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Postby Sathera » Sat Jan 07, 2012 6:02 pm

Hans Schmidt during a WA meeting.

Name: Hans Schmidt

Age: 37

Birthplace: Nordenhelm, Sathera

Employment: Has worked all of his life within the Government. Service of 2 years as Ambassador for the Imperial State of Sathera, 18 years within the Satherian Military with a rank of Colonel.

Background: During the Satherian Civil War, Hans Schmidt served as a Colonel for the Imperialist forces. His Orderly thinking and precise timing was often a deciding factor in his many victories.

Fun facts: Hans Schmidt helped rebuild Sathera after the civil war, and is often regarded as being one of the new empire's 'founding fathers.'

Politics: Conservative/Imperialist/Monarchist. Member of the Imperial Party of Sathera/The I.P.S

Titles: Imperial Ambassador of the State of Sathera

Responsibilities: Presiding over Sathera's WA Duties, along with International Diplomacy on the world stage.

Interests: Hans has always had a love for Languages, History, and Diplomacy in general, In fact, one of his favorite things to do is learn a language, see how it developed through the ages and how it relates with it's cousins. Hans also enjoys Plays, Operas, reading, and Cold weather with a passion.

Behavior: Hans is incredibly serious and stern, reflecting his Nation and Leaders. He usually only jokes when drinking, and is mechanical with most of his decisions. He always has to be on time and often gets angry with himself when late or early. He gets impressions easily, and acts friendly to those he likes and neutral, but polite to those he hasn't formed an opinion on or doesn't like.

Once said:"I've found that Languages often define a people by how the languages themselves are formed. For example, French speakers are often very romantic, very fluid. German speakers, on the other hand are very mechanical, very orderly. And English speakers? Simply Insane."

Staff: 5 diplomatic secretaries, 3 security officers, 4 support aids.
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Postby Damanucus » Thu Jan 12, 2012 9:15 pm

Image Image
Nomadic Peoples of Damanucus
World Assembly Delegation

Representative Horgen Dush (retired)
Age: 45
Birthplace: Frebenere, Grandall Province
Family: Wife Clarissa, 43, plus two sons, Erimir, 23, and Markus, 18
Education: Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of Law
History: Horgen was one of the primary followers of Linard Skyre during his Independence Tour, so much so that Linard eventually invited him as a member of the touring team. Because of his qualifications, he was able to assist Linard in his drawing up of the Damanucus Constitution and the Claim for Independence, both of which were, after signing, rolled into the one document. Noting Dush's qualifications, Linard also suggested he take on the role of WA Representative for Damanucus, an offer he quickly accepted.
Fun facts: Horgen received his qualification at a university outside of Damanucus, prior to its independence; the University of Triolin was not established until after secession had been granted. Despite this, he is partly responsible for the curriculum for the International Law and Politics units at the University of Triolin, especially the topics Law in the World Assembly and Basics of Resolution Drafting for the World Assembly, and it is expected that, when he retires from the WA, he will assume a more permanent position as lecturer for those units.
Once said: "So in other words, you want to legalize it internationally...again."

Representative Intern Stephanie Orman
Age: 27
Birthplace: Corgen, Holseen Province
Family: None
Education: Bachelor of International Studies (UTril)
History: Stephanie is one of the newer members of the delegation, taking the recently opened position of Representative Intern. She completed her studies at the University of Triolin, although she did take six months off from her studies in order to travel Damanucus.
Fun facts: Stephanie didn't take to the floor as part of the Delegation until the debate surrounding the Biological Weapons Accord, after Horgen became worked up during a speech. She has since co-chaired with Horgen on issues, and it is assumed she will undertake his position when he leaves.
Once said: "Conservative? Damanucus? We are nowhere near the conservative norm that you believe us to be."

Dr George H. Lemming
Dr Lemming is an observer on Assembly Procedure from the University of Triolin, and as such is not technically part of the delegation.

Targen Mach, MP
Targen is the Minister for International Affairs in Damanucus, as is not a member of the Delegation. He does, however, occasionally pay visits to the WA office "just to check up on things." He was also the one who arranged Stephanie's intern position.
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Yeldan Nature Preserve
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Postby Yeldan Nature Preserve » Wed Jan 18, 2012 5:31 pm


China Cat Sunflower

Age: 27

Birthplace: Charlie's Cosmic School Bus Commune, Yeldan Nature Preserve

Education: Holds degrees in basket weaving, pipe making, hydroponic agriculture, and law from the University of Charlie's Cosmic School Bus Commune.

Employment: Doesn't believe in work.

Politics: Leftist, anti-military, anti-globalisation, pro-environment.

Titles: Ambassador Dude

Responsibilities: Doesn't believe in responsibility either. Currently serving as "Ambassador Dude" because it was his turn.

Interests: Psychedelic music, cannabis smoking, sleeping.

Once said: "when we lived in Arizona and the skies always had little fluffy clouds and
they were long and clear and there were lots of stars, at night.
And when it rained it would all turn, it, they were beautiful, the most
beautiful skies as a matter of fact the sunsets were the sunsets were purple
and red and yellow and were on fire and the clouds would catch the colours
everywhere, that's, its neat because I used to look at them all the time when
I was little. You don't see that. You might still see them in the desert."
“Let us return to the trees, my brothers!”

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Postby Omigodtheykilledkenny » Wed Jan 18, 2012 7:35 pm

Oh my God, I read that post from "China Cat" in the other thread and totally thought he was a girl! :lol:
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Yeldan Nature Preserve
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Postby Yeldan Nature Preserve » Wed Jan 18, 2012 7:43 pm

Omigodtheykilledkenny wrote:Oh my God, I read that post from "China Cat" in the other thread and totally thought he was a girl! :lol:

Yeah there may have been a different China Cat in a RP once that actually was a girl. No matter, different person, this is China Cat now. :p
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Postby Zaklen » Fri Jan 20, 2012 4:54 pm

Peter Zyvex
Age: 18
Birthplace: Snow Leopard City, Zaklen
Family: Peter is the son of Lord Zyvex, the Supreme Ruler of Zaklen, and a deceased mother whose name has been hidden by the Zaklenite government in order to protect her family. He has two siblings, Mary Zyvex, age 16, who is the Zaklenite ambassador to the Commonwealth of Fishbirdturtallia, and Luke Zyvex, age 4, who is too young for politics, and thus lives a sheltered life in Zaklen’s capitol city of Zakopolis.
Education: Diploma from the Zakopolis Military Academy for Youth
Employment: Since his graduation from ZMA, Peter has served as Commander of Zaklen’s military. Having success in several short battles against terrorists, and earning a decisive victory, with the assistance of the Kingdom of Gotha, in a war against the nations of Bataile and Nelkazium, Peter proved himself worthy of one day becoming Supreme Ruler. In order to give him some political experience, his father appointed him as Zaklen’s WA representative.
Background: Not much is known about Peter’s background. Lord Zyvex just showed up one day In the lands which would become Zaklen and conquered them with a mysteriously large army. Peter was already an adult at this time.
Fun facts: He likes to eat pony meat
Politics: All the infidels must pay increased taxes, or get the hell out of Zaklen. Prostitutes should be fed to snow leopards.
Titles: Commander of Zaklen’s Military, WA representative for Zaklen
Responsibilities: Coordinating Zaklen’s military efforts, and attending WA debates
Interests: Eating pony meat, practicing Zaklenite Christianity, military tactics, and politics
Once said: "My father is arranging for prostitutes to be fed to Snow Leopards. I’m going home to watch the show!"

Staff: Peter is constantly surrounded by his security team, all of which are armed with powerful assault rifles. He also has a personal chef named Joe.
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- Peter Zyvex
Supreme Ruler of Zaklen
Religion brings out both the best and the worst in humanity. Obviously, I strive to be an example of it bringing out the best.

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Postby Falcania » Sat Jan 21, 2012 5:37 am

Name: Ser Petear Wilhelmsin
Age: 44
Birthplace: Cornerstone, Falcania
Family: The Wilhelmsin clan have an established tradition of loyalty to the High Throne. Ser Petear is the latest to continue the tradition of Wilhelmsins in the service of the Falcanian National Corporation, and was knighted for Services to the Kingdom of the Free seven years ago.
Education: JA at Southcliff College, Featbridge; MA at Ornery College, Featbridge; some postdoctoral work at the High Institute of Governance, Mathdon, before the civil war.
Employment: Prior to selection as the Chief Delegate of the Council to the World Assembly, Ser Petear was an assisting minister in the Directorate of Foreign Affairs
Background: Ser Petear can be stuffy and old-fashioned, but he genuinely thinks highly of the World Assembly, and loves the Free Kingdom with the single-mindedness of an aristocrat. He is not afraid of holding court on matters that he feels strongly about, of which there are many.
Fun facts: Knighthood in Falcania still carries a martial responsibility, and all who would wear the title must prove themselves in single combat. Despite being an old man by Falcanian standards, Ser Petear has been known to pacify the occasional scuffle with his fists.
Politics: My Country, Right Or Wrong
Titles: Ser Petear Wilhelmsin, High Knight of the Free Realm, Chief Delegate of the Council to the World Assembly
Responsibilities: Ser Petear has been trusted with representing the Free Kingdom at the World Assembly. By this, he has essentially tasked himself with moulding the World Assembly to conform to Falcanian values.
Interests: Ser Petear is an avid billiards player, and some of his trick shots are still talked about in the Delegates' Lounge.
Once said: "It is with deep regret that I note that the Free Kingdom will be abstaining on this bill, at least until somebody has the decency to write it."

Staff: Two dozen junior diplomats and security officials.
II & Sports: The Free Kingdom of Falcania, Jayla, New Nestia, and Realms Otherwise Beneath the Skies

World Assembly: Ser Jeine Wilhelmsen on behalf of Queen Falcon IV, representing the Free Kingdom and the ancient and great region of Atlantian Oceania

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Postby Serenti » Tue Feb 21, 2012 1:22 pm

ImageName:[/b][/u]Kristen Somerhalder
Age: 21
Date of Birth: 5/24/91
Location: Toronto, Canada
Bio: Kristen Somerhalder was born in a small town in Toronto, Canada. She lived in a poor nieghborhood and rose against the promblems in her community. at the age of 10 she graduated from Harvard Universtity with honors. She went on to become senetor and now president. She now is married to Ian Somerhalder and is happily residing in the president house.
Fun facts: Kristen won the ultimate chess trophie. She can play the dubble bass, bass guitar , piano , and drums.

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Postby ABDS Corporation » Wed Feb 22, 2012 3:27 am


Geoffrey Mung, Executive Director - NMSI World Assembly Division

Age: 57

Birthplace: Blackmore City, Mindova National District, Client-States of the ABDS Corporation

- Graduated at the head of his class from Blackmore 4th Public Secondary, 1971
- Graduated magna cum laude from the Institute for Political Studies (Aegis Atoll) in 1978, Masters in International Diplomacy

- Founding member of the National Management Services Integration Division of ABDS Corpration.
- Assistant Director of the NMSI Division for Supernational Organization Studies, 1993-1999
- Director of NMSI-Foreign Trade Interdepartmental Affairs, 1999-2012
- Executive Director, NMSI's World Assembly Division, 2012-present

Politics: 15% shareholder in the ABDS Corporation. Broke the tie between Zachary F Dunnet and Theodore Wentz for the corporate presidency in 1992. Pro-Dunnett, Pro-military, pro-expansionist. Has written at least one book advocating the virtues of the ABDS Corporation's brand of National Management Solutions, not surprising due to his role in what is effectively their sales department

Titles: Executive Director, NMSI's World Assembly Division; Ambassador to the World Assembly for Mindova, Aegis Atoll, Nova Fortia, and Fortis.

Responsibilities: Directing and speaking for the delegation of the Client States of ABDS Corporation at the World Assembly.

Interests: Geoffery played contact football ('handegg') at his post-secondary institution, including a period of captaining the team. He served a period of years as a draftee in the Security Strategies Division and as a result maintains a healthy and well-modernized interest in military affairs. Current pursuits have included chess, racquetball, model shipbuilding, and fly fishing.

Behavior: Somewhat arrogant and demanding as a supervisor and director, but appropriately conciliatory in chambers. Legendary temper.

Personal Life: Director Mung has recently gone through a divorce with his wife of 33 years, citing stress caused by work habits. The two are known to maintain a cordial relationship and there is intent on both sides to reconnect at some indeterminate future point. Director Mung is a mild workaholic and devotes little time to pursuits outside of his work. he is known to be recovering from a lifelong cocaine addiction.

Once said: "I take a bullet for [President Dunnet]; he doesn't take one for me." - Response to a suggestion that he allow news of one scandal or another to break, to protect his name from a near-breaking story about cocaine addiction.
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The Client-States of the ABDS Corporation
NMSI Program (Embassies) [open for application] | Our Factbook -WIP, PDF-
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Postby Connopolis » Tue Mar 06, 2012 6:30 pm


Pamela Elizabeth Howell

Age: 64

Born: Basingstoke of Oxfordshire, Connopolis

Education: Graduated with honors with degrees in both political science and international relations from Halewood University; she later recieved a Juris Doctorate from the University of Wolverhampton.

Employment: Former name partner at "McCarthy and Howell" - Connopolis' fourth largest law firm, former undersecretary of Primary and Secondary Education at the Connopolian Minsitry of Education, former representative in the Connopolian Upper Parliament, representing Oxfordshire County.

Political views: Center left, moderately liberal.

Titles: Mrs. Former Undersecretary, currently Chief of World Assembly Affairs, Ambassador-at-Large.

Responsibilities: Presiding over the Connopolis' activity in the World Assembly, as well as their diplomatic relations in the international theatre.

Interests: To the Connopolian media, Ambassador Howell is known as the "slippery eel," due to her tendancy of dodging embarrassing questions. She is also well known for her taste in fashion; She was once featured on the front page of Connopolis' premier fashion magazine for women of a certain age - Sixty and Sexy™; the magazine has since filed for bankruptcy, most likely due to its limited audience.

Behavior: Ambassador Howell is well known for her prim behavior, and holier-than-thou attitude, although those close to her would be the first to dismiss such claims. Howell was also dubbed "the Compromiser" during her tenure as a senator in the Upper Parliament, due to her work in ending the much disputed division of Greater Cumberland. Perhaps her most notable factor, Ambassador Howell is infamous for her soft-spoken, yet scathing rebuttals, which she reserves for necessary instances; albeit, Howell's predilection is to refrain from arguing whenever necessary.

Once said: "All the engimas of the universe - the quintessential dillemas of life, and the the trivial matters of the moment - can be resolved with the help of a teacher, and the cooperation of their student."

Time for a new ambassador! With Forshaw retiring, a "Mrs. Pamela Howell" is jumping in to take his place. :)
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From the office of,
Mrs. Pamela Howell
GA Ambassador of the Connopolian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Postby Athfhotla » Wed Mar 07, 2012 11:18 pm

HRH Prince Padraig of Obar Chùirnidh
His Royal Majesty's Ambassador to the World Assembly

Age: 27

Birthplace: Baile Átha Cliath, Athfhotla

- Graduated valedictorian from King Cormac I Preparatory School, 1997
- Graduated with A-levels in Government & Politics and History from King's College, 2002
- BA in Political Science from Baile Átha Cliath University, 2006
- MA in International Relations from Baile Átha Cliath University, 2008
- PhD in International Relations from Baile Átha Cliath University, 2010

- Lord Vice Chancellor of His Royal Majesty's Government, 2010-present
- His Royal Majesty's Ambassador to the World Assembly, 2012-present

- Prince of Obar Chùirnidh
- Lord Vice Chancellor of His Royal Majesty's Government
- His Royal Majesty's Ambassador to the World Assembly

Responsibilities: As His Royal Majesty's Ambassador to the World Assembly, Prince Padraig is responsible for presiding over all Athfhotlan affairs in the General Assembly and the Security Council. As Lord Vice Chancellor of His Royal Majesty's Government he is also responsible for assisting the Lord High Chancellor, his older brother Prince Reilly, in presiding over the Athfhotlan government -- but this has over the centuries become a mostly ceremonial role unless the Lord High Chancellor has a prolonged absence or becomes incapacitated. Prince Padraig also has a number of ceremonial responsibilities as Prince of Obar Chùirnidh.

Politics: Prince Padraig doesn't fit neatly into either the national sovereigntist or international federalist niches, nor does the Kingdom he represents. Prince Padraig tends toward international federalism on matters related to global disarmament, free trade, and environmental policy, but he often sides with national sovereigntists on matters that he believes should be left to individual member nations -- which include many issues related to sapient rights and social justice. He fiercely opposes micromanagement of member nations' domestic affairs and any proposal that might weaken the Athfhotlan absolute monarchy domestically. On the Kingdom's internal issues, Prince Padraig tends to be center-left and often disagrees with his more conservative father and older brother.

Behavior: Prince Padraig is extremely stubborn, has a hot temper, and can at times be overly dramatic. He approaches most proposed General Assembly resolutions and every Security Council resolution with skepticism and it is typically quite difficult to persuade him to change his mind. His temper and flare for the dramatic shouldn't be mistaken for vulnerability. Prince Padraig is a cut-throat politician and shrewd negotiator. He has taken to spending most of his off time in the Strangers' Bar, where he can be found engaging in heavy drinking, heavier flirting, spirited but casual conversation, and the occasional defenestration. He may or may not be a bit smitten with both (yes, both) Princess Christine and Lord Raekevik of Alqania.

Background: Prince Padraig was born Padraig Cormac Aedan, Prince of Obar Chùirnidh, on March 24, 1984, and is the second child of His Royal Majesty King Cormac VI and Queen Consort Brigid. He is second in line to the Athfhotlan throne behind his older brother, Prince Reilly of Cúige Laighean. A very bright student, Prince Padraig excelled in history, government, and literature, and graduated magna cum laude from the prestigious Baile Átha Cliath University in 2006. He is fluent in three languages: Latin, Spanish, and Ursine. He was appointed Lord Vice Chancellor of His Royal Majesty's Government in 2010, as is traditional, and was appointed His Royal Majesty's Ambassador to the World Assembly on March 7, 2012. Prince Padraig has one older brother, as mentioned, and seven younger siblings. He is single and has no children.

Interests: Prince Padraig played football (soccer) throughout his school years and still enjoys the occasional recreational game. Prince Padraig also enjoys camping, hiking, rock climbing, fishing, hunting, horseback riding (non-sapient only), and just about any outdoor activity. He's a fan of horror movies and gothic/horror literature; some of his favorite authors include Shirley Jackson, Stephen King, and Anne Rice. Like his father, Prince Padraig is a great lover of Athfhotlan folk music and attends the annual Athfhotlan Folk Music Festival in Baile Átha Cliath every year.

Personal Life: Prince Padraig has a reputation for partying into the wee hours of the morning and his behavior has caused some scandal to the Athfhotlan Royal Family. In 2010, he was briefly detained by police for drunk and disorderly behavior before being released into the custody of palace guards. Prince Padraig shocked the Royal Family and the entire Kingdom again in December 2011 when, in the midst of a controversial public debate over same-sex marriage, he nonchalantly announced to a television reporter that he is bisexual. His coming out of the closet is widely credited with persuading his father, his older brother, and the House of Nobles to enact same-sex marriage legislation in January 2012. It's rumored that his father and brother agreed to appoint him to the World Assembly primarily to keep him out of trouble at home -- at least if you believe Athfhotlan tabloids.

Once said: "The World Assembly may be a snake pit, but I'm an anaconda."

Kenny, Athfhotla is replacing United Celts, just FYI.
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HRH Prince Padraig of Obar Chùirnidh
HRM's Ambassador to the World Assembly
United Kingdom of Athfhotla

The United Kingdom of Athfhotla is a new NationStates project by the player behind United Celts. Once the transition from United Celts to Athfhotla is complete, Athfhotla will apply for WA membership and United Celts will eventually CTE.

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Democratic Consensia
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Postby Democratic Consensia » Thu Mar 08, 2012 12:07 pm


Nestor Manos, Representative of the Committee for Foreign Affairs to the World Assembly

Age: 48

Birthplace: Lycia, Lycia Capital Canton, Consensia

- Graduated at the head of his class from Grand Lycia Public Academy, 1981
- Graduated magna cum laude from University Lycium in 1988, Masters in Political Science
- Doctorate from the same in Political Science. Work has specialized in international affairs.

- Member of the Democratic Assembly (14 legislative actions)
- 1991 - Attache to the Committee for Foreign Affairs, Regional Services Subcommittee
- 1998 - Committee Chair, Regional Services
- 2012 - Delegate to the World Assembly

Politics: 14 Legislative Actions in the Democratic Assembly. Pro-Interventionalist Foreign Policy, Pro-Defence, Pro-Free Trade. One action in particular, banning the use of private aircraft in the Capital Canton, received 98% assent in the Assembly. Known to be a close friend of the Assembly Pro. Tem., Joshua Lycos

Titles: Delegate to the General Assembly, Chairman of the Subcommittee to Establish the Organization of Consociational States.

Responsibilities: Directing and representing Democratic Consensia's delegation to the World Assembly, reporting to the Democratic Assembly.

Interests: Dr. Manos is a noted chess player who is rated nationally within the top 5% of players.

Behavior: Genial and professional as often as possible, but with a competitive streak that borders on unhealthy..

Personal Life: Dr. Manos keeps his personal life strictly private. He is known in gossip circles to be something of a philanderer (or possibly a part of a polyamorous relationship). Dr. Manos comes from a long line of political figures and an appropriately wealthy family.

Once said: "I'm not talking about fighting two wars at once. I'm not talking about fighting wars. Intervening when there's violence against people who are defenseless is why we have a government at all."
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Postby Merfurian » Sat Mar 10, 2012 5:39 am

Name: Klause Uliyan
Age: 26
Birthplace: Federal City of Ta'Fkoni (the capital of Merfurian)
Family: Born to an aristocratic family in the well-to-do suburb of Tarakis, near the centre of the city, he has grown up in the Diplomatic Community, being as his father and mother were both Minister and Vice-Minister for Foreign affairs respectively.
Education: LLB, followed by LLM and LLD at the Federal Central University. For his LLB, he specialised in international criminal law. for his LLM he specialised in jurisprudence and Constitutional law, and for his Doctorate he specialised in International Justice, International Human Rights Law and International Institutions (such as the World Assembly)
Employment: Klause was appointed to the Federal Court of Criminal Appeal at the age of 24 (that is, as he was ending his Masters degree and beginning his Doctoral research on International law). Because of his connections, and because he was a had-worker, he was fast-tracked, and became a President of Appeals Chamber I (Criminal Appeals Chamber) of the Federal Court of Criminal Appeal. He still holds this job, and exercises it for four months out of every year. Because of the specialisms for his Doctorate (International Institutions and International Human Rights Law), Klause was appointed by the Government to head the Legal Team of the Delegation. After the last Ambassador died of old age, Klause was promoted to replace him. He declined to give up his post as head of the legal team, and thus exercises this role as well as that of ambassador.
Background: He takes his ambassadorial role very serously. He has house slaves and personal slaves dotted around his accomodation and his office at the WA - the same is true at his Merfurian home. His specialism is in Resolutions regarding international law, court systems, etc
Fun facts: He is known for defenestrations when he is angry. Further, he also like having sex with boys and other men
Politics: Pure communist
Titles: Current: Ambassador to the World Assembly, President of Appeals Chamber I of the Federal Court of Criminal Appeals; Former (from most recent): Judge of the Federal Court of Criminal Appeals (2010-2012)
Responsibilities: Coordinating the Delegation across the General Assembly and the Security Council. He traditionally undertakes most debates himself across the Security Council and the General Assembly, although he is considering splitting the Delegation into two - the Assembly Delegation under him, which will be responsible for the General Assembly, and the Council Delegation, under the Deputy Ambassador (Dr. Faukener D Kerwish), but the overall coordination of the Delegation will remain in the hands of Klause.
Interests: debating, thinking about law, having sex with boys and men,
Once said: "I am not known for being kind to those species who aren't represented in the WA...which means I cam kind to everyone!
Romantic life: Has a romantic attraction to the deputy ambassador, but hsi current partner lives with him at the WA. They have an adopted son aged 15, who attends school on the WA Campus
Issued from the Desk of the Very Honourable and Most Loyal Doctor Jonas K. Lazareedes LLD PC FJSCU FPC, FPAC(CI)ACCA Presidential Counsel
Former Justice of the Supreme Court of the Union, Former President of Appeals Chamber I of an Autonomous Court of Appeal, Most Loyal Counsellor and Advisor to the President of the Federal Republic (Member of the Federal Privy Council) Ambassador to the World Assembly
NOTE: I am gay, and I have asperger syndrome. My social skills are rubbish.

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Soviet Canuckistan
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Postby Soviet Canuckistan » Fri Mar 23, 2012 10:05 pm

Ambassador - HRH Simone Callier


Age: 25

Birthplace: Moscawa, Sovier Canuckistan

Family:Mother, Charlotte Sinivra, who was a prostitute and had an affair with her father, Prince Sergei X. She has two half-sisters, Princess Charlotte and Princess Emile.

Education: Ph. D in Neurosurgery and Political Sciences from the University of Moscawa

Employment:Former Special Forces Agent in Soviet Canuckistan at 16, at 18 went to university and received her Ph. D at 24 and became leader of the Coalition for A Better Future at 25 along with her employment of WA Vice-Delegate. Following the resignation of Sergei Potlanov, the first Canuckistani WA Delegate, she became delegate.


Background: She was born into a life of controversy as she was the product of an affair between her father and a prostitute. She was sent to boarding school at a young age to escape the controversy at home and remained in the care of her aunt, Countess Natalia, in the summers. At 16, she graduated with distinction from the Proskhorod Academy in Moscawa and joined the armed forces and quickly became a star pupil and was inducted into the special forces. At 18, after being injured in a battle with ponyist rebels in Noonavut, Soviet Canuckistan she decided to get better schooling and graduated at 24 again with distinction. She rose up the political echelon to become vice-commisioner of the Coaliton for A Better Future, the former ruling party in Soviet Canuckistan and became WA Vice-Delegate and then Delegate, a position she holds today.

Fun facts: Favorite Animal is the Orca,
Titles: Her Royal Highness Princess Dr. Simone Callier, Duchess of Duntreal, Fellow of the Academy of Surgeons of Soviet Canuckistan, Fellow of the Order of the Beaver- 1st Class, Member of the Parliaduma of Soviet Canuckistan, Commissioner of the Coalition for a Better Future.
Responsibilities: Approving proposals, getting shot, being a regular at the Strangers Bar

Interests: Weapons, Sergei, Shooting down WA Proposals

Once said: "Sergei, please don't shoot."

Staff: A vice-delegate and various servants and translation gnomes.
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Postby Dilange » Sat Mar 24, 2012 6:59 am

Ambassador Resui Al-ben Hudhi (Prince Jerrod II, Upper Lord of Trybeck)

Age: 28 (Trybeckian Years) (178 human years)

Birthplace: Restiosul Royal Palace, Trybeck

Family: His parents died during the Dilangian takeover of Trybeck. His brother, Vasily XVII, rules Trybeck as its current monarch and COnsulate to the Grand Jewish Order. His younger brother, Hyan III, died from illness about 5 human years ago. His wife died during childbirth of her second child to Resui. His two sons, Ferdenyai and Castor, are currently attending military academy in Cayanz Lands.

- Graduated Cayanz Lands National Military Academy
- Graduated from Trybeck National University with a degree in Royal Studies and MIlitary Strategy
- Graduated from Userpar International Law School with his J.D.
- Graduated from Belagossi Military Institute with an Advanced degree in Intelligence Community Studies.


- Trybeckian Prince
- Trybeckian MIlitary Offical
- Ex-Opereni
- Ex-DIlangian Search/Seizure
- EX-IUEF Representative
- Ex-Ambassador to Yonu
- WA Ambassador

Politics: Moderate but leaning liberal.

Titles: Prince Jerrod II, Upper Lord of Trybeck is his title in Trybeck, but outside of Trybeck he goes by his birth name

Responsibilities: To try to keep the GJO's and Trybeck's international interests alive in the WA. Help promote basic freedoms and liberties.

Quoted: "He was the greatest leader Trybeck ever had. He was a role model, a man of action, and best of all my personal role model. " 1983, at the funeral of Resui's father, Hero-King Jerrod I.
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Postby Aexalla » Fri Apr 13, 2012 9:38 pm

Aleš Bárta
Ambassador to the World Assembly, Minister of World Assembly Affairs

Age: 29

Birthplace: Blažený Stav ,Province of Kradtía, Aexalla

Family: Aleš's father was a prominent member of the Skriña his entire life, that was until he was killed for speaking against the government of Aexalla. Aleš was hardly able to walk when this occurred, so he does not recall his father at all. The Aexallish government took custody of Aleš and groomed him to be of importance within Aexalla just as his foolhardy father was; Aleš's mother, though, was not important in the least. Having accepted his fate, Aleš obediently and skillfully serves his country being one of the 8 ministers of the Skriña just as his father was before him.

-Attended Aexalla's most prestigious academy of political science until he was of age to attend university.
- Bachelors in international affairs from the Grand University of Aexalla
- Masters in Global Politics from the same

- 2010 Minister Minister of World Assembly Affairs, Ambassador to the World Assembly

Fun facts: Plays the Bassoon.
Politics: His ideologies are those of the state.

Titles: Minister of World Assembly Affairs, Ambassador to the World Assembly

Responsibilities: Handling World Assembly issues and voting on behalf of the nation of Aexalla, consulting with the diarchs in Gandkren (privy council) meetings as on of 8 ministers,
Interests: The will of the Diarchs, men.

Once said: "I am neither bitter nor cynical, but I do wish there was less freedom in political thinking."
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Postby Radiatia » Wed May 23, 2012 9:43 am

Ambassador - The Most Hon Kurt Demodand
[IIwiki entry]


Age: 54

Birthplace: Xarenia, Garotch, Radiatian Federation

His father was an engineer who helped build the Minadri River Dam in the state of Garotch, the largest dam in Radiatia. Little else is known about his family, as family is seldom important in the highly individualistic Radiatian culture

Education: MBA, University of Saku

Employment: Began working as a civil servant for the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Later served as a Member of Parliament for the Conservative Party for 12 years, later became leader of the Conservatives and soon led the party to an election victory.

Served as Prime Minister of the Radiatian Federation for four years, and simultaneously served as Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs during that time.

Lost the next election and retired from parliament, returning to work in the civil service for the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Background: A polarising and controversial figure in Radiatian politics, Demodand was accused of corruption but also responsible for major reforms which transformed Radiatia into a modern, first-world economy.

Although Radiatia is not actually a member of the WA, he took on the post of Observer Ambassador partially due to his experience in foreign relations, partially due to his prestige in politics, and mainly so that he didn't have to face trial at home for corruption and electoral fraud.

Fun facts: Demodand owns a chain of brothels and strip clubs in Radiatia

Right-wing. Member (and former leader of) the Radiatian Conservative Party, however Radiatian conservatives are liberal by international standards.

Titles: The Most Honourable

Responsibilities: Bugger all. Radiatia isn't even in the World Assembly. Demodand came to escape the justice system, and the current government let him go rather than have to put up with having him remain in the Radiatian Federation

Interests: Flirting, drinking, pleasures of the flesh....

Once said: "I'm not sexist, but I don't think women should be in power. Well okay I am, but I'm only sexist against women who I don't find attractive."

Staff: Demodand is served by a personal assistant, a couple of diplomats and his "girls"
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Postby Tedoka » Thu May 24, 2012 3:00 am

Delegate - Raghnailt Johnston


Age: 29
Birthplace: Tedoka, Tedoka
Family: Decendants of immigrants who arrived in Tedoka in the 1880s, Raghnailt is from relatively humble origins. She is the eldest of three children
Education: JD specializing in International Law, Universitas Tedocana
Employment: Various positions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Background: She worked relatively early in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to supplement her parents' income. Her hard work and perseverance in work and in her law studies made her noticed among government officials. She earned her degree at the age of 24 and worked up the ladder in the Ministry, until she is selected as the Delegate to the World Assembly.
Fun facts: She is quiet in the General Assembly most of the time.
Politics: Apathetic
Titles: Delegate to the World Assembly;
Responsibilities: Keeping Tedoka updated with the goings-on in the World Assembly.
Interests: Reading books, arguing (rarely)
Once said: "..."

Staff: She is assisted by the Vice-Delegate who takes her place if she's unavailable.
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Postby New Edom » Thu May 24, 2012 7:38 am


Representative Name: Princess Mara Obed

Age: 22

Birthplace: Padan-Aran, Bara Province, New Edom

Education: BA in Economics & History, Lookinghaven University

Employment: Previous was on the board of directors for the Skyfarm Project.

Religion: Apostolic Church of New Edom

Position: World Assembly Ambassador for New Edom, Regional Delegate

Duties: World Assembly Stuff

Favorite Things: Parties, Music, Boating, Scuba Diving, Motor Jousting, Going to Church, Getting high, cute dogs.

Favorite People: Her cousins Anneli (the Empress of Riemaia) and Princess Elise of Riemaia, her parents (Prince James and Princess Rebecca) her New Edomite close cousins (Perrin Pahath-Moab, Prince Enoch Tubal-Cain, Princess Ava Shalmaneser), her friend Countess Olivia Lalery, her boss Foreign Minister Sif Finnhald...

And her dog Precious!!!!

Hated Things: Boring people, Being lectured, People who don't train their pets, People with crappy taste in music who think they have taste in music, Fanatics, Communists, Radical Feminists, Wizards, Idiots who believe in magical ponies that fly, psychologists, pants and undergarments.

Quote: "That's just, like, your opinion, man."
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Postby Royalsoldiers » Mon Jun 04, 2012 4:31 pm

Sir John Bade, Servant of the Crown, WA Representative for Royalsoldiers

Age: 42

Birthplace: Millionarios, Royalsoldiers

Education: Attended Millionarios University of Law and Politics. The university is the largest university in Royalsoldiers that focuses mainly on law and politics. It competes yearly with the University of Corona, School of Law and the School of Politics to receive and educate the finest leaders and lawyers. Bade graduated at the top of his class in the university. With his excellence in global politics he received a scholarship and financial grant. He pursued a P.HD in global politics. When he graduated he joined the Imperial Ministry of World Diplomacy. He was appointed the Ambassador to Yohannes. He later became the Assistant Ambassador to Sir John Bade. Later, he was appointed by King Drew III to become the WA delegate of Royalsoldiers.

Employment: WA Delegate for Royalsoldiers, Member of the Imperial Senate

Politics: Conservative, anti-gay/lesbian marriage, pro-gun rights, pro-life, and believes heavily in fiscal responsibility

Titles: Marquess of the 4th Realm, Sir John Bade, and Servant of the Crown.

Responsibilities: Is responsible for all affairs involving the WA

Interests: He loves sports and discussing politics with his friends. He also enjoys returning to his hometown and enjoy the festivities that occur when he is on leave from his business at the WA Headquarters.

Once said: "I am glad we discussed this. I now know how to spell liberal. It is spelled s-t-u-p-i-d."
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Postby East Klent » Tue Jun 12, 2012 6:40 pm


Delegation of the United Republic of Klent to the World Assembly

Jarred Michael Stevens
1st Delegate to the World Assembly for Klent

Jarred Michael Stevens.

Day of Birth:
March 15, 1960.


Marital Status:
Currently single, divorced twice.

Political Party:
Democratic Party of Klent.

Often Moderate, but at times leans towards International Federalism.

Education & Career:

  • Preschool - High School. (1963-1978)
    - Graduated with Honors at age 18.
  • Master of International Affairs from the University of Southern Calridge, Bachelor of Laws from Williamsburg Law School. (1978-1986)
    - Studied for 4 years at HCC, 4 years at USC. Graduated from WLS at age 22, USC at age 26.
  • Interned for the Grant & Stawling Law Firm of Calridge under Dr. Benjamin Mason, Esquire. (1986-1988)
    - Gained 2 years experience in law procedure and trail law from ages 26 to 28.
  • Trained and served as an agent for the Klentian Bureau of Investigation. (1988-1992)
    - Gained 4 years experience as a federal law enforcement officer, criminology, forensics, and martial arts training from ages 28 to 32.
  • Served from the ranks of Private to Sergeant for the Klentian Army during the Western Cuban-Chezlovolvian War. (1992-1994)
    - Gained 2 years of combat and leadership experience, awarded the Distinguished Service Medal from ages 32 to 34.
  • Covert agent for the Secret Service, special branch of the Eastern Intelligence Agency. (1994-2005)
    - Gained 11 years of expeirence as an undercover agent, completed CLASSIFIED number of assignments both on native and foreign soil from ages 34 to 45.
  • Attended the Army Officer Training Program at the South Island Military Institute. (2005)
    - Trained for ten months, graduating with the rank of Captain because of previous service at age 45.
  • Training instructor at South Island Army Base. (2005-2006)
    - Trained active and reserve personnel from ages 45 to 46.
  • Served from the ranks of Captain to Major for the Army during the War against Jlop. (2006-2007)
    - Commanded several units, awarded the Army Commendation Medal from ages 46 to 47.
  • Military Attache for the Klentian Embassy in Grays Harbor. (2007-2008)
    - Appointed by Ambassador Phillip Harrison, gained 2 years experience in diplomacy from ages 47 to 48.
  • Served from the ranks of Major to Colonel for the Army during the Independence War. (2008-2010)
    - Famously commanded the Special Forces Unit A-1 on several missions, including involvement in the 2009 Noravean Revolution from ages 47 to 49.
  • Delegate to the World Assembly for Klent. (2010-)
    - Appointed by President Ramon Jupoi, serving as Klent's representative to the World Assembly, except when participating in 'extracurricular activities' from age 49 onward.

Once Said:
"Politics, the joy of civilization," Commenting on International Federalism versus National Sovereignty.


Dr. Benjamin Thomas Mason, Esquire
1st Vice-Delegate to the World Assembly for Klent

Benjamin Thomas Mason.

Day of Birth:
April 25, 1956.


Marital Status:
Married for 32 years to Matilda Mason.

Political Party:
Democratic Party of Klent.


Education & Career:

  • Preschool - High School. (1959-1973)
    -Graduated Valedictorian at age 17.
  • PhD in Political Science from the Imperial University of Southern Calridge, Law Degree from Tomes* Royal Law School, PhD in Economics from the Henderson Economic Institute. (1974-1980)
    - Studied for 2 years at IUSC, 2 years at TRLS and at HEI for 2 years. Graduated from IUSC at age 20, TRLS at age 22 and HEI at age 24.
  • Served from the ranks of Private to Corporal in the Klentian Rebel Forces during the Overthrow of the Badinian Monarchy and foundation of the Republic of Klent. (1980-1981)
    - Gained combat and leadership experience, in addition to diplomatic experience gained from the foundation of the Republic from age 24 to 26.
  • Passed the Bar in the state of Calridge with score of 182, worked for the Grant & Stawling Law Firm, becoming partner in 1993. (1982-1995)
    - Gained trail experience for 13 years from the age of 26 to 39.
  • Domestic Policy advisor to President Henry McCurter. (1996-2000)
    - Gained 4 years of experience as an executive adviser from ages 39 to 44.
  • Secretary of the Treasury. (2000-2004)
    - Gained 4 years of experience running a federal government department from ages 44 to 48.
  • Senator from Wiliamsburg. (2004-2011)
    - Represented the 2nd Senatorial District of the state of Williamsburg for one term of 7 years before being voted out of office in the 2011 elections from ages 48 to 55.
  • Permanent Representative to the G20 for East Klent. (2011)
    - Appointed to the position by current President Ramon Jupoi, quickly approved by all three houses of Congress and sworn in on the 11th of November, 2011, aged 55.
  • Acting Delegate to the World Assembly for East Klent. (2011-2012)
    - After the dissolution of the G20, he was placed as current delegate Jarred Stevens' temporary replacement during Stevens' involvement in Operation Wolf's Den and Operation Live One from ages 55 to 56.
  • Vice-Delegate to the World Assembly for Klent. (2012-)
    - Currently serving under Delegate Stevens as an adviser from age 56 onward.

Once Said:
"...a people may always ensure that their president is kept in check by their legislature and in turn their judiciary. However, in the sad event that each have been corrupted, a people have the right, neigh, the obligation to overthrow such despotism and restore order," Debating the virtues of Democracy over those of Monarchy.


*Formally Duchy of Tomes, currently State of Williamsburg.

Chandler Quincy Willows
1st Honorary Delegate to the World Assembly for the Colony of New Klent

Chandler Quincy Willows.

Day of Birth:
January 18, 1981.


Marital Status:

Political Party:
Democratic Party of New Klent.

International Federalism.

Education & Career:

  • Preschool - High School. (1984-1998)
    - Graduated with High Honors at age 18.
  • Master of International Affairs from Williamsburg University, Law Degree from Williamsburg Law School. (1998-2006)- - Studied at WU for 4 years, WLS for 4 years. Graduated from WU at age 22, WLS at age 26.
  • Aide to Delegate Phillip Harrison during the Jlop/Kriania Peace Talks. (2007)
    - Gained experience in diplomacy and international negotiation at age 27.
  • Delegate to the Unified Delegation of Nations formed by the Jlop talks. (2007-2008)
    - Appointed by President Henry McCurter, as a result of of Delegate Harrison's appointment as Ambassador to Grays Harbor, from ages 27 to 28.
  • Internal Ambassador to the Colony of New Klent. (2008-2011)
    - Appointed by President Ramon Jupoi, served as the Administrations representative to the Colony from ages 28 to 31.
  • Honorary Delegate to the World Assembly for the Colony of New Klent. (2011-)
    - Currently serving under Delegate Stevens as an adviser as well as New Klent's representative to the World Assembly from age 31 onward.

Once Said:
"They were right after all, Stevens is pretty odd," Confirming what the other 'Reps' had told him.

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Postby Ossitania » Wed Jun 27, 2012 11:54 am

Ambassador - Derek McGregor

[NSwiki entry]


Age: 40

Birthplace: Omerville, Bojema

Family: He is married to Faith McGregor (neé Keane), grand-niece of Jareth Keane, President of Ossitania, and has two daughters, Ariana and Amena.

Biography: The youngest of nine children of a small mining family, Derek was born in 1972 in Omerville, a mining city in the autonomous community of Bojema in northern Ossitania. His father, Gerry McGregor, was a prominent trade unionist and the sole representative of the Socialist Party of Ossitania during the negotiations which transformed the Liberated Thinkspace of Ossitania into the Independent Commonwealth. As a result, Derek was politicsed from a very young age, though his interests initially lay more in worker's rights than in international politics.

After working in the mines for two years to earn the money, Derek enrolled in University College Sabrina, where he studied political science and English. It was during his college years that Derek switched allegiance from the Socialist Party to the Labour Party, causing a rift with his father that continued until his death ten years later. His college experience also caused Derek to shift his focus to international politics, leading him to follow his bachelor's degree with a master's in international relations at Prophetic University in Varanus, a qualification which bagged him his first diplomatic posting as the Secretary of the Ambassadaor to Pilaria.

Derek distinguished himself as a keen diplomatic mind and eventually served as the Ambassador to Na Laochra, Norivas and Sanctaria before he was asked by colleagues in the Labour Party to stand for election in 2007, where he was returned as a member of the House of Representatives for Bojema and subsequently appointed as Junior Minister of Sport and Tourism. After three years at this post, he was transferred back to the Diplomatic Corps to serve as Deputy Ambassador General to Eli Burke of the New Democratic Socialist Party and succeeded him as Ambassador General upon his death in early 2012.

Politics: Derek is a moderate International Federalist and a major advocate of Ossitanian federalism, which is based on principles of decentralisation and optionality. He is a social democrat and supports mixed economies with a prominent free market ethos. Unlike most of his cabinet colleagues, Derek is a militant secularist and opposes his party's coalition with the Komodoist Party.

Titles: Current: Ambassador General of the Diplomatic Corps of Ossitania (2012-present); Former (from most recent): Deputy Ambassador General of the Diplomatic Corps of Ossitania (2010-12), Junior Minister of Sport and Tourism (2007-10), Ambassador to Sanctaria (2006-07), Ambassador to Norivas (2005-07), Ambassador to Na Laochra (2002-05), Secretary of the Ambassador to Norivas (1998-2002), Secretary of the Ambassador to Pilaria (1996-1998)

Responsibilities: The Ambassador General of the Diplomatic Corps holds final authority on all aspects of foreign policy and coordinates Ossitania’s response to international developments. His duties include the strategic establishment of diplomatic missions in other antions, the assignment and deployment of diplomats to these missions and the advancement of Ossitania's international policy objectives through the promotion of international agreements and the proposition and opposition of legislation in the World Assembly.

Interests: Being of Siroci descent, Derek has a huge interest in Siroci culture, including language and music; he is fluent in Siroci and can play over ten traditional Siroci instruments. He is also a proficient player of tennis and chess and frequently contributes to political debates in his nation through a monthly column in the Ossitanian National Review.
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Postby Omigodtheykilledkenny » Thu Jun 28, 2012 2:22 pm



Heh, made ya look. Four months' worth of updating completed, including a couple "replacement" ambassadors. Just a reminder folks, if you are replacing an ambassador you've already posted a profile for, just make an entirely new post, maybe linking to the old one. Don't just edit the old post, because I'll never see it, and also it's kinda gay completely erasing and replacing a post from two years ago.

For now, "IIwiki" links will be left out of the directory, because there's no guarantee this new site won't be abandoned after a few months' time. WikiStates links (assuming there are any) will still be included.
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Postby San Benedict e San Francesco » Sat Jul 07, 2012 7:31 pm

Brother Thomas Brendan Keith, Order of Preachers (Dominican Order) - Representative-Elect to the General Assembly

(All dates are given with reference to the present rather than their actual place in history)

Age: 45

Birthplace: Madena Parish, San Benedict Island, The See of San Benedict e San Francesco

- Graduated at the head of his class from Saint Vincent's High School (San Benedict), 1984
- Studentate (lauded) at the Studentate of the Order of Preachers (San Francesco), Ending 1990

- Professor of Theology, Saint Dominic's University, San Benedict, 1993-1995
- 1995 - See Overseer to the Archdiocesian Parish Subcouncil for Foreign Affairs.
- 1999 - Foreign Affairs Advisor to his Eminence Mario Card. Marcon.
- 2012 - Delegate to the World Assembly

Politics: Traditionalist, Isolationist, Pro-Ecumenicist. Public calls for removal from his office in 1997 when he advocated the opening of construction rights to Eastern Catholic and Orthodox churches. Never recanted these positions.

Titles: Delegate to the World Assembly, Foreign Affairs Advisor to His Eminence Mario Card. Marcon.

Responsibilities: Directing and representing the work of the entire Delegation, under the supervision of Cardinal Marcon.

Interests: In addition to his work and studies, Thomas is known to have passing interests in gardening and chemistry.

Behavior: Genial and professional as often as possible, but with a competitive streak that borders on unhealthy..

Personal Life: Br. Keith makes an annual retreat once a year to the home of his order. He is known to have a great fondness for cats.

Once said: "We were not created with such minds as we possess in order to dispossess ourselves of their use."
Mission for the Practice of Diplomacy
Bear in mind that, while I am not a Poe per-se, the See takes a more traditionalist view in many ways than I myself do
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Postby Felix Terra » Mon Jul 09, 2012 6:40 pm

WA Ambassador Arthur Potter
Age: 50

Birthplace: Goldburg, Ridre Island, Felix Terra

Family: Arthur has no living family, he was an only child and his parents have died of old age. He once had an attraction to famous fencer Jessica Ride. She promptly cut him with her sword. This is a very disturbing matter to Arthur, and discussing it within his earshot is not advised.

Education: Advanced degree in Diplomatic Studies from Perkins University in Las Magnas.

Employment: Before his ambassador job, he worked as the manager of a small grocery store. How he achieved this position is unknown, but probably has something to do with his inherited wealth and keep-going-until-you-drop-dead attitude.

Background: Arthur was born on May 25th, 1962, into a rich family. His father was the owner of a successful law firm, and his mother was one of the lawyers. His family was slightly right-wing (and, by "slightly" we mean "downright fascist"), but he happened to be a left-leaning centrist, so he didn't really agree with the way his parents achieved their wealth. He used his diplomatic ability to start a small grocery store. But when Felix Terra joined the WA, he applied to be the ambassador. As the Supreme Chancellor was looking for anyone with a degree in Diplomatic Studies, he was accepted. In 2012, he tried to win the Freedom Party primary for Supreme Chancellor, but lost, only receiving 7% of the votes.

Fun facts: Arthur still owns his grocery store, but only operates it in his free time, which is low. As such, it has fallen into disrepair. Also, he narcissistically likes Harry Potter, who's last name he may or may not have had influence on.

Politics: Left-leaning centrist.

Titles: Current: Ambassador to the World Assembly; Former (from most recent): Candidate for Supreme Chancellor of the United States of Felix Terra (2012), store manager (1995-?)

Responsibilities: Voting on and writing proposals and running his grocery store.

Interests: Diplomacy, economics, poker

Once said: No notable qoutes-when he speaks, it's usually to say aye or nay.

Staff: One notable:

Allie Jensen
Allie is 49 years old, and something of a tomboy. She is Arthur's closest adviser. Some speculate that the two may be involved romantically with each other. This has never been proven, however. But one wonders...
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