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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Wed Nov 24, 2021 10:48 pm

The flight back from Aji No Moto was a relatively short hop compared to some of the other flyaways so far this season, and as a rule, return flights were when the mechanics and other crew caught up on sleep that was usually in short supply over race weekends.

The huge cargo charter that could carry the car hauler, motorhomes and the rest of the equipment in addition to passengers could only land at about half a dozen airports in the Commonwealth, and until the Banijan Drought Crisis and resulting relief airlifts from Baker Park, Osheana International Field was not among that list; a major upgrade & expansion of one of the runways was undertaken in a joint effort between the Ministries of State for Transportation and Defense, which also allowed planes with larger payload capacity to arrive and depart.

The 'junior Cows', i.e., the AOGP team, were disappointed that they were unable to carry momentum into the Serizawa Circuit meeting from the results at Drummond Vale, where they'd been victim to a brilliant drive from P2 on the grid by Gus Perry of White Unicorns to prevent a double 1-2 sweep for the home team; neither Sammi Carter nor Nick Unger got anywhere near comfortable with the setup on the extremely quick Aji No Moto track.
There was still optimism, as they would be going off on their own to The Dyrrhonian Isles for another oval track race in the next round, with Sammi already thinking about the technique she used in Vilita.
She was still in the thick of the drivers championship and the team were still only a good weekend result from jumping into the battle on the constructors side.

The reality that the Scuderia left Aji No Moto on top of the WGP2 Constructors Table, with Batu 2nd and Jordan 4th in the Drivers standings only started to hit home among the engineers and directors as they were on the final approach for landing.

"We're leading the Championship. How does that sound to you?" Mike Lambert looked across at Vic Marzetti, who had been nodding in and out of sleep for the last hour.

"It sounds fucking incredible. How in the world are we gonna keep this up?"

"We're going to focus on what's ahead. Now that we've had back to back wins, we are going to start playing up the fact that we can win every week, and we should approach what we're doing with that mindset."

Lambert finished, then remembered something else he wanted to tell his deputy Team Principal.
"We'll be back with the main series for the next race, and now that we on everyone's radar, I suspect there'll be a lot 'how you dos' from the WGP bosses. I want you handle that through the weekend, just be non-committal about anything they ask. I'm going to have Hella and Smitty make sure they keep the guys away from potential bump & greets. Obviously we aren't holding anyone back, but I don't want them talking with other people about next year on my time." Vic nodded in agreement.
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Postby Auruna » Thu Nov 25, 2021 6:16 am

Tarvellanet Aurunaan vär WGP2 Kÿrteroitseet Kültenen!
Welcome to Auruna for the WGP2 Race of the Hills!
In cooperation with the MNA and NDT

Akresna Circuit

Circuit Details
Event: Aurunair Aurun Grand Prix / Aurunair Sÿrä-prii Auruna (WGPC) || Aurunair WGP2 Race of the Hills / Aurunair WGP2 Kÿrteroitseet Kültenen (WGP2)
Location : Akresna, Auruna
Layout : International
Length : 5.792 km
Lap Record : 1:40.442 (new estimate) | 1:42.211 (AtMA, 1997 - old version) | 1:32.970 (AEC, 2021)

Located at the Aurun hills, near the city of Akresna just north of Veratuna, is the most popular, successful, and challenging Akresna Circuit. With an altitude of about 1,350 m above sea level, the circuit is both challenging for both the drivers and cars. After the formation of the Mötoraaroitu Nazyonalla Auruna (MNA), this is one of the circuits that are now government owned and it was saved from closure by the MNA and it is one of the Viska Racing test tracks due to a partnership with Schkeska Motors. First built in 1956, the track features a wide variety of elevation changes and corners, also featuring the Akresna Tunnel that goes down though a hill (Although it is not used in the International Layout). With decent run-off areas and one of the best facilities in Auruna, the circuit is one of the best in Auruna and is a part of the Aurun Trinity Circuits.

Akresna starts off with the start/finish straight followed by a heavy braking zone to Turn 1, Valantov, then a fast Turn 2 that goes uphill. Turns 3 continues the uphill climb where Sector 2 starts at the exit of Turn 4. Sector 2, also called the "Hill Run", starts with a short straight to Turn 5 then followed by a slightly downhill then uphill Turn 6, where an old bunker is next to, then flowing nicely into Turn 7 which heads to the Akresna Sun section where most of the pictures of the track are taken, usually at sunset and during endurance races. At Turn 8, Politov, the Akresna Tunnel is located, it is unused in the international layout. What follows is a series of uphill-downhill corners ending with Turn 12, this is the most challenging part of the circuit where oversteer and understeer are prevalent and demands good throttle control by the drivers if they make a small mistake in this section, they will end up in the barriers. Still going downhill, a straight leads on to Turn 13, Veren Üka, which starts Sector 3, the fastest sector. The fast corners and chicanes of Turns 15, 16, 17, and 18. Cars go though this section flat-out and at this area is where most of the grandstands are located. Drivers usually get caught out at Turns 17 and 18 where they can oversteer into the barriers and ending their race. A final heavy braking zone to the Turn 19, Kaulinta. Another fast straight followed by a fast Turn 20, Entenalla (Similar to Parabolica of Monza) that leads to the start/finish straight which then completes a lap.

Akresna Circuit started out as a part of a much larger hillclimb from the then village of Akresna to the summit of the nearby hills. Shortly after a hillclimb, a few smaller paths were built that branched off from the main route and many started racing around the newborn circuit. This then caught the attention of the local racing club that was handling the hillclimb events and decided to start the funding of the construction of a permanent race venue. Construction was finished in 1956 and was a big hit for the local races and once word got out to other parts of the country, more drivers flocked over to Akresna to race at this new permanent race circuit, the third one of its kind in Auruna after Livonsk and Veratuna.

Akresna had a rough start after it was built and soon, it was deemed not to be a profitable circuit due to its location but this all changed right after the formation of the Mötoraaroitu Nazyonalla Auruna (MNA). The circuit, along with Livonsk and Veratuna was then bought by the MNA and in turn, the three are the first government-owned circuits in the country. It was a part of a project to promote motorsport in the country and it proved to be a success that lasted to the present day. This led to Akresna, Livonsk, and Veratuna being referred to as the Aurun Trinity Circuits.

It hosted a variety of motorsport series from the endurance AEC to the touring cars of AtMA, it had a slow rise to the top. A circuit rework occurred in the winter of 1973 where certain improvements to the layout and infrastructure and as a part of that, the now famous Akresna Sun and Tunnel section appeared and was received well by the fans and drivers.

After the success at the WGP2 with Viska's win here, the MNA decided to fund the circuits for the Aurun WGPC project. The MNA held a bid for the MNA International Circuit License where Akresna was chosen at the end over Livonsk and Veratuna. The MNA decided to stick with the International layout used in the WGP2 but there were rumours about using the AtMA or the K1 layouts. There were a lot of upgrades to the infrastructure of the circuit to better suit WGPC.

Soon after the WGPC race, work started on improvements in the International layout with the most significant change is replacing the T6 hairpin with a more flowing corner after criticisms about that certain corner being flow-breaking and not suiting the circuit structure. This change led to the layout being significantly shorter than it originally was. The end result proved to be popular with fans and drivers saying that it's much better than before.

It only missed out on the previous WGP2 season but circuit officials and the MNA are persistent and kept entering Akresna.

Previous Podiums in Akresna
WGP2 III - WGP2 Race of the Hills
1 - Olivia Stone [Schkeska-VSK Viska Racing]
2 - Abdoulaye Goita [SVJ Racing]
3 - Lourdina Westgrens [Bitten Heroes Academy]

WGPC 18 - Sÿrä-prii Auruna (Aurun Grand Prix)
1 - iBen Toralmintii [Tropicorp Racing Ælund]
2 - Terho Talvela [Tropicorp Racing Ælund]
3 - Abdoulaye Goita [Schkeska-VSK Viska Racing]
Special Mention:
4 - Olivia Stone [Schkeska-VSK Viska Racing]

How to get to Akresna
Most traffic to the circuit will be coming from Veratuna. The flights are expected to arrive at either Veratuna Lorukeentteä Airport (VER | EAVL) or Veratuna North / Zuroloyov Airport (VZL | EAVZ) which are located close enough to Akresna, cutting travel times. Then a 30-minute trip north by road using the As-1 or As-4 highway from either airports or from the capital area at an average speed of 115 kph. (Note: there are no speed limits at the As-1 and As-4 but please observe road safety as the highway patrol units are strict)
As an alternative, the Gs-21 and the Körinö Pass which adds about 15 minutes to your travel time but there will be fewer traffic in both roads.

Auruna : Country Details
Full Name : Federal Republic of Auruna
(Aurun: Litävinnenazyonalla Auruna)
Motto : "Taita vär Maana, vär Iyudna, vär Göt!"
(English: "Fight for the Country, for the People, and for God!")
Anthem : "Menä Äinenmaana"
(English: "Our Motherland)
Capital : Veratuna
Language : Aurun
Secondary languages: English, German
Demonym : Aurun

A Quick Aurun Language Lesson
It is the language of Auruna, it's a Uralic language with a few Germanic and Slavic influences. It is an agglutinative language where it modifies a word to determine the meaning.
For speakers of Finnish, Estonian, and Karelian, it will be easy understanding Aurun as it belongs to the same family which is the Finnic branch of Uralic although mutual intelligibility may vary.

Major Dialects
- Karalinne
- Nörjänlappi
- Sudennakuna
- Veratuna
- Sterlennau

A few beginner words and phrases:
Tarvella(-net) - Welcome
Hei / Hej - Hello
Inna / Ein - Goodbye
Ienne - Please
Aanta - Sorry
Hevänamta - Good morning
Hevänpaivu - Good day
Hevänÿönnä - Good night
Hevänkesänpaivu - Good afternoon
Hevänäven - Good evening
Kaku kau? - How are you?
Oku kau? - Who are you?
Mistä hotelli kau? - Whre is the hotel?
Mistä Akresna kau? - Where is Akresna?
Akresnaan ienne - To Akresna please
First / P1 - Ükandes
Second / P2 - Töndes
Third / P3 - Kolmendes

There are a few oddities in Aurun phonology and orthography, examples are:
- Ya (yes) and ya (me / I)
Ya (yes) is pronounced as ['ja] and spelled as ja in some dialects.
Ya (me / I) is pronounced as ['i:a] and it's usually replaced by either (a shortened form of minä) or y ['i:].

- Ÿÿ
The letter ÿ in Aurun is a lengthened ü in simpler terms. It was due to Aruzhin influences (a language isolate that heavily influenced Aurun) in Aurun orthography. While writing [y:] as üü is still acceptable, it has since became archaic.

Akresna Circuit
An MNA Circuit Guide of Akresna

KL - Kinu Luminna
LH - Laura Haukanna
HJ - Haru Jukkenna

KL - "Hei je tarvella! Hello and welcome to another MNA video on whatever you are watching this on, TV or whatever. Anyway, the Aurun Grand Prix is fast approaching and again, it is held in this wonderful place called Akresna which most of you might have heard of before in WGP2 III and WGPC 18. I think it's one of if not the highest circuits on the calendar if I'm not mistaken, I know it's the highest circuit in Auruna. Sadly it missed out on the previous WGP2 season but good thing that it has returned to the calendar this season for both WGPC and WGP2. With that out of the way, I'm Kinu Luminna, number 82, Viska Racing WGPC driver and next to me here is..."

LH - "Laura Haukanna, number 37 PB-VIska WGPC driver who has never raced here before in WGP2 or WGPC machinery so it's a first."

KL - "And next is... someone who's late!"

HJ - "Agh... vitan kürad... sorry I'm late. Important team stuff back at the paddock and some media I had to dodge."

KL - "There's no need to do another take, just edit that out."

HJ - "Anyway, I'm Haru Jukkenna, WGP2 driver for Nexus. I only got the last minute call for this."

KL - "Now, we are going to do a track guide or tour or whatever on Akresna. The MNA has lent us a Schkeska Vezrel GTX with complete seats for us to do the guide with. Oh and they said we can do one lap around the track each at whatever speed we like."

LH - "Mhm, and I'm driving it first!"

Turn 1 - Valantov
KL - "So, Valantov, also known as Turn 1. It is the first hard braking zone of the circuit and you really need to slam hard on the breaks especially after getting round the final corner and the long main straight as you really get some speed before being able to see the corner."

HJ - "Incidents may occur if one is not careful here as on entry, it is slightly off-camber due to the nature of the terrain and it levels out a bit at the exit so it's not that easy to hit the apex. I think it's better to run a bit wider to better set yourself up for Turn 2."

LH - "To be honest, I don't like T1 that much and I am anxious to see how it is with WGPC cars."

KL - "Oh it'll be fine, trust me."

LH - "You were a backmarker that time."

KL - "Ah shut it."

Turn 2, Uphill Run & Turn 3 - Kolantalla
LH - "Opening the taps a bit here. Turn two is just a pretty normal corner, with a small camber as it leads to to the Uphill Run."

KL - "It is a bit on-camber but it doesn't make much of a difference I think, it's too subtle but the Uphill Run is where it's at, a nice climb up the hill. From the exit of Turn 2, you'll then crossover to the right to get a nice run down on Kolantalla which is a long and fast left-hander without lifting unless you're not on a high-downforce package."

HJ - "Well, you should be using a high-downforce package for this."

LH - "Considering there are a few high-speed areas here, there might be a compromise."

KL - "Yeah but you really need high downforce for this place."

Turn 4 & 5
LH - "Here we are at T4 which looks alike a pretty normal right-hander, braking at around 150 or earlier."

KL - "There's a small bump at the outside which you'll notice if you go wide so yeah... be careful. Turn 5 is another right-hander which start to camber a bit as one of the layouts has a different Turn 5 which is a fast corner that skips Turn 6 of the other layouts. Speaking of Turn 6."

The new Turn 6, 7 & Akresna Sun
HJ - "Here is that recent change, the new Turn 6. They changed it as the old one was breaking the flow of this hill section and many complained. The MNA decided to change it after the conclusion of WGPC 18. The result is a left-right complex with Turn 7. The braking zone is slightly downhill and then it rises uphill at 7 which should make an interesting experience with our WGP cars as the speeds will---"

LH - "Never change Haru, never change."

HJ - "What?"

KL - "Anyway, this new Turn 6 should be fun as it flows nicely into 7 then a kink into the renowned Akresna Sun."

HJ - "The bunker to the left of us can be used as a food stall or a spectator booth with space available at the roof as a makeshift grandstand but it won't detract the fact that this is the most picturesque part of the circuit."

LH - "Hope one day I get to see a photo of me racing here at sunset. The best time of day."

KL - "Wanna try AEC?"

LH - "I'll pass for now, heh."

HJ - "I'm not sure that you'll last long."

LH - "Pfft--- shut up, I'm driving!"

Turn 8 - Politov to 12
LH - "I'm pushing here guys so make it quick!"

HJ - "Turn 8, also called Politov is a medium-speed.. er-- 3/4 right I think, that bypasses the well-known Akresna Tunnel. Whoa--!"

KL - "Haha--! From there, 9 is I think a hairpin leading to the faster 10 that tightens at 11. Plenty of runoff at the right but good luck when you reach the gravel part!"

HJ - "Then Turn 12 is a downhill, cambered left-hander that is followed by a downhill straight as we descent towards the valley area with the entry to 13 serving as the start of the third sector. Whew..."

Turn 13 & 14 - Veren Ükantönne & Valley Run
LH - "I know this part well, the Veren twins. It's not that obvious that they're two separate corners but usually, they are counted as one and are just called Veren. These two are taken in like fourth gear and you want to either get these corners right or get the next corner right as it leads to a long straight. Something to consider while battling for position."

HJ - "Turns 15 and 16 are up next, a fast left-right into the new straight of Valley Run. It's a fast chicane and a similar one up next with 17 and 18."

KL - "Here we have 17 and 18, a treacherous left-right flick, it is a fast chicane that goes down a bit which can catch you off-guard if you fuck up but still possible flat-out with these high-downforce WGPC cars. You can oversteer into the barriers on either entry or exit if your tyres don't agree with you."

LH - "Most of the time, just lift a bit just to be safe, especially if you're not battling but I do expect full-throttle runs down here at qualifying."

Turn 19 - Kaulinta & 20 - Entenalla
KL - "Another heavy breaking zone here wiht Kaulinta, quite possibly a clone of Valantov but who cares?"

HJ - "It's a close enough recreation of Turn 1 then the "turn 2" here doesn't exist as it's a smooth bend into the straight, only about halfway down the straight is the DRS zone, the one of the two of the circuit as the other one is at the main straight."

KL - "Full throttle and DRS open until we reach Entenalla, with a hard braking zone, down to fourth gear into the first part of this double-apex corner as it opens up. You basically go inside, hit the apex then wide to prepare yourself to hit the next apex just right before the pit straight or, if there's no traffic, you go wide to get a better run down the main straight with a better line to Turn 1 but you do you I guess."

LH - "Done with the tour? Because it's time for our hotlaps. So, standing start?"

HJ - "Yeah, just let me get out first."

LH - "No one's getting out. Just enjoy the ride."

HJ - "Miin jÿmää..."

KL - "Well then, ladies first."

-Insert hotlap montage-

Note: I don't primarily use NS stats
Auruna's attackers in wars, in a nutshell
Clarkson : "Richard Hammond...
how's the braking going?"
Hammond : Sliding down the slope
"That's going well... it's going well."

Litävinnenazyonalla Auruna

"Logistics is a fun mess of confusion and ammunition." - Auruna, 2020

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Postby Mertagne » Thu Nov 25, 2021 6:43 am

Yannec was feeling pretty good about himself as the week rolled on towards the events at Serizawa, Aji No Moto. His finish in the sprint race at Drummond Park had catapulted him to the forefront of the drivers who had yet to score any points this season, and while that didn’t seem like much of an achievement from the outside, on the inside of the cutthroat world of WGPO racing it was still quite impressive to be battling just on the outside of the points with a stock car setup. Other drivers had the backing of much more lavish teams that had the budget and the time to focus on getting the most of out the car and their drivers, but Bryce’s team had various fair play rules and the bureaucracy of the gargantuan organisation that is the WGPO to contend with. Bryce wasn’t ungrateful towards this fact, as it’s simply the way that his path has been forged, and he was glad that he seemed to be making the most out of his time at WGPO Motorworks.

The media had picked up Bryce’s fight for points and, going into free practice, there seemed to be air of hope around the WGPO garage as Bryce slunk into the cockpit of the car. His driver’s briefing had been just that, brief, but his initial analysis of the circuit found that this one had plenty of sharp turns, but also a long series of straights. The general word around the paddock was such that this track would be more of a test of car power than a test of driver technicality. Bryce was hoping to prove people wrong on that point, and identified the Kismo Complex as a key area where he would hopefully be able to make up some time on the other, faster cars out there.

The practice began and Bryce was keen to get an early lap in. The cloud hovered over the track, and he was worried that it might break at any moment, even though he was reassured that nothing of the sort would happen over the next seventy minutes. Bryce’s reaction to rainy weather had become nothing short of a superstition, and he was dreading going out in the wet again this weekend. His knee preemptively ached in anticipation, and while it was far from injured, the ghost of the injury lingered, and emerged in damp conditions. He planted his foot firmly into the base of the cockpit to stave off the ache, and set out onto the track to record his practice laps.

His result after the 70 minutes was enough to leave even Soishic speechless. A 5th place practice result was immense, and proved that he truly was a driver who could take to a track a little quicker than most. While this was a useful skill to have, its usefulness tended to peter out over the course of a weekend, but Bryce was hopeful that if the weather could be held at bay, he could be unleashed on the track.
The dark rainclouds descended on the track before qualifying, and a small amount of swearing could be heard from within the garage of car #87. Rain again would be hard to deal with, especially as the straight-line speed of the cars would be dampened, literally, further by the weather. Bolting out of the pit lane, Bryce was determined to get out of Q1 at the very least, hoping that if the weather dried up he could be in with a shot of Q3. Bryce was also spurned on by the mere presence of Tsunopin, who had been on good form throughout the week after earning a coveted point during the Drummond Park sprint race for the fastest lap in an amazing attacking run towards the end of the race. While Bryce had just outdone Tsunopin in practice, he was keen to do so again here in qualifying.
His Q1 was enough to get him past the barrier, finishing about a tenth behind Tsunopin and scraping into Q2. However, the weather got the better of him in Q2 to a degree, and he fell off the pace of the other drivers, settling into a middling 17th position for the race proper.
Feature Race
As Bryce geared up for the feature race, he blessed the fact that it was definitely looking dryer heading into the event. A 17th position was enough to hopefully start climbing into the points, but over the course of the weekend, he’d noticed that the drivers had managed to more effectively navigate the more technical sections of the track, due to having further practice. Any advantage he might have had from his quick thinking was rapidly eroded, and now the rumour of car performance determining the day was taking centre stage. He tried to bat those thoughts out of his mind during the formation lap, and focused on the ever important start of the race.
The lights went out and away they went, with Bryce struggling to pull up to the same straight line speeds as his nearby competitors in the Fireline cars. The UrGa Motorsports duo of Kalhu and Fitzpatrick seemed to be on the attack hard early on in the race making use of the wide track to weave in and out of the competition and create some tricky defences for the cars in front. Bryce was able to hold them off for several laps, until he ran into a tricky time at Turns 6 and 7, when the two UrGa cars outclassed him by forcing him to choose who he was going to defend his position against at the Bird’s Beak before going up and making him defend his weaker side again at the hairpin on turn 7. An effective pass that made Bryce’s head spin a little, he was unable to gain the spots back before the end of the race, and this combined with the weaker speed of his own car resulted in an unfortunate slump into 22nd, where he remained, solidly in front of an Edward Rousseau, who had had a disastrous weekend.
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Postby Taxonomic Kingdoms » Thu Nov 25, 2021 6:45 pm

Nobody at the Pox Party Bar was talking about WGP, probably because Vaccinia hadn't given them much to talk about. At Serizawa, she had finished near the back as usual. She was beginning to think the Motorworks cars just weren't up to snuff, since Bryce Yannec was struggling too.

When Vaccinia walked into the bar, a few people acknowledged her presence with a wave or a hello. The goddess of smallpox, who was drowning her sorrows in a corner, briefly looked up from her drink.

But for the most part, everyone was distracted by a pair of bulky bearded travelers from Asgard, who seemed determined to drink the bar's entire supply of mead. The Asgardians said they had come to Bamford to seek an alliance to help them defend Asgard against the Jötnar and the Angels. A local atadenovirus deity was sitting on the bar in the form of a duck, explaining that Fenrir, Jörmungandr, the Jötnar, and the Angels were immune to all the viruses of the natural world, and that made it difficult for Bamford to help. Now and then, the duck atadenovirus goddess would pause to think of a word, but instead of saying "um" or "uh," she would make ducklike quacking noises. Thor gave her weird looks when she quacked, but Odin didn't seem to mind. After all, why shouldn't she quack when she was in the form of a duck?

Odin was trying to understand why none of Bamfordvirae's viruses could infect Asgard's rivals, but this required a rather detailed explanation of the biochemical systems that translated genetic code into proteins.

Vaccinia sat down near the Norse gods and the duck atadenovirus, and ordered a drink.

"Quack, have you tried asking the RNA kingdom for help?" the duck asked Odin.

"No," said Odin. "The Orthornir annoy me." (Orthornir=RNA gods)

The scowl on Thor's face made it pretty clear what he thought of the RNA gods, but just in case it wasn't clear enough, he said it out loud: "The RNA kingdom is a land of cowards and cheats!"

"Okay, but the problem with infecting Jötnar has to do with RNA," said the duck. "Their tRNA is coded differently from mortal creatures, so when viruses try to use it, it brings us the wrong chemicals."

"I think we could create a virus that infects Jötnar," said Vaccinia. "It would just be a lot of work."

The other Bamfordviraeans murmured in agreement.

"Quack, yeah, we'd have to study how the Jötnar's tRNA works and manually edit all our genes so they work with the Jötnar's biology," the duck explained. "It's a lot of work. Someone in Orthornavirae might know how to fix the tRNA so ordinary viruses can use it."

"I don't want to talk to the Orthornir," said Thor. He hefted his hammer. "Let's just go home and defend Asgard ourselves."

Odin rubbed his head wearily. "It doesn't hurt to talk to them," he said. "If the Orthornir are difficult we can always go home and do it ourselves." He lifted his empty mug. "Can I get a refill?"

"Sure thing!" the bartender answered cheerfully. He was doing good business today thanks to the Norse gods.

Odin started to say he would talk to the Queen of Bamfordvirae in the morning, but then he remembered Bamford didn't have morning. He would talk to the Queen of Bamfordvirae when he sobered up, and if she could not help then he would inquire of the other Taxonomic Kingdoms.

The bartender brought Vaccinia and Odin their drinks, then leaned across the bar and whispered to Vaccinia, "How are things in WGP2?"

"Not that great," Vaccinia admitted. Of course, the bartender probably knew that anyway.

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WGP2 Pt16: Batu's Ballad (Батын баллад/Batyn Ballad)

Postby TJUN-ia » Fri Nov 26, 2021 5:31 am

The first thing Batu could remember was a cold day in Shinebaishin when he was 3 years old. His father, a graduate of the University of Texas in U1 and a councillor, and his mother, housewife ever since Batu was a thing, was playing with the future driver. He could remember the words of his mother very clearly: "One day, Batu, you will be so powerful...but only if you listen to both of us." He asked what she meant by that and got a cold response: "If you stray from the path of power, you shall be cast from us all and be forgotten by us all."

That was the main focus of early life: to avoid that fate, the fate of being left behind and...who knows after that. His parents, especially his mother, felt that outside influences like "school" or "playtime" would "corrupt" his mind and thus, he was homeschooled from 3 all the way to 16, with rewards of watching the TV for good work and punishments of "the room" if he failed - a cupboard that he would be locked into for hours at a time to "think about what he had done". The only time he would be allowed out of the 4 walls was for a competition, for any sort of competition that could see him get that glory his mother desired - from taekwondo to judo, fencing to karate, he tried it all...but nothing seemed to click.

He could remember a chaotic time, at the age of 11, when he entered a judo tournament and ended up breaking his arm from avoiding the Ippon from his opponent. Obviously, he wasn't able to complete the contest and while he was in tears in the ambulance, he could remember the words his mother said: "It's always failing with you, Batu, isn't it? When will you do something good for once in your pathetic life!" That only increased the pain and when he was alone with his father, he could see him visibly distraught. He apologised for his mother's conduct but to Batu, what was the point - he still had to go home at the end of the day, bad arm or otherwise. He could request a meeting with someone who could help...but he didn't want to incite the rage of someone who believed they were a direct descendant of Chinggis Khaan himself anymore.

Another vivid memory, this time at 14. He must've been good because he was watching TM1 in English, a language he was taught alongside his native Mongolian for "his own sake". The program in question was a "soap" of some sort, a story that went on forever with ever-evolving characters and storylines. Today, one boy admitted to another that he was, in fact, in love with him and wanted to maybe go out sometime. He said yes and they would begin to make out, right there in front of Batu. He initially questioned why his parents were showing him this show as he thought Buddhism was all about removing yourself from this sort of thought, but later on, his father explained it plainly: "When you get older, Batu, at 18 to be precise, you will be let out of this house for good - to spread your own wings. When that day comes, you will have to figure out what type of person you are very quickly as you need to meet people in order to become a true free spirit. Maybe you will meet the love of your dreams...and maybe it is a he. That's why we showed it to you, will be up to you to determine who you date and who you love."

It was only a few months after that that he discovered the thrill of watching live motorsport and from there, the path was set. Karting and the domestic series, NRDAS, NN, the Classic, the Rumble and SOC would all follow. But the words of both his parents followed him onwards. His final day in that house was strange, as everything he had believed in was about to be challenged the very next day. The last thing his mother told him before he moved out was a simple warning, a warning that followed Bato throughout his WGP2 career: "You are free now Batu...but be careful. If you fail us, we have no hesitation to disown you. Remember that."

Round 6
Konbini 24/7 WGP2 Race of Shibara
Serizawa Racing Circuit, Serizawa, Aji No Moto

Of course he still remembered that. He remembered everything about that time. Life wasn't easy for Batu Tüvshinbayar from the start, his situation he knows many will call "abusive" and "controlling", but to him, it was just...there. A part of the fabric of his very being that he couldn't remove no matter how hard he tried. Throughout his "escape" and his progression in his motorsports career, the memories of what came before either diminished or amplified as he went through the highs and the lows. When NN went bust, that was when they were at their most powerful...but on the other hand, winning the Rumble in the Rice Fields almost shook them out of his mind for a whole month. This is what he's been dealing with all this time, but Season 5 of WGP2 had, so far, been pretty good to the Mongolian. Scuderia Orange Cow was a truly comfortable environment to be in, the team around him truly a group bound together by racing, and getting that 1-2 for them at their home race was certainly the least everyone deserved after the first half of this season. Batu was 8th in the championship after the first 5 rounds, with teammate Jordan Crowe just ahead in 4th and the team overall sitting comfortably in P3. It was nice to see but with the 2nd half coming up, Batu knew he had to keep it up no matter how hard that would be...if only he knew what was to come.

The 2nd half would kick-off at the Serizawa Racing Circuit in Aji No Moto and the only real downer for Batu was the fact that Adonis Fitzpatrick hadn't responded to his texts...but clearly he was busy, as his personal profile suggested a little party with his mates to celebrate his victory back in Round 4. He looked OK, but Batu wanted to talk to him and...well, yeah. But he had to push that aside very quickly as Friday arrived with some interesting pace. While Crowe was focused on quali runs, the team decided to let Batu focus on the race pace and that can explain why both cars were in different positions by lunchtime, Crowe in 2nd and Batu 16th. Darian Vilau was the session leader with Alvis Kalvin Lacsamana in 3rd and Adonis in 8th. The rain arrived in time for qualifying and for the Elimination format at that, which definitely caused a bit of chaos overall. Donny fell in Q1 while Batu himself just about made Q3, only to not move on and end up in 9th for the Feature Race on Saturday. Pande Putu Raka Ganesha took pole over Kyidawa Sherpa and Haru Jukkenna with Crowe ending up in 5th.

The Feature Race was supposed to be a good opportunity for some good points...but then it became something much bigger across the 55 laps run. The strategy became apparent from the start, as AKL looked very good and Batu felt it would be best to follow his charge up the field to claim as many points as possible. One by one, through tight racing and the pitstop window, AKL and Batu would carve their way through the field and by the final 10 laps, they had made their way past Daniel Rae and they were the top 2, with fellow chaser David Findlay also climbing his way up to third. It would turn into a duel of wills for a while before Batu, focus like never before to make this one count, got past on Widow's Peak with 5 laps to go and then proceeded to never look back. The gap was building and building and while Batu didn't want to assume things were done like that, he could feel that maybe this was indeed his time. The final lap was pure torture, a race against his own mind and a race against the demons that tried to make him fail, but as he entered the Kismo Complex, he knew that the job was finally done. Winning the Rumble was one thing, but this...this was different. He felt pure joy as he cross that line, as he took that flag in front of his team, and the tears were certainly pouring out now. Batu Tüvshinbayar had won the Feature Race, the first of his WGP2 career, and only 3 weeks behind Lane Carter's triumph in Turori at that. This season was truly TJUN-ia's now...and Batu didn't know what to say.
He's going to do it, bar any bad karma now. If there was anyone who deserves a moment like this, except Lane Carter of course, it certainly is Batu. Batu has been through a lot in his career, winning the Rumble in the Rice Field was a big deal to him, but this...this will be seen as a breaking of the chains! THE CHAINS ARE INDEED BROKEN! BATU TÜVSHINBAYAR WINS THE FEATURE RACE, HIS FIRST OF THE YEAR AND THE 2ND WIN FOR ORANGE COW THIS SEASON! THE TODES ARE TURNING iN THIS SEASON, AND IT MAY HAVE SHIFTED TOWARDS BOTH TJUN-IA AND BAKER PARK!

BT: YEEEEEEEES! WOOOOOOOO! I DId IT! I....did it! Oh my goodness!
VE: Yes you did, Batu! Yes, you did! One more race tomorrow, but well bloody done Batu!
BT: Thank you...Thank you all so much...You all did this...WE all did this...I cannot thank you enough...

Today was his to claim and like Crowe before him, he made sure every single SOC member got some love. The moment he proceeded to sit next to his car, his helmet off and his eyes flowing like waterfalls, would be relayed back to Shinebaishin and the world in due course, everyone happy to finally see their boy make it to the top step in the WGPO at last. He made sure to savour every single moment of that from the anthem, to the champagne to everything that came after. It was one could take it from him now, not even the one who reared him to this very point.

But work still needed to be done and for Sunday's Sprint Race, the newly-christened race winner would start in 8th and try to get more points to add to the 25 he got on Saturday (or "The Day", as it will now be forever in his head). 9th-placed Skiia Vialiv got past him off the start in the wet conditions and instantly, Batu thought "let's do it again, shall we?" and began to follow the Vilitan up the field. It was essentially a wet repeat of yesterday but this time, when it came down to Batu and Skiia, the Vilitan just about had enough pace to keep the 15 points in the end by less than a tenth of a second. It was infuriating to miss out on the double by that margin...but the fact he was in that position to begin with was a definite sign that Batu was here now and he wasn't going to turn down another trip to the podium at all. Findlay was 3rd with AKL, PPRG, Crowe (good drive from 12th), Sherpa and Jukkenna rounding out the Top 8 and Ilya Tsunopin in 9th claiming another fastest lap award, his preferred scoring method it seems.

It was only when he was collecting his gift, a mug and a pair of red headphones, from Shalmaneser Kalhu of all people (who seems like a nice guy overall) that he realised what this weekend did for him and the team overall. AKL now led the standings but now, it was Batu in 2nd with an 8 point gap to climb. From 8th to 2nd in a weekend but to be fair, 37 points will do that to you in this series. Crowe's 4 puts him in 4th, 22 points back on Batu now, and now even SOC as a whole is leading ANMARA in the Constructors battle by 5 points. This season had just been kicked into high gear for SOC over the last 2 rounds and now, they have momentum and will be looking to keep that going in Akrensa next time. Both Carter and Batu had won races now and next time, both will be on the same track at the same weekend. What fun for those at home!

But what about Adonis? Without that chat, maybe neither of them would've made the top step at all...or maybe it was all a coincidence. Of course, Batu could understand if he wanted to keep himself to himself (as Batu was basically doing before the note stuff)...but Batu didn't want that. They only talked for about...3 minutes tops, the length of a song in a contest TJUN-ia knows very well, but even then, something about that talk was...needed. Batu had revealed himself and Donny had given him a chance to...make things right, he guessed. But no matter what happened now, Batu at least knew one thing: he would not allow that meeting to be the end of the matter. Not while he was still discovering himself with every given day...

More texts to Adonis
Sal is a good guy, so is his gifts tbh.
Can you thank him for me?

If not, I could find another way.
Look, I know you must be busy, but now we're both race winners in this series.
That deserves a "meeting" of sorts if you're up to it?

I don't mind where or can even bring Sal if you want so I can thank him in person :lol:

You will get back into the points soon can trust me on that.
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Full of questions?

Postby United Adaikes » Fri Nov 26, 2021 8:52 pm

Home turf, Aaron thought just about he was about to see the track coming out of the garage.

Well, not really where he was born, but this was the country of the team that gave him a chance to pursue his dream—hired as a test driver in the premier team and one of the drivers of the second-tier team, all in the first season. He's not only thinking about the now. He's also thinking of the future. He'd love to stay in the first team that hired him. But he also knows he needs to deliver and get those points to keep the seat.

Even the tracks are getting familiar. Aaron knows how he wants to drive when nearing those turns. But when he drives, he is on the track alone. Will opponents be affecting his driving? Will the race feel different from when he was test driving?

Aaron's got two podium finishes now; the other was a win in a sprint race. Most of the time, he'd do well in practices and qualifying. But he'd always be somewhere in the middle when it all matters. And that's what Tomaš has been asking himself. What do we need more to do? Tomaš always reassures Aaron that he can do good. Are there still the rookie jitters? Will those thoughts leave after this season? But as he is racking points this season, he might as well do something about it now.

If he can't let Aaron talk about what's constantly bogging his mind, he can always ask Jamie. But what if Jamie doesn't know too? Can Tomaš ask Jamie to ask Aaron what's bogging him down?

It's going to be an interesting (and also exciting) weekend in home territory. And all they need to do is prepare for it.

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Tuesday Engineering Meeting, Conference Room 'B', PRL Center

"There are a lot of things about this track (the Akresna Circuit, site of the next WGP2 race) that are similar to the Vale in terms of corners, but the things that are different are what we need to concentrate on."
Paul Valentini, Chief Engineer for SOC, was running the meeting as usual, although it was just JC, Batu, Vaughn Estes and Sunil Choudray and the other main team personnel present--the AOGP group were having their own meeting separately as they would be running on a different track.

"The altitude is going come into play, so we are going to want to look at some numbers on the affect that'll have on downforce as well horsepower, Mark" Mark Genovese was the Lead Data Engineer, the head of the "techies" that ran calculations, broke down all of the telemetry data from the cars and worked closely with Ed O'Malley on aerodynamics.
"It'll be in the ballpark of about 15%, but we can have a full data run by lunchtime."

"I've already talked to Mike and we'll be going to Vale either tomorrow or Thursday, but we are going to concentrate on the Hill Course. The twisty bits in Auruna I think will make the difference, because the straights are going be the same for everyone--fast, but with a reduced capacity due to the altitude. We're going to be at a disadvantage because several other teams are going have better data to work a baseline from than we have, but I have a hunch that if we can get the front end grip and balance right, we've got a chance to bring some more points home."

When the meeting was finished, it turned out that Jordan and Batu had a clear schedule until 4pm; Mondays were normally the drivers day off, and Tuesdays were almost always devoted to sponsor and promo appearances, but there had been an exception made yesterday--that had been arranged prior to the Aji No Moto race--where all four drivers had gone down to Belle Haven for a CommOil promo shoot and meet & greet, followed with a TV network whip-around; guest segments on mid-day programs where the quartet mixed & matched freely among themselves--someone with the capability to view 2 channels at once would probably not encounter the same duo on any segment--before heading back with the understanding that they would have free time on Tuesday post-meetings equal to the time they'd given up.

"Let's go for a ride." Jordan grabbed Batu by the arm and they walked out to the parking lot.
"Here, why don't you drive my car." JC flipped the keys to his teammate and walked around to the passenger side.
Crowe had celebrated his signing as a full time SOC driver by splurging for the first time in his life on something he'd only dreamed about being able to afford--a 1966 Compton-Cowan Leopard Series III, the fastest production car ever produced in the Commonwealth up to that time.
[OOC--the IC equivalent of a 1960's Jaguar E-Type, same body shape, same prestige/aura)]

"No, Jordan I cannot accept. This car means everything to you and if something were to happen..."
JC shook his head. "Nothing is going to happen. You're perfectly capable of handling this car and I'll be with you. I promise, I will not dare you to do anything crazy."

Batu accepted the confidence of his teammate and friend--most Mondays they got together to have lunch or an early dinner, often Sammi Carter and Nick Unger joined them, but they'd all decided that the Belle Haven trip had been as good a time as one of their usual gatherings--and took the wheel.

"This machine is older than you and I combined. I don't know about you, but it's older than either of my parents." JC laughed.
"Yes, mine as well. It just feels...right."
"Uh-huh. Go ahead and crank it up"

Batu engaged the clutch with his left foot and turned the key. The V-10 engine roared to life, the whole chassis vibrating as the 9,800 RPM power plant awaited to be engaged.
"First gear, slow on the clutch in tandem with the throttle." Jordan used his hands to demonstrate.

Off they went, JC giving directions where to turn and where Batu could stretch the legs of the classic car.
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It all seemed to be going downhill for Adonis Fitzpatrick after the incredible high of winning the WGP2 race at Aboveland. Donny had long ago accepted that motorsports was a cruel mistress who had a disturbing knack for bringing down drivers just as they seemed to have reached the peaks of their emotions, but she seemed to be having a lot of fun making him suffer after Donny had won his first WGP2 race. Urotovsky-Gatutin thought that maybe they had finally found the perfect racing package in their GP2-5-3 car after Donny had claimed the dub in Aboveland, but those thoughts were quickly proven wrong once they arrived in Drummond Vale for the WGP2 Grand Prix of Baker Park. After displaying an incredible amount of pace and overtaking and defending capabilities at Vankkavalta, UrGa found themselves falling flat on their faces in Baker Park. Adonis found himself getting swamped in both the feature and sprint races, with the sprint race being the more damaging to his championship as he plummeted down the order like a rock before settling in P21 at the end of the race. The only real consolation that Donny had in Baker Park was that his watchful shadow, Batu Tüvshinbayar, had been able to claim both a pole and a 1-2 for his team Scuderia Orange Cow, who also happened to be based in Baker Park, making the Drummond Vale race their home race.

In fact, Batu had texted Donny after the races in Baker Park, where Batu speculated that perhaps their meeting in Aboveland had played a part in Donny winning a race and then Batu getting a podium at his team’s home race. Batu also offered to do anything for Donny; the latter need only ask for it. Donny had planned to reply to Batu’s texts, but with the next race week at Aji No Moto coming thick and fast, Donny ended up forgetting about replying to Batu. Batu didn’t seem to have taken his being seen-zoned hard though, because Batu aced the feature race in Serizawa and claimed his first ever WGP2 victory there. At the same time that Batu was celebrating his first win in an international racing series, Donny and Shalmaneser Kalhu were busy debriefing the engineers and mechanics of the Urotovsky-Gatutin Motorsports Division about what they felt was wrong with their cars. Except for those two magical moments in Yakumicha and Vankkavalta, neither Donny nor Sal had been able to nail the optimal setup for their respective machines, and it was costing both themselves and the team very dearly in both the drivers’ and constructors’ standings. And for all their talk of merely wanting to develop cars and providing a stepping stone to drivers, the higher-ups at UrGa were beginning to squirm under the (self-imposed) pressure to succeed. They had been doing this for three seasons already, after all. The time for development and training should have been long gone by now. They should have been challenging for the constructors’ championship at this point. But for whatever reason, the upgrades that the team were bringing to race week just never seemed to be good enough. And with only four races left to run (five if you counted the sprint race scheduled to be held in Lisander, which almost everybody did anyway), if either Donny or UrGa wanted to surge back up the standings then something had to go right for them.

Donny’s replies to Batu
Hey man, sorry 4 replying late. I wanted 2 txt u bck after Baker Park but Ajinomoto snuck up on me & I forgot.

If ur angry bout that then Im sorry. I’ll try not 2 let that happen again! :D

Dont worry abt d notes man, I actually had fun trying 2 figure out who B was
& if I need anything, ull B d 1st 2 know ;)

Dont treat not being perfect as a bad thing. Acceptance is often d 1st step 2 greatness

& congrats 2 ur podium & win BTW. If any1 deserves it, its U. Just sometimes I wish I was with u on d up n up

I think meeting up again is a gud idea! Just gotta find time & place & i gotta ask Sal if he’s available

& i’ll make sure 2 pass along ur thx 2 Sal. Kid needs d pick me up after last 2 races

“Thanks for the headphones, man,” Donny told Shalmaneser Kalhu after the former had picked up a pair of headphones the latter had offered to the other WGP2 drivers on the grid along with white mugs marked "With love, from Sal." "No, really," Donny said. "My old pair was already getting on its last legs, and I don't know if I would have had the time to get a new pair. So, once again, thanks for the headphones. Also, about that message that you sent me earlier, I'm down for it! I think I know a good place in my hometown, Effelenendro. Also, if you're asking the whole crew to come along, you better bring your big wallet because those boys have very big appetites!"

Donny was truthfully grateful for the new pair of headphones that he had received from Sal. He was telling the truth when he said that his older pair was running on its last legs and that he really needed a new pair. One of Donny's pre-race rituals was listening to drum solos on his phone, and the headphones were a vital part in putting him in the proper rhythm to race. Without them, and without hearing those drums, Donny just didn't feel like he could race to the best of his ability. Maybe that was another reason why Donny had been doing poorly lately, because his old headphones were not working properly and he was not hearing his drum solos as well as he would like. Hopefully, these new headphones from Sal would help put Donny back in the proper rhythm.

The place that Donny had in mind for Sal's blowout (which in this case meant someone treating a group of people to food and drinks and not the catastrophic puncturing of a tire) was a place that he knew very well. Its logo was literally on the side of his helmet. It was called Lovely Baka (baka being the Fleftic word for cow) and it was a Korean-style all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant. As its name implied, its primary dish was beef, but it also offered other meats such as chicken and pork. Donny made a mental note to get in touch with the place to make sure that the pork was removed from the menu (temporarily, of course) and that the beef was halal and came from halal sources. Donny knew that Sal was Muslim and had religious dietary restrictions. The Lovely Baka was a joint venture between two of Donny's sisters' husbands, which was why Donny had a direct line of communication with the restaurants' owners, and why he knew he would be able to negotiate for the halal beef for Sal Kalhu's blowout. It was also the reason why it had been one of Donny's first sponsors when he got into grand prix racing, because the owners knew him well and they wanted to support their wives' little brother (and also for Donny's success to rub off on them).

And there was also that meet-up that Batu had suggested between him and Donny since both of them were WGP2 race winners now. Donny also had an idea of where he and Batu could meet, but then he ran into another problem, if it could be called that. Batu had said that it was all right if Donny brought Sal along to their meeting, but Donny had wanted to meet Batu just by themselves. Besides, Sal had said that he wouldn't drink any alcohol, which was understandable given his religion. But Donny still wanted to ask Sal if he wanted to come along. He didn't want to just assume that the Adabian would either want to come along with him or not come at all. But one thing was sure: both of these things would have to happen after the race in Auruna.

It was settled then. Donny and Sal and their respective crews would eat out at the Lovely Baka after Auruna, and then after that would be Donny's… date with Batu. It felt strange for Donny to call it that. In his mind, a date between two people implied a romantic relationship, or the possibility of one. And Donny didn't know if that was what he wanted out of Batu. Heck, the two of them were barely even friends at the moment! But this was a chance for the two of them to maybe get to know each other better, and if things developed in that particular direction, then so be it.

But the big question now was, is Donny ready to love someone again? Only he knew the answer, but he wouldn't find it until after he met Batu again.
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“Thank you all for coming,” Vasily Semyonovich Gatutin, team principal of the Urotovsky-Gatutin Motorsports Division, said as the rest of the heads of the team sat down. “Right, our agenda for today is the one thing that’s been troubling us and keeping us awake for long nights and weeks. Yes, it’s the one thing that I am sure that we are all thinking about right now. It’s the elephant in the room, to borrow that very descriptive English phrase. The results have not been coming to us. Ever since young Adonis got his first WGP2 win in Aboveland, our results in both the constructors’ and drivers’ standings have not been anywhere near to our liking. So, let’s go ahead and break it down, starting with the engine. Kostya, do you have any news on our engines?”

“The only news that I can give you, sir, is that we have no news,” Konstantin Zakharovich Rezansov, chief engineer of UrGa Motorsports, replied. “I’ve been trying to get in contact with the people over at Preston with regards to their development of their WGP2 engine, but so far I’ve been met with nothing but silence. I don’t know if they’re still developing this engine or if they’ve diverted their resources and attention to the WGPC fight, but they’re not answering me either way so there’s no way to tell. The bottom line, sir, is that we are currently stuck on nothing as far as engine development is concerned.”

“Well, that’s not exactly the news that I would have wanted to hear at the moment,” Gatutin shrugged. “Oh, well. At least we can do something about our chassis and aerodynamics and such, right?”

“Yes, sir, about that,” Rezansov said. “We’re also having difficulty getting the right upgrades to the right tracks. Some of the upgrades that we’ve managed to bring along would have been more effective at different tracks. Right now, we really look like we’re just mixing and matching upgrades, throwing things at the wall and seeing which ones stick.”

“That’s very uncharacteristic of you and your team as a whole,” Gatutin said. “What happened to the team that was able to send chassis and aero upgrades to the next track at just a week’s notice?”

“I don’t know, Vasily, if I’m being honest,” Rezansov admitted. “We are seeing so many deficiencies in our cars that we just don’t know where to start. And that’s probably what’s allowed our competitors to outpace our development this season. Our roadmap for car development has been thrown way out of whack.”

“You need to fix this, Kostya, by any means necessary if you must,” Gatutin ordered. “We cannot let the other teams think that our results in the first half of the season are merely a fluke, a byproduct of us making a good package out of the bat but unable to develop it any further. Now then, I believe that that’s the car settled. Taras, what of our drivers?”

“They both could be doing better, but they could also be doing worse,” Taras Gavrilovich Matviyenko, chief driver relations officer of Urotovsky-Gatutin, reported. “Both Donny and Sal are in need of friends, someone whom they could talk to and confide their feelings with. I believe Adonis has already taken steps to get to know someone better, and I’ve heard that Shalmaneser is also reaching out to the other drivers on the grid and let them know that he’s there.”

“Well, good for him,” Gatutin nodded. “Good for them, I mean. I would say that as far as driver relations go, this is a relatively better problem to have than what we had in our hands last season. So, do you have any idea who Adonis is going to see later?”

“Yes, sir, it’s Batu Tüvshinbayar,” Matviyenko nodded. “Incidentally, he is also the one who has been leaving those mysterious notes in Adonis’s garage in the past few weeks. It took Adonis some time to solve the mystery, and Batu had to give him clues and hints, but Adonis was able to guess who it really was. And as for Shalmaneser, I heard that he’s bringing in some stuff from Adab to distribute to the rest of the grid before the race in Auruna.”

“What a lovely gesture,” Gatutin said. “That will surely get him noticed by the others. Now, on to public relations. How have the fans been dealing with our recent downturn in form, Marina?”

“The fans are still optimistic, so to speak,” Marina Vladislavovna Smirnitskaya, chief public relations officer of UrGa, replied. “They’re understandably worried that things seemed to have taken a downward turn after Adonis’s victory in Aboveland, but overall the fans still believe that there is enough time for the team to turn our fortunes around and deliver at least one more victory to either Adonis or Sal.”

“How comforting,” Gatutin muttered. “I’m sorry, Marina. I don’t mean to be so flippant about this, but now we know what the fans expect of us, and we have to deliver. Kostya, Taras, those are your areas of expertise. Get those cars ready for the race, and put the drivers in the proper mental space.”

“Understood. Yes, sir.”

“And now, last but most definitely not the least, Yakov Leonidovich, have you had any progress in helping to negotiate any deals between Adab and Pridnestrovia?”

“Ah, yes, about that,” replied Yakov Leonidovich Yurievsky, who looked uncharacteristically glum. “Unfortunately, I have not had the same luck in negotiating and securing any deals between Adab and Pridnestrovia as of this moment. I don’t know what it is about that country, but so far, it seems as if every attempt of mine to open informal negotiations has been rebuffed.”

“Is this real?” Taras Matviyenko asked. “Are we really hearing Yakov Yurievsky, the great negotiator, admit that he has not had any success in negotiating even one single small deal with Adab?”

“Oh, keep gloating while it lasts, Matviyenko,” Yurievsky snorted. “I’ve found some other avenues of communication where it might be easier to get those talks that I’ve been looking for.”

“All right, save that for the other teams and not on each other, will you?” Gatutin said. Tensions between Matviyenko and Yurievsky have been high since the latter practically forced the signing of Harry Zoomtwat on the team last season, and Taras had not had a good experience at all in competing with the major from Featherstonehaugh Cholmondeley. “Now, to return to the original topic, have you found out what resources, if any, we can trade with Adab?”

“The ongoing assumption within both the Foreign and Economic Ministries is that Adab could be a good source of foreign oil should relations with the Sultanate of Oontaz turn frosty once again,” Yurievsky replied. “But based on new information that I have acquired, oil may not be the most important thing that we could trade with Adab. I don’t yet know what exactly it is that we can trade with them, but oil may just be the least of our worries with them.”

“Well then, go ahead. Keep working on it as much as you can,” Gatutin nodded. “Now, is there anything else that anybody would like to say before we adjourn this meeting?”

“Actually, sir, yes, there is,” Konstantin Rezansov said. “Lately, I’ve been hearing talk from Shalmaneser’s manager, a Mr. al-Taghlibi or whatever his name is. He claims that Sal’s results are suffering from what he calls ‘socialist engineering’.”

“And you’ve taken offense to it?” Yurievsky asked. “Of all the things that could have offended you, you’ve chosen the words ‘socialist engineering’?”

“It’s not the words themselves that anger me,” Rezansov admitted. “Rather, it is the implication, subtle or otherwise, that he thinks our engineering is somehow worse than other teams’ engineering, or even other countries’ engineering. I could hardly care less if he thinks we’re still socialists just because we still have the hammer and sickle on our flag or if we still retain that awfully long official name that the late Stepan Stepanenko bestowed upon us, but I don’t like the way that he thinks our methods and ways are below his country’s.”

“Thank you for bringing that to our attention, Kostya,” Vasily Gatutin said. “If it really annoys you this much then perhaps this is a matter that must be attended to. But we will have to find the right time to approach him about it. Mr. al-Taghlibi is still the manager of one of our two drivers, and if we don’t navigate this tactfully and respectfully, we might lose the services of one of our drivers at the worst possible time. Now, is there anything else aside from that that any of you would like to discuss? Nothing? Very well. This meeting is now adjourned. Once again, thank you all for coming,” Gatutin said before dismissing the others to do their respective jobs.

Gatutin was the last one to step out of the conference room, and he had just locked the door when he heard footsteps approaching him. It was Illarion Osipov, Sal Kalhu’s race engineer. “Yes, what is it, Illarion Arkhipovich?” Gatutin asked him.

“I just received a text from Sal, sir,” Osipov replied, showing his phone to Gatutin. “What am I supposed to say to him?”

Gatutin read the message and laughed silently once he reached the part about Pridnestrovia getting cold in the winter. It was an understatement at the very least. “What’s the problem then?” he asked once he was done reading. “You’re worried about him finding out about all of those fur coats and ushankas in your closet?”

“No, sir, of course not,” Osipov said. “But he says that I can’t say no, and I don’t know if I have any room for more clothes for me or my family. And what about you, sir? He’s also asking about you and if you have any winter clothing of your own.”

“Just tell him whatever you want to tell him, Illarion,” Gatutin said. “If he insists on buying us winter clothes, then who are we to turn them down? Although I might just turn up at Auruna wearing the whole ensemble. Hopefully it’s cold enough there for the get-up to make sense. I would hate to sweat like a dog because of this!”

“Of course, sir,” Osipov nodded.

To: Sal
From: Illarion

Thank you for the offer of winter clothes, Sal. Yes, you’re right; it can get cold in Myrilsk, even in the spring and fall. My family and I have more than enough winter clothes, but if you insist, I certainly wouldn’t turn you down. Also, Mr. Gatutin has more than enough winter clothes for himself as well. He is the team principal after all and can afford it.

Thank you again for the offer, Sal.
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WGP2 :: S5 - Aji No Moto Sprint (Vialiv Victory)

Postby Vilita and Turori » Sat Nov 27, 2021 2:07 pm


Vialiv claims First Career Victory in Aji No Moto Sprint

Konbini 24/7 WGP2 Race of Shibara, Serizawa Racing Circuit, Serizawa, Aji No Moto :: Things had not gotten off to a fast start for the Tropicorp VilBev GP2 team in Aji No Moto with Skiia Vialiv and Ryden Solow both over a second off the fastest time run in the overcast Practice Session by Kaylan Junior Team driver Darian Vilau. Fortunately for the team the overcast conditions turned to rain and in the wet the Vilitan driver Skiia Vialiv shined with the second fastest lap in Q1 to advance in the Elimination Session even as teammate Ryden Solow could only post the 24th fastest time of the session for a quick elimination.

Vialiv would advance all the way through to the final elimination round before posting a lap top of 91.693 seconds good enough for the fourth spot on the grid behind pole winner and the dominant driver in qualifying, Pande Putu Raka Ganesha, Kyidawa Sherpa and Nexus Racing driver Haru Jukkenna. The home course drivers from the Aji No Moto Auto Racing Alliance had both been eliminated in the penultimate round of the elimination qualifying and would start the race in 7th and 8th place respectively.

The ANMARA drivers would make their way through to the front in the feature but could not get around TJUN-ia driver Batu Tüvshinbayar in the Scuderia Orange Cow who would take their first career World Grand Prix 2 Feature Win and the second of the season for the Baker Park based entity. Vialiv slipped to 9th place in the running order, enough to secure 2 points on the session. The following day, Vialiv would line up right behind the previous days fastest cars Batu Tüvshinbayar and Alvis Kalvin Lacsamana of ANMARA for the short distance sprint race.

With the wet conditions favoring Vialiv's style she was able to quickly dispose of Tüvshinbayar at the start and smartly took a path in the slipstream of Lacsamana and Kaylan driver David Findlay who was the third driver on the podium in the feature. Before long the quartet had made it to the front of the pack and had left it between them to settle the 15 points available to the victor. As Findlay and Lacsamana battled for the lead, Vialiv and Tüvshinbayar followed in lock step close behind. Finally, the big moment of the race came which saw Lacsamana go wide into turn 8 and Findlay losing all momentum trying to avoid making contact with the ANMARA machine that had found its way off the course. Vialiv and Tüvshinbayar had the entire Kissan Straight to overtake the leaders and had no trouble screaming by at full throttle as Findley desperately tried to get his Kaylan machine back up to speed.

Findlay attempted to keep pace and re-join the fight for the lead but it would ultimately be decided by Vialiv and Tüvshinbayar. As the race came to its final laps it was clear the Scuderia Orange Cow machine had the advantage on the straight but Vialiv was using her wet-weather skills to maintain just enough distance to keep Tüvshinbayar behind. The Jaguar driver made one last dramatic attempt on the final lap but Vialiv kept her cool and narrowly edged out her long awaited first Grand Prix 2 Victory after having been runner-up five times during World Grand Prix 2 Season 4.

Before Leaving Atlantian Oceania to head to the next event on the World Grand Prix 2 Schedule, Vialiv stopped home to Northern Vilita to thank a few of the sponsors that helped her achieve the accomplishment of being a Tier 2 Grand Prix Winner. Of course, there was a big celebration at the PaKaMo storefront in Yeaddin, Vilita where one of Vialiv's long time sponsors, PaKaMo, have their flagship big city presence. It was Vialiv's connections with PaKaMo that led to her first opportunity on the international motorsport scene. With support from PaKaMo, Vialiv landed a last-minute ride with one of PaKaMo's partners from the sponsorship of the XIV Winter Olympic Games in Yeaddin, the Vilisorma Beverage Company and their Vilaye Energy Sport entry to the IRACT Rumble in the Rice Fields. While Vialiv wasn't particularly fast in the Rice Fields, she did enough to put her #14 into the show. Vialiv impressed in the race moving up from her 42nd place start to finish just outside the Top 10. While PaKaMo were thrilled with her contribution to bolster the name, it really caught the eye of officials at Vilaye EnergySport who called on Vialiv to drive their last minute entry into World Grand Prix 2 Season 4 alongside primary driver Jama'obo Pegasii after the Montagne based driver expected to fill the second seat backed out due to financial irregularities. Now, in her second World Grand Prix 2 season, Vialiv has repayed the faith that PaKaMo had put in for her by spending time with all the employees and locals as a World Grand Prix 2 Race Winner.
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