PW: Task Force Atlas Roster Archives

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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PW: Task Force Atlas Roster Archives

Postby The United Remnants of America » Fri Jul 10, 2015 7:21 pm

As you can see by the title, this is the archive thread for the RP'ing Group, Project Warfighter.

Please be sure to post all of your accepted apps here so they can be thoroughly tracked.


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Postby The United Remnants of America » Fri Jul 10, 2015 7:27 pm

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: The United Remnants of America

Name of Group: Remnant Sentinels

Name of Outfit: Sentinels, 1st Battalion, 3rd Special Operations Squad

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
All: HPA2 Personnel Armor Set, R3 Combat Knife, R10 Handgun, R1 Fragmentation Grenades, R1F Flashbang Grenades, R1P Sensor Grenades, R1E EMP Grenade, R1S Phosphorus Smoke Grenade, X-Com Tactical Communications System, E-Tool, Flares, Grappling Hook/Rope, Augmented Reality System HUD, magnetic adhesive gloves, 1 week rations, 3 days survival water, IR contacts, backpack, blanket
Jackie: High-Power Binoculars, R18 Assault Rifle
Koopa: Wide-band Jammer, Mini-Com Mounted Computer, R21 Assault Rifle
Ninja: High-Power Binoculars, Low-Observable Optical Stealth Technology, R23 Sniper Rifle
Tarzan: R46 Light Machine Gun, R70 Grenae Launcher
Oreo: MPGE Medikit, Portable plasma cutter, iodine tablets, R13 Sub-machine Gun

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:

Biography of Outfit: The Remnant Sentinels are a group that stem from the URA's original days, an orgization that actually pre-dates the Remnant Military. In the first days of the URA's birth, the capital city of Olympia was under near-constant attack by constant gangs and raiders. The city was practically defenseless, except for the ex-military personnel present which banded together to protect the city with the weapons they'd taken with them while they'd deserted. These soldiers fought for two months of constant battling with the gangs and raiders to bring calm and peace to the city. When the dust settled, the troops stood sentinel and guardian to the wayward city and acted as the first trainers and instructors for the soon-to-be-made Remnant Army. It was only right that a group of the army was taken away, staffed with some of the best operators. Today, the Sentinels has grown to accept soldiers of great talent from all branches of the uniformed military and refining them to elite soldiers. The Sentinels have been credited for several conflict zones the world over and a group of Sentinels is almost always sent to any hot situation, even if it's just as a standby when war doesn't break out. They are the first unit in ahead of the Army and the last to leave, mopping up the bodies left behind after bloody wars.

The First Battalion of the Sentinels can draw its history back to those original defenders of Olympia, and thus has never left its post, now tasked with defending the country and capital city in an almost ceremonial fashion, the 1st Battalion is still seen as the epitome of skill and respect, as on top of the ceremonial defense of the city, 1st Battalion operators act as trainers, instructors, and advisors to other Sentinel battalions and regular Army divisions.

Of the First Battalion, a break-off platoon was established of twenty special force operators, being the Special Operations Squads 1 through 4. Currently, there are only three squads, as SOS 4 was nearly destroyed in Operation Necropolis, its survivors being absorbed into SOS 3.

Operators of the Outfit:
Captain Jacqueline Kowalski: Ex-leader of SOS 4, now leader of SOS 3. Jackie is no-nonsense, and lacks a sense of humor, especially after her last squad was killed off. She is your run-of-the-mill hard-ass and she's not afraid of state her mind and tell someone what's up, whether their a superior or a subordinate.

1st Lieutenant Nikolai Kovanich: Koopa. The second-in-command of the Sentinel team. He controls the drones, and the technology with the grace of a lover's touch. His sarcasm and ire is second to none and when paired with his operation of a large drone he should be feared.

Master Chief Petty Officer Harry Wilde: Tarzan. The only thing larger than Tarzan's intimidating size is his voice. A man of generally large things, the affable heavy weapons specialist is no stranger to a pint of beer and a good yell when his favorite team loses a game, just as he's not shy to meet an enemy on the battlefield that does wither under his sustained LMG fire.

Chief Petty Officer Jung Park: Ninja. The silent and deadly sniper and recon specialist is Tarzan's best friend. His dark humor and his quiet observations are only heard by others if Tarzan echoes them out loud. Otherwise, his quiet demeanor and competitiveness with other snipers earns him a place in the bullseye table.

Petty Officer 1st Class Zachary Jones: Oreo. SOS 4's transferred medic. When in combat, Oreo is quick to complain about a task, even while he's performing it. Out of combat, Oreo is quick to pick up a controller and bust his ass through a video game, while still coplaining about the game's difficulty. Oreo's ability to cmplain about any situation he's in is boundless, almost as boundless as his ability to do nearly every task he's given. This is why Oreo's the medic, he's adaptable; And he's bitchy.

RP Experience: Get Bent.

Techlevel: P/MT

Task Force Atlas Personnel File


Name: Lieutenant Colonel Jack Rogers
Alias: Jolly
Unit: Sentinels, 1st Battalion
Role: Task Force Atlas Field Commander
Age: 49
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 180lbs
Birthplace: Twin Falls, URA
Biographical Information: Born to a military family, Rogers excelled in school, especially in history and English. Rogers followed in his father's footsteps after graduation by joining the Remnant Army, where he saw action through the Parkerian Wars. His actions throughout these drew attention from the then-Remnant Rangers, which he joined. As a Ranger, he saw action in both the Demmosian Civil War and the Caxan Civil War as well as several other actions before being transferred to leadership role in a Ranger Special Operations Squad and being moved to Task Force Atlas. In total, Rogers has more than thirty years' total in the military.
Psychological Profile: Rogers has a rather sour look on life after such a long military career. His outward manner is invariably gruff and pessimistic, however this does not detract from his work ethic, in which Rogers has an almost obsessive zeal in seeing a mission completed, despite his sarcastic comments throughout the job. Rogers is aware of the risks of combat, and has become desensitized to the potential of his death or others' deaths. Due to this, he has a willingness to make potentially life-threatening decisions for the good of the mission's success.
Training: Remnant Army Basic Training, Remnant Army Officer Training. Remnant Ranger Training, Close-Combat Training
Notable Experience: Parkerian Wars, Deemosian Civil War, Caxan Civil War, Several Ranger operations. Several Task Force Atlas Operations
Typical Loadout: R18 Assault Rifle, R11 Pistol, R3 Combat Knife, R1S Phosphorus Smoke Grenade, R1F Flashbang Grenade
Theme Song:
Notes: None
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Postby Vangaziland » Fri Jul 10, 2015 7:47 pm

Name of Nation: Empire of Vangaziland

Name of Group: Vannsh Special Forces - Group 1

Name of Outfit: Cobra Commandos

Detailed Outfit Loadout:

The Cobra Commandos were a force multiplier team. They were a group of 2 Vannish operators that trained to attach onto a tier-one team and significantly improve their firepower. Cobra Commandos operate independently and receive a huge amount of funding from the Empire of Vangaziland. Therefore, they have a variety of loadouts for different scenarios. Each team member is capable of operating independently behind enemy lines.

Typically, they would utilize lightweight 7.62 resistant plate carriers. They do have two higher levels of armor ranging from a heavier vest to riot-gear style armor. Just like their uniforms, they have many different camouflage patterns for the vests.

The Cobra Commandos are weapon specialists. Their weapon systems could change from mission to mission. They might work with a rifle with an ACOG. Or they may go with an MP7. Maybe they would be tasked with a Stinger SAM or an AT4 rocket launcher. Both team members are also graduates of the Vannish Army Sniper School. So they might set up their M24, utilizing one team member as a spotter.

MBITR tactical radios, about the size of large walkie-talkies, connected Cobra Commandos to various assets air, ground and sea. The high-frequency band settings are what allows this. They have set ups with earpieces and headsets to keep things tactically quiet.

Again, with funding being high, vehicles were definitely brought into the equation. One team member is trained as a driver of several military vehicles. Again, if standard VSF-1 teams needed to utilize a vehicle like an APC, the Commandos might be the ones tasked to drive. This keeps the operation within VSF-1.

The Air Force of Vangaziland would not hesitate to transport a MOWAG Eagle V 4x4 halfway around the world, just to bring it to the Cobra Commandos. This was the sort of funding they had.

1 x HK417A2 13" (Emerazi)
2 x HK416A5 14.5"(Farnsen, Frazor)
2 x M249 SAW
2 x MP7
1 x M24 SWS
1 x AT-4
1 x FIM-92 Stinger

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:

Biography of Outfit:

Vannish Special Forces Group One was the premiere unit in the Vannish Military. They conduct operations in a wide-reaching area specializing in urban, alpine and counterinsurgency tactics. The Cobra Commandos are a specialized group, made up of two two-man teams. They receive excellent funding and logistical support as well as top of the line training. VSF-1 is a small unit and the selection process is tough.

One Commando two-man team was sent to work with Task Force Atlas. Initially a standard 4 man team was going to be sent. After an evaluation process, the Vannish Army decided a Commando Team would be better suited to the fast pace.

Operators of the Outfit:
SFC Peter Farnsen - This operator was about 5'10" with golden brown skin and black, matte hair cut short into a high and tight. He was with a VSF-1 team for 7 years. This bought him to locations all around the world, to places where wars would be started if they had known. He is sniper qualified, but usually favors a typical M4 SOPMOD. He speaks basic Russian and Spanish. SFC Farnsen is known for his love of sports, especially Emeros FC. He was raised on a farm in central Vangaziland. It was here in the wilderness that he first honed his skills with a rifle. The cold Vangazi winters raised him in a harsh climate. SFC Farnsen is quick to reach out and make a friend and even quicker to make an enemy. Sometimes he couldn't help but come off as an old NCO though.

SFC Mark Emerazi - The most unique training he was put through was being sent to go road racing on the weekends. He is a professional driver, being sent to the sorts of courses that Hollywood drivers go through. He can drive anything in the Vannish Army, being sent to course after course. He is also a lifelong student of the martial arts, making his hand to hand training even more lethal. He looked very much like his teammate SFC Farnsen, being of similar height and complexion. SFC Emerazi was a fan of high rates of fire. Therefore he liked to carry MP7s or even M249s. Right now he was primarily using the HK417, bringing 7.62 ammo into the equation.

Of course the soldiers receive tons of standard military training, specializing in urban-counterinsurgency operations. They have most of the qualifications; Airborne, HALO, Sapper, etc.

These two are seen as some of the best soldiers in the small community of tier one operators known as VSF-1.

Mr. Donald Frazor - His career started in the Vannish Marines. He spent four of his early years there working in an air assault battalion. He moved onto SWAT after that and worked his way into the Imperial Vannish Counterterrorism & Law Enforcement Department. Here he connected with the government and made a name for himself as a capable field team leader. The whole process took about twelve years.

Now he was 32 and working on a top-secret project for the Vannish government. Top officials had concerns about this black project, known as Atlas and how Cobra was being utilized. The Vannish government did not consent to blindly signing away some of their top assets, which they had spent the millions to train. Officially Frazor was being sent as a liason and team lead for the two-man team of Vannish operators. Without an officer, they lacked a voice to speak up for them. Frazor would be that voice. He was fluent in several, eastern European languages. He was known for his tactical ability. With Frazor, the Cobra element would now be a three man team capable of independent operations behind enemy lines.

He had attended all of the Vannish 'qual' schools like airborne, and air assault and was a capable, civilian operator.

Officially, Don worked for Vannish Intelligence, the department that handled all intel ranging from satellites to counterterrorism. Don's previous teams had usually focused on the latter, fighting terror cells across different Slavic nations. He was only here to keep an eye out for his nation's assets and to facilitate cooperation with the nations that made up Atlas.

Special Operations Vehicle - The Dodge
The SOV is a tactical 3 man fast attack vehicle which offers crew accommodation, weapon mounting system and storage for fuel, ammunition, weapons, mission equipment and communication equipment. The vehicle can be fitted with either permanent or removable armor systems and is air-transportable by a variety of military helicopter or planes, including the CH-47 Chinook. The driver and the commander have a half door with removable upper sections, and the back side of the vehicle has fully removable soft top. It is powered by a 2.8 liter turbo-diesel. The vehicle has adjustable air suspension and ride height.

It is currently set to carry the M2 HMG as its primary weapon. There is also a side mount on a swivel arm. An M249 Machine Gun is emplaced here. A secondary gunner sits in the sideways, outward-facing rear, passenger-side seat.



25th Special Rotary Squadron - Ghostbusters - Vannish Air Force
*1 x RAH-66 and 1 x MH-60Z assigned on loan to Project Warfighter

4 x RAH-66 Comanche
Crew: 2
Loadout: 20mm Cannon, Stinger Missiles or 2.75 inch Rockets or Hellfire Missiles
Speed: 201 MPH Max, 190 Cruising

4 x MH-60Z Stealth Hawk
Crew: 4
Capacity: 9 soldiers
Speed: 226 MPH Max, 184 MPH Cruising

4 x HH-60G Pave Hawk
Crew: 4
Capacity: 12 soldiers
Speed: 224 MPH Max, 184 MPH Cruising

The squadron is based around three groups of four. The lead element consists of four RAH-66 Comanche helicopters. They take on the role of recon scout and even gunship. They carry a variety of weapons on retractable hard-points. They also carry a three-barreled 20mm cannon. The lead pilot is a certified Forward Air Controller, versed in coordinating airstrikes and other assets including artillery.

The second element is of four MH-60Z Stealth Hawks. Many of the details of their performance is classified. But we see they can each carry a nine-man squad. The goal is to use stealth to punch deep behind enemy lines. The Comanche gunships provide close air support for teams deployed by Stealth Hawks.

A common formation includes one RAH-66 with one MH-60Z. Sometimes there will be two of each. The third element usually operates separately and has a different mission.

The HH-60G Pave Hawks of the 25th have a primary mission of search and rescue. They may also be tasked as transports for Special Operations forces. The Squadron's Comanches may support the Pave Hawks, if outside assets are not assigned. They are familiar with CSAR in all sorts of conditions ranging from jungle to maritime. If an asset goes down in dangerous territory, a unit like the 25th will come to the rescue.

Colonel Amy Shuler, Commanding Officer
Age: 33
Callsign: Ghostbuster 1-1, "Janine"
Wingman: Ghostbuster 1-2, "Slimer"
Few would have expected a former College of the Air Force soccer star to take charge of one of Vangaziland's most covert and expensive projects of all time. She started her career flying one of the Vannish Air Force's AH-1Y attack helicopters. Supporters and detractors alike were forced to admit that she was one of the most talented rotary pilots in Vangaziland. Her break into the Special Operations world came after 7 years. She was transferred from the SuperCobra to the Pave Hawk. She earned medals for excellent flying in several rescue missions, sometimes under dangerous conditions. This pilot has nerves of steel and has not been shaken yet. She had made more than a few connections during her career and her name ended up being pulled to lead the 25th. She comes off as a fair leader who enjoys her job; a real teacher. She is glad to take on a role that keeps her away from desk jobs.

Lt. Colonel Mark Staub, Executive Officer
Age: 36
Callsign: Ghostbuster 2-1, "Winston"
Wingman: Ghostbuster 2-2, "Egon"
Lt. Col. Staub might be the polar opposite of his commanding officer. He was a graduate of the Air Force's Enlisted-to-Officer program, starting out as rotary aircrew/crew chief at the young age of 20. Mark worked his way up to co-pilot and eventually signed off as pilot for his own Blackhawk. He transferred into the Special Operations World of the Pave Hawks back in 2012. He was brought into the 25th from it's inception. There was even debate as to if he should lead it, but the Generals made a different choice. While Colonel Shuler leads from one of the RAH-66 Comanche's, Lt. Col. Staub leads the Stealth Hawk formation. He's known for keeping a dark, sarcastic sense of humor, even in the worst circumstances.
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Postby New Emmerian Coalition » Fri Jul 10, 2015 7:52 pm

Name of Nation: The New Emmerian Coalition

Name of Tier One Unit: Special Operations Command - Special Projects Unit

Names of Tier One Operators (Optional):

Major William Lennox -

Following the aftermath of the H1Z1 outbreak, Lennox and his team were redirected to combating hostile SRPA Presence following the Coalition President's executive order to shut down all SRPA assets. Suffering heavy casualties at the hands of this rogue cell of scientists and fellow special operations, Lennox and his team prevailed against the threat. After Special Operations Command was formed, Lennox was chosen as the commander of the Special Projects Unit, along with members of his old team being brought on as instructors and field-operators themselves. Though the events of the past have scarred him and his team deeply, Lennox still forms a brotherly bond with his comrades, boosting their morale and pushing them through, even when they are dealt a horrible hand. He uses Assault Rifles, and is the Team Leader of the Special Projects Unit.

Lt. Col. Abraham Locke -

Locke was a member of STIGRU Detachment Omega, and served 3 tours in the horrifically unstable nation of Suafrikaa. During the events of Operation Necropolis, Locke was redirected to engaging Insurrectionist Cell Leaders as they launched their biological attacks in the heartland of Emmeria. Thanks to the efforts of the Lt. Col, many of Emmeria's citizens were spared the horrors of the infection. He lost many of his close friends during the operations, most due to Insurrectionists blowing themselves and their processing plants sky high at the first sign of trouble. When SOC was formed, Locke was approached by Lennox personally, and brought on as a replacement to his squad's recently deceased marksman; post humously promoted Major Richard Garcia. He accepted the offer, and was immediately given the title of the Special Project Unit's Marksman. Locke is quiet most of the time, though his actions speak loudly enough for what he tries to convey. He's stealthy and he knows how to get a job done properly, and uses the LaRue OBR 7.62.

Captain Kate Donovan -

Kate was a member of the Misriah Group of Garrison Rangers towards the end of the Winter Insurrection; an event which followed Operation Necropolis and took the Coalition by storm. As Insurrectionists gained a foothold in the weakened and devastated southern borders of the Coalition, the Misriah Rangers were dispatched to put an end to their operations once and for all. After three brutal weeks of fighting, with little supplies and ammunition, Misriah was finally able to establish a stable landing area for Coalition soldiers to begin their main assault. Kate's squad was decimated by Insurrectionist mechanized infantry, however she persevered and managed to leave the battle alive, utilizing multiple improvised explosives and the remaining 67 rounds of 6.8mm SABOT she had scavenged from her deceased squad-mates. Soon after the fight had been won, she was brought onto the SOC Special Projects Unit, for showing excellence in wartime scenarios and keeping calm in disaster. She's handy with explosives and packs the LMG Variant of the SOC's MRS rifle.

Warfighter Loadout:




After the disastrous performance of the AR7G-02 in combating the Insurrectionists during the Winter Insurrection, the SOC R&D Unit looked to a combat rifle which would surpass any the Coalition currently held in its arsenal. Though with their budget completely devastated, they turned to older series of weapons and improved upon them. The Coalition M8-R was used as a standard baseline, with the majority stripped away and replaced with a proprietary gas system to avoid malfunctions and a short-stroke piston driving an operating rod to force the bolt carrier to the rear. The new rifle was known as the MRS-16 Carbine, and was outfitted for a variety of roles. It fires a 6.8mm SPC cartridge and is composed of Polymer externals with steel internals. Should this not be enough, SOC Operators may also use a kitted-out AK-103, and most actually do prefer this option over the MRS-16. The LaRue OBR series is also extremely popular, and utilized frequently; both the 5.56 and 7.62 variants, to be precise.

Various AR variants are also utilized, usually when a STANAG-fed firearm is used by two or more of a fire-team's members. The Special Projects Unit favors the Mk-18 heavily, as well as the Folsom-15 series of rifles.

As for their sidearm, SOC Members retain usage of the Vicker .45 1911 system. There are multiple other options available, like the Glock 23, and the P226, but the Vicker remains a favorite of all Coalition Special Operations Personnel. They also retain their signature SOG Voodoo Hawk for close ranger encounters, and are feared by their enemies for their lethality with these cold steel tomahawks.

Body Armor

R&D had revealed one of their newest protection systems shortly after the formation of the Special Projects Unit. This new type of body armor consisted of plates arranged on a ballistic vest platform, with PALs webbing stretched across multiple portions of the armor to retain ease of customization for each individual operator. The plates themselves are created using kevlar and advanced polymer materials, though they have little benefit in ballistic stopping power. At most, they retain the same protection as their old AR-500 plates, however with a much lighter and modular design. The downside is that the plates cannot be as easily replaced, and the armor itself is expensive to produce in large quantities; thus is exclusive to the Special Projects Group for the time being. Normal Ballistic Pauldrons are often worn as well, with a specialized hydration carrier specifically meant for the SOC Vest being worn as well. There is an embedded hard-pouch for storage of the standard issue I-Droid.

It is often confusing which type of helmet SOC Teams prefer, but usually they use a MICH 2003 with a specialized cover over it, offering rail space and slots for tactical accessories, like lights and NVGs. These covers also provide significant protection boosts, and often have small 'chops' to protect an operator's face. (Yall played Killzone, I"m talking about the ISA Helmet with a FAST Helmet instead of the ridiculous bike-helmet) Since Necropolis, however, it is rare to see a Solid Eye System in use by Coalition Special Forces, though not completely unknown.

Biography of Unit:

The Special Operations Command, or SOC, was formed shortly after a barrage of devastating events in the Emmerian Coalition, destabilizing parts of the country and sending the military into a frenzy trying to put out as many fires as possible. This led to a large loss of many Tier One units, including most of the famed STIGRU to Insurrectionists and Infected personnel alike. Eventually, the Garrison and other notable Military branches decided to form a new unit, merging all Special Operations entities into a single unit, as its own branch. This unit came to be known as SOC. Shortly, the Strategic Science Reserve was formed; SRPA's replacement. These two organizations work closely together, ensuring SOC Operators are well equipped and informed to deal with whatever threat may arise. Training for these specialty units makes the other individual training look like a cake walk, often being described as 'inhumane' and 'utterly ridiculous' by drop outs and hospitalized recruits.

The Special Projects Group is the remnants of STIGRU and the OGA of the Coalition Military. This team is tasked with completing clandestine operations all around the world, in an orderly and professional matter. They work swift and silently, often leaving no trace of their presence what-so-ever. They're highly trained, given state of the art equipment, and are ready to deal with any threat that enters their crosshairs. Just like the soldiers that stood before them, The Special Projects Group has a long history of getting their objective complete, even if it means riding head first into a hurricane. Upon returning to Task Force Atlas, however, Emmerian Operators are looked upon with caution. After SRPA's failed attempts at assassinating them, their badly formed logistic divisions and poor command responsibility, much of Atlas is weary of accepting Coalition members back into their ranks. Lennox, to this day, still looks at Necropolis as "Emmeria's Crowning Failure in the Face of Adversity."

Short Profiles on Operators (Optional): (Think I covered this.)

RP Experience: Dis Op

Techlevel: MT & Early PMT
Current Location: Gone Rogue @ DZ02 Steeleport

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Postby Servinta » Fri Jul 10, 2015 8:00 pm

Name of Nation:The Peoples Federation of Servinta

Name of Warfighter:Spezhalist Kommando Korps [13th Naval Kommandos 'Sharks']

Warfighter Loadouts:

  • Standard rifleman weaponry:

    ADS - amphibious rifle with either under-mounted 40mm grenade launcher or bayonet style 7.62x54r Bang Stick
    Ammunition for ADS - 5.45×39mm M74 7N6 / 7N10 / 7N22 for above-water fire, 5.45×39mm PSP for under-water fire
    PYa MP-443 pistol (can fire super-hot +P+ 7N21 and 7N31 armor-piercing rounds.)
    MIB Grenade/Mine
    KZ Series Charges (can be magnetized for ship attack)
    Cold Steel 92SF Spetsnaz Shovel
    NRS-2 (6P25U) survival knife with a built-in single-shot shooting mechanism designed to fire an 7.62x42mm SP-4 round
    Noks Sapper multi-tool
  • Amphibious operations weaponry:

    Simonov SPP-1 pistol
    AKULA diving knife
    RDG-5 Fragmentation grenade
  • Combat Uniform:

    Light blue BDU Beret
    VDV Light blue Sleeveless Telnyashka
    Standard Servintan Naval Infantry uniform (Blouse/Trousers in blue digital camouflage)
    NPO-SM (Modul 3) armor
    TARZAN M22 assault vest
    Waterproof side-zip tactical boots
    Bone-Conducting Communication Device (specially modified to wear with SCUBA mask)
  • Amphibious operations gear:

    Black rubber wet Suit
    Swim fin set
    IDA71 military and naval rebreather
    Kingii emergency wrist mounted life preserver
    OTS "The Guardian" Full-Face Mask

Biography of Warfighter: The 'Sharks' are the result of specialist training during the long years as satellite state of the Soviet Union, who saw Servinta's Abstern swamp as a perfect area to set up a Naval Infantry base.They used it not only to keep watch over the Servintan commercial traffic in the area but also to train the Spezhalist Kommando Korps to better handle domestic troubles on their own without the Unions assistance.The thirteenth battalion was chosen to undergo training and after five years of a grueling naval and special forces training regime and with a high drop out rate (due to major injury only) the battalion was left with 1/4 its original strength and began to recruit from both the Peoples Navy and Peoples Army.A select group of possibles was assembled and put to the same training as the Soviet naval infantry had put the Servintan 13th through, thankfully they had selected well and the drop out rate was much less severe with roughly half making it through the second run.Now with their forces trained and readied, Servinta was directed by the Kremlin to assist in the Great Minh war against an allied coalition who sought to crush the communist Minh.The war was a tough one and many troops lost their lives for little gain.But the more notable victories was the 13th's successful attack on an enemy battleship that saw the craft destroyed beyond repair.While the war ended with a draw, the 13th prided themselves on this accomplishment and have continued to recruit expert swimmers and those who are adept in the water environment into their ranks.To this day you can hear the confidence and pride they show as the closest thing to their specialty is the Servintan Naval Infantry Korps which while a step above the regular Navy or Army personal they pale in comparison to the famed 'Sharks'.


Fleet Levtenant Vladimir:Tall and lean with a thick mustachio that was popular among officers in the Servintan military.His was the brains and collective thought of the Thirteenth Kommandos, with little concern for the petty squabbles and near alcoholic practices of his enlisted underlings, as those were his staff's job of ironing out.

Commissar (Political Officer) Bogdan:A man of many words and little patience for the words of others, he is the oppitamy of raving mad egotistical communist officers.Trained to manipulate and conive in both actions and in conversation, he is tasked to the 13th Kommandos to keep them from deviating from the Servintan way while abroad.

Staff Petty Lascar Aleksander:The grizzled veteran of every war from the Rhine state crisis onward, gives no real reference to the other teams and their actions.For his hands were full with simply managing his own men and making sure that they at least acted proper in front of their officer and the foreigners who surrounded them.His specialty is tank hunting and dabbles in other rocket launcher uses.

Senior Petty Lascar Kormag:Happily, enjoying the fact that his superiors usually have their hands tied when it came to punishing him.He is the teams heavy weapons specialist who was just as experienced and skilled as Aleksander, and had been a staff enlisted himself at one time.But like now, he had a distaste for standard procedure and due to his innate desire to cut corners and break rules to accomplish the tasks set before him he had been busted back down to a Senior Petty Lascar only a few years ago.

Senior Petty Lascar Kirill:With his almost inhuman monotone voice he hates his post as he had once been a medical student at the Servintan Medical academy, only to be 'randomly' drafted and due to his skill in medicine he was sent directly to the Servintan Peoples Spezhaulist Korps.Now with only his work at hand he was conceded to isolate himself not only from every one of the 'knuckle draggers' as he called them, but also from his own team as only Vladimir who had been a medical student himself understood Kirill's passion for knowledge of the medical feild.

Junior Petty Lascar Nikita:The inquisitive and imaginative Communications specialist of the team.This was however the sort of thing Vlad wants to keep him away from, as it wasn't unusual for some of the younger and more impressionable Servintans who ventured out into the world to get illegal or subversive ideas stuck in their heads.

Junior Petty Lascar Iglan:The youngest and most inexperienced of Alfa team.He is the point-man and naturally he was always the more nosy of the team, constantly going ahead and coasting around the other teams for whatever snippets of conversation he could gather.Harmless in his own sense and bubbly in personality he is the more social of the group and made it known as he jested with Kormag often.

RP Experience (Example or Link):

First person:
Strategic: ... 5&t=309579
Hosting an RP:(my first failed miserably)
Techlevel: (No FT/Late PMT/FanTech. Human Species Only.)MT
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And hoping this doesn't become a thread-meme response.

90th Army Group, Zeta-militia

-Bravo section remnants of 3rd platoon of Charlie company in 2nd battalion, 1st Brigade.

Nominal Unit size: 9 men, 3 teams + 3 person command.
Current unit strength: 4 + Reinforced by 4th team of Alpha-Section and their re-activated commanders.

Heavy Weapons: CMG-3/07E2 6.5x55mm Universal Machine guns (scoped)
Fireteam-Leader: LAR-655 /w/ HM-320 lightweight mortar-system
Scout: LAR-655 (scoped), Pave-Pointer pistols /w/ underbarrel double-barrel 12 gauge

Joe Rosenthal; Team leader
Ernest P. Schwartz; Team Scout
Boomer M. Thompson; Heavy Weapons Specialist

Ira Strank; Team-leader/medic <--- Dead, Shot in head, Operation Nightingale
Larry Gibbons; Team Scout <--- Acting Team Leader
Abraham J. Foyt; Heavy Weapons specialist

Surviving Section-level assets:
Kayora [No official last-name, so she usually just fosters one if needed], Section signals specialist (RTO) <--- "Delta Team" Scout
Adrian Vance; Transportation-specialist <-- Lost a leg, Operation Legion
Ralph Hayes; Alpha Section Leader / Acting Commanding officer <--- Acting Team Leader, "Delta Team"
'Isaac' Crompton (just realized I never gave him a first name); OGA "Military-Advisor" / Acting Executive Officer <--- "Delta Team" Heavy Weapons
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- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: Shadownia | The Central Shadow Nation (CSN)

Name of Group: Shadownia Military Intelligence Outfit (SMIU) Multi-Unit Covert Corps (MUCC)

Name of Outfit: MUCC Unit 1 Clearance 1 | Viper Squad

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
1st Lieutenant Allison 'Cookie' Reatha-
Main Weapon: MSBS Radon w/ triangle reflex sight
Sidearm: PM Makarov
Two Frag grenades, one flashbang
KA-BAR Combat Knife
(more) Complex Radio Systems
M20x80 Binoculars
Night-Vision Target Designator-SatMap Visor System (NV-TDSV)
Rebreather + Water Resistant Clothing

Sergeant Susan 'Match' Kurj-
Main: L129A1 DMR/Sharpshooter Rifle
Sidearm: PM Makarov
Grenades: 1x Smoke, 1x Frag
Signal Flares
20x80 Binoculars
NV-TDSV SmartShot Variation
Rebreather and water resistant clothing
Entrenching Tool

Staff Sergeant Markus 'Mario' Kwapik-
Main: MSBS Radon w/ reflex sight
Sidearm: PM-63RAK
Grenades: 1x Smoke 2x Frag
Breaching Explosives
Tube Cameras
Defusal Kit (Includes bolt cutters and multitools)
Entrenching Tool
Quarterback-Style Wrist Playcaller with scenarios written down

Corporal Nikolas 'Camel' Vladimarkov-
Main: MSBS Radon w/ acog sight
Side: PM Makarov
Smoke grenade, flashbangs
Advanced medical treatment kit
Trauma Kit

Private First Class Eric 'Blossom' Komorav
Main: MSBS Radon
Sidearm: Remington Model 870 Shortened
2 Flashbangs, 1 Frag Grenade
Tactical Tomahawk
Advanced Lockpicking Set
Electronic Lockpick

Appearance/Description of Operator:
But in Camo

Biography of Outfit: Viper Squad was formed in 1989 as Shadownia continued to rise on the global stage. After the 1985 Bloody Weekend in which 19 people where killed in a string of telebooth bombings and drive by shooting in the popular politician resort Kuzytn Peak. After a failed raid on a suspected compound by the civil intelligence SWAT in which 9 officers were killed and two suspects were shot dead the military was used to combat this terrorist group. They succeeded in taking out several bases however during this process two soldiers were killed in action. On December 19th of 1985 the Military Special Support Unit was formed. It consisted of mostly marine special ops soldiers with a few army combatants. The MSSU functioned well however an official within the Shadownian Military Intelligence named Moses Kyotchin didn't think they were performing, or could perform better. He was denied permission to study other groups by his supervisors however coordinated with others within the department to form a plan. Kyotchin and his allies approached the chairman of the Marine Corps. and the chairwoman of the CSN Army. They agreed that a better unit was possible and the other three branches were notified. A meeting was held between several cabinet members and the prime minister and it was passed in secret. Kyotchin formed the SMIU and began learning as much as it could about other nations tier-one unit. In 1989 Viper Squad was formed.

Operators of the Outfit:

RP Example:

Techlevel: Modern

NS Activity:

"Atlas Shrugged"(Do Not Delete)
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- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: The Greater Island Kingdom of New Hayesalia

Name of Group: 6th Platoon, Division 14 BASTION

Name of Outfit: Battlefield Assault, Strategic, Tactical & Innovative Operations Node (BASTION)

Detailed Outfit Loadout: In the direct action role:

Attack Team
Squad Leader - Captain Q - Ripper Mk3
Combat Medic - Sergeant J - Ripper Mk3
Grenadier - Corporal U - Ripper Mk3 + Widowmaker UGL
Designated Marksman/Spotter - Marine Proficient H - HK417
Light Gunner - Lance Corporal R - M240L LMG

Weapons Team
Team Leader - Chief Petty Officer F - Roundshot ABW + Ripper Mk3 Carbine
Heavy Gunner - Corporal A - GD Lightweight Medium Machine Gun
Sharpshooter - Guards Corporal K - Stealth Recon Scout + Ripper Mk3 Carbine
Rocketman - Lance Corporal O - 6x M83A2 SLADAR + Ripper Mk3 Carbine
Demolitions Expert - Leading Aircraftsman D - Ripper Mk3

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:

Biography of Outfit:

New Hayesalia has an extensive history of special forces utilisation. The Hayesalian Union constituted it's first special forces unit in 1896, used in an early direct action and sabotage role. Famous for their use of camouflage and stealth smocks as well as light body armour, the Pathfinders formed the cutting edge of the Union Army. In a battle overseas, a major enemy force of over 10,000 troops were set in a thick line in seige against an allied cities. The war was one stooped in religious woes. An allied force of only 1,200 soldiers was available, including a company of 100 Pathfinders. On a moonless night, the Pathfinders donned their camouflage smocks and conducted a psychological warfare operation. Three temples formed tributes to the enemy's deity had been established and were generally guarded by four soldiers standing in catafalque.

The Pathfinders were forced to crawl through no mans land, under cover of darkness, and were able to kill each of the guards silently. The enemy's religious text stated that temples in war were to be protected and could turn the tide of battle; and that if any attack was doomed to incredible failure the gods themselves would remove the headpieces of the temples. It also explained in graphic detail the injuries that would be sustained by those who watched such a divine act- which the Pathfinders replicated. The Pathfinders then exited, and made their way safely back to their lines.

Word quickly spread between the enemy troops the following morning of the so called divine intervention, and many troops refused to make advances. Eventually forced to by their officers, many lost motivation and unit cohesion and fell to the smaller allied force.

The troops live much in the same way as the rest of the troops, with regular weekend and holiday passes and with a raucous barracks life, although tough stealth training was a regular occurrence. The unit was reformed as the Commandos in 1959, although many Pathfinders became early members of the Special Reconnaissance Service, the Union Army's new Tier 1 force. A history of operations in small wars gave rise to the fame of the SRS. As more special forces units were established, such as the Army Pararescue and the RCTRG, the Commando Divisions became a way for excellent soldiers to be chosen for trainign to become elite soldiers. This multiple layered approach was critical in finding New Hayesalia's best fighters.

The New Hayesalian Army was formed as a new force from the Hayesalian Union Army in the 2009 Amalgamation. The pool of candidates was further enhanced with the Second Amalgamation with Montmaray, with the elite Royal Montmarian Guard contributing troops with expertise in CQB and close protection duties. However, at this point New Hayesalia was operating over a dozen Tier 1 units with a variety of skills. This situation was rectified with the reclassification of all special forces to the second and third tier, and creating a new Tier 1 force, recruiting only the elite of the elite. With nine combat-classified divisions of approximately 120 operators each, the new Battlefield Assault, Strategic, Tactical & Innovative Operations Node became the upper level of performance for any soldier's career. BASTION operators come from all services, and must be capable of performing the specialist duties of other SF units.

BASTION Entry Training is an eight-week course, where mind and body are tested to absolute limits. Candidates are expected to be able to learn anything and remember it well, as well as be able to apply it. In training, textbooks on subjects ranging from nuclear weapons to foreign small arms are issued, the knowledge practically applied in training perhaps hours later. This is in addition to other training, where food and sleep is little and far between, and candidates have no expectations of what will come next. Training is entirely practical in nature: candidates are expected to be fit enough to perform the training with no PT. Training takes place in locations all around New Hayesalia and Paddy O Fernature, from the alpine mountains of Piltomana to the deserts of Quepasa. OPFOR, usually made up of current BASTION soldiers, is often present.

By the end of the course and the following year long extended training, expertise will be held in all aspects of soldiering. All BASTION soldiers will possess expert knowledge in:
-hand to hand fighting, usually in Krav Magra and Judo techniques.
-service and use all New Hayesalian small arms and crew served weapons,
-tactics in all roles of soldiering,
-use and disabling of explosives,
-all insertion methods,
-medical skills comparable to regular Military medics (BASTION medics will hold skills comparable to emergency room personnel and surgeons),
-foreign equipment,
-high skills in driving light transport and all civilian vehicles,
-basic operation of mainline artillery pieces,
-basic understanding of how to fly civilian and some military aircraft,
-at least one language other than English,
-some electronic warfare,
-personal health and fitness maintenance.

The nine divisions of BASTION are assigned particular focus tasks- such as counter-terrorism and long range patrol. Even within BASTION however, are the elite. These are no more than 120 men- no women yet qualified- in the 14th Division. Named for the 14 alliances that took place at the Battle of Hollow Bastion, the men in this unit were expected to do any mission, any where, any time. While some nation's special forces were considered subject matter experts in fields such as unconventional warfare, or amphibious ops, or airborne entry, the 14th Division of BASTION are the world's subject matter experts on war.

All members of the team use only the very best equipment, and are proficient in the use of Personal Reconnaissance Systems, the Wasp AE squad UAVs, and other combat augmentation equipment.

Amongst Tier One, 14 Div BASTION are the experts.

Operators of the Outfit:
update inbound
Captain Q

1 Commando Div
2 Commando Div
Special Reconnaissance Service

Captain Q is an experienced member of the team, with five years service in BASTION. His current posting with the 14th Div began midway through last year, and he has proven himself equal amongst his peers, commanding a team of people qualified for any mission. Captain Q takes great satisfaction in his work, and is one of an elite few BASTION officers, unrivaled in skill.

Sergeant J

3 Commando Div
2 Commando Div
Army Pararescue
Recapture Tactics Team
1 Division BASTION
14 Division BASTION

Sergeant J, despite his unassuming appearance, is one of New Hayesalia's most overqualified paramedics. Awarded a bravery medal for rescuing and stabilizing three soldiers single handedly in the midst of battle during the Missourian Conflict, J has proven himself one of the Military's most accomplished medics. With a list of paramedical qualifications so long he needs additional logbooks to keep record of them- he notes that he's only missing qualifications that would qualify him to work in space- he is a valuable asset to 14 Division, BASTION.

Corporal U

1 Commando Division
2 Commando Division
Special Reconnaissance Service
5 Division, BASTION
14 Division, BASTION

Corporal U is a BASTION veteran, with three years service in the unit's unconventional warfare specialists. With knowledge of multiple languages and a near encyclopedic knowledge of foreign affairs and cultures, U is a smartass that can justify himself. His intuition is second to none, and his ability as a special forces grenadier is spectacular.

Marine Proficient H

Marine Reconnaissance Company, NHS Slaver's Lament
Marine Submarine Reconnaissance Company, NHS Whoad
Special Reconnaissance Service
8 Division, BASTION
14 Division BASTION

MARP H is famous in Marine circles. Reputed to have swum from the city of Tagrem to Saman in one cool morning in his combat uniform for no reason other than to meet a woman he'd met online, and returning in the same manner by the afternoon for his duty shift aboard the Slaver's Lament, his endurance is legendary. As well as serving aboard submarines in their Marine Recon Companies- the equivalent to the Army's Commandos- his entry to the SRS is nothing short of exceptional. In one 20km pack march with 20kg weight, candidates must cross the finish line within 3 hours and 15 minutes. MARP H did it in 2 hours, 20 minutes, returning to find the directing staff watching Finding Nemo. His career in the SRS was immediately successful, and joining BASTION was a natural extension of his abilities.

Lance Corporal R

3 Commando Division
2 Commando Division
CBRN Response Unit
6 Division BASTION
14 Division BASTION

Not a lot of men can deal with long patrols and combat missions in MOPP 4 chemical warfare suits. Fewer still can do it in the combat load of a machine gunner. Lance Corporal R couldn't imagine doing anything else. The CBRN-U is responsible with combatting serious threats in CBRN environments- this means finding and fighting the enemy, even when they use lethal gas to protect their positions. Their unique abilities mean standouts are saught-after by the BASTION staff- Lance Corporal R was one of them. In a short career at BASTION, he has proven himself an expert in all forms of warfighting.

Chief Petty Officer F

Naval Clearance Diver Team 2
Naval Clearance Diver Team 4
Recapture Tactics Team
8 Division, BASTION
14 Division, BASTION

CPO F, one of the NH Navy's elite clearance divers, has over 10 years in special forces experience. Having graduated the Commando Course, like all SF operators, F went onto the Navy's frogman teams, partaking in missions such as Operation Cutthroat Snake, which involved paddling against strong river currents in the Missourian Conflict and destroying a majority of their brownwater fleet in the early stages of the war. Going onto the Recapture Tactics Team, designed to test the security measures of NH Military bases at the serious threat of injury or death, CPO F applied for and passed BASTION initial training, showing considerable leadership potential in five years in the 8th Division, focused on amphibious roles. He was selected for BASTION's 14th Division due to his exceptional performance, and promoted to 2IC of his squad.

Corporal A

3 Commando Division
2 Commando Division
4 Division, BASTION
14 Division, BASTION

A special operator within the Combat Intelligence Gathering Unit, Corporal A, also known as the Hulk, has partaken in a wide variety of secretive missions in a number of countries, often operating with the Foreign Intelligence Directorate and SRS as well as his CIGU colleagues in the gathering of enemy intelligence and tracking of enemy resources and commanders. His position in 4 Division BASTION continued this career, and his stepping into 14 Division means he can combine his expert clandestine skills with other fields of military study.

Guards Corporal K

3 Commando Division [As a member of the Army]
CAT, Revnami Garrison, RMG Close Protection Detail
CAT, The Veil Guard, RMG
3 Division, BASTION
14 Division, BASTION

The skills required of a sniper in the Royal Montmarian Guard are best compared to the goalkeeper in a number one football team. As a member of the Revnami Garrison of the Royal Montmarian Guard in the Counter-Assault Team, Guards Corporal K was responsible for the safety of figures such as the Deputy Prime Minister and visiting foreign dignitaries in the New Hayesalian capital city. In the CAT team he operated as a counter-sniper, requiring the highest level of precision. As a member of the historic and elite Veil Guard, RMG members are responsible only for protecting the Monarch, the Prime Minister and major visiting foreign dignitaries. Guards Corporal K history as an elite sniper gave rise to trial for the BASTION, and after two bites at the entry testing, he succeeded and became a BASTION sharpshooter.

Lance Corporal O

1 Commando Division
2 Commando Division
Special Reconnaissance Service
2 Division BASTION
14 Division BASTION

A former member of the Mountain Legion and experienced in warfare more often vertical than horizontal, LCPL O is one of BASTION's experts on the subject of mountain and arctic warfare. As the squads rocketman he faces off against tanks and armoured vehicles without hesitation- a statement of fact, tested in actual combat. As the newest member of 14 Division, BASTION, he still has to prove himself to his squadmates, by outdoing anything in his service record.

Leading Aircraftsman D

No. 4 Combat Control Squadron
1st Special Forces EOD Battalion
1 Division, BASTION
14 Division, BASTION

The squad's only Air Force member has his own strong history in the Air Force's special operations community. While most of that community is aircrew, some specialised members occupy the ranks of the Army-administered 100th Special Operations Legion- including the Air Force's Combat Controller squadrons. Without the CCTs, enemy airfields are about as useful as clean highways- with CCTs, they can become hubs for effective air operations. Trained to follow and fight with Commandos, and call in air strikes to assist them, some CCTs ascend even higher to fight with units like the SRS or joint service units, like CIGU or the SRS. For LAC D, a career in EOD made sense- somehow- and he joined their unit, emerging as an unlikely star in training. After proving himself at 1 Div, BASTION, he is not the squad's explosives expert charged with both clearing the way and destroying enemy equipment.

RP Experience:

Techlevel: MT-PMTesque

"Atlas Shrugged"
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- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: The Templar Republic of Aelia.

Name of Group: The Thorns/Thorn Company.

Name of Outfit: Second Thorn: "Bandit."

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
  • Combat Knife.
  • FNX-9 Handgun.
  • Various hand-thrown explosives (frag, flash, smoke, EMP, etc).
  • Rations/water for 6 days.
  • Sandman: SCAR-L Assault Rifle.
  • Snap: FN TPS (Shotgun).
  • Rattler: Mk. 48 LMG.
  • Josie: SCAR-L Assault Rifle, under barrel grenade launcher, plastic explosives.
  • Zero: FN Ballista, spotting scope.
  • Patchy: SCAR-L Assault Rifle, medical supplies.

Appearance/Description of Operator:

Biography of Outfit: Every Rose has its Thorns.
Before Thorn Company, the TRA hadn't seen the need for a Tier One operations force. But after an embarrassing event during a domestic baseball game, the High Council saw reason to found a group, separate from the other branches, that could be called in to handle... difficult situations.

Enter Thorn Company: elite soldiers brought from all other branches of the TRA military, trained again to become the pinnacle of human condition. Even the existence of the group is denied at times, at the very least, only First Thorn is ever publicly acknowledged. First Thorn is a homeland security group, mainly dealing in counterterrorism on TRA soil. The public doesn't know how many other Thorns there are, but there are suspected to be at least three. Second Thorn handles missions too tough for regular soldiers outside of TRA territory. And Third Thorn... those really deniable operations? That's them. They give conspiracy theorists nightmares.

Second Thorn has only even been referenced in conjunction with TFA, the High Councillors thinking it a good idea to send a group of their own top-tier operatives to the international group. Someone mentioned a Second Thorn as a joke, but those in the know knew that Second Thorn was already on its way to TFA.
In 1920, the Rosewall Falcons were playing the Harre Beach Barracudas in St. Rowan Field in downtown Rosewall. During the game, radical nationalists for Kinnish

Operators of the Outfit:
  • Reece "Sandman" Sanderson: Squad Leader. A man with few equals, Reece has been soldiering most of his life. He is reliable, battle-tested, and a damn good shot. His one real flaw is that he cares too much for his friends, sometimes to a fault.
  • Sariah "Snap" Wilson: Point (wo)Man. Sariah is more of a "shoot first, ask questions if needed" kind of person. Hot headed and jovial, it's only natural that she be the first into any engagement. Her favorite part of being in Thorn, aside from the exterior benefits, is the adrenaline rush from being in combat.
  • Richard "Rattler" Lee: SAW Gunner. Ricky is a guy with many pleasures. Drinking is one of them, as is tearing enemies to shreds with his machine gun. A rowdy man hailing from a patriotic region of the THC, his enthusiasm for celebration is only matched by his intense hatred of Thorn's targets.
  • Jose "Josie" Duarte: Demolitions. Jose, being the most recent member of Thorn, must just feel the compulsion to question everything that is done. He also complains a lot, prompting the other members to nickname him a feminine version of his own name. But when it comes to wiring explosives, Jose is deadly serious. As a wise man once said: "A Sergeant in motion outranks a Lieutenant who doesn't know what's going on. An ordnance technician at a dead sprint outranks everybody."
  • Riley "Zero" Lankler: Sniper. Riley is a man of few words. Of course, it certainly fits his job: providing overwatch for the other members of Thorn and being their foremost expert on not being noticed. Best at sneaking undetected into an enemy encampment, and best at sneaking the last slice of cake from the fridge.
  • Akemi "Patchy" Cho: Medic. Akemi was the newest Thorn member, before Jose showed up, and now she just does her best to make sure everyone else is in top-shape. She's also a bit of a stickler for the rules, declining to join most of the others when playing pranks on regular troops. This also means she's more friendly with command, and has been known to loosen up and request some "special requisitions" from the higher-ups.

Tech Level: PMT. Barely PMT.
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- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: The Empire of Eriathe, Modern Tech variant.

Name of Group: Eriathan Intelligence Agency (ERIA for short) 8th Battalion

Name of Outfit: 17th Squad, "the Despoilers"

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
Shared outfit:
  • Combat armor, modified to suit the operator's role. Various types of camouflage available for use.
  • Bayonet
  • GPS Tracker, used to trace operators with, attached to the combat armor.
  • Portable Laser Designator, with 1x and 3x variable zoom and IRNV optics.
  • 2x M67 Grenade
  • 2x M34 Incendiary Grenade
  • 1x M84 Flashbang Grenade
  • 3x Smoke Grenade
  • 2x Red Flares
  • Elena: Scar-H Assault Rifle [ACOG Scope, Canted Ironsights, Suppressor], Glock 18 machine pistol with Flashlight and Suppressor. M26 MASS Shotgun mounted underneath Scar-H. Gunner variant armor.
  • Robert: MG4 Light Machinegun [ACOG Scope, Green Laser Sight, Suppressor], M9 pistol with Flashlight and Suppressor, 8x C4. Gunner variant armor.
  • Connor: Scar-H Assault Rifle [ACOG Scope, Canted Ironsights, Suppressor], M9 pistol with Flashlight and Suppressor, 2x M15 Mine, 6x M2 SLAM. Regular combat armor.
  • Kylah: SRR-61 Sniper Rifle [Ballistic Scope, Canted Ironsights, Suppressor, Bipod], M39 Enhanced Marksman Rifle [Suppressor, Bipod], M9 pistol with Flashlight and Suppressor, 1x T-UGS, 1x SOFLAM. Scout variant armor.
  • Dominic: M39 Enhanced Marksman Rifle [ACOG Scope, Canted Ironsights, Suppressor, Bipod], Glock 18 machine pistol with Flashlight and Suppressor, Medical Supplies. Regular combat armor.

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:

Scouts & Recon

Biography of Outfit: The Eriathan Intelligence Agency has it's own military forces, directly under its command. Each division of these forces are divided in different Battalions, based on the tasks they are to perform. As such, in 1982, the 8th Battalion was founded for reconnaissance operations, assassinations, and sabotage work - often getting dropped deep behind enemy lines to do their job. As can be expected of the reconnaissance and assassination department of an Intelligence Agency, 8th Battalion has always been shrouded by secrets.

8th Battalion draws its people from all divisions of the Eriathan Army and the ERIA itself and is authorized to do so by the highest possible command, the Imperator himself. According to official, highly classified, records the 8th Battalion currently has 208 men and women under its command.

Operators of the Outfit:
  • Elena Zykova: Lieutenant Elene Zykova serves as 17th Squad's leader and has done so now for several years, since 2012. Elena, before joining ERIA's 8th Battalion, served in the Imperial Army as a paratrooper, taking part in several successful operations and standing out from the rest for her ability to quickly analyse situations and her reliability. She is well-liked by her fellows, and is almost devoted to the Imperial cause. Elena is known for getting the job done, no matter what is between her and the objective, and under her command the 17th Squad has been nicknamed "the Despoilers", following the destruction of an entire apartment complex taken by rebels the squad was sent to take out.
  • Robert Raatmink: Gunnery Sergeant Robert Raatmink serves as 17th Squad's second in command, and as the squad's gunner. Before joining the 8th Battalion he served in the Eriathan Marine Corps, where he took part in several anti-pirate operations. Like the rest of the squad, he is utterly loyal to the Empire.
  • Connor Owen: Corporal Connor Owen serves as the squad's demolitions expert and combat engineer, although mainly the former, the man being almost obsessed with explosives. He previously served in the Marine Corps as a Quartermaster, although he had a surprisingly happy mood most of the time. Has been part of the 8th Battalion since 2008, but hasn't received any promotions mainly due to his utter inability to lead.
  • Kylah Spencer: Corporal Kylah Spencer is the squad's latest addition, and is the group's sniper. Kylah is an ace shot, and legends tell that her eyes are fashioned out of secret technologies due to her ability to spot small details from far away. As the only other woman, Kylah already is Lieutenant Elena's best friend in the squad and due to this the one she trusts the most. Kylah used to serve in the ground forces before being assigned to 8th Battalion's 8th Squad.
  • Dominic Rees: Lance Corporal Dominic Rees is the resident combat medic. Pretty much everybody in the squad likes him, which is a pretty good idea seeing as he's the guy that has to fix them up should they get injured during an operation. He, too, used to serve in the Marine Corps before being assigned to the squad.

RP Experience: You know me, I think..? I'll grab out tons of links if you don't.

Techlevel: Modern Tech to Post Modern Tech, leaning towards the latter.
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Greater Soviet Ukraine
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Postby Greater Soviet Ukraine » Sat Jul 11, 2015 1:45 pm

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation:Greater Soviet Ukraine

Name of Group: Spetznaz

Name of Outfit:Alpha Group

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
For a squad of 12:
VSS Vintorez
PSS Silent Pistol
Survival Knife
MON-50 Anti-personnel mine
1 RGD-5 Hand grenade and 1 RGD-2 smoke grenade

Combat Medic:
AK-14 assault rifle
PMM Pistol
1 RGD-5 Hand grenade and 2 RGD-2 smoke grenades
Survival Knife
First Aid Kit

Basic Loadout:
AKM assault rifle
PMM Pistol
3 RGD-5 Hand grenades and 2 RGD-2 smoke grenades
Survival Knife

Wide Area Support:
PKP Pecheneg machine gun
APS Machine Pistol
4 RGD-5 Hand grenades and 3 RGD-2 smoke grenades
Survival Knife

AKMS Assault Rifle
PMM Pistol
5 RGD-5 Hand Grenades and 3 RGD-2 smoke grenades
Survival Knife

Roles are subject to change per the mission.

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:

Biography of Outfit:
Alpha Group was formed in the aftermath of the Munich Massacre in response to the formation of West Germany's GSG-9. They serve as the elite counter-terrorism squad for both domestic and foreign matters. They specializes in assassinations, hostage rescues, and other response to terrorist actions. Though not as advanced in technology as other counter-terrorist ATLAS groups, they make up for it with the classic Soviet philosophy of "Whatever it takes to get the job done".

Operators of the Outfit:
Sergeant Nikolai Melnyk
Sergeant Vladek Koval
Corporal Oleg Shevchenko
Corporal Viktor Tkachenko
Corporal Yuri Oliynyk KIA
Corporal Mikhail Polishchuk
Corporal Ruslan Kovalenko
Private Leonid Boiko
Private Boris Kovalchuk
Private Stanislav Kravchenko
Private Alexsander Bondarenko
Private Igor Shevchuk KIA
Private Andrei Popov
Private Petro Tarasenko

RP Experience:

Techlevel: MT
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Postby Vacif » Sat Jul 11, 2015 8:31 pm

- Project Warfighter Application -



Name of Nation: The Democratic Republic Vacif

Name of Group: 29th Special Operations Brigade, 1st Special Warfare Division

Name of Outfit: 1st Battalion, 3rd Company, 1st Detachment "Oxide"

Detailed Outfit Loadout:

V29 Gas mask
3 Day food, and water rations
Water purification tablets
Electrolyte tablets
Bobby pins
Individual aid kit
Field Compass
Flint & Steel
LED squeeze light
Waterproof paper
Ink pen
Solar powered Watch
Signal Flares
VAK Balistic knife
Mess kit
Space Blanket
VAK Combat Knife
VA Range Finder/Binoculars
Rappelling Gear
Deployable Cover
Riot Shield
Diving gear
A.C.E. Combat drone
Throwing knives
EOD Suit
Welding torch
Sentry turret
V.I. Remote control Sniper
V.I. E900 Motorbike
M19 Stun Baton
V82 Tranquilizer
V10 HE Grenade
V9 Fragmentation Grenade
V8 "Sticky" Grenade
V7 Incendiary Grenade
V6 Roller Grenade
V5 Concussion Grenade
V4 Tear Gas Grenade
V3 Flashbang
V2 Smoke Grenade
V1 Pulse Grenade
V0 Decoy
"TRIP" Mines
X2 Spike Grenade
X1 Sonic Grenade
Satchel Charges
VDW 81mm Mortar
VX 3 Grenade Launcher
x4 Magnificaiton ACOG
Red Dot sight
Mk. 3 Infrared scope
Thermal Scope
Reflex sight
Holographic sight
Laser sight
Camera Mount
Sound Suppressor
Fore grip
Mk. IV Advanced Personal Armor suit
Vacifian MultiCam
(Alpine, Desert, Jungle, Woodland, Urban)
Multi-task Integrated Combat System
E.I. Balistic Glasses
Armored Rucksack
V.I. Secure Comm System
E.I. Load Bearing Equipment

Stacer - Mk. 25 Assault Rifle, V6 Laster Target Designator
Hesse - Mk. 25 Assault Rifle, M702 40mm underbarrel grenade launcher
Emerson - Mk. 17 Carbine, V2015 "Tough" Notepad, V19 Reconnaissance Drone, V19 Tracking system
Holt - Mk. 12 Semi-automatic Shotgun, V.I. Breaching Kit, Bomb Defusal Kit
Kovaleski - Mk. 7 Submachine gun, V.I. Demolitions kit, V40 Recoilless Rifle
Fear - Mk.17 Carbine, AAGP Medical Kit
Croce - Mk. 30 Light Machinegun, Mk.2 PDW
Stone - Mk. 22 MRSWS, V4 "Ghillie" Cloak System, Mk.2 PDW

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:
1st Battalion Commando

Biography of Outfit: The 29th Special Operations Brigade predate the actual Republic it serves, originating in its predecessor, the Empire of Vacif. Like the other Special Operations outfits in service, they were trained for all kinds of situations, including but not limited to direct action, hostage rescue, asymmetrical warfare, counter-insurgency, and HALO/HAHO jumping. Their training was very extensive, both costly in time, and resources, but paying off greatly. Like the GSG9, if one member falls, the other can pick up where they left off, EOD tech, Sniper, support gunner, their members having gone through 2 other training regimes before entering the 29th. The brigade recruits from all divisions of the military, generally taking from other Vacifian SOF outfits, but it isn't uncommon to recruit exceptional individuals from non-SOF outfits.

The 29th were the most well known SOF unit in the IVA (The VDF's predecessor), despite the unit's secrecy, their missions always shrouded in mystery, and black marker. When the event known as "The Descent" in Vacifian history occurred, the 29th S.O.B. alongside it's sibling SOF outfits skills were used extensively, combating foreign threats trying to enter, or control the massive influx in crime, and terrorism. Eventually the "Split" occurred, which when the old capital, alongside the Emperor were incinerated in a massive fire bombing, governors, and generals alike fought for control, effectively starting a civil war that divided the country. The 29th was pitted against former brothers in arms, be it former IVA infantry, or other SOF units. Time, and time again they left battles victorious. Once the dust settled, and officials went their separate ways, the 29th was used to train new SOF units until they were called into action where they would lead the Vacifian military to retake lost territory, absorbing other former elements of the Empire. They are the SWD's go to unit for DA, or high-profile missions.

The 29th consist of 5 battalions, broken up into 5 companies each, which are then broken up into 5 platoons, which are divided into 4 Detachments. (4000-800-160-32-8)

Operators of the Outfit:

Captain - Cade Stacer: Oxide 1-1 Leader of 1st Detachment, Cade is a levelheaded soldier who goes with logic over compassion, he is not one for small talk. Fluid as mercury, tough as steel, he radiates control, and calmness. Have served since the age of 17, the Captain is a tested, and hardened member of 1st Battalion. He is a simple man, that does not ask for anything but your cooperation, and trust. Cade is in his mid-late thirties, and enjoys literature, and wood working. Blood Type: A

1st Lieutenant - Jakob Hesse: Oxide 1-2 Grenadier, and 2nd in Command of 1st Detachment, A confident, and loyal second in command, Jakob has served in the Ground Forces for over a decade. Joining out of necessity, he learned that he quite liked the military, and decided to become a career soldier. He is a fairly grounded individual, stern, and somewhat intimidating. Surprisingly of all the soldiers in the detachment, he is the most religious, or at least spiritual. Jakob is in his early thirties. He enjoys writing, model building, and throwing darts. Blood Type: B-

2nd Lieutenant - Vera Emerson: Oxide 1-3 Tech specialist, and 3rd officer of 1st Detachment, like the machines she works with, she's said to be cold, and uncaring, attempts at flirtation with her have all failed miserably. She's very fast when it comes to hacking, and very deft with drone controls, or automated systems. Having worked with the Vacifian Bureau of Military Intelligence before being assigned to Oxide, she is the team's tech, and information specialist. Vera is in her late twenties. She enjoys taking things machines apart, dissecting organisms, and painting. Blood Type: B+

1st Sergeant - Rodrick Holt: Oxide 1-4 Breacher/Pointman, Rodrick is that cool uncle that brings home cool stories, and souvenirs from foreign places you've never heard of. Rodrick hails form a long line of soldiers, dating back to the first Vacifian civil war. He's an optimist, often trying to brighten dark moments, or bringing hope to hopeless situations. A real ball of joy, he's often making friends wherever he goes, though it's not wise to displease him, as that same ball of warmth can turn into ice in moments. Rodrick is in his mid-thirties. He enjoys rock climbing, obstacle courses, excising, and socializing. Blood Type: O

Staff Sergeant - Claudia Fear: Oxide 1-5 Combat Medic, The "medic" of 1st Detachment is actually a walking hospital. She's got the knowledge to do almost everything, setting up village infrastructure, delivering babies, or turning an epi-pen into a deadly weapon. She's mastered the art of the "Medic stare", with only the most strong willed of individuals being able to withstand her gaze, if she says you're not okay, you're not okay, and it's best you do as she says. While she is a patient person, her methods in teh field are fast, efficient, but also fairly painful. Ironically, she is quite fearless. Claudia is in her early thirties. She enjoys exercise, cooking, and drawing. Blood Type: AB

Sergeant - Dmitri Kovaleski: Oxide 1-6 Sapper, He's as controlled as his controlled explosions, being very. Dimitri can destroy just about anything, take it apart, and rebuild it, make it better, or sabotage it. He's slightly conserved, but doesn't mind interacting with those he's close to. He's soft spoken, and see's things as they are, or at least how it is at the time. His words while not loud, usually have a large impact on situations. He's a good listener, and very calm, but should you somehow annoy him, he will detonate like a vile of nitroglycerin. Dimitri is in his late thirties. His hobbies include cleaning, gardening, and chemical engineering. Blood Type: A-

Sergeant - Luca Croce: Oxide 1-7 Support Gunner, a slightly more grim member of 1st Detachment, he's not a pessimist per say, but he's got a rather dark mindset. The oldest member of 1st Detachment, he's seen action since the Descent that split the Empire. He's fought all kinds of enemies, former friends, war lords, and child soldiers alike. He generally prepares for the worst, but when you peal away the grey wall that surrounds him, he's actually quite warm. At one point in time he was a devoted, and loving family man who craved barbecue, and beer. He still does, but he like any aged soldier has seen things that change people. Luca is in his late forties/early fifties. He enjoys smooth jazz, painting, and metal working. Blood Type: O+

Sergeant - Riley Stone: Oxide 1-8 Designated Marksman, the youngest of 1st Detachment, he is sarcastic, loud, and abrasive. He enjoys ribbing people, and challenges. He's not afraid to speak his mind, or say what needs to be said. A soft side for kids, Riley grew up as the oldest of four. He takes extra caution while around children. Riley is in his late twenties. He enjoys spending time at the range, swimming, and playing video games. Blood Type: O

RP Experience:
Techlevel: P/MT
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North Arkana
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Postby North Arkana » Sat Jul 11, 2015 8:53 pm

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation:United Federation of North Arkana

Name of Group: Arkanan Defense Force Recon Strike Corp (ADF RSC)

Name of Outfit:Sierra Team and Whiskey Team

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
RSC standard load bearing webbing
RSC standard body armor base suit
RSC standard ballistic armor plates
RSC standard assault pack
Individual First Aid Kit
Specialist Items
M36A1 Battle Rifle 7.62x51mm NATO (bull-pup rifle with 24-round magazines, semi-auto + 3-round burst)
M93A3 Sniper Rifle 338 Lapua Magnum (bull-pup precision sniper rifle with 10-round magazines, semi-auto)
M38A2 GPMG 7.62x51mm NATO (modernized MG42/modified MG3 with 100-round disintegrating-link belts as standard, full-auto 900-1200 rounds per minute depending upon weight of ammunition belt)
MP-12 SMG/PDW 5.7x28mm FN (bull-pup SMG/PDW with 60-round triple-stacked magazines, semi-auto + 3-round burst + full-auto 900 rounds per minute)
MP12C SMG/PDW 6.5x25mm CBJ (bull-pup SMG/PDW with 40-round triple-stacked magazines, semi-automatic + 3-round burst + full-auto 800 rounds per minute)

Pistols (operators are free to choose their sidearms so long as they comply with military supply regulations)
M67 Fragmentation Grenades
M84 Stun Grenade
M34 White Phosphorus Grenades

Mk3 MOD 2 12.7x99mm BMG (based on the GAU-19/A with linkless-continuous feed as standard, full-auto 600 rounds per minute sustained RoF, full-auto 1200 rounds per minute assault RoF, vehicle mounted)
Mk3 MOD 0 12.7x99mm BMG (light-weight version of Mk3 MOD 2 with linkless-continuous feed as standard, full-auto 600 rounds per minute sustained RoF, full-auto 1200 rounds per minute assault RoF, infantry mobile as well as vehicle mounted, preferred over the MOD 2)
FGM-148 Javelin AT Missile System (improved guidance and targeting systems, improved warhead, extended range)
Spike-SR ATGM (improved seeker/targetting, improved warhead, extended range)
FIM-92 Stinger SRSAM System (improved guidance and targeting systems, improved warhead, extended range)
AT-4CS LAW (improved warhead)
M3 MAAWS Recoiless Rifle (improved warhead)
Mk14 MOD 0 MGL
M206E2 Anti-Material Rifle 15x152mm APFSDS (bull-pup smooth-bore rifle with 5-round magazines, semi-auto)

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:

Biography of Outfit:The Recon Strike Corp is a special forces unit of the ADF, numbering approximately CLASSIFIED soldiers. The unit is specialized in advanced recon, precision strikes, asymmetric (guerrilla) warfare, and unconventional warfare. They are deployed as the tip of the spear of the ADF, and answer directly to the Defense Council, however they are given a great deal of autonomy in their operations. Only professional soldiers who have served in one of the special corps (such as one of the Rapid Response Brigades and Marine Corp) of the ADF are allowed to apply for membership in the Survey Corp.

Operators of the Outfit:
Sierra Team
CPT Michael "Hart" Hartman - Team Leader
SSG Friedrich "Fred" Halder - Medic/Combat Lifesaver
SPC Andrew "Wren" Renee - Designated Marksman/Sniper
SPC Adrian "Marc" Marcos - Demolitions/Engineer
Operative Ririchiya Akiyama - Central Security Agency Section Eight Liason

Whiskey Team
1LT Zachary "Zak" Aaron - Team Leader
CPL David "Dave" Fackeral - Medic/Combat Lifesaver
SPC James "Jimmy" Markov - Designated Marksman/Sniper
PFC Carlos "Karl" Gustav - Demolitions/Engineer

Air Support Team - Tart Cart - Heavily modified V-22 Osprey w/ stealth (thermal, radar, sound reduction), improved engines and rotors, centerline 25mm revolver cannon (not a Gatling gun), rear door mounted Mk3 MOD 0 HMG, and ability to mount rocket pods.
CW2 Arnold Matson - Pilot/Aircraft Commander
WO1 Wesley Vaughn - Co-Pilot
SSG Trevor Danwick - Crew Chief/Rear-Door Gunner
RP Experience:Prior TF Atlas Member

Techlevel:MT (borderline PMT in some aspects, but within reasonable time frame)
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Empire of Donner land
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Postby Empire of Donner land » Sun Jul 12, 2015 8:06 am

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation:Empire of Donner Land

Name of Group:Task Group Lautes Geräusch 

Name of Outfit: Lautes Geräusch Special Tasks Division, 4th Platoon , 2nd Squad

Detailed Outfit Loadout: 
The average operative in a Squad carries a TTMP-5 a MP 5 with modifications that allow the soldier to preform Knochenblitz. A CQC Tactic that specializes in breaking bones with speed and disarming the opponent quickly. The modifications to do this require a reinforced gun Butt and Extended barrel. Other modifications also include a Silencer or Flash hider, Reflex sight, Inferred Laser sight and a Extended Magazine.

The preferred side arm is a regular 9mm Berretta with the option of a Silencer and Laser Sight. 

Equipment varies by what roles are In a Squad. Explosive experts along with the standard issue, will usually take 2 Blocks of C4, a remote Detonator, more grenades then anyone else in the squad (6 compared to the 4 others get) 2 Thermite Door Charges and a Laser Designator. Riflemen will get 4 grenades, along with Standard issue equipment. Squad leaders will get 2 Flares, 1 red and 1 green, Standard Issue Equipment and a Camera for Espionage missions. Medics get a Combat surgery kit, along with other first aid supplies and standard issue equipment. Standard Issue equipment is Combat Rations such as MRE's and powdered drinks, a Canteen, a Combat Knife with a secondary blade in the handle ready to deploy under the primary blade, 4 Smoke grenades of different colors, 4 clips of ammo for the TTMP-5, 2 for the 9mm, and other equipment choices for different operations that may be encountered such as scuba gear or a Parachute. 

Body armor and clothing wise it's standard issue. They use Mk2 TC C.E.A Body armor. It's the most advanced body armor the Country has to offer. It stands for Thunder Class Combat and Espionage Armor Mark 2. For protection it has light weight 20 mm effective thickness Ceramic Plates inside the chest and back. The armor provides little to no noise when walking or running. To make room for equipment it has 4 chest magazine pockets and 2 Clip pockets on the right or left waist depending on wearers hand preference. A built in radio that can connect to an ear piece. And among other pockets for grenades or other equipment. The operative also wears a British styled combat helmet with a deployable HUD that comes out of a pocket in the front, in front of the wearers face. Among fatigues and Combat boots. The backpack is an A.L.I.C.E Design but made smaller for convenience.

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:WIP
([url=Place URL Here]Image[/url]) or [url=Place URL Here]Name of Outfit Here[/url]

Biography of Outfit: 4th Platoon, 2nd Squad is known by the Special Tasks Division for "Getting shit done the laziest, quickest, best possible way" the platoon, as the name states was the 4th Platoon organized under the Special Tasks Division. 4th Platoon deals with Terrorist threats, rouge nations, assassinations and Surgical Strikes. 2nd Squad is tasked with these objectives when needed and sent in any way possible at a moments notice. They have years of experience and 57 sucesfully completed missions under they're belts. 

Operators of the Outfit:

Claus "Blitz" Johannesburg, Squad leader and all round hard ass of the squad. He puts the squad though thick and thin whether during training or an actual operation. He is also a former trainer for the Task Group. He has Black shaved hair, Blue eyes and a goatee. He stands at 6' 2" and 167 Pounds.

Joseph "Doc" Pilkins, Squad medic and smart ass of the squad. If you are missing an arm or at the very least a finger he can mostly keep you from bleeding out or crying about it back at base. He knows the basic stuff and some advanced cardiology and had saved everyone in the atleast 2 times. He has blonde shaved hair, shaved face, green eyes and missing eyelashes. He stands at 5' 7" and 147 pounds.

Gerald "Dakka" Franks is the squad rifleman and explosives expert as well as the squad jester. He knows more comedy than explosives knowledge he claims, which worries the squad. Sometimes he pretends to have accidently Armed a bomb at 30 seconds rather then 2 and a half minutes and is known for blowing "Docs" eye lashes off which he has apologized many times for. He has hazel eyes and black hair in a 1 inch Mohawk, a shaved face and stands at 6' 3" and 203 pounds.

Beverly "Queen" Harrods is the squad Rifleman and the squads only female member she is known for just not giving a fuck and by other squad mates as a "Bitch". She is one of the only 124 women to make in the Task Group. After training she was deployed to this all male squad in hopes of, as her CO at the time called it " Gender Diversity". The men of the squad have likened her to a brother more than just a women and also a mother. She has Short brown hair, Blue eyes and stands at 5' 5" at 130 pounds.

And finally Hans "Broken" Himsler the squads second rifleman and "Noob" of the squad. He has learned many new things since he joined the squad. Such as "Don't hit on Queen or she will break you're jaw" and "Don't touch Docs Morphine supply or he will make you feel a new kind of numbness." The first one earning his nick name. He has Orange hazel eyes and short light brown hair. He stands at 6.1 and 166 pounds.

RP Experience: Crusader Kings 2 RP and 2055 it's just ain't the same RP on the PT2M forums

Techlevel: MT/PMT
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Military Democracy of Birtonia
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Postby Military Democracy of Birtonia » Sun Jul 12, 2015 8:11 am

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation:Imperium of Birtonia

Name of Group:(English) Imperial Rangers, (High Gothic) Optimus Equiti

Name of Outfit:Prima Cohort, Prima Century, Alpha Maniple, Optimus Equiti Phalanx I, Optimus Equiti Regio I

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
-All operators:
-Wolf-fang Multipurpose tool
-Personal plate carriers
-Hydration pack
-Ballistics helmet
-All Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment (ALICE) Pack
-Three MRE's
-Tactical Gloves
-Ballistic eye wear and electronic ear protection

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:

Biography of Outfit: The Birtonian Rangers evolved from those who were directly loyal to the Knights behind the Winter War rebellion that resulted in the Birth of Birtonia. The now ruling Knight-Regents sought to recognize the soldiers that had followed them far past the point of no return. The concept of an elite unit of soldiers handpicked by the Knight-Regents for their personal protection brought about the Rangers. Over time, the force had grown and became the epitome of Birtonian military, used across the globe by the Knight-Regents for all matters, clandestine or otherwise. The Rangers currently operate one battalion, with one company still designated for the Knight-Regents protection, and the others operate all over the world protecting Birtonian assets where deemed necessary.

As of August 26th, 2015, following the rise of the Imperium and the Imperator to the throne the BGDF was reorganized into the Adeptus Terram. Since all personnel have been inducted into the Cult of the Imperium, the Commissariat was formed and Commissars have begun to accompany all units of the Imperium Militare.

Operators of the Outfit:

-Knight-Commissar Lexon Papantonia: Newly assigned Commissar to the Optimus Equiti. He was the first in his class of the newly formed Commissariat, being a son of members of the former BGDF and now the Adeptus Terram he was afforded a high quality education at the National Defense College. The Imperium was formed during the final year serving as an infantry officer in the BGDF, or Adeptus Terram, now. Lexon decided to attend the first class of the Commissariat, due to his background and capability he has been assigned to the Rangers to introduce them to the Cult of the Imperium, and re-educate them on their political idealitites. The Imperator himself expects this man to fight in combat with the Rangers side by side to earn their trust and more easily spread the propaganda to them.
Carries: M-23 .45 caliber pistol, Scriptures, Image of the Imperator, Flex Cuffs, 2 M-5 Smoke Grenades (Red), GPS positioning equipment, satellite phone to the Commissariat.

-Knight-Paladin John Juliani: Leader of 1st squad, has been with the Rangers for several years now. Participated in the Winter War revolution as a high profile member of the rebellion, and was awarded officer status in the new military. John attended the Birtonian National Military Academy and commissioned into the infantry. He has served both in the active duty and precinct guard divisions of the BGDF. During his last operation on the Yarmala campaign a contingent of Birtonian Rangers were operating the same vicinity who had observed him lead a charge against a numerically superior enemy and had won the engagement with only minor wounds inflicted on his command. After such the Rangers instantly contacted his command and recommend that Juliani be given orders to attend Ranger training. He had been in command of the squad for three separate operations at this time.
Carries: AR-14 Bullpup assault rifle, USP10 Pistol, 2 M-5 Frag grenades, 1 M-5 Smoke Grenade (Yellow), E-tool, IV supplies, extra batteries, water purification supplies, Flex cuffs, Night Vision Device, Compass, Map, Chemlights, Length of Rope, Empty Sand Bags

-Knight-Paladin Michael Istha: Michael has served with the rangers for nearly as long as Juliani has. Michael volunteered for the Rangers immediately after joining the BGDF, however and had conducted the Ranger training several times, failing out each time. Finally he was assigned as an Infantry officer in support of anti-insurgency operations int the Svennish Isle Chains. Many months of hard fighting directly on the front lines earned him both the respect of his men and the respect of his commanders. He was given one last chance to pass the Ranger selection course and he finally did. He now serves in first squad as the weapons specialist.
Carries:M-300 Mare light machine gun, USP 10 Pistol, 3 M-5 Frag Grenades, 2 M-5 Stun Grenades, 2 M-5 Chemical Grenades, 1 M-5 Smoke Grenade (Blue), E-tool, Extra bandages, Night Vision Device, Breaching Shotgun, extra ammo for all team members

-Master Chief Scribe Jessica Lampinelli: Jessica is a rarity in both the Rangers and the entire Birtonian Armed Forces. She is one of ten total females to be currently serving in the military of Birtonia. She was originally a nobody in Precinct 10, when a terrorist attack on the nearby government building rendered most of the Precinct Guard soldiers responding to an incident that occurred right before. As a young woman Jessica armed herself with a nearby weapon and proceeded to eliminate all seven of the terrorists, upon seeing this, an agent of the Birtonian Intelligence Services put in some orders for her to be inducted into the BGDF and subsequently the Rangers. She now serves as the squads medical specialist
Carries:SM-5 PDW, USP 10 Pistol, 1 M-5 Stun Grenade, 3 M-5 Smoke Grenades (Red,2 Green), E-Tool, Full combat medic aid bag, Night Vision Device, Folding Combat Litter, VS-17 marking panels, extra water for team.

-Scribe First Class Enrique Morazan: Enrique was a former member of the BNDF operating in the Svennish Isle Chains, same as Michael. Morazan was stationed as a gunner for one of the destoyers on station but was assigned shore leave at the time. During an insurgent counter-attack Enrique mounted a heavy machine gun at the entrance of a FOB after its previous operator was killed. His bravery in the face of adversity allowed time for QRF forces to be deployed from the nearby carrier, the sailor had slaughtered 43 enemy fighters before he ran out of ammunition and switched to his personal weapon. BNDF commanders immediately requested he be transferred to the BGDF and undergo Ranger training. He now serves as the squads RTO.
Carries:AR-14 Assault Rifle, USP 10 Pistol, 4 M-5 Smoke Grenades (White, Blue, Orange, Purple), 1 M-5 Stun Grenade,Extra medical supplies,Night Vision Device, ASIP radio for internal communications, PRC-90 radio for higher comms, extra batteries, hand mics, long and short whip antennae, GPS system, IR lights.

-Master-Sergeant-at-Arms Lionel Yorant:Lionel is one of the few NCO's serving as a Ranger. Yorant served in the BGDF like many of his current and former comrades. He began in the precinct guard and after several tours against insurgents he requested to switch to the active component so that he may participate in the Yarmalan Campaign. There he served as an infantryman with the 184th infantry. His highlight was conducting a search and rescue patrol for a missing recon team that led right into a Aryan forces ambush. He was the sole survivor, using improvised methods to appear as a much larger force to the enemy until RRF could arrive to reinforce him. He now serves as the squads demolition expert.
Carries:AR-14 Assault Rifle, USP 10 Pistol, 7 M-5 Fragmentation Grenades, 4 M-5 Incendiary Grenades, 2 M-5 Smoke Grenade (Purple), Extra medical supplies, Night Vision Device, Anti-personnel mines, anti-vehicle mines, LAAB-mini AT system, Plastic Explosive, Bolt Cutters, Flex cuffs.

-Sergeant-at-Arms William Noh:William is the youngest and smallest member of the team. He was brought on the team during their last operation in Unspecifiedistan, due to the nature of his situation. Noh was a small man, yet very capable in his own right. He was formally inducted into the BGDF upon arrival into Birtonia and was sent to Ranger selection directly after basic combat training, by order of the Ranger commander. Due to his small size and lighting fast speed he is currently serving in the squad as a special, formerly undesignated role, the CQB pointman.
Carries:SM-9 Submachine gun, USP 10 Pistol, Breaching shotgun, 3 M-5 Stun Grenades, 1 M-5 Smoke Grenade (White), Night Vision Device, IR Vision Device, Flex cuffs, Length of rope, Shaped breaching charges, lockpicks, telescoping baton, personal combat knife

RP Experience:
Long Live Yamalia
TF Saber Rattlers

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Postby Torrumbarry » Mon Jul 13, 2015 9:45 pm

Name of Nation: The Crowned Commonwealth of Torrumbarry

Name of Warfighter:Commonwealth Airborne Naval Special Operations Command Corps, CANSOCC (More commonly referred to as the 'Phantom Corps')

Name of Outfit: Charlie Platoon, 2nd Pathfinder Company, Reconnaissance Element

Warfighter Loadout: (Example: HK416, Crye Armor Chassis, Platecarriers, etc. BE DETAILED!!)
-Within reason, a Phantom Corpsman may select whatever core firearm/sidearm/special-purpose weapon system that they so desire (or that is designated to them, on the basis that their nominated weapon system provide a beneficial contribution to the operation (e.g. not a entire feckin' Fire Team equipped with "Carl Gustav" MAAWS). That being said, the favored assault rifle amongst Phantom Corpsmen is the Halcyon Arms M1 Masir System Battle Rifle equipped with a Pantheon Military Industries "Chubby Charlie" Mark.XXIV Underslung Grenade Launcher.
-Pantheon Military Industries Mark.VI EXO-Structural Reinforcement System
-Documents relevant to mission... easily disposable
-Pantheon Military Industries Mark.XVII Stab-Ballistic Spectra Shield Tactical System Suit
-Body Identification (optional, and often not selected)
-Gerber All-Purpose Multitool
-Elba-Tech "Greek Fire" Thermobaric Grenades, M-67 Fragmentation Grenades, XM84 Diversionary Stun Grenades, Model 308-1 Napalm OR Pantheon Military Industries Mark.VIII Incendiary Grenades and various signaling grenades.
-Standard-Issue Heckler & Koch "Not-so-'Ole-but-Faithful" Knife
-Whatever suitable brand and make of boot that the concerned Corpsman approves of
-Ops-Core FAST Ballistic Helmet fitted with attachments required by the Operation Standards (e.g. Pantheon Military Industries “Midnight-Predator” Mark.IX Universal Night Sight Helmet Attachment)
-Modern Pioneer Sierra Model Backpack, containing all necessary amenities and utensils

Appearance/Description of operator:


Biography of unit: During the Karinzgradian-Torrumbarian Border Disputes of 1968, conventional Torrumbarian infantry regiments were being veritably slaughtered by Karinzgradian Revolutionaries employing guerrilla tactics. The few entities that achieved some measure of success against the were the 88th, 89th and 112th Skirmisher Divisions, specialising in strategic mobility and maintaining the capability for operating in extremely uncompromising terrain. At this time, the sole special operations force the Commonwealth maintained was the Strategic Homeland Rapid Action and Emergency Response Battalion (SHRAER) because the Liberal Conservative party, who held the presidency at the time, had instigated major budget cuts for the military. SHRAER was not suited to guerrilla warfare but rather to hostage rescue, internal defence, counter-terrorism, diplomat protection and urban combat, so it was decided by the Unified Central Command that a special operations force that could encompass all facets of unconventional warfare should be formed. Thus, CANSOCC was born and baptised in the fire of the Border Disputes. CANSOCC has participated in every single minor and major Torrumbarian conflict since its inception in 1968.

Biography of Warfighter: LIEUTENANT PAUL "PRINCE" LECKIE. Born in the city of Wolvercote, Torrumbarry, on the Third of July 1982. He stands at 6 feet tall and weighs in at 182lbs. Entered the Harpies’ Bay Naval Officer Academy in 1991, and graduated into the Commonwealth Navy as a Midshipman and Munitions-and-Firearms Specialist in late 1995, as Valedictorian. Officer Leckie, promptly after graduating, applied to become a CANSOCC operator. Following three gruelling years of boot camp and further education in advanced combat techniques, survival skills etc., his debut deployment was the Battle of the Albacete River (March 16th-March 25th 2001), a prominent engagement in the the Torrumbarian Intervention of the Balencagoan Sixth Holy Inquisition. In addition, Officer Leckie was involved in the Siege of the New Pazanian Embassy in Harrisburgh, and his performance vindicated his promotion to Lieutenant.

RP Experience (Example or Link): Here’s one I made earlier…

Techlevel: (No FT/Late PMT/FanTech. Human Species Only.): MT
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Postby Vancon » Wed Jul 15, 2015 5:58 pm

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: Empire of Vancon

Name of Group: Overseers

Name of Outfit: 82nd Overseer Detachment, 4th Platoon, 2nd Squad

Detailed Outfit Loadout:

  • Gear
      Rations, Chemical Lights, Maglight, Water-Resistant Submersible Watch, Kukri Blade, Camel Pack, Assault Pack, Night-Vision Goggles, Tourniquets, Binoculars, Maps, Compasses, Tarps, Paracord, Notepads/Pens
  • Weapons

      Var-4 Personal Defense Weapon
      Standard Issue. All members carry one. Fires a pistol cartridge at a reasonably high velocity. It also has a removable suppressor.
      Var-15 Sniper Rifle
      One team member carries this weapon. High caliber round in a semi auto fashion.
      Var-16 Anti-Materiel Rifle
      One team member carries this firearm. Primarily used against HVT's and vehicles. Use with caution.

Appearance of Operator:

Biography of Outfit: After the creation of Project Warfighter, Vancon had desired to create a force to stay with the groups as an attaché on most missions to get a feel for how the other groups worked. This idea blossomed into a full flower, and by that I mean that a whole force was created in turn. These operatives generally work in pairs of two, and watch from afar as too not bother the operating team. They take notes on their tactics, and report back. Because of their skills in this regard, they also serve as excellent combat reconnaissance as well as elimination teams specializing in hampering enemy fortifications and high value targets.

Operators of the Outfit:
Raban Avaugour

Nathan Vanier

RP Experience: Nah

Techlevel: MT/PMT
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Postby New Emmerian Coalition » Thu Jul 16, 2015 9:50 pm

(Going to assume, judging by URA's post, these guys are okay'd.)

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: New Emmerian Coalition

Name of Group: Special Operations Command - Underwater Demolition Team / S.E.A.L.

Name of Outfit: UDT/SEAL Team 7 'Outer Heaven'

Detailed Outfit Loadout:


- Tokugawa Arms Material Celluar Ammunition Rifle Base
6.2x35mm Caseless Assault Rifle platform, convertible to PDW and Marksman platforms respectfully. 82 Cartridges per Pre-Loaded Ammunition Box, loaded into the rear of the rifle. SIX-12 Shotgun is Standard Accessory, but Operators may switch it out for Grenade Launcher / Napalm UBG. In some cases, a dual Flame / HE Grenade launcher is used. Picture shows outdated H-E Grenade Platform

- Tokugawa Arms Material Close Quarters Combat Rifle
Close Quarters Combat oriented version of the original TAMCARB system. Fires 6.8mm SPC Projectiles, cased for UDT and Amphibious Operations and utilizes Built-in SIX Shotgun. For use in UDT Operations.

- Tokugawa Arms Material Automatic Rifle
6.2x35mm modified MG3KWS with CETMI Ameli pieces to allow for Caseless Ammunition usage. This variant used specifically by UDT/SEAL Teams and often used with a Combat LMG Backpack to maximize ammunition storage.

- Tokugawa Arms Material Dual Stage Anti Material Rifle
Conventional chemical propellant used in first stage, with electro-magnetic-rail second stage. Uses 4x20mm SABOT Cartridges and is utilized on enemy infantry and vehicles alike. Often requires two man team for best operation. For use in UDT and Conventional Operations. Caution: Do not load unspecified cartridge. Ability to use weapon must be authorized by CO.

- Tokugawa Arms Material 45 Tactical
Standard Issue .45 Handgun of the UDT/SEAL Teams. Comes w/ integrated RDS & OspreyCo. Silencer. Can be exchanged for sidearm of personal preference.

- SOG Voodoo Hawk
The Symbol for the Coalition Military - a SOG Tomahawk. The Special Forces variant is carried by each S.O.C. Member, and specialized classes are given teaching Operators how to use the Tomahawk effectively. Attn: Do not Touch unless Coalition Personnel or C/O Authorized.

- Tokugawa Arms Material Multipurpose Recoilless Launcher
A 84×246 mm R. Caliber Recoilless Rifle designed for infantry use, this Launcher provides an individual soldier with a variety of abilities. From Anti-Tank to Anti-Personnel operations, an Operator can now freely carry out the mission regardless of enemy armored presence.

- Tokugawa Arms Material Suface to Air Missile
The AMSAM was created for soldiers to have access to a well-rounded MANPADs platform. The missile itself can lock on to helicopters and low flying fixed wing aircraft, but if the case arises an aircraft cannot be locked onto, or for any other reason, the missile can be laser guided by the module on the bottom. It's a very effective tool for operators in the field, and can be reloaded if needed.

- Tokugawa Arms Material Variable Fuse Grenade System
A Tokugawa Grenade system where a variety of ordinance can be attached to the cap; it allows freedom in equipment, with an operator freely able to vary his grenades dependent on the operation.

Additional Weapons may be procured prior to Operation

Description of Operator:

- Tokugawa Arms Material REvisioned Armored Protective Equipment
The REAPE® Modular Armor System was designed to protect key sections of the human body from ballistic trauma with Magentorheological plates made from complex polymers and ceramics. PALs Webbing has been integrated within the plates for added customization of the uniform, as well as interchangeable armor pieces in the case one is significantly damaged or in need of scheduled replacement. The Armor also features an Assisted Weight Lifting Apparatus, similar to an earlier EXO mock-up, but allows the soldier to have increased dexterity, strength, and endurance during combat operations.

- Tokugawa Arms Material Solid Eye Assisted Combat Headpiece
Solid Eye / Soliton Eye piece attached to highly upgraded MICH-2001 Helmet system. Can be reinforced with variety of armor and integrated into UDT Gear.

- Tokugawa Independent Life Support System

Co-Engineered by Eli Mosk, the TILSS negates the need for heavier UDT Equipment, and allows for more streamlined equipment to be worn by personnel. Acting as synthetic gills, it allows the user to breathe underwater for great amounts of time in conjunction with the added TILSS+ Oxygen System for Military Use. Not to be used as a Gas Mask.

- Idroid
Standard Issue hand-sized device developed by Tokugawa Heavy Industries - Arms Material branch. It's embedded into a hardcase on most S.O.C. personnel's armor system, be it the NEST System used by Lennox's Special Project team or the REAPE® utilized by UDT/SEALs. It features a holographic map of the current location, based on holographic images taken by UAV or Satellite, and can be used to direct Air Support, Waypoints, or Orders. It also allows for wireless CODEC Communication between personnel, and can communicate crossplatform and work as a SATPhone if need be. It feeds directly into the Soliton / Solid Eye system, located in the helmet heads up display of the Operator. It is a vital piece of equipment to all Coalition Operatives.

Survival and Operational Basis Equipment

- Gerlach Stim Regeneration Kit
Utilizing Gerlach(TM)'s pattented skin-cell regeneration technology, as well as various nano-stim cells, this quick action medkit is dispersed as a foam to the affected area of combat personnel. While still in trial phases, a few ordinary and unordinary units have been given access to such First-Aid modules. They take the place of a standard IFAK, though UDT/SEAL Teams sometimes carry both, leaving the Medic with most of the modules if there is one present.

- Unmanned Supply Sufficiency Drone

Taken on longer missions, the Tigress USSD is inserted alongside UDT/SEAL members w/ an ample amount of various provisions including additional armament like single use rockets and ammunition, or additional equipment and supplement like MREs, water, and various tools.

- Odessa Arms Expeditionary Rucksack

In all operations, each Operator will be given a portable backpack or sack carrying additional items needed for a mission. However, in Direct Action, this may not be needed. Normally, these packs consist of additional ammuniton, emergency MREs and water, and specialty devices meant for breaching, salvaging, and sabotaging. This pack can be worn across the shoulders, or slung like a satchel. It's polymer composition in conjunction with Cordura materials allow it to be taken on UDT/SEAL operations without much hinderance to the unit, and the additional bladder pocket can be used to store a bulletproof plate to protect the Operator's back, if need be.

Additional Items may be procured prior to Operation

Biography of Outfit:

As S.O.C.'s operations broadened, so did the need for additional forces whose specialties could reach a broad range of objectives. While Special Projects was a well rounded team, the S.O.C. Command realized the need for even more specialized units. Enter the UDT/SEAL Teams. S.O.C. Training is brutal enough, but these Operators choose to attend another session of it; 'Enhanced Underwater Demolition School'

With a whopping 98.9% Drop out rate, the elite of the elite are weeded and formed to create an even more specialized unit. UDT/SEAL teams are given the best equipment S.O.C. has access to, and are deployed across the world. They are the 911 call of the Coalition SOC Teams, finding themselves inserting into dangerous battlefields through way of scuba, HAHO, or otherwise. Notable Operations include the assassination of higher-ups in many monarchy nations, the complete erradication of many of Emmeria's homegrown Insurrectionist Cells, and the tracking and killing of many of The Prophet's puppets. Their entrance into Task Force Atlas will be the first time they will have worked alongside Special Operations outfits not from Emmeria. Team Cohesion is the most important aspect of their operations, and though deadly solo, nothing is more deadly when they are with their comrades.

The Coalition UDT/SEAL Teams are under exclusive operational authority of S.O.C.
Their methods of conducting an operation allows them to operate against opposition which conventional military or SOF cannot approach. The groups are recruited from all services, though each trainee must pass S.O.C. Indoc first, before applying for the UDT/SEAL position. They are strictly a volunteer force, though some exceptions can be made if need be. There are no age restrictions, and recently, legislation passed which allowed females to take part in the indoc and go onto various S.O.C. Units; though none have passed the UDT/SEAL Ehanced Training. UDT/SEAL Units are not embedded with normal forces, or even normal SOF Forces, though they can partake in joint operations with other SOF Units; most often Expeditionary Rangers.

They specialize in:

    - Deep Ground Surveillance or Long Range Reconnaissance
    - Direct Action
    - Unconventional Warfare
    - Counter-Terrorism Operations
    - Counter-Contraband Operations
    - Personnel and Special Equipment Recovery/Capture

Operators of the Outfit:

- Major Abraham Locke
Having previously served under Major Lennox, Locke moved onto the UDT/SEAL Teams after Lennox's promotion to Commander of the S.O.C. He now commands his own squad, and is respected by his fellow soldiers.

- Petty Officer Riley Shepard
Second in Command to Locke, Shepard is an Officer who went the route of UDT/SEAL. Having never served in the original special operations units, his comrades were reluctant to accept him at first. However, he proved his worth following many high-risk operations, and was welcomed to Team Seven. He has quite the sense of humor and is often the heart and soul of the team, bringing consciousness into decisions which would have otherwise had none. He is never hesitant to pull the trigger, though.

- Petty Officer Thomas 'Preacher' Eckhart
Preacher was a member of STIGRU during the Winter Insurrection, and faced fierce opposition from the waves of Insurrectionists flooding the country following viral attacks on major population centers. He took part in the infamous 'Hunt' for the Insurrection Cells which orchestrated the events. The Hunt was very successful; though having been integrated to S.O.C., Preachers' military career nearly ended. Fortunately for him, the UDT/SEAL course was a challenge he was willing to accept to keep his job. Now, due to his skills in Combat Operations, he's been drafted to Team Seven. He and Locke share a brotherly bond, both having seen the Hell of War brought to their own shores. He'll complete the mission, no matter what it takes.

- Master Sergeant Daniel 'Dante' Simmons
When Dante was selected for the S.O.C. Courses, he had just served 3 tours of duty in Suafrika, and one against the Winter Insurrection. During that time, he ran out of ammunition for his primary AR, and was forced to utilize his bare fists to eliminate his enemies. He has plenty of scars adorning his hands to prove so. Upon indoctrination into S.O.C., he firmly told the Quartermaster to give him 'the biggest motherf*cking gun available.' This is not standard procedure. This has not stopped him from becoming the Team's LMG Gunner. He wears a specialized combat backpack on most operations to allow him to feed as many rounds as possible into his LMG, if not using the standard CAR Rifles.

- Lt. Col. Avery Frost
Frost is a long time veteran of the SOF Force. The UDT/SEAL Course took its toll on him, yet he finished it anyways. He is a tried and true soldier, and is a father figure of the team. His comrades respect him and the decisions he makes, though more often than not, he follows his given orders without question. A career sniper, he prefers silent approaches, but can deal with firefights. He's not the most fond of the new technology the teams are becoming accustomed to, believing it may be to their detriment if it ever ran out of juice or was shut down. However, he's thankful that the new body armor's exo abilities have negated the age difference, because now he's able to be the soldier he's always been, regardless of age.

RP Experience: - Every PW Op. (I'm de captain)

Techlevel: Modern Tech - Post Modern Tech ( 2023 is the current year in the NEC )

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Postby Legatia » Fri Jul 17, 2015 7:11 am

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: The Imperial Provinces of Legatia

Name of Group: Tactical Assault Cohort/Ultima Sexta

Name of Outfit: TACUS-II/ Triarius

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
TACUS operators are usually equipped with basic equipment (canteens, trench tools, weather gear) identical to a standard Legionnaire (( ... /id=273946)), except perhaps with more modern and reliable versions of such gear.
Operator weaponry is the choice of the operator himself, but usually pertains to their specialization (Designated Marksman, Rifleman, etc.)
Universal gear includes a CARACHEO VV-IX heavy duty water and shock resistant chronographic watch, COTAC Adaptable Armored Gloves, MICAS HAMATA/SFC Plate Carrier, LORICA HAMATA/SFC Armor Plate ((will explain if necessary)), BALTAEUS Utility belt, SFCU Combat Shirt w/camouflage conforming to area of operations, CALIGAE steel-toed, rubber-soled leather boots, binoculars, FVRCA rucksacks (Extended operations), GALAE Coolus/SFC-ACM ballistic helmets with advanced communications, three knives (PUGIO Multipurpouse Heavy Combat/Utility Knife, ACINACES MkIX SCF Bayonet, Cuspis II9 Boot Knife), 50ft reinforced nylon rope, 8 carabiners, Interchangeable Tool Aperture System (ITAS) and associated tools, insulated titanium canteen, ammunition for weapons, MICAS/BALTAEUS-compatible flare kit holder, MICAS/BALTAEUS-compatible basic first aid kit, MICAS/BALTAEUS compatible survival kit, balaclava, FACEM Flashlight.
The use of the PIL-V, the standard service rifle of the Imperial Armed Forces, and it’s variants is rare among Tier 3 and higher special operations forces, it’s usage decreasing with the level of tier, due to its heavier round and lack of maneuverability. A favorite of operators is the Advanced Combatant Carbine-261, chambered in LIA 5.56x45mm, and Specialist Combatant Carbine-21, chambered for .30-06.
Pistols include the extremely reliable and famous MH/S-E6 Taurus, chambered in either .45 ACP or, exclusively for Special Forces in, .40 S&W, the PVS/C-3 Pistol chambered in 9x19 Parabellum, and the CM-4 Ceres chambered in .357 SIG.
Many operators carry PDWs or compact submachine guns as tertiary weapons. Popular weapons include the CWS/CA-2, chambered in .40 S&W, the SCWC-6 SMG chambered in .45, and the MP7.

The sole shotgun issued to TACUS operators is the ELSEN SCO-8/C, used for breaching. Therefore, it is usually loaded with slug rounds. The SCO-8/C is a shortened version of the actual SCO-8, for easy maneuverability.
Sniper rifles issued to TACUS operators usually depend on mission, but range to the Legatian Designated Marksman Rifle System (LDMRS) chambered in 7.62, to the NA-40 bolt-action sniper rifle chambered in .308 Lapua, to the LHSWS-E4 anti-material rifle chambered in .50 BMG. Scopes on said rifles range from 6x rifle magnification to 40x ballistic magnification.
Generally, rocket launchers are not carried by operators. However, if need calls for it, the preferred is the FMG-62, a free-fire, reusable anti-tank launcher.
The only automatic machine gun ever issued to TACUS operators is the MAW/S-2(L), a clip-fed automatic rifle chambered in 7.62x31 LIA.

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:
(Image) or Secondary

Biography of Outfit:
The existence of the TACUS Special Operations Unit is known to less than 400 people outside of it’s current or former ranks. The mere mention of the unit to any unauthorized person is considered treason and punishable by death.
TACUS was formed in 1974 by the order of Imperator Lance Augustus Ecaedus in response to heightening border tensions with regions surrounding Legatia. Since it’s formation, it has carried out missions ranging from undercover reconnaissance to high-risk assassinations to search-and-destroy ops. It is composed of former Tier Two operators from across all branches of the Imperial Armed Forces and has a budget larger than any Tier Two by at least one and a half times. It consists of 80 men across 16 five-man teams. The grueling basic training of the TACUS operators lasts for six months, and even after decommission, each member is monitored by the Imperial government closely.
TACUS specializes in infiltration, search-and-destroy, HVT takedown, assassination missions, disruption, undercover operations, guerilla warfare, assault, and numerous other missions. All TACUS operators are jump-qualified, scuba qualified, trained in SERE and intermediate-level first aid, operations of crew-served weaponry, pathfinding, orienteering, advanced close quarters combat, are masters of medium range combat and experts with rifles, jungle, desert, artic, urban, mountain, woodland and aquatic warfare, counterinsurgency, reconnaissance, stealth and clandestine operations, basic explosive ordinance disposal, breaching and clearing, rappelling, search-and-rescue, and a few other qualifications.

Operators of the Outfit:
Titus [Nickname-”Pala”]
O-5 Centurion
An operator originating from the Imperial Army’s ELECTA-6 Tier Two group, and a seasoned commander, as well as the group’s father figure, Titus’ nickname comes from the Ace of Spades playing card he always keeps tucked in his uniform for good luck. One of the Imperial Armed Forces’ best riflemen, carries a personalized ACC-261.
Paulus [Nickname=-“Virga “]
E-7 Decanus
Originating from the Imperial Marine Forces’ TEREBRA-I Tier Two armed forces, he is Triarius’ automatic rifleman. Carries the MAW/S-2(L) .His nickname comes from the switchblade he usually carries on missions.
Titania [Nickname-“Diana”]
E-9 Decanus Class 3
Originating from the same ELECTA-6 unit as Centurion Titus, as well as being his right hand woman, Titania is the first and only female within TACUS to date. Despite premonitions of her being a total bitch as hard and cold as the Scopuligii, she is a rather serious and maternal figure to the unit. She is the unit’s designated marksman, and prefers the NA-40 and LDMRS, but is also proficient with assault rifles. Her nickname comes from the crescent moon insignia she has on her uniform.
Aulus [Nickname-“Capsut”]
E-4 Miles Primus
Aulus hails from the Imperial Navy’s Aquitanus-4 special operations unit, and has worked alongside TEREBRA-I as a combat medic. Summarily, he serves in Triarius as the team’s medical officer, which is where his nickname, Capsut, an abbreviation of the term for medic- Capsuariat. Carries an ACC-261 Carbine.
Decimus [Nickname-“Aurum”]
E-6 Miles Primus Class 3
Decimus is Triarius’ close quarters expert, carrying the ACC-261 and ELSEN SCO-8/C, as well as a MP7. Hailing from the Imperial Air Forces’ ALATUM-9, he is also a certified combat air controller and has more than basic knowledge of medical matters. His nickname is more of Triarius’ inside jokes, rarely talked about.

Techlevel: Modern Tech

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Postby Sonitusia » Sat Jul 18, 2015 7:31 am

- Project Warfighter Application -


Name of Nation: The Benevolent Autocracy of Sonitusia

Name of Group: Sonitusian Special Service (3S)

Name of Outfit: 3rd Advanced Unit "Night of Echos"

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
  • Standard Kit: Sonitusian Night MultiCam (Alpine, Forest, Desert, Urban) | Couteau verto. 1956 non-reflective combat knife | SSA-1A selective fire, fully automatic pistol | Inter-unit communication sets| C1 concussion grenade| C2 smoke grenade | C3 flashbang grenade | Entrenching tool | Helmet-mounted NVG Veille de Nuit | Non-reflective gloves | 1 week of Survie rations | 36 liter camelback hydration pack for up to 3 days in desert climate | Rucksack | Blanket
The Echos generally choose most, not all, of the following:
  • Echo 1: SMBR-1C battle rifle carbine | Tactical radar
  • Echo 2: Velox-2 sub machine gun | SMAR-1 assault rifle | Infiltration drone
  • Echo 3: SMBR-1 battle rifle | Thermal scope | Telescopic scope
  • Echo 4: SMBR-1 battle rifle | Military camera | Anti-personnel mines | Plastic explosives | Electronic jammer
  • Echo 5: SMAR-1 assault rifle | SMBR-1C battle rifle carbine | Extra ammunition | Plastic explosives | Battering ram
All members are clad in pitch black uniforms, but when in daylight they normally wear the typical battledress most service branches use, depending on terrain and climate and with their faces closed to hide their identity.

Other: Havoc 1 airborne assault gun | Havoc 2 airborne tank destroyer | Atollo heavy transport aircraft | Internal governmental dress (pitch-black sentry coat)

Appearance/Description of Operator:
Day (Mountain battledress)

Biography of Outfit: 3S in general is Sonitusia's counter-terrorism unit, collecting the finest soldiers from each service branch in the Sonitusian armed forces. The unit was established after the successfully repelled invasion of rebelling Lant islanders in 1989, who had managed to take over the island base's military equipment to wage a civil war against the mainland. It was brought to a quick end within a week after a dogged defense from both Sonitusian and Malkorian soldiers, despite the lack of naval support which was held off by the three island installations.

The Third Advanced Unit, dubbed "Night of Echoes" as they specialize in night warfare, is one of ten 3S units in Sonitusia, having achieved its tier-one status after constant mission successes in the period of less than a decade. Trained for the harshest weather in Sonitusia, from the humid jungles of Lant to the high-altitude mountain ranges of Ignus, the unit is very versatile and integral in achieving Sonitusia's interests.

When out of the combat zone, 3S acts as a secret police force for the president, using their adept intuition and tracking. Night of Echo's main specialization is the sabotage of key buildings under enemy control. Notable missions include their service in the Malkorian Civil War, assassinating enemy leaders for the Malkorian Empire, and brief action during the unification of Sonitusia and the Kingdom of Ignus, eliminating opposing party members from stopping the bond being achieved.

Operators of the Outfit:
  • Major Theodore Bellarus, originally the skipper of the SN Pluvia, his command of naval tactics is at the top of his class. The Bellarus family was known mostly as war criminals, which brought him to the point that he didn't like having people worry about his background, choosing to serve voluntarily in 3S. As the commander of the third combat unit, he is known to stay calm even in the densest of situations, and this attitude blankets his unit like a spell.
  • Captain Roland Greenman, formerly a Sonitusian air force pilot, was eventually booted out for destroying his aircraft multiple times during his career. But taking into account that he's able to gather many kills and complete his mission objectives before getting shot down and escape enemy lines unscathed, the 3S found use for his talents. He also operates the drones that the unit deploys often, which has a variety of uses including reconnaissance and demolition. Generally caring and precise, he can understand a situation very clearly, and calls the shots when acting as squad leader.
  • 1st Lieutenant Maria Le-Vif, the sharpshooter of the group, is capable of eliminating targets from long distances at night with standard optics. She has knowledge in rapid defenses, and can set up a forward base in less than an hour. Her past is mostly unclear, but she has show affection for robotic beings, due to her affinity for engineering when she was an army technician in the Sonitusian Defense Force.
  • Sergeant Sulthon Budiman, acted as the president's aide and is now mission control with orders of governmental interest. His specialty is in demolitions and tracking, and usually helps Maria with her tasks in support. He is the only one of the group who did not receive military experience in the past, instead coming from the Sonitusian Narcotics and Investigation Command (S.O.N.I.C.).
  • Sergeant Sarah Walthers, the main assault element of 3S. Originally the commander of an R3 main battle tank, her tough-as-nails personality was honed from steel and explosions. She's armed to the teeth, and manages to fill in any role necessary in combat. Oddly very cold and indifferent when off duty, she becomes the devil's vassal when in combat. Her marksmanship challenges even Maria at times, and when the H1 or H2 are called in, she's chosen as acting commander thanks to her expertise. Sarah's weapons of choice are the SMAR-1 and the SMBR-1C, but she also carries around explosives, ammunition and other breaching equipment.

RP Experience: From Rifles and Roses, The Last Seed Ship, The Arbalest Program, Athena, Metford-Martini Academy, Ashes to Ashes-Dust to Dust, Robert's Academy of Warfare
Techlevel: P/MT

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Postby Icrum » Sun Jul 19, 2015 6:11 pm

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: The New Republic of Icrum

Name of Group: Landerziehungsberechtigten

Name of Outfit: 117th Landerziehungsberechtigten Squad 'Chargin' Bulls'

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
Squad Leader:
1x ARD-16 (4 Spare Clips) [30 Rounds]
1x HG-4 (2 Spare Clips) [17 Rounds]
4x HGr-2
2x Flashbangs
4x First Aid Kits
1x Combat Knife
1x Compass
1x Canteen
12x MREs
1x Radio

1x ARD-16 (4 Spare Clips) [30 Rounds]
1x HG-4 (2 Spare Clips) [17 Rounds]
3x Bundles of HED-2
4x HGr-2
1x SMAAL-4 (3 Spare Rockets)
1x Combat Knife
1x Compass
1x Canteen
12x MREs
1x Radio

1x SRD-4 (7 Spare Clips) [15 Rounds]
1x HG-4 (2 Spare Clips) [17 Rounds]
4x HGr-2
2x UMGSD-1
1x Map
4x First Aid Kits
1x Combat Knife
1x Compass
1x Canteen
1x Binoculars
12x MREs
1x Radio

Heavy Gunner:
1x LMGD-5 (2 Spare Clips) [200 Rounds]
1x HG-4 (2 Spare Clips) [17 Rounds]
4x HGr-2
2x Flashbangs
4x First Aid Kits
1x Combat Knife
1x Compass
1x Canteen
12x MREs
1x Radio

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:
'Chargin' Bulls' During Training (From Left: Albet, Erwin, Victor [Behind Erwin], and Mathew)

Biography of Outfit: The Landerziehungsberechtigten (or LanderHung for short) were the reincarnation of the Black Guard, the King's SpecOps forces, after the King was ousted from power and Icrum became a New Republic. The 117th 'Chargin' Bulls' were the second best Black Guard squad, behind the 416th, until after the 416th's Squad Leader's death and their Demolitionist becoming Arbiter of Icrum. After that when the name change was introduced, the 117th were regarded as the best LanderHung squad. The 117th was famous for its successful missions, and how it never failed a mission since the botched 'Greenbend Riots Incident'. After that incident, the 117th began on improving itself until it was nearly unmatched by any LanderHung squad. The 117th is comprised of Erwin 'Chipps' Dubbo the Squad Leader, Albert 'Cool Guy' Schmidt the Demolitionist, Victor 'Big Gun' Rösse the Heavy Gunner, and Mathew 'Far-Shot' Werfge the Sniper. The 117th were famous throughout Icrum for their numerous, and successful, raids and attacks on the terrorist cell Lardum.

Operators of the Outfit:
Erwin 'Chipps' Dubbo:
The Squad Leader of the 'Chargin' Bulls', Erwin is regarded as the best LanderHung Squad Leader. With his squad racking up over 50 enemy KIAs in one mission alone. Where his peers consider him a legend, his superiors consider him a valuable assist that cannot be lost. His personality is of note as well, for he is a calm and gentle Squad Leader, but can, and will, lecture out his squadmates if they failed to carry out an order that was completely justified.

Albert 'Cool Guy' Schmidt
The 'Cool Guy' of the squad, Albert is the Demolitionist of the 117th. His tactics are simple, his execution basic, but the results are great and worth the simplicity. Albert takes a 'I kill before they shoot' approach to warfare, where if he sees an enemy he will shoot the enemy before he can react. Albert is also known for his brash tactics with his Rocket Launcher. He shoot any enemy vehicle with it no matter the distance from him, actions that place him in the infirmary more than anyone else in the 117th, but he gets the job done. Bold and reckless, Albert is a welcome assist of the 117th.

Victor 'Big Gun' Rösse
The big gunner of the 117th, no one can doubt the level of assistance Victor's gun can bring when pinned by enemy fire. While a little cocky, Victor's loyalty to his friends earns whe will stick with the squad until the bitter end, in which case he will fight until either he is dead, or the enemy is dead He is also the most fun of the group. Called the 'Daemon of Icrum' by the Lardum terrorist organization for his work in the war against them.

Mathew 'Far-Shot' Werfge:
[i]If the government of Icrum needs a man dead, they call in Mathew. A sniper so skilled at his trade that he makes shots that skilled LanderHungs would have trouble making. He is the best damn sniper in the LanderHungs, achieving over 175 Confirmed KiAs against the Lardum terrorist organization, and 20 more against criminals so dangerous that the police call him to help take them down. Mathew doesn't go to large gatherings, but he will go to a bar or two with his friends to chill after a mission.

RP Experience: RWBY: In Memorial to the Fallen; Of Grades and Grenades; TKaG: The Revival

Techlevel: MT

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Postby Monfrox » Tue Jul 21, 2015 6:18 pm

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: Monfrox

Name of Group: Monfrox Expeditionary Force Special Forces

Name of Outfit: Recon Corps, Alpha 1

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
HK53/HK33E for normal operations
HK53SD for stealth operations
HK USP Compact Tactical (optional suppressor)
OKC Chimera
1 Light armored kevlar vest
1 Individual First Aid Kit
1 Pair of binoculars
1 Standard Combat Shirt and Pants (comes in night and woodland splinter camo schemes) with matching boonie hat
1 Half-face mask
1 Pair of combat boots
1 Pair of Mechanix tactical gloves (various styles)
1 AN/PRC-148 radio with earpiece
1 Flashlight
2 InfraRed strobe markers
1 M67 frag grenade
1 M84 flashbang
1 Personal canteen
Appearance/Descrption of Operator:
Sergeant Pitt

Biography of Outfit: One of the newly formed branched of the Monfrox Expeditionary Force has been the Recon Corps. They are made up of human girls with fox ears (and tails) genetically engineered into their DNA structure that help them in tracking, detecting, evading, and sensing others. Alpha 1 is the most notable, as it was the first to come to be. Through rigorous training, these five girls have made it into the big leagues and are ready to compete with the others branches. Originally a role for Dagger One, the Recon Corps is now the first sent into a foreign land. There, they spend days covertly gathering field intelligence for command and give reports at the end of the mission. Light, fast, and quiet are their rules.

Operators of the Outfit:
Sergeant Amy Pitt
Corporal Lola Sommer
Private First Class Anne Zweig
Private First Class Monika Starke
Private Kira Alekhin

RP Experience: N/A

Techlevel: PMT

Name of Nation: Monfrox

Name of Group: Monfrox Expeditionary Force Special Forces

Name of Outfit:Rapid Pursuit and Response Unit AKA "The Blitz Bunnies"

Detailed Outfit Loadout: Average RPRU soldier loadout (squad leader's kit varies only slightly)
HK 416A5
HK USP 45 Compact
OKC-3S Bayonet
Tactical Combat Uniform (comes in different patterns but the main one is a darker, digitized version of the Vietnam tiger stripe pattern) with specialized ballcap
Load-bearing chest rigs

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:

Biography of Outfit: The newest experimental product of Monfrox's sophisticated genetic programs has created another special breed of soldiers. Like those before them, the RPRU is enhanced with animal DNA in certain areas. RPRU operators are light, reflexive, and above all, lightning fast. Their speed makes them excel at HVT takedowns in urban areas where navigating crowded streets is generally an obstacle to normal units. Their quick reflexes ensure surprises are taken care of quickly and precisely. Still, other than that, there's not much else to these girls. Though it is recommended that you don't try to cut off their feet for good luck.

Operators of the Outfit:
Sergeant First Class Ashling O' Hare
Staff Sergeant Natalie Walker
Corporal Cathy May
Private First Class Candice Holt

RP Experience: What, are you kidding?

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Postby Ontorisa » Thu Jul 23, 2015 5:36 pm

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: The Reunified Dominion of Ontorisa

Name of Warfighter: Spetsiaalsed Operatsioonid Grupp 'Hellspawn' - Shortened to SOG 'Hellspawn'

Warfighter Loadout:

SOG 'Hellspawn' operates in teams of five. Their roles follow:

Team Leader
Radio/Technical Operator
Automatic Rifleman

6.5x45mm DES MX Rifle (Standard Issue Assault Rifle, MX Carbine (CQC), MXSW (LMG), MX GL (Grenade Launcher Variant), MX 3GL (Similar to the GL except with a the launcher able to fire three HE/Smoke/Flare rounds before reloading. Highly experimental and expected to be done testing by 2029.), MXM (Marksman Rifle))

Projectile Firing Anti-Tank Rocket (PFATR (Pi-Fat-TAR)) Anti-Tank 86mm Rocket Launcher

UHHQ-46 Jaguar Fire and Forget Anti Tank Missile

9x19mm SIG Sauer P226 (Usually silenced, however during open combat situations it is not)

PS2 Anti-Personal Fragmentation Grenade

PS3 Flash Bang

PS4 Smoke Grenade

TF5SX Special Agent Grenade (Released From a Smoke Grenade Canister, releases chemicals in coordination with WA Anti-Chemical Weapons laws. Acts as tear gas by releasing a green gas around the proposed area with targets receiving damage such as coughing, blurred vision, panic, damage respiratory system, vomiting, numbness and claustrophobia. The effects will not cause death, but it will maim and wound, possibly disabling a person if they have asthma or trouble breathing. To differentiate between smoke grenades and TF5SX, there is a bright pink line all around the canister.)

ONTPAT Standard Issue Camouflage - Similar to the MARPAT Camouflage style, however, ONTPAT differeniates with the squares being smaller on the uniform allowing for the user to blend in with the surrounding environment easier. The style of ONTPAT can be made to suit any environments.

KPS3R Combat Helmet - Similar to that of the Lightweight Helmet (LWH) that is currently in use by the United States Marine Corps, the KPS3R is desgined for both lightweight use and protection of the head from both rounds and head trauma. It is built with Kevlar to help in the protection.

KPS7U Ballistic Vest - A Kevlar Vest that is designed to stop bullets. Being relatively new to the world, the KPS7U has yet to be combat tested, but the vest is expected to hold up. The KPS7U replaced the IOLR19 Ballistic Vest, which had been in service for almost 15 years.

ES22 Interhelmet HUD and Radio - A piece of Ontorisan combat technology that shows the technological edge Ontorisa has developed over the years. The radio part is easy to explain, replacing the decades old method of a hand-held radio. However, the HUD part is much more complicated. Due to the technological incapability of the 21st Century of properly utilizing HUD technology, it is strictly limited to telling the time, vitals, GPS and saying what radio channel the operator has currently selected. As well, the HUD information is transparent, glowing a light teal glow. The HUD can be switched off, the switch is on the outside right cover of the helmet.

Binoculars, Laser Pointer, Rangefinder, Goggles, Night Vision Goggles, LKSA Standard Issue Multi-Use Combat Knife, TMAD Entrenching Tool, Additional attachments such as underbarrel laser pointers, flashlights and IR Strobes, RAKM Combat Pack

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:
An SOG Hellspawn soldier during deployment in Xeja.

Biography of Outfit:

Formed following the disastrous 1996 Operation Tirade in Xeja where poor deployment of forces and a lack of a ready and able reserve caused an entire offensive of 1.3 million troops (about half a million were a mix of Ontorisan regular army, marines and shock troopers) to falter into its sixth day as Xeja Government Forces quickly repelled the BLUFOR offensive by using small cells of special forces, Spetsiaalsed Operatsioonid Grupp or Special Operations Group was formed, taking members from the Shock Troopers, Steam Troopers, Rangers and JTF9. Their training for the group was harsh and brutal, as they trained in northern Ontorisa. Out of the initial 600 members who arrived, about 180 of them made it into the group while 270 initiates dropped out and the rest perished in the snowy wasteland. The group's first operation was in 1997 where the operation group was to track the Xeja Government's High Command and eliminate them. This was Operation Silver Shadow, as the Xejan High Command lost some able officers, notably a former Portuguese Colonel who was a consultant for the Xejans. Following this successful operation, the group continued outside of it, acting as a guerrilla warfare-style force alongside the Xejan rebels, picking off convoys, valuable targets and raiding outposts, doing what they could to cause havoc. However, that was not all.

The group also saw combat in Wesjacka where a hostile standoff between Wesjacka and Ontorisa over a group of Wesjackan-funded terrorists occupying the Ontorisan Embassy in Tyloijik (capital of Wesjacka) was averted when the Special Operations Group took the embassy in less than two minutes, sustaining one wounded. Through this, the group was branded "Hellspawn" through their quick and brutal work in their operations.

Operators of the Outfit:

SOG Hellspawn, 2nd Detachment, 4th Team "AQUA"

Team Leader Captain Drusk Capalumik A veteran of SOG Hellspawn. Serving initially with the 2nd Shocktrooper Regiment in Askosa, Wesjacka and Xeja, Capalumik is an accomplished soldier and the poster boy for SOG Hellspawn. An accurate shot, an outgoing leader and a "no-chill" sense guy, Capalumik, despite holding the rank of Captain, has found himself telling his superiors what to do sometimes. He's a tactical genius and is someone every single military would want their standard soldier to look and act like.

Radio/Technical Operator 1st Lieutenant Gruy Losuir "Cappy's Sidekick". Oh the poor nickname Losuir has been branded, it sticks with him now. An experienced operative, Losuir served in the Orange Sea Region before being shifted to the 73rd Ranger Regiment and fighting in Caujasburg. Surviving the chaotic defence of the 73rd, Losuir was recommended to SOG Hellspawn where he was quickly paired with Capalumik. A joker but also a disciplined, dedicated and diligent soldier, Losuir holds himself highly, even though he has been branded one of the funniest nicknames in the detachment.

Automatic Rifleman First Sergeant Ali Ruskark "Born and Raised" in the Marine Regiments, Ruskark is an experienced automatic rifleman from the island of Kevac. He served as part of the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force (2MEF) during its combat operations in Ontorisa Nexus and Blatralors. Cool, calm yet sometimes unprepared for operations, Ruskark has made his place in the 2nd Detachment.

Corpsman CZK62 Brana Polikus A former member of JTF9, Polikus was forcefully taken from JTF9 and placed in SOG Hellspawn due to the lack of Corpsmen at the time. Finding his groove, Polikus was able to understand the fundamentals of Hellspawn, and even found it was not so different from JTF9. A veteran of the Pallkos Region, the 6th Heratoian Conflict and the Dermintras Crisis, Polikus brings a ton of experience to the table.

Grenadier First Sergeant Armot Gredrasburg Gredrasburg is a former 73rd Ranger, selected from the same company Losuir was selected from, although the two did not know each other before SOG Hellspawn, Gredrasburg also served in the famous defence of Caujasburg. Recommended as well to SOG Hellspawn, Gredrasburg preformed exceptionally well with Hellspawn, especially during Xeja.

RP Experience: Lymos (News Articles mostly), Got a bit overwhelmed near the end, P2TM RP

Techlevel: MT/Small elements of early PMT

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Postby Inquilabstan » Fri Jul 24, 2015 2:00 pm

- Project Warfighter Application -


Name of Nation: People's Socialist Republic of Inquilabstan

Name of Group: State Security Directorate: National Guards Infantry Regiment (Informally, Sushmita Kaur Group/ SSD SKG)

Name of Outfit: 1st Batallion, 2nd Company, Assault Platoon

Detailed Outfit Loadout:


- Inquilabstani State Arms RA-63M Assault Rifle
A 5.45X39 rifle that features a gas operated rotating bolt, with a recoil reduction countermass system, the RA system has served as the main service rifle of the People's Army since it's introduction in 1963. It weighs 3.9kg when empty and has a barrel length of 418mm. It's cyclical rate of fire is 750rpm and has an effective firing range at point targets of 600m. It fires from a single stack 30rd magazine. It features a folding stock as well as a forward handgrip that may be replaced by a UBGL, as well as a side dovetail rail for mounting optics. SKG troopers may be issued suppressors prior to operations, as well as double stack magazines. Carbine and LMG variants of this system, the latter featuring a long heavy barrel, bipod, and modified stock, are also issued, the latter capable of serving as a DMR is fitted with appropriate optics. Another curious variant of this weapon is an automatic shotgun that fires 12 gauge ammunition.

- Inquilabstani State Arms MR-72MS Sniper Rifle
A 7.62X54 rifle that features a gas operated rotating bolt, the MR-72 is based partially on the RA system, and is the standard issue marksman rifle of the Revolutionary Armed Forces. It weighs 4.68kg when empty and has a barrel length of 600mm. It has an effective firing range at point targets of 800m, though in trained hands, can hit targets out to a range of 1000m. It fires from a single stack 10rd magazine. Being of the S variant, initially produced for airborne forces, it features a tubular folding stock. While there is no fixed bipod, it is common practice to clamp one onto the handguard. While suppressors may be fitted, combined with the great length of the rifle itself, this may result in aunweildy system, and is usually reserved for static operations.

- Inquilabstani State Arms MG-68M2 General Purpose Machine Gun
The MG-68MS represents a major overhaul to the MG-68 machine gun that had served the IPA for four decades. It weighs 8.2kg and has a barrel length of 658mm, wih a standard gas operated system. It's cyclical rate of fire of 600 to 800rpm, adjusted via a gas port. It's effective range for smaller sized area targets is 1000m, while vehicle sized targets may be engaged as far as 1.500m. It fires 100, or 50 rd belts that may be joined together, though a 100rd belt held in an attached box is usually deployed. Deviating from former designs, it incorporates a fixed forced air cooled barrel.

- Inquilabstani State Arms MR-98 Precision Rifle
By the mid 1990s, the IPA realized that their MR-72 rifles, while sufficient for general field issue, was insufficient for special purpose high precision work. The MR-98 was thus designed to suppliment the MR-72 for army sniper units. A bolt action rifle, the 98 system fires the 7.62X54mm round. It weighs 5.8kg when empty and has a barrel length of 650mm. Boasting of a higher precision as compared to the MR-72, its effective range extends to 1000m. It fires from the same detachable 10rd magazine as the MR-72. Unlike the MR-72 however, it's bipod is integrated into the weapon system, and suppressors are standard issue.

- Inquilabstani State Arms Pistol-Service-Saklatvala (PSS)
A relatively modern addition to the RAF's arsenal, the PSS is just beginning to see issue within the ranks of the IPA. Being an elite unit, the SKG has replaced their aging sidearms with this new design. The PSS is a double-action, short-recoil semi-automatic pistol, firing a bottle neck steel cored 9X19mm cartridge. It weighs 950g and can be used up to 50m. The front sight is formed as a fixed part of the slide and is non-adjustable while the back sight is adjustable for windage. Magazine capacity is 18 rounds, fed from a double-column, single feed magazine.


The basic uniform of the SKG is the Shiv Oversuit, initially designed for use by mountain warfare units. A simple weather resistant uniform, it features two pockets on the lower half of the jacket, two cargo pockets, and two normal trouser pockets. This suit also features a hood with drawstrings, often used over the user's helmet. The exact color of the suit issued may depend upon theater of operation. Field caps are also commonly worn by SKG troopers.

Unlike many foreign powers, the IPA continues to maintain a webbing-over-vest policy, over integrated LBE such as molle systems. The most common protective vest of the SKG is a standard issue PV-13M vest. Introduced in the late 1990s, it has since been improved, as have its plates, to provide modular protection from shrapnel and rifle caliber ammunition. The vest itself, which offers improved side protection as compared to previous models, provides NIJ level 2 protection against small caliber fire and shrapnel. In this formatting, the vest weighs 4.6kg. With the insert of boron carbide dyneem backed plate, protection against 7.62 steel or tungsten cored ammunition is provided, although the load is increased to a formidable 8.9kg. The vest protects nearly the entirety of the user's torso, and features a foldable neck protector. For head protection, the Ghata (Pot) special purpose helmet is issued. The helmet design consists of three plates: two round ones on the sides of the head, and one bow-shaped one that sits on top, stretching from the neck to the forehead. These plates are kept together by a padded cover, with drawstring to adjust the size and fit of the plates. While providing excellent protection to most of the head, it weighs 2.6kg, and is often not worn when out of direct combat.

Two patterns of LBE are commonly encountered with the SKG. The first is the standard IPA issue SW-7 Assault Vest system. This load-carrying vest is constructed of a nylon fabric and weighs 1.8 pounds empty. This vest is compatible with the standard individual equipment belt of previous systems. The individual equipment belt is secured to the SW-7 with 10 belt loops that use both hook and pile fasteners and snaps. Four permanently attached ammunition pockets sit on the front of the vest that can carry eight 30-round magazines, ad two signal flares. The pocket covers are secured by one snap and a strip of hook and pile. A pull tab is used to open the pocket. Alternatively, for machine gun operators, two large pockets hold boxes of ammunition, Located directly below the ammunition pockets are four grenade pockets, or two larger utility pockets for carrying ammunition belts, additional rations, medical equipment, etc. The shoulders are protected by foam padding. The tactical load-carrying vest closes in front with two chest straps using quick release snaps. On the belt are carried two water bottles, a large utility pouch, and an E-tool case. A daypack may also be issued. This system is designed to more evenly distribute weight across the operator's body, and has a large reinforced area of webbing on the lower back, where the E tool is typically carried. The IME Kacchar (Mule) is an interesting, if somewhat dated in appearance, load bearing system. It consists of a standard H-harness, belt system, though the belt is more accurately described as a large strip of nylon material upon which the elements of the system are mounted. Typically, two double ammunition pouches for either four magazines or two pouches for ammunition boxes are carried. With this are the same pouches as mounted on the SW-7.

Beyond basic gear such as ammunition, medical equipment, knives, binoculars, etc SKG units have access to certain specialized equipment. The Advanced ABAD is an improved variant of the Active Battlefield Awareness Device. This smartphone like piece of hardware depicts friendly units, reported enemy locations, civilians etc, upon a map. In addition to this, it transmits information such as availability of support, enemy armaments, etc. Connected with a powerful platoon radio, it is intended to greatly advance battlefield awareness. Usually issued to platoon leaders, the ABAD has been updated for individual use by elite units. Featuring enhanced security it is linked to a soldier's wristwatch, which includes heartbeat monitors. In the event of certain irregular activity, it will lock the unit. Another specialist piece of equipment issued to SKG troopers is the small potassium cyanide capsule carried around their neck. Throughout it's existence, only two SKG troopers have ever been taken as POWs.

Additional weapons and equipment may be procured prior to an operation

Biography of Outfit:

History of unit (Medium)

The concept of using special forces tactics and strategies was originally proposed in Inquilabstan by the military theorist Afsin Shah (killed during an unsuccessful coup in 1937), who envisaged the development of unconventional warfare capabilities in order to jointly engage guerrilla forces as well as the rear-echelons of conventional troops. These recommendations were taken seriously in the 940s, when the leftist insurgency against the Shah intensified. Specialized counter-guerrilla groups raised at this time would form the first modern Inquilabstani special forces. On the other side of the conflict, the People's Fedayi organized dedicated cadre to wage guerrilla warfare against the infrastructure of the armed forces and the state. Following the revolution of 1960, and the overthrow of the Shah, amnesty was given to those members of the security forces who would integrate in the new national armed forces. Alongside special purpose troops who had deserted during the war, these men and their former adversaries were organized into the elite of the new IPA.

In 1965, with the formation of the State Security Directorate, the regime protection force of the IPA, the crack units of the IPA were scoured for those deemed the best of the best, to be transferred to a new indeendant paramilitary force, that in 1966, was formed as the National Guards Infantry Regiment. To the current day, most SKG troops are pruned from Revolutionary Guard units. Involved in putting down rebels along the NW border, the SKG was soon deployed abroad, when in 1974, Inquilabstani advisors crossed the frontier into Khartumia to assist one side of said nation's civil war. With the direct intervention of IPA forces in 1982, after the near destruction of their allies, the SKG played a key role in Kay Kaus' offensive. In several other states, SKG forces trained local revolutionaries and nationalist insurgents, contributing to the rise of post-colonial leftist regimes during the 1970s and early 1980s. During Inquilabstan's brief 1976 war with Kayat, SKG forces wreaked havoc in Palong, the Kayai capital. In 1990, SKG forces were deployed in-country for the first time in two decades when the province of Kadastan erupted into violence, as Islamic dissidents, aided by the remnants of the Turkic Ilkayid regime, took up arms against the regime. The SKG had previously been known as a particularly brutal unit, with far less concern for human rights and ROE than the IPA. It was this conflict however that earned the group a particularily notorious reputation. Involved in various counter-terrorism operations, the SKG has been suspected in the destruction of nearly a dozen pro-rebel villages high in the Himalik mountains. In a few circumstances, according to international human rights organizations, military age men were detained, or summarily executed. The SKG and other SSD units are widely believed to be responsible fr the majority of the nearly 2,200 "disappeared". Nevertheless, the brutality of the insurgents soon was far greater than that of the state, turning the populace against them. Since the end of widespread fighting in 1999, and the near complete end of insurgent activity in 2004, the SKG has been involved in counter-terrorism operations abroad alongside allied forces. SKG units receive training in LRP, unconventional and asymmetrical warfare, counter-insurgency warfare, HAHO/HALO

[i]Operators of the Outfit:

Squad Leader-Sergeant - Palash Dara: Dara, or Katura Jinna (Wily Jinn) as he is known by his comrades, is a career soldier, having served in the closing stages of the Kadastan insurgency, where his exemplary service led to his recruitment within the SKG. A grim figure, Dara cuts the image of a weathered veteran who has damn near seen it all. Nevertheless, he cares deeply for his squadmates, and will under no circumstances leave a comrade behind.
Fireteam Asura Leader - Corporal Rafeeq Ameen: Unique as the only religious man on the squad, Rafeeq is a devout Muslim. Despite this, his effectiveness against Islamic extremist in Kadastan is renowned amidst SKG circles. The oldest man in the unit, Rafeeq served in the same Para-division as Dara, joining the SKG two year after his comrade. A friendly and cheerful man, his squadmates see him almost as a father figure.
Automatic Rifleman - Private Ishana Naik: Ishana is jokingly refered to as the de-facto political officer of the unit. A committed Socialist Unity member, her skills at oration are second only to her handling of a rifle. Having fought in the Maior Angolan bush war as a volunteer, Ishana is also an expert in counter-insurgency operations.
Marksman - Senior Private Sitaara Hamid: A fellow Internationalistakaar, Sitaara had a very different experience from Ishana, serving with San-Theodoran insurgents prior to the nation's collapse into civil war. During this time, she earned a reputation as a deadly sniper, whose most impressive kill is allegedly a San-Theodoran officer, shot from over a kilometer and a half away.
Rifleman - Dhumavarna Narain: Unlike the other members of the squad Narain was engaged primarily in intelligence work prior to joining the SKG. Stationed in eastern Ukuthula, his first combat experience was in repulsing a cross-border incursion by Youtuo forces with only a squad at his disposal. Following his participation in several counter-incursions, he was selected to join the SKG.
Fireteam Bhadur Leader - Corporal Pavani Karpe: Karpe is a seasoned SKG trooper, engaged in rooting out Islamic militants from the high Himaliks. Well acquainted with mountain warfare, she single-handedly held off an assault by rebel forces for an hour, holding her position until reinforcements arrived.
GPMG Gunner - Senior Private Vibishana Sangha: A giant of a man, the burly Vibishana bears little similarity to his mythical counterpart. Merciless towards his foes, his intimidating frame greatly assists him in his role of field interrogator. Nevertheless, his a man with a good, albiet dark sense of humor.
Asst. Gunner - Private Halim Dewan: The newest member of the squad, Halim strives to fill the role of his predecessor, who was killed by a mine just a week prior to his induction into the unit. While he is well qualified, he still has much to learn from his more experienced comrades.
Rifleman - Private Isha Banerjee: Formerly the commander of a assault platoon in the IPA's 2nd Para Division, Isha first saw combat during peacekeeping operations in the northern Borzanian islands, but was soon engaged in conventional warfare along the border of Tasken, facing regular Cinothian troops, fleeing the destruction of their homeland. When the small peacekeeping contingent was overrun, Isha commanded two squads of survivors and waged a guerrilla campaign until normal Khartumain and Inquilabstani troops restored order. The ease with which allied troops achieved victory was in no small part because of a raid against a major communications hub, led by Isha, at the onset of the campaign.

RP Experience: Uldartre Academy, various RPs with Cylarn.

Techlevel: MT. Mild PMT influences.

"Atlas Shrugged"
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- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: The Empire of Ewigreich

Name of Group:Kaiserlichen Spezialkräfte 
Einsatzgruppen Einheit

Name of Outfit: Fallschirmaufklärer Kompanie 7

Detailed Outfit Loadout:


- G3 BK and G3 BM
G3 bullpup models BK and BM chambered commercially and orginally in 7.62mm. Erwigreich models are chambered in 7.92mm and are deployed commonly to most Erwigreich military personel.

Model 88 Grenade:
The Model 88(Model 1988) is an all metal stick grenade made of aluminum with a iron head that uses a 5 second delay fuse to detonate a composite C explosive allowing the grenade to fragment at a range able to injure of 15 meters.

- GM6 Anti-Material Rifle:
The GM6 is a semi-automatic anti-material rifle. The rifle was designed to be compact, lightweight, accurate, portable and easily deployable for immediate use.Due to the bullpup configuration, most of the weight is re-distributed to the rear of the rifle allowing for the possibility of off hand firing. This is near impossible with most other .50 BMG rifles. Thanks to the unique barrel recoil technology, the rifle's recoil is less than the other rifles in the same category. This design also allows the rifle to be transported at a length of only 915 mm. It operates with standard .50 BMG rounds. Assembled with match grade Lothar Walther barrels, capable of sub-MOA accuracy with match ammunition.


The MG3KWSA2 is a 7.62mm machine gun that is rechambered in 7.92 for Erwigreich.The MG3KWSA2 is an automatic, air-cooled, belt-fedshort recoil-operated firearm. It features a roller locked bolt mechanism that consists of the bolt head, a pair of rollers, the striker sleeve, bolt body and return spring. The bolt is locked securely by a wedge-shaped striker sleeve, which forces two cylindrical rollers contained in the bolt head outward, and into corresponding recesses in the extension of the breech of the barrel.

- SG553 LB:
The SG553 is a small carbine chambered in 5.56mm. The particular model SG553 LB is designed with increased barrel length to fit underbarrel attachments or a bayonet.

- Walther P4:
The Walther P4 is a improved 9x19 Parabellum model of the original Walther P38 and is issued to police, militia, and scout units of Erwigreich.

- Panzerfaust III:
The Panzerfaust 3 is a Erwigreich Rocket Propelled Grenade with mutiple charges for taking out tanks all the way to taking out bunkers.

- M98 Trench Shovel
The M98 Trench Shovel is a steel folding shovel/pick with a wood handle. One side of the shovel holds a sharp serrated edge. Often referred to as the greatest weapon of the Erwigreich arsenal.

The ADM9A2 is a Air-Droppable 120mm Mortar capable of being operated by a crew of 2, or one in extreme situations.

HK Granatmaschinengewehr
The HK GMG is an automatic grenade launcher capable of deploying 40mm grenades at ranges up to 2200 meters (1500 meters effectively).

Additional Weapons may be procured prior to Operation

M19 Klimagerät:
The M19 Klimagerät (aka The Model 19 Multi-Use Mask) is Erwigreich's premier multi-use helmet system. When the complete helmet/mask is emplaced it creates a sealed environment. First use is the ability to either attach the 15 minute Air Recycling Apparatus (designed to attach to the mask via hose shown) which easily attached to a designed backmounted belt holder in the troopers belt. Other options include attaching to air tanks or simply hooking up a standard issue gasmask filter. If none of these options are viable the mask is able to breathe normally (albeit the air isn't supplemented or filtered). The M19 goes beyond simple use as a breathing apparatusy and gasmask and comes equipped with closed communication systems and HUD. The mask is only used by Fallschirmaufklärer units.

Intelligebzuhr (Datapad)
This gadget is a wristmounted computer used to secure communication channels and process data that operatives may come across. It is also used to mark targets for friendly connected HUD systems and do quick math calculations (Like a multi-use walkie-talkie and calculator on your wrist, no?).

Combat Knife:
Simple as that, steel knife, doubles as bayonet on most Erwigreich rifles. Issued to all Erwigreich soldiers.

Flecktarn is a 3-,4-,5-, and 6- color disruptive pattern made of mutple dots in a variety of different patterns for different environments. Erwigreich troops wear different patterns for whatever environment they are being sent to (Picture of trooper is plain without Flecktarn dur to show that we use mutiple different patterns of flecktarn).

The Supee Light Body Armor System Model 1A of Series 4 is Erwigreich's main system of super light body armor. Using experimental nanocellulose ultra-tough, ultra-flexible, and most importantly ultra lightweight plates was able to create a nody armor system that allows maximum movement of the individual and give them a small amount of protection from small caliber rounds and shrapnel (roughly NIJ level IIIa) while weighing only an astonishing 12 pounds. This highly dependable and lightweight armor is only useable by a few select units of Erwigreich and the Imperial Intelligence Network.

Additional Equipment: P15 Parachute, M12 Rucksack, M12 Chest Carrier, M13 Tactical Belt, M12 Water Sac, F1 Flare ×2 and Flare Gun, x12 S8 Survival Marches, S8 Water Purification Tablets, S8 Survival blanket, S8 Flashlight, U10 Binoculars, x4 MRE, S7 Field Medical Bag, S8 Half Tent and Sleeping Blanket, S9 Emergency Toilet paper, M98 Trench Shovel


Additional Items may be procured prior to Operation[/i]

Biography of Outfit:

Fallschirmaufklärer units were created officially in 1934 along with Fallschirmjäger in a race to develop the tatical use of the parachute. Fallschirmjäger were to act as forward observation, reconnaissance, light infantry, and a commando unit for and until larger ground units or larger Fallschirmjäger force arrives. Usually the first to enter a hostile area the parachute reconnaissance are trained to be able to live and hide long term behind enemy lines to fully scout enemy positions. There only and primary means of infiltration is parachute in which they specialize in HAHO/HALO jumps. Their combat history is as long as the Erwigreich military history since their conception as they are deployed before all combat missions take place.

They specialize in: HAHO/HALO, Hit-and-Run Tatics, Reconnaissance, and sabtogue

Operators of the Outfit:

Hauptmann Schonfeld
Team commander, Captain Schonfeld is a graduate of the Imperial Academy of Prussio and a veteran of the Erwig Civil War where he commanded a squad of Legio XIII as a leutenant where he committed vicious assaults on the Young Germanian threat. He is a calm, very cruel man, and a stunning image of Erwigreich nobility. He carries G3 BM as his primary weapon.

Unteroffizier Schnabel:
Chief NCO and rifleman, Schnabel is the stereotype of a Erwigreich NCO. Too loud, too loyal, too big, and too smart for his own good. A survivor of the Civil War and San Theo campaign he was originally with Fallschirmjäger before transferring over to the Parachute Recon. Uses a G3 BK and SG553 as his primary weapons.

Obergefreiter Steuben
The squad sniper Stueben is a quiet man believed to be from Westphalia. He uses the GM6 as his primary weapon.

Soldat Schroeder
Schroeder is a large man who was able to transfer from the Erwigreich Heer after charging a enemy position armed only with his MG3KWS. His primary is the MG3KWSA2.

Soldat Bechtel
Soldat Bechtel is a Imperial Prussion Academy reject who was lucky (or unlucky) enough to qualify for the unit. The newest member he is fresh out of training armed with a G3 BM.

Soldat Pascan
Soldat Pascan is a retainer of the Schonfeld family and followed his fiture lord to witness his deeds in battle. A very patriotic and loyal man to Erwinreich and to the Schonfeld family he is also a bit dim. However, he is the only full assault specialist in the group.

At least 2 more squadmates, up to 8 are permitted.

RP Experience:

Soldat Heinrich Schaeffer was kicked awake by his sergeant who continued down the line of sleeping men giving similar kicks the whole way. "What is going on", he thought aloud as he quickly moved out of his sleeping bag and put on the equipment he wasn't currently wearing. "Shut up you damned chicklet", a veteran replied as he also prepared waiting until everyone was equipped to begin pushing them toward their meeting point. "Chicklet", Schaeffer bitterly thought at the name for the new troops of the unit. Each had earned their position within the unit through months of hard training he doubted even some of the elite old Germanian Army units went through, but still the veterans considered them worthless barely worth speaking to. Arriving to the meeting point an older, bespectacled, and tough looking man handed small papers containing their orders smiling at each before moving on to the next, His name was Comrade Lord Lieutenant Mikael Sandoral, a rare Prussion nobleman turned communist and founder of the Crimson Falcons. Schaeffer respected the man and like everyone else surrounding him was deadly loyal to the man, not only for his sacrifice of his position but for the fact that he was an extremely competent man. However, giving his attention to the papers Schaeffer became suddenly ecstatic. "My first mission, and an ambush on those damned Nazis no less", he thought happily giving a grunt of approval like many of the other men.

An hour later and Schaeffer wasn't so happy, in fact he was freezing, tired, and was also quite hungry. However, the coming battle gave a general amount cheer for no one to complain too loudly. Suddenly, the sergeant yelled down the line, "Alright boys over that hill is where we are going to setup, get ready to fortify and murder some Nazis." A quick roar of approval and the men rushing over the hill to prepare for battle. Schaeffer found himself personally busy with digging a hole for a machine gun almost as big and long as their sergeant dubiously nicknamed "Ole Rattler" for the guns clunkyness. Hours later and more defenses than necessary and the Falcons were ready. "People and cause", he whispered checking his RPG and waiting.(A revolution in Erwigreich that is referred to as the 'Civil War'

2)They shall remember this day"

Reichsgraf Erik von Waldensee, Chief Diplomat of His Majesty Kaiser Albrecht von Ansbach II, said to himself standing before the Prussion Reich Embassy building of Xianyang. As he walked away from the building and towards the shouting and yells from outside of the Palace Gates he thought of his humble posting here. It was a simple but sturdy stone building showing some of the classicism architecture movement with the several Greek pillars holding up the overhand outlining the beginning of the three story building. Inside you came into a common room with side passages leading to his office and the other two the housing of the embassy staff and mess, though if you wanted to go up you went up a grand staircase which split halfway to the second floor into two sweeping staircases which allowed access to the second and third floor which housed all the windows and common rooms to house the rest of the embassy needs. His personal entourage, which he was delighted in having, consisted of ten members of the Sturmtruppen regiment which excelled in the close fighting combat necessary to guard someone of his likes. They were burly and tall men armed with either short straight-pull carbines or the Burgess Folding Shotgun, they wore loose fitting grey-green trousers and tunics which matched their dull grey picklehauben and was only offset by their shiny black jackboots and Germanian combat rigs. The ten men marched solemnly behind him knowing their mission all to well. 

As they marched through the gates the outstandingly large crowd erupted inyo jeers and other taunts at the soldiers and the diplomat, which they weathered without any sign of emotion of understanding of their foreign worse, who walked to the center podium where men were yelling speeches at the crowd. As Erik approached them he grabbed the nearest one's hand and viciously began to shake it saying greetings to the surprised Xianyangman. After a few moments of talking the group became interested at the Prussion's word of diplomacy and of them leaving. After a few moments of discussion of them meeting with him immediately in his office in the embassy the youngest and most energetic of the men hopped upon the dais and screamed his joy telling the crowd about the negotiations. After the crowd erupted into cheers they followed behind the Prussion and his soldiers back into the Legaslation district. 

An hour later Erik stood atop the walls of the Palace Gates looking down at the crowd as his men smiled wickedly at him. A few moments later his men pulled out screaming mounds of flesh of what had been the leaders of the protest. He smiled down at one and said to him in Prussion, "I'm sorry but your terms are unacceptable." The man only screamed back as a rope was thrown over his and his comrades necks, the rough rope already staining with the skinned men's blood. "Sieg heil Germania", Erik screamed as he threw a Prussion flag to drape over the top Palace Gates the screaming bodies of the men going down soon after. As they squirmed and attempted to scream Erik turned and walked back to his embassy with his soldiers in tow. "What is for dinner? I hope it is not rice and beef again", he said as he headed to his embassy.
(1890 Boxer Rebellion Like Rp)

Techlevel: Modern Tech - Post Modern Tech

"Atlas Shrugged"
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