To A New Dawn (TFL only)

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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To A New Dawn (TFL only)

Postby Siltrin Calussai » Sun Nov 27, 2016 5:20 am

Lord Lithu Everhate, Prime Minister of the Calussai Confederacy, was not one prone to grandstanding, nor decadence. A slender man, cresting the age of forty-two, he looked a bit younger then his years would signify otherwise. Grey hair thinly cropped so as to be professional, made an appearance as he entered into the council room of the High Judges.

Behind him the thick, oak doors trimmed with silver metal that gleamed harshly in the light that permeated the interior. Guards remained outside, members of the Special Judicial Branch in their dark black uniforms and visor equipped helms. Already seated, Colonel Deshad, High Judge of Military Operations Overseas, Colonel Siem, High Judge of Military Intelligence.

Also present, High Judges of the Court, Thedon Hurra and Fa'halik Surreen. The pair represented the civilian courts, and dictated the course and flow of rule and law to the lower court systems. Near them both, Jemar Yazmin, High Judge of the Finance Ministry, and Thurfur Elemara. A noble and a High Judge, representing the Ministry of Technology.

Before them all, stood Lithu with his hands neutral and at his sides. " Ladies and gentlemen, I would like your approval to send a writ of invitation to the scions of the growing dynasty in the making. I believe that we must come to terms with our past, and while we cannot forget it, we must pursue the future, and in that future, we must have relations with both the Batory Empire and that of the now Hiendor influenced Xukuthite government." He slowly put his hands forward, forcing any dissent of words to spring forth.

" Rest assured colleagues, fellow judges, that I do not say this lightly, nor without apprehension as well. Only to well do I know what our history has been. I do not say lower our guard, nor let our senses be blinded." He paused before continuing as his hands came down. " I ask that the scions of this union be allowed here, within the holds of Arvanneth. There is no other safer place within the Confederacy, and a place that ill will could not happen to us from either of them easily enough."

There were murmurs as his request ended, and then a voice arose. Of course it belonged to none other then that of Thurfur Elemara. " I will allow such, with the presence of the Batory, it would appear that the Xukuthite hunger has been appeased, tempered even with the rise of House Hiendor. We have seen much change within recent months concerning our former progenitors if that is the term that we are to use for them, a more polite term. I concur with my fellows that we must observe this of course without our guard dropping. However, we cannot allow this chance to slip. We already know of the more militant members of the council who are not here, who have their own agendas, otherwise would they not be here?"

Fa'halik Surreen spoke soon after. "Judge Elemara brings up a good point. If the others could see your wisdom Prime Minister, they would indeed be here. I will support this cause as well. We could gain from this." She turned towards her counterpart Thedon Hurra as if to get his thoughts. Judge Hurra seemed to be quite relaxed, and he spoke after some length of time. " I was leaning towards denial, but I hear your wisdom Prime Minister, as well as my colleagues. You have my support. Bring them to Arvanneth, let us speak with them. Perhaps we can build a new dawn for the Confederacy."

Colonel Deshad and Colonel Siem didnt seem to offer much in the way of a retort, at least until Siem coughed a bit and then spoke up. " I and Colonel Deshad have at length already known you would come to the council and request this. You need not ask how, it is our duty. In regards to this visit, we have at length already discussed such a visit, but we could not agree on whom should be requested. Your request however Prime Minister, would be perfect. Intelligence on the Batory clan's daughter, and the Hiendor scion, are not as extensive as we would like, but they do offer some insight."

Deshad added to this as he lit a non-filtered cigarette and let the bluish-grey smoke hang in the air a bit before ashes were tapped into a waiting ashtray. " Aytep Hiendor is not a politician. A commander of a military forces, roughly two regiments worth of Xukuthite kommandos. Mierin, appears to be groomed from a more political background. The pair would be ideal for us, as Aytep has a massive following from the soldiery of the Xukuthite, even beyond his own house. Mierin for her personal connections to the leading clan of the Hyperborean empire."

Lithu nodded, quite pleased the council would be unanimous in their agreement of a visit." I am pleased that we are in agreement, and I thank the Judges of this council for their support. I shall direct a writ of invite to the pair, and request they come to build relations with the confederacy." He offered a slight nod of head, though his mind was not upon the writ, but the lack of presence by Kos and several of the other Judges that made up the council in total. He would ask why at a later date, there was enough on his mind as it was. Rumors of a dark rising elsewhere in the realm was also news of the ill kind. Perhaps Mierin and Aytep knew more.

He strode from the hall, hands behind his back as he walked along the path towards the waiting elevator. His aide appeared, the young woman dressed in shades of grey, knee length skirt and looking as professional as Lithu himself. " Jenara, scribe these words, and send the missive via the relations line to the Duke of Hiendor. Hopefully it still works. We've not spoken to him or any of his family in decades.." He clicked the button to close the door and begin their descent from the fiftieth floor towards the very bottom, towards the under panel of the hive-city of Arvanneth.

To the esteemed and honorable Regents of Batory-Hiendor, the Council of the High Judges on behalf of the Kritarch Confederacy, request your presence to solidify a future and perhaps lasting relations.

Transcribed with this message is a series of coordinates to the Arvanneth International Airport. Please limit your entourage to four personnel. Security will be provided by the Special Judicial Branch, of whom shall take your safety as its highest concern.

Duly and Sincerely Yours,

Prime Minister, Lord Lithu Everhate

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(Xukuth in bold, Batorys not. Co-ab post)

The wind whistled through the peaks, its force rattling the window of the office slightly. Inside, the young woman who the office belonged to looked out, absently, to the snow-capped peaks beyond, and below, the township of Roesor. A picturesque mountain scene, so distracting from the affairs of state. Her reverie was broken by a silent servant, bearing a fresh diplomatic missive. “Thank you, dear,” the young woman said, excusing the servant, after taking the paper in her left hand, pale fingers etched with intricate markings holding it gingerly.

As she examined it, her black eyes widened. This was most unexpected. A granddaughter of one ruler, and married into another royal line, a state invitation for Mierin or one of her family was not unusual, but the source, Siltrin Calussai, most certainly was. Could it be a trap? Or a genuine hope that perhaps relations might change between them and their former masters?

Quickly, she summoned the servant back. “Go and get my husband, immediately, there is very strange news.” She added after a pause “Also fetch some dumplings from the kitchen. I don’t care if they weren’t planning on making any, I have the oddest craving for them right now.”

Aytep was thus so fetched, and while he was also in charge of various things about Roesor, the second home, and land of city of birth to the now Duchess Hiendor, he concluded that he’d rather be in the embrace and delight of his wife, then sitting on another officer’s meeting going over the same boring topics as the last time they were so held.

When the junior officer’s ducked in and whispered into his ear, it was with almost childlike delight that he sprang from his seated position and into a pose near superhuman in origin. “ Well, can’t let her have all the fun now can I?” At which the younger officer simply bowed and departed. Signalling his personal assistant and kin, none other than Casis, the man disappeared for a moment or two. A purring engine eventually notified Aytep of the staff car’s arrival as it slid to a stop near the curb, just inches of where he himself stood outside of the regimental headquarters.

Sliding within the backseat, another junior officer took a spot beside Casis, as a lead vehicle drove past, and then the sedan followed, with a third vehicle, a troop transport taking up the rear. It wasnt a long drive to the keep, just over twenty minutes or so. Weaving about the old world and modern day roads to arrive in a timely fashion.

He fussed with his outfit a bit, he’d been at the regimental command earlier, so he was still wearing the dress uniform of all black. Black boots, black slacks tucked into them, black shirt, and dark burgundy belt and strap secured into place. The cap at a jaunty angle, that long coat nearly to the ground and mirroring the uniform with an ebon hue albeit the leather kind and not cotton.

As the rear door was opened by a saluting legionnaire, a glance was paid towards the guards on duty within the interior of the keep and then he let the door close behind him. Up he went, bounding from the waiting staff car to the domain of his wife. Eventually, the door would open and he’d step within. “ Ah, ever do you save me from tides of ill and paperwork my love. Of what holds your interest that a summons must happen I wonder.” He smirked a bit as he hung the coat up, placing the cap beside it and the gloves within the pockets while unloosening the collar and tie at the same time.

“So I am your rescuer?” Mierin teased, with a half-smile. Her husband liked being a soldier, but it had become obvious that he much preferred the duties of the field to those of the desk. It wasn’t that he wasn’t up to them, it was that he found them stifling and tedious. To be fair, they largely were. The Batory scion had been raised with the expectation of interminable meetings with ministers, holding audiences for visiting dignitaries, hearing pleas from groups seeking policy changes, and so on. And the education in these duties had been, indeed, often tedious. She then held up the missive. “This came today… from a very unexpected source.”

He gleaned a glance at the aforementioned missive, noting the writing style, and of course the emblazoned diplomatic envoy seal, something of which he’d not seen in his lifetime, but had remembered it from a time of his father’s, the now Duke. “ Well, it would appear that strange times befall us, if I am not mistaken, that is the seal of the l'ssa ussen.” Casually terming the Calussai by their Xukuthite nickname.

In response to her query, he simply smiled and took to a seat upon comfortable couch within the office. Very plush, quite posh, perfect. “ Oh maiden of saintly virtue, i dareth sayeth thy summons forsooth rescu'd me from despairing voices.” With a slight lean up, he drew the woman of his bond to his lap, he was quite comfortable he’d been told, once upon a time.

Though lest she have daggers for eyes, such soothsayers were already amongst the dead, for her blade had struck them down during courtship. As he was being a bit of a tease, he spoke again. “ Well then, when shall we set our sails, fly our flag and make port with these..interesting callers of our name and line?”

The moroii laughed, open mouthed. “I’ll be no maiden soon enough,” she said, patting the bump of her belly where even now the first of a new generation grew. Moroii, of course, defined “maidens” as those who hadn’t born children. “And saintly doesn’t sound much like me…” she added, nipping at his ear.

Looking at him more seriously, she tossed her hair, now growing quite a bit longer than when they’d first wed, to one side. “I suppose immediately. While it could be a trap... “ she shrugged, “that might just have to be risked.” She shared a bit of paranoia of her family when it came to diplomatic events, and yet like them, it hadn’t overpowered the stoicism and acceptance of worthwhile risks. “You don’t mind missing your meetings?” Mierin joked, with a smirk.

He of course leaned in a bit and gave a light nip in return, perhaps a feathering of kisses here and there alongst neck, just for good measure before replying as he noted the lengthening of hair, and the of course the swollen belly, the first scion to be of them both. “Well, truly, of the field do I call first home, and with it amongst the blades of those who’ve danced upon the fields of red. To me, the trappings of the den have no lure, to hear such words would my progenitor shake his furrowed brow, but of such does the mother smile when truth does become me.”

“Of a ruse could it be, most certainly. However, this crest does not represent the whole of the l'ssa ussen, they like many, let the blood flow in many streams. Perhaps one has decided that it shall no longer bear the same traffic as the others do.”

He slid hands about her waist, still both mystified and charmed by her wiles and ways. “Still, we can’t be rude to hosts who come proper calling. We must as ever represent house and home, fame and fortune. The bold earn all the favor my love.”

“That they do,” she sighed, placing her hands over her husband’s at her waist. It was true, without risk there was no reward. If Sarkany had not taken calculated risks, the Batory Empire would be only a fraction its current size. “We’ll have to keep our wits about us, but if their invitation is sincere, then this could mean having one less enemy to snap at our heels.”

Still leaning into Aytep, Mierin cocked her head, a thought occurring to her. “When we return… would your officers be… discomfited, if I went to the meetings? I know that they tax your patience. The meetings, not your officers, who I’m sure are fine soldiers.” While she herself was a perfectly good soldier, administration was something she’d been trained in since an early age, the patience for interminable sessions with ministers and so forth drilled into her by her mother and grandmother. And since at the moment she couldn’t really venture into the field for medical reasons, something else to occupy her time and amuse her might help. “As for Calussai, we should probably respond as soon as possible. Wouldn’t want the l'ssa ussen to rethink their change of heart, would we?” She gave her husband a kiss that included just the slightest touch of fang.

Aytep smirked a little bit into the kiss, noting the touch and draw of fang as eventually he did lean back, allowing it to scrape a little bit before release. “ Of this I do not mind, this is a place that you should be, becoming one with the bureaucracy. Doubtless more flair for it then I.” He slid fingertips along her abdomen for a moment as he spoke. “ Would you care to do the honors as your first act as Mistress Regent and Vidame of Roesor?”

He continued after a moment, offering a slight feathering stray of lips to tease as he desired alongst her chin, continuing for a moment or two. “ For the future, your pen must become a sword, though lest any doubt, and there may be a few, whom might need reminding eventually.” He paused nearest the ear closest to his trek along the right path. “ However, for now they must simply be reminded that royalty has begun in Roesor, and from there shall proceed even further. “ A faint tilt of head, then he leaned back into his reclining style of sit, proceeding to procure a very slim phone with a fixed antenna upon it, a sure sign of an encrypted device. “ A button was pressed, speed dial engaged! “ Kana, get Casis and those you’re infatuated with from my wife’s retinue, and prep our transport craft. Of this you will love my kin, we are bound for Calussai.” There was a bit of surprised cursing on the other end, followed by a bit of native babble. “ On with it cousin, and send my staff car to the entry, we’ll be heading to the aerodome soon enough.”

“ Of certain, it shall be pleasing to see my officers tremble under that smokey gaze of yours, of this I shall enjoy.”

“It would be my pleasure… after all, they must grow accustomed to taking orders from me.” Mierin cocked her head and grinned. “Hopefully memories of our first night together will mean that few need reminding of what backs up the strokes of my pen.” And every Batory pen, before hers. Her family might have great skills as administrators, but shrinking desk jockeys they were not. Every command had behind it the power to inflict death. With a few flicks of ink, to elevate or destroy a subject. And if ink failed in the latter, there was always what the elegant yet also brutish warbrands of her clan represented.

“First, yes, let’s have this trip to your country’s prodigal… hmmm… children would be stretching it, I suppose. But in any case, it could be productive. And a nice excursion.” She laughed. “I’ve never been there. Is it really as bleak as I’ve heard?”

“ Well, the Calussai live in massive cities they refer to as hives. They are domed, and fairly green in their technologies, but the outside is a desert. Harsh and beyond brutal to the unwary and or unprepared. The hives are massive, both above and below ground, connected to one another via mass transit and highways etc.” He paused to refresh himself with a bit of a drink that resided nearby. “ A suitably advanced race they’ve become, either to spite us, or to wound our pride perhaps. They lie in the bed of Rhydin, Haru, and others alike to build their lair so. It would be a boon if we could bring a portion of the Everstar to nurse from our welcoming palm as a bird might for seed..”

“Good to hear that they’ve made something of the wasteland that’s their home. Sounds like they picked up some of their urban planning from here…” Mierin said, referring to the Xukuthite penchant for building underground. “If we could get them out of the Rhydinians’ bed, that would be quite the coup for us.” She stopped short of saying “and into our own bed,” since likely the idea would be distasteful to Xukuthites. Slowly getting to her feet, the moroii smoothed her robe. “I’ll have to get dressed, sadly. Thank gods for skilled tailors.” Pregnancy presented unique challenges in attire, and so it was fortunate that the Batory clan’s tailors (a highly prestigious appointment) were so skilled.

It was at this time that Kana rapped her knuckles prior to entering upon the two lovebirds. Quite formal, mainly because she was not alone. A trio of officers were behind her, somber and dressed in the formal wear of the Xukuthite military house army of Hiendor. So it was that she greeted them in that fashion as well. “ M’lord, M’lady. The aircraft transport is ready, and your Lordship’s vehicle is awaiting both of you when ready.” She offered a slight bow of head and then stepped out once more.

Kana and Casis, Knees and Nails. Casis was teasing Knees a bit, seeing as she was a bit off put by yet another social gathering beyond the battle place. Casis himself was wearing a dress uniform, but he was quite a social fellow. A bit of a playful wink to the woman as he then held the door open for her into the staff car where the others awaited the arrival of Aytep and Mierin.

His duty prior to joining them was to maintain a visible presence, and to make sure the escort vehicles had properly arrived, of which they had. Two armored infantry vehicles, and a pair of motorcycle scouts had assumed the formation of escort. Once Aytep and Mierin appeared, he held the door open again, while his head bowed a bit forward. He to was formal with his cousin, at least publically while amongst the troops. “ We are ready to go as ordered prior.”

Once within, the vehicle was fairly spartan of it’s interior. Aytep was fond of not creating a social barrier with his troops, as a lavish display could do such. Mierin at his side, Kana and her newfound friend or whatever she was across from them, Knees taking a place beside Mierin while Casis had to sit shotgun in the car. The door closed with a gentle click, and then they were moving towards the aerodome.

The transport was that of an officer’s jet. A Nocian made Slyan'ssun (Starlight) E-111/A Jet. Highly prized for it’s sheer excellence, smooth ride and functionality, a more streamlined version had been created for the officer corps. It boasted the emblem of Aytep’s regiment, and that of the House marker now crested with that of the Batory one. As the staff car slid to a stop, the motorcycle scouts nearby while the troop transport had parked on the other side. Soldiers took up position as Casis once more played his role of doorman.

When the Batory scion emerged, she wore a dress of emerald trimmed with gold and black, combining the colors of her clan and those of Hiendor. Incorporated into the weave were both draconic and vulpine motifs. The gown was backless, exposing the intricate metal plates, and at her specification, the belly had been left bare as well, both to allow growth during her pregnancy and also to reveal intricate tattooing over her now obvious bump that was akin to some form of ritual netting.

Even with child, she practically glided forth to the staff car, perhaps practicing the ability to maintain an imperious, aloof aura as her clan did, to keep themselves mysterious in the public eye. It was unneeded, of course, among present company, who she knew well. And despite not voicing a word, she noticed things. From the chatter she heard just before approach, it would seem that Casis had been gently teasing Knees about the latter’s discomfort in the formal uniform procured for her. Clearly Nails was no more comfortable in it, the two alternately tugging at their high collars and trying to change how the flared pants looked, to no avail.

Normally Mierin let her squad, now her bodyguards in a way, wear their own light infantry gear, both because she knew well that it was comfortable, and also that it put some of the local officers just slightly off balance, which amused her. This, however, was a diplomatic meeting with a nation who had a rather unpleasant history with Xukuth, so a bit more formality was called for. While perhaps in the future the former Sergeant Pixie would send for new BIA formal uniforms for her former squadmates, for now, she enjoyed watching them squirm. She couldn’t laugh out loud, but she was chuckling inside. During the ride to the aerodrome, while she remained quiet, feigning tiredness, she couldn’t help but notice the interaction between Kana and Nails. The corner of her mouth turned up slightly.

Once on board the jet, Mierin turned to her husband, whispering “those two are definitely sleeping together,” a glance indicating Kana and Nails. She giggled slightly.

“ Undoubtedly my dear, they do appear to be enjoying themselves quite a bit.” He replied back in a bit of a soft tongue as he strolled up the gantry steps of the aircraft. “ Seems Knees is also a desired flower of my kin. Casis speaks highly of her, almost a bother of his words at times that plies the trade of speech of her so. “ A faint squeeze of hips as he brought her within the aircraft and into the front seating area.

“ If it continues, the house shall desire him to bend to a knee. Can you see it, a blushing bride of your darling Knees?” He whispered in return as he settled himself and of course simply brought his wife down with him. “ Comfortable?” He smirked a bit as the entourage was no more than what the Calussai wished and for, yet he scarcely believed they would expect several members of the house in high standing to arrive.

The jet left its home soon enough, thundering into the heavens and propelling itself at a measured clip. At it’s highest speed, it would take just over four hours to reach the Calussai city of Arvanneth, and its International Airport of where they would land and be greeted by the security services of the High Judges. Admittedly Aytep knew little of the Calussai councilship, the last recorded contact at least officially had been Karthay, and even then, that had been little more than on the spot military relations. Active communications between the respective lands had not happened since his father was but a boy, in a time when the house was ruled by his grandmother, Nakana Hiendor.

Time passed slowly at first, he spent much of it being a form of cushion for his wife until he had nodded off. Sleep was precious but he had not been rewarding himself of it lately, and eventually he found her shoulder quite comfortable and soothing. Four hours would be a perfect way to pass this time, and of course he was pliable during this, imagine what could be done?! A faint smirk managed to arise even as he slept, unconsciously knowing perhaps.

He was brought back to the land of the waking by Mierin, and that of the pilots intercom as the airplane began to make its descent towards the aerodome. The hot, dry weather seemingly surrounding them, the sun bright as it gleamed from the barren lands and dry air. He was momentarily thankful for the shutters on the window as he had no desire to look upon such blasted earth. He also noted Casis with Knees. He was going to have to speak to him soon it seemed…” Well I still have my limbs, you went easy on me..” He spoke to Mierin.

“To think… Knees was once the most insubordinate member of my squad…” the Batory laughed. Karthay had changed the light infantrywoman, though, as combat tended to do. “The idea of her getting married is quite funny. And yes, I’m comfortable.” She dozed for a while, and woke up to find her husband doing the same. All was quiet for a time besides the engine noise and the soft flirtations of her escort.

Soon enough she gently stirred Aytep awake, however, as it seemed they were descending. “I was tempted to drink from you,” the moroii said, “but I thought that might not look good for the Calussai. Also your collar was in the way.” She smiled. Taking out her sunglasses and donning them, she said “put up the window shade a bit; I want to see this land.”

Nodded a bit and thumbed the shutters up as the aircraft hurtled across the terrain, being guided towards the aerodome in question. It looked as if the whole of the surface was tannish-gold, with some burnt edges showing here and there. A faint grimace as he used his right hand as a shield for a moment. A squint here or there and then a glance over at the shades wearing maiden. “ So does it bring forth imagination and delight or is it as I believe, terrifyingly bright?”

Also he did have to laugh a bit as he nuzzled a bit while waiting for her to respond. “ We could enjoy them getting so, my mother would be ecstatic, she loves appointing young women to the role of Vidame and Casis she does adore as if he were my brother so.”

An officer from the pilot cabin leaned out and spoke. “ M’lord Hiendor, we’ve been cleared for landing and l'ssa ussen escort craft have appeared to lead the way towards the Arvanneth International Airport.” Aytep nodded and the officer saluted before heading back to his post. There was a slight incline felt as the aircraft began to make its descent.

Quick eyes spied one of the escorts, how it flew beside them, it’s camouflage reminiscent of Flecktarn stylings. It was also annoying because it was a HIA design. “ My love, is that not the S39 Jeban? Seems the l'ssa ussen have been procuring armaments again from that corporation again.” He eyed it a bit more. “ I am not aware of the new nose and slightly flared wings however, perhaps a new generation..”

He sighed a bit and moved head back and forth, popping a crink. “ This shall be of interest to me, no diplomat of the hearth and homeland has been here to Arvanneth. We are the first of our line and house my dear.” Spoken as the escorts peeled away, and a few moments later there was the squeal of wheels touching down against the tarmac. A few minor jolts and bumps before all came to a halt. The plane taxied to its arranged area and a gantry staircase was clicked into place. Aytep adjusted his uniform during this time, only rising when it was time, courteously extending his right arm to Mierin, as a hand hold and once such was accepted, he’d walk towards the ext. Casis and Knees before, Kana and Nails behind them.

The sunlight smashed into them, one could see the heat flowing from the tarmac up like a warp in the very air. Two vehicles arranged before them, one an odd six wheeled limo like vehicle, and the other a very boxy transport of some sort. Waiting for them was a man dressed in a dark grey one piece suit with eight or nine individuals in ebony outfits and opaque helmets. He spoke low. “ Wager do I my dear, Judges are present as is a council attache…”

The hive city stretched beyond and about them, the aerodome jutting out and above the desert like terrain behind them. The dome gleaming in the light of the sun, and the neons and lamps of the city itself adding to it. “ Impressive..”

Even behind the dark glasses, one could tell that Mierin squinted at the bright landscape rushing by outside. “It’s is alarmingly bright, indeed. Gods, no wonder they live in self-contained cities. It would be unbearable anywhere else around here.” There were some areas of the Empire that resembled it, in the southeast, but not quite to this extreme. They had been very difficult to conquer. “So I understand that their ancestors were just left here to survive on their own? Rather impressive that they appear to have thrived.”

“Knees as a member of a Xukuthite house… the idea would probably terrify her,” she whispered, in response to Aytep’s musings on the budding romance between Casis and the Hyperborean light infantrywoman. “After all, my grandmother has decided that your houses are to be considered moroii clans… plenty of those who weren’t born moroii have married into our clans, including one of my grandfathers, but it carries lifelong implications.” Including being involved with clan feuds, should one arise. While traditionally Hyperborean moroii clans did not openly challenge Mierin’s own, this was only after hundreds of years of learned experience with the Batory clan, which the Xukuthite clans did not have.

She looked out at the escort fighters. “My grandmother owns part of that company… I suppose it’s interesting that we don’t actually use the S39 in the Sky Force. I don’t think it has so much to do with the fact that we prefer that none of the advanced weaponry we use currently be exported.”

“We will have to make a good first impression, I suppose.” The Batory was aware that in this case, the past was working against them. She followed him out, and took his arm, being sure to gaze around with her practiced imperious air. Casual toss of the long hair of her mohawk, the hair on the sides grown to black fuzz. While she was indeed very impressed with the sight before her, she couldn’t let that on too much. Nor could she reveal her discomfort at the heat. Thankfully it seemed they’d be out of the desert heat soon. “Let’s meet our hosts,” Mierin said, walking down the gantry with her husband.

It's not that we do not love you as a people, we love how your people taste, how they bleed. It's just that you are not our equals and never will be.

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Welcoming beasts

Council attache Gavir Hurn stood on the tarmac before the taxing aircraft from the shores of a distant land that held terrors. It had been before his lifespan that a vessel bearing the mark of an Xukuthite house had been allowed to land within the grasp of his homeland. Every Calussai citizen had been weaned on stories of the darkness, the wicked natures of the demons of that particular race. Perhaps this is why he had brought along eight street judges to act as bodyguards and disciples of justice to those arriving now.

At the appearance of the guests and their security, Gavir offered a slight tip of head and stepped forward towards a spot just over two meters away from where the gantry steps ended and tarmac began. He addressed all of those present. " Welcome to the Kritarchy Confederacy of Siltrin Calussai. I am Council Attache Hurn, representing the High Council and office of My Lord Lithu Everhate." He paused , finding that some of the stories about the demons, perhaps not living up to the pictures and tales presented. However, perhaps it's a facade to lure the unwary. Continuing on.." If you and your entourage will follow me, we shall begin the trip to the High Council Ministry Tower."

A slight turn to his right, and gesture of left arm towards a waiting vehicle, said vehicle was low to the ground and vaguely bug like in it's sculpting. It had six wheels, of which four were on the front end. The front doors open forward and the rear doors open upward like gull wings at his gesture. The boxy looking transport was clearly of HIA make, being the Rihdan (Hunter) Light Multirole Vehicle. The visored bodyguards in black would load up into the that, well with one as the limo driver and front passenger. That would mean Hurn would be within the rear of the limo, right next to four members of a race that were potentially living up to his childhood stories.

The bogeymen, made flesh and bone. Once all seated, the gull wings were closed with a near silent hiss of hydraulics, and locked into place. The security transport led the way, with the limo following behind. Another security vehicle eased into place behind them, another HIA vehicle, this time a Vannad (Ferret) Military Utility Vehicle. Both the lead and the rear vehicle were painted a dark grey in hue, with a singular emblem upon them. A blind statue of lady liberty as a judge with the scales, surrounded by a jagged border, as if gear cog or some such. 'Justice, Truth, Law' written beneathe in Calussa.

He answered questions as they came, but it seemed that the guests were more inclined to watch the scenery pass as they left the aerodome and passed through the first two checkpoints into the grasp of the hive city. On the fourth checkpoint, the dome was driven past, and immediately the glare from outside ceased, and instead the night cycle of the city became apparent. Massive towers reached for the ceiling of the dome, spaced by other smaller ones, uneven sizing littered the interior. People everywhere, crossing streets, eating outside restaurants, and or simply moving from wherever to wherever. Trains ran above ground and below twenty-fours a day, such was the hive.

" To answer your question as to how many people live here, there are twenty-five million citizens in Arvanneth. Second largest city and capitol of the Confederacy." Replied in direct question by Aytep, Regent Lord and a few other titles of the House Hiendor. There was not much of a visible reaction, other then a slight raise of an eyebrow. Perhaps that was something, in truth, he was quite interested in these guests. Calussa in general tended to not socialize beyond their borders, with recent developments being the exception of course.

Kicking and screaming, they'd been dragged into this world and left to their own devices. For centuries they'd been left alone, and now it was a repeat of those dark days, confronting the world once more. Such were the thoughts of Hurn as the convoy crossed one of the great triple decker highways and into the central corridor, domain of the High Council. As traffic flowed about this section of the hive, the lights and the sound of the great city split about an area that while just as jubilantly lit, held more of a sternness to it. The military was present here, while the judges could be seen, they were outnumbered greatly by the urban flecktarn clad troops who manned checkpoints and or were moving much as the citizenry in other areas of the Arvanneth hive.

Their route would take them past this all, and towards a jutting tower that rose above all other buildings in this place. Banners of red, flag of the Calussa emblazoned in the center, hung down from the twentieth floor to just above the heads of those entering through the main lobby doors. Troops arrayed in key areas, and the buildings that arrayed themselves about the main area were styled after Neo-Classical aesthetics. Surrounding the tower, was that of an extensive garden. The immediate southern building was a symbol of military might, while the eastern building was the embodiment of divine authority. To the north of the garden, was the last building meant to provide for the education of the people and stood as a symbol for science and art.

Via vertical elements as a freestanding colonnade set into a tight frame provided by end walls, base, and roof. Termination of the facade by walls instead of columns and the use of the classical device of narrowing the end spacing allow the colonnade to be perceived as an entity, like seeing the forest before the trees. Moreover, a row of columns set in front of a wall always constitutes a figure-ground relationship. Such was the High Council Ministry building, surrounded by the modern and modular buildings just outside of it's range, immediately one can discern it's difference.

The limo pulled up to the range of steps leading to the lobby, and it was here that officers stood at the ready as gull winged doors opened up and out. " After you.." Hurn made a polite gesture towards those in the limo with him, to debark and become fully enclosed by the hive and now the heart of power for many within said hive and the nation itself. Hurn would be the last to leave said vehicle, and also last to see the figure heading down towards the steps towards the group. He managed to slide towards one side and offer a bow of head before speaking to the others.

" May I present Lord Commander Aytep Hiendor, and his wife Vidame Mierin Batory. Their escorts, Casis Hiendor and Knees." Gesture towards each as spoken to the individual before them all. " Might I in turn offer the greeting of Lord Lithu Everhate, Prime Minister and member of the High Council and his aide, Jencara." A gesture towards the man and the young woman beside him, now standing before them. He wore the one piece suit identical to that of Hurn, but it had burgundy trim and a small pin in place just above the heart. A slender man, cresting the age of forty-two, he looked a bit younger then his years would signify otherwise. Grey hair thinly cropped, though what was apparent was a thin smile. Seemingly attached at the hip was the aforementioned lovely young lady, the woman dressed in shades of grey, knee length skirt and looking as professional as Lithu himself. " It's been a long time since a scion of Hiendor has come to visit us. Come, walk with me, we've a bit of time before the council convenes."

" Hurn, you to. Come along." Lithu spoke towards the young attache, and simply bid the group to follow him. He would lead them through the massive lobby, past the scores of administrative workers, soldiers, and others towards a rather large lift that had comfortable seating for the journey upwards. Not that it would take long mind you, but long enough that Lithu could relax a moment or so and really get a good look at what he would be potentially dealing with for some time.
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(Collaboration post with Renor Xukuth and The Batorys in bold)

Aytep made a quick and thorough study of the l'ssa ussen present. The political officer noted in that brief pass of gaze, though a moment was spent to linger on the visor shielded troops. Those must be street judges, they had a menace all their own, more than a simple soldier would. Almost like human attack dogs, just waiting for a chance to pounce. The l'ssa ussen’s adoption of law as almost a religion was a constant source of interest to their former masters.

The transports stole his attention however. The boxy armored personnel carriers he was highly familiar with, seeing as they’d served both sides of the Karthay front. The limousine however, that was not something he’d seen before. It was alien when compared to the escort vehicles, and carried a presence almost not of this time when between such military craft.

Pleasantries exchanged, a slight tip of his head upon receiving information concerning the massive city they had been sped within. Actually, massive was an understatement, this city, was beyond what many back within the Imperial domain might have thought existed within the lands of the l'ssa ussen. It vaguely reminded him of the concept habitats for Mars or Luna, the dome over the vastness of a populated area.

There were so many people on the sidewalks, and in public places they passed within the sleek, electric vehicle, that he almost, almost didn’t notice the troops present. The urban flecktarn of blue, white, and grey allowed the l'ssa ussen soldiery to blend in with their architecture. Only at the checkpoints could they really be seen.

It was here to that his sharp eyes could really discern them. Helmets hadn’t changed from the last skirmish at Oskara, with a ribbed strip on the top, a rigid outer ring, and kevlar cloth bill it identified the l'ssa ussen soldiery. Throw on some extra gadgets such as targeting glass or field goggles and there you had it. When Xukuthite troops engaged them at Oskara, the l'ssa ussen soldiery also wore a kind of cooling backpack, that allowed them to survive the blistering heat of their homeland within the burnt tropical area of the island that Oskara resided.

Naturally the prominent mainstay rifle was also present, proving his words earlier to Mierin, as the mainstays, sidearms and of what he could see for other things were all made by the breakaway corporation, HIA. Soldiers at the checkpoints were universal in carrying identical weaponry unless it appeared for specific roles. For the most part of what he saw however, it was the highly reliable and efficient HBAS bullpup assault rifle. Modular and advanced, this was a far cry from earlier days.

He leaned backward and amidst the attache’s eagerness, softly teased the ear nearest him belonging to Mierin, a subtle nip before he whispered about what he’d seen. Points of interest to be reviewed upon later. It would seem the l'ssa ussen were well beyond the self defense force they normally prattled on about. Out of the corner of left eye, he noted Casis being a bit more observant as well. Even his cousin was showing signs of caution during the trip into the bowels of the city.

The Hyperborean looked around, trying not to look impressed, even though she was. Though she found the Calussai infatuation with law to be somewhat extreme in its intensity, they certainly were capable of quite the achievement in making a home for themselves here, in a desolate land. It made sense, to entirely enclose the city, rather than trying to regulate the climate in each individual building. She had to admire such strength of collective will, to embark on so massive an endeavor. Oh how the business interests would howl if the Batorys were to publicly such a gigantic project. Now then, they didn’t know about Carkosa, though… nor about some other projects.

She affected a casual, almost aloof air. It was always necessary to remain a figure of awe, and also of fear. Deliberate, the flash of her fangs in an occasional smile. Once under the dome, away from the cruel light, Mierin removed her sunglasses, revealing her large eyes with their black irises, darting about to take in the various sights. Like a domed Sarkanotthon, or Sulesar, possibly. She wondered how the dome would look from the top of the tallest spires. Certainly the many trains whisking people about the city were familiar. The “street judges” as they were called here, were considerably more visible, cutting an imposing figure, than Sarkanotthon’s city watch, or that of Istengrad. The garden they rode past was particularly interesting, such greenery in a desert like this. Sarkanotthon’s circular grove around the perimeter of the city was a relatively easy accomplishment in contrast, since the Batory home province received plenty of rainfall in the summer and snow in the winter. While in some ways the city center’s layout was familiar, the architecture itself was quite different from anything in Sarkanotthon, with the Calussa employing Greco-Roman stylings in their monumental buildings.

At her husband’s whisperings, the Batory nodded, laying an arm across him to draw closer, eyes flitting ever so often back to their hosts, pale lips expressionless. That the Calussa had built up their forces was unsurprising. An insular society that trusted no one should be expected to be fairly militaristic, even if they referred to such troops as being only for self defense. She suspected that this would be a hard land to conquer, if it ever came to that. More reason to make diplomatic efforts so that such was unnecessary, then. Even if she could tell that their escort were wary, no doubt due to the past bad blood between Xukuthites and Calussa, the Hyperborean felt no fear. There was little that could be done if their hosts wanted them dead, though there had been plenty opportunity to kill them already.

Soon enough, their ride was over, and they’d arrived at their destination. Accepting Hurn’s gesture, Mierin stepped out of the limo, a smooth motion, yet not done so for any purpose of modesty. She regarded their host, Lord Lithu Everhate, with a smile that although friendly was not that of warm familiarity… though she made a slight lift of eyebrows suggestive gesture at the aide, Jencara. “Thank you for the invitation,” she said, stepping sinuously forward to follow, voice humming with background hiss accompanying its sonorous tones.
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It's not that we do not love you as a people, we love how your people taste, how they bleed. It's just that you are not our equals and never will be.

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Lithu for his part looked as one might of a militant law worshipping people and those that led them through all of the times trying and not. As they entered what appeared to be an elevator of some sort, there were six couches arranged. Clearly this was not an ordinary lift, and as he sat with a flourish, while Jencara remained standing, offering a polite mask towards the pair and entourage that had followed. Two members of the Interior Guard standing near the entry point saluted as the door closed and with a hydraulic hiss, the lift began it's ascent. Lithu began with.." I do hope you two are an adventurous pair, because my offer to visit also coincides with interests that both empower the Confederacy as well set the stage for it's future ".

He absently nodded at the rising counter that ticked off the many levels of the High Council Tower, it was well beyond fifty now, and still steadily churning numbers as they crawled up the side of the building in a special track made for it. " I've been aware of some time of our realm's near zealotry of airships, and of the kind that seem impossible. Notably it would seem the two largest powers that be, do not possess them, or are in the middle of such dealings. So let an old man impress upon the Imperial Domain, and that of the Batory Empire what we in Calussa have been up to."

It was then that the lift slid to a stop with a chime sound, and the doors opened, pulling back to reveal that they were at the top of the tower and it was more like, not it was an airport control station. There, glistening in the artificial light, both built and in pre-stages of such upon great dockworks built into the hive itself, was the airship vanguard fleet of the Confederacy. " Look there scions, forty vessels that hint at the future bright, and if I were to use the words of my consultant, ships of the line ". He did not name the source, but it wouldnt be hard to figure out.

" This is our newest saber I suppose, to draw upon the future of relations with the Imperial Gynecocracy and that of Hiendor. If diplomacy fails, there will not be repeats of past skirmishes, there will be a new response.." He gestured towards the airships again before turning about and then proceeded to stroll towards another area adjacent of the busy control room area. Down some stairs that descended into a hall of sorts, and within it, the individuals of whom had given Lithu their blessings to invite the pair of Hiendor. Lithu turned about as Jencara stepped forward and spoke in an accent that hinted of the Northern Dune Sea. It was smooth but had edges of caustic roughness.

" Judges High and Honored, I present Mierin of clan Batory and House Hiendor, Mistress Regent and Vidame of Roesor. Her husband, Aytep il'Hiendor, First Prince, Lord Regent of Roesor."

" I present to honored guests, High Judge Deshad of Military Operations Overseas, High Judge Siem of Military Intelligence, High Judge Hurra, High Judge Surreen, High Judge Yazmeen of the Finance Ministry and High Judge Elemara of the Technology Ministry." She turned a bit and continued. " These are the highest ranking individuals within the Confederacy, and while it would seem that we are missing several, they shall suffice for any ratification of treaty and or accord with that of the Batory Empire and the Imperial Gynecocracy."

Dashad's exact age was often speculated but since he and his operations were generally classified, it was a mystery to quite a few. He had started growing white hair, and while long, it was braided and tucked back and out of sight. He had the inked imprint of the soldier's mark under left eye, and was currently killing himself slowly with a nicotine habit, one he was currently enjoying as the new arrivals were announced.

His counterpart of the Military Intelligence, Siem held a thin, wiry figure wrapped in the dark grey uniform favored by that branch. He to had the soldier's mark in the same place, but also many runic tattoos of the Eastern Dune Sea tribes. They wrapped about his neck and also shown in the center of his forehead, perhaps bleeding off into his jet black hair. He sported shaved sides, but a stripe of hair that had grown a bit outwards. Unlike his comrade Dashad, Siem preferred a good scotch and of present he was nursing one on the rocks, but it was mostly untouched.

Hurra was not apart of the military, but of the complex it had spawned. The civilian court Judge held sway over many of the lower courts and her attention to law was especially fierce. Named a living saint is a credit few can actually claim, such was Hurra, Saint of the Blind Lady. The woman was in her fifties, greyish white hair cut fashionably short and slicked back so as to appear as a second skin against the scalp. Her eyes of grey contrasted only a bit against the one piece suit of white so worn, it's cuffs and tie of an ebony hue. She had neither the drink nor the cancer addiction, so before her was but dossiers.

In ebony suit trimmed with white was the other civilian judge, Surreen. Like Hurra, an embodiment of the courts, living proof of the near quasi-religion that Law had become within the Confederacy. He was both Judge and Minister alike, able to create sermons of Justice to those so sentence, as well as judgements to punish the offenders. Neither short nor tall, an average of either. Slim of frame, and with a flamboyant style of burgundy tips in the hair set him apart from the others. His hair was short, but not overly so, yet enough that it did not stray past temples. Shaved on the sides as well, but with lines horizontal seemingly cut from said hair to run three deep on either side. He was currently occupied with a virtual display over right eye, of which he turned off upon the arrival of guests.

Yazmeen and Elemara, Judges of Finance and Technology respectively were the only ones of the group to be in near proximation of the other, almost hand holding distance really, and it was no secret that they both fancied one another. Such was the reason that Finance and Technology were often in cahoots together about decisions, so long as such benefited both ministries. They were quite young compared to the others, and this was their trap. Yazmeen was mid twenties, and Elemara was just at the start of the upper twenties. Both had clawed their way to their respective tops and dominated the ministries from then on. As such, their promotion to High Judge status was almost a given.

Yazmeen was quite a leggy brunette with athletic frame and figure. She was of the Eastern Dune Sea province and bore many of the ticks of that area. Almost Nordic like with tanned skin that seemed to gleam as bronze might in the light. Much like another pair of judges, she wore an ebony suit, though the blouse was sleeveless, perhaps to show off the many dancing serpents upon her arms. Elemara on the other hand was a darkly skinned beauty of the Western Dune Sea tribes, and hair to match. Her eyes were of a golden hue as if to match the lipstick so worn and some of the many bracelets and arm bands that made up her look. Her blouse was also styled like that of Yazmeen's, it being sleeveless as well. Though it held an ivory shine, to match the rest of her outfit.

All of the judges were seated at a table of which was broad and wide, nearly two people laid end to end as it were, and at the head of the table, Lithu settled, while Jencara waited by the empty seats. " If you would be so kind as to take a seat My Lady Batory, and My Lord Hiendor. We shall begin."
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(Co-Op post. Xukuth in italics, bold starter for The Batorys)

On the one hand, it was quite interesting to see all that was the l'ssa ussen had accomplished. On the other however, it was also troublesome. Their former charges had built a paradise it would seem in just under half a century, and with it, a sizable defensive apparatus. This worry did not show on the face of Aytep, at least not discernable enough for those unfamiliar with the Xukuthite emotional displays.

He merely shared a glance with Casis, and noticed Kana’s quick nod before attending to his own self and so on. The trip through the lobby was brisk, as it seemed that a tram ride was necessary. It was a short ride, but one that ended quite high up. He assumed such because of the view of the city, there were few towers this high, and the dome, he felt he could almost reach out and touch it. He spoke low to Mierin then.
“Xun nind kyorl l'slyannen 'zil udos xun, harl jal nindol ujool?”

A moment more did his gaze look in the direction of his query before he turned about, slightly adjusting his own tunic as the tram eventually came to a stop. The path led before them was, inspiring, as were the words of their host. The gauntlet had been thrown down, and it may well have been as if a glove had been removed from the l'ssa ussen’s main hand, and slapped against the cheek of Aytep.

The vision of armored airships, a vanguard at least, it was not the image he’d been expecting, nor the declaration from a race that strived for a general isolationist policy. A who’s who of the l'ssa ussen government was also present, though there were a few absentees. He’d ask about those in a moment as each of those present were identified, some he already knew, extensive dossiers on their personality and character.

He spoke in common.
“Well now it’s a party..”

Mierin nodded, although perhaps due to the lack of a vicious history between her own people and the Calussa, she was a bit less concerned. To Lithu she said “while I don’t seek adventure out, if I lacked all appetite for it, I surely would have been passed over in the line of succession, nor would I be an officer in the light infantry.”

While some perhaps would be embarrassed at this spectacle of weapons that her own military lacked, the Batory did not seem to be so, displaying only interest and attentiveness. This new navy of the skies seemed quite large for such a small country, especially one officially committed to an isolationist stance. But then, was there not always somewhat a dichotomy between official policy and action? At the reference to drawing forth this fleet as a mighty saber, she nodded, but did not appear particularly fazed by the threat.

“While I and my clan appreciate the past history between your people and the people of my mate, I can assure you, we are wholly uninterested in a resumption of hostilities, and see the conflict as an unproductive drain on resources for both peoples.” Perhaps a bit cold, but despite their patron goddess’s penchant for vengeance, the Batorys did not particularly like having enemies just for hatred’s sake. Of course, the military needed to prepare for possible conflicts with airship-wielding powers anyway, and so the fact that Callusai had them as well added to that necessity.

Upon being introduced to the High Judges, Mierin’s flirtatious black eyes glanced to each in turn, and she spared a slight nod. “A pleasure to meet you all. I do hope you won’t be passing a harsh sentence on me,” she joked. Perhaps Batory gallows humor would go over well, perhaps it wouldn’t. She took a seat and leaned on the table, glancing to Aytep. “Quite the party, indeed, husband.”

It's not that we do not love you as a people, we love how your people taste, how they bleed. It's just that you are not our equals and never will be.

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To Answer A Raven
[in correlation to events here: Through The Looking Glass

Prior to both Mierin and Aytep's arrival, a raven of dubious nature had graced a desk before all of those introduced to the pair. While before their eyes it cawed, and then incredibly became dust as soon as the cylinder before it clinked against the glass surface, a single wax emblem brought narrowed gazes. Asahi. The so-called Ascendancy was now calling forth all it would seem, to pay both tribute and or become known. A decision had to be made of course, with the scions of two great nations already having landed, a bold move would be undertaken, and the judges that remained would be the ones to make it.

As Jencara introduced both Mierin and Aytep respectively, Lithu had excused himself somewhat to nod towards one of the guards at the door. These doors were unlike anything else, and similar to the elevator tram that they had ridden up, it was an unusual design. The doors were sealed with a heavy clack and the sound of hydraulics, Lith returning as the entire room began to move upwards, and he offered a smile to the pair and their entourage that had accompanied them. " My friends.." He began. " I did mention we were about to go upon an adventure..and so we shall. Tell me, have you ever visited the homelands of the Asahi?" He asked towards the pair as the sensation of rising upon a great lift would last for several minutes.

With a heavy handed connecting sound, and a slight reverberation about the entirety of the room, akin to a small earthquake, but not severe, just a sort of wobbly sensation for a moment or two, there was another feeling altogether. That of movement, of a great beast beginning to propel itself forward. " We as a people have had our representatives present, summoned to the land of the Veiled Ones, and, as it would turn out, perhaps the best course of action to be had, in getting to know both of you. A journey that shall enlighten us to what the scions of both Batory and Hiendor interests are, and to our own." He paused a moment. " And of course getting to know a power unlike any other, that could well in turn serve said interests even further."

High Judge Deshad rumbled his throat some and spoke, his accent was very much like that of Jencara's. " I welcome the both of you as honored guests, aboard the Kritarchy Confederacy Naval (SCKCN) vessel Anahita, flagship of the vanguard, and our transport to the Asahi Ascendancy." He took a deep drag upon his cigarette before continuing, after an exhale of bluish grey smoke that curled upwards lazily. " Your presence should be a surprise to both the Ascendancy and those of the Batory and Xukuthite homelands, as per both leaders of such are already there or about to arrive according to our security services." A faint nod of head towards High Judge Siem of Military Intelligence, of whom tipped his head in return towards his fellow judge and the duo before them.

High Judge Siem, would also make small talk. " Also we can speak of the cultists, and how best to approach that. I understand there is already a development in Havasu concerning them." He didn't even make a mention of the fact that he, the council and now the dynasty duo were enroute to an affair that had called to one, but not the others.

Lithu smiled to the pair and offered a singular response to their own. " Party indeed my friends, party indeed."

Siltrin-Calussai Kritarchy Confederacy Naval (SCKCN) Design
These ships have a very unusual propulsion system. The translational motion is provided by rotation of a closed strip of air-raking panels seemingly inspired by tank treads, which these heavily armored ships seem to resemble. While the technology originally had come from Osea-Yuktobanina, the difference in the original design and the SCKCN one was that the second generation battleships had already been upgraded to a SCKCN only variant of the older Osean design, still retaining its bow profile the difference is its enlarged hull and scaled up rotary propeller treads to give it a superior speed over the original design and a greater range of firepower.

The Anahita (The name of the Perso-Elamite goddess, Anahita. She was associated with healing, fertility, and wisdom) class armed with several cannons, guns and anti-air autocannons which are used for ship to ship comand and anti-anything else forces, and are clad in armor. They have docking and launching bays for SCKCN modified OYFRN airship fighters, notably the High Speed Rocket Fighters. Finally the vessels are able to launch anti-airship torpedoes and depth charges as well as bombs for ground and air bombardment.

It's support vessels, the heavy cruisers were of the Ansar (Arabic for "Helper") class is designed to be an advanced scout capital ship; it is also a combat carrier. Taking design aesthetics between a fish and the assault ship class, the Ansar class is a stealthy amphibious mobile assault heavy cruiser; the ship can act as a boat and/or submarine, allowing the Ansar class to strike near the coast of enemy territory and/or hide itself in the one place no other ship can follow, underwater. This was done considering that SCKCN forces may have to fight against the Rhydinian Hegemony at one point or another.

At first glance, it's merely a large cruiser and it minimizes its threat potential to others. However, if combat is unavoidable, it can unveil seventeen large 2-barreled cannons (8 on the top, 8 on the bottom, and one on the nose of its frame). The nose of the ship is a large armored hatch that can open and unveil its forward anti-airship cannons.

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