Baptism of Fire 35 bid: Somewhereistonia - Kura-Pelland

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Baptism of Fire 35 bid: Somewhereistonia - Kura-Pelland

Postby Kura-Pelland » Mon Jul 13, 2009 3:03 pm

Baptism of Fire 35
Somewhereistonia - Kura-Pelland Hosting Bid

"Hot-blooded competition, cool-headed organisation"

Both Somewhereistonia and Kura-Pelland are trusted members of the community. Whilst Kura-Pelland (as Kaze Progressa) originally came up with the idea of the Baptism of Fire, Somewhereistonia has won it quite recently. We know what the Baptism of Fire means, and we think we can give the nations that are to be in it the best place to prepare for the following World Cup and beyond. This bid is typical of the favoured one new and one experienced host.

We aim to for sensibly hosted competition, with responsible and mature handling of any issues with could arise during the competition. Whilst we all would rather any issues did not occur, this is always a possibility. We feel we can show a fair-handed approach to this whilst causing minimal disruption.


Kura-Pelland has a massive hosting record, with three WCs, one BoF and one CoH with each of his two nations as well as numerous other non-WCC competitions. This impressive record proves that Kura-Pelland is a reliable host, time and again.

Somewhereistonia itself has hosted tournaments before, although never for a WCC event. The nation has hosted the latest Rugby League World Cup as well as the rugby club tournaments (the RWCC and Heroes' Cup).


Scorination will be done with NSFS 2.0.7 at around 10PM UTC. There will be no major difference to the normal running of the show, with roleplay bonuses given on quality of RP rather than quantity. There will be an opening RP done by the hosts to help new players see how it's done as well as helping to give them a base for ideas to come from.

Telegrams will be sent to all who are signed up a day before the tournament is due to begin to remind them of their participation.

Tournament Format:

This is highly reliant on numbers, but we will bring the tournament style as close to the norm as we can whilst excluding as few sign-ups as possible (hopefully none).

The tournament will be played in several stadiums in Kura-Pelland and Somewhereistonia, some of which will be virtually brand new (with shiny new pictures). These will be outlined closer to the time of the tournament but there is no issue of capacity; Somewhereistonia already has an 85,000-seat stadium and two even larger venues are being planned.

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