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Imperial Seal
The Dark Rift Imperium of the Haru-Dakat

Tomb World


Empire: The Shadows

Capital: Hive world of Chel'de Yorn

Symbol: The white outlining of the black arrows mean that the Haru are responsible for their enemies's death.

Noetic: Zealot - Aspiration to greater and greater Enlightenment, toposophics include states of spiritual attainment and realisation through conversion of all lifeforms.

Ruling Archailect: Empress Kaorin Vlos Zun

Archailect Intervention: Reasonably common; mostly concerned with administrative or theological advice, although has been known to grant boons when petitioned
Government Hierarchical Archaitheocracy - High toposophic powers (ai and posthuman) governing through hyperturing mediation, platonic government beneath S1, although in practice all S<1 sentients defer to higher toposophics.

Population core: (sapients and transapients) 8 billion sentients

Core Population Breakdown :
35% baseline/nearbaseline;;
21% free AI;
24% superior;
17% cyborgs/bioborgs/sybonts;
0.2% xenosophont;
3% other.

Commodities: exotic matter, amat, biogenes, memetic templates, cultural products, hedonic systems, virches, wetware, empathics, ship components, persona compoids, unpolished mementos, magmatter products, nanotronics, ISO parts.

November 17th, 2349 A.D.

Nearly three hundred years of rule had taken place since the fateful rebellion by the Combined Houses under the now legendary Emperor Sa'Karn. The rule of the Eliimmire House had gone on to last for nearly a century. Daughter Yanna had become Empress in 2056 at the age of thirty-six. Forty years later, 2096, the empress died in a transport accident at the age of seventy-six.

Emergency vote and sponsorship by the Nine Lords elected Kala Vrell of House Buki Elghin to the role of Emperor. Another long standing leader, who died of old age after thirty years upon the throne. At one-hundred-twelve years old, he was the oldest of the emperors. 2126 Saw a rise of the old ways however, as Tagnik Zun general, Kura'Dru rose to the role of Empress. Forging ahead with the call to arms, Machina Haruspex warmachine begun to build itself back up from it's status of purely patrolling the borders.

Kura'Dru was essential in being the driving force behind a series of operations and campaigns to finally erradicate the Xukuth traitors from the eastern hemisphere of the homeland. Brutal, terrible war of attrition that eventually led to victory in 2132. With the complete destruction of the Xukuth bloodline, as well as those of the Olath Orn and Olath Shar. Rhetoric of the pure idealogy soon followed, and the masses were entertained again, it was a proud thing to be a soldier, to bear the banner of one's house. 2144 Saw the age of the mid-land war, against the drug smugglers and so forth. Though a brief period, of which hostilities ended in 2146, it was by this time that the military forces of the Haruspex had come into the limelight once again, with the unveilment of the SSR-Space Shuttle Ramp project.

Developed in near secrecy, as much as one could with the powers of Beautancus and Tagmatium in such close proximity, 2149 saw the release of the project to the eyes of the world. Featuring a nearly six kilometer long ramp that slowly curved upwards towards the sky. Utilizing ramjet technology and disposable booster rockets, Oreus, the first cargo space shuttle in a series to be launched, was launched into orbit. Joined eventually within a week's period, Karn, Huras, and Kala, all of the same type of shuttle were in orbit. By 2155, the first Haruspex space station, KV-1 was built. The most important feature of the space station however, was that of it's three support structures. Spacecraft hangers as they came to be classified as.

A new cold war was introduced to Europa as the Haru began to build. At first it was the atypical lander craft, sent to the Moon. Or the observatory craft that went to Mars, peering downwards at the Red planet. Eventually however, in 2172, as the reign of Kura'Dri ended, and that of Vlos-Eliimmire house under Pa'Rei began, the space station was joined by two others of identical design. There, without care of whom observed, Haruspex engineers and others began to build immense craft. During this time, the land of the Haru became unusually quiet, by 2205, all communication with the general population of Europa had more or less ceased. The Haru maintained key trade routes and so forth, but it was handled by the government.

2212, the first break for Europa nations would be at the celebration of Kear di wer Siksta, " Day of the Sun ", Pa'Rei announced to the citizens of the Haruspex and by intention over unsecure channels, essentially all of Europa, that the Haru had developed a new means of propulsion for their spacecraft and that on the day of this holiday, the engine would thus be named Dastudr " Power ", in light of the awesome might of the star that lit the lands of Europa. 2215, Pa'Rei steps down as Emperor due to health concerns and is replaced by Garon Yi of House Mzil Velven. A long term compatriot of Pa'Rei's, Garon sees the same goal and is determined to carry it on.

Communication with the Haru again drops to below the radar. Barely surfacing, save for curt military and government protocols. It is obvious that the Haru are distancing themselves from the rest of Europa though few can understand why. In 2245 a critical failure in the otherwise unknown Storm Sea research and development faciility in a former underwater submarine base detonates with the force of a Hiroshima atomic warhead. On the scene is the Haruspex Imperial Navy, and though offers of inquiry and or aid in cleanup are offered, no communications are offered back. Reoorts do surface however from vessels nearby, observing, that there was debris brought to specialized vessels within the Haru surface fleet in the area.

2252 Sees the colony in the former Zharian territories declare independence from the mainland of the Haru. A response from the government is quiet, but nothing physical. Garon suffers heart failure while asleep, six days later, Hura'Mer is elected Empress of the Haruspex. 2280 Sees the first Haruspex delegation in over a hundred years at a trade summit. They are brief and particular, and spend most of their time with what could be considered " Third World " nations rather then prominent powerbases. 2285 Usa'Karn becomes Empress, and startles Europa again, at a diplomatic summit in 2298. Accompanied by the now infamous Tagnik Zun commando bodyguards, and assorted general staff. It is the first time for many that a Haruspex noble is seen beyond the borders of the isolationist Haru.

Empress Usa'Karn is mostly seen speaking with Ji'Kirak of the Dominion of Kaldana, colonial nation state of Zhar. 2300 Sees Kaldana become openly allied with the Principality of Machina Haruspex. Kaldana is seen to benefit from this agreement immensely, as trade is seen to grow immensely. In 2310, a man made island is created in the sea within territorial waters of Kaldana. This structure is similiar to the ramp within the Haru domain. Launches happen near immediate after it's construction, and it's obvious that in 2312 what they are up to. Two other stations in orbit are being constructed, identical to that of KV-1. KV-2, and KV-3 are completed respectively in 2317 and 2319.

2322, Narin of minor house Vlos becomes Emperor. Carrying on the legacy of the previous rulers, Narin oversees the production of the spaceborne vessels still being completed. The first, classified as a Hive spacecraft, is completed in 2325. It is an immense construction with rotating rings to create gravity. Nearly six hundred meters in length and four hundred meters in spherical width, it is the largest space vessel ever constructed. 2333, and 2337 see the completion of the other two vessels along with a host of others that vary in size but have one thing in common. They are obviously meant for deep space travel by the types of their size, and engine placement.

2348, Day of Ascension. The quiet of the occident region is shattered. Multiple launches, hour after hour, hundreds of shuttles are launched from various ramps that have been constructed about the Haru territories as well as that of the Kaldana sea ramp. The sky burns bright with pin hole images of flame as nuclear reactors fuel the new engines. Bluish-white light streams from the the land of Europa. In orbit, the smaller vessels that had been constructed are the first to dock shuttles, and then leave said orbit. These smaller vessels near around one-hundred meters in length and about sixty meter's in width. Overall, there were close to sixty of these vessels. Each, when filled, moving foreward on a pre-determined destination.

The Hive ships were the last, and they slowly filled, it took a year to fill all three. 2340 was the age of the last known Haru to be seen. In the cities, and territories upon the surface, those who could not follow in flesh, would follow in soul. A decision that would decimate those left behind enacted. Neutron bombs, a more then illegal weapon in Europa, were detonated from secure and strategic points across Haruspex and Kaldana. Billions ceased to exist in the span of brilliant white light expanding across the landscape, dissolving molecules and atoms of every living thing within the principality. From the massive cities, to the rural landscapes, a quiet hush fell against the wind.

With their automated defense grids upon the border and in the fortress like cities, it would be sometime before they could be explored. The ramps detonated, a series of near flawlessly timed explosions turned each one into rubble, strewn upon the landscape as the Haru were intent on leaving as little of their technology behind. KV-1, 2, and 3 both suffered implosion and the shards of the stations rained down into orbit and the skies as burning flares for days afterwards.

The Haru..were gone.

The fleet had cleared the Sol System in just under forty years time, reaching the vast emptiness of the great intersteller void where the light of the home star did not reach. Forty years had seen the death of their Emperor Narin, and the rise of Empress Vala of House Eliimmire. There were pauses now and then in the long voyage, stopping for resupply at various astroid belts to mine minerals and such. At an ice planet or two, to aquire fresh supplies, and to chart the worlds they did pass.

Ten years before the voyage, a world had been spied amongst the abyss. It's position made a close tie to an ancient prophecy, and the religious amongst the Haru had clamored that it was the one. Their world of fable, their new home, the far away Epsilon Eridani star as the beacon to where Whedab Treskri awaited them. With the drive system propelling them forth at speeds that could not be matched by the engines of others at the time of their leaving, and upgraded as the years went on, every decade brought them closer to the new home.

The journey saw the rise and fall of six emperors and empress's, of the rise of two minor houses to full status and the creation of three more minors. It saw the destruction of a dozen vessels alongst the way and the loss of nearly ten thousand crew and population who were aboard them.

During the pilgramage, it saw the rise of better and more economical fuel and sustainability arise from the constant research and development of technologies. Procurement of resources made easier by such, and medicine reached new heights with prolonging the aging process and or the combating of sickness and other forms of disease.

They were not the same ones as when they left. Four generations had passed by the time of their arrival to Whedab Treskri. A new age had begun on that day, upon entering the Epsilon Endani star system, and eventually within orbit of their new home. It was similiar to Terra Europa, what they refered to as their begining now, with less water and a more tropical heat. Continent mass was also smaller, but more spread out. It had an atmosphere, and an ozone layer still present. Clouds whipped across the skies, a light bluish-green in hue. Floral was light, forests and what not, greenery, fauna limited to non sentient life of the most base natures.

Ablative plating slowly came into position upon the hive vessels and that of the smaller craft. Three points of land mass were picked for stability as points of landing for the Hives. The rest would orbit or land within the Hive's once they had made landfall and the Hive's had opened. Yes opened. As each massive vessel pierced the atmosphere, as burning blobs of light that darkened the sky, they cruised to their landing points.

Slowing to nearly a hover, the Hive station craft lowered down until they landed and began to dig into the earth itself. Securing their massive cityship with giant tethers, the craft opened outwards from the top. Each section shaped of sorts like a petal of a flower, four points within a central area inverted. There, the city sprouted outwards, with the suns above showering light downwards.

A brilliantly dark world, barely lit by the pair of dwarf suns that existed within Epsilon Endani. Nearly three quarters of the planet saw no light, just darkness on a rotational day of thirty two hours. Where once before, scans and simple flybys would have shown this world without light, now there was thousands if not hundreds of thousands of lights illuminating the larger continent land masses. Predominately upon the night side of the world.

The last of the spherical hive ship that had left Europan space centuries ago under then the power of a nuclear fission harnessed energy now boasted the time well spent research of what the Haru termed the Conversion Drive. In its most basic form, a conversion drive is a reinforced fusion drive using magnetic confinement to contain the fusion reaction and eject the resulting high-energy plasma from the vessel to provide thrust.

In their lowest power mode, most conversion drives still operate in this manner and are no more efficient or capable than any other fusion drive system. However, when desired, massive Forward-type magnetic monopoles (usually held in storage rings surrounding the reaction vessel) are magnetically injected into the containment chamber and repeatedly cycled through the reaction zone at its center. Through the process of ‘S-wave sucking' the monopoles induce baryon decay within the plasma stream and effectively convert a greater percentage of the fusion fuel into energy than would be achievable through thermonuclear processes alone.

By increasing the number of monopoles passing through the reaction zone, either by increasing the number of monopoles used or cycling them through at faster rates, drive efficiency may be increased to levels approaching 100%. At such levels the drive exhaust is effectively a beam of high-energy gamma rays focused to near laser-like intensity.

Great care must be taken to avoid irradiating planets and habitats along the vessel's flight path or even destroying the vessel itself if there is a containment or drive reflector failure. For these reasons, as well as the remote but finite possibility of a runaway conversion reaction (something not possible with a standard fusion drive) standard operating procedure for the Principality strictly regulate the power levels of conversion drives operating within vicinity of star systems and require long range and interstellar-capable vessels to operate at much less than maximum power while anywhere within a prescribed distance of a system primary (generally at least one light- day).

The first conversion drives were developed almost immediately after the development of Forward monopole generation technology by 2612 A.D.. While the technology for generating massless magnetic monopoles and matter to energy conversion reactors was first developed some twenty years earlier, the monopoles so produced were too unstable to be stored for any length of time and required massive installations to create and control. This led to the development of large, sub stations within the hive ships that converted matter to energy in monopole enhanced fusion reactors and then transfered the resulting power to where it was required. Second stage monopole technology was far more compact, produced stable, long-lived monopoles and, most importantly, had the potential to be accessible to various forms of spacecraft.

An enormous power spike would be readily accesible to even the most basic of sensor technology and to the eye of these sensors and such, the last of the hive vessels descended into the atmosphere, heading for an uncharted land mass, eventually after several hours depositing itself into the earth itself and forming a triangle like formation with the other two. The vessels in orbit, were arrayed in a classic formation of defense from the times of the Haruspex Imperial Navy upon Europa. These were not the same vessels that had been seen leaving that world so long ago. They had become more then they were, sleek and alien in design, ulitarian for the one purpose. Beauty was not a necessarily needed anthestic for war and battle, yet it had come about regardless. The only means of outside identification were the emblems of the particular houses that could be seen upon the flanks of the orbiting vessels.

As humanity's behavior would have it, and the course of what happens when advanced technology is produced by a xenophobic culture, the monopole technology became a double edged blade. On the one hand, it created a reliable drive system that made intersteller flight practical, and on the other, it created a terrible weapon system that the Principality equipped their war vessels with in preperation for the inevitable day of finding by those they once knew, and others who knew them not. Termed Battlecruisers, the dozen or so of them that surrounded Whedab Treskri, were equipped with the Hellbore combat array. An advanced plasma weapon firing a bolt of monopole contained plasma at near fusion temperatures. An adaptive high energy laser guides the bolt through atmospheres, and via an advanced application of the ponderamotive effect, compresses the monopole contained bolt to a critical density at the desired range.

At critical density, monopole-catalyzed fusion occurs, resulting in rapid release of the mass-energy in the plasma. In atmosphere, primary energy release is thermonuclear-equivalent shock wave and heat release, with a secondary laser impact. In vacuum, energy release is soft x-rays, with secondary laser impact. Some versions add trace amounts of elements in the plasma or monopoles to generate specific effects (e.g. neutron or EMP production), similiar to older style so-called "enhanced nuclear weapons".

It was known that the gods prayed to were old, beyond measure and yet they needed their worshippers. Symbiotic existence between the faithful and those who existed as the focal point of that faith. Such were the prayers to said deities upon the taking of the world below, that the old ones opened Pandora. A path to the darkness of Shadowspace. An existance upon the many layers of the warp, and in the areas that were thus contained by said layering. Between the realities and dimensions that create the universe, was the newly conquered world of Whedab Treskri pulled into it's gaping maw.

It is fair to say that we did not go unwillingly, as the white light of ascension came across our minds, we as one channelled our faith into our dark gods and they welcomed us as a mother does her children. Into the depths of Hell we sailed forth into, as the steller bodies of the formerly known Epsilon Endani star system were drawn within this unnatural opening, moved beyond the nature of technology and science.

Time and space became one for a brief moment, and then in an instant, we were of the shadowspace, denziens of the eternal night, forever to look upon the rest of the galaxy through the glass of the umbra. We came to hate and despise those on the other side of the glass, and as our hate grew, the love of our gods also grew. Our talons cradled the glass, ever peering we stared into the vastness of the galaxy and slowly began to loose ourselves in it.

With their apathy and hate growing, their bodies began to change to suit the darkness of their enviroment, the planets brought with turned into vast hive worlds. Tethered to the interdimensional sink holes between realities and vessels that transcended the umbra into regular space became the norm for our people. We turned our ravenous hunger inspired by the gods upon other races. Savoring our corruption of other life, the scent of sweet decadence and the taste of sentient flesh upon our lips.

We will devour you..

Technology listed goes to the credit of Orions Arm and those authors and so forth who are responsible for the creation of such.

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