Copa Rushmori 39 - Everything Thread [Rushmore, Final ~24H]

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Copa Rushmori 39 - Everything Thread [Rushmore, Final ~24H]

Postby Hispinas » Mon Nov 08, 2021 8:02 am

For nations participating for the first time and complete newcomers to NS Sports, kindly visit the Guide to Sports Roleplaying. Please do note that the rules of withdrawal of a nation from a sport RP will be in force.

39th Edition - Hispinas

Everything (RP/Roster/Scores) Thread | Host Bid | Rankings | Discussion Thread | Previous Copa Edition | Wikipedia article on football


Welcome to Hispinas for the 39th edition of Rushmore's premier regional football tournament, the Copa Rushmori. 32 nations make it into the Eastern Terranean nation, trying to etch their name into history by winning the coveted competition.

Will Sargossa be able to retain the Copa Rushmori trophy, and tie with Polar Islandstates with the most Copa Rushmori wins to five, after taking the win in the 38th edition held in Mytanija? Will Cassadaigua finally win their first Copa Rushmori title after being denied twice at the final hurdle of the past two editions? Can Nephara or Pasarga be the nation to be level with the Polarians themselves with a fifth Copa Rushmori title? Can Eura, Savojarna, Valladares, Astograth, or Eastfield Lodge taste another Copa Rushmori triumph this edition having already won in previous editions? And can Hispinas finally reach their first Copa Rushmori final in their own backyard, having come up short in the semifinals for the past two editions? Will they also retain the Unofficial World Champion belt after unspectacularly defending it during the latest Cup of Harmony?

This is the Everything thread for this tournament. Nations can post their rosters and roleplay posts, and hosts will post the scores per given matchday. Posts in this thread should be purely in-character (IC), and any out-of-context or out-of-character (OOC) posts should be directed at the discussion thread.

Roster Posts

Roster posts should include information about the team - the players, coaching staff, how they play, and so on and so forth. You may visit the IC thread of the previous edition of the Copa Rushmori to get an insight on the different roster posts of the participants. Please include as much information as needed in order for you or your opponent to roleplay efficiently should s/he or you use game reports. Participants are also encouraged to include a roleplay permissions box, which contains at least the information below:

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers: Yes/No - allows the opponent to choose the goal scorers for your team
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes/No - allows the opponent freedom to be do anything with the way your team's goals are scored, including unrealistic or improbable instances
RP injuries to my players: Yes/No - allows the opponent to roleplay injuries to your team
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes/No - allows the opponent freedom to be do anything with the way your team's players are injured, including unrealistic or improbable instances
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes/No - allows the opponent to roleplay instances of yellow cards to your team
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes/No - allows the opponent to roleplay instances of red cards to your team
Godmod Other Events: Yes/No - allows the opponent freedom to be do anything with other in-character events, including unrealistic or improbable instances

Code: Select all
[box][i]My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:[/i]
Choose my goalscorers: [b]Yes/No[/b]
Godmod Scoring Events: [b]Yes/No[/b]
RP injuries to my players: [b]Yes/No[/b]
Godmod injuries to my players: [b]Yes/No[/b]
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: [b]Yes/No[/b]
Hand out Red cards to my players: [b]Yes/No[/b]
Godmod Other Events: [b]Yes/No[/b][/box]

It is the users’ responsibility to set their RP permissions in place, and put more specific instructions or guidelines on it. The rule of thumb is that if a user is not sure of his/her RP permissions, or if a user have an RP idea but is not sure if his or her opponent would approve to it, they should discuss it first before proceeding. If a user feels that his or her opponent did not follow his or her permissions, they may contact their opponent to resolve it, or just post it to the discussion thread. Blatant and unreasonable violations of RP permissions by a user will result to their RP bonus reset to zero.

It is also important to check first if the opponent have posted their roleplay before posting their own. Instances of retroactive continuity (retcon) in at least the opponents and users’ roleplays are generally frowned upon and will result to their RP bonus reset to zero. However, users may retcon only if the opponent did not follow RP permissions or did not follow through the last RPs of the user (e.g. player is injured in the last game and cannot play the next one but their opponent roleplayed the particular player as taking the winning shot in that next game).

Disclaimer: The host of the tournament has decided not to mention or make any scenarios with references to the current pandemic, and will ignore any RP instances of it during the tournament. Mentions of the said topic in an RP will not affect the grading of it, but when the main topic is references to pandemic itself, then zero RP points will be awarded.) Participants are given freedom to ignore any instances of this should participants make any remarks about it.

Tournament Format and Schedule

There will be a single round robin group stage which will be held around different venues in Hispinas. The top two teams of each group will advance to a single-elimination playoff bracket, in which the higher ranked teams of the group will face a lower ranked teams from other groups. The bracket will be arranged such that no team in the same group faces each other until the final.

Below is the schedule for the tournament. Cutoff window for each event is at 2300 to 0100 the next day, Philippine Standard Time (PHST/PHT) which is 8 hours ahead of GMT.

November 12, 2021 (Friday) - Group Draw and IC Information (Next 2 posts)
November 15, 2021 (Monday) - Matchday 1 - 1 v 4, 2 v 3 (Results)
November 17, 2021 (Wednesday) - Matchday 2 - 4 v 3, 1 v 2 (Results)
November 19, 2021 (Friday) - Matchday 3 - 2 v 4, 3 v 1 (Results)
November 21, 2021 (Sunday) - Round of 16 (Results)
November 23, 2021 (Tuesday) - Quarterfinals (Results)
November 25, 2021 (Thursday) - Semifinals (Results)
November 26, 2021 (Friday) - Third Place Playoff (Result)
November 27, 2021 (Saturday) - Final

FORMAT: Below is the format for this edition of the tournament.
  • There will be eight groups of four, as such, there will be three matchdays per nation in the group stage.
  • After matchday 3, the top two teams per group will advance in the knockout round.
    The tiebreakers will be as follows: Points, H2H result, Goal difference, Goals scored, IC coin flip (RP bonus). In case three or more teams tie in points, one team gets the better following criteria and remaining teams still tied, the tiebreak procedure will be restarted with the remaining teams.
  • Bracketing for the Round of Sixteen will be done as with the same procedure in the 2018 RLStates FIFA World Cup: A1 vs B2, C1 vs D2, E1 vs F2, G1 vs H2, B1 vs A2, D1 vs C2, F1 vs E2, H1 vs G2. The winners of the A1 vs B2 match will face the winner of C1 vs D2 match in the quarterfinal and so on.
  • There will be a third place playoff as implemented in the previous editions, which will be scored 24 hours after the semifinal results.


Group A
Isle Noire

Group B
Nyowani Kitara
Southwest Eastnorth

Group C
The Askari Union
Eastfield Lodge
San Ortelio

Group D
Cabo Azure

Group E
República Guanacasteca

Group F
Oberour Ar Moro

Group G
San Isidro Labrador

Group H
Gatchingerrak Union

Participating Nations

PROCEDURE: Thirty-two (32) nations are placed into four pots according to the latest Copa Rushmori rankings published, and last Copa Rushmori appearance to sort unranked entrants. If there are same ranks which will be put to different pots, the nation with the better result in the past editions will get the higher pot. In case of new entries, they will be randomized. One team in each of the pots will be drawn to eight groups, and the order will be randomized with the exception of the hosts which will be assigned the first spot in Group A.

Pots will be released after the entry list is finalized.

    Pot 1
  • Cassadaigua (1)
  • Nephara (2)
  • Hispinas (3)
  • Sargossa (4)
  • Savojarna (5)
  • Pasarga (6)
  • Eura (7)
  • Mytanija (8)

    Pot 2
  • Græntfjall (9)
  • Tikariot (10)
  • Astograth (11)
  • Yuezhou (12)
  • Valladares (13)
  • Pridnestrovia (14)
  • Southwest Eastnorth (15)
  • San Ortelio (16)

    Pot 3
  • Nyowani Kitara (17)
  • Darmen (18)
  • Gatchingerrak Union (21)
  • Oberour Ar Moro (23)
  • Cabo Azure (24)
  • San Isidro Labrador (25)
  • Eastfield Lodge (26)
  • Bollonich (28)

    Pot 4
  • Soldera (33)
  • The Askari Union (40)
  • Isle Noire (UR)
  • República Guanacasteca (UR)
  • Brookstation (UR)
  • Ardengard (UR)
  • Kiltoch (UR)
  • Takeshwar (UR)

Group draw information, as well as IC information for the hosts will be provided in the next 2 posts.
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Postby Hispinas » Mon Nov 08, 2021 8:28 am

Kingdom of Hispinas
Reino de Hispinas | Hispinasko Erreinua | Kaharian ng Hispinas | Gingharian sa Hispinas

Hispinas, with official name of Kingdom of Hispinas, is a nation state located in the continent of Terranea in Eastern Rushmore, and has an estimated population of around 27 million inhabitants, the nation has land and maritime borders with several nations, with Szavoda to the west, a portion of land claimed by Nuevo Caracas to the south, and a maritime border with Pridnestrovia in Pavola to the west. The nation's capital, Mandrid, is located in the central portion of the nation, but the largest city is Cebuenas in the eastern portion.



Hispinas' name came from a the union of "Hispania" and "Filipinas", two major ascendants of people currently living in the central and eastern parts of the nation. There were references to a nation called "Hispania y Filipinas", but Hispino historians refute the claim and consider the entity an estranged, separate one from the current inception of the nation.

Administrative Divisions

Hispinas is divided into twelve autonomous provinces, each with a designated capital city. Historians consider three major regions of the nation, with the areas in the western portion being called "Basko Errepublika", due to the high influence of Basko culture and heritage in the three westernmost autonomous provinces, Basko da Gama, Iparbasko, and Ekialdekobasko. The eastern portion of the country is called "Republica Catarungia" due to the four autonomous provinces closely linked with Catarung culture and heritage, and with their flags showing the five orange-white horizontal bars which represent the Catarungs. The remaining independent autonomous provinces are normally called "Independientes", with one of the five states having an increasingly large Rusko influence in the province - Nuevo Transnistria.

Below is the list of Autonomous Provinces and their capitals:

Autonomous Province     Capital                      Flag  
Basko da Gama Vallezul (Haranurdina) Image
Iparbasko Seviguio (Mendihegalean) Image
Ekialdekobasko Haranbehera Image
Castillo de Mandrid Mandrid Image
Calanorte Punta de Malklan Image
Magdalena Vigano Image
Mesetasur Piedramarilla Image
Nuevo Transnistria Mascardo (Maskagrad) Image
Catarungia Cebuenas Image
Communitat Azucena Lirio Image
San Felipe Felipamerigo Image
San Guadalupe Murosur (Parilsabagatan) Image



Ethnic Groups

As highlighted in the administrative divisions section, there are four major ethnic groups for the inhabitants of HIspinas. The majority of the Hispino populace has Hispano ethnicity, especially in the central provinces and some in the eastern portion. These Hispanos have Spanish as their primary language while a certain percentage of Hispanos can understand both Spanish and either Basque, Cebuano, or Filipino language. The next highest percentage of the total population is Basko, who has Basque as their primary language. The next is the Catarungs which have Cebuano as their primary, and lastly, the Ruskos in most cities and towns in Nuevo Transnistria where Russian is primarily spoken. A minority of Hispinos living in Magdalena and Murosur are native Filipinos which uses Filipino language as their primary language.


Hispinas is considered as a secular state, with Catholicism being the most prevalent religion in the nation. Around 84 percent of the Hispino populace are Catholics, with 10 percent being Orthodox Christians, and 4 percent being others such as atheists, or pagans.

How to get to Hispinas

Air transport is the main means to get to Hispinas, unless you are coming through the land borders at Szavoda, or the territories claimed by Nuevo Caracas. The main airport at Mandrid, Mandrid - Torres de Castillo International Airport (MTC), is the main gateway of the nation, and a multimodal transportation station is located near the airport where city and provincial buses stop and go to fetch passengers to go around the country. There are a multitude of expressways from Mandrid to neighboring places such as Vallezul, Vigano, and Piedramarilla. Aside from the primary international airport in Mandrid, a secondary international airport in Cebuenas is also used to cater to incoming international traffic, as well as the international port in downtown Cebuenas.

National delegations and official representatives of the same will have their own team buses, up to one regular sized bus, and one minibus, in which they will be escorted by members of the National Civilian Guards (GCR) for their security.

Locations and Venues

For the 39th Copa Rushmori, twelve stadiums around ten locations have been identified as host venues for this tournament. Of the ten locations, Mandrid, and Cebuenas, the nation's primary cities, have been allotted two stadiums each.


Mandrid is the capital of Hispinas, where the official residence of the King of Hispinas is located. This is where the national offices of the Royal Federations are located, as well as government centers for various departments. Two sport venues are near the Palacios Real (Royal Palace) where King Marco Juan XXII is located: the Palacio de Reino de Hispinas, an indoor arena recently used as the main host venue for the 13th Volleyball World Expo, and the home venue for the national basketball and volleyball teams, and the Estadio Nacional en el Castillo, a 70,000 seater stadium used primarily by the national football team.


Estadio National en el Castillo (El Castillo) - Capacity of 70,000 all seater; used by Hispinas national football team

Group A: Hispinas vs Bollonich (MD1)
Group G: Tikariot vs San Isidro Labrador (MD1)
Group F: Soldera vs Valladares (MD2)
Group D: Græntfjall vs Mytanija (MD3)
Copa Rushmori 39 Final: TBD

Estadio Metropolitano de Mandrid - Capacity of 47,584 all seater; used by Royal Mandrid

Group E: Yuezhou vs Darmen (MD1)
Group C: San Ortelio vs Eastfield Lodge (MD2)
Group B: Southwest Eastnorth vs Pasarga (MD3)
Group H: Pridnestrovia vs Gatchingerrak Union (MD3)
Quarterfinals: TBD


Cebuenas, officially known as the Ciudad de Cebuenas in Hispino language, or Lungsod sa Cebuenas in Catarung language, is the capital of the province of Catarungia, and the second most important city in Hispinas. It is considered as a hub for enterprise activity as well as the financial capital of the nation, as most Hispino companies are based in this city, such as the famed Telebuenas, which is Hispinas' number 1 telecommunications company. It is also the center of the Catarungian sub-region which includes four other autonomous provinces, and the office of the Republica Catarungia is based in this city.

The city has been subject of high intelligence security as Catarungian separatist movements have been rambling for the past years due to the disagreements with the central government controlled by the Monarchy in Mandrid. In sporting terms, Catarungia is the hotbed of football in the nation, and most known Hispino players came from the region and the city. Two venues were identified for the tournament, one which is owned and occupied by FC Cebuenas, one of Hispinas' big three clubs, and one owned and maintained by the provincial football association of Catarungia.


Bag-ong Natad - Capacity of 74,665 all seater; used by FC Cebuenas

Group C: Sargossa vs San Ortelio (MD1)
Group A: Hispinas vs Isle Noire (MD2)
Group H: Gatchingerrak Union vs Eura (MD2)
Group F: Valladares vs Cassadaigua (MD3)
Third Place Playoff: TBD

Istadyum sa Probinsya ng Catarungia - Capacity of 22,000 all seater; used by Assosasyon sa Futbol ng Catarungia

Group F: Valladares vs Oberour Ar Moro (MD1)
Group D: Takeshwar vs Græntfjall (MD2)
Group A: Isle Noire vs Bollonich (MD3)
Group G: San Isidro Labrador vs Nephara (MD3)


Vallezul, known as Haranurdina in Basko language, is the capital of the autonomous province of Basko da Gama. Known for the architectural marvels, the tallest building in Hispinas is located in this city, which is one of the tourist attractions in the vicinity. Near the national border between Hispinas and Szavoda lies the Athletic Estadioa which is the home for Vallezul's Basko-only club, Atletikoa Haranurdina.


Athletic Estadioa - Capacity of 51,554 all seater; used by Atletikoa Haranurdina

Group D: Mytanija vs Takeshwar
Group B: Nyowani Kitara vs Southwest Eastnorth
Group G: Nephara vs Tikariot
Group E: Yuezhou vs Savojarna
Round of 16: TBD
Semifinals: TBD


Seviguio is the first of the "Twin Cities of Ipar-ekialdeko". With a high elevation due to the city being built on top of the Sierra Padre mountain ranges, this is usually where sports teams and athletes go during winter periods to train due to it being ideal for freezing cold temperatures even during the summer. The city has recently built an undersoil heating system that keeps their citizens from the harsh colds.


San Jose Estadioa - Capacity of 44,565 all seater; used by Errege Iparekialdeko

Group D: Cabo Azure vs Græntfjall
Group B: Pasarga vs Ardengard
Group G: Brookstation vs San Isidro Labrador
Group E: Darmen vs República Guanacasteca
Round of 16: TBD
Quarterfinals: TBD


Haranbehera is the second of the "Twin Cities of Ipar-ekialdeko", and is situated on the Ekialdekobasko side of the Ipar-ekialdeko. Due to the breezes from the slopes of the Sierra Padre, the city is usually breezy and due to this, the city is fully powered by wind energy generated from the windmills which receives the power from the breeze. The suburban side of the city around the mountain slopes are ideal for kite-flying and paragliding.


Probintziako Estadioa Haranbehera - Capacity of 34,584 all seater; used by Errege Iparekialdeko

Group E: República Guanacasteca vs Savojarna (MD1)
Group C: Sargossa vs The Askari Union (MD2)
Group B: Ardengard vs Nyowani Kitara (MD3)
Group H: Eura vs Kiltoch (MD3)
Round of 16: TBD


Azucena, as a whole, is a city where lilies are naturally grown, and Lirio, is the municipality and capital of the province. Known as an agricultural hub, Lirio is well-known as the main exporter of Lillies around Hispinas as well as other agricultural products.


Estadio Municipal de Lirio - Capacity of 35,221 all seater; used by Azucena CF

Group F: Soldera vs Cassadaigua (MD1)
Group D: Mytanija vs Cabo Azure (MD2)
Group A: Astograth vs Hispinas (MD3)
Group G: Tikariot vs Brookstation (MD3)
Round of 16: TBD
Quarterfinals: TBD


Vigano is Hispinas' heritage city, as there is a portion of the city where ancient and historic places were restored meticulously to preserve their heritage. This is where most stony roads are still existing. Vigano is also known as the pastry capital of Hispinas, having been the originator of the well-known Vigano Cupcakes, which is the insignia of the province of Magdalena. Well-known pastry chefs have been born and raised in Vigano and other outlying towns municipalities.


Estadio Provincial de Magdalena - Capacity of 30,000 all seater; used by Gimnastic Vigano

Group B: Nyowani Kitara vs Pasarga (MD1)
Group H: Eura vs Pridnestrovia (MD1)
Group E: República Guanacasteca vs Yuezhou (MD2)
Group C: The Askari Union vs San Ortelio (MD3)
Round of 16: TBD
Quarterfinals: TBD


Mascardo, known as Maskagrad in Rusko language, is capital of Hispinas' only Rusko-majority inhabited province, Nuevo Transnistria. Most of the Rusko populace came from Pridnestrovia, some may look for refuge in the nation. Rusko influence have slowly crept into the province which was previously known as Santa Granada, which was renamed to its current name as recognition to the Rusko populace.


Stadion Maskagrad - Capacity of 40,000 all seater; used by Dinamo Mascardo

Group C: The Askari Union vs Eastfield Lodge (MD1)
Group A: Bollonich vs Astograth (MD2)
Group H: Kiltoch vs Pridnestrovia (MD2)
Group F: Oberour Ar Moro vs Soldera (MD3)
Round of 16: TBD
Semifinals: TBD


Piedramarilla is one of the southernmost locations in Hispinas, located near the border with an unoccupied portion of land. There are not so much significant details about the municipality but their stadium was one of the recently built in preparation for the town's entry in the La Liga Hispinas in time for the 2206 season.


Estadio Jose Aguirrez Plancha - Capacity of 28,885 all seater; used by Deportivo Piedramarilla

Group A: Isle Noire vs Astograth (MD1)
Group G: Nephara vs Brookstation (MD1)
Group F: Cassadaigua vs Oberour Ar Moro (MD2)
Group D: Cabo Azure vs Takeshwar (MD3)
Round of 16: TBD


Last but not the least, Malklan is the number one tourist destination for Hispino tourists, with white sand beaches and numerous lighthouses around the coast. The government of Malklan have recently done infrastructure projects to build stadiums and arenas for their sport teams, but restrictions have caused the capacity to be limited to a certain size only. To compensate, the government has announced that matches inside the arena will be projected around the big screens around the beach in order to attract more fans and have the tourists be able to be part of the experience even if they are not attending the matches physically.


Estadio Costero () - Capacity of 25,000 all seater; used by Malklan CF

Group B: Southwest Eastnorth vs Ardengard (MD1)
Group H: Gatchingerrak Union vs Kiltoch (MD1)
Group E: Savojarna vs Darmen (MD2)
Group C: Eastfield Lodge vs Sargossa (MD3)
Round of 16: TBD
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Postby Hispinas » Mon Nov 08, 2021 8:29 am

Group Draw
Conducted by Renato Solgado

Link to actual draw - Apologies for too low speech volume and too high background audio.

Group A
Isle Noire

MD1: Hispinas vs Bollonich at Estadio Nacional en el Castillo, Mandrid
MD1: Isle Noire vs Astograth at Estadio Jose Aguirrez Plancha, Piedramarilla
MD2: Bollonich vs Astograth at Stadion Maskagrad, Mascardo
MD2: Hispinas vs Isle Noire at Bag-ong Natad, Cebuenas
MD3: Isle Noire vs Bollonich at Istadyum sa Probinsya ng Catarungia, Cebuenas
MD3: Astograth vs Hispinas at Estadio Municipal de Lirio, Lirio

Group B
Nyowani Kitara
Southwest Eastnorth

MD1: Nyowani Kitara vs Pasarga at Estadio Provincial de Magdalena, Vigano
MD1: Southwest Eastnorth vs Ardengard at Estadio Costero, Malklan
MD2: Pasarga vs Ardengard at San Jose Estadioa, Seviguio
MD2: Nyowani Kitara vs Southwest Eastnorth at Athletic Estadioa, Vallezul
MD3: Southwest Eastnorth vs Pasarga at Estadio Metropolitano de Mandrid, Mandrid
MD3: Ardengard vs Nyowani Kitara at Probintziako Estadioa Haranbehera, Haranbehera

Group C
The Askari Union
Eastfield Lodge
San Ortelio

MD1: Sargossa vs San Ortelio at Bag-ong Natad, Cebuenas
MD1: The Askari Union vs Eastfield Lodge at Stadion Maskagrad, Mascardo
MD2: San Ortelio vs Eastfield Lodge at Estadio Metropolitano de Mandrid, Mandrid
MD2: Sargossa vs The Askari Union at Probintziako Estadioa Haranbehera, Haranbehera
MD3: The Askari Union vs San Ortelio at Estadio Provincial de Magdalena, Vigano
MD3: Eastfield Lodge vs Sargossa at Estadio Costero, Malklan

Group D
Cabo Azure

MD1: Mytanija vs Takeshwar at Athletic Estadioa, Vallezul
MD1: Cabo Azure vs Græntfjall at San Jose Estadioa, Seviguio
MD2: Takeshwar vs Græntfjall at Istadyum sa Probinsya ng Catarungia, Cebuenas
MD2: Mytanija vs Cabo Azure at Estadio Municipal de Lirio, Lirio
MD3: Cabo Azure vs Takeshwar at Estadio Jose Aguirrez Plancha, Piedramarilla
MD3: Græntfjall vs Mytanija at Estadio Nacional en el Castillo, Mandrid

Group E
República Guanacasteca

MD1: República Guanacasteca vs Savojarna at Probintziako Estadioa Haranbehera, Haranbehera
MD1: Yuezhou vs Darmen at Estadio Metropolitano de Mandrid, Mandrid
MD2: Savojarna vs Darmen at Estadio Costero, Malklan
MD2: República Guanacasteca vs Yuezhou at Estadio Provincial de Magdalena, Vigano
MD3: Yuezhou vs Savojarna at Athletic Estadioa, Vallezul
MD3: Darmen vs República Guanacasteca at San Jose Estadioa, Seviguio

Group F
Oberour Ar Moro

MD1: Soldera vs Cassadaigua at Estadio Municipal de Lirio, Lirio
MD1: Valladares vs Oberour Ar Moro at Istadyum sa Probinsya ng Catarungia, Cebuenas
MD2: Cassadaigua vs Oberour Ar Moro at Estadio Jose Aguirrez Plancha, Piedramarilla
MD2: Soldera vs Valladares at Estadio Nacional en el Castillo, Mandrid
MD3: Valladares vs Cassadaigua at Bag-ong Natad, Cebuenas
MD3: Oberour Ar Moro vs Soldera at Stadion Maskagrad, Mascardo

Group G
San Isidro Labrador

MD1: Nephara vs Brookstation at Estadio Jose Aguirrez Plancha, Piedramarilla
MD1: Tikariot vs San Isidro Labrador at Estadio Nacional en el Castillo, Mandrid
MD2: Brookstation vs San Isidro Labrador at San Jose Estadioa, Seviguio
MD2: Nephara vs Tikariot at Athletic Estadioa, Vallezul
MD3: Tikariot vs Brookstation at Estadio Municipal de Lirio, Lirio
MD3: San Isidro Labrador vs Nephara at Istadyum sa Probinsya ng Catarungia, Cebuenas

Group H
Gatchingerrak Union

MD1: Gatchingerrak Union vs Kiltoch at Estadio Costero, Malklan
MD1: Eura vs Pridnestrovia at Estadio Provincial de Magdalena, Vigano
MD2: Kiltoch vs Pridnestrovia at Stadion Maskagrad, Mascardo
MD2: Gatchingerrak Union vs Eura at Bag-ong Natad, Cebuenas
MD3: Eura vs Kiltoch at Probintziako Estadioa Haranbehera, Haranbehera
MD3: Pridnestrovia vs Gatchingerrak Union at Estadio Metropolitano de Mandrid, Mandrid

Round of 16

RS1: Hispinas vs Nyowani Kitara at Estadio Jose Aguirrez Plancha, Piedramarilla
RS2: Sargossa vs Mytanija at Stadion Maskagrad, Mascardo
RS3: Yuezhou vs Oberour Ar Moro at Estadio Costero, Malklan
RS4: Nephara vs Eura at Estadio Municipal de Lirio, Lirio
RS5: Southwest Eastnorth vs Astograth at San Jose Estadioa, Seviguio
RS6: Cabo Azure vs San Ortelio at Probintziako Estadioa Haranbehera, Haranbehera
RS7: Cassadaigua vs Savojarna at Estadio Provincial de Magdalena, Vigano
RS8: Pridnestrovia vs Brookstation at Athletic Estadioa, Vallezul
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Postby San Isidro Labrador » Mon Nov 08, 2021 12:19 pm

San Isidro Labrador Copa Rushmori Roster

Nickname: Jornaleros
Formation: 3-5-2
Style: -2
Manager: Eliseo Alguacil

GK #1 Kalikrates Sorriqueta, 28
GK #12 Alonso Alarcón, 33
GK #23 Andrés Palacios, 23

CB #2 Rutenio Castaño, 30
CB #3 Armando Sousa, 27
CB #4 Garapasio Albarracín, 32
FB/WB #13 Masimiliano Moret, 27
FB/WB #14 Romeu Núñez, 25
CB #15 Eleazar Feijóo, 28
CB #16 Luca Galán, 27

LWB #5 Segismundo Caldeira, 29
CM #6 Démosthène Carrière, 33
CM #8 Dámaso Lombardi, 28
CM #10 Plácido di Stefano, 31
RWB #7 Oriol Godoy, 24
WB #17 Diego Berrocal, 27
MF #18 Camilo Novoa, 25
MF #19 Mauricio Fonseca, 27

ST #11 Juan Francisco Ferrero, 28
ST #9 Guillermo Villalobos, 34
FW #20 Gael Cicerón, 29
FW #21 Xavi Hidalgo, 26
FW #22 Nacho Ballester, 23

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Goalscoring Events: No
Injure Players: Small things, every two of my players you injure, one of yours must be injured
Godmod Injury Events: No
Red Card Players: Yes, one for one on each team
Yellow Card Players: Yes, two on my team for one on your team
Godmod Other Events: No

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Postby Graintfjall » Mon Nov 08, 2021 7:14 pm

Kit credit (IC: Ferideia; OOC: Tikariot)

Team name: Græntfjall
Trigram: GRÆ [GRF when not available]
Demonym/adjective: Græntfjaller
Team nickname: Snow Wolves

Coach: Image Igrene Cantor
Assistant coach: Image Bríana Sigurbjarnsdóttir

Igrene Cantor will forever have a place in Græntfjaller hearts: since taking over, she led them to a Cup of Harmony and then a first ever World Cup qualification. The only wrinkle is that in between, she was powerless to prevent the now-traditional Round of 16 exit at CR 38. As such, while she’s definitely not on the hot seat, another failure to reach at least the quarterfinals would probably raise the temperature to lukewarm. Græntfjallers can be pretty ungrateful sods. With Torsten Oliversson moving on, Igrene has been given the opportunity to choose her own assistant manager in a “you can have any color so long as it’s blue” deal i.e. picking only from Græntfjaller candidates. She selected Bríana, an injury prone journeywoman striker turned manager, who had success bringing a team up from the second division last season. Quiet and fairly intellectual, and a fan of modern analytical techniques, Bríana is seen as a good contrast to Igrene.

Squad: A 23-person squad has been named for the tournament. Generally those numbered 1-11 will be starters, except that Tinni, Álfar and Lara will start instead of Jade, Jason, and Johanna.
  • The Græntfjaller Premier League is gender-mixed and it is seen as uncontroversial for men and women to play alongside each other. -son names are men, -dóttir names women (+ Jasmijn), -bur names gender-neutral [they/them/their].
  • The financial status of football in Græntfjall is improving, and million+ NS$ contracts are increasingly common. Because the GPL isn’t especially strong, most NT players and hopefuls ply their trade abroad. I normally conduct transfers through the Transfer Window but if you have a desire to sign a player and a particular storyline in mind I may be open to arranging a transfer outside that; send a TG/DM.
  • In general, Græntfjaller players are athletic and have excellent whole-match fitness, disciplined, and not prone to violence or emotional outbursts. They are, however, not tremendously skilled. A particular type of footballer, nicknamed “BFG” (Big Fucking Græntfjaller), is associated with the country, normally playing in roles such as center back, defensive midfielder, or center forward. The new crop of, predominantly though not exclusively, female central midfielders somewhat eschew this stereotype and there have been growing attempts to get more skilful players into the lineup, most notably Sara Kristoffersdóttir.
  • Græntfjall did not traditionally appoint a designated captain, and instead had the starting 11 elect a captain before each captain, but this tradition has largely been abandoned. Hjörleifur Reynarsson serves as captain and Emeli Vilbertsdóttir as vice-captain. In the unlikely event of both being absent you may RP anyone wearing the armband.
  • Timing note: In my timeline this occurs 2 years after the last CR and 1 year after the last CoH. It occurs alongside the next GPL season, and between Transfer Windows 33 and 34. Any players on foreign teams will be assumed to be given leave. Ages shown here are consistent with past CRs; variance with domestic listings need only be corrected if it’s greater than 2 years apart.

1. Björnólfur Ernestisson (25) Image Yeaddin Owls (caps: 48, goals: 1)
Appearance: Six and a half feet of lanky excellence. Shorn head. Slightly craggy features, might have a bit of troll in him.
Personality: Enthusiastic, innocent, and ever so stupid.
Profile: Long groomed as the goalkeeper of the future, Björnólfur has become the regular #1. There’s no doubting his physical attibutes, but his communication with his back line isn’t always the best and there are occasional stinkers. Massive boot on clearances. Only Græntfjaller goalkeeper to have scored in international play, but his use as an extra BFG target at corners should be strictly limited to last minute elimination stakes scenarios. Off-season bidding war made him the most expensive goalkepeer in national history.

12. Gabríella Hárlaugsdóttir (27) Image Southrons-Errant (17)
Appearance: Tall for a Græntfjaller woman at 6’, with a strong lower body. Very pale skin and gray-blue eyes; very long black hair, usually worn behind a colored headband.
Personality: Dedicated to her training regime, and takes no shit from anyone. Not the easiest to get along with.
Profile: As a pure shot-stopper and with the ball at her feet playing it out, Gabríella has proven herself the #1 option, but she’s missing Björnólfur’s physical presence in goal.

23. Fabian Snæþórsson (33) Image Rosbank Town (9)
Appearance: Well over 6’, with a startlingly small head for a man of his height and wingspan. Freckled redhead, but more of a sandy brown than pure red.
Personality: Affable journeyman. The third goalkeeper is traditionally the social secretary for tours, and Fabian has grown to enjoy this role so much he hopes he never gets promoted off the bench.
Profile: Once looked on as the next big thing in Græntfjaller goalkeeping, Fabian has faded from the light a bit but carved out a competent career overseas. He should not be needed, but if he is, can probably do a job, or at least fail in a way that will prove suitably hilarious.


2. Elektra Lúthersdóttir (28) Image Yeaddin Owls (68, 1)
Appearance: Short (5’2”) and slim. Pixie-cut reddish-brown hair and dark brown eyes. Light freckles that come out in the sun.
Personality: Easy-going on off-days. A bundle of neuroses on match-days, culminating in what is now a well established tradition of vomiting moments before kick-off.
Profile: When fit, Elektra has been the undisputed best player at a position where Græntfjall has seen more turnover than most; unfortunately, she’s been beset by recurrent injury worries. They don’t seem to have robbed her of her pace, through she’s not quite as sturdy a tackler as she used to be. Occasionally chips in with a good corner kick as she is little threat in the air; for a full back, she is surprisingly poor at throw-ins. Married to Tom Ernestisson.

3. Emeli Vilbertsdóttir (30) Image Altendalur (117, 3)
Appearance: 5’3” with a wiry build. The moment she starts running around her pale complexion turns ruddy. Dark green eyes; naturally wavy brown hair that she straightens and wears in a tight ponytail.
Personality: Intelligent and compassionate. Hated her brief stint as captain and generally shirks the limelight. Enjoys playing chess and board games.
Profile: Emeli was named the team’s MVP of the World Cup finals, where her increasing transformation into a genuine left wing-back repeatedly opened up attacking options and allowed Sara to cheat infield. The team’s most rounded defender, good in all phases of the game. Indiscretions from CoH78 continue to haunt her and fans can occasionally be seen waving [non-sentient] kettles or irons. Don’t ask.

4. Hjörleifur Reynarsson (32) Image Steinaux (85, 9)
Appearance: 6’7” and built like a brick shithouse that has survived multiple kraken attacks. Short dark hair and a short beard. Not a handsome man but people tend not to point this out within range of his overlarge ears.
Personality: He is a true leader of men; he is an indefatigable warrior; he is a supreme athlete and a genuine offensive threat. He is also dumb as an especially dumb rock.
Profile: In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king and in Græntfjall, the land of BFGs, the center back with even passable footballing skills enjoys similar renown. Hjörleifur is not the best footballer in the world, but his above-average passing and confidence on the ball married to his outstanding size, fitness, leadership, and game knowledge, have led him to MVP honors in the GPL, and now, the long awaited captaincy.

5. Stefan Jokulsson (28) Image Gladerial United (30, 1)
Appearance: Absolutely terrifying.
Personality: Friendly, open-minded, not the deepest of thinkers. Surprisingly hen-pecked by his wife.
Profile: The first Græntfjaller to play in the Eternal Empire, the 6’9” “Folte Tower” is no beanpole, packing a solid frame to go with his prodigious height. As the Biggest of Big Fucking Græntfjallers, he excels at the physical side of things, with the football side of things coming as something of an afterthought.

13. Jasmijn Spiderlair (22) Image Korsbach uncapped
Appearance: Typical Kamdyr features: darker than Græntfjallers with dark, slightly slanted eyes, and long dark hair worn in a complex plait. Medium height, wiry build.
Personality: Intelligent, reserved, likes to speak second so she can get someone’s measure.
Profile: The first Kamdyr to ever represent Græntfjall in international football, Jasmijn is a member of the Kamdyr nomadic community. She recently completed a loan spell at AC Olarria in Astograth. She’s an attacking left wing-back, prone to the odd defensive error, but with good skills on the ball and a powerful throw.

15. Grímúlfur Gunnþórsson (25) Image Mühlrich (2)
Appearance: A true BFG: tall, muscle bound, and with a physiognomy suggesting he’s can count the Ice Giants among his immediate ancestors. Short dark blonde hair.
Personality: A serious lad who works hard. Fairly conservative in his cultural and political outlook.
Profile: Clearly being groomed as the (literal) next big thing, Grímúlfur has leapfrogged Mathias Kristersson and Fredrik Thorleifsson to the front of a very long queue of center backs. Yet to fully link up his physicality to footballing excellence (i.e. about as likely to head into his own goal as the opposition man, but wherever it’s aimed it’ll be an absolute bullet).

16. Alyssia Noahsdóttir (20) Image GT Molding uncapped
Appearance: Strikingly snow-blonde, heavily freckled, wides purple-blue eyes. Medium height and slimmer build. Short sleeves reveal tattooed forearms.
Personality: As wide-eyed as she looks. Excitable and still trying to take it all in.
Profile: Alyssia’s call-up comes as Michelle Matteosdóttir is slow to recover from a lingering injury, and is a vote of confidence in Elektra Lúthersdóttir’s fitness. An attacking right-back who was one of the brighter spots of the Under-18 World Cup we don’t talk about, but a very raw prospect.

17. Tom Ernestisson (28) Image Inland Peaks (60, 4)
Appearance: 6’3” and solidly built. Handsome in a windswept, square-jawed, Viking warrior sort of way. Shaggy brown hair and brown eyes; has picked up a deeply unfortunate moustache in the off-season.
Personality: Genial team player who gets on with everyone. He can almost write in joined up letters, which makes the rest of the BFG corps regard him as something of a dangerous intellectual.
Profile: Tom has been in and out of the side, somehow accumulating 50 caps and a goal in the Cup of Harmony final without ever nailing down a starting role; such is the life of that most ill-fated of players, the third best center-back in Græntfjall. Played right-back covering for his injured wife during the World Cup finals and has also played defensive midfield. Good for an occasional monster free-kick. Married to Elektra Lúthersdóttir.


6. Jade Miansdóttir (28) Image Porter City (41, 4)
Appearance: Tall, angular, strong. Dark hair worn in a ponytail and streaked with premature gray that she embraces. With her cold gray-blue eyes, she’s a severe, though not unattractive, looking woman.
Personality: Calm, chill, and fond of a drink, Jade is pretty easy-going, but works hard in training.
Profile: Now the wrong side of 27, Jade will probably never be a regular first-team starter, but her career has had its moments. Happier playing a in a deep-lying role which Igrene’s system doesn’t cater for, she’s a hard-working trier with a bit more skill than the average BFG holding midfielder, but as a tweener has never managed to leap ahead of the more physical players or compete with the quicker forward players.

7. Sara Kristoffersdóttir (24) Image Wirr Tsi (45, 9)
Appearance: 5’3” with a fairly stocky build. Long blonde hair, worn in a ponytail. Blue-eyed. Sleeve tattoo on her left arm.
Personality: Loud, boisterous, impossible, crude, trouble-making. If she weren’t good at football…
Profile: …but, she is. The debate about whether she’s worth the trouble she brings with her is over: she’s just too good to leave out of the team. One of the few national products to marry speed, skill and vision to aggression and determination. While she prefers a more solo attacking midfield role, she’s developed into a fine left-winger. Her maverick playmaking touch can get away from her at times, but she’ll run the field relentlessly wherever she’s deployed.

8. Amanda Guttisdóttir (28) Image Holdenberg City (119, 30)
Appearance: Short and fairly slight. Dark hair in a long ponytail. Keen dark eyes. Has a runic tattoo on her wrist.
Personality: Outgoing and friendly, intelligent and capable, one of the more balanced members of the squad. Has been dealing with off-field issues with admirable aplomb.
Profile: Amanda started young, and has become the most capped player in national history. Yet her career has had its ups and downs: she struggled in a deep-lying role for which she wasn’t physically suited, seemed to thrive under Kang Guilin as an attacking midfielder, and has now had a more mixed time of it under Igrene, whom she likes personally, but whose approach doesn’t always suit her. She’s clearly being eclipsed by Sara as the team’s most talented playmaker. Always regarded as a system player, she’s still a good one, and has developed into a very dangerous free-kick specialist.

10. Johanna Álvgeirsdóttir (26) Image Megabrantid (47, 8)
Appearance: 5’8”, somewhat slender. Blonde hair in a ponytail, blue eyes. Has developed a bit of a tan. Her left arm is heavily tattooed but she almost always wears long sleeves.
Personality: Introspective and self-doubting, Johanna might be the most complex in the squad. She pushes herself hard and sometimes she’s not the easiest to get along with; at other times, she celebrates as hard as anyone and cries her heart on a teammate’s shoulder.
Profile: Johanna has been a mercurial figure who divides opinion. When she’s in the starting lineup, there’s criticism that she’s not as creative as Sara or as physical as a typical BFG; when she’s not, everyone’s calling for her to get her place back (only then to repeat the same criticisms). With improved fitness and conditioning she became a regular starter but has now lost her place again to Tinni as Igrene seeks additional physical solidity in the mdifield. Fast and with a good free-kick; a bit injury-prone.

14. Ari Hlynursbur (24) Image Ituraitz FC (7, 1)
Appearance: 5’4”, slim, with pale skin, short blonde hair, blue eyes. Generally dresses in neutral clothing when not playing.
Personality: Quiet and shy, though not unfriendly once they get to know people well. A bit more intelligent than the average footballer and enjoys spending their free time reading and listening to indie music.
Profile: Ari began their career as a central midfielder but lacked the physical size for it; their speed and accurate crossing made them a better fit for a wide role. Two-footed, they like to work cutting moves inside, but aren’t very comfortable shooting from range and tend to always look for one pass too many.

18. Tinni Grímólfursson (24) Image Avenida Leal (21, 1)
Appearance: Lumbering 6’2” who’s added muscle in recent seasons. Short dark blonde hair. Pretty severe ice-blue eyes.
Personality: The exotic places he calls home are total contrasts to his steady, stoic disposition. A courageous battler and a teammate who’d rather die than let someone down, even though Amanda told him it was just a vending machine and to let it go.
Profile: Tinni is the most surprising inclusion in the first team, having featured little in the World Cup campaign, but being preferred to the oddly out-of-favor Johanna Álvgeirsdóttir. In her place he offers a much stronger physical presence. His huge right boot (he has no left whatsoever) made him a feared free-kick specialist in Tequilo; he’s now moved to Farfadillis. Has played in DM, CM and RM roles.

19. Álfar Ásvaldursson (30) Image Marlesee 97 (73, 5)
Appearance: 6’4”, broad shouldered, and powerfully built. Shaggy dark hair and a trimmed beard. An immense tattoo on his chest is normally covered by a shirt.
Personality: Doesn’t let playing in midfield get in the way of drinking with his BFG buddies. Very humble and down to earth.
Profile: Jason Voorhees, if he decided to terrorize opposition attacking midfielders instead of horny camp counsellors. Álfar was voted MVP of the first successful WC qualifying campaign in national history only to miss the finals with injury, which has been something of a recurrent issue over the years. A powerful physical presence in central midfield, lacking the pace or touch of a quality attacking option but still far more complete as a footballer than the brutish defensive midfielders the Snow Wolves used to favor, when he’s fit he can rightly claim to be world-class. Unfortunately, he increasingly rarely is able to stay on the park for 90 minutes.

21. Kæja Finnvarðsdóttir (20) Image Altendalur (7, 1)
Appearance: Quite short and slender. Pixie-cut blonde hair and blue eyes; very pale. Cute as a button.
Personality: Kæja lacks the big personality she’ll need if she is to one day command the midfield; for now she seems happy staying on the sidelines, learning and observing.
Profile: Generally regarded as the most promising youth prospect to have come through the ranks, Kæja is a creative central midfielder in Amanda’s style, with an excellent set-piece but concerns about her lack of size and confidence.


9. Jason Þórhallursson (28) Image Herzegovina City (106, 71)
Appearance: 6’4”, muscular. Short dark blonde hair. Blue eyes. Grows a tournament beard. Irritatingly handsome.
Personality: Usually gregarious and friendly, when not weighed down by the pressure of expectations. Built like a BFG but more intelligent, sometimes to his own detriment.
Profile: Jason is the all-time leading national goalscorer, but his poor performance in World Cup finals and terrible CR record has cost him his starting place. A barrel-chested striker who has the odd touch of skill but mostly relies on sheer physical presence to get his goals, on his day he’s unstoppable, but those days seem more common for his club than his country.

11. Eiríka Jonathansdóttir (30) Image Starling (57, 16)
Appearance: Tall, wiry. Messy blonde hair and hazel brown eyes. Pale skin gets ruddy when she gets hot, and she sweats an improbable amount.
Personality: Intense and driven. Wants to start, wants to score, wants to make a name for herself, and doesn’t care too much whose body she has to step over to get there. Not a complete asshole, but a solid three-quarters of one.
Profile: A natural goal poacher who doesn't score that much in blue-and-white colors; a speedster who came back from a devastating knee injury; a social media star accompanied by her boyfriend Kyrri, who will have popped his shirt off by the end of this sentence (ah, there it goes); a club legend who demanded a transfer when her club refused to address fan bigotry. Eiríka is a mass of contradictions. She is looking to thrive in her preferred 9 role with Jason on the bench, though he gets to keep his number.

20. Lara Auðunsdóttir (26) Image St Thomas (20, 8)
Appearance: Tall, lithe, with red hair worn in a ponytail. With a billion freckles, green eyes, and skin so pale she doesn’t show up in photographs, she sticks out a bit from the mostly blonde squad!
Personality: Warm and friendly, but doesn’t let that get in the way of a cutting, competitive determination on the pitch.
Profile: Lara has had a career renaissance since leaving the Audioslavian league where she was struggling for the smaller pond of The Licentian Isles, where she’s become a whacking big fish. Her goals have led to her, somewhat shockingly, displacing Jason in the 9 role (if not number). A talented goal scorer, sometimes doesn’t have the strength to hold up the defense on her own.

22. Ásvarður Bergmundursson (27) Image St Astons City FC (39, 9)
Appearance: 6’3”, and his shoulders are about as wide. With his angular features he can be a bit scary in dark lighting; when he steps into the light he’s much, much scarier, not helped by an unfortunately monk-like bald patch amid his blonde hair and severe blue eyes.
Personality: Stoical trundler in the uncomplicated BFG model: so long as he gets his beer, and his goals, hopefully not in that order, he’s content. A bit more intelligent than the defensive guys he hangs around with, but not to the level of Jason and Justiina, which can leave him a lonely figure at times.
Profile: A traditional Græntfjaller striker, Ásvarður has carved out a solid international career as Jason’s back-up; what his role is in the new system is less clear. Still, as a big head and a powerful energy surge, he remains a good choice for a late game super-sub.

Style modifier: 0


A 4–1–3–2 that relies on Elektra and Emeli pushing up for width while Sara and Tinni drift inside. Both strikers are ‘9’ players, so how they will share roles remains to be seen.

RP permissions:

Choose My Scorers: Y
Godmod Scoring Events: N
Hand Out Yellow/Red Cards: Y, but be sensible; I use a self-enforced rule of a 1 match suspension for 1 red card or 2 yellow cards, but I won’t apply this to your players without your permission.
Injure My Players: Y, you can say they are injured but let me decide the severity and consequences.
Godmod Other Events: N, but if you ask first I’m open to any roleplay angles you have in mind.
Additional permissions:
  • Please don’t have my players, staff, or fans engaging in violence without my permission.
  • If you use non-photoshopped photographs, please don’t say they’re my players without asking.
  • In general I’m open to most things so long as you ask.
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Cabo Azure National Football Team "Las Maçaricas"
After a deep run in the Baptism of Fire followed by an uninspired qualifying campaign that saw them finish in the bottom half of their group, Las Maçaricas seek to establish some consistency with this Copa Rushmori. The sports rags in Cabo Azure declare that every tournament will be the last for gaffer Paulinho, and message boards fill up with "#PaulihnoOut" after each loss, but so far he remains the only man ever to helm the Maçaricas. This tournament, Paulinho has tough manning decisions to make between veterans who have served the team from the beginning and the younger generation who have moved overseas and begun to grow into their roles. The Maçaricas will seek to get out of their group, having been elminated in dramatic fashion by Cassadaigua the last group stage match of CR38.

The Goalkeepers
GK: Rufino Antunes-27 y/o-Lagostim
GK: Ambrosio Gomez-18 y/o-Olympic Thessia (MYT)
GK: Vicente Leitao-20 y/o-VIlhardy Owls (TKT)

Abilio Carreira officially announced his retirement the day his longtime club, Cidadela, were mathematically relegated from the Liga Hidalgo Primer, evidently not wanting to ply his last season in the murky depths of Azurean football. The heir apparent is Rufino Antunes, a tall, athletic shot-stopper from Lagostim, a perennial IFCF contender from the backwater island of Dulce Muerte. Backing up Antunes and looking over his shoulder are two youngsters who've moved overseas; Leitao has improved since moving to Tikariot, but Gomez is likely to remain the #2 for now.

The Defenders
CB: Deodato Medeiro-21 y/o-Sao Vicente
CB: Gabriel Mendez-28 y/o-Sao Vicente
LB: Amilcar Branco-21 y/o-Dhun Lagarr (TKT)
RB: Ademar de Lima-21 y/o-Sao Vicente
FB: Marcelinho Costa-20 y/o-Regium Immortal (OAM)
CB: Donato Brandão-18 y/o-SC Lagos (BOL)
CB: Adão Moniz-21 y/o-Reschensreppur (GRF)

The retirement of team captain Gustavo Macedo combined with a training camp injury to Julio Fernandez leaves the defensive corps somewhat in the lurch without capable replacements. The age and experience, or the lack of both, speaks volumes for how this defensive corps is expected to do; while Branco and de Lima each have double-digit caps to their names, the rest are expected to make their international debuts in this tournament. Græntfjall-based centerback Adão Moniz is a late addition to the squad to round out the sparse substitute options. Gabriel Mendez remains a capable centerback, though how he does when not paired with the legendary Macedo remains to be seen.

The Midfielders
LM: Abilio Serra-32 y/o-Lagostim
CM: Quirino Alves-31 y/o-Villa Arboles
RM: Marciano Ferreira-26 y/o-Sao Cristobal
CM: Leonel Medeiros-30 y/o-Lagostim
MF: Fulvio Dantas-28 y/o-Cidade de Prata
MF: Raul Gonsalves-20 y/o-FC Aursback (BRO)

Paulinho looks to keep the core three of Serra-Alves-Ferreira from qualifying, but otherwise few familiar faces among the midfielders. Fulvio Dantas is listed as a midfielder despite his having mostly played forward for the national team, a sign of the dire straits in which the team finds itself without the old guard.

The Forwards
CF: Adalberto Montenegro-32 y/o-Villa SIlva (C)
FW: Ademar Carriço-33 y/o-Villa Silva
FW: Cleto Silveira-22 y/o-Vantanoch FC (TKT)
FW: Vasco Gouveia-19 y/o-Tikariot City FC (TKT)
FW: Nelson Botehlo-24 y/o-Villa Arboles

The only sub-unit to remain largely unchanged from the qualifying campaign, the Maçaricas' forwards continue to find the back of the net at a reasonable clip even if the emphasis has become more democratic as Silveira and Botehlo have emerged as alternatives to the once-talismanic Montenegro. Now wearing the armband, Montenegro will be expected to be less selfish and play more with his back to goal, setting up chances for his teammates as much as taking them himself.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Preferred Goalscorers: Montenegro, Silveira, Branco
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
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Postby Isle Noire » Mon Nov 08, 2021 10:30 pm

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: No
Godmod Other Events: No

Isle Noire National Football Team

The Sentinels

Manager: Lars Merrington (51)
Formation: 4-4-2
Style Mod: +0.5

GK Kenzi Issington (24), FC Masaka
RB Lyra Penn (28), Masaka City
CB Rea Gomm (25), Pennington Gyora
CB Atwater Lynne (23), Masaka City
LB Typhon Gadsby (31), Cyda Mountain
RM Ysba Magari (24), FC Masaka
CM Banjai Ansott (27), Pennington Gyora CAPTAIN
CM Kerri Piloscyk (30), Century Boita
LM Mynt Toscek (22), Cyda Mountain
ST Doyru Larsta (25), Parrington Casta
ST Jett Dotsara (29), Century Boita

GK Ellara Boheim (23), Masaka City
GK Rhia Lott (22), Century Boita
RB Pyntha Gresharian (27), Rhada Gyora
CB Yanta Plott (20), Cyda Mountain
CB Jara King (33), Ankara Boita
LB Taria Moss (19), Pennington Gyora
RM Arla Pixel (25), Cyda Mountain
CM Annette Goer (23), FC Masaka
CM Baia Kane (22), Katahari
LM Imogen Kilimanjaro (24), Masaka Dyta
ST Lumoski Penthaven (28) , FC Masaka
ST Malda Jusovin (23), Katahari
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Postby Cabo Azure » Thu Nov 11, 2021 12:08 pm

Cabo Azure 2-0 Capo Azul

No  Pos. Name 
GK Antunes
RB de Lima
LB Branco (off 45')
CB Mendes (off 45')
CB Medeiro
RM Ferreira
LM Serra
CM Alves
CF Montenegro (C) (goal 17') (off 45')
LW Silveira
RW Carriço

LB Costa (on 45')
CB Brandão (on 45')
CF Botehlo (on 45') (goal 74')
A chippy, highly technical match that was unfortunately overshadowed by off-field antics. The fledgling Capo Azul team put up a strong fight against the more experienced Maçaricas side, playing an attractive brand of attacking football that forced new starting goalkeeper Rufino Antunes to make a couple athletic saves in the early minutes. Soon, however, the all-out style of the newer side betrayed them, and the Maçaricas retreated into their own half to pick apart the Azulero midfield.

Montenegro opened the Maçaricas' account in the seventeenth with a powerful header off a corner. The Capo Azul team answered back with two impressive goals, both of which were called back for being clearly offsides. Following multiple subs for both sides, the second half started slow, especially when play had to be stopped twice for foreign objects on the pitch (more on that elsewhere). Nelson Botehlo scored toward the end of the half, hopefully pressaging big things for him this Copa, but the remainder of the match was rife with distractions as the fan boxes descended into pandemonium.

It was six A.M. on the southwest coast of Portelo, the first rays of light cresting the Colina Real and glancing into the windows of Mario Borges's house. He woke suddenly, hearing the familiar buzz of his cell phone on the night stand, then relaxed when he remembered where he was. It was dark and still in his bedroom, his wife sleeping unperturbed beside him, the ocean a dull drone just a stone's throw from the window. Mario lay quietly, embracing the calm and waiting for his heartbeat to slow. Twenty years in the military, followed by nearly thirty in government as a cabinet minister and then prime minister, had programmed him to fall asleep and wake at a moment's notice, but in retirement he had no reason to move quickly anymore.

Retirement. The word felt foreign. Mario had always been focused on the next thing; the next promotion, next campaign or event, or just making it to the next day as PM. His time in office had been cut short by a vote of no confidence at the start of his third year, and for the first time he hadn't known what to do. He'd retreated home to plot his next move, only home was no longer the one-room adobe house on the southern moors of Dulce Muerte where he'd grown up. Instead, it was this palatial residence that he'd purchased on his retirement from the military. This house facing south, where on a clear day one could see the northern shore of the island of Aho and imagine the skyline of Sao Simone, the capital, beyond. This house where Matilda, the beautiful village girl who'd watched his first football game, had lived the past thirty years, much of it alone while he toiled away.

He got up, moving slowly to not wake Matilda, and pulled on his robe as he stepped onto the widow's walk overlooking the water. The tide was in, and the choppy surf wove between huge boulders on its way to crash into the coast. The air was tepid and damp, full of spray, and a sea breeze tossled Mario's thinning gray hair. Turning to block the sound of the wind against the mouthpiece, he held his phone to his ear and returned the call that had awoken him.

"Mario." It was Vanessa Gonçalves with the Sol, a journo he'd groomed from a cub. He'd given her plenty of exclusives over the years, and in exchange she'd always given him a heads up when something was coming his way. "Is this a bad time?"

"No," Mario answered. "No time is bad anymore. I've got nothing but time. What is it, Vanessa?"

"Have you seen the news from Sao Simone last night?"

"What news?"

"So that's a no. Hang on." His phone buzzed, and he saw she'd sent him a message. Opening it revealed a link to an article in the Notícias Esportivas, one of the football rags that made its money reporting transfer rumors and player indiscretions. From the lead, he thought it was a match report of the previous night's friendly against Capo Azul, which Mario had tried and failed to stay up and watch. A silly affair, he thought, two obscure countries with similar names playing a friendly to reduce the chances of being mistaken for one another, but it was to be a good shake-down for the boys ahead of the Copa. Halfway through the paragraph, Mario realized the article wasn't about the match at all; it was about the riots that had followed.

"Talk about burying the lead," he muttered into the phone. "Amateurs."

"They are, but they're not wrong. The whole country watched Sao Simone burn last night after the match."

Mario kept reading. The Capo Azul fans had flown in for the match and, like their Juven cousins, made complete goons of themselves in the process. Several fights were reported in the stands during the match, along with multiple pitch invasions which resulted in delays in the match itself. The ninety minutes were allowed to run out, with the Maçaricas winning "doiz a zero", but the Azuleros took to the streets, burning cars and starting fights at a faster pace than the Sao Simone police were prepared to handle.

It got worse. A group of Azurean fans had apparently rallied and confronted the visitors in the Parque Nacional, in front of the building that housed the Assembly. The reporting described the altercation as an all-out brawl, with police confiscating mace, billy clubs, and even firearms in the aftermath. Pictures interspersed throughout the article told the tale better than the amateurish reporting; trees burnt, statues defiled, trash everywhere and, an image that would no doubt become iconic, a graffito spraypainted on the gates of the Assembly building:

"Capo Azul é a porra do Capo Azul real"

"Capo Azul is the real fucking Capo Azul."
Population: ~500K
Capital: Sao Simone
Demonym: Azurean
Sports played: Football
OOC Reference

Arquivos de Esportes (Domestic Newswire)
Current timeline is June 2018 (as of the end of WCQ 91)
BOF 76 Runner-Up

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Postby Pasarga » Thu Nov 11, 2021 2:47 pm

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players N
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players Y
Godmod Other Events Y


Pasarga Roster
Nickname: Wanderers
WCC Ranking: 8th
Most Caps: Mór Császár (196)
Most Goals: Ingþór Auðbjörnsson (124)

Image Image Image

Home Away Third
Modifier: +1

Manager: Kirk McDonagh Image, age 57
Assistant: Timi'sala Koarena Image, age 45

GK: Borka Szekeres, age 31, CA Paulinthal (F)
GK: Szescõ Mezei, age 29, Hellinic Rouge
GK: Hajna Pálffy, age 31, Rammsissil Image (F)

For several years, Mezei had been the unquestioned number one between the goalpost for the Wanderers, with having blossomed at a young age for the Spartans on the domestic scene and kept getting better. However for whatever reason the last tournament or two has seen his dominance in the position while on international duty diminish and as such, Szekeres has managed to snatch away the number one shirt for the Copa. She has performed above all expectations in those games that she has been given the nod for and the fans of the squad will hope that with her now having the starting spot, that she will continue that and not crack under the newfound pressure she will be under.

LB/LW: Rudy Yáñez, age 24, CA Paulinthal
LB: Lõrinc Vass, age 29, Hellinic Rouge
CB: Michel Sarrazin, age 25, Hellinic Rouge
CB: Fruzsina Budai, age 29, CA Paulinthal (F)
CB: Mozes Szölôsi, age 23, Tanrısal
CB: Vidor Kovách, age 23, Duke of the North
RB: Mojmira Jović, age 30 Tanrısal (F)
RB: Viktor Szôcs, age 23, Hellenic Rouge

It is a changing of the guard at the back and with how poor the defense did in the Finals for the Wanderers, perhaps it comes a tournament too late. All the same, there has been mass changes in the defense that was at the Finals and the one that has arrived for the Copa, with only Vass and Budai having survived the clearing out of the defense. What has been called up is a bunch of players who have performed greatly in the SuperLiga for a lot of the traditional powers in the league and as well as Kovách from Duke of the North, a club somewhat infamous in their ability to produce outstanding defenders. There is a lot of youthful prospects here, with the stellar defense on the domestic scene from Hellinic Rouge seeing three of their starters being called into the tournament.


RW: Nándor Slots, age 28, FK Metropola Borograd Image
RW: Ildiko Kálmán, age 29, Lujano Image (F)
AMC: Ilona Kárpáty, age 22, CA Paulinthal (F)
A/MC: Márió Szölösi, age 29, Ulsa Image
D/MC: Ubul Kuruc, age 27, Kitara AA Image
D/MC: Csongor Sebeôk, age 23, Hellinic Rouge
LW: Vojmil Topić, age 25, CA Paulinthal
LW: Pellegrin Csapó, age 29, Marque Image

After decades of the strikers taking the spotlight in the Wanderers' team, we may be entering an era where it is once again a strong midfield that is the key to the success of the national team. With players mostly in the prime of their careers or about to enter it, it is a core of players than can be built around at least another World Cup or two in mind. The middle of the park is stacked with vastly talented players and with the once in a generation talent that is Vojmil Topić on the left wing, it is a strong group. There is some concern about the right wing, with the international retirement of Erik Földessy, leaving a giant question mark if either Slots or Kálmán can fill that position with the same talent and consistency as the CAP winger did for a decade. On the whole, the entire midfield is talented and promising, with everyone really interchangable apart from that left wing position, where one will expect Vojimil to be the terror for any fullbacks to have to deal with.


LW/ST: Elek Salai, age 23, Ibini FC Image
AML/ST: Boriska Nagy, age 27, Spartangrad Image (F)
ST: Najiyah Lubanah Mifsud, age 28, Stein-los Turkish (F)
ST: Mihály Bernát, age 28, Revolutionaires Image

There is a common saying that speed kills and that seems to be the thinking with the use of both Salai and Nagy as the starting strikers, though make no mistake, both are very technically gifted as well. However both have seen streaks of inconsistency, which has definitely hurt the team at times over the last few World Cups. Should that prove to be the case, that is where either Mifsud or Bernát come, who are not quite as fast as either Elek or Boriska but are more well rounded strikers with a proven scoring track record for their domestic sides. Salai has the potential to be a superstar and has at times shown that promise, but the lack of consistency is holding him back from that stardom and perhaps being a true focal point of the attack.

Formation And Tactics

McDonagh does not look to upset the usual Pasargan outlook too often, although he will not be exclusively looking at very pacy players the way that Griffiths was known to do while in charge of the team. The Wanderers will look to build through the middle with a slightly possession based system that looks to get the most out of their midfielders and wingers who are the workhorses of the team. The team will open up against teams they look to be significantly better than on paper but will otherwise try to keep a more methodical approach, believing that their determination will eventually find the solution to getting past the opposition.

Captain: Márió Szölösi
Corner Taker: Vojmil Topić
Set Pieces: Márió Szölösi
Penalties: Elek Salai
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Postby Yue Zhou » Thu Nov 11, 2021 5:49 pm

月州联合共和国 - 国际足球队
Badge and kits designed by Txakhaxi's Tahuatxi Storefront.

Would Kang Guilin take Yuezhou to new heights, or crash and burn? In a country so desperate for certainty and concrete answers, it would turn out to be neither. Third place in the qualifying groups and a humiliating group-stage exit in the Cup of Harmony certainly weren't good, but it was universally agreed that Kang had the team playing the most attractive football Yuezhou had ever seen, and there was optimism that Kang could get results next cycle. As it turns out, a rare heart condition led the southerner to retire from international management, but his legacy of attacking football may live on. Successor Ken Hayabusa, the first foreign manager of the Dragons since Alex Cartwright some two decades ago, promises more of the high-flying, possession-based play that brought Kandorith back to the World Cup. Whether it succeeds or fails will be up to time.

Home, Away, and GK kits designed by Tahautxi. See the video reveal here.

Manager: Ken Hayabusa, 46

Ken Hayabusa made his name in Kandorith with Higaku Antlers, earning promotion to the First Divison, and with Imakazawa Ravens, where he won four leagues and two cups in a legendary tenure. But it was his time with Kandorith's national team, where he took an ailing Lotus Warriors organization to a historic Cup of Harmony title and a return to World Cup qualification, where he really staked his claim to be one of the world's best managers. A huge enjoyer of life and football, he's usually cheerful and passionate, but can be calm and strict when needed. Taking a paternalistic approach to management, he believes wholly in team synergy and in his players' ability to play together, as well as in stylish attacking football. He's shown time and time again that his approach will work in Kandorith - how will it translate to Yuezhou?

Assistant Manager: None [left vacant since the Alba and Cymru Incident]
Nickname: The Red Dragons
Formation: 4-3-3 (!)
Style Modifier: +3 (!?)
RP Permissions:
Preferred Goalscorers: None preferred, feel free to consult the below guide for help
Godmod scoring events: TG/DM before doing so
RP injuries to my players: Yes (I determine severity)
Godmod injuries to my players: TG/DM before doing so
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, TG/DM if more than one
Godmod other events: TG/DM before doing so
Other: If you plan to RP the match extensively, please mention by players by name (as opposed to “the Yue striker…” or similar). Also, please consult me before using images meant to represent my players.

Home Stadium: either Yübao, Nangang (cap. 48,000) or The Meridian, Jiangdong (cap. 46,000); feel free to choose one if not previously specified.

Ken Hayabusa believes in controlling and attacking football, something that puts him at odds with virtually every other national team manager in Yue history. The priority is winning first and foremost, and Hayabusa is tactically flexible, but with a bevy of attacking talents to choose from, he's confident that the right eleven exists that can play beautiful football and win in a nation desperately in need of both. There may be a learning curve from the counterattacking football that Yuezhou is known for, but this is still a surprisingly skilled team with representatives from some of Rushmore's finest leagues, and this could really be a team to watch after a few matches.

With the ball, the team will play quickly and creatively, focusing on controlling the ball and dynamically exploiting weaknesses in the opponent's defense. Jiawei maintains some defensive coverage on the left flank, but if the game is under control Reeve will float forwards to provide width in the attack, forming a sort of 3-2-5 (Wen will also join the attackers) shape. Liu Huiying plays as a creative false-nine type, who will serve as a sort of offensive hub while dropping into midfield. Huang Shedong, formerly a striker, will play as a right inside-forward, using his speed to make runs in behind the shoulder of the defense and his technique to create and convert chances once in the box, while Luo provides width and support from the left-hand side. Wen Xiaohui and Li Jing, the two non-holding midfielders, will both be aggressively moving forward to join the attack and set up chances, with Wen often interchanging with Liu. Jiawei and Zhu Aiguo are relatively uninvolved in the attack, although Zhu's ball-carrying often helps progress the ball in Yuezhou's third of the pitch, but Guo Xiawei offers an interesting tactical alternative with his passing ability, and will be driving up often to create a 2-3-5 shape.

Without the ball, the team defends from the front, relying on the pace and industry of the front three to harry opposing defenses and force mistakes. There sometimes is a sense of there being "attacking" and "defensive" blocks, the latter being comprised of the defense, Wan, and sometimes the versatile Li, and the former being everyone else. While this may feel somewhat disjointed in the early days, the idea is that successive lines can react quickly to the press being broken and move up to compensate and close off space. The fullbacks also tend to play very conservatively without the ball and in transitions, although Reeve will sometimes push up to counterattack, giving the team a solid defensive base without the ball to work from.

Score a Goal - Liu Huiying, Huang Shedong, Luo Dan
Score from Distance - Li Jing, Wan Sheping, Liu Huiying
Assist a Goal - Wen Xiaohui, Liu Huiying, Luo Dan
Score off a Header - Wan Sheping, Yuan Mingrong, Luo Dan
Win a Free Kick/Penalty - Liu Huiying, Luo Dan, Huang Shedong
Get Sent Off - Wan Sheping, Wen Xiaohui, Guo Xiawei
Get a Yellow Card - Wan Sheping, Zhu Aiguo, Guo Xiawei
Come Through in the Clutch - Li Jing, Liu Huiying, Lu Qiang


#01 - GK - LU Qiang (陆蔷) (f) - 33 - Guerrilla Cathair (AUD)
From an actual guerrilla in the Yue Civil War to Guerrilla Cathair, Lu Qiang is a fighter above all else. On the pitch, she’s more modern, better at playing the ball from the back, but undoubtedly worse at actually stopping the ball from going into the net.
#14 - LB - JIAWEI Chuan (佳薇川) (f) - 28 - Tihon (CMT)
A quick, crafty full-back (or wing-back, or even winger if Yuezhou is really parking the bus) whose biggest weakness is a propensity to get forced off the ball. Will likely play more defensively than Reeve on the right-hand side.
#06 - CB/CDM - GUO Xiawei (郭夏伟) - 30 - Ming (CMT)
Formerly a makeshift libero in a back three, Guo Xiawei has often been redeployed as a defensive midfielder. One of the first of his generation of Yue players to sign abroad, for since-relegated Tanques AOE of the Ko-orenite Top League, Guo has flashes of brilliance with the ball and is very good at reading and intercepting passes, but tends to make unforced errors on defense worryingly often. Is being thrown into the fire by Hayabusa, who hopes that his much-improved passing and dribbling touch will allow him to flourish in a back four.
#05 - RCB/RB - ZHU Aiguo (朱爱国) - 31 - Iturributa United (ASG)
An aggressive, versatile defender who likes to win balls and push forward with them. A center-back by trade, Zhu has unexpectedly become Yuezhou's starting right-back - his emergence at the position has earned him a transfer to Astograth as well as his starting spot. Inheriting the #5 kit from former captain Han Jian.
#13 - RB - Diadora REEVE (f) (利朵拉) - 26 - Coret Hawks (NPH)
Diadora Reeve is an athletic, attack-minded fullback who provides an interesting tactical option for Yuezhou in place of Zhu Aiguo. We think she had a Yue grandfather or something, which is why she's turned up on the Yue national team despite everyone previously thinking she was Nepharim.
#08 (C) - CM/CAM - LI Jing (李精) - 31 - Steinaux (GRÆ)
Li Jing is very quick and excels on the counterattack as a creative or goalscoring threat. Has enjoyed increased praise lately for his exploits in Græntfjall due to the beginning of normalization in relations between the two countries.
#19 - CDM/CM - WAN Sheping (万射平) - 24 - Wirr Tsi (CMT)
An old-school, defensive-minded midfielder who's surprisingly good in the air despite being 5'8". Earned a move to countryman Zhaxi Nanlei’s Wirr Tsi squad a few seasons ago, and is rapidly becoming one of the best young players in Chromatika and a key figure in the newly-minted Red League juggernauts.
#18 - CAM - WEN Xiaohui (f) (文小辉) - 28 - Libertas Bergheim (SVJ)
Wen Xiaohui, the niece of controversial star midfielder Wen Xiaoli, has rapidly developed from Yuezhou’s next big thing to a star in her own right. She wasn't a great tactical fit for Yuan Zilai's or Lu Jialan’s style, but her pace and playmaking more than merit her inclusion in the first-choice starting eleven, and her breakout WCQ87 was a rare bright spot in an otherwise miserable qualifying campaign.
#22 - LW/RW - LUO Dan (罗丹) - 28 - Coquitlam United (KSK)
A more mobile forward who can deputize capably on either wing or as an attacking midfielder, Luo is a dangerous scorer known for his quick-burst runs behind the defense, although he can be a little selfish at times. Will be playing as more traditional winger, but is also capable of playing as an inside-forward on the right or dropping back into a wide midfield position.
#10 - AM/SS - LIU Huiying (f) (刘辉映) - 28 - AFC Corvistone (NPH)
Liu’s speed and devastating passing ability make her one to watch with every counterattack. Her high workrate, even on the defensive end, should theoretically make her a good candidate to slot into attacking-midfield, where she now plays at the club level as well in the Zenith.
#09 - RAM/ST - HUANG Shedong (黄舍东) - 31 - Coret Hawks (NPH)
While not particularly good at hold-up play or in the air, Huang's blazing speed and technique mean he excels at exploiting gaps in the opponents' defense with his dribbling and short passes. A strong finisher, but relatively unproven leading a line by himself - maybe playing as an inside-forward will actually be better for him?


#12 - GK - ZHAO Deliang - 20 - SC Jiangdong
An absolute goalkeeping phenom who won a historic Golden Ball (both in terms of position and age) en route to Jiangdong's first league title in years. A cool, confident, and physically imposing general on the pitch, albeit a bit traditionalist in playstyle.
#23 - GK - GUO Yanhong - 30 - Dhun Lagarr FC (TKT)
A modern sweeper-keeper and competent shot-stopper who is aggressive to a fault, but who is having a strong enough season in Tikariot to earn a call-up.
#02 - LB - KANG Enlai - 32 - Corvette Maulers (NPH)
The most ambitious of the full-backs on the roster, Kang is the best source of width on the team (although that probably says more about the team than it does about Kang). Strong athleticism and crossing ability, although he is a bit one-dimensional on the attack.
#16 - CB - YUAN Mingrong - 27 - Ararat (MYT)
An intelligent, cultured young center-back who's solid but still a bit raw with the ball. Showed enough promise in Mytanija as the best defender in an admittedly underwhelming Ararat defense to earn a shot, as well as an unexpected nomination to the Testículos longlist.
#27 - CB - LI Jianguo - 24 - FC Einheit Marnau (STL)
Despite his young age, Li is incredible on the ball, at his best in a three-man defense where he can make surging runs and spray accurate long-range passes with either foot. The physicality isn't quite there for a grueling qualifying campaign, although he’s working on it.
#25 - RB - DONG Xiaowang - 22 - Megabrantid (SRS)
A pacy, strong fullback well-suited to the modern game, although his rawness on the defensive end will make him more of a long-term project for new club Megabrantid. Could be creatively deployed as a winger in a pinch.
#07 - CDM - YANG Tao - 32 - Fagli Cinquanta (SOR)
Energetic but not particularly skilled, Yang will be tasked with pressing aggressively, winning balls back before passing them to someone more creative, and kicking opponents to stop attacks when he's on.
#15 - CM - FANG Yuhui (f) - 24 - North Granby (CDG)
Not the most physically imposing, but seemingly endless stamina and excellent positioning mean she shows up almost everywhere on the pitch when needed to make a tackle. Not great offensively, but improving.
#11 - AM - TAO Beiliang - 29 - Korsbach (GRÆ)
A relentless source of energy, aggression, and creativity, Tao is still pretty inconsistent at times, but is a great student of the game. Originally outshone even Li Jing when the pair went abroad together, but his career has stalled a bit with Korsbach.
#77 - RW/LW - JIANG Jieren - 24 - Osarese Marcadia (AUD)
An incredibly quick winger, Jiang’s ball-retention skills need to work and he tends to play with too much ambition. Still, he’s absolutely electric when on, with a combination of scoring and playmaking on the counterattack that could really make an impact. Had a strong start to his national team career, but finds himself the odd man out in a less direct front three.
#36 - AM/ST - ZHENG Yuanjun (f) - 25 - Fiskadaha (PFA)
An intelligent, versatile attacker, Zheng is much more skilled as a playmaker than as a scorer, although her ability to find space with her runs has still gotten her a decent scoring record. Will be able to substitute both as a false-nine, an inside forward, and an orthodox winger, making her tactically invaluable to this team's bench.
#21 - ST - JI Weibo - 24 - Brantisvogan (SRS)
While selfish to a fault and not the easiest personality to work with, Ji Weibo laid waste to South Newlandia to the tune of 17 goals in 22 matches and is off to a strong start with his new club. A pure poacher who’s posed an increased long-range threat as of lately, Ji isn’t much of a team player but can arguably lead a line by himself better than the less physical Huang can, and could be a real option off the bench.
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The United Republics of Yuezhou (月州联合共和国)
Leader: Premier Ren Qiang General Chen Guochuan Governor Zheng Zhoulun President Wu Zhongsheng President Wu Zhongsheng
Capital: Nangang • Population: ~35,000,000

proud owners of the worst-ever UICA/IFCF home defeat (Dynamo Dalian 0-9 Ararat, IFCF CC 5)
Property of Savigliane

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Postby Nephara » Sat Nov 13, 2021 5:40 am


World Ranking:
Preferred Formation: 4-2-3-1
Secondary Formation: 4-4-2 / 4-3-3
Style Modifier: -1
Home Stadium: The Farham Arena in Sabrefell is reserved for the biggest games, but Nephara is a large enough country that it spreads its matches across the nation.
Kit Supplier: Kirola
Nickname: The Cormorants

From a certain perspective, the Cormorants were deeply unfortunate last cycle, acing their group only to get matched against the World Number 1 in the second round. Yet there's been little pity from the Cormorants' camp; after all, to be the best, you have to beat the best, and if you don't win, well, it's much of a muchness. It will, however, display a return to Kirola after a decade with ediraf.

Overall Record
601 wins - 110 draws - 134 losses
1977 scored - 994 conceded

Baptism of Fire 51
Cup of Harmony 61
World Cups 74 and 87
Eagle's Cup 5
4 Cope Rushmori - 30, 35, 36, 37
5 Campionati Esportiva - 6, 8, 10, 15 and 18
Only the second nation in history to achieve the 'Triple Crown' of WCC titles - represented by three stars on the crest.
Second in footballing ability only to 6PupperFunnerRunnies.

Most Caps
172 - Hadrian Belfast
162 - Rowena Strongbow
155 - Elaine Ashdown
153 - Chimera Moxham
150 - Estrella Hawke
149 - Roxelana Thorn
143 - Dieter Konoval
141 - Tosca Marlowe
137 - Cathy Stokes
136 - Tanith Rainsford
134 - Michael Brandon
129 - Adnan Szalai
128 - Tawny Shone
126 - Anna Shrike, Malachite Scharner
120 - Kurtis Bastable
116 - Dale Brightley, Diandra Ballard, Sasha Christener, Penumbra Amokachi
114 - Monako Saroszi
112 - Konrad Gosforth
111 - Calliope Katskalidis
108 - Gerhard Thunder
107 - Marcin Close
106 - Hesterine Mercator
104 - Rook Cathar
103 - Keith Rowland, Sieglinde Lohengrin, Ilyana Brosch
100 - Leona Rafford

Most Goals
91 - Estrella Hawke
68 - Kurtis Bastable
65 - Penumbra Amokachi
63 - Chimera Moxham
57 - Gerhard Thunder
55 - Rook Cathar, Rowena Strongbow
50 - Elaine Ashdown

Most Clean Sheets
44 - Diandra Ballard
33 - Hesterine Mercator
30 - Apostolos Tsattalios
28 - Portia Thrift, Kieron Riordan
24 - Reece Coleman, Andreas Swoboda

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y*
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y**
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y***
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: N

* Brand takes set pieces when on; otherwise, Koerner does. Basilisk takes penalties.
** I'll have the final say on how long the player will be out, but feel free to make them look severe as you want.
*** One per match.

Nepharan football is based around playing hard, pressing aggressively, playing for keeps. Occasionally this leaves gaps behind the high defensive line, though most Nepharan goalkeepers are in the sweeping mould these days to compensate. Marchers are, by and large, a physically imposing folk, and eager to throw their size around. The footballing culture is intensely competitive, and those that survive to make their way to the top are hellbent on winning at any cost. Elbows to the face. Subtle digs in the ribs. Diving is dishonest when opponents do it but streetwise when Nepharim do it. In short, Nephara are the bully from two years above who picked you, specifically, out as a natural target.

That is often the foreign perspective, but it overlooks a key fact; Nepharan football can honestly be beautiful to watch. Generations of players brought up on dry plains or asphalt play the ball quickly and fearlessly along the ground, never sideways when there's a forward option open, always looking to stretch and probe and stay one really good pass away from a goal. Nepharim are undoubtedly physical, even cynical, but their success has been built off the backs of ruthless, fast-paced passing football.

The Godhead
For home matches, and during international tournaments, Nephara wheels out the 'Godhead', a giant boulder with an eerie resemblance to Gethin Ramsey, first manager of the Cormorants in the modern era and by now long dead. Nepharim have a superstitious streak, and while nobody's saying it is, in fact, the mystic reincarnation of their most iconic leader, nobody's quite not saying it, either. The Godhead is traditionally 'walked' to the stadium by Nepharan ultras using an intricate series of ropes, and often a flare is wedged into its 'mouth' to simulate a smoking cigar.

Manager - Triffid Ramsey - Age 49
Assistant Manager - Catherine Sedgwick - Age 60
Daughter of the legendary Gethin Ramsey, Nephara's Baptism of Fire manager and (probably) the first manager to take three different nations to the World Cup, but Triffid's eager to get out from under that shadow. A very good but not excellent player, Ramsey took naturally to management and pursues a more modern version of the elder Ramsey's ideals - industry backed by data, athleticism backed by sport science, pace backed by skill. Catherine Sedgwick is a former national team player and formidable manager in her own right, here to offer a steady hand at the tiller and keen tactical mind. Together, they won the World Cup. What else is there to say?

1 - GK - Aranea Provost (Image Spartangrad) - Age 30 - 81 caps, 41 clean sheets
WC87 Champion
Anyone with any sense has their eye on Provost. She's sharp, spry, with the height and deceptive power to command her area, and only getting better year on year. Her sights are set on the very top, as she has the potential to be one of the best in the game.

12 - GK - Raluca Garamond (Image Sabrefell Athletic) - Age 30 - 15 caps, 6 clean sheets
WC87 Champion
A languid, reliable goalkeeper with a rare command of her area. She might not be the most eye-catching of shot-stoppers, but her judgement and anticipation are second to none. Garamond will reliably concede slightly fewer goals than expected without ever really being flashy about it.

20 - GK - Fasolt Senninger (Image AFC Treason) - Age 33 - 15 caps, 4 clean sheets
Another former Stags backup who had to leave for fresh air, Senninger combines the physique of a shaved bear with balletic reflexes. He wound up returning to his hometown club, and his excellent form has lead to a national recall as well. An excellent, graceful shot-stopper, but lacking in the finer things.

2 - RB - Rovena Stride (Image AFC Treason) - Age 31 - 121 caps, 10 goals
C75 Galactico, WC87 Champion
Stride's surname is apt. She's fast; very fast, and just gets the simple things right. All of them at once, racing upfield for overlapping runs to lash in raking low crosses, before tracking back at full speed to put in a crunching sliding tackle. A world-class player, and the goalscorer in the WC87 final; this will be her final tournament for the Cormorants.

3 - LB - Radeka Lind (Image Jinja City FC) - Age 24 - 38 caps, 4 goals
WC87 Champion
Lind still looks somewhat coltish, but it belies her unerring eye for a challenge. It's Lind's unabashed love of taking the ball away from people that's her standout in a country that tends to like its fullbacks forward at every opportunity; Lind swings in a vicious cross, but her inherent caution is well-suited to the international game.

5 - CB - Reniira Clevinger (Image Herzegovina City FC) - Age 27 - 72 caps, 13 goals
WC87 Champion
The first half-satyr - indeed, the first non-fullblooded human - to represent the national team, Clevinger essentially looks like a hulking 6'8" woman with blue skin and stubby, vestigial horns poking out of her scalp. Unsurprisingly, she's also the tallest person in Cormorants history. That's handy as a centre-half, and helped her score two goals in WC87.

6 - CB - Miska Brabanzon (Image Sabrefell Moths) - Age 28 - 32 caps, 2 goals
WC87 Champion
A pugnacious, bruising centre-half who flies eagerly and viciously into challenges. The hope is that Brabanzon and Clevinger will be the new Thorn and Brosch, going forward, just as they've been at youth level and in the Eagles Cup - this, despite playing for the two sides with the most enduring rivalry in Nephara. She offers more silk and dynamism to go with the steady Clevinger's steel.

17 - RB - Pristina Soeringer (Image Stein-los Turkish) - Age 27 - 37 caps, 3 goals
Diminutive when she came through the ranks, Soeringer learned to fight dirty from the low ground, before late-blooming into a powerful specimen. She can play dirty or firm-but-fair, and boasts an excellent cross and the nous to know when to surge forward. A superb allrounder.

18 - LB - Tanya Islinger (Image Vermillion Rage) - Age 28 - 15 caps
Lean, versatile and pacy, Islinger emerged as a specialist wingback, and is still at her best on the overlap. A player who has done the hard yards at the wrong end of the table, and is determined to make the most of the chances she's got in the green and black.

22 - CB - Shosanna Bruhn (Image Soldarian FC) - Age 28 - 30 caps, 1 goal
An atypical centre-half in many ways. For one, she comes from a wealthy family; for another, she's extremely tidy and reliable in possession. But don't let either of those things lull you into thinking she can't handle herself in a fight. She's had to deal with her fair share of doubters over qualifying, but Ramsey believes in her ability to keep and use the ball.

4 - HM - Rook Timekeeper (Image Sabrefell Moths) - Age 27 - 46 caps, 1 goal
An elegant player with a strapping physique, Timekeeper offers both silk and steel in equal measure. With pace, technique and strength, he roves the midfield not only able to whisk the ball away, but with plenty of ideas for where it can go afterwards. A thumping shot doesn't hurt, though in fairness it's usually thumped into the stands, or a nearby street.

7 - RW - Anselm Koerner (Image 1830 Cathair) - Age 30 - 66 caps, 15 goals
WC87 Champion
Surprisingly, a winger without all that much flair. Koerner's best aspects are blinding pace, bruising muscle and relentless physicality, and he's set to ride that to the top. Nobody really expected him to be the one of his class to make it, but the difference might just be top-class athleticism and the workrate to use it. He's always, always running.

8 - CM - Lothaire Cromwell (Image AC Izotz Zubia) - Age 30 - 86 caps, 19 goals
WC87 Champion
Cromwell is the kind of player whose statistical multi-scale radar looks like a circle. He held down the midfield for the U21s and can certainly play that role, but at heart he needs to run, and room to run forward into the box at the perfect moment. He's tall, strong, fast, he'll brawl, he can pick out a pass, and he's already a leader of the team.

11 - LW - Kendra Considine Ramsey (Image AFC Treason) - Age 28 - 54 caps, 10 goals
WC87 Champion
The wild card of the team. Considine's international future was an unknown for the longest time, and those closest to the player assumed she'd represent Schottia. She's Triffid Ramsey's adoptive daughter, and has no actual blood ties to Nephara. But she's ambitious, at heart, and with Schottia out of current contention, has seized her opportunity to bring her particular brand of fey lethality to the world stage.

13 - RW - Severine Reed (Image Raynor City United) - Age 26 - 44 caps, 16 goals
Elegant and refined, despite coming from Stahlburg, Reed's instantly recognisable from the intricate and connected vine tattoos linking both arms. She's also instantly recognisable from the absolutely vicious right-footed deliveries of crosses and shots.

14 - AM - Thalassa Fletcher (Image La Nueva Avenida) - Age 27 - 25 caps, 8 goals
No, not that Fletcher, the other Fletcher. Exene is the rags-to-riches story; Thalassa's got pedigree and is living up to it. Not as likable a person, not seen as a natural scrapper, but living in Farfadillis at times like these proves she's harder than given credit for. Statuesque, arrogant, and crisp on the ball. Fletcher never puts a foot wrong. It almost feels like she plays the game in stiletti.

15 - HM - Sonya Belltower (Image Sabrefell Athletic) - Age 25 - 15 caps
Aptly, Belltower is tall, strong, powerful and keeps a good sense of timing. She's a scrupulously honest and fair holding midfielder, which is probably her largest flaw. Still, she does have the required cynicism, and backs it up with game intelligence, physicality and an excellent passing range.

16 - CM - Pernille Brand (Image Brinemouth) - Age 27 - 19 caps, 5 goals
A beautifully elegant player on the ball, with boundless vision and a passing range to match. Unusually for stereotypes of Nepharan players, Brand isn't particularly physically robust, though she's certainly not unathletic. She's also not quite the most consistent of players. But on her day, she can single-handedly win a midfield battle. 16 is her signature number, for whatever reason.

19 - RW/LW - Ysabet Belgrade (Image Sabrefell Moths) - Age 29 - 57 caps, 13 goals
WC87 Champion
A combative firebrand on and off the pitch, Belgrade really just wants to make trouble. Bad things happen to defenders when she's involved. Relentless when taking on defenders and making surging, violent runs that slam into opposing defences and scatter opponents in their wake.

23 - AM - Lindse Kvasina (Image Sabrefell Athletic) - Age 22 - 1 cap, 1 goal
Kvasina's arrogant even by Nepharan standards. She will, at least, track back. Even if she didn't, though, her natural poise on the ball and talent for improvisation would make up for it all. Poses far more of a risk off the pitch than on it.

9 - ST - Ruby Gjasula (Image Bastion) - Age 30 - 21 caps, 12 goals
Feisty, arrogant and with a remarkable eye for goal, Gjasula's meteoric rise to become one of the Goldleague's most feared strikers has been remarkable. Originally reliant on her pace, Gjasula's intelligence shines through with her runs, and her ruthless finishing helps round out a lethal forward.

10 - ST - Bravura Harper (Image Ulsa) - Age 22 - 6 caps, 2 goals
A brash, swaggering striker, Harper loves taking on first-time shots, and her hammer of a left boot ensures that isn't a waste of a chance. Backs herself to get on the scoresheet, sets herself high expectations, and has thus far been meeting them.

21 - ST - Latona Basilisk (Image Mâ Âlâmëómë) - Age 29 - 63 caps, 34 goals
C75 Young Galactico, WC87 Champion
Former Young Galactico Basilisk is self-assured to the point of parody, right to the point of having made 'Basilisking' - purported to be her petrifying stare one-on-one with goalkeepers - not only part of her brand, but trademarked. So you'd better believe it matters to say: she's very nearly as good as she thinks she is. Moxham decided only Basilisk had the moxie to pull off the 21 without her. Then came back to reclaim it. Now she's gone again, so Basilisk's gone through a lot of shirt numbers.
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Postby The Askari Union » Sat Nov 13, 2021 5:47 am


Preferred Formation:
Style Modifier: 3
Playstyle: The long spectre of Skorjiball has left a mark in a nation now trying to play more aggressive, fast-paced, energetic style.
Kit Supplier: Cloaker
Captain: Lux Siravoi
Nickname: la Delfenoj

Having survived the whirlwind of S K O R J I B A L L, the financial implosion of their league (which limps on still, just, without room for foreign players) and three political coups in short succession, the Askari belatedly limp on to new pastures. Having achieved mediocre results in the past at the regional level, it's, well, unlikely that can maintain.

Without foreign players or investment, the Legaskari is a shadow of its former self, which was in its heyday... not very good. All the best Askari players are abroad, and those who aren't yet, aspire to. There have been extensive recent overhauls, however, as the prior 'golden' generation has simply aged out. This is the weakest side in recent memory, and they'll be lucky to pick up a point.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: N

First-choice lineup.
The Askari have gained in confidence now, and are now able to play to their strengths. The Askari themselves tend to be smallish and more technically gifted than athletic, but a newfound emphasis on 'getting it up there' has taken over, and big lads from Eura have stabilised the spine of the team. Prior Askari sides have been more defensively focused and with an emphasis on pace, but Oslograd had taken to repeatedly yelling "THE BALL IS ROUND" at athletically-oriented plays in training, and it stuck.

Manager: Jehanne Scaletta - Age 37

Something of a coaching prodigy within the nation, Scaletta's ascended to the heady heights of being a first-team coach in the Nepharan second tier. She ... remains a coach there, but is moonlighting here in order to try and get a management job somewhere.

1 - GK - Dorothea Soumare - Age 29 - Branvon (KOR)
12 - GK - Michelle Gascon - Age 27 - Dinamo Sainati
18 - GK - Gianluca Combeferre - Age 20 - SSC Honneur

Soumare's the undoubted starter, distinctly overweight for a footballer but clever with her feet and great at distribution, as well as a good instinctive shot-stopper. Combeferre is the man of the future, Gascon the woman of the never.

2 - RB - Marcelino Clement - Age 27 - Dinamo Sainati
3 - LB - Desdemone Facchin - Age 29 - AS Sainati
4 - CB - Corrado Gavroche - Age 25 - Grigio Calcio
5 - CB - Agostino Montargis - Age 29 - FC Portus (NOV)
13 - LB - Bella Vesper - Age 28 - Hussards
17 - RB - Iohana Mercado - Age 22 - Athletic Club Olarria (ASG)
19 - CB - Hortense Agustine - Age 23 - Bul Khungur Miners FC (TKT)

A rash of international retirements means that the old guard gives way to the new, at least in part; The bruiser Montargis and the vespine Facchin are rougher, more athletic talents. Agustine has potential if she can ever keep her weight down, and she missed her entire first season in Tikariot with injury; Mercado is a dangerous attacking wingback and genuine threat.

6 - HM - Luc Balard - Age 24 - Dinamo Sainati
8 - CAM - Jean-Gianni Monte - Age 24 - Hussards
10 - RAM - Alessander Digne - Age 23 - Estdal (GRF)
11 - LAM - Delphi Clemaron - Age 27 - Ancarea FC (TKT)
14 - CM - Valentina Cavicchi - Age 28 - Arrowsmith (EUR)
15 - CAM - Laguna Santutxu - Age 31 - Cartagena Desert Foxes (OSR)
16 - CM - Angela Volpe - Age 26 - SSC Honneur
20 - LAM - Donatella Fontaine - Age 22 - Ming (CMT)
22 - RAM - Leo Kamara - Age 28 - AS Sainati
23 - HM - Iago Croque - Age 24 - AS Sainati

Suffering for the retirement of Lux Siravoi, both holding midfielders are young Legaskari locals. Balard is smooth and Croque brutal, but neither is good. Flaky, talented Cavicchi could be a source of quality, while Delphi Clemaron's something of a talisman after the international retirement of Ballarin, with Santutxu the creative fulcrum. They'll most likely just ignore the right wing. Little can be expected from the substitutes, though there's some raw talent there.

7 - ST - Sylvain Croxier - Age 29 - Alnio (CMT)
9 - ST - Renate Eskalza - Age 26 - Suttonville (EUR)
21 - ST - Olympe Riva - Age 21 - CFF Monthuez (KRY)

Muscular brawler Croxier's become an unexpected star in Chromatika, and none too soon with the retirement of Askari legend Sierra Aurtenetxe. Eskalza isn't far behind, and will likely replace him towards the end of most matches. Easily the strongest part of the squad.

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The Democratic People's Republic of the United Socialist States of Pridnestrovia is not overly familiar with humiliation. Failure yes, for there has been a lot of that since the entry of the Pridnestrovian Republic into the greater multiverse; but humiliation not so much. There are a lot of Copa Rushmoris that the Pridnestrovian Football Union would prefer to not speak about, but at least there was still some promise in this team of old men in CR 37 before they met Savojarna. Now it's time for yet another rebuild and restart, and once again fingers have been crossed that at the very least, Pridnestrovia will be able to make it out of the group stage of the Copa Rushmori on merit and not by the lucky happenstance of having some other teams in third place being worse than them.

Name of nation: The Democratic People's Republic of the United Socialist States of Pridnestrovia
Demonym: Pridnestrovian
Team colors: Green and red
Style modifier: +3.00 (still focused on attacking football but hopefully not to the extent of sacrificing defensive solidity this time around)
Formation: 3-5-2
Head coach: Basil Santa Cruz (37 y/o, Abanhfleft)

GK: Karl Vitaliyevich FENENKO 32 y/o, Paulsen FC Image (Abanhfleft)

RCB: Kazimir Ivanovich KOVALEVSKY 34 y/o, Botafogo de Maranao Image (Sultanate of Oontaz)

CB: Jason Edgar REUSS 31 y/o, Paulsen FC Image (Abanhfleft)

LCB: Zakhar Grigoriyevich BELOMESTIN 27 y/o, CSKA Tiraspol Image

RWB: Venyamin Vasilyevich TUROV 30 y/o, Kesselburger Kickers Image

RCM: Timofey Yanovich MARININ 29 y/o, Chernomorets Bratsk Image

CM: Bilal Azad KÜÇÜK 33 y/o, Rotor Dnistrosh Image

LCM: Miron Alekseyevich POLIVANOV 28 y/o, Admiral Novorossiysk Image

LWB: Ruslan Aleksandrovich KAPRIYANOV 30 y/o, Pilken Kickers Image (Abanhfleft)

CF: Vladislav Vladislavovich FOKIN 23 y/o, Masyafspor Image

CF: Osip Vsevolodovich ANGELOV 29 y/o, Atletico Bed Deg Image (Copper Cuprum)

GK: Ivan Kazimirovich KOSTIN
33 y/o, Gryphons Nubalochi Image (Sultanate of Oontaz)

GK: Valeriy Igorovich FALIN 25 y/o, Ufa Verkhovyansk Image

DEF: Tikhon Vladimirovich KOZAKOV 24 y/o, Sheriff Tiraspol Image

DEF: Daniil Lvovich POLYAKOV 28 y/o, Lokomotiv Novosverdlovsk Image

DEF: Lucas Arnim SCHEFFEL 35 y/o, FC 23 August Image

DEF: Anatoly Yakovlevich SAMARIN 24 y/o, Dnistro Dnistrolvovsk Image

MID: Ivan Yakovlevich TERESHCHENKO 31 y/o, Etazig Petroleum SC Image (Sultanate of Oontaz)

MID: Aleksandr Georgiyevich FEDOROV 27 y/o, Atletico San Sebastian Image (Abanhfleft)

MID: Dmitry Anatolyevich NOVIKOV 37 y/o, Pasargad Manitogoro Image (Sultanate of Oontaz)

MID: Vladislav Timofeyevich KUZNETSOV 20 y/o, Rotor Dnistrosh Image

FW: Maksim Nikitovich GURKIN 23 y/o, Chernomorets Bratsk Image

FW: Miron Fomich BEREZIN 28 y/o, Gryphons Nubalochi Image (Sultanate of Oontaz)


KITS (by Adidulas)

Win-loss record: 57-20-57 (penalty shootouts are counted as draws regardless of final result)
First international match: VS Aynard (W 6-0)
First win: VS Aynard (6-0)
First loss: VS Fratton (0-1)
Biggest win: VS Nurkama (9-0)
Biggest loss: VS Pasarga (2-6)

BOF 58: 6-1-2 (lost to The Hakifao Isles in the final)
WC 71: 6-2-6 (fifth in Group 12 of qualifying)
COH 63: 1-1-2 (knocked out by Zenic in round of 16)
CR 22: 1-0-2 (third in Group A)
CR 23: 3-0-3 (knocked out by Saintland in round of 16)
CR 24: 1-0-3 (knocked out by Valladares in round of 16)
WC 75: 6-4-7 (fourth in Group A of finals group stage)
CR 25: 1-0-3 (knocked out by Pasarga in round of 16)
CR 26: 2-0-3 (knocked out by Eastern Sunrise Islands in quarterfinals)
GCoS 2: 4-2-1 (lost to The Redvale in the final)
CR 27: 3-2-3 (lost to Nephara in third place playoff on penalties)
GCoS 3: 6-2-0 (champions, defeated Rhineland Sued in the final)
CR 28: 1-2-1 (lost to Sameba in the Round of 16)
WC 79: 5-0-13 (8th out of 10 teams in Group 1 of qualifiers)
CoH 71: 1-1-2 (4th out of 5 teams in Group F)
CR 29: 5-0-2 (runners-up, lost to Valladares in final)
CMC 1: 2-2-0 (lost to Terre des Gaules in Round of 16 on penalties)
CR 30: 3-0-2 (lost to Valladares in quarterfinals)
WC 82: 1-8-9 (10th out of 10 teams in Group 9 of qualifiers)
CR 31: 1-0-2 (3rd out of 4 teams in Group C)
CR 32: 0-1-2 (4th out of 4 teams in Group A)


New Army Stadium in Tiraspol is the home stadium of CSKA Tiraspol and can comfortably seat over 80,000 spectators following a three-year capacity expansion project.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes (but I decide the severity and length)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes (maximum of 3 per game)
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (only 1 per 2 games)
Godmod other events: Yes (TG me first before posting anything)
The Democratic People's Republic of the United Socialist States of Pridnestrovia
Leader: President Field Marshal Stepan Stepanovich Stepanenko

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Postby Sargossa » Sun Nov 14, 2021 6:38 am

Copa Rushmori 39

Sargossa - 'The Corsairs'

Head Coach

Brian McAllister (Tikariot)
It’s a little while now since Brian McAllister swapped the relative comfort of being a number two for the crucible of international head coachery. A key part of the backroom team that masterminded Tikariot’s highly impressive arrival onto the world stage, McAllister led Sargossa to the Copa Rushmori title and a fourth place finish at the Cup of Harmony. But World Cup performances have been increasingly underwhelming.

Backroom Staff

Assistant Head Coach: Gregory Wallen (Tikariot)
Assistant Head Coach: Miguel Marí
Defensive Coach: Iker Conde
Attacking Coach: Jordi Suárez
Goalkeeping Coach: Dario Almirón
Fitness Coach: Luis Miguel Sacristán
Team Doctor: Dr Carla Segura


GK: 1. Alejandro Martínez (29) – Sportivo Soluca
GK: 13. Sergio Arrabal (29) – Alianza Jucaro
GK: 25. Zacarías Cotilla (20) – Rubio Bayamo

As a teenager Martínez was touted as a future star by no less a luminary as former Corsairs’ keeper and coach Martín Tejera. He’s know showing exactly why he earned that praise. Sergio Arrabal spent his formative years as a hugely talented understudy at Ciudad Soluca. He had to move to Alianza to finally prove he had what it takes to be a number one. Cotilla provides a very highly regarded back-up option.

DR: 2. Tobías Figueroa (24) – El Nacional
DC: 5. Juan Esnáider (34) – Oriannor Mountaineers (Tikariot)
DC: 6. Sebastián Cáceres (20) – Sporting San Marquez
DL: 3. Alfonso Barrueco (25) – Ciudad Soluca
DLC: 12. Víctor Miralles (31) – El Nacional
DRC: 14. Máximo Moya (27) – Sporting San Marquez
DL: 19. Juan Manuel Martí (30) – Sportivo Soluca
DC: 21: Joaquín Sanz (20) – El Nacional

A reversion to a back three seems to have solved some noticeable defensive issues suffered by the side in previous campaigns. The side has looked much harder to break down, as shown at the Copa Rushmori in Mytanija. The experienced Juan Esnáider remains the leader at the back but the coaching staff have been searching around for real quality at centreback. Sebastián Cáceres could be the answer. The barrios of San Marquez look to have produced another gem. Miralles and Moya look likely to battle it out for the third spot. Figueroa and Barrueco are both comfortable ranging forward, and represent potent weapons in attack. Often at the expensive of their defensive work.

DMC: 4. Esteban Pomar (32) – El Nacional
AMR: 7. Édgar Elvira (27) – Dínamo Maturín
MC: 8. Enrique González (27) – Ciudad Soluca
AML: 11. Esteban Leguizamo (32) – Blacklake Blues (Taeshan)
AMRC: 15. Agustín Soria (25) – Sportivo Soluca
MC: 16. Facundo Franco (19) – Estrella Torreón
DMC: 18. Marcos Águila (26) – El Nacional
MC: 22. Juan Sebastián Varela (27) – Alianza Jucaro
AMLC: 24. Martín de la Cavallería (20) – Dínamo Maturín

If the wingbacks don’t push forward in support, there’s a danger in the midfield duo becoming overwhelmed. So a pairing with plenty of lung capacity is a must. Enrique González has become one of the first names on the teamsheet and is likely to continue partnering Juan Sebastián Varela, with Marcos Águila pushing both hard for a starting berth. Midfield destroyer Esteban Pomar and some exciting prospects will likely see plenty of action from the bench. The initial delight shown by the wingers at the appointment of a coach who might actually use them in the preferred roles has worn off since the recent tactical tweak, having found themselves as plan Bs once again.

FLC: 9. Mauricio Sainz (30) – Ciudad Soluca
FRLC: 10. Diego Alejandro Costa (32) – Ciudad Soluca
FC: 17. Mateo Manzanares (24) – Dínamo Maturín
FRC: 20. Juan Pablo Montenegro (20) – Alianza Jucaro
FL: 23. Alonzo Bienvenida (32) – Sportivo Cordova

Scoring goals has never been too much of a problem for Sargossa so personnel in the offensive third are likely to remain largely unchanged. Mateo Manzanares has made the central striking role his own but Diego Alejandro Costa’s dip in form in the second half of qualifiers is unlikely to count against him. Alonzo Bienvenida proved a revelation at the Copa, cutting in from the right onto his favoured left foot and will likely keep his place. Juan Pablo Montenegro led the line at the Olympics and is an interesting prospect.


Brian McAllister, alongside Stuart Ekstrom, implemented an attractive, fluid, attacking style on their Tikariot side. With a formation that was 4-3-3 in possession, 4-5-1 without it and plenty of movement, both on and off the ball. Swift, short passing and forwards switching positions to confuddle the opposition were also hallmarks of that Tikariot approach. The coach hasn’t quite been able to bring that tactical blueprint to bear in Sargossa. Unfortunately, while effective going forward, the Corsairs have been slightly woeful at the back. Which has led to something of a tactical rethink. In response McAllister has moved to meld a defensive form his charges are comfortable with, namely a back three, but still keeping the attacking flourish his own favoured system has displayed. Creating something akin to a hybrid 5-2-3.

The SuperLiga is quite a physical league so challenges can often be described as 'uncompromising' and cards are pretty common. Gamesmanship, while never encouraged, is also not entirely uncommon. But diving is considered particularly stigmatic so Sargossan players are unlikely to be found doing it.

Style Modifier = (+2)


Courtesy of ediraf

Image ImageImage

If my opponent RP's first they can:
Choose my goalscorers: Please do
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes (within reason)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes. Just no killing anyone.
Champions: Cup of Harmony 41 / Di Bradini Cup 13 / Copa Rushmori V / Copa Rushmori XIV / Copa Rushmori XX / Copa Rushmori XXXVIII / Copa Rushmori XXXIX
Sargossa at the Olympics

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##  Pos.    Name                  Age  Caps/Goals  Club                         
01 GK Semir Besak 22 23/0 Mipojoseon [QUE]
02 DL Damir Milcic 26 33/0 Anomalies [CMT]
03 DC Grigorij Savicevic 27 58/5 AC Izotz Zubia [AUD]
04 DC Bigger Mbala-Ekakia 22 15/3 Atletik Thessia
05 DC Dino Racic 26 33/1 Libertas Bergheim [SVJ]
06 DR/L Patrik Odonelec 25 53/1 CA Paulinthal [PAS]
07 MC Alen Hrdaljko 28 79/7 CA Paulinthal [PAS]
08 MC Mersudin Smajic 26 23/1 Stahlburg City [NPH]
09 ST Jezdimir Ocokoljic 29 119/70 Energija Chernovets [STL]
10 AMC/MC Jasno Odonelec 31 111/41 Atletik Thessia
11 ST Damien Gannot 24 26/12 Sabrefell Athletic [NPH]

12 GK Pedja Kasun 33 93/0 Ararat Severyan
13 DL Ermin Urankar 26 7/0 Ararat Severyan
14 DC Kamil Jernejec 30 53/0 Chromatik [CMT]
15 DC Andrija Ugljanin 26 7/0 Veriasod Wolves FC [TKT]
16 DC Amar Kovacevic 22 0/0 Ituraitz FC [ASG]
17 DR Slobodan Vujovic 22 9/1 Royal Rumiatzi [ASG]
18 DMC Zijad Kurtcehajic 25 13/0 Crossroads [CMT]
19 MC Tahir Fejzuli 34 110/13 Mâ Âlâmëómë [FFD]
20 MC Sefir Ajanovic 27 27/4 FK Arsika
21 MC Dusko Ocokoljic 24 4/0 St. Thomas [TLI]
22 AMC Omer Kuhar-Arh 23 7/4 Atletik Thessia
23 ST Dejan Zgela 27 28/10 Damogran FC [SRS]
24 ST/AMR Kemal Gajic 26 42/12 Falourr [EUR]
25 GK Lazar Obradovic 30 9/0 Liria Prizren

MGR Lev Repin 55


GK: Semir Besak, 22, Mipojoseon [QUE]
23 caps, 0 goals
Besak took over as the starting goalkeeper for the national team during the World Cup qualifying campaign and a title-winning season with Mipojoseon in the Q-League will only have furthered his case as Mytanija's best goalkeeper. He also won the Emerald Rose award for the best under-23 player; and was the starting goalkeeper in the Team of the Year. He's accumulated so many individual awards as well as team trophies and he's only 22. He's an all-rounder as a goalkeeper, a brave shot-stopper and uses his height to good effect when coming out to claim high balls and crosses with confidence. His distribution is constantly improving and he appears to have a very bright future ahead of him.

GK: Pedja Kasun, 33, Ararat Severyan [MYT]
93 caps, 0 goals
Kasun might have felt confident of holding off Besak's challenge for the number one spot as he claimed the Golden Glove award in the Top League as Ararat only conceded 24 goals over the 30 game season, unfortunately for the veteran Lev Repin hasn't given in to sentiment and has picked the younger man for the starting job. The 195cm goalkeeper will not be bitter over this, he's vastly experienced and understands that it is the nature of the sport, but he'll be there if needed. His 195cm frame and athleticism makes him a great goalkeeper capable of making all kinds of saves, he's also a great communicator (as evidenced by his vice-captaincy); and is decent with the ball at his feet.

GK: Lazar Obradovic, 30, Liria Prizren [MYT]
9 caps, 0 goals
A dependable third choice option who hasn't played for the national team regularly over the years but has been a part of squads throughout his career. His last performance against Hapilopper (three goals conceded), might not fill people with confidence but with Kasun and Besak ahead of him in the pecking order the hope will be that it shouldn't ever really come to Obradovic. He's done well domestically over the years and is probably the best of the three goalkeepers with the ball at his feet.

DL: Damir Milcic, 26, Anomalies [CMT]
33 caps, 0 goals
A 4th place finish with Anomalies might not have been what Damir Milcic wanted this season but he's done himself no harm during his time in Chromatika, burnishing his reputation as one of the more consistent full-backs around at the moment. A product of Emir Saric's Tekstil is always going to be defensively sound and Milcic is no different, but he's added attacking output to his game and that means he's now the first-choice left-back/left wing-back in the current system used with the national team.

DC: Grigorij Savicevic, 27, AC Izotz Zubia [AUD]
58 caps, 5 goals
Savicevic is Mytanija's best central defender, a rangy ball-playing centre-half who makes those that play alongside him better. He's had a great career too, coming close to winning the IFCF Champions' League with Zozi and actually winning the Cup Winners' Cup with the club's 6-3 win over Astograthian side Ituraitz Victory. Solid everywhere he's been, it's fitting that he was a major part of the team for Mytanija's first trip to a World Cup in over twenty editions of the tournament. He'll now want to build on that and try to take Mytanija to a first Copa Rushmori in over twenty editions of that competition.

DC: Bigger Mbala-Ekakia, 22, Atletik Thessia [MYT]
15 caps, 3 goals
Mbala-Ekakia's upwards trajectory has been incredible, he's started in a Top League winning defence at the age of 18 and then become the first ever black player to play for Mytanija a couple of years later. He's now going to be a starter at the World Cup alongside Grigorij Savicevic and Dino Racic. He came through the ranks as a defensive midfielder which perhaps explains why he's so confident with the ball at his feet and why he likes to dribble out of defence with the ball to provide an extra player in attacks. He could become the most technically gifted Mytanar defender ever if he continues on the path he is currently on and he has excellent physical attributes to combine with this meaning he could become another all-arounder like Savicevic.

DC: Dino Racic, 26, Libertas Bergheim [SVJ]
33 caps, 1 goal
Racic enjoyed a decent season with Libertas Bergheim, finishing 8th and earning a place in the Team of the Season as reward for his assured performances at the back. Racic is not quite as tall as his two starting colleagues in Mytanija's central defensive trio, but he is quite quick and this should mean the back three have complementary skills which help each other's weaknesses. Racic is confident in playing out from the back and has very good anticipation which allows him to position himself well.

DR/L: Patrik Odonelec, 25, CA Paulinthal [PAS]
53 caps, 1 goal
Won the cup but finished second in the league with CA Paulinthal this season, voted into the Team of the Season for his efforts. At a club with such high aspirations second place is always disappointing, the cup triumph did at least mean they didn't go home empty-handed however. Patrik is probably the best full-back in the squad, capable of playing on both sides of the defence to a high level and always trying to improve his game. He's the third member of the famous Odonelec footballing clan (alongside Jasno and Usten), born in Thessia unlike his two Prahecq born cousins. Physically strong and quick but it is his tactical intelligence and positioning which really make him shine.

DL: Ermin Urankar, 26, Ararat Severyan [MYT]
7 caps, 0 goals
An able understudy to Damir Milcic, Urankar enjoyed a fine campaign with Ararat Severyan as they finished 5th in the Top League and only a point off international competitions qualification. He grew up as a left-sided midfielder in Misel Ravnjak's highly defensive system at Ararat Severyan. This should make him pretty well-suited to playing the role of left wing-back in Lev Repin's 3-4-1-2 formation with the national team and it's something Urankar will relish, allowing him to pair his good passing and dribbling abilities with his fantastic positional awareness. He's also a very hard-working player and that's always a quality which can make a player a fan favourite.

DC: Kamil Jernejec, 30, Chromatik [CMT]
53 caps, 0 goals
Kamil Jernejec was at the heart of the Chromatik defence which pushed the club into the runners-up position in the Red League behind the all-conquering Wirr Tsi last season. That was enough for him to be selected as a second team all-pro, demonstrating just how highly though of he is in Chromatika. He's not the quickest but he's good in the air and boasts solid mental attributes as well as decent distribution. A back three suits him as others can make-up for his lack of speed and his passing ability is useful against lesser opposition when trying to break down their defensive shape.

DC: Andrija Ugljanin, 26, Veriasod Wolves FC [TKT]
7 caps, 0 goals
He is a defender who thrives in teams that have plenty of the ball because he is very confident at both dribbling out of defence in possession and picking passes to break through the opposition's defensive lines. One criticism of him has been that he dwells on the ball too long, perhaps a little overconfident in his ability, but during his time with Atletik he seemingly eradicated that from his game. Defensively he has improved greatly, no longer guilty of unnecessarily diving into tackles and learning to steer attackers into less dangerous positions wherever possible. Consistent performances with Energija-Nuklearna and most recently Atletik attracted attention from abroad and Ugljanin completed a move to Tikariotian side Veriasod Wolves at the start of the transfer window.

DC: Amar Kovacevic, 22, Ituraitz FC [ASG]
The only new member of the squad from the one selected for the World Cup proper, Kovacevic is a member of the Mytanar diaspora in Astograth and has matured into a fine young central defender whilst playing for East Railway in the land of his birth. The FSM moved quickly early in his development to get him into the Mytanar national team system and he was a key part of the Mytanar team which won the bronze medal at DBC 50 (playing alongside Besak, Mbala-Ekakia, Kurtcehajic, Dusko Ocokoljic and Gannot). He had an excellent season last time out as East Railway finished 7th and he finished second in the running for Young Player of the Season. His performances led to a move to Ituraitz FC over the summer, with formerly all-conquering club being attracted to his calm demeanour and exceptional aerial ability which makes him a major factor in both penalty areas.

DR: Slobodan Vujovic, 22, Royal Rumiatzi [ASG]
9 caps, 1 goal
The second right-back/right wing-back spot was a real toss-up between Vujovic and Spiridonovic, the two are different players and although Vujovic has less experience (often being second choice with his club side) he has been selected ahead of the Litala '93 captain on the basis of his attacking talent. Vujovic offers something which none of the other wing-backs really provide, a real playmaking ability down the flank. Where the others offer width and precise passing Vujovic is able to drive into the opposition penalty area with the ball and cause problems directly and this makes him a goal threat and means he can pop-up with assists too. His defensive ability could do with some work, but don't be shocked to see him coming on if Mytanija need a goal.

MC: Alen Hrdaljko, 28, CA Paulinthal [PAS]
79 caps, 7 goals
A tough-tackling midfielder who is better on the ball than many give him credit for. Hrdaljko plays alongside Patrik Odonelec for CA Paulinthal at club level and won the cup with them this season along with finishing in the Team of the Season. He's a diminutive figure, standing at only 170cm, but he makes up for that with his all-action playing style and strong leadership characteristics. Those characteristics meant he captained his boyhood club, the national under-21 squad and the senior national side by the age of 22. A terrier of a player on the pitch he is crucial in the team winning the ball back from the opponent quickly and has mastered the art of tactical fouls if it isn't possible to do so fairly. Also an excellent passer of the ball, off both his left and right foot and a confident penalty taker.

MC: Mersudin Smajic, 26, Stahlburg City [NPH]
23 caps, 1 goal
Smajic has ascended into a starting role with the national team due to Lev Repin's desire to stiffen the team up a bit in the centre of the park. He's an imposing physical presence but also has excellent technical ability and has grown into a midfield conductor because of how adept he is at keeping the play ticking over. He was voted Player of the Season as Liria ended their title-drought domestically and earned himself a move to Nephara as a result with Stahlburg City. His passing, timing and the threat he brings when attacking set-pieces are his three strongest attributes.

AMC/MC: Jasno Odonelec, 31, Atletik Thessia [MYT]
111 caps, 41 goals
The national team captain and often a scorer of decisive goals, Jasno Odonelec may be getting older now but he's still dangerous for opposition defences. Nicknamed «le fantôme» in Prahecq - where he was born to Mytanar immigrant parents - for his ability to find space and not be noticed by opposition defenders, he's very good at getting on the end of moves. Can also play in a deeper position and that might well be where he is used going forwards, but for now at Copa Rushmori 39 he will reprise his number ten position with the national team and Lev Repin will hope he can continue his excellent form in the Hoops.

DMC: Zijad Kurtcehajic, 25, Crossroads [CMT]
13 caps, 0 goals
Kurtcehajic is a deep-lying playmaker who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty, he has clearly mastered the dark art of breaking up the opposition's play with chippy fouls and somehow not getting booked for them. Solid performances for Atletik Thessia and at Litala '93 when out on loan drew admirers from afar in Chromatik side Crossroads, he's completed a move to them in the recent transfer window. A veteran of two DBC squads, reaching the quarter finals and co-captaining the under-21s to a bronze medal at the second time of asking.

MC: Tahir Fejzuli, 34, Mâ Âlâmëómë [FFD]
110 caps, 13 goals
Tahir Fejzuli has had an incredible career and he's still scoring important goals, as he did during World Cup qualifying with a majestic free-kick against D.K. South India and then in the World Cup proper against Farfadillis. He's not first choice anymore, not quite having the legs to keep up with the most energetic matches (something he didn't always do studiously anyway, he was never the most dutiful when out of possession), but he's an extremely useful player to be able to bring off the bench due to his creative ability and willingness to take the ball and try and make something happen whether it be with a pass or a mazy dribble.

MC: Sefir Ajanovic, 27, FK Arsika [MYT]
27 caps, 4 goals
Ajanovic has grown into a really tidy footballer. He's another member of the Mytanar diaspora in Prahecq and his performances with Stade Yvelines caught the eye of FK Arsika and they brought him to the Top League as a result. Those performances were usually as a creative midfielder, laying on chances for his team mates and not having much in the way of defensive responsibility. Since moving to Mytanija he has developed that side of his game and is happy to play his part in his team's pressing system and a fair bit more combative despite his slight build. Finishing 4th and as runners-up in the National Cup represented a near-perfect campaign for FK Arsika.

MC: Dusko Ocokoljic, 24, St. Thomas [TLI]
4 caps, 0 goals
Perhaps the most surprising pick in the squad selected for the World Cup just due to the number of talented midfielders Mytanija has at the moment but Dusko is extremely well-liked amongst his national team colleagues due to his never-say-die attitude. Dusko sometimes suffers from being his brother, but he's really making his own path over in the Licentian Isles and he was part of a St. Thomas side which defended its league title last season. He was recognised for his contributions by being named in the Team of the Season and placing third in the Foreign Player of the Year award. He's an energetic box-to-box midfielder who has shown he is useful in Mytanija's pressing game in his four appearances for the national side.

AMC: Omer Kuhar-Arh, 23, Atletik Thessia [MYT]
7 caps, 4 goals
An incredible start to his national team career has seen him score 4 goals in 7 games and his performances for Ararat Severyan last season impressed Atletik so much that they had a move for the starlet organised within a couple of days of the season ending. He won the Under-23 Player of the Season award and that achievement ensured the giants of Mytanar football were interested, if his performances before hadn't been enough. Kuhar-Arh is a fine passer of the ball and his dribbling skills draw opponents towards him and allow his team mates more space. Has a knack of finding space in between the opposition's defence and midfield and exploiting this ruthlessly.

ST: Jezdimir Ocokoljic, 29, Energija Chernovets [STL]
119 caps, 70 goals
What more is there to say about Jezdimir Ocokoljic? He's scored 53 league goals in two seasons with Energija Chernovets; helped them to a league title and two AO Champions' Leagues; and he scored 12 goals in 13 games for Mytanija to propel the national team to its first World Cup proper in over twenty editions of the competition. Ocokoljic is probably Mytanija's best ever striker, even if Kristian Haugen had a better strike rate he had a much stronger team alongside him. Ocokoljic has been the key man since Mytanija's return to the international scene and he finally gets the opportunity to play at the highest level in football. An international trophy of some description could push him ahead of Robin Hjik as the best Mytanar footballer ever. A ruthlessly intelligent player who drags the opposition out of shape with his movement, his finishing is clinical and he is happy to embarrass opponents with his dribbling ability even if he's on the receiving end of some rough treatment.

ST: Damien Gannot, 24, Sabrefell Athletic [NPH]
26 caps, 12 goals
Finishing third with Sabrefell Athletic represented a decent campaign for Damien Gannot, even if he wasn't the most consistent player over the course of the season. Many will simply attribute that to growing pains as he remains a solid contributor for the national team, an integral cog in the rotating pair of false nines Lev Repin utilises in this 3-4-1-2 formation. Gannot plays in a similar way to Ocokoljic, he's a striker who loves to drop deep into midfield and get involved in the build-up play, he's someone who has outstanding spatial awareness and his ability to create room for himself makes him a real danger to opposition defences. A confident finisher in the same way his father - Atletik Thessia and Sicoutimont legend - Alex Gannot was.

ST: Dejan Zgela, 27, Damogran FC [SRS]
28 caps, 10 goals
Zgela is creating quite the reputation for himself over in the Squornshelan league, ending up in the Team of the Season and as one of the runners-up in not only the Best Striker award but also the Best Foreign Player award. The Damogran FC faithful seem to have taken him to their hearts and his scoring was a big factor in them finishing 4th and qualifying for the IFCF Challengers' Cup. Zgela is a direct replacement option for both Ocokoljic and Gannot, playing in a very similar fashion and Repin values that as it means the system doesn't have to change too much if one of the two starters get injured.

ST/AMR: Kemal Gajic, 26, Falourr [NPH]
42 caps, 12 goals
Controversially picked ahead of Zlatan Andrijasevic (national team record of 16 goals in 36 games), but Repin has justified the selection as Gajic giving Mytanija a clear threat in-behind opposition defences, something which can be important when you have Ocokoljic, Gannot and Zgela all preferring to drop deep. Gajic started his career as a winger but has played up front for FK Arsika and really thrived there, part of their side which finished 4th in the Top League and runners-up in the National Cup. Gajic wasn't his team's main goal scorer (that was Squornshelan striker Juljana Chmela), but he laid on plenty of assists for his strike partner and that's a useful quality to have. His performances alerted Euran side Falourr to his abilities and they moved for him during the transfer window.


Mytanija will be using the 3-4-1-2 formation to start the campaign. There is a lot of responsibility on the wing-backs in this system as they are required to join attacks and almost form a five-man attacking front with Ocokoljic, Gannot and Jasno Odonelec, along with their defensive responsibilities. Both Ocokoljic and Gannot will look drop deep into midfield areas to drag defenders out of position and Jasno Odonelec will run in behind from his number ten position. The 3-4-3 formation may also be used with Jasno Odonelec and Omer Kuhar-Arh playing as a duo of attacking midfielders slightly behind Jezdimir Ocokoljic in inside forward positions. Ocokoljic once again will be playing as a false nine to move defenders around and create space for Odonelec and Kuhar-Arh to run into. The team may also play a 4-3-3 with a back four occasionally, in which case Dino Racic would drop out and the midfield three would be Mersudin Smajic sitting with Alen Hrdaljko and Tahir Fejzuli in front of him. The front three would be the same as in the 3-4-3 formation.

If you have any questions or queries regarding Mytanija's tactics or in-game substitutions because you want to include information about them in an RP, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will endeavour to respond to clear them up.

Captaincy: Jasno Odonelec; vice-captains: Alen Hrdaljko, Mojmir Anac, Pedja Kasun, Jezdimir Ocokoljic
Penalties: Jasno Odonelec, Alen Hrdaljko, Jezdimir Ocokoljic; penalty shoot-out: J. Odonelec, Hrdaljko, Ocokoljic, Gannot, P. Odonelec, Savicevic, Fejzuli, Smajic, Zgela etc
Corners: Jasno Odonelec, Tahir Fejzuli, Kemal Gajic
Short free kicks: Ocokoljic, Fejzuli, J. Odonelec
Long free kicks: Damir Milcic, Patrik Odonelec; Ermin Urankar, Slobodan Vujovic

Home - Away - Goalkeeper

Huge thanks to ediraf, the Official Sportswear Apparel Partner of the Mytanar national team.

If my opponent role-plays first they may:

Choose my goalscorers: Y (I have no preferred goalscorers)
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y, you may comment on severity although I shall have final say
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y, Mytanars are notoriously passionate and prone to gamesmanship so may accumulate these at an extremely high rate
Hand out red cards to my players: Y, see above, although no more than two in one game please
Godmod other events: Y

Style modifier: +0.5
Federal Republic of Mytannion

Capital: Esca
Population: c. 49,600,000
Demonym: Mytanar

Interested in Mytanar sport? Visit the Mytanski sportski mediji web page

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FORMATION 3-3-4-1 (F-M-D-G)
Style Modifier +4
COACH: Jayson Rox (27 years old)
ASSITANTS: Dennetter DiMore (Age 47), B.J Rotheborune (age 45)


#3 Jessica Roth (32) - Ripken River AA
#11 Chris Houton (39) - Oasis Blur FC

#15 Tim Mincer (22) - Hawthorne United (XANNERIA)
#17 Ulysses Barnett III (25) - Auberlein Originals
#35 Phillip Di Grassi (31) - Hartlespool Hurricanes
#40 Ian Gordon (24) - Montreaux Jazz


#2 Mark Sternes (24) - Oasis Blur FC
#7 Jimmy Jefferson (28) - Oasis Blur FC
#19 Tyler Aguilar (25) - Chester Cheetahs
#20 Roberto Fillipe (22)- Hartlespool Hurricanes
#25 Lisa Davidson (29) - Ripken River AA
#75 Sean Bravaro (28) - Auberlein Originals


#4 Mike Donaldson (20) - Virginia United
#6 DeShaque'm Harnett (30)- Virginia United
#9 Phil Bruce (36)- Graingerport Wind Storm

#13 Mary Gill (22) - Chester Militia FC
#24 Davin Warnbush (29)- Auberlein Originals
#44 Garrett Fuller (25)- Chester Militia FC
#50 Jace Arnold (23) - Graingerport Windstorm
#59 Linda Fogg (28) - Montreaux Jazz


#1 Mick Bolen - Montreaux Jazz
#99 Max Pastori - Hartlepool Hurricanes FC

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes But keep it infrequent
RP injuries to my players: Yes Typical injuries, that will not result in heavy losses
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes Keep it infrequent
Godmod other events: Yes

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The Astograthian National Football Team

All white away, all olive green home, all blue third

Style: 0
Formation: 4–2–2–2, see below for potential variations
Nickname: Olibondeka (The Olives)
Captain: Mogel Doyenard
Vice captain: Ihazintu Malkorra
Free kick taker: Ihazintu Malkorra
Penalty kick taker: Aire Epherra

No - P. - A. - Name                  - Club

M - 45 - Image Piarres Erke
AM - 36 - Image Aberri Buruchaga

Starting XI
1 - GK - 35 - Gentza Bedigax - Image FC Felsenkirchen 1879 (STL)
5 - LB - 28 - Marko Martel - Image Lajuno (EUR)
6 - CB - 22 - Irakusne Hecharri - Image Royal Ibarbe
3 - CB - 27 - Alarabi Labeaga - Image Mâ Âlâmëómë (FFD)
16 - RB - 32 - Ixaka Echeberz - Image AC Izotz Zubia (AUD)
8 - DM - 27 - Baraxil Muhaburu - Image Rülândéá Kôstä (FFD)
15 - DM - 31 - Domiku Bergara - Image AC Izotz Zubia (AUD)
19 - AM - 27 - Tomofumi Ishimoda - Image Gortz United
10 - AM - 33 - Ihazintu Malkorra (V) - Image Aries Chariots (NPH)
7 - CF - 28 - Olentzaro Karazatorre - Image KT Moreazerua (AUD)
9 - CF - 35 - Aire Epherra - Image Rülândéá Kôstä (FFD)

13 - GK - 26 - Echepare Rospide - Image KT Itzalovalle (AUD)
23 - GK - 21 - Unax Goyenola - Image Bakartirla Buccaneers
12 - LB - 25 - Urtzumu Ganzarain - Image Guerrilla Cathair (AUD)
2 - CB - 34 - Mogel Doyenard (C) - Image Sporting Iturributa
4 - CB - 28 - Aztore Andia - Image Royal Rumiatzi
21 - RB - 24 - Oxarra Peira - Image Lajuno (EUR)
14 - DM - 27 - Potz Gambor - Image Canbix Muses (ZWZ)
17 - DM - 28 - Artizar Bailo - Image KT Itzalovalle (AUD)
11 - LM - 25 - Eskuin Nekol - Image AC Izotz Zubia (AUD)
20 - RM - 27 - Zilar Galharretborde - Image Langlois Océanic (KSK)
22 - CF - 24 - Yokin Erdokiain - Image East Railway
18 - CF - 31 - Olentzaro Anseoteori - Image Athletic Club Olarria

Manager – Image Piarres Erke – Age 45
Astograth did poorly during World Cup 88 qualifying, with accusations flying that manager Louis Vaudrail had finally ‘lost the plot’ and/or that his decision to call up a woman to the national team – a first for Olibondeka – represented the downfall of society. At any rate, Vaudrail resigned from his post following a 4th-place finish and no invitation to the Cup of Harmony. His replacement is Piarres Erke, who arrived fresh from being sacked at Athletic Club Olarria.

Who is Piarres Erke? As a player a virtual nobody, a left-back who plied his trade in the dark years without a national league and then, in his 30s, served as a bench player for Gortz United in the relaunched First Division. As a manager, however, Erke came to be hailed as a young prodigy. Aged 38, he took charge of a Gortz United 4 in crisis and guided them to one of the most impressive turnarounds yet seen in the Astograthian top flight, climbing from rock bottom to a comfortable finish in the mid-table. Next season he’d place them 8th, one of their better campaigns ever. The following year he was hired by Athletic Club Olarria and qualified them their first international competition in three decades. The next few seasons would prove less fruitful, as Olarria slipped down the table, and at 10th-place campaign drew the curtain on Erke’s tenure.

As manager of the Astograthian national team, Erke achieved an impressive 4th-place finish at Copa Rushmori 38, followed by a less-impressive 4th-place finish in Group 12 of qualifying for World Cup 89. Though the team was strong at home, poor away form – including a 5-1 thrashing at Twicetagria – doomed the campaign. Erke continues to enjoy the backing of the Futbol Astograthiko Federazioa and has committed to some subtle tactical changes which he believes should allow for another strong run at the Copa. In terms of squad selection, he has kept much the same team from qualifying, with some important shuffling and two new faces: right-back Oxarra Peira from Eura’s Lajuno and striker Yokin Erdokiain, who returns to Olibondeka after several years of flopping at Urbizania Wanderers.

Erke aims to play a 4-2-2-2, modified from the one he deployed during qualifying. Instead of two wingers, he has gone with two more centrally located attacking midfielders – which solves a dual problem: on one hand, needing to field all of Epherra, Karazatorre, Malkorra, and Ishimoda, and on the other hand, Malkorra’s rapidly worsening pace due to age. The formation is expected to place enormous pressure on the full-backs, but Erke reckons that he has two excellent starters there in Martel and Echeberz. To counter this weakness on the wings the team is expected to play a more guarded, slower-paced game than during qualifying, where the team struggled to keep a clean sheet. If necessary, Erke’s Olibondeka is also able to shift into a conventional 4-4-2 or a 4–2–3–1, but Erke is anxious to wring the most out of his attacking quartet.

Assistant Manager – Image Aberri Buruchaga – Age 36
Buruchaga was an old-school starting right-back for Astograth University and Iturributa United before wrapping up his career at Athletic Olarria and becoming Erke’s right-hand man. Not a tactician, but certainly a loud and vigorous motivator.

Starting XI:

#1 – GK – Gentza Bedigax – Age 35 – Image FC Felsenkirchen 1879 (Siovanija and Teusland) – 94 caps, 1 goal, 36 clean sheets
Once starter for Urbizania Wanderers, now playing for one of Siovanija and Teusland’s top teams, Bedigax has steadily established himself as one of the best goalkeepers ever to play for the national team. His games-per-goal-conceded ratio is the best among long-time Olibondeka keepers. Bedigax was also the first goalie to score an international goal for Astograth (in a freak accident against Electrum), and with several club honours under his belt is looking to add international glory to his career. Sports distinctive mutton chops, which along with his size have led him to be nicknamed Hartza, The Bear.

#5 – LB – Marko Martel – Age 28 – Image Lajuno (Eura) – 102 caps, 5 goals
Martel is one of Astograth's most exciting players. Bursting onto the scene at just 18 years old, he was part of Sporting Ibarguren's Royal Cup–winning team, beating Urbizania Wanderers in the final despite being a second–tier side. Swiftly transferred to giants Sporting Iturributa, he was part of a league–winning squad but, frustrated at the lack of playing time, forced his move to Athletic Club Olarria, where more strong performances earned him a place on the national team and on the famous Galácticos longlist. Nothing if not ambitious, he further secured a move to the Euraleague and displaced Remondegi as starter for Olibondeka. As an established fixture of the national team, his only craving is international silverware.

#6 – CB – Irakusne Hecharri – Age 22 – Image Royal Ibarbe – 10 caps
Not long ago, Hecharri was a complete unknown: a young centre-back signed from Sporting Iturributa’s women’s team to play for Royal Ibarbe in the First Division. Ibarbe manager Ilazki Altzibararechuluaga entrusted her with starting in one of the Astograthian league’s strongest defences and she responded immediately, becoming a reassuring and highly rated fan favourite. Quick, agile, and a very clean tackler, she likewise adapted admirably to the rigours of World Cup qualifying, and is expected to be a regular starter at the Copa Rushmori. The controversy over selecting women to the national team is not over, but Hecharri’s high performance, like Ganzarain’s, speaks for itself.

#3 – CB – Alarabi Labeaga – Age 27 – Image Mâ Âlâmëómë (Farfadillis) – 63 caps, 3 goals
An impetuous talent, Labeaga came through the youth ranks of Urbizania Wanderers, rapidly making his way to the first team at age 18 and featuring in their title–winning run of 680. Louis Vaudrail, then manager of Royal Rumiatzi, arranged their purchase of Labeaga but was unable to control the centre–back's ego and demands for a starting spot. Forcing a move abroad, he was able to land at the renowned Mâ Âlâmëómë of Farfadillis and immediately won a league title. Labeaga considers himself a god of defending, which tends to rub staff and teammates the wrong way, and his unruly friendship with Muhaburu has led to some headline-catching outings and gossip. Can also act as defensive midfielder – emphasis on defensive – if necessary.

#16 – RB – Ixaka Echeberz – Age 32 – Image AC Izotz Zubia (Audioslavia) – 100 caps, 4 goals
Echeberz is a solid, reliable player who can stay in defence or move forward into a more modern wing–back role. An important player for Urbizania Wanderers, his performances for the national team caught the eye of the powerful Izotz Zubia, securing him an unexpected transfer to the Audioslavian National League. Not the most exciting player, but he has heart, confidence, and experience.

#8 – DM – Baraxil Muhaburu – Age 27 – Image Rülândéá Kôstä (Farfadillis) – 65 caps, 3 goals
A youth product of Garitzeta Racing Club, Muhaburu was set to break into the first team when Racing took a deep dive into the Second DIvision. Setting his sights elsewhere, Muhaburu landed in Farfadillis, signing for Rülândéá Kôstä and later marching to league glory. Despite his reputation for a poor attitude and off–pitch antics, including a fondness for drink, Vaudrail has been eager to take advantage of Muhaburu’s excellent vision, passing technique, and ability to threaten goal or take set pieces. Paired with Bergara, Muhaburu will be the main creative outlet. Although capable at defending, it is far from his specialty – a weakness opponents may exploit.

#15 – DM – Domiku Bergara – Age 31 – Image AC Izotz Zubia (Audioslavia) – 68 caps, 3 goals
Hardworking Bergara was spotted as a sharp talent at a young age, and Urbizania Wanderers shelled out a big wad of cash to sign him from Iturributa United at age 21. With Wanderers, Bergara got his hands on a league title and a Royal Cup before striking out to join Audioslavia's AC Izotz Zubia, where he has enjoyed great success and earned a place on the national team. An elegant, patient player skilled in both defence and with the ball, he’ll have the pressure of being the main ball–winner in a formation that tends to leave the midfield open.

#19 – AM – Tomofumi Ishimoda – Age 27 – Image Gortz United – 12 caps, 2 goals
A native of the Hinodejin Empire, Ishimoda was originally signed by Ituraitz FC after graduating from that country’s Asakawa College. Though touted as a highly versatile attacker who could be used as a centre-forward, a false 9, a playmaker, or a winger on either flank, Ishimoda’s first few seasons were troubled by injury, lacklustre performances as a substitute, and the coaching team scratching their heads wondering how he fit into their plans. A loan spell at Bakartirla Buccaneers finally allowed him the time and space to shine, and when transferred to Gortz he completed his revelation of himself as a virtuoso. Guiding Gortz to an incredible, unprecedented title challenge and eventual runner-up finish, Ishimoda combines speed, tremendous dribbling skill, precise passing, and an acute positional awareness, allowing him to drop deep into the midfield yet always be in the box when required. The unavailability of more traditional numbers, especially Malkorra’s number 10, has led to Ishimoda taking up 19 and drawing a small plus sign between the digits – which hasn’t gone down particularly well among the veterans of the squad.

#10 – AM – Ihazintu Malkorra (VC) – Age 33 – Image Aries Chariots (Nephara) – 126 caps, 26 goals
Malkorra, voted three times best right winger in the First Division, was a youth product of Miners FC before signing with Royal Association and eventually cross–town rivals Sporting Iturributa, emerging as one of Astograth's best players – his dribbling is mesmerising, and can flow freely from center midfield to the back to up on attack as the situation requires. In Nephara he has shined for both Vermillion Wanderers and Aries Chariots, making the Galáctico longlist multiple times. With captain Mogel Doyenard finding himself more often on the bench, Malkorra is likely to function as the on-pitch captain for most of the tournament.

#7 – CF – Olentzaro Karazatorre – Age 28 – Image KT Moreazerua (Audioslavia) – 83 caps, 31 goals
Karazatorre, one–time winner of the First Division's Young Player award, became known to the Astograthian public at age 20 with aplomb. He banged in 13 goals in a season for the modest Antiguoko FC as they finished in 10th place, then 15 as they climbed to 8th, then 19 goals, before signing with Ituraitz FC, Pyathora Mariners of Tikariot and finally Audioslavia’s Moreazerua. Karazatorre has finally found his stride with Mozi and the national team.

#9 – CF – Aire Epherra – Age 35 – Image Rülândéá Kôstä (Farfadillis) – 96 caps, 48 goals
A regular in the Astograthian First Divisions' top scorer charts, Epherra is a tall, burly, clinical target man skilled at spearheading counter–attacks and holding up the ball to play in his teammate. Despite getting up there in years, he seems the person least concerned. With an impressive record of 48 goals in 96 caps (baby), Epherra is the nation’s 5th top all–time scorer having played far less matches than the players ahead of him. The foul-tempered Epherra doesn’t much like strike partnerships, but has built a begrudging respect for Karazatorre over the years.


#13 – GK – Echepare Rospide – Age 26 – Image KT Itzalovalle (Audioslavia) – 12 caps, 5 clean sheets
A low–profile product of Garitzeta Racing Club’s academy, Rospide was snapped up at 21 by the eagle–eyed scouts of Audioslavia’s KT Itzalovalle. They evidently saw something that local coaches did not, because Rospide, in a few short years, has taken over as starter and performed admirably in the IFCF’s top–ranked league. Made his international début at the World Cup 87 finals against none other than Nephara, after Bedigax was forced off with an injury.

#23 – GK – Unax Goyenola – Age 21 – Image Bakartirla Buccaneers – 1 cap, 1 clean sheet
Unax Goyenola became the first player from minnow club Dockyard Oaks to be selected for the national team, off the back of some impressive individual performances which were not, unfortunately, enough to save his club from relegation. Former captain of the Astograthian U-20s, Goyenola is outspoken and confident beyond his years, a commandeering presence at the back. Erke hopes his presence on the national team will help him develop into an experienced goalkeeper who can take up the mantle when necessary.

#19 – LB/LM – Urtzumu Ganzarain – Age 25 – Image Guerrilla Cathair (Audioslavia) – 23 caps
Ganzarain is, not without controversy, the first woman to be called up to the Astograthian national team – which has always been, nominally, unisex. As a left winger who came through Army United’s women’s team, Ganzarain struck off to Audioslavia’s Guerrilla Cathair rather than stay in the segregated Astograthian system. Her promotion to the National League with Guerrilla caught former NT manager Vaudrail’s eye and he subsequently deployed her as left-back or rarely in midfield during the World Cup 88 qualifiers. Her performance was more than adequate, at times surpassing starter Martel, but the cultural-political implications of her selection to the team continue to stir up Astograthian social media and press. Being voted into the best 11 of Copa Rushmori 38 despite mostly starting from the bench, prompted another round of controversy.

#2 – CB – Mogel Doyenard (C) – Age 34 – Image Sporting Iturributa – 138 caps, 7 goals
Doyenard is, by conventional wisdom, the best Astograthian defender of his generation – and in the conversation for one of the best ever to play for the national team, up there with Adin, Galard, Arizmande, and Bocandé. The key to Sporting Iturributa’s unprecedented First Division threepeat was their impenetrable defense, from which they held an iron grip on Astograthian football. Doyenard has been the core of that defense for a decade, and commands respect throughout the league. Measuring 193 cm, he's also a valuable asset in attacking corners, especially when the opposition proves hard to beat in open play.

#4 – CB – Aztore Andia – Age 28 – Image Royal Rumiatzi – 23 caps
Royal Rumiatzi value a very specific type of centre–back: big ones. Tall, wide, impassable and immovable objects, passing skills optional. Andia ticks all of those boxes, including the optional one. His job is to sit in the middle of a deep defense and be impassable, while laying out the ball to those who know how to move it around. If this is all he’s asked to do, he can do it extremely well. Excels at man–marking big centre–forwards, so may be brought on to specifically counter one of those.

#21 – RB – Oxarra Peira – Age 24 – Image Lajuno (Eura) – Uncapped
Trained at the youth setup of Athletic Club Olarria, Peira was lured to Eura’s Lajuno at 19 years old. There he has matured into a capable right-back and regular starter in the Euraleague, which has not escaped Erke’s attention. A strong candidate to succeed Echeberz as the team’s main right-back, Peira is well versed in high-pressure, physically demanding tactics. His club partnership opposite Martel could lead to some interesting cross-wing play.

#14 – DM – Potz Gambor – Age 26 – Image Canbix Muses (Zwangzug) – 20 caps, 1 goal
Gambor was discarded by Ituraitz FC after outgrowing their U21 squad. Not one to lose hope, he took his talents abroad and found a home in Zwangzug’s Canbix Muses. There he has steadily earned a place and shone brightly enough to catch the national team’s attention. Can be deployed in defensive midfield or a bit further up as a box–to–box midfielder – whatever makes the most of his endurance, tackling ability, tight passing and knack for long shots.

#17 – DM – Artizar Bailo – Age 28 – Image KT Itzalovalle (AUD) – 13 caps, 1 goal
At the Copa Rushmori, Bailo was the biggest surprise on Erke’s squad. With so many central and defensive midfielders to choose from, Bailo was most people’s fourth or fifth or even sixth option – he did not have high-level international experience, had never played abroad, and was not particularly young. However, his dogged determination and Erke’s personal knowledge of how to get the most from Bailo, made him a standout performer at the Copa and secured him a major transfer from Athletic Club Olarria to Audioslavia’s KT Itzalovalle. Bailo is the first player from the tiny island region of Bakartirla to reach the national team, so there is additionally a great regional pride involved.

#11 – LM – Eskuin Nekol – Age 25 – Image AC Izotz Zubia (Audioslavia) – 49 caps, 7 goals
Nekol is perhaps one of the most shocking comeback stories in Astograthian football. A product of Royal Association’s academy, he transferred to Sporting Iturributa while still a teenager and quickly found himself in the first team of a club that was a on a roll, winning three league titles in a row. The following season was disastrous for Sporting, dropping down to 7th, but Nekol’s career was on the rise as a clever winger that could shoot from range, catching the eye of international scouts. Then, in the cup final that could save the season, Nekol was subbed on and stupidly punched the opposition captain in extra–time; Sporting would lose on penalties to the lowly Gesterlake. This effectively ended his career at Iturributa, allowing AC Izotz Zubia to swoop in for cheap. The rest is history – a National League title and an incredible, 45–yard goal to his name, in just his first season.

#20 – RM – Zilar Galharretborde – Age 27 – Image Langlois Océanic (Kelssek) – 39 caps, 2 goals
Galharretborde came through the youth ranks of Royal Arexa, and thanks to a wily agent and a leap of faith, he managed to land a move to Kelssek's Langlois Océanic. In his first season he impressed, earning the league's Young Player award and catching the eye of the national team in the process. He may not be the fastest or most technical player, but he is very good at stretching the field of play by building up moves from the wing, playing fluid football with his full–back and centre midfield. Galharretborde will be one to watch, partly because his style is markedly different from that of Malkorra and partly because his performances for Océanic have been stellar lately.

#22 – CF – Yokin Erdokiain – Age 24 – Image East Railway – 5 caps, 1 goal
Erdokiain became known to the Astograthian public as a timid youth product of minnows Urizaharra FC, contributing 21 goals across two First Division seasons – a major contribution to Urizaharra shockingly not being relegated, twice. Singled out as one of the top young players in the league, he was snapped up by Urbizania Wanderers, earned himself a call-up to the national team for World Cup 88 qualifying – and flopped. Massively. Though he performed correctly for Olibondeka and even scored a goal, he struggled to get minutes; at club level, he was blamed for Wanderers’ poor season and tossed aside, first to the bench and now on a loan spell to East Railway. There he is steadily regaining his form, enough for Erke to offer him another chance at the national tea. Not a particularly large player, but devilishly fast and a flashy dribbler, traits that Astograth is currently short on.

#18 – CF – Olentzaro Anseoteori – Age 31 – Image Athletic Club Olarria – 9 caps
Anseoteori is one of Erke’s personal favourites and a player whom fans have been expecting to see in the national team for some time now. He has been described as a similar kind of striker to Epherra – an imposing target man – though with nowhere near the size. A lethal goalscorer with his feet and his head, his record for Olarria comes out to about 1 goal every 2 matches. Anseoteori is also more comfortable than Epherra playing in a frontline of two, having successfully adapted his game to a variety of different partners at Olarria.

Team records
Year founded: 636 (pre–World Cup 55)
All–time record: 615 matches played: 290 wins, 147 draws, 178 losses
All–time goal difference: +237
Most caps: Soter Sarlange (200)
Most goals: Soter Sarlange (89)
Most clean sheets: Zernin Aira (39)
First international: Astograth 1–2 Eastfield Lodge (pre–World Cup 55)
Largest win: Astograth 10–1 Melbergia (World Cup 58 qualifying)
Worst loss: Eura 7–0 Astograth (pre–World Cup 85)
World Cup finals appearances: 7 (first at World Cup 57)
World Cup best result: 4th place, World Cup 61
Highest KPB ranking: 9th, post–World Cup 61
Tournaments won: Cup of Harmony 50, Copa Rushmori XII

RP Permissions are yes to everything that isn't career–ending. I encourage TGs for questions or collaborative RP.
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Postby Cassadaigua » Sun Nov 14, 2021 1:39 pm

Team Cassadaigua- Copa Rushmori 39

Coach- Brittany Byers (53)
With Stephanie Sweeney now serving as the President of CASE, a new manager was needed for the Fillies for the first time since our return. Byers was the logical choice, since she had often been the backup national team manager, anyway. Has coached in the Copa Rushmori on multiple occasions, and was an assistant to Sweeney in World Cup 87, before being named the manager of the team prior to World Cup 88. This will be the first time that she must undertake a full qualifying campaign. As a player, the ex-defender played in World Cups 78 and 79, and was the captain of those teams. Also led Brattleboro FC to the most recent national championship, but has stepped down from that position to focus on the national team.

Assistant- Matt Villareal (43)- Baker Park
Villareal was the captain of the Baker Park national team in World Cups 80 and 81, helping them qualify in their first ever attempt. The former midfielder has held various coaching jobs within Baker Park and is seen as an up and coming coaching prospect in that nation. He served as the assistant to Byers in the World Cup 88 and here gets his first long qualifying campaign as an assistant. This is his last assignment with the Fillies before returning to Bakeer Park.

Assistant- Hannah Shanley (Starksville United) (43)
Starting defender from World Cups 80-83, and then served as a regular substitute in World Cup 84. Has served in this role since World Cup 85, and that includes while she was still active as a player for a little while.

Starters in Green
Subs in Blue
Reserves in Red

#30- Katie Schnapper (29) (Concord Heights Suburban)- Starter CR 38, Sub WC 88 & 89,, CR 36 & 37, Starter DBC 48
#31- Cynthia Kerr (26) (Victoriaville South End)- Sub CR 38, Reserve CR 37 & WC 89, Starter DBC 49
#40- Rachel Pennington (24) (Winchester Traditional SC)- Starter DBC 51, Sub DBC 49

Similar to the Copa Rushmori 38 lineup in that Schnapper and Kerr are going to be 1-2 in the pecking order. Last time, World Cup starter Danielle Cotter was still on this roster, but this time, the 33-year old will not even be a reserve. This will raise questions as to whether or not Cotter will return for World Cup 90. For now, look for Schnapper to play unless she gets hurt or struggles. Many top keepers within the CSL now are foreigners, so the choice to be the #3 probably was not easy. Pennington does benefit from playing in a highly defensive (aka -5) system at home.

#24- Sarah Bayne (26) (Brattleboro Westside)- Starter DBC 49, CR 37-39; Sub WC 89, Reserve WC 88
#21- Shannon McCausland (25) (Winchester City)- Reserve WC 89, CR 38
#2- Peyton Miller (22) (Winchester City)- Starter DBC 51
#6- Caitlyn Kaleta (26) (Brattleboro FC)- Starter WC 88 & 89, DBC 49 & CR 37-38

#3- Tara Keane (27) (Victoriaville City)- Sub WBC 89, DBC 49, Reserve CR 37-38
#4- Brianna Ward (22) (Victoriaville South End)- Starter DBC 51

#28- Nicole Milano (22) (Northbury FC)- Starter DBC 51
#32- Paige Kelleher (30) (Brattleboro FC)- International Debut

You won’t see many World Cup regulars in the back during the Copa Rushmori as coach Byers wants to take a look at some different people in a bigger role. This includes a handful of recent Di Bradini Cup participants. It is expected that World Cup 90 will see many of the regulars return. For now, Kaleta and Bayne are the mainstays from the World Cup, while McCausland and Miller can fall back on being CSL teammates.

#9- Morgan Rosenblatt (27) (AFC Treson, Nephara)- Starter WC 87-89. DBC 48 & 49, CR 36-38 (TEAM CAPTAIN)
#34- Danielle Porter (30) (Concord Heights City)- Sub WC 86-89, Reserve WC 84 & 85, Sub CR 34-37
#25- Allison Rice (25) (Victoriaville South End)- Sub WC 87-89 & CR 37, Starter DBC 49
#16- Krystal Sherwin (22) (Brattleboro FC)- Starter DBC 51

#37- Sarah Giles (30) (Brattleboro Westside)- Reserve WC 86-89; Starter DBC 47, Sub CR 36, Reserve CR 35
#36- Tara Kriedel (27) (Shearwater, Kelssek)- Reserve WC 88-89, Starter DBC 49

#19- Caitlin Morton (23) (Victoriaville City)- Starter DBC 51
#24- Emily Doran (23) (North Granby)- Sub DBC 51

It is possible that a few regular starters in the midfield will not be back for World Cup 90, so for the Copa Rushmori, coach Byers is moving up a few people who would be the logical ones to give a bigger role. Sherwin is more of a surprise, and Byers was immediately questioned about her being given Meghan Wolcott’s #16. Byers said that the number assignment should not be considered a sign that Wolcott will retire.

#12- Jenna Frontiera (25) (Brattleboro FC)- Starter WC 88 & 89, CR 38; Sub DBC 49, Reserve CR 37
#27- Madison McClain (32) (Jinja City, Banija)- Starter WC 86 & 87; CR 34, 35 & 37, Sub WC 84, 85, 88 & 89; CR 38.

#29- Loreen Hazen (30) (Falourr, Eura)- Starter CR 38, Sub WC 86-89, CR 37, Reserve WC 85; Sub DBC 47, CR 35BC 49, Reserve CR 37
#8- Bayley Stanton (26) (Concord Heights City)- Reserve WC 88 & 89, CR 36 & 37, Starter DBC 47 & CR 38

#23- Christina Cadigan (22) (New Lakeland Soccer Club)- Starter DBC 51
#44- Jessi Stewart (25) (Starksville Coastal)- Reserve CR 38

This could be a look at how the Fillies will look in the post-Rachel Schanke era. Rachel has not said that she will retire, but she will be 35 for World Cup 90, and she is known for opting out of the Copa Rushmori so her absence here does not necessarily mean she is retiring. Frontiera has long been said to be our “next one” and this may begin her time. McClain and Hazen are not automatics to be alongside her in the World Cup, as Stanton may be the better choice of them all. For now, McClain and Hazen have been workhorses, so they will get this opportunity.

Team Info:
Style Mod: +2.7
Formation: 4-4-2
People from Cassadaigua are referred to as Cassadagans.
Team nickname: Fillies. Also, we are commonly referred to as the Dagans

RP Permissions:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes but only say they hurt
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, no more then one more then you give yourself.
Godmod other events: TG idea first. If it fits the theme of my team, I probably will allow it.

(Pink= home, White= away, Black= keeper or third. Thanks Donnacona!)
If there is a conflict with the white kit, the team will wear pink.

Retired Kit Numbers:
#1 is retired in honor of Allison Salamida
#5 is retired in honor of Michelle Fuller
#7 is retired in honor of Shannon Myers
#10 is retired in honor of Brittany Lawton
#11 is retired in honor of Courtney Ferguson
#13 is retired in honor of Meaghan Bateman
#14 is retired in honor of Stacie Kerrigan-Fraser
#15 is retired in honor of Erica Lambert
#17 is retired in honor of Jessica Schanke
#18 is retired in honor of Taylor Connolly
#22 is retired in honor of Lupe Enriquez
#33 is retired in honor of Hannah Ranucci
NS Sports’ only World Cup, World Bowl, World Cup of Hockey, World Baseball Classic and International Basketball Championships winner!

(Motorsports, college basketball, and volleyball, too)

Specific Titles: World Cup 50, 51; WBC 14, 16, 19 & 50; WB 8, 22, & 40; WCOH 11 & 39; IBC 13.
Also: CR 40; CoH 39; Swamp Soccer 4, WVE 6; NSCAA 3, 5 & 9; NSSCRA 7
Runner Up: CoH 40, CR 37 & 38; WB 21, WcoH 8, IBC 12, WBC 13, 15, 47 & 48, DBC 21. 3rd Place @ WC 86
WC Qualified for: 45, 46, 49-61, 67, 79 (DNP WC 69-77), 81-90.
Games of the XIII Summer Olympiad: 2nd Most Medals
Hosted: World Cup 54, 67, 84 & 88; CoH 57 & 73, BoF 47, CR 30, WB 16, WBC 18, 26, 40, 45 & 50, Some NSCAA, NSCH 1; WLC 7, 30 & 33.

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Postby Soldera » Sun Nov 14, 2021 1:54 pm

Soldera Snakes roster

If you RP first, you may:
Choose scorers
Godmod scoring events (as long as it's not crazy)
Injure my players (but let me decide severity)
Caution my players/coaches
Red card players/coaches
STYLE: +1.5

Manager: Norm Carricker, 51
Assistant Managers: Bert Lundquist, 43
Larry Carricker, 54
Goalkeeper Coach: Len Mason, 57

1 George Rollings (6-foot-2, 205 pounds), 27
30 Jeff Bannister (5-foot-10, 175 pounds), 23
39 Nestor Gomez (5-foot-11, 180 pounds), 28

2 Dom Parrish (5-foot-11, 175 pounds), 23
5 Alex Irvine (6-foot-1, 185 pounds), 25
6 Chuck Ingram (5-foot-10, 165 pounds), 28
7 Eli Bingham (6-foot-2, 195 pounds), 24

18 Davis Perez (5-foot-11, 159 pounds), 33
25 Tommy Williams (5-foot-9, 165 pounds), 30
31 Ken Zachary (5-foot-10, 170 pounds), 23

8 Greg Irvine (6-foot-2, 175 pounds), 26
9 Joey Westway (5-foot-11, 170 pounds), 35
11 Eric West (5-foot-9, 160 pounds), 23
16 Jonah Clarke (6-foot, 190 pounds), 28

17 Marcus Peters (5-foot-9, 160 pounds), 21
19 Kristyn Barnes (5-foot-10, 175 pounds), 23

10 Cayden Barkley (6-foot-1, 200 pounds), 24
12 Matt Conley (5-foot-9, 178 pounds), 31

13 Don Bynar (5-foot-8, 157 pounds), 20
15 Lisa Allyson (5-foot-6, 145 pounds), 25
Third Place, World Baseball Classic 53
Fourth place, NS World Cup of Masters IV
Quarterfinalists, Aussie Rules World Cup

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Postby Tikariot » Sun Nov 14, 2021 2:02 pm


Having qualified for the past three World Cups, Tikariot have established itself as one of the multiverse's top footballing nations, even though the latest edition of World Cup 89, hosted in Tikariot and South Newlandia to boot, had been a major disappointment with only one point. After a lot of discussions about the future direction of the team and with it the future of coach Stuart Ekstrom, the TFF has decided to put things behind them and look ahead instead with an unchanged management side of things and move towards the Copa Rushmori 39 in Hispinas.

The same the fans of the senior team, the fans of the Owlets also deserve particular mentioning. Not only are they renowned for their chants, but they are also bringing the Thunder Clap (Click here for example) to the stadium, something that the players join in as a pre-game ritual that has left an impression on the opponents and opposing fans more than once (OOC: similar to the Haka of the New Zealand All Blacks). The players will form a triangle near the kick off circle and lift their arms, which the fans do as well. Then a lone drum will start to signal the rhythm and both players and fans alike will move in unison, each clap accompanied with a loud cry, the claps (and cries) speeding up, creating an overwhelming sense of impending doom.

Stuart Ekstrom - 51 Image
Despite a lot of discussions about Ekstrom's position after the disappointing and quiet group stage exit at World Cup 89 he has one more chance to turn the ship around, also based on the fact that he has been instrumental in getting Tikariot where it is now within the multiversal football tapestry, and he has accepted the challenge. Running the traditional 4-3-3 setup, Ekstrom has been known to nominate players based on the current form instead of just historic merit, which has resulted in young, little capped players getting opportunities even in big tournaments, if their form places them over established players. While the 4-3-3 is the established system, Ekstrom also puts big emphasis on flexibility and fluidity, allowing for the full backs to push forward or the wingers to fall back to create a numeric advantage and either quell opponents' advances or overwhelm them in the play forward. Tactically well educated players are very important in his system as he allows his players a certain degree of freedom on the pitch as well, such as the wingers switching sides or the full backs overlapping the wingers in order to remain unpredictable for opponents and create holes other players can dive into and pull apart the opposing defense.


Pos Name Age Team Nat Cap G/A

GK Josefiina Viitanen 27 Carathyr Emeralds TKT 0 0/0
LB Kelvin Rowley 22 Oriannor Mountaineers TKT 12 2/1
CB Xander Augustinsson 24 Xanark City TKT 1 0/0
CB Caleb McKinley 20 Dhun Lagarr FC TKT 18 2/2
RB Clement McIlroy 22 Port Tacassam FC TKT 34 1/1
LM Parris Langley 24 Tikariot City FC TKT 23 1/5
CM Celyn Monaghan 28 Oriannor Mountaineers TKT 32 4/6
RM Dairon Noles 20 Tikariot City FC TKT 22 4/5
LW Simon Arrowsmith 24 Guillarim Blades TKT 2 0/0
CF Hamish Stainthorpe 21 Dhun Lagarr FC TKT 19 5/3
RW Adrian Grimaud 26 Port Tacassam FC TKT 46 17/9

In true Copa Rushmori tradition, the roster of the Tikariotian national team features some lesser known names, as it is traditionally nominated strictly as per the current season's performances, which gives us a complete newcomer in goal in Josefiina Viitanen, a Tikariotian/Salovaaran dual national. She has risen to fame for promoted Carathyr Emeralds and she has played a major part in the Emeralds' excellent season so far, with extremely good reflexes and agility. While not the tallest, having centre backs with a strong aerial presence more than makes up for that and with Xander Augustinsson and Caleb McKinley she has exactly that. Augustinsson also has a very strong showing for newly promoted Xanark City, while McKinley has grown into a mainstay both in the Dhun Lagarr and national team defense, as an excellent counterpart to Tameifuma's physical presence he is defensively very sound as well, but adds more speed and technical finesse into the Tikariotian defense, which makes them a bit of a yin and yang in central defense.

On the outside of the defensive quartet, Kelvin Rowley has emerged as one of the top left backs of the league, with tremendous speed, a great eye for his team mates and a strong left foot that can both strike deadly crosses from the goalline and long passes while using his speed to cover space and run off attackers. His counterpart Clement McIlroy is a returnee to the starting eleven, having pushed Anil Al Hak out of the line-up, who is not quite up there with Rowley's speed, but has incredible positioning and introduces a more physical play while still capable of strong, long passes to initiate attacks.

In midfield Celyn Monaghan has cemented his position as starter by Stuart Ekstrom and while his offensive numbers have suffered this season so far, he has tremendously grown as grand orchestrator in the midfield of Oriannor, playing in a more defensive role, as legitimate natural successor to McNair with his strong defensive play, using both positioning and tackling to undermine opposing offensive efforts and immediately switching Tikariot into offense mode by re-distributing the ball quickly and efficiently. This will allow Tikariot City FC duo Parris Langley and Dairon Noles to focus more on their offensive roles, with especially Langley enjoying an immensely strong season in the league so far both in league-leading assists and supplemental goals while Noles is growing more and more into an offensive threat that will attempt to go for goal at any given opportunity.

The forward three are also a mix of established and rising, with Guillarim's Simon Arrowsmith slotted in as number one left winger, giving Morris Nighthorse a break for the tournament, quick, agile, with a good scoring instinct, but also a great eye for a better positioned team mate, while Hamish Stainthorpe gloriously rebounding after an injury plagued last season for Dhun Lagarr, leading the league with twelve goals in 18 games so far while also adding assists, being absolutely lethal in the box with his strong physique and technique combining into an absolute nightmare for opposing defenders and finally Adrian Grimaud also having found his scoring touch again, but more than just that he also has been able to utilize his speed and agility better now to work as a set-up player that can attract the ball and then lay it off for a better positioned colleague to take advantage and score.


Pos Name Age Team Nat Cap G/A

GK Daniel Bangoura 20 Xanark City TKT 1 0/0
GK Oceanne Audette 27 The Zhelmagor Society TKT 0 0/0
LB Zsuzsanna Szomogyi 18 Carathyr Emeralds TKT 0 0/0
CB Atamai Tameifuma 24 Kyethas Rivermen TKT 12 1/1
CB Morgan Stephenson 23 Baraldhur AFC TKT 6 0/0
RB Jonathan Morretta 19 Carathyr Emeralds TKT 0 0/0
LM Nicholas van Haar 28 Miruan City TKT 43 9/11
CM Rylan Abbott 28 Guillarim Blades TKT 15 2/1
RM Giovanni Vacarese 27 Pyathora Mariners TKT 37 8/7
LW Robinson Segura 19 Port Rhovanyon AFC TKT 1 0/1
CF Gary Conway 21 Miruan City TKT 11 0/2
RW Adam Dodd 27 Guillarim Blades TKT 5 3/0

Home Jersey:

Away Jersey:


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes-ish (TG me and I can give you the names, but we'll figure this out one way or another)
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes (just please be reasonable)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes (again please be reasonable)
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (same deal)
Godmod other events: Maybe? (Please TG in this case)
Tikariot - Rushmore - Trigramme: TKT
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Football: Ro16 (and group winner) WC87 | Winner - IFC 1 | Quarter final - BoF 73 | 3rd in group WCQ86
Baseball: Winner - International Baseball Slam XI | Round of 16 - World Baseball Classic 49/50/51
Hosting: IBS XII, Copa Rushmori 36, WBC 51, World Cup 89
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Postby Nyowani Kitara » Sun Nov 14, 2021 4:22 pm

Nyowani Kitara National Team

Nyowani Kitara is a nation that is a multi-ethnic and largely bi-racial communist nation, formally ruled as a one party state. The communist party is called the Kitara Progressive Workers Coalitions, abbreviated as the KPWC, which is the country's only legal political party. While for many years the party has always been the most important institution, over the past 30 years the military has taken a dominant role in the affairs of the party, and by extension, the state.

There are three major ethnic groups in Nyowani Kitara. The first is the Kitara, who account for approximately 57% of the population. These are black skinned people who originate as part of the Kitara tribe, in Banija, mass migrated to modern-day Nyowani Kitara in the 1840s after they were largely exiled by Banijan authorities. Because of that, they have no diplomatic relations with Banija and are largely to be considered 'radically' anti-Banijan. Radical anti-Mormon teachings from the country, alongside Communism and a dispute over who should use the name(Banija consider their own Kitara Region to be the 'true Kitara', while Nyowani Kitara believe Banija lost the rights to the name when the exilied the Kitara people), lead to heavily strained relations.

When they came to north Rushmore, They conquered the land that was dominated by a variety of white native tribes. Osterlanders(approximately 30% of the population) are the biggest native white ethnic group, with Nordlanders(6%) and Zealanders(1%) behind them. The remaining 6% are largely white immigrants and their descendants from neighboring countries (particularly Graentfjall, Tikariot, Yuezhou, and San Ortelio).

Nyowani Kitara is known for its short, yet harsh, winters. This is a small and poorer country, and therefore outdoor sports are rather popular in this corner of Rushmore. Ethnic group for each player is listed. While sports in Nyowani Kitara are integrated on gender, this team is all males.

Nyowani Kitara is in the midst of an ongoing and particularly brutal civil war. While it is a three-way fight, the KWFA is firmly in the hands of the government, and therefore it is official policy for the team to sing praises of the Government. While players are divided, they are under a heavy eye from the Nyowani Kitara Government via the KWFA, and therefore you won't hear any players or staff criticizing the NYK government publicly.

Country code: NYK
Denonym: New Kitaran
Association: Kitara's Workers Footballing Association(KWFA)
Manager: Liang Wei(Yuezhou). 51 years old. A former assistant manager for Yuezhou during their communist era, he is a good selection for the country to lead the national team. He understands the pressures of international football, and yet, as someone loyal to the Communists in Yuezhou, is palatbly acceptable to Nyowani Kitara(who remain the last nation in Rushmore to still recognize Ren Qiang as the rightful head of state of their western neighbors). While Nyowani Kitara used a player-manager at the last three Copa Rushmoris, the KWFA, in recognition of the challenges of World Cup competition, ensured that they'd hire a full-time manager to properly divide out responsibilities. He is suspended for the first game of the Copa Rushmori due to actions in what he calls a 'peaceful protest' against the current government of Yuezhou.
Senior Assistant Manager: Raira Ouma. 39 years old. He will serve as the interim senior manager for Matchday 1 against Pasarga.
Captain: Tage Hermansson
Alternate Captain: Amittai Owino

RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
RP Injuries to my players: Yes(please state what injury they have suffered and how many games they will miss).
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes(please state what injury they have suffered and how many games they will miss). You can kill unnamed characters(groups of fans, etc...) but cannot kill named characters(any named players/coaches, senior politicians, etc...)
Godmod other events: Yes(However, all of my nationals, players, fans, or whomever else you can think of, are banned from catching a pandemic).
Style modifier: +4.5

Roster for Cup of Harmony 81

Starters: 4-4-2.
GK #1 Oduor Bigombe. 26 years old. Kitara ethnic group. Plays for 1896 Ebor in Mytanija.
RB #16 Trophimus Agutu. 32 years old. Kitara ethnic group.
CB #5 Tage Hermansson. 35 years old. Osterland ethnic group. Captain. Plays for Nagoush FC in Tikariot. Suspended for Matchday 1 that carried over from the Cup of Harmony. Casper Edström will play in his spot for the first Matchday.
CB #3 Ernst Grönberg. 33 years old. Osterland ethnic group.
LB #4 Armoni Okombo. 27 years old. Kitara ethnic group. Plays for 1923 Esca in Mytanija.
RM #17 Vilgot Westermark. 26 years old. Osterland ethnic group.
RCM #6 Ramah Abong'o. 26 years old. Kitara ethnic group.
LCM #8 Amittai Owino. 31 years old. Kitara ethnic group.
LM #7 Johannes von Weber. 26 years old. Zealander ethnic group.
RS #12 Odede Angonga. 23 years old. Kitara ethnic group.
LS #11 Owino Odede. 23 years old. Kitara ethnic group.

GK #35 Parmenus Apondo. 27 years old. Kitara ethnic group.
GK #23 Fwaya Sialo. 25 years old. Kitara ethnic group.
RB #2 Shemaiah Adida. 34 years old. Kitara ethnic group.
CB #18 Casper Edström. 33 years old. Osterland ethnic group.
CB #19 Ouma Okeyo. 23 years old. Kitara ethnic group.
LB #14 Adriel Obonyo. 32 years old. Kitara ethnic group.
CM #6 Abraham Obong'o. 35 years old. Kitara ethnic group.
CM #10 Salem Lagum. 29 years old. Kitara ethnic group.
CM/CAM #23 Arendt Sundin. 28 years old. Osterland ethnic group.
RW #39 Nicholas Ekdahl. 25 years old. Osterland ethnic group.
LM #20 Leonard Lundquist. 33 years old. Nordland ethnic group.
ST #9 Lars Anders. 22 years old. Osterland ethnic group.

- Our free kicks are taken by Odede Angonga. Penalties are taken by Odede Angonga.
- In terms of substitutions, anybody is OK to substitute off the pitch besides the captain, Tage Hermansson.

Copa Rushmori 39 Group Stage Schedule -
Matchday 1: Nyowani Kitara vs Pasarga @ Estadio Provincial de Magdalena(cap. 30,000) in Vigano, Hispinas
Matchday 2: Nyowani Kitara vs Southwest Eastnorth @ Athletic Estadioa(cap. 51,554) in Vallezul, Hispinas
Matchday 3: Ardengard vs Nyowani Kitara @ Probintziako Estadioa Haranbehera(cap. 34,584) in Haranbehera, Hispinas
English pronunciation- "New Chee-tar-ah"

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--== Official press statement from the Tikariot Premier League ==--

Contraction of Tikariot Premier League

After long and careful consideration, the Tikariot Premier League herewith confirms that over the next two seasons, 104 and 105, the number of teams participating in the league will be contracted to 20 total.

There will be four teams relegated from the TPL at the end of season 103, with only two clubs seeing promotion from the Tikariot Second League for a total of 22 clubs with the same process repeated at the end of season 104, bringing the total of clubs to 20 for season 105 and beyond for the first time since season 22.

The decision was made with the input of the clubs of both Tikariot Premier League (TPL) and Tikariot Second League (TSL) as well as the Tikariot Professional Football Players' Association (TPFPA) and takes into consideration the increase in international games for both clubs and national teams as well as travel times and overall fixture congestion.


-- The Tikariot Premier League is covered by Simon Nighthorse and Sakari Pernfors --

Avanaroch - The Tikariot Premier League has issued a press release about reducing the number of clubs participating from 24 to 20 over the next two seasons, citing fixture congestion. This will mean that it will see the regular number of four relegated teams per season, but in turn only have two teams promote from the Tikariot Second League.

Ever since the formerly closed organization of the TPL had increased the number of participating clubs from 20 to 24 in season 22 with the inclusion of Eivora Athletic, Kyethas Rivermen, Baraldhur AFC and the Samreach Dragons, the league had maintained the same number at first continuing as a closed league before finally introducing promotion/relegation with the TSL in season 51.

As to be expected, reactions among fans has been split with mostly supporters of higher-ranked TSL teams voicing their discontent due to reduced chances of their clubs achieving promotion, but in general the decision was well-received as a contraction also is seen as an opportunity to elevate the general quality level of the league and reach a denser concentration of talent for deeper runs in the IFCF and less player fatigue and injuries for the national team.

Anthony Ludlow, speaker of the Tikariot Professional Football Players' Association (TPFPA), has welcomed the move. "While a contraction of the league obviously will mean less players in the TPL, which could aversely affect some of our members, we as an association welcome the decision by the TPL to find an active solution to ease the problem of fixture congestions. We will now enter talks with the TPL to seek potential remediation for players affected by these changes." When asked about which remediation efforts the association would be looking at, Ludlow mentioned potential restrictions of the number of foreign players a club could have on their roster, a policy that several leagues throughout the multiverse already have implemented.

The president of the Association of Professional Football Clubs, Antilia Burroughs, confirmed that the league had been approached about introducing a potential maximum of foreign players, but has declined to officially comment, citing the early stage of potential negotiations. This proposition, though, will also have to be cleared against several interregional agreements concerning the free choice of employers, if professional athletes will also fall under the same umbrella agreements.

Even before the league's announcement, several different scenarios had been floated in the past, with either full-on restrictions of non-Tikariotians or a softened version only affecting players from outside of Rushmore. Out of currently 600 players under contract in the TPL, 273 are Tikariotians, with 104 hailing from Rushmore and the rest being divided up between Anaia, Esportiva, Atlantian Oceania and other regions of the multiverse.

The Tikariot Sports Gazette will continue to cover any new developments in this in the coming weeks and months.
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Postby Guanacasteca » Sun Nov 14, 2021 9:03 pm

Federación de Fútbol de la República Guanacasteca


About República Guanacasteca: Unformally known as Guanacasteca, a word coming from the indigenous Huétar language “Place with abundance of ear-shaped trees”, the ear-shaped also is a nickname due to the fruit that said three produces. This Republic is located on the tropics of Rushmore, a zone with a pleasant weather all year-round that is composed by remnants of older civilizations that were left forgotten and decided to learn foreign languages and traditions in shame of their own culture.

It might sound harsh, but some people of the tribal alliance we know as Guanacasteca decided to venture into neighboring nations, learned some customs and decided to import those to the region they have been living for centuries. This process provoked some instability among the borders of the modern-day republic, creating two well-differentiated zones that decided to gather forces in order to survive into what they considered to be a “rather volatile” region. Currently, Guanacasteca is living its 200th anniversary of formation (2021), after spending a turbulent history that has, somehow, forged what this nation is until today.

For more understanding, its needed to go back to the days of the foundation, specifically to 1841, where the more traditionally leaning Northern Half of Guanacasteca decided to learn to a more conservative government in fears of having a turmoil that would cause disruption into the accommodated elite of the new nation. Said threats were coming from the Southern Half of the Republic, a zone that has always leaned towards a more progressive ideal of life, aiming for wealth redistribution and equality rather than the privileges that the Northerners desired to keep. This divide caused turbulence during most of the century, where the government changed hands at least ten times.

Those government changes were pacific or bloody at times. The bloodiest of those times was at 1854, when the Progressive Party of Guanacasteca suffered a coup from the Conservative Party elite, in a complot with a random group of pirates who visited Guanacasteca frequently in order to exchange goods, specially tabaco and bananas for other nations. The pirates were frustrated on how the Progressives were boycotting their illegal trade via blockades or alliances with neighboring nations trying to eradicate that undesired practice. The pirate led offensive ended in a purge of the government, killing Manuel Otero González, a president known for reforming several key aspects of Guanacasteca that still continue to be present on the Constitution, since those were stony clauses, some of those hindered the desires of the elite of the Republic and forces them to pay high taxes each year as a way of wealth redistribution.

That mindset divide has marked the existence of this Republic for its entire history, being a key to understand what happens in the nation, not only in terms of politics but also including essential aspects of life such as life standards, expectancy, income, wealth, etc. The Northern Half of the República Guanacasteca has been mostly focused into agrarian-related activities, more dependent on strength and also boasts a highly militarist ideal when it comes to try imposing what they do to the Southern Half. Meanwhile, the Southern side is a more open-minded place, which boasts higher life standards and more investment from abroad, also, they focus more in producing technological goods, they consider themselves as the visionaries of the nation, while they consider the Northerners as the backward people, the ballast that impedes Guanacasteca to reach a better economic position among their neighbors.

Among the 10 million inhabitants of the Republic, 6 million of them live in the 17 provinces that compose the Northern Half, while 4 million lives in the 7 provinces of the Southern Half of the nation. At a glance, life expectancy is higher at the South by 6 years, as they get a 77 years expectancy of life while the Northerners only get 71. The reason of such a drastic difference is criminality, the Northern provinces are characterized for being extremely violent, mostly due to the lack of real opportunities on said zone, also due to drug trafficking issues, as they fight to gather control of the Southern Corridor, a portion of the southernmost provinces that is known for drug production.

During the last years, Guanacasteca is turning into a boiler due to the constant discrimination exerted from the Southerners to their Northern pairs, also a corrupt Socialist Front of Guanacasteca (Northern) party that has nested themselves in pretty much any political institution of the nation and tries to impose themselves against the Southern more progressive ideal for a society.

So, currently, Guanacasteca is a nation with profound divides and clashes in political and social terms, and they are close to have a fate changing election soon that could settle the power of the Socialist Front of Guanacasteca or the Progressives could retake the reigns of the nation and drive it to their ideals as they have pretty much struggled during the last 200 years. Future looks somber, but there’s nothing to discard in the current panorama of this nation, since it’s extremely unpredictable, a chaos to resume it better.

Quick Facts

Official Name: República Guanacasteca - The Guanacastecan Republic.
Motto: Dios, Patria, Libertad (God, Motherland, Freedom)
National Anthem: ¡Salve Oh Patria!.Lyrics
Capital City: Nicoya.
Highest Point: Cerro Providencia (3,750 masl)
Currency: Peso Guanacasteco (P$ 1 = N$ 0.20)
Official Language: Spanish.

Guanacastecan Football History: Football has been considered, for long, a scapegoat for the people of the Guanacastecan Republic as a scapegoat for the daily life torture that means to be an inhabitant of this country. The Primera División Guanacasteca, a tournament that comprises twenty teams from across the nation has a somewhat lackluster infrastructure, especially on northern teams. The fanbase of the sport is considerably strong, as it’s also a way to express social differences between halves, specially from southerners that have kept a strong control of the league for the last half of a century, winning 45 out of the last 50 editions of Primera División football, that superiority has formed more regionally focused rivalries, as the northerner fans argue that their southern counterparts have teams plagued with dirty money coming from narcotic-related activities.

The Federación Guanacasteca de Fútbol, the ruling entity of the sport in the nation, has decided to step up and build a project for a national team that may represent, in an equal proportion, northerners and southerners in order to create national unity and backup towards the upcoming events that they want to introduce this team, namely: Copa Rushmorí, Baptism of Fire and World Cup 90 Qualifiers. They don’t know the outcome, but there’s some hopes that a decent participation could be obtained, keeping that ideal on sight, they decided to elect the very best that the Guanacastecan Primera Division has to offer, also being managed by a somewhat experienced manager coming from Yuezhou in the shape of Han Ruoyang may help.

Han has managed strong teams back at his home nation, Beian City, an upper table side who likes teams that are defensively solid, play as a team, and supply enough solidity for a deep-lying playmaker to work his magic from the center-back spot. This system has deep implications in Han’s football cosmovision of things, as he flourished under said scheme during his player career. Pretty much this fits as a finger ring for the Guanacastecan team, as the league tends to depend heavily on defending, counterattacking abilities and a great sense of footballing solidarity between players.

Accompanying Han, we have Francisco Mamani, a Huayramarcan assistant coach that left his position as manager in Club Atlético Lima in order to venture himself into the fascinating world of national team football. Mamani, as Han, share the ideals of having a defensive minded football scheme, focusing on solidarity and discipline before creativity and free reign of the players on the pitch.

Contrary to popular belief, the FGF is rather organized and has some economical muscle that tries to translate into decent results in football, in order to forge themselves a name into the multiversal national team ranks and fulfill, the Guanacastecans, with something they might be proud to boast for once in their chaotic lives. Before the master plan begins, the upcoming Copa Rushmori might be a test ground to see what needs to be improved and what can be worked more in order to get into the waters of World Cup action with the Baptism of Fire.

Without further ado, the starting XI and substitutes are presented in the following tables:

Starting XI



Nota bene: Only official matches are taken into consideration for current record, caps and goals – Updated prior Copa Rushmorí 39.

Nickname: Los Cerdos (The Pigs).
Colors: Fully white uniform (home), fully sky blue uniform (away). Images pending.
Current Record: 00-00-00 (W-D-L)
Most Caps: 25 players tied at 0.
Most Goals: Pending (0)
Biggest Win: TBD
Biggest Defeat: TBD

Captain: David Monterroza
Second Captain: Dylan Orellana.
Third Captain: Ricardo Linton.
Most likely to score: Sean Fuller
Most likely to get red carded: Alfonso Rosas.
Prone to get injuries: Israel Góndola.
The genius: David Monterroza.
The motivating soul: Rodrigo Marín.

Manager: Ruoyang Han. (49)
Assistant 1: Francisco Mamani. (42)
Physio: Christian Salvatierra. (26)
GK Trainer: Bryan Centeno. (35)
Doctor: Claudia Ortega. (52)

Usual Starting XI Tactical Scheme

Formation: 5-2-1-2 - AKA: The Gripper.
Style modifier: -3

A 5-2-1-2 seems utterly defensive at first glance, but as it was said before, take it for granted when it comes to the real Guanacastecan way of football. Han manages a team, as disciplined as he loves, that aims to solidarity work between teammates while defending and, also, while trying to do a counterattack. In this scheme, defensive solidness is secured, as flexibility to cover zones is provided on both sides, since the three centre backs can perfectly support their wing backs, giving two or three players to cover a zone when needed, also concentrating a lot of units as reserves in case the rival manages to sort out the pressure caused on wings, although, it may be easy to break if you force the center backs to move some meters and gather forwards in order to find up a hole and use it to your favor.

Orellana and Venegas may, sometimes, incorporate themselves to the midfield, turning the scheme into a 3-4-1-2, their labor can be: Wide-up the game, to serve as a distraction to the rival midfield or work as paredes(Literally: Walls), in order to ease up transitional movements to attack, this movements makes Calderón switch his role to destruction duties, often implying to play in a rude way, in order to recover the ball and distribute for a swift counterattack, Marín also switches role to play-maker, orchestrating plays and usually coupling up with Linton in said duty, although, Linton may serve 80% of times as a false nine, gravitating 25-30 meters away from goal, in order to reduce the amount of players in the final quarter of the rival, Linton uses his speed and often goes solo or couples with either Ingram or Fuller in order to arrive to the area and strike to goal or serve a pass to his couple on attack, being he, a key in the attack due to his speed and superb sense of position.

Sometimes, large crosses might be sent by Orellana or Venegas to Ingram or Fuller, considering that both have a nice aerial control of the ball, often resulting in a header pass to the other winger or the nearest teammate, serving it in a great position to finish with a goal. In set pieces, Monterroza and Marín are the men in charge to kick, Marín focuses on crosses to the box, while Monterroza takes advantage of being ambidextrous and shoots from wherever he has the chance, usually direct to goal with great finesse, enough to put the rival defenders and goalkeeper in problems, also, Orellana looms as a third choice executor, due to his powerful shot. Penalties are taken by Orellana or Góndola being the latter known for shooting without mercy in terms of power, being the classical defender taking a penalty kick, though, there's a risk he might sent it close to stratosphere when he fails (So, warn the satellites when Góndola kicks a ball!)

Analyzing the behavior of the offensive zone, Linton excels by the merit of being the brain of the team, with a logical insight of the game, adding up that he's perfectionist by nature, so it's expected that he would try the impossible to the point of complicating himself when on need or having advantage. Fuller is full (might sound redundant) of potential, deemed to be the big thing in Guanacastecan football, he's always alert of who's having the ball, his characteristics and movements, hence he's the ideal person to lead pressing tasks on the opposition's defence, since he likes to predict movements due to his methodical thinking on corporal movements. While Ingram might be a sinner in terms of overconfidence and arrogance, yet, he's a polite and disciplined attacker, a hater of mess by nature, doesn't likes to leave loose ends while attacking, prefers to finish plays by himself or being the key orchestrator in order to make sure the play has his seal of quality (Thus, demonstrating his self-righteousness.)

On the midfield, Marín is dramatic by nature, and his risk-taking attitude means that he's prone to simulate fouls, even if blatant exaggeration is needed in order to gain a set pieces and re-order the team to create an attacking chance. Monterroza, the captain, is having a great personal moment, he's currentlly ecstatic for being called to the Guanacastecan National Team, he has been rated as a second-tier player, but now, he's feeling he has shut down some mouths. He's creative and practical, his great vision of the game makes him to pull out of his sleeve good plays, especially, ideas on how to manage the tempo of the game and a good capacity to decide the perfect moment to unleash an attacking initiative or keeping the ball on the defensive zone in order to generate a better chance in the next seconds, and this is usual from him despite being a defender.

At defense, Orellana is the classic risk taker, his corpulence helps him in order to establish is own rules while defending, he's blunt, rude, aggressive and a lover of taunting rivals, usually a guy that likes to mock others by height issues, his mission: Take the players out of his minds and provoke a card that might condition them for the rest of the game; he's the lover of the dirty job, a guy that always defines himself as anti-system. Marín is the team's self proclaimed "Asistente Motivador" (Motivating Coach) due to his optimistic attitude in basically any circumstance, pushing the team to give their best, despite they could be down some goals or winning, his mentality is basically a carbon-copy of Mr. Han's ideal of being resilient to the game circumstances, yet not leaving things loose; on the field, he's known by being cautious and analytical in movements, hence he's some kind of last resort together with González. Venegas doesn't thinks twice, he acts and takes risks while defending, although he's not as rude as Orellana, he often sweeps violently, but with good timing, he has earned his reputation as a decent winger, with good offensive projection, even while being attacked constantly. Góndola and Rosas loves to grab all the flashlights with their defending style, the kind of players called caballeros del fútbol (football gentlemen), known for playing fair, obeying rules and being rarely carded by his attitude on the field, they're loyal, perfectionists and harsh with themselves when he commits errors. When it comes to Rosas, he also is an ambitious and adaptive defender, that according to the circumstances, decides to attack or recover balls, he's flexible and rational, being this somewhat prejudicial since he loves to overthink moves.

And the goalkeeper, González is another creative guy, harshly critical with himself, a lover of living the moment and also, an attention magnet and a cold-blooded person. González tends to be excessively spectacular while saving shots, though, effective on it, since he tries to avoid at all costs a situation that might put him negatively into the flashlights of media, or even worse, lead him to self-punishment; González is good to handle the ball with his feet (Ambidextrous), his ability and attempts to do the insane may lead him to even attempt to dribble forwards in order to give a pass to the defenders or who he considers able to conduct a swift transition to the offense, this makes us consider that he loves to take risks, provided that he has some experience as field player before, since his career started as a midfielder, thing that he remembers and usually does while relaxing after training with his teammates, hence, he knows the risks and consequences of being insane on his business as keeper.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y (TG or contact on Discord)
Injure Players: Y (TG or contact on Discord)
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y (Max: 3)
Yellow Card Players: Y (Max: 11)
Godmod Other Events: Y (TG or contact on Discord)

Extra Notes: Do not RP a pandemic nor involve any of this character on it.
Covid-19 doesn't exist in República Guanacasteca.

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Postby Kiltoch » Sun Nov 14, 2021 9:33 pm

1 Robert Michaels (Starter, 23 Y/O)FC Pokepolis Kiltoch
22 Javier Peters (34 Y/O) Paradise Kiltoch
42 Milo Murphy (18 Y/O) Violet Hill Kiltoch

30 Ash Ketchump (Starter, 34 Y/O, CB) Sangem City Kiltoch
52 Ben Victor (Starter, 23 Y/O, CB) Destiny Palace Kiltoch
6 Rook Evans (Starter, 23 Y/O, LB) Hearthome City Kiltoch
40 Johnny English (Starter, 25 Y/O, RB) Soldier Island Kiltoch
94 Justice Wargrave (29 Y/O, CB) FC Laketown Kiltoch
52 (24 Y/O, LB/RB) Dream City Kiltoch
106 James Thomas (30 Y/O, LB/CB/RB) FC Atlantica Kiltoch
27 Donald Bond (26 Y/O, CB) Violet Hill Kiltoch

46 Anderson Russell (Starter, 30 Y/O, LM)(third captain) Sangem City Kiltoch
46 Michael Shaw (Starter, 33 Y/O, CM) Hearthome City Kiltoch
81 Pradosh Mitter (Starter, 17 Y/O, RM) Irony Valley Kiltoch
97 Vilgax Johnson (26 Y/O, MF) Eterna City Kiltoch
74 Luis Hernandez (22 Y/O, CM) Eterna City Kiltoch

12 Justin Matthew (Starter, 28 Y/O, CF)(vice captain) Oreburgh Warriors Kiltoch
46 Max Tennyson (Starter, 29 Y/O, LW)(captain) Dream City Kiltoch
11 Nicolas Candella (27 Y/O, RW) FC Lost City Kiltoch
14 Marcus Smith (33 Y/O, CF) Valor United Kiltoch
5 Cristiano de Lima Ferreira (20 Y/O, LW) FC Atlantica Kiltoch
68 Hogwats Potter (25 Y/O, RW) Coronet Valleys Kiltoch

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y,but not too serious
Give yellow cards to my players: Y
Give red cards to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y, but nothing serious

formation- 4-3-3.
modifier- +3 modifier.
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Postby Nephara » Sun Nov 14, 2021 10:22 pm

It was a nice gesture from Corvistone, reflected the KRF major.
He was looking at the last of a series of five paintings that Nepharan diplomats were hanging on the walls of the compound. Not originals, but reproductions of a celebrated series on the Liberation of the Marches. A benevolent ruler with an iron fist, carving through the elite with a glistering sword to form a new order, by and for the people... yeah.
It was deeply unsubtle solidarity, and the comparison flattered Nafuna Akongo greatly. But being able to grit your teeth and make such a gesture to an unelected tyrant... well, that was diplomacy, wasn't it? And another sign that the Nepharim in the territory were only digging their heels in more with time.
Of course, he did not know the intent was rather less than altruistic. Contained within each of the paintings was a small but potent device, sending data back to an NSIA listening post deftly concealed within enemy lines, shifting data along the line to home.


... saying it's a good fucking thing none of us were caught in the crossfire.

Still, a hell of a mess. Can't be sure how many are dead, but, well. The driver, at least. There was probably only one, anyway. Heard it was hard enough they had to pretty much Tetris the body back together.

// Alluding to the fertiliser bombing. This was the following morning. - FISKEN

Yeah, that's too much detail. But thanks.

Fucked up, isn't it?

What do you expect from terrorists? I'm just glad none of ours went down.

It's not all about ours, though, is it.

Sure it is. KRF won't miss a few. I sure as fuck won't.

That's heartless, Cilia.

// Only 'Cilia' on base a MAJ. KENDRICK, have updated scripts accordingly - F

// No bonus marks for showing your working, Fisk. - PENNANT

That's war, love. You look out for your own.

The KRF are our own, now.

Tch. No way you can-- see? You can't say that with a straight face! Look, maybe it'll teach the KRF to have some better fucking checkpoint security, hey...

// Recommending reprimand to MAJ. KENDRICK for cavalier attitude on valued KRF allies. - F

// Agreed. It's been kicked up to GEN. LEANDER. - THORN 2

// Will they follow through? - F

// Likely. Cavalier themself, but run a right ship. - T2


... reach the World Cup.

// Unclear who this is. Many Mamadous on site. - ISTVAN

Yeah, I get you, Mamadou. Once you've been there everything else kind of fades away. You still get a kick out of it, right? Qualifying, I mean.

We've got some good players--


-- it's good to see them make a stand, as well. The whole world's against them, but they're brave. ... You think some of them might get picked up in the Zenith?

Yeah, maybe. I don't really pay so much attention to the club game. But I could see it, for sure.

Well, Ava, let's both hope for it. Because I think... I think people across the world look to sport. It's almost an extension of what's really going on here.

Well, it's...

// Does this really belong in Priority, Istvan? - FISKEN

// It reflects the increasing camaraderie between allied forces. - I

// Concur. Fostering camaraderie has been a major challenge; this is a positive sign. - THORN 1


... and have a nice chat, right, where there's no prying eyes. Private, right.

// lol - COULTON

// Coulton. We've discussed this. - FISKEN

// Rather I meant to flag it as a sign that the hiding places are working as intended. - C

// No, you didn't. - F

I don't care for your tone.

Not asking you to care for it, I'm asking you to understand it. Loud and clear, alright.

... Alright.

There was a shipment of ephedrine. It's been skimmed off the top. Now, I know-- let me finish. I know you have a side hustle. And I know you're not paid enough for this shit, but military supplies are... that's different, I'm sure you understand.

I'm sure it's nothing to do with me. Look to your own men. Certainly they swagger around like they run the place.

Great, well, it's one of yours that threw you under the bus. You aren't a popular man, Captain Kinte.


// Kinte's lieutenant, Fati. Cross-reference Priority #44 Point D. - C

Yeah, I'm... not gonna tell you that. Instead, I'm--

What can you do? It's empty suspicions. We're officers of the same rank, under different forces. You have no jurisdiction over me. And it's a KRF cause, and you're far from home.

Right. And that's a fair point. But you-- here's the thing-- I don't care about due process. If I don't see that epi back in its crate by tomorrow, it won't be my officer I report to. It'll be yours. And I'm pretty sure your lot still go in for firing squads, and tragic and mysterious disappearances, right?

... Okay, so, perhaps if... I mean, I agree there must be... if I find whoever did take this crate, perhaps it may be difficult to replace. The culprit may have sold it on.

Yeah, that is not at all my fucking problem, mate.


Ah, you must be -- yeah, I see, now. Well, welcome to the front, sir.

Just glad I'm on foot again. It's a dicey crossing.

Last in, eh?

And you are...

Ah, this is Kublai Richards. He's with DoTFA, you'll be working with him closely to--


-- coordinate with the locals.

Great. Diplomacy.

Yeah, this isn't Sameba. Not as it was in the middle of the War, anyway. We're looking to build something here, sir. And we're looking to be gone after the fact - gone for good.

No arguments here. Sick of the place already.

... Yeah, well. Look, we'll have time to talk more on the road up to join TISIPHONE.

I've been briefed.

Dossier only goes so far.

Even so. I'll see you then. For now, I need rest.

// Appreciate the heads-up. I've had a private chat with White. Underlined to him the seriousness of the situation. - THORN 4

// He took it well? - FISKEN

// He took it. - T4

That one'll be a hard nut to crack.

He's a good soldier. Got a strong record.

More than enough soldiers already to trip over their own feet. Tch, but if he's any good he'll learn. Might just take a mistake.

We can't afford a mistake.

Then you'd better hope he either gets receptive to me fast, or that Waters can get a good leash on him.

// Good to know there's sensible heads on the ground. Goes to reinforce that experience is necessary for fully appreciating the situation's intricacies. - F

// May pay to revisit the briefings - ISTVAN

// Is it a priority? This is the final troop surge. - COULTON

// Wishful thinking. Do it. - ROSE
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