Drackonisa Armed Forces(MT-Closed WIP)

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Drackonisa Armed Forces(MT-Closed WIP)

Postby Drackonisa » Tue Sep 13, 2011 8:06 pm

Enlisted Men: 2 million
Conscripts: 3 million
Maximum Manpower (at any one time): 5 million
Budget: 1 513 600 000 000(8.6% GDP)

Total Operationally Ready Reservists : 40 million

All Drackonisian Men aged 18 and above are required by law to serve a 2 year conscription in the armed forces, under the national service(NS) scheme. Upon completion of the conscription term, the soldier is then declared an Operationally Ready Reservist and required to be called up once every two years for reservist training. Reservist obligations last till the age of 35 years, whereupon the man is awarded a certificate proving his service as well as a small lump sum of cash(not exceeding $10,000) as a reward for his contribution to the nation.

Deferment is applicable for soldiers upon the reaching of 18 years for a tertiary education not exceeding the age limit of 21 years, whereupon they have to serve or face a 3 year jail term. As a result, most Drackonisian soldiers have to wait for 2 years before obtaining a place in university, and Drackonisian universities are required to hold the position for the men 2 years in advance. Graduating students are generally given further subsidies in study loans, in addition to government subsidized education as incentives for further studies upon their discharge from service.

Since its implementation, the national service has been deeply ingrained into Drackonisian culture, and viewed as a rite of passage for the young men in the nation. The enlistment starts at 18, with the army sending out notifications for the men to report to their nearest Army Manpower Base for medical and fitness tests. Signing up for the medical and fitness tests can also be done online, with a government web service for prospective servicemen to update their particulars and keep up to date with developments in the military. Deferments can also be done through the web service.

Each year, a small number of people are convicted for their failure to enlist or refusal to serve in the military. Most of them are members of religious organisations such as Jehovah's Witnesses, who are usually court-martialled and sentenced to three years' imprisonment in the detention barracks. The government does not consider conscientious objection to be a legal reason for refusal to serve NS. Religious Organisations espousing conscientious objection and demanding it of their followers are banned from the nation.
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Postby Drackonisa » Tue Sep 13, 2011 8:07 pm


Ministry of Defence
High Command
-Chief of Army
-Chief of Navy
-Chief of Air Force

Army departments
-Veteran Affairs
-Logistics & Acquisitions
-Combat Operations Command

Infantry Unit Size
5men - Fire team(junior NCO)
10men- 2 Fireteams - Squad (NCO)
20men- 4 Squads - Platoon (NCO/junior officer)
200men- 10 Platoons - Company (Captain)
1000men- 5 Companies - Battalion(Major)
10000men - 10 Battalions - Regiment

Armour Unit Size
3 tanks - Platoon
15 tanks- 5 squads - Company
45 tanks - 3 Platoons - Battalion
450 tanks - 10 Companies - Regiment

5 Artillery pieces- Fire team
15 Artillery pieces- 3 Fire teams - Platoon
45 Artillery pieces - 3 Platoons - Battalion
270 Artillery pieces - 6 Battalions - Regiment

12 fighters = 1 squadron
72 fighters = 6squadrons= 1 Flight
144 fighters= 2 Flights = 1 Wing

6 Bombers = 1 squadron
24 Bombers = 4 squadrons = 1 flight
48 bombers = 2 flights = 1 wing
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Postby Drackonisa » Tue Sep 13, 2011 8:08 pm

The Drackonisian Army is the branch of the DAF responsible for land based operations. The mission of the Army is to deter aggression, and should deterrence fail, to secure a swift and decisive victory.

The Drackonisian Army focuses on leveraging technology and weapon systems as "force-multipliers". To this end, a separate arm of the Ministry of Defence, Drackonisian Arms Research(DAR) was set up with a large amount of military funding to ensure the military remains on the cutting edge of technology. Military doctrine tends to focus on mobile warfare, with troops being on the move constantly. Drackonisa armed forces relies on combined arms, heavy armored thrusts supported by infantry, air support and artillery. Their strength lies in fire support, flexibility, and speed. They make up for low numbers with sophisticated technical support (UAVs, artillery, electronic warfare) and emphasis on mobility and individual initiative. Fast assault vehicles like the predators are utilized to bypass enemy strong points and launch deep into their rear, cutting supply lines and logistics, destroying headquarters and support units, leaving enemies to 'wither on the vine'.

In the Drackonisa Armed Forces, the Guards are an elite infantry formation specializing in rapid deployment. They are well trained in heliborne operations and specialist combat skills that give them an added combat edge. They are proficient in heli-rappelling, heli-landing, and other specialised skills that allow them to carry out heliborne operations in various terrain, day and night. As an elite formation, the brigade is called to fight in certain areas, such as urban locations with FIBUA and FOFO tactics. Trained in amphibious warfare, Guards units may also be tasked to seize important objectives such as airfields, beach heads, depots as well as enemy strongholds, thereby establishing a foothold for the rest of the army. Guards training has recently been inclusive of anti-terrorism operations, with 2nd Guards Regiment receiving training in counter terrorism operations since 2001.

Due to the topography of the nation, the south Drackonisa which is mostly covered in rubber plantations and rainforests are inaccessible to the nation's main battle tanks. As a result, Infantry divisions support by artillery and light tanks are fielded there.

Combat Personnel: 355200
Logistics Personnel: 800,000

List of Army Divisions
Combined Arms Division
-1 Recon Battalion
-2 Armored Regiment
-4 Infantry Regiment
-4 Combat Engineering Regiment
-2 Artillery Regiment
-2 Signal Battalion
-1 Air Defence Regiment

1st Drackonisian Division
-101st Recon Battalion
-111st Infantry Regiment
-112nd Infantry Regiment
-113rd Infantry Regiment
-114th Infantry Regiment
-121st Combat Engineering Regiment
-131st Armored Regiment
-132nd Armored Regiment
-141st Artillery Regiment
-142nd Artillery Regiment
-151st Air Defence Regiment
-1st Signals
-2nd Signals

2nd Drackonisian Division
-201st Recon Battalion
-211st Infantry Regiment
-212nd Infantry Regiment
-213rd Infantry Regiment
-214th Infantry Regiment
-221st Combat Engineering Regiment
-231st Armored Regiment
-232nd Armored Regiment
-241st Artillery Regiment
-242nd Artillery Regiment
-251st Air Defence Regiment
-3rd Signals
-4th Signals

3rd Drackonisian Division
-301st Recon Battalion
-311st Infantry Regiment
-312nd Infantry Regiment
-313rd Infantry Regiment
-314th Infantry Regiment
-321st Combat Engineering Regiment
-331st Armored Regiment
-332nd Armored Regiment
-341st Artillery Regiment
-342nd Artillery Regiment
-351st Air Defence Regiment
-5th Signals
-6th Signals

4th Drackonisian Armored Division
-431st Armored Regiment
-432nd Armored Regiment
-433rd Armored Regiment
-434th Armored Regiment
-435th Armored Regiment
-436th Armored Regiment
-441st Artillery Regiment
-461st Mechanized Regiment

1st Drackonisian Guards Division
-1st Guards Regiment
-2nd Guards Regiment
-3rd Guards Regiment
-4th Guards Regiment
-5th Guards Regiment


Infantry Weapon: DAR-2 'Darling'
Sniper Rifle:Accuracy International Arctic Warfare
Squad Support:Ultimax
AWS: Advanced Infantry Armor system

MBT: DAT-A55 Predator
DAT-A65 Chinchilla

Light Tank:DAT-A31 Gerbil

APC:DAT-A21 Mudskipper

Self propelled Artillery:
AY2-E1 Armoured Howitzer
DAT-B91 Hamster

Towed Artillery: Pegasus

Light UAV: Flea

Mobile Field Clinic:MeFiC
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Postby Drackonisa » Tue Sep 13, 2011 8:08 pm

Republic of Drackonisa Navy is the arm of the Drackonisa Armed Forces tasked with the defense of Drackonisa's territorial waters and safeguarding of its overseas interests. The navy has a long and proud tradition reaching all the way back to its first formation in 1100 AD, during Drackonisa's first expansion into the greater Tetrakon region and establishment of trade routes to the neighbouring countries.

Acquisition of the Lyran made Longsword supercapital, christened Tyrant, was made in 2014.

The navy is divided into 6 fleets, each with 4 squadrons. 5th and 6th are used for littoral patrols. The 3rd fleet is a special all submarine formation, comprising only of 3 squadrons. Generally operating far from home ports, the 3rd fleet's movements and operations are strictly confidential.

1st Drackonisian Fleet
-101st squadron(Tyrant/ Sovereign, Viscount)
-102nd squadron (6 Revenants)
-103rd squadron (2x Tsurugi, 3x Revenant)
-111st squadron (4x Sha Yu)
-Tai Feng

2nd Drackonisian Fleet
-201st squadron(Invincible, Emperor)
-202nd squadron (6 Revenants)
-203rd squadron (4 Tsurugi)
-231st squadron (2x Sha Yu, 3x Revenant)
-Kwang Feng

3rd Drackonisian Fleet
-311st squadron (4x Sha Yu)
-312nd squadron (Kraken, Hydra)
-313rd squadron (Leviathan, Scylla)

4th Drackonisian Fleet
-401st Squadron (Viscount, 2x Tsurugi)
-402nd Squadron (6 revenants)
-233rd Squadron (2x Sha Yu, 2x Tsurugi)
-234th Squadron (2x Sha yu, 3x Revenants)
Bao Feng

5th Drackonisian Fleet

6th Drackonisian Fleet

1x Lyran Arms Longsword Class Supercapital Guided Missile Warship: Tyrant(2014)

2x Invincible Class Battleship : Invincible, Sovereign

2xWaarden Class Air defense cruisers: Viscount, Emperor

Typhoon 台风(Tai feng) Class Aircraft Carrier: Tai Feng, Kwang Feng, Bao Feng

Tsurugi class Guided Missile Cruiser
Nuclear Powered Cruiser
Length: 185m
Displacement: 25,000 Tonnes
Speed: 32 knots
Crew: 240
Armament :
1x 120mm rifled gun
4x 'ASsBeaM' ASBM
30x 'Herring' torpedo
32x 'Sea Dragon' Anti-ship missile
60x Aster 30
4x RIM-161

MIssile/RADAR jamming

Carrying a naval gun for surface bombardment, it is further complemented by a variety of missiles and torpedoes to allow it to perform well in ship to ship combat as well as ground bombardment. It also packs sophisticated onboard electronics as well as the recently developed GUARDIAN combat system, enabling it to provide a missile shield for its fleet. It can fulfill both offensive and defensive role in a task force as well as serving as a flagship when no larger vessels are available. While in large scale fleet actions, it generally serves in a defensive role, protecting the fleet from incoming threats while the Invincible class dishes out the punishment.

6 modular weapons pods capable of accepting various CIWS for increased coverage alongside a variety of AA missiles and point defense missiles linked to its GUARDIAN combat system which utilizes advanced computers and radar to track and neutralize multiple targets rounds up its anti air capabilities and allows it to act as the fleet's premier anti-air shield. Among the modules capable of being equipped is a prototype THEL. Due to frequent overheating issues, the THELs are generally fired in salvoes to give the previous THEL battery time to cool off. Power consumption is still an issue, and development is still ongoing to improve the efficiency of the THEL system. Its ASBM allows it to engage targets from an excess of 3,200 Km away.

Equipped with a single nuclear fission pressurized water reactor which drives 2 steam turbines which in turn powers 2 bronze propellors, the ship is capable of attaining a top speed of 32 knots and has decent maneuverability in combat.

Revenant Class Stealth Destroyer
Length: 158m
Displacement: 12,000 Tonnes
Crew 140 + 15 air crew attachment
Armament :
3x120mm Rifled Gun
4x 'Sea Dragon' Anti ship missile
20x Exocet Anti Ship Missile
20x Aster 30 Anti-air missile
Depth Charge

ECM equipped
MIssile/RADAR jamming
Active Sonar
Helipad for 1 helicopter complement

-writeup coming-

鲨鱼 Sha Yu Hunter Killer Submarine
Nuclear Powered Submarine
Length: 130m
Displacement: 8,500 tonnes
Crew: 110
Surface Speed: 20 knots
Submerged Speed: 28 knots
Endurance: 2 months submerged
Armament :
6x Torpedo tubes
24xSeeker Torpedoes
6x Bloodseeker Torpedoes
12x VLS tubes

The Republic's most widely used attack submarine. Designed in 1989 to hunt and kill enemy submarines as well as to attack enemy fleet formations. It is equipped with torpedos and missiles, giving it tactical flexibility when engaging targets. First launched in 1998. Modernized in 2001. Second Modernization program in 2007.

Kraken Nuclear Submarine: Kraken, Leviathan, Scylla, Hydra
Type: Ballistic missile submarine
Displacement: 29,500 t
Length: 200 m
Beam: 23 m
Draught: 12 m
Propulsion: 2 × OK-650 pressurized-water nuclear reactors, 190 MW each
2 × VV-type steam turbines
2 shafts
7 bladed shrouded screws
20knots surfaced
24 knots submerged
Endurance: 3 months submerged
test depth: 400 m
Complement: 150
6x Torpedo Tubes
30x Seeker Torpedos

2x13 VLS
26x Type 7 SLBM

The Kraken is a nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine deployed by the Drackonisian Navy in the 1993. With a submerged displacement of 51,000 tons, the Krakens are among the largest class of submarine ever built, large enough to accommodate decent living facilities for the crew when submerged for months on end. Drackonisian naval doctrine was for these vessels to launch retaliatory strikes at enemy nations with their SLBMs as a second strike nuclear deterrant. These submarines are capable of launching their onboard SLBMs while moored at docks as well.

Armed with 26 Type 7 SLBMs, each with a total of 8 MIRV 500kt nuclear warheads, they are designed to devastate enemy nations in a MAD event. With a maximum reach of 9,000 km, the submarine is capable of launching nuclear strikes at targets across the region.

Protection is provided by multiple pressure hulls. The main body contains 5 pressure hulls. 1 for the steering gear, 1 for the torpedo bays, and 3 for the main crew compartments. This enhances survivability other crew members still remains protected even if 1 pressure hull is breached or flooded.

Selection into the Kraken Corps is one of the toughest in the navy, with applicants subject to gruelling and stringent selection processes testing their intelligence, physical endurance and mental stability. Due to having to spend months out at sea with little contact to home, the men are trained to endure long months of loneliness out at sea.

Facilities are included on board to assist with destressing and recreational activities for the crewmen. An inbuilt spa and games room with a nailed down pool table are among the facilities the crew may enjoy. Food supplies tend to be of high quality, and the submarine's galley is well stocked with many luxury food items such as lobsters, oysters and sharks fin to keep the morale up. The ship's cook receives training in high end restaurants before he is qualified on board the ship.
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Air Force

Postby Drackonisa » Tue Sep 13, 2011 8:08 pm

Drackonisa's air force is composed of a professionally trained corp of pilots, coming from a stringent selection and training process in which 90% of all aspiring cadets drop out. It is not uncommon for out of a class of 20 cadets, only 1-3 making it to the final phase of their training. Pilot's are selected based on their school examination results, physical and mental fitness along with their ability to cope under high stress situations. After initial selection, cadets are still required to go through a grueling year long training course meant to weed out the unworthy and weak from the ranks of the cadets before starting out as new pilots.

The backbone of the air force is currently comprised of F-15SE and the indigenous produced SF-2 Condors. A modernization program for the nation's older F-5E and F-5F began in late 1997, bringing the fleet of 300 F-5 variants to the new F-5T variant. Currently placed in reserve, they form the second line fighters in the Drackonisian inventory.

Procurement of 144 Gemballa GM-25 fighters and 144 Gemballa GM-24b fighters to form the basis of 2 new fighter wings started in 2006 as part of the fighter replacement program following the decommissioning of obsolete super skyhawks, with all of the fighters delivered in 2011.

Procurement of M.Cs82 fighters from Anemos Major to replace the F-5T for the fighter renewal program. The venerable F-5T has been slowly phased out in stages, with the 8th Reserve Fighter Wing receiving their machines and reformed as the 8th Fighter Wing.

1st Fighter Wing(SF-2)

2nd Fighter Wing(SF-2)

3rd Fighter Wing(SF-2)

4th Fighter Wing(F-15SE)

5th Fighter Wing(GM-24b)

9th Fighter Wing(GM-25)

6th-7th Reserve Fighter Wings(F-5T)

8th Fighter Wing(M.C 82D)

10th Fighter Wing (SF-2)

11th Fighter Wing(SF-2)

12th Fighter Wing(SF-2)

1st-5th DADA(Drackonisan Air Defence Artillery)

UAV Command

1st Support Wing(KC-130b Aerial refuelling/transport)
2nd Support Wing(C-130H Transport)

1st Bomber Wing

1st Helicopter Wing(LALY-215 ‘Reaver’)

SF-2 神雕 'Condor'

GM-25 Cuiraisser

GM-24b Caballero

M.Cs 82 'Illusion' Multirole Combat Fighter

F-15 SE


LALY-215 ‘Reaver’
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Space Assets

Postby Drackonisa » Tue Sep 13, 2011 8:10 pm


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NBC Command

Postby Drackonisa » Wed Sep 14, 2011 1:03 am


Nuclear Arsenal
Between 7,500 - 10,000 nuclear weapons
-Further Data Classified-

Biological Weapons

Chemical Weapons
The prevalence of chemical warfare by the Drackonisian military has led to massive production of chemical weapons in military factories and a large stockpile, weaponized and ready for use in the form of self-contained munitions like projectiles, cartridges, mines, and rockets.

The primary agents utilized by the military are Sulfur Mustard, Sarin, VX, and CK. Engagements typical start with the delivery of chemical agents onto the battlefield via artillery, bombs or missiles to hinder enemy movements before moving in with conventional forces. As a result, Drackonisian military units are well drilled and trained in NBC warfare, with full suits equipped in most major engagements.
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Postby Drackonisa » Wed Sep 14, 2011 2:33 am


'Sea Dragon' 海龙 Anti-ship missile
Weight: 1.8-2.5 tonnes(upon reaching final stage)
Length: 9.0 m
Diameter: 0.6m

Designed in 1997, the Sea Dragon was conceived as a means to counter advances made in anti-missile shields such as the AEGIS, and other computerized, automatic naval defense systems, which can simultaneously track, engage and destroy massive quantities of incoming missiles using agile long-range and short-range surface-to-air missiles.

Built to replace the harpoon missiles currently in use on board the majority of Drackonisian naval vessels, the Sea Dragon is a multi stage anti-ship missile designed to evade detection till it reaches a preprogrammed range and make a hypersonic dash towards impact. Its modular design allows it to pack multiple warheads to ensure combat versatility, and it can be utilized to bombard ground targets as well.

With a maximum range of 400 kilometers, this missiles is designed for medium range anti-ship combat, supplementing the cruise missile's used for longer ranged engagements and ballistic missiles utilized for extreme ranged engagements.

It operates by first making its way towards the target, skimming just 5 metres above sea level at subsonic speeds (850km/h) with the help of an inbuilt radar altimeter in order to minimize detection by enemy radar. Upon nearing its target, where radar detection is inevitable, the missile enters its final stage. It discards its first stage, triggering its final stage engine and unfolding a wing and tail assembly before making a supersonic sprint towards its target at mach 3. Capable of packing a 350kg warhead, it is designed to disable or outright sink most enemy combatants.

It mounts multiple electronics in its body, allowing it to take preprogrammed flights towards known coordinates to strike at static or slow moving targets. It can also utilize active radar and ECCM to track its targets, allowing it to home on jamming. Its onboard AI also enables it to perform sets of preprogrammed evasive maneuvers depending on the type of attack incoming, to attempt evading incoming interception methods. In order to keep its cost low however, experimental 'cost efficient' models have been produced that strip off its on board AI as well as fitting a less efficient but cheaper engine, generally for use on lower value targets.

Sea Dragon Block 1- $4 million
Sea Dragon Block 2- $2.2 million(Low cost version)

'Assbeam' Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile(ASBM)
Development on a medium ranged quasiballistic missile began in the 1980s, with the proliferation of nuclear powered supercarriers in the region and improvements in fleet defense technologies prompted the development of a missile that could, annihilate high value target utterly. The result of this program led to the development of the ASBM, which was subsequently given the name 'Assbeam'. Production began in 1997, with the land based launchers for the missiles put into service the following year. It was mounted on board the Invincible Class battleships during their commissioning and the recently acquired Longsword.

Upon launch, it functions like a standard multistage ballistic missile, with its trajectory taking it up to altitudes of 45km at supersonic speeds of mach 6. Upon reaching a determined height and range from its target, it reaches its final stage, discarding its first stage and accelerates to hypersonic velocites with its maneuverable reentry vehicle(MARV) at upwards of mach 10, diving towards its target at near impossible to intercept ranges.

Like most ballistic missiles, it is capable of being intercepted and destroyed during its pre-terminal phases. Designed to be a kinetic kill weapon, it relies on its velocity rather than a massive warhead to destroy targets, and as such packs numerous countermeasures to ensure a better probability of hitting its target.

All missiles are equipped with a full suites of ECCMs and other countermeasures. Due to its vulnerabilities, the Assbeam is capable of releasing flares and chaff to deceive incoming missiles or spawn decoys carrying false signals to distract oncoming targets. An onboard AI allows for input commands to take evasive action and maneuvers during its initial flight trajectory to evade incoming attacks. To add to its guidance capabilities, the missile is capable of interfacing with UAVs, AWACs, satellites or any Drackonisian command and control units using the LEGION battlefield network. The missile's guidance is also enhanced with Synthetic Aperture Radar(SAR) and visual imaging from military satellites, enabling it greater success of hitting its target.

Bloodseeker Torpedo
Length: 9 m
Diameter: 540 mm
Weight: 3000 kg
Warhead weight: 240 kg
Launch speed: 48 knots (93 km/h)
Maximum speed: 220 knots
Range: 12 km (new version).

Design began in the 1970s as a testbed for application of supercavitating technology in naval munitions, namely torpedoes. The Bloodseeker serves two purposes, first as a standard anti-ship torpedo, second as a countermeasure to intercept enemy torpedoes from undetected hostile submarines.

Fired from torpedo tubes, the Bloodseeker exits the tube at 50 knots (93 km/h). Shortly afterwards, its liquid-fuel rocket ignites and propels it to speeds of up to 220 knots (370 km/h). The rocket engine uses the combination of high test peroxide and kerosene; the propellant tanks contain about 1.5 tonnes of hydrogen peroxide and 500 kg of kerosene.

Using supercavitation, the torpedo travels in a gas bubble created by outward deflection of water by its shaped nose cone and the expansion of gases from its engine. By keeping water from coming into contact with the surface of the body of the torpedo, drag is significantly reduced, allowing extremely high speeds.

The missile controls its direction using four fins that skim the inner surface of the supercavitation envelope. To change direction, the fins on the inside of the desired turn are extended, and the opposing fins are retracted.

Due to its short range compared to conventional torpedoes, the bloodseeker is rarely utilized and submarines armed with the torpedo are also equipped with standard seeker torpedoes for standard combat ranges. The supercavitation generates a lot of noise, and submarine captains are advised to use the weapon wisely, for the launch has a high chance of giving away the attacking submarine's location.
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Postby Drackonisa » Tue Jan 24, 2012 6:58 am

Auxiliary Physio-theraputic Support

The Auxiliary Physio-therapeutic Support(APS) formation of women to cater to the needs of the soldiers, their primary purpose is to evaluate and maintain the psychological well-being of each and every serviceman to ensure peak performance in their duties. Their general duties are to provide relief to the soldiers, physically or psychologically. Their services are payable via cash or a credit system which was implemented in the Drackonisian military in 1998. Every month, a certain number of credits depending on rank and vocation is allocated to the serviceman, allowing him to purchase goods and services within the military, ranging from clothing to video games.

In the psychological capacity, they are trained in psychotherapy and provide counselling or therapy whenever it is deemed necessary for the soldiers. Much like social escorts, they are required to read up on current events as well as trends within society and be able to hold conversation with servicemen if they desire a chat. Due to the stresses of being part of the armed forces which causes strain on their familial and societal bonds, which results in many problems prevalent particularly amongst new recruits, it is vital to have a listening ear willing to provide an outlet for stress sometimes. In many cases, such problems are eventually able to work themselves out but the process requires time. During this period of healing and self-reflection, it is vital for the sufferer to have a listening ear and provide him with the impression that there are people that still care for him. To this end, the APS provides this outlet for the servicemen.

In the physical capacity, the APS are trained to entertain servicemen in a variety of ways. Given that the failure rate of relationships among young recruits in their basic military training is one of the highest amongst all the branches of military service, it is inevitable many seek the physical comfort provided by the APS. While many of them provide sexual services for the gratification of the servicemen's desires, that is not their only service. They usually spend their free time practising on the latest gaming consoles and familiarizing themselves with the latest entertainment gadgetry in society to maintain up to date knowledge on the entertainment industry. They are able to play any variety of games with the servicemen depending on their requests and do their utmost to fulfill their needs,


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