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[SPEECH] Official Resignation from the World Assembly

PostPosted: Sun Feb 28, 2021 12:53 am
by Idealistic Texas
President Alexander Philippou takes the floor at the first given available opportunity and speaks with a soft but commanding, low voice.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen of the W.A.

First, we would like to thank each and every one of you for recognizing and discoursing over the last years with us from the bottoms of our hearts.

Noting that our time here has been wonderful and many memories and historic events have happened, we hold nothing but gratitude to the assembly.
It is after prudent consideration and many hours of deliberation that we have come to the conclusion that unfortunately the W.A. simply does not conform to the standards we believe to be the best for the idealistic Republic of Texas. We hold no ill intent nor bad faith to any members here and would seek to assure any and all concerned that we continue our close relationship with our allies in the Commonwealth of Liberty. The United States of Paramountica continues to be a driving force of the freedoms we espouse and hold dearly close and we would personally commend her here and now for her commitment to these ideals.

Due to the perceived extreme nature of our freedoms and our belief that liberty itself is that most valued treasure of any nation, we find that quietly removing ourselves from this world stage will be beneficial to all nations, including our own. In our time here, we have truly witnessed the heights and depths of humanity, its nations, and rulers. Indeed, we have ourselves had a resounding voice within this chamber and for this we are forever grateful. No nation can ask for more respect than we have been given and no nation's ill-will can ever compare to the great spirit of freedom and Texans everywhere. To any of our citizenry abroad, we would ensure you that your voice will still be heard and you have a place to call your home, regardless of the fate of this present body.

In closing, we would seek to assure all member nations that our policies devoted to freedom will not change—regardless of our representation within or without of this body. We would herealso offer full protections to any diplomats that cross into our borders from lands far and wide. We would also seek to comfort any wondering, that our commitment to the cause of liberty will remain throughout perpetuity. It has truly been an honor to serve and represent here, an amazing experience. Our telephone lines are always open and our telegraph wires never silent, rest assured that communication will remain open to all who need it.

Kindest of regards to mine esteemed colleagues and may the light of good will forever be in your favor. Good day.