The football referees thread

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The football referees thread

Postby Ariddia » Wed Jun 23, 2010 9:38 am

I know I'm no longer playing in the World Cup, but I thought I could make some small contribution by reviving a tradition from way back: the referees' thread. ;)

The idea is simple. This thread would serve as a reference point, whenever you're roleplaying your team's match, if you want the match to have a ref with a name and a certain style.

If you want to contribute refs, feel free to give their name, and any useful information about them.

Ariddian referees for the World Cup:

Aurélien Moineau
Cécile Chime (née Hernandez)

Both aged 29, Moineau and Chime happen to be childhood friends, and later trained together. They have a similar style. Both may be described as "tough but fair", coming down particularly hard on deliberate and obstructionist fouls. They are well known for handing out cards for shirt-grabbing, and (even more so) for faking. Ariddians are not known for cheating, and the country's referees take a very dim view indeed of any player who "dives" or fakes an injury.

These two refs may officiate seperately, or one may the main referee of a game, with the other as an assistant.

Aurélien Moineau is not impressed by a player's antics.

Not sure whether amusing Cécile Chime while on pitch is necessarily a good thing...
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Postby Andossa Se Mitrin Vega » Wed Jun 23, 2010 7:35 pm

Uralix Jai'un'irudii Age 26 Hometown: Errion Vega, ASMV

Uralix is known as a rather passive referee who tends to let players decide things on the pitch- "if you can win the ball, by all means do it and get on". He does come down on intentionally hurtful and cheap shots with an iron hammer. He is the only referee in ASMV known to hand out more reds than yellows on a regular basis.
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Postby Sarzonia » Wed Jun 23, 2010 7:44 pm

Sarzonia's officials used in various football tournaments:

Alex Langley, 36: Not always the best at communicating to teams when it comes to controversial calls, but he is unafraid to make the big calls.

Lonnie George, 27: New to the centre in international footballing matches, George has a reputation for being a hothead.

Geoff Ridge, 30: Prides himself on conditioning and being in position to make the right call.

All Sarzonian referees who are nominated by the Incorporated Football Federation are strict by-the-book officials.

OOC: I hadn't given names of Sarzonian referees much thought since the previous time we had a referees thread, but I'd noticed Cafundéu using the name Alex Langley as a Sarzonian ref, so I figured I'd at least include him. :P
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Qazoxian Referees

Postby Qazox » Wed Jun 23, 2010 9:02 pm

Marco Amster (35 yrs Old)- Lets the players play. Unless you're bleeding, don't expect a foul. If you got a broken bone, then a yellow could come out. If you're dead, then there might be a red.

Denise Tork (28 yrs Old)- Don't be fooled by her youth, she is not a referee to be trifled with. She'll allow a bit of pushing on corners, but pretty much calls it as she sees it. Be forewarned, if you argue with her, the yellow will come out if you swear at her.

Nathan Feldman (37 yrs Old)- A very ticky-tack referee. Calls frequent fouls and does get fooled by the occasional dive. Gives red cards if he sees blood after a foul.

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Postby Secristan » Thu Jun 24, 2010 2:00 am

Brandon Taylor is the only Secristani referee at this level. When the match is played between two economically powerful nations, he is fair and unbiased and calls the game to the letter of the law. When one nation is much stronger economically he becomes incredibly biased in their favor, however.
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Postby Krytenia » Thu Jun 24, 2010 5:49 pm

Alan Melchett, 33; lets the game flow, will often play the advantage. Does, however, get yellow-happy if hard tackles are common. Speaks Portuguese, and therefore is often the "go-to guy" for Cafundéu matches.

Lorenzo Sanchez, 37; Infamously strict and hot-tempered. Dissent will be met with a yellow card, and a Sanchez tirade that teaches you at least three new profanities.

These referees have now retired.
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Postby Balida » Thu Jun 24, 2010 5:57 pm

Gorgio Lemean - 38 years old. He has reffed the majority of Balida international tournaments, most notably the final for the Ebyrian Regional Cup. Usually a very cool headed referee that lets quite a bit slide. He has a habit of going straight for the red cards if a player gives him lip or pulls something completely uncalled for. Lemean isn't ever afraid to call for a penalty either.

Nick Asinr - 21 years old. Another common Balida international referee. He loves to use the advantage rule, which sometimes leads to him letting players get away with a lot. Asinr doesn't use cards that often except for blatant bad fouls, in which he usually only uses yellows. He also has never called back a goal if he didn't blow the whistle before it was scored, even if it was obviously offsides or a foul previous.
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Postby Gruenberg » Thu Jun 24, 2010 6:14 pm

Name: Jam-Jar Poobert Flange

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Postby Novikov » Thu Jun 24, 2010 6:22 pm

When the Novikovian National Football Team travels, they bring three referees with them - two primary and one backup referee. Since the team's international debut during WC51, these three referees have remained the same. They are:

Victor Momboso (33) An African immigrant, Momboso is known for his relaxed pace, often using the advantage rule to allow the game to flow more smoothly. He is not known for carding players. Because of his preference for French over Czech or Slovak he is unpopular among Novikovian fans.

Jozef Nowick (27) Nowick is a young former footballer with Grozny FC. Three years ago a crippling injury on the football pitch ensured that he would never play again, so the young man turned to officiating. His history as a player has made him a popular referee in Novikov. He is particularly strict about tackling - probably because of his injury - and is known for strict levels of carding. He can often be seen limping across the field smoking a cigarette in true Novikovian fashion while overseeing matches.

Yuri Belokowski (31) The short squat Russian is a hugely popular referee in Novikov. During international play, he is used as a backup official should Momboso or Nowick fall ill. He is considered something of a cheat by many in the international community, and has been criticized for penalizing the stronger team so as to improve Novikov's chances of victory.
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Postby Liventia » Thu Jun 24, 2010 6:32 pm

OOC: Balida and Novikov, I hope you do realise that it would be nigh-on impossible any match involving your international teams would have a referee from your own country.
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Postby Novikov » Thu Jun 24, 2010 6:43 pm

Liventia wrote:OOC: Balida and Novikov, I hope you do realise that it would be nigh-on impossible any match involving your international teams would have a referee from your own country.

OOC: I completely understand that. Why would you think otherwise? Belokowski favors the underdog team in his matches so that Novikov will face easier opposition later in the tournament.

EDIT: Thread hijack FTW!
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Postby Kelssek » Thu Jun 24, 2010 6:57 pm

Kelssek referees, while generally keeping to the same international standards in regards to carding "reckless" and "excessive force" tackles, tend to be lenient with more minor fouls like holding, blocking, etc. and have been trained to look to play the advantage before blowing the whistle.

Henry Peterson age 38, home: Burnaby, KO.
A stickler for foul throws. Enjoys harassing rugby union beer league officials in his spare time.

André-Maurice Acadien age 33, home: Exhibition, ET (near Latrobe).
Tends to avoid reaching for the cards unless absolutely obvious, or after numerous warnings. Takes frequent showers and prefers lime-scented soaps.

Darien Zhang age 41, home: Breton, HG.
Penalises the smallest infractions in the beginning of the game in the belief that this "sets the tone", before relaxing the strictness after about 20 minutes. When players question decisions on the field, enjoys pretending not to understand English and instead launching a rapid-fire stream of Cantonese at them.

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Postby Cafundeu » Thu Jun 24, 2010 7:11 pm

Well, I had made this, which is a list of the referees of Cafundéu games since WC41 (not all games, but many of them)... this is by no means an official list, just the names of referees I've used. The link for its download is: ... S.xls.html

As for Cafundelense referees:

Ornell Jordan (35 y/o) - currently the most popular referee of Cafundéu, constantly called for the major games of the Cafundelense league. Is very strict, and tends to show lots of yellow cards during the matches.

Raniel Sobrinho (33 y/o) - a referee who is receiving increasing fame in the country, thanks to being a favourite of the CCFM and therefore being selected for some important games. Doesn't trust his linesmen a lot, and this can create some arguments over decisions.

André Machado Antunes (42 y/o) - an experienced referee, André is very good with rules and criteria, but can have some problems on grey areas of the rules. About discipline, usually lets the game flow, even if it becomes violent.

Célio Diniz (39 y/o) - an often underrated referee, hardly is called for major games, but also hardly has a controversial performance. Avoids talking with the players whenever possible, and loves to send off coaches.

Marina Santiago Cabrini (32 y/o) - not much popular with the football players because of her tendency to show cards all the time a player complains to her, Marina is very good at handling discipline, but sometimes can't stick with her chosen criteria.
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Postby Somewhereistonia » Thu Jun 24, 2010 7:49 pm

Somewhereistonian referees are trained to allow for fluid play, rarely stopping the game for minor fouls, much preferring to play advantage to keep the game flowing. They are much more a tune to following the spirit, rather than the letter of the rules, tending to be lenient on accidental fouls.


Ingo Grashen (46) - A veteran of World Cup 47, Grashen is a stern figure, whilst not breaking away from the typical Somewhereistonian referee, he comes down hard on players he feels are deliberately fouling others or those play-acting. Giving high numbers of yellow cards for the latter.

Anders Besich (45) - A linesman during World Cup 47, Besich has a high level of experience, refereeing the final of Cup of Harmony 43. Besich truly typifies the Somewhereistonian referee, perhaps too much, having been criticised for allowing play to continue too often after a foul, with foreigners in particular unused to having to play on when they have the ball.

Ulrich Brum (38) - A stern referee, going against the norm in Somewhereistonia, he is a strong disiplinarian, always pulling the ball back if a free kick is taken from the wrong place or more quickly than he would like. Talking back to Brum will almost always result in a yellow card as well. Not the most popular man in the game, but good for those vicious rivalry games where things could get out of hand.

Svante Klassph (32) - A man very much in the attitude of "let it be", he wants the game to continue almost as if he weren't there, intervening only when he is really needed. He also had a love affair with a mascot (well, not the mascot, the person who wore the costume, but it made a good news story for a bit - a tad embarrassing for the guy though).

Malek Ramanuch (30) - This guy wouldn't really be called a disciplinarian, but he cracks down excruciatingly hard on people talking back at him. We think he is just rather insecure, but that is just that. As for the rest of his game, average really, misses the occasional dive, but it can be tough.

Kukas Ranovič (26) - This babyfaced referee is one of those clearly put through the Somewhereistonian referee schools, he wants a nice fair game and likes it to flow. If a guy keeps going down easily and the game begins to stop start, someone is getting a card. Not too fussy about little things and really just wants the game to flow. He can take insults easily, waving them away and really just loves his job.

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Postby Virabia » Thu Jun 24, 2010 8:55 pm

A list of Virabi Footballing Refs... and yes I shall be adding on to this.

Bobby Lewis (58) A textbook cynic. Sadly for some players this cynicism transfers into his actions on the field as he tends to think fouls are dives and most injuries are nothing major. For this he has earned a reputation which is both good and bad. However, one thing is certain dive in front of him and you'll consider yourself luck to come away with a yellow.
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Postby Tarrentum » Fri Jun 25, 2010 10:30 am

Due to the low-status of Football in Tarrentum the international referee's (all two of them) are not as "good" as other countries might think they should be. Pile on top of that the fact that they are not from the much-loved mold of "letting the game be played" in that they are trained, just like the state of the nation, to be heavy-handed and freely use their colored-cards to dole out penalties. Really, it's a game with rules, those rules should be enforced.

Truo Ferelli (43) - Ferelli has helped out at some of the smaller international tournaments and is known for his quickness to blow the whistle and his appreciation for an upraised yellow card. Though he has a concrete understanding of the game, he loves to make sure that it is played cleanly and will stop play in order to enforce a hold, excessive tackle and, sadly, the occasional dive. You may hate him but legalists simply adore him.

Hax Bruilli (37) - Bruilli has been a linesmen for the nation of Tarrentum for 3 years and has racked up enough offsides calls to fill a lifetime. He is very adamant that the attacker should never be behind the defender and will constantly and mercilessly call the offsides penalty. His knowledge of the other penalties in football leaves something to be desired but you should see those who haven't been approved for international refereeing.
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Postby Tyrrin » Fri Jun 25, 2010 11:38 am

Hank Marcellus, 58
Marcellus is a former Tyrrinian national team member, and was the oldest player ever to play in the Commander's League at 54. He has a military fitness regimen that keeps him in shape. He is known for his fairness while presiding over Commander's League and international matches, and he is not afraid to call penalties in the box, even when they could change the entire complexion of the game. However, he has a problem recognizing when a player is diving.

OOC: Maybe someone could put a link to this in the opening post of the WCDT?
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Postby Sarzonia » Fri Jun 25, 2010 11:41 am

Tyrrin wrote:OOC: Maybe someone could put a link to this in the opening post of the WCDT?

OOC: I believe we did that when there was a previous referees thread in the Jolt days. It certainly helped me in my RPs to have a referee's name and bio to work with.
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Postby Sargossa » Fri Jun 25, 2010 12:21 pm

Moved to later post to keep Sargossan officials neat, tidy and together.
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Postby Khytenna » Fri Jun 25, 2010 12:50 pm

Trevor Munoz- (44) - a very tough referee. has a no tollerance to diving, he doesn't mind certain tough tackles or some shirt pulling, but as long as its not excessive. he will not back down from a Trevor Munoz. Has Ref'd the last 10 islands cup finals.
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Postby The Babbage Islands » Fri Jun 25, 2010 1:30 pm

The most likely Babbage officials to work internationally are:

Walter Wilcox, 43, Wye, South Island. Wilcox has been chief referee of the FFB for the past seven years. His best days on-pitch may be behind him as his pace slows. Well-respected in general, but easier to dive on than most. Usual crew: Bill Stimson, 38, Mountain View, North Island; Ashley Cavenetti, 37, Crystal Lake, Verne.

Darren Clash, 39, East Charleston, South Island. Clash is a quiet, unassuming man with a gift for match control. He lets the players play, but holds no brief for unsporting behaviour. Issues fewer cards than any top-flight referee in FFB. Usual crew: Shelley Morgrat, 36, Brigham City, Verne; Harvey Brown, 42, Cardston, Gibson.

Janneke Mortensen, 31, Far Point, North Island. Mortensen is brilliant technically. Her flashy personal life has made her some foes in the football community, but few doubt her talent. Low tolerance for bad language and bad acting. Usual crew: Denver Hart, 34, Chapel Hill, South Island; John Butcher, 40, Gernsback, Tesla.
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Postby Rejistania » Sat Jun 26, 2010 5:03 pm

Xalki Tanave, 39: a very controlled and cool-tempered person who generally lets the game flow but is very quick to judge what he considers against the spirit of the game: complaints, timewasting, dissent and diving. His language skills are not that great but he can recognize insults in at least 15 languages (he would never use them though). He is known for his terseness in Rejistania, in foreign languages, however his expressions are a but clumsy. In the H1SR, he commented an oscar-worthy 'injury' by "Syjixa'il 'tanmi!" (break your habit and be honest), which has become something fans shout when they suspect a dive.

Kiti Imxi, 48: The referee from Shetemai in general tries to be fair but is a bit too lenient occasionally. He is known for erring on the side of caution when dives are concerned. Most of his matches have been between teams in Sumumusumu and as such he is somewhat provincial but able to speak Russian fluently (though with a characteristic rejistanian accent).

Kansu Kansu, 52: He is a school teacher in his day job, and due to his lack of size (he is only 1.32m tall) many people tend not to take him serious at first. Maybe his strictness is overcompensation, or maybe he is just that way, but generally you do not want to to any sekvurak'het in games he leads. He tends to be biased against people who make grammatical errors and the illiterate*. His vocation as teacher of Rejistanian, Radjavedan and English means that he speaks with only a very slight accent (very unlike the typical rejistanian stereotype).
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Postby The Weegies » Sat Jun 26, 2010 8:58 pm

Weegie referees are used to tough, physical games, and as such are likely to be lenient when it comes to challenges. They do not take kindly to diving and if they consider someone to be "play-acting", they will probably keep the game flowing.

Andrew Merrick - 45 - A tall, thin Easter House Island native, Merrick, a former barman, is known for his cool, dispassionate judgement. In the midst of a fray, he is likely to keep his head. He comes down harshly on professional fouls, but views abuse of the ref as an admittedly unfortunate part of the job. Normally a ranting player stops when they realise they are having no impact on the man whatsoever.

Gustav Sorensen - 38 - Sorensen, from the city of Carlsson, can occasionally be erratic in his decision making. He is very collegial and will often discuss calls with his linesmen briefly before making them. Some have suggested that this makes him open to influence, possibly even from the argument of players. He is likely to let time run over if a team has a goalscoring opportunity.

David McTavish - 49 - McTavish, with a thick Lylian accent, is sometimes difficult even for other Weegies to understand. David is likely to give as good as he gets if players decide to have a go at him; he is infamous for making one young Hanover Town midfielder cry, without even having booked him. He can read the game well, and as such is very good at spotting players who are offside.
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Postby Idaho Conservatives » Sat Jun 26, 2010 9:05 pm

Damn! I thought that this was about American football! (Yep, there's more US bias for you right there). I've got some choice words for those Pittsburgh Steelers officials...
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Postby Jhung » Sat Jun 26, 2010 10:09 pm

Jhungion Referees

Dong Kang - An extremely strict referee who has a reputation of giving out far to many red cards. (Also a collegiate teacher in weapons manafactuary)
Having met this nation only once before, it is difficult to make an accurate analysis, but it would appear that their technology is rather primitive, and their politics are psychotic at best. Normally we do not attack nations which we do not consider a threat, and we are not making any exception for Jhung. As it stands, this nation is viewed coldly, but the analogy of the crane caught with the ospreys holds true here. - Tavan Race
Supreme Leader: Kim Jong-Un
Defence Commission Commander: Kim Jong-Un/b]
[b]The Next Leader: TBD

Handler of Foreign Affairs: Kim Jong-chul



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