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Postby Al-Faisal » Tue May 14, 2013 11:18 am

Princess Rana is fine, I've edited my post to reflect that.
We hate some persons because we do not know them; and will not know them because we hate them.
~Charles Caleb Colton
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Risottia wrote:
The Northwestern Imperative wrote:Israel is the most civilized, modern country in the Middle East.

No, that would be Turkey.

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Ambassador for Evant

Postby Evant » Thu Jun 06, 2013 12:18 pm

Ambassador- Lord Elian Vannet

Age: 21

Birthplace: Vannet Manor, Evant.
Family: Elian Vannet is the son of the late Prince Fias Vannet and Lady Aelwyd Vannet.

Education: He received the standard noble education from his father. His training included learning the ancient Evantyrian languages, the languages of the various elf tribes of Lithonia, mathematics, warfare, diplomacy, the new political sciences, lute playing, swordplay, and the Lithonian Scriptures.

Employment: It would be incorrect to say that Elian is employed by someone. Rather, because of his position and the style of his government, it would be best to say that he is the employer.

Background: After the Highest Ones were defeated in the Battle of Undulin, Lithonia was razed by the Black Hand Space Fleet. Most of the Lithonians were massacred, including Elian's family. Ultimately, only 700,000 Lithonians escaped the assault of the Black Hand, and were forced to flee into the desolate Northern Wastelands. Being the last Lithonian of Noble Blood, Elian was given authority as the Lord of the New Evant, and now leads their semi-republican nation.

Fun facts: Well, none that I can think of. It remains to be seen whether there is much "fun" about this nobleman...

Titles: Lord of the New Evant.

Responsibilities: He is the virtual Monarch of the New Evant; its primary Ambassador; and the sovereign law-giver, enforcer, and judge.

Interests: Survival, politics, sword-play, debating, survival, sword-making, hunting, survival, warfare, diplomacy, survival...

Once said: After witnessing the destruction of Lithonia, he cried out, "Surge Domini in furore tuo elevare indignans super hostes meos et consurge ad me iudicio quod mandasti. Consume Domini in furore ut non subsistent."

Staff: Secretary Adaira Elandras, Ambassador Tharian Elandras, and three Knights of the Silver Wolf.

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Postby Point Breeze » Thu Jun 06, 2013 9:44 pm


Dr. Mia Elizabeth Keogh

Age: 44

Birthplace: 4th Ward, Point Breeze

Family: Mr. Liam Keogh and Mrs. Fawn Keogh (Lindsay)

Education: Having been born to one of the most affluent families of one of the most affluent areas of Point Breeze, it is sufficient to say Dr. Keogh had an absolutely shit education until college. Upper-class education was boooring, she would much rather be playing cornhole and enjoying watery beers with the kids from Ward 7, but apparently Emile Durkheim was more important than that at age 14. After somehow obtaining a bachelors in Writing from Livingston College (Ward 3), Keogh then completed graduate studies at the public University of Point Breeze, where she completed an internship in the Foreign Affairs office writing humorous responses to 100% serious requests for humanitarian aid and urgent military intervention from allies and treaty signatories. Then-Councilor of Foreign Affairs, William Frick was so impressed with her work that he hired her full time and arranged for the office to pay for the remainder of her tuition so she could go on to finish her doctorate in... actuary science?

Employment: Aside from traveling the world and meeting with various cultures and peoples and the thousands of wasted hours in WA HQ, Dr. Keogh also works as a cashier at Womyn First, a feminist (putting it lightly) bookstore.

Background: Dr. Keogh was raised in wealth, but was never fond of the lifestyle. Naturally, she was drawn towards the behaviors and activities her parents had forbidden. Two-piece swimsuits and smoking hash under the pier on the 1st Ward coastline was verboten; it was also her favorite activity. The beatniks there obviously had an impact on her future views, and it's the opinion of this writer that they should be given a goddamn Medal of Valor, if they haven't been ran over by an angry conservative on the freeway while escorting their donkey caravans across.

Titles: Dr. Keogh holds many esteemed titles, many of which only exist internally in the PB Foreign Affairs office, such as:
  • Humorless Ice Queen
  • That Skinny Bitch with the Lisp
  • and BOHICA

Responsibilities: Dr. Keogh is the official representative of the government of Point Breeze everywhere except on Point Breeze soil. She is the PB Ambassador to the World Assembly, the Stonewall Alliance, and the Social Liberal Union, but they really don't like her there, so we don't go there often.

Interests: Children's literature, warning labels, noble gases, AC current

Once said: When addressing her WA staff, after they, apparently, did something wrong: " I oughta throw the whole goddamn, jacked-up bunch of you in prison. No, not that cushy federal place with the loose jumpsuits. *WARD prison*... with the crotch binders!"

Staff: Numerous aids, secretaries, and other essential personnel that basically do all the work

I owe more than a couple points in this post to the humor of the 2001 movie Evolution, which I recently rewatched last weekend.
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Postby Retired WerePenguins » Mon Sep 30, 2013 7:40 pm

RWPO Barry Black

Age: 56

Birthplace: Dumont D’Urville

Family: Wife (Brenda Red) and 5 children

Bckground: Served 20 years in the Retired WerePenguins Navy as a procurement officer. Was elected to the Assembly of Senators and immediately elected to the position of Faithful Captain.

Appearance: Medium brown skin and dark black hair that has artificial loose curls. When not in uniform, tends to have an affinity to traditional Tzorsland clothing. Loves traditional Tzorsland curry and often uses sandalwood cologne.

Statement: "Pleased to be appointed as delegate to the World Assembly representing the Antarctic Oasis Region and the Nifty Fraternity of Retired WerePenguins. I hope to work with the members to work on many resolutions and many repeals. I particularly like repeals; one does not need to worry about technical details like category and strength."
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___"There are some things worse than death. I believe being Canadian Prime Minister is one of them." Brother Maynard.

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Postby Hallensbane » Tue Oct 01, 2013 7:46 am

Ambassador: Kalh Hallensbane

Age: 38

Birthplace: Unknown

Family: Renamis Hallensbane (wife), Xerwyn Hallensbane (daughter), Anzu Hallensbane (son), Maegthal Hallensbane (son), Sindra Hallensbane (daughter), Tandra Hallensbane (daughter)

Education: Shadow Operatives Force Special Training

Employment: Leader of the Warf Street Gang (defunct), Special Operative in the SOF (formerly), Husband to Lady Hallensbane

Background: An orphan raised in Zufall, Kalh Hallensbane abandoned the orphanage he called home at the age of 9. Taking a couple similarly aged children with him, the group formed the Warf Street Gang. Primarily focused on simply surviving the group grew from organizing snatch and grabs for the odd coin or bits of fruit to nicking entire food delivery vehicles. It didn't take Kalh long to realize the group's newly developed talents could be incredibly useful for making them rich, and started to push the group in that direction, drawing attention from both other gangs, the local police, and finally the Shadow Operatives Force (SOF). When the Warf Street Gang was snatched up by the SOF, Kalh was effectively conscripted into service. It was there that Kalh met his future wife, Renamis Hallensbane, setting the stage for him to be jettisoned into the upper echelons of society.

Titles: Lord Hallensbane, The Right Hand

Responsibilities: Being the Ambassador to both the World Assembly and the Security Council, advising Lady Hallensbane, and being available for publicity purposes.

Interests: Advocating for Orphans, Advocating for Rape Victims, Sports, Drama, Music

Staff: Morran Yvmal (His Right Hand), Andmal Hallensbane (His Left Hand), a personal servant, and a collection of secretaries.
Kalh Hallensbane
Acting on the authority of his esteemed leader,
inspiration, and wife, Renamis Hallensbane.
Kill or be killed; There is no other way.

The views of this nation are not necessarily my own. In fact, usually they aren't. Azazel is a puppet nation of Hallensbane. Some stock images where used in the creation of this nation's flag and shield. If you ever wish to know the sources I'd be glad to provide them.

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Postby Havensky » Wed Oct 09, 2013 6:49 pm

Atticus steps into a hallway in the World Assembly and stops to look at a large plaque.

"In memoriam..."

He beings to read the names when one catches his eye.

"Alexandria Scarletwing? She's not dead - she's teaching at the Crystal City University!"

Technically speaking - Scarletwing was teaching via remote feed from Crystal City prison after torching the house of the isolationist prime minister. The new Prime Minister was trying to work out a pardon, but well... she did torch a house.

Still, Atticus felt he should probably update the records - lest somebody call him Alexandria or offer condolences.

Minister of International Affairs Lance Atticus

Age: 30

Birthplace: Crystal City, Havensky

Family: Atticus' parents reside in Crystal City, Havensky.

Education: B.A. in International Affairs at the Crystal City University, Masters in Diplomacy from Aberdeen University (Grays Harbor)

Employment: Prior to being appointed Ambassador to the WA by the King Drake, Atticus was Ambassador to the Nation of NewTexas.

Background: Atticus studied years to be a career diplomat only to start his duties the day the isolationists won the election. After serving for years doing random paperwork, Atticus was appointed Ambassador to NewTexas - which wasn't all that impressive given the close personal ties of King Drake and Big Tex. However, as most of the diplomatic corp retired after the isolationists policies took effect - Atticus just happened to be the most senior diplomat when the isolationist policies were reversed. Atticus' offices are actually on the airship H.R.A. Open Hand located in Dock 2.

Atticus also serves as the Skybound Republic's chief troubleshooter - deploying to troubled regions to work out peace deals and cease fires.

Fun facts: For his military service, Atticus served as a sniper with the Havensky Legionaries. He doesn't really talk about it much.

Politics: Quite practical to the point of being unelectable.

Titles: Lord Ambassador to the World Assembly.

Interests: Sampling new and interesting wines and ales at the Strangers Bar. He's developed a fondness for Sacra, Lone Star, and some drink that he can never pronounce but involves whiskey.

Once said: The most important thing to remember is Rule #1. And what is rule #1? You can't fix stupid. You can only prepare for the inevitable shit-storm that will follow. Which leads us to Rule #2: Prepare for the stupid and don't forget your umbrella.

Staff: There are three members that serve with Atticus aboard the Open Hand. A researcher, admin assistant, and a speech writer.
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The Skybound Republic of Havensky
(Pronounced Haven-Sky)

Territory held in
Texas - Gholgoth - Sondria

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Postby Golgothastan » Wed Nov 06, 2013 9:06 pm

Nation: The Svefn-g-englar of Golgothastan
WA status: Observer

Golgothastan has not been a WA member for a long time. They were, not very active, members when they were in Antarctic Oasis, but then one night about five years ago everyone got drunk at once. A few days ago they woke up in Balder with very little memory of what had happened in the ensuing period. Eighty million Golgothastanis did the walk of shame home to discover that yet again, they'd lost the filing documents for membership.

Title: Ísjaki (Ambassador)
Name: Hrafntinna Rafstraumursdottir
Age: 23
WA Activities: Almost exclusively reserved to the Strangers' Bar, unless abortion, drug legalisation, or something really silly comes up.

Biography: Following the mental breakdown Jack Weisgaarden suffered at the hands of the Green Ink Brigade, he was finally withdrawn from his many pointless years of service as Golgothastan's observer representative to the UN/WA. Four and a half years later, the notoriously disorganized and dysfunctional Golgothastani government has finally got around to naming a replacement. Technically, Hrafntinna is the second choice: the first was Staralfur-for-Life Bort Chocowitz, who repeatedly tried to name himself Ambassador in a bid to excuse his constitutional obligations (Golgothastan's constitution prohibits him from leaving office). However, the Secret Service - who in Golgothastan, work to keep him getting out of the office, rather than other people getting in - kept catching him until he eventually gave up and appointed Hrafntinna.

She is a committed young humanitarian of Sillytopian extraction, who emigrated from that country following its devastating recession in the wake of the entire country being added to the World Heritage List and having all economic activity thereby prohibited. Why she migrated to Golgothastan is deeply unclear, but we guess she just really liked Icelandic post-rock, ecological socialism, or half-decent crack cocaine. She has a degree in social policy, and wrote for the student magazine and everything.

Ideology: Fluffarchism, Sillytopianism, and Interminable Federalism. Hrafntinna supports human rights, social justice, environmentalism, and global disarmament - but only in the most wildly impractical, totally illogical, economically disastrous, and downright silly ways imaginable.

Staff: She is accompanied by a squadron of highly trained Mad Sheep Railgun for diplomatic protection. Her administrative staff are all naked, in deference to the many compulsory nudity proposed to the UN/WA over the years. Her diplomatic staff all have the job of shielding her from realizing how deeply flawed her policies and beliefs are.

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Postby Friday Freshman » Fri Nov 08, 2013 8:27 am

Ambassador - Colin R. Friday
Colin Friday on the Cover of The Edge (Magazine)
This was due to an article writing about his economic policies and how they have brought great prosperity to Friday Freshman

Age: 27
Birthday & Birthplace: Born December 27, 1985 in South Radjoveck, The Old Republic of Friday Freshman
Family: Eric (Father) Erin (Mother) the first child. He has two siblings, an brother, Sean , younger than him by two and a half years and a sister, Shannon, younger by three years. He has trouble relating to and is not thoroughly involved in his families business.
Education: Dartington University, Grogan School of Law
Employment: The Old Republic of Friday Freshman, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Office of the Prime Minister. (He is the Prime Minister)
Background: Truly the People's Man, Prime Minister Friday was elected in 2007 A.D. and has not lost an election since. He rose to power under the ideals of fighting to set the world straight. In the people's views he has done what he came to do. He leaves most of the actual governing to Congress at this point because of his thoughts that the country itself has been set right. He now moves to try and influence the international powers to make the whole world a better place to live in.
Politics: Edge of Extremism/Moderation
Titles: Offical Ambassador to the World Assembly, Prime Minister
Responsibilities: International Affairs and Naional Affairs, Rarely Patron of the Stranger’s Bar
Interests: Video Gaming, Programming, Women, and Hockey
Quote: “That’s the worst idea ever.”
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Meritocratic States
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Postby Meritocratic States » Wed Jan 01, 2014 11:04 pm

The Permanent Delegation of the
Confederacy of the Meritocratic States to the World Assembly

34th Floor, Office Number: 44437

Name: The Honourable Steven McKellen, OMS
Role: High Commissioner of the Meritocratic States in the World Assembly (informal title: Ambassador)
Birthday: 23rd of August, MSY 1970 (RL 1940, age 74)
Birthplace: Bankfoot, Principality of Heidelberg, United Coalition of Anglo-German States
Alma Mater: University of Heidelberg, Schwartz School of Economics
Previous Employment:
-- Economics Contributor, the Zerhn Times Newspaper (MSY 1990-1995)
-- Elected Progressive-Conservative MP for Bankfoot-South and Minister of Finance in the Valdez Cabinet, 176th Parliament of the Heidelberg Principality (MSY 1995-1999, end of the Principality)
-- Economics Professor, University of Zerhn-Heidelberg (MSY 1999-2012)
-- Elected Conservative MCR in the 1st Federal Parliaments of the Meritocratic States, Riding #190: Bankfoot-South (MSY 2012)
-- Elected Conservative MCR in the Parliament of the Meritocratic States in Exile (MSY 2012-2015)
-- Elected Conservative MCR in the 2nd Federal Parliament of the Meritocratic States (MSY 2015-2023)
-- Elected Executive Councillor in the Third Federal Council, Minister-Executive for Infrastructure and Telecommunications (MSY 2023-2031)
-- High Commissioner for the Meritocratic States in the WA (MSY 2031-Present)
Spouse: Camille McKellen
Children: 3
Politics: Progressive-Conservative
Interests: Fishing, Reading, Painting
Activities within the WA: Contrary to what people in the WA believes, Ambassador McKellen is the head of the Delegation. He lets his subordinate, Hilda Thorstein preside over their delegation in the General Assembly and gives her advice on how to proceed, points on the proposals, and what are the concerns of the Meritocratic States. He stays primarily in the Office of the High Commissioner with the rest of the Delegation staff. This often leads to the misconception that Representative Hilda Thorstein is the head of the Meritocratic States delegation. McKellen is planning to retire by MSY 2046.
Notable Quote: "I am getting too old for this sh*t."

Name: Hilda Thorstein
Role: Senior Representative for the High Commissioner and Spokesperson for the Delegation
Birthday: 22nd of July, MSY 2014 (RL 1984, age 31)
Birthplace: Scarborough, Canton of South Hampton, Meritocratic States
Alma Mater: University of Lancaster, Harris School of Law
Previous Employment:
-- Chief of Staff, Office of the Ambassador in Hippostania (MSY 2030-2034)
-- Junior Ambassador, Office of the Ambassador in Namor (MSY 2034-2036)
-- Junior Representative for the High Commissioner (MSY 2036-2040)
-- Senior Representative for the High Commissioner (MSY 2040-Present)
Spouse: Robert Stone
Children: 2
Politics: Social Liberal, Political and Fiscal Conservative
Interests: Movies, Music, Animals
Activities within the WA: Representative Hilda Thorstein presides the Delegation in the General Assembly. According to the Meritocratic States protocol, Ambassador McKellen is supposed to preside over the delegation, but because he is preparing for his retirement, he gives her most the daily responsibilities of the Ambassador to Thorstein. She is a staunch opposer to any changes in the gun-related resolutions in the World Assembly. She also authored a proposed resolution to Condemn New Molsona, but has withdrawn her proposal later on. Thorstein is slated to replace McKellen as High Commissioner in MSY 2046.
Notable Quote: "Who's Hitler? Where is this Nazi Germany? Must be a very bad place."
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This nation is now being retired.
Good-night, sweet prince.
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Postby Rotwood » Thu Jan 02, 2014 12:10 am

Ambassador - Jericho Reigns

Age: 31
Rotan Race: Human
Birthplace: Projekt Zero, Zerosha, Rotwood
Family: Father was former Cascan president Luca Reigns. Currently divorced with no children
Education: Cascade University, University of Tai Lao
Employment: Foreign Minister, Rotwood government, Federal liaison, Cascadia regional government.
Background: Was groomed for politics by his father, Jericho quickly rose through the ranks upon entering the regional parliament of Cascadia, quickly progressing to the Federal Parliament. Served as Foreign minister under the current government until he challenged an opposition member to a duel with water pistols.
Politics: Which ever way the president tells him
Titles: Rotan Ambassador to the World Assembly, Rotan Ambassador to The West Pacific
Interests: Music, politics, gaming, writing
Quote: “Wait... What?”

Ambassador - Felicia Honeysworth

Age: 20
Rotan Race: Felinae
Birthplace: Starfall, Westerund, Rotwood
Family: Single
Education: University of Westerund Edge campus
Employment: Youth Minister, Rotwood government.
Background: Seen by some as a child genius, Felicia gained fame as the youngest ever member of the Rotan parliament. Served as Youth Minister until being forced to resign after referring to a Iridean member of parliament as being "salad"
Politics: Which ever way the president tells her
Titles: Rotan Ambassador to the World Assembly
Interests: politics, gaming, archery, clubbing
Quote: “Cilg so kenmo telg!”

Tech Support - Melody "Mel" Williams

Age: She wont tell
Rotan Race: Galerian
The less said about her the better
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Ambassadors Jericho Reigns and Felicia Honeysworth, The Discordant Harmony of Rotwood
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Postby Hanalia » Sat Jan 04, 2014 6:46 pm


Permanent Representation of Hanalia to the World Assembly


Ms Julia Bell, OHN, LLM


Tolkin, Hanalia

Father: David Harris - Retired
Mother: Jill - Retired
Siblings: 0 Brother(s), 1 Sister(s) - Alison
Marital Status: Divorced
Children: 1 Son(s) - Edward, 0 Daughter(s)

LLM in International Law, Edwin National University

1991-1998; Legal Advisor-Parks and Amenities Board;
1998-2000; Career break;
2001-2005; Legal Attache-Diplomatic Service;
2005-2012; Ambassador-Diplomatic Service;
2012-Present; Permanent Representative of Hanalia to the World Assembly

Julia was dispatched to the WA after being caught in the middle of a "diplomatic incident" in her last job involving a bike chain, a shipment of toothbrushes, a 48 lb bomb and a rubber duck. Her 3 day disappearance in the week leading up to the event caused enough suspicion to remove her from her post, never mind that she remembers nothing of her disappearance at all. Previous this event and to her taking up office at the WA, she has had a successful career within the Diplomatic Service serving at a number of posts as a Legal Attaché and subsequently an Ambassador.

Fun facts:
She believes that she "won" in court when it ruled that Edward's father should become his legal guardian.

She couldn't really care less.

Permanent Representative of Hanalia to the World Assembly, Head of the World Assembly Department (a Hanalian governmental office), Officer of the Order of the Hanalian Nation

Representing the interests of Hanalia in the WA. As a direct result of GAR#122, the government put the newly created Department of the World Assembly under the control of the Hanalian delegation to the WA. The Ambassador's required duties now only extend to reporting on what action the Hanalian government must take in order to comply with the resolutions that pass. The delegation is now self-governing she now represents only her own interests in the WA

Running marathons and yoga

Once said:
"If everything I have done has been a failure, statistically the next thing's bound to succeed."
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Ms Julia Bell
Permanent Representative of Hanalia to the World Assembly
World Assembly Headquarters
Data on past resolutions
(Updated GAR#311)

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Postby Sanctaria » Mon Feb 17, 2014 9:41 am

Change of Ambassador.


HE, Nicholas Carson, Sanctarian Ambassador to the World Assembly

Age: 41

Birthplace: Catterly, Upton, Sanctaria

BA (Economics & Sociological Science) - National University of Sanctaria, Corpus
H.Dip (Civil Service Administration) - Sanctus College of Law and Administration
MA (International Relations) - University College Sanctus

1995 - 1998: Clerical Officer, Department of Foreign Affairs of the Divine Republic of Sanctaria
1998 - 2000: Executive Officer, Department of Foreign Affairs of the Divine Republic of Sanctaria
2000 - 2003: Administrative Officer, Department of Foreign Affairs of the Divine Republic of Sanctaria
2003 - 2007: Deputy Principal Officer, Department of Foreign Affairs of the Divine Republic of Sanctaria
2007 - 2011: Principal Officer, Department of Foreign Affairs of the Divine Republic of Sanctaria
2011 - 2014: Deputy Secretary General, Department of Foreign Affairs of the Divine Republic of Sanctaria
2014 - present: Sanctarian Ambassador to the World Assembly

Titles: His Excellency, Ambassador Nicholas Carson, BA, H.Dip, MA
Divine Federation of Sanctaria

Ideological Bulwark #258

Dr. Bethany Greer ORD, Sanctarian Ambassador to the World Assembly
Author of:
GA#109 GA#133 GA#176 GA#201 GA#222 GA#297
GA#590 (Co)
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Postby Alchemic Queendom » Mon May 05, 2014 3:56 am

Name: Her Serene Highness Johanna Josemina Maria Rosa Franziska Jenna Althea Annamarie Hannalore Selena Ruth Amanda Gabriela von Rischenbad-Wistenkarl-Malthass-Henikeier-Archaeus, Princess of Ephinenberg and North Dessendra, Viscountess of Primsend, Lady Protector of The Sunflower States, Seventh Mage of the Tower of High Alrein

Also known as: Jo-Jo

Age: 22

Description: A diminutive young woman, Jo-Jo is most notable for her extremely long hair, which reaches past her knees, and is striped with the four colours of the Queendom – black, white, red and gold. Gold alchemic charms are interwoven among the braids.

Personality: Insolent, tempestuous, arrogant, snooty, quick to anger, impulsive, rude, dismissive, insecure, impatient, stubborn, proud.

Background: The seventh daughter of a seventh son, Jo-Jo was expected to favour the alchemic arts and was introduced to the texts from an early age; however, she showed little aptitude, and frequently neglected her studies. She delayed her apprenticeship by over a year and was rejected by both the Towers of New Thought and Bachenau, before eventually toiling through a mostly unsuccessful tutelage at the Tower of High Alrein. She thereafter held court in Primsend, earning a reputation as something of a dilettante, her elaborate social events virtually bankrupting the region. When taken in hand by the Crown Protectors and held to a tight spending allowance, while being encouraged to find a skill to offer the Queendom in service, she swore to lock herself away for one thousand years and one day; however, she only managed the day. When the Queendom entered the World Assembly she demanded to be appointed Ambassador, a wish the Crown Protectors were happy to grant as it at least demonstrated some kind of purpose; nonetheless, they made sure she was given a retinue of advisors to assist in her duties, and before she had even arrived they were doing all of the work for her as she had already grown bored of international politics.

At the WA: Jo-Jo generally does not debate on the General Assembly floor, attend drafting discussions, or participate in committee hearings, preferring to split her time between social affairs, reading, meditation, gardening, and practising her alchemic arts in the safely padded confines of her quarters. While her advisors urge her to permit her proposals drafting time, she generally submits them directly and demands diplomatic campaigns begin at once, meaning Alchemic projects thus far have been highly unsuccessful. She ignores virtually all advice from her own advisors and foreign diplomats alike, and regularly changes her mind on important issues.

Staff: Three elderly men with a combined age of over 750 are the main advisors to the Ambassador. Known respectively as The Scribe, The Archivist, and The Whisperer, their respective duties are turning her lofty pronouncements into formal legislative language, researching issues and reading past debates, and engaging in diplomatic campaigns for legislation. The three men are never apart, as their long beards are knotted together; this makes performing their duties an impressive feat, and going to the toilet downright wondrous. The Alchemic staff otherwise numbers about two score, with most of them being designated to non-legislative tasks, such as braiding Jo-Jo's hair, and catching the man-eating scorpions which her experiments sometimes send scuttling through the corridors of the WA Headquarters.
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Postby Omigodtheykilledkenny » Wed Jul 30, 2014 7:43 pm


New policy on DEATed nations from the past: If I've heard of you, it's likely you'll be coming back, so in my eyes, you aren't really dead. However, if you haven't contributed significantly to the GA, appear to have posted here only for the sake of posting an ambassador, and you've long since disappeared, I'm putting you on the Happy Trails list. If I happen to notice while updating that a nation listed as dead has since come back to life, I'll move it back up. Otherwise, all other entries remain where they are. On second thought, that's more of a hassle than it's worth. From now on, only resurrectees who make a point of posting here or otherwise contacting me to inform me of my error will be moved back.

Though I would appreciate some heads-up on nations I'm missing or other unintended errors. Thanks.

Alchemic Queendom, your ambassador's name is listed as "Jo-Jo." OK, smarty? That's all. :roll:
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Postby Frustrated Franciscans » Thu Jul 31, 2014 10:59 am

<< Image
The Organic Vegan Commune of Frustrated Franciscans
Official Delegation to the World Assembly

Friar John Sanders, OFM Ambassador and WA representative
Friar John is the senior member of the delegation in more ways than one and reports directly to Friar Cadfail (a psychotic dictator, who outlaws just about everything and refers to the populace as "my little playthings"). Often makes the official statements of the delegation.

Friar Tuck Ferguson, OFM Assistant Ambassador
Friar Tuck loves to eat and is often seen making reasonable comments about proposed resolutions.

Brother Maynard, TOR Keeper of the Holy Hand-grenade
Brother Maynard, the only member of the delegation that is not only not a priest, but who is a member of the Third Order (as opposed to the Friars Minor). It is said that he actually holds an artefact that is known in a far distant corner of time and space as a “Demat Grenade.” Whether this is true or not is anybody’s guess.
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Postby Normlpeople » Sat Aug 02, 2014 8:27 am

Clover (alias: Clover the Clever)

Age: Unknown

Birthplace: Crescent Cove, Kingdom of Normlpeople

Currently Resides: District of Sapharia, Armed Kingdom of Normlpeople

Ambassador to the World Assembly (Current)
Member of the Royal Council of Advisers (Current)

Basic Education Certificate
Graduate of the Royal Journalism Academy

Military Service:
Current Rank: Marshall, 2nd Class (Commission Suspended)
Assignment: Instructor, Royal Military Academy.

Intelligence Profile:
Clover is a friendly, yet slightly eccentric individual. She is clever and quick thinking, leading to her nickname. A former journalist, she is very good at investigating and talking to people, tending to gain information without her conversion partner realizing it. She can also be a fierce debater, and has no issues with passionately defending whatever side she takes in an issue.

Her weaknesses can sometimes work against her. Her fierce loyalty to the Princess can blind her at times, leading some to believe there is more than loyalty at play. She is also slightly paranoid, as many of her people are, having grown up in poverty and servitude in the prior regime.

Good Whiskey
Words and Opinion of Clover the Clever
Ambassador to the WA for the Armed Kingdom of Normlpeople

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Postby Lysset » Mon Aug 04, 2014 2:10 pm

Ambassador Hen'Garra nar Lysset

This isn't actually his picture, but it was the closest thing we could find to one.


Shala'Raan vas Tonbay Memorial Hospital, Rayya

Father, Elan'Garra nar Lysset, Mother, Lia'Khias nar Lysset, sister, Avi'Garra nar Lysset, adoptive Mobian brother, Harold'Garra nar Lysset

Master's Degree in International Politics, Kia'Valai vas Lysset Institute of Political Sciences at the University of Lysset-Rayya

10 years, Lyssetani Senate

A former Lyssetani Senator, Hen'Garra nar Lysset was shoehorned into candidacy for WA Delegate against the Hykerian Allian Dhallini, who wanted to usurp the position and keep it to himself. It is not known how long Ambassador Garra will be able to maintain a level head in the WA, but if he does maintain that level head, it is certain he will be elected to another term. He is shy, but friendly to those he gets to know.

Fun facts:
He tends to self-defenestrate. Really, Halin? Really?
While most Ambassadorial positions are for life, the WA Delegate is elected to a four-year term.

Libertarian, with a bit of a socialist leaning.

WA Delegate, Ambassador

To represent Lysset on the WA Floor.

Astronomy, reading, hanging out in the Strangers' Bar, cuisine

Once said:
"If THIS is how it's all going to end, then I might as well celebrate with a drink. Keelah Se'lai."

His secretary, the Mobian Lisa Adanri.
Lysset's WA Delegate: Ambassador Atharia Khenalli
Lysset's Embassy Program
Furry and a Brony.
Lysset: A nation of wanderers.
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Postby Separatist Peoples » Tue Aug 05, 2014 6:08 am

Ambassador – Benjamin Johnston Marcus Bell
Age: 37

Birthplace: Port Willamette, Shiprock

Family: Son of two irregular fighters in the Separatist Rebellion,

Education: B.S. Aeronautic Engineering, Confederate Dominion Naval Academy Shasta Facility

Employment: C.D.N., Lt. Commander, 12 years

Background: Benjamin Bell was steeped in C.D.S.P. militaria from a young age. He grew up in Bitterroot, a C.D.S.P. territory, before attending the Confederate Dominion Naval Academy at 19. He graduated nearly dead middle in his class with a degree in Aeronautic Engineering and a minor in International Relations, placed third in the Cross-Service Academy Boxing Championship in his Senior year, and was commissioned as a Lieutenant, J.G upon completion of Flight School. During his first two terms of service, Bell served as a naval interceptor pilot, and remained attached to one carrier or another, nearly always on the Bigtopian border. He was promoted to Full Lieutenant at the start of his second tour of duty, assigned as Squadron Wing Leader. Bell served in a brief naval border skirmish against Bigtopia near the end of his second tour of duty, where he was shot down and mildly wounded by anti-aircraft fire. After his rescue, the Navy decided to capitalize on his “war hero” status and his temporary physical restrictions, and transferred him to diplomatic details, where he served as a naval attaché, just after he had agreed to a third four-year tour of duty, and was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Nearly a year to the day, Bell was brought up on charges for assaulting the Confederate Dominion Chief Ambassador to Marche Noire over a “miscommunication” between the Chief Ambassador and a young female aid's repeated refusals that resulted in Bell striking the Chief Ambassador squarely on his glass jaw. Due to the embarrassment caused by a highly decorated junior officer during a formal diplomatic event, Bell was given the choice between a court martial or extended service as ambassador to the General Assembly.

Politics: Bell never registered with a C.D.S.P. political party. Within the GA, he considers himself a moderate National Sovereigntist.

Titles: Current: Ambassador Bell, ambassador to the World Assembly; Previous: 2054th Interceptor Squadron Wing Leader Lt. Commander Bell

Responsibilities: Bell handles nearly all the intricacies of maintaining an office at the WAHQ himself, as funding for the WAHQ branch has been cut since his arrival, likely as an additional punishment. He is contractually obligated to act as Devil’s Advocate in debates, and often funds his mischievous projects and bar tabs by skimming off the stipends meant for his “unpaid” interns.

Interests: Bell’s stern outwards appearance belies a variety of eclectic tastes. He can be seen enjoying anything from operatic performances, classic literature, and fine
cigars, to mason jars of wood alcohol and acting out his frustration in the form of juvenile, obnoxious pranks.

Staff: Bell has no permanent staff, due to budget constraints. Instead, he has a host of paid interns, but he pockets the stipends to pay off his bar tab every month.
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Postby Defwa » Tue Aug 05, 2014 3:27 pm

star trek ambassadors unite!
__________Federated City States of ____________________Defwa__________
Federation Head High Wizard of Dal Angela Landfree
Ambassadorial Delegate Maestre Wizard Mikyal la Vert

President and World Assembly Delegate of the Democratic Socialist Assembly
Defwa offers assistance with humanitarian aid, civilian evacuation, arbitration, negotiation, and human rights violation monitoring.

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Postby Separatist Peoples » Tue Aug 05, 2014 3:42 pm

Defwa wrote:star trek ambassadors unite!

OOC: just in looks, though. And a little in the name. :p

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Postby Hakio » Sat Aug 23, 2014 7:07 pm

The Life of WA Ambassador of Hakio; Sia Hedishi

The hot-headed, drug addicted alleged biggest bitch of the World Assembly, was born in a poorly funded, rat-infested Ijirian Hospital in a poor slum town of the West Island, called Bakra, on August 18th 1986. Her father was a hard working former musician named Kissun who would travel from job to job to try to get enough money to support his family. In his youth an early marriage Kissun Hedishi dreamed of being signed to a record label and being able to work as a full time musician. However, reality had other plans for Kissun as he decided to put aside his guitar which seemed to gather more dust in a day than he brought home in dollars in a week. At this time, the Confederacy was the corrupt government in charge of the Five Islands, which seemed to give little to no thought to improving the conditions of non-Monaxian poverty-stricken slums or the families that lived there. So, Sia, the youngest of 4 other children grew up in poverty for much of her early years.

When Sia turned 19, growing tension in the country between the rich and the poor lead to her becoming interested in politics. She had always been an above standard child intellectually and had done relatively well in all of her courses thus far in high school and her second year of college. She was the school's college chess champion up until her graduation. She took up a Master's degree in sociology and political theory and graduated in 1998 at the age of 22. Sadly, this is where her story which seemed to be brightening optimistically turns for the worse as the world so often does to people. Protests against the Confederacy's disinterest in providing for the people started in late 1997 and were peaceful up until this point. On November 7th, 1997, Yuddist terrorists capitalized on the disorder and unrest to attack the Hakii police stations and central government. The terrorists Umasa Resk and Gudi Nuyatsa remotely detonated 8 explosive devices attatched to various police stations. The Ijir Police Bombing as it is now known cost the lives of 238 police officers. In the haze and confusion, the Hakii police suspected it was the protesters who had detonated the bomb. They retaliated against the crowd and fired into them. The violence killed 26, one of whom was Sia's father.

After hearing of her father's death and attending his funeral, Sia fell into a deep depression and became hooked on drugs, secretly, to help deal with the depression. In the public however, Sia used her father's death and the police brutality of other victims as a rallying cry for massive new protests against the government. Eventually the thick, corrupted Confederate bureaucracy was willing to give up control and to create a new government with the help and direct contact of the people; The United Islands of Hakio. Sia campaigned on a socialist platform against the runner up for the presidency, her rival, Alexander Trauss. She was breaking even on the public polls during her campaigns until a scandal emerged about her drug use. The word had gotten out that Sia Hedishi very often did recreational drugs in her private life and while the new government was taking on more liberal stances on drugs, her opposition used it against her. On the day of the election, December 6th, 1999, she lost her battle for presidency to Alexander Trauss.

Even though she still harbours anger for how the public treated her, she has forgiven Trauss personally, before his untimely demise in 2014. One of the parts that helped her get more friendly with Trauss was the fact that he appointed her the Foreign Relations Administrator and in 2013, the World Assembly Ambassador of Hakio. There have also been rumors that they may have had an off and on sexual affair, though these are better left to the political tabloids to talk about. So here she is, today: A drug addicted, genius, who lashes out at other people to hide the emptiness she feels inside. This has been a short summarized biography on the life of Sia Hedishi written by Darren Saxworth and edited by Val Dunskov from the Monaxia Times. Copyright 2014. All Rights Reserved.
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Postby Hakio » Sat Aug 23, 2014 8:01 pm

Name: Sia Ussi Hedishi


Birthplace: Bakra, Ijir, Hakii Confederacy

Family Father: Kissun Hedishi (deceased), Mother: Ovila Hedishi (alive) Brothers: (alive) Niserd Hedishi, Oruk Hedishi, Laner Hedishi, Brash Hedishi

Age: 28

Birth date: August 18th, 1986

Politics: Secularist, Socialist, International Federalist, Liberal, Social Libertarian, Economic Capitalist

Religion: None; Agnostic Atheist

Awards: Devinco Scholarship for Academic Excellence, Master's Degree in Political Theory, Master's Degree in Sociology, Medal of Peace, Humans Magazine's 2013's Most Controversial Leader, Sejro College's Longest Reigning Chess Champion, Taddler Magazine's Most Scandalous Public Figure of the Decade, Atheist Alliance Award of Outstanding Contributions, 2014 Woman of the Year
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WA Voting History
Progressivism 97.5
Socialism 81.25
Tenderness 46.875
Economic Left/Right: -4.12
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.28
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Postby Chester Pearson » Sat Aug 23, 2014 8:55 pm


Chester Bowman Pearson

Birthplace: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Birth date: October 23, 1975.

Family: Grandson of Lester B. Pearson, 14th Prime Minister of Canada.

Political Offices: Current Chief Ambassador of United Federation of Canada, Current Imperial Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Signature: Image
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Chester B. Pearson,
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Secretary-General United Regions Alliance
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Postby Defwa » Wed Aug 27, 2014 11:50 pm

Angela Landfree
Maestre Wizard under Grand Wizard of Dal Alexander Trahl
Ninth Ambassador to the World Assembly from Defwa


Angela Landfree was born April 4, 1971 into the second generation of Defweans to know neither the rule of the Wizard false-gods nor the constant warfare of the revolution. During this era, Defwa's growth was at its fastest as the country had begun to catch up with modern infrastructure and post revolutionary cautious optimism was abandoned to a period of extreme national pride and drive.

Angela Landfree's mother, Catherine Landfree, was unmarried during pregnancy but managed to find comfortable work in Ced thanks to government development programs. During Angela's early childhood, Catherine married her first wife, Susan Naka, a coworker whose connection gave Angela certain advantages in school- namely access to superior programs. Her education was somewhat parochial in nature and was actually shut down prior to her graduation due to controversy regarding state funding of religious education making her complete her education in the public education system.

During college, Landfree worked under the Ced Liason to Dal while attending the public University of Ced and studying Governance- akin to complex political science with some attention to law and sociology. During a guest appearance by the current Ambassador to the World Assembly, Ned Lanton, Landfree distinguished herself during the question and answer period where she questioned the Federation's passive stance in the World Assembly. At that time, Defwa appeared in the World Assembly only to place votes and not to shape legislation and attempting to avoid attention on the international stage.

With a referral from Lanton, Landfree was asked to join the Ambassadorial work study program- a program intended to target students and youth showing desire to act on the international stage, grooming them for just that. This course was delayed for Angela, though as she became pregnant for the third time in 1993 and opted to carry it to term, giving birth to her daughter, Elizabeth Landfree. She married the father, William Chakot, several months later and they had their second child, Thomas Landfree in 1995. During this period, she completed her education and when she returned to work at the beginning of 1997, she took a position aiding Victor Mock, the representative of Defwa to the Democratic Socialist Assembly.

Victor Mock was promoted to Ambassador to the World Assembly in 2000, bringing Landfree with him. He retired in 2010 and suggested Landfree for the position. She has held the position since.


Angelas Landfree has held her position in the World Assembly for four years, making her the third longest standing Ambassador from Defwa. While her vote is entirely determined by the decision of the Federation Head, she does not always debate to encourage others to vote the same way. Instead, she looks to do the most good for the most people internationally even if it is not the best choice for Defwa. This can cause her to become somewhat bold and leads her to be easily baited by other ambassadors trying to get a rise.

Though, she says, she greatly enjoys her position in the World Assembly, she has announced intention to run for Wizard of Dal and Ced in 2015 in order to better focus her actions.

OOC: I will probably have to rewrite this. But I'm tired now.
__________Federated City States of ____________________Defwa__________
Federation Head High Wizard of Dal Angela Landfree
Ambassadorial Delegate Maestre Wizard Mikyal la Vert

President and World Assembly Delegate of the Democratic Socialist Assembly
Defwa offers assistance with humanitarian aid, civilian evacuation, arbitration, negotiation, and human rights violation monitoring.

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Postby Omigodtheykilledkenny » Thu Aug 28, 2014 10:43 am

Would it be too much to ask if you guys would stop posting such huge images for your ambassador? Defwa, you're fine -- but Hakio could definitely do with a spoiler or a (much) smaller image. :eyebrow:
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