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New North Islington Embassy Program

Postby New North Islington » Sun May 02, 2010 2:39 pm

Welcome to the New North Islington Embassy Program.
The federal government of New North Islington, as a result of federal referendum #238 has officially opened applications for foreign nations to open an embassy in our nation. However, do to the unique constraints posed by being an asteroid settlement, there are a few extra rules represented nations must oblige by. Detailed below is everything you would need to know before setting up an embassy, although it would not hurt to look through the factbook either.

New North Islington is located roughly 155 million kilometres away, which is between 15 and 25 days away, dependant on method of transport (Nations with faster than light drives are kindly asked to avoid re-entering real space within one million kilometres to allow the Naval Control Centre time to process landing vectors and other important information about your craft). Transport to and from Earth is supplied, however you may use alternate methods of transportation as well.

The embassies themselves are contained on Asteroid 4, in the city of Alexandria and the dome Alexandria1. Alexandria one is 15 kilometres across and holds the New Library of Alexandria, the national library of NNI, at it's centre. The embassy plots are placed in a series of concentric circles around the library, with each ring containing five plots and named after a greek letter (Alpha, Beta, Gamma etc). The further from the library, the larger the plot, however, the less height above the embassy and the further from the main maglev station.

Embassy Buildings
Alexandria takes it's architectural styles from the Victorian era, and as such borrows heavily from Greek and Roman design. It is expected that embassies should conform to this, however, buildings within walled compounds are allowed a little more leeway.

Rules, Regulations and Statutes
1) The Ambassador, his family and immediate staff are given diplomatic immunity. If this is abused, the offending member of staff will be asked to leave. Staff who refuse to leave will either be deported (in case of Ambassadors and family) or be stripped of their immunity (in case of staff).
2) Embassy staff NOT in the Ambassadors immediate retinue will be given diplomatic immunity for actions undertaken under orders. This does not apply for actions undertaken on their own conscience.
3) The Embassy may house a staff of up to 50 diplomats. Staff of 20-30 is the norm.
4) The Embassy will be guarded by the ISF, however the Embassy may choose to employ up to fifty of their own guards who may carry light firearms or ISF issue C.R.E.W.S. (Coherent Radiation Emitting Weapons System, debilitates target, can kill with repeated fire).
5) No vehicles are allowed within any arcology dome. Embassy staff will be assigned priority armoured transports for use within the domes.
6) Embassy staff may be asked to vacate the dome at any given time for a given period of time. This may be for repairs or due to an emergency. Failure to do so will result in deportation.

Local Laws You May Wish to be Aware Of
1) The ISF are both the internal military force (think National Guard or Territorial Army) but also the police force. Whilst Embassies are deemed extraterritorial, in the event of a nation emergency (such as terrorist attack or meteor strike) Embassies may be asked to field ISF agents on short (under 24 hours) notice.
2) New North Islington is a secular society. Places of worship may not display religious signs or contain architecture differing wildly from the surrounding area. There is no restriction on what may be done to the inside of a building.
3) Embassy staff (not Embassy Guards) must comply with the gun licensing laws. I.e. they may not possess a firearm.

Current Embassies





Application Form

Code: Select all
[b]Represented Nation Info:[/b]
[size=85][b]Name of Country[/b]
[b]Head of State:[/b]
[b]Foreign Affairs Minister or Equiv:[/b]
[b]Government Type:[/b]
[b]Ambassadors Name:[/b]
[b]Ambassadors Family:[/b][/size]

[b]Ambassadors Staff Info:[/b]
[size=85][b]Number of staff in retinue (0-10):[/b]
[b]Number of staff total (0-50):[/b]
[b]Number of guards (0-50):[/b]
[b]Will you be hiring locally?:[/b][/size]

[b]Security Detail:[/b] Omit this section if you have no guards and are happy with the ISF
[size=85][b]Level of Training:[/b]

[b]Embassy Information:[/b]
[size=85][b]Location:[/b] Ring, Number
[b]Will you be hiring builders locally?:[/b][/size]

[size=85][b]Special Requests:[/b]
[b]Would you like to initiate formal relations?:[/b]
[b]Anything else?:[/b][/size]
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