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Rejoignez Vermont!

Postby Anarchys Everywhere » Wed Jun 03, 2015 3:02 pm


Le gouvernement du royaume du Vermont

Capital: Montpelier
Largest city: Burlington
Monarch: Anarchys Everywhere


Vermont was founded many, many years ago and has remained a quiet, safe region over the last decade! I wanted to, at least, post on the forum here to let people know we are around!

Just as many regions in NS, we are hoping to establish a regional government. :) Our region is a very friendly region and always welcomes the tourist nation if you want to stop by, just sign the guestbook!

Regarding a regional government, Vermont is a Kingdom and is led by a Monarch with two members of the royal family, a chief advisor, ministers, and a parliament of at least three nations. It is not designed to be a very large government, and all members are appointed by the Monarch, including the parliament. The regional government decides immigration standards, culture/RP norms, and foreign policy.

If anyone is interested in helping being active in a regional government feel free to join :) or if you just want to stop by, as I said earlier, you always have a home in Vermont! Forum coming soon!

Au Revoir!
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