HIA GAR-01TB Automatic Rifle

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HIA GAR-01TB Automatic Rifle

Postby Machina Haruspex » Fri May 06, 2011 12:43 am


The GAR-01TB (Gazelle Automatic Rifle) was developed in Runic by the Tenaldunyda uv Semedyno Ehticdno (Directorate of Military Industry - TSE), and was first displayed to public in 2006. Highly reliable, the weapon has been built to withstand severe conditions and be easy to maintain. It's ambidextrous design makes it easy to reload and operate as well.

The weapon is a gas operated, rotating bolt, balanced, selective fired weapon. Gas piston is located above the barrel, barrel locking is achieved via multi-lugged rotary bolt. The charging handle is located at the left side of the gun,just ahead and above the trigger, and does not move when gun is fired. Receiver of the rifle is made from impact-resistant polymer, translucent magazines also made from polymer. Safety / fire mode selector switches are located above the pistol grip, on both sides of the gun.

Rifle is equipped with integral Picatinny type rail on the top of receiver, and can be fitted either with removable carrying handle / optical sight unit or with detachable iron sights, with protected front post and diopter-type flip-up rear sights. The shoulder stock is also made from polymer.

The sights of the GAR-01T are mounted on the receiver, and are of reflex type,with 1X magnification and an illuminated reticle. The reticle consists of two horizontal marks and the inverted V-shaped center mark, that allows for faster target acquisition.Illumination is achieved using light-gathering, fiber-optic device at the top of the sight, and requires no batteries to operate. The sight can be quickly dismounted and remounted on the rifle, with no re-zeroing required.

The GAR-01T can be equipped with an undermount 40mm underbarrel grenade launcher of a variety of manufacturers to ease logistics. Also mountable is bayonets. The GAR-01TB can use rifle grenades, atypically in HIA's tests the version used was the AC58, a 58mm anti-armour rifle grenade.

Magazines are equipped with winding handle, so they can be stored loaded and with unwound spring, to avoid loss of spring tension during the storage time. When required, magazine spring can be quickly wound up by rotating the handle to prepare magazine for firing. Magazines hold 125 rounds in a relatively compact package.

This can be expanded upon as the GAR-01TB is able to become a light support weapon filling the role of an LMG, with the addition of a side mounted drum that holds 400 rounds.

Caliber: 6.8mm +P+ class 7N31 AP (Is compatible with 6.8 SPC rounds)
Action: Gas operated, rotating bolt, balanced
Modes of Fire: Semi-automatic, full automatic
Trigger Pull 1.8 – 2.72 kg.
Overall length: 965 mm
Barrel length: 415.036 mm
Weigth: 2.4 kg without magazine
Rate of fire: 750 rounds per minute
Muzzle Velocity: 730m
Standard 1x Reflex
Effective Range: 355.56m
MOA: .6
Sights: SUSAT 4x
Effective Range: 525.7m
MOA: .8
Magazine capacity: 125 round

If interested in purchasing this weapon, please make your orders here: HIA
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