Magna Orbis Terrarum - Sign Up & Map Thread [MT, Open]

A place to put national factbooks, embassy exchanges, and other information regarding the nations of the world. [In character]
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Magna Orbis Terrarum - Sign Up & Map Thread [MT, Open]

Postby Helvianir » Sat Aug 05, 2017 9:19 am


Magna Orbis Terrarum, the Great World. A new closed-world modern tech roleplay region.

Magna Orbis Terrarum is a region open to anyone wanting to get rid of creative barriers and exclusive clubs. In Magna Orbis Terrarum, you can create your own story without the fear that you may do something that is not realistic.

Nations in this region, try to be unique, from unique cultures to believable religions, to ancient bloodlines feuding over each other for centuries to the plain weird, and no nation has to be either a superpower to mean something or be irrelevant. Not only that, in this region, your views matter, if you believe that the region could do better, we would want to hear about it, decisions are made by us all, not by a select few.

Unshackled creativity
There are no molds here, in fact, you will be pushed to be creative as can be, worldbuilding is as big of a deal here as roleplaying as your nation and characters is. Go create that fictional language, go make up that culture and go, design those religious beliefs, you don't need to be a Germanic Nation or another United States, you can be, you. Tell us why your nation does what it does, it makes sense to you, it surely should make sense for us, and as a group, we will figure out a way to tie all that lore together into one intricate web.
Magna Orbis Terrarum is not earth, it's the world waiting to be made

Direct Democracy
Ever been to a place where you didn't make the difference? Tired of those few who make decisions? We aren't a country club, we are a community, and communities decide together. Magna Orbis Terrarum embraces the idea of direct democracy, when decisions need to be made, we will ask the region for their input, if it's an overwhelming yes, we go ahead, but if people say no, we will not go ahead, We will listen to each other, and respect each others opinion. But if you have ideas, don't be afraid but put them on the table, and if you have issues, don't bottle them up, but spill them out.

Join us!
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[b]Main culture/ethnic group:[/b]
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[b]Government type:[/b]
[b]Nation description (atleast a paragraph):[/b]
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Postby Vashta Nerada » Sat Aug 05, 2017 9:49 am

The Basics
Full IC Name: Sovereign Union of Meridia
Population: 250 million
Main culture/ethnic group: Meridians
Language: Meridian
Main religious group: TBD
Government type: Meritocratic totalitarian democracy
Nation description (atleast a paragraph): The Sovereign Union of Meridia is a large nation located within the island of Tumor. Home to some 250 million citizens, the Meridians are renown for their strict rationalist and materialist outlook on culture, society, and political goals, though deeply religious and philosophical in their reasoning and livelihoods. The country is noted for its neutrality in foreign affairs, and refusal to interfere in matters considered beneath the notice of the state. The distant behavior of the Meridian nation is such that many other powers often fail to understand how best to interact with the government and people of Meridia.
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