HIA 205 Ymekydun (Alligator) Class Corvette

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HIA 205 Ymekydun (Alligator) Class Corvette

Postby Machina Haruspex » Sun May 22, 2011 1:21 pm


The design has been directed to minimizing the optical and infrared signature, above water acoustic and hydroacoustic signature, underwater electrical potential and magnetic signature, pressure signature, radar cross section and actively emitted signals. The hull material is a sandwich construction comprising a PVC core with a carbon fiber and vinyl laminate. The material provides high strength and rigidity, low weight, good shock resistance, low radar and magnetic signature.

It is ideally suited for recon and scouting, and works well alone or grouped with more conventional ships. When traveling with a fleet, the 205 Ymekydun is often found on the fleet’s outer perimeter scouring the waters for mines and submarines.

For its main gun, the 205 Ymekydun uses the versatile HIA 24c autocannon, which is mounted on its bow in a stealth cupola. Thanks to a two a duel-feed system, the HIA 24c is cable of firing both 57 mm and 76 mm rounds. It can switch between both types of ammunition on the fly, and is even capable of firing smart munitions. For increased accuracy, a small radar is mounted on the gun’s barrel, which measures muzzle velocity for fire control purposes. The gun’s accuracy, range, and 220 rounds per minute rate of fire make it valuable as an artillery piece, AA gun, or CIWS.

To supplement its main gun, the 205 Ymekydun is equipped with numerous torpedo tubes and missile launchers. For reasons of stealth, these weapons are stowed below deck, and are fired through hatches on the sides of the ship.

The ship features an integrated Fire Control and Friend or Foe Identification System (FCFFIS). This tool collects the ship's sensor data, and is capable of using that information to manage the ship’s weapons and decoys. With the processing power and information available to it; this system is capable of tracking, prioritizing, and eliminating threats with efficiency.

Managed Defensive Systems
R4 Surface to Air Missiles - R4's are able to engage enemy aircraft and missiles at a range of 50 km. They are designed to destroy hypersonic anti-ship missiles, and excel in that role. Given the missile options available to the 205 Ymekydun, it carries between 0 and 64 R4's.
HIA 24c Autocannon – Given the gun’s range and high rate of fire, it is perfectly capable of serving as the ship’s CIWS. As such, the ship’s FCFFIS system can be programmed to integrate the HIA 24c into its automated aircraft and missile defenses if desired.
ESM/ECM: VCI Avitronics SME 100/200 ESM & ELINT
Decoys: 2x 48 VCI Avitronics MRL (96 decoys)

Crew: 43
Cargo: 2,000 tons of nonessential equipment and supplies. Each enlisted crew member has a small locker for personal items and uniforms. Ships officers have more space for personal items. Most of the ship's spaces are taken up by extra ammo, armor, troops, weapons, and engines.
Displacement: 650 tons
Hull Material: sandwich construction carbon fiber reinforced plastic

Length: 72 m
Beam: 10.4 m
Draft: 2.5 m

[2] diesel engines, 5,920 kilowatts (7,940 hp) each, 2 shafts for cruise;
[1] gas turbine, 20,000 kilowatts (27,000 hp)
[1] waterjet
Speed: 40 knots

[1] TR-02 'Aykma' ASR(Anti-Submarine/Rescue)

1 x HIA 24c 57/76 mm Super Rapid Multi-Role Cannon
4 x 533 mm Torpedo Tubes (16 torpedoes or mines, 4 sonobuoys)

Countermeasures & Decoys
Reduced Radar Signature
Reduced Infrared Signature
Reduced Acoustic Signature
Reduced Magnetic Signature
Laser Warning
EMP Shielding (includes microwave frequencies)
ESM/ECM: Saab Grintek Avitronics SME 100/200 ESM & ELINT
Decoys: 2x 48 Saab Grintek Avitronics MRL (96 decoys)
SSTD Surface Ship Torpedo Defense System

If interested in purchasing this vessel, please make your orders here: HIA
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