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HIA Valkirie MARS

Postby Machina Haruspex » Sat May 07, 2011 6:22 pm


The Valkirie multiple launch rocket system was developed in the early 1980s. It entered service with the Haruspex Legionary in 1984. In the same year Valkirie saw combat in the Cussian Territories as well as the Kaldana Colonial War.

The Valkirie Multiple Artillery Rocket System is an upgraded, modular, extremely mobile second generation system which boasts firepower with a minimum range of 7.5 km and a maximum range of 36 km at sea level. The system is designed to be deployed either on its own, in batteries or in conjunction with more conventional artillery - as a self-contained unit. In action and out of action times are 5 and 1 minutes respectively. It can even be deployed in a variety of naval applications. Its tactical roles include action against area targets such as troop concentrations, soft-skinned logistic convoys, logistic installations and infrastructure and even armoured vehicles.

The Valkirie's combat role is further enhanced by its warhead selection facility. Salvos consisting of a combination of warheads and fuze settings, proximity or point detonation may be field-fitted and fired to meet any particular tactical requirement. The Launch Pack is of modular design and can thus be easily mounted on a wide variety of carriers and platforms. The Valkirie Launch Pack has 24 127-mm launching tubes. The standard rocket is 2.68 m long and weighs 53 kg. It is used against personnel or soft skinned targets. The pre-fragmented warhead is designed with proximity fuse for detonation above the ground.

A single rocket covers the area of 1 500 m². Firing range is between 8 and 22 km. Rockets may be launched either singly or in ripples of up to 40 rockets at a time. The firing rate is one rocket per second with a reloading time of less than 10 minutes. The rocket has a maximum range of 22 kilometers with a dispersion within a radius of 1.3% of the range. Launching tubes are reloaded manually. Normally it takes 10 minutes for two crew members to reload the rockets. Up to 48 reload rockets are carried in escorting truck.

Battery normally consists of eight vehicles including a fire control vehicle. A simple panoramic sight is used to aim the rockets. Firing data is prepared by the fire control vehicle. Crew can launch rockets either from the inside of the cabin or remotely.

The Valkirie is powered by a 6-liter diesel engine, developing 99 horsepower. Vehicle is fitted with a central tyre pressure system.

General Specifications
Country users: Machina Haruspex
Designer Company: Verlaine Corporate Industries
Accessories: Black Star Machina Works
Crew: 2
Weight truck: 6,400 kg
Length: 5.35 m
Width: 2.3 m
Heighth: 2.32 m

Engine: HVRL M12 6 liter diesel
Transmission: 5 speed
Engine power: 99 hp
Maximum road speed: 90 km/h
Off-road: 54 km/h
Range: 400 km

Step (m): .35
Side Slope Grade (degrees): 30
Ground clearance (mm): 300

Warhead Type: Pre-fragmented anti-personnel warhead
Emplace time: 5 minutes
Displace time: 2 minutes
Maximum range: 22 km
Minimum range: 8 km
Number of tubes: 24
Salvo Time: 24 seconds
Reload Time: 10 minutes

If interested in purchasing this weapon, please make your orders here: HIA
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