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Postby SACTO ADMIN » Sun Dec 21, 2014 3:28 am


Deep inside Santiago de Cuscatlán is enormous glass built building, serving as Headquarters for Santiago Anti Communist Treaty Organisation. Here, representatives of all member nations reside. Here they take decisions about what do to, and which communist nation to strike next.


    1. Behave civilly and ensure culture and discussion.
    2. Propositions of Resolutions can be given to Commanders
    3. Ensure lack of casual talk.
    4. Each Alliance member has 1 vote, regardless of amount of puppets.
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SACTO policy

Postby New Aeyariss » Tue Dec 01, 2015 4:29 am

Deep inside the halls of Santiago Anti - Communist Treaty organization HQ, a simple echo of steps echoed small wooden stairs as Gen. Takeda Daisuke, Chief of General Staff of the Imperial Nihonese Army, stood up at the oratory place and begun his speech:

"Ladies and Gentelmen" he spoke calmly, looking at his fellow assembled men "It is an extreme honour to stand in here with you today, and a pleasure for me, one which I have yet to thank Heavenly Father for. Therefore, I will not be attempting to speak much about the details, and I will go straight to topic, because I need to refer to many details that are to be moved. Those details are concerning future of SACTO, which, in my opinion, needs some sort of a common vision of how we are going to eliminate the communist menace that threatens our people. A common policy to act as a shield."

General Takeda took a small snip of water, looked at people listening to him, then spoke:

"At first, we need to asses our threat; the communists. It is my opinion that in nearest time, SACTO will NOT be engaged in major inter - alliance war, though that isn't a mus if any communist alliance emerges in near future, quickly gaining members. However, at this moment there are no socialist international organizations threatening SACTO, and IFC, organization that we used to fight with several times, is not only dormant, but in current days far more friendly to SACTO than it used to be in the past. This does not however mean that our victory is close, or that communism disappeared. On the contrary, our enemy will only take new, more clever and cunning form we will have to stand against - and this stand against will prove a challenge for us all."

Looking around, General Takeda proceeded to continue his speech;

"Already in Ozarkhazia, Timurovskian military experienced Ozarkhazian forces fighting asymmetrically. This should be a lesson to us all; that rise of asymmetric warfare, very often employed by even regular armies once they cease to posses firepower matching enemy forces, is a serious threat to SACTO. Additionally, continuing, majority of wars SACTO fought - Chucara, Burma, Transwell, even Aravea, Jakarnapura, Nam Lac etc. - those all were wars limited in scope and means, closed on certain geographical boundaries. Only one major inter - alliance war was fought out of so many conflicts. What is more interesting is that those wars almost always were focused on use of seapower and airpower, with ground warfare occurring only once sea was clear."

Takeda looked at the public. They seemed to be enjoying his speech, but he wasn't done yet. Not when he still had so much to tell:

"Additionally" he begun pointing at giant world map displayed on projector "Another question is related to our mutual defense. In short, how do we intent to mutually support each other in case of invasion? When we look at world map, we are going to see that we are pretty dispersed. We have member states all across the world. Now, in case of direct line attack through border by army using maneuverer warfare, we may not be able to reach our attacked ally in time."

Looking closely around, Takeda displayed graphic with various data displayed on the map:

"We can't also ignore several factors that are now present in the world, that are important. For example, how terrorist groups can influence immigrants to act as power projection means and house terror cells aimed at attacking key infrastructure. We can't ignore emergence of global economy, media system, and the fact that commies will want to use all of this against us."

The final conclusion was to come:

"Saying at last, I can say that typical war waged by SACTO in future will likely be:

a) Limited in geographical scope and in scale.

b) Involving heavy use of Naval and Aerial forces to secure a way for ground forces to land.

c) Heavily influenced by propaganda & psychological operations.

d) Waged against army mixing conventional methodology with unconventional methodology.

e) Influenced by existence of counterattack - by - terrorism methodology fueled by population movements.

f) Unlikely to involve WMDs other than limited scale of chemical use.

g) Impacted by emergence of new technologies such as electronic / cyber warfare etc.

Therefore, I do think that SACTO representatives should discuss our policy in fighting the communism. It is a concern that I do believe our organization has to move.
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Postby Aeyariss » Tue Dec 01, 2015 11:04 pm

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Postby Quirina » Wed Dec 02, 2015 6:31 am

Special Commission for the Delegation of Livania for SACTO
SACTO World Headquarters, Santiago de Cuscatlan, Gran Cuscatlan
The Livanian State
The Great Quirina Republic

ImageAfter the Nihonese general had spoke his words while seeing him remaining at the podium, the Livanian delegation, which was mostly out of the military scene, yet convinced fellow member-states of the Quirina republic to partake their actions on their behalf, began to discuss their issues and observations that can quite expand what was mentioned by Daisuke earlier. "We need to address to this whole community that our basic diplomatic policies do not count with that of SACTO's. They must understand the fact that Livania, and even Quirina, will not compromise the flexibility of our diplomacy to their standardization." One delegate from the Livanian side whispered to his colleague. "I do agree with you, but look here, they only specified the tip of the iceberg. This are not the real problems overall. What our sources had said that there are dormant activities from the Internationalist nations and we are yet to see more from them. Have you remembered the last time their activities boosted high? It was during the time SACTO was not even formed, not even the long-past ACA can even muster against." One even said, doubting the power of SACTO over the hellish internationalists existing. "We should really address this. Mr. John Bernardo Uesugi, are you ready to bring up this concern to this esteemed body by our turn?" Simon Lara, the head of the Special Commission, asked him, which he nodded in agreement

ImageAs Daisuke remains at the podium, Uesugi stood up to complement what he said earlier. "Our esteemed colleague from Nihon says truth and honesty, according to their observation. But must I remind this noteworthy delegates that we cannot standardize a threat so diverse and now so misunderstood, that even ourselves cannot even define. Communist nations are not "Communists" but by name, and this comes to a lot of questions: what policies do we need to tolerate that is not entailing Communism, what grounds should we provide to be able to choose our battles and wars without waging ourselves a blind war against an idea misconducted, and why we need to assert our organization over these Communist filth. With all due respect to our social democratic counterparts in Srbislava and the Commonwealth of Sovereign Democracies, led by the Srbislavnik Republic, they can be termed as communist by practice. They adhere to redistribution of wealth, public property, and strong welfare state. We can even declare war over them simply because of their economic policies that have nothing to do with Livania's welfare and affairs, but this will be absurd."

ImageUesugi continues as he sipped a glass of water from such lengthy proposition. "Because of that, we would need to be certain of the grounds of our qualification if Nation A is suited to be liberated from the Red Menace. We're not just talking about economic systems here, but also other population-rooted systems. There are also cultures that are inherently socialist by nature, and there are also ones that adhere to oppression. Does SACTO see itself destroying these cultures as well? Livania had already outlined its enemies and we are still following the Three Schemata which was formulated by Quirinal general Secundus Quirinus Major since 450 BC in his observation to the war between Athens and Persia, which ended to the favor of the Delian League as the Athenian commander Cimon laid an unsuccessful siege over the Persian-controlled city of Citium in Cyprus, but dies before seeing their victory over the Battle of Salamis, which crushed the Persian navy assigned against the Greeks. With that said, we can still have the chance to veer away from this common enemy and look for a greater one that will grant us victory, even though there will be natural causes along the way that will hamper us to our eventual success. If we apply this to the current situation, we should understand that the enemy is not the name of Communism, but its principles, its roots and its definition. We know for a fact, as mentioned by Daisuke, that the threat became flexible. So. should we also. To sum it up, let ourselves be more reasonable and firm in countering this threat, because we will be assured for the future of our nations that the safety we promise to our peoples here will be guaranteed for the years to come." Uesugi then regains composure as he sits down and murmurs with his colleagues talking about what he said earlier.
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Postby New Edom » Thu Dec 03, 2015 12:45 pm

Lieutenant-General Felicity Romain of the New Edomite Army (who commanded the Strategic Reserve Forces) , Vice-Admiral David Hanneghan of the New Edomite National Navy (Commanding the National Coast Guard currently), and Major-General David Shinhusar of the National Air Force (who commanded Landstrider Air Force Base) were present for the conference. Along with them was Basil Jerome, representing the Foreign Ministry, and officials from the Ministry of Police and the Ministry of Trade. It was an historic moment, for it was the first time that a woman had led such a military delegation. General Romain was one of the most experienced field commanders in the New Edomite Armed Forces. Like most New Edomite senior officers she was relatively youthful, only forty years old. The three senior officers and their staff talked quietly among themselves.
A brief summary of their careers would indicate that each had been involved in major military camapgisn at least three tiems each. Each was considered among the best the nation had to offer for their rank. Romain had gottenher start in mechanized infantry, Shinhusar as a fighter pilot, Hanneghan as a destroyerman.Each was also known for their personal loyalty to the King.

“I should like to start by talking a little of our current military situation in New Edom,” said General Romain. “This will help provide some context to our initial thoughts about what has been said already.

“In our Region, New Edom is facing a communist backed insurgency in the Union of South Ceti, which is one of the nations in the sub-continent of Arcologia, a failed state. The rebels are made up of former military personnel and seem to have been backed by the communist dictatorship of Urdnotia. We are facing tunnel systems, blending with local population, and general assymetrical warfare tactics. Currently we are deplying about 23,000 troops in Arcologia as well as a small surface warfare group providing naval and air support.The area is also rife with warlordism generally including drug lords and pirate groups. Tribal groups are also a problem.

“Communist leadership internationally encourages such warfare; it drains resources and morale, it captures the minds of radicals, students and leftist, and is also popular because it is relatively cheap and cost effective. New Edomite soldiers and their commanders are very experienced in this kind of warfare, but it is grueling and raining.

“We are also bordered by nations like Jedoria and Deadora which are a socialist and feminist state respectively. Tensions remain along our borders. Naval and air power are largely what keep them at bay. So New Edom is regionally forced to play the long game. A network of Regional alliances helps with this, making sure that our allies—the Late Roman Empire, the Shrailleeni Empire and the Empire of Ghant will come to our aid if we are attacked there. However our SACTO allies are far from our own Region.”

She cleared her throat, drank from a glass of water and continued.

“On that note, I should like to adderss the points raised earlier.

“a) Limited in geographical scope and in scale. As I outlined in indicating the context of our national defense situation in New Edom and in our Region of Cornellia, this is definitely true.

b) Involving heavy use of Naval and Aerial forces to secure a way for ground forces to land. We agree with this and have found this consistent with our experiences in Cornellia and also in other conflicts: in the Former Chyeknovostan Repubic (now Pravengria), in Dengali, in [nation[Damoclea[/nation] this is entirely consistent.

c) Heavily influenced by propaganda & psychological operations. In the conflict in Hutanjia where a communist rebellion took place and managed to seize control of some of the islands, this was very true. Lack of cooperation among the allies fighting against the communists is part of the reason why our operations there failed. The national government of the Republic of Hutanjia was inconsistent on this front, as was our ally McNernia. By contrat the Cardwith Islands and Falkasia were both highly committed to unified propaganda and winning hearts and minds. It proved almost impossible to gain useful intelligence agents on the ground there as a result of this.

d) Waged against army mixing conventional methodology with unconventional methodology. Again, consistent with our experience. Many large armies today still try to use the divisional system. New Edom uses a regimental system and has a heavy focus on infantry tactics suitable for urban and bush settings we feel could be useful in cross training with other forces. Our army is small relative to some in this alliance, but is highly professional, ahs excellent esprit de corps and wide experience.

e) Influenced by existence of counterattack - by - terrorism methodology fueled by population movements. I would like to ask that this be defined a bit more clearly. I think I understand what is being said but we’d like some clarification on this point.

f) Unlikely to involve WMDs other than limited scale of chemical use. I agree, and my fellow delegates from New Edom agree that this is rare. Though during the Anarchist War we did have several terrorist incidents involving large bombs in the city of Glasstower in our country. Major damage to infrastructure took place which has taken years to recover from.

g) Impacted by emergence of new technologies such as electronic / cyber warfare etc. New Edom has relatively limited experience with this, and would appreciate information from other nations that have more experience with this as a form of attack. While we have a cyberterrorism division in our Ministry of Police and a cyberwarfare division in our Intelligence Corps, we have not really experienced this as a form of attack.

Romain smiled. She was a handsome woman with the profile of a classical statue, a long nose, red hair and blue eyes, which was rare in olive skinned dark haired New Edom. “Now apologizing for my long winded response—I would like to finish with this statement. General Unwerth, our Chief of the General Military Staff, who could not be here today, wanted me to remind you all of our proposal that an officeer exchange program be instituted in this alliance. I think that all the points raised earlier by the Nihonese delegation suggest that this would be useful as one means to deal with the issues. We have listed some areas of weakness our military forces have, and would be glad of fresh ideas and perspectives. Thank you.”
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Postby Aeyariss » Sun Dec 06, 2015 6:19 pm

Special Imperial Envoy of His Majesty Emperor Raizen dai Shivariii:
General Duke Alexander Kururugi of the Imperial Army

"For once, if we are to talk about policy concerning SACTO as a whole, then perhaps everyone should speak their mind. Perhaps it is about time that SACTO moved forward to become a more broadened military alliance; in the past few incarnation actually since we get rid of Asignazism elements we actually ceased to become a comprehensive military alliance - we no longer have the mutual protection mechanism in place, instead what we have is that we have downgraded into a more offensive military forum in nature, discussing joint military actions only for offensive actions - thankfully no external forces dares to attack member of SACTO conventionally. Lord General, you mentioned of acting as a shield, does this mean that we SACTO will be reconstituting the ancient Axis Defense Pact and renewed it within present context?"

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