HIA TAC-12 Towed 155mm Howitzer

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HIA TAC-12 Towed 155mm Howitzer

Postby Machina Haruspex » Thu Jul 07, 2011 6:13 pm


The TAC-12 is a 155 mm 45 calibre, towed gun howitzer. It has such indirect fire flexibility that it can be employed in the traditional gun, howitzer and mortar roles, and can cover an area of almost 1000 km2 from a single firing position. The gun is capable of maximum sea level ranges of 30 km with ERFB projectiles and 39 km with ERFB base bleed projectiles. The TAC-12 is fully compatible with WA standard 155-mm ammunition and has a direct fire range of 3000 meters (using a Frag-HE round).

The TAC-12 is fitted with an auxiliary power unit which gives it a self-propelled speed of 12 km/h. The APU, combined with the tandem walking-beam suspension, gives the TAC-12 excellent self-propelled mobility over short distances. The four wheels are all powered and give the gun excellent traction over most terrain. But, the APU serves purposes other than mobility. It provides power to open and close the trails, raise and lower the trail wheels, and raise and lower the firing platform.

Hydraulic power assistance makes it possible to bring the gun into or out of action in less than 2 minutes. Loading is facilitated by a semi-automatic breech and the loading tray with pneumatic rammer. The breech is of the screw type which provides reliable sealing under all conditions. Although designed for an eight-man section, the Haruspex Military Legions normally operate the TAC-12 with a five-man section. However, the TAC-12 can operate with minimum of two people when all of the powered systems are working.

Manufacturer: Verlaine Corporate Industries
Date of Introduction: 1997
Proliferation: At least 4 countries
Crew: 8
Alternate Crew: 2

Dimensions & Weight
Combat Weight (mt): 13.75
Chassis Length Overall (m) Travel Position: 12.1
Firing Position: 11.0
Height Overall (m): 2.3
Width Overall (m) Travel Position: 3.3
Firing Position: 8.7

Towing Speed (km/h) Max Road: 90
Max Off-Road: 50
Max Cross-Country: 15
Fording Depths (m): .6
Emplacement Time (min): 2
Displacement Time (min): 1
Auxiliary Propulsion Unit
Engine Type: 71 hp / 54 kW air-cooled diesel
Cruising Range (km): 100
Speed (km/h) Max Road: 12
Max Off-Road: INA
Cross-Country: 3
Max Swim: N/A
Gradient (SP mode): 40%
Prime Mover: BSM 100 6x6 artillery tractor or a 10 ton equivalent

Main Armament Caliber, Type, Name: 155-mm, canon
Barrel Length (cal): 45
Rate of fire: 3 rds/min for 15 min, 2 rds/min for 60 min
Loader Type: Semi-automatic
Breech Type: Interrupted screw
Muzzle Brake Type: Single baffle
Left: 41°
Right: 41°
Total: 82°
Elevation: -3°/+75°

Fire Control
Indirect Fire: Digital Panoramic Telescope
Direct Fire: Mounted Telescopic Sight
Collimator: INA
Gun Display Unit: None
Fire Control Computer: None

Caliber, Type, Name: 155-mm Frag-HE, M1 HE
Indirect Fire Range (m) Minimum Range: 3000
Maximum Range: 30,000
Complete Projectile Weight (kg): 8.7
Muzzle Velocity: 897 m/s
Fuze Type: PD M841

If interested in purchasing this product, please make your orders here: HIA
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