The Socialistic Imperium of Cranthia's Factbook

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The Socialistic Imperium of Cranthia's Factbook

Postby Cranthia » Sun Mar 07, 2010 12:32 am

Official Factbook of the Socialistic Imperium of Cranthia

National News
The Imperium is officially entering the international scene.

Archived News

LIST OF UPDATES (Using Real World Year)
[align=Justify] -- Starting up the factbook as of now. (03/07/10)

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The Seat of Government, and the Royal Family.

Postby Cranthia » Sun Mar 07, 2010 1:03 am

The seat of the imperial government:
The Imperial Government is located in the palatial structure colloquially know as 'The White Fort'. A leftover from Cranthia's bloody past, it is the greatest of the standing military forts from the last great civil war. It is divided into 3 sections: The Royal Residences (located on the left side of the picture), the Minister's Offices and residences (located on the right side of the picture), and the actual Throne Room, as well as multiple Reception Halls, all located in the middle of the structure. The buildings directly below the main structure house the Royal Guard, who are the most elite soldiers.

The Royal Family
Anei Endalia, The Grand Master
His photo
The son of the first ruler of the now peaceful Imperium, Anei took over from his father when the old man felt he no longer fit the requirements for the ruler of the new country. He is currently age 31, but has already spent time serving in the military, as well as having finished schooling under his own power. He currently has a Masters of Political Science, with a Bachelor's of Arts in Foreign Relations. After completing his 8 years of schooling, he received a commission in the Imperium's military, and spent 4 years serving in the nation's special forces divisions, before receiving an honorable discharge of duty to take his father's place. Shortly before that, at the age of 30, he married his wife, Lucia Nimis. They have no children as of yet, though that is not a major concern at this time, as he is well loved by the populace and the military.

Lucia Nimis, Imperial Consort
Her photo
A commoner by birth, Lucia grew up in the worst possible atmosphere, up until the time when the the nation re-stabilized as the Imperium. At the age of 14, she enlisted in the military, lying about her age to get away from her situation, and proceeded to spend the next 9 years slowly moving up the ranks until she was given the opportunity to go to the Academia to study for her Officer's Commission. After spending 2 more years in the military as an officer in training, she was given leave to receive an honorable discharge for her service, which she refused in return for a transfer to the Special Forces, where she met Anei. After serving for two years, she requested and was granted an honorable discharge, to prevent fraternization accusations. They were married shortly afterward, with her returning to school to study the field of biology for a Master's degree. She Currently has a Bachelors of Arts in Military History.

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General Information about the Imperium

Postby Cranthia » Sun Mar 07, 2010 2:20 am

The Imperium is a moderately sized land-bound country, though they do have territory on some islands not far from their continental location. It is bound on three sides by mountains, with the third side opening on a large plain which, though technically part of the Imperium has been left undeveloped since it was abandoned nearly 200 years ago. The climates range from semi-tropical to woodland as you progress through the nation, with the woodland ending approximately 50 miles from the beginning of the Plains. The region, though plentifully populated with flora and fauna, has very little in the way of dangerous nature (active, at least). There are only two breeds of venomous snakes, and one of the venomous invertebrates. There are a goodly number of rivers in the country though, and they are a commonly used form of transportation.

The motto, ''Est Sularus Oth Mithas", was Anei's personal motto, derived from his father's. It means "My honor is my life," a phrase which the Grand Master takes very seriously, and includes in all of his policies. The Imperial Seal consists of a hawk above a forest, imposed on a silver background. It is stylized in the form of a medieval crest. The seal traditionally imposed upon wax and the like for the purposes of letters is simply that of a crowned hawks head.

General Statistical Information
Full Nation's title: The Socialistic Imperium of Cranthia
Region:Capitalist Paradise
Capital City: Ougonsekai
Official Languages: English, Japanese
Current Ruler: Anei Endalia, the Grand Master
Currency: the Iron Krown (IK§)
Population: 2,985,000,000 (as of 03/07/10)

At this time, the Imperium does not wish to disclose it's history prior to this time.

*Anei Endalia, the Grand Master
*Lucia Vera, Imperial Consort
*Asine Im'Inao, Minister of Commerce
*Toshiro Yukinao, Minister of the Interior
*Shizu Kaede, Minister of Foreign Affairs
*Anri Larai, Minister of Finance
*Izuki Saiga, Minister of Public Relations
*Sumaru Hakumei, Minister of Education
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Getting to Know the Imperium

Postby Cranthia » Sun Mar 07, 2010 3:00 am

Political Information
Though the Imperium is by no means a dictatorship, it is run by two people alone. The ministers have very little real power serving in more of an advisory position then in any real position of power. The Grand Master is elected via acclamatory democracy, meaning a general acclamation takes the place of voting unless a majority of the population (55%) disagrees with the current selection to rule, in which case it reverts to a standard ballot based system. This system has yet to be used, but is completely in place and ready to be used if ever needed. Decisions on policy are made either jointly or separately by the Grand Master and the Imperial Consort, though the Grand Master has final say in all things, even in overruling the Consort. However, once a law has been put into effect, it requires a vote of 60% majority to overturn it, regardless of the current Grand Master's view on it.

The majority of the populace does not live in a city, but the advanced technology of the Imperium makes it simple for them to be involved with each other. The average population density is 8.827/mi2, clearly showing that while a populated nation, they also have a healthy respect for space. Ougonsekai is the only 'city', in the common sense of the word, though there are more general 'communities' within the remainder of the nation, spread out more thinly then can be considered a city. 'The White Fort' is located approximately 40 miles west of the capital, with a well maintained road leading to and from Ougonsekai and it, one of the few to be found in the country. Approximately 447,750,000 million people reside in Ougonsekai, around 15% of the total population. The remainder are spread fairly equally throughout the nation, with no given community going much above 5% of the population on it's own.

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The Imperium's Military

Postby Cranthia » Sun Mar 07, 2010 3:29 am

The Imperium of Cranthia's military is small but well equipped with a broad spectrum of weaponry.

The military force is comprised of approximately 149,250,000 soldiers. Of these, some 2,000 are the Royal Guard, approximately 45,000 are in the special forces, with about 20% of the rest being reserves.

Our standard issue sniper rifle is the Blaser 93 Tactical 2, with the standard issue round being the .338 Lapua Magnum. This is only issued to actual sniper teams, not designated marksmen.

The designated marksman rifle is the G3AK4OR. This is assigned to the designated marksmen in the squad, as it is a semiautomatic weapon platform, with accurized capabilities.

The standard issue assault rifle is the FNC Model 2000, with a standard issue scope attached (TA31RCO-M150CP), and simple rails for further modification if needed.

The Special Forces standard issue assault rifle is the G41 A3 TGS, which comes equipped with a simple holographic sight, and an HK79 grenade launcher.

There are two separate standard issue sidearms. The first is for use among officers or decorated soldiers only, and it is the Custom TLE/RL II, which provides for a laser sight or flashlight attachment if so desired. The second sidearm is the Browning Hi-Power 'Practical', chambered for the standard 9x19mm round.

The rank system in the Imperium's military is merit based, as well as voluntary. There are 7 ranks of enlisted, 4 ranks of senior enlisted, and 9 officer ranks. There are only minor differences between the branches of the military, so those will be left out in this unspecific overview. The Grand Master is considered to hold O10 rank, above all others.

E1 - Trainee, E2 - Private, E3 - Corporal, SE1 - Specialist, E4 - Sergeant, E5 - Staff Sergeant, SE2 - Sergeant First Class, E6 - Master Sergeant, SE3 - Sergeant Major, E7 - First Sergeant, SE4 - Warrant Officer, O1 - Cadet, O2 - Lieutenant, O3 - Captain, O4 - Major, O5 - Lieutenant Colonel, O6 - Colonel, O7 - Lieutenant Commander, O8 - Commander, O9 - General.

There are only 3 generals total, one for the Army (which also contains the Naval Guard), one for the Air Force, and one for the Special Operations Brigade.

The organizational structure goes as follows.

Fire Team - 3 to 5 men (Corporal/Sergeant), Squad - 2 to 3 Fire teams (6 to 15 men, ~10, Sergeant/Staff Sergeant), Platoon - 2 to 4 squads (20 to 40 men, ~30, Sergeant First Class + First Sergeant ), Company - 5 to 7 platoons (150 to 210 men, ~180, Captain + Sergeant Major), Legion - 6 to 8 companies (1,080 to 1440 men, ~1260, Lieutenant Colonel + First Sergeant), Battalion - 4 to 7 legions (5,040 to 8,820 men, ~7560, Colonel + Lieutenant + First Sergeant), Brigade - 6 to 8 battalions (45,360 to 60,480 men, ~52,920, Lieutenant Commander + Major*3), Division - 3 to 6 brigades (158,760 to 317,520 men, ~264,600, Commander + Division command structure), Corp - 2+ divisions (500,000 to 1,000,000, Commander + Lieutenant Commander*3 + Corp command structure), Army - 10+ corps (Military Branch, General + Commander * 5)

The Special Operations brigade dead ends at the Brigade level, with the General the CO there, directly supported by the standard brigade command structure.

There are multiple pieces of armor currently in service with the Imperium's military. They are:

The standard APC currently in service is the M3A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle. In conditions where enemy armor may be encountered, this is supplemented by the deployment of the M901 ITV, and it's improved anti-tank capabilities.

The main battle tank (MBT) is the M1A2 SEP Abrams. This is supplemented in the field by both the []M1 Assault Breacher Vehicle[/url], and the Challenger 2 Heavy tank, produced with the Rheinmetall L55 barrel.

The standard air defense system is two-fold, with the extreme-range capable M113 Mounted ADATS being the primary, supplemented by the Rapier Darkfire missile system.

Standard artillery is simply the M110 Howitzer, with no variants at this time.

Though limited, the Imperium's Naval Guard does employ a well equipped force.

The smallest class of ship classified as it's own vessel is the Defender class. It is used for river and shoreline operations, and is mounted with the M240 machine gun.

The mid-range ships of the line are the Reliance class and the Cyclone class.

The largest of the ships currently in use are the Legend class. and the Freedom class.

There are currently 3 Iowa class battleships and 2 [url=]Long-hull Essex class Carriers[/ur'] in fighting condition, but both are currently in dry dock, deemed unneeded at this time.

Air Power
The Imperium's Air Force is it's main deterrent for opposition, being built almost entirely around long range bombers and interceptors.

There are currently 273 B-2 Spirits in service, providing the main threat in the bombing front, supplemented by 426 []B-1 Lancers[/url].

The primary fighter/interceptor class air unit is the F-35A, of which there are currently 1311 in service. The secondary fighter is the F-22 Raptor, of which there are 549 still in service.

Despite the fact that the air force serves mainly as a deterrent force, they do employ 395 AC130H Spectre Gunships for ground operations support missions.

The Imperium's army currently is directly controlling a complement of 1750 AH-1Z Zulu Vipers, as well as 1130 AH-64D Apache Longbows. In terms of troop transportation and support, the army also uses 1240 MH-60L DAP Blackhawks, and 270 MC-130H Combat Talon II's.
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