International Court of Arbitration - Lawsuits, Patents, etc.

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International Court of Arbitration - Lawsuits, Patents, etc.

Postby Korolaya » Sat May 09, 2015 1:51 pm


International Court of Arbitration

Korolaya is pleased to announce the opening of the International Court of Arbitration (ICA), a forum for national, international, private, and public organizations to seek redress for grievances of all sorts - in the highest traditions of the Korolayan justice system.

In additionon, the ICA offers numerous other legal services, such as patent registration and offshore incorporation.

International Arbitration

A fully supervised, self-regulated private international legal organization, ICA arbitrators offer judgments in matters where the avoidance of expensive, public, and potentially complex international litigation is paramount. ICA offers binding judgments and non-binding opinions to parties with their full consent, as well as process service, legal opinions, and the services of litigators trained in all manner of national and international law.

Grounds for filing a legal complaint with the ICA include, but are not limited to:

• Breach of Contract

• Fraud

• Wrongful Death

• Patent Infringement

• Wrongful enslavement

• Past genocide

• Abuse of office

• Harassment

To bring a matter before the ICA, a complaint must be submitted here, stating the nature of the claim, naming all parties involved, and the amount of judgment sought. Any evidence, in the form of attached exhibits, should also be included in the complaint.

Plaintiffs must also specify whether a binding judgment or non-binding legal opinion is sought.

The opposing parties will be notified by ICA process servers, and invited to file an answer to the complaint, which may include a counterclaim. Answers not received within one week of the initial filing will not be considered - although this does will not result in immediate judgment in favor of the plaintiff.

ICA arbitrators will consider the merits of the case and issue an opinion, which may include a monetary judgment in favor of one of the parties.

A filing fee of KB 1,000,000 must be enclosed with each document submitted, including complaints, answers, and all legal briefs.

For your convenience, the ICA offers the services of celebrity attorney Gerald Gundry Esq., who is available to draft required complaints and answers and to appear in any hearings related to ICA cases. Mr. Gundry is known for his television appearances on such programs as Celebrity Litigator, Judge Joe Dredd, and Sharia Court. Mr. Gundry's standard professional fees are KB 10,000 per hour.

A database of active cases and past judgments is maintained for your convenience by the ICA

Patent Registration

To protect international intellectual property, the ICA is pleased to maintain a database of registered patents. To register a patent, registrant must file a description of the patented object, item, or concept, including explanation of novel systems or uses, and any images, where applicable. Patent applications that are accepted will be registered in the ICA database for public perusal.

Patent infringement is a serious matter. Parties that feel that their intellectual property has been infringed are invited to file complaints with ICA arbiters and seek redress for infringement.

Filing fees totalling 2.5% of the registered sale price of the patented invention in question will be assessed, and must be submitted before patent registration is completed.

Offshore Incorporation

In this era of ever-expanding scrutiny of corporate entities by national and international bodies, the benefits of an offshore business corporation cannot be understated. Korolaya, through the ICA, offers the services of trained attorneys and registered agents who can guide you through the process of registering an International Business Corporation (IBC), domiciled in Korolaya, for the purposes of conducting business anywhere in the world.

Registrants are not required to disclose ultimate beneficial owners, shareholders, or directors of filing corporations. A database of IBC's is maintained by the ICA for public perusal, but will not include these sensitive details.

IBC's fall under the legal jurisdiction of the ICA, but can choose the legal system under which they will be governed (i.e., the laws of the Sultanate of Korolaya, etc.).

Filing parties must submit an application for incorporation as an IBC, addressed to the ICA Division of Corporations, and enclosing a filing fee of KB 250,000.

Applications must include the name of the entity to be registered, the name of the registrant (which may be a registered agent), and the nature of the entity's business activities.

IBC's are prohibited from conducting business within the territory of the Sultanate of Korolaya.

Special Partnerships

The ICA is pleased to announce the recent conclusion of a partnership agreement with VMK AG.

For details on forming a partnership agreement with the ICA, please write to enquiries@ICA.kl, ATTN Alfred Kaisepo.
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Administrator of the International Court of Arbitration, for all your litigation, patent, and incorporation needs!

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Postby Yohannes » Sat May 09, 2015 10:20 pm


Executive Council Buildings Historic Reserve, 25 Parliament Square
Royal Lindblum 9055, Regency of Lindblum

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Alfred Kaisepo
Public Relations Coordinator
The International Court of Arbitration

Subject: Protecting patents and trademarks

Dear Alfred,

In agreement with the terms and conditions stipulated in the State Integrated Institutional Partnership Act 1973, the institution that shall hereby be referred to as the Korolayan International Court of Arbitration [ICA] has agreed to act, in accordance with the Unity Law of the Nineteen Countries, as institutional partner of VMK Defence and Steel Works Share Ownership Limited Corporation, “VMK AG.”

ICA as the partner shall provide its full time services in accordance with this agreement. The specific roles and activities included as listed on the ICA main page comprise the following:

[Breach of Contract, Patent Infringement]
Duration: 4 years
Buyer of service: VMK AG
Service provider: ICA

The services as quoted above shall be provided by the following date [fourteen days from the date of signing] and shall be acknowledged as binding by the following parties [Thirty-sixth Christian Democratic Executive Council][Government of Korolaya], referenced and guaranteed under this contract.

As the buyer of the above listed service, the following party [VMK AG] shall commit, and ensure, that the annual sum or fund to be provided as payment for the service will be made in accordance with existing Korolayan governmental regulations, and that it will realise further commitments set for third party providers affiliated with both parties.

The payment as printed shall be transacted through the account [#1014 HM Consolidated Fund] in the following institution [Bank of Yohannes] by the following party [VMK AG] upon proof of confirmation made by the following party [ICA] of listed service and partnership as printed.

VMK AG shall commit to providing the above printed fund and agree to abide by the terms and conditions with nothing omitted.

ICA shall commit to providing the above printed service and agree to abide by the terms and conditions with nothing omitted.

As stipulated, and as shall be finalised, the Thirty-sixth Christian Democratic Executive Council will guarantee that there shall be no further oral or written requirements and contract modification included for the following: VMK-ICA Institutional Partnership Agreement.

As has been dictated, written, and shall be enforced.

{{ Original signed by VMK Verteidigung und Stahlwerke AG, Halstenmetall AG, and Königlich Lindblum GmbH }}


Erika Chocobo
Acting Associate Solicitor
Senior Industrial Leader
VMK Verteidigung und Stahlwerke AG
Tel: +585 2 351 7440 | Email: erika.chocobo@eit.govt.yo
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Postby Cambania » Sat May 09, 2015 11:07 pm


To all parties and persons concerned with the operation of the "International Court of Arbitration"

The government of the Republic of Cambania designates you as an official copyright and patent registry; however, we do not grant you the jurisdiction to enforce and pass judgment upon law involving copyrights, patents, and/or business whose jurisdiction of origin is within that of the judicial system and constitution of the Republic of Cambania. Your agency may be third party representative of the copyright or patent holder within the bounds of a trial within Cambania, but you shall not hold ability to cast judgement in such matter. Lacking recognition of enforcement status thus grants you no civil liability or criminal culpability within Cambania as to guarantees to the protection of copyrights and patents so long as immediate notification of possible infringement is given to owner of a copyright and/or patent.

Deputy Treasurer and Comptroller
Philippe Désandreau
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Postby Korolaya » Sun May 10, 2015 9:56 am

The International Court of Arbitration

For Immediate Release

Alfred Kaisepo
Public Relations Coordinator
The International Court of Arbitration
11867 Sultan Buruko
Korolay, Korolaya 2415-00127
Tel: +600 321 33 01


Korolay, Korolaya-

The International Court of Arbitration proudly announces today that it has partnered with VMK AG for all matters related to international legal disputes and intellectual property protection.

"We are proud to have assisted VMK AG with arbitration of a number of important legal issues related to its international business activities, and look forward to maintaining our relationship with such a prestigious global company," said Arthur Kisiway, President of the ICA. "For too long, companies like VMK have had to deal with infringements on their legal rights without an effective forum for dispute resolution, and we aim to provide that service to VMK and all multinational companies through effectively building the ICA brand as an impartial arbiter of civil claims."

The International Court of Arbitration is a private international legal body committed to the resolution of disputes between companies, governments, and individuals. Based in Korolay, Korolaya, the ICA offers a full range of legal services, from arbitration of disputes to patent registration.
Administrator of the International Court of Arbitration, for all your litigation, patent, and incorporation needs!

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