[DRAFT] Int'l Victim Restitution Act

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[DRAFT] Int'l Victim Restitution Act

Postby Barfleur » Mon Feb 22, 2021 4:09 pm

International Victim Restitution Act
Category: Regulation | Area of Effect: Legal Reform | Proposed by: Barfleur

The World Assembly,

Recognizing the great strides made in recent years towards providing for victims of crime;

Aware that victims of crime are often entitled to mandatory restitution from the perpetrator in the form of monetary damages to cover physical, psychological, and emotional harm, as well as any financial losses incurred as a direct result of the crime or of the victim's inability to earn money as a result of the crime;

Believing that, when entitled by law to restitution, a victim of crime ought not to be denied it on jurisdictional grounds;

Hereby enacts the following as international law:

1. In this resolution—
    a. the term "victim" means a person who has suffered an injury, of a physical, sexual, psychological, medical, or financial character, as a result of an act committed against that person or against a group of people in violation of national or international law;
    b. the term "restitution" means any money or thing of value that the perpetrator of an act committed in violation of national or international law has been ordered, by a competent tribunal, to pay to the victim of such act;
    c. the term "member nation" means any nation which is a member of the World Assembly, and any political subdivision of such nation, and any territory subject to the jurisdiction of such nation; and
    d. the term "Committee" means the World Assembly Judiciary Committee.

2. A person residing in one member nation, who has been awarded restitution by a competent tribunal of another member nation for a crime committed in that other member nation by a person residing in such nation, may petition the Committee to order the perpetrator to pay the victim the required restitution in full. The Committee shall grant all such petitions, excluding those lacking merit or which are deemed to be frivolous.

3. A person who commits a crime in one member nation and then relocates, whether lawfully or unlawfully, to another member nation, shall not be discharged of liability for any restitution they had heretofore been liable for by reason of such relocation. A person who willfully fails to pay restitution in such manner shall be removed to the nation wherein the restitution was awarded and made to pay it in full to the victim or the victim's legal representative.

4. Nothing in this resolution shall be construed to impair the power of member nations or of this Assembly, by future legislation, to alter the manner in which restitution shall be awarded or any restrictions thereupon.

This is a proposal I've been thinking of for a while, but have only put to paper now. This is a very rough draft, and I welcome any feedback (with the exception of threats and insults--please do not send those).
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