissar
Specialty: Command and Close Quarters Combat
Favorite Melee Weapon: Folding Titanium/Diamond edged wrist blade (On right and left wrist. Also improves punching power)
Favorite Ranged Weapon: Personalized HG-1

Red Revolution, AKA Commissar Vladimir Karmarov Lenin, is labeled as the Commanding Officer of the Death Korps: Der KriegsJäger, or The Warfighters, among other accomplishments. In the Death Korps battalion, he is regarded as one of the first three original Warfighters of TF Atlas, and is believed to hold a role in TaskForce Atlas Command. Some also believe that his relationship to Vladimir Lenin, Führer of USSDEN, is the reason for him being picked as CO of Der KriegsJäger, though both have assured people that no, that isn't the reason.

Unlike some of the other Death Korps members, he is not all that quiet, but is not quite talkative. He has the uncanny ability to remain calm in any situation imaginable, and as such does not show most of his emotions, if any ever show. Most of the time, he looks on with the coolness of a distant observer, only taking in and never showing. This is present mostly in his conversations with others. Another notable item about him is the fact he keeps a pet wolf with him, who also uses a similar ATLAS configuration. The Wolf's name is Arik, which the Grand Marshal of the Army found rather... Not funny. Ask Vlad how that went.

At the age of 20, he entered the Death Korps after graduating top of his class in the military officer's school for the Army, being hand picked from the lot by the Führer himself. After a five year training course, he managed to best out most other soldiers in the Korps, eventually rising to the rank of Commissar, controlling a large group by himself. It was at the age of. 30 that he was chosen as the commander of the newly formed Task Force Atlas squad Der KriegsJäger destined for Project Warfighter. He was given full range, and ordered to chose five other soldiers to serve with him.

Name: Nate Schimmer
Codename: Sarge
Age: 30
Weight: 210 Pounds
Height: 6 Foot 2
Rank: Sergeant
Specialty: Demolitions, Engineering
Favorite Melee Weapon: Brass Knuckles
Favorite Ranged Weapon: VGM2A3 Assault Rifle (Technically a PDW)

Sarge, AKA Nate Schimmer, is regarded as the dumbest of the group in terms of common sense. Although a genius with demolitions, technical aspects, and construction, he sometimes makes stupid decisions, and is often ridiculed for it. Only Vladimir knows his real name, and everyone else simply calls him Sarge. He is Vladimir's personal friend, and Robin's nemesis, which amuses both Vladimir and Jonathan greatly.

Sarge is the most blunt and rough person of the group, and often makes rather crude or cruel remarks regarding others. His brutal honesty is sometimes appreciated, but is usually frowned upon by newer members, or people whom he trains. Sometimes regarded as a bully, if he has something to say, he will say it, no matter what the situation is outside of combat. While in combat, his strength from fixing up the equipment shows, and is rather ironically a devastating close quarters fighter. If... That is, he makes the first hit.

Sarge went to college and originally wanted to be an aerospace engineer, and only joined the military after being drafted into it. His skills in engineering showed, and while not being able to graduate top of the class because of his work ethic, he was accepted into a designers group to create vehicles for the soldiers to use. It is there he met Vladimir, (and Arik) who approached him to design a suit for the Death Korps and for his pet. After a few trials, as well as extreme training, Vladimir asked if he wanted to join a new group. Obviously, he accepted.

Name: Johnson Maximus
Codename: Prince
Age: 26
Weight: 160 pounds
Height: 5 Foot 6
Rank: Lieutenant
Specialty: Command, Tactics, History, aircraft, flying
Favorite Melee Weapon: Diamond tipped claws
Favorite Ranged Weapon: M1A2 Assault Rifle

Humorously named Prince, this Lieutenant is the direct son of Emperor Maximus, and joined the KriegsJäger against his wishes. He joined after Vladimir asked him if he would like to go, and likes to rub it in his Father's face, even though he knows he won't ever be Emperor. It's because of this that his father favors Jonathan, his brother.

Johnson can't stay still. No matter what he does, he still has a tendency to be alert and on his toes at all times, even in his sleep. Because of this energy, he likes to crack jokes, and sometimes is labeled as the immature person of the group, even if he has his serious times. Nicknamed Captain Obvious, nothing escapes his gaze. Except... The obvious.

Johnson is a pilot, just like his brother and father, though not as well known and not as successful. He was once a trainer pilot, not enjoying the high speed uncertainty of fighting in midair, though his tendency to be aloof helped with both. After being in the Air Force, he was recruited initially as a pilot for their helicopter and VTOL operations, though was incorporated into the 'infantry' aspect of the group after his skills as an aide to a sniper, and as a scout.

Name: Robin
Codename: Iron Sights
Age: 24? Maybe?
Weight: 130 pounds
Height: 5 foot 5
Rank: Corporal
Specialty: Marksman, Targeting, Observation, mathematics, Hunting, wilderness survival
Favorite Melee Weapon: Bayonet
Favorite Ranged Weapon: DMR-1 (Obviously my own creation not yet in my Factbook...)

Code named Iron Sights. Real name only listed as Robin. Not much is known about him. He has no known family except for Ed, his brother, and has no known real name. Some say his name (Robin) is his real name, but some sat that it's only a coverup, and that he's really someone else, like Batman. The only reason he was named iron sights was because of his tendency to only use the bare minimum in sighting, and that he was often cold and collected.

Robin is completely silent most of the time, and doesn't talk much. Most noticing about this is his tendency to speak up for his brother, who is rather shy. Strong and silent, no one knows what's behind his mask, or if it even is a mask. Very rarely does he smile, and when he does, he has the uncanny ability to scare the living daylights out of people with it. Only once has he been seen 'happy', and no one even knows if it was real or not. The person who said it didn't appear the next day.

Not much is known about Robin's past, but that was expected. He just... Showed up one day. There was one tidbit about his past, and that was from Ed, who only mentioned that he remembers Robin when hunting. In fact, Robin is rather self sufficient in the wild, which suggests that he did run away and hunted when he was younger. No one, not even Vladimir, remembers recruiting him, and some doubt he's even human.

Name: Samson Rider
Codename: Falcon
Age: 35
Weight: 140 pounds
Height: 5 Foot 8
Rank: Captain
Specialty: Aircraft, anatomy, first aide, weather
Favorite Melee Weapon: Bowie Knife
Favorite Ranged Weapon: Automatic Pistol

Falcon, AKA Samson Rider, is an expert fighter ace, and a very good medic in the field. He is regarded technically as a field surgeon, and has quite often performed emergency surgeries on the battlefield... With somewhat interesting results. While never losing a person to his hand, he has lost a couple people to outside incidents.

Samson is rather... Interesting a person. He frequently uses slang, and likes to swear quite often, even if not needed. As imagined, he definitely is not a person you would want around children.

Codename: Full Metal ((OH THE SHAMELESSNESS HERE....))
Age: 20
Weight: 136 pounds
Height: Five foot 6
Rank: Private
Specialty: Talking, random facts, cheerful.
Favorite Melee Weapon: Blunt objects
Favorite Ranged Weapon: Longbow

Full Metal, AKA Ed, is not... really... what his codename puts him out to be. If anyone was deserving of the title, it was perhaps Valentine Kirosk, but that's another story. Ed is officially the brother of Robin (Which suggests rather controversially that he is human and his last name is Rick...), and one of two machine gunners for the squadron. His skill humorously lies most not in the combat part, but his ability to make random things out of nothing. He was added when his skill in weapon craft (among others) was found, and now sweet talks his way out of issues.

Edward is shy. Incredibly shy. He prefers to be by himself, alone, and listening to his music. The only person who he lets talk to him on a regular basis is his brother, Robin, but even then, Robin and he don't really talk. He just listens to his music and Robin lets him, watching over him when there is downtime. Although shy, he often tries to talk to others, and while he considers the squadron his friends, he has yet to talk to them in real conversations. He holds... different interests in people, and it is often the source of conflict between him and Sarge, which Robin always watches over.

Edward was a boyscout, although his parents aren't really known. What is known is that Robin took care of Ed ever since his parents disappeared, and they grew up strong together. He didn't exactly go to a good school, but learned with his brother how to survive in the harshest conditions. It is this that drove Vladimir to accept them into the ranks, first Robin, then Ed when he learned of him. That, and they both showed good skills. One in talking, one in killing, both in accuracy.

Name: Shinji
Codename: Mecha
Age: 30
Weight: 150 pounds
Height: Five foot 10
Rank: Corporal
Specialties: Close Quarters combat, Marshal arts, meditation
Favorite Melee Weapon: Knives, and two folding blades under wrists
Favorite Ranged Weapon: HG-1

Mecha, AKA Shinji, is a borne martial artist. He keeps a small blade on his back behind his backpack for close quarters combat, and frequently engages in scouting missions. He is often said to be the opposite of Robin, being more outgoing and talkative. He was nicknamed robin for his uncanny ability to fight like a robot: strong, methodical, and quick.

Shinji is an interesting person. While physically strong, he doesn't enjoy harming people. Rather, he hates it. He is never allowed around prisoners, except in cases where he shoudl talk for information. He is often regarded as the most helpful and kind of the group, and always tries to help others there.

Name: Valentine Kirosk
Codename: Calgar
Age: 40
Weight: 185
Height: 6 feet
Rank: Sergeant
Specialty: Judging distances, Judging in general, logic puzzles.
Favorite Melee Weapon: Fists/close quarters guns
Favorite Ranged Weapon: Specialized gun that fits under his arms, and acts as a PDW

Calgar, AKA Valentine, is no one special. He is one of ten of the soldiers, but is the grenadier. His ability in judging distances allows him a grand ability to fight with his grenade launcher. In addition, it allows him to use a specialized gun that acts sort of like Marneus Calgar's guns under his fists, which is where he got his Codename. While not official weaponry, he does carry the pair around with him, and the two weapons are similar to machine pistols in that they can each be held by one hand, and similar to PDWs in that they have similar caliber and hit. This gives him the ability to excel in close quarters combat. He indeed can fight very well, and when punching, can use his weapons. Quite often, he is seen with them on in addition to his rifle.

Valentine is interesting in that he desperately wants to help people, but then also seeks help. He does not believe in himself, which usually drives him in anger. The one thing that keeps him motivated is his anger at himself and others. It is the thing that fuels his strength in combat, and keeps him interesting, though rather difficult to talk to sometimes. This makes him a fearful opponent in combat, and quite often takes control of him, driving him to fight until he is ordered down. Or shot. Something like that.

Name: Louis Carte
Code Name: Frenchie
Age: 45
Weight: 150 pounds
Height: 6 foot 1
Rank: Private
Specialty: Languages, explosives
Favorite Close Quarters Weapon: Rifle
Favorite Long Range Weapon: VGM1A1

Frenchie, AKA Louis, is a demolitions expert. He is the second demolitions expert, and also language expert. He knows multiple languages, giving him similar abilities to a translator. He enjoys large explosions, which sometimes creeps others out during combat. He excels in explosives in every form, and sometimes jokes about carrying a small nuclear weapon on him, though disassembled. Even Vladimir believes this might be true.

Frenchie is very serious, though has occasional jokes. The thing about him is his need to 'get things done. Now.'. He cannot rest until something is finished, and often drives him to the point of near insanity. He never learns, though, and jumps on the next opportunity to do the same thing again.

Name: Max Rogers
Code Name: Silent Death
Age: Unkown
Weight: 145 pounds
Height 5 foot 11
Rank: Corporal
Specialties: Ranged combat, fencing, sword fighting
Favorite Melee Weapon: Sword
Favorite Ranged Weapon: DMR-1

Silent Death, AKA Max Rogers, is deadly. He is also absolutely silent, and it is rumored that he scares even Robin, though Robin has laughed at this before. He is skilled in swordfighting, and carries a sword on him, no matter how unregulated it is. The sword is his personal weapon, and he was said to have been able to make it himself. No one denies this, and no one wants to. They're too scared.

Rogers is silent. No one knows why. But he is often seen alone, looking into the distance. He doesn't very much seem to be around people, but no one wants to ask. As of yet, he does not usually speak unless absolutely necessary, which has driven more than one person to anger over the frustration, and that just seems to maybe bother him. He doesn't show emotions, but when he does, it is obvious.

Rogers is said to have gone to many different schools for skilled sword fighting and fencing, as well as being rumored to be assembled from scratch, so don't trust everything you hear about him. His real origins are from a small city, and he grew up going to a good school, where he dropped out and stayed with Vlad, but no one knows why. Only Vlad, and he isn't about to say anything about it.

RP Experience: What's an Rp...

Techlevel: MT

Note: Each one of my characters reflects some of my personality :P
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Postby Blayk » Fri Oct 09, 2015 5:06 pm

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: Blayk

Name of Group: 1MARPAR (1st Marine Parachutist Commandos.) or "The Black Berets"

Name of Outfit: 1MARPAR, Rive Noire Commandos, Echo Squad.

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
COMPAT - Very much like the CADPAT Camoflage pattern used by Canadian forces.
Navy Standard Wetsuit - A black skin tight thermal wet suit and Balaclava, Worn under the Utility Uniform.
MARPAR Utillity Uniform - Made with COMPAT camouflage consisting of Trousers, a Windproof jacket and a detachable hood. Flame, Wash and Chemical Resistant.
Combat Boots - Self Explanatory.
H3 Naval Gaunlet System - A Wrist Mounted Computer system, containing GPS, Secondary Comms, Pressure Gages and Multiple Sensors, Eg. Radiation, Toxic Gases, Altitude, etc.
SPECTREM Helmet System - A Customisable Helmet/Ballistic Mask Combo with intergrated NightVision, Lights(High Visibility and IR), Battery pack, Headset and Range-Finder.
H3 Webbings - A Complex system of Kevlar Webbings, Allowing for easy carrying of Ammunition and Equipment.
H4 Throut Mic - Instead of a standard microphone headset the H4 is worn around the neck and picks up vibrations in the throut allowing for it to be used under Water.

Griffon - HK416, SIG SP 2022
Osprey - MP5SD3, PGM Hécate II, SIG SP 2022
Kite - FN SCAR-L, SIG SP 2022
Buzzard - FN Minimi, SIG SP 2022
Harrier - FN SCAR-L, SIG SP 2022
Vulture - MP5SD3, SIG SP 2022
Eagle - FN SCAR-H PR, SIG SP 2022

Draeger carbon scrubber bubbleless SCUBA rebreather, Pony Bottle with 2 Hours Air, Sea Bag, Ammunition, MRE Rations for 3 Days, Water Canteen, Magnetic Gloves, Ice Axe, Gas Mask, Survival Knife, Fragmentation Grenade, Flashbang Grenade.

Griffon - Collaspable Rocket Launcher.
Kite - Medical Gear ~ Nitrile gloves, Alcohol or Providine/Iodine swabs, Cravats (muslin bandages), Assorted gauze bandages, Band-Aids, Assorted sizes of tape, Coban(a stretchy, self clinging wrap), Ace Bandages, Assorted hypodermic needles and syringes, Combat Casualty Card,SAM Splint—a flexible, reusable splint with a metal core covered in closed cell foam, Water Jel burn dressing, Small sharps shuttle, Trauma Shears, Safety pins
Vulture - Detonation Cord, C4 Charges, Breaching Charges.
Eagle - Collaspable Helicopter Drone.

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:

Biography of Outfit: The 1st Marine Parachutist division can trace it's history back to the Blaykish Civil war of 1843, the Marines were highly favored over standard infantry due to their ability to be deployed at land or sea, useful for a War raged around an island Nation. During the Siege of Copentren a Battalion of Marines hid in the Cargo hold of a merchant vessel, when the People of Copentren finally believed that they had gotten highly needed supplies the regiment came out of the hold and shot any Monarchist Troops before charging the City Gates and opening them for the rest of the standing Blaykish Rebel army. The Battalion soon became the pride and joy of Blayk after the Civil War. Members of the Marine Division were looked up at by all the other Military Divisions. The Marine Division went under reforms during the Second World War, being Converted to a Naval Airborne division, often Working off Aircraft Carriers it was around this time that the group be came known as the Black Berets due to their Pitch Black Uniforms for stealth missions. This tradition would eventually dissolve on the front line, but carry on in the Unit's dress Uniform. 1MARPAR took a major role in the UNNA's war on Piracy, often dropping into pirate vessels at night and quickly dispatching them, before taking over the Vessel and returning it to Blaykish Ports.

Operators of the Outfit:

Capitaine William "Griffon" Donnet.
Lieutenant Alexis "Osprey" Féret.
Caporal-chef Cécile "Kite" Alarie.
Sergent Henry "Buzzard" Bechard.
Marsouin Olivier "Harrier" Martin.
Caporal Adam "Vulture" Houdin.
Marsouin Léon "Eagle" Couvreur.

RP Experience: viewtopic.php?f=31&t=352665
Plus three years of Role-Playing on Roblox.

Techlevel: MT Bordering P/MT

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Postby Ratte » Mon Oct 12, 2015 5:58 pm

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: The Empire of Ratte

Name of Group: Rattean Special Operations Brigade (RSOB)

Name of Outfit: Rattean Special Operations Brigade "Schwarzer Adler" ( RSOB-SA)

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
Sig Sauer MPX
H&K P8
Rheinmetall MG 3
Panzerfaust 3 ( Optional)

. Foldable heli Drone
. Firestarter
. Water Purification pills
. Multipurpose knife
. MRE Rations
. High Fragmentation Grenade
. Map & Compass
. Radio
. Gas lighter with refill
. Medical Kit
. Flashbang
. Nightvison Goggles
. Ghillie Combat Wear (Optional)

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:
RSOB-SA During a Mission in Azenyanistan

Biography of Outfit:
Formed by the Rattean Special Operations Bureau, this unit is composed of hand-picked Special Operations soldiers to protect the country from internal and external threats. It originally took part in 10 missions, which was accomplished successfully, before being merged into the Army, these missions include Anti-Terror, Hostage Rescue, and Search and Destroy. After the merge, it then took part in 30+ more missions, mostly during the Cirillan-Azenyanistani war and other following conflicts.
They have also received multiple awards for their actions in the line of duty.

Operators of the Outfit:

-Captain Lorenz Scheller - Team Leader: Joined the Army at 19, he served 2 tours of duty. During that time, he temporarily became the commander of his regiment, who lead a successful raid on an Azen army outpost. Out of the 135 men, with support of a division, they only had 18 casualties. His actions during his service caught the eye of several high-ranking officials. Once his commander had retied, the Rattean High Command decided to pick Lorenz to be the new commander of the unit. Leading his unit on 14 more missions, with 13 of them achieved successfully. He had earned many awards, including the "Order of the Eagle", the highest military honor, by King Leopold IV himself.
.Age 31

-Sgt. Jonas Buchel - Explosives expert: Joined the military 2 years after Lorenz, who also took 2 tours. During his deployment, he and his patrol team had successfully disarmed a bomb located in the hospital while holding off insurgents besieging it. Because of this, High Command decides to place him in the team. In which he received multiple medals during his time. Since then, he had participated in over 10 missions and had successfully disarmed 30 explosives during his time in the field.
.Age 27
.HK AG36

-Cpl. Leopold Fuchs - Medic: Joining the army at 21 years old, He came in with Medical Experience after graduating from the University of Pretzen. Because of this, he was immediately placed in the team as their field medic instead of undergoing Specialist training. During his deployment, he had used his skills and knowledge he had learned, treating as many wounded soldiers and civilians in the field. He was also a fast responder, being able to rush to any emergency situation if needed. He had completed over 6 missions and is the youngest member of the group.
.Age 24
.HK P8

-Cpl. William Seitz: Skilled at hunting during his teenage years, He joined the army when he was 23. Placed in a sniper team and was deployed shortly, he was known for successfully defending his base during an enemy attack and defended the Minister of Foreign Affairs during a meeting when it was besieged by Azen rebels, both during the Azenyanistani conflict. He took part in 17 missions since then.
.Age 29

SSgt. Dieter Biermann - Automatic Rifleman.
was known in his previous unit as "Devastator" for holding off an entire wave of insurgents with his machine gun,with additional help from teammates, giving him a kill of over 81 insurgents in just one operation. Seeing that he could be as much useful to the SD Unit. He was immediately transferred shortly. Following the transfer, he had participated in over 8 missions, 7 of them them successful ones
.Age 29
. HK416
. KM2000

RP Experience:

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Techlevel: MT/PMT

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Postby Presnepartiv » Fri Oct 16, 2015 10:09 am

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation:
The Allied States of Presnepartiv

Name of Group:
Intelligence Bureau Task Force (Бюро Разведки Тактической Группы) or the BRTG (БРТГ)
Phonetically: Byuro Razvedki Takticheskoy Gruppy

Name of Outfit:
Vympel Detachment, Alfa Team

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
All Operatives are equipped with Standard Flora camouflage, entrenchment shovels, PNV-57E night vision equipment, IR Strobes, 2-3 RGO/RGN grenades, with customizable smoke, tear gas, and flash/bang loadouts based on mission preference. Every Operator has a handgun of choice, and carries an AK type bayonet. The typical amount of AK magazines to carry is 9 unless otherwise stated.

Squad Leaders carry an AK-74M with an optic of personal preference. Kaskov prefers a standard PSO optic, while Krapvin is known to have an EOTech Holographic sight. In addition, they carry supplementary communications equipment in the event the comms officer is killed or taken out of commision.

Comms Officers carry the heavy R 107M radio, as well as a Satellite uplink. Their combat loadout is also an AK-74M with optic of their choice, however both coms officers prefered to dump the optic in the interest of weight management.

The Heavy Weapons Specialists get the pleasure of not only their rifles, but each man is accompanied by no less than 10 kg of plastic explosives at any given time. Their AKs both have EOTech Holographics, as well.

The Medics lug around large bags filled with bandages, morphine, epinephrine, plasma, 1 quart of each type of blood, IV bags, tourniquets, miniature bone saws, needles, string, and surgical scissors. Their AKs feature barrels cut down to 10” in length, with the intention of cutting down weight.

The lone Grenadier carries an AK-74M/GP-30 combination. The GP-30 is the most advanced underbarrel grenade launcher in Presnepartiv’s arsenal. It comes with a standard compliment of 4 HE, 2 Smoke, 2 Flare, and 2 IR/Strobe rounds. Due to this heavy load, the grenadier opts to only carry 6 magazines of AK ammo, and no other grenades.

The Engineer carries a litany of defusing and entrenching equipment, including wire cutters and a picaxe. He opts for a 1P78 2.8x Magnification sight. He also possesses the only lock picking device on the team; a Remington 870 cut down to a 5 inch barrel and without a stock.

The Marksmen choose different weapons for their jobs. ALFA-1 Marksman Vasiliy Kovalchuk chose the SV-98 rifle as his primary platform, and carries 6 magazines for the type. ALFA-2 Marksman Alexander Pushkov chose the OTs-03 SVU marksman rifle, a reworked bullpup variant of the common SVD rifle system. He also carries 6 magazines.

Appearance/Description of Operatives:
BRTG Operator Conducts House Clearance Drills at Vympel Training Centre

History of Outfit:
Alfa Team (then part of the BRTG) was started in the United Soviet States of the Glorious Eastern Bloc during a period of turmoil in the nation’s history. They were designed as an internal investigation and prosecution group, specializing in counter-terrorism and counter resistance operations. It often occurred that the BRTG was used to hunt down political dissidents within the Glorious Eastern Bloc and summarily execute them. It was after several years of doing this that a military coup against the Glorious Eastern Bloc, led by the Intelligence Bureau, toppled the regime and instated General Adrian Valeryevich Shaposhnikov as an interim president.

The new nation of Presnepartiv emerged, and the BRTG was brought over into it. The majority of the BRTG remained on the home front, and two new teams were created. These groups were designated Vympel Detachment, Alfa and Vega Teams. Through massive budget increases, these teams acquired the newest and best technologies that can be found on today’s market, making them a true 2015 special forces powerhouse. The role of these teams also changed, and they were transferred to international duties. These ranged from counter-terror raids on foreign soil to assassinations of foreign peoples deemed a threat to Presnepartiv’s national security. The teams’ total number of raids and strategies used on such raids remains arguably the best kept secret within the Intelligence Bureau.

The teams themselves are still a topic of controversy among neighbors of Presnepartiv, and within the country itself.

Operators of the Outfit:
Alfa Team consists of 2 fireteams of 6 men, totalling 12 operatives. Vega is structured in a similar way, although the operatives are not listed here. A minimal rank of Мла́дший сержа́нт (Junior Sergeant) is required to even apply for Vympel Detachment. All operatives were hand picked by the Squad Leader.

The Squad Leader, Подполко́вник(Colonel) Dimitri Kaskov, is a seasoned veteran and former Glorious Eastern Bloc tactical advisor to the former BRTG. He leads both Alfa and Vega teams, doubling as Squad Leader for Alfa 1. Not much is known about his personal life.

The Comms Officer, Мла́дший лейтена́нт(Junior Lieutenant) Vyacheslav Lazarev, was formerly a Tank Commander in the G.E.B. regulars, and excelled at his post. He is a known heavy alcoholic and will procure the substance from seemingly nowhere. The only time he is recorded as not being, to quote Kaskov “Totally [REDACTED]-faced”, is on missions.

The Heavy Weapons Specialist, Сержа́нт(Sergeant) Andrei Poroshenko, handles the explosives for the group. He is a devout Orthodox Catholic, and prays before every major engagement. He abstains from alcohol at all costs and despises Lazarev. He ignores this hate during combat, however, and is an excellent soldier.

The Medic, Мла́дший сержа́нт(Junior Sergeant) Vladim Udaravich, keeps the team in top condition, both in and out of combat. He graduated from the Smila Medical Training Centre at the top of his class, and received his doctorate studying abroad. While legally sane, it has been rumored that he utters strange things whilst sleeping on long missions.

The Grenadier, Мла́дший сержа́нт(Junior Sergeant) Stanislava Pribylova, is responsible for the lone AK-74M/GP-30 combination on the team. She hails from the rich fishing areas in the south of the country. Astoundingly, she manages to handle her drinks even better than Lazarev, which is quite a feat.

The Marksman, Мла́дший сержа́нт(Junior Sergeant) Vasiliy Kovalchuk, is a man of simple weapon and simpler tastes. Undoubtedly the most intelligent of the group, he is someone whom Kaskov turns to for advice on numerous occasions. His family was murdered at a young age, and he grew up homeless until he enlisted at the age of 16, forging his documents.

The Team Leader of Alfa 2, Ста́рший лейтена́нт(Senior Lieutenant) Rodion Krapvin, fought alongside Kaskov in the Great War for Independence, and proved himself by being the man who assassinated the Dictator of the G.E.B., Mikhail Pankiv. He and his wife own a cabbage farm outside of Khrystynivka. He is the only member on the team who is married.

The Comms Officer, Мла́дший лейтена́нт(Junior Lieutenant) Ostap Kudrya, handles the bulky comms equipment for ALFA-2. He was born in the eastern Ternopil region of the country, to a wealthy banking family. He ran away to join the army at the age of 19, and has since amassed a large combat experience. He is the only member of Alfa Team to receive the Order of the Blue Banner, Presnepartiv’s Highest award. The details surrounding the event are still classified.

The Heavy Weapons Specialist, Мла́дший сержа́нт(Junior Sergeant) Pavel Bogdanovich, may enjoy handling the explosives a little too much. He is constantly experimenting with new explosive or flammable compounds, and his discoveries leave even the R and D team confused. He was arrested at the age of 13 for constructing a nuclear bomb in his parent’s basement, and was conscripted straight out of prison and into the unit the day he turned 18.

The Medic, Мла́дший сержа́нт(Junior Sergeant) Sergey Votyakov, is the youngest of all of the operatives at only 18. He is an avid chess player, and can maintain a ⅓ win rate against Kovalchuk which is no small feat. His background is unknown, but it is thought he was abandoned at a young age and grew up in a hospital. Kaskov views him as a son-never-had, and Votyakov is happy to reciprocate the feeling.

The Engineer, Мла́дший сержа́нт(Junior Sergeant) Anatoli Prostovich, is the largest of the group. He weighs in at about 6’5”, and roughly 130 kg (just under 300 lbs). His burly figure, tan complexion, and lack of fear earned him the name бурый медведь, or brown bear.
The Marksman, Мла́дший сержа́нт(Junior Sergeant) Alexander Pushkov, is the most accurate in the group. His accuracy and calm demeanor are complemented by a compulsive need to constantly be talking, something which both Kaskov and Krapvin despise. The talking might be a nervous tick which arose during his long childhood, overseen by abusive parents.

RP Experience:
None within NationStates, but plenty outside.
Member of DayZ RP (Hardcore Post-Apoco RP group)
Senior Moderator for an ArmA 2 “Life” Role playing server (Since disbanded, over 4k hours logged in game)
Many many hours of writing small stories and bios of make believe things (Childish yet fun)

With recent purchases from clandestine sources, Presnepartiv has a vast array of modern eastern weapons at its disposal. These include vast stores of AK-74M Rifles and modern Night Vision equipment. The AK remains a staple of both the common man and the experienced special forces operative. Datalink provides the men on the ground with live satellite and radio uplinks, which have the capability to connect to visual cameras found on Presnepartiv’s brand new drone fleet. A true MT group.
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Postby ISAF-Usea » Sun Oct 18, 2015 7:16 pm

Nation: ISAF-Usea
Group: ZCOM
Outfit: 2nd ZCOM occupation division

Weaponry(NOTE: Some are optional depending on the sitch): W5 battle rifle, M1 garand, M21, M14, G17, JHS55 air rifle, MSR, KABAR, hatchet, M110, paintball gun(for peace-keeping.)
Collapsable baton, riot shield(also for peacekeeping.)

Equipment(optional, depending on sitch): cross-com, bait drone, visor, gas mask, bandana, buff, ACU, BDU, Rural, Urban, Suburban camo, ZCOM uniform, 7 days of B/C class rations, 2L canteen, M67 grenade, smoke grenade, hallowpoint, AP, incendiary rounds. Copper pellets, pepper paintballs, tear gas, anti-bite gear, NVGs, combat boots, tac-gloves, tac/combat vest, 4 flares, 1 QRF beacon, Tac-pack, 10 foot paracorp, rain pancho, small LED flashlight, space blanket, blowout first aid kit

Descr. of Group
ZCOM, or,"The Blues." Are a totally separate military force within ISAF. Though it is state funded, it seems that ZCOM is a private military force.
Created to specifically combat zombies, due to recent Necroa Virus cases outside of Usea, ZCOM is the most powerful force in ISAF. With the power to shut off every super weapon in the immediate event of an zombie attack, and the power to completely replace the gov't, ZCOM takes its work seriously.
Though ZCOM members are seen as,"nerds," by the other branches of the ISAF military, ZCOM is better trained than the rest of the ISAF military. With a single ZCOM operator, an entire city of 50 million could be trained within a week to combat zombies. And, with a single operator able to take on a 10 million city of zombies given the ammo and gear.
ZCOM's weaponry is completely different from that of ISAF's. Armed with all semi-automatic weaponry, high-powered semi-auto rifles and pistols, and with no sort of explosives or full-auto weaponry. ZCOM expects a zombie apocalypse to be determined by old-school strategy. Using firing lines and armored carriers filled with ammo and provisions. A single ZCOM division of 100 operators and 10 APCs could easily fend off an entire city of 350 million or more.
ZCOM's strategy is simple: Secure and fortify a location, and continue to do so in as many areas as possible. Then hold off the zombie apocalypse, then move out to kill off remaining zombies. ZCOM has the resources to fuel an entire continent, such as Usea, and take over as the gov't, along with the military. It also dumps it's OWN funding into researching the zombie virus, and the CONTINENT if needed. It can also move it's ops abroad to help secure other nations if an zombie apocalypse were to happen.
Besides their advanced training to combat zombies, ZCOM is also trained to take on rogue military or militant forces.
In zombie combat, they wear all-blue outfits. HENCE:"The Blues." ZCOM stays away from heavy equipment, as they are fighting zombies and not humans. Though, when they are fighting humans, they use a plethora of military camo and equipment. Though they try to keep it non-lethal, they know they will have to go lethal at some point.
All-in-all, ZCOM is a very-well overfunded program.


Cpt. Gregor Takorev- Born in Delarus, Gregor was a military and zombie freak growing up. Studying military tactics and zombies, he knew just about everything that you needed to know about them. When he joined the ISAF military after graduating college, ZCOM took notice of his fascination with zombies. After serving in the ISAF army for 13 years, he was drafted into ZCOM. He now leads a small squad and a company of ZCOM soldiers.

MSSTG. Frank Farms- Born in Erusea, Frank was a natural nerd. With a fascination of diseases and military weaponry, he spent most of his life taking biology and engineering classes. After graduating college with a degree in biology and weapons development, he was drafted into ZCOM. He is now the ordnance specialist of A squad of the 2nd division.

SSGT. Greg Trip- Born in the FCU, Greg was a natural shooter. Raised on the prairies of the FCU, his dad taught him to live off the land and shoot. When Greg turned 18, he went into the ISAF army. After serving for 5 years, ZCOM drafted him. He is now the marksman of A squad of the 2nd division.

SGT. Jack Castle- Born a son of a NP falcon, Jack was home schooled and taught by his dad. At the age of 18, he joined the ISAF army and became a NP falcon. After serving for 3 years he was drafted into ZCOM. He is now a rifleman of A squad of the 2nd division.

RP experience- Moscow, Firestorm, Frulia crisis

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