Global Space Command Act

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Global Space Command Act

Postby Executive Emirate of Port Royal » Wed Jan 15, 2020 11:40 am

The World Assembly,

Seeking to ensure peace and international security and a stronger World Assembly with a bigger sphere of influence with regard to geopolitics,

Desiring wider cooperation and stronger diplomatic ties between member-states,

Recognizing the possibility of attacks from unidentified flying objects and invaders not belonging to the planet Earth,

Fully aware of the dangers that space junk and unknown phenomena from the Universe may posses,

Bearing in mind the uncertainty about the jurisdiction of the World Assembly and its laws at space,

Driven by the desire of implementing and enforcing international laws,

Affirming that the space can become a place of conflict between member-states and non-member-states due to its strategic position and resources,

Confident that greater space exploration and research will bring major scientific advancements,


1. Defines the following for the purpose of this resolution:

a. "Space" as the zone above the Earth's atmosphere which lacks oxygen and is a vacuum:

b. "Foreign invaders not native to the planet Earth" as aliens or any other form of life outside the planet Earth;

c. "Governing Council" as a group of people selected by the World Assembly as the ruling group of the Global Space Command ;

2. Establishes the creation of a Global Space Command, which acts as the governing body and law enforcement authority of the World Assembly's legislation at space and is under its full subjugation, being responsible for:

a. ensuring peace and security at space, administering justice and solving conflicts between member-states and non-member-states,

b. maintaining the space as a neutral region and free from any kind of sovereignty-related claims,

c. intervening in any armed conflict,

d. exploiting in a fair and sustainable way the resources found in this region,

e. facilitating research-related tasks to the scientific community and space agencies, as well as promoting space exploration,

f. creating a global database system and international research facilities where data can be collected and/or accessed and collaborations can be achieved between different nations,

g. analyzing and deterring further threats that may arise from the space and from the Earth through the required equipment and practices, like satellite surveillance systems on both, member-states and non-member-states,

h. monitoring space junk and contributing towards its removal,

i. advising the World Assembly with regard to international security, peace and space-related issues, and

j. carrying out any other duties considered crucial and ordered by the World Assembly and/or its Governing Council.

3. Obliges all member-states to participate in the cause through a greater investment in their military forces and space efforts, individual and fair contributions which will be destined regularly to a fund with the objective of financing the joint space force named as Global Space Command, its infrastructure, personnel and other expenses.

4. Dictates that the set of rules controling the daily functioning of this institution are to be discussed and determined by the member-states of the World Assembly, which include:

a. establishing such set of rules as "constitution" of the Global Space Command's administration,

b. the appointment and dismissal of its Governing Council's members and other senior officials,

c. autonomy given to its Governing Council in the day-to-day and in extraordinarily critical moments,

d. official declaration of war and approval of military actions,

e. protocols to be followed in times of crisis,

f. the division of work and specialization of each member-state's activities and contributions,

g. rights and duties of member-states,

h. budgetary decisions,

i. allocation of resources, staff and construction of infrastructure,

j. temporary cessation of its activities,

k. approval of decisions of the utmost importance, among others.

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Postby Verdant Haven » Wed Jan 15, 2020 11:56 am

I don't have a great deal of time to reply at the moment, so I just want to lay out three items that I suggest taking in to consideration:

1) This is assuming a world full of humans, on the planet Earth. A large number of nations are very much non-Earth in origin, and a fair number are RP'd as non-human in population. To quote Bears Armed Mission's beginner's guide to writing resolutions...

"You aren’t actually “required” to take the existence of nations with non-human populations or with non-[‘Modern-tech’] settings into account, and in fact the ‘No Meta-gaming’ rule means that a proposal can’t explicitly say that they exist anyhows, but wording the text to take account of the fact that they’re RPed as existing — for example, by using the species-neutral term “people” rather than “humans” — is appreciated by those of us whose nations do fall into those categories… some of whom might happen to be delegates who have LOTS of votes."

Worth consideration.

2) GAR#17 ) specifically lays out the funding of the WA from voluntary donations, and prohibits the WA from levying directly. Item 3 runs afoul of this by demanding specific financial contributions.

3) Item 4d appears to be speaking of the ability of the WA to wage war. The WA cannot do so, and has no military forces.

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Postby Executive Emirate of Port Royal » Wed Jan 15, 2020 2:19 pm

Regarding article 4 d, can the Security Council be the responsible for approving any kind of military action?

And regarding article 3,would it be acceptable to change the language from "obliges" to "strongly urges", as well as removing the global fund that directly finances the Global Space Command?
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Postby Kenmoria » Wed Jan 15, 2020 2:26 pm

Executive Emirate of Port Royal wrote:Regarding article 4 d, can the Security Council be the responsible for approving any kind of military action?

(OOC: The Security Council cannot even be mentioned in GA legislation, and the GA cannot endorse or order military action of any kind.)
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Postby Separatist Peoples » Wed Jan 15, 2020 6:51 pm

OOC: This is unsalvagably illegal. I think fully half the clauses duplicate or contradict extant law.

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Postby Terttia » Wed Jan 15, 2020 6:58 pm

(For the author)

Have you even read the proposal rules, proposal categories, or passed resolutions before writing? Reading through those (you don’t have to read every passed resolution, although writing is easier when you know what a final product should look like) can make this drafting process a whole lot easier.

Here are the proposal rules, the proposal categories, and passed resolutions.
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Postby Araraukar » Thu Jan 16, 2020 2:57 am

Separatist Peoples wrote:OOC: This is unsalvagably illegal. I think fully half the clauses duplicate or contradict extant law.

OOC: And the other half violate proposal rules; Game Mechanics, Real World Reference and possibly Metagaming...
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