World Bowl 42 [rosters/RPs/results]

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World Bowl 42 [rosters/RPs/results]

Postby Buffalostan » Wed Jul 14, 2021 10:27 am


The competition will take place in two halves: group stage and playoffs. During the group stage you will be drawn randomly into a group based on seeded pots, and play every other member of that group twice, one at home, once away. For this reason, your roster post should include a home stadium (or stadiums, or at least somewhere where the game will be played!) and any relevant information for visiting your country. Teams qualifying from the group stage will travel to Buffalostan to play the playoffs and compete for a place in the World Bowl final.

Teams are seeded based on their rankings relative to others in this tournament; those not entering are not taken into consideration. For example, Ranoria is seeded #2 despite being #3 ranked in the world, because the #2 (Cassadaigua) is not competing. Placing myself in Pot 1 may be controversial (though I hope my willingness to withdraw, as well as the fact I will be seeking 3rd party scorination for my games, assuages concerns on that front). It does make the seeding work considerably better, as it places the equally ranked Equestria and Tumbra in the same pot, and leaves six unranked teams for the final pot, rather than forcing one to be sorted into a pot with ranked teams. It is also consistent with other competitions such as the World Cup of Soccerfootkickroundball where hosts are Pot 1 regardless of rank, and makes a certain amount of in-character sense.

Remember: although ranking points are used for seeding, they will not be assigned to your team until such time as you have posted a roster. If your ranking on this list seems wrong, or if you wish to compete under a different name to the one listed here, you have until MD1 cutoff to correct the mistake by contacting me, either in the discussion thread or by TG/MD. No amendments will be made after MD1.

Buffalostan 0
Ko-oren 24.38
Ranoria 22.37
Allamunnic States 21.55
Banija 20.46
Newmanistan 19.39
Drawkland 18.97
Saint Kanye 17.61
Karditan 17.39
TJUN-ia 17.25
Delaclava 16.98
Abanhfleft 15.49
Sarzonia 14.00
Squidroidia 13.86
Chromatika 11.25
Xanneria 8.75
Kohnhead 8.25
HUElavia 6
Equestria 5
Tumbra 5
Kriegiersien 3.25
Lisander 3
South Newlandia 2.5
Bongo Johnson 0.5
South Americanastan UR
New Gesem UR
Mertagne UR
Malandrin UR
Bollonich UR
Arjunnagar UR

Teams were drawn from the pots, and then each group was individually randomized.

Group 1
1. Abanhfleft (+2)
2. Equestria
3. New Gesem (N/A)
4. Squidroidia (+1)
5. Buffalostan (0)

Group 2
1. Karditan (-4.3)
2. Ko-oren (-5)
3. South Americanastan
4. South Newlandia (-2)
5. HUElavia (+1.5)

Group 3
1. Sarzonia (0)
2. Mertagne (+2)
3. Delaclava (+3)
4. Bongo Johnson (+2)
5. Banija (+3.5)

Group 4
1. Saint Kanye (+1.57)
2. Malandrin
3. Chromatika (-3)
4. Lisander
5. Allamunnic States

Group 5
1. Arjunnagar
2. Tumbra (+1)
3. TJUN-ia (N/A)
4. Ranoria (+5)
5. Xanneria

Group 6
1. Kriegiersien (N/A)
2. Kohnhead (-1.5)
3. Newmanistan (+2.5)
4. Drawkland (+4.5)
5. Bollonich (N/A)

In the following listing, remember that soccer-style formatting is used. A game that is “A v B” is a home game for A. Cutoff time is 7-8pm EDT.

MD1 23 Jul: 2v5 3v4 1bye
MD2 24 Jul: 1v2 5v3 4bye
MD3 25 Jul: 3v1 4v5 2bye
MD4 26 Jul: 1v4 2v3 5bye
MD5 27 Jul: 4v2 5v1 3bye
MD6 28 Jul: 5v2 4v3 1bye
MD7 29 Jul: 3v5 2v1 4bye
MD8 30 Jul: 1v3 5v4 2bye
31 Jul: off day
MD9 1 Aug: 4v1 3v2 5bye
MD10 2 Aug: 2v4 1v5 3bye

If you are at all uncertain about your schedule, please ask in the discussion thread or contact me by TG/DM.
The remainder of this OP is primarily intended for players who are new to the World Bowl or returning from a long absence, but please note that you must post a roster before you will be credited with your World Bowl ranking points. Information about the host country will be placed in the second post.

Sporting regulations

This is American football, usually referred to here (because many nations do not acknowledge the existence of “America” in their RP canon!) as “gridiron”, “football” (mainly by North American users) or “handegg” (mainly by snarky European users).

In IC terms, it should generally be assumed that the broadly current NFL rules, as set at the start of 2019 season, not the IFAF rules, are being used (if you like, you can refer to the NFL ruleset as the “World Bowl Assembly (WBA) rules”; or you may refer to them as the “Buffalostani Handegg League (BHL) rules” to which they are, coincidentally, identical). Minor variance from exact NFL rules will not be penalized; major variance should be assumed to fall under the “godmoding” category and be permitted only according to your opponent’s RP permissions.

The major exception to this concerns overtime, where the World Bowl will use the IFAF/NCAA rules.

If you unsure about any in-character aspects to the rules, it is best to check with your opponent, your host, or the World Bowl discussion thread.


Rosters are very important to give your opponents a reasonable chance to roleplay. If you have World Bowl ranking points, these will not be used in scorination (but will be used in seeding) until you have posted a roster.

There are no in-character roster limits. Though many World Bowl entrants have tended to use NFL-sized rosters of around 53 players, these are based on RL financial considerations that have no bearing here.

For the convenience of your opponents, you should at minimum try to specify 11 probable starters on offense and 11 on defense plus a couple of special teams players (including your kicker, who will be relevant to anyone making a scorecard of the game). You may include as much additional information as you like. I recommend reading past rosters as well as glancing at some RL NFL rosters (RL international rosters are likely to be inappropriate) for help constructing yours.

You can include pictures of your kit, your stadium, your players, but please keep images modestly sized and don’t include flashing gifs outside a spoiler.

Regardless of the information you otherwise include in your roster, you must should include RP permissions, such as:

Code: Select all
[b]My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:[/b]
[b]Choose my scorers:[/b]
[b]Godmod scoring events:[/b]
[b]RP injuries to my players:[/b]
[b]Godmod Injuries to my players:[/b]
[b]Suspend my players:[/b]
[b]Godmod suspension events[/b]:
[b]Godmod other events[/b]:

Choose my scorers: Pick who scored touchdowns. Normally, points scored by a kicker will be obvious. This also applies to determining the score breakdown: does 6 points equal two field goals or one touchdown without a point after? The scorinator does not generate safeties, but you can RP safeties being scored e.g. a score of 16 could result from three field goals, a touchdown and a point after – or two touchdowns, two points after, and a safety.

Godmod: Wacky and unusual events outside the norm. Anything statistically improbable, that never or at least rarely happens in actual gameplay.

Suspensions: It can be assumed the WBA and the hosts operate suspensions for violent misconduct and similar offenses in approximately the same way as the NFL.

Other events: Anything else, from random occurrences in the stands to broader actions occurring when one team travels to another country.

You must respect your opponents’ permissions. Please check their roster before RPing. Any disputes over RP permissions should be discussed in the World Bowl discussion thread, and the decision of the host will be final in the resolution of such matters.

Finally, you should include a style modifier in your roster. This determines the balance of scoring. A positive modifier, up to +5, makes your team more likely to score and concede points; a negative modifier, down to -5, makes your team more defensive, with fewer points scored for and against. Modifiers have no impact on outcomes: you are no more or less likely to win by 7 points based on what modifier you choose, but that modifier can determine whether the result is 40–33 or 20–13.


xkoranate outputs scores soccer-style, meaning home team–away team. The home team will be listed first!

All confirmed entrants may begin posting. Please post questions in the discussion thread, or contact me by TG/DM.
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Postby Buffalostan » Wed Jul 14, 2021 10:28 am


Buffalostan is a ‘chronologically diverse’ nation: geographically it resembles the contemporary USA, but because of a horrible accident in a temporal physics lab at Texicus University involving a stoned particle accelerator technician, a malfunctioning diode, and an overly lubricated squirrel, areas are cordoned off in different time bubbles. Periodic disruption such as temporal tornados, timequakes, or chrono-meteor impacts can further cause massive temporal dislocation: for example, New Reykjavík may be familiar to past World Bowl participants from the year 1972, but now exists as New New Reykjavík in the year 2220.

Gridiron is not played in every time bubble (in the vast West Atlantic Ocean dominating the centre of the continent, for example, the distinct lack of any football field-sized patch of dry land is a distinct obstacle, while in the United World Capitol, soccer is the dominant sport with handegg seen as a quaint anachronism of the past). But there are enough stadiums in those where it is to provide a complete slate of arenas for the playoffs and ensure healthy audiences for every game.
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Postby Sarzonia » Wed Jul 14, 2021 10:37 am

Sarzonia Stars

If my opponent RP's our game first, they may:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Choose scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes. I'll determine severity.
Godmod injuries: No
Godmod "other" events: No*
*Send me a TG if you have ideas. I don't do Discord.

Head Coach: Gavin Davis, 39
Yes, THAT Gavin Davis. Becomes the coach with the sudden firing of Les Steckhall and Khrys Taylor's decision to not become the head coach.
Offensive coordinator: Khrys Taylor, 49
Steckhall decided upon consultation with the Incorporated Gridball Federation to hire an offensive coordinator who will call the plays.
Quarterbacks Coach: Noah Hendry, 38
Steps in as quarterbacks coach with the sudden promotion of Gavin Davis to the head coaching position.
Running Backs Coach: Mike Pendry, 56
His Portland Pirates team led the Incorporated Gridball League in rushing, helping make up for an inexperienced quarterback.
Wide Receivers Coach: Mel Brady, 51
He serves in the same position on Woodstock's coaching staff, so he is used to the more wide open offence Gates wants in the nation's capital.
Tight Ends Coach: Marc Johnson, 40
He played on the last Stars team to suit up in a World Bowl. Currently in his first coaching role.
Offensive Line Coach: George Cowley, 40
Also played for the Stars in their previous World Bowl appearance, he has been the offensive line coach for a semipro team for three seasons.
Defensive Coordinator: Kyle Hanley, 51
Hanley plays an aggressive 4-3 defence with frequent blitzes, much like his predecessor Kirk Olivadotti.
Defensive Line Coach: Tyler Paige, 49
The younger brother of former Stars coach Arthur Paige, Tyler works extensively with the line and with edge linebackers.
Linebackers Coach: Jerome London, 45
He was a coach on the field for the Stars as a player and will formally coach the linebacker corps now.
Secondary Coach: Kevin Leonard, 45
Another veteran of the last Stars team who takes on a coaching role.
Special Teams Coordinator: Dylan Massey, 52
Massey has tutored kickers and seems to specialise in turning them into walk off kick experts.

Offence: Balanced (0 modifier)
Defensive style: Base 4-3 with frequent blitzes
Two-point conversion modifier: LOGICAL
Home surface: Grass (Joe Gibbs Stadium, Woodstock - capacity 75,900)

QB: Sam Rosen (6-foot, 205 pounds (Portland), 28
Steckhall was able to lure his signal caller from the Pirates. He hopes that Rosen's familiarity with his offence will speed up his learning curve.
RB: Ty'Relle Clinton (Portland), 6-foot-2, 215 pounds, 24
He employs a bruising running style, but he can surprise defenders with speed and quickness when he gets out in space.
FB: Les Creighton (New Jeruselem Monks), 6-foot-1, 245 pounds
Creighton's a blocker who will occasionally get the ball in short yardage situations.
WR: Steve Swain (Corcorran Cruisers), 6-foot-3, 205 pounds
He's the guy you want to get the ball in crucial third down conversions.
WR: Matt Largent (Wilmington Roughnecks), 5-foot-11, 185 pounds
He's the speedster in the lineup and he's the deep threat.
TE: Al Langston, 6-foot-5, 265 pounds (Woodstock)
He started as a blocker until Week 7 last season when he caught eight passes for 76 yards and two touchdowns. Now he handles both roles.
LT: Matt Frost, 6-foot-4, 325 pounds (Woodstock), 29 years old
Frost protects Locklear's blind side in Woodstock and is expected to here.
LG: Nate Felton (Corcorran), 6-foot-2, 319 pounds, 31 years old
He was on the last Stars team and will be counted on for veteran presence as much as his blocking.
C: Rodney Tucker (Portland), 6-foot-2, 293 pounds, 33 years old
Tucker makes up for lack of size by technique and experience. He's the de facto captain of the line.
RG: Marty Vance (Nicksia Knights), 6-foot-5, 335 pounds
He was always nicknamed House when he was growing up, even after he was no longer THE biggest player on either team.
RT: Ike Dennehy (Truxtun Commodores), 6-foot-5, 355 pounds
Dennehy is used to protecting the blind side of a lefty quarterback, and he can throw terrifying blocks in the run game.

DE: Arlen Cunningham (Wilmington), 6-foot-3, 280 pounds
He's a pass rusher through and through. Paige is expected to sub him out for short yardage run situations.
DT: Al Cohen (Truxtun), 6-foot-3, 350 pounds
Steps in as a run-stopper with Colin Grassley being cut from the team.
DT: Pete Downey (Somerset Snakes), 6-foot-4, 360 pounds
He's another run-stopper who will be subbed for in pass rush situations.
DE: Clancy Wilson (Woodstock), 6-foot-3, 295 pounds
Another guy who can rush the passer. He can stay in on short yardage situations.
WLB: Artem Roshovski (Portland), 6-foot-2, 265 pounds
Pass rusher. Lives in the weight room. Often plays pass rushing defensive end on third and long.
MLB: Howard Dent (Woodstock), 6-foot-1, 255 pounds
He calls the signals for the defence. He knows how Paige thinks and what he wants.
SLB: Calvin Jacks (Wilmington), 6-foot-3, 270 pounds
Known more as a run-stuffer who can play end in a pinch, he logged a career-high five sacks last season.
CB: Will Donnelly (Portland), 6-foot, 200 pounds
He typically plays the opposing team's best receiver and is known as a shutdown corner.
CB: Quinn Bowles (Woodstock), 5-foot-11, 190 pounds
He's more of a speed guy than even Donnelly is, but isn't a sure tackler.
FS: Cliff Longoria (Corcorran), 6-foot-4, 240 pounds
Think the late Sean Taylor. That's how he plays.
Strong Safety: Zane Yates (Portland), 6-foot-2, 235 pounds
He's another terrifying hitter on a team full of terrifying hitters.

QB: Mike Barnett (Wilmington), 6-foot-3, 210 pounds.
Not the best arm, but he can execute a West Coast offence if necessary.
QB: Wendy Bartlett (no affiliation), 5-foot-11, 170 pounds
Has some mobility and a decent arm. Her lack of experience and size will keep her third string for now.
RB: Paul Edgerton (Woodstock), 5-foot-9, 195 pounds
He's a scatback who can catch passes out of the backfield when called upon.
FB: Wilson Marquez (Truxtun), 6-foot-3, 250 pounds
WR: Hayden Gregory (Portland Power, women's gridball team) 5-foot-7, 175 pounds, 23 years old
WR: Marquise Harris (Truxtun), 6-foot-4, 215 pounds
TE: Edison Burkett (Wilmington), 6-foot-1, 245 pounds
RB: Tom Bennett (Woodstock), 6-foot-3, 220 pounds
TE: Austin Vesey (Nicksia), 6-foot-4, 260 pounds
OT: Zeke Bradley (New Jeruselem), 6-foot-5, 340 pounds
OG: Yael Jeffries (Rypien) 6-foot-2, 317 pounds
OT/OG Spencer Henderson (Townshend Tornados), 6-foot-5, 330 pounds
C: Aaron Branson (Portland), 6-foot-4, 315 pounds
DT: Al Cohen (Truxtun), 6-foot-3, 350 pounds
DT/DE: Harvey Quace (New Jeruselem), 6-foot-3, 295 pounds
DE: Ryan Nichols (Portland), 6-foot-3, 290 pounds
DE/LB: Steve Fischer (Townshend), 6-foot-2, 280 pounds
LB: Troy Walton (Corcorran), 6-foot-1, 260 pounds
CB: Clancy Rollingford (Saugerties), 5-foot-11, 195 pounds
CB: Tyrriel Langston (Nicksia), 5-foot-9, 175 pounds
S: Chris Snell (Portland), 6-foot, 205 pounds

P: Evelyn Sutter (holds for extra points and field goal attempts. If there were a need for a fourth-string quarterback, she'd get the call.)
K: Matt Vargas
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Postby Ranoria » Wed Jul 14, 2021 10:16 pm

Choose my scorers:
Style Mod: +5

Choose My Scorers: Yes
RP Suspension Events: Contact me first, but a lot of these guys like to fight, so don't be shy!
RP Injuries To My Players: Contact me first if it's anything more severe than ending the game
Godmod Scoring Events: Contact me first, here or via discord
Godmod Other events: Contact me first, here or via discord
Special Note: Nothing regarding COVID, a pandemic, or anything of the sort will be acknowledged. There is no COVID in Ranoria, just like there is no war in Ba Sing Se!

Seriously though, don't be afraid to shoot me a ping if you've got an idea for anything in here!

The Ranorian National Gridiron Team; aka The Krauts
International Representatives of the Ranorian Football League

Ranorian Krauts Quick Facts
Head Coach Raul Nieler

Overall World Bowl Record: 61-24-1
Group Stage: 56-19-1
Knockout Stage: 5-5
Worst Finish: World Bowl XXXII: 3-5
Best Finish: World Bowl XL: 10-0 (2-1 playoffs)

Stadium: Karmin-Falce Superdome
Capacity: 121,450
Location: Ranoria City

Head Coach: Raul Nieler, World Bowl XXXII - present

Offense: John Garrett, Johnny Farmer
Defense: Angelo Gordon, Ross Monarch

The Ranorian Krauts are Ranoria's prestigious national team, funded by the Ranorian Football League and filled with players participating in professional domestic play both at home and abroad. After a few years of scraping together funding, the Krauts have made enough of a splash on the world stage to merit a solid payday for most of their participating players and can fill out the roster nicely as a result.

The expectation for this team is to be able to make a deep playoff run, and the goal is the same as always: to win a championship. With a 27-1 record in the last three group stages, there's no question that Ranorian football is among the best in the world. However, their .500 record in the postseason in those editions is a looming cloud over the heads of the team's mainstays.

In World Bowl XL, when Derek McNair met his unfortunate death, the team's defeat was excusable. They had lost their quarterback, after all, and had that tragedy hanging over their heads. However, with John Garrett at the helm, they lost to the eventual champion Grid Corps of Drawkland in the second round in World Bowl XLI. Freakish height of their opponents or no, Ranorians abroad and at home widely expected the team to come out of that one, and their defeat there was unsettling to say the least. With that in mind, head coach Raul Nieler knows he's going to have to show something promising if he wants to avoid the hot seat, or worse: the axe.

Coming in as one of the top ranked teams in the competition with plenty of players who can all claim to be among the best in the world at their positions, there's no reason this team can't compete for the throne of gridiron football.

Stadium Info
The Karmin-Falce Superdome
Ranoria City, Ranoria


Capacity: 121,450

The Karmin-Falce Superdome is, unofficially, Ranoria's national stadium. With a whopping 121,450 person capacity of relatively luxurious seating at climate control, it is the crown jewel of the nation's sporting venues. A retractable dome allows for ideal conditions, be that for the fans or the home team, if visitors aren't used to a harsh winter.

The surrounding city is thriving with Quebecois-influenced nightlife, restaurants claiming to serve "Banijan" food, as well as other attractions in Ranoria's largest city. Visitors should keep in mind that while marijuana and alcohol are legal, tobacco and other recreational drugs are not. Not to worry, most offenses regarding such substances will result in nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

Overall - it's worth planning a weekend getaway rather than just a trip to the big game, but either way you'll leave satisfied!


Quarterback: John "Farmboy" Garrett
Number: 10
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 232
Age: 29

John Garrett, Indianapolis Hogs Quarterback

Coming off a second championship in his seven year career, John Garrett is arguably the best quarterback in the Ranorian Football League. Garrett is a true playmaker at the quarterback position, capable of making every throw in the book from seemingly every angle available. He has a very strong - but not absolute top notch - arm as well, but his calling card is his knowledge of the defense and accuracy to take advantage of it. Garrett is an absolute film nut and has been known to know the opposing defense better than his coaching staff. Expect the two time MVP to be aggressive and rarely turn the ball over while being more than able to take advantage of a defense that shows him the same look twice. Complete knowledge of the play book, more than willing to check into any play that personnel allows or change any route he deems necessary.

If Garrett has any weakness, it's his injury history. Between back problems in college, three shoulder injuries between the two joints as a pro, and other problems, he has a hard time staying upright, and it's resulted in significantly higher turnover rates the last few years for him. One could also point out that he has absolute faith in his tight end, Johnny Farmer, which could perhaps be taken advantage of. Though between the talent of and the chemistry between these two...we doubt it.

Halfback: Vice Jackson III
Number: 31
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 238
Age: 24
Jackson III was a beast for the Richardson University Governors, and he hasn't slowed down since. He's been the World Bowl starter since before he was drafted and has led the RFL in rushing twice in his three year pro career. His calling card - of course - is his size, but don't be deceived. He's quick enough to make cuts running routes and has soft hands, making him a true threat in the passing game who can be lethal in space.

Tends to wade through traffic when possible at the line of scrimmage and favors a nasty stiff arm once he gets into the field. High top speed but takes a minute to get there.

Tight End: Johnny Farmer
Number: 82
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 255
Age: 29
Blizzard Tight End Johnny Farmer practicing in the offseason

It's not a stretch to say that the Krauts are fielding the best tight end in the world. NSCF 17's Most Outstanding Player can do it all from the tight end position. Some of you may remember that in college, he was tasked with blocking Angelo Gordon, the consensus best defensive player in the RFL now, and he's continued that effort and savvy since. He may not stonewall a stud pass rusher, but he'll make their life miserable and give them hell. On a double team? He may as well be a sixth lineman, size aside.

Of course, that's not why he gets paid. Farmer is a weapon in the passing game. Farmer is an excellent route runner who by now has made most of his route tree appear identical through a few steps and can quickly create separation out of the break with his speed. If he can't do that, no problem, between standing at 6'5" and being able to jump out of the gym, he's got the jump ball covered and has strong hands to make sure to bring it down. Hell, if he's got the stamina he may just line up at edge rusher a few times on defense.

Overall, there is no true weakness to the 6 time first team all-pro's game. One player can't do it all, and there will always be teams that can slow down or even eliminate one guy, but don't expect John Garrett's teammate from middle school until present to be an easy one to bring down.

Wide Receiver 1: Khalil Hauptmann
Number: 10
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 220 lb
Age: 23
The prodigal son returns! Hauptmann played at Loyola-Istria in college and elected to stay in Banija to pursue a professional career there. Fortunately, he's lending his services to the World Bowl team, and on paper is the best wideout the team has ever fielded. The 6'5" freakshow should provide more than enough matchup issues on his own, and if teams leave him one-on-one to eliminate the aforementioned tight end. . .

Well, good luck.

Wide Receiver 2: Calvin Hale
Number: 13
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 215
Age: 25
Hale served as Richardson's #1 reciever for one season and has been a solid 2 in the pros. He moonlit as the Krauts #1 wideout in the last World Bowl, but knows as well as anyone that isn't his role. Hale is solid in most aspects of the game while having no truly standout traits.

Wide Receiver 3: Javier Gilmore
Number: 19
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 170
Age: 29
Javier Gilmore! Gilmore struggled to hold onto a job for a few seasons as a pro before gambling on his chemistry with John Garrett and suiting up with the Indianapolis Hogs. He's done well for himself since, notching 3 1,000+ yard seasons in 5 campaigns. Gilmore's primary trait is his jets - coming out of school, he was a 4.29 40 yard dash kind of a guy. He's certainly not as fast as he was, but he can still catch an unsuspecting corner off guard. Unreliable hands, poor route running, and generally has issues extending his slight frame. Many speculate John Garrett has been the source of most of his success, and we tend to agree.

Left Tackle: Tyler Williams
Number: 65
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 320 lb
Age: 32
The old vet still has a good few seasons in him. Williams knows he's likely in the last of his prime years, and is hoping to help secure Ranoria's first World Bowl championship while his body is still cooperating. Nagging injuries limited him somewhat in domestic play, but the stalwart appears to be healthy coming into the World Bowl.

Left Guard: Dudley Igneous
Number: 78
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 320
Age: 29
Igneous has developed nicely throughout his World Bowl career. With a few domestic All-Star nods under his belt now, he's still a mauler in the run game before anything else, but his pass blocking has come a long way. Like Williams, he is getting older, and wants that ring while the getting is good.

Center: Philippe Maxine
Number: 72
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 330
Age: 27
Maxine's 3rd World Bowl appearance. Maxine was, along with Morris Bron, one of a few big signings once the National Team started raking in dollars to pay more quality players across the board. Solid center who can call protections if necessary, though John Garrett, of course, handles those duties. Despite his size, footwork in the run game is perhaps a bit sub par. Relies on getting his hands on his man.

Right Guard: Morris Bron
Number: 63
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 330
Age: 29
Bron's much the same build as his counterpart, Igneous. A mauler in the run game with the size to fill that role, but his pass blocking leaves something to be desired. Significantly more athletic though than Igneous and more likely to be used as a pulling lineman.

Right Tackle: Vince Vermillion
Number: 70
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 330
Age: 24
Some may recognize him from his days at Cold Hill, Rhine's blindside protector for four seasons has transitioned nicely into the pros. Much more effective at taking on big power rushers than a speedster, although he's still adept enough to give the latter a hard time.


Left Defensive End: Angelo Gordon
Number: 43
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 255
Age: 29
Pittsburgh Ironmen Captain and Defensive End Angelo Gordon

If you're going to gameplan for one man, he's the one. Angelo Gordon has three rings on his hand and defensive player of the year awards to match. Besides his rookie season, where he earned 11.5 sacks, he's had 13+ quarterback takedowns in each of his professional seasons, leading the league in sacks in each of the past two.

Deceptive strength for his size. Gordon's go to moves are a long arm or a hump move, but he's more than capable of humiliating tackles with speed moves as well. Overall game breaker who's a true disruptor in both the run and pass game, and could make a legitimate case for being the best edge rusher in the world.

Right Defensive End: Zach Skinner
Number: 94
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 270
Age: 30
Gordon's running mate doesn't have quite the same resume - he's really come into his own late in his career, but he's got one championship ring and a defensive player of the year award of his own. Full power rusher. He's capable of racking up sacks, but Skinner's almost inhuman strength makes him a brick wall in the run game. Expect a straight bull rush more often than not.

Nose Tackle: Kyle Smith
Number: 91
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 335
Age: 26
Not much to say about big Kyle Smith. He's a man who'll plug the whole in the middle and not much else. Good luck moving him, but don't expect much in terms of production. Smith will often be rotated with other interior DL depending on the situation.

Defensive Tackle: Kevin Gerhart
Number: 98
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 315
Age: 29
Gerhart's a solid starter on the interior. He was drafted early in the first round coming out after an incredible career for the Richardson University Governors, but he hasn't quite panned out to that pedigree. Fortunately, he's still quality starting material with the ability to make plays against the run or pass. That said, against world class competition, it's possible he may be a bit overmatched now that he's out of his prime at age 29.

Right Outside Linebacker: Sean Morgan-Horne
Number: 45
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 225
Age: 23
After gracing Banijan fans with an illustrious college career, Sean Morgan-Horne is coming back home. Hell, he had an impressive debut season for the Dietrich Dynamos, falling just shy of Defensive Rookie of the Year honors. His time with the Cougars more than shored up any issues he had with tackling or discipline, and he's developed into one hell of a linebacker. Best coverage backer of this trio, but of course the centerpiece isn't moving off his sot any time soon.

Inside Linebacker: Ross Monarch
Number: 55
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 251
Age: 31

Dreadnaughts Linebacker Ross Monarch in a game during World Bowl 41

The man who's led the league in tackles by a good margin since he came in. Monarch's lost a touch of that twitch he had as a youngster to injuries and aging, but he's still savvy, hard hitting, and nasty. Brilliant run defender and above average coverage man, Monarch still has more than a few years of dominance left in him.

Left Outside Linebacker: Johnson Ellis
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 220
Age: 26
As always, Ellis will slot in at outside linebacker. A true coverage specialist, Ellis is a weak point in tackling. Not horribly so, but if he misses a few, no one will be surprised. Notably, he's not so great in man coverage as he is in zone, and he's performed significantly worse in the past two seasons as compared to his first few years in the league.

Cornerback 1: Cameron Barborosa
Number: 23
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 210
Age: 28
Barborosa led the RFL in interceptions in 2024 (2 before the most recent), but hasn't done much since, or prior. He has a total of 16 career picks and is often injured. Slow for a corner and a total ballhawk, but gets burnt more than anyone would care to admit.

Cornerback 1: Takki Phillips
Number: 24
Height: 6'
Weight: 195
Age: 27
This is where things get a bit tricky. After long time quality World Bowl starter Darnell Sleight tore his ACL in the playoffs, the Krauts were forced to scramble to find solid players in the secondary. Phillips hasn't impressed on film but he's started 19 of 32 possible games in the past two seasons.

Strong Safety: Kenny Leinden
Number: 22
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 202
Age: 30
Leinden is an average strong safety who's participated in more than a few World Bowls now. Does his job and sticks to his zone, makes most of the tackles he should but rarely makes a spectacular play and that discipline to his assignment means he rarely takes chances.

Free Safety: Harry Bean

Number: 43
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 215
Age: 26
Bean has also seen snaps in multiple World Bowls, but this'll be his first time as a starter. Nothing short of a liability.

Depth Chart Quick View

#       Name       Ht.     Wt.     Age
10 John Garrett 6-4 232 29
12 Jeremiah Quill 6-1 208 27
11 Baker Owens 5-11 225 33

#       Name         Ht.   Wt.   Age
29 Vice Jackson III 6-2 238 25
27 Emilio Annaise 6 215 26
26 Melvin Strong 6 225 28

#       Name          Ht.   Wt.   Age
10 Khalil Hauptmann 6-6 220 22
13 Calvin Hale 6-2 215 24
19 Javier Gilmore 5-9 170 29
80 Mario Terrin 6-2 220 31
10 Spencer Wilson 5-7 185 29

#       Name        Ht.   Wt.   Age
82 Johnny Farmer 6-5 255 29
87 Vasily Schmidt 6-7 270 22
88 Joey Giordano 6-5 255 29

#       Name        Ht.   Wt.   Age
65 Tyler Williams 6-6 320 31
64 Tanner Steele 6-4 310 40

#       Name         Ht.   Wt.  Age
78 Dudley Igneous 6-5 320 26
66 Zane Wilhelm 6-2 315 32

#       Name            Ht.   Wt.   Age
72 Philippe Maxine 6-3 335 26
67 Tyler Friedman 6-1 310 36
68 Braxton Morrow 6-2 320 26

#       Name         Ht.   Wt.   Age
63 Morris Bron 6-6 330 25
71 Stone Silver 6-3 295 29

#       Name           Ht.   Wt.   Age
#70 Vince Vermillion 6-6 330 24
# 77 Trent Sedimite 6-7 320 37

#       Name           Ht.   Wt.   Age
94 Zach Skinner 6-4 270 29

#       Name           Ht.   Wt.   Age
98 Kevin Gerhart 6-5 315 29
91 Kyle Smith 6-5 335 26
90 Emit Willis 6-2 310 33

#       Name           Ht.   Wt.   Age
44 Angelo Gordon 6-4 255 28
96 William Teller 6-3 280 30

#       Name           Ht.   Wt.   Age
45 Sean Morgan-Horne 6-2 225 23
57 Johnson Ellis 6-2 220 26
54 Armin Frost 6 240 32
51 Antonio Mormon 6-3 245 30

#       Name           Ht.   Wt.   Age
55 Ross Monarch 6-3 251 31
57 Terry Clement 6-2 245 29

#       Name           Ht.    Wt.   Age
23 Cameron Barborosa 6-3 210 28
24 Takki Philipps 6 195 27
20 Donnie Mandarin 5-9 200 34
22 Pierre Strobe 5-9 185 28

#       Name           Ht.   Wt.   Age
#22 Kenny Leinden 5-11 205 30
#43 Harry Bean 6-2 215 26

#       Name           Ht.   Wt.   Age
5 Barry Chlorid

#       Name        Ht.   Wt.   Age
6 Ozzie Tanman 6-1 180 29
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NSFB: After Breaking Playoff Duck, What Now?

Postby TJUN-ia » Fri Jul 16, 2021 4:27 am


Name: TJUN-ia
Trigram: TJU
Organisation: Gridiron Football Association of TJUN-ia (GFA-TJUN-ia)
Nickname: Jaguars or Jags
World Bowl Rank: 10th

Well well well...nice to see this once again! After back-to-back playoff misses at 7-3, 7-1 was definitely enough for Gus McKerrin and his Jags to make their first dance as the 4th seeds, winning our first playoff game by a single point before joining the other Top 4 seeds in Quarter-Final elimination as Saint Kanye did the job over us. It certainly was a shame, considering our good form, to leave so soon but at 8-2 overall, we really shouldn't be complaining about that considering our past. The GFA know that now we have reached the dance, we have to go back there consistently - something expected of a unit now 10th in the World Rankings overall.

That placement in the world stage is solely down to this unit, who have played better and better as the years go on and with our first 6 players from the Trent State Feathercaps already in place in the reserves, a new era of TJUN-ian Gridiron is about to begin. With a similar group structure to last time and a primetime date with #3 Ranoria in New Washington kicking off the new season, McKerrin and the gang will be more than ready to take this World Bowl, hosted by Buffalostan, head-on at full charge!

Head Coach: Gus McKerrin (42)
Offensive Coordinator: P.J. Swarts (38)
Defensive Coordinator: Mohammad Al-Khalifa (33)
Special Teams Coach: David Stroman (37)

Formation: Shotgun
QB: #10 Jake Griffin (26)
HB: #40 Vinny Mac (27)
WR/KR: #80 Hubert Valois (27)
WR: #81 Jack Davidson (27)
WR: #82 Chris Davidson (27)
LT: #50 Jason Jeeves (27)
LG: #51 La'shaun Mackey (26)
C: #52 David Marquez (27)
RG: #53 Opa Maleleo (26)
RT: #54 Tim Green (27)
TE: #41 Wilson Hibbert (26)

Formation: 3-4
NT: #90 Prince Brown (27)
DE: #91 Jester Carter (28)
DE: #92 Andrew Dallapaz (26)
LB: #45 Giannis Minshew (27)
LB: #46 Chris Thorndyke (28)
LB: #47 Callum Peterson (26)
LB: #48 Tom De Souza (25)
CB: #20 Alfie Johnson (28)
CB: #21 Graham Polison (26)
FS: #22 Drew McAllister (27)
SS/PR: #23 Pedro Marquinios (28)

These can use starting players from both offence (block) and defence (tackle) and backup players during ST plays.
K: #5 Chi On-Ma (26)
H/QB (backup): #2 Allister Ghoulson (25)
P: #6 Martin Grevers (26)
LS: #99 Alf Gunnarsson (25)

These players can be used in any position, a preferred position for TSU alumni in brackets.
Fulton McNair (24)
Pedro Alcoron (23)
Yoshi Nakamura (23)
Graham Halliday (25)
Sven Gudjonsson (24)
Joseph Samuel (22)
La'Travius "Royale" Brown (22)
Peter von Gothenburg (23)
Yu Suzuki (25)
David Fulmer (24)
Callum McGreen (23)
Kristina Matherson (20)
Victor Stroman (19)
Alice "Acerola" Latifa (20)
Tom Hyphen (21)
Klaveon Tyrell (21/TSU/HB)
Jakob Håland (21/TSU/RT)
Nia Jaxon-Fuller (21/TSU/TE)
Valentina Maserati (21/TSU/DT)
Joseph Bulwell (21/TSU/LB)
Frederico Neopoli (21/TSU/P)

Name: Field of Dreams in The Gardens
Location: New Washington, NAU Zone
Capacity: 87,000

Part of "The Gardens", New Washington's sporting complex, the Field of Dreams marked the debut of the NAU Zone in hosting U3 international competition. The main purpose of the Field of Dreams was to create an atmosphere where chaos lived and upsets can be made, a fact that was backed up in Game 1 with the "Block 6" over Cassadiagua and the "Kick 6" in the rematch a year later. Those plays were further ingrained into the minds of TJUN-ians due to fact that seats had direct access to the field, allowing the fans to storm it and celebrate with their heroes. With TJUN-ia only losing twice within the bushes and the walls, who knows what great moments this place may produce next...



Entering our 4th World Bowl, we gained some new threads to show off for the many games we will play in this tournament and beyond. While we have always worn uniforms in our signature colours, a design team from Saint Kanye gave us a fresh new set to take to glory one day. The Home is in the standard TJUN-ian colours while the Road features black, which give us a certain vibe of importance and of a team that knows what it means to be good. Hopefully, we will have great moments in these unis at this WB and future ones as well.

SCHEDULE (Group 5)
MD1: vs Ranoria (3) - Field of Dreams in The Gardens, New Washington
MD2: @Xanneria (21)
MD3: vs Arjunnagar (UR) - Field of Dreams in The Gardens, New Washington
MD4: @Tumbra (27)
MD6: @Ranoria (3) - The Karmin-Falce Superdome, Ranoria City
MD7: vs Xanneria (21) - Field of Dreams in The Gardens, New Washington
MD8: @Arjunnagar (UR)
MD9: vs Tumbra (27) - Field of Dreams in The Gardens, New Washington

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod Injuries to my players: N
Suspend my players: Y
Godmod suspension events: N
Godmod other events: Y
1st: ECC4
2nd: NSCF24, ARWC4, WC:TOTS, IBC34, NSCF26
3rd: ARWC3, IBC32, ECC3
4th: WBC50, IBC31, WBC52, IBC33, RLWC20
T1: #07 Michael Stefan (6W)/#64 Alfonso Mercado (1W)/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (S10 T2 Champion/1W-T1/3W-T2)
T2: #97 Robin Dragonovic [SNL] (3W [2 @JR])/#96 Alice Jepkosgei (2W)/#70 Gongming Gao [NCR] (2W)

WGPO: #11 Lane Carter (1W)/ #9 Batu Tüvshinbayar (WGP2 S5 Champion/1W)
NSTT: 3 S-Titles (3 RU)/2 D-Titles (2 RU)

UN - U1
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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Postby Ko-oren » Fri Jul 16, 2021 5:06 am

World Bowl 42 - Ko-orenite National Team

From the quarterfinals in 40, to another title in 41. It's iconic how the national team has replaced its WB 39-winning stars, still showed promise in WB 40, and immediately bounced back to a championship in 41. Much like then, some of the bigger players of the last World Bowl are missing from this one, but we expect another stellar performance from this team, and especially, its coaching staff.

Coaching Staff
Stij Batterink (head coach)
Offence: Val Hardman (offensive coordinator), Simon Palmsterk (QB), Yv Garnier (RB), Teonnach yLawdmell (WR), Olivier Olander (OLine)
Defence: Luc Jauffret (defensive coordinator), Stewart Cropp (DLine), Tednawf yGastaff (LB), Listenau Jenurdherinden (DBacks)
Special Teams: Duncan Huckstep (ST coordinator)


QB Rem Plasman (30) - Noordrug Astronauts / QB Stanley Parkes (34) - Eaglebury Emperors / QB Kjell Enkwist (28) - Schemerdrecht 65ers
The Quarterbacks have to deal with a bit of talent drain. Normally, there is one pocket passer (Parkes), one all-rounder that can extend plays (Plasman), and one dual threat runner (Arerira). Without Arerira, Enkwist was selected, who definitely falls more in the Plasman category, which means that our opponents deal with one fewer problem. Good news: on the horizon we have Ingdon (22, Mawryshire Centaurs) that we hope to see on the squad starting next World Bowl, who is the most accurate QB we've seen since Reeman.

FB Jonas Wilson (25) - Greencaster Godspeed / FB Coen Olink (26) - Willowbourne Saints
RB Spencer Galway (30) - Schemerdrecht 65ers / RB Mees Mannussen (26) - Schemerdrecht Admirals / RB Jurre Hinken (24) - Eaglebury Emperors / RB Ray Robineau (24) - Sterrenwolde Dragonflies
SR Dewitt Head (32) - Sterrenwolde Dragonflies / SR Lloyd Whitlock (30) - Mayara Destroyers / SR Alulura Aidivan (28) - Schemerdrecht Admirals
WR Lilisun Ranindhen (30) - Mawryshire Centaurs / WR Jochem Schoolhendrik (28) - Sterrenwolde Dragonflies / WR Thorlibin Junga (29) - Eaglebury Emperors
TE Joshiaki Vino (25) - Mawryshire Centaurs / TE Gurethen Tharadhen (27) - Mayara Destroyers / TE Paul Antonsen (29) - Noordrug Astronauts

The Skill positions have been extended a bit as they'll have to do a bit more with our static QBs. Fullbacks are very all-round players (running, catching, blocking) that are asked to do a lot, but generally aren't as explosive as RBs. Wilson has a lot on his to-do list and should get plenty of snaps. As for the Running Backs, Galway is a bit past his prime, but has good hands, so for your everyday three-down back needs we have Mannussen (vertical runner) and Hinken (patient gap genius). Robineau can stretch a defence horizontally but isn't a reliable option every single down. Within the Slot Receivers, it's a who's who of who'll be retired in a few years. While Whitlock especially has done a lot for the national team, neither player is particularly nimble and there's a lot of relying on experience. For the Wide Receivers, Schoolhendrik is back to dominate once again, Junga is a good route runner who gauges individual defenders very well and links up with Parkes. Ranindhen wasn't selected before, but has shown some incredibly athletic catches last year. Lastly, the Tight Ends, where we find Tharadhen as the perfect player, with Vino a little more agile, and Antonsen as a bit more of a lineman.

LT Sibren Schooten (31) - Schemerdrecht Admirals / LT Jo Altink (26) - Willowbourne Saints / LT Nolau Tathinden (28) - Mayara Destroyers
LG Dillard McLelland (34) - Willowbourne Saints / LG Nakazo Mura (30) - Schemerdrecht Admirals
CE Adé Gavreau (29) - Willowbourne Saints / CE Kiserba Likathinden (32) - Mayara Destroyers / CE Jahè Nijmans (29) - Schemerdrecht 65ers
RG Otho Tilcott (24) - Eaglebury Emperors / RG Jalodas Murionthinden (32) - Mayara Destroyers
RT Elisha Witvos (29) - Schemerdrecht 65ers / RT Olinosuke Vuluja (27) - Mayara Destroyers / RT Noro Sardou (23) - Schemerdrecht Admirals

The Offensive Line is difficult to gauge: they're always good, but it's a strange mix of ages and experiences. Olivier Olander pushed for experience over athleticism. Witvos is a household name and then some, Gavreau finally gets his start as the captain of the line, and there are multiple left tackles that can get the job done. Right Guard is clearly the odd one out - that's the weakest link, it looks like. When communication is becoming a problem, expect Altink, McLelland, and Gavreau all to start at the same time (all Willowbourne Saints), or Tathinden, Likathinden, Murionthinden, and Vuluja - four Mayara Destroyers, at the cost of some star power.


Again, everyone looks at the defence as the source of our success. The extreme versatility of schemes, fronts, and shells that the defence can run pre-snap and post-snap is unrivaled, and it's all on the players to execute it.

LE Llawglhwn yDaddmhwr (26) - Greencaster Godspeed / LE Dan de Boer (25) - Sterrenwolde Dragonflies
LD Hubbe Braakjans (30) - Schemerdrecht 65ers / LD Melton Hoddle (24) - Mayara Wolves
RD Marc Gérald (28) - Aminey Caspians / RD Tore Akerstroom (27) - Noordrug Astronauts
RE Ingmar Aalander (28) - Aminey Caspians / RE Iwane Sugimoto (25) - Mawryshire Centaurs

Depending on the front used, we could either see three linemen in the form of run stoppers De Boer, Braakjans, and Aalander - physically imposing players that can keep multiple players or gaps occupied. Expect that to be the typical configuration, with the occasional use of Akerstroom in the middle or Sugimoto on either side for a bit more movement. This team is perfectly capable of using four linemen as well, and in that case the more athletic yDaddmhwr and Sugimoto will appear on the sides as power rushers and Braakjans and Gérald on the inside.

WB Arvid Holmgroen (29) - Noordrug Astronauts / WB Baluin Dauntaringun (29) - Mayara Wolves / WB Garret Guildeforde (27) - Willowbourne Saints
MB Ludwig Barnett (30) - Aerellen Explosions / MB Molrak Kinportinden (29) - Mayara Wolves / MB Reuben Ramsbottom (27) - Schemerdrecht Admirals
SB Kil Moreau (30) - Aminey Caspians / SB Bwnhewg yBanmhewm (29) - Willowbourne Saints

Much like the linemen, there is a lot of versatility here, and the team could run with four linebackers in the form of Holmgroen (edge rusher), Barnett (voice of reason/captain), Moreau (scout/sack artist/run stopper), and either Guildeforde (edge rusher) or yBanmhewm (edge rusher). When needed, the team switches to a 4-3 with three linebackers which would be Dauntaringun, Kinportinden, and Moreau. Just about every single player in this unit can play decent coverage - linebackers are the Dragonflies' best kept secret, if there's still such a thing.

LC Camille Dutertre (27) - Aminey Caspians / LC Max Devilliers (26) - Greencaster Godspeed / LC Elwood Guillan (27) - Mayara Wolves
SS Sadhaulak Dakitherinthen (30) - Noordrug Astronauts / SS Dhauthenu Turaundhinthen (28) - Schemerdrecht Admirals / SS Pinauken Puraunthaunthen (26) - Mayara Wolves
FS Lucas Wheelwright (28) - Greencaster Godspeed / FS Magne Binnenmars (26) - Schemerdrecht 65ers
RC Clinton Dwyer (28) - Willowbourne Saints / RC Jalu Vigouroux (27) - Mawryshire Centaurs / RC Curumbah Wongar (27) - Eaglebury Emperors

The normal formation is Dutertre, who showed to be of exceptional class in the previous World Bowl, with Dakitherinthen (making his debut at a higher age), Wheelwright (ball hawk), and Dwyer (just 28 but plays as if he has 3 decades of experience). The nickelback is Devilliers, if he's not already starting on the left or right cornerback position. A dime back could be Guillan, Wongar, or even Turaundhinthen. The secondary is what makes Ko-oren so scary: they generate turnovers, take part in blitzes, and all around wreak havoc as solid tacklers.

Special Teams

It's all about consistency here. Bronsvoord and Budde can appear as running backs or nimble slot receivers on a few snaps here and there.

PK Boaventura Camba (26) - Sterrenwolde Dragonflies / PK Abner Bennett (32) - Greencaster Godspeed
PU Dhaungekun Tadhinthen (28) - Mawryshire Centaurs / PU Erilure Ailis (30) - Willowbourne Saints
PR Go Bronsvoord (24) - Greencaster Godspeed / PR Bé Budde (23) - Schemerdrecht 65ers
LS Sergaskun Mithulinden (28) - Noordrug Astronauts / LS Aocelore Esea (30) - Eaglebury Emperors

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Suspend my players: Yes
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: Yes

Style mod: -5
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Postby Saint Kanye » Fri Jul 16, 2021 5:55 am

The KGB (Kanyean Gridiron Board) proudly presents St. Kanye's roster for World Bowl XLII. The Kanyeans continued their improvement in the world's premier gridiron competition - after finishing the group stages with a 6-2 card, they narrowly defeated Newmanistan 17-16 in the Round of 16 for their first ever playoff win, then crushed TJUN-ia 41-7 in the quarterfinals. Unfortunately, they would drop their semifinal and third place playoff matches (10-3 Ko-oren and 34-31 Delaclava) to end up fourth among all teams participating. This season, now ranked eighth in the world, the Surge's hopes are for them to go nowhere but up.


Full nation name: The Glorious Free Republic of Saint Kanye
Short nation name: St. Kanye
Trigramme: STK
Demonym: Kanyean (formal), Yeezie (informal)
Nickname: Surge
Colors: Purple, lime, black


Home (primary = purple pants, alternate = black pants)

Away (primary = purple pants, alternate = white pants)


All players and staff are male, starters in bold, standout players with asterisk (*).

HC: Jeff Delphine
OC: Dan Shelby
DC: Kevin Macintyre
ST: Ken Kirby


QB: #8 R.J. Linetti* / #3 Landon Klein / #7 Harry Santos
RB: #34 Noah Sherman* / #41 Randall Cole
FB: #33 Nico Jackson / #32 Marco Jackson (Nico's younger brother)
WR: #12 Bruce Dobler* / #18 Patrick Moore / #13 Taylor Johns / #16 Hunter Lane / #14 Chip Wong / #15 Isaak Clearwater*
TE: #80 Hussein Jeffers / #88 Greg Malloy / #81 Brayden Galazkiewicz
LT: #63 Burton Baxter / #62 Anthony Walsh
LG: #66 Derek Horton / #61 Robert Shannon
C: #69 Gordon Ferguson / #68 Michael Hicks
RG: #64 Clay Conrad / #65 Jahar Gray
RT: #60 Mitch Grant / #67 Theo Parker


LE: #77 Simon Carver / #72 Liam Steele
RE: #78 Matt Dawson* / #71 Jason Sparks
NT: #99 Robby Edison / #75 Jon Patel / #74 Kevin Montrose / #76 Ken Miles
LOLB: #52 Jasper Heath / #59 Daniel Maynard
MLB: #56 Justin Varley* / #58 Alvin Faris / #57 Jed Duncan
ROLB: #53 Hansel Jones / #55 Shawn Solomon
CB: #22 Aidan O'Connor / #21 Mason Schwartz / #28 Bernard Van Pelt / #27 Phil Wade
FS: #40 Gary Bradman* / #42 Raheem Kerrigan
SS: #45 Oliver Law / #39 Axel Bartlett


K: #1 James Rasputin*
P: #10 Chris Florence
LS: #50 Ruben Elroy


3DRB: #41 Randall Cole
KR: #13 Taylor Johns
PR: #88 Greg Malloy
KOS: #10 Chris Florence
Holder: #3 Landon Klein
Gunner1: #39 Axel Bartlett
Gunner2: #15 Isaak Clearwater
Off. Captain: #8 R.J. Linetti
Def. Captain: #40 Gary Bradman
ST Captain: #15 Isaak Clearwater


Offense: I Form, ~70% Pass, ~30% Run
Defense: 3-4, Blitz Happy
Special Teams: Always go for it on 4th and less than 5 and on opponent's side of field.


Pencurve Electronics Field, Kardashia, St. Kanye (seating capacity 69,420)



Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yeah
RP injuries to my players: Nah
Godmod Injuries to my players: Nope
Suspend my players: No way
Godmod suspension events: Nein
Godmod other events: It depends. Coronavirus or pandemic-related RPs are NOT ALLOWED. THERE IS NO VIRUS OR PANDEMIC, OR ANY WAY OF HAVING ONE, IN OUR COUNTRY. TG otherwise.
Use real images for my players: Sure, as long as you don't use the Vikings. I HATE THE VIKINGS.
Style Mod: +π/2 (or simply +1.57)
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Skip Stiller Speedworks with Max Gannon (NSSCRA Second Tier)
20 Daryl Calhoun (S11 Champ, S10 Runner-up) | 22 Pyotr Lavrentiev | 30 Lexi Patterson

IBC 20, 22, 23, 24 (Basketball)
NSCAA 11 (College Basketball)
IC7 II (7ball)
Arena Bowl VI (Arena Gridiron)
NSSCRA 9 (Stock Car Racing)

World Bowl 42 (Gridiron)
NSSCRA 10, 12

IBC 19

A to the O, baby

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Postby Sarzonia » Fri Jul 16, 2021 8:08 am

Unlike the upcoming new look AOCAF where the Sarzonian national football team were getting set to face off against a group largely bereft of traditional rivals, this World Bowl will not have the same problem for the national gridball team.

Sarzonia have been placed in Group 3 with two of the country's biggest multi-sport rivals in Delaclava and Banija. Mertagne and Bongo Johnson will round out the rest of Group 3 for the Stars.

It's a challenge quarterback Sam Rosen welcomes.

"Banija are a threat to win a World Bowl every time they compete," he said. "Delaclava have quickly returned to prominence in gridball. Those are teams we can automatically get motivated to play no matter what the circumstance. It's the kind of thing you live for as a competitor."

After a return to the knockout rounds in their third World Bowl back from an extended absence, the Stars will face an uphill climb with two games each against Banija and Delaclava, but don't think Sarzonia will sleep on either Mertagne or Bongo Johnson.

"They may be ranked lower than us, but when you have outstanding teams ranked directly above us, you need to win as many games as you possibly can," said middle linebacker Howard Dent. "We talk a lot in Sarzonian sport about 'trap matches,' so we expect to have to play a full 60 minutes no matter who the opponent is." Stars free safety Cliff Longoria described Group 3 as the group of death in the World Bowl with both the defending third place finisher and a top five-ranked team in the group. Even if there are other more challenging groups in the World Bowl, the fact that Group 3 contains Sarzonia and two of its biggest, most important sporting rivals makes the designation apt for the Stars, at least.

"We know we're going to have to fight and scratch and claw against some great teams," coach Les Steckhall said. "We knew going in we'd likely have to struggle against strong competition. To have that competition be two teams we know will sell out Joe Gibbs Stadium" in Woodstock, Sarzonia's national gridball stadium, "it's going to be something you live for as a player and as a coach or manager."
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Postby Chromatika » Fri Jul 16, 2021 1:50 pm

Chromatika Gridiron Football Team

Nickname: The Iron Legion
Head Coach: Eustace Hampton Jr., 59
Offensive Coordinator: Milo Jones-Smith, 47
Defensive Coordinator: Urga Jones, 38
Special Teams Coordinator: Niles Crescent, 43
Style Modifier: -3
Home Stadium: Henza Center, D'rea, Capital District, Chromatika (Cap. 66,530)

Offensive Coordinator: Milo Jones-Smith, Chromia Cyan
Assistant Coordinator: Naia Curentino, Felswyr State University Firehawk
Offensive Philosophy: The Chromatik Iron Legion employs a possession-based philosophy, utilizing two backs, two receivers, and a tight end in an attempt to string together long drives that eat up a lot of the clock. With Sarai Gwenderyn now at the helm, they're becoming more of a finesse squad, but the defense-first philosophy holds true.
Players: - Starters in Italics


#03 - Sarai Gwenderyn - 20 years old. Feslwyr State University Firehawk. Quick, accurate thrower, with good field vision and a tendency of creating big plays. Offensive Captain.
#18 - Jill Kieran - 25 years old. Chromia Cyan. A more traditional pocket passer with decent speed, prefers to throw deep or be on the edge looking to cause trouble.
#02 - Kenner Jones - 27 years old. Qet Lynx. A burly quarterback at 6 ft 3 inches, 240 pounds, Jones isn't all that fast but can do sneaks with impunity. Decently accurate, but the accuracy decreases with distance.

#24 - Kimberly Fowler - 29 years old. Brisara Juggernaut. A bit faster and nimble, can produce if line sets the edge.
#22 - Amber Feeley - 27 years old. Qet Lynx. Only fullback on the squad - good blocker and decent route-runner. Always looking forward to get to the first would-be-tackler.
#26 - James Morreau - 35 years old. Alnio Pirate. A third-down back with sure hands who knows how to run a route or get short yardage.
#35 - Victoria Kaiser-Williams - 24 years old. Chromaia Cyan. A speedster who can juke around people, but rarely take people on.

#11 - Alessandra Mio - 23 years old. Dietrich Dynamos (Ranoria). 6 ft 5 inches tall, has massive reach. A Quarterback needs to only get the ball near her, she'll do the rest.
#18 - Kern Sayan - 28 years old. Chromia Cyan. 5 ft 11 inches, precise route-runner. Not very physically imposing.
#81 - Pouncey Jones - 30 years old. Qet Lynx. 6 ft 3 inches, short-yardage receiver with decent yards after the catch.
#83 - Vance Limeau - 29 years old. Lanar Turtle. 6 ft 2 inches. The speedy one of the group, has the agility to make sharp cuts. Also returns kicks.
#84 - Cameron Pills-Otts - 26 years old. Knetyohai Icebreaker. 5 ft 4 inches. Mostly used for end-arounds and screen passes, has great vision. Also returns punts.

Tight Ends
#88 - Niles Gwivern - 22 years old. Felswyr State University Firehawk. 6 ft 5 inches tall, 260+ pounds. Can block, catch, do it all. An absolute unit.
#97 - Kathryn Nance - 29 years old. Qet Lynx. 6 ft 2 inches tall, more of a pure blocker of a tight end.

Offensive Tackles
#72 - Jack Mance - 32 years old. Qet Lynx. Burly, muscular, and can generate lots of push in the run game.
#74 - Bernard Perry - 25 years old. Staramara Angel. Has surprising agility and is often called to pull out to block up front on screen plays.
#62 - Giles Candy - 29 years old. Alnio Pirate. Has soft hands, can be used as a sixth offensive lineman in situations and catch sneak passes.
#59 - Lars Kendrick - 29 years old. Brisara Juggernaut. The biggest player on the team, is surprisingly athletic.

Offensive Guards
#66 - Pomeroy Lockhart - 23 years old. Staramara Angel. Leader of the offensive line, generates tremendous push and possesses solid vision.
#53 - Cierra Oscar - 27 years old. Chromatik City Cyan. Blindside blocker for the Iron Legion, decent find.
#60 - Mea Loom - 26 years old - Alnio Pirate. Solid all-around player.
#73 - Amos Lard - 30 years old - Knetyohai Icebreaker. Decent veteran.

#71 - Mikel Kingston - 21 years old - Felswyr State University Firehawk. Possesses solid fundamentals and good vision.
#52 - Kaia James - 22 years old - Felswyr State University Firehawk. Also long snapper for field goals.
#56 - Anderson Keel - 30 years old - Alnio Pirate. Emergency backup, more of a streetball player.

Defensive Coordinator: Urga Jones, Staramara Angels
Assistant Coordinator: Kasen Harrowitz, Richardson University
Defensive Philosophy: The Iron Legion uses a Base 4-3, with pressing safeties that rely on cornerbacks to play on an island. It is those cornerbacks that will determine if the team succeeds. Chromatika is strong against the run and the long pass, but can be bested by intermediate or short passes. The Firehawks absolutely shine here (with a Buffalo featuring)
Players: Starters in Italics

Defensive Ends
#60 - Jill Lia - 22 years old - Felswyr State University Firehawk. A pure speedy edge rusher who has an endless motor.
#65 - Kitty Kio - 21 years old - Felswyr State University Firehawk. A speedy edge rusher who uses agility to get around offensive linemen.
#55 - Nevin Iserton - 28 years old - Chromia Cyan. A run-stuffer.
#58 - Vilaya Pince - 29 years old - Qet Lynx. Decent in coverage for a lineman.

Defensive Tackles
#74 - Bernard Perry - 25 years old - Chromia Cyan. Agile, mobile, quick.
#66 - Mic Carleigh - 34 years old - Lanar Turtle. A smaller player who tries to exploit gaps to make plays.
#79 - Parry Mioto - 27 years old - Alnio Pirate. Runs well, Has a bit of a problem getting past people.
#62 - Ronald Mimisimi - 29 years old. Sanar Battalion. Thrives on contact.

Outside Linebackers
#44 - Cara Setri - 25 years old - Staramara Angel. Loves to rush from the edge or drop into coverage, as is needed.
#42 - Randy Mett - 29 years old - Brisara Juggernaut. More of a cover linebacker.
#41 - Diton Mien - 31 years old - Lanar Turtle. A run stopper.

Middle Linebackers
#59 - Mi-Hyeon Park - 21 years old - Felswyr State University Firehawk. Dictates the defense. Tackling machine. Decent coverage linebacker. Defensive Captain.
#40 - Nolan Marr - 32 years old - Qet Lynx. Veteran presence in the locker room, solid all-around.

Strong Safeties
#37 - Candice Jones - 25 years old - Qet Lynx. Hugs the line of scrimmage on almost every play, coming across on run support most of the time. Decent in coverage but not special.
#39 - Mike Jeremy - 29 years old - Chromia Cyan. A cover safety.

Free Safeties
#25 - Niles Mikaela-Jones - 32 years old - Alnio Pirate. A cover safety who sometimes comes across on blitzes.
#24 - Vi Nia-Kaid - 23 years old - Staramara Angel. Has long reach and specializes in coverage.

#21 - Nikolai Dimitrov - 25 years old - Staramara Angel. 6 ft 5 inches. Sticks to his man like glue, uses long arms to break up completions. Perfectionist.
#29 - Paul Mattieu - 21 years old - Felswyr State University Firehawk. 6 ft 3 inches. Plays a bit more aggressively for the ball.
#27 - Victoria Mio - 20 years old - Cold Hill University Buffalo. 6 ft 8 inches. Lanky, aggressive, ballhawk. Instinctive player who studies to make up for fundamental weaknesses.
#48 - Larry Oyama - 29 years old - Staramara Angel. Nickel back, plays soft coverage while looking at the eyes of the Quarterback at all times.
#33 - Rowena Pillar - 28 years old - Brisara Juggernaut. An understudy who has solid fundamentals.

Special Teams Coordinator: Niles Crescent, Brisara Juggernaut
Assistant Coordinator: Vera James, Felswyr State University
Special Teams Philosophy: A kicker should never miss. Play for field position. Solid fundamentals. The Iron Legion doesn't do much trickery - but is very good at coverage and at kicking.
Players: - Starters in Italics

#06 - Sara McAllister - 20 years old - Felswyr State University Firehawk. Rarely misses within 40 yards, but lacks range - her career long is a 52 yarder.
#03 - Michelle Breille - 19 years old - Felswyr State University Firehawk. Has long range, but lacks consistency.

#12 - Nellie Katt - 21 years old - Felswyr State University Firehawk. Directional punter specializing in coffin corners. Not very good at long punts, but can drop them in.
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes, but please look at my roster.
Godmod scoring events: No.
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but if severe, please contact me.
Godmod Injuries to my players: No.
Suspend my players: Yes, but if for more than one match, please contact me.
Godmod suspension events: No.
Godmod other events: No.
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CoH Appearances: 77 (Ro16), 85 (Ro16), 90 (Champions)
KPB Ranking: 26 (Post 90)
RP Population: 20 million

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My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: N
RP injuries to my players: N
Godmod Injuries to my players: N
Suspend my players: N
Godmod suspension events: N
Godmod other events: N

New Gesem Pilgrims Football Team
Andre Compton	OL
Antonio Burton DB
Antonio Mooney WR
Bart Byers OL
Blair Santos DB
Brian Ferguson LB
Carter Franklin DL
Cliff Robinson DB
Damion Harper LB
Dylan Morse DL
Eli Austin DL
Erick Keith OL
Francesco Diaz DB
Gil Conway QB
Glenn Fox OL
Ian Sheppard WR
Ignacio Salinas WR
Ira Navarro RB
Irwin Cooper WR
Isaac Mosley WR
Issac Manning P
Jackson Lindsay K
Lorenzo Bradshaw RB
Matt Kirk QB
Miles House DL
Monty Baldwin LB
Nelson Dodson WR
Omar Ballard DL
Osvaldo Jensen DB
Parker Walton OL
Ralph Talley LB
Reggie Combs OL
Renato Castillo DB
Russel Farmer OL
Shane Curry RB
Shaun Levy RB
Stephen Bradley DB
Taylor Atkins DB
Terry Morton QB
Tuan Schneider LB
Vicente Whitley LB
Wesley McGuire OL
Willard Cherry OL
William Bowers LB
Zane Nichols OL
Wide Receiver
Outside Linebacker
Middle Linebacker
Free Safety
Strong Safety
Defense Ends
Defensive Tackles

The Pilgrims are set to be New Gesem’s representative side in the World Bowl, though it is fair to ask “representative of what exactly?”. Thanks to a draconian code of conduct and collective bargaining agreement, respectively, neither collegiate nor professional football players from New Gesem are allowed to participate in international competition. The Pilgrims’ roster, then, consists of what can reasonably be called the dregs of Gesemite football; the washed-up, the flamed-out, the has-beens, and the never-weres. For some, playing for the Pilgrims represents a second chance; others, an opportunity to regain past glory; while still others are playing simply for the love of the game and their country. The only thing all forty-five members of the Pilgrims roster can be said to share in common is that they each have a story.
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Population: ~10 million
Capital: Alexandria
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Sports played: American football
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Postby Bollonich » Sat Jul 17, 2021 3:33 am


Bollonischian National Gridiron Squad

Bollonischian Sporting Federation

Gridiron or more commonly known as handegg is an unpopular sport which no one knows why we still play. Being a footballing nation and disliking alternate forms of football meant that gridiron would get no popularity in Bollonich but surprisingly we do have enough popularity to get us a national team. Despite being a bad one it’s a team. Following the massive success at the 14th International Baseball Slam where we finished 2nd losing out in the final to the Animalia Rally Cats from the Taxonomic Kingdoms, the BSF has decided to play it’s hand at gridiron, another unpopular sport which receives enough participation to be contested.
Head Coach Franklyn Steffen prefers an attacking style of play and priorities physical play over tactics.

Head Coach - Franklyn Steffen (45)
Offense Coach - Ferdie Reeve (37)
Defense Coach - Gale Sanders (48)

QB: #65 Willard Petit (29)
HB: #34 Kermit Willey (23)
WR: #54 Brenda Rey (28)
WR: #44 Lizbeth Gary (29)
WR: #99 Addy Gilliam (27)
LT: #84 Coy Tanner (29)
LG: #40 Jem Stringer (29)
C : #29 Franklin Dixon (26)
RG: #17 Abbie Caldwell (25)
RT: #38 Dianne Broadbent (29)
TE: #95 Alecia Sawyer (26)

NT: #24 Charisse Judd (26)
DE: #35 Baxter Joyce (23)
DE: #75 John Paul Brandon (28)
LB: #69 Tyron Willard (21)
LB: #45 Vicki Botwright (24)
LB: #58 Jillian Pilgrim (20)
LB: #62 Dolly Bagley (25)
CB: #47 Terry Dennell (26)
CB: #66 Kaye Reynolds (23)
FS: #83 Everett Michaelson (21)
SS: #51 Stacy Barnes (20)

Special Teams
PK: #20 Otto Easom (20)
PU: #13 Laurene Barrett (23)
PR: #33 Sullivan Proudfoot (27)
LS: #49 Red Saunders (29)

#67 Judith Keen (22)
#61 Mat Varley (22)
#14 Lina Waller (23)
#46 Lorene Wilkinson (25)
#87 Emmanuel Mayes (26)
#76 Sophia Nicolson (26)
#90 Tamera Summerfield (20)
#59 Leo Cooke (28)
#48 Lizbeth Park (27)
#46 Sheridan Lynton (22)
#22 Harvey Millard (27)

Home Uniform

Away Uniform

Stadium Information
Maihar - Maihar is an urban city located in the North-Eastern state of Tentonia, and the people of Maihar love sports along with a good chunk of Gridiron. The main reason for the Heinz Arena in Maihar being the home ground of the Gridiron side is that it's the only stadium with a capacity more than 10,000. The Heinz Arena has a capacity of 16,000 with plans of expanding this to 25,000.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Ask
RP injuries to my players: Ask
Godmod Injuries to my players: Ask
Suspend my players: Ask
Godmod suspension events: Ask
Godmod other events: Ask

Style Modifier: +5
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Postby Delaclava » Sat Jul 17, 2021 1:14 pm


Delaclava national football team

  • Two-time World Bowl champion (13 and 15)
  • Three-time previous host (11, 15, 39)
  • Undefeated champions of WB15
  • Former World #1 ranking, current #11
  • #3 in all-time Golden Bowl standings
  • Champion of demonstration event at IV Olympiad in Aeropag

The 11th-ranked Phoenixes begin their journey to Buffalostan with high confidence, earning third place in Chromatika following impressive wins over Newmanistan, Allamunnic States, and Banija, and bouncing back from a narrow semifinal defeat to Drawkland to defeat Saint Kanye for bronze in an all-time classic. World Bowl XLI was also the coming-out party for dual-threat QB Taurus Wright, who returns as the reigning DGL MVP, a reputation as one of the finest quarterbacks in the world, and plenty of motivation to get his team one step further. The swift Dexter George returns in the backfield, and Wright will have plenty of reliable passing targets in All-Tournament selection and captain Kevin Alés, Andre Michel, and tight ends Robbie Hahn and Christian Gooden.

The quick, blitz-heavy defense features tackle Prince Rose and veteran Allan Tolliver, along with newcomer Grady Hart. captains Seth Ružička, also an All-Tournament selection in Chromatika, and Ben Dorman once again star at linebacker, with Brian Bullard and Luke Kennedy seeing promotions to the first team. The secondary largely gets a fresh look, headed by defensive MVP CB Tecumseh Mallard, and veteran safety Jaap Wouters finally earning his shot on the national team; Tasunka Coleman and Tate Parker return to fill out the offense. While consistency will remain an issue, there's a lot more speed in this backfield, more ability to make dynamic plays. Javon Reid returns as a dynamic kick and punt returner. Kieran Conley is a very accurate placekicker, automatic within about 45 yards, but will fail at length much more frequently than at direction.

The team gets a largely fresh look on the coaching staff. Frank Newman of the Mannheim Rockets gets the nod for head coach after leading the Rockets to the DGL championship title. For some continuity, Newman has brought back the Corcorran Hammers' Nate Hines as defensive coordinator. Kim McClain, formerly a technical director for the Bosmond Bears, notably helped Taurus Wright and the offense to great success as an interim offensive coordinator. She was honored as an All-Tournament offensive coordinator, and the now-head coach of Wright's Catherina Crushers will fill that role on a permanent basis. Newman takes a more conservative approach, trusting his defense to make stops instead of going for unfavorable fourth-down conversions, but Newman will also let his playmakers loose when the offense nears paydirt.

The Phoenixes tend to start strong, but can have trouble both in coming back from deficits and from "game management" with a small lead. The team has gained confidence in their ability to close out games after their success in Chromatika, but time will tell if this still-young team can continue to perform under the pressure of increased expectations.

Defensive Formation: 4-3-3 (with some 4-4-2 and 3-4-4)
Style Modifier: +3 - pass-oriented, with a lot of option plays and play action, high-risk high-reward mentality
Team Name: Phoenixes | Trigram: DEL | Demonym: Delaclav

Home Stadia: All games played at Sullivan Stadium (70,000), Quinniville.

RP Permissions: Yes, but please be respectful and TG/DM if you want to run something by me first.

Full Roster
Head Coach: Frank Newman - Mannheim Rockets
Assistant Coach/OC: Kim McClain - Catherina Crushers | Assistant Coach/DC: Nate Hines - Corcorran Hammers

QB: Danny Newman - Mannheim Rockets | RB: Henry Rollins - Coleport Jazz | WR: Jeff Beasley - Laurelum Tigers | TE: Tweety Bird - Catherina Crushers | OL: Fang Buckley - Kalinin Wolves
DL: Danny Dennis - Corcorran Hammers | LB: Tom Tallis - Corcorran Hammers |Secondary: Juuse Kapanen - Kalinin Wolves | Special Teams: James Daniel - Corcorran Hammers
Technical/Program Director: Michel Čilić - Mannheim Rockets
Athletic Trainer/Conditioning: Kim Savage - Mannheim Rockets
Assistants: Beth Newman, Sarah Newman-Dawson, Will Dawson, Sam Newman

1FSTate Parker276-1165Coleport JazzSosuk
3WRCharlie Coffin226-2165Quinniville AcesSt. James
4WRAndre Michel246-3180Laurelum TigersArana State
5KKieran Conley305-10160Corcorran HammersVan der Veil
6MLBBrian Bullard266-4260Bosmond BearsSt. James
7PSeamus Shore346-1210Quinniville AcesSt. Ivor - Notre Dame
8QBTaurus Wright276-1175Catherina CrushersLansing State
9QBStafford Thomas236-1170Mannheim RocketsDewitt
11TEChristian Gooden226-4225Kalinin WolvesBaxter
12QBMichael Willis246-3190Manchester PiratesDewitt
15WRDevin Santana316-6185Corcorran HammersZombaan
16SSJaap Wouters335-8150Cacalecher MuddersOssiana Tech
21RBDavid Conley276-1190Mannheim RocketsSt. James
23RBDexter George285-11200Coleport JazzSkladdul
24KRJavon Reid295-10160Corcorran HammersCatherina
27CBTecumseh Mallard255-9170Kalinin WolvesArana State
30CBTasunka Coleman306-1185Beliri BladesVelodri
33FBRyan Finney316-2210Novick CardinalsStenrick State
34CBKenley Bond326-1180Manchester PiratesArana State
38FSObdulo Farukhan345-10165Bosmond BearsBrentaria State
40MLBRodney Pratt306-4230Mannheim RocketsCUR Corcorran
43OLBJesse Rhine246-5220Quinniville AcesFort Tannenberg
49OLBSeth Ružička (C)336-2235Novick CardinalsNovick State
50RTAndy Boone266-3260Corcorran HammersIxtlajamo
51LTDavid Carlos256-4230Beliri BladesStraka State
52MLBBen Dorman (C)356-5250Corcorran HammersArana State
53MLBBrent Miller286-2260Bosmond BearsKitsuartat
56DTJake Allen286-4240Mannheim RocketsCUR Corcorran
58OLBLuke Kennedy306-3230Manchester PiratesArana State
60LTCody Dean326-3260Orton City MinersRextaria State
63RGTim Keane296-4255Mannheim RocketsFanuk College
64LGHayden Day336-6270Kalinin WolvesFanuk College
65RGCoby Damion296-4270Coleport JazzArana
66CJoe Ladler266-3250Bosmond BearsNUR Beliri
68DEJohn Ogdon316-3270Catherina CrushersArana State
69DEGrady Hart296-6250Novick CardinalsStraka State
72CAlex McFadden296-6265Catherina CrushersColumbia
73RTColton Voigt (C)346-2285Kalinin WolvesSterlington
80WRKevin Alés (C)326-2170Cacalecher MuddersVelodri
88TERobbie Hahn246-5240Catherina CrushersSt. James
92DEKamari Harrison296-2240Corcorran HammersArana State
94DEAllan Tolliver306-4250Quinniville AcesValhalla
95DTJoe Mendelsohn236-6275Catherina CrushersSouth Catherina
99DTPrince Rose236-5280Orton City MinersSt. James

Depth Chart

QB8Taurus Wright12Michael Willis9Stafford Thomas
RB23Dexter George21David Conley
FB33Ryan Finney
WR (1-3-5)80Kevin Ales15Devin Santana
WR (2-4)4Andre Michel3Charlie Coffin
TE88Robbie Hahn11Christian Gooden
LT60Cody Dean51David Carlos
LG64Hayden Day65Coby Damion
C72Alex McFadden66Joe Ladler
RG63Tim Keane65Coby Damion
RT73Colton Voigt (C)50Andy Boone
LE92Kamari Harrison94Allan Tolliver
LDT/NT99Prince Rose95Joe Mendelsohn
RDT56Jake Allen95Joe Mendelsohn
RE69Grady Hart68John Ogdon
LOLB49Seth Ružička (C)43Jesse Rhine
MLB 1-3 / LMLB52Ben Dorman (C)40Rodney Pratt
MLB 2-4 / RMLB6Brian Bullard53Brent Miller
ROLB58Luke Kennedy43Jesse Rhine
LCB30Tasunka Coleman34Kenley Bond
SS16Jaap Wouters38Obdulo Farukhan
FS1Tate Parker38Obdulo Farukhan
RCB27Tecumseh Mallard34Kenley Bond
K5Kieran Conley7Seamus Shore
P7Seamus Shore5Kieran Conley
KR/PR24Javon Reid27Tecumseh Mallard4Andre Michel
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2nd: World Bowl 11, International Basketball Championship 31, World Junior Hockey Championships 16 and 17, AO Hockey Championship 7, AO Basketball Championship 5, World Lacrosse Championship 16, AO Baseball Series 3
3rd: World Bowl 41, 42, 43, and 44; World Cup of Hockey 16, AO Basketball Championship 6 and 7, Di Bradini Cup 15
4th: Baptism of Fire 34

Hosts of World Cup 55, Cup of Harmony 44 and 46, Baptism of Fire 72; World Bowl 11, 15, 39, and 43; IBC 7 and 31; AOCAF 31; WJHC 16; etc.
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Postby Bongo Johnson » Sat Jul 17, 2021 9:04 pm

Mighty Kittens of Murbley Gridiron Roster
Official Use for World Bowl XLII

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: N
Godmod scoring events: Y
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod other events: Y

Style addition: +2.0

Head Coach: Big Bill Henson
Offensive strategy: Gun Flex, generally a pass heavy offense with a running game able to back things up if teams are knocking balls out of the air
Defensive strategy: 3-4 Over

QB: Jimbo Jangles
RB: Phil Toast
FB: Chaplain Crabtree
WR: Cringle McBerry
WR: Wallace McWallace
TE: Paul Grognarkski
LT: Robin Fischer
LG: Dog Gommit
C: Raul Reginna
RG: Pietro Mancelli
RT: Balrog Teabaghar

DE: Budd Flogger
DT: Samson Robineau
DE: Deiter Heat
LOLB: Roldan Hunter
LILB: Fred Armstrong
RILB: Schidt-House Lumberjack
ROLB: Brandon Branson
LCB: Happy Moonchild
RCB: John Lowell
SS: Fatty Arbuckle
FS: Twister Loins

Special Teams
K: Roberto vas Deferens
P: Reggie Rapscallion
Ret: Floyd Sack
Proud host of World Bowl XXXII and World Bowl XXXIII
Appearances: 2 (82, 83)
Current rank: 148th
Highest rank: 41st (83)
Lowest rank: 262nd (79)
Best finish: Round 1 (82, 83)

G.A.F.A. I Undefeated Season and Champions
G.A.F.A. II 11-0 Regular Season

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Postby Banija » Mon Jul 19, 2021 6:56 am


The all-encompassing positional battle- Chineze v. Chibuzo dominates the conversation

BUSUKUMA, NATIONAL CAPITOL REGION- There's quite a bit going on regarding the positional battle that is dominating discussion around the Serpent Eagles, Banija's national gridiron team. We find ourselves back where we feel we belong- firmly in Pot 1, ranked 5th in the mulitverse, coming off a title game appearance in World Bowl XL as well as reaching the quarterfinals at World Bowl XLI before being eliminated at the tournament by Delaclava. With our ranking and our last two tournaments, Banijan gridiron fans are praying for something that probably far too many of them would give up their first born child for- a shot at a title run.

We're a sports obsessed country in a world full of sports obsessed countries, and gridiron is very high on that list. Even with that, there are many storylines for this World Bowl. First- what an intriguing group drawn up. Sarzonia, one of our eternal rivals, was drawn into our group. We beat them twice in World Bowl XL. We eliminated them in the Round of 16 at World Bowl XLI. And now, two more games against them. It's certainly not unreasonable to call them our second biggest rival in this entire sport, besides, of course, our eternal gridiron rivals- Ranoria.

Not to mention, who else? Bongo Johnson, a long-time successful gridiron nation. And Delaclava, who eliminated us by beating us pretty thoroughly in the World Bowl XLI Quarterfinals. Revenge on the minds? At minimum, one of those nations will miss the knockout stages. Possibly two- maybe three? Plenty to write about there. But that's not the only interesting storyline.

Thomas Hall, after two successful tournaments at the helm, is really being put to the test. Both coordinators have to be replaced. His Defensive Coordinator left to take a head coaching job in the NSCF, to run the program at Elephant Valley University. Addo Uster will get his first chance to be a head coach at any level, and it's a fantastic opportunity for the up and coming star. As for the other side, Mamadi Diene, his offensive coordinator, is 71 years old. Ergo, at the end of World Bowl XLI, lost in the fanfare, he announced his retirement. The beaches are calling his name.

Rumors abound that Thomas Hall is looking to revamp his offense. Since the QB will be younger(more on that in a moment), with his extremely talent wideouts in Lamin Kah and Chinweuba Jelan, expect this Banijan squad to be a team that tries to put all sorts of points on the board. And that leaves the conversation that has dominated the leadup to this tournament for the Serpent Eagles- who to start at quarterback?

Since World Bowl 35, only one man has started under center for Banija- Isaka Jawara. He's logged every start for seven straight cycles, and the man who is considered by many to be the greatest QB in Banijan history has done it all. All sorts of college awards. Many pro titles. A Champions Bowl title. Everything but bringing glory home for his country. He came oh so close at World Bowl XL- but Cassadaigua said no to the storybook ending. But Jawara can only be an ageless wonder for so long, and so when we were downed by Delaclava, he had to retire.

That leaves probably the fiercest positional debate Banijan sports has ever seen- who should start at QB? And with two young, mobile, confident, and big armed talented QBs in Ifeatu Chineze and Amazu Chibuzo vying for the position, well, it's certainly generated heated discussion across the country. And when you consider that these two QBs went to archrival schools- Chineze to Richardson University in Ranoria, while Chibuzo stayed at home to play for Loyola-Istria, this is about as juicy a positional battle as it gets.

Why is it so heated?

Banija's a strange country. Sports unite as well as divide. Especially the national teams in the country's three biggest sports- soccer, gridiron, and basketball. And with gridiron being the only one of the three where we lack a world title, there's nothing in the country that causes debate like the gridiron team. For better or not, Banija's five World Bowl semifinal trips leave fans believing that it's their year every year, and everyone always has an opinion. Especially World Bowls 38 & 39- as Banija struggled, everyone and their mother had the remedy. Turned out the remedy was looking north to Ranoria for a new head coach, but hey.

And so while that pressure of expectation surrounds the national team, there's nothing like a QB competition to get everybody debating. Quarterback is the most important position in sports. It's the first time since World Bowl 34 where fans did not know who would line up under center. And succeeding the all-world quarterback Isaka Jawara is no easy job. He's not just the quarterback. The team leader. The captain.

And both have done so well. Ifeatu, a former Ranorian national champion, although failing to win the NSCF at Richardson. While Banija's NSCF schools do not compete domestically, Chibuzo led Loyola-Istria to the NSCF 21 title. They are both winners. But it goes beyond that. They have big arms. Pocket poise. Mobility. Aggressive. The confidence. Especially the last part. When you're the man on campus at the crazy football schools that they went to, you've got to have that confidence.

Isaka Jawara is seemingly the only person who hasn't weighed on the debate himself, although you'd expect he'd prefer a fellow Loyola alum, Amazu Chibuzo, to get the job. But the debate is raging among pundits. Chibuzo slightly more mobile? Chineze a slightly bigger arm? Arguments on both sides on who's game is better suited to the international game? So many questions are framed around that at media days, and the entire team is getting artful about dodging the questions.

The Head Coach, Thomas Hall, said he won't make the decision until one week before Matchday 1. "Let's get the maximum amount of information available before a choice is made." He told the press. "We won't run a two QB system- once the choice is made, the choice will be a long-term one. We'll tell the QB room, then the team, and then the press. Both quarterbacks are elite- but a team needs one QB."

And until that QB is chosen, the debate continues. Who will line up under center when we visit Mertagne on Matchday 1? We may not find out until the morning of.
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Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
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Postby Mertagne » Mon Jul 19, 2021 8:15 am

The Mertagne League of Gridiron Presents...

The Mertagnian National Gridiron Team
For the World Bowl XLII

Gridiron is a sport that sees marginal success in Mertagne, with a fledgling domestic scene across the nation's 9 provinces. Keen to make steps on the world stage, the Mertagne League of Gridiron (MLG) has fielded a team to Buffalostan for their first World Bowl.

Our Info:
Nickname: The Limeys, The Stags
Home Stadium: Flynn Ar3na (88,750), New Fligsive, Plitterland, Mertagne
Style Modifier: +2

Our Players:
Pos.	Number	Name			Age	Gender
QB 2 Maenwallon Vane 22 M
QB 3 Hipolito Latzarobaster 20 M
Running Backs
RB 22 Ali Bengoechea 21 M
RB 29 Alizan Pavot 25 F
RB 31 Catherine Quincarnon 28 F
RB 37 Alison Pipe 22 F
Wide Recievers
WR 11 Mesot Albistur 26 F
WR 14 Diane Meton 23 F
WR 15 Jennifer Kiter 20 F
WR 82 Tommy Iturri 29 M
WR 88 Ayesha Terry 30 F
WR 89 Josef Millett 30 M
Tight Ends
TE 81 Mariabaztan Brooke 26 F
TE 84 Alizia Hue 30 F
TE 86 Ula Jonas 26 F
Offensive Linesmen
OL 61 Orla Rivero 27 F
OL 62 Teofrasto Awad 21 F
OL 63 Ewan Ansa 26 M
OL 64 Abbie Linford 30 F
OL 65 Oketa Romé 24 F
OL 66 Petronille Larrave 21 F
OL 67 Xerxes Killick 30 M
OL 68 Antony Andia 26 M
OL 70 Urro Tikfort 29 M
Defensive Linesmen
DL 32 Jenna Slater 25 F
DL 33 Hipomenes Villa 23 M
DL 35 Branoc Huxley 30 M
DL 38 Lokadi Hara 27 M
DL 39 Marzhin Oatway 29 M
DL 40 Sam Guyot 24 M
DL 42 Ekaitz Le Marinier 21 M
DL 43 Aurken Le Masson 20 M
DL 47 Endrike Isazaga 22 M
LB 51 Tessa Paton 28 F
LB 52 Donald Vicary 29 M
LB 53 Eukene Halley 24 F
LB 54 Alexander Gaskell 28 M
LB 55 Ellie Yrureta 26 F
LB 56 Hekateo de Challon 25 M
LB 57 Oria Pickering 25 F
Defensive Backs
DB 34 Justin Gowing 21 M
DB 36 Heloyse Arrese 23 F
DB 41 Louis Keating 26 M
DB 44 Hargin Piñeiro 26 M
DB 45 Abitza Graner 25 F
DB 46 Karlus Prudhomme 21 M
DB 48 Altzibar Ais 22 M
DB 49 Erekteo Kennard 30 M
DB 12 Declan de Valles 24 M
DB 24 Iona Mustel 28 F
K 6 Apat Labeaga 22 M
P 8 Leah Urbiso 23 F
Long Snapper
LS 25 Gorritza Gunston 29 F

Our Permissions:
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes - It is encouraged to pick from my roster.
Godmod scoring events: Yes - but TG me before you post your RP so I can have the final say.
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but nothing career ending.
Godmod Injuries to my players: No.
Suspend my players: Yes, but give me a TG if it's for more than one match.
Godmod suspension events: Yes - but TG me before you post your RP so I can have the final say.
Godmod other events: Yes - but TG me before you post your RP so I can have the final say.
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Postby Sarzonia » Mon Jul 19, 2021 8:41 am

Woodstock Daily Mail

Steckhall fired; Davis named coach

From Staff Reports

Sarzonia national gridball coach Les Steckhall was fired after the team's final practice of training camp and abruptly left training camp near Joe Gibbs Stadium.

Offensive coordinator Khrys Taylor declined appointment as interim manager and the Incorporated Gridball Federation named quarterbacks coach Gavin Davis the interim coach for World Bowl XLII. Taylor did not answer multiple requests for comment on his decision.

IGF officials cited "an internal matter" as the reason for firing Steckhall, in particular so close to the opening kickoff for the World Bowl. Sarzonia has a bye on Matchday 1. The Stars open their qualifying campaign at Joe Gibbs Stadium against Mertagne.

"It's an unfortunate circumstance," Davis said at the press conference where he was introduced as the new coach. "I hoped to be a head coach one day, but I hoped it wouldn't be a circumstance like this. In the meantime, we're going to have to adjust to things."

Davis said Taylor would call plays. He said "I don't want to make a rookie mistake as a playcaller and as a head coach. Let me limit my rookie mistakes to coaching."

Stars players said they were "surprised" by the decision to fire Steckhall.

"Oh, no question," said quarterback Sam Rosen. "He helped build this programme from the ground up. We thought we were ready to take the next step and he was going to be the one to lead us there. The fact he's not is a shock."

Steckhall did not respond to several emails, phone calls and texts seeking comment on his sudden dismissal.
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Postby Karditan » Mon Jul 19, 2021 9:15 am

The Karditan Ironworkers
(helmet design courtesy of TGT Sports of former Wight)

The Ironworkers have returned from their oh-so-long hiatus--thirteen world bowls and nearly three decades--to grace the halls of international gridiron once more. Even through the Dark Times football remained a fact of life in inland Karditan, getting progressively more and more violent as society collapsed. It's been pulled back from the brink since the reinstitution of the government, but the echoes of that violence still rings in how players are trained to this day. They'll be managed by Grey Skies, a fifty-nine year old pegasus who is the sole remaining survivor of the last Ironworkers team.

They carry on the stylistic drive of the original Ironworkers team, which is to say completely aimless offensive playcalling, heavy reliance on defensive conversions, and Jeremiah Bull's iron boot working overtime.

(ep) = earth pony || (up) = unicorn || (pp) = pegasus
Offensive Starters

Pos # Age Name
QB 00 30 Asha Krenkov || Very accurate passer with very poor decision making.
HB 11 26 Zing Zap (pp) || Light of hoof, loose of grip.
FB 12 25 Jermaine Kilcullen || Bulldozer incarnate.
WR 33 32 Marcus Ballero || Very agile, can perform very impressive acrobatics on the field. If only he was better at catching footballs.
WR 34 25 Wide Net (ep) || Slow as sin but a vacuum in their immediate area. Difficult to thwart on short plays.
TE 22 33 Gianna Druthers || Started a tradition of getting a tattoo on her bicep every time she punched out someone that made a "tight end" joke about her ass. It's now a sleeve.
RT 01 29 Right Tackle (ep) || man how do you describe linesmen in an interesting way
RG 02 31 Tim Burke || suffice to say the Karditani line is a brick wall
C 03 32 Jimothy Barnabus || their offense is self-defeating more often than not
LG 04 26 Nina Rockford || the best of the o-line
LT 05 31 Gracewing (pp) || maybe she can serve as a second TE sometimes as a surprise play? is that a thing?

Offensive Alternates

Pos # Age Name
QB 19 25 Monty Chambers
HB 10 30 Bailey Nichols
FB 67 37 Darius Jensen
WR 31 32 Keon Brumm
WR 32 27 Esteban Marchant
TE 35 30 Strained Glutes (ep)
C 08 29 Dylan "Sunshine" Blathers
LT 09 26 Darkness' Call (up)
RG .5 27 Bernard Baruch Jr

Defensive Starters

Pos # Age Name
RE 44 30 Quentin Jackson || a recruiting scout came our way
DT 41 27 Lemon Drop (ep) || to the uni field at the end of day
DT 42 27 Lime Drop (ep) || he said my Lemon you're a fine young buck
LE 43 32 Kristen Meyers || would you like to come along and make our line not suck
ROLB 50 33 Jereth Yardsborough || with a navy shirt and a girder helm
MLB 52 23 Tenuous Connection (up) || and your brother at your side
LOLB 53 25 Lionel Hook || but how will you fare when there's Drawks to tear
CB 64 29 Fiona Ruthers || oh sweet Lemon what'll happen to ya?
CB 66 31 Eddy Canseco || Open secret that he's doping.
FS 06 26 Master Blaster (ep) || Snipes passes out of the air with laser precision.
SS 07 28 Stutter Step (ep) || Breaks the mold by breaking WR's ankles instead.

Defensive Subs

Pos # Age Name
RE 40 28 Kokomo Falls
DT 45 34 Shift Gear (pp)
DT 46 26 Brian Marquez
LE 47 28 Thundaga (pp)
MLB 51 24 Sierra Nerevar
CB 69 26 Sex Joke Jr (up)
FS 73 27 Nomar Jennings

Special Teams

Pos # Age Name
K 99 32 Jeremiah Bull || Responisble for like 60% of the team's points.
P 98 25 Hope Mills (pp) || Definitely cheats in locker room poker games.

RP Allowances:
Choose my scorers: Y (comical reliance on defense and/or special teams encouraged)
Choose scoring events: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Injure my players: Y
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod other events: Y
Style Modifier: -4.3

Home Stadium: Redzzon Coliseum, Indianeighpolis; Cap. 120 000. They sure do love their football in Indianeighpolis. Football football football. Not baseball, no, and not just because their team is consistently terrible. Football. And if you do anything to insult their football, well, they've got pretty good hospitals. The denizens (70% pony) are the loudest, most obnoxious fans Karditan has to offer, which is partially why they have this giant stadium to root in. That and Redzzon Oil is based in Indianeighpolis and has a ludicrous amount of profits to throw around. They've also got a big-screen scoreboard the size of a house hanging above the western stands.
Champions: -n/a-
Runner-up: BoF 46; WBXX
Qualified for WC63
Hosted: WBXX; WBXL
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Postby Sarzonia » Tue Jul 20, 2021 7:50 am

Woodstock Daily Mail
Steckhall sues IGF, citing wrongful termination

From staff reports

Former Sarzonian national gridball team coach Les Steckhall has filed a lawsuit in Woodstock District Court against the Incorporated Gridball Federation for $15 million over his firing as the team's manager.

A court filing cites wrongful termination and "lack of due process" as reasons for the lawsuit.

"We believe our client Mr. Steckhall was wrongfully terminated for cause without justification," said Jason McCamb, the lead attorney for Steckhall in a press conference outside the courthouse. "We are suing over wrongful termination, defamation of character, lack of due process, and for punitive damages. In addition," McCamb said, "we are demanding the immediate reinstatement of Mr. Steckhall as the Stars coach."

A spokeswoman for the IGF declined comment, saying, "The [federation's] standard policy is not to comment on pending litigation." She declined to say whether the IGF would file a countersuit against Mr. Steckhall.

The lawsuit also names interim manager Gavin Davis as a defendant, citing his "opportunistic streak" in assuming the interim coaching duties. Davis also declined to comment.

The Stars are in the walkthrough phase of preparations for Matchday 2's opener at Joe Gibbs Stadium against Mertagne. Sarzonia have a Matchday 1 bye.

Quarterback Sam Rosen said the lawsuit was an "unwelcome distraction" from the team's intended focus on gridball.

"We want to just focus on playing the teams we have in Group 3, especially Delaclava and Banija since they're our natural rivals," he said. "Bongo Johnson is also a storied gridball programme and we can't take Mertagne for granted, especially since we open with them at our place."

To a player, the Stars don't want the distractions, but they also recognise that they can't exactly avoid them either.

"It's not what we want, but when the truth comes out, you'll understand why the IGF had to do what it did," said one player who spoke on condition of anonymity. They would not elaborate, saying it was a story for another player to tell.

"I've already said too much," they said.
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Postby Kohnhead » Tue Jul 20, 2021 9:41 am

Kohnhead presents the KNGT (Kohnhead National Gridiron Team) for the World Bowl XLI

Full Nation Name: The Galactic Empire of Kohnhead
Short Nation Name: Kohnhead
Trigramme: KHD
Team Nickname: The Brains
Colors: Red, White, and Blue
Record: 12-16
Appearance Number: 4
Best Result: Group Stage
Ranking: 24th
Pot: 3

Team Info: Kohnhead improved on their 3-7 performance at the 39th World Bowl by going 5-5 in Karditan but ultimately just didn't have the firepower to compete with Saint Kanye, Ko-oren, and Abanhfleft. Expectations were high for Kohnhead going into their third cycle but for the second straight time we finished .500 with a shock loss to South Newlandia sealing our fate despite us getting an upset win against Ko-oren. This time however with a new coach, new philosophy, and some new players we are expected to finally make that push and get to the knockouts because we know we have the talent to do so.

Coaching Staff:
Head Coach: Eric Dietrich, 43 years old (Ranoria)
The college football world was thrown into chaos last season when Eric Deitrich supposedly the heir apparent to head coach of the Richardson University team and leader of for what was a long time one of the best defenses in college football was fired after a horrible season. Kohnhead City putting up 51 points on a hapless Richardson defense was the final straw and Dietrich was unceremoniously released following that week 7 game. However this is a man with a long history of success who many expected to find a job quickly in the college world as a defensive coordinator for another school or maybe even a head coach for a lower level program. Instead Dietrich received no offers until the Kohnhead National Gridiron Team came calling offering him a massive five year deal to take over from Walker Sparks as our Head Coach with a large say in the roster and playcalling duties on the defensive side.

Offensive Coordinator: Richie Bell, 59 years old
Richie Bell was the running backs coach at Kohnhead City University for their first two seasons in the NSCF where he helped turn Herman Whitworth into a superstar and has helped develop Chromatik Rowena Hastroff. It was an unexpected move when the team hired him to become the offensive coordinator with many claiming that this meant we would be focusing on the running game. No, Bell's biggeset strength is his versatility as he can scheme up a run heavy offense but he can also work with the quarterbacks and work on their passing skills. Given Deitrich's skills fall on the defensive side of things Bell will have an even more important job as he will be calling the plays offensively and will be top of the line in that regard.

Defensive Coordinator: Tim Shaw, 37 years old (Ranoria)
Tim Shaw was the Defensive Backs Coach at Richardson last season and while he was not let go like our new Head Coach he followed Dietrich to Kohnhead with an opportunity to become our defensive coordinator. Shaw is an up and coming coach and while it is a risk Kohnhead is banking on his chemistry with Dietrich as a big reason for defensive improvement.

Special Teams Coordinator: Tim Murphy, 52 years old
Murphy is the special teams coordinator, and kicking has always been a strength for the team. Special teams coverage is sometimes lacking but Murphy has improved the coverage immensely. The team is also good at returns and returners will constantly get near the 30 yard line on kickoff returns. Murphy was the only coordinator to return to the team following World Bowl XLI.

QBs Coach: Lindsey Walters, 39 years old
RBs Coach: Bart Jurytion, 48 years old
WRs Coach: Martha McTurner, 51 years old
TEs Coach: Marie Arthur, 65 years old
OL Coach: Jordan Detter, 57 years old

DL Coach: Margaret Harris, 61 years old
LB Coach: Thomas Harrington, 41 years old
DB Coach: Michael Reeds, 44 years old

Offensive Starters
QB: #11 Jackson Watford, 27 years old
Watford is a strong armed quarterback who has the speed required to scramble and evade sacks. He is very good at extending the plays and his strong arm was perfect for the scheme Sparks ran in our first three World Bowls. His weaknesses are a tendency to scramble way too early leaving his receivers limited time to get open and while he has the arm his accuracy is something to be desired, he is also known to throwing intercpetions that many quarterbacks would not throw. He commits a lot of turnovers which has hurt us in the past and for the first time his spot in the starting lineup is not secured with Byron Joseph breathing down his neck. There is a new regime in town and Dietrich has been mute on who the starter is as there will be a training camp battle to determine our QB1.

RB: #24 Herman Whitworth, 19 years old (Junior Kohnhead City University)
While Georgette Butler was the starter for Kohnhead's first two World Bowls, she was relegated to the bench for the third one as Kaitlan Deacon took take over as our starter. However following a dominant season at Kohnhead City University, Herman Whitworth has been named the starting running back here at the World Bowl and will have his former RB Coach Richie Shaw calling the plays offensively. Whitworth is a bowling ball who you cannot hope to tackle but needs to improve in the pass catching game if he really wants to be a special player. His pass protection skills are already there and his biggest question mark has got to be his extensive injury history combined with his physical style of play which could limit him throughout the World Bowl.

WR: #17 Marco Polisson, 23 years old
Polisson is very young but has already proven he can be The Brains number one wide receiver. Polisson has the physical tools you look for in a WR 1 as he has an ability to go and get jump balls but also has a lot of speed and great RAC ability. Watford and Polisson have a good connection so it will be interesting to see what happens if Watford does not keep his starting spot. Polisson has a massive ego and wants the ball, something that they will have to work on. He's young and can be the premier receiver on the team for a long time and is a classic boundary receiver who can also be a target in the end zone.

WR: #6 William Carey, 20 years old (Junior Swisston City University)
Carey is the #1 receiver for a very talented Swisston City receiving corps and offense as a whole. Carey possesses speed and can be a deep threat although he is by no means a burner. His best talents come with his route running but he is a perimeter receiver despite his small frame at 6' 0 and 174 pounds. Many still question his weight but Carey says he will dismiss those concerns and that it has yet to ever effect him. Carey is an instant upgrade at receiver over Albie Terry who will be on the bench.

WR: #15 Ezekial Edwards, 22 years old
Ezekial Edwards excelled in his two seasons in the NSCF for Kohnhead City operating out of the slot and now gets a chance to start for the National Team given our lack of skill at the position. Edwards missed the last World Bowl after electing for offseason surgery in preparation for the NSCF season otherwise he might have been starting then. Edwards has chemistry with Byron Joseph and his biggest strength is his consistency with catching and almost always getting separation when running his routes. He's not the most explosive with the ball in his hands but when you need that first down he will come up with it.

(C) TE: #86 Billy James, 33 years old
The blocking skills of James are eh especially for a tight end which is why we run 12 personnel a lot. He has great speed for a tight end and can make a lot of contested catches and says he never drops the ball (it holds up only 1 drop in three seasons). James is also amazing in the red zone and is probably Watford's favorite target when they make it there. James is a modern tight end who doesn't really block but is a good weapon for the offense.

LT: #75 Peyton Whiteley, 22 years old
Peyton Whitely was the anchor of a good Kohnhead City protection two seasons ago and now take over on either QB's blindside. She was the third blindside tackle in three years however hopefully the musical chairs appear to have stopped with Whitely who is a beast now and for the future. She has the right size and strength but Nicholas Love is still there on the bench if she struggles with the weight of expectations placed on her. Whitely should be a staple for years to come of the offensive line.

LG: #73 Mildred Plumbing, 27 years old
Plumbing has been known as someone who was good at run blocking but struggled when it came to pass protection. She used to be a tackle but due to her size and struggles in pass protection she was moved inside where she has done a lot better and sort of hidden her weakness. Jordan Detter and Worthing have worked tirelessly to make her into a very good guard and I expect her to take the next step forward especially when Plumbing retires.

C: #62 Jonathon Jodan, 25 years old
Jodan is undersized for a center yet he has enough strength to hold his own in pass protection and is pretty good in run blocking. Jodan's biggest strength is his knowledge of the game and he is able to read what the defense is doing pre-snap and communicate it with the guy under center as well as the rest of the offensive line. He has a very good personality and is loved in the locker room by literally everyone.

RG: #79 Micheal Carter, 30 years old
Carter is the weak spot on the O-Line as he struggles in both pass protection and run blocking, has poor speed and athletiscsim, a low football IQ, poor technique, but the one bright spot is his size and strength. Unfortunately size and strength can only get you so far and he is known to give up pressures way too easily. He needs to be replaced sooner rather than later but as of right now there is no one capable enough to replace him.

(C) RT: #65 Bethany Crooks, 24 years old
Crooks was the tackle a couple of years ago at Kohnhead City before they were part of the NSCF and was completely dominant. This will be her fourth straight World Bowl starting despite her age. The plan at one point was to kick her over to the left side but she has stated she prefers the right side and does not want to undergo a transition. Despite being somewhat of a weak spot in World Bowl 39 she has developed into a complete strength and is a beast. The team has so much faith and trust in Crooks that they have even named her a captain despite her age because she has been starting for so long and has all the leadership traits and capabilities you look for.

Defensive Starters
RE: #96 Brittany Yater, 28 years old
Yater at one point was the best player on the defensive line which is not saying much. The pressure generated mainly comes from the edge rushers and Yater struggles to win one on ones. That being said she is still pretty young and with good coaching can grow. She has the physical tools necessary, and her heart is in the right place it's just her technique is absolutely abysmal. If this defense wants to play better they need more production from her.

DT: #91 Ellenor Firth, 31 years old
Firth is the biggest question mark of anyone on the team. She has some talent but the past few years has been injured and not very productive when playing. There is competition for this nose tackle position as Firth is mainly a run stuffer. The coaching staff trusts her and seems to like her as a starter although I'm doubtful that she can produce on a defense that is sure to have lots of struggles. Albie Snow will probably take over from her by the next World Bowl although she has been named the starter for now.

LE: #92 Josef Travis, 23 years old
After a good senior season for Kohnhead City University, Josef Travis took over as the left end and eased some of the pressure off of Espinosa who draws lots of double teams. Travis will also look to generate more pressure from this left end position than before although some think he'd be better suited at the EDGE position in place of Spears. It's possible that at World Bowl 43 he takes over in that position which would allow his pure pass rushing skillset to do wonders.

Right EDGE: #90 Levi Espinosa, 29 years old
Espinosa is the best pass rusher on the team. He also will sometimes (rarely) drop back into coverage, although he is not the best at doing that. Espinosa is a power rusher with great technique and a variety of power and finesse moves in his arsenal that he uses to get around offensive lineman. Espinosa is by far the best player on the defense and he anchors the pass rush, and run defense. He is just 29 and is in the prime of his career as we speak.

(C) Left EDGE: #95 Rayyan Spears, 34 years old
On the opposite side of Espinosa sits Spears. Spears is lucky because all of the attention is on Espinosa so she can really thrive on the left side rushing the passer. She also drops off into coverage more frequently than Espinosa and is better at it although not by much. Spears is a good second edge rusher to have, but I doubt she could step up into that premier rusher role if Espinosa goes down. Spears' job could be in doubt especially if Travis is moved to the Edge position as may have thought he should be moved there.

(C) MLB: #53 Phillip Haney, 23 years old
Haney is the young signal caller for the defense. He has very high potential and is already quite good. He is good at tackling and is very good in coverage although his speed at 4.6 is slower than what you want for the position. Haney is expected to step up as a leader in future years, and already is one. Although he is not one of two defensive captains, he get's the captain's patch because he's the captain on special teams with regular contributions on coverage.

MLB #58 Lyla Barrera, 26 years old
Barrera is the second interior line backer on the team, and is also quite young at just 26 years of age. Barrera is known to be a better tackler than Haney, is faster, yet she lacks the great coverage skills that make Haney such a good player. Barrera is still a very good player and will only get better with time as young as she is.

CB #24 Percy Whitehead, 32 years old
Whitehead is a big play machine and is the number one corner on the team. Whitehead is very aggressive as a corner back and will often get beat on simple double moves because of his ball hawk tendencies, but on the bright side he often comes up with key interceptions when you need it most. I would rather have a better number one corner but Whitehead is the guy you can count on to come up with a key interception if he's not getting roasted 10 yards behind his person because of a double move. Whitehead is also a good tackler which is important in stopping short passes from turning into big gains. Whitehead will shadow opposing teams best receivers all over the field because the defense plays man defense most of the time.

CB #30 Anne Boyer, 22 years old
Anne Boyer was given the number two corner spot and even though she had a down season last year for Kohnhead City and many thought this spot should go to potential DPOY of the NSCF Zion Irving. Boyer however won this spot out in camp and should bring needed stability to the other side of the field. Boyer is a bit oversized for the position and thus lacks something in the speed department but has good reactions and instincts and is good in the mental department.

FS #23 Shane Holman, 28 years old
Holman is the deep center field safety who tries to limit the opposing team's big plays, and he's pretty good at it too. This allows Whitehead to play more aggressive as he knows Holman will usually be able to back him up if he gets roasted. Holman is a top three player on the defense and he knows it as he plays with poise and confidence.

(C) SS #27 Chris Molina, 36 years old
Molina is the guy you want on your team no matter what. Molina will play ever defensive snap of every game, and can play anywhere on the field. He can line up at linebacker, slot corner, outside corner, safety, or wherever you need him to be. Molina is a great leader on and off the field and someone teammates look up to. Despite being 36 and with skills diminishing he's still an invaluable member of the team. I cannot say enough good things about him and neither can his teammates. The question continues to be after every World Bowl is this Molina's last. For the past few seasons he has said no to this but it's clear he isn't going to be around for much longer so Kohnhead need to find a replacement sooner rather than later.

QB #1 Byron Joseph, 21 years old
QB #7 Diego Rodriguez, 20 years old (Junior Swisston City University)
Is Byron Joseph the future or no that is the question that must be asked. Dietrich has seen what he can do first hand after Joseph has torched Richardson multiple times in his career. In addition a coach who knows the option offense that Joseph likes to run is his offensive coordinator which gives the kid who works the hardest ample opportunity to replace Watford. Diego Rodriguez is just a year younger than Joseph and fits more of the Jackson Watford mold, if Rodriguez has a good camp he could also look to become the starter although the odds are stacked against him.

RB #26 Kaitlan Deacon, 23 years old
RB: #25 Georgette Butler, 32 years old
RB #27 Elliot Roach, 19 years old (Sophmore Richardson University - Ranoria)
Georgette Butler will serve as the third down back given her abilities as a pass catcher outside of the backfield and she has that experience in big games if Deacon struggles considering she was the starter at the last two World Bowls. Deacon and Roach will be more power backs off the bench although Roach is not expected to play much given that he not only has the NSCF but he also has a domestic season with Richardson.

WR: #10 Kenneth Bradson, 35 years old
WR: #18 Albie Terry, 22 years old
WR: #13 Maggie Brown, 30 years old
The fact that no bench receiver really played well last year speaks as to why Albie Terry was one of the starters. Bradson is a deep threat who started the first two World Bowls but cannot stay healthy and is nothing like what he used to be, Terry is a perimeter receiver with decent upside and Brown started the first three World Bowls but is now just a decent backup for the slot.

TE #88 Tom Crouch, 31 years old
TE #83 Benny Devlin, 20 years old (Sophmore Kohnhead City University)
TE #81 Evelyn Lang, 34 years old
Yeah the tight end depth does leave a little to be desired as our top three tight ends are all past 30 years of age however Benny Devlin provides hope for the future. The Kohnhead City tight end was one of a few Kohnhead City players to be named to the team and he has the upside to be better than James, Crouch, or Lang. While Crouch and Lang mainly serve as blocking tight ends who don't provide too much in the passing game (Crouch provides more), Devlin is more of the moder tight end but has been working on his blocking. The four tight ends on the roster are due to Kohnhead running a lot of 12 or even 13 personnel so they will all see the field.

OT #77 Nicholas Love, 25 years old
OT #71 Erika Wolf, 22 years old
OG #68 Adrienne Gross, 34 years old
G/C #78 Kylo Friedman, 28 years old
Nicholas Love has been sent back to the bench where he will remain as a backup swing tackle, a very valuable piece to any roster. While he definitely has upside the two tackles ahead of him are just plainly better and he will probably stay as a backup for most of his career on the World Bowl team. Gross and Friedman really all don't have any upside with the former being 34 years of age and are mainly here for depth purposes. Erika Wolf was a beast for Swisston last season but I don't think she is better than either of the two starting tackles.

DE #58 Blanka Robles, 25 years old
DT #93 Jakub Brush, 22 years old
DT/DE #97 Albie Snow, 20 years old (Senior Kohnhead City University)
EDGE #51 Fox Middleton, 22 years old
EDGE #94 Bella Snider, 32 years old
While the starters on the defensive line are less than impressive to say the least we have a lot of young backups with high potential meaning the position group is in a better place. Jakub Brush and Albie Snow both have the ability to be starters and Snow can also play at the end position as opposed to the tackle position given his lack of size for a nose tackle. Fox Middleton just graduated from KCU and while he's not ready to make the jump to starter yet maybe in a few years.

MLB #47 Sid Carlson, 21 years old
MLB #50 David Decker, 22 years old
LB #49 Jemima Woolen, 22 years old
While our starters at the linebacker position with Haney and Barrera are potentially the strength of our defense the depth was to put it mildly complete garbage. However we entirely revamped our backups with the three star linebackers for Swisston City last season who all graduated becoming our three backups all of whom have tremoundous upside but a difficult path to playing time.

CB #21 Zion Irving, 21 years old (Senior Kohnhead City University)
CB #29 Rachel Gordon, 20 years old (Senior Swisston City University)
C/S #22 Melanie Wilks, 33 years old
S #37 Roman Jimenez, 24 years old
S #32 Sophia Molloy, 29 years old
In terms of the corner depth, Irving and Gordon are both #1 starters for their teams over in the NSCF with Irving being the best slot corner in college football two seasons ago. Last season he switched outside despite his size and was decent but showed a lot of potential. One of them is most likely going to supplant Whitehead in a few years. Wilks has decent abilities to play both positions and that's why she's there. Jimenez plays like a third safety when that's required and he's still relatively young while Molloy is a depth piece.

Special Teams
K #4 Wanda Parkinson, 25 years old
P #1 Susan Welsh, 32 years old
LS #45 Mira Ballard, 30 years old

KR: Kenneth Bradson
PR: Kenneth Bradson

As stated earlier Special Teams is a strength of ours especially with Parkinson improving her accuracy in recent years. Bradson is the returner just like he has been and maybe now he can contribute more as he's not a full time starter.

Stadium: Chicken King Stadium (67,000), Kohnhead City

Home: Image
Away: Image
Massive shoutout to Saint Kanye for making these awesome gridiron uniforms

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes
Suspend my players: Yes
Godmod suspension events: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, please let me know via telegram or on discord first.
Style Modifier: -1.5

Note: I will be doing an injury report before every match so please use this if RPing our match thanks. In addition due to some camp battles there will be changes to the Starers that I will announce.
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Postby Banija » Tue Jul 20, 2021 3:33 pm

Image @AllBanijaSportsMagazine Chineze and Chibuzo battle it out in practice today. Chibuzo ran the two minute drill at the end of practice- given a situation with the ball at his own 12 yard line, 2:11 on the clock, no timeouts. Led a touchdown drive. Chineze seen shaking his head when Chibuzo threw a touchdown pass to Jelan at the end of the drive.

Image @BanijaGridironWeekly Ifeatu Chineze and Amazu Chibuzo both looked great in practice. Of course, no pads or pressure, but Chineze threw a beautiful ball down the sideline to Jelan in single coverage, 55 air yards on a rope.

Image @BusukumaPost Do players have their favorites? Lamin Kah in his post practice presser tweeted that Chibuzo was 'the man', while Chinweuba Jelan raved about Chineze's arm. But which man will get the nod for the Serpent Eagles? #ChinezevsChibuzo

Image @AllBanijaSportsMagazine An interesting sight- both Chibuzo and Chineze are wearing the red 'do not touch' QB Jerseys. Generally only given to the starting QB. No sign of either QB seperating themselves in this QB competition.
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Postby Sarzonia » Wed Jul 21, 2021 8:26 am

Two days had passed since Les Steckhall was abruptly fired from his position as the head coach of the Sarzonian national gridball team.

He sat down in attorney Jason McCamb's office with a cup of coffee he'd gotten from the local convenience store. He took a sip as McCamb reviewed information that Steckhall provided him.

Steckhall noticed a grimace develop on McCamb's face as he pored over one document in the folder. His brow furrowed with concern as McCamb looked over at Deborah Fontenoy, the paralegal who was working on the case with McCamb. The attorney said something in a whisper to Fontenoy, who then stood up, grabbed the document from McCamb and walked back into a room. McCamb looked at Steckhall with a worried expression.

"Les, you didn't tell me Spencer Henderson said you berated him when he missed a block in training."

"I didn't think it was that big a deal," Steckhall said. "I rode him all the time. I wanted him to be the best right tackle in gridball." McCamb nodded slowly, but his expression didn't change, which brought new concern to Steckhall.

"Yes, but then there's also a sworn affidavit here from Henderson that you also slapped him on the back of his helmet, and one here from Zeke Bradley you called him a faggot."

"Some of the guys need a little jolt to play their best. Some guys need to be treated with kid gloves! They know I didn't mean anything!"

"It also said in the document that strong safety Zane Yates openly challenged you on the issue and that he contacted human resources over your methods."

"He was worried about being cut! There's nothing there!"

McCamb's eyes narrowed and Steckhall could tell it meant his attorney was getting angry with him. The attorney drew in his breath slowly and exhaled raggedly. He took a sip from the water bottle to his immediate left, paused for a couple of seconds, then spoke.

"You do realise that when discovery begins, all of this is going to come to light," McCamb said. "You're suing the IGF for wrongful termination and lack of due process. That file includes an email Henderson sent human resources on 18th June. The statement from Yates was sent to HR on 11th July. There's an automated response from HR on 18th June and an email from a clerk in HR to Mr. Henderson on 23rd June saying they would investigate the matter. There was also an email from Kathi Glennon in HR on 11th July asking you to come into the office for a "consultation."

"I couldn't make that consultation because my wife was in hospital," Steckhall said. "We couldn't reschedule it."

"All of that's going to blow a hole in our 'lack of due process' defence," McCamb said. "The IGF is arguing they're terminating you with cause, and maybe we could argue against one isolated incident, but there are multiple documented incidents here. Notably, they aren't contesting you getting unemployment insurance. They very easily could do that."

"So, what are you saying?"

"I'm saying," McCamb said, pausing for a moment to make sure his words sank in, "The evidence we have is not going to help our case. I think it's best you cut your losses and drop the lawsuit."

"Maybe we can get a settlement?"

McCamb turned away from Steckhall for a moment and stared at the wall. He drew in his breath through his nostrils and exhaled slowly. He looked at the floor for a moment and then turned back to look at Steckhall. He opened his mouth, inhaled and exhaled before speaking again.

"If you really believe the IGF doesn't have the stomach to take this to court, we can try to keep the lawsuit going," he said. "But I've already warned you about discovery. It's going to be a real bitch when these facts come to light. And make no mistake, Les, these are facts. There are multiple accusations here that you abused your players, and these accusations are credible. Deborah talked to Mr. Henderson a couple of times. A couple of the other attorneys have talked to other players in that document. I've talked to Mr. Yates personally. He's very credible.

"My understanding, though, is their lead attorney Mx. Cavanaugh doesn't typically request to settle cases unless they feel they can't win. And from what I gather here, there's enough to suggest they think they can win this case. I'm here for you, Les, but I warn you: this does not look promising. You would have a better chance to beat Banija a World Bowl final in the Stadium of the Restoration than you have to win this case."
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Postby Kriegiersien » Wed Jul 21, 2021 2:38 pm

Kriegiersien Gridiron Football National Team

For a nation where nudity is mandatory, clothes are always a nice surprise. Kriegiersien comes as always in their black Olympic rags.. jerseys.


After again terrible bad results in the World Bowl.. the exact same team was send again. But this time with another call.
"If they don't win a medal, they don't need to come back. Seriously, we know people were they can walk the plank then. And the helmets are axed, too", the president proclaimed.

Head coach:
Tushar Jean-Claude
Levan Hershel

Offensive coordinator:
Kajetán Hinrich
Wassim Beornræd

Defensive coordinator:
Kazimír Thoko
Aravind Rico

Special teams coach:
Conchita Denice
Rehoboam Albin

Quarterback coach:
Frida Ilham
Simona Friðþjófr

Offensive line coach:
Chiyo Susie
Eindriði Davud

Defensive line coach:

Linebacker coach:

Medical Staff:
Doc Groooom

Bernd Bocuse



David Chippendale
Agatha Raisin

Alexander Alexios
Sera David

Running back:
Jack Roadrunner
Mel Di Brandini

Jack Fat
Dora Dumpling

Wide receiver:
Jack White
Whitey Whiteman
Nils Dobs
Uruk Hai
Hildegard Nuskatmus
Wanya Wide
Christina Conman
Gora Gonzales

Tight end:

Left guard and right guard:
Liam Left
Roger Right
Lila Links
Rwanda Rechts

Left tackle and right tackle:
Dan Droit
Greg Gauche
Dora Droit
Gina Gauche


Defensive tackle:
Dwayne Bravestone

Defensive end:


Fostrorlim Caskbelt
Lolulynn Beasttank

Gostrarlug Merrysunder
Turfuil Barrelgrip
Hewiline Opaltank
Gruzmaerika Coincoat

The mixed team consists in the offense mainly out of humans but many of the teams defense are Orcs and Dwarfs out of 'recent expansions' in Kriegiersien.

Everything allowed that doesn't break the game.

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Postby Ranoria » Wed Jul 21, 2021 4:19 pm


The Top 6 Quarterbacks In the World Entering World Bowl 42

By Will Jackson at RSNN

What better way to kick things off for World Bowl 42 than everyone's favorite list: Nope, not power rankings: quarterback rankings! Because everyone wants to know more about the game's most important position. And since the top 5 may have been just a bit too exclusive, we added one more slot in there, just to give you folks at home some extra content. Enjoy!

#6: Sarai Gwenderyn, Chromatika

International Awards and Titles
NSCF 22 Runner Up
NSCF 22 Most Outstanding Player
NSCF 22 Horizon Conference Champion

The new starter for the Iron Legion has made a name for herself already at the highest level, spearheading the meteoric rise of her Felswyr State Firehawks to nearly don the crown in their debut NSCF season. Appropriately, her exploits won her NSCF’s Most Outstanding Player award as a true dual threat quarterback (seems to be a theme on this list, don’t you think?). Defense has always been the calling card of the Firehawks, but without their passer they’d have never gotten as far as they did.

25-7, that’s the Firehawks’ record in the NSCF. The first, of course, includes wresting the Horizon conference championship from the Sadeg State Skyhawks for the first time in what feels like a millenia, knocking off Loyola-Istria’s Blue Thunder in a game that contributed to the latter’s failure to make the playoffs that season, and then storming the castle on their way to lose a nailbiter against Cold Hill and Diamond Rhine.

The next season wasn’t quite as dominant, but really, how could it have been? It wasn’t a disappointment, as the Firehawks were still a juggernaut of a squad and made it to the semifinals, but a few tight games just didn’t go their way. And it should be stressed, no one expects her team to regress any further, now that their old stadium - Reborn From Ashes - is no longer being employed.

So with all this, why have her so far down the list? Well, we haven’t quite seen Gwenderyn get a ton of action at the professional level, so we can’t in good conscience put her above some of these established, MVP-caliber professionals above her. But that could change - and quickly - if she puts on a show in this World Bowl.

#5: Isaka Jawara, Banija

International Awards and Titles
NSCF Offensive Player of the Year: NSCF 17, NSCF 19
NSCF Most Outstanding Player: NSCF 18
NSCF Champion: NSCF 17
NSCF Runner Up: NSCF 18
World Bowl Runner Up: World Bowl XL
Bronze Medalist: World Bowl XXXVI

Arguably the best player in the history of the NSCF, Isaka Jawara retired after his last World Bowl appearance, but with Banija’s starting quarterback job up in the air, we’re gonna throw him in based on what he’s done in his career.

Of course, with all that living lightning bolt was able to see plenty of success domestically, with multiple championships under his belt to live up to his elite draft pedigree.

He’s also been the Banijan National Team starter for seven seasons, in case anyone cares about something that trivial, and has led them to significantly more success than what they had previously. Don’t believe that he elevated the squad? Don’t think his World Bowl success matters for these rankings? Well, sorry to break it to you but it’s the primary factor for these rankings, so let’s dig into some statistics!

Banija’s all time record in the World Bowl group stage is a clean 82-40. Their knockout game record (including play ins) is 16-10, good for a total of 98-50. About what you’d expect of a team with the dominant history behind these Serpent Eagles.

That being said, those winning percentages have certainly seen a bump from the participation of Isaka Jawara. The legendary passer has tallied a 36-13 group stage record and a 7-4 mark in the knockouts. The former number is good for a 73.5% winning percentage, the latter a nice 63.6%. Certainly above the par of an already excellent program. Without his contribution? It’s still good! But not quite as good. Without Jawara, the Serpent Eagles are 46-27 in the group stage and 9-6 in the knockouts. If you want some percentages to make the comparisons more easily, that’s a 63% win rate in the group stage and 60% in the knockouts.

So look, we’re not saying Jawara made the Serpent Eagles into what they are, as that would discredit their past success and all the other great players to suit up for Banija’s national team, but we do think it’s fair to say he did for them what he did for Loyola-Istria: he brought them to the next level. It’s also fair to point out that Jawara got this team to its first ever championship game against Cassadaigua, setting them up for future success...can the new guy, whoever he is, capitalize?

#4: Taylor Crimmens, Cassadaigua

International Awards and Titles
World Bowl 40 Champion

A name who many are likely to be grateful to see withdrawing from the competition, Taylor Crimmens was a force to be reckoned with for many years, heading up the gridiron squad of one of the most dominant nations in international sport. Most recently, some of you may remember her blistering pace of 13 touchdowns through 5 games in World Bowl 41 (on pace for 41.6 touchdowns over a 16 game season), against world-class competition.

Well, for my Ranorian readers, her victory over our Krauts in the World Bowl 40 semifinals is perhaps a bit more fresh in the memory. Regardless, the lethally accurate passer won't be missed by many fans across the world, after all - with the Daigans pulling out of the World Bowl, everyone's chances of winning a title just skyrocketted.

#3: John Garrett, Ranoria

International Awards and Titles
NSCF Offensive Player of the Year: NSCF 18

A name by now synonymous with Ranorian gridiron between his hefty achievements in the NSCF and World Bowl, John Garrett is one of the most recognizable faces in Ranorian sports both at home and abroad.

With an overall record of 29-13 in the NSCF and going three for three on making the postseason in Richardson’s first three years in the competition, the argument can be made that John Garrett spearheaded Ranoria’s now full immersion in the phenomenon of international sport. In the NSCF, Garrett compiled a whopping 10,897 passing yards with 88 touchdowns against just ten interceptions. Those are both good for Richardson’s program records for most in an NSCF career, and his NSCF 18 season earned him the competition’s Offensive Player of the Year Award.

Garrett also sports a 9-1 record in the World Bowl group stage, and advanced to the quarterfinals in World Bowl XLI before tearing his shoulder against Drawkland’s Grid Corps. Injuries such as this have hampered his career, first appearing in the NSCF, but he has still made one hell of a name for himself as arguably the best quarterback in the Ranorian Football League.

In his first pro season, Garrett took the league by storm. He would win the league MVP by throwing a record 40 touchdowns against on the march to the championship game. “Farmboy” would lead his Hogs to the playoffs in each of the next two seasons. Then in 2023, he led arguably the best team in Ranorian history. Garrett would throw for a whopping 4,715 yards - good for 3rd most in history - and shatter his own passing touchdowns record with 47. With that unstoppable offense, the Hogs became the only 16-0 team in RFL history and secured the franchise’s first ever championship, with a playoff run featuring thrilling shootouts against both Bo Callahan and Derek McNair.

Unfortunately Garrett was injured in week one of the next season, and the Hogs stumbled out to an 1-5 start. But their leader came back in week 7 and fought through injuries to bring them back from the jaws of an abysmal season. He managed to go 9-1 as the starter after coming back and got his team into the playoffs - first round exit or no, the injury-riddled season is considered one of his best efforts.

Compared to his usual standard, the passer was poor the following season after tearing that injured shoulder against Drawkland in the World Bowl playoffs, and suffered a second consecutive first round exit in the playoffs.

But most recently, Garrett notched his third forty touchdown season - the 4th in RFL history - and led his 10-6 Hogs squad to a second championship victory.

Without a World Championship under his belt, we can’t quite give him the title of best quarterback in the world, but Farmboy certainly deserves his spot on this list. And if all goes well, he may just be able to climb up the rankings sooner rather than later.

#2: Taurus Wright, Delaclava

International Awards and Titles
World Bowl XLI: All Tournament Team

We get it, there’s only a small sample size with this kid’s work. But after starting quarterback Trent Goff was benched in the last World Bowl, Wright became the focal point of the Phoenix offense and led them to a nice bronze medalist performance.

Goff went down officially with an injury in the team’s fourth match, where Taurus Wright took the reigns. Wright would lead his team to a 6-2 group stage finish and, as we pointed out before, a third place finish in the most prestigious gridiron competition in the world. Hell, we can’t forget those lanky Drawkians with their championship, so the multiverse really.

Of course, he isn’t a new name in households back home. Wright was electric at Lansing State, lighting up scoreboards and breaking multiple records as a true dual threat quarterback. Now, you’d think a field general this high up on this list would’ve had professional teams running through walls to secure his services, but that wasn’t quite the case. Lansing State isn’t a traditional powerhouse in Delaclava, and as such Wright was well, written (badum-tss) off as an athletic freak and a project.

Well, luckily for the Catherina Crushers who landed him, the pundits, scouts, general managers, coaches, and talking heads were all wrong about his potential. Very, very wrong. Taurus Wright is currently the reigning MVP, and he’s on a three year streak of making it to the semifinals domestically, plus his aforementioned semifinal appearance in this past World Bowl. Playoff success is one of the single most important things weighed when it comes to the legacy of a quarterback, and this superstar passer has already racked himself up quite a resume on that front. Hell, if not for a semifinal run in to our #1 passer on this list, he may just have landed a World Bowl title.

Will he be able to add to that trophy case by building off of his, and his teams’, incredible success last season? We’re all sitting at the edge of our seats waiting for the answer to that very question.

#1: Dustin Beck, Drawkland

International Awards and Titles
World Bowl Champion: World Bowl XLI

Some of you may be familiar with Dustin Beck’s exploits in the NSCF, leading the Skyhawks to a playoff win in their debut NSCF campaign, and knocking off Ramusok Capital for the first time in years in just their second season to secure the Horizon Conference Championship, a tradition that has been given little in the way of dispute until the recent rise of Felswyr State.

So yeah, those Sadeg State Skyhawks, the ones that just won the NSCF championship, and who are so good that media can brush aside the existence of Cavsar? He set the precedent for their success in the NSCF. Fast forward to his days as a professional, and the dual threat quarterback has evolved into an absolute force. With several years of professional play under his belt, Beck is a perennial MVP contender who’s as much a threat with his arms as he is his legs. And in all reality, no matter the supporting cast around him he’ll make his team a threat to take home a championship.

So when veteran Dak Waterman - Drawkland’s national team starter for about two decades - went down with an injury, Dustin Beck was more than capable of stepping in. He responded to any doubters by going putting up 166 points in an 8 game group stage - one of the better tallies of anyone in the tournament - and then knocked off the powerhouse Royal Kingdom of Quebec in a nail biter in the first round. With the world on notice, Beck would face off with Ranoria’s Krauts, always a threat to win it all. Despite the wise words of Corpsguy725:

QF - vs Ranoria

Wait, you expect us to have a chance?


He did give his team a chance, and just that. Against John Garrett, he led his team to an overtime win in an absolute nailbiter, and then knocked off Delaclava’s squad, led by quarterback Taurus Wright, who was crowned the All-Tournament quarterback of World Bowl XLI. One more victory, this one over Ko-oren, and Dustin Beck would be the one to deliver Drawkland a World Bowl Championship in just his first year as a starter.

So who the hell is bold enough to say he’s going to take a step back one edition later? Beck may have some stiff competition, but he’s not going anywhere anytime soon, and with the Grid Corps behind him, 7 help anyone who ends up facing him in the group stage.

Had some help from Banija, Chromatika, Drawkland, Cassaidagua, and Delaclava on this one. And the quoted bit is directly from one of Drawk's RPs in World Bowl 41
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Postby Abanhfleft » Thu Jul 22, 2021 12:31 am

National American football team

Seriously though, WTF happened in World Bowls XL and XLI? Oh, well. On to the next one.

Name of nation
: Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Demonym: Fleftic
Official history: This will be Abanhfleft's 14th time playing the World Bowl after the disaster that was the crash of Air Abanhfleft Flight 5116 in Electrum. This is Abanhfleft's 17th time participating in the World Bowl overall.
Team colors: Blue, orange, and green
Style modifier: +2. Abanhfleft has adopted a new, more conservative attacking style of play under new coach Marius Magnussen.

The Amado Isauro-Imponte Garden in Kammala, Garufaloe Province, home of the Garufaloe Cobras of the FNLAF, will be playing host to the Fleftic national gridiron team's home matches. It has an official capacity of 51,000 people, but attendance regularly exceeds that figure thanks to a rabid fanbase, and people preferring to stand up or sit on the stairs whenever capacity is filled.

Key: (Shirt number, height, weight in pounds, age, starter or not)

Quarterback - Wes Soderlund (#8, 5'8, 225, 27, starter)
Quarterback - Glenn Poore (#17, 6'1, 219, 30)
Fullback - Hayden Bruso (#49, 6'3, 273, 32, starter)
Fullback - Zackary Hempel (#29, 6'2, 280, 28)
Tailback - Ronnie Turgeon (#38, 5'11, 255, 31, starter)
Tailback - Eldon Warne (#33, 6'4, 290, 28)
Wide Receiver - Toby Archambeault (#82, 5'9, 210, 27, starter)
Wide Receiver - Palmer Morel (#12, 5'8, 213, 26, starter)
Wide Receiver - Eldon Warne (#83, 5'9, 217, 30)
Wide Receiver - Robby Caplan (#87, 5'6, 222, 27)
Tight End - Luther Dunleavy (#41, 5'8, 249, 27, starter)
Tight End - Alonzo Stilwell (#43, 5'7, 255, 31)
Tight End - Ivan Hoehn (#88, 5'6, 248, 28)

Center - Merlin Tomblin (#55, 6'2, 312, 28, starter)
Center - Elisha Franklin (#52, 6'3, 294, 25)
Offensive Guard - Jerrod Fender (#72, 6'0, 330, 32, starter)
Offensive Guard - Rich Valenti (#64, 5'10, 283, 27, starter)
Offensive Guard - Erasmo Lohman (#67, 5'11, 30, 28)
Offensive Guard - Rhett Petzold (#75, 6'2, 280, 31)
Offensive Tackle - Abram Paradise (#78, 6'3, 314, 32, starter)
Offensive Tackle - Jesus Hurd (#61, 6'2, 312, 28, starter)
Offensive Tackle - Jordan Baker (#70, 6'0, 279, 24)
Offensive Tackle - Kevin Halladay (#60, 6'2, 250, 26)

Middle Linebacker - Del Kendall (#48, 5'9, 328, 31, starter)
Middle Linebacker - Anderson Laurel (#90, 5'11, 271, 27)
Outside Linebacker - Wilfredo Geiger (#92, 5'8, 256, 29, starter)
Outside Linebacker - Deven Manahan (#56, 5'10, 283, 29, starter)
Outside Linebacker - Roderick Mariano (#57, 6'0, 274, 28)
Outside Linebacker - Reginald Newton (#94, 6'1, 288, 25)
Cornerback - Freddy Droz (#31, 6'1, 229, 32, starter)
Cornerback - Louie Stigall (#37, 5'10, 210, 29, starter)
Cornerback - Alex Clemente (#22, 6'2, 245, 30)
Cornerback - Brandon York (#21, 6'2, 226, 24)
Safety - Ward Elgin (#23, 5'8, 210, 29, starter)
Safety - Leon Vrieze (#30, 5'9, 227, 26, starter)
Safety - Earl Pangilinan (#45, 5'7, 212, 28)
Safety - Ralph Reeves (#25, 5'11, 240, 26)

Defensive Tackle - Bryce Abella (#42, 6'3, 302, 30, starter)
Defensive Tackle - Colton Fazon (#51, 6'1, 321, 29, starter)
Defensive Tackle - Leonida Di Giulio (#65, 5'10, 324, 27)
Defensive Tackle - Michel Doisneau (#69, 5'11, 330, 33)
Defensive End - Justyn Dagohoy (#76, 5'10, 299, 33, starter)
Defensive End - Verecondo Bonino (#66, 5'9, 298, 28, starter)
Defensive End - Talal Hadj (#79, 5'8, 282, 27)
Defensive End - Qasim Hannachi (#40, 5'9, 310, 29)

Kicker - Roland Bass (#19, 5'9, 214, 33, field goal specialist)
Kicker - Adeodato Schiavo (#1, 5'8, 203, 25, kickoff specialist)
Punter - Adriano Maiocco (#5, 5'8, 220, 32)
Holder - Glenn Poore
Returner - Toby Archambeault

Anything except killing my players or staff is fair game.
The Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Leader: President Rako Novoire

Territories and dependencies:
Trans-Dniesters (Client state)
Oontaz Dert Li Ng
Copper Cuprum
Economic Left/Right: -1.72
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.88
Second place winner in the International Baseball Slam VI
Third place winner in the World Lacrosse Championship XIX
Winner of the Baptism of Iron XVI!
Third place winner in the 33rd Di Bradini Cup!

Third place winner of the International Baseball Slam VIII
Winner of World Lacrosse Championships 22!

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Postby Tumbra » Thu Jul 22, 2021 1:40 am

The below is a skeletal roster; opponents who wish to find details on how the below players play are directed to my WB41 roster, since I go into more detail on them there.


The Misfits

Home Arena: Gamaliel State University Field, capacity: 23,000
Head Coach: Charlie Brown (37)

Two years ago, the Misfits shocked the world as they potbusted to finish third in a five-team group; but fell short at the last hurdle. The campaign ended in a bundle of controversy, too; head coach Charlie Brown was arrested for impersonating a public servant (to sign the team up for the WB in the first place) and the entire GSU football program was suspended. Brown was sacked; and after an eight-month prison sentence, is now a broken man, the fire having gone out of his belly.

Until the Ministry of Culture asked him to lead the same team he did back to the World Bowl. And he duly obliged. All fifty-three members of the original squad which came so close to qualifying for the playoffs returned; two years older, two years wiser, and certainly ready to take on the challenges put in front of them.

Home Colours: Blue with gold trim
Away Colours: Green with Maroon trim

Style Mod: +1
Offensive Coordinator: Andrea Ratzinger (34)

No, Andrea is a man, and he will look at you threateningly if you ask. The team in attack goes for a relatively generic formation, with two running backs and two wide receivers. Most of the time quarterback Waters will look to pass to the one furthest ahead, meaning the wide receivers are the ones most likely to receive the ball. The team will go for the two points most of the time, unless Raskin, who is the key to the two point push, is knackered (which usually occurs near the end of the third quarter) or they are ahead by more than ten points. Starters are bolded.

Pos. No. Name              Age    
QB 69 Dan Waters 24
QB 13 Mark Stanley 23
HB 8 Tyler Davis 22
HB 11 John Cruz 24
HB 54 Rex Jones 22
FB 9 Tom Raskin 21
FB 47 Paul Branson 20
WR 2 John Soples 24
WR 3 Francis Marr 24
WR 64 Neal O'Connor 24
WR 87 Kevin Bell 21
TE 6 Russell Dean 22
TE 23 Paul Ripley 24
TE 46 Alan Smith 21
LT 22 Max Lewis 23
LT 58 Joey Whitfield 23
LG 33 Michael Griffiths 22
LG 90 Steven Oliver 21
C 1 Sebastian Neumann 22
C 60 Gareth Williams 24
RG 7 Alex Richardson 21
RG 45 Jon Burrows 21
RT 27 Vincent Kramer 24
RT 38 Zachary Kowell 21

Defensive Coordinator: Simon Dunn (32)

Simon had to be coaxed back into coaching; he was relatively reluctant to do so, having found a job in sports administration with the new Northwestern Academy of Football. Still, though, he eventually relented; and returned. Setting them up in a 4-3 formation, the team typically looks to intercept rather than tackle, though the team does sport some good tacklers as well. Starters, as above, are bolded.

Pos. No. Name              Age 
LE 8 Chris Jowell 22
LE 32 Tom Evans 21
DT 11 Evan Alvarado 21
DT 42 Andrew Lazenby 21
DT 52 Colin Pollack 24
RE 44 Gary Watts 24
RE 53 Russell Partridge 22
MLB 28 Ted Butcher 21
MLB 35 Wilhelm Shaw 23
ROLB 4 Marco Bennett 23
ROLB 68 Robert Moore 21
LOLB 55 Tan Linghe 23
CB 66 Hans Kwaitkowski 21
CB 49 Richard McCreary 23

CB 5 Darren Brown 23
FS 77 John Lane 22
FS 81 Mark Anstey 22
SS 9 Geoffrey Benton 21
SS 16 Tom Hughes 22

Special Teams Coach: Harry Hewitt (36)

Harry returns, if only to get his old friend back in the mood for one last hurrah.

The team prefers going for field goals instead of the fourth down, unless the team is over 40 yards away from the goal, at which the main kicker isn't confident enough of hitting the target. The main people on the teams are bolded.

Pos. No. Name              Age
K 99 Nick Evans 20
K 36 Michael Jones 22
P 10 Jon Norbury 21
P 83 Graham Sexton 19
H 56 Rudolph Stewart 21
LS 21 Paul Robinson 19
LS 19 Rob Killick 20
KR 88 Stephen Goldstein 19
KR 48 Wade Hopkins 22

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod Injuries to my players: Y
Suspend my players: Y
Godmod suspension events: Y
Godmod other events:Y
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