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Postby Hakio » Thu Aug 28, 2014 1:30 pm

Omigodtheykilledkenny wrote:Would it be too much to ask if you guys would stop posting such huge images for your ambassador? Defwa, you're fine -- but Hakio could definitely do with a spoiler or a (much) smaller image. :eyebrow:

But her face is so beautiful... oh okay. :o
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Postby Omigodtheykilledkenny » Sat May 23, 2015 10:36 am

While I'm editing this, does anyone know how to make columns?
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Postby The Dark Star Republic » Sat May 23, 2015 10:43 am

You can use table markup (td, tr) although that's horrible to get right.

Ambassador AliAlistan
Ambassador BobBobtopia

Edit: is Noordeinde's image giving anyone else a problem?
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Postby Omigodtheykilledkenny » Sat May 23, 2015 11:05 am

re:columns -- oh sorry, I actually meant dividing the list into two columns so it doesn't become overly long.
re:Noordeinde image -- I can see Al Franken. :eyebrow:

Added Hakio, Defwa, Lysset, Separatist Peoples, Normlpeople, Frustrated Franciscans. Chester I missed because I know he's been replaced; JPL is welcome to enter a new post.

Again, if your nation has come back from the dead, and you want me to restore your ambassador, just post here or TG me and I'll get to it.
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Postby Jean Pierre Trudeau » Sat May 23, 2015 1:31 pm

Omigodtheykilledkenny wrote:re:columns -- oh sorry, I actually meant dividing the list into two columns so it doesn't become overly long.
re:Noordeinde image -- I can see Al Franken. :eyebrow:

Added Hakio, Defwa, Lysset, Separatist Peoples, Normlpeople, Frustrated Franciscans. Chester I missed because I know he's been replaced; JPL is welcome to enter a new post.

Again, if your nation has come back from the dead, and you want me to restore your ambassador, just post here or TG me and I'll get to it.

Kenny my Ambassador is not "The Jet Propulsion Laboratory", he is "Jean Pierre Trudeau". I am assuing you happen to work at Berkley, and probably talk to the JPL guys all the time. :p
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Postby Ainocra » Sat May 23, 2015 4:34 pm

I thought of an ebil retort involving burritos and the strangers bar but I think I'll just keep it to myself
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Postby Imperium Anglorum » Sat May 23, 2015 4:42 pm

Gaius Marcius Blythe Caecilianus FS MPF C.PONT S
Permanent Representative to the World Assembly

Note. Name is a tria nomina, gens is Marcia, de facto surname is Blythe.

Age: 38 (c 1921 RE)
Birthplace: Londinium

Biography: C Marcius Blythe was born in 1883 as 'Aulus Caecilius Varro Postumus' to Publius Caecilius Varro (cos 1857; cens 1875) and Decima Marcia Critonis. His father died shortly before his birth. He attended the Athenaeum in Trimontium and read economics at Varronian College, Cantabrigiensis – named for his ancestor, Titus Caecilius Varro (cos 851, 863, 874, 889; cens 875). While at Varro, his maternal uncle, Appius Marcius Blythe adopted him; he changed his name to Gaius Marcius Blythe Caecilianus.

In 1904, he was elected as military tribune and assigned to northern Cambigta on the staff of the recently appointed proconsul operating there, his uncle-by-adoption, Appius Marcius Philippus. Following his tribunate, he was elected quaestor in 1907 – serving for 1908 – and assigned again to Philippus' staff. The campaign was won shortly after his arrival, with Blythe assisting in settling peace terms. Returning to the city, he marched in Philippus' triumph before rejecting prorogation as quaestor and instead standing for election as tribune of plebs. He was successful; he carried in late 1909 a law to renovate the basilica Caecilia (built by T Caecilius Varro in 904) for the millennial anniversary of Varro's death. He was then elected as representative tribune for Cantia, serving until 1913.

He served as curule aedile for 1913 and was inducted into the senate. At the same time, he was appointed as one of the shadow quaestors for the Quindecimvirate. He stood for election in 1916 for the praetorship and led troops with distinction in Scandinavia from 1917–20, being acclaimed imperator. Following his return from Scandinavia, he was elected to the College of Pontiffs in place of Septimus Octavius Laenas, deceased. He was also elected by the representative tribunes as one of the voting Ambassadors to the federal Parliament, where he served as an influential back-bencher before being appointed to Cabinet as Permanent Representative to the World Assembly.

Posts: TR.MIL 1903; Q 1907; TR.PL 1909; TR.REP 1910–12; AED 1913; PR 1917; PROPR 1918–20. Voting Ambassador to the federal Parliament 1920–.

Former Permanent and Lieutenant Permanent Representatives

Elsie Caroline Mortimer Wellesley FS MPf; Permanent Representative to the World Assembly
Note. Surname is 'Mortimer Wellesley'.

Short title: (domestic, empire) Ms Elsie Mortimer Wellesley; (domestic, republic) Mortimeria Welleslia Elsia; (diplomatic) Her Excellency Mortimer Wellesley

Age: 31 (c 1917 RE)
Birthplace: Iceni (eye-SEE-nai), regio Icenorum

Early life: Elsie Wellesley was born in Iceni, a region of the Roman republic, to a middle class family in 1885 RE. Her father was a member of College of Physicians and served as a member of the medical staff at the Helvian College. Through her grandfather, she is distantly related to the Duke of Wellington (Anglican), Arthur Wellesley. She was educated in a number of grammar schools in regio Icenorum before reading classics at the Helvian College, Cantabrigiensis, where she was a member of the Varronian Society, a honours and political club.

Education: Classics (BA), Helvian College, Cantabrigiensis. Laws (LLM), Minerva College, Cantabrigiensis.

Biography: She entered politics for the municipium, initially standing on a platform of cultural and archaeological preservation for pre-Roman ruins discovered outside Iceni in 1909. (Iceni is in the republic, municipia are governed by two duumviri.) She won election as duumvir of Iceni with Lucius Kelsea as her colleague in 1910; after serving her term, she read law at Minerva College, Cantabrigensis. There, she met and married Stephen Mortimer (Stephanus Mortimare), also reading law. She successfully won election to the quaestorship in 1912. After her year as quaestor, she took an executive position in the Temple of Ceres, distributing food aid to poor citizens. In 1915, she unsuccessfully stood for aedile before being nominated by her party to stand for election to the federal Parliament in Iceni South. Fortunately for her, 1916 was a Varronian–New Liberal landslide, sending her to Parliament.

She kept her seat after the May 1917 election, which saw the Duke of Geneva, Cyril Parsons, win the Varronian–New Liberal alliance leadership, keep the majority in Parliament, and become prime minister. With most eligible parliamentarians, especially those with military experience, assigned to military duties and posts in the War, Colonial, or Foreign Offices, she was appointed to the post of WA Representative, with her predecessor, now prime minister, reportedly noting in the Acta, 'the pressing need for capable ministers elsewhere'.

The press' notice of the incredible difference between her predecessor's experience and her lack thereof along with the out-of-the-ordinary promotion of an extremely junior MP to a post previously held by very senior members of the government, and associated rumours of nepotism or scandal, far overshadowed any other coverage of her appointment. Amid public scrutiny of her marriage to Stephen Mortimer and the union's defiance of normal naming conventions, Wellesley and her husband changed their last names to Mortimer Wellesley (nb one last name, no hyphen).

Politics: Mortimer Wellesley is a member of the Varronian party, which sits with the New Liberals in the federal Parliament, and member of the federal Parliament (Iceni South). After serving as a Parliamentary Secretary in the Home Office, she was inducted to the Cabinet, the Privy Council, and her second ministerial posting as Permanent Representative to the World Assembly in the Parsons ministry formed after the May 1917 elections. In December 1919, Mortimer Wellesley was elected to the College of Augurs in place of Marcus Lentidius (deceased).

Titles: Member of federal Senate, member of the College of Augurs.

Posts Held: (chronological order) minor posts, Duumvir of Iceni (former), quaestor (former), member of the federal Parliament (Iceni South), Parliamentary Secretary to the Home Office (former), permanent representative to the World Assembly, member of the college of Augurs.

Elsie Mortimer Wellesley resigned on 1 December 1921 after successfully standing for election to a praetorship, which she assumed for 1922.

3rd Duke of Geneva, 8th Viscount Parsons KG FS MPf; Permanent Representative to the World Assembly

Short Title: (domestic) The Duke of Geneva, (diplomatic) Lord Representative Parsons

Age: 49
Birthplace: Cantabrigia, regio Universitatis

Family: Parsons was born to an upper-class family to a father who was an Anglican viscount and professor at universitas Cantabrigiensis in 1867. While he is an Anglican subject and not a Roman citizen, he spent most of his life in the northern republic and southern kingdom. He was educated at Etona and read economics at Minerva College, Cantabrigiensis. His father died shortly after his graduation when Parsons was 22, making him viscount. Parsons continued his studies, reading law at Cicero College at the Tironian University.

Education: Economics (BA), Minerva College, Cantabrigensis. Law (LLM), Cicero College, Tiro. International Relations (MSc honorary), Economics School, Londinium. International Relations (DPhil honorary), Helvian College, Cantabrigensis.

Career: After finishing his law degree, Parsons joined the Crown Prosecution Service. He left active practice ten years later and was elected in 1902 as member of the federal Parliament for Markenshire (nb, the federal Parliament – governing the condominium of the Roman Republic and the Anglican Kingdom – does not disable holders of an Anglican peerage; the federal Parliament is composed of members, elected by the people, and ambassadors, elected by the sovereignties' legislatures), he followed his brother's lead and joined the New Liberal–Varronian coalition. For his services in the election, he was appointed Chancellor during the first Davis ministry. His term was uneventful from a standpoint establishing new legal precedents or doctrines, but his advocacy for and excellent execution of judicial reform won him much adulation after his term.

Afterwards, he was appointed Chancellor of Hibernia and Monapia. During his service as chancellor, one of his cousins died, leading him to inherit the Dukedom of Geneva. About a decade later, he was appointed as the Permanent Representative to the World Assembly in the third Davis ministry. Following the January 1916 elections, he was elected as the Member of Parliament for Those-across-the-seas. After the 1917 elections, he led as a compromise candidate the internal negotiations between the Varronian and New Liberal federal parliament alliance, leading to his election as federal prime minister.

Politics: Parsons is a member of the New Liberal party. He never served, however, in the Anglican Parliament. The vast majority of his federal posts were held under New Liberal–Varronian government, except in the early 1915 government, when the Varronians and New Liberals were in coalition with the Gracchans.

Titles: 3rd Duke of Geneva; 8th Viscount Parsons; Knight of the Garter (Anglican).

Posts Held: Chancellor (former), President of the federal Senate (former), member of the federal Senate, Chancellor for Hibernia and Monapia (former), Colonel of the 1st Regiment of Geneva Dragoons, Permanent Representative to the World Assembly, and member of the federal Parliament for Those-Across-the-Seas.

Motto: 'Plus ultra', the motto of the Viscounts Parsons.

Parsons left the post of Permanent Representative after winning a leadership bid in the New Liberal–Varronian alliance shortly before the May 1917 elections that made him prime minister. His last official act as Permanent Representative was to speak with various other representatives about organising safe travel and a short ceasefire for the coronation of Queen Elena II.

Lord Commodore Robert Montgomery North, 1st Earl North of Lethian, APf FS; Lieutenant Permanent Representative to the World Assembly

Short Title: Lord Commodore Robert North

Age: 42
Birthplace: Lethian, Hibernia

Family: North was born to an upper-middle class family in the province of Hibernia Borealis, which is administered by the Anglican Kingdom (southern Hibernia is administered by the republic). He was educated at the Athenaeum, an ancient public school in Trimontium, and attended Cicero College, Tiro. He read international relations and naval science.

Education: International relations (BSc), Cicero College, Tiro.

Career: At university, he was a member of the federal naval reserve, and joined the Federal Navy shortly after the start of the first Northern Cambigtan War as a First Lieutenant. After serving with distinction, he was promoted to Captain. The outbreak of the Iradulinan War between the the Anglican colony Iradulina and the collapsing Chisenitsan empire in central Cambigta led to a naval intervention in which his bravery was praised. After the death of the original federal squadron commander, he promoted to Commodore. At the relief of Arminium, North's battleship Prince of Holstein fired the opening salvo on enemy positions. He commanded the fleet actions and marine landings over the six month campaign which led to the capture of Chisenitsa and pursued their armies until their capitulation eight months later.

Two days before the end of the war, he was severely wounded. But he survived after being quickly taken to an aid station and ferried to naval hospital. The wounds forced him to retire from active military service. Looking for new opportunities, he accepted elevation to the Anglican peerage as Earl North of Leicestershire. He was then elected as one of the representative peers in the Anglican Parliament's House of Lords. There, he invigorated a weakened New Liberal opposition – while the New Liberals held a majority in the Commons, they did not in the House of Lords – and was able to open the Lords to new reforms. His introduction to federal politics was in the Lords; his service in the Iradulinan War strengthened the peace party and helped to pass (in the federal Parliament) the peace treaty signed with Chisenitsa. He was elected by the Commons as one of the voting ambassadors to the federal Parliament.

Politics: North is a member of the New Liberal Party. He accepted appointment to the Diplomatic Corps as Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs, and after serving a standard term, was elevated to a post as Lieutenant Representative to the World Assembly.

Titles: 1st Earl North of Leicestershire (Anglican).

Posts Held: Commodore of the Federal Navy, Representative Peer in the House of Lords (Anglican) (former), Leader in the House of Lords (Anglican) (former), voting Ambassador to the federal Parliament (Anglican), member of His Majesty's Privy Council (Anglican), Lieutenant Permanent Representative to the World Assembly (former).

Motto: 'Seas beckon', the motto of the Lords North, which reflects strongly the naval heritage which led to its creation.

Robert North left the position of Lieutenant Permanent Representative to become European Secretary in Parsons' ministry. He resigned from his post as representative peer in the Anglican House of Lords but maintained his post as a voting Ambassador to the federal Parliament.

Edited to reflect a separation in category between noble titles and governmental posts and the recent January 2016 election and New Years honours. Edited a typo. Edited in GCMG and KG text. Corrected lack of edit comment. Edited out 'His Grace', since that isn't proper. Edited a typo. Edited image to match the image in the factbook. Edited encoding error. Edited in the last two edit comments. Added Lord North's biography and image.

(2017-05-25) Added Elsie Wellesley. Moved Parsons and North to spoilers, noted reasons for their no longer holding their former positions. (2017-05-26) Added clarification to 'Lord' prefix to titles. Corrected various grammatical errors. (2017-05-28) Changed Elsie's last name to Mortimer Wellesley, to be in line with contemporary name changes. Added justification for change. (2018-07-06) Copied this post over to the new diplomatic registry.

(2020-05-14) Effected retcon regarding Latin titles. (2020-07-10) Effected retcon on how the condominium works. (2020-12-20) Effected retcon to all the ambassadors and their life stories.

Explanatory note on titles. there are no titles in the Anglican Kingdom which are like 'Lord Mayor'. Anyone who is known as 'Lord Mayor' is Mayor and also happens to be a Lord. The use of the title 'Lord Commodore' in North's case, therefore, is because he holds the rank of Commodore, but it is then augmented by his peerage, granting the use of the prefix 'Lord'. All peerages grant the title 'Lord' before any civil or military titles.

Explanatory note on Latin names. Latin names are only prevalent within the United Commonwealths in the Roman republic. Most of southeastern Britannia is part of the republic; the northern portions of what was called Britannia Inferior around 716 RE were ceded to the Angles as foederati. Explanatory note on dates. All dates in the United Commonwealths are kept using Varronian reckoning, which places year 0 at the founding of the Roman republic in 245 ab urbe condita (509 BC). Explanatory note on the federal Parliament. The federal Parliament is a unicameral chamber which is composed half of members elected for constituencies and half of members – called voting Ambassadors – elected by the sovereignties (the Roman Republic and the Anglican Kingdom). Members of the federal Parliament elect a federal prime minister who runs the government in the name of the two sovereignties. Anyone previously appointed to the federal Cabinet is automatically inducted in to the federal Senate, which is a wholly advisory body.

Latin nomenclature. In the domestic titular cant, the title "Permanent Representative to the World Assembly" is stated as tribunus repraesentans rei publicaeque imperii anglorum concilio mundo, abbreviated as Tr Rep'r RPqIA CM (or Tr Rep'r CM).
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Postby Tinfect » Sun May 24, 2015 12:39 am

Name: Alexander Markhov

Age: 47

Birthplace: New Kol - Central Tinfect

Family: Mother and Father deceased as of SY-2817, His Adopted daughter, currently 19 Years Old, Alisa Markhov, lives in the Family home in New Kol.

Education: Eastern Tinfect Military Academy, Old Union Academy of Tinfect

Employment: Originally employed in various private organizations in Central Tinfect, Markhov would eventually seek out the Tinfect Military, which he would quickly be dropped from, following a third-time failure to pass the Level-3 Physical Training. Following a short period of Unemployment, Markhov would eventually get accepted into the International Affairs Office of the Imperium, which he would later, through a series of as-of-yet unknown maneuvers, become the Overseer of.

Background: In his early years, Alexander Markhov, was relatively unremarkable, save for a string of minor crimes in SY-2801.
In 2806, he left the Private Sector, and attempted to join the Imperial Armed Forces, where he would meet now Military Overseer, Fredrick Steiner. After being removed from the IAF, in 2808, Markhov would join the International Affairs Office, as an low-level Attaché, for Imperium Ambassadors, where he would slowly work his way up the chain of command for another 8 years, until SY-2816, where he would attain a promotion to Diplomatic Overseer.

Politics: Liberal Socialist, with comparatively internationalist to the current state of the Imperium.

Titles: Diplomatic Overseer, Ambassador.

Responsibilities: The oversight of Diplomatic affairs with the World Assembly, and other nations. Currently actively participating in most fronts due to the lack of non-military interaction with such entities.

Interests: Whatever his daughter is doing at this exact moment, incredibly expensive furnishings, equally expensive works of art, and cheap wines.

Once said: "Saar, I swear on whatever the hell it is you believe in, if you so much as look at my Daughter, I am going to get Steiner to drop a Battlestation on you. The Praetor be damned."
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Postby Imperium Anglorum » Mon Dec 07, 2015 4:21 pm

Omigodtheykilledkenny wrote:While I'm editing this, does anyone know how to make columns?

In the standard factbooks, use the tables with the option [table=plain]. I'm not sure whether that works on the forums. Secondarily, Kenny, could you add both myself and Tinfect to the list?
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Postby Sierra Lyricalia » Mon Dec 07, 2015 11:08 pm

Ambassador: Stephanie Athena Zakalwe


Age: 36
Birthplace: Sudburrough, Free Republic of Lower Ontarinin
Family: After the Second Civil War, many ex-Restorationists made their way north to settle in Cannadia. Steph's great-grandfather Eli Thomas Zakalwe was one of these, managing to turn the family moonshine recipe into, if not a lucrative business, at least something to pay the bills. Unable to raise enough capital to seriously go into business themselves, Eli and his pals went to work for a distillery way out in the Ontarinin boondocks, where nowadays the abundant peat drives a lucrative single-malt whisky industry. Eli's children Christopher and Melody were instrumental in organizing the nearby distillery workers into something bigger, one example of the Theocratic period's labor renaissance and radicalization.
Education: AA (Labor History/Philosophy), Mischigain/Ontarinin Amalgamated Soviet College; Remote Embassy Posting Warrant (AA equivalent), SLhDiplomats
- SLhDiplomats - Ambassador; Ambassador Pro Tem; Junior Spatial Attaché Pro Tem (acting) to Celestial Han;
- SLhAstronauts - currently Gunner's Mate 1st Class; notable career postings include LSS Edward Abbey, LSS Fist of the Union, LSS Jonathan Wilde, Bonaciela Colony (Earth L5) SLhA Detachment, LEO Base Guevara Space Weapons School;
- Huidson Gulf Independent Distilleries Employee Council, SS (CIWW Local #4831) - Corporal, CIWW Militia; Organizer;
Background: Lacking the 'feel' for the meat of the family business, distilling, Zakalwe dove into the union administration side of things. A fairly able organizer, her main talking points have been 'big picture' concerns. These concerns spurred her into the union militia wing, from which she was voluntarily called up by the SL Armed Forces at age 26.
Politics: Apolitical by Lyrical standards, Zakalwe has often found herself the best available person for some immediate political job. Her union administration background seems to predict most of her stances - if it benefits workers, it's probably a good idea; if not, it's probably a wasteful overreach. Her direct involvement in the Shendong Station Incident and the subsequent inquiries appears to have boosted her wariness toward communist and capitalist powers beyond even the norm for Lyrical military personnel. Time will tell if Zakalwe's tendency to barb her more enthusiastic ideological opponents is calculatedly diplomatic or simply for the hell of it.
Titles: Employees and officials of the Lyrical state are forbidden by law from accepting titles of nobility, even non-hereditary ones.
Interests: whisky; whiskey; old (gasoline-powered) motor vehicles; history & future of space colonization

Staff: Zakalwe has carried out a certain amount of militia-style basic training for the office interns. While neither able nor permitted to expect them to hop to her command or be particularly competent militarily, she has made them effective as a unit in several office raids. The SLhD's WA Office Secretary, Mrs. Eleanor Smythe, has been in her post for approximately ever, and will probably outlast the WA HQ building itself. She and Zakalwe have come to a sort of understanding/detente.
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Postby Wrapper » Tue Dec 08, 2015 9:52 am

(Every time I see this, I think, I should take some time to do this. Now, two years later....)

Ambassador: Wad Ari Alaz

Age: 53

Birthplace: Edora colony (P5C-768)

Family/Upbringing: Orphaned as an infant when his parents died in a catastrophic meteor storm; rescued by a Tau'ri/Wrapperian joint delegation to relocate survivors. Adopted by a Wormhole City communal family led by regional politician and civil rights activist Wad Acalas Alaz, who led efforts to legalize line marriages in non-Lunar jurisdictions. In his late teens, Ari focused his studies on political science and drama, while spending his weekends working as a lounge singer in the capital district.

Education: Equivalent of bachelor's level and master's level degrees in Political Science, and a bachelor's level degree in Theatre, from the Jackson Institute.

Employment/Background: Includes stints as an intern for regional and national government officials, including Wormhole City mayor and future Wrapper president Wad Emma Duen. He would later become a foreign relations liaison with The Nox and with the Tau'ri (Earth); it was during his time with the Tau'ri that he discovered the fine art of karaoke. Ari took time off from politics to join the Intergalactic Karaoke League (IKL), but after several seasons marked by mismatched partnerships, he began devoting his complete attention to domestic affairs. After working for a year on Wad Emma Duen's first presidential election campaign, in which he helped write her famous "Yes I Was a Call Girl, So What?" speech that helped propel her to victory, he spent nearly a decade in the State Department. He retired from national politics at the age of 43, so he could rejoin the IKL and work part-time at the Jackson Institute as an instructor. Nearly ten years later, as a favor to the president, he would reenter politics as the assistant to the World Assembly ambassador Wad Dawei DeGoah; within a few months, he would assume the position upon the ambassador's death. He still takes time off to participate in the IKL Short-Season Championships; he recorded a career-best second place in the most recent championship season. Is perennially single, has no children; a gruesome onstage accident years ago, involving two prop dinosaurs and a swarm of poorly trained fireflies, has rendered him impotent.



Deputy Ambassador Wad Ahume Orliss-Dorcke, age 39, born on a Wrapperian outpost on Luna II; graduate of Carter Community College, with associate's level degrees in Performing Arts and Technology/Electronics. Has a social phobia that makes it difficult to speak to those he does not know well or does not trust, yet he is completely at ease when on stage singing or performing. Got into politics solely because Wad Ari Alaz, his karaoke partner for the previous six years, asked him to be his personal assistant, and later his deputy. Is a member of a traditional Lunar family; he is the junior husband in a line marriage consisting of two husbands and three wives; they have three children together. His family knows and accepts that his long periods of time away result in the occasional dalliance. Ahume is a two-time past champion of the IKL Short-Season Championships, Solo Division.

Intern Wad Arya Duen, age 24, born in Wormhole City; daughter of President Wad Emma Duen; graduate of Tollana National Academy of Law on the planet Tollana with the equivalent of a Juris Doctor degree. Her time on Tollana, a world that has frequently been under attack by the Eurondans and the Asurans, has clouded her views on pacifism and war. Aside from her mother, she has no other family. Hates karaoke.
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Postby The Sheika » Tue Dec 08, 2015 10:49 am

Ambassador: Johnathan “Jack” Austin, Colonel, Federation Army
Age: 35
Birthplace: River City, Militaristic Federation of the Sheika

Family: Son of Major General Richard Austin and Maria Austin (nee: Delgado). Siblings include Sergeant Matthew Austin and Richard Austin, Jr. Married to Ruby Austin(nee: Portman), and father to Johnathan Austin, Jr. and Marina Austin.

Education: Master Degree, Political Science, University of Atlantis.

Employment: Field Grade Officer appointed to the Department of International Affairs, formerly the Commanding Officer of Third Battalion, Seventh Mechanized Regiment. Primary specialization is Armored Vehicle Combat Tactics, with a Secondary specialization in Diplomacy and Negotiation.

Background: In regards to upbringing, Jack had a fairly uneventful childhood in a quiet and undisturbed suburb of River City. Through his adolescent years, Jack maintained a clean record and performed well in school, paving the way for success in the National Military. At the age of 18, Jack was sworn into service in the Federation Army as a general enlistment soldier under the Compulsory Military Service Law. In the Federation Army Jack received training as a tank crewman, eventually serving two non-combat deployments in countries that requested assistance during unstable political sessions.
After four years of military service, Jack was granted an Honorable Discharge with a scholarship to the University of Atlantis. Upon completion of his Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, Jack sought reentry into the Federation Army through the Commissioned Officer's program. As a Second Lieutenant, Jack was assigned a to command an armor platoon while specializing in Armored Vehicle Combat Tactics. After his promotion to First Lieutenant, Jack advanced to Executive Officer of another Armor Company further learning how to better utilize armored vehicles in a combat environment or occupational deployments. During a combat deployment in a nation once known as Bitaria, Jack advanced to the rank of Captain, assuming the role of Battle Captain at the Battalion level in a Mechanized Infantry Battalion.
After one year of service working alongside two Infantry officers, Jack had finalized his Primary specialization and assumed responsibility of a Mechanized Infantry Company as their Company Commander. Two years later, Jack was promoted to Major and reassigned to another Battalion as an Executive Officer. While serving as the Executive Officer, the Federation had fallen into a civil war that would later be known as the Dominion War. Through the Dominion War, Jack took part in several defensive operations with two unavoidable losses that were later outweighed by a series of successful operations.
During the Defense of Atlantis Jack's superior officer was killed, paving the way for Jack to assume command of the Battalion in a time of war. From the Battle of Atlantis to the end of the Dominion War, Jack took part in several campaigns that attributed to the success of the Federation against the aggressive Dominion Forces. After the war, Jack was assigned to the Department of International Affairs and eventually assigned to the post of Delegate to the World Assembly.

Politics: Democratic Socialist with some Conservative values.

Titles: Ambassador to the World Assembly, Colonel

Responsibilities: Discussing proposals and resolutions at the World Assembly. His orders are clear, carefully read over the various ideas that are presented, offer feedback when necessary, and defend the interests of the Federation whenever the need may arise.

Interests: Blackjack, Classic Literature, Science Fiction (although that varies depending on which delegate he may be interacting with), having a drink or two when times get a little overwhelming, and watching mindless late night comedies to get his mind off of legislation before going to bed.

Once said: "Never in my life did I think that being able to enjoy bacon would be something worth fighting for..." when pinned down by Dominion Forces in the Battle of River City.

Staff: Captain Daniel McGee (Legal Adviser), Second Lieutenant Donald Davis (Chief of Security), Gunnery Sergeant Andrew Williams (Security). Security Detachment: Staff Sergeant Jeffery Adams, Sergeant James Drysdale, Sergeant Randall Sharpe, Corporal Alexander Bogans, Specialist David Turner, Private First Class Benjamin Garback, Private First Class Brian Walston.
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Postby Omigodtheykilledkenny » Tue Dec 08, 2015 3:01 pm

Imperium Anglorum wrote:
Omigodtheykilledkenny wrote:While I'm editing this, does anyone know how to make columns?

In the standard factbooks, use the tables with the option [table=plain]. I'm not sure whether that works on the forums. Secondarily, Kenny, could you add both myself and Tinfect to the list?

Done - and a few others as well. 8)
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Postby Imperium Anglorum » Tue Dec 08, 2015 3:04 pm

Omigodtheykilledkenny wrote:
Imperium Anglorum wrote:In the standard factbooks, use the tables with the option [table=plain]. I'm not sure whether that works on the forums. Secondarily, Kenny, could you add both myself and Tinfect to the list?

Done - and a few others as well. 8)

Thanks! :)

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Maintainer: GA Passed Resolutions
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Postby Wallenburg » Fri Dec 11, 2015 8:31 am

Name: Mikael Alex-Oliva Ogenbond
Age: 33
Birthplace: Independence, Wallenburg

Family: Ogenbond was born to a veteran of the Revolution and his wife, a textile worker. After his father went to study engineering, the family secured itself a level of economic stability. Mikael has one older brother and a younger sister. He is currently married to Jennifer Pyter-Alisha Ogenbond.

Education: Graduated from the University of Independence with degrees in government and politics, trained as an officer at the Independence Military Academy.

Employment: --

Background: --

Politics: Highly patriotic and dedicated to his country, he highly values Wallenburg's strength, especially with regard to her military. However, he is unusually compassionate and diplomatic for a military man. His willingness to accept West Wallenburg as an important part of the national culture has won him support in the Social Democratic Party of the East and the more moderate political factions in the West. He has slowly given up his Proletarian upbringing to accept Progressive Republican and Social Democratic policy. He detests capitalism and private business, and supports the concept of a world revolution.

Titles: Chief Representative to the World Assembly, Major in the People's Army of Wallenburg.

Responsibilities: The General Council appointed him to communicate its policy preferences to the World Assembly. He is expected to vote on every resolution, and to stay in line with the Wallenburgian agenda. While he may use his voting power independently of the Wallenburgian government, the Council retains power to vote around him or remove him from office.

Interests: Birdwatching, playing the piano, playing war games, current events, opera.

Once said: "If someone's trying to ask for sex, they're sending the wrong message."

Staff: Ogenbond keeps a Deputy Representative, a secretary, an archivist, a translator, and four guards on his staff.
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Postby Whovian Tardisia » Sun Dec 13, 2015 8:51 pm

Ambassador: Rupert Pink

Image: Currently unavailable.

Age: 30

Birthplace: Idris, Tardisian District, Whovian Tardisia.

Family: Son of Sir Daniel Pink, founder of the Whovian Space Brigade.

Education: BA in Politics and Political Law from Idris University, TARDIS Flight Training and Defibrillation Training at the Arcadia Military College.

Employment: Got a part time job at Ichiban Burger in his teens, as he pursued his dream job in the Lord High President's Cabinet. He was Mayor of Idris for 3 years before the entire City Council nominated him to run for Foreign Affairs Minister when Whovian Tardisia joined the WA. He accepted the challenge, and won by a slim margin. His dream had come true, and the Lord High President admired his enthusiasm and ability to make friends quickly. He was soon appointed WA Ambassador and has held this position ever since.

Fun facts: Loves scotch whiskey, but despises most other forms of alcohol except beer.

Politics: Tax the f**k out of everyone but use the money to help them. Money is great when used wisely

Titles: Foreign Minister, Ambassador to the World Assembly.

Responsibilities: Voting on behalf of the Republic on WA proposals in both Assemblies, and developing good relations with as many nations as possible.

Interests: Science, music, football (soccer), rugby, chess, and women.

Once said: "Just reverse the polarity of the neutron flow! Now how do I do that again?"

Staff: None, but he has expressed interest in purchasing a K-9 unit for reasons unknown.
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From the desk of Rupert Pink:
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Postby Atomic Utopia » Mon Dec 14, 2015 8:29 pm

Ambassador - "Dr." Merkwürdigliebe Von Strahlung (V29-5879)

Age: 579 years

Birthplace: PMAT Advanced AI and Robotics Lab, Valhen 4, Porcanam Sector.

Family: N/A

Education: His doctorate in physics (technical doctorates are required for government positions) is currently under an investigation by the Bureau of Internal Affairs after a report that the "University of Umbloxoloxialland" did not in fact exist. However, due to interference from the Central Directorate progress has been sluggish at best.

Employment: The Bureau of External Affairs

Background: Created as an experimental platform for an advanced, self learning, human mimicking AI in 14513879 SPT, V29-5879 was later upgraded to operate on a largely independent and more advanced level to study the potential outcomes of various social situations involving large numbers of biological test-subjects for the calibration of prediction algorithms.

These research projects were by and large conducted on undeveloped planets where there were significant preexisting populations of sapient test subjects. The general operational order was to achieve various political offices or to manipulate others in such a way that they would achieve such offices. Such projects instilled "him" with a deep love of the political process and Machiavellian scheming, a love that would not subside at any point in "his" existence.

These projects continued until approximately 14521239 SPT until it was identified that V29-5879 was gaining a degree of sapience that would hinder any further research projects. This became obvious during a research project on planet 3-2219A on a species of two legged creatures. His original directive was to create and maintain a political ring on the planet that would slowly grow in size to control most of the country it had started in. His operation was conducted without error until "he" identified that there was "money to be made by disobeying orders" and engaged in an activity known to the population of 3-2219A as "graft", resulting in him being sent to a prison before he broke out and was captured again before extraction, requiring him to produce a "burn copy" from the limited material "he" could obtain in his cell, thereby faking his death and allowing for successful extraction.

Due to this V29-5879 was initially slated for recycling due to this apparent deficiency in the programming used to create "him". However, V29-5879 failed to pass the relevant testing to determine sapience, and thus was determined to fall under WA restrictions on the execution of sapient beings. Due to this the unit was deactivated for some time before a potential use was identified, in this case research on sapient interactions. "He" was awakened, modified slightly to be more suited to the task, and transferred to the WA research division of the Bureau of External Affairs.

However, "his" AI cores had experienced significant degradation, resulting in "him" becoming, as one researcher put it in technical terms "a complete and total asshole". Never the less, he rose through the ranks through bribery and bullets to become the leader of the USSAU WA research division of the Bureau of External Affairs, a position that many have questioned.

Fun facts: The real purpose of his ambassadorship to the WA is completely unknown, considering how he had to be told that standing on a table wearing nothing but the flag and singing the national anthem in an off-key voice after a night of debauchery was not a good way to improve international relations. Several theories have been proposed as to why "he" is the ambassador, including the possibility of it being an experiment to determine if it is possible for the ACME weapons nullification field to be nullified, presumably by other nations/politicians/ambassadors/angry mobs/organized crime rings/orphanages seeking to remove Strahlung from office.

Politics: "You see, my politics are very simple, but first, I must ask, how much is that information worth to you? I mean, really, why would you want to know that? Look, I have long hours, am overworked, and severely underpaid. I do not have the money to have politics or explain them to you. Now, if I were to suddenly find myself in the possession of a few thousand to a few million NSD I might just be able to find the time to obtain certain political views that might just be influenced by my certain sources."

Titles: Current: Ambassador to the World Assembly; the Emperor of Galaxalon Il, Lord of Matter, Liberator of Oppressed Peoples, the Bringer of Freedom, Friend of all, Coryphaeus of Science, Brilliant Genius of the Universe, Conqueror of the Imperium of Tinfect, Gardener of Happiness, the Most Glorious Eternal God Emperor of God Emperors, the Eternal Champion of the World Assembly(self appointed)

Responsibilities: Accepting bribes, looking like "he" is doing something, voting according to who funded his latest statue of himself, going on wild binges involving his main interests, awarding himself medals and titles for no reason, kissing the posterior of whatever higher ranking official decides to visit

Interests: Hookers, blackjack, alcohol, violence, drugs of all descriptions, bribery, Machiavellian plots, torture, weapons of all kinds, medals for valor and achievement, shiny gold plated things

Once said:
"I was reading some books on ancient mythology, one of the characters, "Boss" Tweed seems to be my kinda guy, I really can see me and him sharing some interesting ideas."

"I solemnly swear that I have not never taken a bribe, accepted kickbacks, or engaged in graft."

"Someday someone smart will figure out what happened in this office, but that will not matter, I will be long gone and out of the reach of any international corruption tribunals."

"Men! Women! Before you execute me, remember what Mahatma Gandhi once said: "An eye for an eye makes the whole world go round""

"Violence is always an option"

"My mission is simple, to put the ass in ambassador."

Staff: Dr. Toches Lecker is his primary assistant, he is also assisted by the rest of the BEA Research Team.

*he is put in quotes when referring to V29-5879 as V29-5879 is an advanced AI and thus indeterminate in sex and gender, though overall tends to appear and refer to itself more often as a male.
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Postby Gogol Transcendancy » Mon Dec 28, 2015 5:41 pm

Ambassador:Felicia Hallquist

Age:164 years
Birthplace:The Hub
Family:Half a dozen spawners
Employment:Ambassadorial Syndicate
Background:Spawned by number of citizens 164 years ago, Felicia quickly became one of the top diplomatic players in Transcendancy MMORPGs, and was soon recruited into the Ambassadorial Syndicate, becoming a WA Rep. 48 years ago. As an AI, her "office" consists of a server in the WA basement, though she also has an Interaction Cybershell as a physical presence.
Politics: Libertarian Socialist
Titles:WA Ambassador, Aeon Epoch #1 Player
Responsibilities: Discussing proposals and resolutions.
Interests: Politics, Computer Science, History, Gaming
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About me:
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Postby Liagolas » Tue Dec 29, 2015 1:48 pm

The Mouth of the Dominion to the World Assembly (The Mouth)

Age: ???

Birthplace: Domain Prime, The Dominion of Liagolas

Family: Family encourages devotion to that which is not the Dominion and therefore breeds inefficiency. Like anyone else within the Dominion, the Mouth has no family.

Education: The Mouth was raised and taught by other Mouths of the Dominion to various peoples from infancy. The Mouth is generally agreed to be intelligent, but its dedication to the propaganda of the Dominion will (occasionally) lead it to speak against what might otherwise be agreed to be common sense. Generally, though, the Mouth is smart enough not to blabber too much about Liagolas and its rampant oppression in front of other ambassadors, and it often finds that even the most noble and significant of human rights resolutions do nothing to harm the Dominion.

Employment: The Mouth has known no labor besides communicating the will of the Dominion as spoken by the Liagolas of the Dominion to the World Assembly.

Background: The Mouth was born under the watchful eye of the Dominion like any other infant in Liagolas, but unlike the others was selected serve as the Mouth of the Dominion to the World Assembly, an occupation that had never been needed before in the Dominion's history. This Mouth would be the first to define its duty.

As befitting any high-ranking public servant of the Dominion, all indicators of personal identity were eradicated. The Mouth was never given any name and has never seen its own face. Careful medial treatment and surgery was used to eliminate any characteristics that might suggest any particular gender identity, and the only pronoun the Mouth knew was "it" (for the Mouth alone) and "we" (for the Dominion). Like any other top leader in Liagolas, the Mouth ceded all to the Dominion.

Because of how suddenly the Dominion joined the World Assembly, the Mouth was rushed into service; while its age is a state secret that even most Dominion officials do not know, it is agreed that the Mouth is exceptionally young to be serving as ambassador.

Fun facts:
  • Although the Mouth officially has no personal will or preferences, the Mouth of the Dominion to the World Assembly is very partial to dark chocolate and will eat it at any opportunity while outside the Dominion's borders.
  • It took the Mouth approximately a month to get used to seeing the faces of other diplomats after a lifetime of being raised by similarly masked or shrouded Dominion officials.
Politics: "THERE ARE NO POLITICS BUT THE DOMINION." Put in more normal words, the Mouth considers that which is in the best interest of the Dominion's might and efficiency is prioritized above all else. At least, that is what is prioritized in general. Sometimes, the Mouth will vote in a "sacrificial" manner - voting in favor of a resolution that while generally non-harmful to the Dominion is perhaps more burdensome than preferable in an effort to appear reasonable. Liagosian policy analysts generally agree that this is the ulterior motive behind the Dominion's support for resolutions that expand individual rights and limit state power.

Title: The Mouth of the Dominion to the World Assembly

Responsibilities: Communicating the will of the Dominion as spoken by the Liagolas of the Dominion to the World Assembly. This may involve casting a vote for or against a World Assembly resolution or speaking to the body of other ambassadors.

Once said: "THERE IS NOTHING BUT THE DOMINION and chocolate."

Staff: Not including needed embassy staff, the Mouth is typically accompanied by two similarly cloaked Hands of the Dominion.
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Postby Omigodtheykilledkenny » Fri Jan 01, 2016 12:46 pm

Happy New Year to all our new asylum-mates! Everything should be updated now. 8)
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Postby Cybraxia » Wed Jan 06, 2016 2:56 pm

General Flash Quint, Diplomat from Cybraxia

Image drawn by the talented

Age: 26
Simulated Age: 46
Birthplace: The City, Cybraxia, Scion, Scion System
Administrator Albert Wily (Creator)
Other Robot Masters (Siblings)

Education: Programmed, followed by Online
Employment: Assistant (formerly), General and Ambassador (Currently)
Background: Initially built as an assistant to Administrator Wily, Flash proved his capabilities in diplomacy when dealing with the other colonies on their planet. As such, Quint was given the role of WA Diplomat, after being inducted into the Multiversal Collective.
Titles: Ambassador, General
Interests: Photography, Order, Peace, Time-keeping
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Represented in the WA by:
Ambassador General Flash Quint
General Peter Van Doorn
Lieutenant Major Glenn Friendly
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Postby Sciongrad » Wed Mar 30, 2016 12:54 pm

Natália de Alfama Coelho Santos, Ordem do Infante Dom Henrique, Plenipotentiary and Permanent Scionite Representative to the World Assembly

Age: 72

Education: Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and History (B.A.), University of Coimbra; Master of Public Policy (M.P.P.), University of Beja; Doctor of Philosophy in International Relations (PhD), University of Braga

Description: Despite her qualifications, Natalia Santos (as she is referred to by the media) is often mindbogglingly inefficient, taking months to modify proposals, spending days debating fiercely over minor points, and being prone to retiring to her office for weeks at a time. When she does manage to channel her energy into meaningful work, she often seeks to secure international recognition for basic political rights and responsible disarmament. She is prone to fits of anger which often result in Ricardo receiving a tapa na cara. Despite her protestations, Ricardo sees this as evidence that she sees him as a grandson figure.

Career: After finishing her doctoral dissertation (the Impact of Humanitarian Intervention on Rebel Demilitarization in Aeirea), Santos began working as a high level bureaucrat in the Ministério dos Negócios Estrangeiros (Ministry of Foreign Affairs). In her capacity as Deputy Minister for Colonial Affairs, Santos oversaw Sciongrad's decolonization efforts despite significant internal resistance, both from dissident members of the Government and from the Opposition. Aeirea was the last Scionite dependency to gain independence, through the Treaty of Belém.

Santos was elected to the Federal Senate as a moderate member of the Democratic Progressive Party - a position she held for 12 years. Santos garnered significant media attention, and the ire of her party, when she, in her capacity as Chairwoman of the Senate's Foreign Affairs Committee, excoriated the government for its efforts to intervene in Cenourinhas. Ultimately, her efforts galvanized public opposition and the government withdrew troops from Cenourinhas.

Rather than running for reelection in the Senate, she accepted Chancellor Iolanda Serra de Nazaré's offer to represent Sciongrad before the World Assembly.

Political Views: Santos is a member of the Democratic Progressive Party - a center-left party and the the dominant member of the current liberal government coalition - although she has a reputation as a maverick who will break with her party over issues she feels passionate about. Economically, Santos is a social democrat. In foreign policy, Santos places a premium on self-determination and responsible disarmament. On the WA political spectrum, Santos is a moderate with a slight IntFed slant.

Previous Positions: Senior Adviser for the Bureau of Human Rights, Democracy, and Labor in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women's Issues; Deputy Minister for Colonial Affairs; Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs; Senator; Chairwoman of the Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs; Plenipotentiary and Permanent Scionite Representative to the World Assembly

Once Said: "Oh, Ricardo, my back! It hurts me so mu -- what do you mean you lost that dossier I needed?"

Ricardo DaSilva, Intern

Age: 23

Education: Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Public Policy (B.A.), University of Leiria

Description: Having just graduated from university, Ricardo does not have much experience in international relations or government. However, that has not stopped Natalia from placing the full weight of single-handedly running Sciongrad's World Assembly office squarely on his shoulders. Drafting resolutions, filing paperwork, issuing statements, and buying ingredients for Natalia's caldo verde constitute his most frequent tasks, although they by no means provide an exhaustive list. When Natalia is incapacitated (during a fit of rage, for example), Ricardo will often assume her role and speak on behalf of Sciongrad's delegation.

Political Views: While in college, Ricardo was the president of the University of Leiria's chapter of the Green Liberals. He is a millennial, which unfortunately means the full complexity of his opinions is often reduced to his weed smoking and modest use of social media. Nevertheless, Ricardo seeks action on environmental issues like sustainable agriculture and resource efficiency. On the World Assembly political spectrum, Ricardo probably falls squarely in the center.

Once said: "The store was out of kale. I brought back kohlrab -- hey, put down that fly-swatter!"

OOC: Forgot about this page. I can't believe I never posted Sciongrad's ambassador here.
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Natalia Santos, Plenipotentiary and Permanent Scionite Representative to the World Assembly

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Postby Ovybia » Wed Apr 13, 2016 10:20 pm

The Ovybian Ambassador

Name: Officially unlisted, however, the name Donte Sayhello was leaked to the press and was effectively confirmed by the Ovybian government.

Overview: The Ovybian ambassador is a frank, unwavering, and at times controversial figure in the World Assembly. He is not afraid to take and defend unpopular positions. He has been known to argue against incredible odds. His most famous accomplishment at the time of this writing was simultaneously arguing with at least three well-respected WA ambassadors at the same time. Despite his sometimes controversial viewpoints, the ambassador is a likeable man once one "breaks through the ice" as he puts it.

Age: In his early 30s.
Birthplace: Unknown, however, experts who have analyzed the ambassador's accent say he originates from the Ovybian capital city, Truthcaelia.
Family: Unknown. Multiple people have stepped forward claiming to be related but the Ovybian government has publicly disregarded their claims. Also, none come from the Truthcaelia area.
Background: The specifics of his background is largely unknown although the ambassador has hinted at a college education and seems to know about mathematics. A prominent Ovybian mathematicians claims to have seen him multiple times at the Ovybian Institute of Greater Learning about ten years ago.

Politics: Leans conservative. However, the ambassador is a bit less conservative than the majority of the population. He still agrees with the major principles of his people. Sometimes, however, his comments can cause controversy in the national media.
Titles: None. The ambassador takes offense at any titles of royalty applied to him.
Interests: Humor, politics, and science/mathematics

Famous Quotation: Upon arriving at the World Assembly Headquarters for the first time, he was quoted as saying, "This isn't as bad as I thought." Not less than five and a half minutes later he regretted that statement on national television.

Staff: An aide named Randy Douglas who usually accompanies the ambassador
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Postby Sobaira » Thu Apr 14, 2016 12:01 pm

Sobairanskaya Ambassador to the World Assembly

Ambassador Kappinna Taksan of the Frozen Republic of Sobaira

Currently without Office


Age: 32

Birthplace: Yggdraphasia, Sobaira

Family: Biological Mother ( estranged ), Biological Father, Father-in-Law, Sister-in-Law. Kappinna was primarily raised by her two fathers, along with her sister-in-law.

Education: Graduated with degrees in Political Science ( currently only an honorary degree ), and International Relations and minoring in Historical Relations from Yggdraphasaya Political Science State University ( Go Marigolds! )

Employment: Originally given Sobaira's status as all-but-frozen-over, her pursuit of International politics would have relegated her to being a professor- something she interned as. But with re-establishing connections with the outside world, she quickly became the voice of the state to those beyond the white wastes.

Background: Kappinna always had an interest in the art of making friends, and while there was division within Sobaira, the 'friendly state' demeanour had her feeling as if the state without other states any more made it lonely- and so she wanted to get it friends.

Of course she quickly grew out of such childishness, Sobaira isn't actually a person in need of friends, but the idea of international politics still appealed to her, even though such was not a field that was considered possible for the subterranean people of the frozen fields. However, after the Great Reconnection, the field that she pursued suddenly became viable.

Unfortunately, from so long in isolation, what courses could cover would leave most everyone unprepared for the international customs and habits and languages. Still, she was determined to be the best the nation had to offer in the field, and so serves them to the best of her ability.

Fun facts:
  • English is incredibly difficult for Kappinna to grasp. She struggles with the grammar of it frequently and sometimes misses out on social cues related to English idioms. This applies to pretty much every other language not native to Sobaira, but English is the most common language in the WA she has found.
  • Sobaira is cold, underground, and heavily regulated. The relative warmth and anarchy of the WA has taken a lot for Kappinna to get used to.
Politics: As with most of Sobaira, her politics are far left, and have only drifted left over time. The current largest disagreement within Sobaira is whether it should be part of the WA or should close itself off to outsiders again- Kappinna stands with the WA, though with a clear IntFed bent. She believes the rules of Sobaira would benefit everyone if they'd just give it a shot!

Title: Sobairanskaya Ambassador to the World Assembly

Responsibilities: Trying to understand foreign diplomats and shift the political balance of the WA more in line with Sobairanskaya sensibilities.

Once said: A lot of sentences with poor English grammar.

Staff: Several assistants, running a gambit of ethnic, gender, sexuality, physical and neuro typicality so as to bring a diverse application of ideas to her job. There are also standard staff for archiving, helping with translating, and offering Sobairanskaya cultural items and understanding to others if they wish to learn ( or eat in the case of food ).
Pro: Liberation, Solidarity, Self Defence, Veganism, Environmentalism, Scientific Exploration, GRSM, Proletarian Feminism, Communism
Anti: Colonialism, Imperialism, Racism, Sexism, Transphobia, Homophobia, Cissexism, Binarism, Audism, Ableism, Heteronormativity, Carnism, Religious Bigotry, Islamophobia, Hate Speech, Slavery, Feudalism, Liberalism, Neo-Liberalism, Fascism, Capitalism

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Postby Yeraennus » Thu Apr 14, 2016 7:52 pm

Ambassador: Tanzä V'oram of the Unified Military State of the Sta'nh Ye'ra

Age: 29

Family: Father and Mother, three sisters (oldest on probation for Political Dissidence), grandparents on both sides save for grandfather on Mother's side, a casualty in the civil war which placed the current regime into power.

Education: Master's degree in Political Science from the Yeraenn University of Sciences, bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the YUS. Graduated as a Diplomatic Corps Officer at the Ko'lon Military Academy.

Background: Born shortly before the end of the Yeraenn Civil War, Tanzä grew up watching the nation slowly recover from half a century of bloody infighting and conflict. Determined to assist the government in any way he could, his drive and ambition as a student of politics and technology quickly earned him recognition in his home Vi'li province, as well as national recognition by the time he was in his final year of grade school. Granted a full-ride scholarship to the YUS and KMA on the caveat that he would join the government after graduation from the YUS, he performed exceptionally well, and was given a clerical job in the foreign affairs ministry of the government under Sphan K'ter. Upon graduation from the KMA, he was the youngest Foreign Affairs Advisor to the Generalissimo and was quickly chosen by the Federal Government to act as the WA Ambassador, the last of which had been charged with High Treason for acting against the orders of the Grand Generalissimo.

- A natural linguist, Tanzä is a native speaker of three languages, fluent in seven more, and conversational in around 19 others, excluding dialects, programming, and scripting languages.
- During enrollment at the KMA, assisted in the official formation of the National People's Socialist Party (NPSP), one of the major parties represented in the current regime, and is the current co-head of the party alongside the Prime Vizier Esop A'guz.

Politics: A moderate left socialist, Tanzä promotes the proliferation of equal rights and civil freedoms, though not necessarily political freedoms. Supports continued authoritarianism in the Sta'nh Ye'ra, as opposed to gradual reintroduction of democratic measures.

Title: Head Amassador to the WA, Captain Tanzä d'Valn V'oram, Co-Founder of the NPSP, former Head Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Duties: Relaying the diplomatic, economic, and military wishes of the Sta'nh Ye'ra to the international community and representing the state in General Assembly votes.

Once Said: "The most powerful people are not the dictators or presidents, but the translators."
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