Declaration of Unrestricted Naval Warfare

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Declaration of Unrestricted Naval Warfare

Postby Shazbotdom » Thu Feb 19, 2015 10:29 pm

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In this years State of the Empire Address, the leadership of the Empire addressed many issues in and around the world, including the difficulties with maintaining peace around the globe with the current political climate and rise in alliances that exist only to be against specific other alliances and/or specific ideologies. Other subjects within the State of the Empire were the reformations of the Imperial Navy that occurred over the last calendar year in which Thirteen Naval BattleGroups were rearranged into 33 various BattleGroups. They are set apart as Surface and Submerged BattleGroups, with each section having three sub-sections to them.
The last item that was up for discussion with this years State of the Empire Address was the current happenings within the Southern Hemisphere, the latest round of what the news in the Empire has declared the Whale Terrorism Attacks. The Prime Minister touched slightly on these, declaring that this matter is not something that the International Community should take lightly. It wasn't until the Supreme Emperor took the podium for this section that he took several vicious jabs at those responsible.

"These savages who have been relentlessly attacking the livelihoods of descent hardworking men and women on the high seas as they do their best to provide for their families in the only way that they know is an attack on the International Community as a whole," he said. "This is nothing but a new form of International Piracy and nothing short of Terrorism in it's purest form. This organization calling itself the 'Sea Shepherds Conservation Society' must be put down to ensure stability for those who seek to make a living while working in International Waters. I am here in Parliament not only to make this statement, but also to urge Parliament to make a show of force known to those who put innocent lives at risk day in and day out."

Shortly after the remarks, it was known throughout the Parliament that a new bill would be introduced the next day into the legislature for approval, voting and possible passing. A summary of the bill was give to those of us of the News within the Empire. Below is the summary that will be up for debate starting this coming legislative session, which starts in less than 48 hours.

After the relentless attacks upon sovereign national whaling vessels by the Eco-Terrorists parading around as "saviors" in the South Atlantic, South Pacific and Indian Oceans; The Shazbotdom Empire officially notifies the world of the following:

The entity known as the Sea Shepherds Conservation Society is declared as an Ecological Terrorist organization.
The Shazbotdom Imperial Parliament hereby authorize the use of force against Terroristic Organizations throughout the South Seas.
This includes the use of the Shazbotdom Imperial Navy to issue orders for Unrestricted Naval Warfare.

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