Criteria for Citizenship?

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Criteria for Citizenship?

Postby Weylara » Wed Jun 16, 2010 2:26 am

In your nation, what criteria must an individual meet to be granted citizenship other than being born there?

In the Empire, immigrants are granted citizenship after...

a) maintaining a job for five years, with no more than three-month periods of unemployment
b) joining the military, on the spot
c) by imperial order

Of course the individual in question must not...

a) commit a crime in that period, and for three additional years afterward (obviously only if convicted)
b) coming under A, be convicted of espionage
c) have ever been classified an enemy combatant
d) come from a nation that is currently or has recently been at war with Weylara - but they can apply for refugee status

...and must...

a) be under 70 years old
b) be human, Weylaran human (subspecies) or lizardfolk

Citizenship can be revoked if the individual meets "must-not" criteria b) and c) even after they've been granted it. Coming of age over 70 after being awarded citizenship is permitted. If their home country enters into war during the five-year period or after, they may possibly be denied in the first case but never in the second. Non-permitted species may still be awarded citizenship through option c).

Share with us!

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Postby Meciene » Wed Jun 16, 2010 2:32 am

Mecian Immigration Policy

Every non-Mecian citizen that arrives in Meciene who are just here for a tourist visit shall be given a 30 day visit pass. Any person that exceeds the 30 day period shall have a forced deportation back to their home country.

Extended Visit Pass:
Any tourist holding a 30 day visit pass can apply for an Extended Visit Pass which can have their stay extended for 30 more days. This is, however, only allowed once.

Work Permits/Student Permits:
People who are in Meciene as foreign workers or foreign students are given a Work Permit/Student Permits which allows them to stay in Mecian soil for one year.

Mecian Foreign Residents:
Non-Mecians who stay in Meciene for half a year are allowed to become Mecian Foreign Residents, or MFRs. MFRs are allowed to stay for five years in Mecian soil.

Long-Time Residents (LTRs):
Non-Mecians who wish to be LTRs, the closest status to citizenship in Non-Mecians, would have to go through a series of examinations to see if they are LTR material.

Minimum Alloted Stay
LTRs need to have a minimum of a three-year stay in Meciene.

Non-Mecians need to proceed to the Immigrant Centre of Meciene located in Rivrea. Once there, they must fill up a form. Families who wish to become LTRs need all members to fill up the forms. The form consists information asking for his name, age, date of birth, country of origin, criminal records, and residence address in the country of origin.

Psychological Test
After submitting the form, non-Mecians immediately go to an examination room where they take a psychological test, determining their reason of being LTRs. Anyone found to be 'criminal' by the test shall be interviewed one-to-one by various psychologists. People who don't pass the psychological test are given one month to go back to their country of origin.

Health Examination
One day after the Psychological Test, the ones who passed it shall go to the LTR Testing Building of the Rivrean General Hospital. They are tested for any defects like drug addiction, or any harmful contagious disease that he may own.

The Week After
One week after the Health Examination, people are informed by post, email and SMS of their results of their LTR application. They need to reply to only one platform to signify their acceptance. Successful applicants are given a MC numer which usually consists of the letters MC, 7 numbers and one letter at the end. (Eg. MC-9729875F)

LTR is the closest thing to citizenship in non-Mecians, as it is forbidden for them to become citizens.
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Postby DeltaDawgLand » Wed Jun 16, 2010 2:40 am

must have a job in the nation for up to 5 years speak the perfectly or near perfectly. must be under the age of 65 any one over the age said will be given automatic citizenship after 2 years. you must own a fire arm of any caliber and most weigh under 350 pounds (unless these pounds are of muscle which any state offical can be able to assertain) you can not have a criminal record during these 5 years, if you are a Refugee from a country we have been fighting you will have to have a job for 8 years and can not own a fire arm for 4 years. you can not be a former member of the following partys. The Nazi Party. The Socialst Workers Party. The Communist Party. The Ultra Nationalist Party Of Berukastan or other minor partys that are excluded. you can not worship the Earth the Moon or the Sun. you must be given a full medical check up on a Island offshore before entering the country. other situations may arise that may bring attention to currently unknown persons that may or may not fall under rules not stated at this point in time.
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Postby New Immortallia » Wed Jun 16, 2010 2:47 am

Citizenship as a concept does not exist.

Residency is the only legitimate legal term.

To become a resident and gain all the normal rights and privilages you need to simply cross our border, something we encourage :lol:

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Greater Rhodes
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Postby Greater Rhodes » Wed Jun 16, 2010 3:00 am


Rhodian Immigration Policy

To become a citizen, an immigrant would have to must 3 of the following qualities:

    -A fluency in either English, French or Italian (REQUIRED)
    -An IQ of at least 125 (officially classified as gifted), calculated through either our own or another nationally recognized IQ test
    -A skill, trade, or degree deemed desirable by the Rhodian government
    -A legal spouse or child that is a citizen
    -A current gross income equivalent to $64 000 NSD per annum or a present/future job in Greater Rhodes with an annual salary over the average GDP per capita (currently $44 350 NSD)
    -To have recently graduated from a Rhodian university
    -Residence in Greater Rhodes for at least 2 years, or having immediate family (incl. grand parents) residing in Greater Rhodes for at least 5 years.
Refugees must apply through the special "Refugee Appeal Bureau" and are admitted to Greater Rhodes based on their skills, level of need, and if they have committed crimes which they have not been pardoned or served time for.
The immigrant would then have to pay 15 NSD to take a test based on general civic and social knowledge about our nation, and would have to score a 70% on that test. If it is failed, the immigrant can then choose to take the test again on a weekly basis until it is passed and must pay the same fee for each subsequent test after the first. After the test is passed, the immigrant must finally declare loyalty to the king, nation, and constitution in either English, French, or Italian.
English: I swear that I will bear faithful allegiance to the Kingdom of Greater Rhodes, its true King HIs Royal Majesty Johannes V, and its fair and democratic constitution, and that I will observe its laws faithfully and fulfil my duties and obligations as a Rhodian citizen.
Français: Je jure que je porterai sincère allégeance fidèles au Royaume du Grandes Rhodes, son véritable roi Sa Majesté le Roi Johannes V, et sa constitution juste et démocratique, et que je vais observer les lois et fidèlement remplir mes devoirs et obligations en tant que citoyen de Rhodes.
Italiano: Giuro che sarò fedele sopportare fedeltà al Regno della Grandi Rodi, il suo vero re suo Reale Maestà Johannes V, e la sua costituzione giusta e democratica, e che mi limito a ricordare le sue leggi e fedelmente adempiere ai miei doveri e obblighi di un cittadino di Rodi.

From the Desk of the Minster of Citizenship and Immigration,
The Hon. Georges Anaximandros
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Postby Rejistania » Wed Jun 16, 2010 3:01 am

You cannot become a rejistani citizen unless you are born in Rejistania. Sure, you can visit, immigrate, and work here. But you can only become a permanent resident.

The complete jus soli is a bit absurd to foreigners but it stems from a different understanding of citizenship than most nations. Yes, if tourists or illegals give birth in Rejistania, the child is a legal Rejistanian, but even people who lived and worked for decades in the -tani and maybe even ran for office here cannot.
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Postby Blademasters765 » Wed Jun 16, 2010 3:03 am

Only the Bladian race may become full citizens, the other race eg. humans are second class citizens

OOC:Bladians are basically extremely evolved humns
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Postby Rejistania » Wed Jun 16, 2010 3:10 am

Blademasters765 wrote:Only the Bladian race may become full citizens, the other race eg. humans are second class citizens

OOC:Bladians are basically extremely evolved humns

Yyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuu, evolution is not like a ladder. Call it a subspecies if you must, but saying 'extremely evolved' just shows that you misunderstood biology.
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Postby Cameroi » Wed Jun 16, 2010 3:18 am

physical presence within the borders of cameroi, which all are welcome to enter or leave at their will, without hinderence, nor formality, constitutes the sole criteria for cameroi citizenship.

this, of course applies, ONLY while within cameroi.

set foot in cameroi and consider yourself cameroi.
leave, and consider yourself, wherever it is that you have chosen to go.
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The shee species
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Postby The shee species » Wed Jun 16, 2010 4:56 am

Must not intend to use our refferendas to vote the nation to be taken over by a different nation, and if a hivemind, only gets one vote.
Also, must not be a crimanal.

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Postby Zaku212 » Wed Jun 16, 2010 6:12 am

(i) Subject is given a basic english literacy test.
(ii) Then subject is given a health exam, we can't take somebody who is unable to work.
(iii) Then the subject is asked to prove qualifications, if they have any.
(iv) Then a suitable job position is found for the cantidate, and they are given a 2 month trial period, along with lodgings.
(v) If subject works well they are kept in their position and are given proper lodging, and can use their wages to improve it to their tastes.

If they do not perform well we can't accept them.
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Postby Pythria » Wed Jun 16, 2010 6:52 am

• Be 20+ years old or accompanied by a parent
• Have a source of income prior to your move (if an adult)
• Be able to fluently speak our language
• Must not have a criminal record (or have record examined and deemed satisfactory by Pythrian customs officials)
• Must take test to prove that you have a good knowledge of Pythria and our history
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Postby Fatatatutti » Wed Jun 16, 2010 7:19 am

There are no criteria for citizenship in Fatatatutti. Everybody who is here has the same rights and privileges. Whether your great great grandparents were born here or you just stepped off the plane five minutes ago, you're entitled to a guaranteed annual income, to vote and to express yourself in whatever way you choose.

(We find it amusing that the nations with the most stringent requirements for citizenship are often the ones that people would be least likely to go to.)

The only distinction that we make between Fatatatutians and foreigners is in the way they are treated if they try to bring weapons into the country. Those with a Fatatatutian passport are sent to rehabilitation. Those with a foreign passport are bundled naked into the cargo hold of the first plane bound for anywhere.

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Postby Charlotte Ryberg » Wed Jun 16, 2010 7:32 am

Basically, a person needs to live in the country for 24 months and then get a passport or driving licence. Their solicitor will then ask them to affirm or then the solicitor gives them the citizenship certificate. None of that citizenship ceremony nonsense in Charlotte Ryberg.

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Postby Colmark » Wed Jun 16, 2010 8:05 am

To become a citizen of Colmark, you must have
1) 5 years residency with good behaviour
2) Serve in the Colmarkian army for 3 years with a good service record. If you get wounded fighting for the Colmarkian army, you automatically recieve citizenship

To immigrate to Colmark you must
1) Speak fluent English
2) Prove that you have skills the nation needs
3) Have proof of potential employment
4) Not bring extended family
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Postby Dungeyland » Wed Jun 16, 2010 8:37 am

All Citizens of the Kingdom of Dungeyland are Dangish. You can either be born a Dangish Citizen, or become a Citizen, and both have equal rights. To become a citizen, immigrants have to have at least 4 of the following qualities, excluding the required ones.

-A fluency in either English, Dangish, German or Latin (REQUIRED)
- An IQ of at least 110
- A Skill, Trade or Degree that can maintain the immigrant in Dungeyland without any help
- A legal spouse, child or birth relative that is a citizen
- Residency in Dungeyland for at least 5 years without immediate family
- Residency in Dungeyland for 3 years with immediate family
- A current gross income equivalent to £50,000, or a future/present job in Dungeyland with a salary of £50,000 (currently $80,000 NSD)
- Citizenship Test (Easy) (REQUIRED)
- Citizenship Test (Hard)
- A Secured Position at an Academic Institution currently recognized by the Department of Education.
-Asylum (counts as 2)

There are also certain rules in which you will not be granted citizenship if you fail to pass:

-You must have no Criminal Record by the laws of Dungeyland
-You must have never been arrested, even if proven innocent
-You must have a valid citizenship of another country
-You must not have been convicted of war crimes
-You must not have lived in a country officially at war with Dungeyland for more than 2 days, and you must have proof of this

After four of these "quotas" are achieved, the immigrants must pay £100 for tickets to the "Ceremony of Allegiance". There, they swear allegiance to the King, Country and Crown in Latin, Dangish, English or German. After this, they receive their Passports, a Certificate of Citizenship, and their hands are shook by a politician (not part of the ceremony, but it happens )
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Postby Maraque » Wed Jun 16, 2010 8:44 am

To become a citizen you fill out the citizenship questionnaire and then wait for the verdict of the citizenship official. Even if you don't pass the first time, you can try until you do (by getting a different citizenship official).

Even as easy as it is, as much as 50% don't apply, because they have all the rights of a citizen except voting. There is barely any distinction between citizen and non-citizen - people do not care one way or another. You are considered Maraquean once you get on Maraquean land.

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Postby Zeppy » Wed Jun 16, 2010 8:51 am

To become a naturalized citizen of The Federal Republic of Zeppy, a person must learn English, must have been a legal resident of Zeppy for at least 3 years, must have not committed any felony or other major crimes, and must have a organized family in Zeppy.

In order to apply, the resident must fill out a citizenship application form from the Citizenship and Immigration Services of Zeppy and pay a small fee. Then, they must be pass a history exam of Zeppy and an English linguistic exam.

Prospective citizens are encouraged to learn one of the languages of the Ethnolingustic Clans and Tribes of Zeppy in the Canton or Province they reside in.
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Postby Mikedor » Wed Jun 16, 2010 8:53 am

To have lived in Mikedor for 5 years without being convicted of a crime.

Or to join the Foreign Legion, whereby citizenship becomes automatic after training.
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Postby HayBal » Wed Jun 16, 2010 8:56 am

1. Have no history of violent crimes

2. Have no ties to terrorist organizations

3. Show practicality in an occupation if you're an adult.

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Postby Swilatia » Wed Jun 16, 2010 9:00 am

Must live in Swilatia for 2 years and pass the citizenship exam... that's about it really.
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Postby The HURD » Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:07 pm

Very easily:
* Find 4 HURDish citizens who want you to become citizens.
* Create a public key for participation in the HURDish fora
* Have them sign it
* upload.
You are now officially a HURDist
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Postby Saurisia » Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:11 pm

For someone to become a citizen, they must meet the following criteria:

a) Be a Dinosaur/Pterosaur/Marine Reptile
b) Live in Saurisia for 25 years
c) Have no ties to any criminal or terrorist organizations
d) Must not have a serious crime record
d) Must swear allegiance to Saurisia, the only nation anywhere in the Galaxy run by Dinosaurs
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Mid Lothian
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Postby Mid Lothian » Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:14 pm

Whilst people are allowed to live here with a permit, if they want to become a Mid Lothianer instead of their own nationality, they have to pass two tests with a score of at least 85%.
Test 1 - Mid Lothian, its history, people and culture.
Test 2 - A series of tests in one of the four official languages (English, French, Spanish and Welsh).
Please note that Mid Lothian is based on fantasy. Any references to anything/one/where that exists is completely coincidential.
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