The Liu Xiu News Network [FT] [Closed]

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The Liu Xiu News Network [FT] [Closed]

Postby Vocenae » Sun Jun 21, 2015 4:11 pm


Welcome to the Liu Xiu News Network, your hub for all the current events within the Liu Xiu Special Economic Zone. From the deep reaches of space to your fingertips, from Paxos to Pinnacle, the Liu Xiu News Network and its affiliate stations present all the system news that is fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Liu Xiu News Network?
The Liu Xiu News Network is the primary news service within the Liu Xiu Special Economic Zone.

What does the Liu Xiu News Network do?
The Liu Xiu News Network provides breaking news coverage of current events within the Liu Xiu star system, as well as hosting news feeds from its affiliate stations in the various Enclaves and Outposts of the hosted nations within Liu Xiu.

I wish to get involved with the Liu Xiu News Network, how do I do that?
To become an affiliate of the Liu Xiu News Network, you must first apply for an Enclave or Outpost within the Liu Xiu Special Economic Zone. Your application must be accepted before any affiliate status is given.

What do I do as an affiliate?
As an affiliate of the Liu Xiu News Network, you are free to report on any current events happening within your Enclave or Outpost, or provide local reactions to current News Events happening within the Liu Xiu star system.

Does my affiliate station need a name?
Yes, all affiliate stations are required to have some form of name so that they may be listed here.

What is the Liu Xiu News Network?
The Liu Xiu News Network is the primary in-character thread for in-character updates of the Liu Xiu Special Economic Zone. When you see posts that involve the current header image, they are directly from the Liu Xiu News Network headquarters on Jiwao and will be reporting on major news events happening within the star system.

I have an Enclave and/or Outpost, does that mean I get to take part in the Liu Xiu News Network?
Yes, as an affiliate station.

What is an affiliate station?
An affiliate station is a station based out of your Enclave or Outpost. That means it is the direct source of news that involves your territory within the Liu Xiu star system, and can allow you to report upon any storylines, individual characters, or general fluff involving your Enclave or Outposts.

Do I have to apply for an affiliate station?
No, if you have been accepted in the main Liu Xiu thread, you are clear to post in this thread.

It says 'Closed' in the thread title. Does that mean we can't post until you say we can?
If you are an accepted member of the Liu Xiu Special Economic Zone, you may post here whenever you feel like it (barring Major News Events. See Below).

Why do our affiliate stations need names?
Because it makes your posts look nicer and so that they may be listed here.

Will they be interactive links much like our Enclave/Outpost links in the main Liu Xiu thread?
No, the listed affiliate stations will be listed here simply because it looks nice.

If my news update links to a another thread, do I need to link them in my news article?
Yes, you need to link the relevant thread in your news article.

What is a major news event?
A major news event is an event or RP that directly affects the development of the Liu Xiu Special Economic Zone. These events have large and far reaching impacts upon the Liu Xiu Special Economic Zone and possibly beyond.

How will I know what a Major News Event looks like?
Major news events will be designated by the use of the header image of this post and use of a stock market ticker code.

Can I create my own major news event within Liu Xiu?
You can submit any large scale event happening within Liu Xiu to the operator of this thread; Vocenae for approval. At no point can any one nation introduce a major News Event into Liu Xiu without prior approval from me.

Can I conduct Out of Character conversation in this thread?
Absolutely not. This thread is to be used for In-Character news reports and responses to major news event.

Am I restricted to a certain format?
While there is no strict post format or layout rules required for affiliate stations, please keep in mind that this is a news thread and reports should not be used as a platform for large scale roleplay; instead this thread should be used to 'promote' and otherwise advertise Liu Xiu centric threads, posts, or the Liu Xiu project itself through smaller, more contained posts.

It is my desire for all contributors to the Liu Xiu News Network and Liu Xiu itself to otherwise post in whatever way they find most enjoyable and entertaining, so long as it falls within the rules and regulations of both the Nationstates forums and the Nationstates site itself. Please remember that any events referenced in your news post that take place in other threads, you do need to link them in your news post.

Stations of the News Network


Liu Xiu News Network


Voice of the Empire | TransNetet Eumenidum | Union Central News Outlet | United Valinon News Network

Out Of Character Information

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Liu Xiu News Network thread! As explained by the FAQs above, this thread is for reporting both large and small events taking place with the Liu Xiu Special Economic Zone. It is my hope that this thread will allow for some interactivity between participants of the Liu Xiu project and help get others interested in being involved as well. This thread differs from the The Compendium as it deals directly with Enclave news and responses to events that actively change the Liu Xiu Special Economic Zone. As such, all posts to this thread need to be written, as it states in the FAQ above, in some a manner appropriate for news (though I won't be holding your posts up to compare to say, the New Yorker or TIME Magazine).

As it states in the FAQs, only accepted members of the Liu Xiu project are allowed to post in this thread, and any major, system changing events have to be run by me first. As it states in the FAQ, only currently accepted members of the Liu Xiu project are allowed to post in this thread, but there is no need for an application process this time around as you've already been approved. As this is part of the Liu Xiu project, and major thread updates will be listed during update posts in the main thread. This thread is to be, aside from the required OOC sections here in this post, entirely In-Character.

Remember that all content, should it violate the rules of this thread, those of the Liu Xiu Special Economic Zone and the Terms & Conditions of the Nationstates forum, the One Shop Rules Shop and Nationstates itself can and will be removed.

Thank you, and welcome to the Liu Xiu News Network!

Special thanks to Kyrusia for the Header image and stock ticker code.
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Postby Vocenae » Sun Jun 21, 2015 4:16 pm



The logo of the news network flashes across the screen before switching to a handsome woman in a dark purple business suit, sitting at a desk, the skyline of Piraeus City behind her.

"Welcome to our continuing coverage of what has now been called 'The Wildfire Incident". Three weeks ago a massive explosion tore through the Hira Interstellar Spaceport on Pinnacle, killing hundreds of innocent civilians and dozens of Maritime Security personnel".

The feed changes to that of a security camera overlooking the main terminal of the Hira spaceport. Several men engage in a short gun battle with the spaceport's security forces, quickly taking casualties before on of the men rises from cover with an object in both of his hands. In a flash of white light, the feed goes dead, replaced by exterior security feeds of vast plumes of smoke and debris shooting out of the above ground portion of the space port.

"Only days later, a NAVOS freighter self-destructed in the middle of the Port Expedition trade lanes, which caused a massive shutdown of all traffic to and from Jiwao for six days, with travel restrictions only now seemingly returning to normal."

The camera changes once again to show a grainy video feed of a Njord-class super freighter. In the far distance a vaguely ship-like point of light passes by with little incident. The Njord's internal sensors log it on the display as a registered NAVOS freighter before the vague blob erupts into a rapidly expanding ball of light and debris. Fragments of metal flash past the camera while several fragments scour the Njord's hull before taking out the sensor's feed.

"In the weeks following these attacks, the Liu Xiu Administrative Council and the Maritime Authority have been on high alert as they respond to both the rescue efforts and the investigation on why these attacks occurred and who masterminded them."

Several scenes flash by on camera: Maritime Authority vessels holding station in the torrential rainfall outside of the starport's ruined facade, the wind and rain doing nothing to hide the partially collapsed cliff face where the starport had once hung over the waves of Pinnacles oceans. Thick black smoke boiled out of the twisted metal innards of the ruined starport as smaller craft begin to spray fire suppressant into the inferno.
Intense scenes of Authority security forces engaging in operations across the Liu Xiu star system, from large scale arrests, the boarding and searching of ships, and in one instance a Maritime Authority vessel engaging another armed ship outside of the immediate vicinity of the gas giant Paxos.

"While officials continue to state that these operations have successful, the Imperial Star Republic has sent the Imperator, a Vanir-class heavy cruiser to help oversee the remainder of these anti-terror operations."

The camera shifts once more that of a hulking starship cruising against the pale green backdrop of the gas giant Kythira. Even from this distance, it is easy to make many of the large anti-ship batteries on the warship's hull. Smaller ships, almost indistinguishable in the distance and the reflective light from Kythira's cloud tops, hold position around the warship as it heads for the Watchtower starbase.

"While the Liu Xiu star system has been on edge these past few weeks, life in the system seems to be returning to normal for most of its citizens and honored guests, along with a slight increase in Maritime Authority recruitment numbers. With the terrorist elements on the run, and criminal elements within Liu Xiu crippled by the recent operations, it seems as if the so-called 'Wildfire' is thankfully on the verge of being completely exinguished. In other news, the Liu Xiu Administrative Council has recently decided to allow mining operations on the once restricted Kythiran moon of Pylos."

The camera feed shows a dark, smoggy world with blotches of muted, yet intense, red showing through the clouds. The feed switches to a short surface view of vast seas of magma interrupted by towering volcanoes belching ash and smoke into the moon's atmosphere, and swathes of barren rock where heavily guarded construction appears to be taking place.

"While so far the number of companies willing to invest in the hostile surface has been small, many believe that it is only a matter of time before the surface of Pylos is teeming with facilities dedicated to finally tapping into the moon's resources. For the Liu Xiu News Netowrok, I'm Illia Jorvas. Thank you."
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Postby Serukta Sehkrisaal » Sun Jun 21, 2015 5:28 pm


Hundreds Dead as LXAC Continues to Execute Police Action
Strikes on Hira Interstellar Spaceport and Port Expedition shock LXSEC community
Mahrku of Arahbaltu, Taen, Liu Xiu Special Economic Zone — (LXNN//A)
June 21, 20.0015 GSY | 0600 Graywinter Standard Time

An uneasy calm descended upon the Liu Xiu Special Economic Zone following the second terrorist strike - and invariably heightened security - for which responsibility has been claimed by the terrorist group known only as "Wildfire"; even as the Liu Xiu Maritime Authority and Rescue and Recovery Teams (RRT) of the Liu Xiu Special Security Division crawl through hundreds of tons of shattered concrete and warped steel, desperately searching for signs of life amidst the rubble of what remains of the Hira Interstellar Spaceport, cowardly agitators determined to, seemingly, instigate insurrection against the LX Special Economic Zone and the LXSEC Administrative Council and its partners, an Ultra Large Freight Carrier flying the banner of the NAVOS Freight and Cargo corporation seemingly suffered from the group's nefarious intent, detonating in the heart of the Port Expedition commercial starport constellation.

Though Kerr Mahrku'ul Sai'belbiik was unavailable for comment, an official representative of the Arahbaltu Na'vasarai and its attached ventures spoke openly to Risa'akiam and other members of the press, including several affiliates of the Liu Xiu News Network, reaffirming the Mahrku'ul's condemnation of the "cowardly strikes [...] against the heart of [Gamma Quadrant's] commerce and diplomacy," a condemnation echoed by representatives of the Great House Nahaasiin on the behalf of the Burning Crown; further, Kerr Mahrku'ul's official proxy went further, offering "significant assistance on the behalf of the Sacral Empire" toward the LXSEC Administrative Council, Special Security Division, and proprietors on Pinnacle and those affected by the strike of Port Expedition, stating:

"Such acts of blatant insurrection and antagonism cannot be permitted to stand; [the participants of the LXSEC] must set aside their differences in order to preserve the safety of [persons] within the system and to safeguard [international trade and attendant acts of interstellar diplomacy]. This 'Wildfire' organization may have struck a cord and may have taken from [many] those whom they hold dear, but fear is a seed of failure - a failure which, if permitted to fester, foments the success of this [organization's] goals and objectives. [...] This is not a series of events [Arahbaltu] nor the Sacral Empire are willing to permit."

Across the LXSEC, while sentiments seem in compliment to those expressed by Arahbaltu, fear became the pervasive sentiment. Following the strike against Hira Interstellar Spaceport, members of the Special Security Division maintained an official cordon surrounding Pinnacle, executing a mandatory closure of the planet and an official lock-down of all incoming and outgoing traffic for forty-eight hours (Graywinter Standard) - an executive declaration officially issued following the Administrative Council's revelation that anti-matter may have been the primary detonation material involved in the bombing. As of publication, officials close to the Mahrku'ul's Sadaial force have been unwilling to comment as to whether Arahbaltu and technical specialists from Si'kuraq have been able to independently confirm this statement. Inquiries to the Saiba'al court of the Mahrku have been redirected to the official press statement released by the LXSEC Administrative Council on the eve of the attack on Pinnacle.

Even so, in culmination with repair efforts and the Special Security Division's investigation on both Pinnacle and amongst the Port Expedition constellation, standard commercial traffic in many sectors of the Special Economic Zone became slowed or, in some instances, even stalled as both the Administrative Council and secondary LXSEC venture proprietors elevate security in the wake of the "Wildfire" attacks. A representative of NAVOS, arriving at Arahbaltu after being redirected away from Port Expedition last week, made himself available for comment regarding the increased security attention:

"NAVOS personnel have not experienced such a heightened state of security [and inspection] in [Liu Xiu] since the official transfer of sovereignty from the Phanes Republic to the [Imperial Star Republic]. [...] It has had an appreciable impact - an appreciable negative impact, I'd like to highlight - on [our] ability to fill factory commissions in the system. Several enclaves and outposts have entirely closed traffic to [NAVOS Freight and Cargo], and traffic control at Port Expedition is exceptionally [cautious] in regards to our continued traffic. [...] We've been receiving reports that, due to the nature of [the strike on Port Expedition] and NAVOS' coincidental connection to it, that some ventures may be preparing to prematurely terminate contracts with [us]. [...] We've been told that investors in the system, once our proverbial bread and butter, may be having trepidation about further partnerships; that if ['Wildfire'] continues to pose a problem and continues to utilize freight enterprises and [target commercial ports], [...] our licensing for this system may be terminated based solely upon the the fact it happened to [us] [...] something that could have happened to any freight company."

As a consequence of the involvement of a NAVOS freight carrier in a "Wildfire" strike, futures projections for NAVOS Freight and Cargo suffered astronomically in the initial days following the incidents. Following the Port Expedition attack, value of public shares fell by 6.34% in the Gamma Quadrant, with a staggering fall of 14.06% directly in NAVOS, Liu Xiu Freight Services, causing overall value of NAVOS stock to fall to 107.77 Galactic Standard Credits (▼7.29 GSC) and 51.95 GSC (▼8.49 GSC), respectively. "If it continues," a NAVOS representative stated, "we'll be seriously reconsidering doing business in the system."

Despite the evident economic impact on freight and cargo industries in Liu Xiu, the most evident impact has been the loss of life - both at Hira and Port Expedition. On Pinnacle alone, fatality figures continue to rise with each subsequent release made by the LXSEC Administrative Council, with casualties (wounded and injured) already approaching 600 persons. "We were lucky," Melisse Branaig, a press respondent replied in response to a question issued by a Risa'akiam reporter involving the strike against Port Expedition, "Lucky that [the freight carrier] wasn't closer to one of the hub-stations. That would have been catastrophic for all of us. [...] As to why this organization didn't attempt such, we're not sure they didn't, but at this time, the Council is not willing to comment further."

While the LXSEC Administrative Council has been less than willing to openly comment on the "Wildfire" organization and its possible intentions, they have been swift to execute police action against those alleged to be involved with the organization - an act that has, over the weeks, seemed to lessen the initial fear felt across the system. "Things are beginning to get back to normal," a representative proxy of the LXSEC Security Division commented to the Liu Xiu News Network and its affiliates, "We think we've clamped down on the immediate threat, but we're continuing to investigate." As to reinforce this sentiment, official sovereign proprietor of the Liu Xiu Special Economic Zone, the Imperial Star Republic, has dispatched the Imperator, Vanir-class heavy cruiser to act as both a physical deterrent and, seemingly, a psychological reinforcement of "business as usual." Even so, some continue to be suspicious, and the markets continue to have growth impacted; whether such impact is positive or negative, debate continues.

As now the beginning of the third week dawns without any further incident, some feel the LXSEC truly does seem tobe returning to a state of normalcy - even if many still hold reservations. "Business is back," the same NAVOS Freight & Cargo representative told Risa'akiam Saturday, "but that's due in part, mostly, to private ventures and [the Administrative Council] ratcheting-up their efforts." This sentiment was repeated by many future analysts from the Piraeus City Stock Exchange, where many went so far as to state that "due to the [Wildfire Incident]," stock values of previously untouchable industries fell, permitting "new investors an unparalleled opportunity to enter the market," were they willing to take the risk. If the PCSE current valuation is any indication, with an increase in volume of ▲605 points - a decidedly bullish trend with an increase of some six percent in the span of fourteen days - some, most certainly, feel a steadily rising optimism in the wake of the LXAC's willingness to take action.

Even so, not all of the eggshells have been broken, and some still feel the "Wildfire Incident," as some close to the Administrative Council have begun to call it, is an omen of things to come. "The frontier states are on edge," an anonymous source close to the Security Division Administration stated, "and have been for years. No one out here is quite willing to accept [the horrors of the Quadrant] are truly gone - much less dormant." Yet, in the wake of one of the most disastrous series of calamities to strike the LX Special Economic Zone, a degree of hope has been sewn on the heels of heightened security and displays of psychological and martial reinforcement across the sector. With any luck, the organization known as "Wildfire" and its conspiratorial provocateurs will be recorded as merely a minor hurdle in an otherwise profitable and decidedly prosperous history of the system.

Risa'akiam - Voice of the Empire. Mahrku of Arahbaltu Bureau, Taen, Liu Xiu Special Economic Zone.
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Postby Azura » Tue Jun 23, 2015 6:05 am

District XXVIII, Platform C-2, Section 251Poinsettia Émigré Enclave at EumenidumPinnacle, Liu Xiu Special Economic Zone


PÉA-C/SP Arkwright South Approved for Eumenidum
Commercial Port Would be the Largest Facility Under the Control of the Poinsettia Émigré Administration

By Stocker Tresch, Chief News Correspondent, TNE
Submitted 1750 Eumenidum Time, All Rights Reserved.

The Executive Development Committee of the Poinsettia Émigré Authority-Eumenidum has approved a six year, Ⱶ500 million developmental annex project that will include the long-stalled Arkwright South Commercial Space Port. The new transportation hub, when completed, will be the largest individual port facility operated by the Poinsettia Émigré Administration, and will serve as the principle terminus of the Calixtas-Liu Xiu Star Thread corridor with Portus Altus. The official announcement was made shortly before noon at Platform Epsilon, the very facility Arkwright South will be intended to replace.

"We are very excited to announce the newest addition to the Poinsettia Émigré Administration's commercial port nexus," chief adjutant to the Enclave overseer Uhlsa Sundt released in an official statement. "It is the hope of the EDC and the Enclave Authority that Arkwright South will establish Eumenidum as a crown jewel not only of the Liu Xiu Special Economic Zone, but of the Poinsettia Diaspora itself. This is a great day for all the Poinsettia citizens of Pinnacle."

The first machinations of Arkwright South began twelve years ago under the guise of the Commercial SuperPort Initiative, a plan that would have utilized the southern trace of Mount Connatser to create a new commercial hub and mercantile exchange for the Enclave. Those plans were indefinitely suspended when the Agricultural Commission appropriated tracts of the southern trace for a new hydrofarm cooperative, leaving the development in developmental limbo. Five years ago, developers proposed utilizing the seabed immediately surrounding the foot of Connaster below the central platforms of Eumenidum to solve the growing space concerns for the Enclave, but a challenge from the Eumenidum Prime Commission blocked the plans.

Then during the final seating of the Central Planning Board last year, the Arx, Calixtas System-based Darke Associates, Ltd. brought a sweeping new initiative before the council, proposing workarounds to the environmental concerns that had led to the original challenge from the Eumenidum Prime Commission. The Board unanimously approved the plan, and submitted it on behalf of the engineering firm to the Executive Development Committee, who finally approved the project for construction this afternoon. The saga ends months of bitter conflict between the conservative wing of the EDC and the interests of the Prime Commission.

"The project was held up for years in bureaucratic red tape," chief architect Curt Irmen confessed in a direct interview this afternoon with TNE. "We had to fight tooth and nail for this commercial port, but [sic] if we didn't get it through."

As of this posting, there was no word from the Eumenidum Prime Commission on a prospective legal challenge, but analysts at TNE confirm that the possibility of finding a legal recourse or remedy to the current project would be slim. The EPC would require the formal Writ of Lacessere from the Overseer to initiate a civil hearing, which is highly unlikely to be granted. The Overseer's office has been among the Arkwright South Project's most vocal supporters since it was first announced last year. Critics accused the EPC of political posturing ahead of next season's general elections, though supporters have long contended that the environmental effects of the commercial port's location would outweigh any economic advantages to Eumenidum.

Egnew Boyar, the chief litigator working on behalf of the Eumenidum Prime Commission, was vehemently aghast at the decision of the EDC today. "This is a sad day for the people of Eumenidum who value the sanctum of their refuge here on Pinnacle. The commercial interests of the bureaucrats and entrepreneurs supersede the rights and privileges of ordinary citizens."

The chief point of contention held in question by the Eumenidum Prime Commission and their allies in the fight to halt the Arkwright South project related to the possible environmental impact. Original plans for the commercial port required extensive supports directly planted into the seabed, threatening the water quality and the critical water treatment pumps that help power the hydrofarm initiatives on the southern trace. Coop farmers were among the most vocal opponents of the commercial port, leading developers to employ GravWell technology utilized by the Sidusclasse of the Primareliqua to offset the environmental impact of the hub. Independent analysis was used by Curt Irmen of Darke Associates to validate the plan.

"Thanks in no small measure to technological advances, the environmental concerns have been mitigated," Irmen said.

When completed, the commercial hub will dominate the new Emerald Development Sector in Lower Eumenidum, a planned commercial zone that will feature a new agricultural mercantile designed to give Eumenidum farmers a larger marketplace to move their wares to interstellar buyers, along with a special entertainment district and retail outlets. The long-rumored political annex with the Primareliqua is expected to be housed, along with a residential annex for new Poinsettia refugees arriving from Caupona Station in Losieda or the Refugee Colony at Arx. The development project is expected to bring more than five thousand new jobs to Eumenidum and help bolster the economic redevelopment plan begun by the station's namesake, recently-deceased councilor James Arkwright.

For Uhlsa Sundt and the Enclave Authority, completion couldn't come soon enough. "We're ready for this. We need it."

The construction on Arkwright South will take approximately six years, and is expected to begin in the next month.


The Right Honorable David Luis Salazar, President of Tarragonia

Capital City:Cala Seca, Distrito de AleixarDemonym:TarragonianPopulation:320 Million

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Postby The Solar Cooperative Union » Wed Aug 05, 2015 1:06 am


Union Standard Date: 8/21- Replication or Usage of material not permitted

By: Zania Vos'Toya

In a controversial decision announced by Edrin Carcona made via his official Extra-Net domain, the controversial and iconoclast star announced his first foreign tour to be held within the Liu Xiu SEC, a semi-independent possession home to a Union resort, known among its patrons as Palisade Cove. The decisions comes as a surprise to even Carconas' die hard fans, considering the recent charges brought against him and his support-staff.

The most notable of these charges is the suspected murder committed by Carconas' chief sound tech David Markino, who is claimed to have killed Mariayt Lis'Vel when the young woman refused to delete incriminating pictures of Carconas' engaged in other illegal activities. The murder has attracted attention not only for its connection to the famous musician but also due to the brutal method of killing used against the young Quarian woman.

A heavily censored image of an enviro-suit wearing figure is shown, a pool of blood around around her limp figure clearly lifeless, a large black box is edited over her upper-torso.

An official spokesperson for Carcona has repeatedly denied any connection to the brutal crime, but Miss Lis'Vels' friends and family have called these statements "Complete falsehoods" and maintain that Miss Lis'Vel was murdered when she confronted Carcona and his staff with pictures alleged to show them engaging in Sexual Assault and consumption of sentient individuals. An anonymous source states she demanded a substantial sum of money in return for deleting the pictures. Two standard days later she was found dead in a Strinda warehouse.

However both Carcona and Markino had left the planet by the time of the discovery, for a period of several days they refused comment until Carcona appeared on his Extra-Net domain to refute the accusations. Calling them "Sensational Nonsense" and calling the active investigation a "Witch hunt", several days later he announced his tour to the SEC via the same Domain. Described as "Bringing Neurowave to the masses of the wider galaxy" the tour itself will stop on several worlds within the SEC, with its finale at Palisade Cove.

It is unclear whether the Strindan Government will seek prosecution upon the celebrity returning to Union Space, but according to the Victims' family "He will get whats coming, whether the police give it to him or not".
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Postby Vocenae » Wed Aug 05, 2015 2:46 am



The logo of the Liu Xiu News Network flashes quickly across the screen before switching to the image of a handsome woman standing in front of the tranquil skyline of Piraeus City. The Jiwao Skylift, the planet's only space elevator dominates looms in the distant background, still dominating the city skyline despite being many miles away. As the camera focuses on the news anchor, a handsome dark haired woman in a fashionable suit accented with vivid purple, the faint silhouette of a elevator car can be seen ascending through the low hanging rain clouds.

"Hello, I'm Illia Jorvas, and welcome back to our morning news updates. For those of you just tuning in we have been reviewing the massively successful security operations that have taken place in the last month."

The camera feed shows clips of pirate vessels being disabled and destroyed in space before flashing several different images of criminals being arrested by Maritime Authority troops. There are several scenes of different checkpoints from across the star system showing larger numbers of security personnel performing thorough scans of civilians entering and exiting from industrial areas and cities. The camera feed switches back to the anchor and zooms out, revealing the large holographic images of two men on either side of the anchor. The man to the right has a lean, sharp angled face and a slightly tan complexion, his eyes piercing and cold while his uniform denotes that he is some form of military official. The man to the left of the anchor is rounder, his face softer, his complexion ruddy and off color as if mixed between too colors of paint that would never match. His hair is patchy and a pair of cheap looking glasses sit in front of his oddly shaped eyes.

"Since the two terrorist attacks that are widely known as "The Wildfire Incident" the starship Imperator and her complement of security advisors from the Imperial Star Republic have made incredible strides to make all of our lives far more safe and secure. But have they gone too far? Joining me now is retired Maritime Authority Commander Zanim Foral and Bacchus Sanna, magistrate of the northern Lowlands District of Piraeus Ctiy. Gentlemen, good morning and welcome."

Both men nod and send out generic platitudes back to the anchor, who presses on without a pause.

"First things first, I would just like to thank you Commander Foral, for your service and the work that you and the men under your command have done to make all of our lives a little safer. It must have been exceedingly challenging to root out and effectively destroy many, if not all, of the criminal elements operating beyond the lawful boundaries of our star system."

The commander nods, though doesn't return the anchor's plastic smile.

"Yes Illia, it is no lie that this has been some of the most challenging work I've done in my career but I feel like I'm justified in saying that the day where we can say no crime exists within Liu Xiu is very near. With the massive upgrades deployment of the Authority's security division, in the last month we've apprehended hundreds of pirates and other extremists that had been entrenched during the tenure of the Phanes Republic."
The camera feed has now changed as the anchor's face appears between the two men, the magistrate already frowning heavily, his strange, beady eyes narrowed and brow furrowed, revealing more severe hair loss than could previously be seen.

"Indeed, but is that a condemnation of the security measures put in place by the Phanes Republic? They also had a security force that started out with far more military support than the Maritime Authority" The anchor's questions don't seem to faze the commander, his face is relaxed, his eyes still locked on the camera.

"I don't believe it is a condemnation, no. I can only speak my opinion on the matter but I feel that the Liu Xiu of the Phanes Republic and that of the Imperial Star Republic are two vastly different star systems. In the beginning, there were hardly any laws to govern trade and general commerce within the star system and this was allowed because there was a focus on generating profit in any way possible, thus leading the Phanite administration to take a more relaxed view towards what we would deem as outlaw behavior."

"So you're saying that the previous administration endorsed piracy and crime and allowed it to spread to critical levels?"

"Speculation and differing cultures. Some people see something as acceptable, some do not. Do I think that they intended for it to get as rampant as it was? Of course not, but there's just no real way of knowing what their plan was"


The anchor shifts slightly in her seat, now putting her close to the magistrate. "Magistrate Sanna, as someone who was in the Phanite administration, can you shed some light on why your old bosses would want pirates running around in their backyard?"

The magistrates frown is now a scowl, his face turning strange shade that almost resembles rotting fruit. "What the administration did was their own business, it was and still is my responsibility to look out for the citizens in my district!"

"So you're saying that the Phanite administration refused to share information with public figures?"

"No, of course not! But I was invited here to talk about the new security measures and how they're crippling businesses in the outer habitation districts, not bicker about the policies of the old landlord!"

"So you're saying that by making sure there are no terrorists going to and from the city is actually a bad thing? "

"No, I-"

"Should we just open the flood gates and allow all these people to come and go as they please? Before the security surge your district was still one of the poorest in the Lowlands, how would that change if we relaxed our security measures back to what they were?"

"The...the new security measures are keeping honest, hard-working people from getting jobs in wealthier portions of the city and keeping others from spending their money in our stores!"

"So you are saying that you'd rather there be no security at all, then"

The magistrate flusters, tripping over his words as he tries to control his obviously boiling anger and formulate the proper words. Commander Foral simply continues staring into the camera, his face looking rather unimpressed and perhaps even a bit disgusted. Illia appears to seize on the moment but before she can say anything the camera pans out as in the distance, the Jiwao Skylift begins to shift violently near it's base. For the first time during the conversation, the commander's face seems to show emotion as the color drains from his tan face. He leaps to his feet and dashes out of the frame, his microphone peaking out as the magistrate stares numbly out his window. Illia Jorvas blinks twice before nervously shuffling some papers.

"Uh, ladies and gentlement, it seems that the, that the Skylift is having some sort of technical probOHMYGOD!"

Illia's normally pretty face contorts into a ear piercing scream as the shouts of other crew within the studio begin to yell as well, many other staff tht were previously off camera running across the soundstage before a impossibly loud roar and a blast of debris flying towards the camera abruptly ends the signal. For several minutes there is nothing but empty air and a ERROR message before the feed suddenly comes back to life in a very different location. The feed now shows the skyline of a much smaller city surrounded by miles and miles of farmland, the anchor now a younger man in a ruffled looking suit and disheveled sandy-brown hair. BREAKING NEWS---BREAKING NEWS----BREAKING NEWS spams the live ticker feed at the bottom of the screne.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we, uh, this is Jorin Tavos of the Jarilo branch of LXNN. Moments ago we, uh, we seem to have lost contact with our parent station on Jiwao...We're-we're not sure if this is a technical malfunction or something else..." The new anchor seems lost as his news crew scrambles to bring him new information.

"If you, uh, if you had been watching it seemed to appear as though the Jiwao Skylift was having some sort of major technical problem...I'm not, we're not sure if that contributed to the loss of signal..."

Somewhere offscreen another man yells something that is lost in echo to the microphone but not to the anchorman.

"Um. It apperas now we have, uh, we have confirmation that ALL communications with Jiwao have been severed...Uh, to repeat we here on Taen are unable to contact anyone on the planet of Jiwao following massive technical problems with the space elevator...We're trying to get as much information to you as we can right now but as of this moment all contact with Jiwao has been lost."

Another yell from off screen, the new anchor nods dumbly.

"Uh, it appears now that we have some reports filtering in from starships and, ah, Port Expedition...We're now receiving reports that the Jiwao Skylift has completely collapsed. Repeat we are now receiving information from Jiwao orbit that the space elevator is has collapsed."

The anchor points offscreen to someone.

"Bernard, can we uh...can we get any sort of video feed from anyone in orbit?"

The offscreen voice yells back and what little colored that remained in the host's face drains completely away.

"Uh, ladies and gentlemen we are trying to get you the lastest information but if you're just joining us, the Jiwao Skylift on the planet Jiwao has supposedly collapsed. All contact with anyone on the surface of Jiwao is now impossible...We're trying to get some kind of image from the satellite network in Jiwao orbit but we, ah-"

The feed suddenly snaps to a grainy video feed across the hull of a starship. The camera is pointed directly at Jiwao where the massive orbital station of the Skylift once stood. There are thousands of flickering lights as the system's star catches the light from what appears to be a extremely vast spreading field of debris. The camera feed switches to another feed, this time furhter out and mounted on what appears to be a space station in geosynchronous orbit of a impossibly long line of dark clouds circling the planet of Jiwao in a almost perfect line.

"Uh, ladies and gentlemen we are getting our first looks at what is possibly the state of Jiwao following some sort of catastrophic technical failure of the space elevator. Uh, if you go back to the first image from what appears to be a hull camera of a starship-Bernard are we sure?-Yeah this is a starship that was on approach to the orbital station of the connected to the Skylift."

The anchor clears his throat as the two camera feeds roll simultaneously besides each other.

"There's been no official word yet but I think I can say without much of a doubt that, um, that the Skylift elevator has completely collapsed. You can see the line of destruction wrapping around the planet where the lower half of the-of the cable landed. The upper portion is, I'm being told, now flying in an outbound trajectory across the Liu Xiu system. Again if you're just joining us we are showing footage of the apparent total collapse of the space elevator on Jiwao and we have extremely limited contact with Port Expedition vessels..."

The live camera feeds suddenly gone blank before the seal of the Liu Xiu Maritime Authority fills the screen. The image remains large for several moments before it is shrunken to show the anchor, who now looks stunned beyond words.

"Uh, it ah, it appears that the Maritime Authority has now, ah, has now shut down all transmissions from Jiwao local space. We're going to keep trying to re-establish contact but as of right now everything around Jiwao is now out of contact. Uh, I can only speculate at this point, it was very clear from our first camera feed that the space elevator is gone."

The feed switches to show looping footage of the expanding debris cloud over Jiwao and the long line of dirty, dark clouds circling the planet.

"Uh, please stay with us ladies and gentlemen, we're trying to get the information out to you as best we can..."

The voice from offscreen shouts again.

"Uh, it looks like we have very limited footage coming in from the MediaNet from the ground...Can we cut to it?"

The camera feed shifts again, this time to the rainy streets of Jiwao. The footage is extremely grainy and blurred by motion. The grainy footage zips back and forth between the towering, writhing form of the space elevator and the panicking morning work crowd. The video finally snaps into focus as the camera's owner focuses on the space elevator. The stalk of metal is now leaning at a incredibly sharp angle.

"Are you getting this shit!?" A female voice asks from off-screen.

"Yeah" Another female voice responds, "Yeah I'm streaming to XiuTube right now!"

"What the fuck do you think is happening!?"

"I don't know! OH SHIT LOOK RUN"

The video devolves into a mess of blurry images and peaked audio before the same impossibly loud roar or twisting metal deafens anything else. One final blurry shot shows a gargantuan mass of black slamming into the ground outside Piraeus City and a cloud of debris racing towards the camera before the video abruptly ends. The feed shifts back to the anchor who briefly attempt to recompose himself before slumping in his chair.

"Oh, jeeze. Uh...Forgive me but I just have to take a moment to collect myself..."

Several moments pass showing the anchor slumped in his chair before it shifts back to the looped images from Jiwao orbit. Finally the anchor seems to pull himself together.

"LAdies and gentlemen, if you're just joining us, we can now confirm the collapse of the Jiwao Skylift. The space elevator over Jiwao has collapsed. We have no contact with the planet, the moonbases on Fenghaung or anyone in orbit. The entire Jiwao system is cut off from contact. Again we can now confirm the collapse of the space elevator over Jiwao, an event that happened only a few minutes ago..."

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The screen buzzes briefly on the news channel before displaying the Gata'jan flag, the three claws mounted by a star, whereupon a voice begins to speak, subtitles displaying in the various languages as the speech goes on.

/”Chaos is an fact of life in the galaxy we live. Things are ever-changing, ever-evolving. The hunter hunts the hunted in the circle of life, death, and then rebirth as all of creation renews itself in a ritual of blood, bone and violence. It is something you get used to; after all, in the news reports of all nations, there are many incidents of chaos that are observed. Pirates attacking shipping lanes, invasions of other worlds by neighbors, or absolute strangers from the darkness of space, a cataclysm caused by a falling meteorite or a system vanishing under the bright light of a supernova. In this universe, chaos interrupting your life is a law that we all implicitly understand and accept.

However, there is an order to things and too much chaos destabilizes the structures of life and the universe to the detriment of all in the community, and it is these things which cannot be allowed. The destruction visited upon Jiwao by the attack on the space elevator is one such occurrence; too much chaos benefits no one. It must be allowed its due, its quota, but too much overflows the cup and damages the table around it. So thus, more is affected than necessary, and as such, the Gata'ja condemn this attack and will assist with LXAA authorities as much as possible to track down those responsible and further the security of the Liu Xiu community. The moon of Pylos has been raised to alert and we have patrols sweeping the moon, installing and orbit, cooperating with Liu Xiu Security Forces and restrictions.

We are but one recent entry into the community of Liu Xiu, but community obligations are the highest order of responsibility and we shall not shirk ours. The flaws and imperfections that threaten this community shall be cut out, and as one pack, we shall rise to a better tomorrow."/

The screen buzzes again and then the regular programming on the news network continues.
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The Ashen Wake

A lone horn plays as the Liu Xiu News Network logo, festooned with a gold ribbon marking the three week anniversary of the Collapse of the Jiwao Skylift, fills the view before fading away to the Jarilo LXNN branch studio, the morning skyline of the small city within the dome filling the background as the news anchor looks up from the papers on his desk. The man is impeccably dressed in a dark business suit, with a gold ribbon pinned to his left breast pocket.

"Good morning. I'm Jorin Tavos and welcome to our continuing coverage of the recovery efforts of the Skylift Disaster. Three weeks ago this morning, life in our system was changed irrevocably as terrorists brought down the most prolific structure on our sister planet of Jiwao. In the weeks since the space elevator's collapse we have seen pictures of tragedy and heroism leak out from Jiwao's closed border, but we are no closer to having answers now than we were when the so-called 'Wildfire Season' began"

The camera show a collection of images that have made their way to the news studio: The towering, mostly windowless frames of the once pristine skyscraper of Piraeus City, the massive cable of the Jiwao Skylift buried deep within the planet's surface, the staggering, sobbing masses of people as they slowly pick their way out of the wreckage left behind. There are also pictures of recovery crews rushing headlong into burning buildings, pulling civilians from piles of rubble and twisted vehicles. One particular shot image shows the silhouette of a Security Division soldier in full tactical gear carrying two children out of a cloud of smoke and rubble. A final image of the flag of the Imperial Star Republic backlit by an unknown light source is shown waving on a exposed makeshift pole before the slideshow ends and refocuses on the anchor.

"It is no doubt that a blow has been struck against not just Jiwao, Liu Xiu, and the Imperial Star Republic, but that of the entire galactic community that has chosen to reside here and engage in bringing commerce and civilization to a quadrant of the galaxy that for so long was shrouded by the barbarism of the past, a past that is no doubt trying desperately to cling to some relevance in the bright future that our star system promises and has achieved for so many. Though our loss may be great, our wound gaping and still red with the blood of so many lost innocents, Liu Xiu shall prevail and those that have attacked us shall reap the whirlwind."

The anchor, his face now tinged red as it struggles to hide the anger readily apparent in the man's voice, looks down for a moment, composing himself before looking back at the camera.

"There is no doubt that we have all lost friends, family, and colleagues in this cowardly attack. We here at what become the new heart of the Liu Xiu News Network have not heard from any of our friends on Jiwao and many of us fear the worst. For those of you suffering, you are not alone. For those of you without hope, know that it is always darkest before the dawn. For those of you angry, like myself, know that justice is coming. For now, all we can do is place our trust not just in the Administrative Council, but in each other. This system is made great by our collective efforts as a community. But for now, all we can do is watch and listen as the true reach of this tragedy filters in from the brave men and women on Jiwao. Stay strong, stay brave, stay vigilant"

The camera pans out from the anchor as he re-adjusts his suit and shuffles some more papers on his desk.

"And now, in a slightly more mundane note, I will pass the torch off to Kate Hurley for the local space conditions across the star system. Kate?"

The video feed quickly switches to a tall blonde woman in a conservative skirt and blouse as she stands in front of a orbital feed of Taen that rapidly zooms downward until it shows a much more local view of the Jarilo Arcology Dome.

"Thank you, Jorin. For everyone here on Taen, look forward to another day of sunshine and warm temperatures, but be prepared for colder temperatures tonight as summer starts to give way to the fall season. Here in Jarilo it is currently 62 degrees within the dome, and local exterior conditions are only slightly lower at 59 degrees. "

The background image shifts to a filtered view of the massive, bright bulk of Liu Xiu Prime. Several solar prominences are visible arcing from the surface before switching to a basic graphic of a red cone expanding outwards from Liu Xiu Prime and across the planets of Jiwao and Kythira.

"If you're travelling somewhere in space today, make sure your starship has the proper shielding as Liu Xiu Prime experienced a large solar flare at roughly 2 AM Taen Standard this morning, as the Maritime Authority's space weather monitoring department had confirmed would happen a few days ago. While the main bulk of the flare's radiation has already by passed over the rest of the system, background radiation levels are still quite high and while contact with Jiwao is still very limited, the monitoring station of the Maritime Authority did send us these incredible images of bright aurorae across the north pole of the planet."

The simple graphic changes to a considerably less grainy satellite feed as the appearance of large bands of shimmering green lights slowly cover the sprawling ice cap, a small section shining briefing more intensely for a brief moment before fading to match the rest of the dancing lights. The weather woman's voice continues in the background.

"A similar event was experienced at Kythira, although the gas giant's considerably more massive magnetic field significantly decreased the amount of auroras over the planet's polar caps, although the flare's passage through the Kythira-Pylos plasma torus generated several large spikes that did set off several warning alarms in in the nearby Gata'ja terraforming stations on Pylos, but due to the unexpected nature of the event, monitoring staellites were unfortunately out of position to capture any images. For now, if you're travelling in space, make sure to take those extra precautions to keep yourself, your family or your crew safe until the radiation subsides. Back to you, Jorin"

The camera moves back to the anchor, whose face is now free of the signs of outright anger that had nearly overtaken it in his previous rant.

"Thanks for that, Kate. Coming up after the break, we take a look at the cheap alternatives the Phanes Republic could have used to avoid building the Skylift, and we'll speak with Security Division officials on the recovery process of the upper section of the Skylift after it was retrieved from the Gemini Belt."
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United Valinon News Network - Your source for news across the Empire!
{News-in-Brief Feed}
--[Telltale Standard Feed, Sub-stream]
--[Muse Filter Sync, Spime///Query ??? Recog] -->Hold RR Full, S-My News
---[Liu Xiu SEZ & Local Volumes]
---[4th SUZ., 5th SUZ, OVA packets]
---[///WILDFIRE/// MFA ??? ISTaR]


MFA Confirms Jiwao Aid
~Wrexham Davis, Imperial Centre correspondent

New Köln-Foreign Minister von Gentz announced that the empire will contribute to the Piraeus-Jiwao recovery effort using ministerial discretionary funds and volunteering Civil Emergency Administration personnel en route to Li Xiu on special IAF transports. From the full statement

‘Her Majesty and Her Majesty’s Government express the deepest condolences to the administration and people of Liu Xiu. The destruction of the Jiwao Skylift and the damage to Piraeus are inexcusable acts of terrorism. SEZ authorities may expect the full cooperation of Ministry and OVA personnel in investigating possible links beyond the system, including along the Lanthe Route. Archduke von Metternicht is meeting with ESS and ISS officials to offer additional intelligence and investigative assets to the Administrative Council, if requested. All members of the Ministry for Imperial Affairs understand that this is a time of mourning for the Liu Xiu community, but we would encourage the Administration, its citizens, and the other members of the citizens international community to recognize the need for additional cooperation and more inclusive instruments paralleling that of the Phanes Republic’s administration.’

In addition to emergency aid and relief, von Gentz said that the government will seek additional funds from the Lords and explore other avenues of support. Prime Minister Metternicht was unavailable for official comment, though the Speaker’s Chair acknowledged the Jiwao Skylift Disaster is a subject for PMQ.

Aid and recovery efforts enjoy widespread political support, with members of the Government and the Opposition promising to vote in favour in both congresses of the Diet. Yesterday’s terse statement from the MIA citing a need to revisit security controls along the Lanthe Route in a five-light century of Liu Xiu where more divisive with a planned Admiralty statement failing to assuage…more?

Skylift Disaster Casualties Include Valinor
~Windrose ai media pool

Mizar, Dominion of Mars-Greater Lanthe Development Group (GLDP) confirmed that casualties from the Jiwao Skylift Disaster include members of its research staff.

Four GDLP employees were killed when falling debris destroyed the small warehouse complex for the Oubliette polar research facility. Another employee is listed as missing; rep-avatars confirmed that the GLDP is cooperating with SEZ and OVA authorities to find its missing employee. Further personal details were not released until the victims survivors can be notified.

Rep-avatars stated that the destruction of the Skylift and warehouse did not change the decision to continue operating Oubliette. Concerns the facility may be closed were only resolved two months ago when the GDLP published the decisions of its biyearly board summit.

The Mizar headquarters did confirm that Oubliette and other facilities on Jiwao are locked down until further notice. Local security officials promise to keep all other company personnel safe until...more?

Superintendent, OVA Petitions SEZ
~LocalCrawler Report

ISI Windrose of Infinities, Liu Xiu-Superintendent Favonius and a beta-level fork delegation from OVA administrative offices in Auld Limur Cooperation petitioned the Administrative Council and Maritime Authorities with diplomatic and security concerns.

Favonius and the OVA delegation (including Commissioner Yuuko’s fork) delivered the empire’s offer of aid in recovery efforts and condolences to the SEZ’s government and people. Official well-wishes were coloured by the presentation of a petition encouraging the Administration Council to invite international security assistance forces and promote a more cooperative environment benefiting from similar efforts during the Phanes Republic’s administration of the system.

‘Cooperative patrols, the presence of international security forces, and the collaboration of relevant authorities within the local community served the Liu Xiu system well in the past. This is not the time to initiate domestic political witch hunts or fall prey to needlessly scapegoating of non-relevant parties. The system must be secured for the benefit of the local populace and the international community that has come to rely on the SEZ as a means to foster and preserve stability throughout the local volumes,” Favonius said minutes before meeting with SEZ representatives.

The superintendent further encouraged the Administrative Council to temporarily waive limitations on naval deployments, so long as allied and aligned nations cooperated with the Maritime Authority. He said that the imperial government would view any decision to include the Sacral Empire in security arrangements without similar consideration for other Liu Xiu partners of long tenure as extraordinary and worthy of potential repercussions, but was quick to say this would not limit civilian aid or the arrival of relief workers from OVA and domestic authorities.

The announcement and petition coincided with the distribution of new security regimes and travel restrictions for the Windrose of Infinities...more?

Kriegsmarine Extends Secondary Lanthine Patrols
~Hillel Karff, IAF Media Pool

HMSS Sanctuary-The Admiralty will extend the deployment of a cruiser task force assigned to the secondary Lanthine patrol routes, Liu Xiu local volumes, for another month.

The task force joined an OVA security contingent temporarily deployed to the Attwell Anchorage after the transition of sovereignty to IStaR authorities required the withdrawal of the Verge Security Service patrol group assigned to Liu Xiu system. The KM-VSS joint group continues to carry out routine anti-piracy and commerce security patrols outside IStaR space. Kapitän zur Sternen Magar, CO, confirmed that his command will make itself available to assist with counter-terrorism efforts in the local volume. This will include a stepping up of patrols along...more?

A series of dull echoes distracted Meier Schlabach, hanger section second engineer, from the telltales scrolling along the edge of his vision. Two additional cutter drones drifted in their launch tubes. The feeds were crowded out as he studied the reinforcements for the Windrose of Infinities security patrol. Subsystems on the thin-profiled, serrated barbs flickered green as his muse’s tech presence queried their individual mid-grade ais. He flagged a pair of gravimetrics for refit after two patrols. There were better cutter drones being moved from the static arsenal in the Septentrio. The secondaries were needed for a day, two at the most, and the deck needed to be cleared soon.

It wasn’t in the news, but Meier was certain that a new Imperial Verge Police contingent would be added to shore up the Windrose’s new security arrangements. The last of the drones glided past bound for their exit patterns and then smarter RI control that would consider the gravimetrics brief waggle a small inconvenience--if that.

The news feed snapped back into place, only to be crowded out again with a message from installation admin.

The Office of the Superintendent warns all citizens, residents, and registered visitors to defer all travel to Jiwao planetary system and recommends those citizens and residents currently living in or visiting the Jiwao local system to depart. This supersedes the Security Warning for Liu Xiu dated 07.13.

Those unable to depart Jiwao due to local travel restrictions, health, or personal concerns are encouraged to contact the ISI Windrose of Infinities local administration. Those unable to depart due to restrictions imposed by their employers or local domestic security are required to comply with these authorities. The Office of the Superintendent is coordinating with all local employers and all imperial registered corporations. Evacuation, if appropriate, will be coordinated through respective employers and the Office of Verge Affairs.

Operating under the Installation Mandate, Superintendent Favonius invoked the Limited State of Emergency provisions after consultation with the Office of Verge Affairs and the Board of Control. Until the so-called ‘Wildfire’ movement is contained or other notification is provided, the following additional security regime is to be observed by all citizens, residents, and registered visitors to the ISI Windrose of Infinities.

    *No further civil travel permissions will be issued for citizens seeking passage to Jiwao. Residents and registered visitors are allowed to leave the ISI Windrose of Infinities but will acknowledge that they may not be allowed return passage.

    *All foreign registered vessels are required to maintain maximum perimeter holding patterns for 48 standard hours before approaching the Installation. New quarantine and inspection rules will be applied in compliance with the Installation Mandate and OVA regulations...

Meier cursed the decision to move off the Lanthe Route when the Windrose relocated to Liu Xiu. More specifically, he cursed the decision to renew his lease a month before the Phanes’ Republic sent the whole system to hell with tits and skirts up for the IStaR’s taking.
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Freeport News, an affiliate of the Frontier Media Group

Evening Televised News


The view screen filled with static as the channel was changed, the buzzing lines of black, grey, and white eventually stabilized into a coherent colored picture. The face of a man filled the screen a look of concern was painted upon his face as he stared ahead with a furrowed brow. Behind and above him hung a meticulous sign which read ‘Freeport News’, stylized in bold font with blue and yellow coloring. The man’s mouth was moving before the audio clip eventually came to life out of the speakers, “...the discussion over whether it was appropriate for regional administrators to issue travel bans specifically to block the Federal Government’s program of the lottery Citic Re-settlement Ordinance, quickly turned into a shouting match within the halls of the Senate on Axul…”

As the man continued to talk a smaller screen appeared to the left of his head, soon it lit up with several pictures began to fade in and out of the screen to the left side of him. It first showed the city of Gallance from a high aerial viewpoint, slowly zooming in on the Hall of the Senate as the man talked. The screen then morphed turning into a picture of the front of the senatorial building its white and black façade suddenly covered up by the words “FIGHT IN THE HALLS” which appeared in a bright red overlaying stamp on top of the image of the Senate building.

“…unfortunately, security had to remove two Senator’s as they became very confrontational pushing and shoving one another as they traded expletives and insults. Our own member of the legislature At-Large Senator Jyvn Rythe remarked…”

The screen to the left changed again to a fair skinned blonde-haired woman, he green eyes full of distraught, she began to speak from the screen within the screen as the man below quieted down.

“They were moments away from trading blows. By the time security got to them, I thought a full-blown riot was going to occur. I’ve never heard this type of commotion in the Legislature ever.” Her face eventually faded away on the screen, returning was the black and white building filling the smaller screen as the reporter began to speak once again.

“For now, an emergency recess has been ordered by the President of the Senate and they will reconvene sometime later this month for a revisit of this issue after a cooling off period. Hopefully our elected officials can regain their composure and get back to serving us in an acceptable capacity very soon.”

The professional look on the newscaster’s face slowly began to change as he began to take on a lighter more joyful expression. A learned smile began to curl at the edge of his lips softening his face as his eyes brightened with exuberance. He began talking again as he tapped his pen on the table a few times in rapid succession, clearly becoming excited with the words being tossed out of his mouth.

“Moving on, thankfully, to less depressing news, and a bit more relevant to us out all the way out here in Freeport. We are now just days away from the highly anticipated arrival of the Golden Goose, yes that same vessel which has been dominating the airwaves in recent weeks, is due to arrive before the end of the week. The vessel itself will be in port at Cirrus Station, while the crew takes their month leave down here in Freeport among us. At the end of the month they will depart to begin the true portion of their expedition heading further out towards the rim.”

The screen to the left of the man began to morph once again now becoming a photo of the vessel in question the Golden Goose now filled the screen. It stayed for a moment, before changing again this time becoming the Far Stars Exploration company logo. The newscaster rapped his pen against his desk as he continued to talk.

“The online buzz surrounding expedition has grown tremendously in recent days, with the local network website associated with Far Stars Exploration being inundated with searches on various specific information about the endeavor as well as requests from individuals in Freeport for employment on the expedition. A written statement prepared by a representative from Far Stars Exploration corporation and produced on its site thanks the people of Freeport for their interest in wanting to accompany Captain Beyton on the pending journey and they assure that all applications will be looked at for the few open slots remaining on the vessel.”

The screen hanging above the newscaster shifted again from the logo of the company, this time changing into a photo of an older man. Underneath the photo the words ‘Captain Beyton’ appeared in bold white lettering. The reporter continued to talk, moving his hands to enunciate some of his words.

“Not to be undone by his chartering company, the captain himself has been extremely proactive in building up interest in the voyage. Taking out several advertisements appearing over the course of the entire week in various print media in circulation around Freeport. A few of these ads act as promotional material on the ship and expedition, while others were adverts listed open positions still available to be filled for the coming voyage. While appreciated by the company the Far Stars Exploration representative wanted it to be clear on their website, that these are not sponsored advertisements and any material produced by Captain Beyton should not be considered accurate nor actionable."

Turning his head again, the newscaster faced a third camera,as the screen to the side of him filled with an image of the Gamma Quadrant with their position in Liu Xiu marked, and the contiguous Republic held territory highlighted in green. A line snaked out from Liu Xiu and wiggled 'north' and 'west from the dot,' a question mark materialized next to the line as the reporter began speaking again. "The expedition will find the 'best' route available to the Gamma Rim through locally sourced information, it will be a long voyage as they try and piece together the most profitable route for future commercial endeavors to be undertaken along it. The Federal Government as well as many corporations within the Republic are eagerly awaiting the voyage to begin, the unlocked potential of deeper Gamma has been a tantalizing idea for several years now. And this expedition is the first steps in a long process to unravel the mysterious depths of the Gamma Quadrant. We all are excited to see what becomes of this voyage, personally I believe the Republic has ignored its own backyard for far too long, sinking attention and effort elsewhere when it could be progressing within our own Quadrant. Here at Freeport News, we look forward to bringing you more information as it becomes available. We have already secured a sit-down interview with Captain Beyton and a Far Stars Exploration representative when they arrive in system later this week."

The screen to the left of the newscaster faded to black as the man rested his hands on the table underneath him, "But for now, I'd like to pass off to our sports correspondent Mychal..."


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