World Cup of Hockey XXV [Everything/IC]

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]


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Postby Cosumar » Mon Oct 13, 2014 12:58 pm

Cosumar National Hockey Team

NICKNAME: Ice Dragons
COACH: Jerre Klepiten, 55
ASSISTANT COACH: Casper Bures, 38
ASISTANT COACH: Kirk Hildefonsson, 44
VENUE: Jiro Bishop Megarink (cap. 45,000) in Samotath, Cosumar

Modifier: +2

23 - Martin Holcomb (Age 33 - 6"4, 210)
22 - Rahul Nopaz (Age 29 - 6"6, 215)

06 - Eric Kline (Age 32 - 6"2, 200)
03 - Kevin Harpin (Age 23 - 6"2, 200)
02 - AJ Morton (Age 21 - 5"11, 195)
21 - Joel Novamo (Age 27 - 6"4, 225)
04 - Alex Johnston (Age 20 - 5"11, 190)
24 - Irv Frazer (Age 29 - 6"2, 210)
05 - Louis Freeborg (Age 30 - 6"3, 230)

01 - C - Joseph Thomas Simpson (Age 26 - 6"2, 210)
10 - C - Zakk Klyde (Age 31 - 6"2, 205)
14 - C - Akeem Mosling (Age 27 - 6"0, 190)
30 - C - Jerry Garfinski (Age 33 - 6"0, 200)
34 - C - Michael Garriger (Age 28 - 5"11, 205)
38 - C - Riley Mrozek (Age 21 - 6"0, 195)
24 - L - George Coen (Age 23 - 6"0, 185)
68 - L - Jaret Cherry (Age 24 - 6"1, 205)
47 - L - Bernard Justice (Age 24 - 6"4, 235)
83 - L - Conrad Hummelsson (Age 30 - 6"4, 210)
55 - R - Kirum Davenport (Age 27 - 5"10, 195)
56 - R - Darius Liinko (Age 25 - 6"0, 200)
87 - R - Tiki Olson (Age 23 - 6"3, 220)

Cosumar's uniforms, designed by Sabre Inc.

If my opponent RPs first, they may:

Choose my scorers: Y
Penalise my players: Y
Eject my players: Y
Injure my players: N
Godmod scoring: Y
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod other events: Y
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2nd Place: AOCAF 57, NSCF 13, WBC 34, WLC 12/19/23, AOHC VI, Arena Bowl V
3rd Place: AOCAF 55, CoH 45 & 62, WLC 18 & 24, BoI VI

Host: WC 78 & 82, CoH 69 & 74, BoF 62, World Bowl 27, WLC 20, Beach Cup II & V
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Schutzenphalia and West Ruhntuhnkuhnland
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Postby Schutzenphalia and West Ruhntuhnkuhnland » Tue Oct 14, 2014 4:01 am

Article from Der Nordschutzenphalenglaubreiterfluchtschlamterkrötische Flümederthelweiderverlautzällegerwißmeinschlaftsörbschlimmelbeobachter.
    Uberwienerschnitzelstadt bids team farewell

    The national eiskrappentanzhockey team left Uberwienerschnitzelstadt today to travel to Vaugania for their Group F qualifying matches in the team's first foray into international ice hockey, World Cup of Hockey 25. Their opening match will be against fellow newcomers Novaya Zemlya, but the group contains several highly ranked opponents, including Equestrian States and former champions Gyatso-Kai, while Nassau-Hessen will be familiar to Schutzenphalian fans from their strong performance at the World Junior Championship. Four members of the Schutzenphalian team from that tournament have made the senior squad: goalies Jörg Finkel and Maik Scholz, with Finkel expected to start, Tim Wechsler, who has earned a place on the first line for his attacking play on the right wing both scoring goals and beating communists in the face with his stick, and hard hitting defenceman Jens Früh, hoping to add to the necklace of teeth around his neck at this tournament. The team will be led by the experienced Sven Kästner.

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Polar Islandstates
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Postby Polar Islandstates » Tue Oct 14, 2014 7:04 am


Ice Hockey in the Federation, for all its climate may hint at a national obsession, still sits below football in terms of popularity, vying with the rugby codes, veggball, and handball when it comes to the 'honour' of being the nation's 'second sport'. The sport has recently undergone a slight change with the adaptation to include the conference from the new nations in the Valhallan Union, but it's still the big teams that are represented here today.

Polarians are a warm bunch, every bit as warm as the land they inhabit is cold, and are ruthlessly efficient and athletic almost naturally. They are pacifists by nature, and will rarely start fights. This doesn't mean they won't fight back, of course, and they will give more than as good as they get. The team underwent a transformation last cycle, and the board believe they saw enough from the new coaches, Norheim and Borzakov, to believe they can do a good job for many years to come, and have entirely trusted their decision to pick the same squad as last time. Of particular note in this selection are the trio in the second line. Charpentier, Rousseau, and Duchamps are all from the Rochefroides community, and though they now play elsewhere, it is hoped by Norheim that this connection from their youth will tie them together into a dynamic and closely knit second line of attack. They're all charismatic and good-looking, too, giving Polarian hockey the closest thing its ever had to a Timo Skye-like talisman.

Hopes are high for a gradual improvement in fortunes, therefore, and a team rebrand reflects this. Gone are the Firs of the previous design, and instead in come the Bears.

Head Coach - Adrian Norheim - 56
Assistant - Anders Borzakov - 51

LW - Aapo Cederland - 29 - Hounds of Juura
C - Oleg Harkki - 31 - Matua Ice Wolves - CAPTAIN
RW - Zachary Kanatova - 28 - Invermuir Eagles

LW - Rudolf Charpentier - 21 - Invermuir Eagles
C - Yves Rousseau - 20 - Hounds of Juura
RW - Marc Duchamps - 21 - Aasiaat Cavalry

LW - Alexander Klemmensen - 26 - St Paul Whitecaps
C - Vagn Lyakhova - 27 - Franz Josef Force
RW - Casper Hjerdstedt - 28 - Matua Ice Wolves

LW - Skarphedinn Engh - 29 - Aasiaat Cavalry
C - Mikhail Yeltsin - 25 - St Paul Whitecaps
RW - Finnur Khrohn - 26 - Hounds of Juura

D - Tobias Borgen - 31 - Invermuir Eagles
D - Ivan Kovtun - 29 - Hounds of Juura

D - Guus Steinbeck - 27 - St Paul Whitecaps
D - Mikko Abdi - 25 - Matua Ice Wolves

D - Dima Makarichenko - 23 - Franz Josef Force
D - Luc Schmidt - 28 - Torshavn Ice Kings

G - Nico Politzer - 29 - Jan Mayen Icebreakers
G - Adrian Aspen - 27 - Hounds of Juura
G - Anders Offerdahl - 30 - Aasiaat Cavalry

C - Ilya Meyrowitz - 22 - Matua Ice Wolves
LW - Geirmundur Wirkkala - 23 - Jan Mayen Icebreakers
RW - Andrej Hakonen - 19 - St Paul Whitecaps
D - Ivan Eriksen - 21 - Hounds of Juura
D - Samuel Lermontov - 23 - Invermuir Eagles
G - Geir Orten - 22 - Franz Josef Force

Home games in qualifying will be played at the recently refurbished and deafeningly loud Central Hockey Stadium, in Franz Josef City.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose My Scorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to My Players: Yes, aside from deaths.
Godmod Injuries to My Players: Yes, aside from deaths.
RP Penalties for My Players: Yes
RP Ejections for My Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes
The Federation of Polar Islandstates - Pop. 27,800,000
Capital: Franz Josef City - Demonym: Valhallan (Polarian) - Trigramme: PIS
Road to the World Cup - - VUCTI Kit Storefront - Ides of March Cup
Champions: WC67, CR XIX, CR XVIII, CR XV, CR X, CR VIII, DBC20, RLWC11, RLWC10 Runners-Up: WC66, WC65, CR VI, DBC29, WCoH18
Third: WC70, WC68, WC57, CR XII, DBC27 Fourth: WC56, CR XXII, RLWC13, RLWC9, WCoH17
“Per Tenebras ad Lucem” - A constituent member of The Valhallan Union

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Postby Abanhfleft » Tue Oct 14, 2014 8:32 pm


This will be Abanhfleft's second time participating in an international ice hockey tournament. Due to a tragedy that occurred thirteen months before this tournament, in which many of the country's best young players tragically lost their lives in an air crash reminiscent of the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl crash and the Munich air disaster, the players and coaching staff will place pictures of the deceased on the ice rink and ask for a minute of silence to commemorate these fallen players.

Nation name: Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Demonym: Fleftic
Team colors: Blue, orange, and green
Style modifier: +2.025
Head coach: Harris Bunsen (USA, 51 y/o)

Goaltender: Aaron Pickert

1st Defensive Pair:
Daniel Lu
Stan Quesada

2nd Defensive Pair:
August Lemond
Dustin Weyandt

3rd Defensive Pair:
Teddy Langenfeld
Sherman Basil

1st Offensive Line:
RW: Ted Kawakami
C: Woodrow Calcagno
LW: Cristobal Rosenberg

2nd Offensive Line:
RW: Barry Woltz
C: Delmar Holder
LW: Eldridge Blough

3rd Offensive Line:
RW: Doug Chavez
C: Jacques Ruston
LW: Nicolas DiPaolo

4th Offensive Line:
RW: Roger Mendelson
C: Mark Housman
LW: Lewis Dejulio

Nathaniel Mosser (Goaltender)
Terrance Batura (Defense)
Hollis Wittig (Defense)
Isaiah Moulder (Defense)
Reggie Karg (Defense)
Jess Purgason (Defense)
Edmond Uren (Offense)
Lino Mable (Offense)
Keith Wee (Offense)
Benjamin Elsasser (Offense)
Norberto Howlett (Offense)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose My Scorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP Injuries to My Players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to My Players: No
RP Penalties for My Players: Yes (2 per game)
RP Ejections for My Players: Yes (1 per game per 2 games)
Godmod Other Events: Yes
The Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Leader: President Rako Novoire

Territories and dependencies:
Trans-Dniesters (Client state)
Oontaz Dert Li Ng
Copper Cuprum
Economic Left/Right: -1.72
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.88
Second place winner in the International Baseball Slam VI
Third place winner in the World Lacrosse Championship XIX
Winner of the Baptism of Iron XVI!
Third place winner in the 33rd Di Bradini Cup!

Third place winner of the International Baseball Slam VIII
Winner of World Lacrosse Championships 22!

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Postby HopNation » Wed Oct 15, 2014 7:48 am

Group G Standings
Team (rank) Current Place
Torisakia (4) NA
Estope (11) NA
HopNation (29) NA
Borschlandia (42) NA
Semarland (74) NA
Camerania (UR) NA
Kazirstan (UR) NA
Australian Council (UR) NA

Eliminated | Advance
Well Folks here we go again, another World Cup of Hockey is about to start. This time we are in Vaugania and the Royal Kingdom of Quebec and it should be a good show. After reviewing the details it looks like our games will be in Vaugania this time around. I’ve had a chance to follow the team and for some reason they made no roster changes from the last tournament, I find that odd but it is what it is. Maybe the coaching staff didn’t see anything during the annual tryouts to warrant a change or they want to see what this group can do in another outing. I can only hope we play better than last time. We finished third in our group last time, missing the playoffs by two whole points. Which, can be seen as somewhat of a success especially since we were in a group with Torisakia and Nova Anglican. Yep I said Torisakia, who once again is in our group this World Cup of Hockey. Hopefully we can fair better this time around and not get buried in the ice again 3-13 against them, although our first game against them was a bit closer 5-7. I can also hope that we will play our best and make it into the playoffs this cycle. It will not be easy but I think we have a fighting chance. No, no, no, I do not mean fighting like that. After all we are civilized and don’t get in many fights while skating around the rink, I can’t say the same about some of you fans out there. That’s right I read the paper I write for, I’ve seen the headlines of your antics. Keep your selves in check this time would you we have a reputation to keep.

Our first game will, at least it appears, be against Camerania. Camerania is an unranked side and we know little ‘bout them so far. It should be an easy game and I assume we will win, but you all know what happens when you assume things now don’t you? I’m sure coach Howe will have the team prepared like he always does, with the exception of that second game versus Torisakia….so look for the team to come out shooting and leave no doubt that we are here for business this time.

Well, I have to get out of here and see if I can’t meet with the team for a short media day. Enjoy the day everyone and lets get ready for some Hockey!

Ringwald Griffensmith
HopNation Sports
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4th Place (70)
Cup of Harmony
Group Stage Exits: 59
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*playoff game
BOI 15 - Champion
World Bowl
Group Stage Exits: XXII*, XXIII, XXV*
*playoff game
World Cup of Hockey
Group Stage Exits: 23, 24, 25, & 27
Rof16: 26

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Postby Darmen » Wed Oct 15, 2014 11:25 am

Darmen National Ice Hockey Team

Heach Coach: Marc Lemaire, Scott City Oilers
Asst. Coach: Jack Ramsey, Brady City Darmenians
Trainer: Septimius Antonius Vibianus, a formerly homeless guy from Romanopolis, now rich beyond imagination

Line One
G-Peter Roloson, Scott City Oilers
D-Mattias Mitchell(Captain), DAR IF
D-Brent Brown, Scott City Oilers
RW-Trent Gaborik(Alternate Captain), Tim City Canucks
LW-Todd Dupuis (Alternate Captain), Scott City Oilers
C-Brendan Ronning, Eau Claire Jets

Line Two
G-Dan Kochan, Brady City Darmenians
D-Bryan Bombardir, Scott City Oilers
D-Sami Kuba, Darmen City Flames
RW-Marek Zyuzin, Sterling City Senators
LW-Boris Landvik, Tim City Canucks
C-Bernhard Kucera, Vogler City Maple Leafs

Line Three
D-Raimondo Vespa, Tilden HC
D-Murat Ozoliņš, Sterling City Senators
RW-Florian Schräder, Chippewa Falls Blackhawks
LW-Guthrie Bonds, Darmen City Flames
C-Suppan Clemons, Sterling City Senators

My Opponents, if they RP first, may:
Choose my Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod my Scores: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod injuries to my Players: No
Hand out penalties to my players: Yes, as many as you want, Darmen is known to be penalty prone. The Second Line fights quite often as well.
Godmod other events: Yes

Style Modifer: +3
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Postby Gregoryisgodistan » Wed Oct 15, 2014 1:01 pm

Enemy Crushers Vow to Crush Prince Josephus

Gregoryisgodistan's brave and noble Enemy Crushers have vowed to claim their biggest victim yet during the World Cup of Hockey. When the Ice Slaves play the team from Saintland on Matchday 3, Prince Josephus will be between the pipes for the wicked, evil heathen Sanctii. According to Enemy Crusher Bigmac Fatfrize, Josephus will be crushed. "Prince Josephus will be crushed," Enemy Crusher Bigmac Fatfrize told the media. "I will crush him myself with the assistance of my teammates. All Enemy Crushers will unite to crush this wicked, evil man who is a prince of the most wicked, evil nation in the multiverse. Prince Josephus must die. We will crush him to death. He can't run this time, he has to play. Crushing is what we do best and when we crush Prince Josephus, I am confident Lord Almighty Gregory will reward us greatly. You'd better watch out, Prince Josephus, Enemy Crusher Bigmac Fatfrize is coming to crush you and so are the other Enemy Crushers. Death to Saintland!"

This is arguably the most anticipated matchup of the group stage. Gregoryisgodistan is the defending champion and the top team in Group A. Saintland is Gregoryisgodistan's arch-enemy and long-standing victim of Gregoryisgodistani violence and assault. However, the hatred runs both ways. Sanctii authroities refused to let Gregoryisgodistan's soccer team into the country during World Cup Qualifying and the game was moved to the Free Republics as a result. The game took place at the same stadium where Gregoryisgodistani heroes assassinated the Consul of the Free Republics, though the Republican government has denied that and blamed it on Feministvs Sanctvsterra in an attempt to eradicate them. It unfortunately worked, and those brave noble female heroes are no more. However, Lord Almighty Gregory has since vowed to destroy both nations, and many believe a nuclear attack could come any day now that they have acquired nuclear weapons from the Quebecois military.

Before the much-anticipated matchup with Saintland, the Ice Slaves will take on the incompetent team from Britonisea and a potential dark horse team from Free Republics. It is possible that we could see some crushings in both of those games as well. Free Republics is a long-standing fixture on Gregoryisgodistan's Enemy List and Lord Almighty Gregory is planning an announcement today about the status of Britonisea. Many speculate that such an announcement could be to add Britonisea to the Enemy List as well. Regardless, it is sure to be an enjoyable World Cup of Hockey as the Ice Slaves look to defend their title and number 1 ranking.

Britonisea and friends added to Enemy List

Lord Almighty Gregory made an announcement earlier today about the status of the status of the wicked, stupid nations known as Britonisea and North Britonisea. In his statement, Lord Almighty Gregory said "Britonisea and North Britonisea keep doing a poor job of hosting tournaments. It is obvious nobody likes them and now everyone avoids their tournaments like the plague. As a result, we hate them too and we will be adding both nations to the Enemy List. And when I say "both nations" they really are one nation - you're not fooling us by adding the word 'North' to your name. You are part of Britonisea. But you are probably too stupid to know that since you don't speak English very well. Which brings me to my next reason for adding this one, singular nation - Crimes Against the English Language. As you well know, here in Gregoryisgodistan, we consider grammar and spelling to be of utmost importance, so important that we have our own Grammar Police and Spelling Police. However, Britonisea does not have the same values. A sample from reading this morning's Britonish newspaper says "britonisea playes hokey in groupe aganst the tams frum snajosbudayadbal." First of all, we capitalize nation names here in the real world, you idiot. Second of all, where in the multiverse is 'snajosbudayadbal'? I created this multiverse and I do not remember creating a place called snajosbudayadbal. Even if I did, I would have capitalized the S. I can only guess that they mean San Jose Guayabal, which is in itself a wicked nation but still not worthy of having its name butchered that badly. I wouldn't even wish that on Saintland. That's why I always say Death to Saintland and not Death to Seanutbutter. I think it's more effective that way too. Anyway, it is because of numerous offenses in multiple areas that I am forced to add Britonisea and all its little friends like North Britonisea to our Enemy List. Their stupidity and incompetence at everything have gone on for far too long. Now they are on our Enemy List. Because they are too stupid to look up what the Enemy List is, I will tell them now. This means that we can kill any stupid little person from Britonisea, including North Britonisea, on Gregoryisgodistani soil and the killer will get a one million greggygodbuck reward. They will also get this reward if they kill a Britonisea idiot elsewhere, though they may be subject to local laws. However, any nation that prosecutes our citizens for killing a Britonish moron could find its place on our Enemy List itself pretty soon. I would advise against it. Rest assured, in our Enemy Crushers' first game back to defend the title, Britonisea players will be crushed. I have already instructed the Enemy Crushers to crush as many of them as possible to practice for the games against Free Republics and Saintland and to kill some more enemies from Britonisea as well while we're at it. It's going to be crushing time from the beginning of the group stage to the end, as we wrap up by facing our enemy neighbor, San Jose Guayabal. They will be crushed too beneath the Enemy Crushers. Death to Saintland! Death to Free Republics! Death to Britonisea and all its friends! Death to San Jose Guayabal! Death to all the Enemies on the Enemy List! I am the Lord Your God, not Eye-ee-zus! Go Ice Slaves!"
Gregoryisgodistan, population 75,000,000. All citizens are required to worship Lord Almighty Gregory, our head of state, as a deity.
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Beach Cup IX Round of 16
World Indoor Soccer Championship 6 - 2nd place
BoI XIV Champion
IBS III Champions
WCoH 22 Round of 16
WB XXII 10th Place in Casaran, advanced to Round of 32
IBS IV host, champion
4th in WCoH 23
HWC 12 hosts
WJHC VI 2nd place,
CoH 60 4th place
WCoH XXIV Champs
CoH 61 Runner-Up
IBS VI Champs
IBS VII Champs
WCoH XXV 2nd Place
WBC 32 2nd Place
IBS VIII host and champs
WBC 33 Host/QF
WCoH 27 co-host and champs
WC 72 Qualifier
WBC 34 champs
CoH 67 Third place

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Postby Hicana » Wed Oct 15, 2014 4:12 pm

President Adam Watson: "PANIC PANIC PANIC!"

When comedy writer Randolph Mulholland of the hit TV "idiot comedy" Weeknights in Washington typed up a hilarious episode about a congressman who thought the fictional isle of Guam would sink, nobody expected that anything of the sort could happen in real life. But now, researchers from the University of Vargas in Super-Llamaland believe that Isle Benoit could be "significantly made smaller by global warming and tidal erosion", as they published.

Isle Benoit, which has a population of five thousand Quebecois and eight thousand Hicañans, is a small island, five hundred square miles in area, fifteen miles off the coast of Quebecois province Sept-Iles. However, the island's confluence at some major tides, as well as the ocean's level rising as a result of global warming, added to the already problematic increase in erosion since 2003 due to deforestation, improper beach use, and tides, have resulted in Vargas' verdict: Isle Benoit will lose 15% of its area by 2020.

Worse yet, after a slight predicted lull via the SuperTideComputer produced by OuranosTech, a period of extreme tidal waves added to rampant pollution will turn Isle Benoit into a three hundred square mile island between 2030 and 2035. If nobody were to move in the next twenty-one years, over six thousand Hicañans would be displaced.

Naturally, the government tried to ignore it at first, Adam Watson dismissing it as "a mere prediction. We will move people from the coasts when we need to." After mass protests in Ciudad Neva Laurita (New Glory City), the temporary capital, by environmentalists and those convinced in the power of the STC, the government finally caved in and began to relocate the most at-risk communities in the eastern seaboard, where many tides flow into each other.

The incident has caused civil unrest, with many left-wingers believing Watson dreadful domestically, keeping LGBT rights off the word of the law and passing many business-friendly, eco-not so much legislations. With left-wing politician Elaine Rennault campaigning for a 2015 formal election and right-wing authoritarian types making angry noises, could this be the straw that broke eight different camels' backs?
President: Antonio Sandoval
Population: 650,000 (plus 550,000 in Nevo Esperanso)
Area: Something around the size of Tirana (plus a Bangladesh in Nevo Esperanso)

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Postby Aquitayne » Wed Oct 15, 2014 7:03 pm


First Line Offense

#NamePos. Dom. Team Height Weight Goals (Season 2012-2013)
17 Geoffrey Seigler (C)LW Telora Icelanders 6'2" 215 lbs 58
15 Jan Oseiki CGlaergrim Spartans 5'9" 185 lbs 55
24 Aksel NessRW Mogrim Firehawks 6'1" 200 lbs 52

Second Line Offense

28 Neil Gram LW Tokhi Barbarians 5'11" 180 lbs 46
16 Matthew Thakkar (A) C Telora Icelanders 6'4" 218 lbs 41
13 Max Widley RW Sangura Nighthawks 6'1" 200 lbs 38

Third Line Offense

14 Fredrick Seitz LW Telora Icelanders 6'1" 210 lbs 34
09 Julio Achinson C Helm Guardians 5'12" 190 lbs 44
18 Daniel Ithrig RW Poltsa Lions 5'7" 180 lbs 37

Fourth Line Offense

27 Sigfrid Harraldsson LW Venna Neanderthals 5'9" 187 lbs 41
31 Allon Zye C Poltsa Lions 5'11" 193 lbs 36
33 Fredrick Alfredson RW Venna Neanderthals 5'10" 190 lbs 36

First Line Defense
# NamePos. Dom. Team Height Weight
2 Richard Olsen (A) D Telora Icelanders 6'4" 220 lbs
7 Andre Colen D Sangura Nighthawks 6'3" 225 lbs

Second Line Defense

5 Patrick Hall D Poltsa Lions 5'12" 200 lbs
11 Harrison Cannard D Helm Guardians 6'3" 220 lbs

Third Line Defense

6 Liam Walshe D Glaergrim Spartans 6'2" 205 lbs
1 Samuel Waiters D Venna Neanderthals 6'4" 215 lbs

Fourth Line Defense

30 Johann Hegg D Telora Icelanders 6'1" 205 lbs
42 Yuri Tukhvatulin D Poltsa Lions 6'3" 220 lbs

# NamePos. Dom. Team          Height   Weight    Style     sv%
10 Andre Badalamenti Starter Telora Icelanders 6'1" 210 lbs Butterfly.968
22 Preston Manseg Backup Glaergrim Spartans 6'0" 205 lbs Hybrid .932

Head Coach                    Holden Molotsky
Assistant Coach Neil Hynsen
Assistant Coach Oddmund Danielson


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following...
Choose My Scorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes, but TG
RP Injuries to My Players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to My Players: No
RP Penalties for My Players: Yes
RP Ejections for My Players: Sure, but TG me first.
Godmod Other Events: No

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Postby Kazirstan » Wed Oct 15, 2014 7:54 pm

Sorry for the lack of a good info post, the first game fell on quite an inconvenient date for me, for now, here is a link to my factbook which contains my roster and uniforms. I'll (hopefully) get to improving this post when I'm not so bloody stressed. This is the first sports RP I've done, so don't expect much out of me.,

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose My Scorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to My Players: No
Godmod Injuries to My Players: No
RP Penalties for My Players: Yes
RP Ejections for My Players: Yes (no suspensions or anything of that nature)
Godmod Other Events: Yes
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Postby Miley World » Wed Oct 15, 2014 9:39 pm


World Cup of Hockey preview

The group draw was held, Miley World has been placed in the group B and they will play their games in Québec. Here is a little analyzis and some predictions:

Neu Engollon: The best team in the group B, they could have some opposition from Hicana but they will qualify for the round of 16. They will finish 1st and Miley World will lose its game against them.

Hicana: A country who cares more about their sinking island than their hockey team but they still have a really good team. They will challenge Neu Engollon for the 1st place, but will finish 2nd and qualify for the round of 16. Miley World will lose against them.

Transalpine Republic: A country known for their winter sports and cold climate, They will finish 4th and Miley World will lose against them.

Jeckland: A pretty good sporting nation, they have a good hockey team but it won't be enough to qualify. They will finish 5th and Miley World will lose against them.

Polar Islandstates: They have a good history in international hockey and have been ranked higher than that in the past. They will surprise and finish 3rd in the group B and Miley World will lose against them.

Miley World: That's us. This is our 3rd time we are participating in the world cup of hockey. Miley World participated in the World Cup of Hockey 16 (finished 4th in our group) and in the World Cup of Hockey 17 (finished 4th in our group again). However this year it will be harder for us and we will probably finish in 8th place.

United States of Devonta: An unranked team but they have made their roster public so they seem to have some interest in hockey. They will finish 7th and Miley World will win against them.

Nova Terra Divinia: Another unranked team and they also have made their roster public. They will finish 6th and Miley World will have a draw against them.

Here is our predictions for the individual honors for the group stage:

Most points in group B: Maurice Terfram (Neu Engollon)
Most goals in group B: Ernst Volkzein (Neu Engollon)
Most assists in group B: Maurice Terfram (Neu Engollon)
Most points by a defenseman group B: Julien LeTranc (Neu Engollon)
Most penalty minutes in group B: Garrett Shaw (Miley World)
Fewest goals against in group B: Hicana's starting goalie (Hicana)
Most charismatic and good looking player in group B: Marc Duchamps (Polar Islandstates)
Miley World embassy program:
Miley World domestic sports leagues:
football (soccer): unranked
american football: unranked
hockey: unranked
baseball: unranked

Miley World's official twitter: @MileyWorld_NS follow us!

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Postby Mieraskya » Wed Oct 15, 2014 11:46 pm

Mieriskyan Roster

Nickname: "Snow Cossacks "
Style mod: -5
Coach: Sergey Mulk
Assistant Coaches: Schmoo kinktovitch
Mulkan Susevkiya

Forwards Line 1
19, gogey musoff ,
22, Andre Pollack
34, Tilden Nadje
94,Evan Tlatev

Forwards Line 2A
3, Schmer Shesonuk
10, vlad heltsen

31, Andre zohov

Forwards Line 2B
65, Ledavechi Bellanitch
76, Kalkan Unteseneatsu
8 Gustav Goldesuk

Forwards Line 3
4, MUSTEN julluk
88, Bustan tlaklev

Defense Pairing 2
21, Youtsen Talavic
70, Eric Belentav

Defense Pairing 3
5, Kalkan Mentsenvick
14, Tabov Reetsa

27, Georgy endkon

13,Eric Tabernov

33, mickhiel Yeltsin

2, Rustic Mulkiya
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Postby Friday Freshman » Thu Oct 16, 2014 7:30 am

The United Kingdoms of Friday Freshman National Hockey Team
The Explorers

Style Modifier: +2

Head Coach: Mark Watlington (Age 48, Major League Coach)
Assistant Coach: Jeremy Boswell (Age 77, Retired Coach, Hall of Fame Class of 2007)
Goalie Coach: Robert McDuffie (Age 44, Retired Goaltender)
Athletic Trainer: Jerome Newell (Age 74)

Team Roster

First Line
Center: Bryant Hahn (#47, Age 30, Captain)
Left Wing: Donald Wadsworth (#10, Age 27)
Right Wing: Clark Myers (#56, Age 20)

Second Line
Center: Richard Garland (#27, Age 21)
Left Wing: Paul Banks (#67, Age 29, Assistant Captain)
Right Wing: Greg Rosado (#52, Age 21)

Third Line
Center: Albert Chamblee (#43, Age 26)
Left Wing: Larry Addison (#23, Age 18)
Right Wing: Paul Dilley (#46, Age 30)

Fourth Line
Center: Zackhary Driskell (#89, Age 20)
Left Wing: Gene Ly (#31, Age 25)
Right Wing: Tony Guenther (#87, Age 22)

First Pairing
Right Defense: John Williams (#90, Age 18)
Left Defense: David Strunk (#41, Age 21)

Second Pairing
Right Defense: Ernest Benson (#74, Age 26)
Left Defense: Andre Newton (#31, Age 27)

Third Pairing
Right Defense: Justin Leggett (#66, Age 28, Assistant Captain)
Left Defense: John Greenstein (#33, Age 27)

Starting Goaltender: Peter Carenzo (#88, Age 28, Assistant Captain)
Backup Goaltender: Braden Bonner (#15, Age 21)




Name: Atlantica Cable News Arena
Location: Atlantica
Capacity: 15,117

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose My Scorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to My Players: No
Godmod Injuries to My Players: No
RP Penalties for My Players: Yes
RP Ejections for My Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes
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Postby Neu Engollon » Thu Oct 16, 2014 9:41 am


"Bien-Welk! Good Evening. I'm Karl Demais and you're watching the NETV Sports 7 Update. Tonight we're going to give you a mini preview of the 25th World Cup of Hockey which is hosted in the Royal Kingdom of Quebec and Vaugania this year. The Neu Engollon National Hockey Team, the Ibex, have been practicing all year, in between their commitments to college and minor league teams, to maintain the high status of Ibex hockey on the world stage. Last year, as you may recall, Neu Engollon made it in to the Quarterfinals but had their hopes dashed by the Vanorans in overtime of that match in the Royal Barangay. Scoot back to the present...

The Ibex hold top spot in Group B and are heavily predicted to move on. They are now sixth ranked in the world and look towards improving that by taking on the big guns that have thwarted them up to this point. Havl, Torisakia and of course some vengeance planned for Valanora. Not to be forgotten, they could still be knocked down and out by some equally good challengers such as the hosts Quebec and Vaugania, as well as the Avarrians, Equestrian States, Vilita and Turori, Ko-oren and even HopNation looks formidable this year, as they have in the past, despite their deceptive middle ranking. Likewise, the return of Soviet Canuckistan and Mohawk Clans after a good hiatus from the world of hockey holds some cautious warning for the Ibex to not get overconfident towards middle ranked squads.

Astyria as a region is known more for vast economic growth and political divisions rather than sports, but the Confederacy stands out as a sporting giant in comparison to the general athletic apathy in much of the rest of the region. Two other Astyrian nations join Neu Engollon in returning to the Cup, fellow hockey enthusiasts Aquitayne and our western neighbor, Terre Des Gaules. The Gauls still have a weak squad, but in a few years from now, who knows? Two exhibition games between the Ibex and the Coqs were held in our capital of Telleursville and subsequently the Gaul city of Dijonnaix this past year and the Coqs impressed the crowds as they kept the scoring of the Ibex to a minimum, without being completely flogged in both games. They have learned some lessons the ice, for sure. Look for Aquitayne to be hitting heavy this year, too.

Rumors have continued to float, perpetuated by Coach Nevin Le Houne himself, that his retirement was impending. We had a brief interview with him earlier this year which we will replay now:

Magda Wertauer: "Coach Le Houne, is it true you are about to announce your retirement from coaching the National team?"

Coach Le Houne: "No, not this year, Magda. I have signed on for the upcoming Cup and the Ibex know that I won't leave them hanging. It's coming soon and I will revisit the decision after Cup 25, but for now, I'm on board."

Magda Wertauer: "That's great to hear, Coach. I hear though that we may see a couple players move on, is that rumor true?"

Coach Le Houne: "Yes, but I can't put any names out there. It's up to them to make their individual announcements. I can tell you that it has nothing to do with any strife on the team...There isn't any. We all know that a couple of our players have gotten up there in years and not playing to the level they once did. This game takes a terrible toll on the body. That being said though, they are still solid support and crucial in bringing the younger players up. They can pass that mantle on now to some other veterans, and feel confident they can leave the team in good hands. It was a mutual decision that this would be their last year with the organization and they will be honored for their service with us."

Magda Wertauer: "I see. I think we can all field some guesses on who that might be. What do you think the chances are for the team to go all the way this year?"

Coach Le Houne: "Oh...pretty good. Better. We'll give it a shot. Step by step...and we're looking at trying to crack the semi-finals this year. We will play aggressive this year with a heavy, heavy focus on offense. Right now, we need to not be too cocky and let a Group mate sucker punch us, figuratively. Every foe is formidable...That's our team motto. The unknown is what we must worry about, so we will scout out Nova Terra Divinia as much as we would Havl's current crew in order to come up with counter strategies. I need to go here...practice is gonna start.

Magda Wertauer: "Well said, Coach. Thanks for speaking with us then and we'll see the Ibex at the Cup."

Coach Le Houne: "Thank you, Magda. You sure will."

"...So, there you have it. I will not keep the suspense, since Magda's interview there, we have now learned that the players who will be ending their final season with the National team are defenders Valentino De Gratzo and Brizio Farducci and winger Lothar Dermbech. I think that both the Athletics Ministry and the team have a farewell planned for our vets and I know the fans are already pouring in support so that these guys will go out with a bang. De Gratzo and Dermbech have already been offered top coaching spots with the NEHL as we look to it transitioning from minor to major league in the next year, reflecting the rise of hockey in the Confederacy. Farducci, meanwhile, has decided to move on to the corporate sector.

We will wrap up our WC of Hockey 25 preview after the break, and give you the rugby and roller derby scores for the day. Also, set your DVRs for the first match of the Cup against the Polar Islandstates which will be broadcast live here on NETV Sports 7 with replays, profiles and other Cup coverage on Sports 19. Stay tuned..."
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Postby Saintland » Thu Oct 16, 2014 9:52 am

Great Ballroom - Imperial Hotel - Republica, Holy Republican Empire

Press from throughout the multiverse were assembled, in anticipation of a Rule Theriault press conference. However, the scheduled start time came and went, with no sign of the most hated man in the world of international sports. After around 30 minutes with no Theriault and following numerous assurances that Rule would soon arrive, he finally did arrive - with Prince Andreas, captain of the Saintland National Soccer Team.

Prince Andreas - Thank you for your patience.

Rule Theriault - Now, all of you may be wondering why the Prince of Saintland is here for a press conference that was widely expected to be about the latest false and, to tell you the truth, malicious and defamatory allegations against Holy Republican players or any of the numerous false, malicious and defamatory claims surrounding our organization. No, today we are here to announce something unprecedented, something that will revolutionize the world of international soccer, just as the RepublicSoft Saint has revolutionized the world of interactive entertainment.

Rule unveiled a banner that read "Holy World Cup 70 & Holy Cup of Harmony 62 - Saintland & Holy Republican Empire." The logo was heavy on imagery related to the True Church.

Prince Andreas - Yes, the Kingdom of Saintland will rise to the call, once again, to save the multiverse from the specter of another World Cup held in the Equestrian States.

Rule Theriault - And we will rescue the multiverse from the terrifying prospect of a Cup of Harmony co-hosted by the Trolls and Slants. First off, Prince Andreas will tell you about our plans for the World Cup Qualifying format.

Prince Andreas - We will be using a new variant of the Holy Casaran, known as the Regional Casaran. All nations participating in Qualifying will be placed into a region. The specific makeup of the regions will depend upon the regional distribution of the participating nations. Each region will compete in a separate Casaran tournament, each of which will last a total of 7 matchdays. All matches will take place in a nation within the respective region which is not participating in qualifying. The amount of time between matches for participating nations will be the same as it traditionally has been during the World Cup proper, although only 2 of the 4 regions will play on any given day. A formula will be produced, based upon the KPB rankings, in order to determine how many nations qualify from each Regional tournament. 60 nations will advance to a second round, where they will be split into 10 groups of 6, who will play a single round-robin, with the top 3 teams from each group advancing to the World Cup. The standard Casaran rules about teams level on points will apply.

Rule Theriault - I should add that there will be a bidding process to allow 10 nations to host Second Round action. However, nobody will play a single match at home during this entire tournament, with the exception of the hosts.

Prince Andreas - Which is as it should be. Once we finish our process of selecting the 30 teams most worthy of losing to our respective National Teams before we, inevitably, meet in the Final -

Prince Andreas winked, suspiciously.

Prince Andreas - the World Cup Finals will commence. The format will be the usual, since altering it is against the Constitution. However, Rule will tell you about the Cup of Harmony format.

Rule Theriault - The Cup of Harmony is a consolation tournament for those nations whose National Team sucks so much that they can't even qualify for the World Cup. It is, literally, a Cup of Losers and is only called a Cup of Harmony because the WCC wants to be nice to those unfortunates who were born in loser nations. For this edition of the Cup of Harmony, we decided that the best reward for the losers was more Casaran! Every single eligible nation will receive an invite. If an odd number accept, we will cut the last nation to accept their invite. Assuming the final number of entries is between 66 and 128, the Casaran Stage will last 7 matchdays. After those 7 days, the top 32 remaining nations will advance to the Round of 32 and will be seeded based upon their performance during the Casaran Stage. The Casaran Stage and any necessary tiebreaker playoffs will take place in the Holy Republican Empire, while the Round of 32 and onward will take place in Saintland, to compensate the Sanctii for their agreement to allow the final between our nations to be played right here in Republica!

Prince Andreas - By the way, we have one other bid to show you!

Rule unfurled a banner that read "Holy Baptism of Fire 57 - Saintland & Free Republics," with a logo showcasing a cross driving sinners into a lake of fire.

Prince Andreas - Yes, we're also bidding for the Baptism of Fire and we intend to throw the newbies of the international soccer world straight into the fires of Purgatorio, so that they may be purified and that their players may come to God's Truth, rather than wickedness. We will take the first 64 nations that sign up and separate them into 16 groups of 4. Each group will compete under double elimination rules, with the last 2 nations standing advancing to the next round, where they will be sorted into 8 groups of 4. The same double elimination rules will apply there, with the top 2 advancing to the Round of 16 to be sorted into 4 groups of 4, under the same rules once again, with the following Semi-Final Round consisting of 2 groups of 4. The last team standing from each group will advance to the BoF Final at Royal Stadium while the runners-up from each group will travel to Petrograd to face off at the Soccer Palace for third place. 32 national teams will be placed in each host nation and no teams will travel between nations until the conclusion of the semi-finals.

Rule Theriault - Now, you may be wondering how we intend to pull this off. We have elected to go with the NSFS firm for logistical support, rather than the more commonly used combo of Xkoranate and SQIS. We have made this decision because NSFS offered us a lower price than any rival firm, although we also seriously considered the Legion and DICE firms. We also made an inquiry with Miscellenator, but they told us that they do not provide support for soccer tournaments.

Prince Andreas - We hope that the World Cup Committee and Executive World Cup Committee, respectively, will recognize that we have a superior product to the one offered by our competitors and look forward to seeing the World Cup come to both of our great nations. Now, Rule will take questions from the press.

No sooner had Prince Andreas walked out of the Ballroom before his SaintPhone began to ring. It was his brother, King Petrus XX. Prince Andreas knew that he was in trouble, but answered anyway:

King Petrus XX - Andreas, what in the name of Infernus are you thinking?

Prince Andreas - Now is the time for my creativity to be truly appreciated!

King Petrus XX - No! You defied a direct order of your King.

Prince Andreas - Come on Petrus. I'm just doing it for the glory of God and the Kingdom!

King Petrus XX - No, you're not. This entire thing is about your ego and nothing else. Well, if I were you, I'd be hoping that my little stunt is successful because, if it isn't, I will be disbanding the National Soccer Team, effective immediately and pulling it out of this World Cup and all future World Cups.

Prince Andreas - You can't do that!

King Petrus XX - I'm the King, little brother. What I say goes around here and I don't appreciate your little stunt. Now, if your bid loses, I'm the one who has to deal with the embarrassment of losing to those stupid farm animals once again! If you make me go through that all over again, well I'll make sure you end up serving a term in the Royal Army!

Prince Andreas - You can't do that.

King Petrus XX - Are you an adult male citizen of my Kingdom under the age of 35?

Prince Andreas - I am.

King Petrus XX - Then, you are potentially subject to conscription and I'll make sure you end up being drafted.

Prince Andreas - I'm sorry, Petrus. I didn't think you were serious.

King Petrus XX - Now's too late for that, little brother.

At that moment, the call ended. King Petrus had decided to, intentionally, hang up early. Now, Prince Andreas was beginning to regret his decision to openly defy his brother, but he couldn't turn back now...
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Postby Super-Llamaland » Thu Oct 16, 2014 4:34 pm

Denison Referendum! Live Blog
Northern provinces upset over lowered tariffs, force referendum vote

When Congress voted 62% in favor of lowering tariffs to better trade with the Arendellenske Union, their northern neighbor, nobody thought much of it. But as the economy plummeted with a wave of cheap Arendellenske products surging through the northern provinces, something had to be done.

In March, Denison congressman Anton Borallis split the Denison Conservatives and founded the Freedom Party, which believed in "the power of all regions to choose as they wish." The Freedom Party soon controlled one-thirds of the northern congress seats, and when the Denison Referendum Act was posed for the third time, it finally gained a clear majority. Christopher O'Reilly's veto was overturned by a maelstrom of petitions, and the referendum is about to open up its ballot boxes and decide the future of Denison.

6:35 AM- Ballot boxes closed the previous day. Now, the counting begins.

6:41 AM- Preliminary counts were made the day before, and our sources now believe that it's knife-edge in a few northern provinces. Will Super-Llamaland have thirteen stars on its flag by the end of the day?

6:50 AM- Anton Borallis says that he will not consider joining the Arendellenske Union if he manages to secede. I doubt he would have, anyway - aren't they only holding this vote because of the Northern Union?

6:59 AM- Sorry, Farafelle - Borallis says he doesn't want you.

7:10 AM- Alsaine County in the Referendum Region of North Kyrinsen is about to finish counting!

7:11 AM- How voting works: the region is divided into the sections: North Denison, Dinschria River, Dinschria City Region, North Wheathampton, North Kyrinsen, and Central Provinces (Glasorda, parts of Wheathampton, and Gregoria). Each section has twenty counties, but for this purpose they've been merged to about six per section, meaning thirty-six counties total. Each section will join independently.

7:16 AM- And Alsaine has voted a resounding "no"! A mere 11% of the population voted for independence. Maybe the line was set too far south?

7:22 AM- An estimated five other regions, mostly to the south, will be done by eight. We'll be back by then. Time for breakfast!

8:05 AM- Two North Kyrinsen regions and three North Wheathampton regions have all voted no, with margins varying from 90-10 (Terrace County, Wheathampton) to 65-35 (East Arboria County, Kyrinsen). Nothing close yet.

8:12 AM- North Kyrinsen is a sweep for the unionists! Denhølm County has voted 66% in favor of staying to Super-Llamaland.

8:13 AM- Arendellenske blogger Isak Mortem: "Why won't Borallis join the Union? North Llamaland is ours, anyway." A few Eirelians have taken offense.

8:18 AM- A few emails have asked me what that means. Both Eirelia and the Northern Union claimed Kyrinsen before the Union pushed Eirelia back to the iconic city of Penbrooke.

8:30 AM- Dinschria City is even. Dinschria is a huge port, and if we lose this one we're at a disadvantage.

8:33 AM- They're about to announce Dinschria.

8:35 AM- They've announced the results! Still part of the union is...Ervingston in Wheathampton, the smallest of the regions. Only 21% of the Ervingstonians voted for independence.

8:40 AM- North Dinschria (the other five counties: South Dinschria, Mahan, Börgsstad, Central Dinschria, Nordvästhölm) has voted 56-44 against independence.

8:41 AM- Börgsstad, mostly Arendellenske, seems disappointed by Borallis' decision to not join the Union. They've voted a resoundingly 67-33 against.

8:41 AM- Central Dinschria and Mahan have both voted for independence, 56-44 and 51-49. This is going to be too close to call.

8:45 AM- This is so important that they've put all other provinces on hold as the vote-counters watch other vote-counters tally up Dinschria's future.

8:47 AM- South Dinschria has voted in favor, 50.02-49.98. Everyone but Nordvästhölm, a region of roughly 200,000 citizens and 135,000 voters, has been counted. The current tally is a razor-thin 1,265,000 for to 1,235,000 against.

8:49 AM- Meanwhile, Denison has all of their results ready to go for when Dinschria finishes. Two bombshells in a row.

8:51 AM- And Nordvästhölm is done. Results to come, very soon.

8:53 AM- Nordvästhölm: 87,661 against, 47,339 for. Dinschria has voted 1,322,661 to 1,312,339 to stay with the nation!

8:55 AM- Denison, unfortunately, has voted 52% for independence. Denison Mayor Steve Tai, a noted anti-secessionist, is reportedly resigning.

8:56 AM- North Wheathampton, North Kyrinsen, and Dinschria are all staying with Llamanea. Denison has left. Central Provinces and DInschria River still to decide.

8:59 AM- Dinschria River has dropped the third bombshell of the day. Previously expected to vote against independence, they've voted 55% for it.

9:00 AM- And right on their heels, CP has the opposite reaction: sixty-one percent in favor of staying Llamanean. And just like that, Super-Llamaland has lost Denison and the Dinschria River area.

9:03 AM- Dinschria City is expected to merge into Kyrinsen. The flag of Super-Llamaland now has thirteen stars.
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Postby Friday Freshman » Thu Oct 16, 2014 5:15 pm

3 Keys to Friday's Game Against The United Kingdoms of Zackalantis

  1. Leadership from the Old Dogs - Coach Mark Waltington is looking for a lot of leadership from not only the Captain and Assistant Captain but also some of the older members of this team. With 9 of the 24 members of this team being 21 or under it is probable that there will be some jumpiness in this team. It will be important for players like Donald Wadsworth to get started early and smooth the nerves of the young guys. In the first 4 games of the National Season, which has taken a break so that that the players can participate, Wadsworth already has 6 points, 4 of which are goals.
  2. Discipline - With a young team it's important that they don't take stupid penalties and Assistant Coach Jeremey Boswell has been working very hard on the Friday Freshman players to clean up their game.
  3. Goaltending - Peter Carenzo will get the nod for the first game but has a bit of a short leash as he is coming off an injury that kept him form the first four games of the season. If he seems shaky Coach Mark Waltington is prepared to put in strong hearted backup goalie, Braden Bonner.

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Postby The Royal Kingdom of Quebec » Thu Oct 16, 2014 6:44 pm

Hey all! For this WCoH I have decided to put some RP Bonus Challenges up, in order to make things interesting and productive for the RPers, I have decided to make some RP challenges for people to perhaps embrace and use. Please welcome your Double Bonus Challenge!

Double RP Bonus Challenge(Part 1)- Choose one of two options that are available right under this:

Write a life story of one of your players, reporter(s) or coaches, as long as it involves around someone in your nation's hockey circle


Write about your team's pre-MD1 practice at the respective arenas(if struggling to figure out how they are like, search their names on Google or Bing, as they are almost-exact version of those arenas in RL. I'll try to put more info by the time of MD1 cutoff).

They can be in any format, length, etc.

The First Part of the challenge will end at MD2 cutoff, but you're welcome to use the challenge for your RP ahead before either of MD1 or MD2 cutoff. I hope to read all of your RPs very ahead of the cutoffs!

Retired from NSWC. Possibly available for NSCF / WB / WCoH but cannot be guaranteed.

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Postby Borschlandia » Fri Oct 17, 2014 9:14 am

World Cup of Hockey XXV
Borschland Hockey League
For immediate release

Swans honored to participate in XXV World Cup of Hockey

Following their runner-up finish in the Royal Alexandre Invitational in the Royal Kingdom of Quebec, the Borschland Black Swans are thrilled to re-enter the World Cup of Hockey hosted by Vaugania and the RKQ.

This team, unlike the one sent to RKQ for the Invitational, is stocked with established stars in the Borschland Hockey League, including Gregorujus Kool, the most prolific young goal-scorer in a generation.

Coach Reinhardt, mindful of the smaller rinks and more frequent hitting in international hockey, has chosen a larger, tougher team than usual, but with the same trademark skating and stickhandling ability of the traditional Borschic Swan squad.

In particular, the first line and pair of defenders, except for Kool, are all over six feet and two hundred pounds. The tall, rangy winger Tujger Threedjall typifies Reinhardt's approach. "Tiger" combines grittiness with precision, leading his Meechen team to its eleventh league championship last year.

The Borschland group, G, features tough opponents and Borschland will be hard-pressed to crack the top two places that guarantee a trip to the round of 16. Torisakia is the team that beat Borschland in the Royal Alexandre last year, and they are among the powerhouses of the league.

"They're so deep," Reinhardt said of Torisakia. "No one can match their ability from top to bottom, and not a small nation such as ourselves."

Hop Nation, a perennial upper-echelon player in international hockey, will also vie for the Group G championship. Estope is unfamiliar to Borschic international hockey, but is ranked #11 in the world.

"Borschland at #42 is hoping to make a good showing," Reinhardt said. "If we can make an upset and find our way into the round of sixteen, we will go from there."

Coach: Sherman Reinhardt
Captain: Gregorujus Kool
Alternate captains: Tomas Mechter, Rokus Beenert
Team Manager: Kevin Busby
Style Mod: +1



First line

C Kool, Gregorujus 5' 11", 185, 24. (Meechen). The best young star in all of Borschic hockey. No one skates faster or shoots more precisely. Nicknamed The Magic Cannon.
L Threedjall, Tujger 6'6" 210, 29 (Meechen). "Tiger," Kool's linemate, digs for the puck well, passes precisely, and will score his share. Averages well over a point a game.
R Mechter, Tomas 6'0" 220, 32 (Erichels). Mechter anchors Borschland's biggest international first line ever. He is known for devastating forechecking, but also racked up the Erichels all-time assist record last year at age 32.

Second line

C Rijsenkaamp, Pujtr 6'2" 200, 30 (Onatten). True two-way forward, specializes in the penalty kill and in stealing short-handed goals.
L Lagerman, Pujt 6' 1", 200, 22 (Matexipar) Strong, hard-working, with a heavy shot, surprisingly nimble around goal, a coming star in the BHL.
R Seeman, Sleet. 6' 2" 195, 35 (Sajbell) The best player from Sajbell in a generation, he's a prototypical Borschic skater and passer. Contributed more than an assist per game in the most recent BHL season.

Third line

C Sankt Beorn, Christoff 5' 10" 175, 25 (Matexipar) Skater and puck-handler creates magic for the Matexipar Iron Sticks. Dynamic young player, somewhat out of character for Matexipar, which likes to recruit and teach two-way forwards.
L Reinhardt, H-W. (Wils) 6' 0" 160, 16 (Te Staff). Only sixteen, Wils made a name for himself in the Royal Alexandre tournament. The only thing that can stop this natural immortal is his own immaturity.
R te Beer, Sujge 5' 10", 180, 23 (Meechen) Second star on the runner-up team in the Royal Alexandre invitation, "Squeegee" will team with Wils and firecracker Sankt Beorn, forming one of the most exciting third lines in the tournament.

Fourth line

C Hooglund, Thrasur 5'9, 175, 24 (Te Staff). The Te Staff team is in rebuilding mode, and this young sprinter is struck from the mold of Te Staff Hall of Famer Christoff Anselm.
L Pompeel, Beenedicht 6'0, 180, 30 (Bjaward). "Ben" is the son of Vinasolan immigrants and brings Vinasolan flair to the wing position with unparalleled stickhandling.
R Onderdroom, Garreck 5'11", 180, 27 (Meechen). The master of Borschic ice ballet with puck and stick, he might be muscled off the puck-- if defenders can get to him.

Defensive pairs

D Beenert, Rokus. 6'3" 220 (Matexipar). 32, A load in the tradition of big Matexiparian defenders. Chosen specifically by Reinhardt for his size and toughness.
D Lujming, Norbert. 6'0 200 (Bevinlunz), 25, May be the best all-around athlete on the team, will contribute to scoring on power plays.

D Winders, Benk. 5'11" 215 (Onatten) 32, Extremely tough; powerful skater; blocks everything.
D Wootenflaas, Gerd. 5'10" 185 (Domatische) 28, A bit undersized for Reinhardt's team but is a tenacious defender, poke-checker, and technician who always seems to come up with the loose puck. The x-factor in the defense.

D Praam, Sebastujen. 6'2" 230 30 (Tarlunz), Big, tough, an enforcer; not a prototypical skater, but faster than he looks.
D Knipper, Jap 5' 9" 190 23 (Wrischer), he is a rock in front of goal. Will block anything that comes near the goalie, tireless worker.

G Itasca, Wamper 6' 0 225, 27 (Sajbell) The first full-blooded Loflin to start for the Borschic national team, "Wham" grew up in Anvoria as part of the Loflin diplomatic corps, then was naturalized Borschic when he showed superior talent in goal. Nothing fazes him; his microscopic 1.18 GAA last season helped Sajbell to a Flowering Branch Cup.

G Te Naar, Breent 5'10" 200, 37 (Meechen) Has had a phenomenal career, now in its twilight, but he is still plenty good and will give stability to team searching for quick chemistry.

G Scheelingdoorn, Pujtr 6' 0" 180, 23 (Bevinlunz), picked by Reinhardt as a goalie of the future who needs international experience.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose My Scorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes, within reason (strange things happen in Borschland sometimes, TG me if you're not sure)
RP Injuries to My Players: Yes, only one per game, no killing or maiming
Godmod Injuries to My Players: No
RP Penalties for My Players: Yes, but only one or two per game, Borschic hockey players commit very few penalties
RP Ejections for My Players: No
Godmod Other Events: No
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Postby Gregoryisgodistan » Fri Oct 17, 2014 10:55 am

OOC: Double RP Bonus

Enemy Crusher Furfy "Junior Fatso" McFattel's biography

Enemy Crusher Furfy "Junior Fatso" McFattel was born to Enemy Crusher Franky "Fatso" McFattel 21 years ago today, so happy 21st birthday to him. He quickly developed into an Enemy Crusher in Training and eventually an Enemy Crusher, just like his father. He crushed an estimated 293 enemies before his 18th birthday and has crushed another 691 since. He is best regarded for being the starting goaltender on the Junior Hockey Team twice and performing very well in net. His father had been the starting goaltender since the founding of the Ice Slaves team, but good old Enemy Crusher Furfy "Junior Fatso" McFattel was set to take over following his father's retirement after the last Royal Alexandre Hockey Invitational. Unfortunately, Enemy Crusher Franky "Fatso" McFattel was stabbed to death by wicked Hicana fans during the tournament, and Enemy Crusher Furfy "Junior Fatso" McFattel retaliated by crushing enough of them to start a war which led to the glorious destruction of Hicana.

That forced Enemy Crusher Furfy "Junior Fatso" McFattel to take over in goal as he would have anyway, but now he plays with the pain of knowing his father was killed by enemies. That just motivates him more to crush his enemies, and he has vowed to crush entire teams from Britonisea, Free Republics, Saintland, and San Jose Guayabal, turning Group A into the literal "Group of Death." "I will crush them all," vowed Enemy Crusher Furfy "Junior Fatso" McFattel. "Crushing has always been my passion, my job, and my life. Crushing is what I do best. I will crush them all and watch them die. Surrender or die!"

In any case, Enemy Crusher Furfy "Junior Fatso" McFattel will get the start tonight in goal, his first game as the team's full-time starting goaltender. What will happen? You'll just have to tune in.
Gregoryisgodistan, population 75,000,000. All citizens are required to worship Lord Almighty Gregory, our head of state, as a deity.
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IBS III Champions
WCoH 22 Round of 16
WB XXII 10th Place in Casaran, advanced to Round of 32
IBS IV host, champion
4th in WCoH 23
HWC 12 hosts
WJHC VI 2nd place,
CoH 60 4th place
WCoH XXIV Champs
CoH 61 Runner-Up
IBS VI Champs
IBS VII Champs
WCoH XXV 2nd Place
WBC 32 2nd Place
IBS VIII host and champs
WBC 33 Host/QF
WCoH 27 co-host and champs
WC 72 Qualifier
WBC 34 champs
CoH 67 Third place

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Postby Ko-oren » Fri Oct 17, 2014 11:17 am

World Cup of Hockey 25
Ko-orenite National Ice Hockey Team | Ko-oreniet Nationaal IJshockeyteam | アイスホッケーコ・オレン代表 | Équipe de Ko-oren de hockey sur glace | Seleção do Ko-oren de Hóquei no Gelo

Yiri Novotný #5
Qiáng Huáng #11
Iosif Anatolievich
Eysteinn Johnsson #10
Marten Kuijper #4
Hiroto Shizuka
Yaroslav Zolnerovich

Artem Konstantinovich #12
Augustín Novotny
Yong Eun Song #6

Takumi Tachibana #8
Yevgeny Ivanov #3
Lelu Lerolan #9
Valentin Marekt
Radomír Koloušek
Róbert Heimirsson #2
Otmar Martinek
Daan van der Aart
Dobroslav Pulkrábek
Mathew Bradley

Jutri Latirailu #1
Hjörtur Stefansson #7
Joris Geels
Irvine Stevens

Important note:
Players with a number assigned are most likely to play (and the lower the even more likely) but feel free to let any player you want appear on the team.

Style Mod: -5
Coaching Staff: Yevgeny Petrov, Anatoly Vasiliev (Wingers), Chun Jaragun (Centres), Shejuchikh Biluthen (Defensemen)
Home: Ko-orenite National Rink (Greencaster) cap. 14,500

If my opponent RPs first (or second, third or whatever), I give them the right to:
Name my scorers Y
Godmod scoring events: N
Injure my players Y
Godmod injuries N
RP ejections to my players Y
Godmod other events: Sure, no deaths etc.
Trigramme: KOR - Demonym: Ko-orenite - Population: 27.270.096
Sports Domestic Sports Newswires - Info Factbook - Top attractions in Ko-oren - Map - Storefronts Loro Language Schools - Goliæth Sports Café
Champions 1x CoH - 1x WBC - 2x World Bowl - 1x IBC - 1x T20 WC - 2x RUWC - 1x RLWC - 1x HWC - 1x Beach Cup
Runners-up 1x AOCAF - 2x World Bowl - 4x IBC - 1x AOHC - 1x GCF Test Cricket - 2x RUWC - 1x WLC - 1x WCFH
Hosts 1x World Bowl - 1x WCOH - 1x T20 WC - 1x RUWC

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Postby Semarland » Fri Oct 17, 2014 1:28 pm

Morten Rammenstein was a somewhat nervous man.

Yes, it was Semarland's second time at the World Cup of Hockey. He knew that. But their opening game...against Torisakia? Jesus fucking christ, Morten thought. He shared a glance at his partner, Niko Blaanksen. He looked nervous two. But excited in a way.

Semarland were ranked 74th. Were they the lowest? Morten thought. Oh wait, it's Mizuyuki, I think. That was answered by Jens Muller Larsen, the lovable but firm assistant coach. Jecatria was the lowest ranked nation, it at 105. They were in a different group though. Morten would face not only 4th ranked Torisakia but Estope and HopNation, both in the top 30 along with Borschlandia at 42. And the three unranked sides, Camerania, Kazirstan and Australian Council.

Morten then glanced at the clock. 20 minutes until it was time. He looked around the room - Niko was sat next to him. He liked Niko. He was a good lad. Clever. Sharp. Pacy. Just what Morten needed. He looked at his team mates. There was the goaltender Marko Nielsen. Reliable, of course. He looked confident. Morten allowed himself a grin when he knew it was because of his defence. Attacking-wise, there was the younger people like Dbuzu Okore-Janssen and Karal Seterssen, and the veterans such as Anders Nielsen and the oldest, 35 years old Terho Vanhanen.

Before he knew it, Branko and Jens had finished the team talk and it was time. Morten picked up his hockey stick and began to walk out. Starting would be himself and Niko, with Marcus Bloqaard, Anders and Dbuzu as the offense line. Marko Nielsen would start in goal.

It was time.
The Republic of Semarland - The Home of Footballing Youth Development
Capital: Jansberg - Demonym: Semar/Semarlandic - Trigramme: SEM
Champions: Meski Cup I, 5AS WC II, U18 WC I
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Postby Zenic » Fri Oct 17, 2014 3:31 pm

“Ah, good to be back on the ice, ain’t it, Lynda? Just two teams playing a competitive and enjoyable game of hockey.”

The team had landed in Sorochuk, Vaugania a few hours ago. The team had been practicing on their home ice in San Valerie up until yesterday since they had gotten lucky and were placed in the Vaugania half of the tournament. For those who didn’t know, Vaugania is less than an hour and a half away from the city of San Valerie in the Empire. Therefore, the team took an early flight and had already managed to settle into their rooms and head to the IcePlex for practice.

This year was a year of hope: the team had gained much experience from the previous tournament in the Royal Barangay and the team had been kept intact. The players and staff were also ready to strike. Their performance before had been on par for a nation breaking into international hockey for the first time: only 3 wins out of 10 games with all the other games being losses and a -15 goal differential. It was a difficult experience to go through for such a long tournament.

Luckily, head coach Henri Giehl knew how to keep the players and staff motivated enough to survive the ordeal and come back from the long after tournament break rested and ready to go. Now, if he could get them to win was another thing but he wasn’t worried about that as much as he was about getting the team working as a unit. You can get lucky and win a few games but you can’t get lucky or fake having a solid team that was working well together.

“Yup,” replied Giehl’s assistant, Lynda Tawfeek with a faint hint of annoyance. “Now, stop daydreaming and let’s get ready for the Unified Sunrise Islands. I think we have a good shot at starting off better than the last time but we can’t slack off now if we want that good start.”

Henri Giehl simply nodded his head, ready to begin the last training session before their match against the USI.
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7th U15 World Cup (Football)
55th Baptism of Fire (Football)
6th Runner Cup (Football)
WCoH 28 (Ice Hockey)
Third Place:
Copa Rushmori XIX (Football)
4th Runner Cup(Football)

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Postby Nova Anglicana » Fri Oct 17, 2014 3:32 pm

Third Time's the Charm for Lions?

Martin Granger, Staff Reporter

The Lions have entered into qualification for the 25th edition of the World Cup of Hockey, their fourth time entering this major international competition. The first time they entered, they finished with a record of 3-3-6 (W-D-L), for 9 points and fifth of seven teams in their group. They played a much more determined and skilled first half of qualifying, but faded down the stretch due to fatigue and what seemed like a general inattentiveness (OOC: I was unable to RP my final 3 matches due to RL issues and lost them all by an aggregate of 11-1). The second time they entered, they finished with a record of 4-1-4 (W-D-L), for 13 points and fourth of ten teams in their group, missing the playoffs. They started off quite poorly, with a record of 0-1-3 through the first four games, and had people calling for Head Coach Cecil Palmer's job. They then got on a roll, winning four in a row, and putting themselves in a win-and-you're-in scenario on MD9 against Hicana. The magic ran out, as they were shut out 2-0, but Palmer retained his job. That may be due in part to their performance at the inaugural Royal Alexandre Hockey Invitational, where they were drawn into a tough group, but still managed to reach the quarterfinals, including impressive wins over Valanora and Sicoutimont, before being shut out by Ko-oren. In WCoH 24, the Lions went 7-0-3, including a victory over then-#7 Torisakia. Unfortunately, they fell in two games (losing Game 2 in shootout fashion) to Falcus in the Round of 24. They then made a run to the semifinals of the 2nd Royal Alexandre Hockey Invitational, where they lost 1-0 to Borschland. They closed it out by losing to Hicaña in the 3rd place game in overtime.

The veteran squad that played in WCoH 24 is no more, as several have retired from international play. Luminaries such as Kermit "The Frog" Lea and René Robinson have been replaced by new faces. There are a total of six new players on the squad, and a general reshuffling of lines. It remains to be seen how they will handle upper-level competition, most notably Havl, but the team is brimming with confidence. The team is mostly composed of players from the domestic NAHL, which has a high level of play, but also features a few players currently playing at the AHL level of the United States' NHL. Cecil Palmer prefers a moderate defensive style, one that focuses on discipline and toughness. You won't see many penalties conceded, but you also won't see any short-handed breaks down the ice. This is a team that makes their money on the power play and on their excellent passing.

Nova Anglicana Lions Senior Hockey Team

Head Coach: Cecil Palmer
Style Modifier: -1
Captain: Andrés Kelly
Assistant Captains: Derek Jensen, Troy Parker

1st Line
RW Derek Jensen, 35 - Jensen is quiet, but a deadly shooter, handles the puck well
C Troy Parker, 29 - maturation process complete, earns that long-awaited promotion to the first line, great player
LW Matt Grier, 31 - Palmer likes him so much because he always knows when to (and not to) make the extra pass, picks up his fair share of goals as well

2nd Line
RW Jay Schwartz, 32 - loves the wraparound, team prankster
C Dallas Carlson, 24 – the former U20 captain has enormous confidence and the skills to match, graduates to second line
LW Jordan Bergeron, 28 - former AHL Norfolk Admiral, he's got as much raw talent as anyone, but needs a ton of coaching

3rd Line
RW Leif Haas, 25 – Haas is a level-headed and deadly shooter who will be needed just as much as anyone on the team
C Ellis White, 27 - White is an up-and-comer in the NAHL, moves up to third line
LW Ricky Knight, 22 – Knight's knack for making just the right pass is upper-echelon

4th Line
RW Doug LaRose, 34 - bit of a banger for a wing, his work ethic is second to none, goal-scoring skills leave a lot to be desired
C Gavyn Newhall, 25 – Newhall anchors a line whose motto is, “the best offense is a good defense”, decent goal-scorer but best at handling the puck
LW Scotty Gaston, 25 – Gaston’s a spark plug, always aggressive on the forecheck, deadly on the wraparound

Pair 1
Zach McCoy, 33 - plays with Russell in NAHL, chemistry extremely valuable
Josh Russell, 35 - provides the bulk to McCoy's finesse, excellent tag team duo

Pair 2
Hank Weber, 29 - Weber has the large skates of Roger Day to fill, but he's a good all-around player
Cody Riley, 31 - Riley is one of the league's best defensemen, bit overaggressive at times, can lead to fights

Pair 3
Marq Brint, 26 – Brint has built on his physicality to become a force, plays all facets of the game well
Sander van der Zeijden, 21 – this young man is possessed of a wonderful set of instincts and a good offensive skill set, is decent but improving defender

Pair 4
Bruce Baker, 23 – always a leader in blocked shots, Baker’s not afraid to sacrifice the body for the team
Matt Washington, 23 – will block shots just like Baker, but main asset is a cannon of a slap shot and imposing physique

Andres Kelly, 36 - Kelly is equally adept with the glove as he is with the rest of his body, five shutouts in last go-round
Bryan Blake, 29 - young man had an excellent defensive campaign that helped lead his team to the playoffs
Todd Ingram, 24 – capable of standing on his head at times, but is particular vulnerable in the 5-hole, upper half stronger than lower half

Power Play 1
1st Line + Defensive Pair 1

Power Play 2
2nd Line + Defensive Pair 2

Penalty Kill 1
1st Line + Defensive Pair 1

Penalty Kill 2
4th Line + Defensive Pair 3

Group Schedule:

MD1 Nova Anglicana (21) vs Arvenida (UR)
MD2 Nova Anglicana vs Patistan (47)
MD3 Nova Anglicana vs Zips Nation (UR)
MD4 Havl (2) vs Nova Anglicana
MD5 Nova Anglicana vs North Britonisea (UR)
MD6 The Fair Republic (16) vs Nova Anglicana
MD7 Nova Anglicana vs Terre des Gaules (55)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following...
Choose My Scorers: Yes/No
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes/No
RP Injuries to My Players: Yes/No, ordinary things, TG me if you want them to tear an ACL or something and I'll approve or disapprove
Godmod Injuries to My Players: Yes/No
RP Penalties for My Players: Yes/No
RP Ejections for My Players: Yes/No, only if your player starts the fight and also gets ejected
Godmod Other Events: Yes/No
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Former WBC President (WBC 34-37)

World Junior Hockey Championships VII, Copa de la Paz I, URSA 7s I, Port Louis 7s I

IBS III/VIII, Cup of Harmony 65, AVBF 7s II, WBC 39

3rd Place
WBC 28/32/36, IBS V, WJHC V/VIII, Beltane Cup II, Cup of Harmony 64, Londinium 7s II

4th Place
WBC 29/38, IBS VII, RUWC XXI/XXVI, WJHC IV, Londinium 7s I, WCoH 28, RAHI II

WBC 27/30/31/37/41, IBS VI, IBC 15, WJHC VI/IX, RAHI I, AVBF Rugby Sevens I, RUWC 24/25

WBC 31/35, Londinium 7s I/II, IBS IX

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Postby San Jose Guayabal » Fri Oct 17, 2014 4:24 pm

SJG Southern Penguins

Head coach: Pedro Quiñónez Age: 52
Style mod: +3.1415

1st Line:
Luis Chávez (LW)
Pedro Olsen (RW)
Xavier Lasaña (C) (C)

2nd Line:
Shane Hamilton (LW) (A)
Ole Ostgaard (RW)
Sven Karlsson (C)

3rd Line:
Magnus Pedersen (LW)
Tor-Ynge Pedersen (RW)
Vladimir Sonarov (C)

1st Pair:
Luis Martínez (A)
Loch Ness

2nd Pair:
Jörgen Yttredal
Erlin Damián

3rd Pair:
Matvei Kozlov
Thor Magnussen

Björn Olssen
Andres Delgado
Luis Avendaño

[pre]My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose My Scorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP Injuries to My Players: No
Godmod Injuries to My Players: No
RP Penalties for My Players: Yes
RP Ejections for My Players: Yes - No more than two
Godmod Other Events: Yes
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