Taking Back the Throne: The Invasion of Istevia (TFL only)

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Taking Back the Throne: The Invasion of Istevia (TFL only)

Postby Kashra » Sat Nov 07, 2015 12:06 am

Tyrant’s Sea, 1302 hours 7.6
Empress Xena’s Yacht The Grace
Military Inspections and Reports.

The cool sea air blowed over the deck of the yacht, and even though the Royal guard were fully armored and clothed they could still feel it, they could still smell the salt in the breeze. Empress Xena stood at the rail looking over the water, wearing a bikini bottom that shimmered in the sunlight, and nothing else. She stood up straight and turned as one of her assistants walked over, setting down a tray with a screen and a webcam on it. Staring back at her was a Kashran officer in full regalia standing in front of a company of soldiers. “Ah. Major Karskin. I have been awaiting your inspection reports all day. How goes the preparation for the New Invasion force?” She asks with a raised brow. Her straight soft hair falling to frame her face as her eyes focused on the Major’s eyes.

As she was addressed, Major Karskin looked back at the troops, then back at Empress Xena and gave a salute. “My Empress, the troops are all trained up, well equipped and have been doing amphibious invasion training… We have twenty thousand ground troops prepared for the initial invasion and sixty thousand more in training that will be ready a month after the invasion has started, they will stand no chance.” The screen suddenly split and a Naval officer appeared. “We simply await orders to mobilize and gather on the ships my Empress.”

Empress Xena nodded with a smile. “Good.. Very good.” She then looked to the other screen. “Admiral Misiel. Reports on the ships? Are they ready to go?” Xena sat down in a chair as it was brought behind her, now staring directly at the Admiral as she waited to hear her reports and updates.

Admiral Misiel stood steady, giving a quick salute as well and immediately began listing off. “We have all ships ready to go My Empress. Plenty of destroyers, and carriers, along with gunboats. All invasive amphibious craft are prepared, and we have just finished loading all aircraft aboard. We will be supplemented with long range fighters and transports that will perform rotations to and from the battle sites.” She finished with a lowering of her arm and standing at attention.

A single nailed finger tapped the camera and a smile came across Xena’s face. “Very good. I will inform our allies that Operation Homecoming is ready to be underway.” Her finger tapped a single button and the feed ended. She stood stretching and pulling her hair back into a ponytail, just as a helicopter broke the horizon and zoomed in past the navy gunships that defended the Yacht to land on its helipad. “And here are our long term guests now.” She said with a smile as she stepped lightly across the deck followed closely by her royal guard. The wind lashed against Xena, sending her hair fluttering in the wind as she approached until the helicopter engine died, the pilot getting out and opening the sliding side door, allowing the nobles inside to exit. Xena’s hands clapped together. “Ah my sweet daughter in laws, My dear rulers of Istevia. I’m so glad you could join me. I have wonderful news.”

Inside the helicopter stood three women, clearly differing from the rest by their more ‘informal’ attire, as well as subtly in appearance. In the center stood a tan, blonde haired woman, her ocean blue eyes screening the yacht and her own mother below. She was dressed in little more than a sheer white blouse and thong, leaving little to the imagination, and rather typical both for her former land and her new one. Besides her were her ‘sisters’, in reality more former underlings promoted to sisterhood upon their arrival to Kashra, not that the woman in the middle truly minded.

The one to her left had a rather dark look to her, eyeliner, lipstick, and hair sharing the same, ravenlike scheme, an even more stark contrast to her ivory skin. Her own outfit was more akin to dominatrix wear, befitting a baroness like herself quite handily. Behind her stood two collared ‘slaves’, both on their hands and knees and rather pretty, simply dressed in little more than demeaning words drawn crudely on their bodies with a pen.

Finally, but by no means the least, the woman to her right was dark skinned, and without a doubt the plumpest of the three, though still in rather lovely shape, and also with a fair bit of muscle as well. Her own hair was cut short, and she was dressed the most conservatively, a black sports bra and shorts covering her essentials, displaying a piercing on her navel, rather elegant and sporting a few diamonds along a small royal symbol, a tradition amongst the Duchess’ of her household.

“Oh mother, we arrived as you wished us to.” the woman in the middle gladly announced quite happily and energetic, walking over quite happily to hug her, planting a kiss on her cheeks as well. “Anika and Liandra were squabbling over who would control the Istevian Territories again, the only reason they didn’t tussle it out again was because they weren’t allowed to on the way here.” She added, the two in question glaring at eachother as they walked over to their surrogate mother.

“I would have kicked her ass anyways.” Anika, the raven haired woman replied, tugging on her pets, both of whom game little nods as she spoke, walking humiliatingly behind her, all the while licking and kissing each other's cheeks. “Alas, we’ll settle it later today, so I take it the invasion plans have been readied then?”

Xena simply smiled at each of them as they spoke, the small squabbles only making her smile go further up her lips. ‘Typical young Kashran nobles with a hunger for power.’ She thought to herself. “Oh you two stop. You know that we will make sure everyone rules part of Istevia equally.” She turned and walked away from them, a large reptile not unlike a komodo dragon except with six legs came out of a door to meet Xena, who crouched down to stroke its head. “Yes. Preparations are done, we will be moving post haste likely this weekend. I believe the strategist planned the launching of the vessels from the harbor at three hundred hours.” She stood up and turned back around to stare at them, including the pets who she gave a light but husky laugh at. “Would you like me to keep your girls for you while you are gone Anika?” She said, moving up to Katerina and slowly stroking her cheek.

One of her guard walked up holding a tablet with a clear message in digital text across it. “My Empress, the uniforms you requested for your daughters are finished. They just arrived to the Invasion Force preparation area as requested. Xena nodded and took the tablet and scrolled through it before pulling up several pictures of the uniforms, and holding them out so that her daughters could see them.

“Look at these, I had them custom made for you for the invasion.” The uniform consisted of a button front shirt with the colors of Kashra embroidering it, a pair of tight black leather pants, and calf high boots. One thing that Xena had insisted on was the ranks that normally were reserved for the Empress, but she wanted them to be recognized as rulers in Istevia and she felt it was proper. After turning away with the tablet and setting it on the table she wiggled out of her bikini bottoms. “Who wants to go swimming?” She said, then promptly dived into the water off the yacht.

“Keep telling yourself that, as if you even train on anything other than your little toys Anika.” Liandra herself replied, sweating slightly still, the end result of a small workout she had undertaken in the morning before being sent to her mother. “And they’re beautiful, mother, we shall wear them proudly for you.” Liandra added, kissing her shortly before she shook her bikini bottoms off.

“Whatever Li, I’ll kick your ass off this yacht right now.” Anika spat back at her sister, the two simply staring for a few moments, a strange rivalry already having formed between them. “And yes mother, you can keep them for now, they’re quite good company, really.” She briefly said, only to turn and see that her mother was already in the process of jumping off the yacht, now stark naked by comparison

Katerine herself had already taken off her top, leaving her in her red thong, useful only for covering up her womanhood, and very little else. “Hey, why don’t you two have angry sex after spending some time with mom?” She taunted them, smacking her own rear before taking a dive, hitting the salty water below with a splash.

The two sisters shrugged, Anika stripping herself of her own gear, and Liandra only her top, themselves following in their sister and mother’s footsteps, diving almost simultaneously hitting the warm waters below, only the three sister’s and their mother’s heads sticking above the water besides the yacht.

Atlas Naval Base, 0300 hours 7.10
Invasionary Force Preparation Site
Embarking, and initiation of invasion

The sounds of heavy machinery, booted feets, and clanking weapons resounded across the port, as troops marched in formation to bridges to lead up to their assigned ships. Cranes hauled ammunitions, and vehicles to the desks of the ships to prepare them for transport to Istevia. Major Karskin moved between the formations of troops, easily watching all the assigning of weapons, and the squads and handing out mission pamphlets. An intelligence moved by her and she reached out her hand to grab her arm pulling the officer to face her. “We are attacking Kladostriva as was planned correct?” A nod was what she received before the officer disappeared into the crowds once more. Stepping off easily once more, wearing her combat uniform, but not her armor. She began to review the invasion plan in her head. They would take the beaches near Kladostriva, then begin to besiege the city, pushing through it and then holding onto it until the second force could arrive.

It was then she saw Admiral Misiel and immediately moved up to stand next to her. “Everything seems to be going smoothly Admiral.”

Misiel looked over and grinned “Ah Major. Glad you are here. I was hoping that you would perform the send off speech.” The admiral as always was dressed in her dress uniform, which was a type of leotard with no sleeves, but held her ranks upon her shoulders. On her feet she wore rather sturdy boots that were solid white like the outfit she wore.

Major Karskin looked out once more across the ships bay and up to the bridges, where soldiers who were boarding were being met by Priestesses who were blessing them, making marks on their faces and kissing their foreheads. The women of the Kashran military were well trained and carried only the finest equipment made in Kashra. Karskin gave a nod and walked over to a booth that controlled the loudspeakers, while being followed closely by the Admiral. Pushing the door open, she settled into a seat and grabbed a headset with a microphone, and opened up the speakers that would ring out through all the ships and all the loading docks.

“Soldiers, sailors… My sisters. Today is a glorious day for Kashra. Today we look to the horizon in dedication of bringing true rule back to the land of Istevia! Female rule! We look to reinstate the royal Women who should be sitting upon its throne! Daughters of our Empress Xena herself! We shall have glory! We shall spill blood! We will be victorious!” The speech was short simple, and to the point. That was Major Karskin through and through. As she stood up she looked out the window to see formations of soldiers parting as a squadron of Royal Guard lead the three sisters towards the flagship of the fleet. A enormous destroyer called Adris’ Spear, it had been commissioned for the Empress herself to lead troops into battle from. The ship carried the latest of Kashran technologies such as an extremely accurate radar, missle silos, and cannons. It was a masterpiece of warfare .

The three ‘sisters’, now dressed in their uniforms, would stand triumphantly together as they waited within the port, their previous natures replaced with a more professional tone. They said nothing to the rest of the crew, simply speaking amongst themselves in quiet tongues and smiling. To the three sisters, the time to regain their crowns and restore their ancient traditions upon the unruly Istevian underclasses would come, the reclamation of their former lands at hand, or so they had assumed.

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Postby Istevia » Mon Nov 16, 2015 12:54 am

Kladostriva was in and of itself a rather quiet city, all things considered. Despite its connection to the sea, it was often skipped in favor of other, much larger port cities by foreign and domestic traders, at least for more lucrative fairs. Of course, there was still quite a lot of life in the city, mostly due to its comparatively idyllic nature in stark contrast to the norm, nowhere near the countryside’s levels, but still rather calm.

Of course, the rather quiet nature of the city often meant that it found itself being used for rather interesting tasks, case in point, the refitting of the INV Karthai. Karthai was a rather old carrier, built in the 70’s as one of the Lien class escort carriers. She remained in service alongside most of her brethren due to her robust and easily upgradable hull, as well as rather small size, meant to be easily replaceable if needed, though thankfully rarely needing replacement these days. Of course, even then, danger was always a problem, especially with some of the more well armed pirate groups in certain regions, as Karthai herself learnt rather dangerously after a small naval action. As a result, it now stood in Kladostriva, now nearing the end of its now due refit.

And at its helm stood an old Captain, not that she’d ever admit the former statement to herself. Dressed in the standard naval officer’s uniform, she had proudly served her country long enough to deserve the control of an old reliable flatdeck, albeit one that had returned from a small bout of combat with a rather unpleasant hole in its hull.

The rest of the local fleet, rather small due to Kaldostriva’s low priority, was certainly more modern, if equally conservative and expendable. Made up mostly of the newer Nimaniv class frigates, they were more of a first response force than a true naval force, as most of the Istevian navy proper now found itself elsewhere, tied up in foreign territories and lands.

Of course, as far as most of the nation was concerned, there wasn’t a very pressing need for too many naval ships at home. relations with Istevia’s neighbors were at the very least enough to avoid any possible confrontation, and most of Istevia’s more valuable land stood next to the Ospravian seas, seas that were best left avoided by foreign foes. And in the end, a sizeable naval force could return to face any attacker, adding an extra layer of confidence to the Istevian people. With all that in mind, it was not difficult to see why they thought little (or at least the general public) of any invasion of their homeland.

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