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Mandalanusa Club Football Newswire

PostPosted: Thu Sep 22, 2022 7:43 pm
by Mandalanusan Nations

Mandalanusa Club Football Newswire

Welcome to Mandalanusa Club Football Newswire or simply known as MCFN. MCFN is the club football section of Mandalanusa regional news agency, the Mandalanusa Journal. All news, advertisement, events, and results related to football clubs in Mandalanusa can be posted here. The news reports may include forum text and/or image for better reporting. If residents already have their own domestic football thread, they may also post their club football news in this thread for compilation and archiving purposes. All regional club football events, match days, and results will be informed in this thread. Please remember that this thread is an IC thread. All OOC discussions should be done via RMB or Mandalanusa Discord Server.

Ongoing Events
  • 13th CMFA Champions League, regional club football championship

Domestic Leagues

PostPosted: Thu Sep 22, 2022 7:44 pm
by Mandalanusan Nations

13th CMFA Champions League - Group Draw

PostPosted: Thu Sep 22, 2022 8:15 pm
by Mandalanusan Nations
13th CMFA Champions League

Welcome to the 13th CMFA Champions League!

The CMFA Champions League is the most prestigious club football championship in the region of Mandalanusa. The championship is organized and managed by the regional football confederation named Confederation of Mandalanusan Football Associations (CMFA).

Thirty-two of the best clubs from eight Mandalanusan nations will be competing to be the best club in the region. The thirty-two clubs will be drawn into eight groups of four in which the top two of each group will proceed to the knockout stage.

The final match will be played in the 40,000-seater Daulapura Stadium in Daulapura, Eraman.

Group Draw
Group A
Khurtubh FC (SPI)
KS Larantuka (SDG)
Sporting Praia do Emerita (ACS)
Kota Lama FC (SHT)

Group B
Kota Jembal FC (SHT)
Sporting Cabo (ACS)
Goha 6th (SEF)
Royal Puncakpura (ERM)

Group C
Royal Daulapura (ERM)
Jarind United (SPI)
Kuala Town FC (SHT)
Pesjem Jematang (PCU)

Group D
Goha 7th (SEF)
Pescam Campuhan (PCU)
Anara (ERM)
SC Tabeira (ACS)

Group E
Western United (ZIW)
Goha United (SEF)
Pesub Ubung (PCU)
Ajaxin City FC (SPI)

Group F
Sporting Arrachai (ACS)
Royal Pasirpura (ERM)
Birnin Amangwazi (ZIW)
Perserejo Kratonredjo (SDG)

Group G
KS Gunung Kayasu (SDG)
Black Leopard (ZIW)
Tanxjin FC (SPI)
Goha National University (SEF)

Group H
Nilayam United (PCU)
Bakti United FC (SHT)
KS Tapaklaboh (SDG)
Ainsworth Barracks (ZIW)

Cutoff Time: 11 pm GMT +8 (1 pm UTC)

Matchday 1 - 10th October (Monday): 1v4 2v3
Matchday 2 - 10th October (Monday): 4v3 1v2

Matchday 3 - 17th October (Monday): 2v4 3v1
Matchday 4 - 17th October (Monday): 4v1 3v2

Matchday 5 - 24th October (Monday): 3v4 2v1
Matchday 6 - 24th October (Monday): 4v2 1v3

Round of 16 - 31st October (Monday): 1st Leg
Round of 16 - 31st October (Monday): 2nd Leg

Quarter Final - 7th November (Monday): 1st Leg
Quarter Final - 7th November (Monday): 2nd Leg

Semi Final - 14th November (Monday): 1st Leg
Semi Final - 14th November (Monday): 2nd Leg

Final - 21st November (Monday)

Confederation of Melayu Football Associations
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