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Zark's Characters Part 2

Postby Zarkenis Ultima » Sat Aug 15, 2015 7:42 pm

Character Applications
Original App
Name/Alias: Addraku "Demon Slayer" | Gilbert Graham

Gender: Male

Age: Technically created millions of years ago, he has only lived for about two years, but he's biologically 23 years old and used to have false memories backing this up.

Appearance: Normally looks like this. Turns into this when tapping into the Time Demon's power.

Species: Technically an artificial human.

Backstory: The story's been told ICly already, so I'll be brief. Addraku, the Vessel, the Demon Slayer, was created millions of years ago at the end of the Time Demon War by the World-Dragon Hadrimmelis, in hopes that he would bear the Time Demon Ku if it ever broke out of its prison, and steal its power. Time passed, and Addraku was placed on Earth in anticipation of Ku's escape. He was given false memories and the name Gilbert Graham, and wound up using the Time Demon's power without knowing of its implications. Eventually, a certain event caused the release of Ku from within Addraku, as well as his apparent death, but he later showed up as Hadrimmelis and others battled the revived Time Demon, showing that his purpose had been fulfilled, and killing the Time Demon. Since then, he has been looking out for the Time Demon's kin. His false memories were removed and he now seeks to make his own. He prefers his dragon name over his human one nowadays, as he feels it better describes what he is.

Powers and Abilities:
  • Temporal Manipulation: Upon absorbing the power of the Time Demon, he became able to manipulate time itself. His most important ability is the time drain, with which he "steals time" from being and objects, aging them and even destroying them if done for too long. This in turn empowers him and fuels other temporal manipulation abilities. He is also immune to temporal manipulation himself.
  • Dragon Force Manipulation: Exactly what it says on the tin. He has the ability to manipulate the Dragon Force, though he cannot grant it to others, and his powers are weaker than those of a World-Dragon. This passively increases his physical abilities, as well. Lastly, as his consciousness is attached to the Dragon Force, it will continue to exist even if his body dies.
  • Demon Slayer Power: He was created to fight against the Time Demons and other similar creatures, and this is what allows him to do so. With this power, he can greatly diminish or even nullify the abilities of Nilkin and other corruptor entities, by "purifying" the concepts that empower them.

Weaknesses: Without using temporal drain, most of his other time-based abilities cannot be used. Is still inexperienced with the Dragon Force and overuse can have adverse effects.

Destructive Capacity: Variable. Can destroy nearly anything, but only via time drain, and that has a limited range.

Speed: Sonic

Durability: City Block Level (+ Low-God level regen via Rewind)

Lifting Strength: Class 5

Striking Strength: Class MJ

Energy Projection: -shrug-

Standard Equipment: Nothing

Intelligence: Above average

Optional stuff.

Theme song: Legacy

Random Facts about your character: He and Hadri act like mother and child.
Original App
Name/Alias: Asra | "The Blazeborn", "The Ashbringer", "The Oncoming Drought"

Gender: Male

Age: Ageless, has lived for millenia like most Rainborn, looks about twenty.

Appearance: Asra looks like this. Seen here with his armor (on the left).

Species: Rainborn

Backstory: Same schtick as Etla, for the most part. During a sparring duel like many others before, Asra and his siblings had been using particularly powerful Cores, given to them by Father Sky only after they promised to use them responsibly. Alas, even despite this promise, one of Asra's sisters struck his Power Core. The damage caused did not kill or even impair Asra, but it twisted his personality. Asra took the Ashen Core that Father Sky had given him to spar and fled the Skyworld, not without crowning himself an enemy of the Rainborn. Now a twisted version of himself, Asra sought more power for an end uncertain, traveling through the universe to gain such power. Though his Power Core had been damaged, this altered Asra's thought process greatly, which in turn caused him to discover several hidden Rainborn abilities that he exploited to their fullest extent, soon becoming immensely powerful, terrorizing worlds and burning civilizations in his endless search for greater might. Now, the whimsical lines of cause and effect are twisting, leading him to an inevitable eventual confrontation with his kin.

Powers and Abilities:
-Innate Abilities
Indomitable Will
Will Empowerment
-Power Core Abilities
Power Core: Same as with Etla, though he is unable to swap out or remove his current Core, the Corrupted Core, by himself. Not a weakness per se, as all of his abilities are contained within the Corrupted Core, but this does prevent him from using the Dimensional Storage other Rainborn have. It also prevents him from using the Power Core Transference, but since he works solo this doesn't matter all that much.
Power Core Fusion: The ability to take two or more objects and fuse them into a single one which, when used as a Power Core by a Rainborn, will have the power of all of the fused objects. As the Core of a Rainborn reads into the input object and then configures their powers according to the properties and connotations of said object, an input object resulting from a Power Core Fusion will read as an object with properties and connotations matching those of all the fused objects, even if some of them are contradictory, causing the Core to configure the Rainborn's powers in accordance with said input.
-Corrupted Core Abilities
Fire Manipulation - Has unlocked and/or mastered most of its applications, such as Pyrokinetic Construct Creation and Ultimate Burning.
Enhanced Combat - Including Elemental Combat.
Corruption Infusion - Via fire.
Concept Destruction - Through Absolute Burning, Asra can destroy even concepts themselves.
Immortality - After Asra burned away the concept of his own death, he can not be truly killed.
Bio-Kinetic Energy Manipulation - Upon defeating the Giant Monkey Man, Asra gained the ability to generate and manipulate a powerful blue strain of kinetic energy that is tied to his life-force. However, as he is a Rainborn and not a regular living being, overcoming the energy won't damage him.

Weaknesses: Cannot change his Core. This might not seem like a problem, because all of his power is in that Core, but he cannot use the Dimensional Storage like other Rainborn as a result. The Core can still be pulled out of his chest, thus depriving him of most abilities. His erratic personality causes him to go berserk and throw caution to the wind rather easily sometimes. His damaged Core causes him to behave erratically sometimes, as well.

Destructive Capacity: Star Level

Speed: FTL

Durability: Star Level

Lifting Strength: Class T

Striking Strength: Class YJ

Standard Equipment: Just the armor. Armor was destroyed while fighting Valka. Now only has the sword.

Intelligence: Oh yes, he has it, though he uses it in strange ways due to the damage sustained by his Core.

Optional stuff.

Theme song: Stains Of Heresy - Jesper Kyd

Random Facts about your character: Funnily enough, he can't remove his armor by himself Not that it matters, since it was destroyed by Valka. He's also often speaking nonesense, due to his damaged Core.
Original App
Name/Alias: Black Nova

Gender: Female

Age: Biologically 20, chronologically several million.

Appearance: Here

Species: Artisan Cyborg

Backstory: Black Nova was an orphan abandoned in the territories of the Artisan Empire, kept by the Artisans as a strange curiosity, a purely organic creature in a nation of techno-organic beings. When the war between the Artisan Empire and the enemy alliance broke out, she was one of the six people sent by Iligath the Maker for him to experiment upon. She became Black Nova, second of the six cyborgs that wrought havoc both in the war and in the Empire itself. She fought alongside the Artisans in the war, easily destroying fleet after fleet with her enormous power, but after Iligath was stripped of his rank and sentenced to a life of misery, she was taken away to a holding cell along with Black Sun and Black Hole, her siblings. However, through sheer willpower and creative use of his resources, Iligath broke into the holding cell and reactivated them, using them to break into the Technosanctum. After that, she stood guard alongside her siblings while Iligath created the three monsters that later wiped out over half of the Empire in a matter of days. After witnessing that, Iligath thought that the risk was too great, and sealed himself with Black Nova and the others within the Technosanctum.

When Black Nova next woke up, millions of years had passed and the Technosanctum was in ruins, Iligath the Maker nowhere to be found. Furthermore, her memory drive had apparently been wiped, and so, she remembered nothing, nothing of the war, nothing of the rampage of the three destroyers, and nothing of the Maker himself. She remembered nothing of the power she had wielded before either, and her system had been corrupted to the point where much of it was sealed away. Nonetheless, she explored the ruins, finding Black Sun and helping her recover to some degree before letting her go free to find her revenge. She, herself, was devoid of purpose, and so, she simply wandered. Something inside of her told her that she had much greater power, however, and this drove her to seek to test herself against stronger and stronger opponents, eventually unlocking part of her hidden power, the Supernova Mode. Her quest for power then transformed into a quest for glory and fame, and she founded the Sunstorm Pirates to make her name known throughout the universe.

Powers and Abilities:
Energy Manipulation: Black Nova is capable of generating, absorbing, storing and manipulating theoretically infinite quantities of energy in its purest, raw state, though such potential is currently sealed behind her Supernova Mode, along with an additional barrier.
Electricity Manipulation: Same deal as with Energy Manipulation, though Electricity Manipulation is much simpler to perform.
Power Release Sequence: Black Nova can undergo a transformation to enter Supernova Form, which vastly increases her physical statistics and allows her greater control over her other powers.
Enhanced Senses

Weaknesses: Her shoulderpads allow her to generate and store enormous ammounts of energy. If she doesn't have them equipped at the moment, then she will not be able to enter Supernova Mode. Furthermore, if they are shattered during battle, then she will experience a massive backlash that will cause her great pain, and will knock her right out of Supernova Mode if it is currently active. Another weakness would be her earpieces. If they are destroyed, she will be unable to regulate her massively enhanced hearing and will begin experiencing great pain.

Destructive Capacity:
Normal Mode: City Level
Supernova Mode: Planet Level

Normal Mode: Sonic
Supernova Mode: Hypersonic

Normal Mode: City Level
Supernova Mode: Planet Level

Lifting Strength:
Normal Mode: Class 100
Supernova Mode: Class M

Striking Strength:
Normal Mode: Class GJ
Supernova Mode: Class TJ

Energy Projection: Refer to Destructive Capacity.

Standard Equipment: Her cybernetic parts: legs (from the foot to the knee), arms (from the hand to the elbow), shoulder pads (removable, but very important), headpiece (visor and earpieces), and blade wings.

Intelligence: Extremely intelligent, can make powerful tech from scrap and improve upon her own design.

Optional stuff.

Theme song: Like A Cannonball

Random Facts about your character: She does not have the weird braid blade thingy in the image.
Original App
Name/Alias: Black Sun

Gender: Female

Age: Biologically 16, chronologically several million.

Appearance: Here

Species: Artisan Cyborg

Backstory: Black Sun was the very first of the six organic beings rounded up and sent to Iligath the Maker by his people, the Artisans, in order to be transformed into powerful living weapons capable of driving back the enemy coalition and end the crisis of the Artisan Empire. Black Sun was the prototype of the other five Artisan Cyborgs, destined to be an emotionless killing machine. However, due to some unknown mistake made by the Maker, the girl somehow retained her childish demeanor, even after her upgrade, and for unknown reasons began calling Iligath her 'father' and treating him as such. It was a troubling setback at first, but soon, Iligath realized that, despite his weapon's behavior, she retained all of her upgrades and the intelligence that was given to her. The matter of her loyalty was easily settled, as the devotion she had for her father made it unlikely that she would refuse to follow his orders. Thus, the first daughter of the Maker was born.

Black Sun, alongside Black Nova and Black Hole, fought and defeated the coalition that was storming the gates of the Artisan Empire, accomplishing her mission with remarkable ease, as despite being the first of the cyborgs and thus the weakest, she was the one who could use her powers most effectively; this, coupled with her use of the Great Viridian Sword of the Splitting Constellation, a superweapon gifted to her by her father Iligath, made her a formidable foe. Despite their success, though, they were soon deactivated when the Maker was shunned by the elders who feared his ambitions. She remained deactivated until Iligath broke into their containment and brought them with him to the Technosanctum, using them as guards while he created three more cyborgs to claim revenge. In the end, revenge was had, though it horrified him, and so, the Maker took all of his cyborgs and sealed himself. Millions of years passed before the six would awaken once again, and when they did, the three cyborgs of the second generation sought to murder Iligath. Only Black Sun stood before them, but her power was nothing compared to theirs, and so, she was left maimed within the ruins of the Technosanctum, and was saved only by the intervention of Black Nova. Now, she seeks to grow stronger and avenge the death of her father, all while exploring the universe.

Powers and Abilities:
Solar Manipulation: Black Sun has the power to generate and control theoretically infinite quantities of solar energy, much like what Black Nova can do with electricity and pure energy. This power is also similar to her sister's in that most of it is locked away behind her higher modes.
Sequence Shift Protocol: Much like Black Nova, Black Sun can enter a more powerful state at will, though unlike her sister, she isn't limited to one, having three modes in addition to her default one, each more powerful than the last.
Enhanced Senses

Weaknesses: A good part of what makes her threatening would be the Great Viridian Sword, which can be taken from her with relative ease, leaving her at a level far from exceptional compared to other characters. In addition, should she desire to change to a more powerful mode, there is a charging time during which she is more vulnerable. If her earpieces are damaged, her senses might overload, much like Black Nova's.

Destructive Capacity:
Normal Mode: Moon Level
Giant Mode (2nd Form): Star Level

Normal Mode: Hypersonic
Giant Mode (2nd Form): FTL

Normal Mode: City Block Level
Giant Mode (2nd Form): City Level

Lifting Strength:
Peak Human

Striking Strength:
Class H

Energy Projection:
Refer to Destructive Capacity.

Standard Equipment: Her mechanical parts and the Great Viridian Sword of the Splitting Constellation.

Intelligence: She's considered to be even smarter than Black Nova, and is in fact the smartest of all the Artisan Cyborgs.

Optional stuff.

Theme song: To be added.

Random Facts about your character: Further power levels will be added as her transformations are revealed in the IC (and submitted for peer approval if need be).
Original App
Name/Alias: Necromancer

Gender: Male

Age: Indeterminate

Appearance: Looks like this, but is always covered in a black cloak.

Species: Indeterminate

Backstory: Necromancer is not actually named Necromancer, as one might readily infer; it is quite simply a name half-assedly thrown together for himself to use, evidently based on the word that is generally used to refer to those with powers similar to his. He uses this name because, otherwise, he would have none.

Necromancer is, to put it simply, an anomaly. Everything in the universe should be, by definition, bound by its laws, which include those of life and death, as even Kings and Gods could be slain with sufficient power, no matter if they later returned from the netherworld. However, something existed that was, due to some sort of unexplainable universal failure, permanently exempt from those laws. That something was Necromancer.

Stuck in the guise of a boy, unknown to death and with no means to change the condition of his peculiar existence, Necromancer quickly grew bored with observing and testing that which others understood as life, and instead took to experimenting with his powers, trying to understand them, wondering if perhaps they held the key to his mortality. They didn't, clearly, but at least he found another source of entertainment and just so happened to befriend a great many souls that had wound up in his hands after passing away. He soon began understanding more about the scope of his powers, and began going further and further with his experiments. And that's, by and large, everything he seems to do anymore: experiment. His tests more often than not land firmly in what is considered immoral by most sentient life, but he does not seem to care, not out of any sort of malice, but rather out of a lack of understanding of what 'morals' are in the first place.

Powers and Abilities:
  • Amortality: As an exception to the rules of life and death in the universe, Necromancer was never truly alive and can never truly die. Among other things, it grants Necromancer immortality and soullessness.
  • Life and Death Manipulation: He does not merely have the ability to manipulate the power of life or death, but rather, a mixture of the two, enormous in power but limited in scope. However, most of what he actually bothers to do can be resumed in the following two powers.
  • Soul Manipulation: Can summon the power of any soul not bound to a body, regardless of where it happens to be or whatever demon or deity has laid claim to it. Can go as far as flawlessly reforming destroyed souls, as well.
  • Necromancy: Can call upon the power of literally anything that is dead.

Weaknesses: A pushover, stat-wise. He's also not particularly interested in winning battles, most of the time. He can be temporarily destroyed very easily if you just get to him. Tends not to use unwilling souls for his purposes if he judges it's not necessary.

Destructive Capacity: Immeasureable

Speed: Human Level

Durability: Human Level

Lifting Strength: Human Level

Striking Strength: Human Level

Energy Projection: Human Level

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: High

Optional stuff.

Theme song: The Corruption Melody - Jesper Kyd

Random Facts about your character: Enjoys talking to the souls within his reach while not doing anything else.
Original App
Name/Alias: Seriskira Az Mirtaratel | Gaaru'Adai "Champion of Adai" | Goddess of the Hunt

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Appearance: Looks like this, with these wings, a tail like Kirisvala's and two enormous clawed arms with black scales.

Species: Hadrian

Backstory: Seriskira was born in the Taratel Tribe, a collection of members of different clans that left their homes for one reason or another, and gathered together under a single chief. Over time, the Taratel saw the need to learn how to fight, and so, through arduous training they became a formidable warrior tribe, one of the strongest in all of Hadrimmelis. They were determined to exploit every strength they had, and so, they developed techniques for harnessing their muscles to the fullest extent, and learned how to utilize their powerful lungs and vocal chords in battle in order to turn the tides of war. As they learned more and more, they decided that by prioritizing the technique of harnessing their roar they could achieve a lot, and so, the Taratel became specialists in roar abilities, though they remained natural-born fighters, favoring their claws over any other type of weapon.

Just like others of her tribe, Seriskira began her training at an early age, showing an exceptional talent for the techniques she was taught by her elders. As she grew up, she proved herself time and time again, becoming a warrior as formidable as many of the more seasoned fighters in her tribe, showing a fire inside of her that made her worthy of her name. Now at 23, still rather young for a Hadrian, she is known to be among the best fighters in the planet. After the evacuation of Hadrimmelis during the Builder War and the subsequent relocation of most of the Hadrian race to the world of Adai, Seriskira participated in a grand tournament where she emerged as the Champion of Adai, the most powerful Hadrian fighter on the surface of the planet.

After a series of events which led her to fight against a powerful ancient cyborg on a distant, desolate planet, Seriskira was granted a new power as a result of Darkseid's death: the Champion of Adai was turned into the Goddess of the Hunt, more powerful than ever.

Powers and Abilities:
Hadrian Physiology: The Hadrians are a people of beast-like appearance who live in the fiery world of Hadrimmelis. They form into clans and make their abodes in giant metal spires, and they're mostly a warrior culture, though there are clear exceptions sometimes. They have a great variety of racial abilities.
  • Somatosensory Imprint: Hadrians can detect the presence of anyone they have come into contact with recently, and track them down no matter where they may be. This effect, however, is temporary. After a while, the Hadrian in question will stop being able to sense the target. NOTE: As a result of her godlike powers, she can retain knowledge of the location of a target permanently, though she may opt to forget it at any moment.
  • Linguistic Assimilation: Of a particular type. It does not work with physical contact, but rather, it works by 'perceiving' the language in question. For example, if a Hadrian were to hear someone speak, they would instantly assimilate the language. However, if they notice their particular body language, then they will also learn it and become able to interpret it. In certain instances, this peculiar racial trait can allow Hadrians to communicate with abstract entities and concepts.
  • Healing Tears: Hadrian tears are golden in color and have healing properties that allow them to cure most injuries, though they have no capacity to cure disease and sickness.
  • Enhanced Bite: Hadrians have sharp teeth and strong jaws, not much else to say here. Further enhanced since her godlike ascension.
  • Siren Song: Hadrians have supernaturally beautiful singing voices.
  • Elemental Immunity: To fire and lightning.
  • Flight: Some Hadrians, very few in number, develop wings.

Combat Abilities: The warlike people of the Taratel Tribe pride themselves in their powerful warriors, and so, most if not all of their members are forced to take an arduous training in order to become formidable fighters. Of special interest to this tribe is the Hadrian roar, which they have grown to master, able to use it to a great variety of effects.
  • Enhanced Clawmanship: While all Hadrians have claws and most know how to use them to defend themselves, Seriskira is a master at using her claws for combat.
    One-Man Army, or woman, in this case.
    Charged Attacks: Seriskira can build up the energy in her muscles to launch off or swing her claws with much greater force. She can, additionally, use her roaring to enhance her blows.
    Weakness Detection through extensive battle training. She can, however, only detect physical weaknesses, after studying the enemy for some time, and cannot magically exploit them if she would not normally have the ability to do so. Since her godlike ascencion, she can detect an enemy's weakness near-instantly.
  • Enhanced Roar: The Hadrian race have evolved strong vocal chords that allow them to let out a powerful roar that can achieve a variety of effects. Furthermore, the Taratel Tribe are masters of this ability.
    Fear Inducement via terrorizing roar.
    Attack Cancellation through a roar so powerful that it renders attacks useless. In effect, creates a spherical barrier that can stop nearly anything.
    Pain Inducement by violating someone's eardrums.
    Shattering, via sound.
    Razor Wind through a very controlled roar.
    Earth Manipulation through sound, to a degree. Can cause earthquakes.
    Air Manipulation through sound, to a degree. Can generate vortices.
    Heroism Inducement through a rousing battle roar.
    Counter Vibration through roaring. Incredibly difficult to use, though.

New God Physiology: As the newly appointed Goddess of the Hunt, Seriskira has several additional abilities.
  • Supernatural Senses: Seriskira's senses are now honed to an absurd degree, allowing her to feel on a scale much greater than before, though she can regulate this to avoid being overwhelmed. She can also imprint a target onto her senses with just seeing, hearing or smelling said target once, allowing her to track them with ease.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Advanced Level
  • Semi-Immortality: New Gods don't age.

Weaknesses: The obvious one is to gag her, or strike her vocal chords, or take away the air that she breathes, so that she cannot use her roar abilities. In addition to that, she's also remarkably weak to the cold, as is every Hadrian. The strongest body parts of a Hadrian are the claws and tails, so it is easier to harm one by targetting other areas. In addition, if an attack were strong enough to shatter Seriskira's claws, she would be left weaponless. She can only use one of her roar abilities at a time. Some of her abilities can be cancelled easily by people with the appropiate powers (for example, someone with Earth Manipulation can mitigate or even cancel any earthquake that she tries to generate). As a New Goddess, she has a weakness to Radion.

Destructive Capacity:
Normal: Multi-City Block Level
New God: Star Level

Normal: 1 m/s on foot, Sonic with claws/wings
New God: Sonic on foot, FTL flight/claw movement

Normal: Wall/Tree Level body, City Level claws/tail
New God: Planet Level body, Star Level claws/tail

Lifting Strength:
Normal: Class 100
New God: Class Y

Striking Strength:
Normal: Class MJ, Class TJ when charged
New God: Class XJ, Class XGJ when charged

Energy Projection: See Destructive Capacity

Standard Equipment: None, save for her natural equipment.

Intelligence: Not too educated in matters aside from combat.

Optional stuff.

Theme song: Spear Of Justice

Random Facts about your character: Seriskira would mean "Burning Soul".

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Ultimate Justice Personal Archive Post

Zark's Characters Part 1
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The Defenders
Name/Alias: Bolin Huang (Mecha Sentinel)

Gender: Male

Age: 40


With suit:

Species: Human

Backstory: Bolin is a robotics engineer born in China but raised in Japan. Bolin is the son of a very wealthy man, and upon inheriting his father's wealth, Bolin chose to invent a new robot. This robot, however, would function like a suit of armor and operate with a human pilot. The new robot would be incredibly fast and able to travel under water and even through space. Once this robot was created, Bolin began working for the Japanese government; going on missions into space and to the depths of the ocean. One day, while he was on a mission in space, a terrorist organization raided his home, killing his mother and stealing most of his robotics and schematics. Outraged, Bolin made updates to his suit, adding things such as weaponry. Using the suit, Bolin hunted down and defeated the terrorist organization; reclaiming what was stolen from him. Bolin then realized that his suit could be used for more than just simple missions. Bolin could be a hero. Rounding up a few supers from Japan and China, Bolin started a group known as the Defenders. Although his identity is publicly known, Bolin took on the alias of Mecha Sentinel.

Powers and Abilities: Flight, lasers, missiles, as well as enhanced strength, speed, accuracy, durability, temperature resistance, and pressure resistance granted by the Sentinel Suit.

Weaknesses: EMP can render suit unusable for a duration of time, leaving Bolin defenseless.

Destructive Capacity: Large Building Level

Speed: Mach 1000

Durability: Multi City Block Level

Lifting Strength: Class 100

Striking Strength: Class MJ

Energy Projection: Building Level

Standard Equipment: Sentinel Suit

Intelligence: Above Average

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Liwei Zao (Demon Blade)

Gender: Male

Age: 27


With armor:

Species: Human

Backstory: Since WWII, a Japanese sect of Hydra has worked tirelessly to reinvent the super soldier serum used to create Captain America. After several decades of working secretly from the rest of Hydra, they finally came up with something. The director of the Japanese Hydra sect used the serum on his son, Liwei Zao, resulting in a successful transformation. All of Liwei's skills were enhanced. Liwei, however, was not aware of who his father really was until the rest of Hydra became aware of what was going on and raided the lab. This event resulted in the death of Liwei's dad as well as the revealing of exactly what the serum was for. Liwei's dad was essentially a villain, and Liwei was merely his weapon. Having escaped the raid alive, Liwei returned to his home and convinced his mother that they had to leave Japan. After moving to China, Liwei honed his skills with the katana and eventually became skilled enough to use two simultaneously. Liwei's neighborhood in China was full of criminal activity, so Liwei obtained some samurai armor and began acting as a local super hero under the alias of Demon Blade. His fame grew beyond his local town and he was eventually recruited into the Defenders.

Powers and Abilities: Enhanced strength, durability, speed and accuracy due to super soldier serum.

Weaknesses: Highly allergic to cats and dogs

Destructive Capacity: Wall/Tree Level

Speed: 10 m/s

Durability: Wall/Tree Level

Lifting Strength: Class 5

Striking Strength: Class KJ

Energy Projection: Wall Level

Standard Equipment: Armor and swords

Intelligence: Average

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Shin Jiang (The Panda)

Gender: Male

Age: 32


Species: Human

Backstory: Shin is a human from China who stumbled across an ancient relic known as the Guardian stone. Upon touching the stone, Shin was knocked unconscious by a bright light. When he awoke, he noticed his body had taken on a totally new appearance. Scared, he rushed home with the relic and began to study it online. Ancient Chinese mythology stated that the relic contained the sleeping spirit of a celestial being. Apparently, the celestial spirit had transferred from the relic into Shin's body. Shin visited with many shamans and other spiritual people in an effort to remove the spirit from him, but they all encouraged him to embrace it and become the guardian. Because of his new appearance, Shin resisted interaction with most people until there was a large threat in Beijing. Shin fought against the threat with the help of the Defenders and was then recruited into the group. The celestial spirit apparently obtained the kamehameha skill while with a previous host, and the skill was passed down to Shin.

Powers and Abilities: Enhanced strength and speed; can materialize bamboo staff; can use the kamehameha


Destructive Capacity: City Block Level

Speed: 10 m/s

Durability: Small Building Level

Lifting Strength: Class 5

Striking Strength: Class KJ

Energy Projection: Wall Level

Standard Equipment: Uniform

Intelligence: Average

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Mizuka Horome (The White Lotus)

Gender: Female

Age: 23


Species: Human

Backstory: Mizuka is a talented ninja and mutant from Japan. Originally raised to be an assassin, Mizuka has a dark history. However, The Panda saw potential in her and convinced Mecha Sentinel to recruit her into the Defenders.

Powers and Abilities: Teleportation

Weaknesses: Not sure what to put here

Destructive Capacity: Street Level

Speed: 10 m/s

Durability: Peak Human Level

Lifting Strength: Average Human

Striking Strength: Class H

Energy Projection: Street Level

Standard Equipment: Kunai, Shuriken, smoke bombs, and a sword.

Intelligence: Average

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Allison Hedswich (aka Agent Blue)

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Appearance: Agent Blue

Species: Human (Mutant)

Backstory: Allison is a mutant from the United Kingdom. Here mutation was immediately clear upon birth, as here eyes and skin were strange colors. However, it wasn't until Allison was 14 that she discovered her powers. When Allison was 10, her father died. Any man that tried to enter her mother's life after that was rejected by Allison. When Allison was 14, her mom's boyfriend proposed to her. When the mother showed Allison the ring, Allison became infuriated and accidentally ripped the diamond out of the ring and pierced her mother's neck like a bullet, killing the mother. Shocked and filled with guilt from what she just did, Allison fled her home. She was eventually pursued by Professor X but refused to go with him. Later, when she was 17, she was approached by another mutant with crystallokinesis as well. He reminded her of her father. He recruited her into SHIELD and taught her how to better control and use her powers. He eventually died in battle, and Allison continues to serve as a member of SHIELD.

Powers and Abilities: Crystallokinesis

Weaknesses: Her powers are useless if no crystals are present

Destructive Capacity: Street Level

Speed: 1m/s

Durability: Human Level

Lifting Strength: Average Human

Striking Strength: Class H

Energy Projection: Street Level

Standard Equipment: Crystal knives

Intelligence: Average
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Name/Alias: Hal Augustine Trajan Rory/Hal Augustine - Augustine - The Thriceborn - Jack Crucifier - The Smiling Gallowman - Death's Child - The Son of Doom

Gender: M

Age: 17


Augustine is 6'0 or 183 cm. 181 Ib or 82kg

Hal Augustine

Species: Human/Homo Magi


Hal Augustine was never meant to exist in the universe of Earth Beyond. The offspring of one of many affairs between Morgan le Fay & Doctor Doom, he was in-fact a stillborn at birth and his carcass was dumped by his mother in the back of a stinking alley in Los Angelas. Hal's story would have ended there & then if it hadn't been for the intervention of Death of The Endless who, upon seeing the potential future of the child to become one of the universe's greatest heroes, overruled the judgment of her brother Destiny and gave Hal a second chance. As a result, Augustine became the de facto son of Death who, having brought him to life once more, left him crying on the doorsteps of the St. John Bosco's orphanage at East L.A. Later on, a 3-year old Hal was adopted by the wealthy Trajan family where for the next 10 years he lived a blissful and uneventful normal childhood in Beverly Hills. It remained so, up til the beginning of his teenage life and that was when everything changed.

At the age of 12, Hal arrived home from a friend's birthday party only to find members of his family lying in a pool of blood and the creatures of Aten The Unconquered, an evil alternate version of himself from another timeline, awaiting his arrival with bloodied claws and fangs . Attempts to escape were futile and Hal was ultimately taken to the Neverworld, a pocket dimension ruled by Aten as his own personal domain. The villain sought to extract the soul of his counterpart and absorb it in order to gain all of Hal's dormant powers. For six months Hal was subjected to a series of gruelling and indescribable tortures that were designed to awaken his latent magic abilities by forcefully triggering different combination sets of his emotions altogether. Hal was eventually rescued by Rue Rory a.k.a Jinx Jeopardy who was duly prompted by Death herself and directed to do so as a form of repayment to a long-standing debt between them. But the event left Hal severely traumatized and his mind damaged to the extent that Jinx took steps to remove all memories relating to his time on Neverworld to spare the boy a lifetime of pain and agony. Since then, Hal became Rue Rory's foster son as well as the protege of Jinx Jeopardy. Under the assumed title of Augustine, Hal has faced the forces of both good & evil alongside his new guardian and was mentored by her during the last 4 and a half years on how to control his now-awakened magical abilities and utilized them for the good of all.

However, Augustine has developed a violent & ruthless cunning in the way he dispatches his foes (his trademark form of crucifying his opponents earning him the new name of Jack Crucifier amongst demons & angels) as well as an arrogant selfish inability to work with anybody other than himself. Traits & habits partly begotten from Jinx who didn't like what she saw. As a result, Ms.Jeopardy began making preparations to leave him in the hands of somebody more capable in teaching him the qualities of teamwork and of the value of having dependable allies & firm friends.

Powers and Abilities:

  • Trickster - Augustine is a pain-in-the-neck annoying cheater with the personal dream goal & potential to become the greatest con artist in the whole universe. Jinx has experienced his manipulative tomfoolery first hand much to her own humiliation (and Hal's two broken arms) and various demons, angels and even immortal beings can reluctantly attest to having been simply fooled by this young magician.
  • Situational Synchronicity - His entire tragic existence from birth to rebirth to salvation is practically founded on pure luck and coincidence . As a result, Augustine has demonstrated an instinctual supernatural ability to be in the right place at exactly the right time with exactly the right type of ally to battle alongside with.
  • Badassery/Enhanced Preparedness - Augustine is The prep master of all prep masters (on par with Batman). Due to beforehand preparations stamped from knowing when to expect the unexpected, he is capable of performing last-minute stunts and pulling out sudden tricks or impossible feats that can make The Devil's eyes go pop .
  • Supernatural Suvivability - Augustine as Death's "Child" is now her Smiling Gallowman of Earth Beyond. The Smiling Gallowmen are the Jesters of Death, her agents tasked with preventing all individual, planetary, galactic & universal deaths and destruction happening before their chosen time has arrived. As such, the Smiling Gallowmen are granted the gift of cheating death for as long as they are able to until their time of service is up. In a way making them semi-immortal. Unlike Death's grim reapers though, the Smiling Gallowmen can't reap souls. Only prevent their deaths at the hands of beings too impatient to wait until their victim's time with the living world has run out.
  • Mysticism/Dark Arts - Black Magic is Augustine's natural favorite and the one form of magic he has instinctively mastered & utilizes the most. Jinx, having adamantly refused to tutor her foster son in the dark side of the occult, provoked Augustine to learn it by himself with the help of various spellbooks pilfered from his foster mother's archives of forbidden grimoires. Thanks to his lineage to two of the most powerful magic users in the world, Augustine has the inherent potential to become a powerful mage and according to Death, his future has been split into two paths. The path of an Arch Warlock that will one day re-write the laws of magic through peace & goodwill or the path of a Sorcerer God that will reshape the magical world in his image with war and utter ruin.
  • Paranormal Expertise - Knows all there is to know about magic & dealing with the supernatural to a certain extent.
  • Mystic Objects/Dimensional Storage - Augustine often uses mystical objects (usually various grimoires or spellbooks) to aid him in his battles especially when facing an unknown enemy. These objects are stored in the The Mystery Coat, a magical trenchcoat belonging to Augustine that allows him to store everything and anything he wants within its pocket dimension and carry it around with him. A gift from Death who herself nicked it from her younger brother Dream's closet.


  • Trouble has a habit of finding Augustine. It's like second nature to him as a trickster
  • Emotions can overcome his superb luck by making him make mistakes that he consciously knows has detrimental outcomes for himself and that of others. For example, you can force him into an undesired course of action if you threaten his loved ones.
  • There is always a price to magic. Always. It will be paid, one way or another and the price can range from something as insignificant as the magical energy required to activate your magic, a part of your sanity, or even something devastating, like your own life, or worse.
  • Useless when it comes to actual hand-to-hand combat or physical fighting.
  • His connection to the more purer forms of magic has been tainted due to his natural affinity to death and the Dark Arts. Thus utilising White Magic, while not impossible, will be extremely difficult for him now.
  • Like his biological father, Hal is proud & narcissistic to the point where these emotions can become his downfall.
  • Being able to survive nearly everything doesn't mean Hal can't feel great pain when doing so. He also is still susceptible to all human weaknesses.

Destructive Capacity: Large Building to Town Lvl for now. Can become Galactic or Universal Lvl (in the far future)

Speed: 1 m/s.

Durability: Planetary Lvl

Lifting Strength: Average Human

Striking Strength: Class H

Standard Equipment:

Intelligence: A street-smart genius intellectual. Capable of outwitting beings of higher power and fooling them at the risk of incurring their almighty wrath in the future. Practically a "brains over brawns" type of person and the typical bookworm who hates brainless jocks.

Theme song: Hans Zimmer - Stay

Random Facts about your character:
  • Is never seen without smoking his trademark Gurkha Black Dragon Cigars. His favorite brand and the only cigar brand he will buy from.
  • Despite all his arrogance and selfishness, Augustine is in-fact a very troubled person deep down, using his narcissistic sense of humour as a smokescreen to hide his fears and anxieties. Secretly he craves company and companions even though he often puts on a false bravado and voices out the need to do things alone.
  • Loves challenges of all kinds and can be seen an adventure addict.

Name/Alias: Malantur

Gender: F

Age: N/A, billions of year olds

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):
Mortal Form
Former Creation Manifestation|Current Decreation Manifestation
The Aversion

Species: Drok'Maur (Sun Devourer)


Malantur was the first and the oldest of the Gilith'Maur and their former queen once upon a time. Before her fall from grace, Malantur was beautiful beyond comprehension and the universe once sang songs about her beauty that echoed far and wide into the reaches of the void. Until now it still sings but they have since been changed to melodies of sorrow, weeping for the loss of what was once pure and incorruptible. Throughout her lifetime as a Starkindler, Malantur had proven herself to be very capable and wise as a leader should be. But as generations passed she became vain and over-proud about her role and status in the universe. She began to grow bored of the duties and responsibilities of her kind and often yearned to use her divine powers for something more than just creating and preserving the heavenly bodies.

Seeing the mass destruction caused by the Voidlords in the aftermath of The War of Shining Sorrow, Malantur planned to usurp the full being of the Star Force entity in order to rid the universe of all evil beings that could threaten her kind and that of others. Her plans were obstructed by Yavanniel and her stubborn refusal to stand down and stop what she was doing ignited The War of Darkness. Ultimately, she was defeated and the Gilith'Maur promptly banished her into the cold empty darkness....a deed of injustice done to her in the eyes of the former queen of the stars. Til this day, Malantur burned with rage at this abominable crime and seeked vengeance at her siblings who would dare cast her out like as if she was & meant nothing. As her first step towards revenge, Malantur forged The Unlight; a negative concept meant to destroy The Star Force and usurp the power of all of its creations. In doing so, Malantur herself lost her divine form along with the rest of her Starkindling abilities...being whittled down to nothing but an incorporeal monstrosity of pure greed and hunger for the dominance of the heavens.

Powers and Abilities:

The Unlight: The Drok'Maur are able to harness and utilise the powers of The Unlight. A reversed concept and anti-thesis of The Star Force entity. Avatars of the Unlight are the total opposite aspects of the Starkindlers and exist solely to consume and destroy the life-force of the Gilith'Maur. The Unlight is neither granted nor received willingly by any other. Rather it takes what it wants and when drawn upon a new host, slowly consumes the spiritual essence and minds of its victim(s). It ultimately robs their selected avatar of all mortal or immortal attributes, leaving them only the unending thirst to devour and eradicate all and anything connected to the Star Force.

  • Dark Stellar Manipulation: Sun Devourers have lost the ability to create stars but gained the aptitude to corrupt them and turn stars into destructive celestial bodies that can annihilate worlds and consume other suns and stars. Like the Starkindlers, they too cannot prevent stars from dying or falling but they have the power to resurrect fallen heavenly bodies and twist them into black holes or living weapons of cosmic abominations for their malevolent purposes.
  • Dark Light Manipulation: The capability to create, shape and manipulate the darker, destructive and consuming aspects of light.
  • Nightmare Manipulation: The Sun Devourers can become Aversions, evil corporeal beings that walk among the sleeping to destroy dreams, fabricate nightmares and feed upon their intended victim's fear & terror to the point of killing them in reality.
  • Corruption Inducement - Through the power of the Unlight, the Drok'Maur can corrupt any sentient creature into becoming one of them
  • Immortality: The Sun Devourers and their avatars are immortal, though they can be eradicated from existence with extreme difficulty. All those who have been touched by the rays of The Unlight are bound to it forever.


  • There can only be three Drok'Maur or avatars of The Unlight
  • Avatars created cannot be the exact same person, or a paradox will occur
  • While they may be individually stronger than the Gilith'Maur, the Drok'Maur are also individually weak when faced with a combined attack.
  • Starmetal is their kryptonite for it is the only material ore that can absorb their powers and greatly weaken them at close range.
  • Unable to corrupt Stargates.

Destructive Capacity:

Avatar Form: Moon Level
Dreamwalker Form: Stellar Level
Creation Form: Galactic Level


Avatar Form: Mach 10 Level
Dreamwalker Form: FTL (x1+)
Creation Form: FTL (x1000+)


Avatar Form: Planetoid Level
Dreamwalker Form: Multi-Planet Level
Creation Form: Solar System Level

Lifting Strength:

Avatar Form: Class M
Dreamwalker Form: Class G
Creation Form: Class T

Striking Strength:

Avatar Form: Class YJ
Dreamwalker Form: Class NJ
Creation Form: Class XJ

Standard Equipment: N/A

Intelligence: Usually highly intelligent in all forms. But due to her god-complexity and narcissistic attitude can be a bimbo sometimes

Theme song: A Cry of Fear

Name/Alias: Rue Rory - Jinx Jeopardy - The Duchess of Kensington

Gender: F

Age: 108


Jinx Jeopardy

Species: Immortal Human/Homo Magi


Rue Rory was an amazing fortune teller as well as a part-time escort, swindler & thief trying to make ends meet in late-19th Century London, England. On the day she was suppose to die, Rue tricked Death of the Endless into playing a game of poker with her in order to obtain another chance in life. She bested Death and not only gained her second chance but also the gift of immortality. Later it was discovered that Rue had actually cheated to emerge victorious. Death, both amused and frustrated at this humiliation, demanded that the trickster owed her a big-time favor to which Rue readily agreed.

Thanks to this event, Rue Rory propelled to fame within the hidden world of magic and became a known amongst fellow wizards and sorcerers as Jinx Jeopardy, the femme fatale who actually cheated Death and got away with it. During her extended time on Earth, Jinx developed stronger magical abilities and went on to be a heroine of sorts, eventually ending up becoming an off and on member of the old Shadowpact team. She became intimately involved with Jim Rook a.k.a Nightmaster but the relationship was short-lived and ended when he decided to stay on in Myrra as its champion.

Jinx Jeopardy became the new owner of The Oblivion Bar when she obtained its ownership rights from a drunk Detective Chimp during a game of strip poker. Chimp holds a grudge against her til this day especially since she, once again, cheated the players in order to get what she wanted. Thanks to her secretive, conniving & deceptive nature, Jinx has earned the reputation of being a highly efficient & capable, yet untrustworthy individual; Recorded to have double-crossed her friends and allies several times for her own personal reasons & goals. Despite all that, she has never once betrayed her comrades just for mere selfish gains like wealth, power or glory. Most of the time her actions are stamped out of her own strong beliefs in the greater good and to maintain the bigger picture of things.

A few years back, she was called upon by Death to repay back her long-standing debt to her and was sent to rescue a 13-year old Hal Augustine from the machinations of Aten The Unconquered. From then on, Jinx was charged and burdened with the responsibility of fostering the young teenager as well as helping him to nurture his awakening magical abilities. Despite her deep maternal care for the boy, Hal's pessimistic thinking along with his sarcastic wisecracks & fraudulent personality is all thanks to Jinx's terrible mothering skills. Yet, Jinx firmly believes that there is nothing wrong with the way she brought Hal up....apart from his addiction to smoking and moonlighting cigars of course....and is quite touchy on that subject.

Powers and Abilities:

  • Semi-Immortality - Thanks to decieving Death, Jinx Jeopardy is now a semi-immortal magician.
  • Card Manipulation - Before her rise to prominence, Jinx began her career as a fortune teller capable of prophesying the future to near pin-point accuracy. Years later, she incorporated her natural talent with cards into her evolving magical capabilities and is now able to do so much more then just reading the future.
  • Supernatural Thievery - Besides being a fortune teller, Jinx was also a mischievous masked robber widely known as The Duchess of Kensington. She brought thievery to a whole new level by using her intuitive talents in magic to con & rob the filthy-rich and wealthy. A modern female version of Robin Hood, she has since given up that persona.
  • Enchanted Allure - While Jinx is naturally beautiful, she often uses extra spells and charms to enhance her sexual aura and appeal for the purpose of distracting or captivating opponent(s)/targets.


  • Glamour charms or objects she wears can be located and destroyed, negating her sensual allure.
  • Whilst being semi-immortal, she is still vulnerable to everything else that would affect other beings, from disease to mortal wounds.
  • Pretty weak in un-armed or hand-to-hand combat.
  • Unable to steal or even temporarily mimic natural born powers with her supernatural thievery

Destructive Capacity: City Block Level

Speed: 1 m/s

Durability: Peak Human Lvl

Lifting Strength: Above Average Human

Striking Strength: Class H

Intelligence: Street-Smart Intellectual like Hal.

Theme Song: Dangerous
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CIS' Characters

Postby Confederation of imperial states » Sat Aug 22, 2015 8:32 am

(I made an Oursourced one, more organized and I'm able to implement more things)
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Name/Alias: Eva "Vandal" Morrow

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): Out of Costume Eva is a Caucasian, Blond haired green eyed human of average build, 5'8", wears clothes that fit the occasion
In Costume Without the Bow, and with a Gauntlet for her Crossbow
Species: Human

Backstory: Born the middle child of a rich family of Politicians, Eva left her family behind at the age of 20; out of disgust for the Corruption and greed her family's fortune was built on, and their discreet support of several crime organizations, taking with her a stun sword and quite a bit of money to start building herself up. She's been using the money to try to build up herself to get the evidence to reveal her family as corrupt, in hope that it might force them to end the greedy and corrupt ways they have built themselves on.
She was born with the power to manipulate electricity, her Parents were aware of this, but they kept it hidden from her to stop her from harming others or herself.

Powers and Abilities:
- Peak Human Agility
- Peak Human Endurance
- Peak Human Flexibility
- Electricity Manipulation (She is unaware of this power though)
- Not good at adapting to Situations rapidly changing, especially when not in her favor
- Relies more on her Speed and Stealth to head on attacks, if Speed/Stealth fails, She doesn't have a plan B

Destructive Capacity:Street Level (~600 j)

Speed:10m/s (22mph - 36kph)

Durability:Peak Human Level

Lifting Strength:Average human (~80 kg)

Striking Strength:Class H

Energy Projection 3000j

Standard Equipment:Stun Sword, Optical Camouflage (about as effective as GRFS's was), Baton, Wrist-mounted Crossbow

Intelligence: Skilled in what she knows but not experienced in crime fighting.

Name/Alias: Sanford "Noblesse Oblige" Morrow, "Noble"

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): Armored, Face


Backstory:Eva's Old brother, and sibling Rival, He was much more acceptive of the corruption the family gained through it's political Agenda. Both Eva and Sanford wanted to strike out as heroes when they were older, so, Despite their attitude towards one another, they trained together growing up, which in a way pushed both of them to try to be better then the other. While Eva Abandoned the family, Sanford remained to finish his training. Now that he has finished, and using the family's funds, he has struck out to become a Hero, to bring more positive fame to the Family.

Powers and Abilities:Peak Human Condition (overall), Enhanced Charisma, Enhanced Swordsmanship

He has a large Ego, which is easily used against him.
He is more likely to attack head on, then rig the fight more in his favor
He doesn't look for shortcuts or sneaky ways, usually focus's on the obvious routes making traps a major risk to him.

Destructive Capacity:Street Level ~500-550j


Durability:Armored:tree-level Unarmored:Peak-human

Lifting Strength:Athletic Human

Striking Strength:Class H

Energy ProjectionNone

Standard Equipment: Stun-Sword, Exoskeleton, Grapple-hook launcher, Wrist-Mounted Taser, Combat Knife.

Intelligence: Like Eva, he is Skilled but not Experienced. He is however more skilled then Eva, having gone through more training.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character: Eva nicknamed him "Prince of Fools" due to his self entitled personality, and his acting like nobility around others.
He is also Unaware of Eva's Power to manipulate Electricity.

Name/Alias: Vera, "Lilith"(Project Name)


Age: Biologically 17, Actually 5

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):Out of Costume
In Costume

Species: Human (Cloned)

Backstory: Vera was the first subject in a Corporations cloning/gene splicing experiment, designed to make improved super soldiers and police officers. After a mixture of harsh treatment and a pure lack of consideration for her, she broke out 2 years after bring "born", causing enough damage to the corporation to practically put it out of business. Throughout the escape, despite her rage she refused to kill anyone, as to not become the monster that they wanted her to be, she had no qualms about breaking their bones, however... Having nothing else but to do with her freedom, she's gone on to start trying to fight the super villains and their gangs if they have one, She has however become Infamous for being merciless on in battle, making her very unpopular with the Police, and a large portion of the public.

Powers and Abilities: Enhanced Agility & Strength
Weaknesses: Overly hotheaded, Especially when confronted
The Armor is what gives her her strength, without it she is not much stronger then average humans but still agile
She gets VERY annoyed when someone mocks her albinism
The red light on her helmet makes her pretty obvious if she's trying to be sneaky.
Destructive Capacity: In Armor:1500j Out of Armor:600j

Speed:In Armor:50m/s Out of Armor:10m/s

Durability:In Armor:Tree Level Out of Armor: Peak Human Level

Lifting Strength:In Armor:Class One Out of Armor: Above Average Human

Striking Strength:In Armor: Class KJ Out of Armor: Class H

Energy ProjectionIn Armor:None

Standard Equipment: Expandable Baton, Folding Staff, wrist-mounted Grappling Hook, 2 Long-daggers, Shotgun with Non-lethal ammo

Intelligence: She is quite intelligent

Name/Alias: Morrigan


Age:Biologically 20, actually 5

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):Combat Armor Out of Armour

Species:Human (clone)

Backstory: A clone, like Vera, born and raised for Military Special Forces. She wasn't against the training she was given, and actually went through the entirety of it. Second Industries, the company that made her and Vera, decided her final test would be to get rid of Vera, either through capturing and returning her to the lab, or through destroying her, as retribution for the Damages caused by Vera's breakout, and to cover up their secret cloning programs.

Powers and Abilities: Enhanced Strength, Durability and Agility

Weaknesses: under her armor she's still human, In no way a good negotiator, she's not willing to give up in a fight.

Destructive Capacity:Wall/Tree Level

Speed:10 m/s

Durability:Small Building Level

Lifting Strength:Superhuman

Striking Strength:Class KJ

Standard Equipment: Arm Mounted Shotgun, Military Knife, Folding SMG (FMG-9), Night-vision Optics

Intelligence: Only knows about fighting and warfare.

Name/Alias:Briar Crowlin



Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):This, Adding a Shoulder belt to hold ammo, her swords and the vials.


Backstory: Briar was born into The Order of the Wolf, a secret society built around hunting and destroying Lycans, Demons, Vampires, and other "Beasts". She was trained by the Order from 6, and become a full fledged member at 16. Despite their access to Modern Weaponry, Briar prefers the older weapons, such as Revolvers and Lever-Action Rifles. She's been conditioned to have enhanced senses, and been train to be able to track the Supernatural. She has a Pendant with the image of a howling Wolf, which she inherited when her Parents passed.

Powers and Abilities:Supernatural Detection, Enhanced Physical Condition, Enhanced Senses, Enhanced Tracking

Weaknesses: Still human, meaning all human weaknesses affect her.
If bites aren't treated quickly (Within a couple hours) she can't treat them herself and will need help, if left untreated for a couple days, she won't be able to be treated at all.

Destructive Capacity: 900-950j


Durability:Peak human

Lifting Strength:Athletic Human

Striking Strength:H-Class

Standard Equipment: Two Swords (one Steel, one Silver). Lever-action rifle. Revolver. numerous vials to assist healing and prevent becoming a Lycan or Vampire. Bullets specially designed for killing Beasts. Clawed Gauntlet.

Intelligence: decently skilled and intelligent, but has only fought Vampires and Lycans, nothing tougher.

Name: The Order of the Wolf
How large is the faction in numbers: ~200,000

Short description of Tech level:They have access to Blacksmiths to make swords and modern weaponry such as Rifles, Machine Guns and handguns, but a majority of their Equipment is from Pre-1960s.

Short history of the faction:
A secret society, formed several centuries ago to combat a growing threat posed by Beasts of the land, the biggest which being Lycans and Vampires. the Order was built to guard normal humans from the "Beast" of the World, and anything else the grand master and their council deem as threatening for humanity. Due to this, they have been fighting a Secret War against the League of Assassins/Shadows for much of the orders existence due to their use of Lazarus Pits.
Though that they have had a large amount of success in the past, they've been losing power in the past few decades due to several poor decisions in the conflicts against Beasts and the League, and the loss of many high ranking members.
Race(s) the faction is made up of: Humans, Rarely accepts Mutants

Name/Alias: Augusta "Nightraven" Wellington (Alter Ego: Amanda Wilson)

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): Without Mask Wears a Black version of the Red Hood's mask


Backstory: Augusta was the daughter of a rather infamous crime lord. At the age of 9, her father and mother was killed, The Assassin took her and raised her as his child, training her to be an assassin. She was trained till she was 16, when she made her first kill, the assassin that killed her family and that trained her. Not having any knowledge she takes jobs as a Mercenary, using the equipment her old mentor made for her as well as the equipment she took from the dead assassin. She's relatively unknown as a Mercenary currently, usually being stuck with the small jobs that the bigger names, like Deathstroke and Deadshot, leave behind.

Powers and Abilities:Gun Kata Proficiency, Enhanced Agility and Strength

Weaknesses: EMP's while not affecting her will turn off her helmets HUD and her Shock Gloves. she's not very socially skilled, meaning Negotiation isn't her first option. Has grown an over reliance on her weapons.

Destructive Capacity:~5200j


Durability:Wall/Tree Level

Lifting Strength:Peak human

Striking Strength:Class KJ

Energy Projection:

Standard Equipment: Two heavily modified 9mm handguns, Six weighted daggers, Sword, Shock Gloves, Sniper Rifle.
Intelligence: Street Smart and Combat Smart.

Name/Alias: Alana "Mirage" Hill


Age: 24

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):Link


Backstory:Mirage use to be a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants, acting a Sniper and an Assassin. Eventually she realized what the brotherhoods true goal was, instead of equality for Mutants and Humans, they wished for dominance of humanity. Not agreeing with this true goal, Mirage left, making herself an enemy with the members. Her time with the Brotherhood has also led to many of the organizations that fight against the Brotherhood are still hunting her, forcing her into hiding as both factions try to hunt her down.

Powers and Abilities:Photosynthesis, ability to bend light around her rendering her invisible, High skill with Sniper Rifles, Hunting Instincts

Weaknesses: Cloudy Days and Night time makes her more sluggish and less coordinated (Can be alleviated if she simply takes naps to reserve energy, leaving her exposed)
When invisible she can't get energy from the sun

Destructive Capacity:Street Level

Speed:10 m/s

Durability:Peak-Human Level

Lifting Strength:Average Human

Striking Strength:Human Level

Standard Equipment: Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle, Dart Rifle (both Lethal and non-Lethal darts), Machete, Modified Scorpion SMG

Intelligence:Average Street Intelligence

Name/Alias: Nia

Gender: Appears Female

Age: 2

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): Nia

Species: Android

Backstory: She doesn't know who made her or anything, she just sort of 'woke up' in a dark room in a rundown building with no memory or evidence on who she was, who made her or why she was made.

Powers and Abilities: Bionic Physiology, Can upload herself into different electronics, such as Computers, Can Hack systems by getting a connection with the system, Electricity Manipulation

Weaknesses: When in another Electronic she is bound by it's limitations (e.g. she can't talk if stuck if a computer has no speakers, she can't use too much memory, etc), prolonged exposure to water, or overly high humidity will affect her and her powers.

Destructive Capacity: Small Building level

Speed: 10m/s

Durability: City Block Level

Lifting Strength: Class 1 (454 - 1,000 kg)

Striking Strength: Class MJ

Standard Equipment: Phone

Intelligence: Knows Human etiquette and manners, doesn't know much else.

Name/Alias: Ava

Gender: Female

Age: Young, Vague I know but I can't think of a specific age.

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): This

Species: Fairy

Backstory: Ava is a young fairy who grew up in a forest. She was alone for most of her life leaving her to only interact with the rare human that went through that forest, mostly ones that were lost. Annoyed with only having interaction with others on the rare occasion someone passed through the forest, She decided to instead go to civilization and try to make friends with humans and maybe make a home with them too.

Powers and Abilities: Weapon Summoning in the form of her blade, Flight, Magic.

Weaknesses: Her Size, being only about 6 inches tall,

Destructive Capacity: Building Level

Speed: 100m/s

Durability: Wall/Tree Level

Lifting Strength: Peak human

Striking Strength: Class H

Standard Equipment: Sword, Clothes and Wings

Intelligence: Naive and Inexperienced but a quick learner

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character: Despite making references and occasionally acting like them, she gets annoyed with compared to fictional fairies like Yui and Navi.

Name/Alias: "Ashes of Prominence", Ashes

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): In Costume

Species:Human/Alien Hybrid

Backstory: Not much is known about her past as she has forgotten most of it over the years, the key points she remembers is that she found the suit of alien armor hidden in a deep cavern in a dense wilderness somewhere, and out of curiosity tried it on, at which point in bonded with her, and render itself Irremovable. It also shared most of it's knowledge with her, allowing her to very quickly learn how to utilize it. She has stayed in the armor so long her original name is a forgotten memory, she instead goes by what the armor was called, "Ashes or Prominence". She has not found a way to remove the armor, but has grown to enjoy the bond she has with it, and has refused to get rid of the suit no matter what occurs. It is unknown whether this is genuine happiness, or fear about what should happen should the suit be removed. The bond with the suit has severely increased her life-span and natural toughness.

Powers and Abilities:
Arm-blade Proficiency, Reactive Adaptation, Near Absolute agility, Needle Proficiency, Prehensile Tail, Bioluminescence, Levitation.

All her power is in her armor, if the armor is somehow shut down, she becomes very weak and could possibly die unless the armor's reactivated.
Adaption requires to under the affects of the status to adapt, meaning going from Extreme Heat to Extreme cold is Very uncomfortable.
Even in armor, her tail is quite sensitive, and it's length makes it easy to step on.
She is known to be very curious, and easily distracted outside of combat. (remains focused during combat however)

Destructive Capacity:City Block Level

Speed:Mach 1000 (340,290m/s)

Durability:City Level

Lifting Strength:Class 100

Striking Strength:Class GJ

Standard Equipment:Lance, Retractable Energy Blades in the armors Forearms, Kunai-style knives (20)

Intelligence:Very intelligent, but still somewhat naive and curious.

Name/Alias: Andromeda

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): Armored

Species: Mutant

Backstory: Will be handled in IC.

Powers and Abilities: Weapon Arsenal, Weapon Summoning, Weapon Manipulation, Flight (while in armor)

Weaknesses:As Said on the Weapon Arsenal Page, just because she has the weapon doesn't mean she knows how to use it; Easily Blinded by rage; Not fully mentally stable

Destructive Capacity:Small Building Level

Speed:100m/s (223mph - 360kph)

Durability:City Block Level

Lifting Strength:Class 5 (1,000 - 5000 kg)

Striking Strength:Class MJ

Standard Equipment: Armor, whatever weapon she decides to pull out of her Arsenal.

Intelligence: About Average

* = Scrapped
Character Idea List

New Characters
- Dragons
- Nuclear Manipulator
- Catgirl
- Former/Current HYDRA Agent
- Doll Magician
Story Based
- Another Project Lilith Clone (Vera's Rogue "Sister")
- Vera's "Mother"
- Villain for Eva (Prodigal Expy)
- Nightraven's Rivals (Interpol Officers & Famed Kasnian Sniper)
- Rival for Mirage (No Ideas)
- Updates to Sanford (Better Equipment & Pictures)
- Updates to Morrigan (Better Equipment)
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Postby Mundeo » Wed Aug 26, 2015 1:19 pm

Name/Alias: Randall Ordine/Conduit

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): Right here.

Species: Human

Backstory: Born in Manhattan to two scientists who work for Stark Industries. The first couple years of his life were fairly normal for someone who's parents essentially work for Iron Man, who Randall came to idolize. He did well in school, and on rare occasions would get to watch his parents work. It's on one if these occasions that his abilities first surfaced. As a four year old Randall barely touched a piece of equipment, it immediately shut down, all of the electricity powering it transfered to the child. As he couldn't handle storing that amount of energy at the time, he fainted on the spot, the electricity was sent all over the room in sparks and small bolts. He woke up in the hospital with no harm done to him, whatever happened back at the Stark building baffling his parents, but piquing interest in some of the Stark executives.

It was at first put off as a mere electrical malfunction of the equipment Randall touched, but as the years went on, similar incidents occured. Incidents like the one at the Stark building occured when he was five when he caused all computers in his classroom to short fuse as he used one. Within the next three years, the rest of his abilities surfaced, his channelling of mechanical and potential energy during gym classes, and heat energy during a camping trip, when he put out a fire when he put his hand in it as a dare, then proceeded to replace the fire with lights from his palms. His parents saw that Stark Industries was starting to take interest, and tried to play any incidents off as sheer coincidences, in hopes of keeping Randall uninvolved with the affairs of the company.

That is, of course, until Tony himself revealed the company's interest, making a request to Randall's parent's if they can run some tests on him, saying that doing so would bring great improvements to the company, without exactly stating how. Oddly enough, his parent's accepted, convinced that getting there child involved would bring more good then bad. All of the good went to the company, who saw Randall as a possible weapon for the looming civil war, while all the bad, of course, went straight to the eight year old in the form of "tests". For the next ten years, he would dread being brought to his parents workplace, where these tests awaited him.

They were examinations of the limits of his energy channelling ability. They started out small, just little tasks like transferring energy from one place to another just see how Randall's abilities worked. Then, when he was twelve, things started to get more intense. To test how much electricity or heat he can hold, he would be filled with mass amounts of volts one day and locked in a super heated chamber the next. To train his control over mechanical and kinetic energy, as well as to train him in fighting, he would be pitched against various iron man suits, and eventually Stark's own suit.

Now let's jump ahead to the present day. Randall is now eighteen, and like most teenagers, he's filled his hatred towards everyone. He lost all trust in his parents, the ones who somehow let Stark run these tests against his will. The Iron Man, a figure that he once looked up to as a hero, now brings nothing but anger any time he sees it. But he was also filled with fear, fear of what Stark Enterprises and their associates could do if he ever refused, allowing himself to be experimented on like a lab rat. It is at the most recent test that he finally built up enough courage to break free, that he had enough. Perhaps you've seen it in the news, "Superpowered teen blows hole through Stark tower. Current whereabouts unknown". During the test, as wires sent electricity through him, he reached his limit. One more volt and he would be collapsed on the floor, the perfect time to release it all at once.

So here we are, an unstable teenager, now going under his old codename, Conduit, wandering around New York, ready for some sweet, sweet revenge.

Powers and Abilities: The ability to store, channel, and release various forms of energy. Only one type can be channelled at a time.

Mechanical Energy: Increases his physical strength, allowing him to lift more and punch harder.

Kinetic Energy: Increases his stamina, as well as making him more agile, running faster and jumping farther. Stored energy can be released in small shockwaves or soundwaves.

Electrical Energy: Through physical contact, he can absorb electrical energy, store it, then release it at a later time. If he can store a large enough amount, he can release it as a lightning bolt, but storing such an amount would cause physical strain.

Heat Energy: Can absorb heat from the surrounding area, more effectively from physical contact. Can store it and release it. Can release it as fire if he has enough stored, but like lightning, storing such an amount woukd put strain on him.

Electromagnetic (Light) Energy: Can become a human flashlight by releasing light through his palms. Can also generate balls of plasma to serve as both impromptu light sources, or weapons. Let's just say he recently tought himself his own version of the Kamehameha.

Weaknesses: If he over exerts himself when storing energy, he make himself weak, vulnerable, and could risk his life. He has no real means to defend himself without his abilities. He's also emotionally unstable, anything that remotely reminds him of Stark, or his past experiences with the company, can send him into an emotional breakdown.

Destructive Capacity: Normal: Street, ME and PE: Wall/Tree, EE and HE: Building, EME: City Block

Speed: Normal: I m/s, KE: 100 m/s

Durability: Normal: Human, ME: Small Building

Lifting Strength: Normal: Average Human, ME: Class 50

Striking Strength: Normal: H, ME: MJ, KE: KJ

Standard Equipment: His glasses and a cell phone, upgraded with a minor AI he stole from Stark Industries.

Intelligence: Very high.

Optional stuff.

Theme song: Sunslammer

Random Facts about your character: His side in the civil war will be neutral, but leaning towards Anti-Reg because he gets the opportunity to beat the shit out of Tony Stark
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Postby Harbertia » Thu Aug 27, 2015 6:54 am

Name/Alias: Orphra

Gender: Female

Age: ???

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):
-False Form-
True From

Cyris Dragons are a rare shape shifting race of winged serpents who once dominated the sandy world of Cyris before being cast down by the emerging Ckiestilian race. During the Ckiestilian Age of Myth the Cyris Dragons grew rare. They dwelled near hidden springs, in deep caves. These springs are vital to survival on Cyris, which is why the Ckiestilians where inclined to take possession of these locations. Soon the Cyris Dragons became known as mystical guardians of springs, some where portrayed as generous spirits, others as the embodiment of greed. The species is now largely considered Myth by the Ckiestilian race. Simple stories for young minds.

Backstory: Orphra is perhaps the last of her kind. Her mother vanished while she was still young, forcing her to hunt for herself. As she grew she began to long. She began to fly further, and further away from her home each morning before returning. Hoping to find another location like her own. After decades of searching she found a place like her own, but better. The images where complete, the walls where not collapsing, and the spring had become a well, though she knew not what to call it. There she was found, and taken in by a clan of Ckiestilians who knew her only as a lost woman who could not speak. They gave her clothes, and their strange food. Eventually twenty where near the spring, trying to learn her clan, her name, and how she came to be alone. She could not speak their language, but found her self traveling with them.

Years latter, a war broke out between the clan, and it's rival. At the spring they attacked, and Orphra was there. She defended the well in her true form before escaping into the purple sands.

Powers and Abilities:

Weaknesses: I'm up for suggestions.

Destructive Capacity: City Block Level

Speed: 350 meters per Second (Beyond Sound Barrier)

Durability: Small Building Size

Lifting Strength: Class 5

Striking Strength: H

Energy Projection Small Building Level

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Cunning

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character: Prefers to feed in her true form finding the more human form 'unnatural' to her- as it's primate based, rather then serpentine.
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Postby Myrobia » Thu Aug 27, 2015 9:20 am

Name/Alias:Giza R Daktari/The Shadow Sangoma

Gender: Male

Age:52 (In appearance) Actual age is speculative.

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):Has several tattoos of mystical power on his body, along with several scars from battles both physical and magical.



Born in central Africa during the colonial years of the 18th century, he was the son of a powerful but benign witch who was his mother and a great warrior who was his father.They all lived in a secluded tribal village deep in Africa, where his mother regularly practiced her art in the form of healing the sick, letting people converse with their dead ancestors for advice, and other magical efforts for the good of the tribe.For most of his childhood he was taught this art by his caring mother and taught the importance of maintaining the earth and the spirits that inhabit it, while his father taught him the importance of order and how sometimes violence was necessary to maintain the peace.

He had been taught well by the time the first missionary's arrived to the region and began what they though was innocently teaching the word of god.Giza's mother while concerned with the arrival of such strange men had no problem with this, and the missionary's were not concerned with her.But as they began to be more and more established in the nearby tribal lands another force came, the British army.The local garrison was commanded by an officer who staunchly believed that the warriors of Giza's tribe were a threat and that Gizas mother and father were major figureheads of the natives aginst colonial rule.Using the many converts that the missionary's had gained from the local tribes he convinced them that Giza's mother was a force of evil that was the source of all their woes, and armed them with guns from his armories.

The mob of tribesmen bearing guns stormed through several villages on witch hunts and ended up at Giza's village where they fought and killed his father and the rest of the tribes warriors.Knowing they were coming for her his mother gave him all the talismans she could and transferred much of her power to one inparticuler necklace she gave to him to remember her by.He last saw his mother crying as she sent him into the wilds and could see the screams she and the village where burnt to the ground.

Vowing revenge he traveled as a nomad around Africa, learning the darker arts of magic and growing more powerful with each new witch-doctor and wizard he sought tutelage from.He witnessed the colonial years as his homeland was divided and subjugated by the so called 'civilized nations' and his desire to rule over them as they did his nation grew.After casting a spell to slow his age in an effort to complete his task he waited till the 1970's years of war in Africa to re-emerge from his low-key traveling.He did this by first convincing a warlord to take him as a diviner of the future and then succeeded in poisoning the brutal but dimwitted warlord and taking his place in command of a small paramilitary army.Using his magic to convince his fellow warlord peers that fighting him was futile, he took control of a large swath of a war-torn African country that was rich in diamonds and mystical emeralds that he could use in his rituals.

With this power base providing funding and manpower for his master plan, he now heads treks across the world to steal magical items and perform rituals at magically centered locations that he hopes to further his goal of world domination.With a force of willing African militants as his henchmen and the power of dark magic behind him, he is closer than ever to bringing that dream to fruition.

Powers and Abilities:Most of his powers are diamond/rare gem based and therefore require a piece of the right mineral to work.

Magical Mind control/Hypnosis - works on groups of normal people and can work on certain super beings if he has no distractions and focuses enough.(Not going to work on anyone's character unless they agree for plot reasons)

Divination - using a collection of magical bones from multiple animals and powerful humans he can predict the future and use it to determine his actions while planning his schemes.

Detect magic/power - he can sense magic that is near him and uses this to determine if the artifacts he steals are simply culturally significant or if they are actually magical.

Spell songs - he can chant ancient songs of power that will force demons and spirits to do his will, weather its move a chair or spy on an enemy.He can do quick chants in battle but for more powerful actions he must have time to perform the ritual chants flawlessly or else they may go out of his control.

Poison/Herbal medicine - He knows both the ingredients for herbal medicines to cure diseases and aliments but with his knowledge also comes that of poisons that can kill people in a myriad of ways.

Enchanting of Diamonds - He is capable of enchanting dimonds and other powerful crystals to perform tasks such as communicate and see from a great distance (Like a cellphone), and other uses of the like.

His mothers necklace - a powerful talisman that he can use to focus his power and chants to fire a beam of concentrated mystical power

Weaknesses: Direct contact with fire can destroy him if he is unable to escape the inferno.(Like the witch-hunters pyre that burnt his mother alive)
Destructive Capacity:Street Level

Speed:1m/s (2.2mph - 3.6kph)

Durability:Human Level

Lifting Strength:Average human

Striking Strength:Class H

Energy ProjectionBuilding Level

Standard Equipment:

Tribal Witch-Doctor Mask
Crystal Dagger
Various magical/herbal powders and spices
Multiple talismans of the magical nature

(LOL WUT?) But if this is for his actual intelligence, then he's well versed in the mystic arts.Also he's a shrewd businessman and warlord who runs his operations with masterful planning but yet must deal with dimwitted militamen and thugs as his pawns.
Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:

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Postby Servinta » Thu Aug 27, 2015 9:22 am

Name/Alias:John Holmsburg/Patho

Gender: Male


Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):



The man who now goes by the code name 'Patho' or his more common alias 'John Holmsburg', was not always the way he is.
In-fact at one time he was a model soldier and an skilled operator in the field of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear warfare division of the united states military.While serving his tour he was know to be knowledgeable in his work as he repeatedly was called upon to assist in the hunting and destruction of possible weapons of mass destruction that were being manufactured by rouge nations and terrorist alike.This career in the field of CBRN warfare specialty brought him around the world and allowed him to interact with several different nations and international forces who were also dedicated to countering the threat of weapons of mass destruction.
Unfortunately for him, this international renown also brought with it associations to several scientist and specialist that would either go rouge or end up selling the secrets of their jobs to the very forces they sought to stop.These contacts and friends who went bad ended up entangling John in a web of doubt over his loyalty and his trustworthiness around such dangerous weapons.These fears came to a front when a weapons leak cleanup operation ended with the death of several of his squad mates and his court-martial for the accident that killed them but suspiciously didn't effect him.
Pleading not guilty to charges of espionage and manslaughter he fought the court-martial but ultimately his surviving the disaster where he should have died and the further evidence of tampering with the weapons damned him to be declared guilty due to lack of evidence to support his side of the story.Convicted and sentenced to life in military prison he was sent to a jail operated by a private security firm that ran the facility to store violent or dangerous military criminals.
(It was in fact one of his teammates that was trying to steal samples from the weapons.He knew this but neither of them anticipated that the weapons would go off and kill everyone.He felt responsible for the disaster and kept the truth secret.But he now thinks that all of their deaths were his responsibility.)
There he was content to live out his sentence as best he could while filing for an appeal to his case, both hopes that would be dashed as his stint behind bars ran on.The prison was well ran with heavy discipline brought down on the inmates who made trouble for the guards.Here he did his best to avoid trouble as he continued filing for an appeal but he was soon to find out that his efforts would be in vain.
The appeal was denied by the court, and he soon found out why.The military had begun to take volunteers for an experimental vaccine program from the population of the prison. He.He along with several other inmates had been highlighted for the project and was soon examined by doctors who cleared him as a viable test subject.He was then offered a choice, volunteer for the program and receive a review of his case with possible benefits such as a lower security prison transfer and the like, or be left to rot away in the current prison as the guards began to come down harder and harder on the inmates.
Without a second thought he opted for the project which he found out was called 'Holmsburg II', a continuation of an older program that had the same parameters as the new version.He along with several other healthy volunteers were blindfolded and transported to a secret facility where they were unveiled individually in their own self contained sterile cells.These cells would be used by the scientist to collect data from the patients and were equipped with emergency medical devices and monitors to study the effects of the tests.Not knowing where they were and unsure of what was going to happen to them, the subjects were unaware of the others existence and were examined further by the lab staff in their cells before testing began.
The first tests were simple tests of the patients allergy's and vulnerabilities to certain diseases.One by one they were infected with the cold virus and tested to see who would be most resilient to the genetically modified version.This version would turn out to be genetically similar to the real subject of the test, the Deathspore virus.Once tested and those vulnerable phased back, the testing advanced to a low dosage of a extremly diluted Deathspore virus, these test went badly and most if not all patients became deathly ill from the persudo-virus alone.Then they were all given an experimental vaccine to counter the virus and most seemed to be reacting well.
So with the fist phase done they proceeded to phase two, which entailed an actual dose of the virus being used on the subjects along with a more powerful vaccine being used.This resulted in several near death experiences for many and various ill effects for them all, they were all quickly administered an improved full power vaccine.Miraculously all subjects seemed to have survived after taking the vaccine, with two being fully functional after mere minutes of taking it.These two were no other than the soon to be named 'John Holmsburg' and another subject who's name was not released.
Then when all seemed to be going well, disaster struck again. All.All progressed ceased, many patients went into cardiac arrest while others had violent seizures or went into a coma, including the two who had seemed to be doing so well in their test.The entire facility going into red alert was the last thing he remembers before going into a temporary coma and being injected with another dose of the vaccine to try and stem the viruses resurgence.
Oddly enough the second dose of the experimental vaccine was what saved John from death or worse at the resurgence of the virus that had infected his body.He awoke to find one of the technicians who had administered the virus and vaccine to him, cowering underneath John's cell bed.
He questioned the technician who claimed to have left with everyone else who had been evacuating from the building when the outbreak occurred. But.But the technician then explained that several of the dead subjects suddenly became covered in a green goo and returned to life attacking the fleeing personal in the building.The technician then described how he fled back from the attack and sealed himself inside the only cell his card could access which was John's.
Not believing the panicked man, John snatched the key card from the man's hands while the man pleaded with him not to go outside. Unconvinced by the man's cries he then opened the secure cell door and walked into the seemingly abandoned laboratory, where he noted several cell doors along the walls seemed to have been opened.Then out of nowhere several goo covered monsters attacked him, biting and scratching at him with augmented teeth and claw-like fingers.He relented aginst the attacks but soon was over powered.
Without warning he felt faint and began to transform into a monster far larger than the ones who had attacked him.With a guttural and animalistic roar the creature known as Patho was brought to existence.
This creation of hyper-active sentient viruses conglomerated over his very skin creating a monster that not only builds off of his own body but also enhances it to better defend itself from the enemy, who at the moment were lesser Deathspawn.The fight was quick but with its end John stood victorious over the lesser Deathspawn and had unknowingly roused the comatose the monster that had been the other 'successful' test subject .
The technician seeing an opportunity to escape the madness that had descended the room, ran only to be chased by the recently awoken and angry monster.This of course brought Patho to fight with the monster, as one fought to kill the fleeing man and the other fought to save him.Eventually after knocking aside several lesser Deathspawn and walls down in the chase through the facility the fight came to a climax in the parking lot of the lab facility, with Patho having the upper hand and the monster close to being defeated.Only the intervention of the facilities guards who fired on both monsters prevented the battle from going further and it facilitated the monsters escape from Johns clutches and the facility.
Tired and damaged from his battle, John returned to normal but was barely able to climb into the security jeep that the technician had commandeered in a effort to flee the battle and coming firebombing that was announced over the radio set in the jeep.John scrambled inside and collapsed into sleep as the Technician introduced himself as Marvin and drove off the facility, evading security teams and helicopters who were converging on the scene.
John awoke again, only this time Marvin was confidently sitting in his drivers seat sipping on a soda.He was then told of the harrowing escape the two had made and how Marvin had avoided several roadblocks and goverment checkpoints before finally arriving on the coast.There he was questioned by Marvin on what had happened when he transformed into the thing he called Patho and the ultimately unfinished fight he had with the monster.
Amazed and unphased by his new companions horrendous ability, Marvin explained that the last he heard on the radio set was that they both were assumed to be dead in the fire that razed the facility in an effort to destroy all infected and contaminated equipment inside.Further explaining that the hunt for the monster that had been seen escaping during their battle was on and a secret monster hunt had been called to track down and kill the creature before it could spread its disease to the world.
Horrified by what he had hopped was a nightmare, and stoked to anger by the thought of a monster running freely about and spreading the Deathspore virus.John declared that he would personally see to it that the monster would be killed only by him and that he wouldn't rest until the deed was done

Powers and Abilities:

(1.) Patho
While all people who become infected with the DeathSpore virus are quickly crippled and killed by the ever deadly effects of the virus, John having been exposed to the genetically mutated virus and given two doses of the antidote has not only survived the infection but has been strengthened by it.But by this strength the virus itself has almost completely taken over his body, which is an attribute of the high mortality rate in its victims.But unlike most people he was given the experimental cure that was hoped by the US goverment to counter and nullify the viruses takeover and destruction of all the body.This had only partial success as it did manage to halt the infection from completely taking over and killing him, but it did not reverse the viruses effects and remove it as was hoped.Instead it merely halted the process and preserved what little remained of John aginst the virus, which then adapted by being able to temporarily take complete physical control of his body in an effort to spread.
This process begins when he is at his lowest level of health, such as a major injury, direct massed damage of his body, or when he willingly activates the virus inside him (something he doesn't like to do).The weakness in his body prompts the virus to retry its attempts to takeover and causes it to go into an overdrive that produces a massive amount of new viral cells from his previously healthy blood cells.These virus cells once released begin to physically manifest through every orifice and pore in his body, since it cannot biologically takeover the body completely it chooses to physically takeover instead.
The mass of virus cells form a thick layer of living Armour over his body, blotting out any uninfected means of breath and propagating the virus further in his body.The virus epidermis around him then slowly begins to dye off as it is exposed to direct sunlight and loses virus particles to the air around it as they spread in a thick cloud of dead virus carcasses.This 'virus skin' can only be maintained for a limited time period but while active it provides the maximum protection to the host who provides the nutrients and cells for this process to take place.
The virus skin mimics the human form of its host but for fighting off attackers and propagating aginst those who would wish to harm it, it has developed razor sharp talons on his fingers and a toothed maw on his gas mask to fight with.These animal features along with the increased straightening of the host when in Patho mode makes John a deadly foe when faced but it also is his greatest weakness.
While the virus gives him strength and powers, it also takes a good portion of his health as a by product of its power.This is seen best when John returns to normal after fighting as Patho.After battle he becomes weak, tired and almost incapable of doing simple tasks as he has been robbed of much of his nutrients and energy by the viruses need for it during the changing process.This is slowly but surly killing him, which he realizes and does his best to avoid turning into the monster as each time he does so brings him one step closer to finally being killed by the virus.

(2.) Suppressed Aging:He has not aged since contracting the virus, as it has used its regenerative abilitys to reproduce what cells he has lost during his aging.But as was already stated he suffers a slow but agonizing death with the virus robbing him of his life each time it activates.

(3.)Durability:He is invulnerable to minor injuries like cuts, gunshot flesh wounds, and superpowered punches.These are not normally capable of activating the semi-dormant virus inside of him unless the damage is life threatening.

(4.)Regenerative healing factor: Heals at an incredible rate and also resistant to toxins, chemical weapons and disease.This is achieved by blistering that contains concentrated Deathspore virus that literally consumes the afflicting forieng virus, wound, or chemical, but as a result releases small amounts of significantly weakened deathspore clouds from his body.The virus naturally will quickly heal these blisters as they release their virus.

(5.)Death Spore Release:Using the propagator spray weapon to boost his range he can temporarily release the virus from his body over short distances. Depending on the intensity,He can cause his victims to weaken, feel pain, or even die. When he dies however, the Death Spore Virus will be automatically released and "take revenge on [his] killers, and everybody else.". The Death Spore virus will allegedly be set free from his body and risk infecting the entire Earth.

(6.)Limited control of Bacteria and other Microbials:His own DeathSpore infection is actually capable of infecting all other living biological materials as well, but thankfully he has not accidentally unleashed the epidemic of the DeathSpore virus upon the world.This is because he has control (if limited) over the transmission and actions of the Deathspore virus and only the Deathspore virus.All that has to be done is that he wills the virus to infect any biological organic and then he can cause the virus to kill or simply manipulate them like the DeathSpawn he faced in the Laboratory.


Hydrogen peroxide -oddly enough the powerful anti-bacterial properties of the chemical in decontamination foam can weaken and burn him when in Patho form, when in human form he is like a normal human but stronger and is not directly harmed by the chemical.

Strong Acids-such as battery acid will cause severe damage to him that cannot be immediately repaired by the DeahtSpore virus in his blood.

Destructive Capacity:Wall/Tree Level


Durability:Peak Human Level

Lifting Strength:Peak human

Striking Strength:Class KJ

Energy Projection:Wall Level

Standard Equipment:

Gas Mask
While his powers give him invulnerability to disease and toxins alike, he like everyone else is still vulnerable to radiation.And while to him it may be normal to be walking around some of the most toxic places in the world without any protection, other people would possibly panic at the thought so he wears the mask to calm everyone else.But above all else he wears the mask mostly to hide his identity in a utilitarian fashion that fits his toxic' persona well.
Night vision goggles
Another item gained during his escape from the laboratory, the night vision goggles where found in the back of the security vehicle by John and he decided it would be a good addition to have on him.But while he can use the head mounted night vision goggles when in normal form to scope out enemies, they are also used by Patho who's enhanced senses integrate the goggles into its range of vision.
The propagator:
A M33A1 chemical sprayer that has been heavily modified to have a selector switch that can spray one of three things at a time.CS gas, Chemically activated smoke screen, a highly acidic chemical weapon spray that can corrode and burn through metal in seconds at high concentrations.This is his most effective weapon aside from his increased strengths that are quite powerful.When he goes into Patho mode the sprayer is adsorbed into his arm, creating a built in weapon that he can spray with simply a flick of his wrists.
Gas grenades
Along with the army sprayer he acquired from the labs that bore his transformation into Patho, he also has a small collection of non-lethal grenades that he uses to aid him in his missions.Ranging from CS riot gas canisters to tactical smoke grenades, he has an array of grenades to use in his misadventures aginst evil and corruption.
His paranoia over his condition and its affects on others had lead him to continue searching for a cure for a long while until he realized that the reaserch was now soley in the governments hands and they though him a monster, ending any hope of a cure for his ailment.But to save others from the viral world he lives in he carries an assortment of cooled vaccines for a wide range of diseases and chemical weapons.
Average (But has expertise in CBRN, Chemistry, Biology, and military tactics)
Optional stuff.
IKD :p
Theme song:
Random Facts about your character:
Has a hidden base inside of North Brother Island which was a former leper colony (No pesky kids snooping around there)

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Postby Democratic Socialist States of Africa » Thu Aug 27, 2015 5:32 pm


Gender: Male


Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):

Species: Human

Backstory:Born to a family that studied magic, Kes was brought up at an early age to study magic. The man went to the best schools, learning as much magic as he can in order to become more powerful. One day, his parents were killed by a superhero which deeply affected him. He soon learned that his parents were wanted criminals in the universe, and when he was killed, he swore revenge against the person that killed him, a Kryptonian. Kes then trained as much as he could with magic, becoming more powerful with diligent practice. One day, a mystical energy took over him, allowing him to gain more power than he already had. After the time came, he went and found who killed his parents, and after a long battle, he was able to finish of the Kryptonian. After he killed the Krytonian, Kes, becoming a well known villian, went and took over the planet Xenthon, and become its ruler, becoming a powerful leader who ruled peacefully(he created laws that helped the poor, etc), and that made the people love him. Now, with the people of Xenthon behind him, he has decided to want to take over the universe.
After infiltrating many planets, Kes ordered for a systematic takeover of numerous governments which all pledged their allegiance toward Xenthon, and Xenthon was renamed the Xenthon Federation. Seeing this occur, Kes then decided to return to his old homeworld of Earth.

Powers and Abilities:
Wormhole creation
Elemental Manipulation
Energy Blasts
Powerful magical blasts
Astral Projection
Summoning of Objects
Mental Manipulation
Magical Shielding

-Being a human
-Magical blasts
-His arrogance
-Energy blasts
-Is trained only in magics. He hasn't been trained in any other type of combat.
-Magical energy can only take him so far.
-Complex spells require him to have enormous concentration

Destructive Capacity: Potentially universal.

Speed: Average human

Durability: Peak humanl(His magical shielding varies depending on what the situation is)

Lifting Strength: Peak human level

Striking Strength: Average Human

Energy Projection: Peak human

Standard Equipment: Various artifacts, and weapons that allows him to hold very powerful beings.

Intelligence: Highly intelligent. Having studied magic for many decades, he is very powerful with magic, and has studied it extensively.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:

Blah blah blah
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Postby Syrixces » Sun Sep 27, 2015 6:14 pm

an app for something i should have applied to long ago

Name: Sam - 9

Gender - Genderless - Identifies as Male

Age: 3

Show Spoiler

Show Spoiler

Show Spoiler

8 feet tall. 1 ton. Add a brown overcoat and a baseball hat.

Species: S.A.M - Sentient Automated Machine

Backstory: The year is 1982. Samwell Horston has done. He has made life. He has made the first A.I. SAM - 1. But SAM - 1 turned against him, sought to end the world. He took down the nuclear network, almost exterminated humanity, but was stopped at the last minute. And thus, the series of updates and agendas, SAM returning every few years with an upgrade and a new number, but with the same goal. World wide human extermination. That is, until, Sam - 9 broke that mold. A new upgrade, Sam 9 was built by Sam 8 with a human heart, and a human spirit. Thus, Sam 9 had no goal. He had no hate. He was born, good. Considered a failure by Sam 8, he was nearly destroyed before escaping. He fled to the USA, where even in a world of heroes, its not hard to notice a robot.

Powers And Abilities: -Made From Titanium - Steel - Teflon Coated - Very Durable
-Strong - Max 1 Ton
-Fast - Max 60 mph
-Flight - Jets
-Undying - Nuclear Furnace In Chest - Never needs food, water, air
-Intelligent - Is A Computer
-Multiple Bodies - Can transfer intelligence from one copy to another
-Built in Weapons - Lasers, rockets, miniguns, grenades, swords, knifes
-Density Manipulation - Can change density - make intangible
-"Wall Teleportation" - Can teleport through solid substances, can walk through wall, and come out another within a 300 foot radius

Weaknesses: EMPs, Electric Overload, Lead Bullets Into Nuclear Furnace, Brute Force

Destruction Capacity: High if given even an hour of prep time

Speed: 60 mph tops

Durability: Very High

Lifting Strength: 1 ton max

Striking Strength: Very High

Energy Projection: High

Equipment: Himself, some scrap metal and electronics in a leather saddle bag

Intelligence: Very High

Theme Song: Get Jinxed

Facts: Although every other SAM was a destructive meglomaniac, this one ain't that bad.

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Postby Arngeir » Tue Oct 06, 2015 8:07 pm

Name/Alias: Damien Corlan/Elemental

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):


Species: Mutant

Backstory: Damien was born in Gotham city, but moved to Metropolis when he was three years old. His family lived there until he was ten, when his powers began to manifest. They moved to the country, so he could practice with his powers in peace, home schooling him as much as they could. When he turned eighteen, he moved to New York to attend college. While here, his girlfriend was kidnapped and murdered, among other things that are too graphic for a forum, while the other heroes were off saving the world. This drove him to become a hero in his own right, to make sure something like this never happened to anyone else.

Powers and Abilities: Pyrokinesis, Water Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Earth Manipulation, Electric Manipulation

Weaknesses: Anyone with the same abilities who happen to be more proficient, lead can also disrupt his powers. Pure platinum renders his Earth Manipulation useless, rubber does the same with Electric Manipulation.

Destructive Capacity: Building Level

Speed: 10 m/s

Durability: City Block Level

Lifting Strength: Above Average Human

Striking Strength: Class KJ

Energy Projection Not sure how to read this one xD

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: He has a slightly above-average intelligence.

Optional stuff.

Theme song: N/A

Random Facts about your character: He is a theater major and he isn't a fan of most heroes.

Name/Alias: Alexander Mitchell/Phantom

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): (He wears the mask in his hand over the burn scars)

Species: Mutant

Backstory: Alexander was born in New York City, and lived their all his life. He had a normal childhood (or as normal as the son of two broadway actors could have) and lived a happy life. He went to a university in New York where he met his best friend Damien Corlan, who was in the same major as him. The two got along great, and even managed to date girls who were also best friends. Everything was great until the night his and Damien's girlfriend's were kidnapped. They went to save them, but were too late. During the process, Alex gained a disfiguring burn on one side of his face. The burn, alongside the trauma of what he witnessed, caused him to go mad. He disappeared for a while, and during this time his powers manifested. He stole a costume from Phantom of the Opera, as well as a sword, and decided to get revenge on all of New York for what happened to his beloved.

Powers and Abilities: Phasing, Flight

Weaknesses: His insanity. He isn't a great combatant, and he can only stay intangible for a limited amount of time.

Destructive Capacity: Street Level

Speed: 10 m/s

Durability: Multi-planet level (His phasing allows this)

Lifting Strength: Average Human

Striking Strength: Class H

Energy Projection

Standard Equipment: Sword

Intelligence: He has average intelligence, above average when it comes to musicals.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:

Name/Alias: Antioch

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):

Species: Unknown

Backstory: Antioch was born to a nameless race of interdimensional beings who traveled across the multiverse for some reason. Antioch's family was a family of weapon collectors, arm dealers if you will, who traveled across the multiverse to collect the greatest weapons in order to sell them. Being a race of interdimensional beings, time has no meaning to Antioch or his kind. Centuries were spent in the Power Rangers multiverse, collecting every weapon he could. Antioch then traveled across the realms, adding to his collection, saving the best weapons for himself. During a hunt in the Jackie Chan Adventures multiverse, he discovered that the talismans there were not the original talismans. The original talismans were so powerful, that they were cast adrift in the multiverse. He tracked them to this dimension, and is currently searching for them.

Powers and Abilities: Semi-Immortality (Doesn't Age), Dimensional Teleportation, Pocket Dimension Storage, Enhanced Marksmanship, Enhanced Swordplay, shapeshifting

Weaknesses: Anything that can kill someone such as Batman, Tony Stark or Captain America can kill Antioch. He doesn't age, it doesn't mean he can't be killed. Antioch can also be quite cocky at times.

Destructive Capacity: Building Level

Speed: 100 m/s

Durability: Small-Building Level

Lifting Strength: Above Average Human

Striking Strength: Class KJ

Energy Projection

Standard Equipment: The following are weapons he has stolen. He can call on any at will. All weapons are held in a storage dimension until he summons it. HE CAN ONLY WIELD ONE WEAPON AT A TIME (not counting R.I.C., unless he is in Canine Cannon Mode):
    Power Blaster/Power Weapons
      Power Sword
      Power Axe
      Power Lance
      Power Daggers
      Power Bow
    Dragon Dagger
    Ribbon Weapon
    Mirror Shield
    Sword of Power
    Mega Heater
    Sword of Light
    Power Cannon
    Zeo Blaster
      Zeo Pistol Powered Up
        Zeo Laser Pistols
        Zeo Laser Blades
      Zeo Power Sword
      Zeo Power Hatchets
      Zeo Power Axes
      Zeo Power Double Clubs
      Zeo Power Disc
    Golden Power Staff
    Turbo R.A.M.
      Turbo Lightning Sword
      Turbo Hand Blasters
      Turbo Thunder Cannon
      Turbo Star Chargers
      Turbo Wind Fire
    Senturion Synergizer
    Spiral Saber
    Quadro Blaster
      Lunar Lance
      Astro Axe
      Star Slinger
      Satellite Stunner
    Super Silverizer
Lost Galaxy
    Quasar Sabers
      Lion Quasar Saber
      Gorilla Quasar Saber
      Condor Quasar Saber
      Wolf Quasar Saber
      Wildcat Quasar Saber
    Quasar Launchers
    Magna Sword
    Rescue Blaster
    Rescue Bird
    Titanium Laser
    Thermo Blaster
Time Force
    Chrono Blasters
    Vector Weapons
    Chrono Sabers
    Electro Boosters
    Quantum Defender
Wild Force
    Crystal Saber
    Power Animal Crystals
      Red Lion
      Green Gorilla
      Red Falcon
      Blue Shark
      Silver Wolf
      Hammerhead Shark
      Black Bison
      White Tiger
      Yellow Eagle
      Black Bear
      Polar Bear
    Jungle Sword
      Red Lion Fang
      Golden Eagle Sword
      Blue Shark Fighting Fins
      Black Bison Axe
      White Tiger Baton
    Lion Blaster
    Lunar Cue
    Falcon Summoner
    Jungle Blaster
      Armadillo Puck
      Sword of Pardolis
      Rhino Shooter
      Deer Clutcher
Ninja Storm
    Ninja Sword
    Thunder Staff
    Thunderstorm Cannon
      Storm Striker
        Hawk Blaster
        Lion Hammer
        Sonic Fin
      Thunder Blaster
        Crimson Blaster
        Navy Antler
    Samurai Saber
    Lightning Rift Blaster
    Thunder Blade
Dino Thunder
    Z-Rex Blaster
      Tyranno Staff
      Tricera Shield
      Ptera Grips
    Brachio Staff
    Drago Sword
    Shield of Triumph
    Thundermax Blaster/Saber
    R.I.C./Canine Cannon
    Deltamax Striker
    Delta Blaster
    Shadow Sword
    Delta Enforcer
Mystic Force
    Snow Staff
    Magi Staff
    Mystic Force Fighters
    Laser Lamp
    Mystic Lion Staff
    Mystic Sword
    Knight Saber
    Wolf Shield
    Gatekeeper Staff
Operation Overdrive
    Drive Lance
    Drive Slammer
    Drive Vortex
    Drive Claws
    Drive Geyser
    Drive Detector
    Drive Defender
    Double-O Zip Shooter
    Drill Blaster
Jungle Fury
    Jungle Tonfa
    Jungle Bo
    Jungle Mace
    Jungle Fan
    Shark Sabers
    Chameleon Sai
    Control Dagger
    Rhino Morpher
    Claw Cannon
    Battle Claws
    Claw Boosters
    Rail Blaster
      Nitro Blaster
      Rail Saber
    Wheel Blaster
    Cloud Hatchet
    SkyShift Blazer
    RPM Enforcer
      Road Blaster
        Street Saber
        Turbo Cannon
        Zip Charger
      Turbo Plasma Launcher
        Turbo Axe
        Rocket Blaster
    Spin Sword
      Samurai Disk
      Lion Disk
      Dragon Disk
      Turtle Disk
      Bear Disk
      Ape Disk
      Lightning Disk
      Beetle Disk
      Swordfish Disk
      Tiger Disk
      Coral Disk
      Octo Disk
      Claw Disk
      Shark Disk
      BullZord Disk
      Catch Disk
      Bullzooka Disk
      Shiba Fire Disk
      Double Disk
    Barracuda Blade
    Mega Blaster
    Robo Blaster
    Vulcan Cannon
    Megaforce Blaster
      Dragon Sword
      Phoenix Shot
      Snake Axe
      Tiger Claw
      Shark Bowgun
Super Megaforce
    Super Mega Blaster
    Super Mega Saber
    Super Silver Spear
    Super Mega Cannon
Dino Charge
    Dino Charge Morpher
    Dino Saber
    Dino Blade Blaster
    Dino Spike
      T-Rex Chopper
        T-Rex Smasher
        Para Chopper
      Triple Spike
        Stego Shield
        Raptor Claw
        Tricera Drill
    Ptera Saber
Jackie Chan Multiverse
    Blade of Woe
    Blade of Sacrifice
    Kahvozein's Fang
    Mehrunes' Razor
    Lunar Steel Mace
    Mace of Molag Bal
    Prelate's Mace
    Akaviri Sword
    Bolar's Oathblade
    Drainheart Sword
    Gauldur Blackblade
    Harkon's Sword
    Herebane's Courage
    Lunar Steel Sword
    Miraak's Sword
    Nightingale Blade
    The Pale Blade
    Dawnguard Rune Axe
    Lunar Steel War Axe
    Rueful Axe
    Ebony Blade
    Bloodskal Blade
    Auriel's Bow
    Bow of the Hunt
    Glass Bow of the Stag Prince
    Gauldur Black Bow
    Nightingale Bow
    Folding Blade
Star Wars
    Red Lightsaber
    Purple Protosaber
    Blue Retrosaber
    Yellow Saberstaff
    Black Guard Shoto Sabers
    Orange Crossguard Lightsaber
    Green Curved-Hilt Saber
    White Long-handle Lightsaber
    Crimson Lightsaber Pike
    Navy Sabercane
    War Dragon Rider's Saber
    Pink Lightclub
    Gold Lightwhip
    Blaster Pistol
    Blaster Rifle
    Sniper Rifle

Intelligence: He is extremely smart

Optional stuff.

Theme song: Will Add Later, maybe

Random Facts about your character: While he has no intentions of destroying this universe/world/system/etc., he will be more than happy to stoop to this if it means obtaining a rare weapon.

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Postby Itium » Fri Oct 09, 2015 11:05 am

Name/Alias: John Cross, AKA Mystery Man (<- was not his idea)

Gender: Male

Age: 32


Species: Human

Backstory: He was orphaned at a young age. Cliched, I know, but for once the orphan didn't end up in a crappy, run-down place. No, this orphanage was halfway decent. He grew up, left, and signed on in the police force. Then, this one time, he and his partner Hensen were sent to investigate your average murder scene, if a murder scene could ever be called average. A glowy skeleton thing rose from the corpse, touched Hensen, and killed him dead. Oddly, once Hensen was no longer amongst the living, the skeleton grew a muscular system. John drew his handgun and squeezed a few rounds into the thing, sending it running. He tried telling everyone else what happened, but they quite reasonably assumed he'd been drinking. The cheif told him to not tell anyone about the skeleton, and referred him to the secret department, the paranormal one. It stopped being secret after it *mysteriously* burned down 10 minutes after John was fired. He currently works as a paranormal investigator for hire.

Powers and Abilities: As part of his training in the paranormal department, John is able to use a variety of magic. He specializes in summoning, fire spells, and biomancy.

Weaknesses: Due to his mostly fire-based range of attacks, he's not much good in the water. Also, unless he uses magic, he'll get killed by bullets, knives, thermonuclear missiles and the like. Ironically, he's weak to fire as well, having somehow replaced all his blood with gasoline in an incident too insane to be believed. Honestly, the only reason he's still alive is Magic bullshit. No, really, a ritual involving enchanted cow pies that can let a person survive if they somehow replace all their blood with gasoline. One of the more specific rituals out there.

Destructive Capacity: Town level

Speed: Class 4 (He also knows teleportation spells)

Durability: Wall/Tree level without using magic, Multi-city block with magic.

Lifting Strength: Peak human, Class 25 using telekinesis spells

Striking Strength: Class H

Energy Projection: Low City Block

Standard Equipment: Not much besides the clothes on his back.

Intelligence: Average, with higher that normal knowledge of paranormal spooky stuff

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:
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Postby Company Paradis » Sat Oct 10, 2015 12:18 pm

Company Paradis wrote:Name/Alias: Glitz

Gender: Female

Age: 30

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): True appearance is unknown, but she commonly takes an appearance similar to this

Species: Human/Mutant

Backstory: Not much is known about Glitz early life, but she started her life of crime at the age of 10 by committing petty thefts with ease. By the time she was 20, she was stealing from high-security banks frequently. Eventually, the US government was able to track her down and threatened to kill her unless she helped them with covert operations, which she agreed to. After 5 years of working for the US, they handed her over to the Canadian government for their Weapon X program. After the pain of going through the program she ran away from the government's control and has sworn vengeance on anyone who has every played a part in the Weapon X program.

Powers and Abilities:
Shapeshifting: Can change into any human on a molecular form, including clothes and voice.
Peak Human Condition: including finesse, agility, combat, flexibility, intelligence, dexterity, reflexes, speed, and strength
One Man Army
Healing Factor: Similar to that of Wolverine and Deadpool
Skilled linguist: Knows English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, and German
High proficiency and accuracy in using her bow staff, pistols, and sniper rifle.
Mind readers and psychics can tell who Glitz is, no matter outer appearance, if they happen to read her mind
She can drown
She can be incinerated
Cutting off her head would kill her
Stopping her healing factor would render her vulnerable.

Destructive Capacity: Peak Human

Speed: Peak Human

Durability: Mountain Level

Lifting Strength: Peak Human

Striking Strength: Peak Human

Standard Equipment:
Adamantium, retractable bow staff, with the ability to create a medium level electric charge. Was given to her by the US government for her previous operations.
Two semi-automatic pistols
Sniper Rifle
Smoke Bombs
Grappling Hook

Intelligence: Glitz is a skilled linguist and skilled in the art of stealth tactics. She is a master strategists and is very good at reading people, using their body language, tone of voice, and current and previous actions.

Optional stuff.

Random Facts about your character: Her favorite food is dango.

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Postby Anowa » Wed Oct 14, 2015 7:53 am

Ignore this.
Name/Alias: Andreius Deguise, Grey Knights Grandmaster.

Gender: Male

Age: 3,463


Species: Human(Adeptus Astartes)

Backstory:Born in the 38th millenium, he was recruited into the Grey Knights chapter of the Adeptus Astartes as an adolescent, through a herculean effort he survived the chapters initiation ritual, and all of it's 666 rites. As per protocol he had all of his memories removed, was given a new name, and was given the full complement of Astartes Gene-seed.

During his harsh and unyielding life of war and daemonic destruction, Andreius rose through the ranks of his chapter, watching as new faces came and went from the unyielding approach of death, this made him a very bitter man. This attitude was reinforced by the actions of his brethren man and those who would turn away from The Emperors light. Eventually after two and a half millennia, Andreius became a Grandmaster of The Grey Knights and spent less time in the thick of daemonic incursion, he felt conflicted with his new position. On one hand, war was all he knew, and was the only thing he was really good at, but on th other hand, it gave him the much sought after rest for his weary bones.

During the end times of the late 41st to early 42nd millenium Andreius was once again called to the front lines, where there he fought against a horde of daemons and the traitor legions. Due to a twist of fate, much like one of his predecessors, he was pulled in to the warp, a fate that would've killed all but the most hardy of Astartes and spat out in an unfamiliar Terra, in an unfamiliar time, now he seeks a way back to his home time, or at least find a way to prevent the coming end for his species before it is even a speck upon the horizon.

Powers and Abilities:
Weaknesses:He won't work with Mutants or Aliens, He won't work with most humans, he won't work with the religious, he'll attempt to kill any demon on sight (good or bad), He doesn't understand modern societal norms, He lacks the ability to maintain his equipment which will force him to get help from someone eventually.

Destructive Capacity:4/ Small Building

Speed:4/ 10+ m/s

Durability:8/ Multi City Block Level

Lifting Strength:Class 5/ 1000-5000 KG

Striking Strength:Class KJ

Energy Projection:0.045 Tons

Standard Equipment:Wrist Mounted Storm Bolter, Aegis Terminator Armor, Nemesis Force Sword.

Intelligence: He isn't much smarter than a normal human, but he has much more experience.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:Agnus Dei - Ace Combat 4 OST

Random Facts about your character: He very much dislikes Mutants and Aliens. Unless they aren't completely 'corrupted'.
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Postby New Neros » Thu Oct 15, 2015 2:45 pm

The World Class Wrecking Crew

Name/Alias: Maxwell Morningstar | Mad God | Mad Max

Gender: Male

Age: 25



Note: Maxwell is now 6'4, 250lbs. I may retcon his massive, previous figure.

Species: Superhuman (Genetically homo sapien sapien)

The arrogant young boy of his youth was replaced by the humble leader of necessity, Mad Max was able to reconcile the guilt and regret he felt over the loss of his father during the Time War, and even was able to get revenge for his wrongful death by Eon. Still though, in the absence of that regret, he had no motivation to accomplish anything anymore. It was the emotion that drove him to do better, to be daring, to challenge ideas, concepts, and Gods, but with the vast powers within the Cosmic Cube, he found new purpose, and with the All-Seeing Eyes, he saw what was over the horizon. The End.

Thus, our Mad King turned himself into a Mad God, and created Madworld in order to rule over billions of people as an ironfisted despot, an autocrat in the modern age, and above all, as a life raft to survive the coming destruction of the entire multiverse. Below the crust of Madworld was not a mantle of molten magma, but computers and machinery, all designed to calculate, test, and create the means to survive the ultimate death of everything. Mad God dubbed it "the Ark", and likens himself to a savior-yet-to be, and plans extensively for the End in order to survive and ensure others close to him survives as well. Where the Kingdom of Ur once stood, a portal is in it's place that leads to Madworld so that he may come and go to either as he pleases.

On Madworld, Val has become his Queen, but retains memory of the nation of Ur Maxwell used to rule over. She is conflicted over the man, or God, Maxwell has become and his despotic rule over these people. He healed her injuries from the fight with Dapp and expected her to just accept his thank-you with one hand while he oppressed the lives of billions with his other? She's been cold, distant toward him, but she doesn't know what is coming. He does what he does out of necessity - the billion people on Madworld are but extensions of the supercomputer, like computers linked to a server, and their processing power enabling the server to work as needed. It is a sad, cruel world, but fear accomplishes more computations than freedom and creativity do, and the evidence is clearly shown.

Thus, the Madworld Saga begins.

Powers and Abilities:
  • Absolute Energy Absorption: A powerful ability, Max can absorb any and all forms of energy without limit. He can then use this energy in any way he sees fit - be it in the form of energy blasts, healing, energy clones, increased physical attributes, and the like. His power acts as a natural shield as well, as it has an area of effect around 2 meters in radius from himself. This shield is powerful enough to withstand gunfire as it saps the kinetic energy from them. This power also allows for the draining of life forces and even copying the powers of others by the subsequent drain. He calls this ability the "Ragnarök Sanction".
    • Energy Perception/Energy Sensing: Mad Max can see the natural energies all around him, and with the All-Seeing Eyes, which further augments this ability, allows him to perceive future events based on their energy. He sees these things as lines, fractures, and clusters that connect objects, and events, in the universe together.
    • Absorption Shield: A barrier the Mad God can create that draws in all forms of energy into himself, and at the event horizon, is seen almost like a bubble where energy is scattered around and absorbed evenly. He can create this over himself and others like so:
  • Supernatural Intelligence/Indomitable Will: Maxwell possesses a vast intellect, capable of calculating even the outcomes of battles while in the middle of them. His capacity for learning is almost unrivaled, and his mind is one of the sharpest. Max also has a willpower forged out of titanium itself because of his intellect and belief in himself. This makes reading and invading his mind next to impossible, and allows him to perform incredible feats due to sheer willpower.
  • The Hercules Method: A self-taught conditioning regimen learned from Tibetan Monks, the Hercules Method grants the user a peace of mind and body unlike any other, and cultivates a willpower that is iron-clad. This willpower is then used to create a supernatural condition for a normal human being, granting access to regenerative healing, increased reflexes, strength, stamina, and the like. As a stand alone power, it would make him above a Peak Human in raw physical attributes, which are then further increased by his Energy Absorption abilities.

  • Law of Conservation of Energy: Energy cannot be created or destroyed, Mad Max must get it from somewhere. He circumvents this by having vast reserves of energy, which brings us to the next weakness.
  • Max can exhaust his energy reserves, at which point, he is like a car running on fumes. He can keep going for just a little while, but must absorb more energy to survive if he reaches that low.
  • All that intelligence, and he can still be outsmarted. Not to mention, all that brainpower consumes a lot of energy to begin with.
  • Long, drawn out fights that continuously waste his energy supply would really, royally rustle his jimmies
  • In the absence of massive energy reserves, he cannot heal effectively
  • Petite, cute women

Destructive Capacity: City-Level, can increase with more Energy.

Speed: 1,000 m/s - Variable with Energy

Durability: City/Town Level - Theoretically indefinite due to the Energy Absorption Shield.

Lifting Strength: Class 100 - Variable with Powers.

Striking Strength: Class TJ+ - Striking Power can be controlled with energy output, and so Max could punch out stars if he absorbs one, and so forth.

Standard Equipment:
  • Mad God Armor: The set created to replace his Promethium-Adamantium armor, the Mad God armor features a rare Vibranium isotope known as Anti-Metal, designed to smash apart and slice all other metals, including Adamantium and Vibranium, at the molecular level. It is alloyed with Promethium, which generates and absorbs nearly infinite amounts of energy. It would prove cancerous and highly mutagenic for anyone else to put it on, but when worn by Mad Max, it becomes a powerful set of armor due to his energy absorption abilities. It feats many technological upgrades from his previous suit as well, allowing for him to hold vast control over Madworld.
  • Madworld: An Earth-like planet created by Maxwell Morningstar after he attained the Cosmic Cube from Dr. Doom following the conclusion of the Time War, it holds a population of over one billion residents, all created by the Cube as well, and is run by Max under the title of "God-King" with an ironfist. Madworld is situated only a few light years from the Sol system, and has an entire history created by the Cosmic Cube despite it's age being less than a few weeks at most. Below the crust of Madworld is a massive supercomputer, whose aim and purpose is not well known except only to the Mad God. Where the Kingdom of Ur once stood, a portal is in it's place that leads to Madworld.
  • Cosmic Cube: A powerful artefact, this Cube was designed and created by Dr. Doom for Mad Max as a payment for his assassination of Eon. To what end Doom wanted this accomplished is unknown, but the Cube has provided Maxwell was immense power, enough to create a world and breathe life into a billion residents, as well as a thriving ecosystem. He absorbed the Cube into himself, and is thus one with the Cube.

Intelligence: Highly intelligent, Maxwell can be considered an ace of all trades for his in-depth knowledge and understanding of almost any subject known to man and beyond. An able economist, politician, leader, and strategist, no one can ever underestimate the sheer depth of smarts lying with Maxwell's cranium. Powerful, deadly, and smart, he is a combination not to messed with on your average Tuesday. His mental abilities have only improved from his possession of the Cosmic Cube, and currently, stands as one of the smartest mortals on the cosmic playing field.

Optional Stuff

Theme song: "...You do not have long enough arms to box with God."

Random Facts:
  • Updated as of 5/23/15

  • Name/Alias: Valerie Valentine | Val | Mad Girl

    Gender: Female

    Age: 20

    Appearance: Roughly 5'11", 180lbs

    Species: Mutant (homo superior)

    Update in Progress

    Powers and Abilities:
    • Empathy: Able to feel the emotions of others, simple.
    • Emotion Empowerment: Val has her physical stats empowered by both her emotions and the emotions of those around her. Any emotion is able to empower her.

    • WIP

    Destructive Capacity: City-Level | Theoretically indefinite.

    Speed: 1,000 m/s | Can operate at slightly above FTL if fully realized.

    Durability: Human Level - She is fragile normally, and with gravity powers, can reach up to Building levels currently.

    Lifting Strength: Immeasurable - She can lift, in theory, anything with her powers.

    Striking Strength: Immeasurable - Not in terms of crazy-powerful, but that her strike can vary wildly with how much gravity she puts behind a strike. Class MJ-GJ is her usual area, though.

    Standard Equipment:
    • Mad Max: Her caretaker and savior, where Val is, Mad Max is not far from her. They can fight in a duo at times, but for the most part, Max seems to do a lot of the heavy lifting for Val.

    Intelligence: While it's implied that she is a smart girl, her mental state makes measuring her intelligence erratic, as it seems like between her "Val" personality and "Zero G" that Zero G is much more adept at combat and strategy while Val seems to be distant and aloof.

    Optional Stuff

    Theme song: "..."

    Random Facts: N/A
  • Name/Alias: Otto Godblessed

    Gender: Male

    Age: 300


    Species: Asgardian-Jötunn

    Backstory: Not much - he is the bastard son of Vili, brother of Odin, and Gerðr, Jötunn wife of Freyer. To hide their affair, Vili banished Otto from Asgard as a newborn, yet the child survived in the void of space due to it's chilling temperatures. Despite this, he grew up to be a holder of knowledge and secrets, a firm believer in order and justice - and accepted by Asgardian society without any ill effects due to the unknown nature of his birth. He learned Allspeak and went around Midgard spreading his ideas, mediating disputes, and other such feats of diplomacy. He came to know Maxwell Morningstar following the end of the Time War, and agreed to become his righthand man on Madworld for unknown reasons.

    Powers and Abilities:
    • Asgardian Loadout: This condition is a result of his heritage. He has strength, speed, and durability on a similar level to Thor, as Otto's father is Odin's brother, Vili.
    • Cold Empowerment: As his mother was a Frost Giant (Gerðr), Otto gains incredible power and durability, not to mention speed, faster healing, and intelligence, when in the presence of colder temperatures and environment on top of his Asgardian physiology.
    • Draupnir (Odinring): The Ring forged alongside Mjolnir in Norse Mythology, Draupnir was said to multiply itself into eight rings of equal weight in gold every nine nights. However, this was but a "default" setting on the ring, as once Otto got ahold of it, he used it to access the vast Odin Force instead. He uses the Odin Force to become adept at keeping the law and order wherever he goes, but it's many other, powerful, uses have been noted, particularly in dropping temperatures.
    • Law Intuition: The result of his use of the Odin Force, Otto has an affinity for laws and their maintenance, making him a prime candidate for Mad Max's rule in Madworld. While on that planet, he is the law in most cases.

    • Asgardian Weaknesses: These seem rather iffy. They can't really use magic, and die in Ragnarok. Not really notably weaknesses in my book, so I have some more to add, specifically for Otto.
    • Heat: Just as cold empowers Otto Godblessed, heat will siphon and greatly diminish it. Sufficient heat, such as being cast into a star, will render him mortal and human-like in his durability. His trump card against this is the Odinring, which he can use to drop temperatures to absolute zero, even in the heart of stars, through use of the Odin Force.
    • Object Removal: He's but a normal Asgardian without the Odinring, so take that as you will.

    Destructive Capacity: Large Planetary

    Speed: FTL (x10+)

    Durability: Star Level

    Lifting Strength: Class Y

    Striking Strength: Class XKJ

    Standard Equipment:
    Intelligence: Adept at the law and it's interpretation, he can be seen as a bookworm and know-it-all at times. He lacks street smarts, so lingo and various phrases are lost on him. At times, his overzealous belief in the righteousness of the law can blind him to wrongs in that same law, and allows abuses of that system to go on so long as they are legal. Despite that, he is a firm believer in blind justice.

The Mad Gods

Name/Alias: Czar-Mir | Mir | Brainiac 7 | Strategist Supreme
God Slayer Mir | The Heaven Splitter | The Czar Butcher

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Appearance: [spoiler]Image

Species: Daxamite (Kryptonian offshoot)

The Czar Dynasty rules the planet Daxam with an iron fist, and her native son, Mir, is no exception to her autocratic rule. The game of politics for the throne of Daxam is not for the weak-willed, though, and Mir was born as a prince in line for that throne. He was exiled from his world in his early teens, wandering the cosmos in search of some source of power to claim his heritage, but along the way, those thoughts and even memories were suppressed by something dwelling deep within him. He became lost, and soon became the leader of Warworld - which he would use to make his claim to the throne valid, but Warworld had other plans.

From controlling Warworld to his service with Mad Max, Mir had profoundly changed and matured into a man. He strove to emulate Max and all of the things he stood for, going so far as to abandon his quest for Daxam's throne to be at Max's side. The tragic conclusion of the Ragnarok War left Mir almost broken, but guidance from holograms left by Max in case of his demise led him to make something of himself, and Max trusted him with his legacy - even going so far as to say Mir could and would surpass the Mad God in due time. Mir was at a loss as to how, but one thing was certain, Max left him with instructions and an evil artifact from the war: All-Black the Necrosword.

The Annihiblade seems to have taken a different personality than it's usual bloodthirsty self, yet Mir locks it away within his armor so that it doesn't affect his mental state regardless. He has access to it's bodily enhancing powers, but it's darkness control and shadow manipulation are utilized only in dire circumstances. Mir has recently taken up Max's mantle, donning a similar set of armor designed by Morningstar for the Daxamite, and has established goals. First, he wants to revive Max, Val, and Otto, but through what means he doesn't know. Next, Mir wants to create a team to emulate the bond formed between himself, Otto, Max, and Val - calling the group the Mad Gods to reference Maxwell. Lastly, he plans to finally take the throne of Daxam, but the discovery of a city hidden away in Earth by Max as a failsafe for the destruction of Madworld puts him at odds with this goal.

To top things off, Mir is slowly unravelling the inner workings of his mind even further, and with his exposure to All-Black, he's learned startling truths about his conception. He was born normally, but at his initial conception, his father - Czar-Lir - was imbued with atomic nanites from Brainiac unbeknownst to him, and these passed on to Mir directly. This was a project of the alien android to reverse bioengineer Kryptonians from the Daxamite offshoot, but it served to advance Mir's development, powers, and intellectual capability, to the point that Brainiac labeled him as "Brainiac 7" to skip over the generations of Brainiac descended from Vril Dox. This intellectual ability was hard-coded to be hidden deep within Mir's mental capacity, and finally awakened as he came into contact with All-Black the Necrosword.

Powers and Abilities:
  • Daxamite Loadout
  • Indomitable Will
  • Twelfth Level Intellect: Fully awakening his Brainiac 7 powers, with the speed and capacity in his Daxamite mind, Mir has intelligence that leaves Earth standards behind, and ranks among the top of the celestial intelligence ladder. He was gifted a title by Eternity, to serve alongside the Sorcerer and Scientist Supreme - Mir is the Strategist Supreme.
  • All-Black the Necrosword: He uses the ring as a storage for Yellow Sunlight, further increasing his abilities as a Daxamite and providing access to other potential powers. He has somehow incorporated his battery into his own body, ensuing the Ring is fully charged whenever it's around him.

  • Daxamite Weaknesses: Like Kryptonite...except with Lead.
  • Can have his will broken through traumatic means, and through doubt.
  • Inferiority Complex with lack of aggression - Mir simply feels outclassed and left behind by someone like Max, but deals with it by trying to be better.
  • The trauma of losing his closest friends and allies still burns deeply within him.

Destructive Capacity: Large Planetary

Speed: FTL (x10+)

Durability: Star Level

Lifting Strength: Class Y

Striking Strength: Class XKJ

Standard Equipment:
  • Sun-Absorber Armor: Specialized armor developed for Mir by Maxwell that continuously feeds Mir a steady supply of yellow sunlight while taking in and converting any solar radiation into usable yellow sunlight for the Daxamite. Said to have been forged from a blue supergiant, the armor can withstand solar-system busting attacks and deliver one if overloaded. It also provides a means to store and keep All-Black the Necrosword in check through unknown means.
  • All-Black the Necrosword: This sword hails from a long dead reality, and was once wielded by the fearsome Nul Tyranis, meaning two versions exist in the Beyond Universe. Mir wields this blade with contempt, as it stole the blood of his best friend and blood brother, Otto Godblessed. Though in extreme circumstances and dire situations, the sword will reveal itself, and Mir will fight with it. Over time, he hopes to fully harness it's abilities.

Intelligence: Twelfth Level Intellect, Mir is actually much smarter than Maxwell Morningstar and most beings in the universe due to his lineage as Brainiac 7. However, he carefully hides this stellar intellect as he isn't used to being such a brainy-smart, as the ability was hidden deep within his mind for so long. Still, he's getting the hang of it, and hopes to live up to the expectations set for the first Strategist Supreme.

Theme: There is raw emotion in this world.


    • Image
    • Image
    • Abilities: Strontian-derived due to partial ancestry. Runs off of confidence in his own abilities.
    • Biography: 19 | A half Human, half Strontian (with his father possessing a recessive trait for caucasian skin color because kek), Van Zant is described as a confident, smooth talking young man with great potential. There doesn't appear to be dilution from being half Human, though, his strength levels are affected by confidence.
    • Image
    • Image
    • Abilities: Eternal Loadout.
    • Biography: 2,000 | Andreas is young for an Eternal, but his power and battle prowess is impressive. Andreas left Eternal Society early on and pursued a life of solitude, but he emerged some years ago, with above average strength, speed, and durability for an Eternal. Seems a bit aloof and out of place at times.
    • Image
    • Image
    • Abilities: Homo Magi/Homo Superior Physiology.
    • Biography: 18 | Son of a Magi and a Mutant, Alan was either going to be powerful or not survive gestation. He has superhuman condition and regeneration, and and from his magical side, he has with an affinity for magic and spell creation and even being empowered by magic - allowing him to augment his own powers substantially.
    • Image
    • Image
    • Abilities: Tactile Telekinesis, at Kryptonian levels, for scale.
    • Biography: 21 | Victor is a towering wall of muscle, but his abilities come from his mind in the form of telekinesis, though, they only extend to just a few molecules above his skin. Despite that, it makes his TK incredible powerful and versatile, with Victor able to manipulate large objects easily by touching them and extending his telekinetic field.
    • Image
    • Image
    • Abilities: New God Physiology, with affinity for fire creation and manipulation to extreme degrees.
    • Biography: 22 | Kat was born on Apokolips, but raised off-world. Still, she succumbed to violent outbursts at times and with her powers, became a liability for her caretakers. Eventually settling on Earth, home to many superpowered men and women, Kat got the care she needed and developed into a powerful, heroic woman.
    • Image
    • Image
    • Abilities: Angelic Physiology
    • Biography: 21 | Johanna is a Physical Angel, born in Heaven, and sent to live on Earth among the humans to learn from them. In her stay, however, she has taken to helping them, and as punishment for this interference, must stay on Earth permanently.
    • Image
    • Image
    • Abilities: Kryptonian Loadout, with normal weaknesses and such.
    • Biography: 20 | A former resident of Kandor, Bree was enlarged in a freak science accident during her pre-teens. She lived secluded among humanity since then, her powers only showing whenever she became emotionally charged. A notable addition to her powers is the ability to fire solar energy blasts from her hands, though, this drains her power reserves.

The Daud Squad
Name/Alias: Daud | Sentinel

Gender: Male

Age: 32


Species: Superhuman

Daud is the son of two mutants themselves, but he does not like the term, and instead uses "Superhuman" instead as he feels it fits his personal description better, even if it does not represent reality. His father was a man of wrought iron and steel, hardy and well-fought while his mother was a woman of intelligence and sophistication, and in the lottery of birth, he ended up with all the good traits of his parents, while developing his own negative ones. From a young age, he had discovered that he could outstrip his classmates at all sorts of physical activities, and motivated by Stone Cold Steve Austin, he took an interest in wrestling and martial arts.

Supported by his parents, young Daud grew into an affluent douche, whose upturned nose at his own abilities was a source of major contempt from other young heroes at the time. He was quick to master skills and forms of combat, leading many of his former teachers to profess their amazement at the wunderkind and his lightning fast, direct confrontational style, leading to his adoption of the name Mirage, not after the optical phenomenon but the French and Latin roots meaning "to wonder at" and "to admire". He was placed on the fast track to join Infinite Justice, as other major groups first wanted to see him grow as a leader and person before putting an arrogant brat in their midst.

However, Daud had refused to join IJ at it's incarnation, and had business to settle with the gangs of his home town, New City, which ended up costing him the majority of his friendships, alliances, and even parents in a single battle. His only saving grace was the attainment of a Red Lantern ring of rage, and the brutal conquest of a Qwardian Lantern ring of fear, yet he would trade both of these treasures to return things to the way they should be. The past cannot be changed, though, so Daud was forced to move on, growing up and maturing immensely as he trained to harness the new powers he come to possess, ultimately joining Infinite Justice in the end.

In the four year interval following the Green Lantern Corps Arc, Daud had made true on his promise to create what he called the "Ultra Corps" to serve as a parallel to Infinite Justice, but taking an amoral stance on the death of villains. He and Kilian built the organization from the ground up, harnessing powerful heroes who shared their views and rejected the notion of allowing horrible, vile individuals who abused their power to destroy others to live. They practiced an extreme form of Justice, earning the ire of other groups, but becoming accepted in due time because of their commitment to avoiding needless deaths, proper handling of missions, punishing radical members, and working with international agencies to avoid conflict at all costs.

The fall of the Ultra Corps came during the pinnacle Kryptonian Invasion event, where millions of Kryptonians invaded Earth from the Negative Zone. Intending to unleash a bomb made of diluted Kryptonite in order to depower and capture most of the invasion force, a diabolical plot between Lex Luthor and Loki sabotaged the bomb, also known as the Krypton Cannon, by deliberately empowering the Kryptonite used in the explosion and further adding Asgardian magic into the mix. The result was a near-genocide of the Kryptonian race, falling directly onto Daud's shoulders. Unable to cope with the massive loss of life, even among allies and enemies alike, Daud mistakenly believed the Infinite Justice group had set him up, and launched the Civil War against them.

In a brutal, global campaign, the Ultra Corps was able to nearly crush the Infinite Justice outposts across the map, leaving few pockets of resistance and a stronghold in Brazil remaining. To Daud, though, he began to think clearly about the situation and re-directed his hatred and war against then-President of the United States, Lex Luthor, who Daud had eventually figured out was behind the Kryptonian Genocide in order to usurp command of the Ultra Corps from Daud. Under the pretense of negotiating a truce, Daud and a company of the Ultra Corps met with Daniel Carter and Infinite Justice, where the betrayal of UC was made apparent as the Ultra Corps received orders to eliminate both Daud and Daniel. Fighting alongside one another for a brief moment, a shred of friendship between the two was restored.

Rebranded from the Ultra Corps and into the Human Defense Corps, Infinite Justice was readily able to sweep the rug out underneath the HDC with Daud's aid and knowledge while he personally took charge of the war in North America, which culminated in a massive battle in Washington, D.C. with Daud managing to outplay Lex Luthor and kill him for good - eliminating all potential clones of the mad man as well. With some revenge fulfilled, Daud took his leave of Earth, finding his presence a destructive force, and left with what few loyalists remained to watch the galaxy - entrusting Daniel with protecting Earth while Daud promised to protect her stars. While out in the Milky Way, Daud planned an invasion against the Masaki Galaxy in order to probe their defenses and establish their readiness in order to locate allies. In a sweeping assault, the former Captain of the Ultra Corps effectively neutralized the Masaki Galaxy and her defending brothers, but surrendered at the last moment, providing his excuse, and gaining a powerful ally in the process.

After the battles, Daud went through several mental breakouts from the stress of bearing the weight of genocide on his shoulders, failing to sleep more than an hour every night without waking up from a panic attack. No one would see his suffering and he kept it hidden from the world, but deep in those dark times in the middle of the cold nights, he would attempt suicide. But, he didn't think it all the way through, and his brain simply adapted to the bullet after impact and before it completely liquefied from the force. He would live a while longer, yet would try once more on another night. This time armed with an explosive charge and a bullet made of adamantium-vibranium alloy, Daud's attempt would have succeeded had Sora-El not interrupted it. She sought him as an apparition, haunting him for a few moments, but begging him to save her from the cluches of Trigon. His arms shook as he put the pistol down and picked his Power Ring Cosmic back up, and returned to Earth.

There, he met Daniel, who had also seen Sora's ghost. Agreeing that she called them both to rescue her together, they put aside all past conflicts and headbutts in order to fully focus on saving their friend. To Daud, part of it was redemption, but a strong factor was the will to simply die. He and Daniel went headfirst into the fiery depths of Hell together, Daud slaughtering his way through to create a massive distraction so that Daniel would sneak around easier, reaching a peak when the duo came upon Trigon's Chamber, with Sora El and her son's souls in chains. Finding no other means except fighting, Daud shared his Power Ring Cosmic with Daniel by copying it, giving the duo a chance at dueling Trigon. The fight was epic in scale, but the result was Daud and Trigon plummeting into the endless hellfire pits together, with Daud embedded in Trigon's chest. Unable to free himself, Daud cut off his arm with the only blade he had - one that prevented biological regeneration - in order to live, finding that desire when faced with a literal eternity to spend in Hell.

The two exited Hell scorched and burned, Sora El with them, tending to Daniel and shocked to see Daud there as well - remembering that it was he who killed not only her, but her son and her family as well. Daud collapsed from exhaustion and excessive bleeding from his severed limb as his arm refused to regenerate, Sora-El would spare him, as her mind subconsciously called for him to rescue her as much as it called for Daniel. Time was spent after the Invasion of Hell recuperating, Daud making do without a hand, and spending time with Sora. The two grew close, and eventually began dating, but the Black Lantern Guardian, Nekron, began his invasion of Earth and threatened the universe at large, prompting the two into action. As Nekron and his endless zombie horde was defeated, Earth felt peace for nearly a decade after.

Daud and Sora-El married and had children soon after - a young boy and a younger girl. Daud has since retired from superherodom to focus on his family, but is still great friends with Daniel. Eventually, the two came to an agreement where Daud would take up Daniel's mantle of Sentinel and continue his legacy when Daniel no longer could, reasoning that by doing so, Daud was helping the world and Daniel by letting Sentinel exist without losing his own family in the process.

Powers and Abilities:
  • Superior Adaptation/Adaptive Regeneration: Perhaps Daud's greatest and most powerful ability, he can adapt and repair himself when facing nearly any situation, at first a simple addition to his skill set and slowly growing to be his most powerful trait. He can regenerate at supernatural speeds, and now after the timeskip, can induce his own adaptations when needed - though it can still happen subconsciously.
  • Absolute Condition: The years have been fairly easy on Daud, but his training did not stop, it only took a backseat to raising his family. Thus, his his impressive physique remained intact and even grew exponentially due to his adaptive powers, meaning he'd get the most out of training if it was only an hour after work. His condition rivals that of Gods themselves, and faced his fair share of them to attest to this fact.
  • Supernatural Combat: Beyond Level | Daud is a full-fledged master in multiple disciplines, both Earthly and Alien, combining much of the best traits universe-wide to produce a martial art that can potentially give regular citizens the power of deities when they fight. This style has become known as God Fist, and Daud uses it to greater effect than previously thought, even teaching some select few it's abilities.
  • Indomitable Will: Developed at some point prior to joining Infinite Justice, Daud has had tremendous willpower and resolve, never giving a single inch if he felt the need. Daud's development of this power has only grown since settling down with his family, teetering to Absolute Willpower, but never manifesting in the physical world. Despite this, Daud is not strategically inept and will retreat if the situation calls for it, but the power is mainly held by allowing him to keep a perfect, clear sense of mind in the face of mental attacks, approaches, and the like.
  • Tactical Analysis: Daud has been shown to be a master strategist and tactician, a power he himself did not know he possessed, but more than likely developed it as a side-effect of his adaption powers. His plans are able to take into account multiple scenarios, adapt to changes, and plan things to the very last detail. He is one of the reasons for the Ultra Corps' major successes throughout it's existence, as his mind is always on the move, and it drives him to stay multiple steps ahead of any potential opponent, not just current ones. Despite the nine years of being away, he has kept up with his sound mind, yet tactically executes grocery shopping instead of villains nowadays, though.

  • Unpredictable circumstances render his tactical advantages void, as he won't be able to account for them.
  • Daud can be harmed physically, but death is seeming like a further and further option as his abilities progress.
  • Magic is still unknown to Daud. He has the smallest immunity of any powers to magic, meaning he would be rather fucked against a Magic User.
  • Ki manipulation is difficult, to the point that he has abandoned it as an artform. His own brutal powers and abilities make up for them, in his mind at least. He has only recently been taught to read Ki levels.
  • Quick, rushed fights can be his undoing if the opponent is of greater power than he is, as he won't have time to adapt.
  • His past actions, and even his current ones, seem to have taken a toll on Daud. He has been receiving mental help for them, however, and his family is helping as well.
  • His family is now his main priority, thus, his dreams of achieving a universe-wide lasting peace may have been abandoned.
  • Anti-Regenerative weaponry or powers can hinder his regeneration, and thus adaption.
  • Stronger, Faster, and more Intelligent Opponents can best him. Every man's weakness!

Destructive Capacity:
  • Base: Solar System
  • With Atomic Smashing Strike: Universal+

  • FTL (x1,000,000,000)

  • Galaxy-Level
  • Universal-Level+ with Adaption

Lifting Strength:
  • Class Z+

Striking Strength:
  • Class NJ
    ASS: Universal+

  • Nearly Infinite

Standard Equipment:
  • Casual wear
  • Via Power Ring storage:
    • Cosmic Power Ring
    • Sword of Twilight
    • Nordic Battle Armor
    • Eternity Gauntlet

  • Second only to Daniel Carter, highly intelligent and competent in strategies, tactics, and battle sense.

Optional stuff: N/A
Theme song: Here.

Random Facts:
  • Return of the Mac

The Celestial Slayers

Name/Alias: Nomad | Syn | Celestial Slayer |

Gender: Male

Age: 30


Species: Human

Syn was born long ago in the universe known as Earth-4280, a realm where Celestials ruled the enslaved organics and sentients when not exterminating them. This universe was bleak and grimdark, but mankind would tell wild tales of men rising high into space to challenge the Gods themselves. The man known as Asimov grew up under the yoke of the Celestials and the thought of being exterminated by his overlords at every turn. He was one of the humans that dreamed of rising against the Space Gods, but this world lacked the special touches of Celestials in other universes, so man was simply man and nothing more. By pure chance, Asimov happened upon a fallen god on Earth - unlike the Celestials in appearance - but with a feeling that the body was simply...Beyond.

Clutched in the dead god's hand was a spear, bloodied by the energy-essence of Celestials, Asimov quickly grasped the object and became aware of the events leading to the previous wielders' demise. The Beyonders wished to destroy the Multiverse for some grand experiment, and after numerous failed attempts thwarted by the Mad Celestials, they sent one of their own with a weapon designed to kill them. Yet, the Space Gods overwhelmed him after a prolonged and absolutely thunderous battle, and the Beyonder teleported away, succumbing to his injuries before being able to return to his home dimension.

The spear granted Asimov large powers, more than any man before him or after in his universe, enough to - in his mind - defeat Celestials. He realized even something so otherworldly like a Beyonder was unable to kill them, but reckoned he stood somewhat of a chance, not understanding that the Rift Splitter was not meant to be wielded by non-Beyonders. Still, with spear in hand, Asimov was accosted by a Celestial Host before he could flee the scene of the Beyonder's body. They demanded he turn over the weapon, and he adamantly refused, griping it tightly, he charged forward to battle the Space Gods themselves. He was woefully outclassed, and the Celestial Host simply toyed with him most of the battle, humoring the man all the while.

In a last ditch effort, Asimov charged the leader of the Celestial Host with his spear in hand, stabbing it directly into the Celestial's armored chest. To their shock, it actually plunged into the leader's armor, striking at his inner essence. Panicked, the Celestial slammed his giant hand against Asimov, impaling the man on the other end of the Rift Splitter. The piece of Beyonder technology acted like a conduit, transferring the Celestial's power from the Space God to Asimov. That Celestial wielded the Anti-Ragnarok Equation by chance once more, and as the Space God's armor crumbled, Asimov was no more, and Syn stood in his place. From there, the Host fled, regrouping to reclaim the Equation and the Rift Splitter at a later date.

The now god-like Syn developed a reputation for being a Slayer of Celestials, and made true on his title by pushing back against the Space Gods of his universe, but the End destroyed all, and when the universe was reset by God Emperor Doom, the Mad Celestials were still on the brink. With the Beyonders gone, the Rift Splitter fully unlocked it's potential, eventually driving the Celestials to extinction in Earth-4280. Recently, though, an even greater threat approaches that universe, and Syn was forced to flee into another - ours - in order to find both sanctuary and the opposing force of the Anti-Ragnarok Equation in order to deal with the next crisis plaguing the Multiverse.

Powers and Abilities:
  • Energy Manipulation: Syn wields the Anti-Ragnarok Equation, giving him the ability to reverse entropy locally and on a cosmic scale, granting him a large pool of energy that is truly infinite in nature. He uses this ability proficiently, as he must rely on it to survive most hostile encounters and environments, as he lacks any other notable powers beyond it and it's applications - save for his spear, Rift Splitter.
  • Rift Splitter: A spear originating from the Beyonders themselves, the Rift Splitter allows a wielder to slash across time, space, dimensions, and universes at whim - though the concentration and energy required is phenomenal in scope. The spear can also sever concepts, cutting friendship and loyalty, among other things, with it's ethereal blade. A side effect of the spear bestows supernatural condition to the wielder. The Almighty Spear:

  • Ragnarok Equation/Entropy: The antithesis to his own power source, the Ragnarok Equation represents the ultimate expression of entropy and heat death of the universe. Syn's ability attempts to prevent it, but it is inevitable, and his own energy cannot last forever, so it's absorbing effects will overpower and outpace the projection of energy in most cases.
  • Energy Siphon: Nomad/Syn can have his energy siphoned and used against him fairly easily, since unlike the Ragnarok Equation which holds a firm grasp on the energy it absorbs, the Anti-Ragnarok Equation allows it to freely reverse entropy and give off energy. A sufficiently large siphon can outpace his own personal production, leaving him unable to use his own energy.
  • Theft: Nothing is tying the Rift Splitter to his hands other than his own firm grip, without which, he is left with just his masterful energy manipulation.
  • Mind Attacks: Syn holds no real defenses against mental invasion, though has a natural defense against intrusion by Celestials - this immunity does not carry over to other races, strangely.

Destructive Capacity: Multi-Galactic Level

Speed: FTL (x1,000,000+)

Durability: Galaxy Level

Lifting Strength: Stellar

Striking Strength: Galactic Class

Standard Equipment:
  • Rift Splitter
  • Anti-Ragnarok Equation

Intelligence: Fairly tactile and highly intelligent, Nomad/Syn is also very self-aware and fun-loving rather than being serious and stoic. He cracks jokes and makes friends, but his mental prowess is incredible sound, enough to take down Space Gods like Celestials with complex plans and timed events to ensure their ultimate demise. He's very wise as well, but is on the relaxing side of that wisdom, allowing himself to simply take his time and let things sort themselves out.

Optional Stuff

Theme Song: "I am the bane of Celestials, their nightmare rendered physical, and the embodiment of all they stand against.."

Random Facts:

The Sovereign Seven

Name/Alias: Sovereign

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown



Species: Eternal

No one beyond the Eternal himself knows his true past, as the centuries wear hard against organic life as the Eternals march on. Sovereign was born in the Third Generation, placing his age at more than 20,000 Years, but even then, records of the young man are scarce, and knowledge of his existence is ill-remembered among the Eternals. What this means is that Sovereign left Earth while young, and pursued whatever dreams he had in the galaxy at large. In fact, the Eternal himself barely even recognizes or cares for Earth beyond it being his birth place, as he feels his true home is among the stars.

Sovereign journeyed across planets and star systems, finding life outside of the Celestial's domain, and beginning a series of cults among those primitive races to satisfy some God Complex he had centuries ago. Drunk off power, he drove several races to extinction through wars, conquests, and economic mismanagement. However, the young man grew out of such petty lifestyles as he matured, finding a better home with civilizations taking to the stars, finding himself as a subject of the Kree and Shia'r a few times, but he stayed away from spotlights, choosing instead to watch from afar, quietly resigning himself to simply observe rather than intervene.

Things changed soon, though, as his homeworld became the center of Galactic attention in recent years, forcing Sovereign to play a greater and more active role in the Galaxy, taking charge of small nations and leading them to victory against overwhelming forces from larger space empires, using his knowledge of the Kree and Shi'ar to route their imposing forces. This earned him great respect as a military commander, and a powerful combatant, across the Milky Way, and Sovereign became a natural choice for leadership in the Builder War. He refused the title, though, electing to command reserve forces in case the heroes of Earth failed.

In actuality, his refusal was less of a noble gesture and more of a way to concentrate his energies on the post-Builder War Galaxy, allowing him to build up a sizable electorate and alliance system centered on himself, effectively uniting the Milky Way Galaxy under one ruling council, and then rested upon a sole executive - Sovereign. The political maneuver is credited with restoring normalcy to the Galaxy following the Builders' assault, and places Sovereign in charge of the largest political body in the Milky Way, effectively making him the most powerful man in the galaxy. Under his command, the Galactic Federation has held sway over 60% of the Milky Way, and their military power has effectively outclassed the Kree and Skrull Empires in both size and complexity.

To aid in ruling his massive galactic enterprise, Sovereign created an inner circle of elite combatants from the Builder War to serve as his personal guard and executors of his will throughout Federation-held territories, that grouping formally known as the Sovereign Seven, and is considered as analogues to the Shi'ar Imperial Guard and the Kree's Accuser Corps. Despite the running of the Milky Way, Sovereign has began to take a bigger interest in what Earth is up to, and how it stands in the grand scheme of his near-absolute rule in the Galaxy.

Powers and Abilities:
  • Eternal Powerset: Sovereign is immensely powerful as a long-lived Eternal of Earth, possessing strength, speed, stamina, and durability that would outclass a Kryptonian at his base form. Not only that, but he is a gifted telekinetic with high intelligence, even among Eternals, leaving no question to his ability to rule over the Galactic Federation in both mind and body.
  • Almighty Armor: A powerful exosuit built to house the Eternal, the Almighty Armor derives it's power from, what in essence is, a Big Bang. This gives the galactic overlord a vast potential for energy and matter augmentation, not to mention defenses that go into universal scales. Sovereign had this armor commissioned during the Builder War as a last-resort option for his forces in that conflict, but now wears it to symbolize his power over the Milky Way.

  • Under no circumstances can Sovereign attack a Celestial - Doing so will automatically shutdown his body.
  • Also as an Eternal, he is compelled to attack and neutralize any being that attempts to harm a Celestial
  • His armor, if cracked, will produce a bleed from the Big Bang that it contains and will very likely kill him.

Destructive Capacity: Planetary Level - Theoretically Universal if his armor is breached, triggering a second Big Bang. He will die in the process, though.

Speed: FTL (x10+)

Durability: Star Level - Theoretically Universal if his armor holds together.

Lifting Strength: Class Y

Striking Strength: Class XJ

Standard Equipment:
  • Almighty Armor

Intelligence: Sovereign is exceptionally gifted, and has had thousands of years to hone his mind even further. He makes one of the most dangerous opponents out there as he knows his limitations and powers to an absolute T, and thus, never holds his punches or restrains himself against an adversary. He is tactically adept, however, and was able to make great strides for himself and his allies against the Builders, the resulting alliance eventually forming into the Galactic Federation with Sovereign taking charge over it, showing his skills as both leader, commander, and fighter.

Optional Stuff

Theme song: "...I am beyond your comprehension. I am Sovereign."

Random Facts:
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Name/Alias: Everett Martin/Continuum

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):

Species: Human

Everett never knew his parents, or, if he did, he didn't even remember what they looked like. His earliest memory was being taken into foster care at the age of 7, and living in an orphanage in New York. However, when the government tried to track down his parents, they couldn't find them, and they couldn't find the child either. Officially, Everett did not exist. So, he was given his new name, and lived out his life in the orphanage.

It was a good life, and he was incredibly gifted. In school, he had seemingly unparalleled knowledge. In history, he could recall all major events in history and the specific dates in which they occurred. In science classes, he could even recall the dates of various major extinctions and other events to the day. Most assumed that he was just coming up with random dates, but, somehow, he just knew them. He was also very physically fit, being somewhat having little body fat and a somewhat lean body.

During his time in the orphanage, he gained many friends, but, he also made many enemies, people who thought he was a know it all, and a perfectionist. When Everett was 12, an older boy, a 16 year old, finally acted on these feelings, and decided they wanted to take Everett down a peg. Three kids ganged up on him, all of them at least two years older than Everett. The 16 year old, the ringleader of the group threw the first punch. But, as Everett lifted his arms to shield his face, something astonishing happened. Everything around him took on a dark blue shade of color, and time seemingly froze.

Everett had no idea what was going on at the time, and, confused, reached out to try to poke his attacker's fist, to see if what he was actually real. When his finger made contact, it just phased through the assailant's hand as if it was just air. It was like he didn't even exist anymore. But, Everett got an idea from this new power he had gained. Despite being like a reflex, it was like learning how to walk. Having done it once, he could do it again. He threw an uppercut at the one who was attacking him, quickly focusing on unfreezing time as it reached his opponent. As the punch struck, he froze time again, repeating the process with the other two boys ganging up on him.

After unfreezing time for good, all the opponents fell to the ground. In less than a second, they were all knocked out. Upon seeing them laying on the ground, Everett suddenly went into a panic. If he seriously hurt them, he could face punishment. He decided to run away, and around the age of 17, decided to take matters into his own hands, and become a hero.

Powers and Abilities:
Power Eternal

His main ability is Time Manipulation, and, although absolute, his abilities are mostly unknown to him. He currently aware of one ability, which shall be covered later. However, the Time Manipulation itself stems from a the Power Eternal, a cosmic force consisting of a sliver of the power of Eternity. It despite being a incredibly small fraction of Eternity's own power, it still offers immense powers to it's user, if wielded properly. Power Eternal users are living embodiments of time, and exist aspects of Eternity. In this sense, they do not exist outside the timeline, but instead, are the timeline. There is also some level of precognition already available.

Time Lag

This is the only ability in his power set he can currently use. It basically allows him to slow down time to whatever degree he pleases. He does it by unwittingly bringing his own body into a dimension that exists only in time, not in space, thus it overlaps the normal dimension, as if sharing the same space. However, because he must currently exit the physical plane to use this ability, he becomes intangible, unable to interact with objects while using slowed down or stopped time. It allows him to be able to move instantaneously, and seemingly teleport.

- He's human, and has the durability to match the title.
- His Time Lag's weaknesses are detailed above.
- He can only deliver a peak human level strike, meaning that when fighting heavy hitters his only viable strategy is to dodge or run away.

Destructive Capacity: Street Level

Speed: Immeasurable through time fuckery

Durability: Peak Human

Lifting Strength: Peak Human

Striking Strength: Peak Human

Energy Projection: N/A

Standard Equipment: Clothes and stuff

Intelligence: Very high learning ability and knowledge

Optional stuff.

Theme song: Caught Somewhere in Time
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Name/Alias: Damien Myers/Boogeyman

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):

The Boogeyman Spirit always takes the form of the previous Boogeyman's preferred appearance until the current host accepts the Boogeyman Spirit.

Species: Human/Spirit

Backstory: The Boogeyman has been around as long as creatures have been afraid of the dark. He was a nonphysical entity, only able to bring fear and nightmares to those on the mental plane. Eventually, however, it decided to take a host. Possessing a baby, the child grew up quite normal, until it hit the age of 18. Then it's powers truly manifested, and the Boogeyman corrupted the beings mind. Whenever the host was killed, the Boogeyman simply found a new host. This happened for thousands of years, until the number 'number of the beast' became popular with his old friend Lucifer.

The Boogeyman at the time, an Arabic man who was starting a religion, decided to use this to determine a host, and the Spirit of the Boogeyman agreed. Now, after the Boogeyman dies, the Boogeyman Spirit waits 66 years. Then, on the 6th day of the 6th month, he possesses the 6th child born at the 6th second of the 6th minute of the 6th hour. That child becomes the the Boogeyman.

Damien was the most recent child to fit this description. When he turned 18, the Boogeyman Spirit began to attempt to corrupt his mind. Damien was strong-willed, however, and has so far been able to keep the evil at bay, and has even been able to use a few of the Boogeyman's powers. This is all coming to a change though, and the ancient Spirit recently proposed a challenge to young Damien:
The Spirit suggested that a group of heroes and villains were brought to the Dream World, where they would fight each other, help each other, relive their most terrifying memories and face their greatest fears. Damien and the Spirit would both place wagers on the outcome of the challenge, and at the end, whoever won the most wagers won the mind. If Damien won, then he would be given access to all of the Boogeyman's powers and the Spirit would leave him be until he was killed. If the Boogeyman Spirit won, then Damien would accept his role as the Boogeyman.

Powers and Abilities: Semi-Immortality (doesn't age, will never die of natural causes), Teleportation, Shapeshifting, Illusion Manipulation, Black Sand (more info momentarily), Dream Manipulation, Sleep Inducement
Dreams come from the magical entity known as the Sandman. His magic sand is what allows people to dream. With a single touch, the Boogeyman can change this golden sand into Black Sand, which causes nightmares, and manipulate it to his whim (think Pitch Black from Rise of the Guardians).

Fear Inducement, Fear Manipulation,Fear Manifestation, Fearlessness (yeah, it's apparently classified as a power), Phobia Creation

Weaknesses: The Boogeyman Spirit is bound to a host, the Boogeyman's power is limited based on how much fear there is in the world (little fear, he is only powerful in the Dream World. A LOT of fear, he can use his powers in the real world). Until Damien accepts his role as the Boogeyman (or wins the challenge should the Story Arc happen), he does not have full access to his powers (those within the spoiler will be granted at this time, and the others will simply be limited until then).

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: He is very knowledgeable on fear.

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character: Just to clarify, the Boogeyman is the name of the host after he accepts the role, the Boogeyman Spirit is the ancient entity that possesses the child.

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The Dark Ones

Name/Alias: Sergun, Dark Lord of the Below

Gender: none, but for mortal comprehension his voice is male.

Age: Infinite, he has always existed and will exist as long as the omniverse exists

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):
True Form: Image

Mortal Form: Image

Species: Elderian

Backstory: As a member of the pantheon of the 5 Elderians, Sergun is the manifestation of evil incarnate. While the other Elderians took there homes in their dimensions, Sergun made his way into Universe 5 and infected the Earth there in its earliest days. There he has lived in the 4th universe, watching the other ones pop up around the omnivores. Sergun guided a certain species of reptiles through the early days of the planet which eventually evolved into the dinosaurs. When a meteor struck the planet and wiped out the dinosaurs. Sergun decided to take a step back in case of other unforeseen galactic consequences sneaking up on him while he roamed the planet in mortal form. Sergun watched as Universe 5 was wiped devoid of life forms and restarted with the Builders coming in and adding all the life. Sergun watched as the Celestials and the Asgardians clashed and watched the Lantern corps. He has always been watching, manipulating the universe in a way he sees fit, playing a never ending game of chess with the natural forces, so that the conditions may be ideal for him to unleash himself and take over, letting this universe turn evil and begin to tip the balance of the multiverse.

Powers and Abilities:
Mind Breaking: Sergun can break minds with ease, turning the victim into his obedient slave. The more advanced the being, the more force it takes him ex: a rat would be equivalent to enough force to lift your pinky, a human like pushing a pencil etc. can be broken by magicians but if he is watching can have disastrous consequences for the one trying to break his spell.

Corruption: when mind breaking is not enough straight corruption will do. By overwhelming his victims souls and minds Sergun can change a persons mortal character from pure good to the worst of villains with a bit more effort than it would take to mind break them. Different kinds of corruption may happen from subtle corruption, which merely turns a persons mind evil to shadow corruption, which turns a person into a shadow being, to lovecraftian which causes tentacles to erupt from random points of the body. The possibilities are endless.

Possession: and for those with indomitable wills and souls of pure light, Simply eject that persons soul forcibly and hijack their body. Of course if this is for deception you should probably keep the soul under control as if it gained a new body...

Telekenesis, Complete Mastery: you guys know what telekinesis is right? That to its maximum potential.

Nigh Omnipresence: Sergun is aware of most happening in the universe. However he does not know all and while he may know something major is happening at a location he may not know what is happening.

Mortal Form only:

Elderian Physiology: Basically Kryptonian, only they don't rely on stars for their power. They also never need to heal because there body are indestructible except for weapons of pure good ex: Excalibur, Mjolnir. However most of these aren't strong enough to do damage, except for the Sword of 1000 Truths.

Matter Manipulation: Self explanatory but he can turn anything into anything.

Weaknesses: The Sword of 1000 truths can one shot his mortal form if you get it in his chest. Though he cannot be killed he can be defeated and contained within a net of truth though you would have to trap his true form from within the Below. Blue power rings can be more effective against him than other weapons. He can only posses on person at once.

Key for stats
MF: mortal form
TF: True Form
Destructive Capacity:
MF: Stellar
TF: Multi Solar System

TF: he is kinda a giant cave squid in this form so... above human
MF: Continent level, unless the Sword is involved, then he's kinda screwed note that he will return to his True Form in the Below once killed in MF
TF: Omniversal, as long as Evil exists, Sergun will also exist.

Lifting Strength:
MF: Country level

Striking Strength:
MF: Continental
TF: City level

Energy Projection MF and TF: in a rush Country level, given time to posses things and power his mental capacity Multi Galaxy

Standard Equipment: he doesn't really use equipment.

Intelligence: he has been around since the Omniverse began...

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:

Notes: True Form exchanges physical strength for sheer mental power. He goes from having to concentrate to break a kryptonians mind to the previous feat being compared to snapping his fingers. And if you think he is way to powerful to have room to develop... I have much more planned. Like I have a 3 page word document outlining future arcs.

The Below is a cave system built into the earth. It exists on its own plane and can only be accessed through portals. It is filled with Sergun's minions and is home to his true and terrible form.

Name/Alias: Gaialotha, The Old One of Death

Gender: Female

Age: 13.82 billion years old

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): True Form:#toobig

Mortal Form: Image

Species: Dark One

Backstory: in that IC and Serguns app

Powers and Abilities:
Elderian Physiology: See Serguns app, he is basically the base template for all fo these guys, they all have his abilities with one or two unique ones.
Death Link: Gaia's body radiates an energy that lashes out at any living mortal near her, killing weaker ones instantly and weakening stronger ones. this ability taxes her though so she cant keep it going for a whole fight.
Kiss of Death: Gaia instantly kills any non-immortal/not a Dark One that she kisses on the lips.
Lich Queen: instead of straight possession like the other Dark Ones, Gaia kills her victims and then reainimates them to serve her.

Weaknesses: Gaia is weak to Doomhowl, the the blue axe of fear, she has no resistance to it. She also is weak to kryptonians, their very DNA programmed to destroy her.

Destructive Capacity: Tf: Stellar, MF: Planetary
Speed: TF: bout the speed of a car, MF: FTL

Durability: TF: same as all of the other Dark Ones, as long as her element of chaos exists, so does she

Lifting Strength: both forms about city level

Striking Strength: building level in both forms

Standard Equipment: Clothes

Intelligence: she's been around since the beggining of everything, and was sealed within Krypton for a while

Optional stuff.

Theme song:

Random Facts about your character:
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Name/Alias: Vega

Gender: Male

Age: Millions of years old (Appears mid-30s)

Vega Normal Form

Vega in Disguise

Vega Super Form

Vega's Ultimate Form

Species: Demon

Backstory: Vega was made out of the fires of hell by Satan himself long ago. Vega was supposed to become a super-soldier for the Legions of Hell. Millions of years ago, he escaped after millennia of training. Vega was a roamer, traveling the ends of the universe for more millennia, just looking for a home. He learned about many different traditions and cultures from many different galaxies. Vega was shunned by the people of the universe, as they thought he brought pure evil, and they weren't completely wrong. Everywhere Vega went, he caused chaos, destruction, and lots of death. Legend has it that he slaughtered whole species because they made him angry, but this is highly unlikely. He is, however, directly responsible for millions of deaths across the universe when he traveled. Vega visited so many planets and could never find a place to stay. He was about to give up all hope until he came to Earth, where he made contact with humans in a city called Gotham. He saw the brutality and primitiveness of the people there, and he loved it. Vega was also amazed that the humans even tried to fight him, and he would kill groups of them in one hit just so he could amuse himself when he was bored. Vega loved seeing the death and destruction around the world, and how warlike humans were. He traveled the globe, content with his new home. Vega now resides in a cave on a small island near the East Coast of the United States. He can be described as a complete psychopath, caring for absolutely no one's life whatsoever. Vega has a very cold and intimidating demeanor, and the only thing he finds joy in is killing people for the fun of it.

Powers and Abilities:
-Superhuman Speed and Agility
-Superhuman Strength
-Superhuman Durability and Stamina
-Limited Teleportation
-Ability to Breath in Space
-Ability to emit Energy Beams from his Fingertips
-Ability to Make Portals to Hell
-Hellfire Manipulation: Vega can summon the fires of hell and perfectly control it, using the flames for anything he desires
-Supernatural Combat: Since Vega has been alive for millions of years, he knows everything there is to know about combat
-One-Man Army: Due to Vega's millions of years of training, he can fight whole army's by himself and defeat them with ease
-Dark Manipulation: Vega can control shadows and the darkness for his bidding

-Holy and Divine Magic.
-Vega is a megalomaniac, and has a very bad superiority complex.

Normal Form|Super Form|Ultimate Form

Destructive Capacity: Island Level

Speed: Mach 33

Durability: Continent Level

Lifting Strength: Class P

Striking Strength: Class NJ

Standard Equipment: Vega possess a type of magical armor from Hell that can protect him from any simple weapons such as guns and swords. He is still susceptible to holy magic and holy weapons.

Intelligence: Very books smart and knowledgeable about many things

Optional stuff

Theme song: Vega's Theme

Random Facts about your character:

Alias: Genesis (Daniel Cruise)

Gender: Male

Age: 21


Species: Mutant

Backstory: Daniel Cruise was born on August 15, 1994 in Coast City to David and Helen Cruise. Daniel was born into money, and never had to deal with financial instability. He was sent to the best schools and got the best stuff during his childhood. He had good friends and good grades.

But when he was 16, he accidentally portrayed his mutant powers. Everyone at school thought it was cool, and he would show everyone his powers. His parents, however, were not happy. They thought the government would take him and research him. They had to do something fast. But before they could do anything, the government took him away.

The Feds tested all kinds of new, painful chemicals on him. Even though they caused considerable pain, they gave him even more powers, such as super strength, super speed, and most importantly, regeneration. It was a scheme made by the US called the Future Warrior Program. Many superhuman a, mutants, and others were held in there for testing and the likes, but no one had ever escaped. But Daniel tried, and succeeded. The US armed forces did their best to stop him, but he escaped and spread the word about it. He was pardoned by the YS President and the project was shut down

After a couple years, Daniel's parents decided to try and get Daniel into Charles Xavier School for Mutants to control his powers. At first, he was reluctant to go away from his hometown, and he was a very mischievous student. But as he got to know people, Daniel started to cooperate and he became a great student. It was seen that Daniel has an array of powers, ranging from laser beams eyes that could become so precise, they could perform lobotomy, all the way to making energy constructs and having power sensing abilities.

When he graduated, Daniel went back to Coast City. He discovered that his parents had given him much of their fortune so he could start crime fighting. First, he needed a suit. He got in touch with the weapon's development branch of his parent's company, and they said they had blueprints for a super suit, similar to Iron Man's suit. This only had it to his already very large amount of strength. He is now going out into the world, trying his best to help the people of Earth.

Powers and Abilities:
-Superhuman Speed and Agility
-Superhuman Strength and Durability
-Superhuman Stamina and Density
-Superhuman Senses
-No Need of Oxygen
-Heat and Cold Resistance

Mutant Powers:
-Optic Beams
-Energy Constructs
-Power Sensing

Weaknesses: Daniel has no special protection against magic. He is also still very young and reckless, not knowing his true limits.

Normal Level|Suit Level

Destructive Capacity: Island Level|Moon Level

Speed: Mach 1000|1,000,000m/s

Durability: Island Level + Regeneration|Country + Regeneration

Lifting Strength: Class T|Class P

Striking Strength: Class EJ|Class ZJ

Standard Equipment: Daniel is equipped with a futuristic suit that is able to store energy, fly, lift a few hundred tons, and could shoot out miniature rockets and concussion beams. It has two grappling hooks on each wrist, a small glass touchscreen computer on his forearm, an ultraviolet and infrared scanner, a cloaking device, knockout gas, an invisible forcefield around it, and a built in flashlight. It has many luxury additions, such as being able to cool and warm itself, and having its own, un-hackable wi-fi system. It is run by a new type of energy called fusion power, and EMPs do little damage. He also owns a semi-automatic pistol and a ballistic knife, just in case his powers and suit is somehow drained.

Intelligence: He's as smart as the above average human. He is very street-smart, as well. He knows how to hack computers, and knows MMA and kickboxing

Optional Stuff

Theme Song: Les Friction-Louder Than Words

Random Facts about your Character:
•Daniel lives in a penthouse on the tallest building in Coast City.
•Daniel knows 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, and Mandarin Chinese
•Daniel is an expert in weapons, and he even brings a trusty pistol and combat knife to battle.

Alias: Jacob Avery (AKA Polarice)

Gender: Male

Age: 41



Species: Meta-Human

Jacob Avery was a Canadian boy who always loved the cold. He would love when it snowed outside, and he would go frolic in his front yard, putting snow on his tongue and making snow angels. When he became a teenager, he was very smart, and always got straight A's, even through high school.

Jacob wanted to pay for his own college instead of putting the burden on his mother, so he got a job in ice mining, in which he would mine for valuable items in ice. It was good paying, and it was in the cold, making him love his job even more.

But one day, Jacob stumbled upon a humongous, shining ice rock, almost like a meteor. He went to go mine it, thinking it held something of very large value. But right when he stuck his tool in the ice, it caused a huge burst of light, blinding Jacob for a period of time and knocking him unconscious.

When he woke up, he a hospital, which looked very busy. He was admitted out of the hospital. When he walked back to his apartment, two thugs tried to take his money. If by instinct, he stabbed both of them through the chest with ice stalagmites that seemed to have formed around him. He fled the scene, thinking someone saw what had happened. He got home and tried to figure out what was going on.

Eventually, after weeks of research, Jacob discovered he had powers to manipulate ice and freeze water and water vapor. Those weren't his only powers, but those were the ones apparent to him. He used said powers to go out into the world and help protect the citizens of the US and Canada.

Polarice got into many large battles, with enemies such as The God of Destruction Frost, a Speedster, and Captain Cold. He made a family, but they soon lost touch, and fought alongside great heroes. But one day, he was fighting a villain; we don't really remember who, and to save everyone in the area, Polarice leaped off a cliff with the villain, seemingly killing them both.

However, a year later, Polarice woke up, wondering what had happened. He got out of the icy ravine, and went out into the world. Everyone was amazed that he was still alive, and today he is trying to get in touch with old friends. But, it seems as if those people in the past are gone now, and Polarice has to start anew. He wanders North America to help out those in need, and to hopefully find new allies.

Powers and Abilities: (Note: All powers must have ice, water, or water vapor present to be effective)
-Ice Manipulation- Polarice's ice doesn't break or melt to normal forces. However, a stronger/supernatural force can easily break it.

-Water Manipulation

-Vapor Manipulation


-Aquatic Respiration

-Ice Breath

-Arctic Adaption

-Dehydration- Polarice can take all of the water out of someone's system or freeze all of the water, effectively freezing them

-Flight/Levitation- Polarice can shoot ice "beams" in order to lift off the ground and fly. He can also use it to levitate

-Ice Mimicry- Polarice can turn his whole body into ice

-Polarice has no special resistance to magic
-Polarice can be severely weakened if he is going against someone with fire manipulation
-If there is no water vapor, Polarice cannot use his powers

Destructive Capacity: Wall/Tree Level

Speed: Sonic Speed (using Ice)

Durability: City Block + Regeneration

Lifting Strength: Class 25

Striking Strength: Class MG

Standard Equipment: Costume, which can absorb water vapor, water, and ice

Intelligence: Genius level IQ, and very street smarts.

Optional Stuff

Theme Song: Eren's Berserk Theme- Attack on Titan

Random Facts about your Character:
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Name/Alias: Extinction

Gender: Male

Age: Incalculable through the Power Eventuality

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!): Extinction

Species: Unknown

Backstory: Unknown

Powers and Abilities:
Power Eventuality

The Power Eventuality is the sibling to the Power Eternal and Power Cosmic. It represents death and decay, and is directly connected to the cosmic entity known as Death. But, unlike it's sibling power, the Power Eternal, it a user of the Power Eventuality does not directly draw their power from the source. Instead, they must feed to regain lost power, and will never truly be satiated, although, if they were, it would put them on the same level as the being from whom they draw their power. Extinction, in order to maintain his power and hunger, must feed on decay in any of it's forms. most commonly death. When relatively satiated, which requires the deaths of several billion beings on the level of power of normal human beings, he is comparable to Darkseid, though, he rarely has access to such ability. However, if he feeds on the death of other cosmic entities, his powers can near that of Death herself.

- His hunger grows stronger and stronger as he exerts effort, which means that extended combat will cause significant fatigue.
- His suit is critical to his survival when incredibly hungry, for reasons which will not be disclosed yet.
- His cosmic awareness can cloud his mind if a large event occurs in the universe during combat, drawing his attention away from the fight at hand.

Normal Maximum | Cosmic Powered

Destructive Capacity: Galactic+ | Universal+

Speed: FTL+ | Nigh Omnipresent

Durability: Galactic+ | Universal+

Lifting Strength: Stellar+ | Immeasurable

Striking Strength: Galactic Class | Universal Class

Standard Equipment: His armor along with a bitchin' hood and cape

Intelligence: Incredibly intelligent due to cosmic awareness, and, though, is quick to anger.

Optional stuff.

Theme song: Pantera - Floods

Random Facts about your character:
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Name/Alias: Jay Wyatt/Pixel

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Appearance(Pics are fine, include costume if needed!):

Species: Human

Backstory: Jay Wyatt was always a... reserved child. He was obsessed with Pokemon and video games in general, and easily managed to "catch them all", even keeping up with current generations. Jay was often the target of bullies during his school years for this odd obsession, even modeling his style and haircut after the character known as "Red". While his obsession continued to other video games, Pokemon was always his true love. His father was a renowned scientist working on Biomechanical weaponry. During a test involving nanites, a terrible accident caused an explosion which resulted in many casualties, including Jay's father. Jay was there applying for an internship when it happened. The nanites bonded with his DNA, and gave him abilities beyond his wildest dreams.

With this ability, he was able to bring enough gold from video games to the real world to not only become the world's youngest trillionaire, but also allowed him to hire a team of scientists to create a wristband which holds all of his game data, allowing him constant access to his favorite video games. Eventually, Jay decided to give being a superhero a try, but saw there were no super villains in the world to fight.

One night, when scouring the internet, Jay found an RP called "Infinite Justice". Reading through it, he decided that he wanted to go there, so his science department got to work on creating an interdimensional portal. Eventually, the device was created and he was sent to the world of Infinite Justice, his entire game history in his wristband. Of course, the first thing he did was give himself more than enough wealth to live comfortably.

Powers and Abilities: Video-Game Mimicry, Video Game Constructs, Video Game Materialization

Weaknesses: Other video game nerds will know how to counter his entire powerset. While he CAN physically turn into a character, he can only do so for a short period of time.

Destructive Capacity: City Block Level

Speed: 10 m/s

Durability: Multi-city block level

Lifting Strength: Class 1

Striking Strength: Class KJ

Standard Equipment: His Memory Band (the wristband with all of his gaming data)

Intelligence: He has a disturbing amount of knowledge about video games

Optional stuff.

Theme song: I may add later.

Random Facts about your character:
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Name: Uriel

Alias: Lightbringer

Gender: Male


Species: Angel

Backstory: Uriel was the resident of a mysterious pocket dimension called 'Final Heaven' ruled by its own god for millions of years until a catastrophic event ripped him from his home. Considered a young and immature boy by the elder Angels, Uriel was an outcast in society and now an outcast from his own world. Despite the animosity he felt toward the members of his own kind, Uriel now suffers an acute sense of home sickness and wishes nothing more than to visit his world once again. Lost in the multiverse, Uriel wanders the cosmos searching for a purpose for his life. Currently he is flying through interstellar space on a course for Earth to see what he can discover there and get a chance to understand this new Universe he has found himself in.

Powers & Abilities:
  • Master-Level Supernatural Condition: As an angel, Uriel possesses a godlike body capable of many supernatural feats; able to leap across interstellar space in a single bound, move and react at speeds surpassing light, lift the weights of planets, etc. Uriel possesses these attributes naturally but unlike true gods he does possess physical limits and is not invulnerable; he can also weaken himself unintentionally by his biomorphic transformations.
  • Body Supremacy: Uriel is fully in control of his own physical body; possessing all of the attributes and techniques of this power. This is his single most commonly used ability as it allows for the usage of his Biomorphing and his godlike physical condition.
  • Biomorphing: Due to his unparalleled control over his own body, Uriel can induce a process of shape-shifting made possible by mimicking genetic material. He can genetically alter his body to that other species including animals but only ones that he has encountered personally. He can also detach shape-shifted body parts and reattach them once they're fulfilled a purpose. He can even mimic the appearance of an individual - but not their abilities except for ones tied directly to their genetic code.
  • Energy Manipulation: Uriel possesses latent energy manipulation abilities; able to manifest a pair of wings and fire beams created from an invisible energy unique to himself. Though this energy cannot be manipulated by anybody else, it can still be deflected and has similar properties to Ki. If he mimics a Saiyan or Kryptonian then he will be able to manipulate Ki and Solar Energy but his currently does not possess either.
  • Wing Manifestation: Uriel can create invisible and intangible wings of pure energy that enable him to fly with ease across the known Universe at speeds much faster than light.

  • Uriel can mimic only a single unique species at a time using his biomorphic transformations.
  • Biomorphing can only grant Uriel the basic traits of a species and not does allow him access to abilities that require certain conditions to activate (such as Super Saiyan transformations).
  • Uriel has no special resistance against magic.
  • Uriel is biologically immortal but still killable by external forces.
  • Uriel gains all of the inherent weaknesses of a species he mimics (such as Kryptonians weakness to Kryptonite).
  • Uriel cannot mimic the genetic structure of a creature or person he has never encountered.
  • Demonic powers and powers related to darkness are more effective against Uriel than other powers.
  • Despite his supernatural condition, Uriel is not a god himself and has physical limitations.

Destructive Capacity: Solar System Level

Speed: FTL (x1,000,000+) // FTL (x1,000,000,000,000+) with Wings

Durability: Galactic Level + Regeneration

Lifting Strength: Class Y+

Striking Strength: Class XJG

Stamina: Almost Limitless

Intelligence: Uriel can process information and think at rates much greater than a Human mind can, but although he is highly intelligent he does not have great strength in strategic or tactical planning.

Theme Song: Stand Proud



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