HIA Tajem (Devil) High Mobility Artillery Rocket System

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HIA Tajem (Devil) High Mobility Artillery Rocket System

Postby Machina Haruspex » Thu Jul 07, 2011 6:34 pm


The Tajem (Devil) HMARS is operated by a crew of three. Driver, gunner and section chief, but the computer-based fire control system enables a crew of two or even a single soldier to load and unload the system. HMARS received approval to enter production in March 2003 and is currently in Full Rate Production. HMARS successfully completed initial operational test and evaluation in November 2004. In May 2005, the 3rd Legion, 27th Field Artillery Regiment, XVIII Airborne Company Artillery was the first unit equipped with HMARS. It was successfully combat-tested in Operation Dudym Jelduno (Total Victory) during the incursion into the mid-lands of the Occidental territories within the Region of Europa.

The HMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) is a multiple rocket launcher system mounted to a 6x6 version of the H14 cargo truck chassis. HMARS was developed by Verlaine Corporate Industries and Black Star Machina Works under an advanced concept technology demonstration (ACTD) programme, placed in 1996.

HMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) is an updated version of a previous model MLRS from the same family tree. It is intended for the airborne troops and ground forces. It has been extensively exported to former TLIN member nations, as many of them were in mid-build up or forging new regiments. At least ten countries operate the HMARS.

The purpose of HMARS is to engage and defeat artillery, air defence concentrations, trucks, light armour and personnel carriers, as well as support troop and supply concentrations. HMARS is able to launch its weapons and move away from the area at high speed before enemy forces are able to locate the launch site.

Offering Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) firepower on a wheeled chassis, the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HMARS) is the newest member of the MLRS launcher family. HMARS carries a single six-pack of rockets or one ATACMS missile on HIA's H14 5-ton truck, and can launch the entire MLRS family of munitions. The standard 227-mm rocket is 3.96 m long and weighs 307 kg. The HMARS fires a full range of rockets, including HE-FRAG and cluster. It also fires newly developed extended range guided munitions at a range of 60 - 100 km.

Reloading is made by the crew within 5 minutes. It is assisted by an integrated crane. Reload rockets are carried by escorting cross-country truck. Reloading is performed remotely from firing position in order to avoid counter-battery fire.

General Specifications
Country users: Machina Haruspex
Designer Company: Verlaine Corporate Industries
Accessories: Black Star Machina Works
Crew: 3
Weight truck: 10,886 kg
Length: 5.046 m
Width: 2.16 m
Heighth: 2.251 m

Engine: HVRL MAN diesel
Transmission: 7 speed
Engine power: 280 hp
Maximum road speed: 85 km/h
Off-road: 54 km/h
Range: 850 km

Gradient: 60%
Side slope: 40%
Vertical step: 0.5 m
Trench: 0.8 m
Fording: 1.2 m

HMARS is HAD HT-01 'Vycd Muytan' (and or other transport aircraft) transportable and can be deployed into areas previously inaccessible to heavier launchers.

The front of the HMARS is fitted whith a fully enclosed and armoured cab, which provided a protection against small arms firing and shell splinters.

Fire Control
The Tajem HMARS fire control system, electronics and communications units are interchangeable with the existing MLRS Astro II launcher, and the crew and training are the same. The Tajem HMARS is equipped with a self-loading and autonomous system. It is also equipped with a fire control system which includes video, keyboard control, a gigabyte of programme storage and global positioning system. The fire control computer allows firing missions to be carried out in automatic or manual mode.

The Tajem HMARS carries a single six-pack of rockets. The HMARS (launcher) consists of a carrier (automotive portion) and a Fire Control system (FCS) that computes all fire mission data and a Launcher-Loader Module (LLM) portion that performs all operations necessary to complete a fire mission. The launcher system is composed of two lines of three tubes launchers. The HMARS can firing the standard MLRS round, but also entire MLRS family of munitions, including the extended-range rocket, the reduced-range practice rocket and all future variants.

It also incorporates the self-loading, autonomous features that have made MLRS's the premier rocket artillery system in the world.
60 km with ER-MLRS rocket
100 km with the new extended range guided rocket GMLRS

If interested in purchasing this product, please make your orders here: HIA
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