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The United Federation of Firestorm

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Last Updated: 12/27/2011
Page Updates:
12/27: Military Ranks Added
11/4: Federal Investigation and Enforcement Bureau Made into own section and expanded upon, including agency seal
10/26: Amphibious Force Details Finalized. Totals # of Vessels and Aircraft added. Names and Numbers of Groups Tweaked. National Anthem Link Fixed.
10/25: Conflicts Added as a Post.
10/24: Added a New Aircraft Carrier and Amphibious Force Details
10/22: Federal High Magistrate added. Government Tentatively Complete
8/18: National Anthem Added
8/17: First part of Trade War added. List of Countries with Embassies and Ambassador Names Added
8/15: More History Added
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7/14: History
7/13: Seal
7/11: Government
7/7-8: Map and Military

Nation Map:

National Seal:

National Anthem:
Firestorm The Bold and Brave
Firestorm the bold
Firestorm the brave
From the northern mountain range
To the eastern sea

Firestorm the bold
Firestorm the brave
We come from many walks of life
But we are all the same

United together
We will fight for each other
We will
Better our country

Firestorm the bold
Firestorm the brave
Forever Our Federation
Will Continue to Lead

Firestorm the bold
Firestorm the brave
From Port Folk to
Twin Rivers City

Firestorm the bold
Firestorm the brave
We are One Nation
That is never faltering

Remember those
Courageous and True
Who Perished
To Protect You

Firestorm the bold
Firestorm the brave
One Federation
Pressing Onward TODAY!

GOVERNMENT: (Complete)
Democratic Federation of 8 Regions Under a Central Government
Capital: The Federal District of Tiberius
Federal Senate:
Duties and Powers: By Majority Vote Unless Specified
Power to Write and Pass Laws
Control of the Money
Power to Overrule Presidential Order/Action by a vote of 29
Maintain the Laws of the Land
Approve all Treaties
Call to Review an Appointee by a vote 24
Bring Charges of Misconduct in the Presidential, Senatorial, or Magistratial Branch by a vote of 31
Senators: Total Number 36
Each of the 8 Regions is Assigned 5 Senators
Exception; Federal District of Tiberius and Port Folk which each have 3 Senators.
Each Senator is Direct Elected.
Leader of the Senate:Chancellor Meghan Wolfe
Chancellor is direct elected from the entire Federation
In the rare event of a tie, the Chancellor acts as tie breaker
The Chancellor also acts as the representative of the Senate to The President, The Lord Magistrate, and The General Public
The Chancellor is keeper of the rules of the Senate Floor and Enforces them
Finally The Chancellor Organizes and Maintains all Sub-Committees of the Senate
President: Joeyroo Kangarus
Duties and Powers:
Signs Acts into Law or Vetos Laws
Write Laws to bring before the Senate for possible passage
Enforces All Laws
Commander in Chief
Power to Utilize the Military and Declare War
Appoint any and all Ministers
Maintain Foreign Relations
Appear Before The Senate Twice a Year to give a State of The Federation Report
Secretary of State: Josh Whitman
Secretary of the Homeland: Henry Harrison
Commerce Minister:Laura Welsh
Secretary of Health and Life Safety: Dr. Andrew Folk
Homeland Justice Minister: Robert Jones Esq.
Secretary of National Security and Protection: General Thomas Taylor (Ret.)
Environmental and Science Minister: Richard Von Hudson
Special Envoy to The World Assembly: Ambassador Wendy Patrick
Aide to the President: Brian Miller
Joint Chiefs:
General George Cartwright of The Firestorm Protection Troopers (Army)-Current Head
Admiral Charles Yates of The Firestorm Naval Protection Corp. (Navy)
Air Marshal Thomas Grande of The Firestorm Air National Defense (Air Force)
Commandant Ryan Welsh of the Firestorm Amphibious Force (Marines)
Sub Joint Chiefs: (Report to The Head of the Joint Chiefs)
Chief Commander Joseph Harper of The Firestorm Special Combat Force(Special Warfare)
Special Attache Lucy Gallagher of The Firestorm Home Security Group (Part of The Firestorm Protection Troopers (Army))
Field Marshal Roger Young of The Firestorm Command Corp.(Command and Intelligence Group)-Current Head

Current Embassies and Names of Ambassadors:
The United Kingdom of Danatha: Embassy In UFF and UKD. Ambassador to UKD, Dorothy Peters
The Federation of The Cookish States: Embassy In UFF.
The Federation of Belhorizon: Embassy In FoB. Ambassador to FoB, Tyler Newman
The Armed Republic of the Texas Lands: Embassy in UFF and ARTL. Ambassador to ARTL, Lt. Col. Charles E. Foxworth (Ret.)
The Imperial Federation of Premislyd: Embassy in UFF, IFP Program Pending.
The Constitutional Monarchy of Wyethalania: Embassy in UFF and CMW. Ambassador to CMW, Harry Finley
The Republic of Voden: Embassy in UFF, ROV Program Pending.
The Grand Duchy of Kington Langley: Embassy in UFF and GDKL. Ambassador to GDKL Master Chief Petty Officer Bethany Brookes (Ret.)

The Federal High Magistrate of Firestorm
The Lord Magistrate: The Honorable Walter T. Fox Esq.
Duties and Powers: The Highest Court in the Federation. Total Number of Magistrates on the Court, 5
Control of All Courts in the Federation
Ability to setup directives for the establishment of Lower Courts
Tasked with Interpreting the Laws of the Federation
Can decide what cases the Court wants to hear.
Ability to bring acts passed into law for review, without case file, by a unanimous vote. Said ability can only be exercised after a Override of a Presidential Veto
Ability to Legislate from the Bench within certain limits in order to clarify current laws. Can only be done when a case is brought before the court
Magistrates are appointed by the Federal Senate with the approval of the President. The Lord Magistrate is elected by the 5 magistrates after the previous one either retires or dies.
The Court's Only original jurisdiction is the trial of Presidential, Senatorial, Magistratial Officials. The other jurisdiction is for disputes between regions
and disputes between regions and the Central Government
Federal Investigation and Enforcement Bureau (FIEB): A division of the Federal High Magistrate
Current Head of the FIEB: Special Directorial Investigator Daniel Rathers.
An armed Law Enforcement Agency
The Federations highest investigative body and internal intelligence agency.
All Agents are Called "Special Investigator"
Duties and Powers
Primarily Report to the Lord Magistrate
The Power to Arrest and Conduct Investigations
Acts as the Court's Security
Tasked with Conducting all investigatory requests by the Federal High Magistrate
Conducts any investigation/arrests pertaining to any Presidential, Senatorial, Magistratial Officials
Conducts investigations/arrests on crimes occurring in any Firestorm Embassy Aboard
Assists a Foreign Investigative Body with Crimes occurring in their Embassies in the Federation
In charge of investigating/arrests on all inter-regional crimes
Assist in the investigation/arrests of major crimes in the Federal District of Tiberius.
Assist the Firestorm United Federal Guard with Intelligence Gathering
Conducts Surveillance Operations of Suspected Terrorists
Serves Warrants/Subpoenas issued by the Federal High Magistrate or the Federal Senate

Seal of the Agency. It also doubles as the the badge carried by all Special Investigators

MILITARY: (Almost Finished in Details)
TOTAL 228,650 Stormial Men and Women
Major Vessels: 81
Aircraft: 12,395

The Firestorm United Federal Guard

Navy-26,650 Total Ships:60 Vessels 343 Aircraft (The Firestorm Naval Protection Corp. Ships FSNS-FireStorm Naval Ship)

Combat Carrier Squadrons: 4 Carriers 23 Support Ships 320 Aircraft

1st, 2nd, and 4th Combat Carrier Squadrons:
FSNS Orca (1st-10th Carrier Air Defense Wing (Each Wing has a Blackhawk Assigned to It), 2nd Rapid Response Wing (VTOL Harriers), 1st Carrier Logistic Wing (All Other Aircraft)
FSNS Titan (14th-23rd Carrier Air Defense Wing (Each Wing has a Blackhawk Assigned to It), 1st Rapid Response Wing (VTOL Harriers), 2nd Carrier Logistic Wing (All Other Aircraft),
FSNS Wellington (24th-33rd Carrier Air Defense Wing (Each Wing has a Blackhawk Assigned to It), 4th Rapid Response Wing (VTOL Harriers), 4th Carrier Logistic Wing (All Other Aircraft)

15,000 Personal 270 Aircraft Total
5,000 Personal 90 Aircraft Per
3,000 Ship Based Personnel
2,000 Aircraft Personal
750 Pilots/RIOs/Onboard Techs
70 Planes
50 Multi-Role F-35s
5/10 Aircraft Wings
1st-10th and 14th-33rd Carrier Air Defense Wings
5 E-7 Mini Early Warning Radar Planes
10 Mini KC150 Tankers
3 VTOL Harriers for quick launch
2 Unmanned Combat Aircraft

20 Helicopters:
5 V-22 Osprey Helicopters
10 Multi-Role Combat Blackhawks
SAR, Anti-Sub, Tactical Insertion, Transport
5 Refueling Helicopters

Carrier Battle Group 7 Ships 18 Aircraft Per (Aircraft Are Under the General Special Naval Air Wing)
2 Cruisers 2 V-22's Per
1 Anti-Air Ship 2 VTOL Harriers Per
2 Frigate 2 V-22's Per
1 Battleship 3 UCA
1 Submarine
2,200 Personal Per Group 6,600 Total

3rd Combat Carrier Squadron
FSNS Kangaroo (A Submarine Aircraft Carrier)
500 Personal
24 VTOL Harriers
3/8 Aircraft Wings
11th, 12th, and 13th Special Naval Combat Air Wings

2 Support Ships (Stealth Vessels Civilian Disguised as well. All Aircraft On Support Ships are the 3rd Carrier Logistic Wing)
1 Cruiser/Mini Aircraft (Oil Tanker) 150 Personal
4 VTOL Refueling Aircraft
2 V-22 Ospreys
1 Frigate (Container Ship) 150 Personal
1 Blackhawk Multi-Role

1st Missile Boat Squadron-450 Personal
3 Missile Boats
30 Variable Missiles 5 Warheads each

Naval Support Division: 30 Vessels 15 Aircraft
5,000 Personal
5 Frigates-300 Personal Each total 1,500
4 Cutters-150 Personal Each total 600
6 Transports-50 Personal Each total 300
15 Other Varying Vessels Total 1,300
Air Group: Naval Support Air Wing
5 Planes 10 Airmen Per 30 Support Total 150
10 Helos 5 Airmen Per 10 Support Total 150
Dock Hands Total 1,000


Senior Boatsmate
Able Seaman/Airman
Petty Officer
Sea/Air Specialist
Lt. Petty Officer
Chief Petty Officer
Warrant Officer
Master Chief Petty Officer
Squadron Warrant Officer

Sea Major
Commander Jr. Grade
Lt. Commander
Rear Admiral
Fleet Admiral-Used only in time of war and/or major combat operations. The Joint Chief is 1st selected for said position, if passed an appointee is appointed. The Fleet Admiral reports only to The President.

Marines-26,100 (The Firestorm Amphibious Force. Total 21 Vessels Aircraft: 322 Ships FireStorm Amphibious Ship Fighting Men:19,500 )

Assault Division:
43rd 87th 136th Amphibious Force Group
9,000 Personnel, 3,000 Marines Warriors Per Group
3,300 Air Personnel, 1,100 Per Group
3,300 Naval Personnel, 1,100 Per Group

7 Ships Per Group: 74 Aircraft Per Group
1 Close Air Support Carrier
43rd: FSAS Tacoma 1st-4th Amphibious Escort Air Wings, 1st Rotary Strike Wing (Vampire Class Apache Helicopters), 1st Amphibious Carrier Support Wing (All Other Aircraft)
87th: FSAS Hallsburg 5th-8th Amphibious Escort Air Wings, 2nd Rotary Strike Wing (Vampire Class Apache Helicopters), 2nd Amphibious Carrier Support Wing (All Other Aircraft)
136th: FSAS Riverside 9th-12th Amphibious Escort Air Wings, 3rd Rotary Strike Wing (Vampire Class Apache Helicopters), 3rd Amphibious Carrier Support Wing (All Other Aircraft)
35 Aircraft Per
20 VTOL Aircraft:
10 Sea Harrier Fighter-Bombers
10 F-192 FireHawks, a VTOL Fighter-Bomber version of the F-117
4/5 Aircraft Wings Per Group
1st-12th Amphibious Escort Air Wings

2 E-7 Mini Early Warning Radar Planes
4 Mini KC150 Tankers
2 Multi-Role Blackhawks
5 Apache Vampire Class Attack Helicopters: 1st-3rd Rotary Strike Wings
3 Unmanned Combat Aircraft

1 Amphibious Carrier (Multi-Role)
43rd: FSAS Easton 4th Rotary Strike Wing, 1st Rotary Transport Wing, 1st Amphibious Air Strike Wing, 1st Hover Strike Force, 1st Beaches Landing Group
87th: FSAS Port Folk 5th Rotary Strike Wing, 2nd Rotary Transport Wing, 2nd Amphibious Air Strike Wing, 2nd Hover Strike Force, 2nd Beaches Landing Group
136th: FSAS Tiberius 6th Rotary Strike Wing, 3rd Rotary Transport Wing, 3rd Amphibious Air Strike Wing, 3rd Hover Strike Force, 3rd Beaches Landing Group
25 Helicopters
5 Apache Vampire Class Attack Helicopters
13 AV-22 Seahawks, A Gun and Missile Armed Variant of the V-22 Osprey
4th-6th Rotary Strike Wings
7 Multipurpose Blackhawks
1st-3rd Rotary Transport Wings
10 Aircraft
5 F-192 FireHawks, a VTOL Fighter-Bomber version of the F-117
5 TI-354s, a Small Jet Powered Cargo Aircraft capable of holding 35 Troops and performing low and high altitude insertions
1st-3rd Amphibious Air Strike Wings
5 CE Hovercraft, A small PT boat size hovercraft full armed with a wide array of weapons, mission specific
10 Transport Hovercraft, 1.5 the size of a PT Boat
1st-3rd Hover Strike Force
Landing Craft:
7 Standard Landing Craft
3 Armored Tank Landing Craft
1st-3rd Beaches Landing Group

Amphibious Force Escort Group 4 Ships 4 Aircraft Per (Aircraft Are Under the Amphibious Air Guardian Wing)
1 Cruiser 2 V-22's Per
2 Frigates 2 V-22's Per
1 Mini Submarine (Half the Size of a Missile/Attack Class Vessel)
1 Personnel Transport Ship 3 Helipads and 2 Folding Docks for off-loading of troops to landing forces.

Protection Division:
92nd Special Strike Group: 2,500 Men
Foreign Diplomatic Security Force and Special Operations Task Group
Used As Security Personal for Embassies and other diplomatic missions aboard.
Used to Supplement The Firestorm Special Combat Force in Spec-Warfare

54th, 103rd, 78th, 202nd Special Strike Groups: 8,000 Men 100 Aircraft, 25 Per Group 1st-4th (Aircraft Are Under the Amphibious Special Strike Wing)
Used as Security Personnel aboard all Firestorm Ships
Used as Security Personnel at all Naval and Amphibious Force Bases
Supplement the Firestorm Protection Troopers (Army) Homeland Force with domestic security
Provides resource and logistic support to Federation Law Enforcement and also During Federal State of Emergency


Trooper 1st Class
Lance Trooper
Staff Sergeant
Gunnery Staff Sergeant
Warrant Officer
Chief Master Sergeant
Group Warrant Officer

Jr. Lt.
Lt. Colonel
Lt. General
Commandant (Joint Chief Position)

Army-95,900 Fighting Men:31,000 Vech/Air:12,020 (The Firestorm Protection Troopers)

Airborne-10,400 (Combat Parachuters)
32nd and 50th Airborne Brigade
5,000 Army Paratroopers Per
200 Army Air Personal Per
50 Airmen/150 Other Per
10 Cargo Planes Per

Infantry-20,000 (Troopers)
29th and 365th Infantry Divisions
10,000 Total
6,500 Warrior Solders

Armor-20,000 (Mechanized)
45th and 62nd Mech Divisions
10,000 Total
4,500 Warriors
1,500 Mech

Air Wing-20,000 (Air Overwatch)
17th and 33rd Divisions
10,000 Total
4,500 Air Personal
1,500 Planes and Helos

Home Security Group-25,000 (Homeland Force)
For Domestic Security, JAG, ETC.


Staff Sergeant
Gunnery Specialist
Warrant Officer
Chief Master Specialist
Division/Brigade Warrant Officer

Lance Lt.
Field Marshal
Lt. General
General of Troopers-Used only in time of war and/or major combat operations. The Joint Chief is 1st selected for said position, if passed an appointee is appointed. The General of Troopers reports only to The President.

Air Force-50,000 (The Firestorm Air National Defense Fighting Airmen:3,750 Pilots 4,500 Aircraft)
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 13th Air Groups
10,000 Each
4,500 Air Personel
1,500 Planes and Helos


Senior Airman
Master Specialist
Gunnery Sergeant
Lt. Air Officer
Chief Air Officer
Warrant Officer
Master Chief Air Officer
Wing Warrant Officer

Chief Lt.
Air Colonel
Lt. Marshal
Air Marshal
Marshal of Air National Defense-Used only in time of war and/or major combat operations. The Joint Chief is 1st selected for said position, if passed an appointee is appointed. The Marshal of Air National Defense reports only to The President.

Spec War-20,000 (The Firestorm Special Combat Force)
19th and 53rd Spec Warfare Regiments
10,000 Each
3,500 Operators Per
Operators are chosen from all of the various branches into one unified force.

All Operators retain their rank from their respective service branch.
Only Listed Ranks are of Chief Commander and Deputy Chief Commander

Command-10,000 (The Firestorm Command Corp)

Just a Note:
My Tracker says I can basically have a lot more than I have created (Basically my nation is the size of RL Earth). For Example it takes 9,000 Personal to staff a Carrier Battlegroup and according to my tracker, if I were to say I have 300 Aircraft Carrier Battlegroups, which is 3,600,000 personal, that is only a small fraction of the 55,737,000 total personal I am suppose to have in my military. (I'm a really old nation. I started basically when the site started.) So I choose to keep stuff small because it is easier to manage and I don't want to come off as a 'noob'. Hope that explains some things!


Discovery of The Region:
In the Early 1900s Settlers from neighboring lands successfully crossed the Northern Mountains after 150 years of past attempts. From there they moved Southwest where the oldest city in The Present UFF was founded, Twin Rivers. Small Exploration parties were sent down these vastly long rivers. Meanwhile in the North, Fort Wellington was established by the Newfoundland Trading Company, which provided supplies, food, guides, and conscripted soldiers to take new settlers over the mountains. The Exploration Parties soon returned to Twin Rivers with vast information of the new region, including that both rivers led to ideal entrances to the Eastern Ocean, which had been unheard of before. The Race was one for new settlers to claim whatever they could of this new land.

The Trade Race:
By the 1920s, Trade Towns such as Riverside, Meadowood, and Hallsburg, which was on the coast of Lake Wellington, were springing up overnight to offer another stepping step to incoming settlers to take advantage of the new land. With more cities came more trading companies, but the biggest still remained to be The Newfoundland Trading Company. Within 5 years Cities such as Tacoma City and Georgia City in the North, and Fort Vanguard in the West near the Eastern Mountains, were created. No longer called the new lands, settlers refferred to it as Greatland.

Port Folk and Mounting Tensions in Trade:
In the late 1920s a daring group of tradesman travelled down the then named The Western Waterway all the way to the Eastern Ocean and established a major trading post called Port Folk. The Company that established this bold initiative was The Canal Trading Company. Many thought that this endeavor would fail quickly due to the fact thatthis region of Greatland was sparse in fertile ground suitable for farming and herding. However by 1930 Port Folk had grown to one of the biggest cities in Greatland, with goods coming in from the region and overseas.

By 1932 The Newfoundland Trading Company had made agreements with other smaller trading companines in an effort to regain some market control with the new region settlement. The Canal Trading Company began its own relation with the newly formed Port Folk Import/Export Company to keep its control on the market. Soon minor incidents both on land and on the waterways began taking place. Small truck convoys started to be robbed and an occasional trade ship would be sunk with cargos robbed just prior. Soon that would change.

The PFS Forest River Skirmish:
On April 5th 1933, The Port Folk Import/Export Ship PFS Forest, a Large Class Goods and Transport Ship departed Hallsburg with the rest of its convoy of ship, Convoy 754, at 1630 local time bound for Port Folk. The convoy consisted of the PFS Forest, Fuel Barge PFS Roy, Passenger Ship PFS Emily Marie, and 2 Frigates PFS Hawk and PFS Foxhound. After traveling down river for an hour, the convoy spotted 4 ships flying The Newfoundland Trading Company flag, they were NFTS Convoy 56. This convoy consisted of the Frigate NFTS Foghorn, Light Battleship NFTS Vanguard, and Gunboats NFTS Sentry and NFTS Yuma. Unknown to Convoy 754 the NFTS Wolf, a submarine which was a newer piece of technology at the time, was lurking underwater waiting to strike 754.

At first there was a stalemate between the 2 with both sides waiting for the other to flinch. Then NFTS Convoy 56 began advancing on Convoy 754. 754 begin manuvering into attack postions with the Frigates up front and the Forest in the center were it began to uncover its hidden long guns and set up to fire them. NFTS Wolf targeted the PFS Forest and launched 2 torpedos. The Forest exploded and began rapidly sinking. All of the crew/passengers/and tradesmen on board were killed or drowned shortly after. Seconds after the Forest exploded NFTS Vanguard fired its long range guns and hit the PFS Roy, making it dead in the water.

Convoy 754's Frigates retaliated by launching rounds from its long guns with the PFS Hawk launching 2 torpedos toward NFTS Convoy 56. The rounds from the Frigates struck and destroyed the NFTS Gunboats, but not before the Gunboats were able to each launch a torpedo. With torpedos passing each other in the water, in the following seconds the PFS Hawk was struck, made dead in the water, and began listing to starboard. The PFS Foxhound took a torpedo to the bow and began sinking. One of the torpedos launched from Convoy 754 found its way to the NTFS Wolf, were its hull crushed on itself and promptly sank. The final torpedo from 754 struck and crippled the NFTS Foghorn.

With both Convoys crippled and some ships sinking, NFTS Convoy 56 with the damaged NFTS Foghorn and the unscathed NFTS Vanguard retreated quickly upriver past Convoy 754 bound to Twin Rivers the base port of operations for the NFT. The remaining ships in Convoy 754 began assisting the sinking ships and searched the waters for any survivors. A distress signal was sent to PFT Headquarters in Port Folk which quickly dispatched a 7 ship battlegroup, Strike Fleet 89 which was approximately 3 hours downriver from 754's position, to protect the crippled 754th and assist the rescue operations. This skirmish would spark the first major conflict that Greatland would see.

The Great Trade War (1st Civil War):

Start of the War/The First Battle of Hallsburg:
On April 9th 1933, The Port Folk Import/Export Company with The Canal Trading Company declared hostilities on The Newfoundland Trading Company and its subsidiaries. In essence, all the towns, trading posts, ports, forts, and cities that relied on the companies for protection and supplies were drawn into the conflict. With no government higher than a Mayor of a town or city, each Trading Company was a governing body.

In the opening hours of "the war" The PFT Headquarters deployed fleets up the Western Waterway to assist ground forces in the Jointly Governed City of Hallsburg with securing the city for the PFT as a top priority. Fleets were alway dispatched in The Eastern Ocean with soldiers in order to amphibiously assault the mouth of the Northern Waterway. From there troops would march north in order to capture the NFT city of Meadowood with the ultimately goal to move further north to capture the NFT northern stronghold of Fort Wellington, an important import city of supplies and people from the homeland across the mountains. Another brigade of soldiers from the same strike force would move west in order to capture the city of Twin Rivers, the Homebase of Operations for the NFT.

NFT Command in Twin Rivers dispatched fleets of ships down both rivers to reinforce Hallsburg and Meadowood and to intercept any naval forces. In a daring maneuver, an NFT strike force left Fort Vanguard and moved south to capture Windy City. This strike force would then move onto the Western Waterway, cross it, capture the City of Oasis, and finally leapfrog to Port Folk. In another risky maneuver, NFT forces moved half of their air force from the city of Riverside to Fort Vanguard in order to conduct bombing raids on Windy City to soften defenses and protect the ground forces moving to capture it.

Within hours the city of Hallsburg had erupted into a battleground with PFT and NFT forces battling to control city blocks, secure the city's various piers for their arriving fleets, and control the small number of airfields within the city. After 4 days, a battle line was formed that stretched north to south dividing the city into an Eastern and Western Section. The NFT controlled the Eastern Section of the city as well as all the piers on Lake Wellington and the entrance to the Lake from the Western Waterway, while the PFT controlled the Western Section of the city and the piers that accessed the Western Waterway. This battle line was unofficially dubbed The Railroad Line, since most of battle line followed the North to South Commuter Rail System that ran from Uptown to Downtown. Both sides dug in and waited for their fleets to arrive to make the next push.

The Second Battle of Hallsburg and Start The Lake Wellington Naval War:
On April 15th, NFTS Strike Convoy 3 which consisted of 15 Ships including 4 Heavy Battleships, arrived on the shores of Lake Wellington, making it the first naval force outside of the already in place small group of ships in the city for both sides, to arrive. Almost immediately upon their arrival the Strike Convoy's Battleships began bombarding PFT positions alongThe Railroad Line. With their foothold softened, NFT ground forces the following day began an offensive push. Strike Convoy 3 had also brought with them on one of their transport ships 25 aircraft, 15 Medium Bombers and 10 Fighter aircraft. These aircraft were offloaded to shore and transported to NFT controlled airfields in the city. Under the cover of both air support and naval bombardment, the ground forces began to move past The Railroad Line and start pushing the PFT ground forces back to the shores of the Western Waterway.

In desperation, a group of 5 ships from PFT Convoy 325 (3 Gunboats and 2 Light Battleships), left their port on the Western Waterway to attempt gaining access to Lake Wellington. On April 20th, Convoy 325 was at the enterance to Lake Wellington where to their surprise, the enterance was unguarded, or so they thought. Lurking beneath the surface were 2 NFTS Submarines. In a devasting manuver, NFTS Strike Convoy 3 deployed a Gunboat and a Frigate to make an initial attack on Convoy 325 and draw them further into the Lake. Convoy 325 began opening fire on the NFTS Vessels and gave chase, it would be their first and final mistake. The 2 NFTS Submarines launched 4 torpedos into Convoy 325, destroying 2 Gunboats and 1 of the Battleships. Before 325 could recover, a 2nd volley of torpedos destoryed the remaining Gunboat, and crippled the last battleship. Unable to move, the remaining battleship, PFS Young, surrendered to NFTS Strike Convoy 3. The first naval victory of the war went to the NFT.

The Battle of Windy City
On May 6th 1933

Northern Waterway Amphibious Invasion
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Date/Name/Type and Operation Name/Status

July 8-11 2011/Cookish States Nuclear Accident/Humaniterian Operation ENABLE HOPE/Pulled Out to due Declaration of War By Cookish States On Perpetrator/Later acted as Peacekeeper on Borders, 7/11-10/15 2011

October 19-Present 2011/Straits of Caldokeor Skirmish/Poss. War (Cruel Seas)/Combat Operations, No Op Name. War Operations, Operation Calm Waters/Ongoing/Current Losses: 1 F-35 to Malfunction, 1 F-35 and Pilot Deliberate Ramming
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