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Father Knows Best State

Postby Snefaldia » Thu Sep 08, 2016 7:49 pm

Name: Wemiya Tarku
Title: Executive Commissioner, Snefaldian World Assembly Observer Mission
Age: 48
Birthplace: Ishuwa, Sring Issa Region, Snefaldia
Family: Unmarried; one younger brother and two aged parents.
Education: Her education began at the prestigious Magmôr School in Ishuwa, and she later attended Sargedain University, studying political science. After her graduation and because of her enrolment in the Armed Forces Development Program, proceeded to a three-year course at the Central Military Academy before receiving a commission as a Lieutenant in the Snefaldian Army.
Employment & Background: In her Army service, she came to be employed in the Ministry of War of Analas Ubathavar as a Fourth Secretary (Grade 5, Junior, Lower), responsible for drafting policy suggestions relating to foreign affairs, and acting as one of many liaisons to the armed forces and the foreign affairs ministry. She received a promotion to Colonel , and after Ubathavar's ministry ended she became a staff officer in the General Staff/High Command. During Ren Dirh's second Chancellery, she was brought into the World Assembly Mission under WA Minister Nemö Taranton where she acted as Charge D'Affaires. Under the Hantili government, she was appointed Minister of WA Affairs, a cabinet-level position. Snefaldia left the World Assembly, and under the Rÿgmé Chancellery her Ministry was downgraded; she now serves as the independent Executive Commissioner of the Observer Mission.
Fun facts: She is an avid badminton player, and has a large collection of vintage classic Snefaldian film from the 1910s and 20s.
Titles: Colonel, Snefaldian Army. Executive Commissioner, Snefaldian WA Observer Mission
Responsibilities: functionally the same as her position as Ambassdor/WA Minister.
Once said: "Naturally, you could use that as an effective lubricant, but I'm afraid the low smoke-point would result in burns on the shaft if the speed gets too high."
Welcome to Snefaldia!
Also the player behind: Kartlis & Sabaristan

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The Greater Siriusian Domain
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Postby The Greater Siriusian Domain » Sat Sep 10, 2016 8:07 pm

Name: Teran Saber
Image: None available.
Age: 223 (appears 27 by human standards)
Birthplace: Homestead, Procyon Second
Family: Unmarried. One older sister, one living parent.
Education: Certified by the Confederation Institute of Law and Politics of the Greater Siriusian Domain, Masters Degree equivalent. Procyon Prime Academy of Starship Flight and Navigation, graduated in the top 35%, warp certified.
Employment: Originally a private pilot, then a paralegal. Now under confederacy employ.
Background: Born to Talon and Mara Saber, Teran Saber grew up in the small town of Homestead on the agricultural planet of Procyon Second. At the age of 33, he enrolled in the Procyon Prime Academy of Startship Flight and Navigation as an excuse to get off of Procyon Second. After graduating, he worked as a private pilot, eventually being hired by the Procyon system representative to the Confederacy of the Greater Siriusian Domain. Under the advice of the representative, he saved his money and at the age of 47 enrolled in the Confederation Institute of Law and Politics, working as a paralegal to pay any additional costs. Graduating at the age of 61 with full certifications, he was almost immediately hired to the Greater Siriusian Domain's department of foreign affairs as an aid, working under several ambassadors until he himself was appointed ambassador.
Fun facts: Before he was appointed, Teran Saber used to race turbo-sleds (factbook pending) in his spare time.
Politics: Libertarian left democratic, with some moderate socialist overlap. Supports national sovereignty and the rights of the individual, but also promotes pragmatism and the willful support of the needs of the many over the wants of the few. In addition, doesn't tolerate incompetence.
Titles: World Assembly Ambassador of the Confederacy of the Greater Siriusian Domain.
Responsibilities: Acting as the voice of the Greater Siriusian Domain within the World Assembly.
Interests: Motorsports of all kinds, starships (particularly high-performance personal transports), piloting.
Once said: "If I had a credit for every time someone came in here with a nonsense proposal, I wouldn't need to work for the rest of my life..."
Staff: Numerous aids, assistants and secretaries within the GSD Department of Foreign Affairs, shared with a number of other diplomats and ambassadors.
"For a mind so determined to reach the sky, on the wings of a dream!" - Sanctity, Zeppo
This nation's factbook supersedes NS stats and issues, but does not completely replace them. If there is a conflict, the Factbook is correct.

Isentran has been DENOUNCED for proposing legislation that would destroy the economy of the Greater Siriusian Domain
The Greater Siriusian Domain is a borderline Class Z9 Civilization according to this scale

Primary Ambassador: Teran Saber, Male Siriusian. Snarky, slightly arrogant.
Substitute Ambassador: Ra'lingth, Male En'gari. Speaks with emphasized "s" sounds.

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Chargé d'Affaires
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Postby Valorem » Sat Oct 08, 2016 12:39 pm

Rudolf Hawkins Stephenson, Valorian Ambassador
Age: 28
Birthplace: Konigsberg, Unterbrink County, Valorem
Family: Unmarried, no children. Parents: Lukas Niall Stephenson, professor of history at the University of Valorem; Charissa Lyda Stephenson, P.E., of Konigsberg Engineering Solutions, LLC.
Physical description: 5'9", 130 lbs. Bearded, crew cut brown hair. Very scrawnily built except in his legs, looks like he's never touched a dumbbell. Occasionally runs 5km races, but that's the extent of his physical exercise.
Education: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Konigsberg; M.S. Physics, Valorem Institute of Technology; Ph.D. Physics, Valorem Institute of Technology.
Employment: Worked in the Darby Experimental Particle Physics Laboratory in Valorem City for three years after receiving his doctorate in physics. Selected from this position to be the ambassador to the World Assembly, representing Valorem's interests abroad. When the WA is not in session, Stephenson continues working at the laboratory.
Background: Stephenson became the Physicist Laureate of Valorem at an especially young age, having discovered a new method by which a hydrogen fusion reaction could be contained. Thanks to this discovery, all Valorians enjoy virtually free and unlimited electricity. Stephenson is said to have made the largest single contribution to quality of life in Valorian history. Some have even said that this is on the same level as the development of affordable home air conditioning.
Fun facts: Stephenson is below Valorem's rather strict drinking age of 30 and is relatively scrawny, and is thus unable to handle even the slightest amount of a strong alcoholic beverage. In addition, due to his extensive time in school, he is largely socially inept and is unable to pick up on most conversational cues. He is also likely to interrupt conversations in progress unless Lisbeth is there to remind him that doing so is rude.
Politics: Center-left. Favors individual freedom, but only in cases where it is not harmful to other people.
Titles: Ambassador to the World Assembly from Valorem, Physicist Laureate of Valorem.
Responsibilities: Representing Valorem's interests at the World Assembly, advocating for scientific advancement.
Interests: Spacecraft, history, physics, peaceful resolutions to conflict.
Once said: "Good, results exactly as anticipated. Fusion reaction is fully contained. Now, where did I put my clipboard again?"

Staff: Stephenson is assisted by a single intern, Lisbeth Beck, from the University of Konigsberg, who is majoring in technical writing and communications. Without her, Stephenson would likely forget about half of his meetings.

EDIT: Rudolf Stephenson has been replaced by Stacy Gunther, and is no longer Valorem's active ambassador.
Last edited by Valorem on Tue May 02, 2017 6:10 pm, edited 5 times in total.
Stacy Innes Gunther, current World Assembly Ambassador of The Technocratic Republic of Valorem.
Lisbeth Adria Beck, official intern/assistant to Ambassador Gunther (and formerly Ambassador Stephenson). Contact me with any official inquiries at

Tech Tier: 7
Arcane Level: 0
Influence Type: 7
Special Notes about your civilization: Focused on technology and scientific advancement. Regular use of robotics, fusion power, and directed energy weapons.
Above information compiled using this scale
Economic Left/Right: -3.63
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.87

Aerospace engineering junior at Mississippi State University, atheist in the Deep South.

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Civil Rights Lovefest

Postby Libratus » Sun Mar 19, 2017 4:45 pm

Lieutenant General Anna Clarita, Librish Ambassador to the World Assembly

Age: 47
Birthplace: 3rd District, Etas, Libratus
Family: Both parents, in their 70s, live happily in their retirement in the heart of the 3rd District. General Clarita has a sister that lives in, and has naturalized in, the neighboring nation of Sajabi.
Education: Master of Science in Military Strategy, Academy of the Independent Librish Forces. Master of Science in Physics, University of Etas. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, University of Etas.
Employment and background: Starting her career as an officer in the Librish Armed Forces (an independent militia of Libratus, chartered by the government), General Clarita quickly rose through the ranks after successfully repelling invasion attempts with the help of the Holy Marines of Quackropolis, despite her extreme dislike of said nation's psychotic dictator. Shortly after attaining the rank of Lieutenant General, the Librish Vice Dictator for Diplomatic Affairs named General Clarita to the World Assembly Mission, where she has remained ever since.
Description: General Clarita is 160cm tall, weighs 59.5kg, and has brown hair, hazel eyes, and tan skin. In her post as Librish Ambassador to the WA, she wears a professional dark gray suit with a stylized white blouse, and a pin of a Green Dragon over her left suit pocket.
Titles: Current: Lieutenant General, Librish Armed Forces; Librish Ambassador to the World Assembly. Former: (Officer ranks up to Lieutenant General), Librish Armed Forces.
Responsibilities: To represent the interests of Libratus and the Librish Armed Forces at the World Assembly, and to contribute to the protection of the Musical Chairs Dictatorship from all threats foreign and domestic.
Interests: Music. General Clarita plays the euphonium.
Political leaning: Libertarian, like the majority of the anarchic Libratus.
Once said: “The Librish government is really run by its Vice Dictators.”
Staff: 3 Dictatorial Scribes, 6 members of Diplomatic Affairs, and 9 readers-of-law of Legal Affairs.
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Postby Kalata » Mon Apr 03, 2017 3:29 am

Pictured wearing the Consulate's Confederate Councillor ribbon
Livia Iradulina Velnax

Age: 894

Birthplace: Ward 1, Old Catopernia, Consulate, Laurus

Background: Velnax joined the Host in Eleyun 208, 730 TE as a junior-grade Diplomatic officer when she was 50. She was involved with negotiations for the integration of fifteen different worlds into the Confederacy over that period. She was involved in skirmishes near the Neisay border during that period, and after service in Host forces, was nominated to administer a cluster of five galaxies as Ambassador-General. In the ascension honours in Intera 283, 0 TE, she was granted an ovation for services to the Consulate.

After returning to the Host, she served as 'Commander-General, Logistic Administration' to support a deterrent effort on the Neisay border, but assisted in negotiations of the treaty which ended up expanding the neutral zone and avert another war. After this, she left on sabbatical to visit some primitive planets as a Host Anthropologist, before returning as 'Commander-General, Host Forces' to squash some illegal intrusion of Kalatan citizens on the rights of primitive peoples.

In Intera 283, 341 TE, she joined the Confederate Assembly as the member for the same cluster she administered as Ambassador-General, and in Intera 283, 568 TE, she won the consulship as colleague with Licinius Eleyun Delfini (II). After her term as consul, she was assigned the proconsulship as the Consulate's Confederate Councillor, which after a term of five years, nominated her to the World Assembly.

Titles: Ovation (Intera 283, 0 TE), Confederate Assemblyman (Intera 283, 341–351 TE), Consular Senator (Intera 283, 351– TE), Consul (Intera 283, 586 TE; the Year of the Consulship of Eleyun II and Velnax), Confederate Councillor for the Consulate (Intera 283, 569–574 TE), Ambassador to the World Assembly (575– TE)

Note: Between duties in the World Assembly, the Consular Senate, and the Confederate Council, Velnax multitasks between the three tasks, taking the shuttle between Numaea and Laurus every few days. She has never stepped foot in the World Assembly compound, and does all communication to the World Assembly via hologram.
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Teh Duel Confederasy uv Kalata. Wun consulat, wun empire, eternalee yewnaited.
Livia Iradulina Velnax

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Postby Calladan » Mon Apr 03, 2017 4:27 pm

Tara A McGill

Age: 34 (as of 934ce)

Birthplace: Greater Leadworth, District 24.

Background: Born in 879ce in Greater Leadworth, Tara McGill did not get to play out on the streets of Leadworth like the rest of the boys and girls, because her parents moved to Capeside when she was less than six months old.

At the age of thirteen she wrote an essay on The Role of Government in Modern Day Calladan, which came third in the District Wide competition. Three years later, when she left school, she started working in the family business and progressed well.

Four years later, she met and married llyria M Grayce, an accomplished musician, play write and actor and they moved to Tiffin (which was the then cultural centre of Calladan, in District 9). Over the next ten years they had seven children (Sophie, Eloise, Tomas, James, Juliet, David and Mariella).

Eleven years ago - Tara was approached by Tri-Arch Lucinda G Doyle III to be her Ambassador at Large. The Tri-Arch had apparently seen a copy of the essay she wrote at school, and had been very impressed by the thought and ideas that went into it.

Tara accepted the position, and has been Ambassador at Large for the last fourteen years. A position that expanded last year when Calladan accepted membership to The World Assembly.

Titles: Wife & Mother, Ambassador at Large (902ce), Ambassador to The World Assembly (913ce).
Tara A McGill, Ambassador to Lucinda G Doyle III
"Always be yourself, unless you can be Zathras. Then be Zathras"
A Rough Guide To Calladan | The Seven Years of Darkness | Ambassador McGill's Facebook Page
"Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, providing they are Christian & white" - Trump

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Postby Covenstone » Tue Apr 18, 2017 1:04 pm

Albertine Winters

Age: 24 (as of this post)

Birthplace: Covenstone.

Background: Albertine was born in the suburbs of Covenstone (like most people from Covenstone, since it is the only city in the country and the county was pretty much founded around it) and almost at once enrolled in The Lance and The Trident - one of the four most powerful covens in the country. She grew up surrounded by some of the most powerful witches, and - at the age of 13 - took her place amongst them. Over the next eight years she achieved her mastery and, when she turned 21, she was elected as leader. Two years later, she became Crown Princess, The Arch-Mage and Queen of The Witches, also known as the leader of Covenstone.

She will retain this position for four years, until there is another election (five years after her initial election). However there is no limits to the number of terms for which she can run.

Titles: Chief Witch of The Lance and The Trident, The Arch-Mage, Crown Princess, Queen of The Witches.

(Thank you to Calladan for assistance with writing this post).
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CP A Winters, Queen of The Witches. ("I suffer from an overwhelming surplus of diggity.")

"Every time the Goddess closes a door, she opens a window.
Which is why the Goddess is NEVER allowed in a spaceship."

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The New European Order
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Postby The New European Order » Wed Apr 19, 2017 5:19 am

Jack Smith

Age: 34

Birthplace: Strasbourg, The New European Order

Education: Education up to 11th grade, before a war with Germany, called Smith to lie about his age and go to war as a medic who never fired one round. Upon the war's conclusion, a scarred, battered, and pacifist Smith went to college in Britain, receiving a major in Political Science before attending law school in Paris.

Employment: a Government Teacher at a high school in Strasbourg, at age 28, before moving into law at age 31. Became a senator in The New European Order's Congress at 33, before being appointed Head of International Affairs by a childhood friend, Peter Gonzalez, the new President of NEO.

Politics: Heavy Left Wing, Democratic Socialist, the founder, and leader of the New European Socialist Party.

Titles: Head of International Affairs, Ambassador, Chairperson of The New Eurasian States of Freedom, Head of Ethics in the International Union.

Responsibilities: Leads the whole Embassy Department of The New European Order, the official World Assembly Representative for NEO, and International Union. President Peter Gonzalez's "Right Hand Man."

Interests: Journalism, Law, Education, Welfare, debating policies regarding Free Markets, and Integrity.

Once said; "You forgot the comma after 'extrajudicial'... Now only YOU are mandated to eat nothing but eggs twenty four hours a day. I suggest fixing that."-- While debating with Peter Gonzalez on his suggested "Egg Charter"
From the office of: Jack Smith
Ambassador of Foreign Affairs
The New European Order
Office 26-D, Paris Parliament Building, 1743 Rue de Valet, Paris
Active Assistant: None: Help Wanted

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Postby Valorem » Tue May 02, 2017 6:39 pm

Stacy Innes Gunther, Valorian Ambassador
Age: 23
Birthplace: Atlanta, GA, Technocratic Republic of Valorem
Family: Unmarried, no children. Parents: Cameron Gunther, researcher at Reiner Material Sciences Laboratory, and Lara Gunther, technical writing professor at Georgia Tech.
Physical description: 5'1", 105 lbs. Striking amber eyes, mid-length straight brown hair. Wears a concealed exoskeleton with a back-mounted fusion powerplant. This amplifies her strength considerably but is prone to random lockups and occasional spasms.
Education: B.S. Political Science, Clemson University
Employment: Joined the Diplomatic Corps immediately after graduation, sent to World Assembly as ambassador in the aftermath of Stephenson's fall from grace
Background: After two years as the Valorian regional ambassador, was fast-tracked into the WA ambassador position thanks to Stephenson's blunders.
Fun facts: Lisbeth is likely to take anything said at face value, no matter how obvious its sarcasm may be to others.
Politics: Center-left. Favors individual freedom, but only in cases where it is not harmful to other people.
Titles: Valorian WA Ambassador
Responsibilities: Representing Valorem's interests at the World Assembly, advocating for scientific advancement in all debates.
Interests: History, physics, robotics, peaceful resolutions to conflict.
Once said: "I have no idea why they sent a theoretical physicist as our first ambassador. I just hope he doesn't screw up too badly." (immediately before hearing her phone's special ringtone for the Diplomatic Corps HQ)

Assistant: Lisbeth Beck, an intern from the University of Konigsberg's technical writing program. Originally assigned to assist Dr. Stephenson, but kept assignment when Gunther took over.
Stacy Innes Gunther, current World Assembly Ambassador of The Technocratic Republic of Valorem.
Lisbeth Adria Beck, official intern/assistant to Ambassador Gunther (and formerly Ambassador Stephenson). Contact me with any official inquiries at

Tech Tier: 7
Arcane Level: 0
Influence Type: 7
Special Notes about your civilization: Focused on technology and scientific advancement. Regular use of robotics, fusion power, and directed energy weapons.
Above information compiled using this scale
Economic Left/Right: -3.63
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.87

Aerospace engineering junior at Mississippi State University, atheist in the Deep South.

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Essu Beti
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Postby Essu Beti » Fri May 05, 2017 2:33 pm

Iksana Gayan

Age: 35

Birthplace: Kalmalu, the Beuwani enclave in Sedaral, South Tenahuari

Family: He does have surviving family, including both his parents, his sister, his sister-in-law, and a number of nieces and nephews, but he's currently estranged and has more or less been booted out of the community under the excuse of being ambassador.

Physical Description: A tall elf with brown skin, long (nearly 1 foot! That's amazing for an elf!) black hair with just a touch of roan, and a slightly shorter tail than normal (it only goes down to his ankles instead of his heels). See the Factbook on Betian species for a description of the species. Iksana normally stands with a considerable slouch and wears the uniform assigned to the job- it can best be described as "vaguely military" in design, without many bells and whistles, and with a patch of the Betian flag sewn on the right shoulder.

Education: School of hard knocks

Employment: Mechanic, then a soldier, and now an ambassador. Neither of his previous jobs were of any degree of formality.

Background: Iksana was born in a Beuwani enclave in a country that really doesn't like Beuwanim, to a community that really doesn't like people who say "to heck with all this "religion" business I'm atheist now." He ended up barely scraping by as a mechanic, mostly by taking on the worst jobs for awful prices- he wasn't allowed out of the enclave, atheist or not, and the enclave was less than approving of him. Lived with his partner in a flophouse until the purges started, upon which he mostly redeemed himself in the eyes of his family by taking up arms and escorting them and his partner out of the country. Helped build the new country of Essu Beti, after which he was handed his ambassadorship and politely-but-firmly pushed onto a boat because he was still atheist and still uninterested in marrying and even though he technically saved quite a few people they just did not want to deal with that right now.

Fun facts: Iksana is ace. His partner is that of a romantic, but nonsexual relationship. Iksana is also an inveterate nicknamer and has no interest in stopping that any time soon.

Politics: Genocide is wrong, and that's about it. He's basically just going to campaign for or against the big things that'll affect Essu Beti, not the little things that probably won't matter that much.

Titles: Ambassador and General Pest to the World Assembly. He insisted on adding that "and General Pest" in there.

Responsibilities: "Represent the nation of Essu Beti and ensure that the world knows we have a voice." He does this by showing up and arguing a lot, mostly.

Interests: Nicknaming people, trolling, cars and weird things happening to cars (did you know you can turn any vehicle into a pickup truck if you're creative enough?), gambling and cheating at gambling.

Once said: "Pass me that thing. No, that other thing. Come on, it's right by your elbow! Your other elbow. Yes, that had always been there in the first place. Would I lie to you?"

Staff: Two interns and a secretary who may or may not actually be his handler, with the job of making sure he doesn't abuse his position.
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Trust Factbooks, not stats.

The Ambassador of Essu Beti is Iksana Gayan and he's an elf. He’s irritable and a damn troll and everything he says is IC only. I would never be so tactless OOC.

National News Radio: A large-scale infrastructure project will soon be underway. During this time, for safety reasons, the island will be closed to tourists and foreign news agents. We do expect a minor loss in revenue due to this, but this will be greatly offset by both the long and short-term benefits of the infrastructure project. If your job is negatively impacted by the island closure, please send a letter or verbal message via courier to the Council so that we can add you to the list of beneficiaries of foreign aid.

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Maddering Ink Islands
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Postby Maddering Ink Islands » Tue May 09, 2017 2:46 pm

Lord Valentin Markwardt

Age: 49

Birthplace: Varramont, Pernucia.
Education: Lambassic Prepetory School; Lyra College; Senior Degree in Political Science from the University of Althen; Mastery in Political Science, Althen; Doctorate in Political Science, Althen; Senior Degree in International Law, Althen.

Earl of Althen since sixteen. Member of Court in Good standing from the age of 27. First Minister of Foreign affairs since 34, Ambassador since 38.

Politics: What he calls sanity. He gets overruled a fair bit by the Queen, so you won't see if often when endorsing something. Centre left, orthodox economics.

Titles: His Grace, Earl Valentin Markwardt of Alvale and Lord Protector of Althen, First minster of the Council upon Foreign affairs, Chief Ambassador to the World Assembly, Phd, KCM, GCRI, RL. (Just call him ambassador, half of these are nepotism)

Responsibilities: In theory, he has absolute control over foreign affairs, with all his positions. In practice, the Queen has absolute power and he knows it.

Interests: law, education, fly-fishing, qat, opium, skiing, sailing, beef stew, stopping nepotism and corruption

Once said: "If I was legally allowed to turn down this bribe, I would. I cannot, but I will have you arrested. Seize him."
Ambassador Valentin Markwardt, a very tired man.
Matilda, a loyal Valet.

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The Blind Man
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Postby The Blind Man » Sun May 14, 2017 10:33 am

Name: Bruit Collogue
Age: 36
Birthplace: New Catacombs, The Kingdom of The Blind Man
Family: A father, a mother, four sisters, two brothers, and five nieces and nephews.
Education: Masters Degrees in Criminal Law and Law Enforcement, Sigma University at Mount Cremator
Employment: Private Investigator [8-17], District Attorney [26], Crown Prosecutor [31]
Background: Bruit Collogue was born to immigrant barghests from the neighboring nation in Fearia, The Constitutional Monarchy of the Kingdom of Omens on April 30th, 1981. Seeking political freedom and literally greener pastures, they had settled in the western provinces of Bone Spiderskills, specifically in the [then] moderately developed town of New Catacombs.
His first criminal investigation came when he was about five years old, when New Catacombs a serial killer with a modus operandi of slicing major arteries by stabbing them in the butt. He joined the local chapter of the Knights of Ceesrais shortly afterwards, going to school by day and tracking paranormal troublemakers by night.
He eventually learned that while his methods allowed him to track criminals down quickly, they weren’t necessarily legal. After the third time a criminal had to be set free due to inadmissible evidence, Bruit threw himself into the study of law and its enforcement, earning his Masters degrees and passing the bar exam.
Bruit’s legal exploits over the years managed to get the attention of Prime Minister Jonathan Rand. While initially it was a challenge to get him interested in choosing the position of WA Representative over his position as the first barghest Crown Prosecutor, his acceptance was finally secured when his old friend Vinny Anyvlogger was given the opportunity to accompany and counsel Bruit.
Fun facts: Writes fanfiction for Gyakuten Saiban. Is a literal five foot tall shadow hound with two Master's Degrees in Law.
Politics: Justice for all. Truth and transparency are tantamount as well.
Titles: “The Hellhound” [Prosecutor nickname]
Responsibilities: To represent The Blind Man on an international level and foster relations with other nations.
Interests: Criminal law, beefsteak, paranormal investigation, murder mystery dinner theatre, paranormal prosecution, finding Carmine Montenegro [the most elusive criminal in Fearia], the youth vigilante and community outreach group known as the Knights of Ceeverse, vlogging.
Once said: “Why yes, birds *are* nesting in my intern's chest cavity. Trust me, she's one of the more conventionally normal citizens of Fearia. I mean, that's coming from a literal five foot tall shadow hound with two Master's Degrees in Law, so what do I know about 'conventionally normal?'”
Staff: Vinny Anyvlogger, his closest friend who compulsively records everything he can with his camcorder; recently joined by Intern Dana Cardwell, daughter of an immigrant family from Featheren.

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Dragonslinding WA Mission
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Postby Dragonslinding WA Mission » Fri Jun 02, 2017 5:04 pm

Ser Aegon Snow

Age: 42

Occupations: Page (7), squire (12), kighted (17), Hand of the King [Aegon III Blackfyre, the pious, Aegon IV, the wise] (28-42),

Social Status: Bastard son of a noble house (lesser rank) [1], Knight, former hand of the King, Ambassador from Dragonslund to the WA.

Being assigned to the Ambassadorship is for Aegon a severe demotion. He was appointed to the position when King Visreys (I) took the throne at age 8. It was considered inappropriate for a Bastard Son to be Hand of the King during a regency (which will continue until the King is at least 14) and as such he was assigned to the WA simply due to the Queen Mother's good graces.

Ser Dawrin Stone

Age: 22

Occupations: Page (7), squire (12), knighted (17)

Social Status: Younger son of the Stone family, lesser nobles who are bannermen to House Liester. [2], Knight, and Assistant Ambassador to the WA

Ser Dawrin was appointed to serve as punishment for being apprehended in the act of committing buggery with his 14 year old squire (Jamie Hill) [3]. While buggery itself is not expressly illegal, the shame it brings to those engaged in it however reflected poorly on the court. He and his squire were assigned to the WA Mission because his father Tarwyn Stone is currently Master of Laws. Considered Persona non grata at court, he serves as primary ambassador when Ser Aegon Snow is required in Holmguard, Dragonlund's capitol.

Jamie Hill

Age: 14

Occupations: Page (7), Squire (12)

Social Status: Of unknown parentage, presumed bastard son [1], at current a squire, though due to scandal a knighthood is unlikely unless Ser Dawrin can persuade the King once he reaches majority to allow him to be knighted. At current he performs light administrative tasks for both Ser Aegon Snow and Ser Dawrin Stone.

Jamie is fiercely loyal to Ser Dawrin, once even threatening Ser Aegon over a perceived insult to Ser Dawrin.


1. The names 'Snow' and 'Hill' are bastard names. For the North and Westerlands respectively. In the case of Jamie Hill his bastardy is assumed. Bastards must have at least one parent, usually the father, who is nobility--bastardy is not relevant to the smallfolk.

2. Bannermen are lesser noble houses who owe alligence to the Warden of a Province.

3. Age of consent in Dragonslund is 14, which is also the age of majority
Ser Aegon Snow: Chief Ambassador of HM Government to the WA.
Ser Dawrin Stone: Assistant Ambassador of HM Government to the WA

Please note that Ser is a title not a name. It denotes that both of these gentlemen have been knighted

We creatively comply with a number of WA resolutions, check out our factbook on the matter if you'd like to know more.

Cisgendered, homosexual white male. Classically liberal/libertarian, this nation does not reflect my actual political positions.

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The Atlae Isles
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Postby The Atlae Isles » Fri Jun 02, 2017 9:15 pm

George Williamsen

Age: 33

Birthplace: Atlaerskoiy, The Atlae Isles

Education: A rather prestigious education. He attended one of the top universities in The Atlae Isles.

Employment: Former politician, mayor of Atlaerskoiy, former Prime Minister, now WA Ambassador.

Politics: liberal, democratic socialist; member of the Liberal Democrat Party; very partisan, and oftentimes hot-headed.

Titles: Ambassador, Prime Minister (only in the Atlae Isles).

Responsibilities: Heads entire Ministry of Foreign Affiars (symbolic) often not there, leaves to regional affairs secretary.

Interests: education, social welfare policy, science, debating over nuances, etc.
Author of Issues #752, #816, and #967
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WA Ambassador: George Williamsen
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Postby Altanni » Sat Jun 03, 2017 2:46 pm

Aryn Altainn

Age: Technically twelve, appears to be in her mid-twenties

Birthplace: Literally heaven, but for the sake of government records she was born in Alta City, the capital.

Background: The poor citizens of Altanni prayed to the heavens for a bright future with a wise leader. In response, the goddesses sent Aryn down to Earth to rule them. Not entirely human but not exactly a deity either, the only thing anyone knows for sure is that she's immortal and has no intentions of ever leaving. She married the crown prince and ascended to the throne. She will continue to rule for as long as the people desire, which is hopefully all eternity. She has dedicated herself to becoming the best queen she can.

Titles: Divine Queen and High Priestess of Altanni

Interests: Health and beauty tips, fluffy pets, scaly pets, her expensive monthly shopping trips

Interesting Smarticle Particles: Aryn is polyamorous and often attempts to romance people besides her husband. Though it earned her a few odd looks at first, everyone soon came to accept it.

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Postby Bananaistan » Sun Jul 09, 2017 2:14 pm

Comrade Ambassador Theodorus "Ted" Hornwood, Permanent Representative of the People's Republic of Bananaistan to the World Assembly

Then Minister for Finance, Ted Hornwood, announcing the People's Budget
for the fiscal year 1999/2000

Age: 64

Birthplace: Seperton, Co Aninad

Education: Degree in People's Politics from the Nodnol School of Economics

Employment: 1975 to 1978: Office Assistant to Jim Hacker, MP.
1978 to 2005: Member of Parliament on the Communism, It's A Party! party party list.
1985 to 1987: Junior Minister at the Department of Sports and Culture
1987 to 1991: Minister for Social Welfare
1991 to 1994: Minister for Industry & Commerce
1994 to 1998: Minister for External Affairs
1998 to 2005: Minister for Finance
2005 to 2013: Sewer System Maintenance Operative for Backwater-Hicksville Town Council
1 January 2014 to 30 January 2016; and 1 July 2017 to date: Permanent Representative of the People's Republic of Bananaistan to the World Assembly
31 January 2016 to 30 June 2017: Various party duties

Party offices: 1981 to 2005: Member of the Central Committee
1987 to 1988: Candidate member of the 23rd Politburo
1988 to 2005: Full member of the 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th Politburos
2003 to 2005: Assistant General Secretary
2014 to date: Provisional member of the Central Committee
2014 to date: Candidate member of the 29th Politburo

Background: A rising star in Bananamen politics, Hornwood was the frontrunner to become General Secretary at the 28th Party Congress due to be held in 2008 and had served in government for 18 years in ever more senior cabinet positions up to Minister for Finance until the Las Vegas scandal in 2005 when it was discovered he had misappropriated over £100,000 from party funds earmarked for sending children with disabilities to visit Lennon's tomb in Wocsom, and had intended to use the money to go to Las Vegas. The scandal came to light just as Hornwood was about to board the flight to Las Vegas. Hornwood was immediately sacked from the government, Politburo and Central Committee and faced criminal charges eventually being sentenced to a one month part time reeducation course. It had appeared that his political career had come to an end but upon Bananaistan's accession to the World Assembly he was appointed as the Bananamen Ambassador to the WA after 128 more sensible and less corrupt candidates refused the job.

Politics: Officially follows the party's Marksist-Lennonist philosophy. In reality he was highly influential in steering the party towards a more centrist and classical liberal, pro-business position while Minister for Finance.

Interests: Embezzlement, gambling, drinking.

Once said: "That money was only resting in my account!"

Staff: Comrade Watchman Brian of Tarth
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Delegation of the People's Republic of Bananaistan to the World Assembly
Head of delegation and the Permanent Representative: Comrade Ambassador Theodorus "Ted" Hornwood
General Assistant and Head of Security: Comrade Watchman Brian of Tarth
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Postby Imperium Anglorum » Sun Jul 09, 2017 2:39 pm

    Banana > "Office Assistant to Jim Hacker, MP."
Well, I think the most important question, rather, is whether or not this person got along with the Permanent Secretary.

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Postby Bananaistan » Sun Jul 09, 2017 2:43 pm

Imperium Anglorum wrote:
    Banana > "Office Assistant to Jim Hacker, MP."
Well, I think the most important question, rather, is whether or not this person got along with the Permanent Secretary.

:( I was hoping the Spitting Image Russian would get more comment!
Delegation of the People's Republic of Bananaistan to the World Assembly
Head of delegation and the Permanent Representative: Comrade Ambassador Theodorus "Ted" Hornwood
General Assistant and Head of Security: Comrade Watchman Brian of Tarth
There was the Pope and John F. Kennedy and Jack Charlton and the three of them were staring me in the face.
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Postby Imperium Anglorum » Sun Jul 09, 2017 2:48 pm

Bananaistan wrote:
Imperium Anglorum wrote:
    Banana > "Office Assistant to Jim Hacker, MP."
Well, I think the most important question, rather, is whether or not this person got along with the Permanent Secretary.

:( I was hoping the Spitting Image Russian would get more comment!

Naturally, I'm happy to see a fellow graduate from the Nodnol School of Economics. /s

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Maintainer: GA Passed Resolutions
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Postby Allied Sapients » Thu Jul 27, 2017 8:07 pm

Lirn Jehnt Olsh

Age: Um... vaguely 40's in jaran years? They age differently than humans. Biologically, she's a young adult.

Birthplace: The Great Trade City, a massive space station orbiting the star Kan.

Family: The entire jaran species is her family! Seriously though, she was creche-raised with the other diplobrats. She has like eight people who she considers parents and a whole host of foster-siblings.

Physical Description: She's an alien. Specifically, she's a jaran. They're adapted to low gravity, and as such are what any human would consider freakishly tall for their build. They're bipeds with a bony, nearly skeletal appearance, defined by a distinctive lack of features. They have no hair, no snout (no nose, even), no tail, no external ears, and no obvious visible difference between the sexes. Their teeth are non-differentiated and aren't actually teeth- they look like a row of simple cone-shaped teeth, but in fact they're merely cone-shaped extensions of the jaw instead of separate parts.

They do have four long, fragile-looking fingers and toes on each hand and foot, a wiry mane on the chest that indicates physical maturity, and five eyes- the primary two are slightly farther apart than human eyes but are still in roughly the same area, there are two simple ocelli off to the sides where their ears would be if they had ears (these ocelli basically just detect shifts in light), and they have a slightly less simple parietal eye on the top of the head which helps regulate circadian rhythms. They also have callused ridges on their fingers in lieu of nails or claws, and their skin secretes a white, waxy film that protects them from the sun and feels unpleasantly tacky to any humans that go in for a handshake.

Olsh specifically is a little taller than the average, a little thinner, with a slightly longer jaw and a particularly thick waxy coating. She typically wears the tradition dress of her specific culture of her species, which is a folded skirt that looks something like a shendyt, paired with a vest that shows off her spectacular mane. The clothes are a light lavender color, but her mane has been dyed to represent her station- purple and its natural white up around her shoulders to represent diplomacy, with a blue and green gradient near the bottom to represent humanity.

She's also wearing a simple, mostly transparent respirator, because although jarans can tolerate Earth-equivalent atmosphere, it isn't especially comfortable for them. They're adapted to higher levels of CO2, among other differences.

Education: A diplomat's education, that is a lifetime living and breathing inter-species interactions and politics, followed by a series of courses in such vital things as economics and understanding alien mental processes, followed by a further series of courses focusing on humanity in particular.

Employment: Lots. She bounced from job to job around the station for pocket money and as a traditional way of appreciating the work that goes into maintaining a space station as big as the Great Trade City. Her ambassador job is very recent- only a few years by Earth's measure of things.

Background: A born diplobrat- a child of diplomats, raised among other children of diplomats, grew up in the busiest space station in the entire space empire, etc etc etc.

Fun facts: Her name is three parts. "Lirn" is the name of the creche she was raised in. "Jehnt" means 'diplomat.' "Olsh" is her personal name. Also, jarans don't actually have genders. Olsh is 'she' because a human made a guess and she went 'sure why not.'

Politics: Do not allow Rule One to be broken. Do NOT allow Rule One to be broken.

Titles: Diplomat to Humanity, Knowledge-Broker

Responsibilities: Keep an eye on the WA and make sure no one's breaking Rule One. The WA isn't beholden to the Allied Sapients (and the Allied Sapients have no interest in joining the WA), but the jarans are very willing to interfere if they have to. Luckily, it doesn't look like anyone's interested in driving any sapients extinct so so far she has nothing of note to report back.

Interests: Learning new things, passing those new things on to others, developing new games.

Once said: "Humans are so weird."

Staff: A companion named Lirn Krees Hordt. Companion is their title. They are officially present as a technician for the shuttle used to ferry diplomat trainees back and forth, but their real purpose is to basically just exist and be someone familiar to Olsh as psychological support.
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The Ambassador of the Confederacy of Allied Sapients is Lirn Jenht Olsh, who is definitely an alien of some sort.

A Tier 8, Type 8.5-ish civilization by this ranking. Has routine contact with a Tier 10, Type 7 civilization and may or may not be piggybacking on some of their tech.

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Postby Sanctaria » Thu Aug 24, 2017 1:24 pm

Change of Ambassador


HE, Dr. Katherine Saunders ORD DSJ, Sanctarian Ambassador to the World Assembly

Age: 60

Birthplace: Corpus, Sanctaria

BA (Politics, Economics, & Law) - Christ College, Cristi
MA (International Relations) - University College Sanctus
LL.D (Gendered Ideas of Legal Policy: How Gender Can Impact Judicial Decision in the field of Human Rights) - University College Sanctus

Ambassador to the IDUSA (current)
Ambassador to CIDUS (former)
Ambassador to Ossitania (former)
Ambassador to Urgench (former)
Ambassador to Quelesh (former)
Ambassador to Munsteran (former)
Third Secretary, Department of Foreign Affairs (former)

Titles: Her Excellency, Ambassador Dr. Katherine Saunders, Officer of the Order of the Dove, Dame Grand Cross of Saint Juliana
Divine Federation of Sanctaria

Ideological Bulwark #258

Dr. Bethany Greer ORD, Sanctarian Ambassador to the World Assembly
Author of:
GA#109 GA#133 GA#176 GA#201 GA#222 GA#297
GA#590 (Co)
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Postby Deropia » Thu Aug 24, 2017 10:57 pm

Pic: Link in signature
Age: 29
Birthplace: Ironoak City, Central Administrative District, Pertos
Family: Lillian MacAlister (Mother), James MacAlister (Father), Sarah MacAlister (Sister)
Education: Master of International Affairs (M.IA), Master of Laws (LL.M), Deropia Military University
Military Service History:
Current: Deropian Diplomatic Corps., W.A. Division
Former: Deropian Interplanetary Defense Fleet, Executive Officer - D.B.C. Dauntless; Judge Advocate General - Regional Military Procecutor

Fun facts: Jason is an avid guitar player, he spends a lot of his down time practicing in his office.
Politics: Liberal
Titles: Current: Lieutenant-Commander
Once said: "You only really need two things as a diplomat: Protocol and Alcohol"
Staff: Aside from his younger sister acting as his Deputy Ambassador/Deputy Chief-of-Mission, MacAlister has a full staff of aides and attaches at his disposal to provide research and advice on a range of subjects.
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Lieutenant-Commander Jason MacAlister
Deropian Ambassador to the World Assembly
Office 1302, 13th Floor, World Assembly Headquarters
Minister of WA Affairs [TNP]
Captain, North Pacific Army Special Forces
Former Speaker of the Regional Assembly [TNP]

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Postby Secundus Imperium Romanum » Sat Sep 02, 2017 12:29 pm

Secundus Imperium Romanum WA Diplomatic Mission
Madam Giulia F. B. Maccini, Roman Representative

Name: Giulia Franzotti Beninno Maccini
Date of Birth: October 17, 1979 (37 years old)
Birthplace: Roma, LA

Father: Fredericco Franzotti Maccini (1952)
Mother: Anna Franzotti Maccini (1955)
Spouse: Alessandro Beninno Franzotti Maccini (1976)
- Lucca Beninno Franzotti Maccini (1999)
- Marco Beninno Franzotti Maccini (2002)

Background: Giulia was born as her only child in 1979 by a family of middle-class diplomats, her grandfather as being an ambassador of great fame and character having served during the Great War in the 1940s, preventing Romans from entering the conflict several times being cause for various prizes and decorations for his work of peacekeeping by Emperors Diocomeno (1922-1968) and Julio (1968-1991) until his death in 1989. At the age of 18 he entered in the Pontifical University of Rome where he graduated in International Relations and Political Science in 2002, already having two children with the diplomat Alessandro Bennini, being his first and only marriage until now. She became a doctorate in law and a PhD in International Relations in 2008, where she had a stable and good diplomatic career. In 2016 the former Consul Giovanni Matarazzo chose her to become the official representative of the Roman Empire, accepting the position and entering officially on January 1, 2017.

- PhD in International Relactions (2008)
- Doctorate in Law (2008)
- Doctorate in Political Sciences (2002)
Politics: Giulia has been a member of the Conservative Party since 2007, defending most of its policies, including being against abortion, prostitution, marijuana and drugs in general, and totally against the liberal opposition in the Senate which they say are "globalist socialists."
- Madam Giulia Maccini (WA office)
- Lady Giulia Maccini (Nobility)
Secundus Imperium Romanum
A democratic nation, with the 1950s fashion.
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Postby Imperial Polk County » Thu Nov 09, 2017 8:16 am

By request:

Herbert Jackson Drane IV, World Assembly Ambassador, Imperial Polk County

Age: 62

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Education, University of Florida; Master of Education in Social Science Education, University of Central Florida

Biography: Herbert Jackson Drane IV was born in Lakeland, Florida (present-day Lakeland, Imperial Polk County), to Herbert "Trip" Drane III, a local real estate developer, and Marjorie "Markie" Drane (née Mulberry), a former nurse who served in the Red Cross during World War II. Drane was named after his great-grandfather, Herbert J. Drane, a founder of the city of Lakeland and an eight-term representative in the US Congress. As a teen, Drane became an Eagle Scout, was a member of the National Honor Society, and dabbled in automotive repair at his uncle's shop in Winter Haven. While a student at the University of Florida, he spent his summers racing Mini-Stock cars at Lakeland International Raceway, until an accident left him with severe burns on his legs and feet. Upon graduating from college, he received a teaching certificate, and would teach social studies in the Polk County Public School District. Years later, he would complete his Master's Degree, and become a Social Science teacher and a Model UN Advisor at Wewahootee High School in Orange County. After speaking out publicly against the policies of the federal government and the effect they had on the education of the poor, voicing his support for insurrection, Drane was branded an anarchist and was fired. He returned home to Polk County, where the revolutionary movement was flourishing, and was selected to a special council whose function was to explore independence. Drane helped draft the Articles of Independence, and his poignant essays on how to achieve a bloodless revolution convinced many in the public to support the secession movement, as the Independence Referendum passed with over 80% of the vote. Upon the county's secession, the fledgling nation joined the World Assembly, and Drane was appointed as the nation's first WA Ambassador.

Personal Life: Drane is married to Claire K. Drane (née Marchesi). They have three children and one grandchild. The Dranes currently reside just outside of Eagle Lake. Drane owns a Bayliner VR5 Bowrider, named Claire Buoyant, a vintage 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 coupe, and a recently restored 1951 Gottlieb Cyclone pinball machine with reverse flippers.
-- Herbert Jackson Drane IV, WA Ambassador of the newly independent Imperial Polk County, Population 665,000. That "xxx million" population stat? It's most certainly a typo.

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Postby Desmosthenes and Burke » Thu Nov 09, 2017 10:52 pm

Sublimitas Iulia Larcensis Metili, Legatum Fuisse Demosthensis


Age: 48
Birthplace: Antiochiae, Desmosthenes and Burke
Family: Augustus Flavius Metilius -- Husband, Dominus Gregorius Titius Metili
Education: Caelibum artium politica scientia, Magister Artium rationibus, Gradum doctorus arte dicendi
Employment: Institutum Demosthenum -- insignis lectore -- Praesidum Augustine, Augustine Praesidem Commissionis accessione mundo Conventus
Background: Iulia comes from a relatively conventional background for the upper class of society. She was well educated, and was an above average student in grammar, rhetoric, and morals, but less well in other subjects, though by no means badly. à suivre.
Politics: Cautious traditional conservatism (from a Burkean perspective). Favors consensus and gradualism. The global left is a disease.
Titles: Legatum Fuisse Demosthensis, Sublimitas (roughly: Ambassador of Demosthenes and Her Excellency)
Responsibilities: Reviewing WA proposals, expressing a moderate conservative and gradualist viewpoint, preserving the essential sovereignty and character of Burkean society, opposing the global left.
Interests: She regularly participates in the curriculum equorum, very much enjoys the munera gladiatorum, and has an odd soft spot for watching independent cinema.
Once said: "Salva populi est suprema lex."

Staff: Chief assistant below. Also has 2 secretaries, and 4 interns, usually from the Institutum Demosthenum.
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