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The Evil Diplomats Fact Book

Postby Evil Diplomats » Fri Jun 04, 2010 12:26 pm

The Evil Diplomats’ Factbook


The Non Evil Republic of Non Evil Diplomats (NERNED) is 34,150,400 sq km with 72,653 km of coastline.
The climate of NERNED is varying depending on where you go, ranging from frozen tundra in the far north, to tropical weather in the south, and deserts in the south east. But the average temperature is 14C across the country.

The height variations in NERNED are to say the least extreme; the highest point is 15,000 ft above sea level, at the top of our highest mountain, Mt. Hera, in the Spine Mountain Range, which is the great divide between the cold tundra, and the temperate forests. The lowest point, of dry land would be the fissure located in the bone dry dessert, of the south east, and is measured at 300ft below sea level.

The Natural Resources of NERNED, are abundant and varied, we hold almost every resource on the planet due to the fact of the size of NERNED. But our main resources are Fish, Gold, Iron, and Titanium.
The land of NERNED, is about 65% used by our population, the other 35% is either, uninhabitable, sanctioned areas of nature, or unexplored. Of our 65% about 15% of that is dedicated farm land.
There are no major environmental issues currently in NERNED; the government takes a green approach to all things and is heavily invested in renewable technology.


Almost Everything in NERNED is government owned and run; with the average income tax being at 100% people have almost no money for their own personal use. But even with this there is a simulated, private sector, and citizens still have to find a job. But some don’t and the current unemployment rate is about 8.45%
GDP: 65.2 Trillion NEP
GDP: per Capita: 9,728 NEP
Labor Force: 85% of the country population
Inflation Rate: 1%
Industries: Information Tech, Raw Materials, Medical Research, Clean Military Weapons
Electricity: 0.5 GW Produced, 0.45 GW Consumed, 0.05 GW Exported
Natural Gas: 100 Million Tons Produced, 0 Consumed, 100 Million Exported
Oil: 10 Million Barrels Extracted, 1 Million Consumed, 9 Million Exported
Currency: Non Evil Pound
Exchange Rate: 2:1 or 2 NEP = 1 USD
Internal Debt: $100 Million NEP
External Debt: -$10 Million USD


Not much is known about the time before NERNED was founded on March 30th 2007, but what we do know, is that it was originally named The Republic of Evil Diplomats, until 20 years later when it was re named The Non Evil Republic of Non Evil Diplomats, over the course of 30 years NERNED has colonized the moon around its planet and has a permanent base of about 15 Million people.
Even with such achievements, NERNED does not own the world it lives on, it controls half the planet, and the other half is controlled by 20 other countries. But its foreign Policy has deemed that if a country wants it can become a part of NERNED, it can, but it will not use force, in order to take land, well not much force.

Branches: Army, Navy, Air Force, Secret Operations
Man Power: 13 Million
Percent of Population: 3%
Expenditures: 8% of Annual Budget or $5,219,904,047,379.84 NEP
Percent of population fit for active military duty: 75%
Number of citizens that become of military age every year: 10 Million
Politics & Government
Name: Non Evil Republic of Evil Diplomats or NERNED
Government Style: Republic
Capital: Non Evil Capital
Administration Divisions: Provinces and Territories
Date of Founding: March 30th 2007
National Holidays: March 30th, October 16th, February 15th, December 25th

All citizens have the right to life, liberty, and pursuit happiness.
All citizens have the right to do, say, or make anything so long as it does not inflict on other’s freedoms
All citizens have the same rights. There are no distinguishing factors between, the rich and the poor, the white and the black, or men and women.

UN Category: Inoffensive Centralist Democracy
Country’s Parties: The Evil Diplomat’s Party 98%, The Independence Party 1%, The Religious Party 0.1%, The Soviet Party 0.9%

People and Population
Total population: 6.670 Billion
Median age: 29
Population growth rate: +7%
Net migration rate: 4%
Life expectancy at birth: 93
Nationality: NERNED’s
Ethnic groups: All, plus Unicorns
Religions: Very few religions are in NERNED and only about 0.5% of our population is religious, and they are mainly Buddhists
Languages: English 90%, French 5%, German 4% and Spanish 1%
Literacy: 99.9%

Country code: 3.14
Number of televisions: 7 Billion
Number of telephones: 8 Billion
Number of cell phones: 5.5 Billion
Number of radios: 6.1 Billion
Radio broadcast stations: 100 Million
Major Radio broadcasters: 5
Television broadcasters: 9001
Internet service providers: 10 Thousand
Internet users: 5.9 Billion
Web TLD: .nerned

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