Imperium Information Archives (Maintenance Thread)

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Imperium Information Archives (Maintenance Thread)

Postby Telros » Mon Mar 27, 2017 6:03 pm

Imperium Information Archives

Welcome to the Imperium's Information Archives (I3), the center of the Imperial Data Network, I-NET, the stellar network of information and news accessed by the citizenry, military and government officials all the way up to the Archon.

Facilitated by the secure QE Satellite Arrays and the more numerous but slower data runner ships, they are kept up to date with news reports from within and without the Imperium, holding records of its past, scientific discoveries and on-going events.

To understand who the Imperium was, what it is now and what it moves forward into the future to be, the Archive is the place to get your answers.

Now, citizen, what is your query?

((OOC: This is the news/maintenance thread of the Tezekian Imperium, shared with the Happenings thread for events/news reports/small stories that don't deserve their own thread. Please do not post in this thread. If you have questions/requests/ideas, please telegram or Discord me. Thank you.))

Oh and please, don't post in this thread. Thank you.))
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Postby Telros » Thu Mar 30, 2017 8:52 pm

The screen turns from the latest episode of the adventures of Wings of Purple traveling in the Perseid Federation to the sight of a pink-plumed Tezekian sitting at a white desk, wearing a bright green shirt with a black jacket, a holographic pad in her hand that is put down as she realizes she is on camera. The screen behind her flicks to display the symbol of the organization as they prepare to start. Her crown feathers ruffle as she sets herself straight and is looking off to the side for the countdown. When it reaches one, she speaks, her tone upbeat and energetic.

“Thank you for joining me, Talon of Pink here with your news report for today.

To begin with, as many of you already know, we have experienced a tragedy on the Romnas Trade Lane three weeks ago. Reports have finally come in and analysts have examined the data and we have constructed a rough timeline of the events that transpired.

The anchor reaches over and presses a key, and the projector built into her desk, which projects itself into a 3d display that realizes itself into an accurate rendition of the trade lane. The screen behind her displays facts and names, pictures of leaders of the various groups involved and so forth.

“Around 2:30 Galactic Time, as traffic peaked and strained the forces of System Security and Directorate Navy assets, several FTL points were identified by long range scanners and pirate and raider ships of numerous origins entered the system. Tushan's Heroes, Cracked Bones, and many other famous groups began to engage the ships in the lane, who began to scatter as the attack began. Military and security forces closed in, engaging the raiders. As we have seen time and time again in recent months under the pall of these attacks, we simply didn't have enough ships to counter the assault.

The screen shows over thirty ships entering the system, in six groups of five, and move to hit the lane, kinetics and energy weapons discharging into the ships of the lane, with explosions being seen as the weakest of the ships start to succumb. The defenders launch into action with practiced effectiveness, fighters launching from their bays, while hail of kinetic shells and trails of torpedoes lashed out to strike at the pirate fleet. Some of the fleet turned to engage the defenders, while some remained focused on the trade lane.

“As had become protocol, they had called for reinforcements as it became clear they couldn't handle this threat alone. The nearby colony of Tinamous provided that support, lending all but a handful of ships for their defense to aid in the effort. With this given, the balance of power shifted more towards the security forces but it was changing hands situation. Things would have worked out for us, as pirates are very avoidant of dying as studies have found, but that's when they sprung their plan.”

A look of disgust came onto Pink's face as she continued, the screen changing again to reflect the colony. It was one of their outer colonies to the north of claim space, a relatively small population of one thousand people.

“The pirates had been watching our tactics and testing to make sure this would be our response before they struck. Minutes after the reinforcements arrived, a force of pirates that has been identified as Blackmoon on the Intergalactic Watchlist network came into the system and assaulted the colony. What few ships remained were swatted aside, and they launched an assault on the colony. We have few images and recordings of the attack, and what we do have is not suitable for public consumption. The aftermath speaks for itself: Most of the colony has been destroyed, the work of explosives and arson; crops have been hit, most of the residential section received heavy damage, and around 60% of the colony has been killed or taken prisoner by Blackmoon forces. The militia forces in the administration center and the military section managed to hold off the attackers from taking the colony, under Claws of Blue and drew what blood they could against them.

They left after two hours of fighting and withdrew back to the trade lane and appeared to be ready to continue the heavy fighting until relief forces under Host Claws of Yellow arrived and drove them out of the system. At the end of the day, seven ships had been lost, thirteen more damaged, with 20 civilian and merchant ships destroyed, and over 600 civilians kidnapped. And finally, to put the final screw into the pain and loss we have all suffered, we have confirmed that several Councilors of the Moot and other functionaries of the government were amongst those lost in the attack.

A memorial service is planned at the end of the month at Tezekis Prime to be included in the events as part of the official elevation of Host Claws of Aquamarine to the rank and position of Primus. As part of his acceptance address yesterday where the Moot voted almost unanimously to have him take the position, “My focus will be to rebuild and advance our infrastructure, military and security apparatuses, and expand our relations and agreements with our neighbors in Gamma. Together we can push back this surge in pirates and insecurity and return back to the times we had before.”

It is anticipated that the Primus will have a list of initiatives to present to the Moot after the ceremony.”


There is a moment of silence, as she collects herself and the images fade back to the symbol displayed. When its done, she raises her head and speaks again.

“Moving onto the next story, there has been talk of a summit to be held on Tezekis Prime, with the invitations going out all of its neighbors in the Tzinn Cluster. Over the past two hundred years, the Directorate has forged beneficial trade and political relationships with the powers we have shared this cluster with. The Jakan Confederacy, the Amarran League, and several others nation states have cooperated with the Directorate for years on political and economic matters. With the attack on Tinamous and the Romnas Trade Lane, the Directorate has expanded it vision to the Cluster and has been in talks to seek permission to move their ships through other territories and base their ships. The attacks by the pirates and raiders that have been increasing as of late and we have not been alone in suffering the tragedies and loss from their predations.

With this in mind, over weeks and negotiation and deliberation, delegations from over eight nation states will be meeting at Jyylkirs Palace, the residence of the Ternion and the reigning Primus. Named after the ancient philosopher king who laid the foundations of our capitol so long ago, it has been chosen as the best place for the government to discuss the best methods and plans to go forward under a new security agreement that will emphasize cooperation of military action and intelligence to combat this new threat. Elements of other nations have become concerned, citing the choice of the Directorate to elect a dictator to handle its issues and the primary position it has taken in all of the proceedings, but the Primus has given assurances indicating that the Directorate has no such plan to abuse its position. As stated here in a press conference:

”-we have come this far under an umbrella of cooperation and peace, choosing to trade with each other, allowing for migration and working together rather viewing each other as rivals. The position the Directorate holds in these talks is a matter of being the ones to introduce this new step in the foreign and security policies of the nations in the Cluster. And the relative power and capabilities of the nations involved; after our discussions, we offered to take on the lion's share of the commitment and cost, due to the abundance of manufacturing and military forces at our command. This was agreed upon by all nations, as we would only move forward with cooperation being worked out. A dictator I may be, but only a temporary one. Once this crisis has been handled, I will be happy to step down and assume my rank as Host in the Directorate Naval Forces-”

As the rates of the attacks go up on our shipping lanes and even colonies in some instances, it is the hope of the Cluster and its people that we can band together and bring a return to the prosperity we once enjoyed.


“And our final story of the night, in our Peak into the Galaxy segment, the devastating civil war that was ravaging the Solar Cooperative Union has finally drawn to a close. A young nation in the Gamma Quadrant that had seen such potential had been ripped apart several months ago when corporations banded together and launched a surprise attack. The government was surprised and pushed off several worlds, the successful attacks on their headquarters inhibiting a proper reply to the attacks but were able to turn it around and combat the attacks. Federal and corporatist forces clashed all over Union systems, leaving devastation, broken fleets, and graveyards of broken men and women as they struggled for supremacy. The conflict was further complicated and the chance for peace almost surely thought to be destroyed with a third faction entered the fight, a core of the intelligence and special forces elements of the Federal government. With a now three way conflict, the war seemed continue without end, with the core worlds experiencing the cost and decay of war, but it soon spread to all of their systems. The economic, military and population cost of the war has left many experts believing that, alone, the SCU would have a very little chance of every recovering before either falling apart or being set upon by raiders and pirates.

However, this nation was also a member of the LOTUS, or the League of Organized Territories and United Systems, an alliance of nation states focused on maintaining sovereignty, trade, and mutual well-being. Seeing their ally in such pain, the member states sent a combined task force that broke through the defenses of both corporatist and intelligence forces and sent the EMA's into a full retreat. When asked for comment, top military officials said they believe if the alliance commits to cleanup work, the remnants shouldn't be an issue after a few weeks. Humanitarian organizations have already begun work to provide relief to the population and worlds of the Union, with many criticizing the heavy-handed response as exacerbating the suffering and loss of an already wounded and tired people. Still, with the LOTUS on hand, the prospects of recovery for the Solar Cooperative Union are much more than they used to be, and while a full recover could take decades, their fate is no longer so uncertain.

With this story, however, we must keep in mind; this is but one of many stories going on throughout the galaxy, not just Gamma. We are entering a time of conflict and uncertainty, and only by working together, as a united people, can we find ourselves back in the peaceful and prosperous times that we all seek. Prosperity though Unity. Thank you for joining tonight's program on the Directorate Daily, where we bring you the news, one day at a time.”
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Postby Telros » Sun Apr 21, 2019 7:19 pm

The screen sounds a tone, all other images and sounds fading away under its strength, as a logo appears, a triangle with the acronym I.I.A centered, a talon clutching the triangle as can be seen with the clutching ends on each of its points. The tone ends fades into the jingle indicating the start of another session of news. It, too, fades out to be replaced by a voice as images begin to show.

“Greetings and welcome, citizens of the Imperium, this is your speaker, Éhség Tudás, of the Imperial Information Archive; where we not only deliver the news, but store it for posterity. Today, we bring the conflict in the Moot that has been brewing for the past few weeks.”

The image, previously indeterminate, now shows a session of the Moot, the crowd of Councilors clearly agitated with debate, as several close up shots reveal the faces of several members, head feathers twitching and flexing with anger and excitement. It settles on one female Tezekian, the screen revealing her name to be Szikla Etikai, stepping up, holographic controls flashing to red to indicate the sound enhancing program has activated.

“Members of the Moot, it is our job, as both the scientists we once were, and the caretakers of the nation we have built and the people we have sworn ourselves to, to seek the future and the truth in all things. No matter how difficult, or how treacherous, even if it is within ourselves that we must look. Over the past weeks, multiple sources from within the Strategic Intelligence Bureau, inquiries made by this body to the Archon's offices and even the news organizations themselves have revealed that a mission was sent into the northern reaches of the Gamma Quadrant. It was Task Force One, under the Fifth Fleet, led by Commander Véres Legyőzött, with the 12th and 13th Imperial Legion Brigades Ruin-class Planetary Assault Cruisers. Their mission is classified, but what we do know is that they went out there and then came back, with less ships than before, battle damage that was repaired at our own system facilities, and no sign of either Brigade.

Families have inquired as to the status of their mates, their chicks, and have been met with silence and classified information warnings. The Archon has been granted much authority in the aftermath of the instability wrought by the Ternion's incompetence and the subsequent horrors of the CASM invasion, but that is not a blank check to do what they want without consulting this body. Unless he is willing to go against the words he gave to this very body when he was pardoned for his coup activities and made Archon to be a support of democracy and the people and announce his role as Tyrant, I say we demand him to come forth and make an account of what has happened. Why this force was sent, what happened to the brigades; if there is a threat that he feels the Imperium needs to fight, he must convince us first, not fight an ever growing amount of wars and conflicts. The disastrous choices of his administration in the Scythian conflicts and the Borealian Crisis have proven that his judgment is not only that can be relied upon alone, nor should it.”

A hand depresses a section of the light board, turning green and the central display in the chamber changed, revealing a voting marker for the chamber, with only hers lit green for the moment.

“I put forth Resolution 23-RI, to have the Moot call the Archon to a formal inquiry to the Moot, and explain himself, his actions and what is going on. So that we may fulfill our duty as protectors of the public good and bring out this threat to the light. Does anyone second?”

Another Councilor stood up immediately and activated his board, causing another green light. A clack of satisfaction could be seen as the Moot's arbitrator called for the voting to begin as the image faded out.

“The vote passed with well over two-thirds of a majority; the Archon's office was reached for comment but only stated they are happy to follow the Moot's request and are preparing a proper case for the situation and what they wish to proceed regarding it. Information about the situation is tight, despite what has been revealed as the Councilor's speech mentioned. The Archive has kept track of multiple changes going on within the Imperium, thanks to confirmed reports from our own sources, where the Imperial Diplomatic Corps has sent out far more diplomatic missions than ever before, with many being classified from view until this inquiry. The contracts the Imperium has put forth for the various Foundations to fill as part of the upgrading and expanding of the Imperial Host and Legion have been halted for the time being, with the Foundations only responding to our requests for comment that the Imperium and they are conducting a review of the contracts and changes may be forthcoming. SATMA traffic has increased almost tenfold, with especially Aumanii and other ships coming through the alliance and even internal gates.

All of this with little to no comment from the Archon; in fact, there has not been much sight of him, as he has remained on the Argathi Titan-class within deep space. Sources said he has been moving from location from location, classified still, but he seems to be preparing for something. With the Resolution passing, we believe that we, and thus you, the public, will finally get to know what the Archon has been doing and why he felt it was so necessary to be kept such a secret.

Now, we move to our opinion segment for the day; we have Councilor Gyáva Csaló, who has generously accepted our request to come onto the show. Welcome, Councilor.”

The image changed to a studio, where another Tezekian sat, wearing the garb of the Moot, stance stiff and face lifted, just so, to be looking down his beak. He let out a quiet coo of acceptance and began speaking.

“My thanks to the Archive, and to you Éhség for having me on today.”

”But, of course. Now, you have recently made waves with your repeated outcries against the actions of the Archon and his administration these past five years since his rise to power. For those of our viewers out there who may not fully understand, care to explain?”

“Of course. It is only with the...people's help that we can put the course of the Imperium back to the correct path. The Archon rose to power with a coup, something while pardoned by vote of the public and the Moot, is still something that he should not be proud or nor seek to emulate again. The promise of that forgiveness was that he would make it so the Imperium was no longer weak, that the mistakes of the Ternion would be laid to the rest and the prosperity of old would return. And he has done so; the formation of the SATMA alliance, the evolution of the Stepford-Arnau Treaty signed six years ago has given us allies, technology, reach, and more economic strength and power than ever before. His expansion and reform of the military has strengthened our ability to defend ourselves and our allies, ensuring our protection and the ongoing suppression of the local pirate/raider forces has been his most successful program to date.

However, that is where my praise for the Archon's choices end; his moves after have been misstep after misstep. Firstly, there was the strange choice to sign an agreement to ensure the independence of the Republic of Borealis; while they were threatened by the Elysians who were clearly trying to force war, and we were protecting those who were the victims in that particular scenario, context is everything. The Borealeans had pushed the Elysians in the past and it was the latest stage of a cultural conflict between the two that was longlasting. And we hadn't done our homework evidently, as we wouldn't have supported a nation who chose to massacre it's political opponents in the name of 'security' and 'safety' and give rise to a military tyrannical government. While we had deployed forces to fight and stalemate the Elysians to the point of seeking the peace table, we could do nothing but protest which the Republic laughed at, for it was truly weak. And then shortly after, as the slinking opportunists that are the Olimpiadans and the Pikastani, both utterly remorseless killers and tortures of all things alien to their twisted view of the 'purity of humanity', the Archon chose to have the forces withdrawn from that theater, the agreement nullified and the Aumanii came in, effectively conquering the Republic without firing a shot. We failed our promise, and simply left the Aumanii to fight the xenokillers in our stead.”

”Well, you did state your opposition to this operation many times during this period, Councilor.”

“Oh yes, I did! And I am pleased the Archon pulled us out of that quagmire, such a waste of resources, money and time, but it makes the whole adventure questionable and the Archon's decision making put in a weaker light. However, it was not this but the Scythian Crisis that has really put doubt, at least for me, in the Archon's judgment. For those of you out there who have not kept up on this issue, I suggest you do more news viewing in the future for it is important to know what the Archon is having your government do. But, to explain, an agreement was struck with the Scythian Empire, then a weakened nation controlled by the military, and as per the records released by the Moot's inquest #37-B, an agreement was reached. In return for our aid in ensuring their civil war succeeded in overthrowing the military, they would form an alliance with the Imperium, join the GCC and sign non-aggression pacts with all of its members, and we got a system to base forces and a gate outside their territory in Delta.”

”Well, that sounds hardly terrible but more a good way to promote a good situation and gain an ally in another quadrant.”

The avian gave a cawing laugh and shook his head. “Yes, much like most of the Moot at the time, this was viewed as good, and I suppose one could see it that way. But myself, and those who thought wisely like I did, realized this was a dangerous over-extension of the Imperium involving ourselves in matters that didn't require our presence. At best, we could have just helped them remove the tyranny and join the GCC. No alliance and no territory in Delta. Especially when this aid and alliance was matched by the Huerdaen Star Empire; the single largest threat to security, peace and general well-being of everyone in the Delta Quadrant. So if we had to defend ourselves from the Huerdaen, now that we had territory in Delta, the Scythians would have to choose, a most unfair situation. But, as your program covered in its documentary on the situation, the Scythians were not to be trusted either. They attacked nations, the Arcadian League, under protection of our ally the Galactic Republic of Alexzonya and even flat out attacked the Phoenixi Domain over some system they had a single station in. And what did we do?

Nothing. Another strong worded rebuke, many heroic attempts at negotiation but it all ended in failure. They were stalemated, with much loss, by the GRA fleets and the Domain simply let them have the system initially, and they chose to go further and attack the Eridani Imperium; albeit, a version that no longer exists, if the reports by the Institute are correct in a major spacetime shift going on, but that’s not relevant. It was only when they made the foolish mistake to attack the Huerdaen, who attacked at the right point to make the Eridani into a tributary and force the war's end, that saw their defeat. Their systems were bombed to pieces, one by one, forcing one of the largest diasporas of people since the Great Displacement, and only some major space time event, again, destroying the region and covering it in some nebula kept them from being totally wiped out. And once more, we got overly involved and now are protecting a series of system's who are only a drain on our resources while they try to recover from such a shattering of empire. I'd be surprised if our allies had any trust or respect for our Archon and his leadership after this.”

”You have very strong feelings on this matter Councilor. Many have supported the move to gain territory and even take in who we could from the Scythian Empire's collapse as our goal is to bring prosperity to all. Is this a goal you no longer support?”

The Councilor's eyes narrowed at the screen, as the host was sitting across from him and viewing him for this segment and his hair twitched in obvious anger but kept suppressed. “Prosperity for all is a wonderful concept, but once you get past the stage of dreams, you deal with reality. How to make this policy work in the grimy, blood-soaked galaxy we live in and not one make of childish fantasies. There are two options; we can become galactic policemen, fighting in every single conflict, war, and crisis, spending countless trillions of credits, billions of lives of our citizens and soldiers, and drawing the ire of countless nations that will lead to another crisis like the CASM invasion but ten times worse.

Or, we can defend our allies and our interests, provide material support and give them the chance for prosperity. We do not intervene, we do not resort to military intervention and adventurism and we enable those who are wise enough to follow our advice and aid; those not can fall and fail on their own. We cannot save the galaxy, nor should we try. We should simply seek to make it better, in our own way. The Archon is treating his expanded authority since the invasion as freedom to do what he wants, particularly with our military. The people, and through the Councilor's they have elected like myself, have the power to decide what conflicts we should and shouldn't get involved in, not the Archon. More of the Moot sees his adventurism and foolish foreign focus and understand the danger. We have only just begin to expand on what we had before, most of the six years have been rebuilding and reforming. There is even talk of his intent to get involved in another conflict, judging by our traffic to the Pordlandian territories. We must put our foot down and tell him no; the Tezekian peoples are tired of war and conflict.”

”That is a concern many of our listeners have emailed and sent to us with the recent stories that have broke on the Archon's choices and its consequences. However, there are many conflicts growing and spreading in the galaxy, and many who cannot fend for themselves due to rebuilding from a previous attack or not being as fortunate as us to have a group of nations allied in purpose and protection. Some in the Moot have suggested we need to focus on helping them, efforts like the Sanctuary fleet expanded and that we should seek out problems before they come us, as previously they have sought us out to devastating effect. What do you say to that?”

“It is sad to see nations fall, peoples destroyed and cultures set to the flame; but even if we were to empty our systems, send every single ships we have to aid, we could barely make a dent in the situation of Gamma, much less the galaxy. And even if we could, more would arise, or even groups who previously begged for our help would simply push us away or seek our destruction, viewing us as a threat instead of a boon. There have been many attempts at galactic efforts, rule, or even cooperation; the recent Roundtable opening being the latest. And, I feel its safe to say, they have all been objective failures; they have only briefly expanded communication between many star powers before the interests, selfish or pure hearted, of many nations and alliances have reasserted themselves and amounted to nothing. What can we do against a galaxy that is inherently selfish and individualistic to the point of self-defeating? Simple, we do as they do, protect our own, but give to those who need. Give opportunity to fight their wars and evolve like we have, not fight it for them and make them dependent on us.”

”An...interesting point of view, Councilor, but unfortunately we have run out of time for this segment. We do approach your time and willingness to come on the Archive.”

“Of course. Feel free to contact me again anytime.”

”That's it for our news session for this hour, viewers. Join us on the next hourly update as we track the process of the Archon's response to the Resolution and news from the other nations in SATMA. Stay tuned, Archive viewers!”

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