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About the Update

PostPosted: Fri Nov 03, 2017 10:14 am
by Eluvatar
It's been brought up that a change I am considering to game mechanics could, depending on the details, affect WA resolution voting- specifically the times at which voting begins and ends on WA resolutions. I'd like to ask some of the players that could effect to give some feedback regarding what they think would be best for the game, both in the aforelinked discussion topic and, a few weeks from now, in the relevant Request for Comments topic (once it's open for comments).

Currently, the beginning and end of WA votes is tied to the beginning and end of the process known as "the Update", which also elects regional WA Delegates and sometimes increments population. If I change the update, I therefore must change the code which controls when WA voting happens: I want to change it in the best practicable way for the purposes of the WA community.

It is my hope that through a thoughtful exchange of ideas and sharing of experience I can find the way which would help, or at least not harm, your style of play.