HIA Rihdan (Hunter) LMV

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HIA Rihdan (Hunter) LMV

Postby Machina Haruspex » Fri May 27, 2011 3:05 pm


The Rihdan (Hunter) Light Multirole Vehicle is an innovative tactical vehicle, developed to reduce threat posed by improvised explosive devices and landmines.

Modular protection of the Rihdan LMV can be adjusted to the mission requirements. Vehicle uses modular armor packs and has a collapsible V-shaped floor, which deflects mine blasts. Seats are attached to a roll-bar rather than floor. The Rihdan LMV is more survivable than conventional light utility vehicles and trucks.

Vehicle is powered by the HVRL F1D turbocharged diesel engine, developing 190 horsepower. The Rihdan LMV is fitted with run-flat tyres and self-recovery winch.

The Rihdan LMV is available in a number of variants. A stretched variant provides accommodation for 7 men, including the driver. It can be equipped as a field ambulance or command vehicle. Although it can mount various crew manned weaponry, HIA offers the Rihdan LMV with a remote turret.

General Specifications
Crew: 1+5 up to +7 with ambulance variant
Payload capacity: 1,200 kg (2,600 lb)

* heater
* air conditioning
* NBC defence system

o TPK 4.15 STL - General purpose transport
o TPK 4.15 FSP - Long Range Patrol Vehicle
o TPK 4.15 LRM - Multiple rocket launcher carrier
o TPK 4.20 PCR - Radio Command Post
o TPK 4.20 SL7 - Light recovery duty vehicle
o TPK 4.20 SAM - Ambulance
o TPK 4.20 VCT - Command and transmission vehicle
o TPK 4.20 VPL2 - Scout car
o TPK 4.20M ALM - Light Cargo
o TPK 4.25 SAm - Ambulance
o TPK 4.35 VPC - Convoy protection vehicle/weapons carrier

Engine: HVRL F1D 136 kW (185 PS; 182 hp). This engine is the licensed copy of the Euro III Steyr M16TCA Engine.
Transmission: 6 speed automatic
Suspension: Independent, Double A-Arm
Ground clearance: 473 mm (18.6 in)
Operational Range: 500 km (310 mi)+
Speed: 130 km/h (81 mph)

Weight: 6.5 tons
Length: 5,504 mm (216.7 in) (4,704 mm (185.2 in))
Width: 2,050 mm (80.7 in)
Heighth: 1,950 mm (76.8 in)

Armor: STANAG 4569 Level 1-4

1. Main Turret: On the top of the vehicle is a turret which mounts an anti-infantry cannon and an automatic grenade launcher. The turret is controlled by a gunner inside of the turret and has the ability to rotate 360 degrees and barrels can angle up to 85 degrees. Weapon mount is mainly designed for use against other vehicles and against infantry but can angle high enough to be useful against aircraft. Both weapons are in a single sleeve and elevate together.
1.OWS-25R - 25mm auto cannon. This weapon is a dual feed armament, and has Peritelescopic combined day / night sight for added offensive capabilities. It's mount allows for low weapon depression angles, and stabilized firing for while on the move.

Muzzle velocity: 1,100 metres per second
Effective range: 3,000 metres
Maximum range: 6,800 metres

Payload: 160 rounds
100 HE rounds ready for use
60 AP rounds ready for use

If interested in purchasing this vehicle, please make your orders here: HIA
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