Baptism of Fire 40: Kazzoria and Krytenia

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]
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Baptism of Fire 40: Kazzoria and Krytenia

Postby Krytenia » Mon Oct 04, 2010 1:26 pm


Welcome, one and all, to the cup that guarantees a new winner every time: the Baptism of Fire!

Forty nations will contest this, the fortieth competition, in the lands of contrast; the oppressive (but tourist-friendly, honest!) nation of Kazzoria, and the liberal nation of Krytenia, famed for its friendly folk and flavoured Potazzi vodka.

The draw:
GROUP A (Kazzoria, Cordian City/Poliko)

GROUP B (Kazzoria, Sevanda/South Stead)
Saxony Silvia
Greater Cotswalds

GROUP C (Kazzoria, Cazal/???)
Samos Islands
Windows Vista Business

GROUP D (Kazzoria, Sarsos/Islington)
Sungai Pusat
Glan Seiont

GROUP E (Krytenia, Dereapolis/Leston)
D Land and Isles
North Breifne
A Rebel Alliance

GROUP F (Krytenia, Linford/Hastings)
Free Swiss States

GROUP G (Krytenia, Bletcham/Secklow)

GROUP H (Krytenia, Bradwell/Beckton)
Wilfred Test
Total n Utter Inanity
Dutch Africa
The Krieg Empire

Matchday One will be on Friday, with games played daily thereafter. Cutoff times for those playing in Kazzoria will be approx 1900UTC, with Krytenian groups scorinated approximately 4-5 hours later.

The groups hall be eight groups of five, with the top two in each group progressing to the knockout stages. The provisional schedule then:

Fri 08/10 - Group Stage MD1 - 2v5, 3v4, 1 bye
Sat 09/10 - Group Stage MD2 - 5v1, 3v2, 4 bye
Sun 10/10 - Group Stage MD3 - 1v4, 5v3, 2 bye
Mon 11/10 - Group Stage MD4 - 3v1, 4v2, 5 bye
Tue 12/10 - Group Stage MD5 - 1v2, 4v5, 3 bye

Wed 13/10 - Round of Sixteen (Regional Quarter-Finals)
KZ1: Winner A v Runner-Up B (St John's Arena)
KZ2: Winner C v Runner-Up D (Elderberry Road)
KZ3: Winner B v Runner-Up A (Southdowns)
KZ4: Winner D v Runner-Up C (Coastal Stadia)
KT1: Winner E v Runner-Up F (Lay's Road Ground)
KT2: Winner G v Runner-Up H (Manor Fields)
KT3: Winner F v Runner-Up E (Brecklands)
KT4: Winner H v Runner-Up G (Orange Street)

Thu 14/10 - Quarter-Finals (Regional Semi-Finals)
KZ5: Winner KZ1 v Winner KZ2 (The Docklands)
KZ6: Winner KZ3 v Winner KZ4 (Oasis Stadium)
KT5: Winner KT1 v Winner KT2 (Bell Moor)
KT6: Winner KT3 v Winner KT4 (Abbey Road)

Fri 15/10 - Semi-Finals (Regional Finals)
KAZ: Winner KZ5 v Winner KZ6 (The Docklands)
KRY: Winner KT5 v Winner KT6 (County Ground)

Sat 16/10 - Third Place Playoff & Final
3PPO: Loser KAZ v Loser KRY (Squash Stadium)
FINAL: Winner KAZ v Winner KRY (The Mound)
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Postby Saugeais » Mon Oct 04, 2010 2:38 pm

National Journal
Saugeais national team announced for BoF 40

Coming off a good, but lackluster showing in the third place game of the Di Bradini Cup, national manager Benoit Howard said, "While our team had a great run in the Di Bradini Cup, I would've liked to win out. Hopefully the Baptism of Fire will give us that opportunity. As I said at the end of the cup, I'll be promoting two of our young stars to the national team. They are Jenson Paulson, our outstanding goalkeeper, and Thomas Quentin, a great defender that should prevent our opponents from easily scoring. Aside from that, let me list our starters and subs:

Starting Eleven:
Pos. - Number - Name
GK - 1 - Jenson Paulson
LB - 3 - Thomas Quentin
CB - 5 - Troy Donovan
RB - 6 - Pierre Garçon
LM - 19 - Ed Van der Kampe
LCM - 17 - Frank Johnson
RCM - 14 - Terry Gagné
RM - 21 - Eric Fredricksson
LW - 10 - François de Gaulle
RW - 11 - Cane Pryor
ST - 12 - Thomas LeBoeuf

GK - 66 - Christian Eston
B - 24 - Dudley Finch
B - 27 - Brady Bach
M - 28 - Ken Layden
M - 30 - Lars Kamien
M - 38 - Sébastian Monet
W - 33 - Paul McGann
ST - 13 - Claude

Saugeais plays a 3-4-2-1
Style mod: +2

Kits: Home and Away
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Postby Zirakul » Tue Oct 05, 2010 9:29 am

The Zirakul Gazzelles 

Do anything you like

Formation: 3-5-2 (+3)
Colors: Green & Yellow

The Zirakulii are a tribal peoples with tribal technologies. Log-jammed in a war for freedom from the tyrannical rule of The Draggonnii Socialist Empire, this is their first foray into international competition. Zirakulli generally wear loin cloths and body paint rather than standard uniforms and most of the males wear large wooden masks in order to inspire fear in their enemies. They view sport as no different from warfare and will play accordingly.

Manager: Pohemeahi Age:65

Starting 11

Pos # Name Age Ht Wt
RS 10 Piuelu 21 6’3 180
LS 23 Omeoi’ae 23 5’11 174
ROM 12 Moikwaon 17 6’1 177
LOM 37 Umukeike 19 6’4 210
RM 19 Aipa 24 6’0 182
CM 69 Heho’lehei 20 6’5 191
LM 03 Laoapo 22 5’10 160
RB 18 U’ihei 16 5’9 176
CB 21 Mekekepoia 19 6’1 207
LB 54 Alu Alu 17 6’0 173
K 13 I'iokumaiu 18 6’6 184


S 61 Laepanai 20 5’7 160
M 25 Ahinue 19 6’1 226
B 07 Oowaeo 16 6’2 170
K 99 Mekepona 17 6’4 187
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Postby Aniporo » Tue Oct 05, 2010 3:59 pm

Everything in spoiler so everything is nice and tidy. :)

Nickname: Los Manchados
Style Modifier: - 2
Formation: 5-3-2

------------------------------------56.Von Stubbs-Koenig--------------------------
40. Rothschild-----------------------------------------------------------------2.Yeste


Aniporo National Team Staff

Manager - Maxi Von Stubbs
183 cm, 88 kg, 54 years old
Maxi Von Stubbs was selected as the first Aniporo national team manager for his motivational power and football philosophy. After a few years as a player overseas, Von Stubbs moved on to the coaching side of football back in Aniporo and has become somewhat of a legend. He has won 5 domestic championships with three different teams (Exitos City (1), Manglo United (1) & FC Jabay (3)) due to his strong defenses and always prepared players. He was the President of Atletico Fut Union before accepting the Aniporo National Team job. He expects to have a good first showing to the world in the Baptism of Fire and then hopefully in the NS World Cup.

Assistant – Laurence Alejandro Sanchez
176 cm, 90 kg, 41 years old
Sanchez is a household name in Aniporo as the greatest football player for the domestic club FC Jabay and possibly Aniporo. After retiring with seven domestic cups, 3 domestic championships and the all time domestic record of 170 goals, Sanchez stayed out of the public eye for three years until recently when Von Stubbs, his coach during the 3 championships at FC Jabay, personally visited him to convince Sanchez to accept the position as his assistant in the country’s first national team. After a few weeks and much tabloid rumors, Laurence A. Sanchez returned to the game he loved to hopefully bring back a trophy or two.

Aniporo National Team Roster:

Goalkeepers –

# 1: Mauro Sandoval Pena (Starting GK, Bahn City FC)
190cm, 78kg, 37 years old

#91: Alexi Di Zaragoza (Reserve GK, Club Garrison)
191 cm, 86kg, 28 years old

Defenders –

# 2: Yeste (Starting LB, Exitos City)
186 cm, 89kg 29 years old

# 6: Raul Polanco (Starting LCB, FC New Bayer)
182 cm, 86kg 28 years old

# 45: Ulrich Eisenberg (Starting RCB, Real Voltragena)
181 cm, 87kg 30 years old

#40: Henrik Rothschild (Starting RB, FC Jabay)
179 cm, 86kg, 29 years old

#56: Milo Von Stubbs-Koenig (Starting CB, FC Jabay)
183 cm, 84kg, 23 years old

# 58: Meinrad Pfeiffer (Reserve CB, Manglo United)
182 cm, 84kg, 31 years old

#67: Sami Dudek (Reserve RB, Atletico Fut Union)
176 cm, 81kg, 25 years old

#99: Alonso Bravo (Reserve RCB, Atletico Fut Union)
180 cm, 80kg, 28 years old

# 3: Marco Lucio De Soto (Reserve LCB, FC Jabay)
180 cm, 88kg, 31 years old

# 71: Hector Guerra Solis (Reserve LB, Lonchester Calves)
181 cm, 87kg 32 years old

Midfielders –

#10: Dario Navarro Sanchez(C) (Starting CM, FC Jabay)
178 cm, 84kg, 19 years old

#82: Validinho (Starting RM, Manglo United)
176 cm, 83kg, 20 years old

#12: Rudi Klinsmann (Starting LM, Club Garrison)
170 cm, 82kg, 20 years old

#23: Bernardo Ramos (Reserve LM, SC Grayson)
174 cm, 85kg, 23 years old

#63: Gerd Herzog (Reserve CM, Manglo United)
176 cm, 85kg, 33 years old

#33: Boludo (Reserve RM, SC Grayson)
174 cm, 86kg, 31 years old

Strikers –

#9: Gregory Kaiser (Starting LF, FC Jabay)
192 cm, 89kg, 21 years old

# 7: Jonah Faust (Starting RF, Exitos City)
185 cm, 87kg, 22 years old

#25: Manuel Alvaro Gonzales (Reserve RF, Bahn City FC)
183 cm, 85kg, 22 years old

#17: Victor Di Alves (Reserve LF, Manglo United)
183 cm, 82kg, 19 years old

#11: Yuri Magath (Reserve F, Real Voltragena)
187 cm, 80kg, 18 years old

RP Preference -

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goal scorers Yes
Godmod scoring events Yes
RP injuries to my players Yes
Godmod injuries to my players Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players Yes
Hand out red cards to my players Yes
Godmod other events Yes
(But all within reason, please)

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Postby Sungai Pusat » Wed Oct 06, 2010 10:26 pm

The National Team of Sungai Pusat:
Motto: Go, everyone, do you best! We'll be better than the rest!

The nation's current National Team has been selected for the BoF games, being the most greatest game we participate in so far, besides the Pulympics. The style that has been selected is -1 and the formation is now 3-4-3. Here are our nation team's members, in alphabetical order:


Albastro Yonders
170 cm, 75 kg, Age 25

Celias Hoobaso
175 cm, 74 kg, Age 23

Eli Gerea
182 cm, 80 kg, Age 29

Gulis Hosat
181 cm, 78 kg, Age 27

Ilius Debragos
175 cm, 71 kg, Age 21

Kodai Huta
177 cm, 77 kg, Age 26

Mollious Degra
171 cm, 65 kg, Age 22

Oliver Taliu
169 cm, 68 kg, Age 20

Qualis Husay
168 cm, 66 kg, Age 19

Sulis Grega
171 cm, 70.5 kg, Age 23


Folius Deba
186 cm, 85 kg, Age 30

Luika Tembe
186 cm, 80 kg, Age 31

Tofus Yake
177 cm, 75 kg, Age 25

Ue Teya
174 cm, 73 kg, Age 26

Wolu Juki
180 cm, 80 kg, Age 28

That is the line up for the qualifying match, so stay tuned for more!
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Postby Sungai Pusat » Wed Oct 06, 2010 10:27 pm

OOC: Why do I only see 4-5 players, inclusive of me?
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Postby Luciratus » Wed Oct 06, 2010 10:31 pm

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Postby Krytenia » Thu Oct 07, 2010 4:30 am

Sungai Pusat wrote:OOC: Why do I only see 4-5 players, inclusive of me?

OOC: RPing is recommended, but not required. Also, the first match isn't until Friday, allowing players plenty more time yet.


Lay's Road Ground, Leston
Capacity: 39,981
R1 Games: D Land and Isles v North Briefne, Diol v D Land and Isles, D Land and Isles v A Rebel Alliance, Aniporo v Diol, D Land and Isles v Aniporo

County Ground, Dereapolis
Capacity: 44,181
R1 Games: Diol v A Rebel Alliance, A Rebel Alliance v Aniporo, Aniporo v North Briefne, A Rebel Alliance v North Briefne, Diol v North Briefne

Brecklands, Linford
Capacity: 46,137
R1 Games: Jepstonia v Waterlords, Free Swiss States v Jepstonia, Jepstonia v Ganjapolis, Amelsberg v Free Swiss States, Jepstonia v Amelsberg

Bell Moor, Hastings
Capacity: 51,093
R1 Games: Free Swiss States v Ganjapolis, Ganjapolis v Amelsberg, Amelsberg v Waterlords, Ganjapolis v Waterlords, Free Swiss States v Waterlords

Manor Fields, Bletcham
Capacity: 51,666
R1 Games: Zirakul v Midlonia, Arda v Zirakul, Zirakul v Nanwe, Mossulia v Arda, Zirakul v Mossulia

The Mound, Secklow
Capacity: 56,137
R1 Games: Arda v Nanwe, Nanwe v Mossulia, Mossulia v Midlonia, Nanwe v Midlonia, Arda v Midlonia

Abbey Road, Bradwell
Capacity: 47,260
R1 Games: Wilfred Test v Mangolana, Dutch Africa v Wilfred Test, Wilfred Test v The Krieg Empire, Total n Utter Inanity v Dutch Africa, Wilfred Test v Total n Utter Inanity

Orange Street, Beckton
Capacity: 37,665
R1 Games: Dutch Africa v The Krieg Empire, The Krieg Empire v Total n Utter Inanity, Total n Utter Inanity v Mangolana, The Krieg Empire v Mangolana, Dutch Africa v Mangolana
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Postby Windows Vista Business » Thu Oct 07, 2010 5:29 am

The National Team of Windows Vista Business:

Starting 11:

GK - Goalkeeper:
John Hubert .3ds (GK) Age: 19

DF - Defenders:
Ste Allan .sca (CB) Age: 20
Humbert Milford .fla (SW) Age: 18
Gage Sebastian .flv (CB) Age: 19

MF - Midfielders:
Parker Tyron .bmp (RM) Age: 20
Aric Fred .wmv (CM) Age: 17
Zackery Everette .mov (CM) Age: 19
Raven Trenton .avi (LM) Age: 18

FW - Forwards:
Raymond Elsdon .wav (RW) Age: 20
eMachines eTower 366c [Star Player] (ST) Age: ??
Grey Kameron .kpr (LW) Age: 19

David Blaze .dat (GK) Age: 18
Greg Kermit .wad (SW) Age: 20
Otis Freeman .sav (ST) Age: 19

Royce Elias .psd (GK) Age: 19
Darrell Wayland .zip (CM) Age: 20
Cooper Glenn .mp3 (ST) Age: 18

(Our citizens last names are file types)
(And eMachines eTower 366c is an actual computer)


And lets see what our star player to have to say for the cup:

eMachines eTower 366c:
*Windows 98 Start up sound*

Team Age Avg:



Vista goes for the world cup!

WVBFA (Windows Vista Business Football Association) annonced that Windows Vista Business will enter BoF and World Cup
and our coach says "We might have screwed up last time but we will go good this time I'm sure we will go good this time!"
Will we go good or screw up again?

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events N
Roleplay injuries to my players N
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players N
Godmod other events N
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Postby Meddicia » Thu Oct 07, 2010 5:33 am

[OOC: Good thing I logged back into this puppet!]

Meddicia Royal Football Team: Golden Crowns

Manager: Ghero Teggera
Asst. Manager: Dven Cladiu
Head Coach: West Smythe

Employing the unconventional 4-5-1 formation
Style: -3

Goalkeeper: David Bancer

Left Back: Sanfira Loth
Left Center Back: Jasmine Ullario
Right Center Back: Yuri Tellerman
Right Back: Jurri Poleth

Left-Center Defensive Midfielder: Gil Vespern
Right-Center Defensive Midfielder: Chasey Valkerian
Left Midfielder: Brian Quessera
Center Midfielder: Hannah Mannas
Right Midfielder: John Suggar

Striker: Frederick Ossera

Midfielder: Trinna South
Midfielder: Serafina McBasser
Midfielder: Klanso Llax
Forward/Wing: Akina Dinza
Forward/Wing: Antonia Ossera
LB/CB: Eve Guis
CB/RB: Jessica Douglas
GK: Brooke White





Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y, within reason
Roleplay injuries to my players Y, no major (career-ending [I’ll do that if I so choose] or death)
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y, but keep it within reason again. The entire defence would not be red-carded during one match.
Godmod other events N
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Postby Nanwe » Thu Oct 07, 2010 8:00 am


Nanwian Men’s National Football Team
Ecipo Masculino Nanguano di Futaboli Nazional

Coach/Internatór: Mariano d’Asino
Captain/Capitán: Adonio Milano

Official Squad/Escadra Ofizial:

Federico Berseri – 01 – 23 years old – C.F. Friga

Mario Sesariano – 04 – 28 years old – C.F. Mersa
Dazio Selfilo – 10 – 24 years old – C.F. Mersa
Gaio Silfido – 15 – 26 years old – A.E. Dyon

Filipo d’Oro – 28 – 30 years old – C.F. Friga
Enriqo Magnano – 36 – 22 years old – C.F. Mersa
Iacopo Burtimi – 07 – 20 years old – A.E. Dyon
Carlo Tauro – 05 – 24 years old – A.E. Dyon

Zacarie Silano – 21 – 25 years old – C.F. Notale
Adonio Milano – 06 – 24 years old – A.E. Dyon
Rufo Bravo – 07 – 26 years old – C.F. Mersa

Style Modifier:

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
Roleplay injuries to my players Y, no death
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y
Godmod other events N
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Postby Midlonia » Thu Oct 07, 2010 9:32 am

“And over now to sport with Dan Gorges, Dan, you’re with the Midlonia Manager Mike Clarkson, correct?” The newsreader in a plain, generic suit said as he looked over the couch to the screen behind him to the mac wearing reporter with a tall lanky man standing next to him with a permenant five o’clock shadow and flint coloured eyes to go with his salt and pepper hair.

“That’s right, thanks bill.” The Reporter said with perhaps a little bit too much zeal he turned to the man who nodded next to him. “So, Mr Clarkson, how do you feel about our prospective chances at the Baptism of Fire cup before the main event?”

“Well.” The man said with a slow and steady pause as he thought his words, chosing them as carefully as the team had been chosen. “I feel that it will give us a good first blood taste. I am concerned that there may be injuries to our main line up, but our replacements are truly excellent.”

“What formation are you considering playing?” The reporter said before nearly shoving the microphone up the Manager’s nose.

Clarkson shoved it away with an air of civility. “I am intending for us to follow the Starblaydi Diamond formation for the first few matches, if it doesn’t prove effective, we might mix it up a bit more. Either way we’re going to take every opportunity going and seize it.”

“Thank you, Mister Clarkson.” The reporter said as he turned back to the camera, the team was practising passes in the background steadily. “The line up you can see here on my right.” The list appeared instead on his left half covering the reporter as he carried on completely oblivious. “Showing a strong line up, perhaps a little unusual for home-land audiences is that the World Cups are absolutely sexless, meaning that the best of both the Mens and Women’s football leagues have come to the national team, there’s also some players from the colonial leagues in there including Pieter Dhad and Georgina Suresh in the line up who’re both from the Akuman Leagues. Either way, the hopes are they’re gunna enter the Baptism of Fire, and seize it. Dan Gorges, MBC Sports, Krytenia.”

Manager – Mike Clarkson

Coach – Major Steven Bristwhistle
1. Goalkeeper - Penny Smith – One of the “Defensive Divas”.
2. Right back – Donny Williams-Heart
3. Left back – Norman Walters
5. Centre back - Jenny “The Wall” Emmet – One of the “Defensive Divas”.
6. Centre back – Georgina Suresh – One of the “Defensive Divas”.
7. Defensive midfielder – Danny Mays (Captain)
4. Right winger – Mickey May.
11. Left winger – Peter Parkinson.
8. Attacking midfielder – Horatio Grissom
9. Striker – Gene Tyler
10. Striker – Sam Hunt


Goalkeeper - Marc Davis
Back - Pieter Dhad
Back - Stevods Amandi
Back - Jeremy Mayfield
Midfield - Georgina Tailor
Midfield - Henritetta “Harry” Jones
Midfield - Reginald “Reggie” Harris
Striker - Steve Craft
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Postby Mytannion » Thu Oct 07, 2010 9:43 am


by Vladimir Hyralov

As our first ever attempt at our first ever World Cup, comes closer. We enter the Baptism of Fire too. A tournament, for nations that have never competed in a World Cup before. Our national manager, who is also manager of the Mytanar Prima Lega front-runners - Thessia Zenith. Mr. Theo Wekkler, the man who is managing our side, picked some surprise inclusions. But the team should be sound enough, for this tournament. In the World Cup Qualifying, we'll be lagging far behind for at least five or six attempts. But as our players improve, we will become better and better. We have a chance to make history here, and make it - we hope to.

This is mainly about the team announcement, so here it is. The team includes at least three surprise picks. And is made up mostly of the top four team's players, Port Jarko Rebels, Thessia Zenith, Parr Power and Decraa Chargers. There are a few players from other clubs however - but they will mostly be bit-part players, it is expected. I am the first to point out the announcement in a newspaper. With Lacrosse being a huge sport in our nation, lacrosse and football (proper football as in 'soccer') competing for the 'best sport' category...And of course our Lacrosse team going to the final of the IXth World Lacrosse Championship. So here it is, the twenty-three man squad and note that only the starting players are going to get biographies, I have a word count to stay inside!

(Starters in Dark red)
(Order is number - name - age - team-)
#1 - Juri Juric - 29 - Port Jarko Rebels -
The Port Jarko Rebels goalkeeper. Let in the least goals in last season's Mytanar Prima Lega. And held the most clean sheets. In their title winning-season. He was one of the most influential players that has played for them. Having captained them, when long-time inspirational captain, Joep Bang was injured. He will be one of the starters for the team.

#12 - Jepg Imago - 26 - Trunca Dragons -
#23 - Jarni Pelenka - 27 - Decraa Chargers -

#2 - Adrian Njulae - 21 - Port Jarko Rebels -
The young left-back, had bagged a starting-place in the Mytanar national team's line-up. He is one of the younger players in the side, just reaching his twenty-first birthday. He is a good tackler, timing his challenges well - to really stop opposing attackers in their tracks. He may be young but already has a Mytanar Prima Lega title winners-medal. And is experienced for his young age.

#3 - Speic Fyfat - 21 - Trunca Dragons -
Another young defender, and an influential one. Making many important challenges at the back, to take his side to fifth place in the league. And also to the Globe Cup, the biggest stage that any of our players have played at...apart from the Port Jarko boys. But that doesn't matter. This is his time to shine, and we think he will. He'll wear his heart on his sleeve, and will go into tackles with everything he has. This is his chance...

#4 - Carlo Dirarno - 21 - Decraa Chargers -
So far, all of our players are aged 21, well all of our defenders are aged 21. Could this inexperience count against us? We hope not, and it certainly shouldn't for Carlo. Who was signed by Decraa at the age of eleven, so has been with the club for ten years. He has moved up the ranks of youth team, to reserve team. And then was put into the senior side. He has now been called up for the international side. And should be a good addition to it, being very tall. He is an extremely physical player, this should help him against all types of opposition.

#5 - Jlo Sita - 29 - Miago Smoke -
Now, his club side. May not be the all. Finishing eleventh in the last Mytanar Prima Lega. But Jlo, was one of the stand out players for his team. Making some important decisions, to make sure they didn't finish bottom of the league. He is a small, quick player. Who preferes to stay back, and defend. Rather than bomb forward as most other full-backs like to. He will be the stay-at-home full-back, whilst Adrian Njulae attempts to get forward at every attempt.

#13 - Ekse Hern - 20 - Miago Smoke -
#14 - Peter Toae - 21 - Thessia Zenith -
#15 - Kun Baracs - 29 - Thessia Zenith -
#16 - Pirees Mesa - 24 - Port Jarko Rebels -

#6 - Jukka Ritaile - 21 - Miago Smoke -
Another player from Miago Smoke, a team that not many players were meant to be provided from - having finished second-to-last, in the league. But Jukka Ritaile, is one of the best players in our nation, he will play as a left-centre-midfielder. Although he normally is a flying winger, he will have to adapt his game, to a more creative type of play. Whereas he'd normally use his burning pace, just to blaze past defenders. He'll have to be ready to slow down, and look at his options.

#7 - Robin Hjik - 19 - Thessia Zenith -
Nearly single-handedly, took his team to second-place in the Mytanar Prima Lega, and to a Trophie del Nationale victory. He is a box-to-box midfielder. Who wins the ball, and then attacks. He is one of the most talented players in the team. Able to make the change between defence and attack in a flash. He may still be young, but he will be an important part in the machine - that is our squad.

#8 - Joep Bang - 38 - Port Jarko Rebels - TEAM CAPTAIN -
The old-timer, the veteran, the legend...The Captain. In our first international fixture, he will lead the side out. He will be - the - team. Representing every single one of them. He is a veteran for our side. A legend of Mytannion. One of the best players our nation has ever seen. He will be the more defensive of our three midfielders. In our 4-3-2-1 system, or the duapv'fuxp system which is employed by Theo Wekkler at international level, these three will sit on the halfway line, but Joep will be the most defensive of the three. And allow Hjik and Ritaile, to go forward and attack the opposing defenders.

#17 - Michael Tekenye - 28 - Port Jarko Rebels -
#18 - Nyar Utca - 18 - Thessia Zenith -
#19 - Florain Mager - 20 - Parr Power -
#20 - Lenart Goricag - 21 - Decraa Chargers -

#9 - Radoslaw Famoc - 21 - Port Jarko Rebels -
Will play the central-striker in the attacking three. Ahead of his two other strikers. He is the player who has scored the most ever goals in the Mytanar Prima Lega, and will be the player that leads the line for our attack. He is pacy, and has a great shot. And eye for a pass. He will be one of the most important players on our team. Let's hope he has a good tournament for our own sakes.

#10 - Laze v Tuhinju - 23 - Decraa Chargers -
Will play in behind Famoc, he is a taller striker, but a more creative one than Famoc, and will probably be able to dribble around a whole lot more players than Famoc shall. He has the eye for a killer pass, and has one of the highest rate of assists. With nearly three every two games. He is also an amazing goalscorer in his own right, and will surely chip in with a few goals himself.

#11 - Deniz Militurkka - 23 - Parr Power -
The other striker that will play just in behind Radoslaw Famoc. He will play on the left side however, as he has a rifle of a shot with his right foot. This means that he will be able to cut inside, and shoot, on his favoured foot. He has a brilliant scoring rate, and will be extremely important to the cause that we have. He will score, or will most probably be dropped from the side. In favour of one of the two other strikers that have been selected.

#21 - Lijenost Klinički - 15 - Thessia Zenith -
#22 - Imre Ulsson - 22 - Trunca Dragons -

The last two picks, are probably the two biggest surprises in the twenty-three man squad. Lijenost, being fifteen will spark a whole lot of controversy. He isn't even out of school properly, although he doesn't go to school anymore. Instead being taught at the Thessia Zenith School of Excellence. Where players have to go up until the age of seventeen, if they want a place in the side. He only trains four days a week at Thessia. Which could be a huge problem, as his fitness could be suspect. His scoring record cannot be argued with at all though. And this should be a huge part of his game, as he should have the chance to come on from the bench - and score. If he doesn't he will be dropped for World Cup qualifying. Or should be...Imre Ulsson, is a pacy player. Who has a mohican, his crossing is brilliant, it is said that he has been able to land the ball on a tissue at the Trunca training ground. His shooting isn't the best, but it is thought he will play in one of the roles in, behind our main striker. He isn't normally a striker at club level, but a winger. So this could make a difference to the way that he plays.

Our group consists of four other teams, namely Sungai Pusat, Sillar, Glan Seiont and Xalisco. We should qualify as group winners, out of this. None of these teams (as far as we know), have a proper organized domestic league. Unlike ourselves, so our players - should be able to make an impact. Our first game will be against Xalisco. Not on the first match day, as we have a bye on that day. But on the second. We then head back home to play Sillar. Then, we play Glan Seiont. Both of these games will be at the General Jarko Arena, or the Sveopšti Jarko, to the locals. Which has been suspect in the last few weeks. With safety issues, after a stand in one of the surrounding fan parks collapsed killing three men. We hope that Juko, doesn't let this happen again. And it shouldn't. We then head to Sungai Pusat, to play the Pusatians. If we qualify out of that, we go through to the last sixteen, and straight knockout rounds continue from there. We should go to the final, we hope to. We have one of the best sides in this tournament. And we would make history with a win. If we can win this, but don't qualify for the World Cup proper. Which we - know - won't happen. It'll be a good cycle for our boys...

Come on the Wolves!

Choose my goalscorers: Yes.
Godmod scoring events: Yes, use your imagination!
Roleplay injuries to my players: Yes, but I shall choose the severity.
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, but I shall choose the severity.
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes.
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, but no more than two in one game please.
Godmod other events: Yes, but nothing that goes against what my nation stands for. So TG me before doing anything really big. My fans are aggressive in all sports however, so crowd trouble is fine.
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The Third Republic of Mytannion
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Sporting Achievements:
Football: Copa Rushmori XVII, CoH 56 & 59 Champions. Qualified for WC 55, 58, 60, 61, 63, 66; Round of 16: WC 56, 57, 62, 65. Quarter Finals: WC 68.
Lacrosse: WLC IX & XVII Champions!

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Glan Seiont
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Postby Glan Seiont » Thu Oct 07, 2010 10:03 am

Extract from the dail PAPER:
"Success! Glan Seiont have made it into their first ever major sports competition, the Baptism Of Fire. Hopefully, it will be the first of many. Manager Jack Hughes previuosly stated that the team will be mainy young players, although I don't think anyone expected it to be such young players, with the oldest being only 23 years of age. Having said this, the players all have at least two seasons worth of experience each with football clubs in the top league in the nation (although only two leagues exist). The youngest player is James Roberts at only 16. In the government sponsored betting shop <<Come down to the Glan Seiont Bet, where all bets on Glan Seiont to win BOF are double winnings!!>> the odds seem to be quite good that James will be the youngest player of the competition, but we will have to wait and find out. Asked about his selection in the team, he replied 'Well, it's more about the team than myself. The manager hopes we will gain valuable experience for future competition. The aim for this year is to not finish bottom of the group. If we manage to go through to the next round, then that will be a big bonus for us!' Wow, that's quite a lot of words for a young boy! Let's hope his football is as good as his. . . . erm. . . wordiness. Yeah, that's right.
Final team to be announced: #1 Ed Wilkins, #2 Sean Parry, #3 Aled Wilkins, #4 Beautiful Sunset, #5 Dafydd Jenkins, #6 Tom ap Dafydd, #7 Phil ap Dafydd, #8 Nick ap Dafydd, #9 NO. 48736, #10 Rhydian Ellis, #11 James Roberts. They will play in a 5-3-2 formation. The kit is either all white, or all black. With the nation's national flag as the badge. The sponsor is Glan's fried chicken, where everything is clucking great!!

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Andossa Se Mitrin Vega
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Postby Andossa Se Mitrin Vega » Thu Oct 07, 2010 11:56 am

Oops Wrong nation. won't happen again.
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3rd Place: WC59; WC61WC65
WC Quarterfinals- 53,58,60
Qualified for WC Proper - 27,28,29,30,53,54,56,58,59,60,61,63,64,65
Host: Draggonnii Inviyatii; BoF 17 ; World Bowl XII; BoF43 (with K&P);World Cup 58 (with QPeMA)World Cup 61 (with Valanora)

AO is, as they say, THE PLACE.
Those of you whom we consider friends and respect here on NS are welcome to join us on FB. Simply TG me and We will set it in motion.

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Mangolana Roster

Postby Mangolana » Thu Oct 07, 2010 12:49 pm

Manager: Bobby Washington
Asst. Manager: John Emanuel
Head Coach: Bob Donovan

Employing the 4-2-1-2-1
Style 1

Goalkeeper: Robby Mathewson
Left Back: John Davenport
Left center Back: Mathew Johnson
Right center Back: Yurgen Smith
Right Back: Frankie Donaldson

Left Mid-Defensive Midfielder: John McFadden
Right Mid-Defensive Midfielder: Robert Jimenez

Midfielder: Jonathan Kamary

Shadow Striker: Rudy Johnson
Shadow Striker: Jonathan Montgomery

Striker: Franklim Ordonez

Midfielder: Colton Montejunos
Midfielder: Jacob Dakin
Midfielder: Ashley Howard
Forward: Eric Donald
Forward/Wing: Antonio Jeffery
LB/CB: Melina Potter
CB/RB: Jessica McDonald
GK: Tim Hejduk

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events N
Roleplay injuries to my players Y, no Death
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y, but keep it within reason.
Godmod other events N
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Won: Beach Cup IX
Second: Market Cup, Graveyard Cup
Third: Market Cup II, WIF/SC II
Fourth: Market Cup 4
Quartefinals: IBC 8, World Lacrosse Campionship XI, World Junior Ice hockey Championship, Buchadinger Cup II, Market Cup 3

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Postby Trivval » Thu Oct 07, 2010 12:53 pm

tagin' for non-tired post.

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Press release

Postby Mangolana » Thu Oct 07, 2010 1:00 pm

Cut out From National Press
The begining of a new era for Mangolana soccer as the national team will play in there first worldwide tournament, ever. After recently realsing there roster for the tournament, full of young but talented players from mangolana, the soccer commision released a statement Saying that anything less than a round of 16 appearence will be an epic failure. With such Highstanderds We must wonder if this pressure will bring out the best in this team, or cause them to collapse from within. We will find out tommorrow when Mangolana opens there baptism of fire Championship bid against Wilfred test. The game will air on all national channels for your viewing plesure.
Pronounced: Man-Go-Lan-a
Deuce is Loose
Qualified for World Cup 59, 60, 65
Hosted: World Lacrosse Championship XI, Market Cup, Market Cup II, Soccer for Hope, Beach Cup 4, WISC 2, WISC 4, Campeonato Rushmori Juvenil Sub-20 and Sub-17
Won: Beach Cup IX
Second: Market Cup, Graveyard Cup
Third: Market Cup II, WIF/SC II
Fourth: Market Cup 4
Quartefinals: IBC 8, World Lacrosse Campionship XI, World Junior Ice hockey Championship, Buchadinger Cup II, Market Cup 3

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Free Swiss States
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Postby Free Swiss States » Thu Oct 07, 2010 1:15 pm


Starting Eleven:
Center: Thomas Nurbendine
Right Wing: Lailet d'Ramos
Left Wing: Deveraux Siyill
Center Midfield: Jonas Appleview
Left Midfield: Gordon du-Lusavik
Right Midfield: Yuri Veranovic
Stopper: Tuuri Burns
Right Defense: Kae Fairshane
Sweeper: Jonah Nizzy
Goalie: Cal Morgenburg

Dominivou Carlet
Felix Rosesmith
Chino Ugud'all
Ray Hilard
Gordion Bon

The Free Swiss states are entering an international sports competition for the first time in recorded history. The team, hastily put together by President James Hunt, hopes to win at least one game during the competition.

Most of the players are talented, but have not had much experience working together as a team. Jonah Nizzy, official coach of the team, says "I've put them through a lot of training recently. I wish we could have had more time, but you just gotta play the hand you're dealt. The team's really excellent and I'm glad that I can work an' play with these guys."

The official FSS Appreciation Group is organizing flights to Kazzoria for Swiss citizens who want to cheer for their teams. The group's spokesman Caz Dornob, says "This is the greatest sporting event in FSS history yet. Sure as hell I ain't gonna miss it!"

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Postby Trivval » Thu Oct 07, 2010 1:40 pm

Trivvalian ArchAngels
Trivvalian First International Soccer Team – FIST

Hey, Sportsfans, Have we news for you!
Trivval’s First International Soccer Team, the ArchAngels, has been accepted into the Baptism of Fire! Finally our team has their chance to prove themselves on a world stage, what an honour! But it appears that the ArchAngels are up against some severe competition, with Mytannion, Windows Vista, and Nanwe rosters already up, and they appear to be strong sides. But not to worry, the ArchAngels move with the speed of Frushr, the Agility of Artal and can kick with the force of Erhal – the power of the Gods backing our Boys.

HASTnewsletter will be your #1 stop for all things BoF, and we will be providing constant updates every round! Firstly, you’ll be the first to see the ArchAngel roster... and second!
Well, you can wait for that.

First off, it seems that the team will be playing their favoured 4-2-3-1 formation, with the lone forward supported by a strong midfield. This formation helped them win their match against Ruslov United earlier this year during their tour of Slazangara. Again, it is likely that they will be playing in a -1 to a -2 style, favouring the defensive line.

HAST is waiting to see what renown Slazangaran coach and Ruslov United Striker can do for our team during their big international debut, as it looks that we are in a tough group with Saxony Silver and Polythinia being the ones that we’ve picked that may cause the problems.

Alright, you’ve waited long enough. Here is the Roster!

ArchAngel Team Roster,
Baptism of Fire 40

Staff :: Position – Name

Manager: Jackson MkRezion.
Sponsors: Sports F1RST, HASTy Drome, Pentangle Gym and Athletic Equipment.
Coach: Dimitri Kovalenko
Asisstant: Jeffori Ar’hal.
Medical Officer: India Strier

Players :: Number – Name – Age – Position – Team
#1 Tohmas ILLIRES (24) Goalkeeper – Canal Lions FC

#2 William “Billy” FREDRIKS (27) Center Back – Artal’s Warbirds
#3 Sameual MKLIZTRE (25) Right Back – Suran Athletical
#4 Iquera ZACHARIEA (29) Center Back (c) – Galileo’s Templars
#5 Setre NIRQUE (21) Left Back – Canal Lions FC

#6 Petre VEZMUNDE (31) Right Midfield – Painted Highlanders
#7 William JAKSUN (23) Center Midfield – Artal’s Warbirds
#8 Nezka VEZMUNDE (29) Left Midfield – Painted Highlanders
#9 Sammond HURES (33) Center Midfield – Este Chaplains

#10 Awere KLISHT (26) Striker – Zano Beasts
#11 Irees NIZTION (30) Forward – Painted Highlanders

#12 Daviid Squire (24) Center/Right Back – Tyrone Sergeants AFC
#13 Joe Smith (28) Defensive/Center Midfield – Swissen Guardsmen
#14 Nizab LOU (22) Goalkeeper – Este Chaplains
#15 Frezi CHAPE (31) Forward – Canal Lions FC
#16 Vestion UTRE (27) Offensive/Left/Right Midfield – Tyrone Sergeants AFC
#17 Zammond BRESTRESE (20) Center/Left Back – Artal’s Warbirds

Starting 11 for the ArchAngels played in a 4-2-3-1 Formation.


Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Eh, sure, make a goalie kick a goal for all I care :lol: .
Roleplay injuries to my players: Yes, within reason and nothing major without asking, please..
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Please ask me first.
Godmod other events Sure, why not.

Well, as we promised, you’d be the first to know our roster! Be sure to keep an eye out though, the Coach said this earlier today: “Well, I plan on keeping our opponents on their toes. They won’t have time to watch and learn.

I bet your wondering right now: ‘Hey! Hang on! They promised us another surprise!’ Well we did, and here it is.
Thanks to Blue Cross Airways and Red Star Travel we are giving
YOU the chance to travel to the oppressive dump wonderful tourist-friendly, not-going-to-get-kidnapped dictatorship of Kazzoria and the bastard free country incredibly Awesome Krytenia for you, and three friends’, chance to watch the Baptism of Fire! --Live and Uninterrupted.
All you have to do is tell us in 50 words or less: What was your favourite sporting achievement and why?

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Postby Zirakul » Thu Oct 07, 2010 1:57 pm

As the Gazelle glides silently over the grasses of the plains, so shall we glide silently into the camp of our enemies to find what is rightfully ours. That which we can use to build our ijxi*. Their food, their spears, and their children.

As the Water Buffalo crashes through the brush to trample what threatens, so shall we crash into the tents of our enemies and trample the ones who have caused us wrong.

As the Lion warily stalks her prey, so shall we stalk the paths of the ones who have gone before. The ones who have given us our way of life. The ones to whom we owe our lives. Ever and always seeking the wisdom of those who have gone before.

As the Velvet Ant marches with its brothers to consume all that stands before it, so shall we march with our brothers and consume all that stand before us. Alone we are simply alone. Together we are mighty and even the wind quakes as the Zirakuli rise for war.

As the stars shine bright in the heavens son that all is not lost in darkness, so shall we shine bright so that all can see the darkness has not consumed us.

To ourselves be true. To our families be true. And Above all else to the Zirakuli be true.

Poem by Hemunehe, an ancient prophet of the Zirakuli. T has been passed down by mouth for a thousand generations.

This is the way we will handle things. This is the way we will conquer our opponents on the pitch. We shall show no mercy. We shall give no quarter. We shall destroy all who face us - And Mildonia is first.

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Postby Slazenagara » Thu Oct 07, 2010 2:23 pm


The Slazenagarian International Football Association

Starting Lineup:
GK: Aleksandr Belenov
RB: Andrei Diykin
CB: Dimitri Kombarov
CB: Ivan Saenko
LB: Yevgeni Makeev
RWM: Marek Suchy
CAM: Nikolai Drincic
CDM: Martin Stranzl
LWM: Sergei Pesyakov
ST: Andrei Ivanov
ST: Dimitri Kayumov

CB: Ivan Khomuka
ST: Philip Osbuka
CM: Sergei Chernov
GK: Denis Kutin
CAM: Nikolai Fekyevich

The Slazenagarian Kit

Coach: Mikhail Yuvanivich
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The Kingdom of Slazenagara
| Judea l Embassy l

DEFCON: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |
Current Leader: King Christian IX

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Postby Aniporo » Thu Oct 07, 2010 2:27 pm

The Daily Moo

A new Football expidition begins

As we speak, the Aniporon national team has probably just arrive to the nation of Krytenia for the nation's first national team tournament, The Baptism of Fire. They are there to improve and test themselves against foreign national teams and other first timers in preparation for the next World Cup. They have only arrived the day before the tournament due to their matchday 1 bye. They will rest today and watch tomorrow's group E matches after practice to be better prepared for international play. There are high hopes for this mixture of youth and experience as well as legendary coaches and all peoples of Aniporo are rooting for them. This is the power of sports and of Aniporon football.
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Postby Robsonien » Thu Oct 07, 2010 4:59 pm

The Robsonien Soccer Association and Robsonien Sports Live (RSL) Present the 40th Bof in Krytenia


Starting Lineup:
GK: James A. Cook
RB: Olaf Janssen-Petersen
CB: Tom Geresen
CB: Igva Igkanava
CB: Frank Kuchenblech
LB: Rod Melven
RM: Mark Wooters
CM: Ulf Rufer
CM: Martin Steglitz
LM: Sergei Perisimov
ST: Igor van der Katzing

CB: Okura Unaga
ST: James Ulrich
CB: Alexander Gaijin
GK: Denis Zerikutin
CM: Martin Larsen


The Robsonien Kit

Coach: Robert Rehagles

The first Match is against Slazenagara. The Coach and the People of the Robsonien Island hope The team will fight until the end. No one believes
to a victory in the First Match. All Players are Amateurs.On this evening Starts RSL a Presentation Round of the Robsonien Players

First the Goalkeper GK: James A. Cook is the child of Immigrants from England. He is 32 years old and the the Lifes in the Capital City toene-hune-kōrari or in English Sundown Flower
He Work in Container Terminals in the Harbor of Sundown Flowers. the Webpage of Robsonien
Factbook Robsonien and Q&A
Embassy Program
Catalytic Inc. ---Waste in Diesel Out (MT)
Air cushions Travel
The unspoilt nature is our capital, thousands of people make Holiday in Robsonien

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Postby Polythinia » Thu Oct 07, 2010 10:54 pm

ATHEIA - Amid mounting excitement for the upcoming Baptism of Fire Cup and World Cup, the Polythinia Football Association has announced these events' prestigious player rosters. Some obvious players were tapped, such as aggressive forward Franz Barwick, from the National League's Schatzburg FC, and the prolific goalkeeper of Harwich North, Kevin Polder. The playbook clearly suits the rather "bellicose" nature of coach Harald Vanterval, Polythinia's first football 'legend', which calls for some notable omissions as well. The choice that is to likely make the greatest uproar back home is the absence of Daniel Kress, the forward whose playing style, and hairstyle, would have clashed with the unabashedly boisterous coach.

In a recent interview with our sports correspondent, Association President Aaron Z'zzyzs (pronounced Ziz-iz-is) stated he wished to field an aggressive team to make a strong first impression on the international sporting community. "As a growing nation, we feel Polythinia should but on their best face, representing [the nation] like this. Our roster embodies our core values of honour and fair play." The team will be playing a four-three-three formation. Analysis from our resident footie guinea pig points toward a great play against a great bracket, with nations such as the defensive, yet balanced Trivval and off-the-radar threats like the Greater Cotswalds. For now, only time will tell whether or not the strong-arm tactics of coach Vanterval will prove fruitful.

More updates hour-to-hour on the Atheia Standard website, and daily at your local newsstand.

Goalkeeper: #1 Kevin Polder (23, Harwich North) | Sub: Terrence Montserrat
Centre Backs: #2 Steven Ye (22, Nordhafen FC), #3 Ivan Remmes (30, Atheia Lions) | Sub: Jonathan Monsignor
Left Fullback: #5 Aaron Melchett (25, Harwich North)
Right Fullback: #6 Oliver Joao (22, Schatzburg FC)
Midfield: #7 Leonard Wang (26, Fort Blackbrook Independent), #8 Gabriel Hillerman (23, Atheia Lions), #9 Eruera Sherpa (24, Fort Blackbrook Independent) | Subs: Oscar Nordshire, James Hemi
Centre Forward: #10 Franz Barwick (23, Schatzburg FC) | Sub: Pietro Konsantine
Wingers: #11 Mark Aramesh (31, Atheia Lions), #12 Michael Xandru (21, Harwich North) | Sub: Alexander Greswich

Choose my goalscorers: Yes.
Godmod scoring events: Yes.
Roleplay injuries to my players: Within reason.
Godmod injuries to my players: No.
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, but don't go crazy.
Godmod other events: Within reason.

Style modifier: +1
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