CMFA MA Cup 9 [rosters/RPs/results]

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]


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Southern Palm Islands
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Postby Southern Palm Islands » Tue Nov 23, 2021 4:09 am

CMFA MAC 7 Champions
Sepak Takraw World Cup 2 Champions

Puppet of Indusse
Melayu Archipelago

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Postby Acastanha » Tue Nov 23, 2021 11:42 pm


Narrow Win Lead to Disappointment

As the Melayu Archipelago Cup competition is on the roll, Acastanhada football fans are exited with their country journey. Started at 5th edition, Acastanha has made its way to always advancing from knockout stage. Their best result is third place in the 6th edition but then they were always stumbled on in Quarterfinal. These result sure makes the fans desperate for another great result from their football team.

Following the 9th edition of the competition, Acastanha is drawn into Group B together with HAIKU, Fengjie and former champion, Sharktail. Based on the composition, it can be predicted that Acastanha will walk away easily from the group stage with only Sharktail to be worry about. But their first match against HAIKU is a disappointment.

Playing offensive from the start, Acastanhada players were unable to pass the defense wall made by HAIKUn players. Several attempt that they made in the first half of the match were easily blocked either by the defense or by the goalkeeper. This situation seems to be stressing both Acastanhada players and manager. Return for the second half, Acastanha still on their offensive mode. But like the first half, HAIKUn defense were still solid. Keeping on offensive mode, they were almost forgetting their own defense. In minute 79', HAIKUn showed their first counter attack which give shocked to Acastanhada players. Fortunately, HAIKUn player's shot were bouncing above the goal bar.

For a few minutes, Acastanha seems to be under pressure by HAIKUn change of play. In the extra time, Manuel Tiehl and David Gothrado start an offensive attack. They were smoothly run to the middle ground of HAIKUn field. Their quick pass is really confused HAIKUn players. While at the front, Cezar Tipag and Oscar Hurula are standing by. Gothrado make a short pass from the right field and quickly take by Tiehl. He dribble the ball near the goal area but HAIKUn defense has blocked him up. He pass to the left where Tipag is there. He try to search for a clear pass and run towards the goal. He shot the ball which can be block by the keeper. The ball bounce back to the field and catch by Gothrado who immediately swarm by HAIKUn defense. He pass the ball back which is save by Achmad Samali. Samali drive the ball to the left. Give it to Ustankar who then again pass it to Tipag. Tipag back to Tiehl. Tiehl again to Gothrado. Back to Tiehl again. And finally pass the ball to Hurula who then shot it into the goal. 1-0 for Acastanha lead.

The fans were really relieve with the win. But most of them are questioning about the team. From the match, it can be seen that the team were struggling to even break the opponent defense. It took them more than 90 minutes to create the goal (the goal was in extra time). They are all wondering, thus the team will be able to face another opponent? Yet with HAIKU who is far lower than them can make them struggle. But in the end, the ball is round. Anything can happen. Although the fans surely give a heavy critics to their beloved team. Next match is a hard one as they will be facing Sharktail, former champion. The critics are hoping for a draw for their team so they still able to secure their position.

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Island of the Lost
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Postby Island of the Lost » Wed Nov 24, 2021 2:26 am


Rylee Ross (10', 18', 72')
Devin Randall (29')
Mayer Warren (61')

No goalscorers

Cote de Facilier’s first game of the new season of the League of the Lost, the top flight of football in the Island of the Lost, was against the defending champions, the Jafar City Cobras. The match went as well as you would expect considering that one side had the worst record in the league last season while the other were the literal champions of last season. The Cobras beat us 4-1, with the only goalscorer for the Barons being our on-loan striker Elena Arreola. Elena had scored in the 71st minute when the Cobras were already 3-0 up, and both she and our manager Alaric Henderson were probably hoping that this would spark a comeback from the lads and lasses, but instead the Cobras reminded them of their place just five minutes later by scoring their fourth goal of the game. Once again, Cote de Facilier was at the foot of the table, and once again the fans were asking among themselves if that was where we were going to stay for the rest of the season.

Alaric Henderson knew that this was a problem that he was going to need a lot of time to solve. At the moment, it could be said that he had all the time in the world to turn this ship around because he was the board’s first choice as new manager after they had sacked the old one that had sent us down to the bottom of the table in the first place. But after the disappointing result against Jafar City (and keeping in mind that these were the defending champions that beat us in our own turf), the rumor mill was already abound with talk that Alaric had just had his grace period cut short, and that he would have to put up some results soon that would justify his selection as Barons manager.

The following week was about to go from bad to worse, and not just in the footballing sense. Things had gone from bad to worse for the Barons because we were going to play against the Playa del Mal Royals at their home, and because Elena Arreola had a “don’t compete” clause in her loan contract with us, she couldn’t play against her parent team, the Royals. This left Alaric in a bit of a pickle, as you could imagine. Helga Williams was still out of the team due to the injury she sustained during training, and there weren’t a lot of players in the youth system who had impressed Alaric enough to merit promotion to the senior team. Instead, Alaric opted to look to the free agent market for options, and he finally settled upon one, a 27-year-old journeyman from Jafar City named Salam Gholamreza. Salam had just come back from a trip around the Melayu Archipelago where he had been hoping to get a contract with any team anywhere when he had received the call from Alaric, and he immediately jumped at the opportunity.

Just like with Elena back in preseason, it was my job to pick up Salam from the bus stop and bring him to the team offices for the contract signing. Today was an off day from training so Betty Henderson asked me if I could bring her and her friend Andrea “Andy” Coleman along for the ride to the bus stop. I didn’t really have any reason to say no to them so I agreed, and besides, Betty was willing to let me borrow her mother’s SUV for the ride to the bus stop. We arrived at the bus stop at around eleven in the morning, and then we ate lunch and I watched Betty and Andy do some keepy-uppies while we waited for the 12:32 bus from Port Maleficent to arrive. It was easy to spot Salman when he got off the bus: he was the only one wearing Jafar City Cobras gear, which was definitely a brave move on his part considering what that team had just done to us last Sunday.

“Salam Gholamreza?” I asked him.

“Yes, that’s me,” he nodded.

“Hi, I’m Helen Josephus,” I said, introducing myself and offering my hand to him at the same time. “I’m your ride to the team offices, which is where you’ll be signing your contract.”

“Of course! Thank you!” Salam said as he shook my hand. “I was worried about how I would get there since I remembered that the bus stop was some distance from Cote de Facilier itself. Looks like I needn’t have worried.”

“There’s our SUV,” I said, pointing at the vehicle in question. Salam picked up his two gym bags and carried them over to the SUV. “Oh, and here’s two of our academy players,” I said, pointing at the two girls with me. “The blonde one is Betty Henderson, and the brunette is Andy Coleman.”

“Henderson? Any relation to Alaric, by any chance?” Salam asked.

“Yeah,” Betty nodded. “But whether it’s unfortunate or not, I still can’t tell.”

“Oh, don’t mind her,” I said. “She’s just worried because she hasn’t been promoted to the senior squad yet.”

“That’s not true!” Betty immediately retorted. “I’ve already played for the senior team a few times!”

“Yeah, and all of them were during friendlies,” I said. Betty gave me the finger, to which I responded by blowing a raspberry.

“Ah, I see everyone is quite close in this team,” Salam said as he got into the front passenger seat.

‘Hey! I called shotgun!” Andy Coleman said, but she was ignored by the rest.

“Don’t let us fool you yet,” I said as I got behind the wheel of the SUV. “Right now, things are currently lovey-dovey, but once we get further into the season and if our performances don’t improve, you’ll see a different side to many of us. Maybe even myself included.”

“That would be a shame,” Salam said. “I would rather everyone got together no matter if we’re doing well or not.”

“Me too, Salam, me too,” I muttered.

We then proceeded to drive to La Cote in silence with only the radio playing music, but just as we entered the city limits, I saw something in the rear-view mirror that made me say, “Shit!”

“What? What is it?” Salam asked me.

“We got bikers,” I replied, and I immediately pulled the SUV onto the shoulder to let the bikers pass us by on the two-lane highway. I counted at least two dozen bikers passing us by before I stopped counting. Some of the bikers were flying plain black flags while others had a greyed-out version of the flag of the Island of the Lost. Almost all of the bikers had grinning skulls on the back of their vests, which were made of either leather or denim. The same words were stitched above the skulls, DEATHS HEADS, and below the skull were places on the Island such as Port Maleficent, Playa del Mal, and the like. The procession of bikers seemed never-ending, and it felt like hours before the last biker finally passed us by. Once that last biker zoomed past our SUV, all I could say again was, “Shit.”

“What’s the problem?” Salam asked me. “Do we have to worry about a biker invasion of Cote de Facilier right now?”

“Maybe, probably,” I replied. “Remember what I said to you about our locker room not being as harmonious as you might think? Well, I think things are about to get worse.”

~ Chapter Thirteen in the story of Helen Josephus
The Island of the Lost
A nation based on the Disney Channel Original Movie Descendants

The Island of the Lost has been found in the Melayu Archipelago!

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Postby Trolleborg » Wed Nov 24, 2021 4:25 am

Greetings, compatriots!
It’s TTV from Salay island, where our team play games of Group Stage of Melayu Cup.

In the first game, our players met with Tanah Jaya, and, to the satisfaction of the fans, they were finally able to reckon with this team for past failures - once a defeat left the team behind the playoffs, in another a draw almost deprived it of such a ticket.

The subjects of the Sultan Wen Jiang traditionally do not put their cards on the table – they never publish the lineup of the team, it is impossible to get any data on the style of their play and the formation of the players on the field, even nowhere to get data about their country. But this time the atmosphere of secrecy did not help them. Our national team looked very confident on the pitch, even despite the line-up changes. The line of defense had completely changed, with average age of players was about 25 years. The role of the playmaker, as expected, was played by Skrta and in the center of the field, their pair with Pathmoor looked very formidable. Limburn and Kroonquist were delegated ahead, despite the fact the first did not have even a half-dozen of games on the international arena, and even there mostly appearing as a substitute, and the second was a debutant at all.

Nevertheless, the team played very well, acted confidently and could have scored even more than they scored. The scoring was opened 15 minutes into the game, when Pathmoor successfully joined the attack after a corner kick and confidently put ball into the net by the head


It is noteworthy that earlier this player was not seen in confident heading and participation in the fights for the ball in the penalty area, preferring in such cases to lie in wait for the ball outside the box and make a long-range shots.

Our footballers could have scored at least twice in the first half, but they were able to score only in the second half of the game. After an attack on the flank and a pass to the center, Kroonquist beat the defender for a second and sent the ball into the net


Finally, in the middle of the second half, after melee in the box, Skrta was the fastest and managed to find a path in the crowd of players for the sword right into the net.


Morten Troghil use advantage to give a taste of the game to his new players, but, it must be noted, not much about their potential was visible. It will be seen at the end of the group stage if he did right to take so much newbies.

First game of the tournament looked like if we will have exciting season. Nevertheless this game is only first one, and two other opponents is very formidable. We all know, that our national psyche has some vulnerabilities: sometimes, after defeats, players resolve cannot withstand the pressure of big tournaments and weakness come out. Even the national leader was not able to fix this flaw, as we saw in the last two basketball championships.

So we will wait next game, with brave debutant Pulang, who defeated Eraman in the first game and clearly have a desire to make themselves seen by all.

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Postby Lathamford » Wed Nov 24, 2021 5:13 am


Season 19 :: Team Roster - Part 1



Royal Farrowdraft FC

Ground: Farrowdraft Sport Center (27,900)
Main Sponsor: Farrowdraft Inter Wetten
Manager: Leonardo von Featherleaf Image
Assistant: Xavier Auyer Image
Formation: 4-4-2
Lathamford National League winner: Season 4, 8, 9 & 18
Ardington & Lockinge Cup winner: Season 6 & 17

GK: Terry Glowsnarl, 25; Marford Glassbickner, 31 Image
DEF: Jerry Rockripper, 26; Joe Fogcrusher, 26; Rudd Crowbash, 25; Ben Silverbridge, 22; Ernst Ejnarsson, 30 Image; Sebastian von Apex, 20
MID: Greg Fortywolf, 32 (C); Doug Fleetmaker, 29; Bob Holypunch, 28; Sebastian du Graypelt, 28 (VC); Kilen Mossbeard, 25; André-Hercule Sireu, 22 Image; Sebastian de Axehelm, 19
FWD: Morten Clawbrand 29; Eric Stormbane, 28; Benjamin Amberforce, 24

Contracts		Name, Age, Pos.      				Club
Retired Russel Springflower, 33, GK NA
Retired Adam Froststriker, 33, DEF NA
In Sebastian von Apex, 20, DEF Thetford Academy
In Sebastian de Axehelm, 19, MID Tractor Grasswind FC


Lokomotive Featherwood FC

Ground: Locomotive Arena, Featherwood (27,000)
Main Sponsor: Edwindsaar Brewery
Manager: Anton Glasstriumph Image
Formation: 4-1-3-2 [single DMC]
Lathamford National League winner: Season 6, 11 & 17
Ardington & Lockinge Cup winner: Season 9

GK: Lee Fingerworth 28; Eli Gradwohl, 19
DEF: Clayton Decker, 31 (VC); Joseph Ashleigh, 28; Martin Haymoore, 26, Tim Flatt, 22; Cassel Warwick, 22; Paul Trebalka, 25 Image
MID: Carter Colfield, 32 (C); Simon Faraday, 30 ; Calvin Heathmill, 28; Henry Wickes, 25; James Wickes, 22; Rex Clarke, 26 Image; ZHOU Donghai, 27 Image
FWD: Anton Selfridges, 29; Ronald Winthrope, 27; Orson Marfont, 21; Otto Farrowsteam, 29

Contracts        		Name, Age, Pos.              				Club
Retired Otto Baymartin, 34, GK NA
In Eli Gradwohl, 19, GK Young Stocksbridge


Rotor Blewbury FC

Ground: Wyvernsteam Battlefield, Port Blewbury (24,222)
Main Sponsor: Setel Foods
Manager: Osborne Shrivenham Image
Formation: 4-4-2
Lathamford National League winner: Season 5 & 13
Ardington & Lockinge Cup winner: Season 1 & 10

GK: Sean Gorefang, 25; Leo Falmas, 20
DEF: Bradley Barrington, 26; Roman Richmond, 27; Crawforde Humphries, 27; Howard Colfield, 20; Kilimanjaro Wi Image, 24; Eric Watts, 19
MID: Vorn Selfridges, 29 (VC); Theodore Ashleigh, 29; Jonah Hargreave, 31 (C); Fergus Kaylock, 26; Otto Vanderbilt, 25; Federico Varas Villegas, 20
FWD: Giles Kingsley, 29; Augustus Landon, 26; Quincy Blackwood, 20; Andrés Obregon, 25

Contracts        		Name, Age, Pos.                              		Club
Retired Antony Izzard-Crew, 35, DEF NA
In Eric Watts, 19, DEF Port Blewbury Youth
In Otto Vanderbilt, 25, MID Dynamo Buttercourt FC
In Federico Varas Villegas, 20, MID Free Transfer
Out Roscoe Wellington, 22, MID Dynamo Buttercourt FC


Dynamo Buttercourt FC

Ground: East Templar Field, Buttercourt (25,000)
Main Sponsor: Greynish Pubs
Manager: Dean Fritzweather Image
Formation: 4-4-2
Lathamford National League winner: Season 1 & 2
Ardington & Lockinge Cup winner: Season 3

GK: Clayton Damon-Cowles, 28; Lucius Harridan, 21; Johann Gurisen, 31 Image
DEF: Lorcan Bennet, 29; John Paulus, 20; Preston Chudwell, 28; Theodore Darrington, 25; Raymond Chains, 21; ZHAO Xiaotong, 25 Image
MID: Clarence Anworth, 32 (C); Henry Findlay, 27; Kenneth Vanderbilt, 28; Ashfield Brock, 22, Roscoe Wellington, 22
FWD:Matthias Blackburn, 27; Matt Falconderry, 31 (VC); Tim Eagleworth, 22; Jonas Myhill, 27 Image
Contracts        		Name, Age, Pos.                      				Club
Retired NA NA
In Roscoe Wellington, 22, MID Rotor Blewbury FC
In Johann Gurisen, 31, GK Red Star Holyrock FC
Out Otto Vanderbilt, 25, MID Rotor Blewbury FC


Dinamo Thetford FC

Ground: Ambershadow Arena, Thetford (28,000)
Main Sponsor: Sprowston Energy
Manager: Kazlan Springbreaker Image
Formation: 5-3-2
Lathamford National League winner: Season 7 & 12
Ardington & Lockinge Cup winner: Season 8, 15 & 18

GK: Rolf Hydradust, 30; James Ossett, 28
DEF: Dustin Skelmersdale, 34 (C); Arnold Strongwhisper, 29; Fred Bladewolf, 28; Xavier Wolfsong, 29; Lind Boulderleaf, 22; Joe Dexs, 21; Hiro Sarutobi-Zeegelaar, 30 Image
MID: Powell Clitheroe, 32 (VC); Ken Cinderfeather, 30; Monford Tallswift, 22; Boris Trafford, 21; Lee Wolfstein 20
FWD: Alan Caskwoods, 30; Berry Colwyn, 20; GUO Bojing Image, 28; Nelson Eagletombs, 26 Image

Contracts        		Name, Age, Pos.                      				Club
Retired NA NA

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Berdeng Bundok
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Postby Berdeng Bundok » Wed Nov 24, 2021 5:59 am

Our MD2 cutoff is brought to you by the sponsor VitaFood.

VitaFood (organic food)

Group A
Havynwilde 3–2 Sendhang
Berdeng Bundok 1–4 Island of the Lost

  Group A                  Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Island of the Lost 2 2 0 0 9 1 +8 6
2 Havynwilde 2 1 1 0 5 4 +1 4
3 Berdeng Bundok 2 0 1 1 3 6 −3 1
4 Sendhang 2 0 0 2 2 8 −6 0

Group B
Acastanha 0–2 Sharktail
HAIKU 1–2 Fengjie

  Group B                  Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Sharktail 2 2 0 0 4 0 +4 6
2 Acastanha 2 1 0 1 1 2 −1 3
Fengjie 2 1 0 1 2 3 −1 3
4 HAIKU 2 0 0 2 1 3 −2 0

Group C
Kijang Mas 0–2 Southern Palm Islands
Lathamford 3–3 Pemecutan

  Group C                  Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Lathamford 2 1 1 0 4 3 +1 4
Pemecutan 2 1 1 0 6 5 +1 4
3 Southern Palm Islands 2 1 0 1 4 3 +1 3
4 Kijang Mas 2 0 0 2 0 3 −3 0

Group D
Eraman 4–3 Tanah Jaya
Pulang 2–1 Trolleborg

  Group D                  Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Pulang 2 2 0 0 4 1 +3 6
2 Trolleborg 2 1 0 1 4 2 +2 3
3 Eraman 2 1 0 1 4 5 −1 3
4 Tanah Jaya 2 0 0 2 3 7 −4 0

RP prompt: Burst of energy
RP prompts are completely optional and earn no extra points; max RP bonus is still possible even without completing them. They're just posted for inspiration!

Berdeng Bundok has a diversified energy market. Despite plentiful offshore natural gas reserves, the biggest share of energy production comes from coal, which is one of the nation's major imports. The paradox of Bundoko gas reserves mainly being exported while the country has to import coal to meet growing energy needs has led to attempts at diversification into renewable sources, particularly geothermal. The domestic solar energy industry is in its infancy. A large hydropower dam is being built on the Sagarao river, but will not be fully operational for years. There are no nuclear power plants in the Bundoko archipelago. How does your country meet its energy needs? What are its challenges and what does the future look like?
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Postby Pulang » Wed Nov 24, 2021 1:18 pm

Pulang 2-1 Trolleborg

PUL (4-4-2) 1 - F. Kareem; 2 - A. Chaudhari - inj (18 - J. Mahmood, 27'), 14 - F. Noordin, 5 - I. Ahmad, 3 - Chen Z.M.; 7. R. Sharma, 6 - Lee J.J., 15 - A. Sharif, 21 - K.Amir (9 - F. Abdurrahman, 63'); 10 - Lim Y.L., 22 - Z. Hassan (11 - S. Hermanzi, 74')

PUL scorers: R. Sharma (36'), Lim Y. L. (74')

Player of the Match: Ravi Sharma (PUL)

The Long March of Progress
Excerpts from Pulang: A Country in Waiting (2019, 7th ed.) by John D. Gallagher PhD, University of Lakewood, Tumbra



PULANG'S reticence to open itself up to the rest of the world, let alone its own region, until the ascension of the 32nd State Council in 2000 has given it the characterisation of a backwards nation conforming to socialist orthodoxy and clinging to its past to avoid any political pitfalls that have come from opening up. Such a characterisation is not completely inaccurate — until 2000, international travel was heavily limited, and the Kuala Tebing International Airport was scarcely more than a concrete runway meant to serve high-ranking Party members, who for whatever reason, needed to leave the country. International travel was very severely limited, and passports were a rarity. Its only interaction with the world otherwise was to import materials as needed; this gave the country a reputation of a "hermit kingdom".

The 32nd State Council, however, realised that such an approach towards a rapidly-globalising region and world simply would not work; and would open itself up to opportunities for the dreaded imperialism and neo-colonisation that so many other nations have fallen prey to. For despite the Pulangese People's Socialist Front's dedicated commitment to berdikari (self-reliance, also known as 自足 in Yueyu or சுதந்திரம் in Galu), its fear of one day being toppled from its place by forces unable to control it outstrips its desire to maintain its commitment to socialist orthodoxy.

The reformists on the council — of which there were seven — therefore decided to slowly interact further with the world, in hopes that by slightly allowing the world to peer into Pulang, they would firstly be able to a. increase its financial standing in the world and b. avoid falling prey to rampant capitalism by keeping tight controls on the economy's functions. Foreign investment would not be allowed, and strict currency controls would be put in place. Kuala Tebing would also be the only part of the country open to foreigners; although the plan to allow them to access the rest of the country, as they are allowed to now, was already part of a long-term plan when it was mooted before the September session of the National Assembly.

Passed with an overwhelming majority (as most votes are), the First Opening Up Programme called for the large-scale refurbishment of the country's infrastructure, the refurbishment of Kuala Tebing Airport, and the expansion of the port near the south of Kuala Tebing. This was all achieved in two years (bar the port, which fully opened in 2005) and Pulang welcomed its first leisure visitors in over eighty-odd years in June 2002, when a Tumbran Airlines flight touched down at Kuala Tebing.

I was on that flight, being a researcher into Melayu Archipelago intra-regional relations; on behalf of the Tumbran Broadcasting Corporation, who were running a report on that very flight into Pulang. Pulang is a country that has mesmerised and fascinated me since. Its rich culture, unique brand of politics and other elements of the country have led me to specialise in Pulang as a country.

Since that flight in 2002 Pulang has opened up a little bit more, and, as mentioned earlier, allowed people to travel all around the country, and opened up further ports in the six major cities in the country. The 50th State Council elected in 2018 has expressed plans to allow the country up to very limited foreign investment; whether anything comes of these plans will have to be watched warily. Much like the national animal, the turtle, Pulang moves forward slowly; but surely, too.


The country has, however, embraced globalisation for its increasing energy needs; before 2002 its power plants were heavily reliant on coal. Since opening up to the world in its limited capacity, however, it has surprisingly embraced technology when it comes to energ, leaping into the future to feed its projected future energy needs. This at least hints at a mass industrialisation drive in the future.

The country is in the midst of phasing out its coal power plants, and has embraced wind and solar power; the Third Reform And Opening Up Programme has identified solar panels as a good to focus production on for the future. Nuclear energy has been floated, but the lack of trained personnel and the lack of desire to hire foreign experts have put this plan on the ice.

Tanah Jaya vs Pulang - MAC 9 MD3

Starters: 1 - F. Kareem; 18 - J. Mahmood, 14 - F. Noordin, 20 - F. Shaheed, 3 - Chen Z.M.; 7. R. Sharma, 6 - Lee J.J., 8 - D. Idris, 17 - K. Amir; 10 - Lim Y.L., 11 - S. Hermanzi

Bench: 13 - H. Tawfeeq, 23 - S. Aziz; 4 - N. Ibrahim, 5 - I. Ahmad, 19 - W. Mohammad; 12 - I. Mokhtar, 15 - A. Sharif, 16 - G. Singh; 17 - S. Hamed, 9 - F. Abdurrahman, 22 - Z. Hassan
Pulang - a hard-nosed, self-sustaining socialist republic increasingly focused on science and defending themselves from the outside world.
Population: 25 million | TLA: PUL | Capital and Largest City: Kuala Tebing
Domestic Sports | More to come
Chairman of the State Council: Mirza bin Nabil (People's Socialist Front)
Puppet of Tumbra

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Postby Sharktail » Wed Nov 24, 2021 1:28 pm

Hello and greeting to all. We are back in the official coverage of the Sharktail Media Team, and as always, you are with me, Nazri for action reports or events involving the Sharktail team.

After the first match that we can describe as a good start, Sharktail can be likened to meeting a real opponent in the second round. Acastanha, at one point they got a lot of attention from the public. Not because of the hype from the media or because they have star players, but their results and achievements on the international stage are very encouraging. In on the focus and focus given to popular teams like Pemecutan, Eraman, and Sharktail team itself, the Acastanha team came in unexpectedly and managed to deliver something we never thought would happen.

Acastanha’s impact made them a rather intimidating team. However, last night's match, Sharktail was more cohesive and organized. 3 crucial points are needed by Sharktail to confirm a place into the knockout rounds. And that's what Carol's men realized. They easily overcame Acastanha 2-0.

Before I peel about this match, let’s we look at the starting line up first.

Maxter • Harold • Afifi • Maqri • Irfan •
Azaim (c) • Nik Akif • Nazmi • Mokhtar • Balang • Win Aziz

In tonight’s action, Sharktail will be expecting an impact from Win Aziz to rip through Acastanha’s goal. He scored 2 goals in the first match, so tonight he will continue to be expected to add to his goal collection.

To win a match, a goal must be scored. He is not dead yet. The team's main star, Azaim opened the scoring in the 28th minute. A direct free kick failed to be parried out by the Acastanha keeper making the result 1-0. Entering the second half, Sharktail brought in Ilias Rezal, Shahrul and Azrul Fakhran to replace Win Aziz, Balang and Nik Akif. In the 84th minute, Maqri sent Sharktail into the knockout rounds, heading in Harold's corner kick for the second goal. End of game, Sharktail 2 Acastanha 0.

As expected from the start, Carol will field their best squad for tonight’s match. And the best player in this game is Harold, left back who is currently playing with the Sarim Potato team. Harold was a main player at left back on MAC 4. And on MAC 9, he’s still here. Sharktail is not lacking of talent, but what makes Harold remain an option. The answer is discipline, consistency and commitment.

I used to sit at the same table with many analysts and coaches. At that time, Harold had just made a name for himself in the football arena. They thought Harold would be an important player like Gaby. Records are easy to break, but the impact they bring will not be the same. When we were still in the Gaby era, Harold was already getting the attention of football analysts. However, the impact was less seen due to the emergence of Azaim, called the next era. In my opinion, Azaim is not the next era. In the era after Gaby, we have too many talents, such as Win Aziz, Ilias Rezal, Nazmi Shafik and many others who have not yet penetrated the national team. So, is it true we can say Azaim the next era? For me it is not. When in Gaby's own time, it was not Gaby who was the only one considered as reliable player. But the hype and charisma of Gaby made him a legend. The impact is, when we watch a match, spontaneously his name comes out of our mouths.

Harold has entered the final phase of his career. To me, he could be an important player of his rivals, but for now there is nothing he can do. The hype is concentrated in the midfield and attacking sections. Harold is among one of the uncrowned talents in the Sharktail team.

Next match, the final, Haiku. Let's all stand together behind Sharktail. Come on Sharktail. You are Blue Predator. Hunt until the end. Go wi Go Sharktail.

Maxter (7.2)
Harold (8.1)
Afifi (6.7)
Maqri (7.4)
Irfan (6.8 )
Azaim (c) (7.9)
Nik Akif (6.5)
Nazmi (7.0)
Mokhtar (6.7)
Balang (6.6)
Win Aziz (6.9)
Ilias Rezal (6.5)
Azrul Fakhran (6.6)
Shahrul (6.7)
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Postby Lathamford » Wed Nov 24, 2021 6:27 pm


CMFA MA Cup 9 :: Group C  :: MD2
Lathamford 3–3 Pemecutan
Lathamford Scorer: Otto Farrowsteam '39, '61, '88
Lathamford Card: Sebastian du Graypelt (yellow)
@ Himagao City Stadium (cap. 49,493)

Glowsnarl, Haymoore (Barrington), Wolfsong, Decker (C), Wymondham, du Graypelt, Hargreave, Colfield (de Axehelm), Clawbrand, Ironstorm, Farrowsteam (Caskwoods)

On this day in 1939, the Minister of Energies & Trade, Donald Forks inaugurated the Inkwell Electric Power Station. The $ 15 million stations is capable of supplying 20 thousand kilowatts of energy and can reach a capacity of 40 thousand kilowatts. Construction work on the station began in 1938 and was completed in stages in early 1939. Minister Forks in his speech explained the Inkwell Electric Power station was the second stage of the Lathamford electric power project network, for the West Coast states. The first stage was the construction of the Connaughton Power Station. Minister Forks assured that electricity supply would also be extended to small towns and villages. The receipt of electricity supply is one of the proofs of prosperity enjoyed by the people in the newly independent country. The LathamEnergies Corporation (LEC) which is responsible for supplying electricity found that in the ten years of its establishment, which is between 1929 to 1939, the number of people receiving electricity supply increased by 3 times. For the state of Inkwell, the opening of this power station on this day in 1939, can help further develop the field of industry in the state while bringing happiness to the people.

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Postby Havynwilde » Thu Nov 25, 2021 12:42 am

Pictured: Omavyre picked up the deciding goal, can he help nail the nagger versus Islands of Lost? c/Greybird Melayu Media

Havynwilde 3-2 Sendhang
(4-3-3) Favyre; Quirie, Glynfir, Yesyra, Virric; Ravarel, Keldi, Beikas; Zyldi, Quirora [c], Omavyre
Goals: Quirora 16' Beikas 70' Omavyre 89'
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Postby Pemecutan » Thu Nov 25, 2021 6:50 pm


Sukra Umanis Wuku Langkir, Pawukon 1782

The Future of Youth League in Question

Pemecutan Puri, Pemecutan - The recent announcement from police investigator, Detective Wirasa, mentioned the involvement of Youth League Director, Ngurah Arthajaya, in Kauripan Scandal, people started to questioning about the future of the country's youth league. Pemecutan Liga Pemuda or Pemecutan Youth League was announced to be started at the start of 1782 season with qualification and positioning matches held in the season. The real league will kick off next season, in year 1783. But as Ngurah Arthajaya is in police custody, who will supervise the league's running?

PFA acting president, Putu Ayu Kusumawardani[note-1], stated that Mr. Ngurah Arthajaya is currently in inactive status for him to focus on the scandal's investigation. And as of now, no one has been appointed as acting director of the youth league. She stated that the vice director, Jandiyuha Padurbala, will be in charge for supervising the youth league.
The Liga Pemuda is on the run. It's still early for them and we don't want it to be died soon because of the scandal arise. We believe that Mr. Padurbala have the qualification to run the position in the absence of Mr. Arthajaya. And we at the PFA are fully supports him

- Putu Ayu Kusumawardani
Acting President of PFA

In light of the scandal, Pemecutan National Team is currently playing at 9th edition of Melayu Archipelago Cup, the region's prestigious football competition for national team. The fans hoping that the scandal won't affect the players who are playing at Berdeng Bundok, the host. The team have made a history after breaking into knockout stage at the 89th World Cup competition. The momentum can't be broken with the scandal.
Two matches and we are still in the right track. I'm assure that my players are not affected with the scandal because it is involving the higher ups and not clubs. The domestic competition is still on the run which means that nothing is really affected. So it's a bit of relieve.

- Agung Suryanantha
Manager of Pemecutan National Team

While in front of PFA, some protesters are gathered around asking for the change in the association's governing body. The incidents and scandal have make football fans worry about the situation inside the association. Sports expert, Jayadi Wiryatikta, also express the need of PFA to evaluate their official members so this scandal will not occur again in the future.
[note-1]Putu Ayu Kusumawardani, was the vice president of PFA before she is appointed as acting president of the association in light of Mr. Pande Suryajaya, the current President, is still unable to perform his duty as the President because of the stabbing incident.

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Berdeng Bundok
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Postby Berdeng Bundok » Thu Nov 25, 2021 8:08 pm

Host announcement: Owing to a scheduling conflict, MD3 scorination will be delayed by 4 hours (to 1700 UTC). Apologies for late notice.

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Postby Island of the Lost » Fri Nov 26, 2021 1:14 am


Knútur Faron Tsukada (37')

Devin Randall (12')
Kendall Sessions (24')
Rylee Ross (64')
Honorine Mathieu (81')

It’s never a good thing when the Death’s Heads Motorcycle Club arrives in force in your city. I’m telling you, those guys are just full-on bad news. They have a reputation of aligning themselves with far right movements, and while they have rivalries with almost every other big biker gang on the Island, their rivalry is fiercest with the Vandals, notable for being the first “egalitarian” biker gang. I couldn’t tell you much more about these two even if I wanted to since most of what I knew about them and their fight, I only got from the news and the Internet, and we all know how unreliable both of those sources are.

Needless to say, the Death’s Heads had to be here at Cote de Facilier because of the presence of the Party for Justice and Freedom, a leftist party that was gaining traction within the Island because of their policies against racial and social injustices. The PJF were holding rallies all across the Island to, in their own words, “bring awareness to the plight of goblin-kind and orc-kind and fellow beings of magic”, especially after there had been a disturbing spike in what appeared to be “hate crimes” against goblins and orcs. A far right group, the National Unity Party, had then decided that it was their sworn duty to the safety and stability of the Island to disrupt and shut down the PJF’s protests, which the NUP claimed to be “riots in all but name,” and they were reportedly using the Death’s Heads to do just that. It was no secret that there was some looting and destruction of property happening whenever a PJF protest was in town, but there were those who were claiming that the NUP and the Death’s Heads were actually provoking the PJF into attacking them, leading to the exact same kind of rioting that the NUP were supposedly there to stop. It was all very complicated, and you would never get the full story just from the news.

On the Saturday night before the Barons’ game away to Playa del Mal, the tensions between the PJF and their protesters and the Death’s Head bikers reportedly came to a head. I wasn’t there personally, but I heard from those who were there that it all started when someone heard a gun being fired. Nobody knew who fired the first shot; that much everyone was certain. But as to who was the first to react and retaliate, everyone was quick to claim that the other side started it. The PJF and their supporters said that the Death’s Heads were riding their motorcycles around the protesters and brandishing their weapons before some biker saw a rival Vandal biker within the crowd and decided to take a potshot, while the NUP and the Death’s Heads claimed that the protesters had their own guns out first and opened fire on the bikers without provocation. Nobody was killed in this particular confrontation, merci a Dieu, but five protesters and two bikers were wounded in the shootout. And it was only the latest in a series of confrontations between the two groups, confrontations which everyone feared would eventually turn fatal sooner or later.

The police were still blocking off the place where the shootings took place when the team buses went out for the journey to Playa del Mal. Everyone on the bus had heard some version of what had happened, but nobody seemed to want to talk about it, get the true full story out of all those different versions that they had picked up. All I’d heard about the thing was what I had just told you: that there were two conflicting versions of events, and that nobody knew who fired the first shot. I was seated at the back of the bus carrying some of the assistants and backroom staff and youth players listening to music on my phone to keep my thoughts away from what had happened last night when I felt a hand tapping my shoulder. It was Betty Henderson. “Mind if I sit down with you?” she asked me while smiling.

“Sure, go ahead,” I nodded, and Betty immediately plopped herself down beside me. “You heard what happened last night?” she asked me.

“Frankly, Bethany, you’d be better off asking me what I hadn’t heard last night,” I replied.

“I already told you, don’t call me that!” Betty said. “Anyway, if you want a first-hand account of what went down then just feel free to ask.”

“Wait, what?” I asked, pausing my music. Then in a lower voice, I continued, “You were there?”

“Yup,” Betty nodded. “Andy and Velma were there too,” she added, referring to her friends Andrea Coleman and Velma Shipley.

“During the shooting?”

“Of course not, you dummy,” Betty replied. “Andy and Velma and I had dropped back because we saw the Death’s Heads, but we still saw what happened.”

Jesu Christ, Betty!” I cried out. “You, Velma, and Andy are very lucky that you didn’t get caught in the crossfire! Does your father or even your mother know about this?”

“Of course not,” Betty replied matter-of-factly. “I’m already in hot water with him over disappearing to Ratcliffe Town with you. Besides, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him at all.”

Jesu,” I said again. Then I asked her, “So did you see who shot first?”

Betty shook her head. “Not that it was dark, you know,” she replied. “Helicopters from both the news and the police were there so there was plenty of light. But the whole thing was just a mess from start to finish. The Death’s Heads were harassing us as soon as we all got together, and they kept following us down 85th Street and Avenue de Docteur, but by the time we got to the Avenue, Andy was not feeling very good about those Death’s Heads, so she made us drop back from the main group of protesters. I’m telling you, Helen, that place sounded like a battlefield when it was happening. We didn’t even know where to hide! And the police, they weren’t doing anything! They disappeared as soon as the shooting started, and it must have been fifteen minutes before that armored SWAT van finally arrived and the Death’s Heads ran away too.”

Jesu,” I muttered for a third time. “What were you doing there in the first place, Betty? You know that the Death’s Heads and the NUP were going to stir up trouble once the PJF announced that they were going to stage a protest at La Cote! Why were you there?”

“It was actually Velma’s idea,” Betty admitted after being quiet for a moment. “She’s been waiting for the PJF to come here after the thing with Nicholas Roper and those three humans. You understand this, right? Velma’s a goblin, just like Roper. She wants justice for Roper, and all the other goblins who have been attacked and those who died while in police custody. The PJF is the only party out there who actually cares about the plight of the goblins, and Velma wants to join them in spreading awareness for the cause, not just here in La Cote but also throughout the Island. And before you say anything, Helen, I believe in everything the PJF fights for too.”

“I wasn’t about to say anything,” I said.

“Good,” Betty said. “The PJF are the only ones brave enough to say enough is enough, and then we have the fucking NUP who wants nothing but to keep us all down. Not just the goblins but anyone else who dares to speak up against the inequality and injustice and racism happening on this island. The PJF are the only ones brave enough to fight against the NUP, but as long as the NUP have their Death’s Heads goons, we’ll never be able to fight the National Unionists on equal terms.”

“So what are you going to do about it?” I asked.

It was just a simple question, but it seemed to take Betty completely by surprise. “I don’t know, actually,” she finally replied. “All I know is that we need to fight back against the NUP.”

“Just as long as you don’t get hurt doing that,” I said.

“Oh, someone’s going to get hurt, all right,” Betty muttered. “Wanna know who else was at that shootout?”

“Who?” I asked, genuinely curious.

“Helga Williams,” Betty replied. “Yup, our currently injured striker is out there riding with the Death’s Heads shooting at us peaceful protesters!”

“Really? Are you sure that it was Helga that you saw?”

“Positive,” Betty nodded. “Come on, Helen! Long white hair, pointy ears, right foot in a cast? Who else can it be but our resident elvish striker? Who knew she was also an elf supremacist too?”

“Huh, strange,” I muttered. “I never would have pegged Helga for the political type.”

“Well, she’s an elf supremacist, I can tell you that much! Why else would she be with those Death’s Head assholes? I knew there had to be a reason why I never liked her when I first got to La Cote,” Betty said. If she could have spat at the ground then she would have, but since we were on a bus, she couldn’t really do that. “Boy, I’d love to take a sledgehammer and smash her right ankle to powder right about now!”

Little did I know it, but this was just the start of all of our problems later on.

~ Chapter Fourteen in the story of Helen Josephus
The Island of the Lost
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Postby Trolleborg » Fri Nov 26, 2021 5:29 am

Greetings, compatriots!
It’s TTV with a resume of second game of our national team at the Melayu Cup.

Unfortunately, our worries proved to be quite justified: after a great first game, our players faced major problems in the next one, a rather familiar picture. Apparently, many new players thought that after winning the tournament that year and a successful match with Tanah Jaya, now even half or quarter of due effort would be enough to defeat the debutants of the tournament. But in this match, our lads uys met with a team that enter fields with no less dedication, but was faster and did not lose enthusiasm for a games, and in the end won, securing a place in the playoffs. And our players will now have problems in the game with Eraman, in which it will be known, who will get the second ticket to the next round. We must praise Pulang's national team, this is only the second match in its history, it is a pity that Pulang did not apply for participation in the world championships. And nevertheless we must admit that the Trolleborg team was not up to the marks in this game, looked a bit heavy, acted very straightforwardly, and towards the end of the game it more and more slipped into individual actions that did not bring success against well-organized opponents who were ready to run a lot. It is noteworthy that despite the score, Morten Troghil let all the new players on the field to finish the game, and did not try to change the state of affairs by introducing experienced players into the game - apparently, he wanted to draw some conclusions for himself about the psychology and talents of the newcomers.

As often happened, now the fate of the team depends to a large extent on chance, and he is rarely favorable to us - and this is a lesson for all of us, it will be very difficult to defend the positions achieved by the team in world football.

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Berdeng Bundok
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Postby Berdeng Bundok » Fri Nov 26, 2021 10:11 am

Our MD3 cutoff is brought to you by the sponsor StarComm.

StarComm (communication company)

Group A
Island of the Lost 1–0 Havynwilde
Sendhang 1–0 Berdeng Bundok

  Group A                  Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Island of the Lost 3 3 0 0 10 1 +9 9
2 Havynwilde 3 1 1 1 5 5 0 4

3 Sendhang 3 1 0 2 3 8 −5 3
4 Berdeng Bundok 3 0 1 2 3 7 −4 1

Group B
Fengjie 3–5 Acastanha
Sharktail 3–1 HAIKU

  Group B                  Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Sharktail 3 3 0 0 7 1 +6 9
2 Acastanha 3 2 0 1 6 5 +1 6

3 Fengjie 3 1 0 2 5 8 −3 3
4 HAIKU 3 0 0 3 2 6 −4 0

Group C
Pemecutan 1–1 Kijang Mas
Southern Palm Islands 0–0 Lathamford

  Group C                  Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Pemecutan 3 1 2 0 7 6 +1 5*
2 Lathamford 3 1 2 0 4 3 +1 5*

3 Southern Palm Islands 3 1 1 1 4 3 +1 4
4 Kijang Mas 3 0 1 2 1 4 −3 1

* Lathamford and Pemecutan were exactly tied on every tiebreaker, therefore the final tiebreaker was applied. This is IC a coin-flip, generated OOC by scorinate a single match between them. Pemecutan won the coin-flip and are seeded 1st.

Group D
Trolleborg 1–0 Eraman
Tanah Jaya 1–0 Pulang

  Group D                  Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Trolleborg 3 2 0 1 5 2 +3 6
2 Pulang 3 2 0 1 4 2 +2 6

3 Eraman 3 1 0 2 4 6 −2 3
4 Tanah Jaya 3 1 0 2 4 7 −3 3


(A1) Island of the Lost v Pulang (D2)
@ Imana Sakina State Sports Ground, Caualanga

(B1) Sharktail v Lathamford (C2)
@ Himagao City Stadium

(C1) Pemecutan v Acastanha (B2)
@ Princess Vanessa Stadium, Tayariñas

(D1) Trolleborg v Havynwilde (A2)
@ Bundoko National Stadium, Tayariñas

RP prompt: Strong defence
RP prompts are completely optional and earn no extra points; max RP bonus is still possible even without completing them. They're just posted for inspiration!

Berdeng Bundok is certainly no global military powerhouse: its force projection is strictly limited to its own territorial waters, and it has no military space program, no NBCR weapons program, and no aircraft carriers. Medium-range missiles (capable of reaching the main Melayu continent) have been tested but are not currently part of the quite limited defence budget. But while it may not be an offensive power, the Bundoko archipelago is no easy pushover, as generations of hostile Schutzenphalian and Græntfjaller would-be colonizers found. The country's rugged terrain, spread over an archipelago of islands lushly forested in dense jungles, fiercely hot and humid climate, abundant natural perils from scary wildlife to deadly snakes, scorpions, and insects, and rocky coastlines all add up to pose formidable threats to any invaders. The country's defensive outlook concentrates on jungle war specialization and hosts an Officer Exchange and Specialist Training Exchange for foreign countries. Does your country bristle with superweapons, or rely on small arms and guerrillas? Is there a drive to militarization or have you forsaken the sword and bullet for peace?
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Postby Lathamford » Fri Nov 26, 2021 6:08 pm


CMFA MA Cup 9 :: Group C  :: MD3
Southern Palm Islands 0–0 Lathamford
Lathamford Scorer: NIL
Lathamford Card: Adolf Wyvernchaser (yellow)
@ Himagao City Stadium (cap. 49,493)

Greenash, Haymoore, Wolfsong (Rockripper), Decker (C), Wymondham, du Graypelt, Hargreave (Wyvernchaser), Colfield, Clawbrand, Ironstorm (Caskwoods), Farrowsteam

On this day in 1937, an agreement on Foreign Defense and Cooperation or known as the Thousandforks Agreement was signed between the Lathamford Government and the Hundredstar Government, in the Conference Room, Prime Minister’s Department, Thousandforks. In the agreement, the Lathamford Government was represented by the Prime Minister, Dr. Wilson Gasmouth, while the Hundredstar Government was represented by the Hundredstar Ambassador to Lathamford, Dr. Emma Watson. The main purpose of the agreement is to preserve peace and strengthen national defense as well as closer cooperation between the two countries. The signed agreement contains 12 items, among others stating:

1. The Hundredstar Government Agreement assists the Lathamford Government in the field of foreign defense.
2. The Hundredstar Government shall assist and assist the Lathamford Government in the areas of military expansion, training facilities, administrative assistance, and military equipment facilities as well as technical assistance.
3. The Hundredstar Government will also assist the Lathamford Government to improve naval, land, and air military equipment.
4. The Lathamford Government agreed to allow the Hundredstar Government to use the military base facilities in the Government.
5. Both parties also agreed to use military equipment facilities such as land sites, ports, and communication equipment jointly for the purpose of military training.

The Foreign Defense Agreement and Cooperation between the Lathamford Government and the Hundredstar Government on this day in 1937, is a very important agreement to preserve the security and well-being of a country that has just achieved independence.
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