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Postby Alouite » Fri Jul 17, 2015 12:30 am

One Week Later

Now in Fort Frederick, MD, Jean began to fortify the area and send out NATO broadcasts working to modify his radio he cannibalized several dish tv communications dishes and he managed to contact the Belgian HQ which was operating out of Antwerp had become similar to the US remnants and terminated all communications with them shortly afterwards, saddened but still willing to fight on, Jean began a separate recruitment program to enlist locals as a part of a NATO law and order movement to bring freedom to the Greater Delmarva Area. Now living in colonial buildings once meant for re-enactments surrounded by a stone wall and gate, Jean decided he'd become the local NATO Supreme Commander and allow all non-military affairs be handled by an elected council of seven people. Their first vote was to expand operations, their second, to continue to attempt making contact with other NATO nations. Two days later after sending out messages on their secure frequency, the survivors from the NYC and DC NATO task force reunited with Jean and were all appointed to a staff or command position due to their military capability.

Three Months Later

Jean eventually was able to contact the Germans who had secured the cities of Brandenburg, Frankfurt, Bonn, Munich and Kalingrad which had been seized from the weakened Russian Government, however the Germans stated they were too weak to send any support due to their current state. They had declared martial law and a new Chancellor Jakob Von Pommern had taken the seat of Head of State as a former German General in the German Navy. The Germans confirmed that the French Government held on to Rennes and Corica losing the majority of their holdings but had relocated their government to French Guyana which had been mostly uneffected. The Italians had held on to Venice due to their ability to cut them off from the mainland and eliminate all surviving infected turned or not.

The Spanish held on to the Balearic Islands and Cadiz where their main government was walled off in the south of the city, however, Morocco which had held onto its entire Atlas Mountain region using the rough terrain to their advantage had made a minor comeback and had seized the Canary Islands to help create additional safezones under it's control, that it had held on to Tangiers, Agadir, Casablanca, and Meknes and reclaimed Rabat and former Spanish Enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla which it also annexed.

The Germans added that Poland had effectively fallen with a small, mostly militia based enclave in the countryside. Russia had gone silent though it is believed the Russians still control Moscow, St. Petersburg and have established refugee camps along the Ural Mountains but have an infection eradication policy and anyone that shows a symptom of fever, regardless of if their infected with the actual pandemic virus, is executed and cremated.

They added that Greece fell and was now divided with local province representatives claiming the right to lead Greece only worsening the problem and raising the probability of the entire region being completely compromised, only the local government of Corfu had a strong chance of holding on, and that's because it is an Island and didn't get hit hard in the first place. Word from Serbia according to the Germans was that only southern Belgrade is still safe as the central Balkans were the last part of Europe to be hit.

The Croats had actually done better than Serbia with Dubrovnik being a safe haven protected by a wall and 60% of the Croatian Armed Forces with Naval and Air Force remnants along the harbor area and Army remnants in the city imposing strict martial law with mass surveillance and a 0% infection tolerance rate, all infected are exterminated and burned, their families quarantined ASAP.

The Germans stated that Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia were all confirmed as non-existant entities, and that Sweden had relocated to Gottland with the harbor of Stockholm secure and currently making an attempt to reclaim the city. The Norweigans had lost their capital and relocated to a military citadel in the north, Finland had lost Helsinki and were forced to move into technically Russian territory in Kola where they set up several encampments, the status of which are uncertain. Iceland has cut off all connections with the outside world and has seized 30% of the British Navy's Vessels, it is believed that the Icelandic government has begun compulsory military service and is working on a cure.

According to the Germans most of the worlds survivors are increasingly immune with (In Europe) a 65-75% Immunity Rate among survivors being reported with shaky data, this statistic includes the gifted and doesn't account for the dead highlighting the importance of natural immunity, it is estimated by the Germans that by the next year only 10% of Europe's former population will exist in a best case scenario, in which case, the estimated Immunity rate of survivors would be raised to a speculated 80-90%. Eventually the conversation returned to nations and he confirmed that the British Nation had completely fallen and that only a few British Naval Ships docked in Corsica holding their First Sea Lord/Chief of Naval Staff who is now the de facto state leader of the British in-exile government.

The Germans believe that Hungary has managed to reclaim most of their capital Budapest which at first had had its bridges demolished to save the Eastern Half and had been fenced off, the Hungarians claim that they are currently retaking the rest of the city, but a German flyover reported that only 20% of the Hungarian former Armed Forces remain and will likely not continue to pursue reclamation. Belarus has gone silent as well, their leadership fled into cold war bunkers and refused to communicate after the Germans attempted to make contact.

Eventually they asked Jean how America was, he said based on his limited knowledge, that the US was now led by a fascist government which bombed Chicago, that DC, NYC and most of the midwest and northeast had been overrun and likely the same fate struck the Canadians and Mexicans.

Jean still curious asked more about Europe and the rest of the world, the Germans said that most of the Balkans had fallen under the leadership of warlords who controlled some suburban areas, many of them former military officials, that Romania had been fractured with over thirty factions in the nation vying for power, and that the virus was benefiting from their disorganized chaos.

They stated that Ukraine had also fallen along with southern Russia which had been fairly overrun. That Iran had descended into anarchy after their leadership died of the virus and that Qatar and Bahrain had managed to get out of the situation and now execute any refugees attempting access to the nation, the UAE also has survived mostly not overrun but Abu Dhabi was sacrificed to make the nation survive, due to this they too have received an influx of refugees which are coming in too fast to stop.

It is believed that among the fallen nations in the Middle East there is Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan (though it is believed an enclave exists there in some form), Israel (Same as Jordan), Lebanon, and Kuwait. Palestine has managed to be effected less than Israel controlled areas and has a small safe zone in the desert near the Dead Sea, they have a massive refugee population but most are immune.

The condition of Sub-Saharan Africa is unknown, but in North Africa little has survived as well other than Morocco which has so far avoided the same refugee influx as middle eastern survivors by using its natural boundaries and military to keep away survivors, and perhaps Tunisia which has a few compounds still active in their southern desert, albeit purely military.

A Nuclear war has devastated Eastern and Southern Asia and there are no known governments East of Iran though the Japanese made contact a few months prior, their transmission only went through once and briefly mentioned Hokkaido, Okinawa and the Kuril Islands as well as Americans in Okinawa, the transmission had been hazy.

The Germans stated that Australia had lost all of its major cities with refugee camps in Tasmania and military bases in the outback. Meanwhile New Zealands North Island had been completely overrun while its southern Island had established a few safezones, the details of which are unknown. Other than French Guyana, nothing is known about South America, and they know nothing about Central America or the Pacific Either.

The Germans finished by adding that the Danish had begun reclaiming the island of Zealand where their capital is, however, their progress has been slow and not without major challenges.

The conversation continued for a few hours and eventually drifted over to the situation in Germany where the operator on the other end stated "Brandenburg and Frankfurt will likely be our only holdings in a few months, we walled off Brandenburg and Frankfurt but the other cities we 'secured' have only been gated and attempts to build walls have been abandoned. Our nation only has 35% of its Armed Forces left, and if you were to count only out immune then only 20% of our Armed Forces are either immune or carry the virus without symptoms." Jean replied "That is unfortunate." However their transmission was interrupted when the commander came on the other end and said "I need my operator to get back to work and contact another nation, send back another time when we aren't busy."

With that the conversation ended and Jean seemed to feel a bit more relieved in a way, at least no he had a basic idea of how things were, so many questions had been answered.

Twenty Years Later

Jean continued to contact the Germans and began communications with the Moroccans and Italians who were planning to create a joint task force to help further clean up Europe, but by now Jean had lost much of his interest in overseas affairs. He had gotten older, and he maintained his positions on most issues, by now the NATO task force had recruited many immune people and had taken back Annapolis which became their new HQ, the American Remnants seemed to not care too much as they had shifted their focus to a new Texan Republic that had arisen and were seemingly avoiding reclaiming cities in fear of the burden of not losing them again.

The Infected had gotten smarter, much smarter, but the NATO forces managed to continue to hold them off. The Task Force now had a mission to secure the Chesapeake Bay Area to make way for the eventual establishment of a local republic that could eventually encompass Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. Their target would be the bay bridge, however, Jean had by now had a son who was now 19. His son named Francis Martin was to lead a task force west and establish covert operations in the mid-west, we was to take four other men and they rode in a technical that Jean had brought to the region long ago, it had been repaired and seen several battles, and now it would lead the NATO task force onward, if things went right, the Texans might be good allies.
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Postby Charlia » Fri Jul 17, 2015 7:00 pm

10 Years Later

"Daddy's home!" The familiar sound of Lily's voice reached Charlotte's ears, and she stood, glancing briefly at the photograph on the wall--her and Daniel on their wedding day, shortly after they finally reached safety. The memory still brought a smile to her face, but she didn't linger, choosing instead to get the door for her husband. She kissed him and smiled again. "Lily's been waiting for you--" She was cut off by their five-year-old daughter running into the room, shouting. "Daddy!" Daniel knelt and hugged her before she pulled away in excitement. "Look, Daddy, look what I drew!" She held up a drawing of the three of them, holding hands and smiling. It wasn't a da Vinci, but the piece clearly displayed the love the little girl had put into it. Daniel grinned at her. "It's amazing. Do you want to put it on the wall?" Lily nodded frantically, running to the spot she had picked for it. He taped it to the wall carefully before turning back to Charlotte. "And what have you been up to?" She smiled. "Considering it's our anniversary, I made a special dinner... and it got me thinking." Daniel's brow furrowed as he wondered what she meant. "About what?" She tilted her head. "I just was thinking about the day we met. I mean, I was off alone, and you just decided to talk to me for no real reason, and it just made me think about how our lives would have turned out if you had just passed me by like so many others would have." Daniel pondered that thought for a moment, and then shrugged. "I'm not sure what would have happened if I hadn't talked to you. I'd probably have ended up dead in a week. But there is one thing I know--I'm glad I did." Charlotte smiled and they embraced as she whispered a single sentence. "So am I."
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Postby Partially Blind People » Sun Jul 19, 2015 5:13 pm

16 years later, New Toronto, The New Colonies

Henry surveyed the camp they had established around the university of Toronto, the flag of the Colonies flying proudly next to the statue of Edward VII. The Colonies had claimed Toronto and the western regions of the city had now been settled, leaving the army to clear out the eastern area. The University was now the FOB and had been heavily fortified by the Royal Engineers with even a few large artillery pieces being brought in to dislodge the raider and intelligent infected groups that had stalled the advance.

Henry peered through the scope of his rifle, watching the column as it advanced along one of the streets, the Colonies' only armoured vehicle leading the way whilst the redcoats marched behind it. Henry's sniper rifle was now a rarity amongst the troops, with many having small calibre semi-automatic rifles or muskets as some of the newest regiments had been outfitted with. The cavalry regiments still used handguns and revolvers alongside their sabres. The Colonies had been working on producing gunpowder supplies, muskets and cannons for a while now having anticipated the time when modern weapons would be a struggle to come by or a severe challenge to manufacture.

One of the cavalrymen bounded over to the fortification that Henry was stood on. The man in his deep red uniform with his fur lined hussar's hat snapped off a quick salute to the Chancellor before handing him a handwritten message. Henry unravelled the letter slowly, reading over the first line, Prime Minister Kennedy has passed, as this is mid-term the position passes to the Chancellor. Congratulations Prime Minister Herbert.

He crumpled the letter, not bothering to read the rest. He looked again over the column, tears welling in his eyes as the national anthem began to play throughout the camp.
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Postby Xanama » Sun Jul 19, 2015 5:43 pm

Vianna was woken up by a person poking her, it was her wife "Waaat.... I'm tired..." "I know hun but you have to!" she said.

Since the events, Vianna has been diagnosed with ptsd, Type one diabetes, schitsophrenia and severe depression, the day after this, she would commit suicide. in her note she mentioned everyone she met. and wished them good luck in their lives.

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Postby Beiarusia » Tue Jul 21, 2015 12:56 am

    Days After Outbreak: 6,236

“This is a crap spot.”

Mercer paused in his search through the junk pile to glance over to his partner, a scrawny kid whose voice still cracked at just the right pitches, especially so should he get excited. The kid, Drew, wore his goggles down around his neck, the widebrimmed hat doing little to contain his mess of dark hair and having enough holes in the filthy fabric to render it near useless. His eagerness for work had been next to nothing upon arriving in the small town, and after searching the first few houses Drew had all but given up.

“Just get your ass back to work,” Mercer spat, going back to the task at hand.

“I told you, there’s nothing here,” Drew protested, kicking a discarded tin can across the room.

Mercer shrugged, a movement that was barely noticeable beneath his heavy coat. “Then we hit the next one.”

“And find more of the same,” finished Drew. “This is a crap spot and you know it.”

Mercer stopped now, turning to look fully at the rebellious teenager. Compared to the scrawny young man Mercer was far larger and far more intimidating, standing a head taller and with arms that were twice as thick as Drew’s and then some. The scar across his face did little to aid in his approachability, pale as moonlight against dark skin. “We search everything. No stone unturned. If there’s nothing here then so be it, but I won’t overlook something because you’re a lazy ass. Now get back to work before I make you walk back yourself.”

The threat worked. Drew knew his way back home to Aspen but the journey alone, perhaps two days time on foot, would not be without danger, especially for a lone traveler. Resigned, the teenager went back to scouring the home, and upon finding nothing the pair moved on to the next and then to the next. Seven houses later and they had only a meager supply to show for their efforts.

“Can we stop now? It’s getting late,” complained Drew.

“One more house.”


Mercer shot him a dark look, the glare quickly turning to concern as the larger man took hold of the teenager and dragged him down, taking cover behind a trashbin that could barely conceal the both of them. Drew was about to voice his mind when Mercer silenced him, large hand placed over his face with enough force to suffocate a man had he held it much longer.

Further down the road, stumbling, was an infected man. Fresh by the looks of it, but with a nasty gash across his head. Mercer watched the former man, reaching for his knife as the teen cowered beside him. They had left the shotgun over near the cart, but a long infected was hardly worth the shell.

“Get it’s attention,” ordered Mercer in quiet whisper.


Mercer silenced the young man again, the infected looking over their way as it stumbled forward. “Not yet. Let me get around. You get to come over and I cut its neck.”

“And why-” Drew lowered his voice. “Why me?”

Mercer held out the knife. “You kill it then.”

Drew eyed the weapon, declining the offer. “No. Uh… you can handle that.”

There was a crash. Glassware or something similarly fragile. It wasn’t terribly loud but it was loud enough to be heard. The infected man seemed drawn to the sound, shuffling off towards a small home, disappearing from sight.

Mercer stood with Drew at his side. The boy was the first to speak. “Guess that solves that. Now let’s get going before it comes back.”

The teen started to move away, Mercer looking back towards where the infected had gone before following. What he heard next stopped him in his tracks. A scream. One that sounded so much like that of a child. Drew had only just registered what he was hearing when Mercer charged ahead, barreling into the home and after the infected. The turned man lay bleeding on the carpet, a tanto knife plunged deep into its chest, nicking its heart through the protective case of the ribcage. Across the room was a woman, young and with unkempt blond hair reaching down pass her shoulders, blood oozing from her neck from where the infected had attacked her. At her side was a small child, no older than five or six, crying apology after apology as tears fell from her icy blue eyes.

Drew fell into the home and took in the scene, his voice low. “Fuck.”

A groan drew Mercer’s attention. He looked down to the infected, it trying so desperately to crawl after the mortally wounded woman. With little effort the man ended its life, slicing through its throat and allowing it to bleed out there on the carpet. Done, he looked over to the woman and child, standing over them within a few strides.

The woman’s eyes, grey-blue, saw him and watched as he approached, no fear to be found within them. The child only then realized that Mercer was there and quickly moved to put herself between the man and her mother, the aggressive face she adopted marred by the still falling tears.

“I’m here to help,” Mercer comforted. “Drew.” No answer. “Drew!”

The teen piped up from where he stood.

“Get me something to stop the bleeding.”

The teen nodded and rushed out of the home and back to the cart.

“Don’t hurt us,” cried the small girl, her tough exterior cracking, holding onto the woman’s arm.

“I won’t hurt you,” stated Mercer, his voice soft.

He moved to examine the wound but found his hand stopped by the grip of the woman, her eyes locking onto his, staring into him, through him, and speaking more than he could ever hope to imagine. They darted from him and towards the girl and then back again, and in this moment he understood.

She wasn’t walking away from this.

This realization hurt him more than it should have despite him having not a single clue as to this woman’s identity. It shouldn’t shouldn’t affect him. He shouldn’t care as much as he did. Perhaps it was more so for the girl, a young child that should never be put through something such as this.

After a moment Mercer gave an answer, his voice low. “I’ll keep her safe.”

The woman seemed to understand, her eyes drifting down and to her left to where a utility bag lay abandoned beside her, an unrecognizable logo stamped on the front flap. Mercer had only just turned to match the direction of her gaze when he felt the grip holding his arm go limp.

“Mommy,” choked out the girl, shaking at her mother who had gone still. “Mommy!”

Drew returned, somewhat clean bandages in hand, stopping in his tracks as he stepped over the dead infected. Looking to Mercer and then to the crying girl he could only mutter a curse from under his breath.

Mercer looked over to his partner, grim. “We have the shovel, right?”

Drew was slow in responding. “Yea… yeah.”

“You know what to do then.”


“Do it or I bury you instead.”

Drew caught his breath before running from the home and back to the cart once more. Once he was gone Mercer turned to gaz down at the sobbing girl, her face buried against the chest of her mother, hot tears dampening the cloth of the MARPAT jacket, Foley stitched across the upper left corner. The girl stiffened at his touch, and soon fought as he pulled her away from her mother, her tiny fists pounding against him, each impact hurting far worse than any wound ever could.

“I’m sorry,” he said, voice gentle.

The girl collapsed into him, sobbing, the man comforting her for a long while before he carried her away from the home, she having fallen asleep in her despair.

They buried the woman beneath a large maple near the entrance of the cul-de-sac, a simple wood marker to signal her grave. Each gave their final respects before moving on and back towards Aspen, the girl still asleep within the cart, Drew pushing with Mercer walking with shotgun in hand.

Mercer had taken the knife from the killed infected, intending to keep onto it until he could pass it on to the girl, the same for the utility bag. Inside had been several odds and ends: dried food, a 9mm Glock with a few spare rounds, and oddly a laptop and several thumb drives. Most telling was the notebook. The man had only given it a cursory glance before stowing it away, knowing that the tales it told were not meant for him to read.

“What was in that thing anyway?” questioned Drew sometime later.

“A few odds and ends.”

“Naw, the notebook. It seemed pretty important considering how you handled it.”

“It was.”

“So what was in it.”

“A story.”

“What kind?”

Mercer thought before answering. “A story that came to a close but continues on.”

Drew seemed to accept the answer for he said no more.

The man looked from the teen and then to the sleeping girl. “Maybe you’ll hear it one day, but not from me and not from the book. Now come on, let’s get back to Aspen.”

The teen nodded and the pair made way for home.
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