AOCAF Cup XXX Pacitalia | Official Tournament Thread

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AOCAF Cup XXX Pacitalia | Official Tournament Thread

Postby Pacitalia » Fri Sep 24, 2010 5:10 pm

Host's note
This is the official in-character (IC) thread for all tournament posts, including scores, roster posts, RPs and other general IC posting. For the out-of-character (OOC) discussion thread, please visit this page.

Group seedings and ranks are dependent on updated numbers and I'm waiting on those. Consider the tournament open and feel free to post your rosters and any introductory RPs while we wait for the new rankings.

Important notice to the "outsiders"
Though, in a perfect world, I really shouldn't have to remind everyone, this tournament, being a regional competition, is already closed to sign-ups and is also restricted so that only nations in the Atlantian Oceania region may compete. Anyone who has not already been approved to participate will be asked to desist in posting and a moderator will be asked to delete your posts.
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Carpathia and Ruthenia
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Postby Carpathia and Ruthenia » Sat Sep 25, 2010 6:57 am

Carpathia and Ruthenia AOCAF XXX Squad

Manager: Petra Vörös
Assistant Manager: Eduárd Venczel

Starting Lineup
GK: Valentina Adamo (3 caps/0 goals)

DF: Erminio Fodor (55 caps/1 goals)
DF: Ottaviano Di Mercurio (0 caps/0 goals)
DF: Jacopo Takács (0 caps/0 goals)
DF: Marcello Albano (0 caps/0 goals)

MF: Aurélia Serpico (0 caps/0 goals)
MF: Jóska Filep (c) (62 caps/10 goals)
MF: Ciriaco Ruzsa (0 caps/0 goals)
MF: Sveva Serpico (0 caps/0 goals)

FW: Niccolò Tanzi (24 caps/4 goals)
FW: Lina Salucci (15 caps/9 goals)

GK: Saturnino Barsetti (13 caps/0 goals)
GK: Manlio DeFilippis (0 caps/0 goals)

DF: Silvio Katona (0 caps/0 goals)
DF: Leopoldo Tarantino (0 caps/0 goals)
DF: Federigo Albanesi (0 caps/0 goals)
DF: Imrus Juhász (0 caps/0 goals)

MF: Giorgio Balázs (0 caps/0 goals)
MF: Dafne Tót (0 caps/0 goals)
MF: Doriano Lombardi (0 caps/0 goals)
MF: Costantino Rocca (0 caps/0 goals)

FW: Natalia Aquila (0 caps/0 goals)
FW: Palmiro Armati (0 caps/0 goals)

Penalty taker


RP Permissions: No godmodding goals, everthing else is fine.
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Postby Dorian and Sonya » Sat Sep 25, 2010 8:35 am

You can do anything but kill off my players.
Style +3 offensive

Necromancer AOCAF roster (all female)

No Pos Name Age Ht

11 LF Catoltheldë Undolond 27 4’11
22 CF Gwethidrenmamiiel Vanloth 25 5’0
10 RF Eshdothiel Aeratail 23 5’1
17 LM Altereasa Marinwynd 17 5’0
23 CM Jaquince Elmorrand 18 4’10
12 RM Amonwen Galabrinsyr 25 5’0
30 LB Tirnoststra Gwataur 20 4’10
19 LCB Ilmeldollasa Kitholion 22 5’2
55 RCB Táressa Beranar 26 5’1
77 RB Rhianna Namandir 16 4’9
75 K Rhanenniel Lasstanil 26 5’2


00 F Saienesiel Laraltinu 24 4’8
88 F Erurwen Aldaos 21 4’10
8 M Yolynde Karokindle 18 5’1
27 M Nimiliel Runvanta 22 5’0
54 B Táriel Nallren 25 4’9
64 B Tetiinwen Gaelenlal 20 5’1
3 K Rinana Tathelon 21 5’5

Manager: Calenladiel Mithethrin Age:32

World Cup 53 Champions

AO - Not Just A Place - It's THE PLACE

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Postby Indiarga » Sat Sep 25, 2010 8:57 am

Name 	Age	Gender
Hector Poko 22 M
Ipi Tarket 25 F
Juan Inito 19 M
Desmal Porko 28 M
Serez Belchov 19 M
Yarlpi Huan 31 F
Jain Karch 19 F
Alki Futty 25 F
Sizi Casine 27 M
Finn Taripale 29 M
Fiza Munenet 20 F
Duan Karpali 27 M
Farg Lurft 19 M
Juine Parge 24 F
Sani Publo 29 F
Dazi Lokui 19 M
Jarki Akilko 28 M
Misa Varcheckov 24 F
Herri Boulz 29 F
Jane Barracks 17 F

Formation 3-5-2
Style modifier 0

Hector Poko		

Desmal Porko Yarlpi Huan Alki Futty

Finn Taripale Fiza Munenet Duan Karpali Juine Parge Farg Lurft

Jarki Akilko Jane Barracks

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Postby Andossa Se Mitrin Vega » Sat Sep 25, 2010 11:25 am

Style: -2 defensive
Do anything within reason.

Draggonnii Rivii Roster

Starting 11
No Pos Name Sex Age Ht Wt Club
10 RF Swourdynna Ar’Kim’Oiirit F 25 5’9 145 Sa Aln FK
35 LF Starech Per’itur M 29 6’5 195 Sa’una Nega
12 RM Jyacyntha Hai’Unda F 23 5’11 160 Errion Vega FK
44 CM Om-Karu J’uas’wei M 22 6’0 204 Carrington FK
9 LM Niliha Iss'enth'oesh F 21 5’7 135 Jaris Sarud
19 DM Zawis Chr'oughvo M 30 6’2 200 FK Kelsey
54 RB Irisyendii Draesh'o F 28 6’1 175 Errion Vega FK
45 RCB Nadurina Usk'ild F 24 5’10 170 Tapia Reis
83 LCB Uasochai Ban'awii M 25 6’6 215 MalachI Ifreet
11 LB Soyiarr Entheiq'I M 22 6’2 197 Tobia Sarud
00 K Vedyt Inayll'gh M 26 6’5 210 Vega Dras


3 F Neryneka Tan'lor'ied F 21 5’5 130 Carrington FK
27 M Ytoiku T’unul’jiq’ii M 27 5’11 180 Sarii E.V.
16 B Ibeluesto A'ustqua M 19 6’1 194 Erda Khaza
99 K Dodyr Asheev'nt M 23 6’9 224 Erda Khaza

Manager: Sayorm Draesh'o Age:49 Vegan 4th Quad

Champions: AORBC II (Women's Champs); AOHC IV; Cup of Harmony 44, 49, & 54; Baptism of Iron VBrevity Challenge Cup 3
2nd Place: WC64
3rd Place: WC59; WC61WC65
WC Quarterfinals- 53,58,60
Qualified for WC Proper - 27,28,29,30,53,54,56,58,59,60,61,63,64,65
Host: Draggonnii Inviyatii; BoF 17 ; World Bowl XII; BoF43 (with K&P);World Cup 58 (with QPeMA)World Cup 61 (with Valanora)

AO is, as they say, THE PLACE.
Those of you whom we consider friends and respect here on NS are welcome to join us on FB. Simply TG me and We will set it in motion.

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Postby Zirakul » Sat Sep 25, 2010 6:08 pm

The Zirakul Gazzelles AOCAF Roster 

Do anything you like

Formation: 3-5-2 (+3)

Colors: Green & Yellow

The Zirakulii are a tribal peoples with tribal technologies. Log-jammed in a war for freedom from the tyrannical rule of The Draggonnii Socialist
Empire, this is their first foray into international competition. Zirakulli generally wear loin cloths and body paint rather than standard uniforms
and most of the males wear large wooden masks in order to inspire fear in their enemies. They view sport as no different from warfare and will
play accordingly.

Manager: Pohemeahi Age:65

Starting 11

Pos # Name Age Ht Wt
RS 10 Piuelu 21 6’3 180
LS 23 Omeoi’ae 23 5’11 174
ROM 12 Moikwaon 17 6’1 177
LOM 37 Umukeike 19 6’4 210
RM 19 Aipa 24 6’0 182
CM 69 Heho’lehei 20 6’5 191
LM 03 Laoapo 22 5’10 160
RB 18 U’ihei 16 5’9 176
CB 21 Mekekepoia 19 6’1 207
LB 54 Alu Alu 17 6’0 173
K 13 I'iokumaiu 18 6’6 184


S 61 Laepanai 20 5’7 160
M 25 Ahinue 19 6’1 226
B 07 Oowaeo 16 6’2 170
K 99 Mekepona 17 6’4 187

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Postby Kagdazka and Pazhujebu » Sun Sep 26, 2010 2:55 am

Mahathu's Number One English Language Daily

AOCAF 30 Begins, Kagdazka and Pazhujebu Squad Released

by Vussašighu Yudhuthva - Though it was years ago, I still have a lasting memory of leaving the Therakham Velodrama for home back in Kuratmad after the Pazhujeb Islands’ national team defeated Diojiu in the World Cup 40 qualifiers. My son, five years old at the time, was at my side, both of us munching grapefruit-lime flavored vhu treats. The sun was shining, and neither of us (nor the 52,000 other departing fans) were to know it was the last we’d see of the Purple Sea Urchins with our own eyes.

Similarly, months later, I was listening on the radio as we played Tynelia in our final World Cup group stage match. We knew, having already been eliminated at that point, that we were saying goodbye to Jaime Oberlander. But, again, we had no idea we were bidding adieu to more than just our beloved national team manager. The civil war swept across our country just weeks after the Tynelia match, and though my son was too young to understand the violence, he was old enough to understand we wouldn’t be crossing the Aghuhukuthi Ridge into Therakham for football and vhu treats again any time soon.

He’s almost a grown man now; a boy no longer. But, at last, we will soon be day-tripping across Mahathu once more. The Urchins (with some Kagdaz friends in tow) have returned.

AOCAF 30 (and Pacitalia) will play host to the newly formed Federation national team for a few weeks. And, soon after, we’ll see our team come back home to play as well. It almost seems a moot point which players are on the team, we’re all so excited. But, for what it’s worth, the KPFA League First Division, a couple seasons down, has offered our new manager, Baba Yaga, a little perspective for her selections, and she has made them.

Women, who were never able to make it into the old Pazhujeb Islands national team, will now be represented threefold, with Vasilisa, Ichuvihaja, and Khorkuleva all named to the 23-“man” squad. As far as local concerns go, we here at the Herald can confirm that only two native Mahathans will be in the team, Vuhumkara and Chadi, but three players currently at Mahathu clubs, Timriz and Semënov of Angels, and the aforementioned Khorkuleva of Therakham, will alternate between wisteria/green and purple/black shirts in Pacitalia.

Anton Denisov - 31 Years Old - Xenon (KPZ)
Mr. Denisov will be wearing number one and has Kagdaz nationality.
Pazhuj Yivashaktim - 33 Years Old - Vulkan (KPZ)
Mr. Yivashaktim will be wearing number sixteen and has Pazhujebi nationality.
Zubeida Ichuvihaja - 21 Years Old - Krevetka (KPZ)
Ms. Ichuvihaja will be wearing number twenty-three and has Pazhujebi nationality.

Plamen Radic - 32 Years Old - FKM (KPZ)
Mr. Radic will be wearing number two and has Kagdaz nationality.
Innokentiy Vaskaryev - 25 Years Old - FKM (KPZ)
Mr. Vaskaryev will be wearing number three and has Kagdaz nationality.
Boris Timriz - 31 Years Old - Angels (KPZ)
Mr. Timriz will be wearing number five and has Kagdaz nationality.
Zaqazha Uharhi - 27 Years Old - Shadows (KPZ)
Mr. Uharhi will be wearing number six and has Pazhujebi nationality.
Jahat Chahachim - 21 Years Old - Juvapanam (KPZ)
Mr. Chahachim will be wearing number fourteen and has Pazhujebi nationality.
Ryurik Mizirov - 20 Years Old - Vulkan (KPZ)
Mr. Mizirov will be wearing number eighteen and has Kagdaz nationality.
Athaši Hu - 19 Years Old - Vulkan (KPZ)
Mr. Hu will be wearing number twenty-two and has Pazhujebi nationality.

Lazar Nikolic - 31 Years Old - Gimnasia (KPZ)
Mr. Nikolic will be wearing number seven and has Kagdaz nationality.
Fidesta Qiva - 33 Years Old - Zhevassi (KPZ)
Mr. Qiva will be wearing number eight and has Pazhujebi nationality.
Šušan'ikara Ghur - 37 Years Old - Juvapanam (KPZ)
Mr. Ghur will be wearing number ten and has Pazhujebi nationality.
Slava Semënov - 32 Years Old - Angels (KPZ)
Mr. Semënov will be wearing number eleven and has Kagdaz nationality.
Vasilisa - 28 Years Old - Zhevassi (KPZ)
Ms. Vasilisa will be wearing number thirteen and has Kagdaz nationality.
Yegor Zbruyev - 21 Years Old - FKM (KPZ)
Mr. Zbruyev will be wearing number seventeen and has Kagdaz nationality.
Aleksei Vazavorski - 30 Years Old - Urajbina (KPZ)
Mr. Vazavorski will be wearing number twenty-one and has Kagdaz nationality.

Yordan Stefanovic - 30 Years Old - Vulkan (KPZ)
Mr. Stefanovic will be wearing number four and has Kagdaz nationality.
Chaya Vuhumkara - 32 Years Old - FKM (KPZ)
Mr. Vuhumkara will be wearing number nine and has Pazhujebi nationality.
Herodotusam Guvidhipa - 36 Years Old - Urajbina (KPZ)
Mr. Guvidhipa will be wearing number twelve and has Pazhujebi nationality.
Anastasia Khorkuleva - 18 Years Old - Therakham (KPZ)
Ms. Khorkuleva will be wearing number fifteen and has Kagdaz nationality.
Charhaghezh Chadi - 24 Years Old - Urajbina (KPZ)
Mr. Chadi will be wearing number nineteen and has Pazhujebi nationality.
Leonid Shcherbina - 19 Years Old - Zhevassi (KPZ)
Mr. Shcherbina will be wearing number twenty and has Kagdaz nationality.


Baba Yaga - 2,147 Years Old
An ancient legend, a horrible witch, and a pagan goddess, Baba Yaga has lurked in the shadows of Eastern European folklore for a thousand years. Wrinkly and decrepit, with withering eyes and iron teeth, but with an eerily young-sounding voice, Babushka (as she invites the team to call her) is feared but trusted as the manager of Kagdazka and Pazhujebu. She is perpetually aided in her coaching duties by her unnamed cat, as well as the flocks of sinister black geese that are always in the sky high above her. They are useful in stealing tactical information from other teams as well as spying on her own players, who risk being baked to death and eaten by the witch if they are caught engaging in any uncouth behavior. She shares a close relationship with Vasilisa (known in legend herself as Vasilisa the Beautiful), who played a role in ensuring Baba Yaga obtained her current job. As a rule, Baba Yaga is a fairly stereotypical fairy tale witch and can be expected to act as such. Being the embodiment of a strong female personality, the feminist military dictatorship running the Federation support her all the way.


There are three main kits used by the Kagdazka and Pazhujebu national team: two homes and one away. The wisteria and green colors are used when the team plays in Kagdazka, whereas the purple and black is used when they visit Pazhujebu. The white and wisteria is used for away matches. For neutral-venue tournaments, like AOCAF, the team rotates among the three, carefully avoiding favoring one kit too much over the others so as to avoid any possible accusations of political favoritism.

Style Modifier:

Almost all of Baba Yaga's formations (she uses several depending on game circumstance) are in some way related to a 4-5-1, but sometimes it will look more like a 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, Christmas Tree, Diamond 4-4-2, or even a 2-5-3. Opponents should not expect anything to be predictable.

Information for the Foreign Mahathu Herald Reader

First of all, thanks for buying our paper! We're a rather small outfit as there are a couple of big Pazhujebi-language papers in Mahathu we have to compete with, so we appreciate the business. Secondly, you have probably gathered that Kagdazka and Pazhujebu have two very distinct identities, and you're right. Here's a quick run-down.

Kagdazka is a very cold Siberian territory inhabited by largely ethnic Russians. Wisteria is their national color. They have fair skin, blue eyes, and blonde or brown hair. They often travel via dogsled and brave the snow as part of their daily lives.

Pazhujebis are the descendants of North Indian expellees of Rome. They settled the Pazhujeb Islands (now known as Pazhujebu) about two millenia ago. They have light to medium brown skin, dark hair, and brown eyes. All Pazhujebis, men and women, wear purple turbans at all times, including during football matches.

Never refer to a citizen of the Federation as a "Federationer," it is considered very offensive. If you aren't sure whether someone is Kagdaz or Pazhujebi, just pick one arbitrarily.

There is a metric ton of other information about the Federation available on the country's NSwiki page, including more on this team and on the country's domestic league. Please feel free to give it a read.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes
(I'm sort of asking for it by having a cannibalistic witch as my team's
manager, so you can pretty much get away with anything as long as
you TG me first.)
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The Federation of Kagdazka and Pazhujebu

Baptism of Fire 25 Champions (The Pazhujeb Islands), Baptism of Fire 33 Runners-Up (Kagdazka), AOCAF 33 Runners-Up (Kagdazka and Pazhujebu), Baptism of Fire 43 Co-Hosts, Baptism of Fire 45 Co-Hosts

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Jeru FC
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Postby Jeru FC » Sun Sep 26, 2010 5:20 pm

Jeru FC Roster

"The Cannons"

Formation: 3-4-3
Style Modifier: +3

Coach: Ailill Ó Riagáin of Southern Northland
* Former Assistant Coach of SN World Cup team
* Jeru FC coach for World Cup 50-51.

GK (M,20) - Pumpkin Head - Doesn't suffer brain damage from head injuries because there's nothing to damage
GK (M,20) - Asparagus stalk - Thin skinny keeper who looks like he's gonna snap anytime

DEF (M,20) - Rice Dumpling - Small white defender who looks a bit wide
DEF (M,20) - Satay Sauce - Slippery defender known for dunking into fouls
DEF (M,20) - Raw Prawn - Has an effective but unattractive and off-putting defending style
DEF (M,20) - Fish N Chips - Your basic bogan defender
DEF (M,20) - Foie Gras - Guy who drinks too much and has a big liver for that
DEF (M,20) - Steak Tartare - Raw defending is his speciality, even if he has to hurt someone

MID (M,20) - Beefy Rump - A big fella, big as a cow
MID (M,20) - Mark Macaron - Dainty little fella but very constructed
MID (M,20) - Chicken Schnitzel - A guy with crumbly exterior but a soft interior
MID (M,20) - Garam Massala - A "spicy" character in a good way
MID (M,20) - Carrot Cake - A bit orange due to too much sunbathing or eating carrots

STR (M,20) - Mango Mousse - An man popular with the ladies, smooth mover
STR (M,20) - Eggs Benedict - A morning fella
STR (M,20) - Creme Bouche - A pastry character who's a bit soft
STR (M,20) - Tuna Sushi - Chops into any challenge with an edge of danger

RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players N
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players N
Godmod Other Events N

(Yes, the names are silly and I'm recycling the World Cup 52 roster)

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Postby Tarrentum » Mon Sep 27, 2010 1:32 pm

Tarrentum National Football Team Roster
Tarrentum Falcons

Also Referred to As: Orange-and-Blue; Imperials

Managerial Staff
Manager- Currently Vacant Position
Assistant ManagerAlexander Italiana, the magnificent brother of Tarrentum’s Eternal Supreme President Borgia Italiana, has been a meddling manager of FC Yuppers, in the TPFL, for seven years. His appointment is largely seen as politically and corporately focused as his nephew, Supreme President Cesare Italiana, was largely instrumental in putting his name forward. The Yupping Yuppers are also owned by Alexander’s food company, Yuppers…“For Supper!” (as the slogan goes).
Head CoachDelphine Gabriella Italiana, sister to Supreme President Cesare Italiana, Delphine is the only female coach in the non-gender integrated TPFL. Her credentials are beyond reproach however as she has lead the Krozuy Academics to three out of the last five Cup Championship Matches (winning one).

Starters names are bolded, Primary position denoted by ^^
(Name; Birth City, Tarrentum Premier League Football Club)

Rubinu Warti; Lake Empress, Krozuy Academics (ST^^, RW) – Warti’s contributions to the Academics have been sporadic the past two years but his devotion and loyalty to Tarrentum have been well documented. He has won the coveted Most Patriotic and Loyal Footballer award the four out of the past five years. Age: 39, Goals: 5, Assists: 5
Henry Qund; Stroudsville, Tarburr, Krozuy Academics (RW^^, LW) – Qund is originally Tarburr by birth but was raised since the of age three in Tarrentum. He was granted official citizenship and birthright by the Supreme President on his 21st birthday in recognition to his already substantial contributions to the TPFL. By that time Qund had already shown his great worth to the Academics by leading them in goals for the past three years. Qund has tremendous speed and chip shot accuracy. Age: 30, Goals: 26, Assists: 10
Sandroni Sadroni; Apolln, FC Yuppers (LW^^, ST, RW) CAPTAIN – Sadroni has been a tour de force in the TPFL since his emergence onto the national scene 13 years ago. Not a great finesse player but his ability to eye the opposing defensive set piece and find the open assist has led to his two MVP awards during the middle of his career. He’s lost a step since his debut over a decade ago but his grueling, physical play is something to watch. Age: 35, Goals: 5, Assists: 7
Garto Nicolli; Trumboi, Galitz FCA (RW, LW^^) – Nicolli has seen extensive time on the national level and has garnered a lot of experience playing in international friendlies. Nicolli’s contributions to Galitz have been minimized but have been impressive. In the 20 games he has appeared in during TPFL matches, Galitz has recorded at least a goal or an assist in each one. He is a specialist with the corner kick. Age: 32, Goals: 12, Assists: 9
Noel Gennesse (pronounced “Jen-nah-see”); Yui, Yui State College Women’s Soccer (ST^^, RW, LW) – Gennesse was picked up by the National Squad specifically for the Queen’s Cup tournament held in Cassadaigua recently and fared so well (scoring 4 goals in 5 matches) that the TSC demanded she be on the National Team. Manager Gregori Burindi resigned in protest leaving the National Team without a Manager. Gennesse was the top women’s soccer player in Tarrentum this year and posted 15 Goals for the Lady Bears. Age: 20, Goals: 15, Assists: 2 NTCC Stats

Sforza Italiana; Napoliroma, Tre Da La (CM^^, CMD) – The adored Sforza Italiana, youngest brother of Supreme President Cesare Italiana, has proved many analysts wrong by become a very good player in the TPFL. This year he was named Captain of TPFL Champion Tre Da La, the youngest in the league’s history. Sforza has great speed but loses sight of open passes and opportunities easily. His lack of ball discipline also leads to a bunch of yellow cards. Age: 22, Goals: 8, Assists: 5
Stefano Nastromani; Pullo, FC Yuppers (LM^^, ST, LW) – Nastromani is widely seen and respected as one of the best young footballers throughout all of Tarrentum. His intelligence, quick feet and shot selection have made him a very dangerous weapon. He was the youngest ever player on a TPFL club when he signed at the age of 18 after his collegiate career. He has gradually risen to become a main fixture of the Yupping Yuppers. Age: 20, Goals: 10, Assists: 4
Judasi Kypa; Upper Didi, FC Yuppers (RM^^, LM) – Kypa is the perfect finesse player. He rarely draws a card and has won the unofficial Lady Kristiana Trophy the past three years for his humanitarian contributions. Kypa is the consummate team player. Age: 30, Goals: 5, Assists: 5
Fredo Tulu; Bolonza, Napoliroma Legion (CM^^, CB) – Tulu’s contributions to the Legion have centered around the expert command of the midfield and direction of the set pieces. His inclusion on the national team is the subject of speculation and controversy as he has been linked to an affair with Delphine Italiana for the past three years which has kept the Tarrentian tabloids ripe with new stories. Age: 37, Goals: 2
Rutgar Vincinz; Doria, Walli Walli FC (RM^^, LW) – Vincinz has been the leading man at Walli Walli recently being given a new contract by the club last year. He brings a menacing presence to the pitch drawing a large amount of yellow cards. Age: 31, Goals: 9, Red Cards: 5
Borgia Callami; Apolln, Krozuy Academics (LM^^, RM) – Callami shows flashes of brilliance at times but is mostly seen as a solid footballer by most of the TPFL reporters. Age: 34, Goals: 2, Assists: 7

Treppen Uppenilli; Kuli Caffron, Galitz FC (RB^^, LB) – Uppenilli is a strong, intelligent defender that has helped Galitz to a respectable record this past year. He is great at drawing offside calls. He has also been voted the Sexiest Footballer in Tarrentum for five straight years. Age: 28, Goals: 8, Female Body Parts Autographed Last Year: 492
Claudius Bacanelli; Krozuy, FC Yuppers (RCB^^, LCB, RB) – Bacanelli has provided the Yupping Yuppers a key defensive footballer who has helped the club move up in TPFL tables. He is noted as one of the quickest defenders in the TPFL. Age: 29
Justinian Tremani; Gallen, Krozuy Academics (LCB^^, LB) – Tremani has been voted the top Defensive Player in the TPFL three out of the past five years. Tremani has learned to compensate for his lack of speed with his excellent down-pitch vision. Age: 34
Olli Vaspa; Vardin Mountain, Napoliroma Legion (LB^^, RB) – Vaspa has seen extensive time in the Legion backfield due to his aggressiveness and quickness. Age: 27
Nico Lardorama; Trulin, Walli Walli FC (RCB^^, LCB) – Lardorama is known throughout the TPFL for his intense and aggressive play. He has drawn a fair amount of yellow cards of the past season. Age: 32, Red Cards: 2
Gregor Fluti; Vardin Mountain, Krozuy Academics (LB^^, RB) – Fluti has seen his stock rise along with Tremani on the Academics. Their play together is widely seen as a main reason for the Academics success in the TPFL. Age: 31
Sarudi Julian; Napoliroma, Illian Grasshoppers (LCB^^, RCB, LB) – Julian is the star player for the lowly Grasshoppers but has spent the majority of his time away from the club either training for the national team or appearing in his hit sitcom “You Wish You Were That Cool” which is continually nominated for multiple Tarrentum Actors Association Awards. Age: 28
Walri Castanella; Yui, Galitz FC (RB^^, LB, CM) – Castanella has proven a boon to Galitz since his rookie season. His defensive awareness is in a league of its own and his ability to cut off the attack has been seen as the reason for Galitz’ recent success. Age: 24

Raspu Tucadi; Trulin, Krozuy Academics – Tucadi has been a key reason for the Academics winning ways the past few seasons. He takes over as the number one goalkeeper for the national team after Bodacello’s failing play at the international level. Age: 30
Goran Balboa; Apolln City, Tre Da La – Balboa’s ability to make the amazing save propelled the Singing Club to its first TPFL Championship this year. Balboa’s highlight reel acrobats are tempered by the more-than-occasional missed save.

Formation: 4-3-3




Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y, within reason
Roleplay injuries to my players Y, no major (career-ending [I’ll do that if I so choose] or death)
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y, but keep it within reason again. The entire defence would not be red-carded during one match.
Godmod other events N
Style Modifier: +3


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Postby Meddicia » Mon Sep 27, 2010 1:35 pm

Meddicia Royal Football Team: Golden Crowns

Manager: Ghero Teggera
Asst. Manager: Dven Cladiu
Head Coach: West Smythe

Employing the unconventional 4-5-1 formation
Style: -3

Goalkeeper: David Bancer

Left Back: Sanfira Loth
Left Center Back: Jasmine Ullario
Right Center Back: Yuri Tellerman
Right Back: Jurri Poleth

Left-Center Defensive Midfielder: Gil Vespern
Right-Center Defensive Midfielder: Chasey Valkerian
Left Midfielder: Brian Quessera
Center Midfielder: Hannah Mannas
Right Midfielder: John Suggar

Striker: Frederick Ossera

Midfielder: Trinna South
Midfielder: Serafina McBasser
Midfielder: Klanso Llax
Forward/Wing: Akina Dinza
Forward/Wing: Antonia Ossera
LB/CB: Eve Guis
CB/RB: Jessica Douglas
GK: Brooke White





Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y, within reason
Roleplay injuries to my players Y, no major (career-ending [I’ll do that if I so choose] or death)
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y, but keep it within reason again. The entire defence would not be red-carded during one match.
Godmod other events N
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Postby Krytenia » Mon Sep 27, 2010 4:36 pm

It's All Gone South Down South

AFTER many years of behind the scenes lobbying, pleading, and the outright threatening to bar players from Ousevale Borough and Mercia Bromham from playing for the national team, the Football Association of Nova Mercia has finally been allowed to be restored to full status. As of World Cup LIII, the "nation" of Krytenia's southernmost provinces will be competing as separate from their overlords.

So what does this mean for the upcoming AOCAF Cup? Well, for some, it will be the last goodbye to the cyan and navy; for others, simply a chance to nail their colours to the mast. Following this tournament, Mercian players who have won full caps for Krytenia will be allowed to choose whether to play for the Aces or the Southerners. Though for the likes of Ricky Sexton, a continuation in the Krytenian team is expected, it will be interesting to see what happens to those on the fringes.

Exciting, and potentially dark, times ahead then.
KRYTENIA: Losing in semi-finals since 2004.
Capital: Emberton ⍟ RP Population: ~180,000,000 ⍟ Trigram: KRY ⍟ iTLD: .kt ⍟ Demonym: Krytenian, Krytie (inf.)
Languages: English (de jure), Spanish, French, Welsh (official regional only)

Hosts: Cup of Harmony VII, AOCAF I, Cup of Harmony XV, World Cup XXIV, AOCAF XIII, World Cup XXIX, AOCAF XVII, AOCAF XXIII, World Cup XL, Cup of Harmony XXXII, Baptism of Fire XXXII, AOCAF XXVII, Baptism of Fire XXXVI, World Cup L, Baptism of Fire XL, Cup of Harmony LXIV, AOCAF XLVIII, World Cup LXXV, AOCAF LX
Champions: AOCAF LII
Runner-Up: AOCAF VII, World Cup LVIII
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Postby Sorthern Northland » Mon Sep 27, 2010 4:51 pm

Sorthern Northland national football team

Formation is 3-5-2 with a style modifier of +2.25.

Number, name, age, position (n/a for goalies and forwards), club (club's country in brackets, if not a Sorthern club)


1. Yasser El-Borolossy, 22 y/o, 17th of October
13. Cathal Ó Sicín, 23 y/o, Baile an Fheirtéaraigh
23: Adrian Connolly, 26 y/o, Snowspire Communal

It's said that you have to be a bit mad to be a goalkeeper and Sorthern keepers arguably are. El-Borolossy is known to celebrate goals by jumping around on the crossbar, whilst Ó Sicín's call up is a remarkable rise to fame with him having been spotted by Baile an Fheirtearaigh whilst playing park football just under a year ago. A former poultry farmer he likes to keep a chicken in his goal. For luck he claims.

Adrian Connolly meanwhile isn't actually a goalkeeper but instead a forward listed as a goalkeeper in what can only be described as a glorious victory of wits over the decadent capitalists who insist on three keepers being named.


12: Laura O'Bagels, 30 y/o, right back, Beningrad
22: Mike Pohl, 26 y/o, left back, Tenderville United (Nethertopia)

With the switch to a 3-5-2 formation the two full backs are unlikely to get much playing time. It would appear that being the daughter of the founding leader of the country or being a mainstay in a TakilQuip Champions’ Cup runners-up team isn't enough to earn you caps for your country these days. Tsk.

3: Candelario Oliveira Tavares, 33 y/o centre back, Emberton Reds (Krytenia)
2: Andrew Heywood, 30 y/o centre-back, ISC Rig (Somewhereistonia)
5: Kaeton Fishsnapperbottom (captain), 28 y/o centre-back, Beningrad
16: David Black, 23 y/o centre-back, Snowspire
15: Michael Beck, 25 y/o centre-back, Castrograd

Oliveira Tavares will play as the left-most of the back three, slotting in at left back where needed, whilst Heywood fills in a similar role. Just on the right instead of the left. Fishsnapperbottom will control operations from the centre, though a volatile showing at the Vahala Invitational suggests he may perhaps be spending more time suspended than actually playing.


7: Siobhan Ní hÓgáin, 31 y/o right winger, Corcaigh
21: Tadhg Ó Lorcáin, 23 y/o, right winger, Beningrad

Having seen the ban on women playing top level football in Sorthern Northland being lifted largely in part due to her efforts during World Cup 49 and AOCAF Cup 28, Ní hÓgáin has made the number seven shirt her own after proving her critics wrong and developing into a fine winger with a knack for mazy runs, accurate crosses and an eye for goal.

Ó Lorcáin meanwhile hails from the fine academy of football that is the Little Clotaire based Saint Patrick's Football Club. Famous for producing really good Sorthern footballers and shipping them off to the real Clotaire to play for Port of Clotaire in the CMSC. Ó Lorcáin with his pace, his silky skills, and his oh so good crosses has all the attributes to follow in the footsteps of the likes Lee Waywide, Alan Cooper, Franny Sánchez Garciá and Iñaki Arrigorwhashisface. Which he looks set to do having (not-so-)recently(-now) signed with Portaire, bit of a shock that eh? Which backfired slightly what with the CMSC sadly suspended for now.

11: Baral Qaavigaaq, 26 y/o, left winger, East Reading
17: David Murphy, 29 y/o, left winger, Snowspire Communal

Baral Qaavigaaq, a player good with both feet (really though, these lot are professional footballers, they should be able to use either foot), a fine taker of set-pieces and coming from the Northern Wastes is a man who considers any temperature above 0°C as nice and warm has firmly established himself as Sorthern Northland's first choice left winger. Though when the biggest challenge to that is David Murphy, it's not much of an achievment.

6: Martijn Barentstochter of Bergkamp of Drotske of Groethuysen of Hackenbroch of Struycken, 31 y/o Central-midfielder, NAPCC (Nethertopia)
8: Will Hooper (vice-captain), 28 y/o, central midfielder, Beningrad
4: Kontos Gatsis, 22 y/o, central midfielder, Corcaigh
18: Aisling Ní Cheallaigh, 24 y/o, central midfielder, Rio Bonito (Cafundéu)
14: Arnold Tnetennba, 22 y/o, central midfielder, Felland Marsh

Barentstochter of Bergkamp of etcetera (we just tend to call him Martijn to be honest) as well as providing a massive windfall in takings on replica shirts for his club provides the box-to-box drive and grit and determination and all those other words that unstylish but effective midfielders are described with. Hooper meanwhile provides the creativity and the passes to bring the crowds to their feet, and having been shifted to the right wing at Port of Clotaire is versatile as well. Which is always handy. Kontos Gatsis, formerly known as Kostos Gatsis, meanwhile is a 'ard midfielder prone to bullying opposition players.

Aisling Ní Cheallaigh, who some are saying is the finest Sorthern attacking midfield talent since the Krofcky first broke onto the scene, is steadily building on that repuation with some tasty performances off the bench. And the odd tasty performance in lads mags as well. Arnold Tnetennba, as well as being a throughly nice chap who'll get you a very good score on certain daytime TV word based game shows offers a very good option as a back up player.


9: Eulàlia Marxuach, 26 y/o, ISC Rig (Somewhereistonia)
10:Dermot Wolfetone, 20 y/o, Heatfield City
19: Mikhail Komissarov, 28 y/o, Castrograd SC
20: Seán Ó Murchú, 25 y/o, Heathfield City

Having lost both Francisco Manuel Sánchez Garciá and Iñaki Arrigorriagakoa, both modern day Sorthern legends, in recent years the Sorthern attack might be expected to be somewhat weakened. Marxuach though has proved herself to be more than capable replacement since taking Sánchez Garciá's place whilst Wolfetone has made his names banging in goals for fun en route to fourth place at the Fifth Summer Olympics and by helping Sorthern Northland to the World Cup 52 final after forcing himself into the side during that tournament.

Ó Murchú might still be something of a raw product (which at 25 is starting to get a bit worrying) but he is always capable of finding the vague vicinity of the goal, a handy skill for a striker to possess. Though a number of his efforts do end up in row Z. Still, they said that about Lee Waywide once. Whilst Komissarov has proved to be a very good player for his club, question remain about whether he can make the step up to international football.

And to show the first choice starting line-up, the SNFA haven't bothered to really splashed out on fancy graphics and so all there is is to say that generally the starting line-up will be made up of the players numbered 1 to 11.

Not that we're stopping you from making a change or two to that line-up though.

Coaching staff:

Manager: Caio Meback

Assistant manager: Ray Kirs
Coach: Tighearnach Ó Conaill
Coach: Amets Urzúa
Fitness coach: Seòras Mac a' Ghrùdair
Goalkeeping coach: Jonny Sage
Physiotherapist: Ashleigh Trumble
Kitman: Fernando Cervera


Having finally decided that the kits designed to commemorate World Cup 50 might just be becoming slightly out of date the SNFA and Asal éide spóirt unleash a new set of kits!


RP thingy

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events N
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y
Godmod other events Y
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Postby Dorian and Sonya » Tue Sep 28, 2010 8:36 am

To: Director of Operation for the Tarrentum National Football Side

From: Daerstegwen Dlartanina, Assistant Coach and Director of Offensive Strategy for the WhiteHall Faeries of the Sylvanae Vegan Liaga Fuborii

Concerning the Vacancy of the of the Managerial position for the national Side of Tarrentum.

The most important position in your organization is empty at a crucial time. That is not acceptable to any standards as you need solid leadership if your side is to make a real move up the rankings. 77th is a fine spot for some nations to occupy, and if you are truly satisfied with that, then stop reading and throw this query away.

I have worked with the former SFL to improve a domestic product that had very little to offer to the NS community at large. We managed to change that by negotiating a successful, equal merger with the former VFL of ASMV to form a new league that should grow into a true world competitor.

I am a part of the staff that saw the WhiteHall Faeries dethrone 7 time consecutive VFL Champion Errion Vega FK in our debut season against tougher competition than our domestic league had offered.

I have also worked extensively in the Sylvanaes Football Academy where 90% of the players for the Mystical Unicorns have been developed. That squad has risen from unranked returnee to World Cup Qualifier in just three cups and a current rank of 40.

I do believe in an attacking style of offense that uses lots of motion and passing to keep defenders from getting comfortable. Defensively we simply try to manage the match. I will take a 5-4 victory over a 0-0 draw any day of the week.

If chosen for the job, I understand that I will be in the minority of women who hold positions of the like. But I also know that I can handle the job. Elven men are nearly as obstinate as humans.

If you require any other information of me, please feel free to ask.

Thank you,
Daerstegwen Dlartanina
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Postby Tarrentum » Tue Sep 28, 2010 1:45 pm

Memorandum in Confidential: Daerstegwen Dlartanina, Assistant Coach and Director of Offensive Strategy for the WhiteHall Faeries (Sylvanae VLF)

From: Tresare Vittaro, Chairman Tarrentum Sports Committee

Ms. Dlartanina,

In regards to the vacancy with the Tarrentum National Football Team we are extremely pleased of your interest in the position. While your credentials are impressive we must wait and see all other available options and interested candidates.

Please rest assured that gender will not play a factor in the hiring process for this position.

Once again, we thank you for your interest and will be in contact with you once a decision has been made.

Thank you,
[flourish signature]
Tresare Vittaro
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Postby Zirakul » Wed Sep 29, 2010 8:28 am

Zirakul President Speaks to AOCAF Participants

Translated message from Zirakulii President Anipaho Paokkai:

The Zirakulii peoples are proud to send a team to compete in this AOCAF as it spits directly in the face of our oppressors from the Draggonnii Socialist Empire. Finally we have won enough right to represent ourselves in competitions such as these, and now everyone will see the passion of the Zirakul.

As we struggle to gain complete freedom from the accursed Vegan dogs, this will give the people hope and something to cheer for on a national level. As we take the field in the glorious battle that is sport, our people will see that we are men, such as any other, and we will make a name for ourselves as such.

Should we have the opportunity to play the demons that oppress us, drawing blood on the field of sport will have to take the place of their blood on the field of battle. We shall fight to the end to defeat the Vegan murderers and any who call those oppressors of men their allies.

This is the time of the Zirakul! And the Zirakulii people shall seize it by the throat, if necessary!

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Postby Indiarga » Wed Sep 29, 2010 9:38 am

Indiarga Times

Indiarga was a small, but flourishing nation and it was what it was. We had peace and a nice existence with little contact with the outside world. Then Kazzoria invaded and destroyed everything that we had. Why do I write about this in a sports article? You may ask. Well simply because this is a little bit of freedom for us. Hopefully we can become a powerful footballing nation and maybe one day we can regain our long awaited independence.

Indiarga's players are rarely seen across foreign borders apart from a very talented couple who are currently playing in the Kazzorian and Indiargan joint league, although most of them still play in the tiny little Indiargan Independent league which to be honest is struggling. Our main star is Jane Barracks who is the first person from a Kazzorian background to play for Indiarga.

We may not be too well known yet, but our aims are very high. We want to make it out of the group stage, but as we know football can be unpredictable and this being our first international competition we can afford to drop out early. The leader of the Indiargan football for independence group Hawali Poskan said that "This is an amazing opportunity to prove to the world that Indiarga deserves the independence that it once possessed."

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Postby Jeru FC » Thu Sep 30, 2010 7:04 pm

Mango Mousse at Jeru FC training ...

Girl: Hi, I'm Delia from Naked News. I'm here to cover the tournament here.
Mango: Where's Sam Sallad?
Girl: Well, she's on holidays.
Mango: Hey, you're that new girl Delia Dumbass.
Girl: NO, Dumas. It's not Dumbass.
Mango: Sorry, but we're not very edumicated lot.
Girl: Well, I was warned about that.
Mango: Welcome to Jeru FC HQ anyway. You look French.
Girl: Well, derr ... I am.
Mango: Good to know.
Girl: So where's the coach?
Mango: Dunno ... but we're working hard.
Girl: On your beer bellies?
Mango: Well, yes.
Girl: Anyway, I'm new to all this.
Mango: We'll make you feel like one of the boys.
Girl: Just remember I'm not a Jeru FC girl like Sam, I just starting my job.
Mango: Girls are always welcome here.
Girl: I'm sure they are.
Mango: Now, how can we help?
Girl: I'd just like ask a few questions to the boys.
Mango: Come back tomorrow, they are a bit drunk and can't talk now.
Girl: Well, might be a good idea. I don't want people throwing up beer on me.
Mango: I won't do that, I'm a gentlemen.
Girl: I'm sure you'll suggest I don't wear clothes.
Mango: It's for your own good.
Girl: Sure

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Postby Krytenia » Thu Sep 30, 2010 7:22 pm

Please assume YES for all answers in the Permission Box – just don’t kill anyone, K?
Ages are at AOCAF Cup XXX finals. Obviously. (NM) denotes player of Nova Mercian extraction.


Modifier: +3


Manager: Marc OLIC, 56
Assistant Manager: David IULIANO, 45
Goalkeeping Coach: David KELLY, 47
Defensive Coach: Steve DOMENICO, 40
Offensive Coach: Angel GUEVARA, 57
Physiotherapist: Marcus ASIMOV, 41



#1 GK Robert VENUS Age: 22
Club: Avidia United
Caps: 1 Goals: 0

#13 GK Matthew KERISS Age: 19
Club: Caledon Simpson
Caps: 0 Goals: 0

#18 GK Stephen BONIFACE Age: 30
Club: Sembulan (JES)
Caps: 0 Goals: 0


#3 RB Darren SAVAGE (NM) Age: 27
Club: Mercia Bromham
Caps: 34 Goals: 0

#21 RB Daniel MURETTI Age: 19
Club: Emberton Reds
Caps: 0 Goals: 0

#5 CB Saffron LINES Age: 23
Club: Corinthian Spirits (STB)
Caps: 31 Goals: 2

#6 CB Anthony JOHNSON (NM) Age: 33
Club: Emberton Reds
Caps: 67 Goals: 3


#14 CB Adam VIDMAR Age: 30
Club: Casuals Osteria
Caps: 3 Goals: 0

#23 CB Zachary LAWRENCE (NM) Age: 21
Club: Mercia Bromham
Caps: 0 Goals: 0

#2 LB Howard GOODLEY (NM) Age: 31
Club: Raynor City United (VAL)
Caps: 53 Goals: 0

#20 LB Matthew GOODE (NM) Age: 24
Club: Mercia Bromham
Caps: 9 Goals: 0


Club: Avidia United
Caps: 63 Goals: 9

#12 RM Owain LLEWELLYN Age: 23
Club: New Cefn Albion
Caps: 3 Goals: 0

#4 CM Ricky SEXTON (NM) Age: 32
Club: Ousevale Borough
Caps: 64 Goals: 12


#7 CM Conrad DI MAGGIO Age: 29
Club: Caversham
Caps: 7 Goals: 1

#10 AM Kevin IRELAND (NM) Age: 28
Club: Avidia United
Caps: 47 Goals: 23

#16 AM Calvin HOLSGROVE (NM) Age: 31
Club: New Cefn Albion
Caps: 14 Goals: 2

#11 LM Thomas SCARBOROUGH (NM) Age: 30
Club: RCSC Northwood
Caps: 60 Goals: 16

#19 LM Jon BARCLAY Age: 29
Club: New Cefn Albion
Caps: 11 Goals: 0


#9 CF CF Damon PARKER (NM) Age: 30
Club: RCSC Northwood
Caps: 66 Goals: 40

#17 CF Zachariel KENNEDY Age: 24
Club: Stanton Town
Caps: 37 Goals: 22

#15 CF Simon CARTER Age: 18
Club: Mercia Bromham
Caps: 0 Goals: 0

#22 CF PARK Hyung-Moon Age: 24
Club: Emberton Reds
Caps: 0 Goals: 0

1 K Glass
3. D Savage – 5. S Lines – 6. A Johnson (VC) – 2. H Goodley
8. W Kennedy-Worthington – 4. R Sexton (C) – 11. T Scarborough
10. K Ireland
9. D Parker – 17. Z Kennedy


Manufactured by:

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Languages: English (de jure), Spanish, French, Welsh (official regional only)

Hosts: Cup of Harmony VII, AOCAF I, Cup of Harmony XV, World Cup XXIV, AOCAF XIII, World Cup XXIX, AOCAF XVII, AOCAF XXIII, World Cup XL, Cup of Harmony XXXII, Baptism of Fire XXXII, AOCAF XXVII, Baptism of Fire XXXVI, World Cup L, Baptism of Fire XL, Cup of Harmony LXIV, AOCAF XLVIII, World Cup LXXV, AOCAF LX
Champions: AOCAF LII
Runner-Up: AOCAF VII, World Cup LVIII
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Postby Osarius » Sat Oct 09, 2010 4:01 pm

Osarius Squad for AOCAF Cup XXX

Owing to their recent successes in the Di Bradini Cup, and as a way to "audition" Alain Montblanc for the senior team job, the OFA have opted to send the under 21 side to Pacitalia to compete in the 30th AOCAF Cup. The idea being that most nations seem to prefer sending weakened squads, or "B" teams, or some other derivative, and it provides a healthy level of competition, and a strong development environment for the most gifted of young Osarian footballers to learn.

For most of recent history, Osarians are known more for being strong, athletic players lacking in technique and tactical awareness for the most part. This has slowly been changing, and now, while the under 21s are an athletic side, they are packed with some extremely gifted technical players. Mostly down to the efforts of high-profile youth coaches - most notably Elissa Barca-Carthy - and OFA rules which encourage the use of younger players in domestic play.

The coach of the team is Alain Montblanc, who has had a relatively low profile career as a coach until last time around in the Di Bradini Cup, when he led the Flying Sparks - as the under-21s are affectionately known - to the final. His favourite assistant is Elissa Barca-Carthy, who is unfortunately unavailable for this tournament as she is undertaking a managerial assignment on behalf of the OFA, managing a team in a tournament organised by the Draggonnii Socialist Empire. Montblanc prefers to play a more tactical, controlled game than di Corradi, and it is reflected in his squad selections and tactics. By awarding the captain's armband to his central midfielder (as he did in the past, too) he is anchoring the team's focus on the centre of the pitch, where he is often quoted as believing the game is won or lost.

As captain of the team, Ayanna Barca-Carthy is expected to lead the team according to Montblanc's tactics and ensure that possession is maintained. Her steely attitude, seemingly infallible positioning, and tough tackling come as a combination of her mother's tactical awareness, and her father's physical approach to sport (expected from a GraviBall coach, really). She played a crucial role in marshalling the midfield for her club side last season, as they defied the odds to finish mid-table after their promotion. More recently, she led the Flying Sparks to a second consecutive DBC final, where they were unfortunately bested yet again. Now, her aim is simply to improve the team's regional standing by leading her team in another stellar tournament performance.

RP Permissions: Anything goes, really. Just no deaths please, and try to make it fun and interesting! If you want more information on Osarian playing styles and culture, just TG me. I'm always happy to co-operate on RP angles.
Style modifier: +1

#01 - Marco Corradini - 20 years old - Goalkeeper [Cymrwell FC]
#02 - Melanie Farmer - 21 years old - Right Back [Real Rajahara FC]
#03 - Colin Bannan - 20 years old - Left Back [Kart Hago FC]
#04 - Rebecca Moses - 21 years old - Centre Back [Sparta Yurendam]
#05 - Katherine Holland - 21 years old - Sweeper/Centre Back [Cymrwell FC]
#06 - Ayanna Barca-Carthy - 20 years old - Centre Midfield [Real Jraxville F.C.]
#07 - Enrico Martelli - 20 years old - Right Midfield [Cymrwell FC]
#08 - Stewart Coby - 21 years old - Left/Right Midfield [Utica United F.C.]
#09 - Dante Speranzo - 20 years old - Striker [Utica United F.C.]
#10 - Nicolao Froilante - 20 years old - Attacking Midfield [AFC Hollybrent]
#11 - Salamo Suarez - 21 years old - Centre Forward [Grasshoppers Turic]
#12 - Tanya Potter - 20 years old - Goalkeeper [Bayer Schlossberg FC]
#13 - Damian Berenguer - 17 years old - Goalkeeper [Renneville United F.C.]
#14 - Olive Lawrence - 19 years old - Striker [Burningham City F.C.]
#15 - Harvey Decker - 20 years old - Centre Back [Grasshoppers Turic F.C.]
#16 - Miranda Haney - 20 years old - Centre Back [Pinturici Rangers FC]
#17 - Lincoln Shepherd - 18 years old - Left Back [Renneville United F.C.]
#18 - Thiago García - 21 years old - Centre Midfield [Fort Mare FC]
#19 - Macario García - 21 years old - Centre Midfield [Fort Mare FC]
#20 - Domenico Caporaso - 21 years old - Centre Forward [Paper Tree Town]
#21 - Jade Gross - 17 years old - Left Midfield [AFC Hollybrent]
#22 - Pepito - 17 years old - Attacking Midfield [Real Jraxville F.C.]
#23 - Federico Agnelli - 19 years old - Right Back [Muirford Athletic F.C.]

Alain Montblanc has kept the squad exactly the same as it was for the 15th Di Bradini Cup. Basically, they are the remnants of the DBC 14 finalists, and a few from a new wave of kids. The team retains a young but experienced goalkeeper in Marco Corradini (still on loan from Burningham City) at the back, with olympic gold medallist Tanya Potter, and untested but promising Renneville custodian Damian Berenguer as the third choice.

The defence is predominantly female, with Katherine Holland at the heart of things, pulling the strings alongside two of her U23 teammates (Rebecca Moses and Melanie Farmer). On the bench, there are two notable backups in the form of Federico Agnelli - said to be one of the best attacking fullback prospects in Osarius - and Harvey Decker, Roberto Cormega's tip as the successor to Tay Gidds. Colin Bannan provides the male presence at the back, with his propensity toward making runs down the flank, he is sure to be a regular in this team, which is built on counterattacking principles.

The midfield represents a change from the norm in Osarius, as there is a solid five-man midfield, led by the team's captain Ayanna Barca-Carthy. On the right, we find Enrico Martelli, the OFA Young Player of the Year and probable long-term replacement for Benni Watson, with the ambidextrous, yet much lesser-known, Stewart Coby opposite him on the left. The middle three is typically made up of captain Barca-Carthy, alongside two more central midfield players (although sometimes a forward will drop deep to play in midfield), which allow for a balanced unit, capable of swinging from attack to defence without trouble. There is also scope for her to line up alongside the versatile and dependable Garcia twins, and Thiago - the more combative of the two - is her preferred midfield partner, while Macario is a reliable box-to-box player, or attacking midfielder who often takes some of the heat off the diminutive Pepito, or the constantly running captain. Pepito, the little Jraxville wizard, will be looking to link up with his clubmate too, and establish himself as a potential choice for the senior Firebirds in future - after dislodging Nicolao Froilante from the Flying Sparks starting eleven.

Up front, its unlikely that any forward can dislodge Dante Speranzo as first choice. The Utica striker is improving every game, and looking more and more dangerous with every shot. Salamo Suarez is surely the second choice, though (when he isnt playing a deeper role), after a convincing rookie season with Turic, followed up by an equally strong sophomore year. Domenico Caporaso is looking to truly break into the international scene after impressing on his few appearances for the Flying Sparks, as will Olive Lawrence, the young Burningham forward with incredible predatory instincts.

Regular Starting Line-Up

------------------T. Garcia-------------
Ruler: - vacant - | Population: ~125 million (as of 2300) | Capital: Burningham, Mount Crown
Civilisation Index: 13.43 • Tier 7, Level 2, Type 5
Current Project(s): A customisable trading card game and a 7-a-side footy sim

Useful NSSports Stuff |

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The Bear Islands
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Postby The Bear Islands » Tue Oct 12, 2010 10:47 am

(Evidently time must pass at a slower rate for this nation than it does for Bears Armed, because they’re still fielding a team whose composition is hardly changed at all from the one that made their international debut back in BoF33…)

Nation: ‘The Bear Islands’.
3-letter code: ‘YRU’.
Team nickname: 'the Braves'.

National Soccer Organisation: The ‘Team Chief’ (i.e. ‘Manager’) reports directly to the national government.
Home pitch: South Beach (This is only useable around low tide, which affects the timing of any games that ever get held there…).
Anthem: ‘We Are Best’.

Team Chief (= Manager): Listens-To-Parrots.
Medicine Man (= Doctor & Chaplain): Red Owl.
Physio: Moonshine (female).


This is the team’s starting line-up, until further notice _


Stands-Like-Oak (very tall, so that the ball’s unlikely to go over him & still be inside the net; good at reaching out to the sides without moving his feet much, too, although he can move around — and do so very well — if it’s really necessary…)


Left: Stone Turtle
Centre: Turtle-Blue-Twin (actually a pair of identical twins, legally a single person under this nation’s own rules, who will generally remain close together and function as a single player…)
Right: Wide Boy

Defensive Midfielders

Left: Running Joke (seems to be as good at running sideways, or even backwards, as he is at running forwards… and is very likely to do so..)
Right: None-Shall-Pass (big and strong, but surprisingly agile for his size too; just promoted from ‘substitute’ to ‘starter’, and wants to prove himself…)

Offensive Midfielders

Left: Mighty-Like-A-Rose ('Game Chief', i.e. Captain)
Right: Harefoot (the team’s fastest runner)

(Left to right…)

Running Bare (plays in minimal loin-cloth)
Head-in-Air (very tall, which is relevant for headers and high shots…)
Thunderbolt (takes kick-offs, and most ‘set pieces’)


‘Utility’ (good in any & every position): Football-Wizard
"That deaf, dumb and blind Bear,
Sure plays a mean Football!"

Goalkeeper: Son-of-The-Moon
Defender/Defensive Midfielder: Leaping Walrus (wonderful moustache!
He’s just been demoted from ‘starter’, ands wants to win that stsaus back…)
Midfielder (Defensive/Offensive): Floats-Like-Butterfly
Midfielder (Offensive)/Offender: Stings-Like-Bee (non-identical twin of ‘Floats-Like-Butterfly’)
Offenders: White Lightning (another very fast runner; half-brother of ‘Moonshine’, the Physio…)


Midfielder: Fast Girl (new to the squad, their first female player)
Offender: Hears-Strange-Ghosts (claims to be advised by spirits whom the team’s other members — and even their nation’s specialists in these matters — can’t detect… He has just been demoted from ‘substitute’ to ‘reserve’, due to unreliability…).

(Their identifying numbers will be re-assigned before each match, on a complicated basis that I’m not going to explain here but might get around to describing in RP at some point…)

No more reserves have been named publicly yet, because to do that would be to imply that they would actually be needed which would be inviting bad luck, but they’ve probably brought a few along anyway….


Kit: The team plays in a variant of their normal clothing, rather than in a more ‘conventional’ kit. This consists of a ’churra’ (a sort of short poncho, that doesn’t extend far down the arms) in a red-&-black chequered pattern, held in place by a belt around the waist, with a leather breech-clout under this. They will play bare-footed, unless the organisers forbid this.
They don’t actually have an alternative kit: if circumstances mean that they can’t use their “first” one then they’ll play ‘topless’ instead…


If my opponent RPs first then
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod Scoring Events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y, but nothing too serious without prior permission.
Godmod injuries to my players: Y, ditto.
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out Red cards to my players: Y, but not more than 2/game without prior permission.
Godmod Other Events: Y, as long as it’s funny…


Yes, these are all ‘Ursines’, but unlike the members of my other ‘Ursine’ teams they’re all males. They’re a bit less civilised than most of the people from ’Bears Armed’, and their version of the ’harrdiharr’ actually involves brandishing war-clubs (unless their hosts say “No!” verrry firmly…). Expect a modest number of travelling supporters, arriving in large outrigger-canoes and catamaran-canoes and beating loudly on drums to accompany their chants during matches…

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Armed Beers
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Postby Armed Beers » Tue Oct 12, 2010 10:49 am

'Armed Beers National Team'

Each of this team’s players consists of a quart glass, containing a dark brown liquid with a frothy white ‘head’ (presumably Beer…) in which a pair of glowing [immaterial?] eyes float, that is hovering with its base somewhere between 5 feet & 6 feet off of the ground, with both a pair of identifying numbers and a pair of football boots in appropriate positions — but with the boots not quite touching the ground, even when the player is stationary — below this… and, for the goalkeeper, a pair of gloves (that are apparently filled with something , although you can’t see what that is…) suitably located as well. The eyes will remain paired, but can move freely within the fluid to let them see in any direction without actually needing to turn their “heads” around. They can briefly increase or decrease their height by up to half if this seems useful.
Yes, they can ‘head’ the ball without the glasses breaking or contents spilling, and close observation will reveal that in fact the ball bounces from an invisible surface about an inch off of their visible components when they do so: This surface also protects the glasses against getting broken. They cannot be tripped, and will not dive. Shooting the ball “through” one of them, between their head & their boots, is probably possible if & when they aren’t looking in the shooter’s direction but not if they are aware of the attempt in advance… although other team’s players will only discover this by trial & error.
They can manage throw-ins somehow, although nobody actually sees any hands...

They practice a balanced style, ±0.
They employ a 3-4-3 formation.

Goalkeeper = #1.
Defenders = #2 to #4, right to left.
Midfielders = #5 to #8, right to left.
Forwards = #9 to #11, right to left.

Substitutes = #12 to #18 (preferred positions not yet specified), but these will only be deployed if somebody actually finds a way of injuring one of the starters… and no, your players can’t drink the ‘beer’!

They have not yet supplied the names of their players — or even clarified whether they actually have individual names, anyway — and no manager or coaching staff have been identified so far either.
They haven't brought any supporters along, but don't seem to feel the lack...

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod Scoring Events: Y
RP injuries to my players: N, unless they have obtained prior permission.
Godmod injuries to my players: N, unless they have obtained prior permission.
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Y, but only if this is acknowledged to be due to faulty (or biased) refereeing as this team will be playing strictly by the book…
Hand out Red cards to my players: N, unless they have obtained prior permission.
Godmod Other Events: Y, as long as it’s funny…

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Postby Pacitalia » Tue Oct 12, 2010 4:44 pm

AOCAF30 Group Draw and Tournament Process

The group draw took place on IRC on Tuesday, 12th October 2010 starting at approximately 1600 PDT. Each of the top seven ranked teams in the region (placed into "Pot A" before the draw) was subsequently placed into its own group along with one team each from Pots B, C and D. Placement in all four pots was dependent on the team's regional ranking prior to AOCAF30.

Pot A — Sorthern Northland, Pacitalia, Cafundéu, Starblaydia, Krytenia, Sarzonia, Kosovoe
Pot B — The Bear Islands, Andossa Se Mitrin Vega, 95X, Burchadinger, Dorian and Sonya, Nellietopia, Valanora
Pot C — Sportgirls, Osarius, Jesselton, Scandonia, Mantwenic, Carpathia and Ruthenia, Delaclava
Pot D — Armed Beers, Indiarga, Jeru FC, Kagdazka and Pazhujebu, Meddicia, Tarrentum, Zirakul

Pacitalia, as host, automatically went into Group A.

The groups are as follows:

Group A
Pacitalia (2) Valanora (15) Osarius (19) Meddicia (UR)

Group B
Kosovoe (7) The Bear Islands (8) Carpathia and Ruthenia (31) Indiarga (UR)

Group C
Starblaydia (4) Nellietopia (13) Jesselton (24) Zirakul (UR)

Group D
Krytenia (5) 95X (10) Sportgirls (19) Kagdazka and Pazhujebu (UR)

Group E
Sarzonia (6) Andossa Se Mitrin Vega (9) Delaclava (36) Armed Beers (36)

Group F
Cafundéu (3) Dorian and Sonya (12) Scandonia (26) Tarrentum (UR)

Group G
Sorthern Northland (1) Burchadinger (11) Mantwenic (31) Jeru FC (UR)

The tournament will proceed as follows:

  • There will be at least 48 hours between each scorination throughout the entire tournament.
  • Each team will play their group opponents once in the group stage for a total of three (3) matches each.
  • The two best teams from each group, totalling 14, will advance to the round of 16. In addition, the two teams that finish third in their respective groups, but have the best record overall in the group stage of third-place teams, will also advance.
  • The knockout stage will proceed with a round of 16, followed by a quarterfinal of eight teams, a semifinal of four teams, and a final consisting of the semifinal winners plus a separate third-place playoff contested by the semifinal losers.

Matchday 1 is imminent, so get your RPs and rosters up as soon as possible.
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Postby Pacitalia » Tue Oct 12, 2010 4:49 pm

The Blue Foxes
Representing the Pacitalian Republic in
international men's football competition

The three-time champion Blue Foxes are back for their 19th appearance at the Atlantian Oceanian Confederation of Association Football Cup in AOCAF Cup 30, excitingly, held for the first time on home soil here in Pacitalia.

Home kit (left), away kit (right)

Kits created by

I give my opponent permission to:
Choose my scorers
Delegate yellows/red
Injure my players (within reason)

Manager: Marco van Basten
Assistant manager: Veranace d'Amantano
Captain: Abro Zolà (GK)

Formation and style
4-2-3-1 with a +3 style modifier

1. Abro Zolà (GK)
2. Sergio San Cristobál (LCB)
3. Semih Mansur (RB)
4. Nicolás Sema (RM)
5. Aurelio Seriesta (LB)
9. Ambrosino Giurimano (ST)
14. Michelangelo Mascagnano (CAM)
15. Diego Tomás Cruz (LM)
16. Hermès Adiarche (RCB)
19. Andolfabio Vunghiasso (LAM)
22. Massimo da Scupeta (RAM)
6. Adrian Manoliu (ST)
7. Afino Boranogunta (LAM)
8. Mario Camanecchia (RCB)
10. Ami Bellagente (LCB)
11. Bertrando Massimatto (CAM)
12. Giordano Muntefeora (LM)
13. Tiberiu Manescu (LB)
17. Ambrosino Terasti (RB)
18. Fenicio Samatini (RM)
20. Manel Bernát i Lem (RAM)
23. Romano Cristiano Santi (GK)
21. Arcangelo Fonseca (ST)
24. Nicu Vasilica (RCB)
25. Andreos Charisteas (RAM)
26. Angelo Bordellatta (LB)
27. Sergio Fernández (LAM)
28. Iñaki Montoya (CAM)
29. Ferdinando Imperino (LM)
30. Luís Capodor Reina (GK)
31. Benigno Colombano (LCB)
32. Antonio Linguera de Sà (RCB)
33. Chimano San Sebastiano (RM) +


Vunghiasso Mascagnano da Scupeta

Cruz Sema

Seriesta Mansur
San Cristobál Adiarche

[ Zolà ]

Despite making the final squad as a reserve, RM Chimano San Sebastiano remains on the injured reserve following Achilles heel surgery in October 2009.

Federazione Futaboli Pacitaliana
℗ MMX (2010)
Pacitalian Football Federation

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Kagdazka and Pazhujebu
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Postby Kagdazka and Pazhujebu » Tue Oct 12, 2010 10:28 pm

Mahathu's Number One English Language Daily

Image Image Image Image

Very Tough Group D Awaits For Federation

Qichechumadia Zhabi, MAHATHU - Kagdazka and Pazhujebu will face Krytenia, 95X, and Sportgirls in the group stage of AOCAF 30. While avoiding the elite class of teams the Sea Urchins could have been dealt (like Sorthern Northland, Cafundeu, or hosts Pacitalia), the national team will need to summon an astonishing feat to acquire any points over Krytenia, and strong 95X and Sportgirls sides will fancy their chances against the AOCAF debutants as well.

Regular AOCAF participants 95X are ruled by a corporate-style board of directors. A highly populous nation with mega-cities boasting powerfully functional public transportation systems, 95X missed AOCAF 29 after reaching the AOCAF 28 quarterfinals. (That tournament saw them roar through the group stage; it was behemoth Cafundeu who ultimately felled them.) A return to that level is hardly out of question.

Krytenia have been an Atlantian Oceania powerhouse for many, many years, but their history in the region's premier tournament is a tortured one. They have never collected the AOCAF trophy despite innumerable attempts and no shortage of talent. The warm and democratic country has progressed to at least the quarterfinal stage of the last seven tournaments, but in that period never reached the final.

The radical feminists who run our country may find they identify with the small nation of Sportgirls, which offers citizenship only to its women. Nearly a city-state, Sportgirls have devoted substantial financial and political capital to developing a strong football league and national team. Though their AOCAF 30 roster remains unreleased, it is widely expected that Emily Page and Megan Sullivan will be standout players.

A third-place finish could be enough for the Purple Sea Urchins, but being unseeded will have them running at the rear of the pack from the start, and even third might be a step too far. We here at the Herald consider ourselves realists, and though a point or two would be lovely, we will likely welcome our team home early. However, since it has been so long since we in Pazhujebu have had a national team to cheer for, it will still be a joyous experience.

Manager Baba Yaga remains utterly tight-lipped about the squad that will take the field in Kagdazka and Pazhujebu's first match. It would be a shock, however, if captain Fidesta Qiva was not in the starting eleven, just as no one would bet against the KPFA League First Division's 5242 Season Golden Boot winner, Chaya Vuhumkara, appearing on Baba Yaga's team sheet.
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The Federation of Kagdazka and Pazhujebu

Baptism of Fire 25 Champions (The Pazhujeb Islands), Baptism of Fire 33 Runners-Up (Kagdazka), AOCAF 33 Runners-Up (Kagdazka and Pazhujebu), Baptism of Fire 43 Co-Hosts, Baptism of Fire 45 Co-Hosts

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Democratic Socialists

Postby Valanora » Tue Oct 12, 2010 10:47 pm

From the Offices of the VSC does the Marauder information come

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players Y (no more than three weeks out)
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players N
Godmod Other Events Y

What is the name of…

…four time World Cup champions?
Valanora (known prior to World Cup 37 as Elves Security Forces)

...the other nations involved in Valanora?
Vyinta and Dark Templara

…the nation in which this Commonwealth play their home matches?
Elves Security Forces (sometimes ESF in shortphrase)

…people from the Commonwealth?
Vanorians or Vanors

…the person who created this mess?
Elves Security Forces

Style Modifier: +3


Image Image

Home Away Third


Daugar Massimo
Age: 17,441
After his success at club football, Massimo nearly had his managerial star become the brightest in the universe when he guided the Marauders back to the Final in World Cup 51, but ultimately fell in his attempt to win Valanora's fourth World Cup. With confidence in his tactics and managerial abilities no longer in doubt by the media, Massimo was ready to make it third time lucky and succeed where he failed last tournament, winning World Cup 52 in convincing fashion.

Assistant Manager

Gilmeluon Werlothas
Age - 12,868
A strong and steady second in command who is the liaison between Massimo and his squad.


1 GK Lona Taldel, Club ESF
Age - 688
Sex - F
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 154 lbs
Taldel finally earns her way back into the side thanks in large part to two magnificent seasons with Club ESF. She is hoping that a good performance will earn her a spot at the next World Cup in the Vanorian roster.


2 Hanutaut Lilithian, Tenderville United (Nethertopia)
Age - 600
Sex - F
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 154 lbs
Agile and a superb little bit of tackling skill are her best attributes and she uses them well to confound attacking players into making plays that they would rather not.

3 Esaurassë Shaalvail, Mar Sara FC
Age - 722
Sex - F
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 167 lbs
Shaalvail is meant to be the enforcer for the side and has a rough but clean approach to the game. Referees that follow the letter of the law rather than the spirit of the law may end up booking her more often cause of her rough play, but lenient referees often see it as fair.

4 Anuialya Gadragthor, Club ESF ~
Age - 587
Sex - F
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 128 lbs
She may be a tad on the short side to be anchoring the center of the defense, but her work rate and successful tackle percentage is all the proof Massimo needed to put her there and leave Lilithian in her natural spot.


5 Filwame Omasas, FC Capri
Age: 608
Sex - F
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 164 lbs
Omasas is all about attacking the opponent as many times as you can with diagonals and great through balls. Though she lacks the pace of a Tathmin or Haevathar, she is lethal in the air on dead ball situations with her height and great positioning.

10 Aintôrthea Durosa, Cafundó do Juta (Cafundeu)
Age - 724
Sex - F
Height: 5"10"
Weight: 144 lbs
Durosa is one of those players that can play just about any position, as her skill set is vast and adequate in multiple areas. She has done exceptionally well in her CMSC seasons, nabbing goals and assists with regularity and has continued with her transfer to the Cafundeu league.

7 Merenwen Lúinwë, Hondo FC
Age - 645
Sex - F
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 147 lbs
Hondo's Lúinwë is a player who has it all, much in the mold of Faeron Soldarian. Great passing skills, wonderful vision, enough pace to be a world class track star, and a never say die attitude. If not for Durosa's experience, she likely would have been captain.

8 Elarwen Tallaion, Juavi FC
Age - 685
Sex - F
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 165 lbs
Tallaion is a hard working wide player whose cross is decent but it is her commitment to getting back that gives her the edge over the other candidates for the job. On set pieces, she likes to get in the box and mix it up.

6 Innathwen Tathmin, Club ESF ~
Age - 809
Sex - F
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 143 lbs
Tathmin is one of those pass and go attacking midfielders that has loads of pace and vision, but who really can't shake defenders when she is on the ball. She is lethal once inside the area and loves to initiate one two to get her chances on goal.


9 Rharanthea Kithaldar, Soldarian FC
Age - 786
Sex - F
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 154 lbs
Kithaldar is a hybrid sort of striker that is lean and agile but likes to hold up play just as much as she likes to on one on one with defenders. Her first touch is superb, with many first time half volleys finding their way into the back of the net.

11 Arahileth Haevathar, Mar Sara FC
Age - 597
Sex - F
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 143 lbs
Haevathar is a lightning fast little striker who can dribble circles around opposition players and set up her strike partner nearly as well as she can finish herself.

12 GK Anathiaiel Elersumé, age 635, Rolalas FC (F) ~
22 GK Tardathiel Galonmin, age 492, Kareen FC (F)
14 CB Filiriel Undotaur, age 681, Raynor City United (F)
13 CB Úthladiel Elendhen, age 780, Club Valanora (F)
15 CB Ertartha Runelenthir, age 656, Kareen FC (F) ~
16 LW Filthenraya Haeeme, age 680, Club ESF (F)
19 RW Medyavwen Undoelon, age 724, Rolalas FC (F)
17 MC Caraniel Larentalhûn, age 597, Raynor City United (F)
16 MC Berdëmiel Nardhrinonel, age 667, Soldarian FC (F)
18 AMC Filtiiadhya Elerdel, age 804, Rolalas FC (F)
20 ST Inala Duran, age 588, FC Capri (F) ~
21 ST Rainglertharia Cromlond, age 548, AC Valanari (F)

Captain: Aintôrthea Durosa
Set Piece Taker: Innathwen Tathmin
Penalty Taker: Rharanthea Kithaldar
Right Corner: Aintôrthea Durosa
Left Corner: Aintôrthea Durosa

Lilithian Gadragthor Shaalvail
Omasas Lúinwë Durosa Tallaion

Haevathar Kithaldar

~ denotes Vyintanese
World Cup 40, 42, 43, 52, & 61 Champions
WC 47, 51 (2nd), WC 34, 38, 39, 41, 44, 45, 53, 60, 67 (3rd), WC 49, 58 (Semifinalist), WC 33, 35-37, 46, 48, 54, 55, 62, 63, 65, 72, 83 (Quarterfinalist)
WCoH VII, VIII, XVII, XXVIII, XXX, XXXII (1st), WCoH I, XXXI, XL (2nd), WCoH II, XXIX (3rd), WCoH XII (4th)
AOCAF 44, 46, 51, & 53 Champions, AOCAF 39 & 43 Runners Up
Co-Hosted: too many events to count

EPL Season 20,073

I am that which I am and choose to be.
AO4Life ~ AO is The Place



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