CAFA Cup 9: The Cyber Chase -- Signup/Bid Thread

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CAFA Cup 9: The Cyber Chase -- Signup/Bid Thread

Postby CAFA » Sun May 05, 2024 9:40 am


Welcome to the ninth edition of Anaia’s regional association football championship. The CAFA Cup is Anaia’s Regional Championship for Association Football. It is open only to nations in the Anaia Region, provided that they remain a member of the region for the duration of this competition, and that they also do not sign up for any other regional association football cup or equivalent this cycle.

To sign up for the CAFA Cup, please post in this thread with your roster information.
Sign-ups without a roster will not be accepted, and posting placeholders (i.e. “reserved for roster information”) will be looked at poorly.
If you are posting a roster, it is also recommended to include an RP permissions box. An example of this can be found in the spoiler below:
Code: Select all
RP Permissions Box
If my opponent RPs our match first, I give them permission to:
Godmod scoring events: Y/N
RP Injuries to my players: Y/N
Godmod injuries to my players: Y/N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y/N
Hand out red cards to my players: Y/N
Godmod other events: Y/N
I prefer you pick these goalscorers for my side:

Puppet Entries:
If a user signs up with a nation that entered the previous CAFA, they may enter up to two nations, provided they were both in the Anaia region at the time that this post was created and remain for the duration of the tournament. In their signup/roster post, users must indicate their second nation -- typically called a puppet -- as such. Undeclared puppets who do not comply with this rule may have all nations associated with their user removed from the tournament.

Host Bids:
Host bids are encouraged to be posted in this thread. In order to host the tournament, you must be signed up to participate. Prospective hosts should indicate their plans for format, scorinator, RP Bonus, tiebreakers, and any other elements as needed. Approved hosts will take over all operation of the tournament from the CAFA account for the edition they are voted to host, including determining signup deadlines and overall schedule.
The deadline for host bids shall be 72 hours after the first host bid posted by someone who has also submitted a roster, or two weeks from the time of this post, whichever is later.
The entry deadline shall be set by the host, but shall be no sooner than May 19th 2024 at 20:00 UTC.

Current CAFA Rankings:
The current CAFA rankings are available here. Thanks to Audioslavia for providing a brand new spreadsheet with additional wizardry.

Please do not post in this thread if you are not a member of the Anaia region or a moderator performing their duties. Otherwise, your post will be considered spam, and may bring moderator action.

Entrants to CAFA Cup 9: The Cyber Chase:
Nation Name [Username if different] (20)
Beer League Footballers That Got Lost
Ochre Islands
Space Laser Dinosaur Robot Pirate Land
United States of Nova Calania

Puppets: (+3)
Bostopia (Ochre Islands)
Yesopalitha (Chromatika)
Saggitarius A* [Sgr A] (Audioslavia)

Host Bids:
CAFA IX: Weekend at Bernie’s by Legalese
come play in space laser dinosaur robot land! by Space Laser Dinosaur Robot Pirate Land
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Postby Huayramarca » Sun May 05, 2024 10:02 am

OOC: Roster includes images generated by Dall-E 2 for illustrative purposes, those shouldn't be considered for grading.

Federación Huayramarquina de Fútbol


Official Roster for the 9th CAFA Cup

About Huayramarca:
Quick Facts

Official Name: Estado Plurinacional de Huayramarca - The Plurinational State of Huayramarca.
Motto: Revolución o Muerte ¡Venceremos!
National Anthem: ¡Oh, Huayramarca! - Lyrics
Capital City: Chuquiago.
Highest Point: Nevado Inti (7,920 masl)
Currency: Inti (I$ 1 = N$ 0.33)
Languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara (main); Six other indigenous languages.

Huayramarcan Football History:
As a society, Huayramarcans enjoy sports, especially when politics may turn the nation into a chaos every second, they just want to run away from that horrible and desperate situation and may try luck on football.

Considering the levels of poverty on Huayramarca, young people may give a shot for football in the chaotic Liga 1 or lower tiers, with the hopes of achieving a decent salary that may help their families to get away from poverty and huayco-prone neighbourhoods. Liga 1 has fourteen teams from various parts of the country, mostly focused on the Sierra and Costa regions since those are the most heavily populated ones. The recent decisions taken in the Government and the Huayramarcan Football Federation, where they ended a ban on transferring players to foreign teams, has filled with optimism and illusion an entire generation of youngsters, that now aim to be another Huayramarcan playing abroad.

Immediately after the HFF creation, the president of the Plurinational State, Hugo Mina (Costeño), thought it would be a great idea to form a fringe squad for the AOCAF and then try to make it into Baptism of Fire or World Cup Qualifiers, hence he asked for Eliezer González (head of the Huayramarcan Football Federation) to try and apply for said tournaments. He sent notes to sign-up for those events, but he sent them incorrectly, at AOCAF, he sent it to a grandmother living up near the Andean Organization for Coffee, Agriculture and Forests (located at Cumbayá) instead of sending it to the proper AOCAF tournament organizing committee, which turned González into laughingstock for several weeks in Huayramarca. Despite that, González managed to sign-up properly for the WC, despite he was rejected for BoF because he applied to the “Burger of Fire” and not the Baptism of Fire.

After all, the HFF managed to convince 25 players from the amateur-ish Liga 1 sides to build the National Team, whose nickname is resumed to “Kuntur” (The Condors), all those players ranged from being high school students, to chemists, bus drivers, and even people from the local tavern, whose preference is revealed on how they named their team “Real Ebriedad”, which was later supported by Cristalina, the main brewery firm from Huayramarca.

Nothing that would be possible without the support of Omar Caicedo, a Costeño who migrated to Québec and decided to learn football techniques while managing Beyreuth University, where he won three national titles out of eight seasons on his span with them. Caicedo is a fan of high-pressure football, known as “gegenpressing” or “El Huayco” as Huayramarcans may call if (specially Serranos, since they might be quite shy or sometimes plain dumb that doesn’t like to attack) Anyways, Caicedo’s strategy proved right on some matches played by Huayramarca against their northern neighbour, the Royal Kingdom of Québec, beating them 5-1 at Huayramarca’s Estadio Nacional (located at 4,012 masl only?!…) and tying 2-2 at Iqaluit’s Ice Hockey Rink (that’s what the players thought at playing in a frozen city… ¡Achachay!) If you wonder what’s ¡Achachay! Well, figure out you’re on top of the mountain receiving wind and gelid weather right into you, if you did it, welcome to Huayramarcan’s sense of cold shivering!

Well, coming back to football, Caicedo’s devotion for 4-2-3-1 has been unquestionable, he always loved to boast of having a neat defence, two defending mid fielders that may aim to recover possession when needed, or even having one of them switching to creative duties in support of the team’s brain, Ian Mamani, then, two wingers feeding the sole striker up in the middle of the box. He did demonstrate a lot during the first part of the World Cup Qualifiers, earning some mixed results during it, but it failed for a part of the second half, where the team accumulated an 11 winless game streak added that they weren't capable to snatch a win during their first eight local games. In fact, their first home win came at the 9th home game, after that, they won three out of their four last home games, earning an 8 games unbeaten streak to finish off the Qualifiers, which was a quite impressive recovery after suffering a significant streak of defeats. A similar pattern occurred for World Cup 86th too.

With investments made by the Huayramarcan Government to the Huayramarcan Football Federation, by multiplying tenfold their budget, the HFF has now sent the managerial staff of the Condors to other nations, to gather new ideas and apply those to build a competent side in tactical terms, with the main purpose to achieve World Cup qualification for the first time as soon as possible and provide that joy to the Huayramarcan folk. That heavy investment provided benefits during the 87th World Cup Qualifiers, where Huayramarca left behind the label of being an "uncomfortable rival" to take a protagonist role in their group, finishing second behind Audioslavia with a solid 40 points in 18 matches. Things in playoffs might be forgettable as Huayramarca drew at home (1-1) and was thrashed (1-4) in Tikariot.

Despite the downturn in the team's mindset, the team faced struggles at the Cup of Harmony group stage. Being defeated by Mriin at the first game, defeating Garifunya 1-0 and then tying against Ibixa for the second time in the cycle sent the Condors to the Knockout phase of CoH for their first time ever, Xanneria was a hard rival for the Round of 32, Huayramarca's miracle run was about to start with a narrow 2-1 win over them; then two rock-solid performances against Saint Domingue and a well-known foe from the WCQ Group (Sargossa) with a 3-1 and 2-0 respectively, put Huayramarca among the best four sides in the Cup of Harmony. Being defeated by Mriin with a hard-fought 2-3 and then once again a 1-4 against Newmanistan were enough to confirm Huayramarca as the 4th placed side.

World Cup 88th would prove to be an interesting situation for the team and fans overall, Huayramarca would have a rather forgettable first half of the qualifiers, with a 6-game winless streak that became a ballast enough to keep the team away from the Top-3 during the entire Qualifier. The team tried to revert the situation with strong performances that, pitifully, weren’t enough to qualify the team for the World Cup. A strong CoH and a decent CAFA helped to compensate.

Life may repeat some of their lessons if people doesn’t manage to learn from them, the Huayramarcan National Team enjoyed their best start ever in a World Cup Qualifier, nine goals for and one against in the four first matches, the team was displaying a defensive strength unknown for many fans, they continued the path by defeating Squornshelan Remnant States and Nephara in important matches. “It was too good for being real” said many fans, and Tumbra proved them right, as they grounded the Huayramarcans at the Estadio Nacional with a painful 0-3, so painful that marked a steady decline of the team for the second half, as the team got a succession of draws and defeats that sent them from the top of the table to the fifth place in a span of four matchdays. From that crisis, it is noteworthy the fact that Omar Caicedo used an alternative XI for the remainder of the cycle and shifted to a more offensive version of “El huayco,” that would prove to be effective for Cycle 90.

With Caicedo’s tenure in a limbo, he decided to take a game-changing decision after hiring Rodolfo Zelaya as an assistant coach; Zelaya’s a former footballer with significant decorations such as Champions Cup with two teams and reaching the World Cup Final twice. Despite being defeated at home by Valanora in the opener, a string of four clean sheets in the next five games would be decisive to consolidate Huayramarca as a contender in her group, then a quick succession of decisive results against Krytenia at home (3-2) and Valanora on the road (2-2) paved the way to keep the team fighting for the first place until the last matchday. Despite defeating Krytenia 1-0 on the road, the Vanorians won their last match and that meant that Huayramarca went to the playoffs, despite possessing the seventh best record of the qualifiers.

Facing Omerica in the playoffs was a tough affair, as they managed to salvage a horrid game when visiting the rivals, a 1-2 that proved to be oxygen for the second leg of the playoffs at Puerto San Carlos. An early goal from the Legend itself, Bryan Tello, and a strong defensive performance from The Condors forced the penalty kicks. The Huayramarcans and Omericans were scoring perfectly fine until the fifth round, where Juan Mamani decided to be the hero and saved the kick, sending Huayramarca to its first World Cup Finals.

El Huayco was now stronger than ever, and the World Cup highlighted it with statement results against Græntfjall (4-3 in debut) and the hosts, Vilita (1-0), despite being defeated by Pemecutan(3-4) and helped the team to reach the Round of 16. The hurdle in the knockouts proved to be the same as the Qualifiers, Valanora appeared for the third time in the cycle and demonstrated their experience with a sound 4-2 victory over The Condors, who did a great debut in the Multiversal Stage.

Said streak continued for the WC 91 Qualifier, one where despite having a bumpy start, Huayramarca managed to recompose things and propel themselves to the pack of nations fighting for automatic qualification, one featuring Sarzonia, Cassadaigua and Electrum. After being defeated by Electrum and Cassadaigua in a row, Huayramarca began an astonishing 15 game unbeaten run where they only conceded 15 goals and scored 48, including five straight clean sheets, even in critical matches where the Condors showed a magnificent performance. Revenge was sweet, defeating the Dagans at home, trouncing Electrum with a resounding 6-0 at Guayaquil (a NT record) and then a 2-0 win against Sarzonia propelled the Huayramarcan side to the top of their qualifier group. A draw against Magnecia complicated things as Sarzonia had a game in hand, Huayramarca had to keep the winning streak and they managed to do so, securing their automatic qualification against Ancherion in a dramatic fashion.

Back in the Group Stage of the World Cup, the Condors were trying to replicate the success achieved last year in the World Cup, not an easy task as they would face Farfadillis, Pasarga and Delaclava. Being defeated twice by narrow 3-2 scores, Huayramarca had to bid farewell to their hopes of replication, still, they had to avoid going with a zero on points, something they managed to do as they defeated Delaclava with a 4-3. Despite the outcome, the Condors were able to make a comeback in the cycle with a decent participation in CAFA 4, winning three matches and barely qualifying for the knockout stages; then, they defeated Legalese in a marathonic penalty kicks session and were edged out by the hosts, Ko-oren, with a 1-2 in extra time. Almost the same can be said about World Cup Cycle 92, where Huayramarca had a great qualifying campaign, recovering a slight disadvantage at mid qualifiers by defeating Pasarga and qualify for the third time. A horrible World Cup performance, added by a sound defeat vs Aleirave at CAFA 5 Quarterfinals, led to the end of the Caicedo cycle.

Now, with the experienced Blâás Âgínsôgnó in the bench, with the support of Hazel van Robben, Huayramarca refreshed its football idea in this World Cup Qualifier, adding some interesting players of the rather successful Di Bradini Cup 54 team, players that are aiming to rejuvenate the team and be a bid for an overall quality level increase. The fan expectation was high and the national team didn’t disappoint, as they took no prisoners through most of the qualifier, managing to keep a seventeen-match unbeaten streak, including decisive victories against Farfadillis, Sargossa, Pyazhnaya and Kimi-Suomi.

Despite the streak, turbulence came across as Bubiyan and Warbah got a surprising victory, then despite a quick recovery vs Sudilia, a cold bucket of water came at La Fantás as Farfadillis avenged the defeat in the first half of the qualifiers with a strong 5-2 win against the Condors. Doubts came, the National Team was shaking, but recovery was swift as they got to the play-offs and silenced any doubts by defeating Sylestone convincingly, the best was about to come.

In a Group featuring Valanora and Vilita, both being five-time World Cup Champions, Huayramarca came victorious and performed the best football in a long time, as they cruised the Group Stage to get an immaculate 3-0-0 shape. Cabo Azure was the rival in Round of 16, after coming back three times during the match and a ten-goal thriller (5-5), Huayramarca was able to force penalties and sealed a decisive berth to Quarterfinals. As of now, Huayramarcans are convinced that they can work hard and get convincing results with a matter of patience and dedication, and they will strive to continue in that path.

Things in World Cup 94 were starting to be as great as in 93, as people expected that Huayramarca could've been able to repeat or improve the past participation in the World Cup. A calm first half, where the Condors were able to secure points from Ko-oren and Jeruselem, saw how things got complicated after being defeated at home by Île de Richelieu and away by Sannyamathland, going down from first place to third in the leaderboard of the Group 2 of said qualifier. The team considered that as a wake-up call in a fashion we have never seen from the Huayramarcan National Team, 34 goals for in 7 games, never scoring less than four goals, including routing Jeruselem 5-2, and what was a defence with only nine goals against in 17 matches, coming from Naixi, being demolished with a 4-0, enough to secure straight qualification... About the World Cup proper, well, Huayramarcans will not talk about it, nobody fancies to talk about a 0-0-3 record I guess? A record they tried hard to wash off at CAFA with some struggles, as they finished second in the group with a 6-3-2 record. The team was aware of the barrier that the knockouts usually were for the Condors, but this time, they decided to soar by eliminating Cardenao and Ko-oren in Quarterfinals and Semifinals in agonic fashion, sending them for their first final ever against the Ochre Islands... With glory at stake, the experience of Bryan Tello was crucial to carry the team to a place they never expected to be, as he scored two goals in the semifinals and the championship goal in the 1-0 victory against the Ochres in the final, immortalising his name even more, and showing up to the world that there is still a lot of Bryan Tello left despite him being now 35 years old.

Let’s better not talk anything about cycle 95, that doesn’t exist in our books, shall we? Well, coming back to actual talk, Huayramarca has gone on a spree of naturalising players from its diaspora in order to have a stronger and younger national team, as some of the best players there are near retirement age. The plan, be able to fight for World Cup honour once again, and with the extra motivation of having the World Cup organisation at home soil, making the mood of the team soar to levels unknown before, as they are eager to make people feel proud of the team once again.

And now, after glory has been achieved in a regional scale, Huayramarcan football is still being distinguishable on how prone are they to do long range shots, due that they are used to play at significant heights, the lack of oxygen may make the ball travel further without applying a lot of strength during the mechanics of kicking the football, that is known as the “Andean Effect” and may cause serious troubles for visiting sides on Huayramarca, a tactic they try to improve as they continue to strive higher in World Cup Football.

Without further ado, the starting XI and substitutes are presented in the following tables:

Starting Eleven





Nota bene: Only official matches are taken into consideration for current record, caps, and goals – Updated after CAFA 8.

Nickname: Los Cóndores (The Condors).
Current Record: 178-73-83 (W-D-L) – 334 matches played. – 752 goals scored, 555 against.
Most Caps: Gabriel Sayritupac (304).
Most Goals: Bryan Tello (252)
Biggest Win: 6-0 vs. Electrum / WC 91 Qualifiers, MD 16, @ Estadio Metropolitano del Guayas, Guayaquil
Most Important Matches:
  • 5-5 (4-3 PKs) vs. Cabo Azure / WC 93 Finals, Ro16, @Hawk's Nest, Lanar, Chromatika – Qualification to World Cup Quarterfinals.
  • 1-0 vs. Ochre Islands @Stade sur la Bahie, Amahne (Aminey), Ko-oren – CAFA VII Final.

Biggest Defeat: 1-7 (vs. Equestria / AOCAF 61, MD 1)

Captain: Ian Mamani.
Second Captain: Bryan Tello.
Third Captain: Nicolás Allauca.
Most likely to score: Bryan Tello
Most likely to get red carded: Kevin Quispe.
Prone to get injuries: Gabriel Sayritupac.
The genius: Ian Mamani.
The motivating soul: Bryan Tello.
Goal Tune: "The Magic of a Goal" - DJ Chris, ft. Joshua Congo
Victory Song: "Heartbeat"

Manager: Blâás Âgínsôgnó. (63) Image
Assistant 1: Hazel van Robben. (53) Image
Physio: David Choque (41) Image
GK Trainer: Francisco Olmedo (45) Image
Doctor: Cynthia Castro. (49) Image
Tactical Analyst: Juan Jiménez (38) Image
Data Scientist: Carlos Olmedo (30) Image
Lead Data Analyst: Dayana Rubio (25)Image

Team mentality:
Huayramarcans, per se, are bold and quite diverse between the team due to the regional contrasts among them: You might note surnames such as: Condori, Mamani, Quispe, Sayritupac, etc. Those are Serrano surnames. Serranos as such are quite shy people with non-serranos, between them, great footballing societies may be made due to their complete understanding of each other, they are quite homogenous on how they act and may be predictable for each other. But, for the non-expert eye, Serranos are one on their kind and could result unpredictable for them, since they love to do things at fast pace between them, without doubt one could send 60 meters cross with complete confidence that they might find their teammate, with this, you can notice that Serranos are overconfident on themselves and somewhat dubious with Costeños and Selváticos. Other characteristic of Serranos is that they are quite easy to intimidate, being shy and short-sized doesn’t helps, but in that situation, they might opt to act even better than they do for the sake of shutting your mouth.

Costeños and Selváticos (jungle) in the other hand are confident with everybody, even if they might not receive the same treatment by their Serrano fellows. Those two groups conform the rest of the team and might do good societies on field, declining the quality of their chemistry when trying to connect with Serranos, due to the latter shy mood. Physically speaking, Costeño and Selváticos are people who boast being the tallest overall in the team.

Chemistry building has been somewhat complicated for this team during the five cycles they have competed together but has been a rather successful process that consolidated with the 79th Cup of Harmony, the 88 th and 89 th World Qup Qualifiers, as they have been together as glue through high and lows. The regional divides topic is now outdated as the players have grown up significantly and have harnessed teamwork.

Although they work nicely as a team, there’s a moment when they can’t do that and that moment is when they have the goal in their sights, when they have a chance to score, they try to do their best to do it by themselves, even if that means avoid passing the ball to a better placed teammate, individualities have been surging from nowhere and this issue has costed valuable results for the team. This was combated successfully by Caicedo and Zelaya and Blâás Âgínsôgnó plans to continue in said route.

To finish with this part, Huayramarca is that kind of team that may be overconfident sometimes, but if you press them to their limits, they might react in unsuspected ways, be those positive or negative for their interests, you don’t know what would happen in the Serrano, Costeño or Selvático mindset. As they do on the local league, they might try to do some antics to their rivals, be it: providing beer instead of water to their rivals, or the classiest one, giving distillated “ayahuasca” (vodka-like alcohol) and pass it like water and make their rivals be drunk, taking advantage of their influence to beat the rival team. Of course, they might not abuse of this resource, Serranos might ask Inti for it.

How We Play Football? Note: Open this spoiler for the formation and game style.
At simple glance, things doesn't seem that had changed a lot after Omar Caicedo left the national team, and so his ideals for the future prospects. Huayramarca has decided to brand her own style of football embracing offensiveness, courage and grit under the label of fulbo total, in an attempt to take Huayramarca back to her roots of football, just making some enhancements that will make this system competitive enough to be a competitive force.

Fulbo is a common mispelling for fútbol in the Huayramarcan dialect of Spanish, also refered as the way that people grow in the streets, neighbourhoods and all places of Huayramarca use to play the sport. In the traditional sense, Huayramarcan football tends to be physical, both in strength, and intensity that is required to perform in an OK level. From the random dusty pitches in the highlands to the state-of-the-art premises that some stadiums boast across the nation, players are asked to never give up, to give everything they can in order to achieve victory; to the point of exploit loopholes in the football rules for their advantage.

Centrebacks are used to be relatively strong, as they will also try to outpace their rivals in physical strength, displaying rudeness and being prone to perform some harsh tackling when needed; there's no fear to get carded, it's a matter of avoiding the rival to score against their team. People in the villages often use an idiom to refer to what they accept as a good centreback "Either the ball or the player, but not both." Another main treat of them is that they tend to provoke or annoy rivals by trash-talking, trying to disconnect them from the match and make their own duties easier. Often, they will play near the midfield in order to force the rest of the team to press the rivals, limiting the playing area to the rival's half.

Sidebacks are one of the most important links of the team, as they don't restrict themselves to defend, they can often liberate pressure from the centrebacks by pushing the ball forward, be it through individuality or large crosses to the midfielder or the wingers. They use to have a nice speed and great spamina, enough to perform box-to-box routines frequently; they also link up with wingers when attacking through the sides, often engaging in a quick pass succession that leads to crossing the ball to the forward or a second-striker awaiting outside the area. Speed is useful for them, as they must be able to retreat and guarantee defensive numeric superiority when the rival tries to do a counter attack.

Midfielders: Although there are two clear roles here, being the destroyer and the playmaker, it can also be said that the role is pretty much indistinctive from who does it, as every one in this zone of the pitch is required to switch roles according to the scenario they might be facing at any moment; that's why this position is the most flexible under the big scheme of things in fulbo. As the name say, the destroyer is in charge to destroy any linking from the midfielders to the attackers when the Condors are protecting themselves from a counter, or avoid connections between defenders and the midfielders while the team is attacking, they can either tackle with clinical finesse or just aim to the rival's ankle, it all depends on how good they consider their rival, the better they are, the harsher will the destroyers act against those players.

The playmakers, in the other hand, can either be completely egocentrical or collaborative, that will depend of the very own personal treats of whoever takes the role in a very specific circumstance. Âgínsôgnó has given freedoms to the players in order to attack freely going in solos if they see a chance through, deliver the ball to a player that might be able to continue the idea of attacking or, simply, hold the ball until an opening appears or switching to destroyer and letting another player to find a gap that they might not notice.

Attackers: Tradition mandates two wingers and a spearhead, a forward that cautiously awaits a pass to slot it home. The wingers are instructed to serve the attacker or go through the defence and force a chance for themselves to score, similar to the defenders but not with the leeway to change sides, no, only instructions to provide enough tools for their decision-making process and promote more diverse ideas rather than focusing in a way to break through brute force. Âgínsôgnó also asks the attackers to bethe first line of defence of the National Team when the rivals commence a play, always through pincer plays or support from the creative midfielder; sometimes, the attackers can drop some metres to help in ball recovery efforts, then to start an attack with the help of the creative attacker.

The new Huayramarcan National Team, under the ideals of Âgínsôgnó, tries to makre sure that the ball can be held in the half of the rival team, as much as possible under Huayramarcan control, trying to create chances to break through the defence and score, or simply move the ball and cause fatigue on their rival as they try to chase the ball in vain. This style requires a lot of concentration from the players, stamina and need to collaborate and decide in a short time span, as dynamism is the name of the game, to never run out of ideas and outsmart the rival, that's the Huayramarcan 4-2-1-3.


Player’s description - Starting XI.

Nota bene: Caps considered after CAFA 8 - For national purposes, friendlies are never taken into consideration for official registries. Player names are clickable, displaying their portraits for visual reference.

N°1 - Juan Mamani - GK - 33 yrs - Team: Rülândéá Kôstä Image - Height: 1.88 mts - Caps: 320 - Goals: 2

Mamani is an individual that believes he always is right, he tends to be creative when saving balls or creating ideas to take the ball forward, based so much in the fact that he is protective, spontaneous and loves to be independent in his actions, always a dependable guy. Currently, his mood is ecstatic, as pretty much everybody in the team right now, due to the fact of having a chance for vindication, due to the last cycle, at home because of hosting the World Cup.

N°2 - Kevin Quispe - RCB - 28 yrs - Team: Farrenton Athletic Image - Height: 1.75 mts - Caps: 320 - Goals: 10

An average guy in terms of intelligence that has no life plan, hence he left studies to make a living with football. He is very secretive, doesn't like even to tell his teammates what his next movement will be because he knows we will be wrong, Quispe has serious issues with anger management and may be rebellious, he is cold and ignores what the others might feel or think about him, he doesn't give a fu*k of anything. Anyways, he's in his best form so far with Farrenton Athletic, being nominated as one of the top defenders of the Euran League shows how his discipline and perseverance have taken him where he stands.

N°4 - Aidar Armendáriz - LFB - 23 yrs - Team: Xanark City FC Image - Height: 1.91 mts - Caps: 2 - Goals: 0

Armendáriz was the first Huayramarcan diaspora player called to the national team. Despite having a pretty decent role in Xanark City, the manager has decided to take his process of adaptation to the Condors slowly, but steady, to ensure the best result possible. A pretty tall and agile defender, with a good set of skills when it comes to positioning and tackling makes Armendáriz a pretty complete and reliable defender; one that might come handy to the renewal process for the Huayramarcan Starting XI.

N°15 – Paolo Manco - RFB - 32 yrs - Team: Pumahuasi FC Image - Height: 1.73 mts - Caps: 118 - Goals: 2

Paolo Manco has been a silent substitute of the National Team for almost 8 years, although, he has been patiently waiting up for this chance, the one that has opened in front of his eyes after the departure of Omar Caicedo. The new manager has seen Manco’s ability to project himself to attack and be a box-to-box player when needed, he has a great sense of placement and knows to be at the precise place when needed. Speed is Manco’s best attribute, one that he is sure that he can apply to provide the best results for The Condors. He is happy after proving that his inclusion, into the Starting XI, proved to be vital for the current Huayramarcan sporting momentum.

N°14 - Ismael Lobatón - LCB - 21 yrs - Team: Vna-Chuhul Ravens FC Image - Height: 1.81 mts - Caps: 20 - Goals: 0

Replacing Santiago Chumacero is not an easy task, but Ismael Lobatón has managed to do so by a set of strong performances at the Tikariot Premier League, and Chumacero’s horrific performance from last cycle. Lobatón is another diaspora player, one that offers the National Team more verticality when it comes to attacks, as he can go forward and help in those duties, but he can also sprint back fast and defend, the kind of player that modern football requires. Lobatón is inspired by the fact of being called up to defend Huayramarca at the World Cup, specially this one being hosted at his fatherland.

N°17 - Orlando Mina - CM - 30 yrs - Team: Montréal Koreana Image - Height: 1.95 mts - Caps: 326 - Goals: 28

One of the two defensive mid fielders of the team and, for sure, one of the best in the multiverse in his position, being the classical Costeño out there, Mina is the tallest and strongest player of the squad. Mina's attitude is being original and stubborn, giving you classical Costeño vibes, consistent in his performance and devoted to God, he cares a lot about what he does, since he tries always to correct his mistakes and not suffering on them, instead, he uses them as feedback to improve his game and abilities. Mina's a notable example on how one can benefit from football, as he helped his mother who was fired from his job when he joined to the Condors and turned her into a real estate tycoon by providing her savings. His mood is extremely positive as of now by the fact of being a key player in Montréal Koreana, for being consistent between team and national duty, and for his current status as a player.

N°11 - Ian Mamani - CF - 30 yrs - Team: Workers Union Image - Height: 1.65 mts - Caps: 324 - Goals: 76

The youngest of the Mamani brothers in this team, along with Juan, Ian has what Juan might lack sometimes, creativity and brightness, although they play in various positions and roles in the team. This creative mid and captain of the team is one of the grandiose things among this team, a fast-paced and fussy person with lots of potential, euphoria that drives him to perform as what he can do, being the best of the entire nation in his role. Large crosses are his specialty, including long-range shots when playing on the highlands. Right now, his performance has been stellar, mostly because he did some adjustments to his game style, turning his role into something more offensive and smarter.

N°8 - Marcelo Huanca - CF – 20 yrs - Team: Escuela Nacional DCPF Image - Height: 1.62 mts - Caps: 50 - Goals: 0

Small but a strong player at the same time, Marcelo Huanca has everything to prove everybody that he is the next big thing of Huayramarcan football. A multifunctional midfielder, one that can organise the game and create dangerous chances, but also one that can defend and be a pain for rival midfielders, as he is as sticky as glue while marking rivals. His vision of the events in the field is pretty much unrivaled, being agile and fast but a bit desperate on what he tries to do, something he has to work through patience and experience.

N°7 - Abraham Mendoza - LF - 31 yrs - Team: Pyathora Mariners Image - Height: 1.63 mts - Caps: 320 - Goals: 46

Nicknamed “El Ingeniero” The smallest of the entire team, Mendoza is a mentally strong individual who loves to work hard, play hard and be a strong leader inside the team in terms of order. A competent but realistic player who may not be spectacular while playing on the wings, but pragmatical and effective when achieving his purposes. On his personal life he is the best positioned of all the group, since he just graduated in Industrial Engineering at the Huayramarcan Technical University with a deserved "summa cum laude", so no matter what happens, he could get a decent job position in any Huayramarcan enterprise to optimize their processes. You might notice how Abraham's personal discipline is, and this is shown even to football, where he tries to compliment weaknesses that he may have as his height, but he tries to compensate with decent body-building routines. He might not be a prolific scorer for the standards of a winger, but he has at least a 35% of assists for the total of Huayramarcan goals scored during the Qualifiers, hence, somebody to take care of.

N°21 - Gabriel Sayritupac - RF - 31 yrs - Team: Perce Town Image - Height: 1.75 mts - Caps: 334 - Goals: 152

Sayri as he's known by many people in his native Tulcán (near the Québécois-Huayramarcan border) is an artistic person in all senses of his life. Usually, he makes a living by painting portraits of people visiting the Chimborazo National Forest Reserve, sometimes working on a local brewery, or doing football for fun. He doesn't stands being alone and might be that easy-going Serrano (which is weird, if we come to think it). He has genetic problems that makes him quite prone to injuries, and when those occur, Sayri decides to get inebriated to let frustration go away. An artistical winger, lover of uncertainty and mess that makes him be either the best or cause problems to settle where he plays. As of now, he has managed to find its way on football, winning a IFCF Champions’ League with Athletik Thessia, some championships in Mytanija and now being in Audioslavia, closer to home, but eager to win more.

N°21 - Bryan Tello - ST - 36 yrs - Team: Metropolis Alligators Image - Height: 1.86 mts - Caps: 332 - Goals: 294

A decently heighted Costeño as forward is always a neat solution for your goal needs, even more if you consider that he ages like wine; that, combined with good pace, stride, and physic abilities, makes Tello is what every team may need for up front. He's factual since he studied Philosophy at the University of Cumbayá, a committed and self-confident man who might be extremely traditional to his striker role, he might seek for space to go front, use his strength and move towards the goal. Tello is a strong leader among the shadows of the Huayramarcan national team, an outgoing and straight-forward person that could sometimes aggressive since he's prone to be insensitive. Despite that he is the Legend of the team, the striker that is at the right place and moment to push the ball against the net, something that has helped him retain his position as stellar striker of Metropolis Alligators in the Valladar Liga-1.


Nota bene: In order to have a deeper understanding of Huayramarcan players, take in consideration the following list of personalities for the substitutes. Take time, if you wish, to read the substitute players list posted again down here and follow the order of said list. The first player on this list, has his mindset reflected in the left of the first row, the second in the right of the first row and so on until the last one:



The Kits:
Huayramarca’s social mindset is to aim for local consumption in the long term, hence the HFF decided to hire “eva Sportswear” to manufacture the kits for the national team. “eva” decided to take the ball out of the park with unique designs for Huayramarca, reflecting the national identity and adding up motivational phrases on them for mere sake of marketing. Those kits are based on the geography of this nation, from the coast to the highlands and jungle to promote a sense of national unity, especially on a stage that the national team is trying to consolidate its name in the exciting multiverse of football.

Some of the backgrounds feature Túpac Katari, one of the most famous indigenous fighters from the Sierra, who kept invaders away from Huayramarcan soil, and helped forging the alliance that gave birth to what we known as the Plurinational State of Huayramarca. Nevado Inti as symbol of strength, and a statement of outstanding size that is the highest mountain in Anaia. The force of nature such as Longevity Valley in Huancavilca, the River Yaraví, and the Rainbow Mountain, as symbols of diversity, power and unity that last through time, with an unstoppable pace.

“eva” decided to depict elements that provide sense of pride and national identification for Huayramarcans, no matter where they are from, those are universal icons of what Huayramarca is and its roots. Strong roots, legacy, and people forging their future with faith, pride, and hope.







My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod scoring events: N.
RP injuries to my players: Y - Contact me first, so we can agree.
Godmod injuries to my players: Y - Contact me first as well.
Give red cards to my players: Y – Max 3 per match.
Godmod other events: Y – Contact me, so we can agree.

Style Modifier: +5

Nota Bene: Do not RP a pandemic on Huayramarcan soil nor involve any of my players on it.
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Population: 36 million, demonym: Huayramarcan, capital city: Chuquiago, languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara + 6

CAFA VII Champions

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Postby Audioslavia » Sun May 05, 2024 4:02 pm

Squad for CAFA 9

Audioslavia recently underwent something of a temporal shift. Players now age at only two years per cycle, rather than four. Nevertheless, some more experienced players have been left out of the CAFA Cup squad, which aims to give a couple of younger prospects the first of what could become many, many caps.

## POSITION  NAME                        AGE CLUB
1 G Hein Hélder 25 Cazadores Cathair
2 D RC Alex Bocker 26 Cazadores Cathair
3 D LC Gil Hurst 27 1830 Cathair
4 D C Valerién Tibère 32 1830 Cathair
5 D RC Uriah Malcolm 23 1830 Cathair
6 D RC Ronan Corver 29 Shamrock Cathair
7 AM R Brandon Bruhn 29 Shamrock Cathair
8 AM CR Ronan Buckley 24 AC Izotz Zubia
9 F C Kjartan Lúnquerque 23 1830 Cathair
10 AM/F C Wilhelm Hielscher-Zendagorta 32 FC Teussen Stelburg
11 M L Marc-Antoine Trigintillion 33 Directus
12 AM/F C Derren Cass 21 Shamrock Cathair
13 M C Gael Coorie 24 KT Itzalovalle
14 M/F RC Eyvindur Calderón 22 Laivana JPS
15 D C Jean-Marc-Antoine Vidoqc 25 KT Moreazerua
16 M C Oran Caskey 22 Shamrock Cathair
17 M R Govran Bastarretxea 20 KT Moreazerua
18 AM C Denzel Keegan 19 Osarese Marcadia
19 M/F C Leandro Róbison 18 KT Itzalovalle
20 F C Yuri Zola 19 KT Itzalovalle
21 D/M R Koren Lorentzen 19 KT Itzalovalle
22 G Metro 29 KT Itzalovalle
23 D/M L Vernon Vermeulen 31 Laivana JPS
24 D C Tomasso Virella 24 AS Marcadia
25 M C Gabriel Buvalelli 34 Osarese Marcadia
26 G Búmerão 17 Cazadores Cathair

Style Modifier: -5
Penalties: Lúnquerque (power), Zendagorta (placement)
Corners: Bruhn, Malcom
Free Kicks: Malcom (cross), Zendagorta (shot)

Likely starting lineup: 4-5-1 Hélder - Malcom, Bocker, Corver, Tibère, Hurst - Trigintillion, Buvalelli, Coorie, Bruhn - Lúnquerque

Style Modifier: -5

About this squad
(coming soon)

About Audioslavia

Potted history
  • Audioslavia reached the finals of World Cups 12, 19, 20 and 29, losing all of them and gaining a reputation as a team that chokes.
  • After thirty cycles away, Audioslavia returned to win the Baptism of Fire before World Cup 59, won a regional championship in cycle 60 and then won back-to-back World Cups in cycles 63 and 64. That's the golden generation right there.
  • Things went back to normal after that. The side lost a few more major finals, including World Cups 67, 69 and 76.
  • Recent cycles have seen Audioslavia fall to the midfield in the rankings, failing to qualify for four out of the last five World Cups. That disappointment was been offset by victory in CAFA Cup 3 and Cup of Harmony 83, both in Cycle 91. The side's fortunes have continued to slide since, and at this point football fans have become accustomed to the side being on the fringes of international football.
  • Audioslavia is one of two nations to have won five different major senior titles - BoF, CoH, WC plus two different regional championships. They recently became the only team in history to have recorded 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed finishes in each of the three WCC tournaments, plus regional competition.
  • Recently discovered in the history books: A regional tournament for the now-defunct FIFA region, held before World Cup 28. Audioslavia won this tournament, but do not consider it to be an official regional title unless Nepharans are in the room.

Style of Play
  • Post Football is the name given to Audioslavia's style of play. It's based on the idea that, the less the game resembles football, the more ill at ease your opponents will be. Audioslavia play dirty, sideways and overly cautiously. The addition of Winfridh as manager initially curtailed this somewhat, but the Bulls are expected to play five across the back for the qualifiers.
  • Kontrapuntzeka is another word for Audioslavia's style of play. Literally meaning counter-attacking, Audioslavia's national team are comfortable playing without the ball and charging forward in numbers when they do finally get it. Each player on this team has a deep understanding of how, when and where to attack on the counter. Losing the ball and allowing the Bulls to hit you on the break can be fatal to even the best teams in the multiverse.
  • Audioslavian managers have started trying to get the defenders to pass the ball around the back to entice their opponents forward. Audioslavian defenders hate this almost as much as Audioslavian fans.
  • Our footballers tend to be on the shorter, leaner side, with everyone outside of the goalie, centre forward and centre half topping out at about 5'10.
  • Audioslavian footballers are often tenacious, with the highest levels of stamina you'll see in world football. Audioslavian sides are often capable of playing at a high-tempo for long periods of time, and wins are often through attrition rather than skill.
  • Audioslavian teams are notorious for gamesmanship - the bending of the rules in order to gain an advantage. Players will taunt, feign injury, surround the referee, basically anything if it seems like it'd be beneficial. Audioslavians feel no shame in this. As far as they're concerned, their willingness to go further than the other team is a sign that they're more dedicated than their opponents might be. What might be considered dishonourable behaviour for you might be considered normal in Audioslavia.
  • Audioslavian teams fear losing. It's our greatest weakness and, given how this fear manifests itself in big games, a powerful irony
  • As well as lacking a bit of raw power, Audioslavian footballers often lack technique compared to their foreign counterparts. Nobody in the team is stationary and expecting a pass to feet. Passes are played into roughly the space the player will be sprinting into. When the side are countering, it's all speed-speed-speed.
  • Above all else though, what Audioslavian national teams often lack is heart. The worse things are going, the worse Audioslavians play. They're the classic bully. When things don't pan out as they expect, they retreat physically and mentally.

The Manager
Affectionately nicknamed 'Opera' on account of his loud, weirdly melodic instructions bellowed from the sidelines to his team-mates, Winfridh became just the second manager in five cycles to guide Audioslavia to a World Cup finals, albeit with little success while there (two draws and one defeat were not enough to progress). Like most Daineri footballers and increasingly Audioslavians of Daineri decsent, 'Winfridh' is his only name.

Formerly a goalkeeper at Daineri club Doubleplusgood, Winfridh became Silexhera FC's first choice goalkeeper following their promotion to the top flight. There, he performed miracles in keeping the side in top division football, coming close to a Globe Cup spot in one season. The side would be relegated in Season 11 of the National League, after which Winfridh would join then-second division CF Daineri, winning promotion as backup keeper before fully entrenching himself into the managerial role he'd already made his own. He presided over the side's initial three-season stay in the top division, and pushed the side back up into the top flight in his second to last season at the club.

Often with left-field approaches to individual games, if with a propensity to over-think. His Audioslavia's brand of post-football has been interesting, if sometimes unproductive.

Home, Away

Home shirt is traditionally worn with white shorts and socks, but if our opponents are wearing that colour then we switch to the same deep red as the shirts. This is what usually ends up happening. Dark green or black shorts have been worn on occasion.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose Scorers: Y
GodMod Goalscoring Events: Y*
Injure Players: Y
GodMod Injury Events Y*

Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
GodMod Other Events: Y*
* As long as you're cool with the idea that Audioslavian media's interpretation of events might be different.

For nations entering sub-age teams, all permissions are set to N
Style Modifier: -5
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Postby Bharadwaja » Sun May 05, 2024 7:35 pm

Bharadwaja Football Association
Asosiasi Sepakbola Bharadwaja

Men's National Football Team

General Information
Official Country Name: Sunanate of Bharadwaja
Common Country Name: Bharadwaja
Capital: Kartasura

Association: Bharadwaja Football Association
Nickname: The Golden Lion
Trigram: BHA
Home Stadium: Amangkurat National Stadium
Style: -3

Managerial Information
Manager: Surya Abdisaka
Head Coach: Laksana Pramuhita
Assistant Coach: Muhammad Solehudin
Goalkeeper Coach: Chairul Mistani
Physiotherapist: Chandra Abdul Gana

Bold is starter
GK #1 Sukmoharjo, 36 y.o, Caturnunggal SC.
GK #22 Kristian Lukmansyah, 36 y.o, Royal Adipurwa United
GK #34 Harris Sudrajat, 35 y.o, Sukowati United FC.

LB #2 Surya Astika, 24 y.o, Sukowati United FC.
LB #12 Eka Rismanto, 26 y.o, Caturnunggal SC.
CB #3 Tresno Senjoyo, 22 y.o, Andong FC
CB #4 Raihan Rifa's, 24 y.o, PS. Giripurwa
CB #5 Lanang Purbawa, 25 y.o, Royal Adipurwa United

CB #13 Harun Hamdani, 26 y.o, Banaran United
CB #14 Yohan Rahman, 24 y.o, Anayavaram United (Mandhya Pradha)
RB #6 Dino Hismaya, 27 y.o, Caturnunggal SC.
RB #15 Husein Novianto, 25 y.o, Royal Adipurwa United

LM #7 Irfan Hidayatullah, 24 y.o, Royal Kartasura FC
LM #17 Abdul Suryawan, 24 y.o, Banaran United
CM #8 Yuwono Ahmadinata, 25 y.o, Royal Adipurwa United
CM #18 Eko Yusriantono, 26 y.o, AS. Carpenedo (Rivoli-Acesca)
RM #9 Yudhi Sanjaya, 25 y.o, Caturnunggal SC.
RM #19 Wawan Suryakanda, 28 y.o, Royal Kartasura FC
DM #16 Reza Darmawan, 26 y.o, PS. Giripurwa
DM #24 Ilham Sofyan, 24 y.o, Sukowati United FC.
AM/CM #28 Teja Indrayana, 25 y.o, Andong FC

ST #10 Triyono Aswandi, 25 y.o, Pradananthapuram Athletic (Mandhya Pradha)
ST #11 Firman Fakri, 23 y.o, Banaran United

ST #20 Arisandi Putrawan, 24 y.o, Royal Kartasura FC
ST #21 Herman Gading, 26 y.o, PS Giripurwa
ST #32 Muhammad Agus Sandi, 24 y.o, Sukowati United FC

Kits & Jersey
Image Image Image

RP Permissions
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP Injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes, max. 3 per match
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, max. 1 per match
Godmod other events: No.

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Postby Legalese » Sun May 05, 2024 8:28 pm

Roster for the Legalese National Team for CAFA IX

Style Modifier: +5 . Viva Takil.
RP permissions
If you RP the match first, your permissions are my permissions. Seriously, whatever you’re okay with folks doing to your team is what I grant you for mine. I reserve the right to make minor “corrections”/disagreements in my narrative when it comes to my team (particularly when it comes to severity of injuries), but otherwise, you do you. On the off chance that your permissions are also a mirror, pretty much do what you want to my team, noting the above.

Legalese is a quiet, medium-sized nation sitting near the geographic center of Anaia. Where many of the nations of the Bekkside are known for something, Legalese is best known for being there. On the pitch, it’s better known as a place where the footballing multiverse’s competitions are occasionally played, than for being the place where the trophies reside.

Full Nation Name: The Unified Communities of Legalese
Short/Common Use Name: Legalese
Three-Letter Designation: LGL
Denonym: Legalite
Governing Body: The Federation of Assocation Football, simply referred to as The Federation

Along with shirt numbers, each player’s shirt name is listed in ALL CAPS
## Name Age Hometown
1 KAWACATOOSE Swamp Johnson 26 Weshongtun
22 Christy CHAPPLE 22 Berry
23 Emma PETT 20 Tavisford

## Name Age Hometown
3 Jack FARMER 30 Repods
12 Xalvador Connelly-HOULIHAN 25 Hitchfield
13 Matthew BOHAN 24 Empori
14 Isaac LONGBOAT 22 Perkir

## Name Age Hometown
2 Faron HILL ADAMS 20 Surf City
4 Thomas TOAL 24 Spetz-Tessah
5 Gagan EPSOM 30 Bonghemtun
6 Jack MOSES 28 Chollam
7 Archibald Corcoran “AC” SHEEHY 28 Winne
8 Joseph DAMHAN 19 Tyrellia
16 Derrick YOMKINS 25 Stephill Mill
17 Roddy NELSON 26 Centerville
18 Jonathan KINGMAN 24 Ashland
19 Dale MCINERNEY 28 Echelon
20 Sammy-Jo Hill-TANNER 21 Coneck

## Name Age Hometown
9 Richie FUNDERBUNK 26 Cenesirege
10 Lily TONAWANDA 20 Bekk
11 Hasana HIRST 22 Basswood
21 Leo HILL-Tanner 21 Coneck
24 Mark BRADY 25 Kelton
25 Slade PARKER 28 Groton

The bulk of the time in goal will go to Toose -- that is, Kawacatoose Swamp Johnson (who prefers to be referred to by his first name, which is on the back of his kit). Kawacatoose has been described previously as tall, outgoing, and dramatic -- all useful traits for a keeper that tends to face a lot of shots. He uses both his physical presence and his personality to maximize any potential psychological advantage he can get over his opponents, as they may feel intimidated by his size and quick wit. Additionally, he tends to be the “playcaller” of sorts for the defense -- sorely needed, given the midfield-heavy formation he’ll see in front of him. Chapple and Pett are both unlikely to see the pitch, but both have surprisingly similar characteristics to the wearer of the #1 kit; in a country where basketball was more prominent, you’d expect either to be playing center or power forward instead.

The four names may suggest a thin back line, but not quite for Legalese, as typically only one of the four will be on the pitch at a time. Usually, that’s Jack Farmer, who wears the captain’s armband as well. The rational, constructive defender (and plumber during the off-season) from Repods is somewhat lanky for a center back, though given he’s more of the Only Back than the Center Back, the extra pace is typically useful for keeping up with fleet-footed strikers. Xalvador Connelly-Houlihan, or Ex-Dash as he’s been called (exactly once) is the next choice, but admittedly one with a risk; while he’s known for being willing to go toe-to-toe with anyone, he’s also known to occasionally pick the wrong hill to die on. If anyone’s going to get sent off, it’s Xal. On the rare chance that a second central defender is called upon to co-exist with either Farmer or Ex-Dash, you’re likely to see Matthew Bohan join the fray (versus having the latter two pair up). Bohan’s a step slower, but otherwise fits a stereotypical defender in terms of size and speed, if not always competence.

The midfield, the core of most footballing sides, and in Legalese, a core competency. Midfielders are expected to be the jacks of all trades, with the greatest finding a way to master in one or two. With five-to-six (yes, six) midfielders typically on the pitch, the match philosophy (and response to the opposition) tends to lean on the specialties of the six on the pitch. Gagan Epsom and Faron Hill-Adams are, to some extent, wing backs playing up a bit further naturally (and occasionally too far, it being the cause of many an opposition goal). Meanwhile, you have Jack Moses playing anchor man, with a tendency to drop even further back. AC Sheehy is a bit more versatile, as the box-to-box midfielder, while Joseph Damhan (making his debut) is more of an attacking playmaker than anything else. This is where to expect the bulk of the substitutions, particularly when the initial gameplan seems to have gotten the read incorrectly.

In keeping with a heavy attack and press, The typical Legalite forward only tracks back into the defensive half when absolutely necessary -- and even that takes some convincing in the obvious cases (like defending a corner). Even so, the general aim is to pick a complement of styles and traits amongst the trio. As it applies to the three typical starters, that involves an attacking forward in Leo Hill-Tanner, a playmaker (bordering on Trequartista levels of minimal defense) in Lily Tonawanda, and a poacher in the form of Hasana Hirst. Substitutions up top tend to be rare, but if needed, Ritchie Funderbunk is the closest tactical replacement for Hill-Tanner; Mark Brady slots in for Tonawanda, and Slade Parker fills in for Hasana Hirst.

Manager: Chogan Williams
The Denby native, in his forties, continues as manager into the regionals, despite some questions over whether he planned to remain in the role. His strength is that he’s more of a people person, and tends to fill the team cohesion and motivation roles as his key realms, deferring tactics, training, and preparation to his assistants. He’s also been seen carrying an aluminum tumbler of coffee from the coffee shop nearest his residence in Central Junction, where he’s a co-op member.

Assistant Managers: Aisling Titterington and Mikaela Sampson
Joining Williams are -- as always -- his braintrust, the pair of Titteringston and Sampson. The pair, both in their early thirties, were childhood friends (they grew up near Central Junction) and are nearly inseparable. Aisling’s the tactical guru -- she’s the one responsible for developing and implementing the formation, and putting it through the paces with the side, usually in a gruff manner. Mikaela, on the other hand, is the analyst. She researches the data, studies the tape, and figures out what’s working, and what isn’t, with a quiet resolve.

Starting with CAFA 8 and continuing into CAFA 9, the attacking-minded Legalites typically come out in a formation that more or less leaned into who they are the 1-6-3. Yes, that’s one central defender (as much as a single point unconnected to the others can be the center of anything), a trio of forwards on the front line, along with six midfielders in whatever configuration is deemed appropriate for the match.

How does that play, you may be wondering? Aisling’s thinking is that it can provide some mystery -- with the middle six arrangement being key to how the side plans to approach the match. Ideally, the formation will resemble a series of triangles: the fullback with the defensive midfielders; the defensive mids with their side midfielder and attacking mid; the attacking mid with the winger and striker; the three forwards with each other -- you get the idea.

Many of the other typical characteristics of a Legalite side tend to apply: scrappy, hard-working, annoying to have to get by, but not overly difficult to score on once you’ve broken down the best way through. Look for a lot of pace, and for all of the available substitutions to be used, typically in the midfield first.

Text description of the kits: The primary team kit consists of a black shirt and shorts, with red socks. The shirt contains a double sash of solid red over solid white, stretching diagonally from the left shoulder to the right hip. Over the shirt-wearer's heart (as well as on the right hemline of the shorts) is the Legalese crest. The player's number appears to the right chest area on the shirt, and on the left leg of the shorts, both in white.

The secondary team kit consists of a red shirt and black shorts, with red socks. The shorts description is identical to the primary kit description, save for the number on the shorts being gold in color. The secondary shirt contains a black sash running from the left shoulder to the right hip; the sash is not solid, appearing as if it was splashed onto the shirt. The shirt has white collars and cuffs, and contains the Legalese crest in the same position as the primary kit shirt; the number is in the same position as the primary, but colored gold.

A new third kit, designed to honor the region (while firmly asserting a national identity). It consists of a multicolored shirt, along with black shorts and red socks. The shirt is mainly purple and green, with a progressing block-like pattern. Over the pattern is a red sash, containing the splash style seen on the secondary kit. The shirt includes black cuffs, and a black/red color.

The keeper kit is a longsleeve royal blue shirt with white cuffs and collars. The shirt has gold dots across it, shrinking in size moving up from the hem to the collar. a black-and-red sash runs diagonally from the right hip to the left shoulder; the sash consists of a series of thin lines, with the upper half of the lines being red, and the latter half black. The Crest and Numbers on the shirt and shorts are the same as seen on the secondary kit.

The crest contained on the primary, secondary, and keeper kits is a nonagon outlined in gold, with a black field, red sash, and white scales. The third kit contains a simplified crest of white scales only.
Host/Co-Host of:
World Cup XXII and LXVIII
Cup of Harmony XI and XIII
Baptism of Fire IX, XIV, XV, XVI, XLII, LII
The Inaugural CAFA Cup

Winner of Cup of Harmony 55 and Jeremy Jaffacake Jamboree II
Anaia: Like all the best ideas, this is moving from "lampoon" to
"take seriously" rather quickly

(H/T to Mertagne)

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The Legalese Federation of Association Football, formally invites their fellow Anaian Nations to join them this CAFA Cup, for…

CAFA IX: Weekend at Bernie’s

Format: If accepted, this bid for the ninth edition of the CAFA Cup will utilize a pretty straightforward format. There will be a group stage, followed by knockouts, where at least one team from each group will advance (more on the format and group sizes to follow). The knockouts will lead to a third-place game and a final -- usually the latter being more heralded -- which will take place at Jemison Road in Senoksha.

Where this will all take place: Incidentally, the entire tournament will take place in Senoksha, as it is held on the occasion of The Bernie Wickerstaff Invitational, a regularly-held summer tournament in the seat of Arrow County. Typically, the involved teams are youth teams, but for the potential timing (the coinciding of the FLAGS with this cycle’s CAFA), the organizers were convinced to make an exception.

Come on, Legal, there’s a catch. What is it?

In keeping with the idea of the FLAGS and their short windows for the events, this bid will scorinate the entire CAFA over two to three windows -- one for every three to four matchdays. The idea is to replicate the feel of a weekend tournament.

Specifics on the format: The group stage size will aim for groups of four, with every group having the same number of teams. If it's not possible to make groups of four work, other group sizes will be considered, with a desire to avoid anything greater than five. All matches will proceed as typical -- at full time, you get either three points for the win, one for the draw, or none for the loss. The group will then be sorted on most points, with tiebreakers for the group finishing order will be (in order): Goal Difference, Head-to-Head points, Head-to-head goal difference, coin flip/drawing of lots.

The knockout stage size will depend on the number of groups; optimally, the knockouts will start with a quarterfinal round, though earlier rounds will be added if the number/size of groups dictates it. At any rate, group winners will automatically advance to the knockouts, with additional teams added if needed to fill out the field. For any non-group winners, teams will be sorted (for seeding and placement purposes) by position in group, followed by points, goal difference, and a coin flip/drawing of lots.

So what does this mean for RPs and RP bonus?

RPs will take place in the CAFA thread (I’ll create a separate thread for purposes of posterity). As mentioned before, there will be two scorination windows, and RPs will be counted/bonus applied between each of them.

As for the bonus: Rosters will earn teams 1-2 points (since they’re required for entry, it means everyone will start on a point for their scorination rank, plus their region rank). Additional RP bonus worth as many as four points per window will also be applied (keep in mind that the highest CAFA rank at the moment is 8.35). RPs will be graded on the usual parameters, which I define as Informative, Interesting, and Entertaining; the more each is of these three things, the better. There will be no brevity bonus, given the nature of this competition.

Other scorination particulars: I’ll be using xkoranate, with the SLIS formula applied. Style modifiers will be (as usual) additive.

Scorination (and subsequently the cutoffs for RP) will be in my evening hours, which will likely mean just after midnight UTC, probably 01:00 or 02:00. I’ll give a firmer earliest cutoff time as the schedule’s sorted. The cutoffs will be approximately two days apart at minimum.

Looking forward to any questions you may have.
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ko-orenite football association national team
Style mod: -5. If they don't score, they don't win. That's post-football!

Nickname Dragonflies
Head Coach Lele Manguele (FFD)
Assistant Coach #1 Tomoviko Mivune (47, ex-Alara, Rushmore United (DAR) midfielder)
Assistant Coach #2 Alan Brogley (47, ex-Bruncester fullback)
Assistant Coach #3 Zezonmerul Hosorthaunden (45, ex-Maethoru, Strongfair, Cirelbourne Utd midfielder)
Goalkeeping Coach Larut Theshendan (43, ex-Maethoru, Concord Heights (CDG), Gehrenna GK, and WC 87 legend/WC 89 winner)
Team Manager Aeneme Aoragolin (f, Ehbanna, Aerellen)
Strength & Conditioning #1 Sadayuki Jufadein (m, Setergehse, Ethena)
Strength & Conditioning #2 Tishojes Sakludin (m, Maethoru, Matali)
Doctor Genevieve Volahdhen (f), Maruhnudu, Shahrigarihn
Medical Staff x3 Sara Razhomudhen (f, Didhar, Mauroren), Luther Efahihdhen (m, Garihnkatar, Shahrigarihn), Ariane Sumegaura (f, Shemurdar, Mahrkioren)
Selector #1 Reizo Yokota (43, ex-Kanatsu midfielder)
Selector #2 Cy de Villepin (44, ex-Aminey, Branvon, Bruncester midfielder)
Selector #3 Ingmar Linderood (42, ex-Straudum, Busukuma AC (BNJ), Lakiska SC (BNJ) defender/utility)
Scouting & Analysis x2 Egenak Eidikuhnnau (m, Sathtonoru, Majaroren), Naworu Bihdhaten (f, Edihlbahl, Ubahim Maengiu)
Trigramme KOR
Colours Green, blue, (yellow)
World Cup
Appearances: 24x - 64-66, 69-72, 74-75, 81, 83-96
Best Result: 1x 1st - 89. 1x 2nd - 87. 2x QF - 90, 94.
World Cup qualification
Appearances: 39x - 55-56, 58-75, 78-96
Cup of Harmony
Appearances: 10x - 50, 51, 53-55, 60, 65, 71-72, 74
Best Result: 1st, CoH 65. 3rd, CoH 74.
Anaia - CAFA Cup
Appearances: 9x - 1-9
Best Result: 3x 2nd - 3, 4, 8. 1x 3rd - 7. 1x 4th - 2.
Atlantian Oceania - AOCAF
Appearances: 21x - 40-51, 55-63
Best Result: 1st: 60. 2nd: 50. 3rd: 48, 59. 4th: 45, 47.
Eagle's Cup
Appearances: 5x - 10-14
Best Result: 5th, 12

Amahne (Aminey) - Stade sur la Baie (70000) - home to Aminey CS (and the Aminey Caspians, Aminey Buffaloes, and Aminey Owls).
The flagship stadium, huge production values, the works. Azure-coloured seating under canvas roofing. A beautiful circular stadium built in foreign Classical traditions.

Shemurdar (Schemerdrecht) - Orange Bowl (54000) - home to Schemerdrecht SVV (and the Schemerdrecht Admirals).
More associated perhaps with the Admirals than the SVV, but it's nearly always sold out venue for great crowds in any sport. A robust, somewhat boring square monster with little attention paid to its external looks.

Maethoru (Maethoru) - Rikalathen Arena (39000) - home to Maethoru SC (and Mayara Wanderers-Vulpecula).
Close to the KFA's training grounds, at least it has that going for it. Crowds are a little quieter here than elsewhere. A pristine pitch with seating in a few shades of green matching the field, all seating covered.

Ethuweri (Étouille) - Stade Amandine (30000) - home to Tanques AOE (and the Etouille Vultures).
Some amazing drone shots over a stadium, a city, and a crowd that knows what makes life fun. Extremely sponsor-friendly with its skybox layout, at the cost of the view of some nosebleeds.

Thelesra (Santa Teresa) - Estádio Fortaleza (29000) - home to Miradela GD (and the Santa Teresa Sabres).
Made to be exactly 1000 seats larger than their rivals' stadium, the Fortaleza is the upper-class stadium. They tried to make it look old and well-used with a specific standing-only section, but even there the privilege is palpable.
Thelesra (Santa Teresa) - Estádio Marítimo (28000) - home to Branvon CD.
The working class stadium that is, in all facets, a bit inferior to the Fortaleza. Except the crowds. There's no better stadium for wild crowds. Plenty of standing-only areas, no cover, barely making it through inspections.

Monrama (Maynard) - Armskirk Municipal Ground (26000) - home to Maynard AFC.
The unlucky Maynard team have asked the KFA to have their stadium used by the national team - as the only southwestern stadium. The Armskirk isn't a bad stadium by all means, but some of the creative decisions in seating arrangements haven't paid off.

Katahshi (Katashi) - Suzumebachi Stadium (25000) - home to Katashi-Kanatsu.
The biggest stadium in the east, Katahshi deserves a game. The fans will mostly just cheer for eastern players, though. It's a wonderfully modern and digital stadium - the first with screens going all around the place.

Garihnkatar (Greencaster) - Golhampton Grounds (25000) - home to Sydberg Olympia.
Garihnkatar never had a big football culture, but that's changed, and the local Olympia have kept pace with the hype. Biggest city in the country, too. It feels like a much bigger stadium than it is, with plenty of options for later enlargement.

Ehbanna (Aevanna) - Northern Arena (32000) - home to university team 'Aevanna Ecologiske Universitet'.
The KFA wants some games geographically spread across the country, and so the cold, dark, and cold gridiron Northern Arena is on the list. The largely roofed stadium is partially dug in to prevent the Arena from dominating the skyline.

Alahrenna (Alara) - Spider Stadium (27100) - home to Advance Alara.
Eastern but not on the island Katahshi's on. Fans are used to seeing a lot of goals - which the Dragonflies don't do. The stadium has a lot of staggered mini-sections, make of that what you will.

Seterdahn (Straudum) - Hazel Arena (25400) - home to Straudum VV.
Biggest stadium in the northeast, as far as the mainland goes. Straudum's style matches the NT's style perfectly. Propped up by the massive (rich) IT sector. It's still sold out more often than not as one of the better stadium experiences out there.

Gilibehri (Eaglebury) - Uriagali Field (18000) - home to WSR AFC and Pride of Eaglebury.
Biggest/only stadium on the west coast. Gilibehri has an amazing, flourishing sports culture and it's no longer completely ignored by the other 99% of the country. The stadium boasts an impressive view of the mountains.

RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes (but give me an 'out' for the Ko-orenite fans and players if it's extreme)

1 GK Goswijn Naaldemaker (22) - Katashi-Kanatsu
11 GK Galorian Antair (18) - Maethoru SC
21 GK Meldon Crewby (21) - Maynard AFC
31 GK Ludlow Hawkfeather (20) - Aminey CS

Ohh, what a group of up-and-coming goalies we have. Naaldemaker is a tried-and-tested goalkeeper, one-time champion of the Top League with Kanatsu, very tall, and decently all-round. Antair is new to the group, but is already starting for Maethoru straight out of the University/Academy system, which says a lot when the country's most prestigious club, on a three year no-title run, has that faith in a young guy. He's not as tall but makes up for that in explosiveness. Crewby has been a bubble guy for a while as Maynard's backup, another very tall specimen and pretty good against penalties. Hawkfeather, the Aminey backup, rounds out the group, but with significant doubts as to his ceiling.

2 RB Folkert Nieuwboom (21) - Straudum VV
12 RB Sissigul Zulambee (19) - WSR AFC
22 RB Masachika Eguchi (20) - Advance Alara

Three players that we're doubting are aging at all - haven't they been on the NT for a while? Yes, they have been called on early, even to the WC(Q) teams, with Nieuwboom the enforcer, Zulambee the old-school (that is, pre-Manguele) positionally strong player, and Eguchi the perfect option for the modern team, great on the ball, alright without it.

3 CB Keiki Todaka (20) - Urrheddiao, CMT
4 CB Theklen Senothonnau (19) - Straudum VV
5 CB Lei yGorllaeneal (21) - Dí Maozöxê, FFD

Our proposed starters are all here: golden boy Todaka, Senothonnau and her meteoric rise, and yGorllaeneal's surprising appearance in Farfadillis and more than holding his own. All three are decent on the ball but mostly set themselves apart from the rest through rapport with the rest of the field. The Dragonflies operate pretty close to one another so having a better idea as to where everyone will be - and not sending a pass to an opponent with no defenders left to beat - is vital.

13 CB Charley Mellowby (22) - Maynard AFC
14 CB Conrat Loper (20) - Schemerdrecht SVV
15 CB Sanche Bassin (19) - Miradela GD

As for the standard backups: Mellowby is typically a step or two ahead of the opposition but unfortunately lacks the on-ball technique of a starter. The same, more or less, goes for Loper, who at Schemerdrecht has been thrown in the deep end but is slowly making the SVV his thing. Bassin doesn't have the same issues but is on the light side for a defender.

23 CB Unotak Zhomodhen (18) - Miradela GD
24 CB Munetoki Shichi (22) - Gehrenna FC
25 CB Ernest Herebee (21) - Limecroft Et Abyss FC

The third options: Zhomodhen is, as his coaches say, "not the sharpest pencil in the pencil case" which will likely hold him back from a cerebrally demanding NT job, but makes up for that at Miradela with the softest of touches. Shichi is small but tenacious, and Herebee is a decent Manguele fit but lacks any kind of physical presence - sometimes you have to plant an elbow in their ribs to make sure they know you mean business, and Ernest isn't doing that nearly enough.

6 LB Edomu Aomegella (19) - Advance Alara
16 LB Dwrwst yBons (19) - Schemerdrecht SVV
26 LB Tatsuko Kamachi (20) - Limecroft Et Abyss FC

We certainly didn't expect two Limecroft players on the list so far, but the team's doing something right in the talent development department. Kamachi is unlikely to really get to the Dragonflies full-time but he's certainly an above average starter in the Top League. Aomegella and yBons are similar in skill but very different in approach: Aomegella likes to be on the ball, with friends and foes close by, making plays and breaking out, while yBons is more of a stay-behind leftback.


7 DM Hixinio Andrade (20) - Miradela GD
17 DM Ngjunei Meigun (17) - Gehrenna FC

The defensive midfield position is completely back, powered by 34-year old Dhentingun but with willing disciples in Andrade, already a 3-year starter for the Top League champions, and Meigun, on a pro contract at age 17 which usually doesn't happen until age 20/21. Both are physically dominating more so than most of our defenders even - this position is only for VERY all-round greats.

8 RM Swini yLlwteis (19) - Sydberg Olympia
18 RM Yoshinori Takiguchi (20) - Advance Alara

Both are already pretty commonly seen around Dragonflies training facilities. yLlwteis is definitely a little more mature and ready to go, with a mean turn to get himself and the ball to safety in weird situations. Takiguchi plays far away from the touchline and tends to join the fray in the centre of the field: defensively the more appropriate action but offensively lacking.

27 CM Rosie Chelmandery (20) - Aminey CS
28 CM Xaneiro De Castro (21) - Castelo e Calvente CS
29 CM Udzhan Modehnidin (21) - Cresthill United FC

Hard to say if any of these will appear in Manguele's plans long-term. Chelmandery should be in with her height and amazing sense of place and direction, while De Castro is probably more of a pinchhitter or late sub wrecking ball type of player. Modehnidin, despite being 21, feels a bit behind his peers.

9 LM Amand Mathey (19) - Aminey CS
19 LM Quentin Ron (20) - Sydberg Olympia

There are almost no choices easier than this one. Mathey is clearly the Next Big Thing in Ko-orenite midfields, blazing fast and always popping up roughly around where you need him. Ron is a great understudy, almost as fast, also a little more invisible.

X AM Yvette Brushel (22) - Huthwich Et Iduloren FC
1X AM Paige Icekirk (21) - Bruncester United AFC

The AM position feels like it's dying out, with the main proponents behing Aoriene (34), Auvergne (36), and Ebina (35), and the current Dragonflies at the position being late 20s at best as well. That said, Brushel pairs up a few rare qualities for a Ko-orenite to have as she's capable of a deadly assist, and Icekirk can outbattle a few defenders with her brand of hard-working football, if needed. The latter might be a better fit but the Bruncester midfielder isn't the obvious choice on paper.

= RS Toshitsugu Hiraide (19) - Sydberg Olympia
1= ST Aomoca Aenenolin (21) - Pesfield Trees, SYL
2= LS Teiji Shimaoka (20) - Maethoru SC

Hiraide is probably already the best striker in Ko-oren. As a class finisher though, he would need to drop back for support more often to be useful on this specific Dragonflies side, but that doesn't stand in the way of him being nearly dispossessable. Aenenolin is a class below but far better able to support our decently scoring midfielders. Shimaoka is a bruising forward, also able to sit back and let the midfielders run the show.

We play post-football, a term coined during World Cup 89 to put words to a horrible semifinal between Audioslavia and the Dragonflies, which ended 0-0 after 120 minutes, then all but one penalty was scored in the ensuing series. Post-football means no singing. No cheering. No scoring. Post-football is sideways passes, looking like the same, repetitive movements for minutes on end, but with tiny variations that at some point will get to you. It could be a counterattack, or a shot from distance, or a set piece. Post-football doesn't care if it takes 90 or 120 minutes, or more. Under Juliasterinthen and Davenport, the Ko-orenites earned a reputation as the perfectly positioned, tactical-yet-mean defensive team. Containing, capitalising, exploiting. Patience and countering.

Under Lele Manguele, an era that started just before CAFA 7 in cycle 94, we're breaking with traditions. Still targeted at preventing goals, the team instead tries to retain possession for as long as possible, in small, compact spaces, merging relationism with tenacious defence, for what that's worth and to what extent that's possible. Relations between individual players are now more important than retaining perfect structure. That means that the midfield will forgo most of their roles, and that the defence will break the line to help the passing game.

Numbers 1 to = typically start (but not always, feel free to choose your starters). That's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, X, and =.
Numbers 1-1= are typically selected as starters or subs (but not always, feel free to select some 23+-ers as subs or starters).
Numbers 20 and over are mostly there as emergency replacements, but can be part of the squad for some games. These are almost always younger players with a lot of promise.


All-time record: 608-159-254 +1481 -772 =+709
Upcoming milestones:
- 1500th overall goal (currently: 1481)
- 200th regional goal (currently: 180)
- 10th WC knockout win (currently: 9)

1) Simon Everest - Scored the first official goal
2) Alizarin Lelantos - Coached the team to the first Cup of Harmony
3) Haki Asgard - Record holder for most matches played for the national team
4) Koyane Shiribeshi - Record holder for most goals scored for the national team
5) Pet Rilasthaunden - Most games as coach, perfected the defensive scheme
6) Xi Shang - Captain in the earliest days of the KFA
7) Sobek Dehenat - Celebrated captain and defender of the formative years
8) Fin Fenner - Dynamic midfielder, third-most appearances for the national team
9) Katanmak Juliasterinthen - Celebrated defender and captain of the most successful campaigns. Coach of AOCAF 60-winning squad, the WC87 finalists, and WC89 champions. NSWC President.
10) Katherine Davenport - Long time captain and celebrated defender. Head coach.
11) Storm Enshadilsa - Second-most capped player, most clean sheets for the national team
12) Bogdan Antonescu - Only non-Ko-orenite in the HoF, coached the team to most of its World Cup qualifications
13) Naemasu Tokachi - Fourth-most capped player, most assists, many goals
14) Reizo Yokota - Captain of AOCAF 60-winning squad
15) Lionel Dalton - Record holder for most matches played for the national team, AOCAF and CoH winner
16) Larut Theshendan - Allowed 7 goals in all of the World Cup 87 cycle - from qualifiers to the World Cup final.
17) The entire WC89 squad! Theshendan - Van Kalvenhaar, Benjamin, Van Schelven, Kaplan, Mizuno - Ensaunden, Janoreirinthen, Vaugrenard, Longchambon - Erisia
WCC and WCOH President and NS Sports' only WC, WBC, WB, WCOH, IBC, RUWC, Test Cricket, ODI, and T20 loser!

Trigramme: KOR - Demonym: Ko-orenite - Population: 27.270.096
Map - Regions - Spreadsheets - Domestic Sports Newswires - Factbooks
Champions 1x World Cup - 1x CoH - 1x AOCAF - 1x WBC - 4x World Bowl - 1x IBC - 4x RUWC - 3x RLWC - 2x T20 WC - 1x AODICC - 2x ARWC - 1x FHWC - 1x HWC - 1x Beach Cup
Runners-up 1x World Cup - 3x CAFA - 1x AOCAF - 1x WBC - 3x World Bowl - 2x WCoH - 4x IBC - 2x RUWC - 1x GCF Test Cricket - 1x ODI WT - 2x T20 WC - 1x FraterniT20 - 1x WLC - 1x FHWC
Organisation & Hosting 2x WCC President - 1x WCOH President / 1x BoF - 1x CAFA - 1x World Bowl - 1x WCOH - 2x RUWC - 1x ODI WT - 1x T20 WC - 1x FraterniT20 - 1x ARWC - 1x FHWC - (defunct) IRLCC, BCCC, Champions Bowl

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StrayaRoos National Football Team


Federation: SFF
Trigram: STR
Nicknames: Emus, Socceroos
Manager: Calixto Conti (JUE)
Most Capped Player(s): Harry Cahill (138)
Most Goals: Cruz Kaiplo (63)

01 Amina Şeyma 28 y/o [MYR] Wilmington United
02 Riley Trayqa 22 y/o [STR] Real Menai CF
19 Zane Vaerge 31 y/o [STR] Union Zalk
03 Daniel Poalian 28 y/o [STR] AFC Manildon
05 Gavin Majla 26 y/o [STR] Coal Coast FC
06 Kai Kuyta 28 y/o [STR] Union Zalk
08 Urszula Chinwe 24 y/o [STR] AFC Manildon
16 Mark Forsberg 24 y/o [STR] Real Menai CF
17 Luca Naiopa 30 y/o [STR] Pale United
21 Ade Morgan 23 y/o [STR] Pale United
23 Muirenn Cyan 26 y/o [STR] Panem Olympic
25 Ax Cay 29 y/o [STR] United Eay
04 Sam Laoala 31 y/o [STR] Pale United
12 Ella Vidya 30 y/o [KYP] FC Alaer
13 Alex Keane 27 y/o [STR] Pale Victory
14 Ibtisam Zümra 28 y/o [STR] Zeal Vulcans
15 Yasmeen Karmea 28 y/o [STR] Atletico Menai
24 Kristina Iris 26 y/o [STR] Atletico Menai
27 Daniel Jaqi 24 y/o [STR] Pale United
28 Kai Yuail 26 y/o [STR] Pale United
07 Cruz Kaiplo 28 y/o [TKT] Xanark City
09 Kaniehtiio Lindiwe 24 y/o [KYP] Capitolians
10 Ali Are 22 y/o [PIS] Resolute Storm 1913 FC
11 Luke Kaiplo 29 y/o [STR] Real Menai CF
20 Alana Kerr 27 y/o [KYP] Florey Garden City CAPTAIN
22 Zane Shalik 24 y/o [MYR] Riverboro FC

Morgan | Kuyta | Cyan | Poalian
Joalai | Vidya | Keane | Karmea
Kerr (C) | Kaiplo

If my opponent RPs our match first, I give them permission to:
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP Injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y
Choose my scorers: Y
Style Mod: +3
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Postby CAFA » Wed May 08, 2024 1:41 am

Signups updated to StrayaRoos. Legalese's host bid has been noted.

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Postby Beer League Footballers That Got Lost » Wed May 08, 2024 11:47 am

(NOTE: I know this is a new nation and I hope this is allowed. This is merely an exercise for me to help regain my confidence in my ability to write, as well as an attempt for me to rediscover why I loved writing so much. -Hap)


Full Nation Name: The Community of Beer League Footballers That Got Lost
Trigramme: BLF
Nickname: Officially: The Dogs; Unofficially: Those Idiots That Wandered Off That Plane
Team Colors: Red, Black and White

A group of beer league footballers from an Esportivan nation got on an airplane en route to another to play a casual game of football. There wasn't much at stake, just that the leaders of both teams were good friends in high school and drinking buddies in college. The two were more than excited to get together, have a few cold ones and watch their two respective teams do battle for 90 minutes, and then when it was done, they would all find a local bar and drink all of its beer. But there was a problem. On the flight over, both the pilot and copilot got massively disoriented. Several hours went by where the plane went in the wrong direction, but no one on the squad realized it. By the time it was all over, and by the time the pilots realized what was going on, they landed in a mysterious land - they didn't know what it was, but all they knew was they were in a region called "Anaia."

Jimmy Eaton, the director of Kensington Town Soccer Club and owner of Laughing Dog Bar and Grill, is disappointed. He was hoping he could have met his old friend Rodney Walters, his best friend in high school and college, and relived old times when they got thrown out of college bars for drinking way too much and for being much, much too loud when comparing football tactics. Jimmy was hoping he and Rodney would have remembered the time they pissed off a bartender something fierce when loudly singing the praises of the 4-4-2 formation to his face. All the bartender wanted to do was converse with the beautiful woman sitting next to them and pour her another beverage. Instead, he got some real deep talk about the tactics of football formations. Either way, Eaton is hopeful that, being in Anaia, he and his boys can find some good football to play and some even better cold beverages to drink.


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: TG me first, or ping me on the NS Sports Discord, and we'll talk about it
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but TG me if you want to do something serious
Godmod injuries to my players: TG me first, or ping me on the NS Sports Discord, and we'll talk about it
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: TG me first, or ping me on the NS Sports Discord, and we'll talk about it
Godmod other events: Yes, but TG me first
RP Coronavirus-related events: No.

Most Likely to:
Score Goals: Spears, Downer, Webster
Take Set-Pieces: Webster, Downer, Stewart
Get into Card Trouble: Everyone



#30 - JIM DASH | Goalkeeper | Age: 32 | Kicks: Left
Physicality: Low | Random Fact: Sixteen-Time Trivia Champion at the local bar | On-Field Personality: Patient

#60 - ZEKE MOORE | Goalkeeper | Age: 34 | Kicks: Right
Physicality: Low | Random Fact: Local scotch whiskey expert at the bar | On-Field Personality: Relaxed

The two goalkeepers on the Kensington Town squad are perhaps the most intellectual of the bunch.
Jim Dash, a financial planner for a major accounting firm back home, has won the last 16 trivia nights at the local bar in a row, even in spite of Triviamaster Dave Boyd's attempts to make things more difficult by bringing in much more obscure and esoteric topics such as "Parliamentary Procedures of Rushmori Nations, 1965-1980" and "World Grand Prix Champinship Reject Drivers, Seasons 1-5". Turns out Dash knows those like the back of his hand.

Zeke Moore, meanwhile, is the go-to when it comes to different scotch whiskies - even being able to tell the difference between the barrels that the whiskies were aged in. So even the bartenders at the local bar come up to him and ask what's the difference between one bottle of scotch or the other. Away from the bar and the pitch, Zeke has made that passion into his occupation, working as a salesman for a local whiskey company.


#2 - RANDY RUSSELL | Fullback | Age: 29 | Kicks: Right
Physicality: High | Random Fact: Banned from selecting songs at the jukebox | On-Field Personality: Asshole

#3 - JOHNNY CARTER | Fullback | Age: 36 | Kicks: Right
Physicality: Medium | Random Fact: Bored everyone with obscure facts about parliamentary procedure | On-Field Personality: Professional

#4 - BRUCE TATUM | Centerback | Age: 33 | Kicks: Left
Physicality: High | Random Fact: Passed out one night wearing elf ears in a rainstorm | On-Field Personality: Obnoxious

#5 - GAEL HICKS | Centerback | Age: 34 | Kicks: Right
Physicality: Very High | Random Fact: Takes "The Number of Violence" too seriously | On-Field Personality: Asshole
The four starting defensemen on the Kensington Town team have some very interesting - and quirky - tastes.

Randy Russell, for instance, made those quirky tastes well known on a Saturday evening at the bar when he put on some extremely obscene tunes that angered a local church women's group that had come by for lunch. Jimmy Eaton was presented with two choices: Either Randy is not allowed within 20 feet of the jukebox or he gets a lawsuit for obscenity. Away from the field, Russell has been pulled over by police at least 10 times for having his car radio up too loud - and for having some of those real disgusting songs playing at full blast. Several months ago, he appeared on one of those police videos shows real popular in his home country - for playing one of those songs at full blast near a local middle school.

On a Friday night a few months ago, Johnny Carter, seeing a news story involving the local parliament arguing over some piece of obscure-ass legislation involving a city several hundred miles from them. Carter went on a tangent to some of his fellow barflies explaining - in very painfully esoteric terms - why the procedure was not being followed right, why point of order was not being met or whatever, and why - damn it, Joyner, taking the parliamentary mace, wrapping it in barbed wire, setting it on fire and thrashing it over someone's head is grounds to get expelled from parliament permanently, even if it's a "worked" parliamentary mace as you claim it is. Either way, the rest of the barflies were much more interested in Freddy Joyner's implementation of professional wrestling in parliament than what Johnny was saying.

Bruce "Elf Ears" Tatum got his name for a Sunday jaunt in the bar. With heavy rains all over the area, their field was a sloggy, muddy mess and the game between Kensington Town and rival Sharpsburg Rovers was called off. So both teams went to Laughing Dog Bar, had way too much to drink, argued over the NSSCRA race being aired on the televisions, and somewhere, somehow, a pair of elf ears were produced. Bruce Tatum put them on and as he puts it, "that's the last thing I remember." Others in the bar recall him drinking way too much, blowing chunks and getting sent outside, where he passed out in a driving rainstorm.

Gael Hicks became a fan of Hapiloppian football player Nathan Ellis years ago, when, on a whim, he turned on a World Cup 84 qualifying match between Hapilopper and Vdara. It was in that game where Ellis clotheslined Vdaran footballer Alexis Fotellis and made quite an ass out of himself. Since then, Hicks decided that, in his beer league games of his own, he'd do what Ellis did. He started wearing Number Five - which in Hapiloppian football is considered "the number of violence" and he started playing like Ellis. But the thing is, the other teams didn't like it, and neither did local law enforcement, who hilariously arrested Hicks after he tried doing his Nathan Ellis routine on a beer league team consisting of local police officers.


#22 - ELWOOD DAVIS | Fullback | Age: 29 | Kicks: Right
Physicality: Medium | Random Fact: Has appeared on the local news at least 10 times | On-Field Personality: Stupid

#23 - FREDDY JOYNER | Fullback | Age: 31 | Kicks: Left
Physicality: Medium-High | Random Fact: Always asks the bar to put on pro wrestling | On-Field Personality: Patient

#24 - DARRELL HAWKINS | Centerback | Age: 41 | Kicks: Right
Physicality: Medium | Random Fact: Makes a really mean tuna casserole | On-Field Personality: Obnoxious

#25 - EDDIE DEACON | Centerback | Age: 37 | Kicks: Right
Physicality: Medium | Random Fact: Punched a referee to help a friend win a $20 bet | On-Field Personality: Clumsy

The bench defenders are just as quirky as the starting ones, and have become famous within the Kensington area - some for good reasons, and others for reasons you'd rather not think about.

Have you ever turned on the 6 o'clock news and wondered where in the hell the reporters found some of these goobers they talk to? Elwood Davis has jokingly called himself a "professional idiot on the street" for his numerous appearances on the local news - oftentimes being dressed up in a bathrobe and an old baseball hat, giving his take on the exploding gas station across the street or the moron that tried stealing an ambulance on the corner of the road he was on. And every time it happens, Elwood will come back to Laughing Dog that day and get heckled by his fellow barflies for his latest, ludicrous take on the news of the day. It has happened at least 10 times in the last year, even as local news networks seemingly forget who they're talking to.

Freddy Joyner is the resident professional wrestling fanatic of the Laughing Dog crew - to the delight and chagrin of his fellow barflies. Every Monday and Wednesday, he insists on the bar putting on the pro wrestling shows, and he'll go on and on about why this pro wrestling storyline is working and why this pro wrestling executive is a dunderheaded goober because of his insistence on wearing a neck brace in the middle of a professional sports draft. Othertimes, he'll just yell at the TV to tell a pro wrestler to get a table and set it on fire. Joyner has been adored by his fellow barflies for things such as sparing them the boredom of esoteric-ass parliamentary talk, and chastized for attempting to perform pro wrestling maneuvers on them, such as one instance when he offered Anthony Donis $20 "to see what Suplex City is like."

Darrell Hawkins, meanwhile, really enjoys cooking. The only reason he doesn't go behind the bar and make food for his fellow barflies is that there are people employed to make that food and he doesn't want to take away from their livelihood. Instead, he'll go home and make his own food. His favorite dishes include what he calls "Thunderchicken 65" - a spicier version of a Chicken 65 dish - and his own tuna casserole, which he considers his party piece that he'll make for girls he's seeing and for barflies that come over to his place when they need a place to crash.

Eddie Deacon is a complete idiot. He's the kind of guy that does stupid things for money - and we mean, really, REALLY stupid things. Things like breathing fire for a $5 bet, things like blowing up a toilet at Laughing Dog for a $20 bet (something that netted him a six-month ban from the bar when Jimmy Eaton saw the damage) and punching out a referee to help a friend win a bet. Eddie had collided with another player from Green Street Club in the 28th minute of a match - a cynical challenge, maybe a little excessive, but it was there. And when the referee started breaking the two apart, Eddie recalled two of his friends getting into an argument over what would happen if a player punched a referee, and a bet was placed. So Eddie figured he'd resolve the bet and decked the referee. He was given a straight red and a two match suspension. He was lucky Jimmy Eaton didn't stick a boot up his ass afterwards.


#6 - ZACK WEBSTER | Left Midfielder | Age: 30 | Kicks: Left
Physicality: Medium | Random Fact: Has an encyclopedic knowledge of television sign-offs | On-Field Personality: Calm

#7 - ANTHONY DONIS | Right Midfielder | Age: 32 | Kicks: Right
Physicality: Medium-Low | Random Fact: Broke his shoulder once when Freddy Joyner suplexed him on the bar | On-Field Personality: Creative

#8 - ROGER GOETZ | Defensive Midfielder | Age: 36 | Kicks: Right
Physicality: High | Random Fact: Local police know him on a first-name basis | On-Field Personality: Stupid

#9 - JIMMY CLIFFORD | Offensive Midfielder | Age: 35 | Kicks: Right
Physicality: Medium | Random Fact: Caused the arcade machine at the bar to explode | On-Field Personality: Clumsy

The midfielders on the Kensington Town squad have gotten themselves into some level of trouble for a variety of reasons.

Zack Webster, for starters, has managed to ruin no less than three dates he has brought to Laughing Dog after his date will inevitably ask him "so, what are you interested in?" Webster will respond, inevitably, with his very encyclopedic - and very boring - knowledge of televion station signoffs from the 1970s and 1980s. Occasionally, one of his fellow barflies will overhear this, bring some of their friends in and when Webster finishes his spiel, they'll chime in by giving their rendition of the most annoying sound in the world. Inevitably, the date has decided she's had enough and walks away - oftentimes before the food even arrives. Webster works at a local TV station in the mornings, so at least his coworkers have that same interest - we hope.

Anthony Donis, meanwhile, has just recently recovered from a shoulder injury that came after Freddy Joyner offered him $20 to see "what Suplex City is like." Donis is obviously a complete idiot because Joyner takes pro wrestling way too seriously. Either way, Donis accepted the offer, Joyner picked him up and gave him a vicious belly-to-back Hapiloppian suplex that slammed him into the bar itself, breaking his shoulder. Donis missed three months of action while Joyner was suspended two matches for "aggravated dipshittery," as Jimmy Eaton put it. The bar at Laughing Dog, meanwhile, was visibly dented from the suplex. Jimmy decided not to have it fixed "to show everyone what kind of morons I have frequenting my establishment."

"God damn it, Roger, you again?" The Kensington Town Police know Roger Goetz a little too well. He's not a violent person and he doesn't do anything too bad. His problem is he tends to stumble home from Laughing Dog a little too often after having a little too many cold ones with his friends. Roger has been arrested no less than five dozen times for public drunkenness and criminal stupidity - including one time when he got sick and blew chunks on a side of a fast food restaurant not far from his apartment. His mugshots have appeared on the walls of Laughing Dog as Kensington Town Police have let Jimmy Eaton know of one of their more overserved customers. Jimmy laughs it off - Roger doesn't get in a car and drive, he doesn't do anything that endangers the health of anyone else or himself, he just enjoys drinking, and he'll walk home instead.

On a Saturday night in the offseason, Jimmy Clifford was playing with the arcade machine near the back of Laughing Dog and was getting a little frustrated with how he was doing. To make matters worse, it seemed like the arcade machine was taunting him for how poorly he was doing. There was a line of people waiting to play on the arcade machine and they were getting frustrated. Finally, Jimmy lost his cool, first screaming bloody murder at this inanimate arcade machine that had mocked him for the last time, then grabbing a sledgehammer that, for some reason, was situated off to the side. Jimmy started whaling away at the arcade machine before eventually, an impact from the sledgehammer caused the arcade machine to blow up, sending shrapnel flying in all directions, causing the fire alarm to go off and leading Jimmy Eaton to explain to firefighters that no, Laughing Dog was not on fire, some dipshit just blew up the arcade machine in a fit of white-hot rage.


#32 - KEN STEWART | Side Midfielder | Age: 33 | Kicks: Left
Physicality: Medium | Random Fact: Dressed up as a Valentian for Halloween but couldn't get through the front door | On-Field Personality: Creative

#33 - RUDY ROYAL | Center Midfielder | Age: 37 | Kicks: Right
Physicality: Low | Random Fact: Blew out his voice singing a soulful pop song like it was thrash metal | On-Field Personality: Relaxed

Kensington Town has two backup midfielders, and by comparison to the starters, don't really do much to get in trouble, but they do have their moments.

This past Halloween, Kenny Stewart, who is 5'10", decided he wanted to dress up like Clarissa Alanis Star from the wonderful world of Valentine Z. This included dying his skin blue and getting stilts so he could appear to be comically large. Unfortunately, Kenny didn't consider the fact that the front door of Laughing Dog didn't take giant Valentians into consideration, nor did he consider his balance when walking on stilts. So as he walked out to Laughing Dog, he realized he couldn't get through the front door, dressed up as Clarissa Alanis Star, and a 5'10" big blue robot just wasn't going to cut it. He tried crawling through the door and failed, before finally giving up. But as he got back up, he slipped a bit and busted his ass as he fell onto the sidewalk, nearly taking out an old lady walking by. For whatever reason, that old lady now has a fear of fat morons dressed up as Valentians.

A few weeks after Kenny Stewart busted his ass, it was karaoke night at Laughing Dog. Rudy Royal, figuring he'd act on a goofball impulse, meandered out to the stage and asked to take a soulful funky pop hit that had just come out. He gave the karaoke operator a mischievious look, looked at the lyrics and started singing it like a thrash metal hit, screaming the lyrics at the top of his lungs. It got everyone's attention and was worth quite a few laughs and a lot of cheers. But the next day when he showed up to his job as an advertising sales rep for the local newspaper, everyone wondered what happened to his voice. Rudy had to explain that, yes, he had blown it out, no, he wasn't watching sports on television, and yes, after a coworker played a video that had been posted to twii.tur, he had blown his voice out doing karaoke.


#10 - CHRIS SPEARS | Striker | Age: 34 | Kicks: Right
Physicality: Low | Random Fact: Once mooned Hapiloppian President William Mathis out of a hotel window | On-Field Personality: Stupid

#11 - CHARLIE DOWNER | Striker | Age: 37 | Kicks: Left
Physicality: Low | Random Fact: Has been banned from three all-you-can-eat buffets | On-Field Personality: Obnoxious

The two starting forwards can score a lot of goals and piss a lot of people off. Sometimes at the same time.

Chris Spears is lucky someone didn't shoot him. While on a weekend visit to Hapilopper City, he spotted a political rally featuring Hapiloppian President William Mathis. Spears, who is apolitical and considers all politicians to be corrupt douchenozzles, opened the window of his 6th floor hotel room, got out a megaphone and shouted "HEY! CHECK THIS OUT!" As Mathis and about 3,000 people turned around looked, Spears pulled down his pants and hung his bare ass out the window. Nobody could restore order as Spears danced his bare ass out the hotel window. Mathis, meanwhile, sensing that people in Hapilopper do this sort of dumb stuff all the time, couldn't help but crack up.

While Chris Spears is mooning heads of state, Charlie Downer is going for his seventh plate at the local all-you-can-eat buffet. Downer has one of the best metabolisms of any footballer, professional or amateur - in the area, and loves to eat lots of food. In the process, he has tested the extent of these restaurants' "all you can eat" policy, and on three occasions, he has shown that "all you can eat" doesn't really mean "literally all you can eat," as managers of these restaurants have come up to him and asked him to please leave because while he's eating all he can eat, they can't keep up with the demand and the demand of other customers.


#41 - MATT HAYWOOD | Striker | Age: 45 | Kicks: Right
Physicality: Low | Random Fact: Banned from renting cars in his home country | On-Field Personality: Clumsy

#42 - TED INGRAM | Striker | Age: 28 | Kicks: Right
Physicality: Low | Random Fact: Hosts a monthly "steak night" at his apartment | On-Field Personality: Professional

The two backup strikers have their own quirks, some good and some really, really stupid.

For the last 20 years, Matthew Haywood has been prohibited from renting cars back home following a well-publicized incident where he, pissed off at a fellow motorist, smashed into his rear bumper. That fellow motorist pulled up alongside him and doorslammed him. So rather than just exchange insurance details, apologize for their misdeeds and move on, these two idiots turned their vehicles into weapons and the highway as their own personal battleground. By the time it was over, Haywood's car was demolished, smoking and may have been on fire. The other guy's car was demolished as well, not to mention the three other people that got caught up in it. Punches were thrown, police got involved and by the time it was over, the rental car agency was even angrier than the guy that Haywood rear-ended.

Ted Ingram is a steakmaster. He and his friends - all of whom have been friends since college - get together once a week on a Friday night, get some steaks, whiskey and cigars and enjoy the evening. They'll get a bad movie from the 80s, watch that and enjoy their steaks. Many of his friends are also regulars at Laughing Dog, and they'll come along for the Sunday games as well, but then question why Ingram doesn't get much playing time. The reality is, Ingram is just as happy sitting on the bench and enjoying himself as he is anything else.
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A plucky group of beer league soccer players from Hapilopper that inexplicably ended up in Anaia - and they'll probably like it there.

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The DO-OVER of LUWHEL-BESNY, roster for CAFA CUP 9
Nation Name: The Do-Over of Luwhel-Besny
Demonym: Besnians
Team Nickname: The Humpbacks

AWAY - HOME (w/ Reverse) - KEEPER

Located off the northern coast of Mertagne, the islands of Luwhel-Besny are a mainly low-lying and humid archipelago made up of a small handful of main landmasses, and hundreds of other tidal and temporary islands. Crisscrossed with bunds, dams, ditches, dykes and flumes, the locals face a contsant battle with the sea to keep their heads above the water level. Indeed, this is a battle that even the land they sit on doesn't really help them much with, shot through as it is with swamps, bogs, and tidal deltas, as well as being home to more protected species of temperate mosquito than anywhere else in the multiverse - including five species not found anywhere else. The Besnians, then, are well used to being wet up to their ankles at the very least, and are frequently covered in little red bite marks. Farmland is thin on the ground as well as literally being thin ground when you can find it, and the few areas of natural elevation are almost entirely cloaked with virtually impassable temperate rainforests. Slow, creeping growth is a big deal here, with virtually everything that doesn’t move quickly enough, a list that includes anything from buildings to livestock via sleeping pensioners, quickly attracting a coating of expanding mould, lichen, moss, or a film of oily swamp water.

So, why would anyone choose to live here at all?

Stubbornness, basically.

When a series of intrepid explorers from the islands of what would later become the Federation of Polar Islandstates set out to find new trade routes and new lands to colonise, they got lost. Hopelessly lost. So much so that, when they found these islands, they basically decided to stick rather than twist, and any suggestion that they might head even just a little bit further south to what "we're pretty sure is a massive continent" was met with a swift and final 'absolutely not'. Anyone claiming that these little swampy islands aren't what the original settlers were trying to find is swiftly told to schtum, or at the very least stop talking so loudly lest you be overheard by a foreigner who would go on to mock the Besnians in their so-called high-societies. Go on, then. Do your worst. I bet you've got calculators that fit in your pocket and everyth- oh, you do? Cool.

The intrepid bunch picked up a few other Rushmori on their way through all those years ago, so you might find a smattering of this that or the other in the old gene-pool here and there, or in naming conventions, but by and large this is a Valhallan colony gone a bit wrong, and the people will behave in a manner that suggests they haven't quite got over their historic routes. Clues to this include the national cuisine of fresh fish and seaweed, the Lord Admiral’s Council Chambers being made of the original beached vessel they set sail in all those years ago, and the locals thinking and remarking on how warm it is in the islands, apparently under the impression that they live in some kind of tropical paradise. Which, compared to the Federation it might be, but, it very much isn't. God only knows what they'll do if the CAFA is held somewhere actually warm... They are also stubborn, unlikely to ever admit that they are wrong - choosing instead to double down on nearly everything, including to the point of founding a capital city of Hasparran on a nearly inhospitable sandy stretch of river delta, or pretending that this is the perfect location to build a whaling station, actually. The two month sail just to get to the whaling grounds is just what we needed to consider our place in the Multiverse.

TL;DR - "Hand me the mosquito spray in my waders’ pocket and then shut up, this is exactly what we were aiming for here all along, actually."

Further information may or may not follow in due course, as and when the story of these islands fleshes out a little.

Manager: Anti Keskula, 78
Old school, in every sense of the word, Anti Keskula is usually happiest on the banks of the capital delta, fishing and wiling away the hours since his official retirement from HSC 1949 by trying to avoid his family and catch the elusive Hasparranian Carp. He has taken the list of players suggested to him by the FLBF, copied it verbatim, and decided to just go with it, to be honest. He considers his tactics to be tried and tested, and in this he is technically correct, as he won several league championships with HSC over the course of his career, and if it doesn't happen to work all that well on the international scene then, well, maybe he was deliberately losing in order to toughen up his players, actually. Did you consider that? No. Thought not. There's a distinct chance he'll act and respond as if any situation is preventing his from fishing, and his dress will reflect this at all times - from a fly tucked into the band around his hat, all the way to the evens possibility he'll turn up in full-length waders. Though, as is the nature of Besnians, this isn't always distinguishable from day-to-day wear.

Assistant Manager: Oier 'Law' Narvaez, 36
About the only progressive voice in the entire FLBF, which is saying something, Narvaez has made a living for himself by codifying and writing up the sketchy at best and entirely oral at worst laws and regulations of the Besnian game, which led directly to his nickname. Faces an uphill battle to try and drag the FLBF into whatever century it is where you're reading this, but hasn't been deterred so far, and when it became apparent that the long sleeved tops and heavy flannel shorts that teams in the Island League wear wouldn't cut it at an international tournament, even founded his own kit manufacturer - Lawnny (which is definitely not just 'hummel' upside-down...) - to try and give the players the best chance of progressing. The players hate them, naturally, but Lawnny kits are always open to suggested improvements. Or, would be if the concept of a suggestion box existed in Besnian culture. Or feedback at all, to be honest. Will likely spend half of his time reminding Keskula that he is half his age, something he does whenever it might be useful to Narvaez to do so, and the other half asking Keskula to stop using the same argument when it suits him, which, to be fair, is roughly the other half of the time.

#1 - GK - Erregu Igusquiza - Age 33 - FC Hasparran Delta
#22 - GK - Titus Belkevicius - Age 29 - HSC 1949
#23 - GK - Ivo Jacobsen - Age 27 - Whalers VSC
Big, dumb, athletic, and likely to get caught out by modern laws about the amount of protection a modern goalkeeper should or shouldn’t get - in either direction - these three keepers are the best that the Island League has to offer right now. Jacobsen’s day-job as a labourer on his dad’s farm makes him particularly formidable in the box, particularly when he’s running towards you, but the cat like reflexes of Igusquiza make him first choice - it is said he once caught a Hasparranian Carp with his bare hands...

#2 - FBL - Mykolas Vaga - Age 33 - HSC 1949
#3 - FBR - Agripa Viiding - Age 31 - FC Hasparran Delta - Vice-Captain
#12 - FBL - Asko Lippmaa - Age 28 - Whalers VSC
#13 - FBR - Reimond Saar - Age 32 - AS St Ninian
Vaga and Viiding are a natural partnership at the back, despite coming from opposite sides of the capital, a fact that Keskula is going to exploit as much as he possibly can if it means he gets a few extra hours on the riverbank rather than coaching on the training pitch. Lippmaa and Saar aren’t quite as talented, but can still pack a punch - as you might expect from anyone with the physical characteristics to pull off this antiquated full-back position.

#4 - LB - Vaits Kaljurand - Age 31 - AC Fenmouth
#5 - CB - Aizkiibel Ezperun - Age 22 - FC Hasparran Delta
#6 - RB - Heiho Nurmsalu - Age 29 - HSC 1949
#14 - LB - Ruudi Rusevicius - Age 19 - Whalers VSC
#15 - CB - Janus Echeverrie - Age 21 - HSC 1949
#16 - RB - Magnus Lepp-Jogi - Age 26 - Boreal Gotheniemi
In the middle of the park, or whatever counts for one in this formation, things will be anchored in the middle by star #5 Aizkiibel Ezperun, who is very much putting himself in the shop window during this tournament, a fact that means he’s a Besnian with an actual desire to get off the islands. Which I suppose makes him a progressive, or, something akin to one anyway. Kaljurand and Nurmsalu either side provide some muscle and athleticism, with a host of talented youngsters on the bench waiting to come on just as soon as Keskula remembers he’s allowed to make substitutions now.

#7 - LW - Illimar Ozers - Age 29 - HSC 1949
#11 - RW - Erramos Arrate - Age 22 - AC Fenmouth
#17 - LW - Bogdan Aare - Age 23 - FC Hasparran Delta
#21 - RW - Aidas Kronbergs - Age 25 - Iriscarra ‘56ers
On the wings, Ozers and Arrate will offer fleet of foot, wicked crossing ability, and the ability to run up and down the pitch all match. It’s a punishing physical regime, but one that these fen-runners by trade are able to carry off with aplomb. Just don’t ask what a fen-runner actually does to make money. Running, mostly. Carrying... things? It’s unclear. It might be smuggling, to be honest. I wouldn’t rule it out, anyway. Aare and Kronbergs are ready to come on and offer something different just as soon as Narvaez tells them what that’s supposed to look like.

#8 - LF - Ernaustas Mannik - Age 27 - Iriscarra ‘56ers
#10 - RF - Aksel Sietnieks - Age 31 - FC Hasparran Delta
#18 - LF - Belatz Kallaste - Age 22 - Whalers VSC
#20 - RF - Osaba Ecarambarria - Age 24 - HSC 1949
Fleshing out the front-line and offering defences all over Anaia something to really think about, Mannik and Sietnieks have swagger in abundance and the ability to put a hole in the side of a logging truck with their heads should the need arise. Don’t ask me how I know that. Or what the kind of situation that would require such a skill might entail. Especially as part of a football match. But, you know. It’s nice to have. Kallaste has some questionable tattoos, by which I mean he has tattoos done by a Besnian tattoo ‘artist’, but don’t let that put you off him, and should you meet Ecarambarria in a dark alley after-hours, don’t buy anything he offers you. He’s a perfectly nice lad but he can’t keep trying to sell shares in his poultry business to strangers. Chickens can’t swim, and he knows it, the charlatan.

#9 - ST - Josef Eskola - Age 30 - HSC 1949 - CAPTAIN
#19 - ST - Kaido Guezalaga - Age 18 - FC Hasparran Delta
Up top, Josef Eskola is an absolute brute of a human-being, with a physique that owes much to his day-job of being a dockhand in Hasparran, and the temperament to match. The ideal captain then, as far as Keskula is concerned. He has what looks like three foreheads and just as many necks, and talks mostly in grunts. The ideal captain then, as far as Keskula is concerned. Looking to oust him from the starting line-up is Kaido Guezalaga, a man who is different in just about every way, including a playing style that suggests he’s spent far too much of his youth watching foreign leagues on television rather than studying for his rangers examinations. He also hails from HSC’s cross-city rivals FC Hasparran Delta, if you can call Hasparran a city, which adds a pleasant bit of spice to the situation.

To say that Besnian football has been left behind a little by the rest of the Multiverse would be to do football in the rest of the Multiverse a disservice. And also, this is how we want to play, actually, so shut up. Football in Luwhel-Besny has been stuck - both physically in the sodden mud and waterlogged pitches of the land, and tactically speaking ever since these intrepid and deeply conservative pioneers first left Great Valhalla and settled here, with two full-backs, three half-backs, and a deeply attacking front row of attackers, centred in this case around star striker Josef Eskola. Basically, things were set in place a long time ago, and if anyone were ever to hand Keskula a copy of 'Inverting the Pyramid' by whoever-it-is-that-wrote-that-book-in-your-particular-worldbuild, his head would be likely to explode. In fact, events that could lead to a cognitive meltdown are a distinct possibility at this tournament already so, yeah, please don't do that, actually. We've only just got the idea of how substitutions work, and yellow and red cards are a bit of a mystery. Don't even ask us to explain the offside rule - we're just going to accept that whatever happens in that respect, happens. The upshot of this is likely that both your and my attackers will find themselves offside a lot when we play you, as my defenders play... not an 'offside trap' so much as a "this is how much we normally push forwards". Who knows, basically. Players are flexible, with the early and natural pre-cursor to 'total football' that you get when basically everyone is asked to attack, but it could be a bit of a bloodbath. Especially if you get caught on the shin by their incredibly heavy boots. On the plus side, the Besnians will feel right at home in a muddy six-yard box. Playing in the fens for nine months of the year will do that to you...

Penalty Taker: Josef Eskola/Ernaustas Mannik/Erramos Arrate
Free Kick Taker: Erramos Arrate/Illimar Ozers/Ernaustas Mannik
Corner Taker: Erramos Arrate/Aksel Sietnieks/Ernaustas Mannik

Probable Starting formation: 2-3-5
---------------------- Igusquiza ----------------------
---------------- Viiding ----- Vaga ------------------
----- Nurmsalu ---- Ezperun ---- Kaljurand -----
- Arrate -- Sietnicks - Eskola - Mannik -- Ozers -

Modifier: +5

Choose my goalscorers? Yes.
Godmod scoring events? Yes.
RP injuries to my players? Yes, within reason, and I reserve the right to change the severity in a follow-up RP.
Godmod injuries to my players? Yes, as above.
Hand out yellow cards to my players? Yes.
Hand out red cards to my players? Yes, but only 2 per match maximum, and never to my captain or vice-captain.
Godmod other events? Yes.
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The Do-Over of Luwhel-Besny - Pop. 600,000
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Name: Kimi-Suomi
Trigram: KIM
Football Association: Football Federation of Kimi-Suomi (Kimi-Suomen Jalkapalloliitto, KSJ for short)
Nickname: The Eagle-Owls [Huuhkajat] (official), Kimi's Army [Kimin Armeija] (unofficial)
Home Kit: White/Dark Blue
Away Kit: All Dark Blue
CAFA Ranking: 20th

Manager: Esko Laaksonen (63)
Formation: 5-3-2
Style Modifier: None
Position: Name (Age, Number)

GK: #1 Anna-Leena Outinen (32) - Snowden Capitalizt, Brenecinen [Brenecia]
LB: #2 Awak Koskimies (26) - Alikki-Corra Settlers, Vilita ja Turori [Vilita and Turori]
CB: #3 Kaarlo Karjalainen (31) - Pesjem Jematang, Pemecutan
CB: #4 Amanda Angeldahl (27) - Couziers-Olympiques, Ko-oren
CB: #5 Kimmo Karjalainen (31) - SC. Tabeira, Acastanha
RB: #6 Satu Sinisalo (31) - Kistina Galaxy, Perunanviljelijät [Poafmersia]
LM: #7 Remu Jantunen (26) - Clerisy, Oberour Ar Moro (co-C)
CM: #8 Topias Maxhuni (27) - Alikki-Corra Settlers, Vilita ja Turori [Vilita and Turori]
RM: #9 Karl Leif Svonsson (24) - Shirley Metros FC, Baker Parkin Kansainyhteisö [Commonwealth of Baker Park] (co-C)
ST: #10 Teemu Räikkönen (31) - Pretihouse Pirate FC, Stevenserkku [Stevencousin]
ST: #11 Jyrki Bottas (31) - Kiiarana City, Vilita ja Turori [Vilita and Turori]

GK: #12 Alexander Ekdal (26) - Clube de Norwegian wood, Brookstation
GK: #23 Shawn Maloney-Pohojnen (20, Mixed Heritage [TJU/KIM]) - Sanino Wanderers, Conaninen [Conania]
LB: #13 Yuri Mironov (18)
CB: #14 Ilya Tsurinov (16)
CB: #15 Jenniina Keisala (22) - Khalgarh Valley FC, Tikariot
CB: #16 Nina Korzhakova (20)
CB: #24 Andrei Mironov (18)
RB: #17 Sergei Mironov (18)
LM: #18 Gustav Brodin (18)
CM: #19 Cajsa Janogy (26) - Vilitan League Club, Vilita ja Turori [Vilita and Turori]
CM: #25 Enni Pajari (16)
RM: #20 Stephania Kexholm (18)
ST: #21 Anne Marie Leppälä (27) - Far Hills Coed FC, Baker Parkin Kansainyhteisö [Commonwealth of Baker Park]
ST: #22 Jason Jenner-Pokka (20, Mixed Heritage [TJU/KIM])
ST: #26 Ebba Persson (20) - Buzena United, Vilwandinen [Vilwandia]

Stadium 1: The Nest [Pesä]
Location: Kimi Kaupunki, Pääkaupunkialue (Capital Region)
Capacity: 37,000

Stadium 2: Galaktien Colosseum (Colosseum of the Galaxies)
Location: Lumikukkulat, Valonalue
Capacity: 30,000

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
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Postby Pacitalia » Wed May 08, 2024 6:42 pm

Federazione Giocare di Calcio Pacitaliana

The Blue Foxes
Champions; AOCAF Cups 25, 26, 28, 30, 31, 32, 34, 36, 37, 40

Representing the Pacitalian Republic in
international association football competition

Home, away and goalkeeper "Generazione 5.0" kits by Ediraf

The Blue Foxes join with the nations of Anaia as a guest in the ninth edition of the CAFA Cup. Following the Foxchester Declaration in 2021 resulting in the AO/Anaia schism, the subsequent collapse of AO in 2022-2023, and, in the absence of a yet-to-be-launched regional equivalent in Foringana, the hand of friendship was graciously extended and humbly accepted. Pacitalia will send its cherished Blue Foxes abroad once more for a tournament that is sure to excite. Pacitalia's appearance at CAFA Cup IX reunites the Blue Foxes with former region-mates like Audioslavia, the other half of a duo of countries whose footballers dominated regional competition in Atlantian Oceania for nearly a decade.

Most likely starting eleven
Names displayed are as shown on back of player shirts

Default formations: 4-2-3-1 (primary) but will vary before and in-match, depending on algorithm's assessment of opponent
Style modifier: defensive (-3)
Opponent permissions:
Code: Select all
If my opponent RPs our match first, I give them permission to:
Godmod substitutions: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP Injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y
I prefer you pick these goalscorers for my side: N/A

Manager: Galileo supercomputer
Pacitalia continues to be coached by the complex mathematical calculations of a supercomputer algorithm. Developed by Pacitalian technology giant Bluefox, in partnership with Pacitalia's top science and technology university, Alta Escola Scientifico-Tecnologico, the implementation of Galileo as robo-manager is part of a Ð 156-million rights package that lasts until 2027 and is designed to help fund player development. Bluefox long coveted a partnership with the national side given the kinship of the company name to the football squad — both named for the national animal. Team captain Hermès Adiarche and his alternates will take cues from Galileo using specialized foxPads. Traditionalists argue the FGCP is watering down the game by handing the team reins over to a computer that can't walk the pitch sideline, but the Federation has countered saying two "assistant coaches" will remain in place to monitor the computer's decision-making throughout matches and have the right to veto any decisions that are deemed unusual. Galileo features 144 teraflops of processing power and is housed in a state-of-the-art Faraday cage at the Tishman Dorigatti Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence on the AEST campus in Timiocato.

The squad

** Denotes likeliest starter per position
C Denotes team captain
† Denotes reserve player or recent national call-up not officially named to the 23-man squad
(NB: only notable reserves and call-ups will have a short bio)


** 11 Gianmarco Zolà (age 28)
Zolà is not the first member of his family to play for his country at an international competition. Avid international football fans will recall Gianmarco's uncle Abro as the long-time starting keeper for the Blue Foxes, backstopping the Pacitalian side to its first championships. Zolà is a ballhawk whose speed and knack for getting space from defenders may frustrate opponents on the counterattack.

15 Damone Rosso (age 28)
Previously the most common starting forward in the Blue Foxes' 4-2-3-1 formations, Rosso has found himself somewhat usurped by the more talented Zolà in the last couple of years. Known for trademark brilliant strikes from outside the penalty area at the club level that have made him a fan favourite, Rosso has struggled to translate that form to the international arena.

12 Vincenzo Corvidasso (age 24)
A relatively recent addition to the national side for Pacitalia, Corvidasso has shown quite a lot of promise as a versatile, two-way striker who can create chances in front of goal. If Pacitalia struggles early, manager Galileo may lean on Corvidasso as a frequent substitute.

21 Ion-Daniel Cojocaru (age 22)
A recent call-up to the Pacitalian squad, Cojocaru hopes to earn some minutes on a bigger stage, but may be sidelined until an injury or a shift in strategy presents him any opportunity. Scouts like his speed and agility but have questions over his discipline.

Attacking midfielders

** 9 Guillermo (Memo) Sánchez (age 26)
Memo's placement up the left side for the Blue Foxes will be designed to take advantage of the young Marquerian's arcing left-footed crosses into the box. Sánchez is also the team's most proficient corner taker from both sides of goal and should be able to reliably provide accurate deliveries near goal. Football experts have often remarked on the similarities in chemistry between Mau and Memo to the partnership between former national stars Michelangelo Mascagnano and Andolfabio Vunghiasso.

** 10 Mau Camp i Armengol (age 25)
Unquestionably the keystone of the Pacitalian side, Mau has already cemented his place as the next standard-bearer of the Blue Foxes. Despite only being 25, he has led Il Premerato in scoring for six straight seasons, and won a league title with his club 1865 Fontevella before earning a transfer to a foreign club. He is the quarterback of the national team, able to cover wide swathes of the mid-pitch and coordinate both the attacking and defending strategy.

** 8 Dario Formetti (age 29)
The most senior of the three most likely starting front midfielders, Formetti is very much a physical presence, tall and very muscular. Somewhat of the national side's playboy, Formetti has gotten as much attention during matches for his rough tackling as he has off the pitch with his social media, full of shirtless photos and workout tips, alongside videos of him partying and womanizing. There is, however, no doubt, that he's undeniably talented and works extremely hard to keep his place in the starting XI.

16 Cristián Piqué (age 34)
One of the holdovers from the starting XI from AOCAF Cup 40, Piqué has spent equal time in the starting eleven and on the bench as a substitute in recent years as he ages. He still retains much of the speed and fitness of his younger years, and robo-manager Galileo remains a big fan of Piqué's intelligent, patient passing and dribbling skills. It will be looking to Piqué to provide mentorship and calm as the younger stars dip a first toe in the figurative waters of the tournament.

20 Benjamín Madero (age 31)
Madero had a brief spell in the starting eleven through the mid-2010s, though the entirety of that time was in meaningless matches at the beginning of the "Dark Ages", when the Pacitalian government eliminated funding for international competitive sport programs. As a result, Madero is largely seen as untested at the international level and could see more playing time than expected, especially if hopes for progression out of the group stage fade early.

26 Marcangelo Bettero (age 30)
Bettero is a chippy midfielder who has a similar boundary-pushing style to Formetti. His "mind game" style of play, annoying opponents with messy tackling and vulgarities, often earns him cautions or yellows from the referee, and this undisciplined style does not mesh well with his manager's overall strategy.

28 Damiano Arzurossi (age 23)
Another promising midfield talent with high potential, football watchers are generally in agreement that a more permanent place in the starting XI is an inevitability. Damiano has been an offensive factory for the Blue Foxes in his 18 appearances, with a goals-per-match ratio almost on par with superstar teammate Mau. Like Madero, though for different reasons, Galileo may give him above-average minutes and an opportunity to shine.

25 Robel Bordeianu (age 24)

Defensive midfielders

** 6 Nikolaos Armaou (age 26)
As the only member of the Greco-Pacitalian community in the starting eleven, Armaou is a source of immense pride among the estimated 35 million Pacitalians of Greek descent. Armaou is often the unsung workhorse of the Pacitalian side, but with a commendable level of goal-scoring in his own right. He has an innate ability to get under balls delivered into the box off corners and free kicks and this sixth sense should be of great use to the Blue Foxes.

** 7 Aber Garza (age 31)
Anchoring the back-right midfield, Garza is equally as resolute as his left-side counterpart Armaou, often chided as a "stick in the mud" for his ability to stay on his feet and pull off gravity-defying loops around opposing players. Garza relies on a combination of below-average height and a stocky build to centre himself during high-intensity play, providing a first line of defence for the Blue Foxes up the right flank.

14 Ando Figarache (age 25)

24 Marco Scarruffo (age 25)


** C 2 Hermès Adiarche (age 36)
One of the greatest fullbacks in Pacitalian history, Adiarche has captained the Blue Foxes since 2017. He is arguably the heart and soul of the side, the second-most capped player behind starting keeper Ander Bera and a steady presence on the back line. Galileo will lean heavily on Adiarche's leadership and direction in the Pacitalian half of the pitch.

** 4 Kiko Rodríguez (age 25)
The most promising defensive talent of the next generation in Pacitalia, Kiko may very well be the heir to the back-line throne. Praised for his game maturity and his calm, level approach, Kiko almost never shows panic or concern even during bad stretches of play, earning himself the nickname "the serious one" from his teammates at the club level. He is regarded as a generational centre back and will likely see a career-defining moment or two at AOCAF Cup 65.

** 3 Mauro Girometta (age 28)
Girometta was a standout performer both in university football and for the national under-21 squad but had a rough transition to senior international competition, often at odds with managers and goalkeepers during defensive breakdowns. His continued place in the starting eleven was seen to be at risk toward the late 2010s but he has seen a resurrection of sorts in the past 18 months and is now a reliable fixture of the first team.

** 5 Amadi Ikogwe (age 23)
Big shoes to fill is an understatement for Ikogwe. He's made history as the first player of African descent to be named to Pacitalia's starting XI, first appearing in a friendly for the senior side in 2023. He's seen as a permanent successor to longtime stalwart Aurelio Seriesta as an effective shutdown corner fullback. And he even dons the same number five Seriesta wore for nearly 15 years. But Ikogwe's prowess as a two-way defender has shone in recent months, and Galileo likes him as a starter. He has led the Pacitalian top flight in counterattack chances and conversion in the 2024 season, and with fewer than 20 international caps still on his CV, he's already potted four goals — better production than some strikers and midfielders.

17 Drağan Mihaiescu (age 28)
Often as unpredictable as Girometta and as temperamental as Bettero, Mihaiescu's playing time is set to increase as Galileo considers making the talented fullback the anchor of the back right side. In a pinch, Mihaiescu's brilliantly clean tackling skills may come in handy. The modelling prefers Mihaiescu's agility but thinks Ikogwe is more well-rounded and capable.

18 Angelos Gavridis (age 26)
Injury-prone Gavridis has battled numerous calf and hamstring problems and may have otherwise seen more playing time in tournaments in place of the now-retired Seriesta or the unpredictable Girometta. But Galileo may not be willing to chance it for Gavridis' sake, especially as the FC Nero Sapuntoli centre back has enjoyed a relatively fit stretch of his career in recent months.

29 Josep Mora (age 32)
The lanky, agile Empordian is the substitute fullback most likely to see playing time — or even start for the Blue Foxes at some point. Mora has been biding his time largely on the bench as he usually slots in most effectively on the left wing, a position consistently occupied by his captain. He has not been as effective down the middle, or the opposite side of the pitch, so if Adiarche remains healthy, the only other plausible option for Mora to slot into would be in place of Armaou in midfield.

19 Donatello Ferragni (age 22)

23 Taddeo Marzonero (age 22)

30 Balo Braga de Souza (age 24)

31 Ilyas Albayrak (age 24)

32 Agustín Lardizábal (age 23)


** 2 Ander Bera (age 33)
The most-capped player in Pacitalian history, Bera is a ruthless penalty killer with phenomenal goal IQ, Bera serves as alternate captain to Adiarche. He could be the difference-maker in tight matches, as the Foxes rely on his record 130 league and 57 international career clean sheets.

27 Paolo Corasetto (age 24)
Liking what it's seen from Corasetto in league action — play good enough to earn the keeper a transfer to a foreign club — Galileo bumped the inconsistent Demirtas out of the primary backup role and has named Corasetto in the elder keeper's place. If Bera's recent struggles to remain healthy continue through Cup 66, Corasetto could see some action.

22 Emin Demirtas (age 35)
The other mainstay in net for Pacitalia has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with his counterpart Bera for the better part of the last decade. While Bera has earned more caps and is the unquestionable starter, Demirtas' time in net for his country is nothing to laugh at. The passionate Demirtas is a fan favourite whose struggles in place of Bera largely led to the Foxes crashing out of AOCAF Cup 65 despite a promising start to the group stage.

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Pacitalian Republic
Repubblica Pacitaliana

RP population (est. May 2021): 414,440,614
Capital and largest city: Timiocato
Founding date: 21st November 1503
Archonate (head of state): Abeo Bamidele
Prime Minister (head of government): Damián Moya
Land area: 4,600,674 sq km
Official languages: Pacitalian, English nationally; Marqueríana (Spanish) and Empordán (Catalan) regionally
Location: On the continent of Foringana, southeast of Atlantian Oceania
Telephone calling code: +2
Internet TLDs: .pc, .rp

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Postby Mertagne » Thu May 09, 2024 1:25 pm

The Federation of Mertagnian Football Presents...

CAFA 9 Squad

No Pos Player Sex Age Club Style
1 GK Rhiannon Fawn [c] F 31 NPH Image Starling Acrobat
12 GK Callaghan Bauldry M 25 MRT Image Papillio Supplier
23 GK Saif Dedec M 23 STB Image Telecontare Commander

No Pos Player Sex Age Club Style
2 LB Karon Murell M 29 KSK Image Latrobe Athletic Progressor
3 CB Conwal Ibarborde M 26 SEM Image Fransborg set Njilkaer Aggressor
4 CB Aato Irizarri M 26 MRT Image Lehen Neorudo Spreader
5 RB Dominic Moko M 23 MRT Image Sallenhass Hangmen Safety
13 LB Michael Thurtle M 22 MRT Image NF Red Tri's Safety
14 CB Gregor Charlton M 26 EUR Image Farrenton Athletic Anchor
15 CB Jon de Vymont M 22 MRT Image NF Red Tri's Anchor
16 RB Emone Rockas F 20 MRT Image Octosaide Progressor
24 CB Miliav Petremol M 25 MRT Image Cirque Anchor

No Pos Player Sex Age Club Style
6 LM Stewart Bickley M 28 MRT Image Brandistock Calanians Box crasher
7 CM Jordan Will M 32 CBP Image Victoria & Albert SC Creator
8 CM Aislin Du Moucel F 24 FFD Image La + Querida Orchestrator
9 RM Amy Quennell F 27 MRT Image Blades de Bretsaar Box crasher
17 LM Alexei Plant M 26 CMT Image FK Shakhter Z'ai'ai Box crasher
18 CM Alasdair Larreko M 20 MRT Image Signal Dannin Builder
19 CM Chloe Fairley F 23 MRT Image New Fligsive's Memory Distributor
20 RM Charlotte Callan F 22 MRT Image Mortensen Creator
25 CM Stacy Tompkins F 26 CDG Image Winchester City Builder

No Pos Player Sex Age Club Style
10 ST Holly Eveson F 31 CDG Image Carthage United Unlocker
11 ST Burro Curwood [vc] M 27 CEN Image Polaris Outlet
21 ST Nazer Armenadriz M 21 MRT Image Cleermont Target
22 ST Trebuchet M 20 MRT Image Lehen Neorudo Finisher
26 ST Olaia Charlemagne F 28 MRT Image New Fligsive's Memory Outlet

Support Staff
Manager: Luka Hazaluta, 44, Image Emotional, Possessive, Pacy
Media Consultant: Corentin Caudron, 37, Image Concise, Brash, Stringy
Formation: 4-4-2
Style Modifier: +1. Consolidate around the midfield and choose attacks carefully.
Free Kickers: Jordan Will, Aislin Du Moucel, Nazer Armenadriz
Cornerers: Conwal Ibarborde, Aato Irizarri, Dominic Moko
Penaltiers: Burro Curwood, Holly Eveson, Nazer Armenadriz

Luka Hazaluta has been a presence at the helm of the Mertagnian squad for nearly a cycle, but this CAFA will truly be the first time he gets to play out a major tournament from start to finish. His tenure began after the squad was called for the last International Confederations Trophy, and in World Cup 96, the Green Goblins would play just three WCC games due to their automatic qualification as hosts. Unfortunately, after a shock loss to Rushmori champions Zenic on Matchday 1 of the finals, Mertagne were denied the ability to progress out of the group stage on head-to-head difference, putting an end to their run as quickly as it started.

CAFA 9, then, will be the best test for Hazaluta and his squad yet. Mertagne come back to the tournament as the reigning champions - after tangling with THE HELVETICA SCENARIO™ and coming out of it with the silverware, the squad are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to defend the trophy, which has been sitting nicely at the FMF headquarters just outside of Brandistock for the last two years.

Meanwhile, Mertagne itself has enjoyed a period of peace, after the devastating events of the Bostopian Conflict, with the nation now three years past the fighting and two past the Treaty of Cestravolpe. Mertagne has also been a part of inter-regional trade and movement area ACORN for a year now, and with it has come an unprecedented economic boom that, in tandem with the hosting of the World Cup, has seen the average Mertagnian with a lot more purchasing power than in recent years. The social democratic government has been funnelling much of this new-found cash into infrastructure, rebuilding what was destroyed in the BoCo and improving the nation's rail networks, while also working to bring in high-tech industry to the country, to avoid the 'brain drain' effect that has unfortunately been compounded with the nation's entry into ACORN, as many skilled workers move to higher-paying nations such as Krytenia and Ko-oren.

Rhiannon Fawn continues to take the mantle as captain, and will be shouting down the pitch at her team mates, making sure they're in position while flying around the goal-line to stop shots. Two younger upstarts in Callaghan Bauldry and Saif Dedec provide backup, with Bauldry fantastic at supplying the ball to teammates on the defensive line after an opposing attack, and Dedec able to determine the pace of play near the goal line and use his unique viewpoint to bring the defensive line into shape.

That defensive line consists of Karon Murell, Kelssek all-star, on the left. In the middle, the pairing of Conwal Ibarborde and Aato Irizarri will serve well to win the ball and quickly get it out either to the sides or to the midfield. On the right, Hazaluta has given young Dominic Moko a shot, hoping that Moko will continue to be a solid member of the defensive third. Gregor Charlton of Farrenton Athletic and Miliav Petremol are solid options against more attacking sides, keeping close to the goal and working well with keepers such as Callaghan Bauldry. Michael Thurtle and Emone Rockas provide options if the team want to adopt a more inline or forward stance on the wings respectively, as Rockas is able to pair with Murell to take the ball out to the midfield on the wings, whereas Thurtle is good at condensing play towards the centre.

The wings of the midfield are typically comprised of Stewart Bickley and Amy Quennell. Both have similar styles, and compliment the play from the defence of using the wings to get the ball up the field and into the box. The fulcrum of this squad in Hazaluta's eyes is the pairing of Aislin Du Moucel and Jordan Will. Du Moucel's success in the S-FPL has seen her work excellently as a kickstarter of deadly attacks, and it is that playmaking attitude that will see her succeed on the national side as well. Jordan Will's flair for making defence-breaking plays and clattering the ball up-field are vital for the team to unlock central attacking options. Alternatives on the wings include Charlotte Callan, who can break lines with an aggressive passing style to get the ball up to the attackers when in possession, and Alexei Plant, who is there to play crosses into the box in a similar manner to Bickley, but from the other side of the pitch.

The attacking end of the pitch remains largely unchanged, with Holly Eveson often receiving Jordan Will's breakout passes, and Burro Curwood finding the goal after the fact. Nazer Armenadriz continues to impress and is a solid choice in most matches, often being substituted on when the chips are down for Mertagne - his seemingly boundless energy and knack for shot placement make him a key player. Olaia Charlemagne provides a good touch on the ball when it arrives into the box, and Hazaluta is looking to give some game time to new prospect Trebuchet, who has stunned at Lehen Neorudo with his finishing ability. Often times when Trebuchet is on the field, it's a simple game-plan - get him in the box and pass him the ball. Trebuchet is also the likely target for set pieces.

Pictured, left to right: Rhiannon Fawn, Conwal Ibarborde, Dominic Moko, Graham Ellerby, Jordan Will, Holly Eveson, Luka Hazaluta, Burro Curwood, Aislin Du Moucel, Amy Quennell, Karon Murell, Aato Irizarri
characters made using makowka character maker

(Home, Third, Away)
Kits provided by Kirola Sportswear of Audioslavia.

Style Modifier: +1

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
I prefer you choose these goalscorers: Holly Eveson, Nazer Armenadriz, Stewart Bickley. Jordan Will will likely assist. You may of course choose anyone.
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, but no outright killing.
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
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Postby Ochre Islands » Thu May 09, 2024 2:22 pm

Initials, Name, Position, Age, Team, Place of Birth


Blue GIBSON – Manager - Image
Leora SOFTSTEP – Goalkeeping Coach - Image


Playing in the following formation: GK | DL DC DC DR | MC AMC MC | SC SC SC

The first player(s) named in each area of the team start the game. Our line-up will broadly be as follows (unless you RP one of our players has an injury or something):

GK: Natural
DsL-R: Waterman, Sackholme, Greentender, Waite
MCs: Graeffis, Sunteller, Bridgebuilder
SCs: Russo, Newlands, Northsway

Further information on the players is below if it is required and/or of interest.

Number, Name, Position, Age, Place of Birth, Club
All players male (He/Him) unless specified

Goalkeepers - 3

1 - Marcus NATURAL - GK – 31 – Fringilla, Chaffinch Island Image – Cottsworth City Image
Having excelled as a goalkeeper from an early age in Fringilla, Natural's surname came naturally to him following glowing reports from his coaches on the way up.The only thing that had held him back from number one status is Softstep's superior foresight.
12 - Moyake ONYEFULU - GK – 30 – Dugba, Cobrio Jensee Island – CF Solidarite Akash, Cobrio
Onyefulu is half-Ochreite, being born to an Ochreite mother. Whilst convention in Cobrio is for the mother's name to be carried over, Onyeful's own mother was insistent she take her father's name. She is currently playing for CF Solidarite Akash and is one of four overseas players drafted in by the Ochre Islands during the current crisis.
13 – Daniel WAITSMAN - GK – 23 – Remmerham, Mournhow Island Image – Juniper Mournhow F.C. Image

Defenders - 8

3 - Michael WATERTON - DL – 29 – Endswick, Handsby Island Image – Nottshore Turquoise Image
Waterton comes from a small hamlet just outside Endwick called 'Waterton', which his father named when he first settled the area and is set on building a new town there. Wanting to stay local and help his family, Waterton has turned down offers from larger clubs to stay with Nottshore Turquoise, who are based on his home island of Handsby.
2 – Julian SACKHOLME - DC – 29 – Bellflower, Mournhow Island Image – Ousevale Borough Image
Sackholme was born in Bellflower to parents who were members of Krytenia's diplomatic corps. He spent the first few years of his life in Bellflower, before moving to Ousevale, his parents hometown. Whilst he hasn't been able to secure a place in Borough's starting XI, he's keen to impress during the Cup of Harmony to further put his name in the plans of Ousevale's manager.
4 – Miranda GREENTENDER – DC – 25 – Richardsville, Juniper Image – C.D. Isla del Fuego Image
16 - Kyle WAITE- DR – 24 – Obberby, Dracaena Image – Cottsworth City Image
5 - Julen GORGEWALKER – DR – 33 – Bellflower Image – West Bellflower F.C. Image
Amongst a very fit, professional squad, Gorgewalker is probably the fittest player on the team, largely in part due to his enjoyment of walking along the many gorges that make up the Ochre hinterland. Employed as a wing-back by West Bellflower, Gorgewalker displays many fine qualities going forward and in defence.
6 – Sammy GATSTON - DC – 22 – Nuntsby, Handsby Image – Nuntsby City Image
15 – Elry o.t. Embersway – DC– 19 – Sunny Cove, Chaffinch Island Image – Lansdorn F.C. Image

18 - John KRINGS – DL – 21 – Rocksminster, Anley Image – Lucyston Anley XI Image
15 – Gregory G. GRAEFFIS - DMC – 27 – Endswick, Handsby Image – Lionsville Transports Sport Club Image
20 - Eliot SUNTELLER - [/i]Vice-Captain[/i] - D/MC – 27 – Renhold, Mournhow Image – Lansdorn F.C. Image
Sunteller is a promising young footballer brought along to CAFA 6 to give him some experience on the regional stage before possibly making the WC94 squad. His mother, a follower of Byerxys and noted soothsayer raised him on her own from young following his father's untimely passing. Sunteller currently plays for Lansdorn, where whilst he makes a good number of appearances from the bench, clearly shows a lot of promise and potential.
8 - Luca BRIDGEBUILDERCaptain - AMC – 26 – Aguaclara, Cardenao Image – Bellflower A.U. Image
Bridgebuilder is the shining star of Bellflower A.U. XI's youth academy and currently plies his trade in the first team in the Ochre First Division. Born on a small island in Cardenao to two Ochre Island parents, he is the first dual-Anaian citizen to play for the Ochre Islands. As well as football, Bridgebuilder also has a strong interest in diplomatic relations and is already tipped for a political career once his still-young playing days are over.
11 - Lindsay RANNING - AMC – 19 – Dornton-on-Sea, Dracaena – Lower Soffsley Image – Lansdorn F.C. Image
14 - Vic MANUEL - MC – 23 – Port Flamerty – Nuntsby City Image – Bellflower A.U. XI Image
17 - Nate MIDDAY - MC – 32 – Westlands, AnleyImage – Acrestry Town Image
Midday's is a holding midfielder who currently playes for Acrestry Town in the first division of Ochre football. He is known as a dead-ball specialist as well as having the skills needed to play in the centre of midfield at a high level.
18 - Adrien WITHLINENS - AMC – 32 – Flenham, Mournhow Image – Fringilla A.F.C.Image
Withlinens is a player who began to excel under Richard Valens, willing to throw himself forward at a moments notice to turn a three person front-line into four people, as well as provide defence-splitting passes from the midfield.

Strikers - 5

10 - Susana RUSSO – SC – 28 – Bridgdon, Handsby Image – Dynapolis United, Cobrio
Susana had big shoes to fill, having taken the place and number of the Ochres Bostopian-born wonderchild, Blue Gibson. However, this isn't the first time she'd been faced with adversity, moving to Cobrio early on as her mother took a job in an international freight firm in Callisto, Hearthlands, who had a lot of trade with the Ochres. She rose through the youth ranks at Heart of Omorfio, then broke into their first team aged only 17. She signed for nearby 'rivals' Callisto City at 18, then moved to Dynapolis United in Cobrio's second city at 21. Surprise has been expressed in some quarters that it's taken Russo this long to catch the eye of the national team, but it's not taken anyone in Cobrio by surprise that she has shone on this stage.
9 - Jessica NEWLANDS - SC – 23 – Lander's Port, Mournhow Image – Hempeak Hill Image
7 - Finn NORTHSWAY - SC – 27 – Easington, Grand Ochre Image – Slipsway Town Image
22 - Florence MIDNIGHT - SC – 23 – Nottshore, Handsby Image – Nottshore Turquoise A.F.C. Image
19 – Marisse o.t. FINCHES - SC – 17 – Bellflower, Mournhow Image – Bellflower A.U. XI Image
A relation of the Prime Minister, Willow of the Finches, there have been comments that Marisse is here based on her name rather than ability. Whilst Marisse isn't exactly short of talent at 17, there's still an argument that she's much too inexperienced to have been taken to international competition by the national side.

Kits & Logo

Home, Away and Third
Image Image Image
Whilst the Ochres are almost recovered from the war, OchreSport and the OIFA have decided to use the same kits as were used during CAFA 8 to save on expenses and materials.
The home kit is a traditional striped ochre, blue and white scheme.
The away kit is a selection of colours taken from the flags of two of the Ochres cities.
The third kit is a contiuation of the 'Anaiaway' theme, reminding us that even when away from home, we are still at home in our region.
Before CAFA 2, the Ochre Islands Football Association ran a competition to design the team's logo, which was won by a 34 year old man with neither design experience or taste. Fortunately, an update of the design to account for taste was commissioned and outsourced by the OIFA, which is as below. The badge prominently features a 'little mint green hat', which actually commerorates the Ochre Islands victory in the second CAFA tournament.
Before CAFA 2, the Ochre Islands Football Association ran a competition to design the team's logo, which was won by a 34 year old man with neither design experience or taste. Fortunately, an update of the design to account for taste was commissioned and outsourced by the OIFA, which is as below. The badge prominently features a 'little mint green hat', which actually commerorates the Ochre Islands victory in the second CAFA tournament.


The Ochre Islands play a possession-based style of football which aims to prevent the opposition from scoring by simply not letting them have the ball. The players will be taking chances when playing the ball forward and passing into space when it's available and there is a strong chance of us retaining possession.

Important Information for Hosts & RP'ers
In the event my opponent posts an RP first, they may:
Select my scorers — Yes
Give out yellow cards to my players — Yes
Give out red cards to my players — Yes
RP injuries to my players — Yes
Godmod injuries — No
Godmod scoring events — Yes
Godmod other events — Yes
Do whatever you want basically, just don't kill/maim/etc. An RP that makes me laugh would make me eternally grateful.
Style Modifier - +4

For the purposes of CAFA, Bostopia is our puppet
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Postby Bostopia » Thu May 09, 2024 2:25 pm

Bostopia absolutely has a domestic [sport here] league and we would tell you more about our domestic [sport here] league, but it's in Bostopia so you wouldn't know them, despite Bostopia having always been in Anaia. Your ignorance of Bostopian [sport here] matters is yours to own and not something to shame us for. If the players below aren't household names, you need to ask yourself the following question: 'Am I and my household prejudiced against Bostopians? They have always been in Anaia and yet I know nothing about their league, despite the fact they were cowardly sneak-attacked by Mertagne and I haven't lifted a finger to do anything about it other than watch rolling news coverage which doesn't talk about the Bostopian sport here league and cup competition[s] which bravely carried on during the conflict.'

As you can't even name the city any of the below players were born in (fumbling guesses at 'Newfort' do not count as you can't name the county or even the duchy Newfort is in, despite the fact Bostopia has always been in Anaia), or who they play for, we aren't going to mention them either. We would prefer to use this space to confirm your prejudices against us by leaving those details blank.

All players are 32 and this will probably be their last CAFA Cup. Which is a shame. We are sure that [you] have felt [emotion] watching them play.

GK - Richard Lyons
DL - Michael Smith
DC - Harry Perk
DC - Gordon Richards
DR - Jake Wilkinson – Go on, tell us how old he is and who he plays for. Can you not? This is because you are prejudiced against Bostopians and Jake Wilkinson in particular. What has Jake done to you? If he performs badly this tournament it is almost certainly your and your prejudices fault and nothing to do with his actual ability or form whatsoever. What-so-ever!
ML - Bryan Harper
MC - Steven Kairs
MC - James McDadson
MR - Simon Manson
SC - Lynton Pilson
SC - Frank Rover


GK - Dean Walters
DL/C - Miles Embridge
DR - Sam Leenton
ML - Ryan Wasting
MC - Philip Nicholls
MC/R - Kevin Grainger
SC - Walter Ambridge

The above players will play a very direct 4-4-2 and be absolutely unapologetic about it, especially if your goalkeeper is dangerously off his, her, or their line, as Bostopia chooses not to discriminate against who we attempt to humiliate by scoring against from within our own half. That we've had to tell you this is disgraceful. Bostopia has always been in Anaia and how we play should be known by now. Confirming your prejudices. Again. How many times is that now? I bet you can't even count past C in your backwards number system.

Home, Away, and Third

Image Image Image

Kits are self explanatory – they are the shirt designs that all ten of our outfield players will wear (and substitutes when entering the field at the appropriate time). They will all wear the same shirt design at the same time.

For those of you who are unaware, Bostopia will play in a lime home kit with white and blue v-stripes, red and white stripes as our away kit, and blue third .

If your team is not designated as the home team, and your colours clash with ours, jolly well change your kits to an alternative. Our goalkeepers will wear a plain shirt, in a flourescent colour which we feel your players will dislike the most. That we need to say this is nothing short of ridiculous, but our players will of course also wear shorts, socks, shinpads and boots. If you knew anything about them and didn't let your prejudice get in the way, you would know whether any of them use wee little bobbles for their hair or wear headbands to stop their glorious Bostopian hair getting in their eyes during the [sport here] match.

RP Permissions Box:
If my opponent RPs our match first, I give them permission to:
Bow down to Bostopian might at every opportunity.
Confirm your prejudices by telegramming Bostopia with any questions you might have and should already know the answer to.
Write mean things about Mertagne throughout their match report. It shouldn't be difficult. For instance 'and that player did that thing, a despicable act, just like when Mertagne bombed Bostopia first'.

Yes yes Ochre strong puppet [insert eyeroll emoticon]
Are you a Mertagnian in Bostopia? If so, hand yourself in at the nearest Police Station now and you will be treated with the utmost care and attention.

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Postby Flavovespia » Sat May 11, 2024 12:39 am



National Stadia

Hornet’s Nest
Location: Waldster
Club team: Waldster FC
Capacity: 75000
Opened: 0U
Open/Closed Roof: Covered seating, retractable roof


Highland Road
Location: Hadford Hill
Club team: Hadford Hill FC
Capacity: 69518
Opened: 79BU
Open/Closed Roof: Open seating and field


Saints Park
Location: St Astons City
Club team: St Astons City FC
Capacity: 60000
Opened: 30BU
Open/Closed Roof: Covered seating, open field





New kits for a new era for Flavovespia. The "double V" pattern remains, this time extended onto the sleeves and wrapping around, to produce a "double V" on the sleeves. It's yellow home shirts, with black shorts and socks. The away kit is the reverse of that, and the third kit brings back the Anaia colours.



Manager – Victor Adeyemo Age: 49

After a decade of fine service, Augusto Rinaldi has stepped down, and the role has gone to Victor Adeyemo, the former Loxthorpe Rovers manager. A lively, eccentric character, he was an entertaining presence as a player and has carried that through as a manager. However under that, he has a good tactical awareness, and good man management skills.


1 Nathan Crewe Age: 33 Position: GK Club: Marthorpe City FC Caps: 80 Goals: 0
12 Garry Bowles Age: 30 Position: GK Club: Loxthorpe Rovers FC Caps: 0 Goals: 0
23 Peter Marriott Age: 20 Position: GK Club: Bavingtor FC Caps: 0 Goals: 0

One change in the goalkeeping ranks sees Thomas Foley dropped for Peter Marriott. The promising young Marriott has just moved to Bavingtor, where he'll be mentored, and eventually replace Foley, and Adeyemo sees Marriott as one for the future. In the meantime Nathan Crewe will start in goal, a very dependable option, with Garry Bowles his uncapped backup.


2 Stan Scott-Wilson Age: 25 Position: LB Club: Marthorpe City FC Caps: 76 Goals: 0
3 Andrew Dance Age: 33 Position: RB Club: Loxthorpe Rovers FC Caps: 183 Goals: 2
4 Paul Amos Age: 27 Position: CB Club: Bavingtor FC Caps: 4 Goals: 0
5 Paul Taylor Age: 30 Position: CB Club: Casuals Osteria [KRY] Caps: 142 Goals: 2
13 Richard Storrie Age: 22 Position: LB Club: Bavingtor FC Caps: 10 Goals: 0
14 Nazir Hussain Age: 29 Position: CB Club: Loxthorpe Rovers FC Caps: 48 Goals: 0
15 David Jarvis Age: 22 Position: CB Club: Sporting Club November City [CAD] Caps: 0 Goals: 0
16 Roger Burden Age: 23 Position: RB Club: Marthorpe City FC Caps: 12 Goals: 0

Stuart Cookson is another of the old guard who's stepped down from national team duty, as Adeyemo focuses on youth and a team for World Cup Qualifiers 97. One debutant in the ranks, David Jarvis who's made a name for himself abroad at Sporting Club November City. Aside from that, it's largely familiar faces. Paul Taylor, a feisty centre back, now has the most experience at that position, with Andrew Dance at right back the most capped of the defenders in the squad. Expect Stan Scott-Wilson to continue on at left back, and maybe more of a battle for the second centre back and right back role.


6 Jonathan Goldstone Age: 34 Position: CM Club: Bavingtor FC Caps: 139 Goals: 2
7 Christopher Hill Age: 23 Position: CM Club: Marthorpe City FC Caps: 42 Goals: 4
8 Charles Adams Age: 26 Position: CDM Club: Maethoru SC [KOR] Caps: 74 Goals: 5
11 Jonathan Bagshaw Age: 29 Position: RAM Club: Capitol Athletic [SYL] Caps: 209 Goals: 110
17 John Fletcher Age: 20 Position: CDM Club: Bavingtor FC Caps: 0 Goals: 0
18 Anthony Lane Age: 26 Position: LAM Club: Loxthorpe Rovers FC Caps: 29 Goals: 4
19 Amrik Singh Age: 30 Position: RAM Club: Binclestead Wood FC Caps: 72 Goals: 18
20 Cecil Moy Age: 23 Position: CAM Club: Loxthorpe Rovers FC Caps: 0 Goals: 0
21 Philip Swales Age: 27 Position: RAM Club: Loxthorpe Rovers FC Caps: 3 Goals: 1

Change in the midfield sees Kieron Player another one of the veterans to have stepped down from the international team, leaving Jonathan Goldstone the oldest of the midfield now. As ever, captain and international star Jonathan Bagshaw is the biggest name of the squad, on form he's so hard to stop. Charles Adams and Christopher Hill look like the central midfield pairing going forward. In left attacking midfield, expect a battle between out of favoured position Amrik Singh and Anthony Lane. Debutants in the squad are Cecil Moy, a quick central attacking midfielder from Adeyemo's old Loxthorpe Rovers side, and John Fletcher, a strong, steely central defensive midfielder at Bavingtor.


9 Richard Birmingham Age: 27 Position: CF Club: Ousevale Borough [KRY] Caps: 51 Goals: 14
10 Peter Langdon Age: 22 Position: CF Club: Loxthorpe Rovers FC Caps: 26 Goals: 6
22 Charles Shepherd Age: 21 Position: CF Club: Pria City [CMT] Caps: 7 Goals: 2

No more Michael Cole, the leading goalscorer of all time for Flavovespia now out of the side, so a battle for the striker role commences. Richard Birmingham is the most experienced, the 27 year old a tough battling centre forward, but has lacked international form. Peter Langdon is quick and pacey, still a touch raw at international level, but full of flair. Charles Shepherd returns, just as he moves abroad domestically to Chromatika, as he looks to establish himself in the squad.


4-2-3-1 is the new formation for Flavovespia. The centre backs will sit relatively low, but not as deep as the past. The full backs meanwhile, can roam down the wings a bit more, particularly I'd a central defensive midfielder drops back. Of the two central defensive midfielders, one sits deeper as a ball winner, almost like a third centre back. The other is a regista, a playmaker looking up at the players ahead of him for the right past. In attack, the two wide attacking midfielders will be expected to be able to cross or cut inside to shoot. The centre forward sits a little deeper as a false nine, also allowing the central attacking midfielder the chance to make a run in. The central attacking midfielder also needs to be dynamic and full of stamina, to provide a link in the centre of the pitch.

MD1 Yesopalitha (N) my backyard
MD2 Osarius (N) my backyard
MD3 Chromatika (N) the park
MD4 Vdara (N) the park
MD5 Audioslavia (N) the beach
MD6 Space Laser Dinosaur Robot Pirate Land (N) the playground

Predicted Starting XI:
MD1 Crewe, Scott-Wilson--Taylor--Hussain--Burden, Hill--Adams, Lane--Langdon--Bagshaw, Shepherd
MD2 Crewe, Scott-Wilson--Taylor--Hussain--Burden, Hill--Adams, Lane--Langdon--Bagshaw, Shepherd
MD3 Crewe, Scott-Wilson--Taylor--Jarvis--Burden, Hill--Adams, Singh--Lane----Bagshaw, Shepherd
MD4 Crewe, Scott-Wilson--Taylor--Jarvis--Burden, Hill--Adams, Singh--Lane--Bagshaw, Shepherd

Style Mod: 0

Code: Select all
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: TG me or Discord me first
RP injuries to my players: Y, I choose length of injury
Godmod injuries to my players: TG me or Discord me first, I choose length of injury
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y (although if you want multiple Red Cards, TG me or Discord me first)
Godmod other events: TG me or Discord me first

I’ll try and post the next MD line-up here before each match. If not, assume the same as previous in the event of a win, or some rotation otherwise. You’re welcome to use any player as a sub (within reason), unless they’re listed as injured or suspended.

Code: Select all
OOC Info: The year in Flavovespia is 46AU. Player ages and teams are from the start of the year, and clubs should be after TW44. TG me or Discord me if you need some IC or OOC info for RP purposes.
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Postby Krytenia » Wed May 15, 2024 7:50 am

Please assume YES for all answers in the Permission Box – just TG me first if it's particularly insane and/or egregious.

Modifier: +1.5

Beginning their football journey way back in the second Baptism of Fire competition, Krytenia are one of the oldest national teams still competing in international football. With five World Cups hosted, as well as a smattering of AOCAFs, Cups of Harmony, Baptism of Fires, and even a CAFA Cup, they also have a deserved reputation for organising top-level football competitions. What they don't have, though, is a reputation for winning. They are yet to win a World Cup; in fact, they have only reached one final, losing to Aguazul in World Cup 58. Five semi-final defeats are what set the tone for the Dragons – indeed, losing in the semis of a major competition is known as the “Krytenian Curse”. That said, there is silverware in their cabinet. Having created the AOCAF Cup, Krytenia eventually won the fifty-second iteration of the competition; more recently, they won Cup of Harmony 78 and nearly added a second two cycles later, losing to fellow co-hosts Græntfjell on home soil. A third major trophy took a while to come, but with victory in the sixth CAFA Cup the Krytenian team joined the small band of nations who have won two different regional competitions.

They may have a reputation as the multiverse's nearly men, but never let yourself be deluded that the Krytenians are defeatist. Even though they may come up short, it's a very rare thing to see a Dragons team simply give up. Be aware that when the sky blue shirts are on the field, you will be in for a tough game, and victory will always be hard-earned.

Manager – Tanner MacROBB (AUD), Age 53
Well, here's a thing. After another disappointing campaign, and with BXE leaving the KFA's hierarchy for parts unknown, young Tommy Warren found himself out of a job. Still, it's not all bad for the former national team boss, as a job became available for him at Mercia Bromham. The reason for this? The suits decided to go into a new direction, and paid the Swann family altogether far too much money to install Tanner MacRobb as the new boss of the Dragons. Having taken Foxchester to the promised land before being poached by the Midlanders, a mediocre season at the Cygnus didn't manage to put off the KFA board, and MacRobb has become the first full-blooded Audioslavian to take charge of the national team. That said, he's lived in Krytenia since he was a teenager cutting his teeth at Caledon Simpson, so he's more “us” than “them”. MacRobb has a reputation for being a hard taskmaster to players and fourth officials alike; expect the technical area to be...busy.

Assistant Manager – Ryan MILLER, Age 51
With a new manager, comes a new assistant. Miller is very much the yin to MacRobb's yang. Both players had distinguished careers as players in Simpson – without managing to pick up any international caps – and continued their work as the management team at Foxchester. Miller jokingly claimed last season's underperformance last season was due to Mercia breaking up the duo by being “too stingy to buy out two contracts”. The fact that the Foxes not only stayed up with Miller alongside Nathan Miles, but then followed it up with a top five finish, adds a bit of credence to those comments.

Goalkeeping Coach – Aaron SHEPHERD, Age 60
Defensive Coach – Gavin HEALEY, Age 46
Offensive Coach – Scott FELDMAN, Age 50
Physiotherapist – Julian GRANT, Age 50


Amanda BACH
Age: 33
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: Cardonia FC (CAD)

Given Krytenia's non-segregated approach to football and the nation's propensity for producing talented goalkeepers, it's perhaps surprising that Bach is the first woman called up to the national side. The Cardonia stopper seems to be made up entirely of limbs; her former teammates at Caversham steered into this skid by nicknaming her “The Black Widow” - after the spider, before anyone asks.


Age: 24
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: Notegia Rangers

Has a rather unfair reputation as a journeyman goalkeeper, though that's mainly due to the failures of players in front of him. Blanco himself is a competent all-rounder between the sticks who's never really been given a shot at a “big” club; Notegia are simply his latest port of call.


Age: 20
Position: Goalkeeper
Club: Leston Town

He may be a shade under six foot tall, but what Wharton lacks in height he makes up for in agility. Described as “Amanda Back in boy mode” by one local journalist on his way to helping Leston back into Krytenia's top flight.


Cameron McKEOWN
Age: 25
Position: Right-back
Club: Caledon Simpson

He might look about eleven, but inside that youthful shell is the mind of a veteran. His ability to police the right flank proved very useful in helping Caledon to the O-League title. Has tried to grow a beard for this tournament; unfortunately, this has translated into “somewhat untidy chin scruff”.


Age: 30
Position: Left-back
Club: Emberton Hibernians

His no-nonsense style may not have trucked with BXE or Tommy Warren, but it's just up MacRobb's street. Exactly the kind of full-back required to “absolutely not” an opposing winger.


Age: 25
Position: Centre-back
Club: Bromham City

His ability to mop up his team-mates errors at the back has led to Sanderson picking up the unusual nickname of “Kitchen Roll” at the Navies. MacRobb's more fluid style of defending will likely see Sanderson drop back as an impromptu sweeper when the need arises – or, as the Bromham defender calls it, “the usual”.


Age: 32
Position: Centre-back
Club: Avondale City (SYL)

Coming through the ranks at the Southern Arena at such a young age is no mean feat. Jones, though, is the real deal, and that earned him a high-profile move to Avondale. Excellent read of the game and metronomic timing in the tackle. The veteran's partnership with Sanderson is almost telepathic, and well suited to MacRobb's more cautious playing style.


Age: 21
Position: Centre-back
Club: Casuals Osteria

Versatile ball-playing defender who can play further up at a pinch. Still developing the more nuanced parts of his game, but definitely someone who can come on and do a job in either defence or midfield.


Thomas KEYS
Age: 25
Position: Left-back
Club: Foxchester Rovers

Fearless defender, positions well, not afraid to go forward and support the wingers. MacRobb tried to take him to Mercia, but the Foxes were having none of it – and who can blame them?


Alexander SOLIS
Age: 26
Position: Centre-back
Club: Emberton Reds

Looks like he'd be knocked over by a stiff breeze, but don't let that fool you. Solis is a well-balanced centre-half who works his craft through speed and timing. That said, can come off second-best against an old-fashioned physical centre-forward.


Charlie ALLEN
Age: 21
Position: Right-back
Club: Ousevale Borough

More of a wing-back than a full-on defensive minded player, which is perhaps unsurprising considering Ousevale's cavalier style of play. Almost as likely to come on for Burns as he is for McKeown.


Age: 25
Position: Centre-back
Club: Stanton Town

An absolute brick wall of a defender. Slow by Krytenian standards – pace tends to take precedence over power here – his old-fashioned sensibilities of hard tackles and big clearances are a useful asset to relieve pressure on his team-mates. Expect him to feature if MacRobb switches to three at the back.


Charlie RICE
Age: 25
Position: Central midfield/half-forward
Club: Stanton Town

Is he a box-to-box midfielder or a marauding attacking threat? The answer is, simply, yes. Charlie Rice is Charlie Rice, covering every blade of the pitch to cause problems. Defending against him is akin to herding cats.


Age: 27
Position: Central midfield
Club: Mercia Bromham

Midfield dynamo reminiscent of the likes of Wilson, O'Neill, and Snelders. Has broken through in a talented Mercia Bromham team, and is now the solid rock in the centre of the park that allows Rice to float around the place.


Age: 28
Position: Right wing
Club: Caledon Simpson

Old-fashioned winger with bags of speed. Overlaps well with McKeown for both club and country – expect the right side of the pitch to be the base point for a lot of Krytenia's attacks.


Age: 27
Position: Left wing
Club: Ashton Olympic

Lightning fast winger and demon crosser. Lacks a bit of finishing ability, so don't be surprised if he stays out of the danger zone when Burns and/or McKeown are working their magic on the opposite flank.


Age: 28
Position: Central midfield
Club: Emberton Hibernians

The midfield rock upon which the Unified Church of Hibs is built. A traditional ball-winning midfielder who likes to pick out a long one – expect him to come in to play when MacRobb wants to slow the tempo a little.


Age: 22
Position: Central midfield
Club: Emberton Reds

Ball-playing forward minded midfielder. Not a general in the style of Culverhouse, but happy to quickly get things moving in the centre of the park.


Nathan GOODE
Age: 25
Position: Left wing
Club: Foxchester Rovers

Speedy winger, full of energy. Play can be a little sloppy off the ball, which is probably why he's on the bench for the national team. His best chance of playing time is if Keys gets on the pitch as well.


Maurice COMAN
Age: 27
Position: Right wing
Club: Mercia Bromham

Cultured winger with a great turn of foot. Has plenty of tricks in the arsenal, even if he does lack a smidgen of raw pace.


Age: 23
Position: Central midfield
Club: Ousevale Borough

Having broken through at half-forward for the Tigers, Barnes' comfort zone is just behind the front line, powering into space and foxing defenders. Or, in other words, backup for Rice.


Age: 33
Position: Striker
Club: Stanton Town

Apex predator of a striker, seems to find a way to get on to any ball delivered into his general area. A useful skill considering the bunch of cloggers he had to deal with at Aigburth; has found life much easier in Stanton. The years are starting to catch up to him; despite being handed the number nine shirt once more, he's likely to be backup to the younger and hungrier Quique.


Callum CROFT
Age: 29
Position: Half-forward
Club: Caledon Simpson

An absolute magician with the ball at his feet. His goals and assists were instrumental in winning the title for the Lions. Can play as frontman or drop back as string-puller at the drop of a hat. Will assist Rice in the destruction of defensive lines.


Age: 25
Position: Half-forward
Club: Casuals Osteria

Expert at creating chances for Casuals, but can finish clinically as well. Not quite as naturally gifted as Croft or Rice, but there again few Krytenians are.


QUIQUE (Enrique Garcia)
Age: 20
Position: Striker
Club: Royal Emberton

Young but well-built, a devastating threat in the box. Decided to stick the diminutive of his first name on the back of his shirt; unfortunately, a few “hilarious” fans have decided to dub him “Quickie.”.


Age: 26
Position: Striker
Club: Caledon Simpson

Couldn't get a start at Stanton behind Klaasen, so backed his bags for Simpson instead. Not the worst move in the world, as his ability to scrap for loose balls saw him mop up a bunch of goals that helped Caledon to a surprise O-League title.

Tanner MacRobb is all about fluidity of play and getting his team to perform more than one role on the pitch. The initial setup is probably nearest a 4-4-1-1, but what's actually going on depends largely on the situation. Sanderson may drop back to a full sweeper if required, with Culverhouse playing a more withdrawn role if that happens. The full-backs are happy to overlap, and Rice will pop up pretty much anywhere he can receive the ball. In other words, organised chaos.

In this formation, Krytenia's biggest advantages are speed, versatility, and outright confusing the opposition.

Courtesy of JMC
Image Image Image
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Languages: English (de jure), Spanish, French, Welsh (regional)

Hosts: Cup of Harmony 7, AOCAF 1, Cup of Harmony 15, World Cup 24, AOCAF 13, World Cup 29, AOCAF 17, AOCAF 23, World Cup 40, Cup of Harmony 32, Baptism of Fire 32, AOCAF 27, Baptism of Fire 36, World Cup 50, Baptism of Fire 40, Cup of Harmony 64, AOCAF 48, World Cup 75, AOCAF 40, Cup of Harmony 80, CAFA 2
Champions: AOCAF 52, Cup of Harmony 78, CAFA 6
Runner-Up: AOCAF 7, World Cup 58, Cup of Harmony 80, CAFA 1
Creator, AOCAF & Cygnus Cup - Host, VI Winter Olympics (Ashton) & VII Summer Olympics (Emberton)

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Postby Space Laser Dinosaur Robot Pirate Land » Sun May 19, 2024 1:00 pm


come play in space laser dinosaur robot land!

explore cool places like evan’s backyard! (unique venues)
take home so many new stories! (rp prompts)
win the grand prize or another cool prize! (subregional championships)
meet new friends and play with them again and again! (format prioritizes local rivalries)

we’ll have playdates on monday wednesday and friday. meet the bus to your game by 20:00 kst (11:00 utc or 6:00 cdt). we want to let everyone play with their best friends as much as possible. maximum rp and roster bonus will be 2 per matchday, allowing an unranked team which rps excellently to be competitive with any rp-less team by the end of the group stage. xkoranate will be used to scorinate using the nsfs formula and additive style modifiers.

there will be a group stage of three to four equally-sized geographic groups based on the anaian atlas we have at our house as of when we send out our invitations. we apologize for any errors. additionally we will stage a casaran-style consolation bracket for eliminated teams during the first three knockout rounds. these will not affect rankings and teams are not expected to roleplay for them if they wish not to but we hope to allow everyone to enjoy the fun as long as possible and not have to go home early disappointed.

if there are four groups then two teams from each group will advance to an eight-team double-elimination knockout round. It will be kinda like the liganaia final stage. these knockout rounds will also be geographically-paired which means that teams will play a group stage rematch in their first knockout stage match as a zonal championship. then they will play another team from its own sector in knockout rounds two and three including littoral and oceanic championships. after this point geography cannot be preserved and fixtures will be dictated by the double-elimination bracket. two final matches will be played if necessary. finalists in a sixteen-team tournament could play a total of seven to ten matches divided over nine to ten cutoffs and could play a zonal rival up to four times. a sample group draw relative strength analysis and tournament schedule for a sixteen-team tournament can be found here.

if there are three groups each group winner and the best second-place team will advance to the eight-team double-elimination knockout stage and the next eight teams will play a single wildcard match to advance to the double-elimination stage. the four wildcard winners will start the eight-team double-elimination stage in the one-loss bracket which will effectively bring us to the second double-elimination knockout round immediately. fixtures will be drawn according to group stage performance rather than geography. finalists in an eighteen-team format could play eight to twelve matches divided over eleven to twelve cutoffs and could play a zonal rival up to three times.

there are currently fifteen teams in the tournament with sixteen expected after space laser dinosaur robot pirate land’s entry. no new teams have entered the tournament in about five days so the plan is to work with sixteen teams (four-group format). eighteen teams (three-group format) twenty teams (four-group format) or twenty-one teams (three-group format) are available in case we receive additional entries during the host vote.

tiebreakers will be determined in a unique way in this tournament. if teams are tied on points at the end of the group stage their ties will be broken on coolness (head-to-head fixtures scorinated with rp bonus only). head-to-head record and goal difference will not be taken into consideration. evan will be the tournament’s official judge of coolness. however because he could be perceived as biased any tie involving space laser dinosaur robot pirate land will by ms johnson randomly drawing names from her coffee cup of classroom popsicle sticks. (icly nothing will change. this is only an explanation for why sldrpl might not win a coolness tiebreaker.) if teams are tied at the end of extra time in a knockout round they will contest a hug-off (which will be won by whomever xkoranate awards the win in a penalty shootout). evan will once again be the official judge for hug-offs unless sldrpl is in a hug-off. in that case the judge will be ruff the talking dog who competed in flags 2.

contact information
event will be chaperoned by the user who hosted copa rushmori xxxii in rushmore and the friendship celebration in flags 1 and 2 as well as a few domestic leagues. please feel free to call me if you have any questions or if your child has any allergies or dietary restrictions: 1-800-10-qusmo
[1:49 AM] what the fuck qusmo
[1:50 AM] this is fucking beautiful
[1:51 AM] what the fuck
NEW [1:53 AM] I love it
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Postby Space Laser Dinosaur Robot Pirate Land » Sun May 19, 2024 1:13 pm


it’s time for school.



name        gdr.   fav. color   fav. class       fav. animal
andrew m brown music capybara
anne m blue art horse
christine f yellow art penguin
jacqueline f pink science frog
eva x gold social studies dragon
evan m white science dinosaur
jan x black gym bear
lena f yellow reading elephant
leo m orange math toucan
mikey m blue recess gryffon
rachel f green social studies deer
simon m purple math eagle
tla x red gym lion
val f orange reading turtle
zoe f red social studies swan

all players on space laser dinosaur robot pirate land’s roster for cafa cup 9 are preschoolers.


manager: evan’s dad
formation: 0–0–10

space laser dinosaur robot pirate land is remarkably tactically innovative, blending a combination of hypergegenpressing and total football. or maybe it’s just that preschoolers like to all run to the ball and stick close to their friends. who can say for sure? all we know is, we hope everyone involved has fun and makes new friends!

the coaches will attempt to reintroduce subbed-off players back into the match and use (much) more than three substitutions. if the fourth referee actually enforces the laws of the game, however, the team will likely simply have its players change “positions” throughout the match — though aside from goalkeeper, this won’t really have much impact on what actually happens on the pitch.

the coaching staff will also ask for water breaks. lots and lots of water breaks. and also orange slice breaks, and apple juice breaks, and fruit snack breaks, and…



evan wanted something cooler from kirola or ediraf, but uni·q was cheaper.

rp permissions

godmod anything and everything, as long as you keep it friendly. (that is to say, injuries shouldn’t be anything the school nurse couldn’t deal with, and deaths are strictly off limits.) if you have any ideas or questions, feel free to dm me. i’d also understand if you choose to pretend this is a team of normal professional players instead of preschoolers, but to be clear, this is a team of preschoolers, so have fun with it.

style modifier

style modifier: +5

The following version of the above roster is provided in case images, colors, or other features used are inaccessible for any viewers.

It’s time to play.


Welcome! Today’s agenda:
  • Have fun
  • Do your best
  • Win CAFA Cup 9
Today’s learning objectives:
  • Teamwork
  • Respect
Who is at school today?
Name        Gdr.   Fav. Color   Fav. Class       Fav. Animal
Andrew M Brown Music Capybara
Anne F Blue Art Horse
Christine F Yellow Art Penguin
Jacqueline F Pink Science Frog
Eva X Gold Social Studies Dragon
Evan M White Science Dinosaur
Jan X Black Gym Bear
Lena F Yellow Reading Elephant
Leo M Orange Math Toucan
Mikey M Blue Recess Gryffon
Rachel F Green Social Studies Deer
Simon M Purple Math Eagle
Tla X Red Gym Lion
Val F Orange Reading Turtle
Zoe F Red Social Studies Swan

Who is at home today?
  • No one is at home today!

All players on space laser dinosaur robot pirate land’s roster for CAFA Cup 9 are preschoolers.


Manager: Evan’s dad
Formation: 0–0–10

  • None of the players know what the offside rule is. Accordingly, at least one will usually stand next to or behind the opposing goalkeeper to receive the ball, whether their team is actually in possession or not. Referees may or may not permit this, since they’re adorable.
  • Players in space (or not in a cluster) will often find themselves alone because the rest of their teammates ran towards the ball more quickly, because they either are not quite as fast, are a little tired, or don’t really want to run right now. And honestly, fair enough.
  • Both when in and out of possession, most players will cluster towards the ball. Because they’re preschoolers. And that’s what they do. They want to play with the ball. They yearn to hypergegenpress. That’s fun. Are you going to tell them they’re wrong?
  • Some players may get bored and not want to play anymore, due to distraction or tiredness. They will eventually be substituted out when this occurs, but they may play in the grass or something for a while in the meantime. And why not? What’s so wrong with that?
  • Players may play at most one quarter of any match in goal, to allow all players the chance to play in more active, involved positions. This rule promotes fitness and fun for everyone on the team. It also means this team plays totaalvoetbal.
Space Laser Dinosaur Robot Pirate Land is remarkably tactically innovative, blending a combination of hypergegenpressing and total football. Or maybe it’s just that preschoolers all like to run to the ball and stick close to their friends. Who can say for sure? All we know is, we hope everyone involved has fun and makes new friends!

The coaches will attempt to substitute subbed-off players back into the match, and use much more than three substitutions. If the fourth referee actually enforces the laws of the game, however, the team will likely simply have its players change “positions” throughout the match, though aside from goalkeeper, this won’t really have much impact on what actually happens on the pitch.

The coaching staff will also ask for water breaks. Lots and lots of water breaks. And also orange slice breaks, and apple juice breaks, and fruit snack breaks, and…


Main kit: A lavender shirt with a checkerboard pattern. From left to right, the squares are white, magenta, purple, cyan, yellow, and green. On the front of the shirt, text reads “Space Laser Dinosaur Robot Pirate Land.” Lavender shorts and socks. Trim and text in Anaia purple throughout.
Change kit: An Anaia green shirt with a polka dot pattern. The polka dots are small near the shoulders and hem of the shirt and grow larger as they approach the middle. From left to right, the polka dots are white, magenta, purple, blue, yellow, and orange. On the front of the shirt, text reads “SLDRPL.” Anaia green shorts and socks. Trim and text in white throughout, save for Anaia purple crests.
Third kit: An Anaia purple shirt. On the front of the shirt, text reads “My daddy thinks I’m CUTE!” Anaia purple shorts and socks. Trim and text in white and Anaia green throughout.
All kits: Instead of kit numbers, players wear a heart. Designed and manufactured by uni·q. (Evan wanted something cooler from Kirola or ediraf, but uni·q was cheaper.)

RP permissions

Godmod anything and everything, as long as you keep it friendly. (That is to say, injuries shouldn’t be anything the school nurse couldn’t deal with, and deaths are strictly off limits.) If you have any ideas or questions, feel free to DM me. I’d also understand if you choose to pretend this is a team of normal professional players instead of preschoolers, but to be clear, this is a team of preschoolers, so have fun with it.

Style modifier

Style modifier: +5
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[1:49 AM] what the fuck qusmo
[1:50 AM] this is fucking beautiful
[1:51 AM] what the fuck
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Postby CAFA » Sun May 19, 2024 1:20 pm

Signups updated to Space Laser Dinosaur Robot Pirate Land.

The host bid deadline has now passed. We have received the following two host bids:

CAFA IX: Weekend at Bernie’s by Legalese
come play in space laser dinosaur robot land! by Space Laser Dinosaur Robot Pirate Land

Users of nations entered into the previous or current CAFA, except for those bidding to host, may vote on CAFA 9 hosting with a single ballot indicating their order of preference.

The options are to ACCEPT the bid from Legalese, to ACCEPT the bid from Space Laser Dinosaur Robot Pirate Land, or to re-open nominations.

You are also entitled to officially abstain, which is a separate option to listing your preferences on a single ballot.

Votes should be sent via telegram to the account, Mertagne. Any votes not sent by telegram to this nation will not be counted.

Voting is now open, and shall close at 20:00 UTC on Thursday, May 23rd 2024.

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Postby Aleirave » Mon May 20, 2024 9:04 am

The Aleirave Football Association
Baptism of Fire LXXVIII Champions
Roster for CAFA Cup IX

OOC: All players in blue are ethnically Klysevian, all players in red are native Aleiravan.

The island nation of Aleirave is a rather small one, with a population of barely 50 thousand, located by a sea they know as the Retakono Me'a, or the sea of mystery. The only islands that were anywhere near them seemed to sink under the sea a couple years back, leaving them as the most isolated nation in the region of Anaia.

The nation of Aleirave was originally founded by Fyodor Tereyev, who was a puteshestvennik (or "traveller") from Klysevia, about 350 years ago. His descendants ruled the island up until the year 2023, when Alexandr Tereyev was shot and killed by a lone gunman in a peaceful protest. Since then, the island has been ruled as an Special Administrative Unit of Eshialand, effectively acting as its own democratic nation within a nation.

Well, that qualifying cycle... it happened alright.

Once again, another performance in qualifying that fell well short of the mark, and a Cup of Harmony that may as well have never happened... and this team has more stuff to work through once again.

After Ivan Shakarov and Haulafo Paka'ula had a little spat prior to the Cup of Harmony, the former had been put on a leave of absence, but he's back for this tournament and hopefully won't stir up too much trouble this time... no guarantees though. We'll have to see.

The theme for this CAFA Cup is rebirth. This is a team that once upon a time could've contended for a podium spot, only just missing twice in the span of three cycles... this time, they're ready to bring back the golden days and play a CAFA Cup like they used to, not with another lacklustre performance like recent years, ones which saw them barely even exist for all intents and purposes. They're back, and they're ready to be back. The only question is... is CAFA ready for them?

Nickname: the Seagulls
Trigram: ALR


First international: Audioslavia 4-0 Aleirave (CAFA II)
First win: Aleirave 6-3 Space Laser Dinosaur Robot Pirate Land (CAFA III)
Best win: Aleirave 6-0 Unpleasant (BoF LXXVIII)
Worst loss: Audioslavia 4-0 Aleirave (CAFA II)
Most goals for: Aleirave 7–2 The Cannaland Islands (WCQ XCIII)
Most goals against: Eraman 8-5 Aleirave* (WCQ XCI)
Highest-scoring match: Eraman 8-5 Aleirave* (WCQ XCI)

*This result also represents a scorigami, a score that had never occurred in the previous 90 cycles of World Cup competition.

Home stadia:

The Old Grounds, Lahaira (capacity: 100). (Used for MD1 vs. Sawenia, MD6 vs. Abanhfleft, and MD9 vs. Lisander)
The Old Grounds are the original home pitch of the Seagulls team, and one that's hosted impromptu football matches for the people of the island ever since time immemorial. Recently a few seats have been installed to help make things more comfortable for attendees, but the original feel of this field remains the same as always: a quaint reminder of island life.

Union Stadium, Lahaira (capacity: 60,000). (Used for MD4 vs. Chromatika, MD12 vs. West Barack and East Obama, and MD14 vs. Equestria)
Union Stadium is Aleirave's new, floating stadium, one that looks like someone stuffed a soccer pitch onto a large aircraft carrier and put 60,000 seats on it. Thanks to some hefty funding from Flyfr.esh and M.esh founder Tony Beaujoleil and a sketchily-obtained government project known as Project Upsilon, Lahaira's first proper stadium comes in this floating form factor and, after debuting on the mainland's shores, it will float on to the Anaian isle to be the home of Aleirave's biggest-ticket events. Since the capacity of the stadium is greater than the population of the island, you'll never have to worry about having room for visiting fans, however Lahaira's accommodations may not be enough to support 10,000 travellers, so be warned, there may be some camping involved with your trip. Or, alternatively, you could stay with some locals, who are always willing to let people into their homes. Just note though, this stadium won't always be here, as when the Seagulls aren't using it, it floats back to Vaynorth in mainland Eshialand to host home matches for the Owls there as well.


Manager: Haulafo PAKA'ULA (M, 59)
Some fans have a lot of doubt in Haulafo Paka'ula at this point, but the team has none. He's the original architect of this team and a father to the family they've made together. He's embraced the Aleiravan spirit of quick, agile football, where positions don't really matter so much as making everybody mesh together as a single unit. While in the past he may have doubted himself to the point of resigning before 2027's World Cup Qualifying, he's back in business and ready to prove to the world that this island really can be among the best.

Assistant Manager: Ivan SHAKAROV (M, 64)
When Haulafo Paka'ula resigned, it was Ivan Shakarov who stepped up to fill the void, and results-wise, he did a pretty good job of it, leading them to a 6-3-1 first half before Haulafo took the reins back. While Manager Paka'ula may not have wanted to call him back, there was no denying that he could be the missing link to make this good team a great one, so he gave him a second change to manage the team, albeit in an assisting capacity. While he may not have nearly as much experience at the international level as Paka'ula does, he's made waves before, and he can make waves again, and hopefully can bring the absolute best out of this team.

Formation: 3-4-1-2
Style: +4

    GK #1 Falena RUKIPIATO (F, 33)
    GK #32 Oleg PONIEROV (M, 37)
    GK #70 Tehieko FEHIFELA (F, 30)

    LB #4 Yekaterina OLAYEVA (F, 34)
    RB #5 Piheve EVATENE (M, 24)
    LB #7 Serani NA'ELERU (F, 32)
    CB #11 Tefei'o TESUNA'E (M, 30)
    RB #14 Grigori ZHENTONIOV (M, 36)
    CB #67 Sergei BYALKO (M, 23)

    LM #2 Efineha TESUNA'E (F, 30) - Image Katashi-Kanatsu
    RCM #3 Aleksandr VRALETSKY (M, 35)
    RM #8 Valeri TYONKO (M, 32)
    LCM #12 Nakelia LIFEVANEKA (F, 25)
    RCM #17 Lunaha FUSERAKA (F, 33)
    LM #21 Nusene FAVENOKU (M, 30)
    LCM #38 Pavel RASTENIUK (M, 21)
    RM #53 Ma'uho KATEHOVI (M, 20)

    ST #10 Neraveke HO'UMINALU (F, 28)
    ST #13 Fyodor VESHCHIK (M, 27)
    ST #28 Terale FIASALA (M, 33)
    AM #30 Valentina RESNYEVA (F, 35)
    ST #35 Renasetevo NANERIKEHA (M, 28)
    AM #99 Ivefela NOSELELA (F, 31)

RP Permissions
If my opponent roleplays first, they may:
Choose my starting lineup: Yes. The players in bold are the default starting XI, but take these more as suggestions than anything else. Always feel free to mix things up!
Choose my goalscorers: Yes.
Godmod scoring events: Yes.
RP injuries to my players: Please TG me and I'll determine the severity.
Godmod injuries to my players: No.
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes.
Hand out red cards to my players: No more than one per match without TGing me about it first.
Godmod other events: Please TG me first, but most likely yes.

If you wanna collaborate on a match, just TG me! I'm open to all collaboration!

Lastly, please don't use pictures in your RP and say they represent my players. Trust me, they probably don't.
All my posts are IC unless I either explicitly say so or they're on NSG.

Sidenote, if I'm posting on NSG, DM me to make sure if I'm alright. Something's probably gone wrong for me.


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Postby Yesopalitha » Mon May 20, 2024 9:46 pm

Though Yesopalitha enters first, it is Chromatika's puppet. Also, absolutely fine to cut this as a numbers puppet.

Roster for Yesopalitha's CAFA 9 Team

Kits compliments to Kirola Sportswear of Audioslavia
Nickname: The Flames
Style Modifier: -5 (Formation: 4-5-1)
Home Stadium: The Sacred Heart, Freedom's Altar (144,000)

RP Permissions Box
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: N
RP Injuries to my players: Y (I can determine severity)
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y, two max
Hand out red cards to my players: N
Godmod other events: N

Head of Government
Nirdasil Ageless The Dark Crusader
Head of State
The Shadow Council

Head of Federation
Hashai'i ISBELAR Age: 258 Species: Drow

K'RETHAR Age: 56 Species: Minotaur

GK A'th'l MIK'O'SI Age: 31 Species: Orc // Strong, Brutish Shot Stopper
RB BENPHERROS Age: 258 Species: Wraith // Wiry, Marker, Smart
CB Carros SANTAI Age: 51 Species: Duregar // Physical, Tough, Daring
CB N'T'ERI Age: 139 Species: Hag // Ambient, Annoying, Freaky
LB Barrion MELFRE Age: 302 Species: Dark Elf // Corner Specialist, High Jumper, Frivolous

DM GENTHE Age: 85 Species: Skeleton // Marker, Leader, Hilarious
RM Sauri IS'AHA Age: 221 Species: Mummy // Set Piece Taker, Crosser, Sticky
CM T'LEIRA Age: 116 Species: Lich // Quick, Presser, Intelligent
CM Bizaak KELIA Age: 29 Species: Goblin // Nimble, Crafty, Fiery
LM BOLLOSOLLOMOTAI Age: 432 Species: Chaos Demon // Charismatic, Crosser, Creator

ST QHESSERRIS Age: 40 Species: Succubus // Opportunistic, Creative, Flashy

GK GE'ARI Age: 244 Species: Wraith // Mobile Keeper
GK Ceta REARI Age: 24 Species: Goblin // Young Keeper
RB Gustavius SEANTRO Age: 37 Species: Undead Knight // Tackling Machine
CB B'Z'Z'T Age: 1472 Species: Unknown Ghost // Man-to-Man Player
CB FIZETTA Age: 464 Species: Witch // Offensive Minded
LB Pazata OWALU Age: 38 Species: Ghoul // Enforcer
DM PASHANTI Age: 142 Species: Ghast // Mindless
RM Bearro GENTH Age: 54 Species: Dark Sorcerer // Shooter
CM Aera PONTELL Age: 38 Species: Shadow // Defensive
CM AMIAGABAR Age: 205 Species: Djinn // Pacer
LM MORKOT Age: 34 Species: Doppleganger // Crosser
ST CERTANI Age: ?? Species: Unknown // Finisher
Motto: Perseverantia saeculorum Note: I prefer to be known as YSP over YES if you use abbreviations.
Proud Original Member of Mystria

Puppet Nation of Chromatika

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United States of Nova Calania
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Postby United States of Nova Calania » Tue May 21, 2024 12:44 am

Very sorry for the late signup. This is the same roster as the cup of harmony with the difference that players from 3 new nations are admitted. Also players didn't age since last CAFA Cup.


Équipe nationale de football des États-Unis de Nouvelle-Calanie
United States of Nova Calania National Football Team

Team Nickname: Tapirs
Home colors: Yellow-Red shirt with horizontal stripes. Red short.
Away colors: Black shirt with Red shoulders. Black short.

Nation Information:

Nation Name: Principauté de Saint-Jean-Jacques-sur-Mer
Demonym: Jean-Jacquois
Head of State: Prince Pierre-Alexandre 1er de Saint-Jean-Jacques-sur-Mer
Official language: French
Population: 775 878
Land Area: 78 sq. km

Nation Name: People's Republic of Burnham-on-Stove
Demonym: Burnhamese
Head of State: General Secretary of the Burnhamese Communist Party, Braelynn McIlwain
Official language: English
Population: 418 306
Land Area: 54 sq. km

Nation Name: Odlegla Ziemia
Demonym: Odleglanski
Head of State: Grand Duchess Wladyslawa Wozniakowska
Official language: Polish
Population: 742 662
Land Area:

Nation Name: Shanzhou
Demonym: Shanzhouan
Head of State: General Zhang
Official language: Mandarin
Population: 235 194
Land Area:

Nation Name: New Calanian Aztec Confederacy [Nova Calanian Aztec Confederacy]
Demonym: Aztec
Head of State: Supreme Leader Moctezuma XIX
Official languages: Polish and Aztec
Population: 287 008
Land Area: Unknown

Short Nation History:


Saint-Jean-Jacques-sur-Mer is a city state of 78 square kilometers located in Anaia and founded in lhe 18th century by Jean-Jacques Le Boucanier (John James The Buccaneer), a pirate of unknown North or Central Calanian origin who decided to retire from piracy and found his own nation south of his country of origin. Saint-Jean-Jacques-sur-Mer has emerged in the 20th century as a merchant city state which favors capitalism.The current ruler of Saint-Jean-Jacques-sur-Mer is Prince Pierre-Alexandre 1er de Saint-Jean-Jacques-sur-Mer, a direct descendant of Jean-Jacques Le Boucanier. Elections are outlawed in Saint-Jean-Jacques-sur-Mer. The national animal is the tapir, which you can see wandering in our streets.


Burnham-on-Stove is a city state of 54 square kilometers located in Anaia. It used to be a district whitin Saint-Jean-Jacques-sur-Mer and it's named after William Robert Burnham, a pirate and friend of Jean-Jacques Le Boucannier. In september 1923, several communist districts of Saint-Jean-Jacques-sur-Mer, mostly of English origin, declared their independence and formed the new nation of Burnham-on-Stove. The Burnhamese Communist Party is the only authorized party in Burnham-on-Stove. The national animal is also the Tapir.

Saint-Jean-Jacques et Burnham-on-Stove

in 2023, 100 years after the independence of Burnham-on-Stove, the two nations decided to form a new sporting alliance to have stronger national teams and domestic leagues.

Both nations are on the verge to form a supranational union with 3 other nations located in Nova Calania. The union is planned for may 2025, during the qualifications for the World Cup 96.

Football History:

KPB Rank: 45th
CAFA rank: 16th
Overall record: 29-19-27

Baptism of Fire 81 (as Saint-Jean-Jacques-sur-Mer): 4-0-1 (Loss in round of 16)
Qualifications for WC 94 (as Saint-Jean-Jacques-sur-Mer): 5-7-8 (9th place in group 15)
CAFA Cup 7: 1-2-8 (11th place in group B)
Qualifications for WC 95: 9-4-1 (3rd place in group 10)
CAFA Cup 8: 3-3-4 (Missed the playoffs)
Qualifications for WC 96: 7-2-3 (3rd place in group 18)
Cup of Harmony 88: 0-1-2

First Win: 3-0 Win vs Bareder - Matchday 1 @ Baptism of Fire 81
First Draw: 2–2 Draw vs Flavovespia - Matchday 1 @ World Cup qualifications 94
First Loss: 2-1 Loss vs South Americanastan - Round of 16 @ Baptism of Fire 81
Biggest Win: 3-0 Win vs Bareder - Matchday 1 @ Baptism of Fire 81
Biggest Loss: 5-0 Loss vs Vilita - Matchday 3 @ World Cup qualifications 94
Highest Score by both teams: 6-3 Loss vs Vilita - Matchday 14 @ World Cup qualifications 94

First goal scored: Frédérique Goudreau-Luneau - Matchday 1 @ Baptism of Fire 81

Most Caps		        Caps		Most Goals		        Goals		Most Assists		        Assists
Frédérique Goudreau-Luneau 75 Frédérique Goudreau-Luneau 40 Nathan Fauteux-McGrath 15
Tristan Gibouleau-Beaudoin 73 Louis-Philippe Berlinguette 25 Louis-Philippe Berlinguette 14
Nathan Fauteux-McGrath 72 Allie O'Hara 12 Alyssa McCaskill 10
Serge Bleau-Bean 68 Nathan Fauteux-McGrath 8 Scarlett McCaskill 10
Louis-Philippe Berlinguette 66 Scarlett McCaskill 5 Allie O'Hara 8
Félix Bourguignon 60
Allie O'Hara 49
Alyssa McCaskill 46
Pierre-Antoine Bigeault-Généreux 44
Scarlett McCaskill 40


Entraîneur-chef: Gilles Bourguignon
Assistant: Isabella Sanchez Lopez
Assistant: Françoise Desruisseaux
Assistant: Gregor McCaskill
Entraîneur des gardiens: Pierre-Paul Mongrain
Physiothérapeutre: Marie-Anne Pinette


Cristiano and Ronaldo are the two mascots of the team. Two living tapirs, they travel with the team even abroad and are staying by the bench. They're not named after anyone it's just two random names picked by the zookeeper.


Captain: Scarlett McCaskill
2nd captain: Serge Bleau-Bean
Penalty Taker: Frédérique Goudreau-Luneau
Corners (left): Nathan Fauteux-McGrath
Corner (right): Nathan Fauteux-McGrath
Free Kicks: Scarlett McCaskill, Mei Qi Xiong, Nathan Fauteux-McGrath or Frédérique Goudreau-Luneau

Formation 4-3-3


1	GK	Serge Bleau-Bean	28	Celtiques de Baie-Sainte-Marguerite
36 GK Charles-Émile Moineau 25 C.D. Sagrado Corazon
13 GK Keegan Threadgold 31 Burnham & Hockley Albion F.C.

Side Defenders
7	SD/SM	Alyssa McCaskill	26	Xicohtzinco Locomotive F.C.
66 SD Emily Schmidt 32 Burnham & Hockley Albion F.C.
40 SD Nathan Bourguignon 28 Club National

Central Defenders
4	CD	Tristan  Gibouleau-Beaudoin 25	C.D. Sagrado Corazon
14 CD Wlodzimierz Wolkowicz 23 Club Anaia
5 CD/SD Nathan McCaskill 23 Xicohtzinco Locomotive F.C.

24 CD Renato Ramirez De Jesus 29 Flushing Wanderers F.C.
2 CD/SD Phoebe McCormack 24 West Burnham United F.C.
3 CD/SD Félix Bourguignon 25 Club National
55 CD Zia Guerrero Lopez 23 C.S. Lavigueur

Side Midfielders
28	SM	Ashton Gockley 	        29	West Burnham United F.C.
80 SM Rose Van der Jagt 22 Burnham & Hockley Albion F.C.

Central Midfielders
11	CM	Nathan Fauteux-McGrath	26	C.S. Latendresse
8 CM/SM Scarlett McCaskill 29 Xicohtzinco Locomotive F.C.
88 CM/SM Mei Qi Xiong 24 Shanzhou Mighty Lions F.C.

0 CM/SM Charlotte Gibouleau-Beaudoin 22 C.D. Sagrado Corazon
6 CM Kyle Klingenberg 27 MZKS Arka Wloszakowice
32 CM/SM Ludwig Baumgartner 29 Dynamo de Gouin

7	S	Frédérique Goudreau-Luneau	25	Dynamo de Gouin
22 S Louis-Philippe Berlinguette 26 Celtiques de Baie-Sainte-Marguerite
9 S Allie O'Hara 25 Burnham & Hockley Albion F.C.

19 S Lily-Rose Malboeuf 22 Club National
15 S Clara Kurtz 27 Flushing Wanderers F.C.
17 S Megan Klingenberg 24 MZKS Arka Wloszakowice

Style Modifier: +2.5

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes

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Corrupt Dictatorship

Postby Cardenao » Tue May 21, 2024 6:09 am

GK: Kai Chidubem (Escuela Nacíonal DCPF)–Emi Parodi (Alameda Desperados)
RB: Salva Perez (Club Valentino)–Alessio Suarez (Alexandria United)–Rafael Larrucea (Alameda Desperados)
CB: Emmanuel Odita (Schemerdrecht SVV/KOR)–Mino El-Jabbar (Sporting Club November City)
CB: Reagan Phillips (CD Azzada)–Marioco Tambassi (Club Valentino)
LB: Moustir-Yves Almeny (Escuela Nacíonal DCPF)–Andre Allyn (Cardonia FC)–Tomás Hilario Ramos (AS Cartablanca)
CDM: Sven Garrison (Cardonia FC)–Abel Ruiz (Catamulina Catarollas)–Telmo Andrade (Küsbon Town)
CM: Lonzo Capiatelli (Carathyr Emeralds FC/TKT)–Adriàn Hyeon-Ju (Real Alegria)–Roberto Benizzi (Ciudad Les Bois)
CM: Haritz Larrainzar (Port Rhoyovan/TKT)–Euran Beurcarter (Club Valentino)–Ricky Delafont (Mayflower FC)
LW: Drake Cooper (Sareña FC)–Gaspar Malvolio (Escuela Nacíonal DCPF)–Bekir Cinac (Escuela Nacíonal DCPF)
ST: Juanma Saez (Parakleion Firebirds FC/TKT)–Zorion Zuñiga (Alameda Desperados)–Pedro John Dzvonimir (Sareña FC)–Mangrove Salazar (Küsbon Town)
RW: Chímo Ventura (IDK/DAR)–Dimitri Micalizo (Cardonia FC)–Htay Koko (Küsbon Town)



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