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The Eternal Lunatic Pandora of Nihilis Ubique (FT)

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“Up to my neck;
When I'm breathing without you.
Up to my eyes;
And I'm seeing without you.
We'll start a fire
And burn some bridges
And make it out of here tonight.”

Faction Name:
The Eternal Lunatic Pandora of Nihilis Ubique (Nothing, Everwhere), The Prosperan Astra Empire – Formal
Prosperan, Snowian - Informal
‘Dead Snow’ – Very Informal, Archaic


Date of Founding:
Y325MWG34M (Year 325; Milky Way Galaxy; Thirty-fourth Millennium)
Y1AG34Ml (Year one; Ancerious Galaxy; Thirty-fourth Millennium)

Usually abbreviated to Y325/34M. Days and months tend to be less important to Dead Snow.


Flag/Symbol: ... 1519388611

Majority Species:
Human, ’enhanced’ Human

-Significant Races:
Prosperan 99%, Other 1%

Skitarrea (Extinct)


Languages Spoken:
Galactic Standard (English)

-Official Main Language:
Prosperan, Archaic English

-Other Languages:


Outright Monarchy, with Queen Snow at its head.

She rules Dead Snow as outright monarch, with a Council of Elders to form the top ring of governance. Further to the Council sits the Administration, an elected body of governors. The Administration is responsible for the day to day running of Dead Snow, while The Council meet for more important issues. Within the Council sit Aesthear; Havelock, Thalr and Rheyddyn. There are four main bodies of The Administration, Internal Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Internal/External Security and Research and Development. These four offices are subdivided into further, smaller and more specialist offices.

-Main Ruler:
Aesthear Snow-Cherry

-Figures of Power:
Havelock, The Baron, Lovecraft, Gigear, Thalr, Rheyddyn


Empire Culture:
Industrious people, self-supportive and extremely xenophobic and fearful of what lays ‘beyond’. There is some sort of general ‘class’ system, with very little difference between the classes, except for the Royalty. There is a diverse range of peoples living within Dead Snow, with extreme sense of community and ‘help thy neighbour’ due to a heavy xenophobia. Cities tend to be over-populated and the expansive countryside is sparsely populated, much land is given over to agriculture and bionic factories. Dead Snow’s flora and fauna population is booming due to green energy and initiatives. Society, architecture and lifestyles can be compared to a futuristic Victorian Period.

-Class System:
There is a basic class system, but very little differences in lifestyles or incomes until you reach royalty. This has developed over time as The Queen has rebuild society in a fair and undivided construct. There is some homeless populations within urban zones, but this tends to be more of a choice than necessity. The prison system can breed more criminality, although usually reoffenders end up back in prison; the cycle is fairly contained. There is no such thing as overcrowded prisons.

-National Views of Themselves and Others:
Prosperans generally see themselves as superior to most other species in the known galaxy(s). They are most likely to see other ‘human’ species on a more level playing field. They believe heavily in their Queen and without her lead they have nothing. Prosperans care not for creed or religion, at least for now. Live and let live kind of people. However, they have been known to wage war without mercy and complete razing of planets.

The general education level of a Prosperan is very high. Staying within the education system is mandatory until the age of 21, with a freedom to choose their own career paths. It is a heavily state-funded operation.

-Daily Life:
A working day consist of generally nine hours, however there is much variation over the employment sector. The working week is usually six days, although for most of the summer hours it drops to five over seven. There is a heavy emphasis on family life. People are generally allowed to do what they want, as long as it doesn’t infringe on another Prosperan.


Religious Beliefs:
“There is no God, Only the Queen.” – Unnamed Prosperan
There is no official Church within Dead Snow as it stands now. The people believe in their Queen over anything else. Heretics have been known to burn at the stake.


Economic System:
General Communist themes throughout the economy with Dead Snow, however they can heavily tariff external goods. The economy has continually grown since the reformation, unemployment is generally unknown. Work can, and will be assigned. There is very little difference between the highest and lowest earners, wealth and poor are an archaic thought.

-Currency: Keskyr. 1ky is roughly 1.5 Galactic Credit

-How Goods/Services Are Acquired:
Generally purchased or traded. Bartering is a big thing within Dead Snow. Dead Snow is entirely self-sufficient, procuring all resources from within their holdings. The service industry is heavily populated with drones, droids or other mechanical beasts.

-Empire Trading:
Dead Snow rarely needs to reach out to other Empires, but has historically relied on other Empires for military needs and technological needs. They have refrained from developing a taste for the exotic, it was alien and deadly.


Dead Snow holds around 10 Star Systems within the Beta Quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy, named The Snow Waste Systems. The home system is the Prosperan Star System, the others hold no real population centres. They are heavily mined and used for the abundance of resources for the ever churning machine that is Dead Snow.

Prosperan Star System:
The Prosperan Star System is a small, yet diverse system. The system is a rare double star system, which contains five planets, with 18 moons spread across the planets. The stars orbit each other, with the planetary bodies locked in their gravitational grasp. Both are middle aged stars, with a diameter of ~100,000km. Hanging in near orbit are massive arrays of solar satellites that harvest solar energy, one of the main energy resources.

The closest planet to the stars is Rheyddn, formally known as Prospero. It sits within 87 million miles of the sun, therefore being the hottest planet within the system. The surface temperature range is from 23 - 68 degrees Celsius. It's diameter ~28,000km, one of the smallest planets in the system. Rheyddn holds within it's orbit five moons, ranging in size from a few thousand kilometres to a few hundred kilometres. In its orbit it also holds Station Gamma, the main naval production yard for Dead Snow. Rheyddn has a populaton of around 2 billion.
The second planet to orbit the double stars is Thalr, situated within the best orbit for life to flourish. Its mean temperature range is 12 - 30 degrees Celsius. It's diameter being ~32,000km with eight moons in orbit, with a similar size ration to Rheyddn. Thalr is the system's capital planet, holding the main governmental organisations. It is also the most heavily populated planet with around 2.5 billion inhabitants. Thalr's orbit also contains Station Alpha, the grand floating palace of Dead Snow.
The final full planetary body to encircle the system is Aesthaer, a small mining colony. Here heavy industry sits. It's diameter is that of 10, 000km and an average temperature of - 10 to 15 degrees Celsius. Within it's orbit sits another five moons, along with Station Zero; a research and development station. The population of this planet has only reached 0.5 billion.

Frehjl was a rouge planet that meandered through the galaxy for hundreds of years, eventually passing through the Prosperan system. It passed close enough for the double sun's gravitational pull to grapple the planet into a steady orbit around themselves. It has a diameter of 12,500km with an average temperature of -18 to -38. There are no people living on Frehjl.
The final planet, although not fully classified, is Alpha Alpha 8, a gas giant. Another reserve of many natural resources.

There lies a fairly equal distance between each planet of around 56,000km, give or take. The end of the star system is marked by a large asteroid belt, which again is mined for the rich resources it has to offer.
Located throughout the system are beacons, which serve two purposes. The first being the transport of data; communication being the main data sets transported. The second feature of these beacons is a sensor array, these work in conjunction with the massive sensor arrays that are located on many of the system's moons.

Planetary Geography:

Rheyddn is a rich and luscious planet. The surface is broken up by three giant oceans, covering around 58% of the planet. The remaining 42% is land, which is covered with lush forsets, both temperate and tropical. Mountain ranges span a lot of Rheyddn's surface.

Thalr has a more cold climate, with only 40% of the surface colonised by oceans. The rest of the land mass is, again, covered with forests and massive mountain regions.

Aesthaer is even colder than the other two. Only 43% of the surface is oceans, and most of that remains frozen for much of the year. Forests are lacking on this planet due to the powerhouse of mining that operates on this planet.

Frehjl is a planet that is completely lock in an icy death grip. The 38% of surface that is ocean is completely locked away by ice. The land mass is covered in snow for much of the solar year.

Natural Resources:
Prosperan space is rich in natural resources, making the empire completely self sufficient; up to a point. Oil and gas reserves have been all but depleted, coinciding with the discovery of Deutrium, a super heavy element which had vast potential as a new energy source. Metals are still mined both an Aesthaer and the asteroid belt, with enough reserves for many generations. The main industry in Dead Snow is the Prosperan Mining Company. With advancements in the field powering a new industrial revolution. This industry had rendered a lot of the landscape polluted and unable to flourish, therefore years have been spent producing the Terraformer; this allows dense heavy polluted air to be cleaned, the waste products being recycled back to other industries. With the end of the civil war, vast swathes of land were dead or dying, but today they are flourishing and fields of plenty can be grown.



The Navy was established as the growing fear of attack for other star-nations grew. The Empire wanted to be able to protect it's own star-borders and those of it's allies, if the need arose. The Navy and Marine Corps are held with high esteem and respect within the Empire, as the elite army to join. They are the first port of call in a military situation. During the civil war, ~80% of all military resources were lost. This crippling blow pushed for a more advanced war fleet. During the following years, Dead Snow's R&D team were in overdrive to produce a replacement to an aging fleet.

There are four main types of war-ships; Dreadnoughts; Battleships; Cruisers; and Destroyers. The Cruisers are the main workhorse of the Navy, with Battleships being deployed to ensure dominance of the warzone. Destroyers are there to escort and defend larger fleets/ships from small-range enemy attacks. The larger types of ships (Battleships/Cruisers) have the ability to transport large numbers of Marine Corps. Most war-ships take around 4/5 years to complete construction, and around another month and a half to fully load and make ready for war. There are multitude of various other vessels, from support to transports, from colonization to mining.
The Navy has around 320 ships. These ships have been divided up into 'BattleGroups'.
An average BattleGroup consists of: 2 x Dreadnoughts; 6 x Battleships; 20 x Cruisers and 4 Escorts. Which equals 32 ships in a single BattleGroup. BattleGroups have different load outs depending on the field of battle.
The Navy holds 10 BattleGroups.
BattleGroup Einstien - ACTIVE
BattleGroup Advent - ACTIVE
BattleGroup Prospero - RESERVE
BattleGroup Pandora - RESERVE
BattleGroup Thalr - RESERVE
BattleGroup Aesthaer - RESERVE
BattleGroup Ice - RESERVE
BattleGroup Snow - RESERVE
BattleGroup Thunder - RESERVE
Battle Group Storm - RESERVE
BattleGroup Chaos - RESERVE

Ship Classes:
WIP ugh so much to do!!!!!!

Marine Corps:
Total man power: 654,000
This division of the Empire's military are a team of highly trained, highly skilled and highly specialized group of men/women. Since joining the Army, soldiers are able to choose if they want to advance to the Marine Corps, a somewhat more respected army. If they request so, they under go strict regimes and biological augmentation. Their entire skeletal structure is strengthened with adamantium, there muscle tissue is bulked out with snyth-muscle. Their senses are honed and reaction times increased. They are essentially super-soldiers, especially compared to the Army.


The Battlesuit is the signature piece of equipment used by the Naval Forces - the armor is vacuum-rated, due to a MCP (Mechanical Counter Pressure) undersuit. The armor provides numerous advantages in the field, including ballistic protection, temperature control, as well as thermal insulation against extreme temperatures experienced during atmospheric entry, via drop pods, and thermal protection from energy weapons. The body armor consists of titanium and ceramic composite armor plating to give the user added protection - along with HUD and Communications Systems to give more situational awareness to the wearer. The HUD also has night vision, thermal vision and telescopic vision incorporated . The suit also includes a rebreather for toxic/inhosbitable atmospheres. This, and the weaponry that comes with it are scavenged Dead Snow technology. Hence the need for special training and elite forces.


First Contact Procedures:
Highly suspicious of new races, and generally unwilling to meet with them; unless there is something for Dead Snow to gain from these species. Dead Snow is willing to work with other Empires for the ‘greater good’, however they are more than willing to throw others under the proverbial Cruiser if it suits them. Dead Snow has been known to salvage whatever they can, retrofit and then use within The Empire. Many times have Dead Snow encountered their galactic neighbours throughout the tumultuous history of the Empire. Some ended with membership with GESO; others the complete and utter destruction of opposing forces



The standard engine of Pandorum warships is a reaction-less drive. The drives use a substance called Claudia, a fluorescent blue ore, which dissolves completely when immersed in water. Liquid Claudia when pressurized produces distortions in gravity, which equals thrust. The engines are powered by steam turbines; these turbines also pressurize the liquid Claudia to the point where it produces thrust. These are highly efficient closed circuit steam turbines which loose zero water/steam outside the circuit.
Standard ‘Steam Drives’ consist of three boilers, including the steam turbine, which can be brought online to increase speed when the need arises.
For the engine to work at maximum efficiency/power it has to be ‘fed’ a supply of Claudia, a kilogram of Claudia can produce several gallons of fuel and power the ship for a day under ‘normal’ conditions.


Mass Sensor (Gravitic Sensor):
This devices senses gravity fields/waves/particles/whatever, it uses this signals to detect concentrations of mass. The easiest of these to detect are stars, planets, and moons. However. If you're close enough, or your sensors have a high enough resolution, you can even detect the mass of ships. This is used to get a rough estimate of how big a ship is, and how much of a threat it might pose. The advantage to these sensors are that changes to gravity can be detected instantly, no matter the range. So, if a ship suddenly warps/jumps in, the gravitic sensors will detect it's mass almost instantly. Assuming a perfect environment anyway.

Synthetic Aperture Radar Drones:
These are small drones, usually employed in numbers, which are launched into wide formations around the ship. These drones take multiple images, which when constructed together, show a picture of what is happening in any given area. This is useful for seeing images of ships/planets/celestial bodies/whatever in perfect resolution.
The drones also employ EM radiation using wavelengths above and below the visible spectrum, which can provide the simple structure and composition of a ship. Although, if the target has shields or defenses that scatter or disperse EM energy (anti-laser or anti-particle beam defenses count), then those shields will scatter the scans. Drones also use LIDAR radiospectrography.


Torpedoes are guided munitions, fairly slow (relatively speaking) compared to shells. These munitions are xxxxxxxx Torpedoes are guided by a highly advanced AI, guiding them right up until detonation. There is also a very basic point defence system, able to defend the munitions from destruction. They come in a variety of models. They are colour coded for easier recognition:
Red: Nuclear warheads
Blue: Antimatter warheads
White: AP warheads (They have more fuel to accelerate them faster for proper KKV impacts using the weight lost from the heavy warhead)
Green: Gravitic warheads. (This uses a gravity generator in the missile. When it hits the target, it can dial up the local gravity generator to potentially dozens of G's, which would slowly/quickly tear the enemy ship apart. Extremely useful against faster moving targets.)
Purple: GRASER warheads (essentially bomb pumped GRASERS)

All war ships field different sizes of ‘big’ guns. They are auto-loaded linear weapons firing large shells towards enemy ships. These ‘guns’ are actually mass driver cannons, a form of rail-gun. The shells are accelerated to almost 2-2.5% the speed of light. Again, there are varying types of shells:
Red: Nuclear Shells.
Pink: Standard ‘slug’ shells.

'Ghetto Blaster' AKA Toroidal Plasma Accelerator Cannon (TPAC):
A newer weapon slowly being introduced across the fleet is the Toroidal Plasma Accelerator Cannon (TPAC). The weapon uses the basic principles inherent in rail-gun design; only instead of using linear rails, the weapon uses two concentric cylinders. A payload of liquid mercury is introduced in the gap between the cylinders. When a high-energy electric current is applied to the assembly, the mercury is instantly vaporized into a plasma state. The electric fields continue to accelerate the plasma into a ring shape as it passes up the barrel of the weapon.
When the plasma reaches the breach of the weapon, a final electrical field is applied which causes the plasma, which by now has assumed a "smoke ring" shape, to form its own limited internal magnetic field. It is this magnetic field which sustains and confines the plasma as it travels outwards. This field is not self-sustaining however, which limits the range of the weapon to a few lightyears. On impact, the magnetic field confining the plasma collapses, and the plasma washes over the target, creating circular burn patterns.
There are many draw backs to this, the main being the release of mercury vapour; a highly toxic substance to most biological creatures. The Empire is looking for ways to store this safely and use it as a weapon.

Point Defence Systems:
The point defence repeater cannons fire 1-2” shells on an almost constant basis, due to being chain fed. They are mainly used for tracking fighters and other small craft. These systems can be used to shoot down enemy munitions before they strike the craft.

There are two main types of communication systems in use in the Navy; the first being a standard ship-to-ship/ship-to-planet (or celestial body) communications, loosely based on morse-code.
The second being; ansible-based FTL communications, which are highly incrypted and for fleet-to-fleet/fleet-to-command communications.

Other communication systems include laser communications which is an optical communication technology that uses light propagating in free space to wirelessly transmit data for telecommunications or computer networking. Quantum based communication systems are also used within Dead Snow. Its application is protecting information channels against eavesdropping by means of quantum cryptography. The most developed application of quantum cryptography is quantum key distribution. QKD describes the use of quantum mechanical effects to perform cryptographic tasks or to break cryptographic systems. The principle of operation of a QKD system is quite straightforward: two parties use single photons that are randomly polarized to states representing ones and zeroes to transmit a series of random number sequences that are used as keys in cryptographic communications.

War ships in the Navy are armoured with heavily reinforced adamantium composite, the strongest metal known to The Empire. It has been known to with stand direct hits for a 24” shell. This composite material consists of ceramics, nano mesh, super plastics and more to resist heat better and disperse impacts. It helps to reduce spalling when rounds penetrate, which means Dead Snow gets a much more viable and advanced armour type for little addition to basic adamantium. It also has properties which withstand atmospheric re-entry, although this is only used by the smaller class Star Ships.

The main shielding units in the Navy are Void Shields. The shields use slipspace technology to displace ranged attacks. Void shields have two layers; the first just neutralizes the warhead/shell/whatever and the second can transport it directly into slispace, leaving the ship un-scathed. Void Shields can be re-activated after being collapsed, even during battle. In combat, Void Shields do not protect from close combat assaulters or other vehicles moving through them. On vehicles with multiple Void Shields, or Void Shield banks, it has been said that void shields must be calibrated to overlap perfectly or "weak spots" can occur. They appear to be undetectable to anything but direct visuals, and can cause catastrophic Void Shield bank failure if power failure occurs. Void Shields are also said to whine audibly when active, and fizzle against one another when touching or overlapping. Most ships have multiple generators, so if one fails the second can be set up straight away.
Due to newer technology being fielded by other Star Nations that can render Void Shields useless. Dead Snow has started to rely on two other back up shielding systems. The first of these is a basic energy shielding, easily overloaded by enemy munitions. Secondly there is back-up particulate shielding.

Power Plant:
See Engines.
The power plant is a steam turbine, with a Claudia-water reaction.

The FTL travel for the Empire is called The Ether, where-by the vessel ‘slips’ into an alternate dimension full of tunnels, leading all over the universe. These tunnels have to be mapped, as to plot a correct course to the destination. There are fixed entry and exit points, but the Empire has developed artificial ways to create entry/exit points. There are highly unstable, and it still needs work for them to be used in a generic situation.
Unfortunately, to be able to travel in The Ether the ship must be shielded at all times.

These ships are built to last. For generations in the ideal situation. They are heavily reinforced and armoured, meaning they are fairly slow to manoeuvre. But as an advantage, the ships can sure take a pummelling before any serious structural damage is caused. Obviously, they are some weapons fielded by Star-Nations which would render this void.


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