Baptism of Fire 77 [rosters/RP/results]

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Baptism of Fire 77 [rosters/RP/results]

Postby Graintfjall » Thu Dec 09, 2021 7:32 am

Welcome to the 77th Baptism of Fire [BoF] tournament, being hosted by Græntfjall and Tumbra. This is the in-character [IC] thread for the tournament, and confirmed participants may begin posting rosters and roleplays [RPs] from this point on. If you are not a confirmed participant or if you wish to make an out-of-character [OOC] comment, please do not post here. OOC comments should be posted in the World Cup Discussion Thread [WCDT].

The BoF is a tournament for new nations to the World Cup [WC]. As such, this opening post [OP] is divided into two sections:
  • The first section is for entirely new players. If you are new to the NS Sports forum or to football roleplaying, or perhaps returning after a long absence, we strongly recommend you read this section.
  • The second section is a specific guide to this tournament and all participants, regardless of whether you are an experienced player or not, must read it as it contains specific, novel information pertinent to this tournament.
Table of contents
  1. New players guide
    • Tips on getting a good RP bonus
  2. Tournament details
    • Group draw
    • Schedule
    • Notes on other issues
    • TL;DR
  3. Host IC information and venue listings:
    • Græntfjall
    • Tumbra

New players guide

Everyone should read the guide to sports roleplaying, which contains much important information about what your expectations should be of your hosts, experience, and fellow players, and what the expectations will be of you.

This tournament will be run using a scorinator: a program consisting of a random number generator element, weighted by RP bonus. (In the WC itself, the scorinator will also incorporate overall ranking, but in the BoF all teams begin unranked.) The results will be realistic football outcomes, and they will be heavily influenced by RPing, but randomness is an important, intrinsic part of NS Sport. Results won’t always go your way.

The first thing you should do is create and post a roster. Doing so will earn you some RP bonus which will help your chances of winning; more importantly, it will create a better RPing environment for everyone. It’s hard to RP a 2 – 1 game without any idea who might have scored the goals! The bare minimum for a roster is 11 names, but obviously you can add much more detail. Here are some suggestions:

  • The name of your team, the nickname, playing kit(s), crest/logo.
  • Player details such as age, vital statistics, playing position, domestic club, role on team, even a brief bio.
  • Tactical details such as the coaching staff, the formation employed, style of play, expected substitutions.
  • Information about fans who might attend the games.
Here are some examples of rosters from the previous BoF 76, showing the different ways some people customize their rosters.

Some rosters include information about home stadiums. In the BoF, all games will be played within the host nations so you don’t need to include this information.

The most important thing to include in your roster is a permissions box. You can copy the following code and edit it to your preferences:

Code: Select all
[box][b]My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:[/b]
Choose my goalscorers: Yes/No
Godmod scoring events: Yes/No
RP injuries to my players: Yes/No
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes/No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes/No
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes/No
Godmod other events: Yes/No[/box]

‘Godmod’ or ‘godmode’ in NS Sport generally means RPing weird and unusual events outside the norm. A defender scoring a goal is not godmoding, but a player getting annoyed at a mascot on the sidelines and kicking the ball towards them, only for it to bounce off their fursuit into the goal, would be godmoding.

You must follow other users’ RP permissions boxes. You may add additional permissions beyond those listed in the box so long as they do not unreasonably impact others’ RPing e.g. you can request no photographic pictures used to represent your players, but you may not demand other players RP your players as being the best.

Finally, you can post a style modifier in your roster. This is a number between -5 and +5, which indicates how attacking your team’s style of play is. A -5 team is very defensive, with a lot of emphasis on preventing the other team from scoring, even at the expense of scoring themselves. A +5 team is very attacking, with a lot of emphasis on scoring goals, even at the risk of conceding to the other team. If you do not submit a style modifier, your team will automatically be assigned a 0 modifier indicating equal balance between offense and defense. (In practice, because most people tend to submit offensive modifiers, the overall average is usually slightly positive.) A style modifier has no impact on your chance of winning: it is purely cosmetic and used to determine whether you are more likely to win (or lose!) 5–4 or 1–0.

Please post your style modifier clearly, preferably on the first or last line of your roster!

Once you’ve posted your roster, you can begin RPing and earning RP bonus. The BoF is your chance to establish your new team. WC qualification is very hard for new nations and it can take several cycles to emerge as a top team, but the BoF is a unique moment where your team can compete from Day 1. The best way to do this is to post a roster and begin RPing, which will earn your team RP bonus.
Tips on getting a good RP bonus

Vary things up a bit. There is nothing wrong with writing match reports, and this is the primary way most nations RP. That said, if you get a bit bored writing them or if your opponent has already done a detailed match report, trying different formats can add some creativity. Examples could be an interview with your coach or one of your players, a report from a tourist who visited the host nation to watch the game, some reaction from people who watched it back at home, a preview of a coming game, or a diary entry by a player or coach. Not all RPing has to involve written text: you could post a picture of your team’s kit or use a lineup builder website to generate an image of your team’s formation and tactics.

Interact with your opponents, hosts, and fellow competitors. A good way of RP bonus can be to incorporate elements from your opponent’s roster or RP. If they’ve posted a roster, try to credit their players by name in your match report rather than just saying that ‘a striker’ scored a goal. If they’ve RPed their fans doing a specific chant, you could RP your fans responding to the chant. Use information provided by the hosts or other players to flesh out your RP. There’s nothing wrong with only writing about your own team, but RPing is meant to enhance interactivity, so anything that does that will usually earn a good bonus.

Obey good etiquette. Make sure to check your opponent’s roster before you RP their game, and specifically to make note of their RP permissions. Don’t do anything that contradicts their permissions. If they’ve RPed first, don’t do anything that contradicts the way they’ve RPed the game. If you think your opponent hasn’t followed your RP permissions, try to contact them and ask if they would agree to change a detail: these problems can usually be resolved amicably. If not, notify the hosts by telegram and we will check the situation over. Do not plagiarize material from outside sources or other players. Do not post an RP you’ve previously posted in another tournament to try to ‘double dip’ RP bonus.

Have fun. We do not expect every player to spend hours every day working on RPs: you all have real lives, which will take priority, especially over the holiday period. RPs should be fun for other people to read and for you to write. RPs do not need to be long or detailed to earn a high bonus. A short, funny RP could earn a higher RP bonus than a long, dull one. The hosts will make generous allowance that not all users are native English speakers (although all RPs must be posted in English, other than short snippets of flavor text) and not all users are adults, but an effort with spelling and grammar will make it easier for hosts and fellow competitors to read, reward, and respond to your RPs.

If you have further questions or concerns, contact the hosts, or ask the community for help in the WCDT thread.

Tournament details

Teams will be randomly sorted into 4 groups of 7. Each team will play each other team in their group once. Draws will be permitted during the group stage. The final standing in each group will be according to the following tiebreakers:
  • Position (in other words, group winners are automatically top seeds)
  • Points
  • Overall goal difference
  • Head-to-head record
  • Head-to-head goal difference
  • IC coin flip (OOC, a simulated game)
Group winners will play the other group’s runners-up from within each nation; the winners of those matches will compete in the semifinals. For the winners, the final awaits; for the losers, a third place playoff. Note that teams will only move host nation at this final stage; otherwise, all your games will take place within the nation you are first drawn to.

Group Draw

Groups A and B will be based in Græntfjall

Group A
Estorvipa and Estorpiva
Kingdom of Atlantia
New Jehova
The Republic of Western Sol
Dod Rava
United Adaikes

Group B
The Finntopian Empire
República Guanacasteca

Groups C and D will be based in Tumbra.

Group C
The Karodin Tetrarchy
Kingdom of Voidstania

Group D
Jeeves Land
Acceptably Normal
The Cordian Isles


Cutoff will be around 16:00 UTC each day. (You can use this page to work out the conversion to your own time zone.)

The below schedule is provisional.

10 December: Group Draw

13 December: MD1 2v7, 3v6, 4v5, 1 BYE
14 December: MD2 6v4, 7v3, 1v2, 5 BYE
15 December: MD3 3v1, 4v7, 5v6, 2 BYE
16 December: MD4 7v5, 1v4, 2v3, 6 BYE
17 December: Off-day for all teams
18 December: MD5 4v2, 5v1, 6v7, 3 BYE
19 December: MD6 1v6, 2v5, 3v4, 7 BYE
20 December: MD7 5v3, 6v2, 7v1, 4 BYE

22 December: Quaterfinals (A1vB2, B1vA2; C1vD2, D1vC2)

27 December: Semi-finals
29 December: Final+3PPO

Notes on other issues

Discord. NS Sports has a Discord server. However, it is not an official NS function and not all users are members of it. As such, all tournament updates will be posted on the forum.

Etiquette. Any user breaching etiquette by spamming OOC comments, blatantly disregarding others’ RP permissions, engaging in plagiarism, or otherwise breaching NS Sports etiquette, will receive a warning from the hosts. Any user who continues after being warned will have their RP bonus reset to zero.

RP permissions. The hosts strongly encourage all users to, at a minimum, set their ‘Choose goalscorers’ RP permission to Yes.

General restrictions. No user may RP destructive damage to the people or infrastructure of the host nations e.g. stadium collapses. No user may introduce COVID-19 or any such pandemic to the host nations or to other users’ nations.

Style modifier changes. Each nation may change their style modifier once during the tournament. Contact the hosts to arrange this.

Everything else. Other than issues to be resolved by NS site moderation staff, or by the World Cup Committee and its Executive, the hosts’ decision will be final on any other issues.


Cutoffs at 16:00 UTC beginning on 13 December!

RP permissions: post yours and respect others’!

OOC stuff goes in the WCDT!

Have fun!
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Postby Graintfjall » Thu Dec 09, 2021 7:33 am

Welcome to the White Winter Queendom of Græntfjall.

Football is traditionally a summer sport in Græntfjall, and this tournament is being held in late summer once the domestic fixtures are finished, meaning the autumn chill is starting to set in. Græntfjall lies on the northern side of Pavola, in Rushmore; despite lying on the temperate meridian, the combination of the fierce winds coming off the Komodo Channel and the tall Græntfjaller Alps, forming a natural protective border, have created a localized climate of extreme cold even in summer. You can expect temperatures in the single figures (centigrade; 40s Fahrenheit); rain or sleet, and towards the end of the tournament flakes of snow in the air; and bitter wind-chill.

Græntfjallers are hardy Nords, descended (in their mythic lore) from Viking age sackers and salvagers. The country has relatively recently emerged from decades of communist oppression, but has entered the 21st century with a surging economy, rising social freedoms, and new, if slightly complex, democratic politics. The royal family was reinstalled and Queen Júlíana sits on the throne, reigning in a mostly ceremonial role, while real power is located in the Thing, the national parliament where Prime Minister Zóphonías Juliusson of the Left-slate coalition of left-wing and center-left parties leads a coalition government with the Progressive Liberals.

Græntfjall is famous for continuing whaling long after most other countries had abandoned the barbaric practice, but in reality whale meat is a rare commodity in modern Græntfjall and tourists are far more likely to encounter imitation products like lab-grown “Incomprehensible Whaleburger” or purely synthetic “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Blubber!”. Otherwise, the diet tends towards plain, hearty fare. Strong spices and fresh fruits are available, but can be expensive as they are almost wholly dependent on imports. Græntfjallers have a strong tradition of beer drinking; for hard liquors, various clear grain alcohols are the general preference. Smoking is permitted but not widely practised; marijuana is legal.

Græntfjaller society can be quite conservative, especially outside of the major cities. Generally speaking, the further west one travels, the more sympathies to life under the old communist regime you will find expressed; to the east, more virulent anti-communism prevails. The state religion is Roman Catholicism. The vast majority of Græntfjallers are Catholic, though folk traditions incorporating Norse mythology are also common. Homosexuality is legal and homophobic hate crimes both strictly policed and thankfully rare. Rigid gender norms prevail in some strata of society (especially in the south) and are no more obvious than in the country’s naming traditions, which are strictly patronymic: -son surnames for men, -dóttir for women, -bur for gender-neutral persons.

Græntfjallers can be perceived as a bit mercenary. The country has a long history of merchant trading (and an intermittent history of ruthless piracy) and you will generally find that the smiles of your hosts extend only as far as the krónor in your pocket. Color-based racism is sadly not unknown, anti-Islamic sentiment is strong, and there is a bristling tide of anti-immigrant agitation in some working class districts of the major cities, as well as agitation over a million refugees who have recently arrived in the southeast. Freedom of expression is enshrined in the constitution but in practice there are some restrictions, two of the most notable being a ban on the public display of swastikas, hammers-and-sickles, and other such extremist political imagery; and a prohibition on face coverings widely interpreted as a ‘burqa ban’.

Football is the most popular sport in the country. The fiercest domestic rivalry is between the North Háttmark clubs Gunzlach and Steinaux, who regularly vie for the title in the Græntfaller Premier League, along western team Altendalur and South Háttmark side GT Molding. Græntfaller fans are generally fairly welcoming of foreign teams and tend to be appreciative of skills that their own rather leaden players (often stereotyped, more or less fondly, as “Big Fucking Græntfallers”) are incapable of. Græntfall does not have a tradition of football hooliganism or firms, and crowd control at games will be strict to prevent any such trouble. Moderate alcohol consumption is permitted in most stadiums.


Group A will be based in the capital city, Háttmark. On each MD, the first listed game will take place at the Grander International Arena, the second at the Grand National Arena, and the third at the Estadio Fútbol.

Grander International Arena
The recently built 50,001 seater is home of Steinaux, "the Sausages". Their name is rooted in the working class meat processing and dock warehouse district, which has undergone substantial renovation. Unlike rivals Gunzlach across the river, Steinaux is now located in an upmarket neighborhood with tech and pharma jobs booming. The club’s fortunes are however on the turn, slipping down the table after winning 3 consecutive titles, and losing their two star strikers (respectively, transferring across town to their rivals, and eaten by a kraken).
Stadium quality: 10.001
Friendliness to foreigners: 8

Grand National Arena
The main national stadium, the 50,000 seater used to be the country's only international-level sports facility. It is the most famous stadium in the country and home of multiple time champions Gunzlach, "the Gunners". The name reflects their origins in the old military arsenal stationed there. On the north side of Háttmark, the GNA is built in what remains a fairly conservative, working-class district, with rumblings of disquiet over recent immigrant arrivals and rapid house price rises in the wake of gentrification.
Stadium quality: 10
Friendliness to foreigners: 6

GT Estadio Fútbol De Musarañas De Oro [non-commercial name: Estadio Fútbol De Musarañas De Oro][/b]
The new home of GT Molding, "the Gold Shrews", and Korsbach's south Háttmark rivals. Built by Tequiloan multinational Grupo Taxhavn and unpronouncable to the locals, the stadium is by far the biggest in the country (which a capacity of close to 70,000). Lush, well appointed – is “chintzy” pushing it too far?
Stadium quality: 9
Friendliness to foreigners: 8

Group B will be based in the West of the country. On each MD, the first listed game will take place at the Florus Stadion, the second at the Fjistjing Stadion, and the third at the Fjlarkfjall Arena.

Florus Stadion [non-commercial name: Altendalur Stadion]
Altendalur is a northwest port city and cultural hub of the West, a region that generally feels under the political thrall of the dominant East. It was built on whaling: the stadium is literally built on whaling, as a massive whale spine ornaments the main entrance gate. Home of one of the top GPL sides, nicknamed the Chessmen, the seats are in alternate black and white check patterns.
Stadium quality: 9/10
Friendliness to foreigners: 1/10

Fjistjing Stadion
Home to Hintersfjörður, who are routinely a yo-yo team: one of the strongest sub-GPL teams, and yet usually being relegated immediately upon winning promotion from the Division 1. The Fjistjing Stadion is relatively new to hosting international football and did not feature during the Copa Rushmori rotation, debuting instead at the Baptism of Fire 74. It is well suited to all weather conditions, with a fully retractable roof. Hintersfjörður lies in the suburbs of Altendalur and has a generally similar cultural disposition, with entrenched hostility to Eastern elites and little interest in outsiders.
Stadium quality: 9
Friendliness to foreigners: 2

Fjlarkfjall Arena
Þingsnitz, another yo-yo side seeming to miss that key ingredient for a step up to GPL level, play their home games at Fjlarkfjall. Þingsnitz is a small coastal city a few miles east of Altendalur, on the other side of the other side of the Bay of Blood. The two enjoy a healthy rivalry in matters football and otherwise. The Fjlarkfjall Arena also made its debut hosting international football at the Baptism of Fire; despite its small size and lack of roof, it’s otherwise well appointed for a Division 1 side’s home arena, clearly reflecting its owners’ desires to win promotion. Culturally, the fishing port is much more amenable to visitors than their cross-bay neighbors.
Stadium quality: 6
Friendliness to foreigners: 5
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Postby Tumbra » Thu Dec 09, 2021 7:33 am


Welcome to

LOCATED in central Esportiva, the Federal Republic of Tumbra is a sprawling, modern democratic republic of a hundred and fourteen million people. Comprising twenty-five states, the Tumbran half of the Baptism of Fire will be held in six stadiums over four states in the north-east of the country, so as to minimise travel time. A full map of the country can be found here.

Airports, Getting To and Travelling Within Tumbra

The tournament will be played in the northeastern quarter of the country, so expect cooler weather; however the tournament is played in summer. Temperatures are expected to reach a high of 20 degrees Celsius, and rain isn't out of the possibility, either. Alternatively, if one runs out of things to do after watching the football, the six host cities are all steeped in history and museums; and Marray's beaches are the most famous in the country.

Getting to the northeast of Tumbra is relatively easy for teams; the largest international airports in Tumbra are all located in the north-east of the country. Take your pick from Stration International Airport — Tumbra's biggest international airport — Couno International Airport, Serrapince Airport and Nantwich Airport, all of which can be reached from anywhere by team planes.

To get to cities without an airport, highly-reliable high-speed rail that reaches speeds up to 320km/h exists, and is the preferred method of intercity travel within Tumbra. All six of the cities hosting games have stations served by this high-speed rail, ensuring comfort and speed to get your players to the location of their next match on time. Within cities, most cities have at least some form of mass rapid transit or light rail that forms the basis of their 11transport system. Should you still wish to travel by car, Tumbra uses left-hand drive, and verifiable international licenses are a prerequisite to hire a car. Expressways to each of the major cities do exist, though...trains also exist...and are faster...

All visitors with a valid ticket will be given a visa; for those attending multiple matches, the visa will be extended accordingly. Tickets will be apportioned fairly; 40% to each team, and 10% will be sold to Tumbrans, with the remaining 10% to others. Ticket scalping is, of course, illegal; should one come across such an act of ticket scalping, then call 999 (the number for the Police in Tumbra).

Culture and Laws

The policing in each state is run by the state governments, though they are all run to a unified federal code, which standardises most equipment and techniques. Federal laws will apply here; some of the more important ones are...

  • The age to buy alcohol and tobacco is set at 18 years.
  • The age of consent is 18 years. Prostitution is legal.
  • The status of marijuana, confusingly for Tumbra, is vague and depends on the state. Fortunately, in Straton, Napier, Bechor and Finnley, marijuana for personal use is legal. The usage of medical marijuana is legalised throughout all states.
  • The importation of alcohol and tobacco is illegal without declaration; and there are strict limits on the amount. Importation of marijuana is illegal; the same goes for other hard drugs.
  • There is a blanket ban on assault weapons in Tumbra, and no importation is allowed.

The currency of Tumbra is the Tumbran Dollar, with the exchange rate being set at 1 NSD to 1.33 TMD. There is a ten per cent consumption tax on all items; usually it is factored into the price of the item.

Should there be any other questions, please contact

Host Cities And Stadiums

Tumbra is hosting groups C and D; each group has been allocated three stadiums. The first listed match of each cutoff will take place at the first stadium listed here; the second will take place at the second, and, accordingly, the third match will be listed in the third cutoff.


Capacity: 100,000

Tumbra's largest stadium by far and home to Straton Football Club, the National Stadium is an impressively tall concrete colosseum that forms a part of the Straton skyline itself. As the name suggests, it's also the home to the Tumbran national football team; but it's also showing its age with newer stadiums showing how outdated the National Stadium is. It still does have all the trappings of a modern stadium; undersoil heating, comfortable executive boxes, etc., just feels a little old. An extensive reconstruction plan is in the works, but debate over who should fund it has essentially let the programme ground to a halt. The atmosphere here is still incredible, however; even in the middle of winter.

Games Hosted
MD1 - Dispertag vs Winnebogan
MD2 - Surgeius vs Pekoland
MD3 - Allahai vs The Karodin Tetrarchy
MD4 - Winnebogan vs Kingdom of Voidstania
MD5 - Pekoland vs Dispertag
MD6 - The Karodin Tetrarchy vs Surgeius
MD7 - Kingdom of Voidstania vs Allahai
Third-Place Play Off - Loser of Græntfjaller Semi-Final vs Loser of Tumbran Semi-Final

Capacity: 74,500

The distinctive yellow pylons provide this stadium with its exterior. Completed in the 1970s as the capstone of Serrapince's project to monopolise the football market in the area, it now provides one of the most intimidating atmospheres in Tumbran football, with the northern stand being home to Serrapince's "ultras". Located in a giant athletics and sporting complex, Serrapince Park forms the main part of the sporting district of the city; and remains the focal point of the club's attempts to dominate the Tumbran football scene.

Games Hosted
MD1 - Allahai vs Surgeius
MD2 - Winnebogan vs Allahai
MD3 - Pekoland vs Winnebogan
MD4 - The Karodin Tetrarchy vs Pekoland
MD5 - Kingdom of Voidstania vs The Karodin Tetrarchy
MD6 - Dispertag vs Kingdom of Voidstania
MD7 - Surgeius vs Dispertag
Semi-Final - Winner of Quarter-Final 1 vs Winner of Quarter-Final 2

Capacity: 40,000

The sand dunes of Marray and its inviting beaches play host to the Oceanside Stadium, with its marine-themed exterior; white and blue are the main colours here, while the dolphin is the main motif. Located in a bustling port city, Marray are not having the best of times with their football club; but there's no denying the scenery here is excellent, and as Bechor's second city, there's no question they would be given a berth to host games in the Baptism of Fire.

Games Hosted
MD1 - Pekoland vs Kingdom of Voidstania
MD2 - The Karodin Tetrarchy vs Dispertag
MD3 - Kingdom of Voidstania vs Surgeius
MD4 - Winnebogan vs Kingdom of Voidstania
MD5 - Surgeius vs Winnebogan
MD6 - Allahai vs Pekoland
MD7 - Winnebogan vs The Karodin Tetrarchy


Capacity: 54,500

Couno is the biggest city in Tumbra; with a long history of seafaring, trade, fishing, heavy industry and almost everything, it's a metropolis onto itself, and the Couno Port Stadium forms part of the Couno skyline by itself. Located on a wharf, the stadium itself was recently reconstructed in 2016, which expanded its capacity to the 54,500 it is today. Home to the Couno Rangers, with one of the most passionate supporter fanbases in Tumbra, the unique location on the harbourfront provides a unique opportunity for many a football fan.

Games Hosted
MD1 - Aerodon vs Texkentuck
MD2 - Soldera vs StrayaRoos
MD3 - Acceptably Normal vs Jeeves Land
MD4 - Texkentuck vs The Cordian Isles
MD5 - StrayaRoos vs Aerodon
MD6 - Jeeves Land vs Soldera
MD7 - The Cordian Isles vs Acceptably Normal
Quarter-Final 1: C1 vs D2

Capacity: 40,000

A small, tightly-packed stadium, the Barracks are renowned for their "bumpy" roof. The "Barracks" bit is a reference to how spectators are packed into the stadium, but also to the large military base nearby on the outskirts of the city. Gillman is where new recruits to the army are sent to; the city is also very much a military city. The team that plays here — AFC Gillman — is a second division team that's never really looked like getting promoted in a while, but never really looked like falling to the purgatory of the third tier. The stadium size just so happens to be a side effect of the population of the city.

Games Hosted
MD1 - Acceptably Normal vs Soldera
MD2 - Texkentuck vs Acceptably Normal
MD3 - StrayaRoos vs Texkentuck
MD4 - Jeeves Land vs StrayaRoos
MD5 - The Cordian Isles vs Jeeves Land
MD6 - Aerodon vs The Cordian Isles
MD7 - Soldera vs Aerodon

Capacity: 64,000

Widely renowned for the four helical ramps around each side of the edifice and imposing roof structure with black girders jutting out on each end, the Nantwich Stadium is home to FC Inter Nantwich; and is an imposing home to one of the league's strongest teams. With its four sides rising high above the players, the stands can almost feel like they're closing in on the players. An imposing mental challenge, indeed.

Games Hosted
MD1 - StrayaRoos vs The Cordian Isles
MD2 - Jeeves Land vs Aerodon
MD3 - The Cordian Isles vs Soldera
MD4 - Aerodon vs Acceptably Normal
MD5 - Soldera vs Texkentuck
MD6 - Acceptably Normal vs StrayaRoos
MD7 - Texkentuck vs Jeeves Land
Quarter-Final 2: D1 vs C2
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Postby United Adaikes » Thu Dec 09, 2021 8:00 am

With a domestic league setup with mixed genders playing in one competition, it is pretty surprising that United Adaikes has two national football teams. One is an all-men team, and the other is an all-women team. As one of the most popular sports in the country, the United Adaikes Football Association proudly presents the United Adaikes national men's football team!
Head Coach	Dylan Burke		M	40	Gasple Dynamic	
Asst Head Coach Bridgette Moss F 40 Bridlo Riddles
Asst Coach Aubrie Way F 39 Gasple Dynamic
Houston Simpson M 35 Bridlo Riddles
Phyllida Marino F 41 Wrarnerbadshot Watchers
GK Coach Edweena Hathway F 39 Gasple Dynamic
Position Name Nr Age Team Remarks
GK Dexter Marsh 1 37 Gasple Dynamic Vice-captain
DF Aidan Fisher 2 26 Bridlo Riddles
DF Peter Knight 3 28 Gasple Dynamic
DF Benson Schroeder 4 34 Fort Bloom Crocodiles
DF Van Burgess 5 26 Gasple Dynamic
MF Aaron Duncan 6 36 Wrarnerbadshot Watchers
MF Billy Jordan 7 29 Gasple Dynamic Captain
MF Cameron Ross 8 22 Steskia Kings
MF Cody Harrison 9 34 Perthdoches Hyenas
FW Kolton Dale 10 23 Steskia Kings
FW Collin Maddox 11 24 Steskia Kings
GK Jude Hussain 12 30 Bridlo Riddles
FW Derick Parsons 19 29 Gasple Dynamic
DF Solomon Cobb 15 30 Bridlo Riddles
MF Vincenzo Sweeney 17 22 Bridlo Riddles
DF Alfred Mack 14 25 Wrarnerbadshot Watchers
FW William Laurence 20 29 Perthdoches Hyenas
DF Eugene Nash 13 24 East Fairdesshields Eagles
MF Eliot Fisher 16 34 East Fairdesshields Eagles
FW Aaron Perry 21 17 Fort Bloom Crocodiles
MF Jake Gaines 18 21 North Shil Silent Vipers
FW Luke Burton 22 22 North Shil Silent Vipers
GK Jackson Walsh 23 19 Steskia Kings

Kits with the United Adaikes National Football Team logo on the white sleeve of the uniform

Preferred Formation:
Style Modifier: +1.7

RP Permissions:
If my opponent RPs our match first, they may:
Choose my scorers: Yes.
RP injuries to my players: TG me here in NS/DM me in Discord first.
Suspend my players: TG me here in NS/DM me in Discord first.
Godmod scoring events: No.
Godmod injuries to my players: No.
Godmod suspension events: No.
Godmod other events: Yes, but TG me here in NS/DM me in Discord first.

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StrayaRoos Team For the 77th Baptism of Fire

Postby StrayaRoos » Thu Dec 09, 2021 2:05 pm

The First StrayaRoos National Team for an major football tournament
Record in Friendlies 2 draws 2 losses,5 goals scored 7 goals conceded
NOTE:If you want any of these in domestic leagues just TG me
23-person Squad
1:Thomas Yesak,26,Panem Olympic/Atletico Menai (SFL1 Golden Glove)
2:Matt Realaw,17,Atletico Menai/Panem Olympic (SFL2 Championship Captain)
19:Mark Ryan,30,Union Zalk
17:Hamish Okuna,31,Pale City
3:Daniel Poalian,19,Zeal Vulcans
5:Ganmnb,36,Union Zalk
16:Mack Turean,,22,Pale United FC
6:Kai Kuyta,19,Union Zalk
8:Samuel Jedinak,31,Panem Olympic(SFL1 Championship Captain)
22:Mark Forsberg,15,Real Menai CF
23:Emil Milligan,32,Pale United
11:Alex Fitzsimmons,29,Real Menai CF/Southwest Ajax
12:Eden Bale,31,Borussia Eay
13:Gareth Hazard,29,Panem Olympic
14:Nazareth Guala,35,Free Agent/Circunses FC
15:James Lopai,17,FC Bayern Circunces
18:Mile Kajioup,29,FC Bayern Circunces
20:Matthew Florez,37,Panem Olympic/Duomji United
21:Kai Yuail,20,Pale United
4:Harry Cahill,34,Panem Olympic/Free Agent(Captain/SFL1 Golden Boot)
9:Tim Kewell,25,Real Menai CF/Northern United(SFL2 Golden Boot)
7:Cruz Kaiplo,16,Union Zalk/Duomji FC (Loan)
10:Leo Juric,24,Borussia Eay

Ideal starting XI
MD1:The Cordian Isles
MD4:Jeeves Land
MD6:Acceptably Normal

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes/No Deaths
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
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95:26/27 26pts
96:26/34 56pts
98:27/31 24pts

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The Cordian Isles
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Postby The Cordian Isles » Fri Dec 10, 2021 12:29 am

Cordia National Football Team


The AOCAF is now complete, and Cordia’s Baptism roster has been sent in; exactly the same as for the AOCAF. Needless to say, there are high hopes for this tournament after a pretty rough AOCAF which saw the Cordians struggle, perhaps fairly, against some of the world’s better teams. They will enter the tournament with more experience than most teams and have played eight matches over two tournaments. In terms of strategy, the team plays a balanced style, which could prove interesting given the extremes seen in the CIFA, as players will have to adjust to being more conservative on the attack and more aggressive on the defense.

The Cordian NT is managed by Nepharan Diandra Ballard, a former goalkeeper for the Nepharan national team, as well as playing for legendary club AFC Treason. Having spent years playing and performing for the best, and watching from behind when she wasn't in the play, Cordians are expecting big things from Ballard. The step up from managing a second division team, even in Nephara, to a national team, even one like Cordia's, is hard to understate, so for now cut some slack for Ballard.


Striker Sebastian Voll
Team: Brenville Blue
Age: 28
Known for his positioning and a hard, accurate shot, Voll has been Brenville's top scorer for three years running. Voll is a perfect leader for the team, his goal lifting them up while his leadership keeps the team together.
Substitute: Jorie Rounds | Jutland Cannons | 23

Striker Anton Osterholt
Team: Gilded City Dragons
Age: 22
Osterholt is very good with his feet, able to completely sell a fake, which has earned him the nickname “Anton Anklebreaker”. He's expected to be the primary scorer on a Dragons team that emphasizes a defensive, conservative approach to football.
Substitute: Ine van Dijck | Creston Wolves | 27

Left Midfielder Nicholas Eriksen
Team: Cordasfjord FC
Age: 27
Eriksen is well-known for his crosses and passing, an important skill for him as he will be responsible for getting the ball into the box from the left side.
Substitute: Lucas van Oers | Jutland FC | 24

Left Center Midfielder Hannah Andersen
Team: Thor’s Rest Storm
Age: 26
Great communication allows Andersen to "overcome" a lack of skill more perceived by sports pundits than real, though many of Andersen's best plays have been made with her head rather than her feet. A more defensive-minded midfielder who will not give up the inside of the field.
Substitute: Henry Smits | Vikings FC | 27

Right Center Midfielder Bee Karjalainen
Team: Brenville Blue
Age: 28
Karjalainen is newer to the team, added after a solid CIFA performance despite being part of the strained 4-2-4 Brenville midfield. Karjalainen's best skill is her endurance. She never seems to run out of fuel and it seems like she can be everywhere at once in Brenville. She doesn't have to worry about that in the NT's 4-4-2, but she will be able to cover if desperation hits.
Substitute: Erik Pratt | Jutland Cannons | 28

Right Midfielder Rasmus Karlssen
Team: Thor’s Rest Storm
Age: 23
Rasmus has been called the smartest player in the CIFA, and for good reason. He can read the opposition like an open book and excels at creating scoring chances. Space and gaps in opposing defense often just seems to materialize in front of him. Storm fans call him "the Magician".
Substitute: Perry Oosterhuis | Skalton Harpers | 26

Left Back Eric Johnson
Team: Creston Wolves
Age: 24
An aggressive defender, Johnson will challenge any attempt to move down his side. This is a risky strategy that can result in a major change either way, and it’s a major reason for Creston’s Cordia Cup victory last season.
Substitute: Lucia Verkerk | Gilded City Dragons | 23

Left Center Back Redvin Chase
Team: Jutland Cannons
Age: 26
Chase is one of the CIFA's better defenders, with a solid header that often proves critical to the Cordian defense on set pieces. Chase does play a physical game, though, and he could see the yellow and red cards pile up if that gets out of hand.
Substitute: Milani Göransson | Brenville Blue | 23

Right Center Back Frederick Johnson
Team: Jutland FC
Age: 24
Another solid center back, Johnson excels at pinpoint passes and keeping attackers on the outside per the Cordian gameplan.
Substitute: Sigrid Altena | Skalton Harpers | 26

Right Back Vladimir Demov
Team: Danvirk FC
Age: 28
Demov is one of the best defenders in the CIFA, with a powerful shot that can score from outside and impeccable defensive positioning. His experience anchors the Cordian backline.
Substitute: Jean Admiraal | Valley Fold Vengeance | 26

Goalkeeper Kristin Bergstrin
Team: Jutland Cannons
Age: 24
Bergstrin is an exceptional goalkeeper who signed with Cannons over the offseason in order to leave the doomed Lakeshore Hersir. She has been one of the most successful keepers in her time, though there is debate as to whether this is to her credit or the defenses she's been fortunate enough to have in front of her.
Substitute: Jordi Jongen | Creston Wolves | 23

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose my scoring events: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y, but I decide severity
Godmod Injuries to my players: N
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Y
Give Red Cards to my players: Y, up to once per match.
Godmod other events: Y, but TG me first.
Style Modifier(-5 to +5): 0

Top Scorers: Voll, Osterholt
Most Physical: Demov, Chase
Set Piece Takers: Eriksen, Karlssen
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Ro16: WLC 38
QFs: BoF 77, WCoH 44
SFs: Mike Sarzo Memorial Trophy

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Postby Peko-land » Fri Dec 10, 2021 1:37 am


Pekoland, the proud Kingdom of Rabbits and Rabbit-Humans is making her first entry to the Baptism of Fire peko! As the princess has ordered, success in every field is a must, this includes interuniversal football competitions peko!

We are a new team full of faces you don't recognize, so let me, the Pekoland Spokesperson, introduce you to our squad peko!

Pekoland plays a 3-1-3-3 formation with +3 style.

Vice-CEO Moona: The wonderful purple-haired assistant of our Princess in her construction projects, and generally a great friend to her peko. Her abilities in goal are outstanding peko!
UsaKen Secretary: A hardworking nousagi who has worked his way up the corporate ladder to become the UsaKen head secretary peko.
Demon Lord Ambassador: This one is pretty self-explanatory peko. The Demon Lord's ambassador, who has made the great alliance between The Demon Realm and Pekoland possible, has agreed to join the Pekoland team peko.

Don-chan: The pet of the Princess itself peko. It has taken human form to assist us in the team peko.
Pekoland Head Missionary: A hardworking missionary who has devoted his life to spreading the religion of worshipping our Princess to all lands and all peoples peko.
PekoCasino Boss: This nousagi specializes in stealing people's money, we hope he can steal possession of the ball as well peko.
War Veteran Nousagi: A war veteran might not sound like the best idea, but his battle-hardened physique is the best in all of Pekoland peko.
The Explosives Nousagi: You know him, the guy that supplies explosives whenever they are needed peko. When in a war, when excavating, when the Princess wants to blow her friends up, or simply wants to launch them to the moon peko.
Rat Hunter Nousagi: Why would Pekoland need a rat hunter you ask peko? Well, rats carry horrible diseases that make people think things that are obviously untrue peko. One rat disease outbreak has led the population to think that the Demon Lord and the Princess were no longer friends. To prevent such disasters, a rat hunter was employed peko.

Bun Bun Cha: A famous rapper in Pekoland peko. His work is enjoyed by everyone, even by the Princess peko.
Mrs. Kiryu: A mysterious dragon lady who used to work for the Princess peko. She has come back to Pekoland to join the team peko.
The Princess: Her majesty, the Princess of Pekoland herself, Usada Pekora peko ! ! ! She has graced the team with her presence, alongside...
The Demon Lord: Her majesty, the ruler of the Dark Realm, The Demon Lord herself peko! A faithful ally to the Princess, she didn't think more than a second to accept her invitation peko.
Theme Park Janitor: This guy... This poor poor guy... He has to clean countless bodies from the theme park every day, the worst of all is that he doesn't even get paid to do it peko.
Theme Park Ticket Seller: As we felt pity for the janitor, we allowed him to choose one of his friends to join the team peko.
Menya Botan/KFP Branch Manager: We needed some sponsor money to run the team peko.

Pekoland Nuclear Program Leader: The man behind it all peko. This genius has been working night and day to perfect the ultimate weapon of mass destruction for Pekoland peko.
Flattening Crew: Despite being called a crew, it is one nousagi peko. She will flatten all mountains, hills and trenches you want to build on peko.
Alternate Timeline Princess: Due to a certain blonde-haired brat's work, this poor girl has transferred over to our timeline peko. Since she is genetically the same person as the Princess, We decided she deserves a spot on the team.
Nekko Spy: This carrot-man thought he could hide in a pile of carrots while on a secret mission peko. Needless to say, his size gave him away peko. Now he works for Pekoland until he dies peko!
PekoCastle Guard #1/#2: The brave men who stand guard in front of the castle every day peko. The theme park's castle attraction needs them to function properly peko.
Lineup (3-1-3-3)
The ideal lineup of Pekoland:
(GK) Vice-CEO Moona
(DF) Don-chan----P. Head Missionary----PekoCasino Boss
(CDM) The Demon Lord
(CM) Bun Bun Cha----The Princess----Mrs. Kiryu
(FW) P. N. Program Leader----Flattening Crew----A. T. Princess

[F.A.Q. = L.O.V.E.]
Q: What the heck is a nousagi?
A: A nousagi is a rabbit or a rabbit-human under the rule of the Princess peko.

Q: The princess ALLIED the Demon Lord? Isn't the Demon Lord evil?
A: No, she isn't evil peko ! ! ! She's largely misunderstood, some could call her a baby, the furthest thing away from evil peko.

Q: That theme park sounds dangerous... How is it allowed?
A: Only people who aren't worthy of serving the Princess die there peko. Anyone who is strong enough can survive the slightly dangerous attractions peko.
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Postby Dispertag » Fri Dec 10, 2021 5:20 am


Head Coach: Martín Galán Expósito
Assistant Head Coach: Alejandra Triguero Alarcón

3Ramón de la Puerta GonzálezGK30
19Alfredo Romero CastilloLF26
5Guillermo Heredia PrietoCB26
12Carlos Buenaventura TomilloRB22
10Hugo Campos ZamoraLM21
11Tomás de Andrade CisnerosCDM23
6Luis Maldonado FernándezCAM25
9Alberto Cruz ArandaCDM23
2Rafael Cortés QuintanaRM20
1Jorge Solís SuárezST21
8Ignacio Monrós SaldañaST24

3David Matamoros RodríguezGK24
19Sergio Castelló RiveraLF22
5Javier Bravo ZavaletaCB23
12Francisco Ayala CarrascosaRB27
10Fernando Martínez CastilloLM28
11Rodrigo Arias InfanteCDM25
6Ignacio Mendoza VivasCAM21
9Emilio Aguirre MontalvoCDM26
2Juan Cuéllar FuentesRM22
1Nicolás Zúñiga EchevarríaST29
8Marco Guillén BolañosST28

Image Image

Image Image

Line-up (3-5-2)


Style Modifier: +2

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes (preferably strikers)
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, discuss by TG
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (reasonably)
Godmod other events: No

Other: Please use both of my player's surnames when mentioning them, thank you very much
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Postby Soldera » Fri Dec 10, 2021 6:29 am

Soldera Snakes roster

If you RP first, you may:
Choose scorers
Godmod scoring events (as long as it's not crazy)
Injure my players (but let me decide severity)
Caution my players/coaches
Red card players/coaches
STYLE: +1.5

Manager: Norm Carricker, 51
Assistant Managers: Bert Lundquist, 43
Larry Carricker, 54
Goalkeeper Coach: Len Mason, 57

1 George Rollings (6-foot-2, 205 pounds), 27
30 Jeff Bannister (5-foot-10, 175 pounds), 23
39 Nestor Gomez (5-foot-11, 180 pounds), 28

2 Dom Parrish (5-foot-11, 175 pounds), 23
5 Alex Irvine (6-foot-1, 185 pounds), 25
6 Chuck Ingram (5-foot-10, 165 pounds), 28
7 Eli Bingham (6-foot-2, 195 pounds), 24

18 Davis Perez (5-foot-11, 159 pounds), 33
25 Tommy Williams (5-foot-9, 165 pounds), 30
31 Ken Zachary (5-foot-10, 170 pounds), 23

8 Greg Irvine (6-foot-2, 175 pounds), 26
9 Joey Westway (5-foot-11, 170 pounds), 35
11 Eric West (5-foot-9, 160 pounds), 23
16 Jonah Clarke (6-foot, 190 pounds), 28

17 Marcus Peters (5-foot-9, 160 pounds), 21
19 Kristyn Barnes (5-foot-10, 175 pounds), 23

10 Cayden Barkley (6-foot-1, 200 pounds), 24
12 Matt Conley (5-foot-9, 178 pounds), 31

13 Don Bynar (5-foot-8, 157 pounds), 20
15 Lisa Allyson (5-foot-6, 145 pounds), 25
Third Place, World Baseball Classic 53
Fourth place, NS World Cup of Masters IV
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Postby Soldera » Fri Dec 10, 2021 7:32 am

Norm Carricker and the Solderan national football team he's taking to the 77th edition of the Baptism of Fire Cup are no strangers to international competition. They just played in the Copa Rushmori, failing to qualify for the knockout rounds in a group that included Cassadaigua among others.

Expectations for this tournament, considered a warm-up tournament for the World Cup for countries that haven't competed on the sport's biggest stage, aren't particularly high for Carricker, even though many of the teams that will lace them up opposite Soldera are in the same boat as teams without a rank.

"We can't walk in here expecting to do well just because we've had a taste of international football," Carricker said. "We did well in Copa Rushmori, all things considered, but that doesn't carry over. This is a different tournament with different opponents. We're still going to have to adapt to the style of football we're going to see on the world stage."

Carricker has said he's keeping the team's starting 11 from the Copa Rushmori intact and is hoping match experience will be of benefit as he continues to install his offensive and defensive systems with the Snakes. He said, however, that he also planned to give the reserve midfielders more opportunities, in particular since team captain Joey Westway is 35 and is beginning to tire later in matches. Marcus Peters and Kristyn Barnes are both vying for more minutes and Carricker said the competition in training will determine which of the two players will earn second half minutes when he decides it's time to substitute for Westway. Carricker said forward Matt Conley will don the captain's armband when Westway departs the pitch.

"He's the other guy on the team who's on the wrong side of 30," Carricker said, chuckling a little bit after his joke about Conley's age. "But Matt is one of the fittest players on our squad and he's a natural leader. I have every confidence in him to wear the band when he's called on."

Besides Westway and Conley, starting midfielders Jonah Clarke and Greg Irvine are 28 and 26 respectively. Other than that, it's a very youthful Solderan side that's playing its first round of international competition to start the 90th World Cup cycle. That's by design, Carricker said.

"We wanted some veterans out there, but we want this team to be able to grow together as a group until we're able to sprinkle in players who've grown up in our system," he said. "This isn't just about tactics and getting results now. This is about establishing a foundation for a program for the future."
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Fourth place, NS World Cup of Masters IV
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The Cordian Isles
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Postby The Cordian Isles » Sat Dec 11, 2021 1:13 am

Hannah Andersen knew they’d dropped the announcement. Her agent had told her so last night, the statements would be up today and football twii.tur would be full of the news as they returned from a lackluster first tournament.

A notification popped up on her screen.

Rasmus Karlsson

Shit. She was not ready to deal with this yet, it was too early. The decision was hard enough already. She’d mentored him through the last two seasons since he’d joined the Thor’s Rest Storm and they’d become good friends, sharing in the successes and defeats of the club.

talk after breakfast?


Traveling with the team meant staying in the same hotels, eating breakfast with everyone (by popular request they only stayed in hotels with quality buffets). The only good part of breakfast was the bagels and muffins. Other than that, the dining room was deathly silent. Nobody said a word. She got up to move, made eye contact with Karlsson, nodded towards the hotel’s center. He stood up and left with her.

Karlsson opened the conversation with a tad bit of hostility: “The fuck's up with this?”

"Negotiations blew up-"

"Yeah, we could tell. Look, you've mentored me through this organization and you owe me nothing, but what about the team? You're our freaking captain!"

"You know I don't want to leave like this, but management wouldn't budge on anything, instead they offered me the exact same contract. Are the details out there on social media? Have you heard them from the club? Nope. They don't want people to know what they really offered. And their offers were anything but reasonable. Try no pay increase after making the plays that got us to the Cordia Cup quarters."

Karlsson was taken aback by this. Youthful and pissed, he hadn't really considered the possibilities. But now his friend was challenging what the club was saying, and he could hardly dismiss her out of hand.

“That makes a lot more sense than what the club is saying.”

“Course it does. They’ve got a reputation to protect and they’ve got to make me the villain to do so and they're doing just that. Do you have any questions yourself? I’m happy to answer.”

“I… understand the move, I guess. I'm not happy about it at all, but I can tell why it happened and who's at fault. But, why accept that you’re going to end up the villain?”

“They’ve got more money, more sway, and people won't believe one person.”

“But you’ve got a spot on the NT.”


“So who cares if the Storm hate you when the rest of the nation loves you?”

“Oh. There's a thought.”

“Just play like you normally do for the Baptism, people will notice and thoughts will change.”

“Yeah. I do hate to leave like this, but I can take the heat and the management has to learn respect. They’ll be a lot more careful with you after this.”

“A good thing, I guess. Where do you think you might end up?”

“No idea, we’ll see when the transfer window opens. I think I’d prefer to stay in-region but if a good team offers, who knows?”


“We’ll still be on the same team for national tournaments, so you can’t completely get rid of me…”

“I never said that!”

Andersen grinned.

She was probably the only one on the team doing so, considering how the AOCAF had gone for them. The Cordian team was hit simultaneously by the drama of Andersen's contract negotiations and a critical loss to Qasden which formally eliminated them. But there was little time to rest; the Baptism of Fire was fast approaching and though a rough first experience, the AOCAF was a perfect warmup for a team that would be under extreme pressure in the BoF group stage, needing to place top 2 in a group of seven to advance.

Dressing Room, Pre-MD 1
The Cordians were dressed in their black uniforms, heads bowed, prepping their minds to become football machines out on that field, going through their responsibilities, imagining exactly how they’d score that goal, launch that corner, block that shot, make that save. The room was silent, completely silent. Not a word, not a sound other than the players’ measured breaths. There was a feeling of us-against-the-world in the room, so real and so there you could cut it with a knife.

A WCC orderly opened the room door, conversing briefly with Diandra Ballard. Sebastian Voll looked up, received the nod from Ballard, and walked to the room’s center.

“Welcome to the big show, guys.” Faces turned up, facing Voll speaking. “Everyone’s on equal footing here, no top-tier teams to face down.” The team crowded into the room’s center around him. “And you know what? Everybody else here? They’re not ready. They’re not prepared for the storm the Cordians are about to send their way. Us? We’re ready. We’re prepared, we’re battle-scarred, we’ve got experience on our side...









“Alright, alright, let’s go show ‘em how the sport is played.”

The North Stars exited the room looking downright scary. Never show the other side how you’re feeling inside.
Ro16: WLC 38
QFs: BoF 77, WCoH 44
SFs: Mike Sarzo Memorial Trophy

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Postby Aerodon » Sat Dec 11, 2021 5:42 am

The country of Aerodon is proud to announce the BoF 77 roster and kits! We hope for a long glorious tournament.


Manager: George Ferdun,28

Assistant Manager: John Walker,23

Goalie Coach: Eric Mourhino,47


Strikers: Arnold Werngov,24, Lucas Shevski, 23, Joseph Metri 22

Left Wing: Steven Bjergun,15, Timo Hurler,25

Right Wing: Robert Daunski,20, Erin Kumaski,18

Left Midfield: Mateo Rackic,24, Phil Goldbridge,19

Right Midfield: Ben Holthouse,23, Ryan Gorbachev,20

Center Midfield: Victor Coutiniho,19, Ross Wilkins,16, Benjamin Kurson,18, Diego Chave,22

Center Back: Kentaro Heung Son,15, Mohammad Ahmed,18, Alec Strunsky,22, Zlatan Foresberg,23, William Squalor,24 Adheesh Sala,21 Trent Alexander-Karnold,19

Goalies: Stergen Halland,23, Mark Andres,15, Hugo Ertumo,19




My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: No
Hand out red cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes
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Postby Peko-land » Sat Dec 11, 2021 3:56 pm

The Wanderer in a Pink Jacket - Prologue

I am a wanderer. I have traveled many a land and I have seen many a people. From the frozen plains of the north to the boiling deserts of the south. The latest of my travels was to a place in the middle of the two. This land was like no other. I saw hares, hopping and skipping about, playing with their human friends. Seemingly endless farmlands of nothing but carrots. I saw the villages in the countryside, all welcoming me warmly. I made my way into the city, to be greeted by lively streets full of shops and cafés. Weird carrot-shaped cars in the streets, Weird carrot-shaped buildings around. I saw statues of the princess and her dearest friends. I saw tanks driving on the streets and giant helicarriers floating in the skies, sending out fighter jets. I saw casinos in a strip, adorned with the finest of stones and a red carpet longer than the queue for the latest PekoPhone.

I went over the hills, to the underdeveloped meadows, to see a man, a preacher, a missionary, rallying a group of people with his fiery speech, a speech about how the princess must be worshipped for she is the lord. For only she can give mercy to them, they must devote their lives to her. And the crowd went wild, a wave of religious devotion spread like wildfire throughout the land. The people, with their newfound passion, started developing the meadows. They worked day and night, they lost many men due to workplace incidents. This did not stop them, their fallen comrades had found salvation in the heaven of the mistress. They built a cathedral, a nuclear research center, a stadium, a hospital, a bank, parks, and roads to finish up the newly constructed city, as big as the one before. And the city was flocked with immigrants, all converted into the religion of worshipping the princess.

I met the man behind it all, the missionary, now promoted to head missionary of the country. His success fascinated me, we talked for hours about how he first received his word from the Lord, how he had an everlasting fire in him to spread the word about the one true God, how he envisioned the new city behind the hills, how he has spread the religion to the entire country, how he still keeps spreading it beyond Pekoland's borders. He and I became close friends. Inseparable, even. The way he talked about the princess almost convinced me to believe she was a god. But I was well aware that it was a delusion.

The day for saying farewell had come, I packed my bags, gave my newfound friend a hearty hug, and went on my way. This beautiful land, now bigger than ever before, had immediately earned a special place in my heart. Even if I was going to be away from Pekoland for a long time, I had the feeling this wouldn't be the end of my story with them.

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Estorvipa and Estorpiva
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The Federal Republic of Estorvipa and Estorpiva is a federal union between two states, the Federation of Estorvipa and the Republic of Estorpiva, created on 22 November 2019 after the two states agreed to unite together and present a combined front against the other rebel sides in the Estorian Civil War. The Federal Republic is backed by the Democratic People's Republic of the United Socialist States of Pridnestrovia (or just Pridnestrovia for short), which was an ally of the old Estorvipan People's Republic before it collapsed into numerous competing factions and states, and Pridnestrovia decided that the Federal Republic was the most stable nation-state that they could support in this war. But despite being backed by a "socialist" nation and adopting some socialist imagery, the Federal Republic is a democratic republic with free and fair elections for the 27 million people under its governance, and its ultimate aim is to reunite the Vipan and Pivan lands peacefully, but if the Federal Republic must use force to restore peace and order in the land then it will certainly do so.

Name of nation: Federal Republic of Estorvipa and Estorpiva
Demonym: Estorian
Team colors: Yellow. blue, and red
Style modifier: -2.00
Formation: 4-2-3-1
Head coach: Branislav Vinogradovsky (56 y/o, male, Pridnestrovia)

GK: Traian PANTILIMON 35 y/o, male, Exiles FK (Pridnestrovia)

RB: Florian KESSLER 27 y/o, male, Exiles FK (Pridnestrovia)

RCB: Demyan BIRKOV 28 y/o, male, Exiles FK (Pridnestrovia)

LCB: Markus KRASNENKO 25 y/o, male, FK (Pridnestrovia)

LB: Holden KRASTENKOVIC 22 y/o, male, Exiles FK (Pridnestrovia)

RM: Stanislav VINOGRADOVSKY 34 y/o, male, Exiles FK (Pridnestrovia)

LM: Serafina POTRITSKIJ 24 y/o, female, Exiles FK (Pridnestrovia)

RW: ROBERTO Kunaplenko 22 y/o, male, Exiles FK (Pridnestrovia)

CAM: Arseniy DAVYDOV 28 y/o, male, Exiles FK (Pridnestrovia)

LW: ROBERTA Kunaplenko 22 y/o, female, Exiles FK (Pridnestrovia)

ST: Fabian PRASUTAGUSIC 26 y/o, male, Exiles FK (Pridnestrovia)

GK: Fiodor ENIN 34 y/o, male, Dinamo Macaresti (Pridnestrovia)
By all accounts, he is a brilliant keeper who has everything going for him. He can stop shots from almost anywhere on the pitch, and he can also come out of his area and sweep opposing forwards off their feet if needed. The only reason why he's on the bench is because Traian Pantilimon has been selected to be the first Estorian goalkeeper in the Federal Republic's history, but Enin is expected to take his place starting from the second game in the Baptism of Fire.

GK: Sashka VIDANOVA 28 y/o, female, FK Spartak Rybolovlev (Estorvipa and Estorpiva)
She's just setting the Federal Top League alight with the number of crazy save highlights she produces game by game. She's pretty much a younger female version of Fiodor Enin with the way she stops shots and rushes at opposing forwards, and she is expected to alternate games with Enin after Traian Pantilimon has played his one and only game for the Federal Republic.

DF: Nona SERGEYEVA 27 y/o, female,

DF: Dencho TIMNEV 22 y/o, male, Ufa Verkhovyansk (Pridnestrovia)
He's an excellent defender by any means, capable of either helping play the ball out of the back or keeping up with those fast and tricky forwards trying to bear down on the Estorian goal. His only downside is that he is nowhere near as good in the air as he is on the ground which, for someone as tall as he is (at 177 cm) is a bit of a liability on the pitch.

DF: Dzyamid USHKEVICH 22 y/o, male, Metallurgist Beledor (Pridnestrovia)
Under most circumstances, he wouldn't be able to make the national teams of most other nations, but given that the Federal Republic is in need of players to represent it on the international stage, Ushkevich has been given the chance to prove himself worthy of representing this new state to the rest of the world. He can defend, he can head the ball, and he can dribble his way out of a few sticky situations, but he's still a bit too raw to start a game in most cases.

DF: Nicu Marian RĂILEANU 22 y/o, male, FK Spartak Rybolovlev (Estorvipa and Estorpiva)
All the necessary elements for a solid and outstanding wingback are all there; all he really needs to do now is to gain experience in both club and international football and he's going to be playing under the colors of the Federal Republic of years to come. But until then, he will have to make do with some appearances from the bench.

MF: Ignjatije ATANACKOVIĆ 20 y/o, male, FK Traktor St. Paulsburg (Estorvipa and Estorpiva)
He may be young but he's already got the makings of a very good central midfielder within him. He can make things happen from almost anywhere on the pitch, and he has the speed to both attack the goal and defend his own side if needed. If only he didn't get gassed so easily then maybe he could make a case for being included in the starting eleven more times than not.

MF: Rada Mladenova KOSTOVA 24 y/o, female

MF: Rahmatullo RODIN 23 y/o, male, Masyafspor (Pridnestrovia)
He is everything that Arseniy Davydov is: a brilliant playmaker with a keen eye for both his teammates and the goal who can also put in defensive shifts if needed. The only reason why Davydov is starting over Rodin is because Davydov is a more polished and complete player than Rodin right now, but now we know what Rodin could look like once he becomes the finished product.

FW: Viktoriya ZALUZHENKO 19 y/o, female, FC Foc Feuerstadt (Estorvipa and Estorpiva)
At a young age, she's already making a name for herself in the small and nascent Federal Top League of the Federal Republic. She has the accuracy and the fancy footwork to set her up for a good future in football, but apart from those skills, she still needs to develop a lot more before she can start thinking about pursuing a starting spot.

FW: Marek LEMISH 22 y/o, male, FC Dinamo Durdenville (Estorvipa and Estorpiva)
He's a very good striker; there's no denying that. But the problem is that Fabian Prasutagusic is even better than him, and there are also some things that Lemish will need to work on if he wishes to become a success in this Estorian team; things such as his stamina and passing. Other than that, he's actually a remarkably good player.

FW: Lazar ANKOV 23 y/o, male, FK Pridnestrovskaya Gavan (Pridnestrovia)
Another very good striker in the ranks. This time, the problem with him is that he is very much a defensive liability, meaning that it's best not to have him trying to defend much because he's just poor at it. That, coupled with surprisingly weak passing on his part means that it is easier to nab the ball from him than from other players, thus why he remains on the bench.


KITS (provided by Adidulas)

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but I decide the severity and length of time out
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes (maximum of 6 per game)
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, but only 1 per 2 games
Godmod other events: Contact me via TG or Discord first before proceeding
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President: Kirill Fedorchuk || Prime Minister: Victor Traianescu
Capital: Feuerstadt || Population: 27,806,560 (+14,274,641 under rebel occupation)

Never mind the name; we're actually located in Anaia!

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Ardengardian National Football Team

Football in Ardengard
Football is Life – goes the motto of the APL, and that about sums up how popular the sport of football is in Ardengard.
From the dust-roads of villages with bricks for goal posts, to the newly renovated Caltex International Stadium at the heart of the capital city – the love for football in Ardengard is ever growing. With the concept of professional leagues being introduced in the early 1900s, it didn’t take long for the Ardengardian Footballing Association to be established, as well as the advent of the Ardengardian Premier League. In its first season, the APL consisted of ten teams from the biggest cities fighting it out in a double robin to be adjudged the best team in the country. A few years in, more and more teams were listed into the league and the numbers kept growing rapidly. With a number too great to contain in a single league, the AFA decided to introduce multiple tiers – along with promotion and relegation. The APL was to be the top tier, followed by League II, III and IV. This, set up an excellent environment and system where the sport could thrive; where there was – and continues to be – a regular inflow of fresh, raw talent into the limelight. Though domestic football in Ardengard has thrived, the national team has not fared so well. Looking for an explanation for that is pointless, but the Baptism of Fire may well be the first platform where the Guardians have a proper shot at standing out and, dare one say it, gaining victory.





The Squad
Pos     #      Name                 Age     Club
GK 1 Debbie Dutt 29 Shirefton FC
GK 77 Chris MacDonald 35 Un Vestrit
GK 38 Lorris Summer 23 Serumpur FC

Despite the concession of twelve goals in three games in the most recent Copa Rushmori, Debbie Dutt remains Ardengard’s best hopes between the posts. The twenty-nine year old has spent a few years with the National Team now and has done well to cement his place in the side. In his domestic career, he has played a key role in helping his club – Shirefton FC – climb the league ladder and come within shooting range of the trophy. With masterful reflexes and an impressive penalty record, he will play an important part in limiting goals against Ardengard.
Also in the squad is the experienced mind of Chris MacDonald. His last appearance for the national side may have been a year back, but his presence in the dressing room makes him a crucial figure in the team. Domestic leagues keep him in touch with the game, however, as he continues to be Un Vestrit’s top keeper.
Though she has proven her worth through her stint as Serumpur’s goalkeeper, Lorris Summer is yet to make her international debut. With World Club qualifiers imminent, Roy Dent may look to start her for a match or two, lest she be required for a game with greater weightage.

Pos     #      Name                 Age     Club 
LB 28 Raymond Ingal 28 Shirefton FC
LB 41 Dimitri Wilkerson 19 Reichenbach City
CB 20 Emma Underwood 23 AC Calboscyoh
CB 54 Oslo Maramis 24 Frytur Foxes
CB 26 Saul Liptin 30 Atletski Messitun
RB 3 Paline Amber 29 Un Vestrit
RB 78 Erwin Neton 25 Deux Vestrit

It is without doubt that Ardengard’s biggest woes lie in their defence. The performance at the back reached rock bottom with a 7-4 loss in regionals. Presumably due to his inconsistent form, Lauvre Natten has been dropped for the BoF and nineteen year old Dimitri Wilkerson is named on the roster instead. The youngster put up impressive displays in the regional U-20s and some fresh blood may help to reignite the defence. The forms of Oslo Maramis and Paline Amber are still something the manager will be worried about, and hope that they take a turn for the better sooner or later. The captain, Liptin, will look to lead by example and help his team tighten their defence. If they manage to improve at the back, Ardengard do indeed have a chance to shine.

Pos     #      Name                 Age     Club 
DM 83 Tuppin Winger 26 Frytur Foxes
DM 33 Ginni Promer 33 Messitun Boys
LM 44 Meryn Ilt 27 Deux Vestrit
LM 99 Lorne Myer 30 Atletski Messitun
CM 42 Stephanie Hawkin 19 Serumpur FC
CM 56 Hansel Bose 28 Shirefton FC
RM 93 Harriet Jonset 25 Atletski Messitun
RM 36 Richard Maslow 30 Reichenbach City

The mid-field could be Ardengard’s main place to dominate. With a game-plan reliant on smooth passing, the likes of Lorne Myer, Hansel Bose and Richard Maslow in their line-up could be perfect to execute the same. The trio have been a constant for the Ardengardian national team for quite a few years and have proven to be a very consistent combination. There is no doubt that they will be able to perform again this year. Another name to look out for would be teenager Stephanie Hawkin. Her international debut was one she’d like to forget – even if the outcome wasn’t directly her fault. The BoF serves as a chance for her to redeem herself and gel with the rest of the team on field. Mention must also be made of the defensive midfielders, whose flexibility in play allows them to function as the defence or higher up on the pitch – as and what the circumstance calls for.

Pos     #      Name                 Age     Club    
LW 9 Greg Stradet 28 Shirefton FC
LW 11 Abraham Horner 32 Frytur Foxes
RW 30 Shahee Firdos 22 Serumpur FC
ST 7 Hank Vipen 29 Deux Vestrit
ST 10 Julio Kalio Mao 20 Atletski Messitun

If any part of the Ardengardian team worked in the Copa Rushmori, it was the forwards. Youngsters Julio Kalio Mao and Shahee Firdos are the two biggest threats up front. Individually, they have proven their brilliance in rival teams Atletski Messitun and Serumpur FC respectively. That brilliance, or threat, is coupled when the two of them are paired together. The left flank is not to be forgotten either. Stradet and Horner’s experience is an asset to the attack as well. Ardengard’s efficiency in attack is quite remarkable. When asked in an interview, Firdos said their strategy up front was “Putting the ball in the net”. As long as the same doesn’t happen at the other end, that strategy really can’t be countered, can it?

Name             Role               Age
Roy Dent Manager 55
Uditi Banerjee Assistant Coach 38
Damien Orman Assistant Coach 34
Jim Grant Assistant Coach 39
Angela Simmons Team Physician 31
Saul Liptin Captain 30

Roy Dent: The Ardengardian manager is a man whom no one can read or understand. His apparently eccentric mannerisms and whimsical behaviour makes him an excellent source of entertainment for spectators when the on-field action is dull. However, do not underestimate his cognitive abilities. He can come up with a plan in the direst of situations, when hope seems to be all but lost. With him at the wheel, opponents can expect an array of trick plays to be up Ardengard’s sleeves – so watch out.

Style of play
With the ball at their feet, the Ardengardians rely on quick and clever passing to keep the ball with themselves and play through the opposition’s defence. The players keep possession till a failed tackle or high press results in a gap in the opponent’s defence, which is then exploited to make a quick move and an attempt to put the ball at the back of the net.
With plenty of youngsters in the squad, the team’s pace is something that opponents should be wary of as well. Though not the usual style of play, a quick midfield and attack can produce lightning – fast counter attacks that could just provide some goals at key moments.
Once they lose the ball, the team relies on high pressing to win it back. Defenders and midfielders both attack at the opponents around the halfway line. A successful tackle high up the pitch could also give way to a quick move to run past the defence and enable a 1v1 against the keeper.
The National Team’s style of play is also characteristic of the APL’s general style - dynamic, fast paced and aggressive. With all the players having played in the APL, not only do they know how to execute the game-plan, but they also know how to defend against similar tactics.


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Nothing very serious please, TG or DM if in doubt
Godmod injuries to my players: The above
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: TG/DM
Godmod other events: If very necessary for an RP storyline, TG or DM

Style Modifier: +2
Region: Rushmore | Capital: Shirefton | Demonym/ Adjective: Ardengardian | Trigram: ARG

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Federación de Fútbol de la República Guanacasteca


About República Guanacasteca: Unformally known as Guanacasteca, a word coming from the indigenous Huétar language “Place with abundance of ear-shaped trees”, the ear-shaped also is a nickname due to the fruit that said three produces. This Republic is located on the tropics of Rushmore, a zone with a pleasant weather all year-round that is composed by remnants of older civilizations that were left forgotten and decided to learn foreign languages and traditions in shame of their own culture.

It might sound harsh, but some people of the tribal alliance we know as Guanacasteca decided to venture into neighboring nations, learned some customs and decided to import those to the region they have been living for centuries. This process provoked some instability among the borders of the modern-day republic, creating two well-differentiated zones that decided to gather forces in order to survive into what they considered to be a “rather volatile” region. Currently, Guanacasteca is living its 200th anniversary of formation (2021), after spending a turbulent history that has, somehow, forged what this nation is until today.

For more understanding, its needed to go back to the days of the foundation, specifically to 1841, where the more traditionally leaning Northern Half of Guanacasteca decided to learn to a more conservative government in fears of having a turmoil that would cause disruption into the accommodated elite of the new nation. Said threats were coming from the Southern Half of the Republic, a zone that has always leaned towards a more progressive ideal of life, aiming for wealth redistribution and equality rather than the privileges that the Northerners desired to keep. This divide caused turbulence during most of the century, where the government changed hands at least ten times.

Those government changes were pacific or bloody at times. The bloodiest of those times was at 1854, when the Progressive Party of Guanacasteca suffered a coup from the Conservative Party elite, in a complot with a random group of pirates who visited Guanacasteca frequently in order to exchange goods, specially tabaco and bananas for other nations. The pirates were frustrated on how the Progressives were boycotting their illegal trade via blockades or alliances with neighboring nations trying to eradicate that undesired practice. The pirate led offensive ended in a purge of the government, killing Manuel Otero González, a president known for reforming several key aspects of Guanacasteca that still continue to be present on the Constitution, since those were stony clauses, some of those hindered the desires of the elite of the Republic and forces them to pay high taxes each year as a way of wealth redistribution.

That mindset divide has marked the existence of this Republic for its entire history, being a key to understand what happens in the nation, not only in terms of politics but also including essential aspects of life such as life standards, expectancy, income, wealth, etc. The Northern Half of the República Guanacasteca has been mostly focused into agrarian-related activities, more dependent on strength and also boasts a highly militarist ideal when it comes to try imposing what they do to the Southern Half. Meanwhile, the Southern side is a more open-minded place, which boasts higher life standards and more investment from abroad, also, they focus more in producing technological goods, they consider themselves as the visionaries of the nation, while they consider the Northerners as the backward people, the ballast that impedes Guanacasteca to reach a better economic position among their neighbors.

Among the 10 million inhabitants of the Republic, 6 million of them live in the 17 provinces that compose the Northern Half, while 4 million lives in the 7 provinces of the Southern Half of the nation. At a glance, life expectancy is higher at the South by 6 years, as they get a 77 years expectancy of life while the Northerners only get 71. The reason of such a drastic difference is criminality, the Northern provinces are characterized for being extremely violent, mostly due to the lack of real opportunities on said zone, also due to drug trafficking issues, as they fight to gather control of the Southern Corridor, a portion of the southernmost provinces that is known for drug production.

During the last years, Guanacasteca is turning into a boiler due to the constant discrimination exerted from the Southerners to their Northern pairs, also a corrupt Socialist Front of Guanacasteca (Northern) party that has nested themselves in pretty much any political institution of the nation and tries to impose themselves against the Southern more progressive ideal for a society.

So, currently, Guanacasteca is a nation with profound divides and clashes in political and social terms, and they are close to have a fate changing election soon that could settle the power of the Socialist Front of Guanacasteca or the Progressives could retake the reigns of the nation and drive it to their ideals as they have pretty much struggled during the last 200 years. Future looks somber, but there’s nothing to discard in the current panorama of this nation, since it’s extremely unpredictable, a chaos to resume it better.

Quick Facts

Official Name: República Guanacasteca - The Guanacastecan Republic.
Motto: Dios, Patria, Libertad (God, Motherland, Freedom)
National Anthem: ¡Salve Oh Patria!.Lyrics
Capital City: Nicoya.
Highest Point: Cerro Providencia (3,750 masl)
Currency: Peso Guanacasteco (P$ 1 = N$ 0.20)
Official Language: Spanish.

Guanacastecan Football History: Football has been considered, for long, a scapegoat for the people of the Guanacastecan Republic as a scapegoat for the daily life torture that means to be an inhabitant of this country. The Primera División Guanacasteca, a tournament that comprises twenty teams from across the nation has a somewhat lackluster infrastructure, especially on northern teams. The fanbase of the sport is considerably strong, as it’s also a way to express social differences between halves, specially from southerners that have kept a strong control of the league for the last half of a century, winning 45 out of the last 50 editions of Primera División football, that superiority has formed more regionally focused rivalries, as the northerner fans argue that their southern counterparts have teams plagued with dirty money coming from narcotic-related activities.

The Federación Guanacasteca de Fútbol, the ruling entity of the sport in the nation, has decided to step up and build a project for a national team that may represent, in an equal proportion, northerners and southerners in order to create national unity and backup towards the upcoming events that they want to introduce this team, namely: Copa Rushmorí, Baptism of Fire and World Cup 90 Qualifiers. They don’t know the outcome, but there’s some hopes that a decent participation could be obtained, keeping that ideal on sight, they decided to elect the very best that the Guanacastecan Primera Division has to offer, also being managed by a somewhat experienced manager coming from Yuezhou in the shape of Han Ruoyang may help.

Han has managed strong teams back at his home nation, Beian City, an upper table side who likes teams that are defensively solid, play as a team, and supply enough solidity for a deep-lying playmaker to work his magic from the center-back spot. This system has deep implications in Han’s football cosmovision of things, as he flourished under said scheme during his player career. Pretty much this fits as a finger ring for the Guanacastecan team, as the league tends to depend heavily on defending, counterattacking abilities and a great sense of footballing solidarity between players.

Accompanying Han, we have Francisco Mamani, a Huayramarcan assistant coach that left his position as manager in Club Atlético Lima in order to venture himself into the fascinating world of national team football. Mamani, as Han, share the ideals of having a defensive minded football scheme, focusing on solidarity and discipline before creativity and free reign of the players on the pitch.

Contrary to popular belief, the FGF is rather organized and has some economical muscle that tries to translate into decent results in football, in order to forge themselves a name into the multiversal national team ranks and fulfill, the Guanacastecans, with something they might be proud to boast for once in their chaotic lives. Before the master plan begins, the upcoming Copa Rushmori might be a test ground to see what needs to be improved and what can be worked more in order to get into the waters of World Cup action with the Baptism of Fire.

Without further ado, the starting XI and substitutes are presented in the following tables:

Starting XI



Tailored by eva Sports of Huayramarca.






Nota bene: Only official matches are taken into consideration for current record, caps and goals – Updated prior BoF 77.

Nickname: Los Cerdos (The Pigs).
Colors: Fully white uniform (home), fully sky blue uniform (away). Images pending.
Current Record: 00-00-00 (W-D-L)
Most Caps: 25 players tied at 0.
Most Goals: Pending (0)
Biggest Win: TBD
Biggest Defeat: TBD

Captain: David Monterroza
Second Captain: Dylan Orellana.
Third Captain: Ricardo Linton.
Most likely to score: Sean Fuller
Most likely to get red carded: Alfonso Rosas.
Prone to get injuries: Israel Góndola.
The genius: David Monterroza.
The motivating soul: Rodrigo Marín.

Manager: Ruoyang Han. (49)
Assistant 1: Francisco Mamani. (42)
Physio: Christian Salvatierra. (26)
GK Trainer: Bryan Centeno. (35)
Doctor: Claudia Ortega. (52)

Usual Starting XI Tactical Scheme

Formation: 5-2-1-2 - AKA: The Gripper.
Style modifier: -3

A 5-2-1-2 seems utterly defensive at first glance, but as it was said before, take it for granted when it comes to the real Guanacastecan way of football. Han manages a team, as disciplined as he loves, that aims to solidarity work between teammates while defending and, also, while trying to do a counterattack. In this scheme, defensive solidness is secured, as flexibility to cover zones is provided on both sides, since the three centre backs can perfectly support their wing backs, giving two or three players to cover a zone when needed, also concentrating a lot of units as reserves in case the rival manages to sort out the pressure caused on wings, although, it may be easy to break if you force the center backs to move some meters and gather forwards in order to find up a hole and use it to your favor.

Orellana and Venegas may, sometimes, incorporate themselves to the midfield, turning the scheme into a 3-4-1-2, their labor can be: Wide-up the game, to serve as a distraction to the rival midfield or work as paredes(Literally: Walls), in order to ease up transitional movements to attack, this movements makes Calderón switch his role to destruction duties, often implying to play in a rude way, in order to recover the ball and distribute for a swift counterattack, Marín also switches role to play-maker, orchestrating plays and usually coupling up with Linton in said duty, although, Linton may serve 80% of times as a false nine, gravitating 25-30 meters away from goal, in order to reduce the amount of players in the final quarter of the rival, Linton uses his speed and often goes solo or couples with either Ingram or Fuller in order to arrive to the area and strike to goal or serve a pass to his couple on attack, being he, a key in the attack due to his speed and superb sense of position.

Sometimes, large crosses might be sent by Orellana or Venegas to Ingram or Fuller, considering that both have a nice aerial control of the ball, often resulting in a header pass to the other winger or the nearest teammate, serving it in a great position to finish with a goal. In set pieces, Monterroza and Marín are the men in charge to kick, Marín focuses on crosses to the box, while Monterroza takes advantage of being ambidextrous and shoots from wherever he has the chance, usually direct to goal with great finesse, enough to put the rival defenders and goalkeeper in problems, also, Orellana looms as a third choice executor, due to his powerful shot. Penalties are taken by Orellana or Góndola being the latter known for shooting without mercy in terms of power, being the classical defender taking a penalty kick, though, there's a risk he might sent it close to stratosphere when he fails (So, warn the satellites when Góndola kicks a ball!)

Analyzing the behavior of the offensive zone, Linton excels by the merit of being the brain of the team, with a logical insight of the game, adding up that he's perfectionist by nature, so it's expected that he would try the impossible to the point of complicating himself when on need or having advantage. Fuller is full (might sound redundant) of potential, deemed to be the big thing in Guanacastecan football, he's always alert of who's having the ball, his characteristics and movements, hence he's the ideal person to lead pressing tasks on the opposition's defence, since he likes to predict movements due to his methodical thinking on corporal movements. While Ingram might be a sinner in terms of overconfidence and arrogance, yet, he's a polite and disciplined attacker, a hater of mess by nature, doesn't likes to leave loose ends while attacking, prefers to finish plays by himself or being the key orchestrator in order to make sure the play has his seal of quality (Thus, demonstrating his self-righteousness.)

On the midfield, Marín is dramatic by nature, and his risk-taking attitude means that he's prone to simulate fouls, even if blatant exaggeration is needed in order to gain a set pieces and re-order the team to create an attacking chance. Monterroza, the captain, is having a great personal moment, he's currentlly ecstatic for being called to the Guanacastecan National Team, he has been rated as a second-tier player, but now, he's feeling he has shut down some mouths. He's creative and practical, his great vision of the game makes him to pull out of his sleeve good plays, especially, ideas on how to manage the tempo of the game and a good capacity to decide the perfect moment to unleash an attacking initiative or keeping the ball on the defensive zone in order to generate a better chance in the next seconds, and this is usual from him despite being a defender.

At defense, Orellana is the classic risk taker, his corpulence helps him in order to establish is own rules while defending, he's blunt, rude, aggressive and a lover of taunting rivals, usually a guy that likes to mock others by height issues, his mission: Take the players out of his minds and provoke a card that might condition them for the rest of the game; he's the lover of the dirty job, a guy that always defines himself as anti-system. Marín is the team's self proclaimed "Asistente Motivador" (Motivating Coach) due to his optimistic attitude in basically any circumstance, pushing the team to give their best, despite they could be down some goals or winning, his mentality is basically a carbon-copy of Mr. Han's ideal of being resilient to the game circumstances, yet not leaving things loose; on the field, he's known by being cautious and analytical in movements, hence he's some kind of last resort together with González. Venegas doesn't thinks twice, he acts and takes risks while defending, although he's not as rude as Orellana, he often sweeps violently, but with good timing, he has earned his reputation as a decent winger, with good offensive projection, even while being attacked constantly. Góndola and Rosas loves to grab all the flashlights with their defending style, the kind of players called caballeros del fútbol (football gentlemen), known for playing fair, obeying rules and being rarely carded by his attitude on the field, they're loyal, perfectionists and harsh with themselves when he commits errors. When it comes to Rosas, he also is an ambitious and adaptive defender, that according to the circumstances, decides to attack or recover balls, he's flexible and rational, being this somewhat prejudicial since he loves to overthink moves.

And the goalkeeper, González is another creative guy, harshly critical with himself, a lover of living the moment and also, an attention magnet and a cold-blooded person. González tends to be excessively spectacular while saving shots, though, effective on it, since he tries to avoid at all costs a situation that might put him negatively into the flashlights of media, or even worse, lead him to self-punishment; González is good to handle the ball with his feet (Ambidextrous), his ability and attempts to do the insane may lead him to even attempt to dribble forwards in order to give a pass to the defenders or who he considers able to conduct a swift transition to the offense, this makes us consider that he loves to take risks, provided that he has some experience as field player before, since his career started as a midfielder, thing that he remembers and usually does while relaxing after training with his teammates, hence, he knows the risks and consequences of being insane on his business as keeper.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y (TG or contact on Discord)
Injure Players: Y (TG or contact on Discord)
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y (Max: 3)
Yellow Card Players: Y (Max: 11)
Godmod Other Events: Y (TG or contact on Discord)

Extra Notes: Do not RP a pandemic nor involve any of this character on it.
Covid-19 doesn't exist in República Guanacasteca.

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Postby Taksylvania » Mon Dec 13, 2021 12:18 am


Nation name: Taksylvania
Trigrame: TSY
Captain: Pandey Flower
Manager: Bunk Comp





Starting Lineup :-
GK- Kaviya Agarwal , Age - 12
CB- Saitama Impostor, Age - 24
CB- AM Torturer, Age - 55
LB- Pandey Flower, Age - 14
RB- Bald Spear, Age - 29
CAM- Pingu Penguin, Age - 20
CM- Bhaju Kaju, Age - 48
CM- Illegal Qpmaster , Age - 15
CF- Snorlax Tax , Age - 22
LW- Bamochit Unfit, Age - 13
RW- FOMO-TAMO, Age - 13

Bench :-
GK- Failure Isnear , Age - 32
ST- Taklamakan Khan , Age - 26
LB- Steamed momo , Age - 30
CM- Mr Still Sick , Age - 27
CAM- Rongila Nao , Age - 38
CB- No Interaction , Age -23
LW- Santa Claus , Age -25

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: No
Hand out red cards to my players:No
Godmod other events:No

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FootballSTR.Com.ST MD1 Preview

Postby StrayaRoos » Mon Dec 13, 2021 12:46 am

Emus to Face Cordia in Our BOF Opener
The Emus have an massive opponent to face early in the 77th Baptism Of Fire,Cordia and We predict Emus will Draw or Win with Sam Jedinak Man of The match
СтраяРус ❤️ Україна
Test Cricket:28th
Rugby (Union):41st
Rugby (League):TBC

94:26/29 23pts
95:26/27 26pts
96:26/34 56pts
98:27/31 24pts

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Postby United Adaikes » Mon Dec 13, 2021 8:05 am

The pressure is high, as what the head coach of the men’s national football team of the United Adaikes, Dylan Burke, is thinking just before the tournament started. Or is it just him thinking about the pressure?

Well, if the women’s national team got the first-ever qualification to the knockout stage of a tournament United Adaikes participated in, Burke felt that his team needs to do perfectly well in this tournament, too.

While Burke believes the inclusion of women in the domestic league system of the country provides a unique sense of competitiveness in matches, while having its own uniqueness in general, he still believes the dominance of males in all sports.

So, if the women’s national football team were able to make it in the Quarterfinals of the previous edition of the Jenna Raven Cup, Burke believes the men’s national team can make it to the knockout stage of this tournament.

Burke should do well managing the national team under tantamount pressure as this will also be the precedence of how United Adaikes will stand among nations in their first major international football tournament.

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The Karodin Tetrarchy
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Postby The Karodin Tetrarchy » Mon Dec 13, 2021 8:17 am

National Football Team of the Karodin Tetrarchy

Off the back of discovering that there is a world outside their borders that happens to be called Anaia, the people of the Karodin Tetrarchy have discovered that there is actually an even wider world out there: who knew? While the political consequences of that are yet to be determined, the sporting consequences are that the Karodinians will follow up their group stage exit in the CAFA with their entry into world football at the Baptism of Fire. Izolda d’Argentré is leading the same 23 women that travelled to Krytenia to Tumbra, in the hopes of more success now that they are in a tournament filled with nations as inexperienced with the rigours of international sport as themselves.

Head Coach – Izolda d’Argentré

Formation – 5-3-2 (Skill Modifier: +4):



Gaella Bodiou – 29 years – US Porzhbihan
Janed Guyony – 24 years – Stade Nevezant
Onenna Ar Moal – 20 years – US Hirtraez

Centre Backs:

Klerwi Morvannou – 29 years – US Porzhbihan
Privela La Saux – 32 years – US Hirtraez
Alanez Le Bourhis – 22 years – US Porzhbihan

Gaelig Kerleroux – 25 years – Stade d’Uhel
Loann Kerbriant – 19 years – US Hirtraez
Biganna Le Coz – 27 years – Leon de Porzhbihan

Wing Backs:

Gwennaig Morvand – 23 years – US Porzhbihan
Tréphina Hascoet – 28 years – Stade Nevezant

Olwenn Le Pennec – 22 years – Gwinver d’Hirtraez
Viviana Kerdaniel – 26 years – US Hirtraez

Holding Midfielders:

Vona Kerautret – 32 years – US Hirtraez
Maiwena Le Moal – 27 years – US Kemper

Centre Midfielders:

Elena Marec – 20 years – US Porzhbihan
Maelle Debeauvais – 29 years – Stade Nevezant

Mevanwi Derrien – 21 years – US Porzhbihan
Aamor Jaffrelot – 24 years – US Hirtraez

Centre Forwards:

Arzu Le Bal – 28 years – US Hirtraez
Bleiza Jézéquel – 22 years – US Porzhbihan

Soizick Callac – 19 years – Stade Nevezant
Renea Gouez – 25 years – Stade d’Uhel

Kits: The Karodin Tetrarchy’s home kit will be black with a white sash, with the away kit being white with burgundy and gold accents.

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Discuss by TG or Discord
RP injuries to my players: Yes, within reason, and I decide severity
Godmod injuries to my players: Discuss by TG or Discord
Suspend my players: Discuss by TG or Discord
Godmod suspension events: Discuss by TG or Discord
Godmod other events: Discuss by TG or Discord

I will not tolerate the introduction of any virus or other world-changing event to the Karodin Tetrarchy without prior permission. If you have another idea that you would like to RP I am happy to collaborate by Discord or TG.

Player ages are correct as of the first matchday.

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Postby Guanacasteca » Mon Dec 13, 2021 8:36 am

Servicio Guanacasteco de Noticias

The Pigs and the Baptism Pile

José Murillo, at Græntfjall for the 77th Baptism of Fire.

The Guanacastecan National Team, after doing their preparations in the Copa Rushmorí 39, have departed to Græntfjall in order to play the upcoming 77th Baptism of Fire; in what will be the first adventure that The Pigs will have in World Cup Committee-sanctioned (WCC) competitions. This tournament was created in order to give those new nations interested in the sport of football, a testing ground to show their capabilities to the Multiverse and get prepared for the qualifiers of the main competition, being that the World Cup and its qualifier process.

During the Copa Rushmorí, despite being unable to win a single match, Guanacasteca managed to do a decent feat in the competition by the fact of not being ashamed with scandalous goalscoring outcomes in the three matches that comprised the Group Stage. Han Ruoyang’s pupils, led by David Monterroza and Dylan Orellana, have managed to build a solid defensive game scheme that prioritises discipline and order over exploitation of creativity and talent. That reflects on the -3-goal differential in the Copa, being a product of three games where the rival only scored a goal more than The Pigs during the match. It’s, in fact, a decent participation for a team that was doing, by then, their maiden appearance in the regional stage.

Considering that, beforehand, The Pigs have done some preparations for this Baptism of Fire, including some special training camps in the remote Andes mountains in the Anaian nation of Huayramarca, in order to get acclimatised to the conditions the players will have to face in Græntfjall. Said climatic conditions are completely different to what the Guanacastecan team are used to feel in their daily lives; conditions such as bitter windchill, rain or sleet and single digit temperatures is something that got counteracted by visiting the Huayramarcan highlands, which have aside from that factors the added value of high altitude.

After spending a month in the Huayramarcan Sierra, Han Ruoyang has considered that his team has found “mental fortitude” something he considers to be helpful for them, as they “will know what to do, as their decision taking mindset will be adapted to the conditions they’ll face” and, according to Sean Fuller “being capable to spend some time in conditions that are completely different to those we use to live with will help us in World Cup Qualifiers, since a wide range of climates we will have to face.”

Coming back to what matters, the Guanacastecan National Team will have to play in Group B of the Baptism of Fire, that means that The Pigs will have to face six other nations, meaning this that the team will have to rest one matchday (day 4). Meaning that we will play matchdays 1 to 3, then a mid-break and then continuing to play for the rest of matchdays (4-7). Our rivals are the following ones:

Ardengard: a nation like Guanacasteca in terms how football is popular among people from different status, a sport played on dust streets and in elite stadiums, football is for every human or sentient species (if they exist). They have a good-looking football structure in the shape of several tiers of domestic leagues, something that they have in their favour compared to our quite basic three divisions scheme in Guanacasteca. The Ardengardians have a quite offensive game style that relies on quick and clever passing to keep ball possession and keeping the rivals running behind the ball, exploiting gaps with quick movements and a fast-paced team. Guanacasteca could be a somewhat defensive-looking team, but it’s one that will exploit that kind of game style with counterattacks made by Víctor Calderón and Rodrigo Marín, who will try to feed Kenneth Ingram and Sean Fuller with decent passes and taking advantage of a rival that will be more focused on attacking than defending in a counterattack.

Taksylvania: a team that, according to the Baptism of Fire media committee, hasn’t presented any information in regards of their game style but, apparently seems to be playing with a somewhat offensive 4-3-3, is something that Ruoyang Han has to take care in this match, as they’ll need to take care of any potential overcrowding in the defence zone that may lead to confusion or undesirable shots from the rival. Perhaps moving the defensive block some meters close to the midfield zone would be a way that will not allow the rivals to be close to the area, instead, would be a situation that Guanacasteca could use in their favour in order to attack them. Also, The Pugs shall consider take care of themselves, look at some names: “Illegal Qpmaster”, “AM Torturer”, “Saitama Impostor” Doesn’t seem to be friendly at all.

Rhubarbton, Finntopian Empre, Metherwoll, Takeshwar: these teams have been added in this group as one because there’s no sufficient information about them aside their nation names. No matter what, we will have to take care of them since we don’t know anything of them, although, we can attack them a bit more since they also don’t know nothing about us, so, stalemate in terms of knowledge.

Being in this adventure is interesting for this team, considering that the team was recently created, it’s a great opportunity for The Pigs to show what are they capable to do in this kind of circumstances and prepare if they are ready to the slaughterhouse called “World Cup Qualifiers”. Why a slaughterhouse? Well, if you’ve been following football for a while, you might see how heavyweights also get eliminated from World Cup Qualifiers such as Banija, Villita, etc. so, that means that we will have to take considerable care and learn from the lessons we shall gather in this Baptism of Fire experience.

At moments like this one, the experience gathered by Ruoyang Han will be important, what he learned in the domestic league of his country, a place that has some decent experiences in football compared to the novices we are, will be an aid for this players in their process to build personality and courage, things that they’ll need in order to be physically and mentally capable to handle the levels of pressure that will be exerted to them by their rivals and the media, as it’ll be quite complicated due to the lack of pressure they feel in the local league, despite being highly fanatical. Multiversal competitions are another whole and different level of difficulty and this is the perfect situation for The Pigs in order to learn, add a couple of friendlies prior the World Cup Qualifiers and they’ll be enough prepared for the big instances for sure.

Concentration is the key, players and managers alike must be aware of if. Nobody really expects something here aside from them learning and getting ready for what it cares, avoiding underestimating the rival and demonstrating their football skills, positioning themselves for a superior league in the Multiverse if the chance appears in the horizon. From fans being supportive and travelling to Græntfjall and politicians offering stimulus cheques already, Guanacastecan football has to take advantage of the situation and strengthen itself in order for the upcoming World Cup Qualifiers and build enough foundations for the upcoming challenges, as this process will start today.

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Postby Metherwoll » Mon Dec 13, 2021 8:55 am


Awrite troops, it’s a new tournament y’see. Wanty see our team? Och, go on then.

Manager: Tam Cowan
Formation: 5-3-2
Colours: Maroon and Gold

Jack Jarvis
Kenny McCreadie (the only substitute)

Callum Ness
Jamie Ness
Donald Ness
Andrew Ness
Loch Ness (aye, they’re all brothers)

Victor McDaid
Clyde Bank
Federico Ernesto Sergio Fabrizio Santarossa

Anthony Joule

The whole lot, except that any goal must be scored by SEEEEEEEEEEEBOOOOOOOO.
Style Mod is -5 and all: we’ve got 5 at the back, after all.

Typical Roles
Every goal is scored by SEEEEEEEEEEEBOOOOOOOO.
Corner Taker: Federico Ernesto Sergio Fabrizio Santarossa
Vice-Vice Captain: Federico Ernesto Sergio Fabrizio Santarossa

Home Stadium:
Metherwa’ are gonnae be playing aw their home games in the back garden of some wee guy called Jamie’s hoose.
Capacity: 5 (plus 2 away fans)
- a bush
- all-grass pitch
- plastic goals
- Jamie’s maw (she makes tea!)

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Postby Soldera » Mon Dec 13, 2021 9:04 am

There's always an element of nerves before a team plays its inaugural match in a competition against unfamiliar opponents.

Yes, Soldera has footballing experience, having competed in two of the last three Copa Rushmoris, only sitting out the tournament hosted by Mytanija. However, those competitions included regional neighbors. This Baptism of Fire Cup, a tournament intended for countries taking part in their first-ever World Cup, is different. There will be countries with unfamiliar languages, odd accents, different foods, cultures and customs. It's all a new experience for each and every player on the Solderan national football team. And for its manager.

Norm Carricker emerged from his office in the late afternoon hours on a day he'd given his players off from running team drills and going over specifics regarding their first opponent, Aerodon.

He'd spent a few hours poring over cultural brochures regarding each of the teams in Group D with Soldera in addition to the tactics preferred by the teams that actually bothered to send squad lists and tactical data. When he stepped up to the dais, he was asked for first impressions.

"Well, Aerodon seems to favor a young side," Carricker said. "Their manager is young enough to suit up and play," he said, referencing the fact that George Verdun is all of 28 years old. "Plus, they have players who might benefit from taking part on a youth team," mentioning in particular 15-year-old Steven Bjergun. Center back Kentaro Heung Son and goalkeeper Mark Andres were also 15, and could easily compete in an Under 15 World Cup in the event organisers chose to reignite that particular competition. Center midfielder Ross Wilkins rounded out the list of players on Aerodon's squad who would not reach the age of majority in Soldera at age 16.

"Obviously, much depends on whether those players start or get significant minutes," Carricker said. "It still seems to be a very youth-oriented side, even more so than us." Carricker's side also trends young, but also includes veterans like team captain Joey Westway, 35, a midfielder in the starting 11. Forward Matt Conley, 31 is the only other starter on the wrong side of 30 for the Snakes. The other 30-something on the squad is reserve defender Davis Perez. That was by design, Carricker said.

"I wanted this team to be somewhat youthful as we look to build for the future," he said. "Today's young players will hopefully be tomorrow's seasoned veterans and hopefully will lay the foundation for us to be successful." The other teams on Soldera's schedule are, in order: Acceptably Normal, StrayaRoos, The Cordian Isles, a bye, then Texkentuck and Jeeves Land. Aerodon are the last team Soldera plays in the group stage.

"Cordia appear to favor a balanced style," Carricker said. "You could say the same about StrayaRoos. Perhaps that style is making a comeback."
Third Place, World Baseball Classic 53
Fourth place, NS World Cup of Masters IV
Quarterfinalists, Aussie Rules World Cup

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Postby Graintfjall » Mon Dec 13, 2021 9:12 am

RP cutoff for MD1 (Groups A&B)


  • Háttmark has seen street protests over the last week, since footage emerged of three police officers beating a suspect. Protests have been peaceful and there is no raised threat level, but visitors can expect to see a greater-than-usual police presence.
  • Fires were seen over the city as the Night Tower of the Royal Castle burned. The incident is not being treated as arson, and instead believed to relate to faulty electrical wiring. A popular tourist attraction, the Royal Castle will now sadly be closed to visitors for the duration of the tournament as repairs are ongoing.
  • The Naglfar aircraft carrier is currently docked for repairs in Altendalur. More Navy and security personnel than usual can be seen out and about in the city, while many sightseers have flocked to the harbor to see the huge vessel in person.
  • Tonight will see a rocket launch from the GANAX Cosmodrome: although many km to the east, the launch will be visible from Altendalur assuming clear skies.
Weather: Clear, dry, cool.

Group A
Kingdom of Atlantia 2–3 United Adaikes
New Jehova 2–2 Magnecia
The Republic of Western Sol 3–2 Dod Rava

  Group A                        Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 The Republic of Western Sol 1 1 0 0 3 2 +1 3
United Adaikes 1 1 0 0 3 2 +1 3
3 Magnecia 1 0 1 0 2 2 0 1
New Jehova 1 0 1 0 2 2 0 1
5 Dod Rava 1 0 0 1 2 3 −1 0
Kingdom of Atlantia 1 0 0 1 2 3 −1 0

Group B
The Finntopian Empire 2–2 Takeshwar
Metherwoll 0–1 República Guanacasteca
Ardengard 2–1 Taksylvania

  Group B                        Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Ardengard 1 1 0 0 2 1 +1 3
República Guanacasteca 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
3 Takeshwar 1 0 1 0 2 2 0 1
The Finntopian Empire 1 0 1 0 2 2 0 1
5 Metherwoll 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0
Taksylvania 1 0 0 1 1 2 −1 0
Last edited by Graintfjall on Mon Dec 13, 2021 9:15 am, edited 1 time in total.
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Runners-up: DBC49, EC10, HWC25
The White Winter Queendom of Græntfjall
President of the International Basketball Organization
Co-Convenor of the International Union of Basketball Clubs
Vice-President of the World Cup Committee

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Postby Tumbra » Mon Dec 13, 2021 9:15 am

MD1 Cutoff - Groups C and D

Here's your first cutoff! It's a beautiful day in Tumbra; will your team put a first ever win into the books?

Group C
Dispertag 2–2 Winnebogan
Allahai 0–1 Surgeius
Pekoland 4–1 Kingdom of Voidstania

. Group C                  Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Pekoland 1 1 0 0 4 1 +3 3
2 Surgeius 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
3 Dispertag 1 0 1 0 2 2 0 1
Winnebogan 1 0 1 0 2 2 0 1
5 Allahai 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0
6 Kingdom of Voidstania 1 0 0 1 1 4 −3 0

Group D
Aerodon 4–3 Texkentuck
Acceptably Normal 0–2 Soldera
StrayaRoos 3–7 The Cordian Isles

. Group D                  Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 The Cordian Isles 1 1 0 0 7 3 +4 3
2 Soldera 1 1 0 0 2 0 +2 3
3 Aerodon 1 1 0 0 4 3 +1 3
4 Texkentuck 1 0 0 1 3 4 −1 0
5 Acceptably Normal 1 0 0 1 0 2 −2 0
6 StrayaRoos 1 0 0 1 3 7 −4 0
Last edited by Tumbra on Mon Dec 13, 2021 9:18 am, edited 1 time in total.
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Population: 114 million | TLA: TMB | Capital City: Straton | Largest City: Couno
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