WGP2 :: World Grand Prix 2 Season 5

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WGP2 :: World Grand Prix 2 Season 5

Postby Vilita and Turori » Fri Oct 08, 2021 10:32 pm

Driver signups are open throughout the season, to sign up a driver simply go to this thread to do so. However, they will not have a race seat unless signed by a team.


Current Status:
In-Season - Races

Things You can Always RP About:
  • Your Driver(s)
  • Your Team
  • Your Track, Sponsors, Manufacturers etc. - pretty much anything?
  • TYRES:: WGP2 Sanctioned Tyre Suppliers
  • ENGINES:: WGP2 Official Engine Supplier
  • Track Signups - Technically still open but there are plenty of tracks to choose from at this point and the schedule is taking shape

Note: This is the WGP2 RP Thread. There is a separate RP thread for WGPC. Ultimately, the two RP threads will be treated as a single source for RP, however, during the season, it is logically recommended to post series-specific topics in the appropriate thread.

To see how the negotiation period usually works, read below and/or have a look at last season’s RP thread. Once you have signed a driver up, begin writing about them in this thread. The more interesting the story you create, the more chance your driver has of catching the eye of one of the WGPC teams. There are no rankings. Success is built on good roleplaying by team-owners, drivers and team-mates as well as a big slice of luck, with your driver’s parameters coming into play too.

You may RP however you like. Maybe you'd prefer to tell the world that a couple of teams are interested in your driver via some rumour-mongering in your local newspapers? Perhaps you'd like to set up an interview with a team? Maybe your driver has a big social media presence or can’t keep out of the news for all the wrong reasons? A popular tactic in recent years has been for teams to hold an open-invitation trial for a number of drivers to test their car around a local circuit, with the best driver/drivers being chosen for the team, so look out for those as well. There is no 'right' way to do it, and the only 'wrong' way to do it would be to attempt to confirm your driver is racing with a team before any real negotiations, OOC, IC or otherwise, have taken place.

You may also wish to consider the massive difference in pay between an experienced driver with a good reputation and a newcomer. In RL Formula 1, the best drivers are paid handsomely to drive while the newcomers often have to pay a teamin order to secure a drive. Does your driver need to secure sponsorship in order to pay his way into a deal? Or is he a skilled driver with years of experience, upon whom a team can rely to draw money to the team through external sponsorship and win bonuses?

When you wish to confirm that a driver has joined a team, or formally offer a spot in your team to a driver, do so in bold, like this or this or this or simply like this.

As this is the RP thread, there should be no out-of-character chatter here. Banter and informal inquiries are welcome on the NS Motorsports Discord Channel Take any official inquiries and/or complaints to the OOC discussion thread.

All teams should have two drivers confirmed no later than 20 October. Any team with ZERO confirmed drivers on 20 October may lose their spot on the grid.

[ANM] ██ Aji No Moto AutoRacing Alliance (ANMARA)  [ 4.02 | 3.38 | 4.60 ]
:: 47 :: [FID] Alvis Kalvin Lacsamana [ 3.30 | 4.80 | 3.90 ]
:: 19 :: [TLI] Daniel Rae [ 4.00 | 4.80 | 3.20 ]

[LIS] ██ Bitten Heroes Academy [ 3.60 | 4.40 | 4.00 ]
:: 4 :: [LIS] Athan Lille [ 3.50 | 4.50 | 4.00 ]
:: 88 :: [69X] Ilya TSUNOPIN [ 2.50 | 5.00 | 4.50 ]

[HDR] ██ ENSADRINK TDDP [ 4.25 | 3.85 | 3.90 ]
:: 33 :: [DCS] Sam Blaatschapen [ 3.32 | 3.97 | 4.71 ]
:: 21 :: [HDR] Chiruno Hakusoe [ 3.25 | 4.29 | 4.46 ]

[SWR] ██ Erkuns-Hohnschich-Furzeine-Motospiel [ 5.00 | 3.90 | 3.10 ]
:: 45 :: [BOL] Parveen Kulkarni [ 4.00 | 4.00 | 4.00 ]
:: 39 :: [SHT] Ahmad Syaqirin Rahman [ 4.00 | 5.00 | 3.00 ]

[ETN] ██ Fireline Academy Motorsports [ 3.90 | 3.60 | 4.50 ]
:: 84 :: [VEZ] Angela Tan Fang Ling [ 3.80 | 3.90 | 4.30 ]
:: 31 :: [BOL] Sullivan Joyner [ 4.00 | 4.00 | 4.00 ]

[PCU] ██ Gajamina Racing Team [ 4.30 | 5.00 | 2.70 ]
:: 25 :: [PCU] Pande Putu Raka Ganesha [ 4.00 | 5.00 | 3.00 ]
:: 37 :: [ERM] Nikhil Pillai [ 4.50 | 3.50 | 4.00 ]

[TGN] ██ Kaylan Junior Team by Domerton [ 4.00 | 4.50 | 3.50 ]
:: 12 :: [TGN] Darian Vilau [ 4.00 | 4.00 | 4.00 ]
:: 13 :: [GRU] David Findlay [ 4.75 | 3.25 | 4.00 ]

[NIM] ██ Nexus Racing [ 4.25 | 5.00 | 2.75 ]
:: 18 :: [AUR] Haru Jukkenna [ 3.75 | 4.25 | 4.00 ]
:: 41 :: [ETN] Edward Rousseau [ 4.00 | 3.50 | 4.50 ]

[CBP] ██ Scuderia Orange Cow [ 4.20 | 4.00 | 3.80 ]
:: 9 :: [TJU] Batu Tüvshinbayar [ 3.00 | 5.00 | 4.00 ]
:: 27 :: [CBP] Jordan Crowe [ 3.60 | 4.10 | 4.30 ]

[V&T] ██ Tropicorp VilBev GP2 [ 3.00 | 5.00 | 4.00 ]
:: 14 :: [VIL] Skiia Vialiv [ 2.75 | 4.75 | 4.50 ]
:: 69 :: [BPE] Ryden Solow [ 4.90 | 2.20 | 4.90 ]

[PDN] ██ Urotovsky-Gatutin Motorsports Division [ 5.00 | 3.25 | 3.75 ]
:: 74 :: [AFT] Adonis Fitzpatrick [ 4.00 | 4.25 | 3.75 ]
:: 53 :: [ADB] Shalmaneser Kalhu [ 4.00 | 3.00 | 5.00 ]

[AUR] ██ Viska / White Unicorns [ 4.00 | 3.50 | 4.50 ]
:: 28 :: [UAD] Aaron Deering [ 4.00 | 4.00 | 4.00 ]
:: 30 :: [SHE] Kyidawa Sherpa [ 3.00 | 4.50 | 4.50 ]

[WGP] ██ WGP2 Motorworks [ 4.00 | 4.00 | 4.00 ]
:: 87 :: [MRT] Bryce Yannec [ 3.50 | 4.00 | 4.50 ]
:: 0 :: [TAX] Vaccinia Poxvirus [ 5.00 | 2.00 | 5.00 ]

Note: The WGP2 Reserves the right to increase the grid size through additional teams on the waiting list if deemed appropriate or to remove slots if a team has not signed drivers


Driver Signups are still open and can be found in this thread. You may also utilize the Quasi-Official WGPC / WGP2 Signups Spreadsheetfor ease of viewing and personal filters and to quickly find out more information about the drivers than is posted below. The number to the far left is the drivers finishing position in the most recent season of WGPC/WGP2 competition. 1-30 correlated to finishing position in the WGPC Season 18 Driver Standings. 31-60 correlate to a finishing position (-30) in the WGP2 Season 5 Driver Standings.
Note: Drivers designated as "WGPC Only" in the World Grand Prix Championship thread may still be approached particularly if they do not sign for a WGPC team. Drivers participating in WGP2 Race Seats may also serve as test drivers for WGPC teams. Drivers not signed in WGP2 may wish to drop down to the AOGP or theWGP3 Esportiva Circuit which will be run in parallel with the WGPC/WGP2 Season
The Following Drivers are recognized as having applied for a WGP2 License:

34 : [VIL] Skiia Vialiv | 2.75 | 4.75 | 4.50 | :: WGPC/WGP2
43 : [HDR] Chiruno Hakusoe | 3.25 | 4.29 | 4.46 | :: WGP2 Only
47 : [AUR] Haru Jukkenna | 3.75 | 4.25 | 4.00 | :: WGP2 Only
50 : [TJU] Batu Tüvshinbayar | 3.00 | 5.00 | 4.00 | :: WGP2 Only

54 : [ETN] Edward Rousseau | 4.00 | 3.50 | 4.50 | :: WGPC/WGP2
58 : [BOL] Parveen Kulkarni | 4.00 | 4.00 | 4.00 | :: WGP2 Only
-- : [DCS] Sam Blaatschapen | 3.32 | 5.00 | 3.68 | :: WGPC/WGP2
-- : [TGN] Darian Vilau | 4.00 | 4.00 | 4.00 | :: WGPC/WGP2
-- : [ADB] Shalmaneser Kalhu | 4.00 | 3.00 | 5.00 | :: WGP2 Only
-- : [AFT] Adonis Fitzpatrick | 4.00 | 4.25 | 3.75 | :: WGP2 Only
-- : [CBP] Jordan Crowe | 3.60 | 4.10 | 4.30 | :: WGP2 Only
-- : [ERM] Nikhil Pillai | 4.50 | 3.50 | 4.00 | :: WGP2 Only
-- : [FID] Alvis Kalvin Lacsamana | 3.30 | 4.80 | 3.90 | :: WGP2 Only
-- : [GRU] David Findlay | 4.75 | 3.25 | 4.00 | :: WGP2 Only
-- : [TLI] Daniel Rae | 4.00 | 4.80 | 3.20 | :: WGP2 Only
-- : [VEZ] Angela Stella Tan Fang Ling | 3.80 | 3.90 | 4.30 | :: WGP2 Only
-- : [PCU] Pande Putu Raka Ganesha | 4.00 | 5.00 | 3.00 | :: WGP2 Only
-- : [SHE] Kyidawa Sherpa | 3.00 | 4.50 | 4.50 | :: WGPC/WGP2
-- : [UAD] Aaron Deering | 4.00 | 4.00 | 4.00 | :: WGPC/WGP2
-- : [BOL] Sullivan Joyner | 4.00 | 4.00 | 4.00 | :: WGP2 Only
-- : [69X] Ilya TSUNOPIN | 2.50 | 5.00 | 4.50 | :: WGP2 Only
-- : [BPE] Ryden Solow | 4.90 | 2.20 | 4.90 | :: WGP2 Only[/color]
-- : [SHT] Ahmad Syaqirin Rahman | 4.00 | 5.00 | 3.00 | :: WGP2 Only

The Following Drivers are recognized as having applied for a WGP2 License:

44 : [MVE] Alex Márquez | 5.00 | 5.00 | 2.00 | :: WGPC/WGP2
48 : [HDR] Sakiteno Kuyara | 2.00 | 5.00 | 5.00 | :: WGP2 Only
53 : [SWR] Lukas Fichter | 4.00 | 4.00 | 4.00 | :: WGPC/WGP2

-- : [MRT] Bryce Yannec | 5.00 | 2.50 | 4.50 | :: WGPC/WGP2
-- : [T14] Isaac Whiteman | 4.00 | 3.00 | 5.00 | :: WGPC/WGP2
-- : [T14] Simonetta Sheridan | 4.00 | 4.00 | 4.00 | :: WGPC/WGP2
-- : [TAX] Vaccinia Poxvirus | 5.00 | 2.00 | 5.00 | :: WGPC/WGP2

-- : [BRO] John Elton | 5.00 | 2.00 | 5.00 | :: WGPC/WGP2
-- : [STR] Al Jak | 4.00 | 3.00 | 5.00 | :: WGPC/WGP2
-- : [DFX] Fyrelyra Aervath | 4.50 | 3.50 | 4.00 | :: WGPC/WGP2
-- : [DFX] Elora Faelfir | 5.00 | 4.00 | 3.00 | :: WGPC/WGP2
-- : [JUE] Cesaro Ferrara | 4.00 | 4.00 | 4.00 | :: WGPC/WGP2
-- : [JUE] Alfonso Ferrara | 2.00 | 5.00 | 5.00 | :: WGPC/WGP2
-- : [ASM] Leonardo Monteno | 3.00 | 5.00 | 4.00 | :: WGPC/WGP2
[color=#8c969e]-- : [NKY] Taavi Kiirejäävõistejä | 5.00 | 4.60 | 2.40 | :: WGP2 Only
-- : [BRO] Kyle Simon | 3.00 | 5.00 | 4.00 | :: WGP2 Only
-- : [HAN] Katie Edwards | 5.00 | 2.00 | 5.00 | :: WGP2 Only
-- : [MLK] Lillý Náttmörðsdóttir | 2.00 | 5.00 | 5.00 | :: WGP2 Only

    Driver Signup Limitations
  • Each nation may have no more than two race drivers in a single WGPC/WGP2 series and no single user may occupy more than 4 total driver slots across all WGPC/WGP2 competition regardless of nationality of the driver. WGPC Teams may opt designate an official test driver who would not be precluded from participating in concurrent WGP2/WGP3 events.
  • The WGPC Thread should only be used to confirm Drivers to WGPC Teams. The WGP2 Thread will be available for WGP2 Driver Deals to be confirmed.

Rules and regulations

WGP2 Spec Tire Supplier(s) :: Stellenbosch / TK Golden / Brústeinn - ONGOING EVALUATION -
The WGP2 Official Tire will be the spec tire utilized in the World Grand Prix 2 Series. The WGPO have are currently evaluating the proposals of Stellenbosch and TK Golden offering a Tire with a Low to Medium Reliability and High Traction rating, as well as Graentfjaller corporation Brústeinn with a slightly more traction focused option. The WGPO have invited the three companies to bring their tires to the first Official WGPC Test session for final analysis before the season begins. After the spec WGP2 Tire is selected, teams who competed in prior WGP2 Seasons may opt to present a technically equivalent tire with their own branding for approval to the WGP2 Race Officials.

WGP2 Spec Engine Supplier(s) :: - ONGOING EVALUATION -
The WGP2 Spec Engine will be utilized in the World Grand Prix 2 Series exclusively. The WGPO have are currently evaluating the proposals of numerous suppliers and a supplier will be selected in time for the first WGP2 Practice Session to enable delivery of engine components to participating teams. After the spec WGP2 Official Engine Specs are announced, teams may opt to present a technically equivalent engine with their own branding for approval to the WGP2 Race Officials.

Size and shape
WGPC cars must be similar in size and shape to RL formula one cars. The definition of 'formula one car' is a vehicle that competed in RL Formula One any time after 1970.
Maximum length of a car is 5.3m
Maximum width of a car is 2.3m
Maximum height of a car is 1.2m (not including on-board camera)
Minimum weight is a car is 600kg

Electric engines are permitted.
Nuclear-powered engines are not permitted unless it can be proven (in safe conditions) that a catastrophic crash would not result in the circuit being unusable for the next four hundred thousand years.

Air may be used to aspirate engines, but the WGPC reserves the right to ban cars that attempt to use sails to take advantage of windy circuits.

Power may be provided by animals, but only if they satisfy at least one of the following conditions:
They have been extinct for millions of years and have been turned into oil by natural processes.
The animal may not currently be on the WWF's list of endangered species.
The animal must not be harmed or stressed by the ordeal.
The animal must be on the inside of the car.

There must be at least 30 centimetres between the driver's feet and the front of the car.

The design of the car must ensure that, if it were to be put upside-down, the driver's head would not touch the floor. The inclusion of an air intake behind and above the driver, coupled with a strong fin on the bonnet of the car in front of the driver, should be enough to accomplish this. The driver's head must not be the tallest thing in the car (not including wings).

All cars must include a seat-belt. The seat-belt must be able to be easily removed by a driver within two seconds.

All cars must include a removable steering wheel. The driver should be able to remove it manually within two seconds.

Cars may include a "halo"-type safety device.

No part of the car may be wider than the wheelbase.

There must be no sharp objects on the outside of the car. Wings should be at least one centimetre thick.

The season runs, ICly, in parallel to the WGPC Season with races taking place on the same or proximal race weekends.

Unless otherwise advertised, each event will consist of a Practice Session, Qualifying Session, and Race. The Qualifying Session will set the grid for the Feature Race.

Feature Races: Points will be awarded to the top 10 drivers at the conclusion of each race in the following order from first to 10th: 25, 18, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1. Drivers must have finished the race to 90% distance of the winner to be eligible to score points. If not enough drivers are classified as having finished a race, no points will be awarded after the last driver to finish 90% race distance.
Sprint Races (If Applicable): Points will be awarded to the top 8 drivers at the conclusion of each race in the following order from first to 10th: 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1. Drivers must have finished the race to 90% distance of the winner to be eligible to score points. If not enough drivers are classified as having finished a race, no points will be awarded after the last driver to finish 90% race distance.

The team with the most points at the end of the season will win the WGP2 Team Championship.

The driver with the most points at the end of the season will win the WGP2 Drivers Championship.

Teams may be added or removed during the season.

Teams may sign a maximum of two race drivers plus one test driver. The test driver may still compete in the parallel WGP2 Season.

Feature Race length is 240 km to the nearest full lap rounded up.
Sprint Race (If Applicable) length is 160 km to the nearest full lap rounded up.

Pole position will be on the inside lane of the track.
Intentional attempts to crash into other cars will result in a penalty for the driver.
Team instructions to intentionally cause accidents will result in a penalty for the team.

Pit Stops
No refueling during races. Cars will start each race with the fuel needed to complete the race. Changes to the car are permitted during races. Dangerous pit stop releases will be investigated and may result in a penalty for the driver and/or team.

There will be no Word Cap for WGP2 Season 5. Raw RP Bonus will be shared between WGPC and WGP2. The "Max Bonus" available on a given day for WGP2 will be lower than the Max Available Bonus for WGPC which has the effect of setting a lower attainable "Max Bonus" level for the WGP2 participants.
There will be a single RP "Cutoff" per race week (IE: Any RP between the final race results of the previous round and the final race results of the current round will count for that current round, even if an earlier session IE: Qualifying is posted during that time.)

* Due to the nature of the sport, there are no RP permissions in WGPC/WGP2. You should expect your drivers and/or teams to be mentioned by other players. You may even expect other users to mention things your driver has said.
* In contrast to, say, war RPing, where a user decides which/how many losses to take after an attack, in WGPC a user decides how much blame or responsibility to take after an accident. You may RP that your driver caused an accident through their own poor or overly aggressive driving, but you may not write that another user's driver was at fault for an accident unless you have their permission. In general, making another character look stupid is not usually acceptable. If a driver is in their first season, it's probably acceptable to call them a rookie, or inexperienced, or possibly even naive if you're sufficiently careful, but refrain from calling another driver reckless or stupid or unskilled unless it's clear from the other user's RPs that this is the case.
* If you're going to RP a conversation between your driver and another driver, try to keep to the other driver's established characteristics.
* If another user mentions an action of your driver, or mentions something that happened to your driver, before you have the chance to RP, you may either reinterpret their interpretation of events or, if you really feel you wanted the story to go in a different direction, you may change the events that happened. For example, you had your heart set on RPing your driver as having had a particularly violent and explosive accident, but another user decides that your driver retired in the pits due to engine failure, you may write your own version and ask that the previous RPer makes the appropriate change to their RP.
* Any disputes over RPing will be adjudicated by the season host, whose decision is final.

17 OCT - WGP2 Practice #1
20 OCT - WGP2 Practice #2
22 OCT - WGP2 Practice #3
29 OCT - WGP2 Round 1
05 NOV - WGP2 Round 2
12 NOV - WGP2 Round 3
15 NOV - WGP2 Round 4
18 NOV - WGP2 Round 5
19 NOV - WGP2 Round 5s
22 NOV - WGP2 Round 6
23 NOV - WGP2 Round 6s
27 NOV - WGP2 Round 7
04 DEC - WGP2 Round 8
11 DEC - WGP2 Round 9
12 DEC - WGP2 Round 9s
18 DEC - WGP2 Round 10
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Postby WGP2 » Fri Oct 08, 2021 10:33 pm


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Part 1: David and the Findlays

Postby The Grearish Union » Sat Oct 09, 2021 1:38 am

Part 1: David and the Findlays

The Findlay Factory has been in operation from the 1840s when Edward William Findlay first produced his all-Grearish four-wheeler in the port city of Forsho. The business city couldn’t have been a better location to kick off the operations of a company that would go on to be Grearia’s leading manufacturer of sports and luxury cars. It wasn’t always that way, however.

After the discovery of Findlay Motocorp’s initial ability to be able to produce completely domestically made chassis and engines, it was initially decided that the company would be concentrating on family-vehicles that would be within the reach of the common automobile purchaser. Things did go well according to such a plan, but it was quite difficult for Findlay to continue to produce cars at a low cost without the use of production lines, which was the new rage in the world in the 1950s, while also being something that Findlay were dead against.

Thus came the age of the mass-produced car and the Findlay family’s domestic success story was drowned out in imports that poured in from abroad. Despite being better in quality, consumers were not willing to pay that much extra for hand-crafted cars, and the niche for the Findlay car slowly but surely shifted from the family car to a more of a luxury variant.

This is where current owner, John Henry Findlay comes in. Having understood the potential of the Findlay cars’ value in the luxury car business, it was only logical to try the fast and sports car business. Subsequently, the company started to fund new racing ventures in the Forsho Metropolitan Area including road races on Sundays, before venturing out into other such events across the nation. While the format of the events weren’t even close to being formalised (which is why the international racing organisations don’t recognise them), they were a huge hit with the Grearish public. Some of these events gained a cult status, like the Findlay Roundcaster Challenge in the hills of Glomridge that raced stock cars through the winding roads of the Antane range.

Very recently, however, the company has decided to venture into more formalised international racing, sensing the need for an international audience for their wonderful range of cars. The opportunity was granted to them in the form of WGP3 Esportiva where Findlay will be fielding a team this season onwards, subject to approval. This didn’t sit well with their eldest son, David Findlay, however, as he has greater ambitions in sight.

A product of the Atheburn National University’s automobile engineering department, Findlay has always been keen to see himself on a racing track internationally. To his credit, he has done exceedingly well in the informal domestic series that Findlay sponsored and funded, but it wasn’t nearly enough to attract the eyeballs of motorsports fans worldwide. There is a keen dislike that he has for the WGP3 level of racing, since he believes he has already proved his potential in the national level. What remains to be seen, is whether that will be enough for him to obtain a place in the WGP2 Championship – the series that he is most interested to participate in.

The Findlay company has been very clear about their stance on the matter – while they would always like their kid to come race with the family team, it is also in their interest to spread the Findlay name abroad. David Findlay will thus be a pay driver in the WGP2 Championship, should he be signed. The (rather unofficial) domestic racing record might prove inadequate for him to bag a racing seat, but the company is ready to pay for such contingencies as long as there is a large-ish Findlay logo on the car.

Why should the teams sign such an unproven driver, though? It is well documented that David had been involved in the FormulaU university racing series in Grearia where he had reportedly never crashed the car. (Imagine that being the best thing that you have done!) In all seriousness, though, signing a driver like David who hails from a country without the greatest motorsport culture would be a huge gamble in exchange for the big pot of money that would come the team’s way with love from Findlay.

David Findlay is therefore available for negotiations with any WGP2 team.
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Champion: GCF World Test Challenge 12 | Host: GCF T20WC 12, R7WC 6, NSTT Salvador Hills Open
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Postby Sharktail » Sat Oct 09, 2021 2:10 am

Canggal Circuit
Bandar sejarah, Sharktail

The car has passed the finishing line at Canggal circuit. Syaqirin come out from the car as he finished doing testing trial for Shade Racing. Team owner, Zahira McAwn slowly approach Syaqirin.

Zah(Zahira): Looks good. Gladly the car is in best condition or should i say ok for now.

Syq(Syaqirin): Glad you liked it. It really comfortable when i tried it.

Zah: If you say so. Thank for accepting to be a tester today.

Syq: No, no. It me who need to thank you. You gave me chance to try this car for a whole week. I take this as part of practice.

Zah: Hahaha it okay. No problem at all. Are you done with your WGP2 registration. It may be hard if you late you know.

Syq: It already done. Don't worry. And on that part, once again i want to say thank you, madam Zahira.

Zah: Out if nowhere, why?

Syq: You know,you willing sponsor me even i still unknown.

Zah: Dont say like that. More or less look like you not believe in yourself. Be more determined. As for that sponsor thing, well just i have something i promise long ago, so i thing this time i can fulfill it.

Syq: What promise?

Zah: I will tell you later. By the way, why do you apply for wgp2 series? Why not drive for Shade Racing

Syq: Haha. Just follow my hunch. I just feel like if i wait,i dont know what i will face in future. So, as i in good condition and health, how about i give a try now. By the way, you say driving for Shade Racing?

Zah: Yeah, why do you seem shocked?

Syq: Wait, you mean for IOWC?

Zah: No. Seem like you are too focused on your thing that you totally no interest in other. We are having a regional racing Championship soon. You are among my candidate list. But then you stat your decision.

Syq: Ah, i really miss a lot of thing.

Zah: Aww, you really disappoint me. I really thought i have first driver already.

Syq: Still, to think that someo...

While he try to talk about something, his phone ringing.

Syq: Hello, sis.

Sis: Hello rin. Where are you now?

Syq: I at Canggal now.

Sis: Isn't your testing already over. Come on,come back now. I have to go work later. You request last time to me to help you send an email to all the team in WGP2.

Syq: Oh ok sis. Sorry, i take a bit long.

Sis: Whatever, comeback now. You late, i will be more late to start working.

Syq: on my way.

He hang up the call and saying goodbye to Madam Zahira. He start his motorcycle and rushed home. It will be hard for him to ask his sister ask next time if he miss this time.

Syaqirin house
As he reached home, he quickly go into his sister room. 

Sis: oi,oi, at least knock first.

Syq: You tell me to be fast, so no help.

Sis: At least learn some manner you dumb.

Syq: Whatever. Yous aid you will be late if we start late, so let just started.

Sis: Just shut up. I am doing it now. the way, how is it? 

Syq: How what?

Sis: About the interest from Madam Zahira to sponsor you.

Syq: Well, ok.

Sis: Ok? Are you sure everything going well? You messing up right? I will not help you with money. And don't troubling mom and dad.

Syq: Got it. I still have some saving.

Sis: Even you have saving, not like it will be enough.

Syq: Fine. I will get confirmation later.

Sis: Better you are. Ok, go on.

Syaqirin take the chair and put in beside her sister. Then he pull the laptop facing him and started writing. 

From: Ahmad Syaqirin Rahman

To: Nexus Racing, Scuderia Orange Cow, MGP2 Vilisorma Motorworks, Gajamina Racing Team, Kaylan Junior Team by Domerton, Bitten Heroes Academy

Subject: Driver Spot Application.

Greeting to every team who take part in WGP2. My name is Ahmad Syaqirin Rahman. I am 22 years old from Sharktail. The main purpose for me to write this email is to state about my interest driving for any team who seek for a driver.

As you all may concern about something, i am a new face who jump in for first time. So, surely every team don't have much data about me. However, i hope any teams can take a look at this and invite me for race selection or test. I have an experience as go kart racer,and also a test driver for Shade Racing. Even i still lack in experience,i hope any of the team can offer me driver spot in their team. 

All the cooperation from every of you is much appreciated. Thank you.

Best regard,


Syaqirin take a deep breath and release it. It done, That the word come in his mind. Hopefully there are some team that may offer me.

While he go far in his own world, the hit on the back from his sister really bringing him back but with all the pain.

Sis: Don't enjoying yourself in your own world. I have work to do. Give back my laptop.

S: It hurt you know. Here.

Sis: Dont care. Go out now. I have to leave now.

S: Ok, ok, i'm leaving.

Sis: oi, ... don't go playing around if you ever make it. Just remember that.

S: (smile) sure.

Syaqirin left the room. Syaqirin look back at his sister as she go down to the first floor. Syaqirin smile and enter the room. "It will be long process. Surely."
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Postby The 14 Stars » Sat Oct 09, 2021 2:47 am

New Season New Start

In his house across the countryside Isaac was sitting on his desk going through some paperwork with his glasses on as he sighs looking at the amount of paperwork waiting for him to either answer, throw it away or keep it.
He and his companion had by now realized that WGP was not an option and that was simply because their name was simply not established enough both as a nation aswell as drivers to ensure them a seat on the highest level.
The 14 Stars had in the last few years invested alot in their racing industry especially by the Orion group who also were busy to establish their own team to compete in the WGP2 and to make the Starsian name known.

Orion already had won many national championships and Isaac was one of their youth products and the greatest talent they had in a good decade which is why the collective desire to go international was very high.
He'd later have an interview with the media and a meeting with his manager to discuss which teams were going to battle it out on track and which ones were the first to write to since he would have to do so if he wanted to show himself.
Social media was a large factor of influence recently and Isaac had been using it now for a while to promote himself to catch the eye of teams and hopefully getting a good name without pushing it too much everywhere.

4 hours later at the interview

In a diffrent place Isaac was arriving in his own car which was a usual SUV which he loved to drive and with some neat casual clothing he stepped out of the car while guards shoved the Starsian press away.
Isaac took a moment to wave and smile to press and his fans, his fans were important as his motto was being a driver of the people which he also was because he started as a mechanic and being quite good at it too.
Isaac was often known to know more of his car then his own mechanics did and also spending alot of time with them rather then with other drivers as he did not want to join the ''elite'' which he said most drivers consider themselves to be.
He entered the interview with a smile as he sat down and let the interviewer ask her questions, the interviewer being a young female in her mid 20s called Kayla Haywood who had the honors.

Kayla: ''Hello there Isaac, welcome to our show we're glad to have you here after the WGP went not as we hoped the focus on WGP2 and we want to know ofcourse how you see your chances here.''

Isaac ''There are alot of good drivers out there but i have years of experience both as mechanic of my own car and as a driver on the race tracks here in our own country as part of the Orion group.
I hope we will be seen here, we can't aim for the top right away every great driver has to start at the bottom and work their way up that is always how it went and will continue to go both domestically and Internationally.''

Kayla ''Orion itself hopes to field a team aswell, do you think you'll be granted a seat if they somehow manage to get their license at the cost of many other teams that do want to take part here?''

Isaac ''No every team has an independent selection process and if i do want to have a seat there i will need to work for it just like any other driver that is currently looking out for a team to sign them.
On the other hand i think it would be a great sign of progress if Orion was to join the multiverse competition of racing.''

Kayla ''Recently you trained alot with your companion in the racing industry Simonetta, do you want to respond to the rumours of there being something between the two of you that is more then a friendship?''

Isaac ''She is a great driver that is for sure, i do think in these weeks we did become good friends yes but i think rumours always will exist whether i denounce or ignore them so i won't comment on it and besides that what happens off-track stays off-track''

Kayla ''I see, lastly why should teams choose for you and do you have any preferences for any team that currently has their WGP2 license and will be able to compete for the title.?''

Isaac ''No not at all, since i am new to the industry and my country aswell we can't be choosey and neither do i want to since any team that already is in the WGP2 can be considered a strong team without any doubt.
I'd honestly say i'd take almost any offer to race in this great competition since its something i have dreamt so long for and then i won't let any chance to fulfill that lifelong dream go.''

Kayla ''Alright thank you for the interview!''

After the interview

Isaac felt good about this, he was ready to battle for a place in the WGP2 and with his experience at the National Technical University and the Orion Youth Drivers Academy (OYDA) he was a very competitive driver.
He already did win the domestic championship at his very young age and while Motorsports are small in The 14 Stars it is proven to be one of the more clean and most competitive domestic series.
The 14 Stars being an Algocracy has massively diffrent cars though, their own cars can keep the ideal racing line for the entire race and exactly every and all conditions are visible to both team and driver on the car.
Most Starsian also have a form of Transhumanism, Isaac is one of the very few who doesn't outside a special set of smart glasses which contain alot of information and enhance his vision drastically and can predict the course of any car.
Not to mention that anyone signing Isaac could count on support and Investments from the Orion group to help ensure the teams win in any case as long as the nation and their driver would be more known by the multiverse.
After thinking about things for so long Isaac decided to send a few mails out to see if he could get to some teams especially since he knew one country that already had Starsians there in another sport so they'd be familliar with their people.

From: Isaac Whiteman

To: Fireline Academy Motorsports, Scuderia Orange Cow, Ælunder Noorteslagg CMYK

Subject: Driver's seat for the coming season

Dear Sir/Madam,

Greetings, i am Isaac Whiteman a 19 year old professional driver in The 14 Stars.
I am writing today to state my interest to take part in the WGP2 series and to possibly become a driver for any team that currently still looking for a driver to sign before the new season starts.

Ofcourse i am probably not someone really known, i am young and a new name in the international racing industry and also not from a country too famous for its motorsports.
However despite my relatively unknown existence i have studied at the National University of Technology and i have been racing in our domestic racing competition the Formula Starsia and became champion in it last year driving for the Orion Racing Group as first driver.
Because of this i want a new challenge, i want to compare myself to the international level and also make motorsports more popular in my own country so more young people like me will try their hand at this beautiful sport.

I hope that i will be considered for a race selection or test so i can prove my worth on the racing track instead of talking.
Further i wish you the best with the upcoming season and i hope we'll meet on the racing track,

Yours sincerely,

Isaac Whiteman.

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Postby Beepee » Sat Oct 09, 2021 6:40 am


Handsome and smiley Ryden Solow wasn't really sure what he was supposed to do.  The Beepeean Billy Cart leagues were nothing like this.  This was something different, something much bigger than anything he had ever experienced before.  But he decided to be brave.  He sucked air into his lungs, checked his hair and plastered on his best smile.  He hit the record button with his mouse and smiled into the ether.


My name is Ryden.   I'm 21 and I live here in Hercules, Beepee.

I'm looking to secure sponsorships so I can race in WGP2.    I've been racing in the Billy Cart Leagues for a few seasons now and I've got a chance to so something big.  But if I'm going to do this I need to get some money together so I can find a seat in a team.   I'm asking you if you'd like to sponsor me for my first season in the WGP2.

So if you'd like to sponsor me, please drop me an email at
RSol @*

Ryden clicked the stop button. Watched it back. 'OK', he thought, 'short and sweet'.  Which was good because he knew the average attention span was dropping rapidly. 

He found some video his father had taken of him riding in the Billy Cart leagues.  And decided to edit in some of that footage to try and hide his nervousness of being on camera.  Watching it back, the overall impression was that it was OK, not too shabby.  Happy with his final presentation, he clicked post to WhoTube**

He looked down at his note pad, scored off "beg for money".  'Now I just need to find a car to drive in, nothing important!', he scoffed.

He opened his webmail and began typing

To:  WGP2 Teams

Dear Sir, Madam or Individual,

I am an aspiring young driver from the affable national of Beepee.  I am currently garnering sponsorships in order to support my desired career as a professional race car driver, and will shortly be in a position to provide financial renumeration for a position as a driver.

Not only have I been successful in the Beepeean Billy Cart Racing Leagues, winning the past 3 seasons. I have also recently taken to being a Transferor of Tepid Tasty Treats at Ober-Eats***.  Delivering such delictable morsels as quickly as possible means that I have to put my foot on the accelerator much more often than I normally would.  I think it's been highly beneficial

At the tender age of 21, I feel I have a lot of promise and I hope you will consider me for a position within your team.


Ryden Solow.

Ryden hit send, before he realised he had forgot to proofread and spellcheck the email. 'Oh well...', he thought, 'hopefully they're not looking at my grammar.

Writing the email had taken much longer than Ryden had expected and he yawned and stretched.  He checked WhoTube, his video post already had 4 views, a viral sensation by Beepeean standards.

Then his email notification bing-bonged.  Expecting it to be spam selling hair loss treatment, personal services or just some cat video.  He opened the his email....

*What do you expect..... don't make them come for me
**Don't say YouTube! Do you want to be sued?
*** What you think I want to be sued calling it Uber-Eats?

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Postby Pemecutan » Sat Oct 09, 2021 8:41 am


Saniscara Pon Wuku Gumbreg, Pawukon 1782

Pemecutan to WGP2

Ubung - The auto racing fans of Pemecutan are overjoyed after the announcement made by WGP official. Gajamina Racing Team, one of the most successful Pemecutan domestic racing team is officially selected for WGP2 competition. This will be the second international competition that the team will entered after previously they were competing in IOWCC.
We are glad that our team is being selected by the official. We are very much aware that the selection process in WGP is very tight. So the news is like a warm breeze for us.

- Irfan Rayadi
Director of Gajamina Racing Team

Gajamina Racing Team is organized under Gajamina Race Company, a subsidiary of Gajamina Group. Gajamina Group is one of the largest conglomerate company in the country. Their main flagship is Gajamina Heavy Industry who is specified in machinery and shipbuilding. Some other companies under the group are Gajamina Mining, Bahari Cruise, Maya Textile, Gajamina Bank and Gajamina Development. For the racing team itself, Gajamina Heavy Industry has become their main sponsor from the team establishment in 2007.

Following their submission to WGP, Gajamina Racing Team has approached several potential sponsors including MG Oil and Campuhan Cruise, their sponsor during IOWCC competition. After the announcement of their selection, MG Oil is the first company to confirm their sponsorship to the Racing Team. In the meantime, they are also approaching foreign companies for the sponsors. These includes Shade Techno (Sharktail) and Petara Group (Eraman).

The team's engineering director also confirm about the possibility of the team will use foreign company to provide their engine. The decision comes from the result of IOWCC where they are finished mid-table with their own engine.
It's not that we undermine our own engine especially it is made by our own sponsor (read Gajamina Heavy Industry). But we are aiming for the better in this competition. Developing a better engine requires times and energy which is we currently doesn't have because of the constraint schedule. So making deal with a more established engine company is inevitable.

- Ngurah Weda Arnawa
Engineering Director of Gajamina Racing Team

Aside from that, the selection of Bongkasa Circuit as the practice track for WGP2 is added the great news. Bongkasa Circuit which is located in Bongkasa is one out of two race circuit in the country. It is become the home of Kanginan Motorsports Championship, a domestic race event which is sanctioned by PARA (Pemecutan Auto Racing Association). The circuit was applied for IBA Motorsports competition but the planned event was failed to being held. So this news have lifted the prestige of the race track domestically.

For a country where racing is not a popular sports, this double selection is making everyone look more about the sports. Auto racing, WGP and Gajamina suddenly become hot issue domestically. The names are also become the most search in the recent days. Hopefully, this will also make UPOC (United Pemecutan Olympic Committee) give more attention to the sports. Currently, auto racing is an associate member of UPOC.

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Postby Adab » Sat Oct 09, 2021 8:56 am

Life on the Edge
An Adabian tries to make it in the racing world

Chapter 1: Home Is Where the Start Is

Tonight, tonight the strip’s just right
I want to blow ‘em off in my first heat
Summer’s here and the time is right
For racin’ in the street

-Bruce Springsteen, “Racing in the Street”

December 15, 2034 / 4 Shawwal 1456
Adab City

Mustafa al-Taghlibi gave off a beaming smile, laying his glasses down on the dinner table. His face was a display of confidence, his eyes traveling up the wall to the bright white ceiling with its fifty-year-old chandelier at the center.

On the other end of the table was a younger, slightly more nervous young man, though he was doing his best to project calmness. His adoptive son, and perhaps the greatest racing talent this country had ever seen. And soon he might become the first Adabian to race in the World Grand Prix Championship.

But first he would have to get through WGP2.

He shifted somewhat in his seat, sitting straight up but not so stiffly straight. “I take it,” he began slowly, as if parsing every word, “that the negotiations have been going well?”

“Oh yes,” Mustafa proudly declared, rapidly tapping his fingers on the table and swaying, as if playing a dance tune in his head. “I’ve known Saad for a long time. It’s obvious to me that he wants to let go of this entire real estate thing. His heart has always been in football. Once he got his national team job back, it’s only a matter of time.”

His brown eyes had left the ceiling, running down the wall to the young man sitting across from him. “Don’t ever worry about the money, Sal. Look, I hate saying this – I don’t want to come across as bragging – but we’re in a… great position financially, economically. Even if they won’t hire you for your racing skills – which they should, you’re a talent – I’ll get you there by… offering what they need.”

Shalmaneser Kalhu formed a little smile – a glimmer of a smile – although it would have been obvious to anyone in that room that he was not very pleased. “A pay driver,” he succinctly concluded.

“I’ve never liked that term, to be honest with you,” Mustafa said. “Look, I mean, yes, some drivers do get in because of the… financial assistance that they bring-“

“Because of money.”

“Well, yes, because of the money that they have, but I mean that is not the only reason. Money can’t give you world-class driving skills. Money can’t make you win local competitions, regional competitions, national competitions. Look, what I’m saying here is that whichever way, whatever reason you get in, you will have been there because of your talent. If you can’t drive a car around and around a circuit for multiple laps at outrageously dangerously high speeds, no amount of money can take you this far.”

Though Sal still did not feel fully comfortable with all this, he conceded that Mustafa had a point here. “Do you think I’m a good driver, Sir?”

Sal could see Mustafa’s eyes go wide as he chuckled, seemingly not believing what the young man had just said. “Good driver? You’re the Adabian national champion!” His laugh grew louder with each sentence, slamming his open hand onto the table repeatedly. “You’ve been the champion for two years in a row, which is why it’s time to get you out of this cesspit and into the international racing scene. I know you’ve got it, and you know you’ve got it.”

Sal found himself slowly nodding, that little smile still etched on his face. His voice suddenly went low, almost whispering, but Mustafa could still hear it clearly. “Yes, I think I’ve got it.”

“Now that’s the spirit!” Mustafa hollered, once again slamming his hand on the table. “Look, you don’t have to worry too much about it, Sal. You just do what you do best: driving, connecting with your how-many-again followers on twii.tur with your wise words and acoustic covers, and I’ll take care of the rest, alright?”

“Alright,” Sal nodded, still smiling. “Thank you Sir.”

Mustafa looked to his left, then to his right, making sure no one was else in the room. Now his voice, too, went low, suddenly armed with what appeared to be urgency, or at least a desire to make sure nothing he said went to undeserving ears.

“Look,” he started solemnly, leaning over his table towards his young charge. “It’s all gonna be alright. I know Saad Kaykali, he knows people in the Imperial Palace, they’ll get through to the Emperor if needed. And you know the Emperor is a big fan of racing. Look, my point is that I know people everywhere. Some might say it’s pulling the strings or whatever, I’d call it… calling on your friends. You’re a precious commodity – don’t get me wrong, you’re human, but from a commercial standpoint, you get my point – you’re a precious commodity that’s too good to pass. Young, good-looking, smart, and not just sporty smart, academically smart. You’re a perfect role model for everyone, especially people your age. We just need to find you a good seat and let the results speak for themselves. You’ll get even more famous – internationally famous – and you’ll have even bigger of a platform to spread your wise words and acoustic covers.”

“You’re right, Sir,” Sal said, looking straight at his adoptive father. “I’m the best in this country, right?”

“You are,” Mustafa confidently affirmed. “And soon you will be one of the best in the world. I’ll see to it. And you know what? Kaykali’s daughter has finally agreed to become your manager. She’s a safe pair of hands, loyal to her clients. You’ve just got the daughter of the great Saad Kaykali, and one of the best lawyers in this country herself, to head your management team. Congratulations, my boy, you’re a big shot now.”

ADAB CITY (December 20, 2034) – The following statement was released today by Shalmaneser Kalhu, through his personal attorney and business manager Aida Kaykali, Chairman of Shalmaneser Kalhu Management (SKM) located in Adab City, in response to questions about his future career plans:

Today I declare myself ready for WGP2. It has always been my dream to one day compete in this great series, and I am looking forward to offering my services to any team which may be interested in me.

As I reach this momentous stage in my career, I would like to thank everyone who has supported me up to this point: my friends; my crew and all members of my team; my fans; my late parents, may they rest in peace; my adoptive father Mr. Mustafa al-Taghlibi, owner of al-Taghlibi’s, the largest chain of supermarkets in this great country; Mr. Saad Kaykali, manager of the national football team and one of my early sponsors and a trusted family friend; and his daughter Ms. Aida Kaykali, who has graciously agreed to become my attorney and manager and guide me through this next step in my career. Without them I would never have reached this point. I owe them a great debt.

Let’s get it on!

From: Shalmaneser Kalhu
To: All WGP2 teams
Subject: Driver Application

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Shalmaneser Kalhu. I am 16 years old and for the last two years have been champion of the Adab Grand Prix Championship series. I have long been interested in a move to WGP2 and ultimately the WGPC, and I believe I have what it takes. Therefore, I am declaring myself open to negotiations and invitations to tests from your team as the next step in my racing career. I will not disappoint you.

Should you be so gracious so as to offer me a seat, I assure you that I will bring not only my racing skills to the table but also the potential for your team to gain many new fans and publicity all across Adab, which I believe is largely an untapped market as far as motorsports are concerned. I have over 100 thousand followers from across the country on twii.tur and Instantgram, two powerful platforms from which I can spread my message and that of the team, and that number will surely only grow once I am in WGP2 and have received international exposure.

Most of all, I assure you that I will perform to my best, and even beyond that. This will be the start of a great new chapter in our history.

Yours truly,
Shalmaneser Kalhu
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WGP2 Pt1: A Fresh Start

Postby TJUN-ia » Sat Oct 09, 2021 2:36 pm

A Normal HouseAppartment
Shinebaishin, CEA Zone

He who wants to build high must dig deep.

Those words echoed around his head as he sat in his room, preparing for the restart of his career. Batu Tüvshinbayar was in this exact situation at the beginning of Season 4, looking at his laptop in preparation for a season of WGP2 action. But now, he knows what to expect and his thought process has certainly changed. So has his current situation, in more ways than one.

His decision to pick NN over EBTA would turn out to be a path that caused him the most stress in his entire life. His boss, Kaidi, pulled limb from limb to try and keep in in his position, a position he felt back then he didn't deserve at all. His 2 podiums, the first for any TJUN-ian in the open-wheel, acted as some sort of payment for that and he will never forget what she did for him, no matter what. But NN had to reset during the offseason and while he left, NN became Ælunder Noorteslagg CMYK, a more definitive TRÆ feeder team with Kaidi still in charge. He would more than love to be under her wings once again...but had he already burned the bridge down?

The offseason was mostly rough for the Mongolian, who was forced to make the toughest step in his life and move out of his childhood home as his perfectionist parents felt that he would "benefit from more alone time". That didn't help calm his chaotic mind down at all, which blamed him for the "death" of NN and felt he didn't deserve to drive for his country ever again. He finally knew how Lane Carter felt after the UrGa season and my goodness, did he feel like shit half of the time. His racing passion was dead in the water and he didn't know how he could revive himself in time for next season. He spent his birthday alone, wondering if he'd ever feel joy in his life ever again.

But then came his "letter moment" as the MRO sent him an invitation to take part in the dirt-based Burman Bros. Classic in Hapilopper with the rest of TJUN-ian racing royalty. They had already suggested to him that he might head to the Rumble in the Rice Fields as well, so this was technically preparation for that as well. He felt obligated to go and in the end, that turned out to be a good decision - he had a great time, finishing 6th overall and celebrating with Alfonso Mercado and winner Micheal Stefan himself at the end of the night. It felt pretty surreal to be considered equal to those guys that night and he left Hap City feeling like he could bounce back after all.

Then came the "Li River Saga", as he called it, where he entered the Rumble in the Rice Field just looking for experience before the new season arrived...and gained so much more. He qualified 5th for the race and didn't look back at all, coming from absolutely nowhere to beat iBen Toralmintii of all people to the flag. The little Mongolian had won the big Chinese race and he certainly couldn't believe that. Once the tears finally subsided, he had to get ready for his first-ever stock car race - the Guangxi Telecom 400, where he finished 32nd and looked pretty good for an "open-wheel guy".

All of that came only recently and so, as began to send his email to all the teams in this series, he felt confident that adding that unbelievable win to his resume would get someone's attention...right? He may be the "Team Killer" but at least he has that...right? Surely, someone out there can answer his prayers and give him a 2nd chance here...right? He may have no friends to call his own, but at least he has the heart to carry on...and that's all that matters, right?
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T2: #97 Robin Dragonovic [SNL] (3 Wins/2 @JR)/#96 Alice Jepkosgei (1 Win)
WGPC: #11 Lane Carter/ #9 Batu Tüvshinbayar
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Postby Togonistan » Sat Oct 09, 2021 3:29 pm

Kaylan Prospect Program - Force for the future!

Throughout the years, Kaylan has always been on a lookout for bright young talent. Started 10 years ago, Kaylan Prospect Program came to life with the goal of promoting young, talented racing drivers and mechanics by offering them a stepping stone to start their career. Over the years, we have steadily grown to a global scale and become a home for athletes competing in various local, regional and international racing series.

Our Goal

Acting as the official driver academy of Kaylan Racing Team, we are constantly searching for young talent from across the globe who have their sights set high as they compete with the best young drivers in the world to prove that they have what it takes. Discipline, teamwork and the will to constantly improve yourself - these are the values we are looking for from drivers that we recruit to join our ranks.

Our Drivers

Image Image Image
Image Image Image

A Team With Experience

Having been on the WGP2 grid for the past three seasons, Kaylan has made a step up to WGPC after our young drivers Anola Melani and Ted Pressley brought the team WGP2 Constructors Championship title last season. Guided by the new generation, Kaylan is determined to carry on the legacy of bringing fresh blood to the grid and helping them achieve great things.

Ready For Some Action?

We are looking for new drivers to join our academy for the upcoming season of WGP2. Kaylan Prospect Program will be hosting driver trials to evaluate your skills and potential as the new member of our academy. Any interested drivers should get in touch before October 13th by contacting our scouting agent Niko Ausage via sending an e-mail to and including a short summary of your previous racing experience. A good showing during the trials will give drivers an opportunity to join the Kaylan academy as well as get one of the two race seats in Kaylan Junior Team by Domerton for the upcoming season of WGP2. Sign up, show us what you've got and perhaps YOU can become the next Ted Pressley or Anola Melani!

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Postby Bollonich » Sun Oct 10, 2021 12:59 am

The time of the year had come once again. It was a good break for everyone involved in the world of racing but it was time to get back to work. The WGPC and WGP2 seasons were on the horizon with multiple drivers looking to find teams to drive for. Parveen was no different. She had had a good run with the remaining portion of the last season with EHF-Motospiel. However she didn’t have a contract for this season and this was naturally a word of bother for her. Parveen was taken in by EHF when she had nowhere else to turn to. Her career looked to be at shambles at the moment following her success in the Bollonischian Championship she didn’t have a seat. And she failed to secure one in the WGP2 meaning she missed out on a good chunk of the season before finally securing that EHF seat. That seat however was empty now as her existing contract had run out. This had caused a few days of stress for her and her agent as they had been on the look out for new sets opening up for some time now.

“So anything on the seats? We are getting agonisingly close to the beginning of the season.”

“Well, Fireline, Kaylan, Nexus and Orange Cow are all interesting options.”

“You know what I want, Jimmy. I want that EHF seat. Is there any news on that front? I got some points for them, and they helped me out when I needed it the most.”

“We haven’t heard from them, yet. Are you sure you don’t wanna consider or pursue other options?”

“No! EHF is where I’m most comfortable and since I am to spend another season in the second tier, I may as well race where I am most comfortable.”

“Okay, I guess I’ll write them an email.”

From: Jimmy Lawrence, Agent of Parveen Kulkarni

To: Annika Hunnertwasser, Team Principal at Erkuns-Hohnschich-Furzeine-Motospiel

Subject: Contract Renewal for the upcoming WGP2 season

Greetings! I hope the members of the team are doing well. The purpose of this email is to bring forward talks of a contract renewal for the next WGP2 season. My client, Parveen signed for the team last season having taken in some of the last races of the season. In this short period of time she not only proved herself in the car but also scored points going into the last race of the season. A major advantage in her hands is that unlike a lot of the current drivers in the WGP2 pool, my client is not a rookie. She has past experience with your team itself which will serve as a major booster as she won’t need time to get settled into the car.

When speaking about the financial aspect of the deal, my client is satisfied to retain the clauses of the previous agreement while signing on for the upcoming season. My client can also bring important money to the team with the help of personal sponsors secured due to her magnificent few races in the WGP2 last season.

We shall be eagerly awaiting a response, as my client looks for ward to racing for EHF again.

Yours sincerely,
Jimmy Lawrence

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Since the end of the first full year of Scuderia Orange Cow, things had been moving at an accelerated pace.

Having gotten some good results in the final couple of rounds, the team had jumped up from last in the constructor's table to 12th after the final weekend, just 2 points from tenth and 8 points from ninth; all things considered, it was a testament to everyone involved with the team who had to learn on the fly and play catch up from day 1.
The subsequent season of the AO Motorsport Championship--a different type of racing, but invaluable to the mechanics, engineers and the rest of the race team--raised the expectations around the Performance Research Laboratory complex where the team was based so much that plans for an entirely new purpose built race team factory were fast-tracked; backed by a huge influx of up front money from Commonwealth Automobile Corp, the WGP2 team's title sponsor CommOil as well as associate sponsor BCEL Beverage Corp, and a significant amount of in-kind aid from the national government.

Team Principal Michael Lambert had more than enough on his plate, needing to re-think the business structure of both PRL and the race team; in addition to WGP2, they would field a two car entry in the AOGP series, which required an increase in team personnel and the publicity garnered had seen a huge amount of new work for the aerodynamic analysis company on top of that.

Lambert was thinking a lot about how the team was going to approach hiring drivers for the second year, now that he had a full off season to plan things out. He wanted to take care of one important item, and also address a more recently discovered opportunity.

To: Sakite
From: Mike Lambert
Subject: race season


Wanted to catch you up on things here, hope you're keeping yourself occupied at home!
We are hurrying along with trying to a get a new team HQ built so that we might be able to start using it before the end of the upcoming season. We're going to be doing a Tier 3 regional series alongside the regular race team so we're going to need more space.

The new car is really coming along as Ed is really excited about the numbers from the tunnel and it just looks fast, plus the drawings of the color scheme are looking great.

Saki, you know how much you mean to the team, so what I really want to stress to you is if you have an idea that you might want to return to drive for us, let me know. We are really looking to be aggressive in the driver market to try and get someone who can compete for race wins every time out.
I think with the improvements to the design it will be an easier machine to drive than the PRL01-2, and you might be able to focus more on driving, rather than fighting, the car.

Don't hesitate to call,


To: Aldauren Ginintella
From: Mike Lambert
Subject: new season


Hope this finds you doing well, it won't be long before the season will upon us.

I hear that PB aren't doing GP2 this year. You got anyone under contract that you might want to loan out for a steady ride? We're casting our net wide this time, I think we've got a car that's 100% better out of the box than we started with last year.

What's the deal with this kid someone told me about, Blatasharp? Any talent there?

give me a call if you get a couple of minutes.

all the best,

Is Lambert not up on the gossip? Or is he playing dumb? ;)
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Raka Ganesha
Pande Putu Raka Ganesha
Nationality Pemecutanian
Born 25 September 1999 (age 22)
Anggabaya, Pemecutan
Current Team -
Racing Career
Team Alam Jaya Racing Team
Car Number 25
First Entry Semester 2 Penatih Cup 2017
Title 4
Kanginan Championship
Champions 1 (S2 2018)

Penatih Cup
Champions 3 (S1 2018, S4 2019, S2 2020)
Pande Putu Raka Ganesha or popularly known as Raka Ganesha is a 22 years old Pemecutanian racing driver who was competes in domestic competition for Alam Jaya Racing Team. Ganesha has won 4 domestic titles, 1 for Kanginan Championship and 3 for Penatih Cup. He has the sixth most domestic race championship (4) and the eighth most domestic races podium finished.

Ganesha begin his career as a go-kart driver at the age of 12 before turn into car racing 4 years later. He was a test driver for Alam Jaya Racing Team during his first year before being admitted as second drivers in 2017. 2018 become his best season as he win both Kanginan Championship and Penatih Cup in the same year although in different season. He was a test driver for Gajamina Racing Team for IOWCC competition.

Early Life

Ganesha was born on 25 September 1999 in Anggabaya, Jimbarwana State, Pande Jaya Paksika and Dyah Ratna Wahyuni. He has one younger sister, Wedani and brother, Gading. Both are in high and middle school respectively. He was not an excellence student during his school years but he manage to pass high school in modest grade. He has an interest in mechanical and cars from early age. This is shown with his hobby to accompany his father in the family repair shop. He is an active kid and thought himself to become an athlete. He was learn to play football and volleyball. He is also a master in karate.

Early Career

With his enthusiast in cars, his father then take him to the local go-kart circuit where he will drive the kart all afternoon. Although knowing about his son demand to become a racing driver, but Paksika reminded his son to focus on his study first. After long persuasion, Paksika finally agree to let Ganesha involved in karting race. He was accepted into local karts racing team at the age of 12. He was managed to win several local and state level competitions. At the age of 17, he was approached by Alam Jaya Racing Team. After passing their driving test, the team offer him to become the team's test and practice driver. This was the time where he started his open-wheel car career. After about a year, they give him a full 3 years contract with a possibility of extension.

Career in Alam Jaya

Ganesha take his first race at 2017 Season 2 Penatih Cup where he end up finished 4th. He continue to prove his capability and gained his first podium in 2018 Season 1 Kanginan Championship after he finished 3rd in the race. His first title was won at 2018 Season 1 Penatih Cup. He then added the collection by winning the 2018 Season 2 Kanginan Championship. He won his next 2 titles at Penatih Cup. But he is not very lucky in Kanginan Championship. He even crashed badly during the 2020 Season 1 Kanginan Championship. Fortunately, he was able to comeback in Season 2 Penatih Cup that year where he won his 4th overall title and the 3rd in Penatih Cup. After 3 years and a 1 year extension in Alam Jaya Racing, Ganesha decided to not extended his contract anymore.

Current Status

Ganesha dream big after following a driving test for Mandala Racing Team, a consortium team of several domestic racing team which entering IBA World Cup of Motorsports. Unfortunately, he was failed in the test. But his disappointment was not that huge as the competition was latter being put on hold and the rumor said that it is being cancelled. Mandala Racing Team was also being dissolved afterwards. His attention then turn to IOWCC or International Open Wheel Car Championship which was held by International Motorsports Federation. He was joined the test drive for Gajamina Racing Team who was joined the competition. And once again, he was failed to pass the test. After both failure, he was thinking to back to domestic competition. He was already being tested for several local team including Giri Mas RT and Surya Manunggal RT. But before the result of the test was being released, he was contacted by Gajamina Racing Team. They were offering him a place as their test driver. He have to decline Surya Manunggal RT who wish for him to become their driver for domestic competition to pursue international career with Gajamina RT although just as their test driver. After a decent success in IOWCC, Gajamina RT is now aiming for WGP where they have selected for WGP2. With this news, Ganesha is intended to join their driver test again to become the main driver of Gajamina in this racing competition.

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Part 2: Applications?

Postby The Grearish Union » Mon Oct 11, 2021 3:25 am

Part 2: Applications?

Jeremy has the (mostly unwanted) habit of barging into David’s room every time something new comes up that needs David’s attention. You couldn’t fault the man for his diligence, as he had never been off duty for almost 5 years now since he was first appointed as David’s assistant. Not making an exception to previous encounters, he barged into the 20-year-old’s room again, this time with a printout of something that looked rather important.

“David, I need five minutes,” Jeremy said, with an urgency in his voice that struck a nice balance with the breathlessness he had owing to the running to and from the fax machine all morning. David, however, didn’t seem very interested. He was still practicing the braking points of the Bongkasa Circuit in Pemecutan in his futuristic sim-racing rig, and didn’t really want to be bothered by anything at this point.

“What is it?” David blurted out after running out of track limits in a misjudged cornering attempt. One could be rather sure that he wanted to blame Jeremy’s disturbance for it, but all of that was immaterial.

“Trials, David. You have to go to trials at the Kaylan Junior Team.” The words were accompanied by a meaningfully stern look from Jeremy. This look was rare, and the junior FIndlay had to understand that the man meant business. All he got in return from the budding racer was primarily a blank and subsequently a rather helpless face.

Shyness is one of the characteristics of David’s being. He wasn’t very comfortable in even letting his father know that he wanted to race as a child, and the parents had to figure out what their kid wanted, before taking him regularly to the karting tracks for the nursery seasons. It won’t be too different for the WGP2 stint that he wants to have, but it might just be easier to communicate with people with Jeremy around.

“I’m gonna get a letter written for you. You will just show up. Understood?” Jeremy ordered, and left without waiting for an answer. There is no way he will let David not try out for the Kaylan Junior Team.

“I’d.. Love to.” David smiled to himself. This will be his first shot at professional racing!

In the corridor, Jeremy shouted out orders to Priyanca, the PR manager. “Get the mail sent. Now!”

To: Niko Ausage [] (Scouting Agent, Kaylan Racing)
From: Priyanca Sutton [] (PR Manager, David Findlay)
Subject: WGP2 Race Seat at Kaylan Junior Team


Please consider this as a formal application on behalf of David Findlay to appear at your driver trials for the fifth WGP2 season to then hopefully be able to race for the Kaylan Junior Team this WGP2 season.

David has been a prominent face in the local informal racing scene, as motorsports have not been granted a ‘sport’ status by the Government of Grearia. He has emerged as the champion of the Findlay Roundcaster Challenge multiple times in the Antane mountains in stock-car racing. In an open-wheel format, he has represented the Atheburn National University in the national FormulaU series where he is currently the reigning champion. In the FormulaU series, universities are expected to create a complete car from scratch and then race each other with drivers that must already be enrolled in the University. He does not have any WGP3 experience, but is very firmly confident of the fact that it shall not be an impediment to his performance in the WGP2 for your team, should he be selected.

It is also worth mentioning that Findlay Motocorp shall be putting their weight behind him financially, if he is to be selected as a pay driver for your esteemed racing outfit.

Kindly consider our application, please, and oblige.

Yours thankfully,
Priyanca S
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The Team

The Aji No Moto AutoRacing Alliance (ANMARA) is a consortium of four major automobile manufacturers in Aji No Moto, led by Kissan's Tsutomu Sugiyama. The consortium is made up of the following companies, represented by one of the four-star leaf in the logo of the consortium:
  • Kissan Motors (55 percent owned)
  • Dahon Automotive Company (15 percent owned)
  • Takahatsu Jidousha Kaisha (15 percent owned)
  • Kaze Motors (15 percent owned)
To prevent a company having their colors predominantly present in the livery, the main livery color will be Ajian Yellow.

The consortium purchased the entirety of Equipo Telebuenas - Badai Angin (ETBA) at the end of the fourth season of WGP2, including the cars, operational licenses, and forged a partnership between them and Badai Angin to be the official team of the Badai Angin Drivers' Academy, with the deal allowing Badai Angin Akademi Pengemudi (BAAP) to hold two spots in the team.

As part of the arrangement, Filindostan's Alvis Kalvin Lacsamana, champion of the recent WGP3 Filindostan season, will be taking one of the spots for ANMARA this season, in addition to his test driver duties for the official Badai Angin Tim Motorsport.

The remaining spot in the team, the lead driver's spot, is tentatively offered to current BAAP driver Edward Rousseau of Ethane, who drove with ETBA last season.

Below is the image of the livery of the team, with the Badai Angin blue plastered at the back of the car to signify the partnership between the two parties.


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That was the emotion that had filled Dan Rae across the past year.

He had spent years behind Joy Wingelaar, in his own mind performing much better, but never quite managing to surpass her on track. No matter what he did, it always felt like she was one wheel ahead. Was it her father, and the way he drew people in to support her? Was it something about him that put people off? What did he have to do to prove himself?

The frustration continued as Joy graduated to WGP2, and proved a strong driver in open-wheel competition, while Dan was still restricted to karting back home in the Isles. It did mean that he had a free shot at the Licentian title, which he claimed with both hands, having spent years coming second to the prodigy of Licentian motorsports.

Opportunity would come knocking after that. A chance to join the newly formed WGP3 Esportiva, and mention from a friend of racing series across the multiverse where he could compete. But there was only one thing on Dan Rae’s mind as he prepared to make the switch to open-wheelers. Joy had gone straight to WGP2: why couldn’t he do the same?

So he looked for the same backing that she did, meeting with Daniel Barton Jr and requesting backing to join WGP2. Barton was obsessed with motorsport: some said that half his money from Barton Software was going into a variety of motorsport ventures. It wasn’t an easy conversation though. Barton was already backing Joy and supporting the Teus team that she drove for, TMW. Why would he need another driver? Dan had a lot of persuading to do.

They talked at length about the potential Dan had, and about why he had spent so much time in Joy’s slipstream. He told Barton just how much he believed that he could do everything that she did and more, if only he had the opportunity at the wheel of a proper racing car. He promised that, if Barton backed him with the money needed to help him secure a race seat, he would deliver on that potential. He appealed to the millionaire’s narcissism: would it not be great to have another car on the international stage with your name on it?

Barton, eventually, agreed. Dan didn’t know whether it resulted from true belief in his abilities, or the comments about getting the software giant’s name splashed across another car. In reality, it didn’t matter to Dan. He could go away now, approaching all the teams on the WGP2 paddock and requesting trials or an interview, and he would have the backing of a millionaire in Daniel Barton Jr who seemed willing to spend any amount to get his company further out there.

Maybe, just maybe, the frustration would end here, and Dan Rae could finally prove that he was just as good as Joy bloody Wingelaar.

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Conference Room 3, Performance Research Laboratory Technical Center complex, Jackson Twp, Baker Park State.

Mike Lambert and the rest of the Orange Cow Syndicate (the combined WGP2/AOGP operation was starting to be referred to as such internally) braintrust were working out all of the little details that were going to need to be covered now that there would be two separate race team operations sharing the same limited space that SOC had utilized in WGP2 IV.

Most of the same people in the management of the team were still in place--Lambert himself as Team Principal, Ed O'Malley--who was as important to PRL as he was to the race team--still Chief Designer/Aerodynamicist, Paul Valentini heading up Engineering with Kevin Ammaker as Chief Mechanic; Jill Franklin on the Commercial side and Rebecca Paulson in PR/Media; Vic Marzetti had been Deputy Team Principal and would continue to have that title, but he'd begged off continuing as CFO, citing the need to concentrate on his own company, Vulcan Fabricating, which produced the chasses (and more) for the team in their carbon fibre division.

Lambert had brought in a new wave of folks to help handle the expanded operation (as well as a General Manager for PRL to handle more of the day-to-day running of the company)--David Peterson as CFO, Curt Elson, who had experience running teams in domestic series in BP, as Team Principal for the junior team, along with Len Clopham as Chief Engineer and promoting Chris Naylor from the SOC crew to be Chief Mechanic for the GP3 cars.

One of the most pressing issues at the moment was driver signings, in that there weren't any; Nick Unger and Sammi Carter, who'd run in the AOMC under the nominal Orange Cow banner competing as Baker Park's entry, were already lined up to race in the regional open wheel series, but the GP2 team hadn't even made contact with any of the numerous available returnees from the previous season.

"From the top, I think we should concentrate on Alex Marques and Batu, as they seem to be the two with the most potential", a statement that brought snickers and groan from around the table.

"Batu? Seriously?" Valentini spoke up first, "He's...ok. I don't know if he has any more room for growth."

"Just say it out loud Paul, he's the Team Killer, as the whispering goes." Lambert smiled wanly after saying that, as he certainly didn't think a 20-something guy was responsible for the demise of a professional race team with as much, if not more, funding than the Scuderia had; to almost everyone's surprise SOC had actually turned a small profit in its first year thanks to the money--and more importantly the in-kind additional assistance--brought by Saki Kuyara from the Hodori company AtAGO Logistics, along with the supposedly cut-price associate sponsorship that Witmer-Laur Dairy Products--part of the HBA conglomerate that was Baker Park's largest food producer--bought following the Drummond Vale round of the season, and the unexpected success of team branded merchandise, which made a net profit after being budgeted to be an overall loss for the first season.

"What about that gal who came in alongside of Marques, Kulkarri (sic)?" This was Paulson adding her input; she was quite knowledgeable about the sport, so it wasn't a shot in the dark.

"I've heard about this kid, Ryan (sic) Solow. He's looking to move up from racing in Beepee." Ammaker didn't usually offer up anything in these meetings unless specifically asked; he had a lifelong stammer that usually manifested itself when he tried to initiate a conversation, but here he surprised everyone.

"I've not heard of him, who does he run with?" Valentini was confused, not realizing that there was a nation called 'Beepee'--which the Commonwealth had a sporting tie with in the past--but Ammaker clarified the statement.

"I say we need to see someone in a car, with our own eyes. Can we get a couple of days on the Vale (course, at Drummond Vale Circuit), run two of them side by side?" There were nods from around the table as Lambert pronounced things settled for the time being.
SOC offers Alex Marques & Batu Tüvshinbayar a one day test, and Parveen Kulkarni & Ryden Solow the same on a second day.
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World Cup 84 Co-hosts
World Cup 81/82/83/84/86 Round of 16
World Cup 80 Group Stage
AOBC 5 Champions
NSCF 21 Mineral Conference Champions
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NSCF 18 Mineral Conference Champions
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Urotovsky-Gatutin General Machine Building Enterprise
Motorsports Division

For the first two seasons of UrGa Motorsports' participation in the second tier of multiversal open-wheel racing, one thing has remained constant with the team, and that is Taras Matviyenko being the team's lead driver throughout those two seasons. In those two seasons, Matviyenko has had two teammates: Lane Carter of TJUN-ia, and Major Harry Zoomtwat of Featherstonehaugh Cholmondeley. In their first season in WGP2, UrGa almost had a 1-2 at just the second race of the season, only for the victory and double podium to be cruelly snatched away from them in the final laps. Nevertheless, Matviyenko and Carter remained cordial with each other, and after Carter departed the team at the end of the season, team principal Vasily Gatutin himself sent a letter to Carter thanking the Galarian for his services and wishing him the best of luck in his future ventures. Come UrGa's second season in WGP2 however, and relations between Gatutin, Matviyenko, and Zoomtwat were not as rosy. Rumors began circulating of an internal division within the team, of UrGa having only signed Zoomtwat in order to obtain a mysterious and long-lost artifact. Matviyenko, long regarded as one of the calmest drivers on the grid, suddenly became more hot-heated, and then suddenly, he announced his retirement from racing as a whole at the end of WGP2 Season 4. At least Matviyenko went out in a blaze of glory, winning two feature races before finally announcing his retirement at the end of the season at the sprint race in Liventia. Zoomtwat also won that last race of the season, and contrary to the rumors, the whole team was out in force to celebrate his victory. The fact that the Scepter of Saint Bogdan was unveiled at the Kremlin Museum in Tiraspol a few days later was just a happy coincidence indeed.

Now, UrGa was entering its third season in WGP2 without the only constant in the team for over a decade and a half. Taras Matviyenko had retired, and in his place as UrGa's lead driver was young Fleftic talent Adonis Fitzpatrick. Donny Fitzpatrick had already driven for UrGa in a trio of midseason tests last season, and now he had been given a seat in the team thanks to the departures of both Matviyenko and Harry Zoomtwat. Once again, the question of who will get to partner Fitzpatrick for the season had come up, and while there are of course frontrunners and first choice drivers in the wings, only time will tell who will occupy that second UrGa seat. Will the team opt for a safe pair of hands, or will they want someone who is willing and able to push the boundaries? Time to found out....


GATUTIN, Vasily Semyonovich
Team Principal

Birthdate: 2 April 1980 (age 51)
Birthplace: Bender, Transnistrian Socialist State, Pridnestrovia

Vasily Semyonovich Gatutin is a fourth-generation Gatutin, the great-grandson of one of UrGa's two founders, the late Mikhail Abramovich Gatutin. Vasily has been groomed to take over the company from his father Semyon Mikhailovich Gatutin ever since Vasily's birth, and after his mandatory national service with the Pridnestrovian Army, Vasily worked his way through the company, starting from the very bottom as an assembly line worker all the way to becoming head of production at the company's main factory in Myrilsk. Throughout all this, Vasily maintained an interest in motorsports, specifically open-wheel racing, and when UrGa opted to enter the newly formed Coalition Grand Prix Racing Association in 2015 as a constructor, Vasily was chosen to become the team principal. He led the Urotovsky-Gatutin Motorsports Division to their first ever CGPRA Constructor's Championship in 2016 as well as their first Drivers' Championship with Taras Matviyenko. While UrGa has been unable to replicate their success in later years, UrGa has nevertheless remained a solid midfield team under Vasily Gatutin. When UrGa opted to branch out into other sports, Vasily was promoted to the headship of the Motorsports Division itself, but he retains the position of team principal for the Pridnestrovian-based team's operations in CGPRA and WGP2.

REZANSOV, Konstantin Zakharovich
Chief Engineering and Aerodynamics Officer

Birthdate: 14 April 1975 (age 45)
Birthplace: Nafitrov, Leninov Socialist State, Pridnestrovia

If Vasily Gatutin is the man in charge of UrGa Motorsports then Konstantin Rezansov is the man in charge of powering the team to victory. Rezansov joined the Pridnestrovian Air Force for his mandatory national service, working his way up from an airman mechanic to a fighter pilot, and then once he received his honorary discharge, Rezansov was hired by UrGa as part of the company's vehicle design team. His experiences, combined with the degree in mechanical engineering that he took at Bender State University, became the foundation upon which he designed the CGP-15-1, UrGa's first open-wheeler car and the car that brought the team their first (and so far only) Constructors' Championship. And while his designs have been beaten by others since, Rezansov remains a vital part of UrGa Motorsports' operations.

SMIRNITSKAYA, Marina Vladislavovna
Chief Public Relations Officer

Birthdate: 20 July 1978 (age 49)
Birthplace: Pridnestrovskaya Gavan, Yatuvilsk Socialist State, Pridnestrovia

Marina Smirnitskaya comes from a long line of Pridnestrovian diplomats who have been serving the nation-state of Pridnestrovia in its various incarnations since the 18th century. Marina displayed eloquence and skill with both the written and spoken word at an early age, and she seemed to be on track to follow her father in having a long and distinguished career with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, she unexpectedly resigned from the Foreign Ministry after only three years because it was, in her own words, not what she could imagine herself doing for thirty years. Marina was eventually hired by UrGa through the network of intelligentsia families, and it was there that she finally found the career that she loved, rising through the ranks from a local media manager in Tiraspol to becoming chief of public relations for the Motorsports Division.

MATVIYENKO, Taras Gavrilovich
Chief Racing Simulations and Driver Relations Officer

Birthdate: 18 November 1988 (age 43)
Birthplace: Myrilsk, Transnistrian Socialist State, Pridnestrovia

Taras Matviyenko has certainly gone a long way from his humble origins in the closed city of Myrilsk. After his four years of mandatory military service, Taras went to work for UrGa's factory in his hometown as an assembly line worker. While working on the line, Taras befriended a fellow worker, a decision that would change his life forever. Taras's new friend turned out to be none other than Vasily Gatutin himself, and when the time came for UrGa Motorsports to hire its first drivers for the inaugural CGPRA season, there was one name at the top of his list: Taras Matviyenko. Taras became the first ever CGPRA Drivers' Champion, and while he was never able to replicate his form that season, Taras was able to make a name for himself in WGP2, winning two feature races before his retirement. This season, Taras remains with the team as driver trainer and team liaison.

GATUTINA, Olga Semyonovna
Team Principal of Urotovsky-Gatutin Motorsports-Stock Cars

Birthdate: 23 October 1998 (age 33)
Birthplace: Tiraspol, Transnistrian Socialist State, Pridnestrovia

Olga Gatutina may be the youngest of Semyon Gatutin's children, and the only one from his brief second marriage, but in terms of power within the company, she already has equal power and responsibility with her older brother Vasily, and she is certainly poised to join him in leading the company when the time comes. Olga's attraction to cars and planes and anything fast in general made her a natural fit for taking a leadership role for the newly created Stock Car Department for UrGa's foray into NSSCRA. And while usually it's Olga asking advice from Vasily, sometimes the tables are turned and it's Olga who gives advice to her older brother, especially on matters regarding dealing with difficult drivers, something with which she has a lot of experience. And depending on who UrGa signs to partner up with Adonis Fitzpatrick this season, Olga's wisdom just might prove crucial.

YURIEVSKY, Yakov Leonidovich
Financial Advisor to the Team Principal and Board Member

Birthdate: 1 February 1965 (age 66)
Birthplace: Vladikrav, Socialist State of the Krav Mountains, Pridnestrovia

Don't let his seemingly harmless looks fool you; Yakov Yurievsky is one of the most cunning and wily men to ever walk the halls of the Kremlin in Tiraspol. He served in various government ministries and agencies, and while he attained high positions within those ministries, he never got the truly top spot. Which suited Yakov anyway because he preferred to work in the shadows, pulling strings left and right out of sight and out of mind. Upon retiring from government service at the age of 60, Yakov talked his way into the board of directors of many Pridnestrovian companies, UrGa being one of them. Yakov usually positions himself as a financial advisor for these companies, but the financial advice he offers is often to the benefit of national economies rather than just for the company itself. He is usually responsible for the entry of UrGa-branded vehicles in places where NSSCRA and WGP2 have visited.


#74 - FITZPATRICK, Darren Adonis

Birthdate: 9 September 2007 (age 24)
Birthplace: Effelenendro City, Effelenendro Island, Abanhfleft

Adonis Fitzpatrick (Donny for short) is the first person whom UrGa Motorsports signed to their academy. The 24-year-old driver from Abanhfleft was a karting champion in his native Effelenendro, beating out a field of competitors that included a certain William Archer who now races in the premier class of auto racing, WGPC. UrGa had always envisioned Donny as a long-term project, the successor to Taras Matviyenko as UrGa's lead driver. Donny had already participated in a couple of midseason tests in WGP2 Season 4, when he stood in for Matviyenko when the latter went soul-searching in Myrilsk. Donny is ready for whatever the new season brings such as the races and his potential new teammate, but whether that positive feeling will last through to the end of the season is a different thing altogether.

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WGP2 Pt2: E-mails

Postby TJUN-ia » Tue Oct 12, 2021 5:37 am

To: Mike Lambert, Scuderia Orange Cow
From: Batu Tüvshinbayar

Dear Mike

Танд энэ өдрийн мэнд! (Tand ene ödriin mend!/Good day to you!) I'm sending you this email to accept my invitation to your test day in Baker Park. I know some of you guys may be concerned by the "Team Killer" moniker that the TJUN-ian media gave me after last season, but I can assure you all that this was then. I certainly feel more confident in my abilities than I did back then, with my performance in the Burman Bros. Classic (6th) and my victory at the Rumble in the Rice Fields giving me the confidence to tell you that I can do better than before.

See you all soon!

Хүндэтгэсэн, (Khündetgesen/Kind regards)

Батү Түвшинбаяр

To: Urotovsky-Gatutin (UrGa), Nexus Racing, Kaylan Racing,
From: Batu Tüvshinbayar

Танд энэ өдрийн мэнд! (Tand ene ödriin mend!/Good day to you!)

My name is Batu Tüvshinbayar and I am writing to you all to confirm my interest in racing for you/joining your Prospect Program (more aimed at KR) for WGP2 Season 5. As all of you were on the grid last season, you may well be familiar with me already (2 podiums last season, nicknamed the Team Killer, formerly of the NRDAS) but I have to add to that that despite leaving last season feeling like a zero, I enter this one with a lot more confidence. My 6th placed finish at the late-model Burman Bros. Classic in Hapilopper put me on the right path while my victory at the IRACT Rumble in the Rice Field was not only my first major win (unless you count Race 2 of NRDAS) but also allowed me to take part in the Guangxi Telecom 400 in NSSCRA, where I finished around 30th.

To put things short, I feel like a better person now than I was back then and if any of you are doing a trial or a test, then I will most certainly accept that invitation. Hopefully, I'll see you all out there!

Хүндэтгэсэн, (Khündetgesen/Kind regards)

Батү Түвшинбаяр

He will be back on the move soon. For Batu, the new journey is near...but can he find better successes than before?
2nd: NSCF24, ARWC4
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Postby Valentine Z » Wed Oct 13, 2021 2:59 am

The Valentians - Chapter 0 - Feet First.


1st Cpt. Angela Stella Trista Josephine Natalie Rv. E. Tps. “The Eternal Explorer” Bethany Alyssa Valeska Payton. Mikayla Gosling Josie Rowan Serenity Chelsea Lynette Hannah Tan Fang Ling, or Angela Stella Tan Fang Ling as she is more commonly known. An avid explorer, astronaut, and one of the leading scientists of Valentine Z, she finally decided that after tagging along with Adriana for the longest of times, she too wanted to go for a racing career of her own, hopefully one that would not take a lot of her time away from her laboratories, or visitng one of the many, many galaxies and universes out there. Standing at 472.44 centimeters (15' 6") and wearing her usual labcoat, she looked around the various booths that were prepared as part of some open house thing. At least, a few teams were there.

"So, so many choices!" she thought to herself, not the one to be stranger of other people giving her quite a curious eye. After all, it's not every day that they saw someone who dwarfed their local traffic lights. As a first timer, it was going to be rather difficult in finding a team that wants her. She can only say that she is an expert and has a lot of experience in high speeds for so long before it gets lost in the static. Traveling and hudling throughout the multiverses at 1e+50 km/h is one thing, but learning to handle a fast racecar is another. With her in check and alone for the time being, Angela knew that she had to call someone. A Valentian who has been in this business for quite some time. It's none other than Adriana. A quick phonecall would then reveal that Adriana was already signed up with a joint team between Fireline and Eminent. "If you want a bit of my honest opinion, I think you should still go for Fireline!" Adriana said on the phone, still cheerful as always, "I mean, I do sound like I am being paid to said this, but I really am not. I have been driving with them for... 2 seasons? This is the third one, and they have been nothing but accomodating!"

"Do you think they would accept me? I am quite nervous!"

"They will look at it, trust me on this. I know teams are very picky on who they ask and let alone offer, but just go with it. Send emails to as many of them as possible! Just make the one for Fireline a little bit more personalized. Maybeeeee tell them Adriana sent you. I don't have much of a name going on, but they will recognise you a tad as a Valentian at that point."

Adriana's advice was rather sound. There was no inherent flaw with having a preferred team - after all, many of the drivers already have a fixation on who they were going to go with. Some changed teams throughout the season, others stayed the same. Adriana, for the most parts, was intent on living and driving alongside Fireline even if they were doing a joint operation with another team. "Thanks for the advice, Adriana, I appreciate that!" Angela replied back after listening to the answers, "And err... one more question, if you don't mind me asking. I know I have to take every opportunity, but.."

"Ahh don't worry, just say it out! No one can hear us, right? I mean, just say it here, will be better before we get into the season!"

"Is there a team that I should avoid?"

A thought-provoking and CPU-warming question for Adriana. "Oh damn," she paused for a while before continuing on with her cheerful tone, "Oh no, this is not at you, don't worry. I never gave that a thought, actually. All of these are good teams - they have some sort of a selection before they were truly inside, so most of these teams were best of the best, or at the very least, the worst of the best - which is still the best. With that said, you might want to be careful with some teams. You know what I mean, right? Last season."

"Oh yeah, definitely. Although, from the looks of it, I do recognise almost every single one of these teams."

"Then that shouldn't be a lot of a problem, haha! Just give it a try and remember what I said! Try to go for as many tryouts as possible, and also make sure that you write a more personal message to Fireline. These guys will take care of you, I really mean that. Actually, try to personalise most of your messages; I found out a bit by myself that writing mass emails weren't really the way."

Angela then ended the call after a few more minutes of pleasantries, keeping her phone back into her coat's pocket and sitting down at the back seats of the plane she came in. She pulled up a laptop and started composing emails to every single team there is - at least, ones that has not gotten both drivers in just yet. She has seen their websites - slick designs, captivating visuals, and of course, the performance and the poster men and women of the team. Even in WGP2, she is still going against what is possibly the very best teams of F1 and F2 racing this side of the multiverse. "Well, can't hurt to try like Adriana said! I mean, come on. I raced in other worlds before, this should be fine! Maybe except that incident- ugh, that levitating booster was NOT stable."

From: Angela Stella Tan Fang Ling (
To: Fireline Academy Motorsports
Subject: Interest in signing up in your team.

Good day to you, Fireline! And to the others involved,

I am Angela Stella Tan Fang Ling, and I hail from the world of Valentine Z, one where Adriana Ela Kowalski Lillian is also from. From her experience in racing for your team, Adriana has recommended your team to me, highlighting the professionalism, the sportsmanship, and the warm hospitality that you all have provided for her, on top of the personal trainer that she got for her seasons. As a result of all of this, along with from reading about your team, I would like to cite my interest in driving for your team.

Without a doubt, I understand that you will have reservations about me, particularly when it comes to the face that this is my very first season in the world of Grand Prix. I have a bit of experience from my domestic races, along with the vigors of space exploration and traveling, but I am aware that there is a difference between racing and rocket ships. As a result, I would like to sign up for any of the tryouts that you might be conducting in order to prove myself, as well as for you all to evaluate me to the best of abilities.

I do look forward to hearing back from you all, and thank you for taking the time to read this. ^^

Most Sincerely,
Angela Stella Tan Fang Ling

And then the next few others, perhaps some other time. She would need to send those emails quickly, lest she missed the deadline, but for now, a reply from Fireline should be more than enough. "Aji and Nexus already got one drivers in," she thought to herself, "That is going to make it difficult for me to go in their teams, there's going to be a lot of competition."

She cited interest towards Kaylan, Orange Cow, Tropicorp, and ENSADRINK. Still, she figured it would not hurt to put that off for half a day in order to read a lot more about these teams, as well as the rules and regulations that is asked of the drivers.
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Issues Thread 4th in Gen Sec

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Postby Mertagne » Wed Oct 13, 2021 3:50 am

The smell of cigarettes permeated the dingy portable building that had been erected here at the abandoned airfield just outside of Claviers. Bryce Yannec knocked on the door three times, the sound of fingers on plastic slightly lost on the high winds that blew and threatened to rock the portable building off of its rusty foundations.

"Come in!" shouted a voice from the other side.

Yannec entered the room, and took a seat on a dazzlingly patterned sofa that opposed a looming desk that had an aura of temporariness about it. Sat opposite was a woman with shoulder-length black hair, a round face, but sharp eyes.

"I'm not going to lie, Bryce, you've left it a bit late here. There's only a bit of time until the first practice. You reckon anyone's going to sign for you this late?" Cleo said, rustling through a series of papers that had faxed-in bitmapped graphics on them in black and white. "You're an outside horse at the very best. Mertagne's name certainly isn't what it used to be, if it used to be anything at all. I've been wanting to shout the name of 'Bryce Yannec' from upon high for weeks now - where have you been?"

"I'm sorry, Cleo. I had to renew my national service, so that was about a week out of the window, and then I had some... family matters to attend to. It's fine, don't worry, I'm here and I'm committed to the season." Bryce commented, staring out the window at the grass poking through the asphalt abandoned airstrip.

"Well, I think we'll have to commit to the WGP2 season, as there's little chance a rookie on the international scene like you will be signed by any WGPC teams. I did have a look, but signings are being confirmed thick and fast, and you're just not what they're looking for."

"That's fine. I think I will be once they see me in action. Something to aim for for next season, right?" Bryce's piercing green eyes shot towards Cleo. "So, as my agent, what have you found for me on the WGP2 front?"

"Plenty of teams I know you'll be interested in. It's a great line-up at WGP2 this season." Cleo grabbed a clipboard and tacked several sheets of paper to it. She stood up from her seat, walked around the desk, careful not to knock it over, and handed it to Bryce.

Bryce pored through the papers. Low quality images of flashy logos cropped up for teams he'd seen before. Bitten Heroes Academy, Scuderia Orange Cow, the all-encompassing Tropicorp...

"Okay, so what do I do here? Tell you I'm interested and you draft some emails?" asked Bryce.

"Something like that" replied Cleo, subtly moving a pile of books to obfuscate the typewriter she had tucked in a cluttered nook in the corner of her desk.

"Okay. Let's shoot our shot."
All messages are received as international faxes, typed by typewriter. However, if your nation is sufficiently advanced, I'm sure that they'll be converted to emails.
To: Bitten Heroes Academy (LIS)
From: Cleo Blacach (acting on behalf of Bryce Yannec)
Subject: Your next WGP2 Star!

To whom it may concern,

My name is Cleo Blacach, and I am writing on behalf of my client, Bryce Yannec, who is a Mertagnian open-wheel racing driver. Bryce Yannec has successfully managed to obtain a WGPO license to compete in international competition. My client is an experienced driver in open-wheel categories, after a tumultuous racing upbringing in both a civillian and military capacity. Bryce has won the regional open-wheel series here in the province of Harridan, which is a feat that is more prestigious than it sounds, considering the tough competition here in Harridan, the state of track infrastructure, and the lack of a national open-wheel racing team due to government instability.

I approach you today asking if you would consider inviting Bryce Yannec to a formal interview or testing process with Bitten Heroes Academy. I understand that Bitten Heroes is a fiercely competitive team, and having a talented young driver such as Bryce in the cockpit of your WGP2 car would be a privilege for both Bryce and the team. This young man has had a shaky start, but has already proven that he has the guts, the tenacity, and the collectedness to succeed at the lofty levels of WGP2 competition.

I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Cleo Blacach
Blacach Spot Agency
Claviers, Harridan, Mertagne

From: Cleo Blacach (acting on behalf of Bryce Yannec)
Subject: Are you looking to kickstart your WGP2 team?

To whom it may concern,

Congratulations - your prayers have been answered. I'm writing to you today to talk to you about one of the best pairings for a cool ENSADRINK. That's right - ice. There is nobody cooler on the track than my client, Bryce Yannec, of Mertagne, a nation whose former incarnation has experienced latent success in the brilliant nation of Hodori.

Bryce Yannec is great under pressure, just like a can of ENSADRINK, and will achieve explosive yet tasty results on and off the track. This driver will be a fantastic asset to your team, and is ready and willing to promote ENSADRINK and give your team the results they deserve. As such, I request that you invite Bryce Yannec to a formal interview or testing process at ENSADRINK TDDP immediately, before he's snapped up by another competitor.

Bryce is quick to adapt to a car, and is able to really get the most out of a vehicle, and so I have no doubt that he will be an asset to you across the season, and you will truly see him shine.

I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

Cleo Blacach
Blacach Spot Agency
Claviers, Harridan, Mertagne

To: Scuderia Orange Cow (CBP)
From: Cleo Blacach (acting on behalf of Bryce Yannec)
Subject: Your Orange Cow could use a bit of Lime...

To whom it may concern,

I hope this message finds your team well. Scuderia Orange Cow appear to be a team moving from strength to strength, and I am writing to you on behalf of my client to see if you needed a strong, young, yet experienced driver on the track under your colours this WGP2 season. My client, Bryce Yannec of Mertagne, is a cool, calm, and collected driver with an unorthodox upbringing that's sure to surprise your competitors right out of the paddock. Bryce has seen your literature, and is thrilled that your team appears to have a growth mindset - an ethos that supports him well. As such, I am asking that you invite Bryce Yannec to a formal interview or testing process at Scuderia Orange Cow, as I believe that with your car and Yannec's driving skill, you can achieve some great things together. You'll definitely want to see what he's capable of before passing this offer.

I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Cleo Blacach
Blacach Spot Agency
Claviers, Harridan, Mertagne

To: Vilaye EnergySport GP/Tropicorp VilBev GP2 (V&T) (OOC: I assume these are the same team?)
From: Cleo Blacach (acting on behalf of Bryce Yannec)
Subject: Bryce Yannec is looking for you!

To whom it may concern,

My client, Bryce Yannec of Mertagne, is looking for a strong team to place himself in the drivers seat for this WGP2 season. It was only natural, therefore, that we came to you. Bryce is a capable yet calm driver who has achieved much success in the rugged regional open-wheel championships of Harridan, a mountainous province of Mertagne that can be cruel and unforgiving. He's looking to prove his skills on the international circuit, and where better than for one of the crucibles of open-wheel competition - Vilita & Turori.

With your team's car, and with my client's mindset, I have no doubt that you can continue your team's story of success. I request that you invite Bryce Yannec to a formal interview or testing process at Vilaye EnergySport GP/Tropicorp VilBev GP2 to see how well he can connect with the rest of your team, even if our respective nations don't necessarily 'connect' any more.

I look forward to hearing from you through the appropriate portals.

Cleo Blacach
Blacach Spot Agency
Claviers, Harridan, Mertagne
The Nation of Mertagne - Under-18 World Cup Champions!
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Postby United Adaikes » Wed Oct 13, 2021 4:26 am

To: Aji No Moto AutoRacing Alliance, Bitten Heroes Academy, ENSADRINK TDDP, Erkuns-Hohnschich-Furzeine-Motospiel, Fireline Academy Motorsports, Gajamina Racing Team, Kaylan Junior Team by Domerton, Nexus Racing, Scuderia Orange Cow, Tropicorp VilBev GP2, Urotovsky-Gatutin Motorsports Division

Subject: Offering the services of Aaron Deering, Viska Racing’s test driver!


The United Adaikes Performance Fuels is endorsing one of the best Adaikesian racers, 19-year-old Aaron Deering. While today might be the first time you have heard about the driver, Aaron is eager to travel to a place and time wherever and whenever you please to invite him for an interview or a test drive where he can showcase his skills. In addition to that, the United Adaikes Performance Fuels is pleased to inform you that we are eager to sponsor (in any form) this driver and the team that will be accepting his services as a race driver.

Recently, he has test-driven for Viska during their driver trials. While we feel he has shown little on what he can do with the limited time given to him, we assure you that Aaron can provide his best showing as long as there is an opportunity. We hope that this is also what Viska had thought for Aaron when they signed him as their test driver.

The United Adaikes Oil Company, the parent company of the United Adaikes Performance Fuels, is the largest and wealthiest private oil corporation in the United Adaikes with plans to expand into a multinational conglomerate to extend its services and oil around the world.

We are looking forward to hearing from you! If you are interested or have any queries, do not hesitate to reply to this email!

Logan Gibb
Deputy Director
Office of Public Relations
United Adaikes Performance Fuels
A subsidiary of the United Adaikes Oil Company
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Postby Trans-Dniesters » Wed Oct 13, 2021 9:49 am

"Well, here it is," Vasily Semyonovich Gatutin announced to start off this private meeting between the major stakeholders of the Urotovsky-Gatutin Motorsports Division. "It's that time of the season again," he continued. "It's time for us to think about how we are going to reorganize our team's philosophy once again after the latest set of hurdles that they're going to throw in front of us."

"Indeed," Konstantin Zakharovich Rezansov nodded. "It's going to be a bitch homologating our engine to match the specs of whichever engine the WGPO is going to select before the first preseason test. There's a lot of options out there so my staff have to work on homologating our engine to all the other possible specs, and there is no guarantee that any of them will be as effective as if we were able to use our own engine in the first place!"

"Come on now, Kostya! You're complaining about this like you haven't been dealing with it for two straight seasons already!" Yakov Leonidovich Yurievsky retorted. "You've already dealt with that Preston lightweight last season, and then whatever engine we had to use the season before that. My goodness, Zakharich, you sound like my grandmother, God bless her soul!"

"Sir, if I may be so bold, I would like to say that you are not entirely blameless for the fiasco of last season!" Taras Gavrilovich Matviyenko spoke up. "If I remember correctly, the board of directors, of which you are a part, overruled Vasily Semyonovich with regards to the choice of our second driver and opted for Zoomtwat instead of someone like Melani or Pressley. And for what? A bloody artifact?"

"This 'bloody artifact' you're talking about is also one of the most important symbols of the Pridnestrovian nation!" Yurievsky retorted. "Did you hear what Zoomtwat said when we finally asked him for the Scepter? He was planning on melting it down into golf clubs! Golf clubs! Can you imagine the humiliation our nation would have felt had we found out that the Scepter of Saint Bogdan had been melted down and turned into something so mundane, so unremarkable?"

"How can I forget that moment, sir? That was the first time that I had ever seen you be shaken up so badly," Matviyenko said. "Imagine that, the unflappable Yakov Yurievsky is absolutely petrified at the thought of a golden eagle on a wooden stick being turned into sporting implements."

"You're one to speak! You were anything but unflappable when Zoomtwat was beating you week in and week out!"

"Gentlemen!" Vasily shouted. "Comrades, let's all come down a little bit. Yes, it's all well and good that we're finally airing out our frustrations from both the previous and upcoming seasons, and I am sure that there will be more of that down the line, but for now let us focus on the purpose of this meeting. Konstantin Zakharovich has already appraised us on the situation concerning our engines, so let's go down this particular thread for the moment. Kostya, which engine do you think will be chosen as the spec engine for WGP2 this season?"

"No news on that particular item yet, Vasily Semyonovich," Rezansov shook his head. "It has to do with the sheer number of options that the WGPO have been presented with, or at least that's what our sources report. We've already modified our chassis to have allowances for more ballast should another one of those lighter engines be chosen as the spec engine this season. We're also working on different configurations for our rear wing and floor to compensate for the downforce we will have to add to our car once we switch to a lighter engine."

"How likely do you think that our engine will be selected as a spec engine this season?" Gatutin asked.

"Not very likely at all," Rezansov admitted. "It's the weight, Vasily Semyonovich. It always comes down to the weight. Our engine will always be the heaviest option on offer. Believe me, we've tried using these new composite Space Age materials to lighten up our engines, but it always comes at the expense of either power output or reliability. And our design philosophy since the start has always been reliability and power above all else, and if it means that we can only build our engines using steel instead of titanium and carbon fiber and the like, then that's the way things will have to stand."

"So that's the engine sorted out then," Vasily muttered. "Now then, we move on to the most important component of any racing team: the drivers. We already have one seat sorted out, and now the question we have to answer is who we will choose to partner with Mr. Fitzpatrick. Now, the field certainly looks much bigger than last season so we have more choices, but who exactly is the right choice?"

"There certainly seems to have been an uptick in the number of drivers offering monetary compensations and benefits in exchange for a seat in a racing team," Yurievsky said. "Pay drivers, in other words. The world economy must be surging and doing well then."

"And how many of these drivers does the board of directors believe have another important national artifact of ours in their possession?" Matviyenko asked sarcastically.

"You'll be pleased to know, Taras Gavrilovich, that a grand total of zero drivers have any artifacts that could possibly be of interest to the people of Pridnestrovia," Yurievsky shot back with equal sarcasm. "What these drivers do have, however, is an opening through which UrGa can enter their respective nations' markets. Ever since UrGa entered WGP2 and NSSCRA, we have seen a 130 percent increase of sales of our products to foreign nation-states, all thanks to the connections that we've made through the staff of the Motorsports Division. We don't really need the money that pay drivers are willing to cough up for a seat, but we do need the connections that they have to their countries' economies and even their resources, resources that UrGa and Pridnestrovia may need. And if these pay drivers happen to be good at racing as well then that's good news for the team as well."

"Spoken like a true apparatchik," Vasily muttered. "Once again, Yakov Leonidovich, your ability to look at the big picture is very much appreciated. Now then, Taras, I believe you've had enough time to pore over the tape from our pool of prospective drivers. Are there any names that pop up immediately to you?"

"A lot of them, Vasily Semyonovich," Matviyenko nodded. "A lot of the drivers in the pool look like they are very capable drivers who will thrive in WGP2 provided they receive the right equipment. However, I also had to take our own design and racing philosophies into account so that has narrowed down my list somewhat. I'll start off with some of the drivers that we, and I, have already previously raced with before. There's Vialiv, Kulkarni, Kuyara, and Tüvshinbayar. As for the newcomers, Rae, Kulha, Yannec, and Findlay have caught my eye."

"Ooh," Marina Vladislavovna Smirnitskaya winced after Matviyenko had revealed his shortlist. "Some of those names are going to be more difficult to approach than others. My sources tell me that Parveen Kulkarni is set on driving for EHF once again, while Orange Cow want to hang on to Sakiteno Kuyara for another season as well. Also, there's a WGPC team, I can't remember which at the moment, who apparently wants to have Skiia Vialiv as a test driver. On the other hand, Batu Tüvshinbayar has expressed an interest in attending any tests or demonstrations we might wish to stage."

"Interesting," Vasily muttered. "That's the second time a TJUN-ian has approached the team for a seat. Lane Carter must have put in a good word about us back at his home country. I would have imagined that UrGa wouldn't be as well received in TJUN-ia considering our team's reputation in other sports."

"That's not really relevant to WGP2," Smirnitskaya shrugged. "It's really just one driver, and my team has done their best to distance the team from Guillermo Archer's opinions and his controversial actions."

"Anyway, what about the rest? The new faces?" Vasily asked.

"Their profiles are very… interesting to say the least," Smirnitskaya replied. "This Adabian… kid, Shalmaneser Kalhu, he's got a decent social media presence in his home country. Our analytics have revealed that the team needs to engage more on social media in order to draw in more fans, and if his claim that he has at least one hundred thousand followers on his platforms then those could be at least one hundred thousand more fans of Urotovsky-Gatutin."

"But this Kalhu is just sixteen years old!" Rezansov said. "I'm not questioning his abilities behind the wheel, but I do want to question if he is physically strong enough to drive a WGP2 car."

"William Archer was almost the same age that Kulha was when we signed him," Matviyenko added. "And William was smaller than Kulha on all accounts, but he was a magician behind the wheel. But we're already talking about him as if he's going to be our second driver. We still have to look over our other options. What about Daniel Rae? He's a consistently top driver in his local series, with consecutive second-place finishes before finally clinching the crown last season. I'd say I'd love to see him behind the wheel of our car."

"Yes, I would love to see that too," Yurievsky interjected, "but you also have to look at the context of why Rae finished second for the vast majority of his career too. You want to know the name of the champion whom Rae finished behind? Joy Wingelaar. The same Joy Wingelaar who is now in TMW at WGPC. From what my friends' friends' contacts' sources in the GRU and the KGB say, Rae did not like coming second best to Wingelaar at all. Do you want to create another tense situation between our drivers just like what happened between you and Major Zoomtwat last season? Besides, the Licentian Isles are a much smaller market compared to, say, Adab or the Grearish Union. Which leads me to our next prospective driver, David Findlay. His local career is nothing special, but just imagine the economic opportunities that his affiliation with us would bring! Luxur dealerships all over the Grearish Union!"

"What makes you so sure that Findlay's backers will agree to us selling our cars on their own turf?" Smirnitskaya asked. "They're a car company just like us! Luxur will be in direct competition with Findlay if we enter the Grearish market!"

"Then we will just sell them UrGa trucks and Minchev pickups!" Yurievsky quickly retorted. "Surely there is a market for pickup trucks and semi-trailers in Grearia. And there is always the 'rebadging' option, you know. Buy the entire company and sell our Luxurs as Findlays…"

"That's enough!" Vasily Gatutin shouted above the various arguments between the team members, which was seemingly enough to get everyone to shut up. "I think I've heard enough for now. We'll worry about what we're going to do with our second driver once we actually sign them, whoever they may be. In the meantime, let's all draw up an invitation list for those drivers we are interested in. And if anyone is interested in joining in then let's find some space for them as well."

TO: Ryden Solow, Shalmeneser Kalhu, Batu Tüvshinbayar, Aaron Deering
FROM: Vasily Semyonovich Gatutin (gatutin_v_s@urga.pdn)
CC: Marina Vladislavovna Smirnitskaya (smirnitskaya_m_v@urga.pdn)
SUBJECT: Invitation

We have received word of your interest in driving for the Urotovsky-Gatutin Motorsports Division and we are more than happy and willing to invite you to both a guided tour and three test sessions at our facilities in Myrilsk for a chance to become UrGa Motorsports Division's newest driver.

We await your reply with your intention of either accepting or declining our invitation. We strongly urge that you send an actual reply to us, even if it is merely to say yes or no, in the interests of record keeping.

Sincerely yours,
Vasily Semyonovich Gatutin

TO: Skiia Vialiv, Sam Blaatschapen, Bryce Yannec, Kyidawa Sherpa, Sullivan Joyner, David Findlay, Katie Edwards, Daniel Rae
FROM: Vasily Semyonovich Gatutin (gatutin_v_s@urga.pdn)
CC: Marina Vladislavovna Smirnitskaya (smirnitskaya_m_v@urga.pdn)
SUBJECT: Invitation

Congratulations! Your racing skills and history have allowed you to be shortlisted for invitation to a guided tour and three test sessions at the UrGa Motorsports Division's facilities in Myrilsk for a chance to become UrGa Motorsports Division's newest driver.

We await your reply with your intention of either accepting or declining our invitation. We strongly urge that you send an actual reply to us, even if it is merely to say yes or no, in the interests of record keeping.

Sincerely yours,
Vasily Semyonovich Gatutin
The Democratic People's Republic of the United Socialist States of Pridnestrovia
Leader: President Field Marshal Stepan Stepanovich Stepanenko

Abanhfleft's post-Soviet dictatorship
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Postby Auruna » Wed Oct 13, 2021 11:15 am

Livonsk, Auruna
Alone at his family's old house in Livonsk, Haru is taking his time off well for himself. While he recently kept going back-and-forth from the Nexus Racing HQ and home, which exhausted him quite a bit. He still continues to work on his skills through simulator work and some appearances in some local races. Looking back at his performance in the previous season, he thought that his performance with the car lacked in comparison to his teammate, the Abovian prodigy Janne Laukkanen. It was a harsh comparison but he acknowledged his fault in his performance. Something was missing, he thought. He could've achieved more and this time, it's time to put more effort into it.

During his free time, he checks the MNA news for some interesting developments on WGPC and WGP2. There isn't any lack of content to go over, seeing most of his former competitors promoted to WGPC and getting signed by teams there. He felt slightly jealous inside but he is committed to staying in WGP2 to develop, he wasn't in a rush to compete in the top spot but it would be nice to try out a WGPC car for at least once.

With that out of the way, he plops on his bed. As he tries to sleep, in the midst of the silence, his phone buzzes. Who could it be at this time? He double checks with the phone's clock. I swear Kraine, I don't know why you're still awake. He skims through the notifications and nearly missing it after an influx of new notifications, it was a message from Laura Haukanna, his closest friend. He taps on the notification which takes him to the chat app that they've been using recently.

"Täre!" Laura's message read, a common Karalinne greeting. Before Haru gets to reply, Laura sends another message. "Just in case you forgot to follow the pre-season test." Then she sends a few pictures of the paddock, the pit lane and the lap times. He was in awe of the scale of WGPC. He followed it since Kinu Luminna's entry into the series but never went in-depth.

Haru then replies. "Pretty busy there, huh?"

"Yep." Laura immediately replies back. You wouldn't believe how intense it gets compared to WGP2 but most of it is pretty much the same."

"Wow... then, any news on the driver market?"

"Most of the seats are filled and I don't have a teammate yet."

Come to think of it, I don't have a teammate as of now. Haru thought. He rolls onto his other side, getting a bit sleepy, he types in his reply before logging out. "Alright. Anyway, you must be pretty busy. I'll leave you for now. Good luck in WGPC." He doesn't log out immediately after and waits for a response from Laura. He sets his phone down before it buzzes again.

"Thanks and good luck to you too. I know we'll meet again so I'll be waiting!"

Haru smiles before exiting the app and turning his phone off. He thought for a while before dozing off. Well, it's alright if I didn't get to race against you again but I think I'm missing out on something. I guess I'll find out soon. Anyway, I'll take my time in WGP2. I'm not in a rush, it's takes time to develop as I'm not a racing prodigy like most of you. But I'm sure I'll make it.

Oh and, I'll try to get along with other drivers, not just with my teammate... whoever it'll be.

Karalinne, Auruna
Kivänkÿrenkaa Festival (Spring Blossom Lights Festival)
A few weeks before the WGP2 S5 and WGPC 19 Pre-Season

A small group of close friends visited Karalinne for the annual spring blossom festival in the city. The group went to the park and setup there while waiting for a friend who is a resident in the city. Coincidentally, this group of friends are MNA drivers namely, Haru Jukkenna, Ivan Könä, Kälö Aurinen, and Zuiha Kailenta taking their time in the off-season to enjoy amongst themselves.

During the wait, Haru decided to walk around just to see the sights around the park. Distracted by the beauty of the surroundings, he could hear someone calling for him but he wasn't too focused on it until he felt a light tap on his shoulder follow by a familiar "Täre."

He looks around to find that it was Laura all along. He immediately apologises upon finding out it was her then Laura laughs and greets him properly afterward. "Tarvellanet Karalinnaan!" Which sent a warm feeling to Haru. The two sit down on the bench to discuss about certain stuff, hopping from different topics to another until they reached WGPC and WGP2. Haru is the first to ask about it. "So, how's your team doing? I heard you're staying with them for another season."

Laura excitedly answers his question. "Promoted to WGPC! And it's not only the team but me as well."

"Whoa." Haru looked surprised about this unexpected development. "This is big news to me." He couldn't get his head around it but he just accepts it as fact and congratulates his friend. Well, I think she deserves it. She did well last time, helping her team to a couple of wins and standout performances.

It was now Laura's turn to ask. "How about you?"

"I'm staying with Nexus in WGP2 if you don't already know, I'm sure you do. I decided I'd like to take a bit of time to develop further. I'm not in a rush for WGPC... especially since you and Kinu will be competing there."

"Aw... well, we couldn't do anything about it. I was looking forward to racing against you but looks like I'd have to wait."

"Don't worry, I'll get there. Oh and just before I forget, let's go to them before Kälö eats all the snacks."

"Oh dammit, let's hurry!"

The two quickly head to their friends and arrive just in time right before Kälö devours all the snacks. They exchange greetings and continue the setup for the festival. The hang lanterns around their spot and to add in a motorsport flavour to it, the lanterns have the logos of the big three in MNA. The eagle, the fox, and the wolf together in one. It's a perfect theme for the group especially since they are racing for rival teams in their respective motorsport discipline. And the group seem to enjoy it after what seems to be a long time.

The three may be against each other but when there's a threat by another, the three will be together.

Note: I don't primarily use NS stats
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Postby United Adaikes » Wed Oct 13, 2021 6:59 pm

"Where are you?" Aaron heard Logan's voice, answering the call from his phone.

"At the factory," Aaron replied.

"You're early."

"You're surprised. Any news?"

"Well," Logan started, "UrGa replied first, so you're going to Myrilsk for the tour and their test sessions. I am also sending Jaime. Remember Jaime? Jaime Giffard, from someone also here in PR? She'll be attending to your scheduling needs, your communicator, she'll be with you everywhere you go that involves racing. Also, a racing fan, a yay older than you, but I think 23's fine. I'm sending you her number after this call. And when you're in the hotel, she stays in the room directly in front of you, so there'd be no problems talking with her if you need anything. If you need anything from me, but I don't answer, call her, and she'll try to get anything done. I still don't have the final schedule of the UrGA tests, but I'll let Jaime talk with Viska to handle any scheduling conflicts that might arise while you are in Myrilsk. I might call you back later. I'm still in a meeting." And Logan hanged up.

Aaron hoped he got that call recorder in his phone to get back to the call when he gets a time after being in the factory.

TO: Vasily Semyonovich Gatutin <gatutin_v_s@urga.pdn>, Marina Vladislavovna Smirnitskaya <smirnitskaya_m_v@urga.pdn>
FROM: Jaime Giffard <>
CC: Logan Gibb <>
SUBJECT: Re: Invitation


Thank you for inviting Aaron Deering to a tour and trials for UrGa. He will be there in Myrilsk at the time and date you want him to be there.

We are looking forward to hearing from you! If you are interested or have any queries, do not hesitate to reply to this email!

Jaime Giffard
Executive Assistant to the Deputy Director
Office of Public Relations
United Adaikes Performance Fuels
A subsidiary of the United Adaikes Oil Company
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