World Cup 88- Roster Thread

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]


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Postby Hispinas » Thu Apr 22, 2021 5:30 am


Hispinas National Football Team
Equipo Nacional de Futbol de Hispinas
Pambansang Koponang Pamputbol ng Hispinas
Hispinako Futbol Talde Nazionala

Team Record: GP 44, W 14, D 9, L 21, GF 51, GA 77, WP 31.82% - latest as of Copa Rushmori 37
Consultant: Iago Escobar Ferreiro, 53, Male, native of Ciudad de Cebuenas
Head Coach: Alfonzo Medrano Rama, 52, Male, native of Ciudad de Cebuenas
Assistant Coach: Gorane Iturraspe Zarauz, 43, Female, native of Haranbehera
Josepe Agerre Norzagarai, 38, Male, native of Vallezul
Maria Jesus Capote Andino, 54, Female, native of Lirio
Captain: Cordovan Chia Hierro, 35, Male, native of Felipamerigo
Vice-Captain: Ozeano Amunategui Gonzalez De Artaza, 31, Male, native of Vallezul

1 - GK - Natalio Londono Cerna, 25, Male, native of Ciudad de Cebuenas - 1.97 m, 85.1 kg - Plays for FC Cebuenas
13 - GK - Errasti Ochoa De Olza Ecala, 25, Female, native of Seviguio - 1.93 m, 82.2 kg - Plays for Errege Iparekialdeko
23 - GK - Elpidio Campoy Piedra, 24, Male, native of Mandrid - 2.1 m, 107.7 kg - Plays for Royal Mandrid

5 - CB - Chequil Puma Bonito, 28, Male, native of Mandrid - 1.93 m, 83.2 kg - Plays for Royal Mandrid
6 - CB - Casimiro Coro Velasco, 26, Male, native of Felipamerigo - 1.87 m, 88.7 kg - Plays for Eivora Athletic (TKT)
16 - CB - Igon Murguiondo Ubiña, 34, Male, native of Vallezul - 1.78 m, 72.9 kg - Plays for Atletikoa Haranurdina

3 - LB - Fermin Maquibar Artazcoz, 26, Male, native of Vallezul - 1.67 m, 74.2 kg - Plays for Atletikoa Haranurdina
17 - LB - Latisha Gurule Matute, 27, Female, native of Ciudad de Cebuenas - 1.6 m, 65.6 kg - Plays for FC Cebuenas
2 - RB/CB - Gurutze Aranaz Azcarate, 28, Female, native of Haranbehera - 1.75 m, 68.4 kg - Plays for Errege Iparekialdeko
19 - RB/CB - Chicho Mondragon De Dios, 29, Male, native of Mandrid - 1.71 m, 73.4 kg - Plays for Royal Mandrid

Central Midfielders
4 - CM/DM - Cordovan Chia Hierro, 35, Male, native of Lirio - 1.8 m, 84.5 kg - Plays for Azucena CF
8 - CM/AM - Trinidad Quevedo Nepomuceno, 31, Male, native of Ciudad de Cebuenas - 1.53 m, 61.2 kg - Plays for FC Cebuenas
14 - CM/AM - Maite De la Pena Sedano, 31, Female, native of Piedramarilla - 1.64 m, 68.3 kg - Plays for Royal Mandrid
18 - CM - Auza Vertiz Goñi, 29, Female, native of Vallezul - 1.71 m, 64.3 kg - Plays for Atletikoa Haranurdina

Side Midfielders
7 - LM/CM - Salomon Duran Acevedo, 27, Male, native of Ciudad de Cebuenas - 1.55 m, 60.2 kg - Plays for FC Cebuenas
11 - RM/RW - Florita Carrion Tallon, 30, Female, native of Punta de Malklan - 1.56 m, 68.4 kg - Plays for Gimnastic Vigano
12 - LM/LW - Pancho Del Olmo Molina, 22, Male, native of Piedramarilla - 1.77 m, 73.9 kg - Plays for Royal Mandrid
21 - RM/LM - Chara Grullon Iñiguez, 27, Female, native of Mandrid - 1.62 m, 64.4 kg - Plays for Royal Mandrid

9 - ST - Ozeano Amunategui Gonzalez De Artaza, 31, Male, native of Vallezul - 1.86 m, 85.2 kg - Plays for Atletikoa Haranurdina
10 - ST/LW - Peppi Palmero Campana, 28, Female, native of Piedramarilla - 1.7 m, 66.6 kg - Plays for Royal Mandrid
15 - LW/RW - Gorka Uralde Cruzalegui, 33, Male, native of Vallezul - 1.58 m, 63.9 kg - Plays for Atletikoa Haranurdina
20 - ST/RW - Carmelita Grimaldo Lainez, 28, Female, native of Ciudad de Cebuenas - 1.64 m, 69.8 kg - Plays for FC Cebuenas
22 - ST/CM - Everardo Esquilin Echavarria, 27, Male, native of Lirio - 1.69 m, 68.4 kg - Plays for Azucena CF

Image Image

Style Modifier: +2
Description: Alfonzo Medrano likes to play attacking football with three players up front, with tall striker Amunategui in the middle and abundance of wingers capable of playing multiple positions at their disposal. The three players upfront is mandatory in his lineups, and he prefers the 4-3-3 over the 3-4-3 formation due to lack of central defenders in his squad. He may also play 2-5-3 depending on the situation. They also employ a physical brand of football where players commit to tackles and prefer to roughen up the opposition.

The team prefer the usage of wingers to deliver the ball to the box via low to high crosses, and does not prefer to keep the ball at the middle of the park. Corners are usually delivered via crosses with the ball kicked from the corner spot.

Medrano is a calm man and is less likely to react violently to partial calls. His coaching staff however, have a quirk to start touchline brawls.

Most likely to:
Score penalties: Quevedo, Amunategui, Chia
Score a direct free kick: Chia, Quevedo, Palmero
Concede a penalty: Puma, Aranaz, Coro
Booked for short temper: Puma, Duran, Maquibar


The national team plays all of their home matches in the 72,000-seater Estadio Nacional en el Castillo in Mandrid. Built in 2193, the stadium's sole purpose is to host national team matches in football and rugby union, and several kingdom events.

Provided by Harrokeria from Vallezul. Bring on the swag.
Image Image

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes

  • IC History with Hispania y Filipinas is expunged and not recognized by the Hispino Monarchy. Thus, any mention of the Hispania y Filipinas name or its stint in the past IBCs will be met with raised eyebrows by the government.
  • Spanish naming customs is followed, Given name, then paternal name, then maternal name. Jersey names will be the players' paternal names, in certain exceptions, the known nickname of the player, is used
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Postby Sannyamathland » Thu Apr 22, 2021 6:32 am

Team Info
Head Coach: Sergey Kramnik(interim)
Assistant Coach: Nicholas Donsekty
Captain: Vladimir Ivyich(V.I.) Mount
Trigram: USR
Nickname: Lions,White Lions
Sponsors: Magnung Mobiles(principal sponsors),Owayo Sports(kit sponsors) and several others

23 Men Squad for IAC 12
1.David Santos Jr(29),club: Sanderburry City FC Sannyamathland
4.Ivan Zinchencko(23),club: Islandside FC Xanneria
3.Dmitry Karjvodov(29),club: Hepley United FC Sannyamathland

5.Jeff Chalov(27),club: Hepley United FC Sannyamathland
3.Leon Vladinovich(25),club: East Rowling FC Sannyamathland
2.Savreck Javcherenko(35),club: East Rowling FC Sannyamathland
74.Charles Bloomberg(22),club; Hepley United FCSannyamathland
13.Alexander Ostrovksy(21),club: Oldcastle United FC Sannyamathland
33.Mikhail Karpov(28),club: Oldcastle United FC Sannyamathland
2.Alexei Putin(26),club: Wilkes Wonderers Sannyamathland

11.Vladimir Savchencko(26),club: Lommardy FC Sannyamathland
23.Stephan Chubukov(28),club: East Rowling FC Sannyamathland
15.Lev Petrosian(30),club: Howardsburg Athletic Club Sannyamathland(vice captain)
19.Ansu Mbiki(25),club: West Rowling Albion Sannyamathland
22.Gary Bronstein(24),club: Oldcastle United FC Sannyamathland
13.Joe Leck-Ngidi(20),club: Wilkes Wonderers FC Sannyamathland
17.Danil Cheryshyev(27),club: Greter Grad Sporting Club Sannyamathland

19.V.I.Mount (28),club: Hepley United FC Sannyamathland (captain)
10.Peter Philips(19),club: West Rowling Albion Sannyamathland
9.Ivan Sandiev(22),club: Oljestaden IF Audioslavia
17.Fydor Tchaivok(23),club: Oldcastle United FC Sannyamathland
7.Max Asov(28),club: Howardsburg Athletic Club Sannyamathland
18.Anton Zerev(22), club:Jarrister City FC Sannyamathland

Starting 11
GK: Dmitry Karjodov
LB: Jeff Chalov
CB: Leon Vladinovich
CB: Savreck Javcherenko
RB: Mikhail Karpov
CM: Stephan Chubukov
CM: Ansu Mbiki
CM: Danil Cheryshyev
LW: Ivan Sandiev
RW: Peter Philips
CF: V.I.Mount

Style Modifier: +1

A Brief Info About the Squad:
The coach has opted not to change the national team squad much, and had more or less kept the same players who have achieved historic success in IAC12, by qualifying for the Quarterfinals. Only two players have been left out from that squad, namely Vladimir Ivashkov and Anton Marinovyich. Although Anton has accepted his exclusion sportingly, Ivashkov was not that happy, and has declared that his exclusion was 'unfair'. Vladimir Ivyich Mount will serve as the captain, and the will serve as the team's fulcrum. Meanwhile, evergreen defender Javcherenko is here after a brilliant domestic season, where he lead East Rowling FC to their first SPL title in 30 years. The 35 year old former captain is just 4 matches away from his 100th international cap. The rest of the defense line-up is also quiet solid, and will play a very important in the campaign. Both Karpov and Chalov are in an excellent form. The midfield is, on the other hand, suffering a rough patch. Only Cheryshyev is in the best of his forms, while Mbiki, who was phenomenal in the last World Cup Qualifier campaign, is going through one of his worst forms.
The young forward line is boiling with energy, with both Mount and Sandiev being the superstars of this team. Sandiev, who became the first Soviet to play in Audioslavian National League, had a fantastic season with Oljestaden IF.
However the 6 goal humiliation against Omerica seems to have had a huge impact on David's career, as he has been replaced in the starting 11 with Karjodov. He also lost his vice-captainship to Lev Petrosian, but whether Lev will even make the starting 11 in any of the matches is a huge question.



Home Stadium:The Big Bowl International Stadium, Rowling City(capacity:100,000)

RP Permissions:Anything,just don't kill the players.Do not cause any career ending injuries.
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Postby Queenisa » Thu Apr 22, 2021 7:52 am


Welcome to Queenisa Sports Association Roster ! Here is a Epic and Detailed Roster that if your my opponent or not, will help very much when you are someone that just randomly pairs with me and your stuck in your RP time. Most of all, Good luck in the World Cup regardless of anything.

The Queenisa Sports Association is a experienced and established Sports Association which Regularly Participate Regularly in such Important Sports events since 2002, the Great Advancement, an Period of Technological and Sports Advancement.

Roster and Players of the Team

Grace Queen
Grace Queen is an Champion Football player that Started Playing Football for Queenisa in 2003 July. As a celebrated and Famous individual, Grace can be found playing Chess and discussing the latest Fashion in his normal life.
Defensive / Offensive Preferences : Offensive
Red Card / Yellow Card probability : 0.21%

Alexander Andrews
Alexander Andrews is a Master Football Player that has started playing football for Queenisa in 2005. Alexander is a very strong and Ruthless. Alexander Loves Wrestling outside of sports, and if your lucky you can see him call Professionals “ Newbs “ and see him win.
Defensive / Offensive Preferences : Offensive
Red Card / Yellow Card Probability: 0.84%

Greg The Great
Greg the Great is an Champion football player that Joined us in 2007 and today, he is one of the best and finest in the world of sports. He is also an very smart and epic gamer, you can often see him beat other users with an simple mouse click.
Defensive / Offensive Preferences : Offensive
Red Card / Yellow Card Probability: 0.14%

Glenn Brown
Glenn Brown is an expert at football and a “ Young Prodigy “ that started 2 years ago and since then, has a immense love of Queenisa Sports. Glenn, is very empathetic and religious, and also wise. He will say “ God “ and maybe he’s beat you in a toss-throw.
Defensive / Offensive Preferences : Defensive
Red Card / Yellow Card Probability : 0.37%

Lynne Swift
Lynne Swift is an Relaxed and Nice girl that started playing for Queenisa 2019 October and Loved his Team so much that he is dedicating is life to Queenisa Sports. As a natural gardener and environmentalist, he is well known for his speech’s about gardening and how Trump / The Republicans are just wrong taken environmental protection away.
Defensive / Offensive Preferences : Defensive
Red Card / Yellow Card Probability 0.9%

Ryan Gracias
Ryan Gracias is a foreign intelligence officer that has benefited us at lot by attacking enemies and gathering intelligence on them. Nonetheless, he is a true football lover and has Legendary Skills in the battlefield of Sports. Ryan, in his free time loves spying on his friends and practices being an detective and secret service agent.
Defensive / offensive Preferences : defensive
Red Card / Yellow Card probability: 0.1%

Brook Sophie
Brook Sophie is a White Male that is expert at Football and if you meet him, well good luck because your guaranteed to lose regardless of actual strength. He joined in 2016 in the democratic Foodball association , which helped the Democratic Party win the election and today, he loves football still and can be foud playing daily.
Defensive / offensive Preferences : Offensive
Red Card / Yellow Card probability: 0.72%

John Smith
John Smith is a young and talented including unique man despite that his name is very commpn and his appearance is the usual boring one. He loved football in the beginning of his life and in his childhood, even beat The World Champion of football.With his friend Brook, they both joined Queenisa Sports had a lot of fun.
Defensive / offensive Preferences : Defensive
Red Card / Yellow Card probability: 0.27%

Nathan Noreith
Nathan Noreith is an wise man that was born to pirates. He stole a lot of loot, and to his favor, his aggressive private stills give him the advantage to attacking in football. He is often an strong man, and will throw you off the street if you attempt to take on him.
Defensive / Offensive Preferences: Offensive
Red Card / Yellow Card Probability: 1.21%

Elizabeth Hanas
Elizabeth Hanas is a young and beautiful Blond Women that is often captured on cameras worldwide and posts updates about going to gorgeous places around Queenisa. As a native Queenisa Citizen, Elizabeth loves sports and players in the national football team with Grace, his. Friend.
Defensive / Offensive Preferences : Offensive
Red Card / Yellow Card probability: 0.01%

Kim Young
King Young is a educated Northern Korean that has left North Korea to help Queenisa Spread Democraxy and Peace and fight the dictatorship. As he also loves ICDN ( OOC And IC ), and demands that Queenisa Joins, we always said that they won’t approve us because of current situations but he keeps saying. His virtuosic skills surprised everyone of the team, well good luck !
Defensive / Offensive Preferences: Defensive
Red Card / Yellow Card probability: 1.34%

The Queen Stadium. The Queen Stadium is an beautifully designed stadium for long games that will need a overnight break, which makes this ironic. This has more then 10,000 suites for overnight rest, can fix over 40,000 people in the seats, and of course food is abundant and a sense of many cultures enlighten people who want to try something new.

This is the Knight Stadium, Named after documents which state that famous knight battles such as jousting happened in this same place in an ancient now destroyed arena. This can fit 20,000 People, and every time their is a game their, please don’t forgot that in the end the mastery knights fight against each other to honor the knights that died for the founding of Queenisa.

Navigation through Queenisa is exceptionally easy, with GPS and guiding apps not regulated and freely available with no censorship but the government. Though the locals expect you to know at least a little bit of Queenisa, they also know English and you should be able to have a pleasant conversation.

Role-Play Permissions : My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes/No Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes/No Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes/No Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes/No Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes/No Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes/No Yes
Godmod other events: Yes/No NO
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Postby The Licentian Isles » Thu Apr 22, 2021 8:58 am

Licentian National Football Team

Many Licentians were shocked by the performance put in by the Cyan-and-Gold in Hannasea at the Campionato Esportiva. Given the length of isolation, still yet to be explained, from the rest of the multiverse, the majority of people expected a difficult tournament and a group stage elimination. Instead, Fabrizio Kaal led the team to an undefeated record in the group stage, and all the way to the quarter finals before they were eliminated by heavyweights Brenecia. The classic, defensive, long-ball tactics played by Kaal have found success, despite him setting up his Montfort Wanderers side very differently. Nonetheless, there are very few people who expect the Isles to find success in the World Cup Qualifiers.

Head Coach - Fabrizio Kaal
Despite only recently being hired by Montfort Wanderers, Fabrizio Kaal has already been poached by the FALI after leading the Whites to an unexpected LPL title. Many questioned his change in tactics upon taking the national team job. He ditched the diamond midfield and two strikers that gave the Whites their success, in favour of a more classic Licentian formation. It paid off, with the Cyan-and-Gold conceding only six goals throughout the tournament, three of which came in the quarter final loss to Brenecia. The gamble paid off in Hannasea, and Kaal will be hoping for the same here.



Caitlin Fraser - 32 years - Glenmount Town – VICE-CAPTAIN
Sam Heijnis - 28 years - St Thomas
Leland Wood - 24 years - Montfort Wanderers
Josh Gibson – 23 years – Gaelic Club

There was no question who would wear the gloves for the Cyan and Gold going into their return to the Campionato. Even if her side didn’t manage to win the title they deserved, Caitlin Fraser is in a class of her own between the sticks. Sam Heijnis performed well for St Thomas, especially in their FALI Cup win against Celtic, but he has been pushed by Leland Wood, who impressed for Montfort Wanderers on their way to the title.
The extended 30-player squad for the World Cup Qualifiers extends the pool of talent for Fabrizio Kaal to call on, but there is still no doubt that Glenmount’s Caitlin Fraser sits at the top of the pile between the sticks for the Isles. It’s three younger men who find themselves challenging to prove themselves as suitable back-ups for Fraser. Sam Heijnis has enjoyed a great start to the season with St Thomas, Leland Wood continues to ride on the successes of Montfort Wanderers last season, and Josh Gibson has proved himself a solid talent at Gaelic Club.

Full Backs:

Cam Spijker - 30 years – Mipojoseon Image
Rowan Findlay - 25 years - Montfort Wanderers

Maria Reilly - 21 years – Blackheath
Sarah Maartens – 24 years – St Thomas

It’s much the same cohort of full backs that travelled to Hannasea that will compete in World Cup qualifying for the Cyan-and-Gold. Cam Spijker will be hoping to benefit from his move to Quebec to continue to hold his spot in the starting XI, while Rowan Findlay continues to mature at the back for Montfort Wanderers. Young Maria Reilly showed plenty of talent at the Campionato, while Sarah Maartens is another to benefit from the strength of St Thomas in the early part of the season and earn a call up.

Centre Backs:

Lucia Allen - 27 years - Abingdon Celtic
Flora Watson - 29 years - St Thomas

Harris Shaw - 22 years – Waterfleet
Toby Ferguson – 22 years – Bul Khungur Miners Image
Oran Hay – 20 years – Montfort Wanderers

It’s a story of two different sets of players at centre half. The two in the starting XI are two very experienced women, Lucia Allen and Flora Watson, who are familiar with each other from their time together at Celtic, and are very much the leading centre half pairing. Behind them on the order are three talented young men that will be hoping to learn a lot as the Cyan-and-Gold travel around the world: Harris Shaw of Waterfleet, Oran Hay of Montfort Wanderers, and Toby Ferguson, who recently made a move to Tikariot.

Holding Midfielders:

Alex Graham - 30 years - Montfort Wanderers
Saul van Duuren - 22 years – Waterfleet
Ethan Smith – 29 years – Colesham Rovers

Licentians rely a lot on their holding midfielders, in defense and going forward. That’s why it’s perhaps a challenge for Fabrizio Kaal when there are three players who seem to be on a very similar level. Alex Graham will likely start, with his leadership at Wanderers benefitting him, but Ethan Smith shows many of the same qualities. On the other hand, Saul van Duuren brings youth and excitement, and will likely have plenty of opportunities throughout qualifying.

Centre Midfielders:

Tom Johnston - 34 years - Stonehouse Athletic - CAPTAIN
Arlo McGregor - 23 years - Montfort Wanderers

Josh Williams - 25 years - SC Montfort
Thomas Hughes - 20 years – Montfort Wanderers
Arthur Mazereeuw – 20 years – St Thomas

It’s a dynamic combination in the centre of midfield. The Cyan-and-Gold’s captain, Tom Johnston, has said this will be his last two years as an international, but he still brings a lot of experience to an otherwise young group, while Arlo McGregor is one of the most talented Licentian midfielders in decades. Josh Williams remains in the squad based largely on his set piece talents, while Thomas Hughes, now back in the capital, is kept on in the squad. He’s joined by another youngster in Arthur Mazereeuw, who has impressed for St Thomas in recent weeks and earned his first call-up.


Miles Henderson - 26 years - Abingdon Celtic
Lyle Hughes - 28 years - Glenmount Town

Scarlet McKenzie - 22 years – Mountainside Image
Wisse Tuininga - 24 years – SW Stahlberg Image
Casey McMillan – 21 years – AFC Farnworth

Miles Henderson is a shoo-in to play on the wing for the Isles throughout World Cup qualifying, but a dip in form means that Lyle Hughes is less of a certainty in the starting XI for the Isles. Two wingers who travelled to the Campionato with the Cyan-and-Gold have since made moves abroad to try and increase their stock at home. Scarlet McKenzie has made the move to Mountainside in Eura, while Wisse Tuininga has moved to SW Stahlberg in the hope of a fresh start after his recent frustrations at St Bart’s Dutch. The McMillan twins at AFC Farnworth are both considered to be future internationals, but it’s Casey who has received a call-up before her brother Regan.

Centre Forwards:

Tiago Weiling - 29 years - St Thomas
Ruaridh Grant - 25 years - Gaelic Club
Anne-Linde van Oers - 21 years – Olympic Thessia Image
Tyler Veldhoen – 24 years – Glenmount Town

Tiago Weiling has laid claim to the number 9 shirt to start World Cup qualifying, with the experienced striker being rewarded for a promising run of form with the Sky Blues. Ruaridh Grant was last season’s top goalscorer in the Licentian Premier League, but after a frustrating start to the season for Gaelic Club, he finds himself behind Weiling in the pecking order. Anne-Linde van Oers will be hoping that her move to Mytanija will benefit her chances with the national team, and the final striker called up is Tyler Veldhoen, the younger of Glenmount’s two prolific forwards.

Formation - 4-5-1 (Skill Modifier: -2):
Kaal has dropped his style when managing Montfort Wanderers for a more traditional Licentian style; a 5 man midfield with a playmaking holding midfielder, pacey wingers and a lone striker with the ability to hold up the ball and prowess in the air. The wingers will often drop back alongside the central midfielders, especially in defence, occasionally encouraging overlaps from the full backs. Set pieces will be an important part of the Licentian game in World Cup qualifying. It is hoped that this slightly defensive style will lead the Licentians further than an all-out attack against more experienced teams.

Kits - Created by Kirola Sports of Audioslavia:

Home Stadiums:
The FALI (Football Association of the Licentian Isles) have decided that multiple stadiums will be used to host Licentian international games in the future. One stadium from each parish has been selected to host games, and they are all the most equipped in their area. However, most Licentian stadiums equipped for international matches have some areas of terracing or standing areas, some of which may be allocated to travelling supporters. If you are interested in the specific allocation your nation will receive, and the seated-standing split, please contact the FALI (OOC - me, by TG or Discord).

LTI Stadium:
Location - Montfort, Montfort Parish
Capacity - 75,000 (all seated)
Home Side - Montfort Wanderers, traditional home of the Licentian Isles National Football Team
Hosting - The Holy Empire (MD12), Independent Athletes from Quebec (MD6)

Gardiner-Stewart Stadium:
Location - Abingdon, Abingdon Parish
Capacity - 62,000 (48,000 seated)
Home Side - Abingdon Celtic
Hosting - Sargossa (MD1), Indusse (MD14)

St Bart’s Oval:
Location - St Bart’s, St Bart’s Parish
Capacity - 50,500 (24,000 seated)
Home Team - St Bart’s United
Hosting - Damukuni (MD16), Treekidistan (MD18)

Barton Software Arena:
Location - Colesham, Colesham Parish
Capacity - 47,000 capacity (42,000 seated)
Home Team - Colesham Athletic
Hosting - Silvedania (MD4), Islands of Ventro (MD2), Siapa ya (MD8)

For details on how to get to the Licentian Isles, how to get around once you are here, general enquiries about the parish your team will be hosted in, or facilities at each ground, please contact the FALI (OOC - again, me, by TG or Discord).

Visitors to the Licentian Isles for international matches should note that there are a growing number of football hooligans, known on the Isles as “casuals”, who are always liable to cause disruption and possibly attack fans travelling to the Licentian Isles. Travelling supporters are advised to wear team colours wherever possible (as casuals will not attack fans wearing colours without provocation), and avoid areas of the Isles populated by violent casual groups, along with trying to avoid these groups at matches. Most casual groups will be easily identifiable by banners they carry or songs they sing. Groups to avoid (with associated club and parish) include:

Jolly Roger (Garton Bay Pirates, Montfort Parish)
Capital City Squad (Montfort North End, Montfort Parish)
Real Celts (Gaelic Club, Abingdon Parish)
Colliery Casual Crew (Colesham Rovers, Colesham Parish)
Island Riot Squad (St Bart’s United, St Bart’s Parish)
Licentian Border Squad (St Thomas, St Bart’s Parish)

Nations should also note that some casual or ultra groups may travel in force with the Licentian national team for international matches outside the Isles. Not all are violent, but most will carry flares and large banners, and make use of them to build up the atmosphere during a match. If your nation bans this kind of behaviour, please make the FALI aware so that we can warn fans travelling to your nation in advance.

For any more information on Licentian casuals, please contact the FALI (OOC - you know the drill).

RP Permissions:
If my opponent should RP first, they may:
Choose my goal scorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y, but nothing too ridiculous
RP injuries to my players Y, but nothing serious, and TG me to make me aware
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y, but TG me to make me aware
Godmod other events N

Fair play and respect are important to Licentian players, and they should not be depicted as going outside the bounds of normal behaviour during a match without prior permission. I will also not tolerate the introduction of any virus or other world-changing thing to the Isles without prior permission.

Player ages are correct as of the first matchday.
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Postby Islands Of Ventro » Thu Apr 22, 2021 9:04 am


Shadow Chesterfield (L) (22)
Mitchell Manning (R) (24)
George Washington (R) (37)
Henry Herbert (L) (24)
James Charlie (R) (31)
Vik Hampton (R) (22)
Gregory Pilgrem (L) (25)
Scott Jackson (L) (27)
Brayden Mari (R) (22)
Lucas Custer (R) (23)
Grayson Greer (R) (24)
Gilbert Franc (R) (31)
Lance Spear (L) (29)
Collin Bear (R) (26)
Wesley Gronkowski (R) (29)
Mathis Vera (R) (24))
Kevin Hate (R) (30)
George Hanson (L) (21)
Robert Upoty (R) (32)
Zack Miller (L) (23)
Kyle Botch (R) (26)
Spencer Kazawimgnut (R) (27)

Head Coach: Willy Hen

Assistant Coach: Erin Sil

Strikers coach: Caleb Creer

Mid Coach: Douglas Ber

Defenders coach: Onyx Enrquie

Style: +4

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
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Arena Bowl VIII - Lost in Quarterfinals
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Postby Ranoria » Thu Apr 22, 2021 10:13 am

Style Modifier: -2


Competition Records | Goals For/Against:
Baptism of Fire74: 2-2-1 | 5/4
-Knockouts: 0-1 | 1/3
World Cup 87: 6-1-11 | 23/28 (-5)
Overall: 8-3-12
Overall Goals F/A: 29/35
Overall Goal Differential: -6

Football isn't a big thing in Ranoria (well, this version anyway) and frankly no one is expecting a huge run from this team. However, Ranorian soccer players also haven't gotten a ton of international exposure in terms of competition. With that said, we have no idea how good they are in comparison to other players around the world, we just know they're probably under appreciated at home!

Anyway, the most recognizable name here is Barry Chlorid. He's an NSCF championship winner with the Cold Hill Buffalo, served as Ranoria's world bowl kicker every year outside of a season ago (citing wanting to focus on preparing for the Baptism of Fire). He kicked four field goals in the Buffalo's NSCF XX victory over Northern Moravica, and he's a three time first team all pro already. He was actually a two time All Ranorian at Cold Hill as well in what Ranorians refer to as soccer, but he couldn't turn down the millions the RFL was offering. Anyway, here he is, a strong athlete with a god-gifted leg, hoping to help keep our Krauts from humiliating themselves on the world stage...for the third time in two years.


Smith Field - Richardson, Ranoria
Capacity: 19,050

Meet the coaching staff!
HC: Mark Tilmann, who favors a just ever so slightly conservative to the game.
Assistant: Kevin Raeger, an aggressive youngster who's pretty good at communicating with his players
Assistant: Angela von Kuhn, sister to Tim and Wolfram von Kuhn, who compete at the professional level in baseball. She's got the size of her brothers, if not the athleticism, and is the eldest of the family by ten years. Retired soccer player herself

Roster/Depth Chart: Weight in pounds, height in feet and inches, starters listed in bold

Number     Name         Ht.     Wt.   Age           Team
1 Barry Chlorid 6-1 190 27 (Free Agent)
27 Felix Graf 6-5 220 24 RC Privateers
28 Tony Hamilton 6-3 180 31 Memphis Delta Blues

24 Julian Morris 5-9 160 26 Cold Hill Couriers
29 Dresden Crux 6-1 170 30 RC Privateers
26 Elmo Germann 6-2 165 28 Cleveland Curses

Number     Name         Ht.     Wt.   Age           Team
34 August Mueller 6-1 175 25 Memphis Delta Blues
36 Rayko Grossman 5-10 165 32 Cold Hill Couriers
38 Esther Simson 5-9 155 28 Richardson Revolt

33 Gregor Berger 6-1 170 25 Dietrich Dirks
40 Horace Forbes 6 165 27 Vricksinburg Thunder
35 Dirk Wetter 6 170 26 Vricksinburg Thunder

Number     Name         Ht.     Wt.   Age           Team
11 Eugene Rimold 6-1 170 26 Dietrich Dirks
13 Michael Bier 6 165 29 Vricksinburg Thunder
15 Chris Jenkins 6-2 175 25 Dietrich Dirks
41 Kris Reinhardt 6-2 175 22 New York Golems

17 Lioni Grendel 5-6 140 31 Vricksinburg Thunder
19 Sam Murphy 5-1 125 28 Cold Hill Couriers
21 Organa Philly 6-1 185 27 Richardson Revolt
44 Jules Annina 5-9 155 24 New York Golems

Number     Name         Ht.     Wt.   Age           Team
4 Vincent Emilia 6-2 215 24 Richardson Revolt
62 Karsten Leonore 6-3 180 22 New York Golems
6 Tony Berg 6-1 175 26 Cold Hill Couriers

Barry Chlorid: Chlorid is a highly decorated gridiron kicker, but he only went to the fake football "dark side" in order to pay for school, and later to make the kind of money that he never could have touched otherwise. Regardless, he's here, and plans on also serving as Ranoria's World Bowl kicker once again next season, as the Baptism of Fire will allow him a bit more leeway to train. NSCF XX champ, 3x all pro in the RFL, and he's been Ranoria's World Bowl kicker in all but one of his professional seasons. He was a two time all Ranorian in this sport in college and was a phenom in high school, despite playing two sports at both levels. Expect a fluid and talented if rusty athlete.

Felix Graf: Obviously larger for a soccer player, Graf is often asked why he's here, and not playing gridiron. He'd probably call you a meathead, but the guy has deceptive straight-line speed and obviously he's a physical presence on the field.

Rayko Grossman: An older player with an impressive resume, Grossman can be expected to sport solid fundamentals at any stage of the game, but he may have lost a step in the last few years. One of the better players in Ranoria's brief and unimpressive history in the sport.

Esther Simson: An agile and athletic player in the prime of his career, he's a perfect foil for Grossman, as he still has a tendency to be out of position from time to time. Together the two have developed synergy and can cover for each other's fallacies, Simson for Grossman's declining explosive ability and Grossman for Simson's mental errors.

Chris Jenkins: Jenkins exhibits a ton of potential and is an impressive athlete, but he isn't a top-notch player just yet, and his size can be a hinderance at times.

Kris Reinhardt: Reinhardt's been pushing this offseason to improve after only scarcely seeing playing time in World Cup 87 and the Baptism of Fire. She's now muscled her way into the starting lineup and doesn't look to be giving up that spot any time soon.

Vincent Emilia: A solid goalkeeper for the Revolt, he's got a few all pros under his belt at this point. Expect as good of play from him as you can expect from a Ranorian. That said, he's got Karsten Leonore, an up and comer, breathing down his neck.


Le Permissiones Box
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yuppers
Godmod scoring events: Yep!
RP injuries to my players: Consult me for anything serious, thanks!
Godmod injuries to my players: see above
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yez'm
Hand out red cards to my players: Yep
Godmod other events: Sure
Special Note: Nothing about COVID will be acknowledged. There is no COVID in Ranoria, just like there is no war in Ba Sing Se
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Postby Bollonich » Thu Apr 22, 2021 10:49 am

The Bollonischian Football Team
The Bolllonischian Tigers


The Bollonischian Football team shall be taking part in the World Cup for the first time in the World Cup’s 88th version. The Bollonischian Football team also referred to as the Bollonischain Tigers are famed throughout MiddleEarth for their footballing prowess. The BFT falls under the jurisdiction of The BFB (The Bollonischian Footballing Board). The manager of the team shall be Gildiric Likhijo who has managed the team for the last five years leading them to two MiddleEarth Tri-Series Football cups.

Coaching Staff
Gildiric Likhijo - Manager (Age - 58)
Helen Renlope - Assistant Manager/Head Coach (Age - 36)
Hiniou Nimko - Fitness Coach (Age - 46)
Gretchin Herutapp - Attacking Coach (Age - 43)
Blatini - Defensive Coach (Age - 45)
Varc Andre Fegen - Goalkeeping Coach (Age - 39)

Medical Team
Dr. Rajob Falser SEM (Sports and Exercise Medicine) Physician - Head Physio (Age - 31)
Dr. Hijunp Jewnner SEM (Sports and Exercise Medicine) Physician - Physio (Age - 39)
Dr. Nikgohi Machuni Orthopaedic Surgeon and Consultant - Team Surgeon (Age - 46)
Timothy Risuro - Assistant Physio (Age - 35)

#1 Sirigu - GK (Age - 20)
#99 Quenchu - GK (Age - 32)
#16 Fredrico Valvi - GK (Age - 18)

#2 Gerard Ingit - CB (Age - 30)
#3 Jeremy Ploy - CB (Age - 26)
#26 Klingto - CB (Age - 27)
#19 Seeru Vishwa - CB (Age - 25)
#4 Sylvester Lindsey - RB (Age - 27)
#22 Wade Moreno - RB (Age - 29)
#18 Bobby Burns - LB (Age - 22)
#23 Hadden Goodman - LB (Age - 20)

#5 Gerald Swanson - CDM (Age - 29)
#6 Miles Hum - CDM (Age - 20)
#15 William Clark - CDM (Age - 25)
#31 Gregory - CDM (Age - 27)
#8 Cliff Fennimore - CM (Age - 26)
#12 Ed Douglas - CM (Age - 18)
#23 Hugh May - CM (Age - 28)
#10 Bryant Marshall - CAM (Age - 19)
#26 Tad Rios - CAM (Age - 26)

#11 Ned Cummings - RW (Age - 29)
#14 Buck Moreno - RW (Age - 16)
#7 Stuart Schmit - LW (Age - 20)
#21 Randolph Abbott - LW (Age - 27)
#9 Dennis Perry - ST (Age - 28)
#19 Linden Hayes - ST (Age - 18)
#25 Quinn Quinn - ST (Age - 26)

*The Bolded Players are part of the starting line-up, the BFF shall be posting the line ups for individual matches but, if we fail to do so feel free to choose the starting line up outlined.

Tactics and Formation
The Tigers’ usual formation is a 4-2-3-1 with defensive fullbacks, dynamic wingers, 2 holding midfielders, a number 10 and an out and out striker. This formation with it’s tactics are signature to Gildiric Lokhijo’s style of football. Fast Paced, Passing and wide football.


Courtesy of Tahuatxi Storefront

Home jersey

Away Jersey

Style Modifier

RP Permissions Box
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes nothing to extreme like ending careers run it by me if they are to miss the competition max. 1
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes again run it by me
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes max. 4
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes max. 1
Godmod other events: Yes but run it by me if it's something too extreme
Covid exists in Bollonich
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Postby Kelssek » Thu Apr 22, 2021 8:00 pm

Kelssek's strengths are in the midfield, with "Galactico" Colm Ó Tuathail and "discount Galactico" Gabriel Lapierre supplying bags of skill and creative flair. Kelssek's tactical culture is fluid and direct, generally favouring technical and versatile players.

Cathal Gallagher GK, FC Rotmunde 1932 [STL], b. Tête-Jaune, Konoha (age 28) - 44 caps | An agile, technically sound shot-stopper. Could do better in commanding his area and susceptible to getting bullied at corners.

Bernard Despatie GK, Burnaby SC, b. Mirabelle, BL (age 35) - 5 caps | Backstopped Burnaby SC to back-to-back titles and a historic Double, leading coaches to conclude he must be ok at this goalkeeping thing.

Sébastian St-Gerlais GK, Eterna Stars [VLD], b. Beaujoire, BL (age 30) - 0 caps | Title-winning keeper for CF Outineau now exploring the wide world. Aggressively claims balls with total disregard for anyone, teammate or opponent, in his way.

Thamior Liadon D RL, Myana [CMT], b. Firith Forest Elven Territory (age 124) - 105 caps, 16 goals | Marauding full-back who likes to get forward and play the overlap.

Ashley Douglass D/M R, CF Outineau, b. Saint-Rémy, BL (age 29) - 63 caps, 7 goals | An attack-minded full back. Uses her dribbling ability to get forward and make runs into channels.

Tim Bowler D L, Bayern Phoenix [TAE], b. Newmarket, NC (age 28) - 95 caps, 5 goals | Made the Galacticos longlist this year. A solid defensive full-back who can hold up the ball and overlap well. Was caught up in a controversy a few years ago when a tabloid deemed his licking the yoghurt off the foil top a disgusting habit.

Ryan Dumont D L, Strathcona Internationals, b. Kirkenes, Noua Cymru (age 30) - 16 caps | Positionally sound, technically average, likes to take on his opponent. This occasionally has disastrous results.

Damien Halliger D C, Holdenburg City [EUR], b. Old Taunton, Noua Cymru (age 27) - 96 caps, 4 goals | Traditional stay-at-home hard-man central defender. Looks to establish dominance in the air.

Phillip Lozic D C, Jinlal Cove [VIL], b. Stawamus, Konoha (age 23) - 25 caps | Mobile, athletic central defender with a strong aerial presence.

Joseline Fourtin D C, Felswyr [CMT], b. Neorvins (age 29) - 33 caps | Technically sound in the tackle, good positioning, average in the air. Impressed in the Independents Cup after getting a chance following some stellar club form as the first-choice centre back for the best defensive team in the KFL.

Lily Marshall D C, Foxhampton [EUR], b. Kirkenes, Noua Cymru (age 25) - 0 caps

Gabriel Farahani D R, Rockridge Phoenix [BRE], b. Novonaya, Lupinissa (age 31) - 42 caps, 2 goals | Athletic and determined defensive full-back, but doesn't offer much going forward.

Caelin Vinter D R, Valohar Rovers [TKT], b. Mazinaw, Conryia (age 32) - 16 caps | A workhorse down the right side with high stamina and decent ball-winning ability, but he can be temperamental and his elbows hit opponents in the face a bit too often to be just coincidence.

Colm Ó Tuathail M L, Shamrock Cathair [AUD], b. Colwyn, Noua Cymru (age 28) - 85 caps, 18 goals | Made history as Kelssek's first-ever "Galactico", was allegedly the second-best left winger in the world in a season that saw him become a regular feature of the first 11 on one of Audioslavia's top clubs. A goalscoring threat who also has the acceleration and dribbling skill to give defences the literal run-around. Has won one Audioslavian title and a couple of silver IFCF medals.

Nacuémiró Buené D/M L, Burnaby SC, b. records sketchy, Farfadillis (age 21) - 4 caps

Rémy Dionne M LC, South Laithland [NPH], b. Sainte-Anne-sur-Lichy, Roites (age 31) - 79 caps, 9 goals | A box-to-box dynamo who can nip the ball away from behind a player and launch the counterattack in an instant.

Jourdain Blanchette M LC, SW Stahlberg [STL], b. St-Richard, Beaulac (age 29) - 0 caps | A more defensive-minded option on the wing

Gabriel Lapierre M C, 1093 Club de Atlantea [TAE], b. Laval, BL (age 28) - 113 caps, 26 goals | Exciting, creative midfielder and a potent attacking threat thanks to his ability to find passing lanes others don't. Former Taeshan Foreign Player of the Year and was named to the "Galacticos" shortlist as one of the world's 50-ish best players.

Mason Blueman AM C, Soldarian FC [VAL], b. Colwyn, NC (age 31) - 38 caps, 8 goal | Former Galacticos nominee who's been on the losing side in a Champions League final. Does all the basic things well and is a solid all-rounder. A bit of a late bloomer who worked his way into the starting eleven at Soldarian after ditching his sinking hometown club.

Adrian Tremblay-Fillon M C, 1912 Stellburg [STL], b. Saint-Richard, BL (age 30) - 72 caps, 6 goals | A gangly player with high work-rate, passing and technical skills, who loves to play the killer pass.

Issac Lafrenière M LC, Kionao Locals [TUR], b. Outineau, Beaulac (age 23) - 10 caps | Creative, flashy, can unlock the defence with incisive passing from deep, and drops like a rag doll if he thinks he can get a free kick.

Adam Corvin M C, CF Outineau, b. Mazinaw, Conryia (age 33) - 14 caps, 2 goals | Versatile midfielder who can do a decent defensive or playmaking job as needed.

Cory Greenwood M C, Ulsa Rovers [EUR], b. Natanel, Lupinissa (age 34) - 29 caps, 2 goals | Ball-winning defensive midfielder with above-average athleticism. His game is to win the ball and pass it off to a more creative teammate.

Matts Bogdanor M C, Carsby [EUR], b. East Fallowfield, Etnier (age 27) - 48 caps, 2 goals | No-nonsense holding midfielder who can surprise with a 30-yard banger every once in a while.

Êsêkïl dí Völará M C, Crossroads [CMT], b. refugee camp probably?, Farfadillis (age 21) | A deep-lying playmaker who relentlessly recycles possession and is hard to get around with the ball on the ground.

Andrey Yusupov M R, Strathcona Internationals, b. Vickery, Conryia (age 29) - 23 caps, 2 goals | Quick winger with a deadly accurate cross, not the best dribbler for how often he tries to beat defenders doing it.

James McDonald M LR, Rolalas FC [VAL], b. Dartmoor, Haligonia (age 30) - 19 caps | A two-footed, versatile winger. Level-headed and unspectacular, likes to cut inside on the byline.

Amber Docherty M R, AC Olarria [ASG], b. Willsden Harbour, HA (age 25) - 0 caps

Thor Ibrahim Ahmad AM/F RC, Hornchurch [EUR], b. Outineau, Beaulac (age 22) - 0 caps | Once scored half the goals for CF Les Castors as they finished last in the Kelssek league, he's been making steady progress in Eura and could break through this year.

Pierre-Louis Laishram AM/F C, Clyde Park [TMB], b. Pont d'Or, Beaulac (age 25) - 0 caps | Determined, volatile, and ambitious, he moved abroad after burning some bridges at Océanic, the club he'd come up through the youth ranks with, after publically slamming the club for underperforming. A creative passer with excellent touch.

Shaheen Taleb AM C/ST, Aries Chariots [NPH], b. Mineru, Konoha (age 27) - 91 caps, 38 goals | Can freeze the defence with his excellent close control and is a highly composed finisher. Plays best as a deep-lying forward.

Seamus Wylten ST, Hondo FC [VAL], b. Brandon, Etnier (age 27) - 35 caps, 24 goals | An instinctive finisher and has a great sense of where to position himself to get chances.

Loïc Maçon-Petrault ST, Directus [EUR], b. Saint-Rémy, BL (age 26) - 26 caps, 12 goals | An elusive and quick striker and noted jazz fan. Rising star who recently made waves with a transfer to Directus.

Brayden Custworth ST, Chenoworth Rovers [NPH], b. Clayquot, Etnier (age 32) - 114 caps, 56 goals | Deep-lying striker who is as adept in playing in his teammates as shooting the ball. Good vision and awareness and strong technique.

Matthew Lister ST, Blue Strike Zoloroni [MRC], b. Vickery, Conryia (age 33) - 87 caps, 34 goals | The archetypal target-man, a prolific scorer when he's on form, but tends to be a streaky player. Has won the Mercedini Premier League.

Danielle Maradrogba ST, Newrook City [NPH], b. Outineau, BL (age 21) - 0 caps | An exciting, highly touted talent who has already led the line albeit for one of the KFL's basement dwellers.

Eva Karven ST, Blacklake Blues [TAE], b. (age 24) - 1 cap | Stormed onto the scene in the KFL Championship as the leading scorer for Kirkenes in her rookie season.

Roman Torshen ST, Norrion Rovers [EFL], b. Mistigwyn, NC (age 24) - 7 caps, 2 goals | Has a poacher's instinct for where the ball's going to be, but he's also got a wicked shot from his right foot and likes to power them in. Middling movement and pace (which suits his 'second wave' SOP anyway), relies on his bag of tricks to get past defenders.

Manager: Andrea Crowe | The former manager of Ritter Town in Nephara is the first foreign manager of Kelssek. Preferred formation: 4-4-2
Honours: Cup of Harmony 43 champions, 2-time Ad'ihan Challenge Trophy winners
Direct free-kicks: Gabriel Lapierre
Corners: Colm Ó Tuathail (L), Ashley Douglass (R)
Penalties: Shaheen Taleb

Fan culture
Kelssek's national teams are nicknamed the Voyagers in reference to the fact that major international tournaments are practically always in a different region and many time zones away (unless Kelssek is hosting it, of course).
Maybe Tomorrow is common to all national teams:
Voyagers, they keep on calling me
Down the road, that's where I'll always be
Onward Kelssek, the shout from everyone
Step by step, fighting on, till glory's won
Maybe tomorrow, our journey will be done
Until tomorrow, we'll just keep movin' on

Tune: "Maybe Tomorrow" (Littlest Hobo theme song)

Summer of 46 is sport-specific, and references the hosting of World Cup 46, the watershed in soccer actually becoming popular in Kelssek.
Got my first real football
Played it on a plastic pitch
Rubber pellets went everywhere
It was the cycle of forty-six
Oh when I look back now
Thought that it would last forever
Those were the football glory days

Tune: Summer of '69

Qualifying matches will rotate between three stadiums. You may choose which one if you are the first to RP the match. If you're not bothered to pick, go with Kirkenes as a default.

Exhibition Place, Kirkenes (cap. 38,600)
Kirkenes is the biggest city in Kelssek, a huge and bustling multicultural metropolis. The city's character comes through in neighbourhoods like Little Ariddia, Bathurst Gardens, and Lancaster Hill. Fashionable boutiques and other opportunities for bourgeois consumerism are located in the Rosewood area. The 540-metre Panopti Tower is an iconic landmark, the St. Jude Market is a good stop for fine foods or a quick meal, Melbourne Square and Caron Street are where to go out, and the Museum of Global Civilization is pretty cool to learn about history and cultures and stuff. The Loyalist Fort National Historic Site is where the enemies of the revolution holed themselves up. The city also has a lively microbrewery scene. See also the street map, and the TComm Subway.

Macquarie Docklands, Latrobe (cap. 55,700)
Griffin Park, Novonaya (cap. 39,200) - Hosted the closing ceremonies of the 12th Summer Olympics.

RP permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Choose my scoring events: Yes
Cards to my players: Yes
Godmod events: No
In general, anything that can realistically happen (even if improbable) is fair game. Stuff that violates footballing reality is not ok (usually). If you're in doubt, or think your idea is funny enough, ask me.
RP injuries to my players: Yes but I will determine severity

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Postby Pemecutan » Thu Apr 22, 2021 8:09 pm



The Nation
Pemecutan or officially United Kingdom of Pemecutan is a mid-size country that located in the central part of Melayu Archipelago with a land are around 30,000 km2 and a population of 12.6 millions. Football have been one of the most popular sports in the country. The sport was introduced by British when the country was under their administration. Pemecutan itself was not established until 1966 when Giri Federation was merge with State of Kanginan. Pemecutan Football Association (PFA) was then established in 1968 by merging Giri Football Association and Kanginan Association of Football. Although their status are deemed equal under PFA, but the reality was different. PFA was only recognized Giri's football league as their clubs are considered more professional than that of Kanginan. This situation makes Kanginan's clubs were being left behind. The change is made in late 2019 as PFA decided to give Kanginan's clubs a chance. The previous PFA Eka League and the lower leagues are being merge with KAF Surya League to create Kasa League, the new Pemecutan top level domestic league. The 1780 Kasa League is the inaugural season of the new league with Pesetih Titih as the champion. Kanginan's club, Parsewi Mengwi is manage at fourth position, giving them a place in IFCF and CMFA competition. Entering the 1781 season, the league is change again with the addition of the new clubs from Soracana Islands after their finalization of annexation by Pemecutan.

At national level, Pemecutan joined their international competition at 3rd Melayu Archipelago Cup. In their first competition, they were managed to finished as semifinalist. They continued to go through final four in the next 3 editions. Their highest accomplishment was 2 times runner up in the 6th and 7th edition of Melayu Archipelago Cup. Their bad luck at crucial match makes them being dubbed as The Pemecutan Curse. In international stage, they were entering 73rd Baptism of Fire where they were stuck in the Group Stage. In two times their participation at World Cup, they were also finished in Group Stage. Although their last placement was better during the 87th edition (their second entry) rather then their first entry. Their luck is better in Games of XIV Olympiad, where they were defeated in Round of 16.


The National Team
Management Team
Manager: Agung Suryanantha
Head Coach: Surya Agung Pramana
Assistant Coach: Eka Putra Pradnyana
Goalkeeper Coach: Damar Wedanta
Medic Head: Dwi Natha Wijaya
Style Modifier: +3.17
Formation: 5-3-2


Senior Team Lineup
Coach Surya Agung Pramana is still keen to use the previous line up that they use when they were compete in 7th edition of Melayu Archipelago Cup. The change might be who's being selected for the starting line up. Rama Karyadi and Pandu Oka Jaya is back again to the starting line up as they are deemed success in their respective clubs. Their moved to a bigger clubs in the new season of Eramani Football League is also the reason why Coach Pramana reinstated both players into the starting line up. Another side note is Bayu Narmada. This young player from Pesetilan Petilan is recently being contract by another Eramani club, Soma. His performance there is being monitored by Coach Pramana.

Starting Line Up















The Jersey
Pemecutan continue to use their new jersey for this World Cup edition. The color selections are based on Pemecutan tricolor flag or Tridatu color, black, white and red. The color is a refers to the Tri Murthi, which is 3 Main Gods that is worship by majority Pemecutanian.

Home Jersey
Away Jersey
Goalkeeper Jersey


The Facility
For World Cup Qualification Stage, PFA officially selected 3 venues for their home matches. With 9 home matches, the officials decided to divide the use of the 3 selected venues evenly. Unfortunately, no venue in Soracana Islands is selected. 2 venues are located in Giri Island and the other one is in Surya Island.

Tegeh Kori National Stadium
Ubung Arena
Manguwi Stadium
Location: Pemecutan Puri Federal City
Capacity: 45,000
Owner: Government of Pemecutan
User: Pesepur Pemecutan Puri
Location: Ubung, State of Ulunusa
Capacity: 35,000
Owner: Government of Ubung City
User: Pesub Ubung
Location: Mengwi, State of Kanginan
Capacity: 30,000
Owner: Government of Mengwi City
User: Parsewi Mengwi


The Schedule
Group 17
MD 1: (Away) - Brenecia vs Pemecutan
MD 2: (Home) - Pemecutan vs Sajnur - Ubung Arena, Ubung
MD 3: (Away) - Cascadia vs Pemecutan
MD 4: (Away) - Libonesia vs Pemecutan
MD 5: (Home) - Pemecutan vs Twicetagria - Tegeh Kori National Stadium, Pemecutan Puri
MD 6: (Away) - The Sahstan vs Pemecutan
MD 7: (Home) - Pemecutan vs Kannap - Manguwi Stadium, Mengwi
MD 8: (Away) - Squornshelous vs Pemecutan
MD 9: (Home) - Pemecutan vs The Sarian - Ubung Arena, Ubung
MD 10: (Home) - Pemecutan vs Brenecia - Tegeh Kori National Stadium, Pemecutan Puri
MD 11: (Away) - Sajnur vs Pemecutan
MD 12: (Home) - Pemecutan vs Cascadia - Ubung Arena, Ubung
MD 13: (Home) - Pemecutan vs Libonesia - Manguwi Stadium, Mengwi
MD 14: (Away) - Twicetagria vs Pemecutan
MD 15: (Home) - Pemecutan vs The Sahstan - Manguwi Stadium, Mengwi
MD 16: (Away) - Kannap vs Pemecutan
MD 17: (Home) - Pemecutan vs Squornshelous - Tegeh Kori National Stadium, Pemecutan Puri
MD 18: (Away) - The Sarian vs Pemecutan


RP Permission
Opponent may do the following if they RP first
Choose my scorer: Y
Choose Scoring Events: Y
Godmod Scoring Events: Y
RP Injuries to My Players: Y (No career-ending)
Yellow Card My Player: Y (max. 3 players per match)
Red Card My Player: Y (max. 1 player per match)
Godmod Other Events: N
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Postby Gyatso-kai » Thu Apr 22, 2021 10:48 pm

Gyatso-kai Men's National Football Team,
Kaihaiyáng Guójia Zúqiú Duì
Gyats'kai Tsad droten Taab’rugam

Official Name: Gyatso-kai Men’s National Football Team
凯海洋国家足球队 (Kaihaiyáng Guójia Guójia Zúqiú Duì)
Gyats'kai Tsad droten Taab’rugam
Official Nation Name: The Avatarian Republics of Gyatso-kai
凯海洋降世神通共和国 (Kaihaiyáng Jiàngshì Shéntong Gònghéguó)
Tsad Gyats'kai Jettise
Country Code: GKI
Officiating League: The Republic Premier Football League (RPFL)
Founded: 1876 (228 AKy)
Regional Officiating Body: The Atlantian Oceania Confederation of Association Football (AOCAF)
Year of Membership: 2019.2 (63 AAg)
AOCAF9-7-18 (WDL)
World Cup: 146-56-80 (29-16-35 Post Silence)
Titles: 0
AOCAF: 24th (After AOCAF LXII)
World Cup: 84th (After WC LXXXVIII)
Nickname: Bisons

The Roster
When RP'ing, the name of my players in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS AND BOLD are the player's family names. These are the names on their jersey and the name professional commentators would call out when making observations. Also, do not write the names in all capital letters, as this is somewhat annoying when reading; I just imagine someone reading calmly along then suddenly SHOUTING the player's name. For example, if writing about FENG Shaoli making a long shot, one would write "Feng made a long shot..." as opposed to "FENG made a long shot..." If you have any further questions regarding names, please feel free to telegram me.

Players age ONE YEAR in-between cups.

Starting players will have their names in GREEN type
Alternate players will have their names in BLUE type
Reserve Players will have their names in STANDARD type.
Travelling Players will be in tables.

22- ARMOK Hikari
Height: 177cm - Weight: 80kg – Age: 27 years old - Team: Southern AFC

Coming off a successful fifth season with Southern AFC, Armok Hikari has continued to develop rather nicely when compared to his style back at his alma mater, University of Omashu. After the announcement of Zhao Baoli taking off the 2021.2 Campaign to rest and regroup after his disastrous performances in both World Cup 87 and Cup of Harmony 79, it was to be expected to see Armok promoted to starter.

Unlike Zhao and his sniping mid-range clears, Armok tends to favor the long-range kicks out to midpitch so as to clear as much action from the back end as possible. Also, Armok is a much more traditional goalkeeper when compared to the very ball-heavy play styles of the former starter for the Bisons; he firmly believes that his primary goal is to stop balls from getting to the net, and by clearing out the attacking zone quickly, it gives him a chance to set the team up more defensively as he does tend to hand over possession often, but that allows him to focus on the main job of stopping balls and not worrying about diving out of the box and going for more ‘flashy’ plays.

Rating: B - Team Relationship: B - Morale: B - Form: B
CAPS: :: 36 GOALS: N/A :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 61-63, WC 85-87, CoH 79

44- HAMADA Roshi
Height: 181cm - Weight: 90kg – Age: 23 years old - Team: Concord Dusk AFC

After signing a three year, ¥15 million contract with Concord Dusk AFC, Hamada Roshi has essentially made it as a goalkeeper in Gyatso-kai. Coming onto Concord Dusk to backup the aging Kjotvi Bar’kad is no easy assignment, however, with most analysts seeing Bar’kad retiring in no more than two years, soon Hamada may see himself starting for the Black & Gold.

A player who developed an odd style in the Fire Nation, Hamada is known for stepping way in front of the net and attempting to use his physique to stop an offensive player before getting to the ball. Many attribute this odd quirk to Hamada and his twin brother Yoshi having grown up playing ice hockey; whereas Roshi would go on to find his love in football, his brother Yoshi continues to attract scouts on the ice at the University of Kyoko in the Fire Nation. Equally adept at his position as a younger Kio’los, the 2021.2 Campaign is now the time to prove to the nation that he is the right player chosen to succeed Zhao.
Rating: B - Team Relationship: B - Morale: A - Form: C
CAPS: 5 :: GOALS: N/A :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 62-63, WC 87

31- LEE Findao
Height: 191cm - Weight: 94kg – Age: 20 years old - Team: Academy of South Kibago

An incredibly young and underdeveloped player – at least in terms of multi-verse play – Lee Findao took the Avatarian Football world by surprise when it was announced after The Combine that they would be taking the Reserve Position on the National Team ahead of suspected replacement Pao Lishin. Such a surprise that on the day the rosters were set to be announced, Lee had already packed themselves up and was boarding a transport out of the National Sports Complex.

Not the most confident way to start your journey to the AOCAF Cup…

With a collegiate style typical of players his size – wide stance, quick to try and muscle defenders out of the ball, and making saves from deep out of the net – we can only hope that has time goes on, Lee will continue to mature under the tutelage of Nishimura on the National Team.

Rating: C+ - Team Relationship: B - Morale: B - Form: C

Travelling With the Team

Name		Age		Team					Nation              .
PAO Lishin 24 Mando FC Earth
TSUTSAMA Yen 21 University of Adirolf Fire
TSUNADE Ki’sae 20 Kyoshi State University Mandalorian

As had been done under Vhett, Head Coach Tay’haai has instituted a Travelling Corps so as to bring young and upcoming players along with the Bisons to show them what Multiverse Play is all about. Pao Lishin, still a bit bitter about being passed over last World Cup and now for AOCAF, is a surprise to see return on the travelling corps. Last campaign, it was reported that Pao spent most of the practice days away from the other members of the goalkeeping unit; in the weeks leading up to the AOCAF Cup, it is being reported he is talking more with Goalkeeping Coach Nishimura Kenshin.

Tsutsama Yen, is a relative newcomer to the multiverse; having a somewhat average season at UA, he came to the National Team tryouts before World Cup 87 and put up some impressive physical numbers through the Combine, and thus found his way onto the Corps. Showing great promise as a younger player, it Is reported that he is to be signed to Gaoling Union upon graduation.

With the promotion of Lee Findao to Reserve, the third spot on the Corps was awarded to Tsunade Kise, a young Mandalorian keeper out of Kyoshi State. At just 20-years-of-age, he is still developing on the collegiate level, though shows a similar style to the former Bison Aki Kio’los. Expect to see him on the Corps for another campaign or two before he is considered for promotion.

Left Defenders:
16- TERCAR Shuajo
Height: 180cm - Weight: 84kg – Age: 25 years old - Team: Mando FC

Tercar Shuajo, who signed a four-year contract with Mando FC after graduating from Northern University, has added 8kg to his frame in muscle, yet still retains his speed. A very quick and agile defender, Tercar uses his feet and agility to outmaneuver most other players instead of relying on sheer mass to take away a ball, a tactic he learned from pairing with Itawaku during exhibition games prior to World Cup 86.

Now into his third campaign as starting defender, Tercar is looking to further cement himself into the team. With both Hashimoto Isamiru and Somchai Kikwan both growing older with every passing game, soon it may be time for Tercar to take his speed and agility to the centre of the pitch. Tercar bares the distinction of being one of only two players to score a goal during the last AOCAF – the lone goal against Vilita & Turori on the opening day of the tournament.
Rating: B- - Team Relationship: B - Morale: B - Form: C
CAPS: 48 :: GOALS: :: 12 TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 63, WC 86-87, CoH 79

12- PAM Kai
Height: 183cm - Weight: 86kg – Age: 25 years old - Team: Senlin Timbers

Formerly the backup to the Beast of the North, Pam Kai spent five tournaments in the shadow of Itawaku, hoping to one day earn the starting spot from him or to replace him. However, at the tryout camp, it was Tercar Shuajo who shined, and received the Starting Spike from Tay’haai. Following another lackluster season in Senlin, Pam has shown himself to be a perennial backup defender; though this time, he has been kicked out of the limelight by a former classmate and teammate of his from Northern University… One has to wonder how that will play out during the tournament.

Rating: B+ - Team Relationship: B - Morale: B - Form: A
CAPS: 36 :: GOALS: 14 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59, 61-63,WC 84-87, CoH 79

26 – Khánh KA’LOMI
Height: 190cm - Weight: 94kg – Age: 21 years old - Team: Island FC

A young Southern Watertribesman who signed a professional contract with Island FC at just 20-years-of-age, Khánh Ka’lomi is already making waves in the Avatarian sports community. With an impressive size for such a young player, many see him as the next Itawaku, and some have already started calling him “The Beast of the South”. In his first season at Island FC, Ka’lomi put up impressive numbers for a defencemen; ending his season with the highest involvement in goals by a defender with 2 goal and 7 assists to go with 6 clean sheets. Given the way the Bisons have been playing in tournaments prior, don’t expect Ka’lomi to find himself sitting in the press box too much, with a late series call-up likely should Pam or Tercar start to tire or fail to produce.
Rating: B- - Team Relationship: B - Morale: B - Form: C
CAPS: 12 :: GOALS: 1 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 62-63, WC 87, CoH 79

Central Defenders
5- HASHIMOTO Isamiru
Height: 178cm - Weight: 75kg – Age: 34 years old - Team: Ba Sing Se UNITED

One of the most highly-rated player for the Bison defence, Hashimoto Isamiru, or “Hashi” as he is loving called by fans, has shown himself to be a very valuable asset to the team. A strong defensive player who often falls in to a full-back position, Hashimoto has made great strides in improving his passing and marking skills since he was traded to Ba Sing Se UNITED from Keldabe FC after a very disappointing season which saw Kelabe not advance to the playoffs for the first time in five years.

However, as time as worn on, so too as age on Hashimoto. Set to turn 33 during the 2021.2 Campaign, many have been calling for Hashi to step down gracefully and retire. However, in previous interviews over the 2021.1 Campaign, Hashimoto has already said he would not even entertain retirement until he had earned his century-and-half cap for the National Team.

Only forty-four more caps to go…

Rating: A – Team Relationship: A – Morale: A – Form: A
CAPS: 106 :: GOALS: 18 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59-63,WC 84-87, CoH 76, 79

15- UTHAN A’den
Height: 185cm - Weight: 83kg – Age: 23 years old - Team:Kyoshi State University

A large and physically imposing player, Uthan A’den does not play a very physical game like Auranaq or Hashimoto, but instead proves himself to be one of the fastest players on the team; one who uses that speed to outpace and overtake many of his opponents. Less prove to tackle and trip, and more likely to simply run up from behind and steal the ball mid-dribble, expect to see Uthan engaging opponents closer to the net than you will be comfortable with from previous Bisons campaigns.

Likely to reach his century during World Cup 88, Uthan is set to become one of the youngest players to reach the milemark, following in the footsteps of Akiyama Qiangyu and Bralor Kotyc’e to reach a century before 25.

And given his presence, Uthan is expected to play for a very long time.

Rating: A- - Team Relationship: B - Morale: A - Form: A
CAPS: 92 :: GOALS: 20 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59- 63,WC 84-87, CoH 76, 79

15- Ganham Ri’om
Height: 175cm - Weight: 70kg – Age: 26 years old - Team: Concord Dusk AFC

Though not as fast as Uthan, Ganham Ri’om is a full-back more focused on the offence, who uses his skill with the ball to often drive the offence from the backfield. Though Ganham can have some minor difficulties when tasked with defence (given that he played his entire career at Hatsu State as a offensive midfielder before switching to defence when drafted), he is a very dedicated player and works hard to improve where he knows there are weakness.
Rating: B+ - Team Relationship: B - Morale: A - Form: B
CAPS: 33 :: GOALS: 9 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59-60, 63,WC 84-87, CoH 79

Right Defenders:

3- SOMCHAI Kikwan
Height: 187cm - Weight: 83kg – Age: 32 years old - Team: Itakawai City

While certainly not the oldest player in the defence, Somchai Kikwan does serve as the counterpoint to Uthan’s youthful excitement. Having graduated from Kyoshi State, Somchai is very familiar to the style of play Uthan is used to, and the two of them communicate very well on the side of the field. Very adept at playing the middle of the field, when pushed to the right side, Somchai is quick to adapt and has the endurance and stamina to keep up with the demands.

Having made his multiverse debut in World Cup 85, Somchai has continued to play through a nagging lower body injury. While he has shown signs of improvement – as well as the additional reports of him seeing a Northern Healer for therapy, he continues to play a On-Off schedule; starting one game, resting the next. Many felt he should be taken out of the starting line-up, however, after being the only player to score in four of the Bisons’ five World Cup 86 victories he seems to have garnished a bit of faith from the ASPN team of commentators. Though in World Cup 87, he hit a bit of a dry spell and then during the Cup of Harmony 79 scored three of the team’s eight goals.
Rating: A – Team Relationship: A – Morale: A – Form: A
CAPS: 45 :: GOALS: 18 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 63, WC 85-87, CoH 79

23- HUANG Aodhán
Height: 183cm - Weight: 84kg – Age: 26 years old - Team: Makapu ERUPT

With Mi’rez Yiman retiring, Huang Aodhán would find himself moving up on the list of right defenders. Signed onto a Taap-A team right out of college, Huang was quick to mature and found his way onto the Makapu ERUPT three season ago. A quick study, he adapted well to his new team and soon made it to their starting eleven. Huang is a natural athlete, with impressive speed and stamina to match, and we can expect to see that natural athleticism on display as the tournament wears on and fatigue sets into the Starting Eleven.
Rating: C – Team Relationship: B – Morale: B – Form: C
CAPS: 20:: GOALS: 4 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 60-63, WC 84-87, CoH 79

15 – Tarou ADEEN
Height: 189cm - Weight: 90kg – Age: 22 years old - Team: Royal Flames

With the retirement of a couple of the Bisons’ core defenders, the Travelling Corps has produced another potential feature player in the form of Tarou Adeen. A product of both the Royal Fire Developmental Programs as well as serving under the tutelage of Fujimoto Zhong at Omashu State, Adeen is sure to see his number called in future tournaments. Much like his counterpart on the left, Tay’haai seems to be wanting to bring size into the game; Adeen stands at just under 190cm and weighs a little under 90kg. Combine that size with his speed and vision on the pitch, and you have a defender who can knock an opponent off course and redirect a ball to a forward without even lifting his head from his target. As with others in the lower levels of the team, expect to see Adeen as the tournament progresses.
Rating: C – Team Relationship: B – Morale: B – Form: C

Travelling With the Team

Position	Name		Age		School / Team			Nation                |
RD KATO Zhao Ling 22 Enceri FC Mandalorian
RD YAMADA Goro 21 Republic City State University Fire
CD ZHOU Hiroto 21 Kibago University Earth

The Travelling Corps for Defense is all small trio of defenders who are all potential future Bisons.

Kato Zhao Ling, who graduated from Enceri University and signed an entry-level two-year contract with FC She Pass, is coming off his first RPFL All-Star selection and a third-place finish in the 2021.1 Season. Yamato Goro continues to excel at Republic City State, having caught the eyes of scouts from both Hikrou and FC Itakawai; likely to sign following graduation, Yamato is certainly being watched to replace either of the aging defencemen in Hashimoto and Somchai. Zhou Hiroto, who helped Kibago University win their third consecutive Earthen Shield tournament in five years, also is vying for an eventual spot on the national roster.

Defensive Midfielders:

Height: 178cm - Weight: 76kg – Age: 35 years old - Team: Northern AFC

A strong defensive midfielder. Takahashi Hikaru’s strength lies in his kicks; easily able to send a ball soaring across the pitch with surprising accuracy, Takahashi is known for feeding the ball to the strikers and catching many opposing defences off-guard. He often has great vision, and he is easily able to read the play and can adapt accordingly.

Now, Takahashi has to step into a new role, as the oldest player on the team. With the retirement of so many of his fellow over-30 players, some feel the pressure is on Takahashi to produce more in this upcoming World Cup… or hang up the Number Seven jersey for the last time.
Rating: S – Team Relationship: S – Morale: A – Form: A
CAPS: 107 :: GOALS: 45 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59-63,WC 84-87, CoH 75, 79

6- MA Haijiang
Height: 187cm - Weight: 85kg – Age: 32 years old - Team: Northern AFC

Head Coach Tay’haai made the unusual selection of having both of his defensive midfielders come from the same team, for reasons most can ascertain. A proven veteran on the pitch, Ma Haijiang complements Takahashi’s strong kicks and accuracy with the speed to overcome most opponents; if he can not strike a ball deep, Takahashi will often send a volley up to Ma who will then run it into the offensive zone before lasering the ball to an open forward. Expect to see either Ma or Takahashi in the assist column for plenty of goals.

Though, now with both players into their 30s, and many calling for younger blood to take the reigns, one has to wonder how much longer the ‘Northern Duo’ will continue to play together… or worse, who will be the first to retire…
Rating: A- – Team Relationship: A – Morale: B – Form: A
CAPS: 106 :: GOALS: 30 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59-63,WC 84-87, CoH 76, 79

17- YOSHIDA Arata
Height: 177cm - Weight: 80kg – Age: 28 years old - Team: Royal Flames

Yoshida Arata is a dedicated player who has worked incredibly hard to make his way to the national team; having spent several months training with one of the greatest Avatarian midfielders to ever play the game, Bralor Kotyc’e. Time spent with Bralor has proven to greatly improve his game, seeing Yoshida climb up the ranks during the Trials for the national team.

Though, Yoshida is not a player you will often notice. He is not one for showboating, and very rarely makes a goal or garnishes an assist. Instead, he focuses his time on the pitch by setting up the offense for a great pass, a decisive tackle that often swings the game’s momentum, or just being able to intercept the ball at the most opportune time. One of the best midfielders in the Southern Conference of the RPFL, Yoshida is sure to see time on the pitch by relieving Takahashi or Ma in the later games of the competition.

Rating: B+ – Team Relationship: A – Morale: B – Form: B
CAPS: 46 :: GOALS: 8 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59, 60, 62-63,WC 84-87

Neutral Midfielders:

Height: 183cm - Weight: 84kg – Age: 32 years old - Team: Senlin Timbers

An extremely technical midfielder, Hisakawa Si Woo is not one to shy away from trying for goals. More aept at reading the play and setting up his forwards, Hisakawa is a bit more impatient than one would like, and he posseses the speed and agility to run through a good defence and find the back of the net on occasion. He is also the only player on the Bisons who is currently unsigned; his contract with the Taap-A team Omashu Athletic ended after AOCAF LX, and with nothing really to showcase his worth, Omashu Athletic chose to not sign Hisakawa; a fact that has certainly hurt his morale going into the last World Cup. However, an impressive showing, including four goals at WC 85, saw Hisakawa sign a two-year contract with the Senlin Timbers just days after the completion of the group stage.
Rating: B+ – Team Relationship: B – Morale: B – Form: A
CAPS: 76 :: GOALS: 20 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59-63,WC 84, 86-87, CoH 76,79

Attacking Midfielders:

8- YU Shichiro
Height: 183cm - Weight: 85kg – Age: 27 years old - Team: Keldabe FC

With a very offensive-minded footballing style, Yu Shichiro works as the last link between the midfield and the offence. Much like Hisakawa, Yu has been known to even advance from the midfield to score quite a few key goals in pivotal games, including the 2019.2 Ve’vut Cup winning goal against Concord Dusk AFC. He has a powerful long shot and is exceptional at heading, both of which are aided by his height. However, as skilled as he is in offense, Yu still prefers to pass the ball up to forwards for an assist in a goal as opposed to being the star player.

Rating: A- – Team Relationship: A – Morale: B – Form: A
CAPS: 80 :: GOALS: 11 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59-63,WC 84-87, CoH 79

11- GUANYU Jun
Height: 185cm - Weight: 81kg – Age: 25 years old - Team: Omashu Athletic (Taap-A)
A very creative midfielder, Guanyu Jun is very capable of making plays on the fly; with great vision and quick feet, he often can set up his forwards for a great goal or keep the ball moving through the middle. Though having graduated from Heibai University right after AOCAF, Guanyu, who managed to only appear in a single game during AOCAF, started in the next two World Cups as well as AOCAF 60, before being knocked off his starting position by Yu Shichiro coming into AOCAF 61. Who knows how that will play out, seeing as how many in the sports world see Guanyu as more of a playmaker than Yu and a bit more skilled despite being three years his junior.

Rating: B+ – Team Relationship: B – Morale: B – Form: A
CAPS: 38 :: GOALS: 8 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59, 60,62-63,WC 84-85,87, CoH 79

14 – Fei’kao SONG
Height: 185cm - Weight: 81kg – Age: 24 years old - Team: FC Mando

Relatively young when compared to his teammates, Fei’kao Song chose to forgo his collegiate career, getting drafted by FC Mando the day before his twentieth birthday. Despite all the fanfare of his first season behind him, Song has not had a promising start to his sophomore season. Given his still-developing skills in midfield, his is seen as a comparatively weak player and often spends more time with the coaching staff than other more-seasoned players. Song, much like Hisakawa, is a technical player by nature whose greatest asset is not in his aim or power, but in the art of dribbling which he uses at every opportunity. While more prone to provide assists on plays as opposed to goals, Song has proven himself through Trials to Tay’haai and earned a spot on the National Team, albeit a reserve position.

Rating: B- – Team Relationship: A – Morale: B – Form: C
CAPS: 15 :: GOALS: 3 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 60, 63, WC 87 CoH 76, 79

Travelling With the Team

Position	Name			Age		School/Team					Nation
DM INOUE Anernerk 24 R.C UNITED Water
DM Kal ITOWA 24 FC Beijing Water
NM Penlu SAITO 21 Omashu Fire
OM SHAO Mi’ka 23 Solus FC Water
OM DIK Up’lis 22 Northern AFC Earth

Mostly comprised of Water Tribesmen, the Midfield Travelling Corps is a grabbag of talent. From the University of the Northern Tribes come home-grown Inoue Anernerk, who at just like his father, the famed Inoue Kuruk, completed back-to-back double-digit scoring seasons in his last two seasons of college; impressive for a man who is supposed to be on the defensive midfield. From UST, Kal Itowa mirrors the success of Inoue, though a career less filled with goals and more with assists. Penlu Saito, a young player from the developmental Chomain State Academy, hopes to see a professional contract within the year, and with such a great season in the ADFL, you can be sure he will at least entertain some good offers. Out of the University of Kibago, Shao Mi’ka is a relatively quiet player who has had offers from both Gaoling Union and Senlin Timbers. Dik Up’lis rounds out the Travelling Corps, bringing from Omashu State a drive for excellence many teams would love to have, even if it comes with a bit more maturing to be fostered.

9 - Dag’da SKIRATA
Height: 185cm - Weight: 85kg – Age: 25 years old - Team: Ba Sing Se UNITED

From the fabled and illustrious Skirata family, Dag’da Skirata continues to show why the Skirata’s are the most famous Avatarian family in sports; from his grandfather Kad coaching the Men’s National Ice Hockey Team to his father A’den’s 59 goals in 190 caps for the Bisons, Dag’da has some massive shoes to fill. Though his youthful energy often times shows itself in classic mistakes, Skirata is able to power his way through many the defender and be it by foot or by head, he finds the net more often than not. Earning his century in the abysmal Cup of Harmony 79, Skirata hopes to redeem himself in the next campaign set to begin in Atlantian Oceania. In-between the 2021.1 and 2021.2 Campaigns, Skirata has shocked much of the Avatarian Sports world, forgoing the expected signing with his hometown FC Itakawai and signing with their interleague rival Ba Sing Se United for an undisclosed amount; however, the six-year contract is likely one of the most expensive to be signed in recent memory.

Along with Tercar Shuajo, Skirata was one of only two players to score any goals; with Skirata scoring three goals, including a pair against Sylestone in the only victory the Bisons were able to achieve during AOCAF 63. Also of mention, Skirata achieved his century during Cup of Harmony against Electrum, just weeks after turning 25…Something fellow Mandalorian Uthan Aden holds over Skirata’s head.
Rating: S – Team Relationship: S – Morale: S – Form: A
CAPS: 105 :: GOALS: 62 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59-63,WC 84-87, CoH 76,79

10 - SONG Kaoru
Height: 178cm - Weight: 74kg – Age: 27 years old - Team: FC Mando

Much like Skirata, Song Kaoru comes from a sports-centric family; with his father a coach in the RPFL, his mother a third-line winger for the Ice Bisons and his younger brother the star goalkeeper for Itakawai City, fans and critics have come to expect nothing but greatness from Song. They have certainly not been disappointed in domestic play, with Song showing a near-effortless game on the pitch. Dodging defenders as if they were standing still, sniping balls past nets which might as well have been empty, Song has quickly become the media’s favorite player... especially with how he loves to be interviewed.

Rating: A – Team Relationship: A – Morale: A – Form: A
CAPS: :: 106 GOALS: 43 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59-63,WC 84-87, CoH 76, 79

29- LI Yuuta
Height: 185cm - Weight: 85kg – Age: 28 years old - Team: Island FC

Older than both of the starting forwards, Li Yuuta also finds himself the oldest member of the Forward Corps. Playing the last six seasons in Island FC, Li has continued to develop as a well-rounded secondary striker; able to shield the ball from the other team and hold them off long enough for either of the Bisons’ primary stikers to get into position for a great shot. Li is very adept at striking himself, having led Island FC in Goals Scored last season.

Rating: A – Team Relationship: A – Morale: B – Form: A
CAPS: 27 :: GOALS: 6 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59, 60,62-63,WC 84-87, CoH 76

19 - KIM Vinh Lành
Height: 185cm - Weight: 80kg – Age: 26 years old - Team: Island FC

A seasoned pivot man through five seasons at Island FC, Kim Vinh Lành is known for his ability to read the pitch and place himself ahead of a ball to bring in an attempt --- even if the pass is terrible --- through his excellent ball-handling skills. Albeit not the most conditioned player, with stamina that often finds him at the back of the pack during running exercises, Kim makes up for his endurance with incredibly fast bursts to the goal.

Rating: B – Team Relationship: A – Morale: B – Form: A
CAPS: 21 :: GOALS: 5 :: TOURN. PLAYED: WC 86-87, CoH 79

Captain: TAKAHASI Hikaru
Vice-Captain: HASHIMOTO Isamiru
Third Captain: MA Haijiang

Kick Takers (in order of ability)
Free kicks: SONG Kaoru
Right corners: GANHAN Ri’om, UTHAN A’den
Left corners: TAKAHASHI Hikaru, UTHAN A’den
Penalties: Dag’da SKIRATA, TAKAHASHI Hikaru, MA Haijiang, GUANYU Jun, HASHIMOTO Isamiru, YU Shichiro, SOMCHAI Kikwan

Head Coach: Kad’e TAY’HAAI
Height: 182cm – Weight: 76kg – Age 60 years old – Team: University of Adirolf, Head Coach

With 253 caps in Multiverse Play, and originally having been dubbed “The Next One” as a player, it only seemed right when Vhett Boba, the esteemed Head Coach of the Natonal Team since World Cup 57, stepped down that Kad’e Tay’haai would step into his boots. After such an illustrious career in football, Tay’haai found himself retiring from the sport in 2016.2 and moving on to become an assistant coach for the University of Adirolf for three cycles, before stepping into the role of Head Coach in 2018.3. While Adirolf has not quite enjoyed great success through the ACSA, it has begun to turn itself around; after boasting their first losing record in 32 years, the Adirolf Gators came out of 2019.2 with a 17-7-0 record and a second place finish in the National Championships.

However, with all of this domestic success, Tay’haai has struggled to convert it to the multiverse. Since the return of the Bisons’ from The Silence, the team has garnished a paltry 29-16-35 record, with their AOCAF record a measly 8-6-15. So many in the National Sports Council have been calling for Tay’haai to step down for the last three campaigns, but President Vhett will not throw in the towel just yet.

Rating: A- - Team Relationship: A - Morale: A - Confidence: B
Tourn. Coached: AOCAF 59-63,WC 84-87, CoH 76, 79

Assistant Coach: WONG Haru
Height: 185cm – Weight: 88kg – Age 49 years old – Team: FC Itakawai, Assistant General Manager

Once a star defender for the Bisons, following his retirement from national and multiverse play, Wong Haru made a name for himself with a brief stint in coaching professionally; first as a Defensive Coach for Solus FC for two years and then FC She Pass for another four. However, when Wakahisa Hikaru – whose infamous knee injury in the championship game for the Republic Chalice brought the nation to tears and ended his professional career – called Wong to bring onboard FC Itakawai when they shifted ownership, it was a call he could not pass up. Being the head coach of one of the RPFL’s best teams for nearly 8 years truly honed his knowledge of the game as well as his abilities to analyze and coach players to greatness. Of course, it was an easy decision for Tay’haai to bring an old teammate on-board to be his assistant coach, who then filled out his coaching staff with even more veterans of the Bisons...

Rating: B - Team Relationship: A - Morale: B - Confidence: B
Tourn. Coached: AOCAF 59-63,WC 84-87, CoH 76, 79

Coaching Assistants:
Forwards: KUSONAGI Batou, PHAM Vinh Lành, KRYSE Pre
Defence: NAKAMURA Batou and MAKI LI
Goalkeepers: KITA Bai’a, NISHIMURA Kenshin

Head Medical Officer: Doctor FONG Jintao
Height: 190cm – Weight: 82kg – Age 35 years old
Following the retirement of Wen Wuchin after the 85th World Cup, the much-younger Doctor Fong Jintao replaced the “Ol’Doc” as he was so lovingly referred to as by the team. Having served through the Grand Army of the Republic, Doctor Fong is a veritable successor to the Ol’Doc’s history as the last member of the Old Guard – all staff appointed by former-Head Coach and now Director Boba Vhett. When not travelling with the team, Fong carries the rank of Captain, First Class and serves in the 501st Legion in the First Territorial Army, stationed in Republic City; specifically, he is a resident Surgeon within the Third Avatarian Guard, and is seen as a competitor for the soon-to-be-vacated position of Head Assistant Surgeon in the Capital Medical Facility, thanks to another former member of the Old Guard retiring from that post.
Rating: A - Team Relationship: A - Morale: A - Confidence: A
Medical Assistants: HU Haicheng, HONG Sujin, LEE Jiabao

Security Chief: Captain AKAAN (RC-4868)
Height: 183cm – Weight: 81kg – Age: 46 years old CHRONOLOGICAL (49 years old BIOLOGICAL)
A clone officer within the Grand Army of the Republic, RC-4868 was appointed Chief of Security for the National Team in 2011.1. Each time the team travels abroad --- so long as he is not engaged in a mission --- RC-4868 is pulled from service and placed into the spotlight of security. He is battle-hardened, having been raised since birth for war and combat, and as such often views these assignments with true boredom. The seven men he brings with him on assignment share the same sentiments of the ‘mission’, however, their ‘unwaivering loyalty’ to the Republic prevents any negative speak during the assignment. Each is a member of the Avatarian Guard, whose sole responsibility is to defend the Avatar at both home and abroad; this protection then extends to all sports teams travelling beyond the borders of the Five Nations.
Rating: A – Strength: A – Tactics: A – Skill: A
Security Assistants: CT-2234, CT-45-9934, CC-8341, CT-2401, CC-75-3341, RC-1346, RC-4321, RC-4555

Age: 74 – Time in the job: 8 Years (33 )

Once the longest serving Head Coach in Avatarian History – with a record spanning 261 games, ten World Cups and multiple other multiverse competitions – it was only right for Vhett to step into the role of President of the Avatarian Leagues of Association Football. Having brought a team from nothing to the quarterfinals in 8 World Cups is not something to look away from, and although his career was tarnished slightly by the final performances of the Bisons – going 5-7-1 in his last World Cup – Vhett is confident that soon glory will be returned to the Avatarian Republics, although initial performances in all seven tournaments to date have been far from promising.

Rating: S - Influence: A - Morale: A - Confidence: A – History: S


For the Eighty-Eighth Edition of the World Cup of Football, the Bisons will be wearing the uniforms they debuted in the 2021.1 Campaign at the Eighty-Seventh World Cup.

The THIRD Kit shall be worn in the event the Bisons face off against a fellow Atlantian Oceania team.







NOTE: All matches played at Home shall be played at one of three Class IV Stadiums in the Avatarian Republics. All games will be ticketed in such a way to keep the stadium 60% Gyatso-kai and 40% Opposition, with lower level seats near the opposing side’s bench and entry reserved for opposing fans. Upper Levels will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Official Name: Stadium of the Republics
Local Name: The Bowl
Seating Capacity: 83,686
Location: Republic City, Republic Capital Territory, Gyatso-kai
Games Hosted: Yet To Be Announced


Official Name: Stadia Capital
Local Name: The Stadia
Seating Capacity: 78,050
Location: Beijing, Jing Prefecture, Earth Kingdom, Gyatso-kai
Games Hosted: Yet To Be Announced


Official Name: Meshgeroya'yaim
Local Name: Mesh'yaim
Seating Capacity: 79,890
Location: Keldabe, Keldabe Autonomous Province, Mandalore, Gyatso-kai
Games Hosted: Yet To Be Announced

Style: +4.0 out of 5.0
Choose my goal scorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events:[\/b] Yes
[b]Injure to my players:
Yes for minor, one-game-out injuries. I will decide and RP any further inactivity for a player caused by your injury.
Godmod injuries: Yes for minor, one-game-out injuries
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes, within reason
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes (1 MAX PER GAME)
Godmod Other Events: Yes, within reason. Please telegram me if you’re in doubt.

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Champions: World Cup of Hockey XXIII
Runner-Up: World Junior Hockey Championship III, World Cup of Hockey XXI
Third Place: World Cup of Hockey XV, XVII, XVIII
Qualified: Baptism of Fire 44 (Mangolana Quaterfinals), Cup of Harmony 50 (4th Place), World Cup 59-63, World Cup of Hockey XV-XXVI
Participant: World Women's Hockey Championship I (9th Place), World Cup of Hockey XVI, World Cups 57-63 Qualifying, Republic Cup I, Cup of Harmony 49
Rankings: 5th in Ice Hockey (Before WCoH 21), 22nd in Association Football (after WC 64)

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Postby Pasarga » Thu Apr 22, 2021 11:02 pm

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players N
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players Y
Godmod Other Events Y


Pasarga Roster
Nickname: Wanderers
Ranking: 11th
Most Caps: Mór Császár (196)
Most Goals: Ingþór Auðbjörnsson (124)

Image Image Image

Home Away Third
Modifier: +1

Manager: Meriadoc Griffiths Image, age 53
Assistant: Anna Kováts, age 51 (F)

Home Stadium: Stade de Torgos (90,000)

GK: Borka Szekeres, age 30, CA Paulinthal (F)
GK: Edina Szél, age 31, Club Stein-los (F)
GK: Szescõ Mezei, age 28, Hellinic Rouge
GK: Hajna Pálffy, age 30, Rammsissil Image (F)
GK: András Gerô, age 29, Sardin United

Despite continued success, Galambos has decided to hang up his boots, meaning that Mezei is now the undisputed number one keeper in the national team and will likely hold on to the shirt for awhile given their best competition is all older than they are. Szekeres is the clear second choice, having had two back to back splendid domestic campaigns with the Hurricane, while once heralded Hajna Pálffy looks to have finally come good, having taken her team in Vilita to the Challengers' Cup in back to back seasons. Neither Szél nor Gerô are expected to see any time on the field barring an extensive injury crisis to the three very talented keepers ahead of them, having been late additions to the pool as more of means to an end than any real chance of making the final twenty-three if the Wanderers do qualify for the Finals.

LB: Rozalia Sebeôk, age 32, Duke of the North (F)
LB/LW: Deli Ács, age, 31, Directus Image
LB: Lõrinc Vass, age 28, Hellinic Rouge
CB: Judit Kádár, age 31, CA Paulinthal (F)
CB: Fruzsina Budai, age 28, CA Paulinthal (F)
CB: Laborc Szöllössy, age 31, Spartangrad Image
CB: Henri Rocheleau, age 28, Lunas FC
CB: Grégoire Grimard, age 28 Lunas FC
CB: Asztrik Szalay, age 31, Sabrefell Athletic Image
R/CB: Tabor Csikós, age 31, Spartangrad Image
RB: Viktor Szôcs, age 22, Wirr Tsi Image
RB: Anita Szarka, age 28, Sardin United (F)

It comes as now large surprise that the defensive unit has seen quite a bit of shake up, with only two of the centerbacks being retained for the qualifying pool for this cycle, with the veteran backline being aged out of the pool for the most part. As a testament to CAP's great defensive unit of the last two seasons, they provide a pair of centerbacks with Kádár's veteran leadership expected to give her a starting nod along with the versatile and talented Szalay or the steely veteran Szöllössy. Ács just manages to hold on to his starting spot and captaincy despite Vass looking like she might be a better option, yet the Directus fullback has been the heart of the team for a few years now and gets the nod, but Vass definitely will see the field quite a bit. Csikós is in a similar situation on the right, especially with the rise of Szôcs at Wirr Tsi, who had a season to remember, as well as Fulco Salas who is on the fringe of the team. Griffiths is likely giving the Spartangrad fullback one last go around in what is expected to be their last tournament in charge of the Wanderers.


RW: Erik Földessy, age 31, CA Paulinthal
RW: Nándor Slots, age 27, FK Metropola Borograd Image
RW: Ildiko Kálmán, age 28, Lujano Image (F)
AMC: Mária Vöröss, age 31, Royal Canterlot HC Image
A/MC: Márió Szölösi, age 28, Ulsa Image
D/MC: Szalyk Földessy, age 31, Ibini FC Image
D/MC: Zita Szöcs, age 32, Mar Sara FC Image (F)
MC: Ugor Gyôrffy, age 27, Damogran FC Image
D/MC: Ubul Kuruc, age 26, FC Felsenkirchen 1879 Image
LW: Vojmil Topić, age 24, CA Paulinthal
LW: Pellegrin Csapó, age 28, Marque Image
LW: Juanma Urías Zarate, age 29, Santos Luega

Tears weep for the international retirement of Jan Gersten, who will likely be remembered as one of the most underrated players of his era, but all things must move on and the Földessy brothers hold down both the right wind and destroyer roles that they had laid claim to last cycle. Szôts should see some time on the right wing, after Metropola Borograd had a fairly decent season and Kálmán a decent one with Lujano as well, making the battle for the back up quite intense. Mária Vöröss finally is moved to the bench, having been surpassed in talent by Márió Szölösi, though having her dynamic playmaking ability on the bench could prove quite useful in games where teams try to play ten men behind the ball for ninety minutes. Márió Szölösi however is all that and more, plus the advantage of being three years younger and playing in a more competitive league, getting the nod in the more attacking midfield role. Vojmil Topić may be the youngest option on the left but he has had a great start to his career and is a pace merchant with good crossing and decent finishing, supplanting the talented Csapó.


LW/ST: Elek Salai, age 22, Ibini FC Image
AML/ST: Boriska Nagy, age 26, Spartangrad Image (F)
ST: Oriel Villagómez Acuna, age 31, Santos Luega
ST: Réka Szôllôssi, age 32, Stein-los Turkish (F)
ST: Najiyah Lubanah Mifsud, age 27, Stein-los Turkish (F)
ST: Júlia Müller, age 32, AC Izotz Zubia Image (F)

Despite a lot of questions being asked about whether this group of strikers are able to cut it when it matters most, with half of them on the wrong side of thirty for this upcoming qualifying cycle, they will remain unchanged from last cycle's grouping. Júlia Müller is still the spearhead of the attack and the star of the show, being a deadly pace merchant who can finish, and having toughed up through playing in Brenecia and Audioslavia, questions are there on how long can she keep her pace. Acuna and Szôllôssi both bag in goals aplenty in the SuperLiga, but there is no denying that the domestic league has taken a hit in quality in the last few seasons and they could be feasting on weakened teams rather than being amazing players. Salai is the hope for the future, but he needs to burst through the starting line up at Ibini to really make his case. Nagy however is quite talented and scoring goals in Eura but has yet to be able to consistently do it for the Wanderers, her time is now to show she can lead the line for the next few years.

Formation And Tactics

Griffiths came in and was supposed to bring about a system that emphasized pace with technical skill, something that would eventually overrun the opponents as the technically gifted players would rise to the occasion. What happened however was a series of matches where the side had to grind out results, something that is not exactly in Griffiths forte. He's embraced this lack of things going to the original plan and vision he had for the team and instead has become something of a tinkerer, devising up tactics on a game to game basis. The pace and technical skill of the squad is quite high and they do like to play on the front foot but are too inconsistent to be able to dominate the possession and other teams as Griffiths had desired, though he would still like to find a way for that to become the norm if the players can elevate their game to the level he envisions for them
Captain: Deli Ács
Corner Taker: Erik Földessy
Set Pieces: Márió Szölösi
Penalties: Júlia Müller
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Postby Montana Verde » Fri Apr 23, 2021 7:08 am

Nation: Montaña Verde

Trigram: MVE
Adjective/demonym: Verdean
Team nickname: Condors

The bolded name or “nickname” should be used when referring to players and staff.

Coach: Enriqueta Urrútia Cuellar (49)
Assistant coach: Pigmalion Perales (37)

Enriqueta was a legendary player in her day, a hard-grafting defensive midfielder who churned out tackles, marked players twice her size out of the game, and scored one goal in over 500 domestic appearances. She’s previously managed Deportivo Launia and Olimpia La Limana, and has been given the honor of becoming the first national team coach in the independent era. Somewhat volatile on the sidelines, off them she is a compulsive chain-smoker (who chews nicotine gum when in the stadium, in deference to the somewhat lax Verdean fire code). She’s well known for favoring veterans over youth prospects, which is why the teams she’s managed have tended to do well then stagnate. She’s also not one to favor meaningless skills, her own career as a merciless tackler having shown how far a player can go without having all the fancy tricks, so she has little patience for showboaters. The young Perales, her assistant, is a former striker whose career ended early through injury. More in touch with the players of today, but lacking the respect given to Enriqueta.

Squad: This is a longlist of 32 players. It can generally be assumed the players number 1 – 11 will start, 12 – 23 be matchday squad reserves, and unnumbered players be back-up reserves, but so long as you’re sensible and unless I’ve RPed otherwise, you can RP my team lineup with some variation.
  • Men and women play together in Montaña Verde. To avoid pronoun confusion, female players are marked in pink.
  • The league is fairly new as a result of restructuring following independence, but many of the clubs date back decades and have entrenched traditions and rivalries.
  • Fútbol is a tremendously popular sport in the country, rivalling Catholicism for the national religion, but limited overseas exposure means the standard is not especially high.
  • Speaking of not being especially high, Montaña Verde is one of the shortest [human] populations in the world. While there are one or two tall players, in general men and women are very short.
  • Players are not egregiously dirty in terms of violence or deliberate fouling, but enjoy a good tactical dive now and then.


1. Mateo Zayas Chavarría (26) – Scunthorpe de Puyevier
12. Anastasio Reyes Leiva (33) – Deportivo Launia
23. Rudolf Lazzaro “Dolfo” Mojica Parra (19) – América de Santa Margarita de Yacuija
XX. Joaquín Sancho Alcocer (31) – Acharaque

Mateo is quite aggressive, being willing to play out from his area, having a rather inflated assessment of his own footballing ability. Leiva is more reserved, a dependable rather than spectacular goal-manager who bosses about his defenders and doesn’t tend to make sloppy errors. Dolfo is lankier than either but very raw. As tall goalkeepers are few and far between in Montaña Verde his ascent has been rapid, but he has to cut down on sloppy errors before he gets a shot with the national team.

Right backs:

2. Leonilda Balderas Castiglione (23) – Calequén
13. Roberta Márquez Saldana (24) – Francisco Teixidó
XX. Juan Cazzalla Dengra “Zalladen” (22) – Requista Boys

Full backs in Montaña Verde tend to be judged on their attacking credentials first and foremost. Neither Roberta nor Castiglione are outstanding defenders, both being converted midfielders, but play in offensive wingback roles for the two leading clubs in the country. Roberta is a relentless attacker, driving forward to whip in crosses, while Castiglione, who has a strong left foot as well, can cut in field and spread the ball around. Most people think Castiglione is the better player of the two, but her party girl reputation off the field has done her no favors in comparison to the solemn Catholic Roberta who crosses herself after every goal or assist.

Left backs:

6. Justin Pedroza Sierra (24) – Image Austin City
16. Iñigo Olmo Mallén (19) – Image Juventoyan

Justin is one of the best players in the team. His strong left foot has him at left back, but he’s capable of playing anywhere on the field. A skilful dribbler with all the playground tricks, and standing quite a bit taller than his teammates, he seems to tower over everyone. What tends to let him down is his attitude. He gets into arguments with the opposition, his teammates, the referees, the fans. He’s the living embodiment of “If you get into an argument with someone, they’re an asshole; if you get into arguments with everyone, you’re the asshole”. Mallén is the first player in the history of Montaña Verde to sign for a foreign team. A pacy wing-back, he lacks a quality final touch on his passing so may find it difficult to break past Justin into the starting XI.

Center backs:

3. Edelberto Romero Gutiérrez (31) – Calequén – Captain
4. Jairo Villegas Balderas (28) – Calequén
14. Terence Agosto Soto Moreau (25) – Image Kisukami United
20. Arquímedes Hernández Velásquez (22) – Image Kyethas Rivermen FC
XX. Alfredo Tafalla (21) – Acharaque
XX. Angelina “Linara” Miralles Lacasa (28) – Sporting Mabar

In terms of footballing ability, the central defender corps is fairly strong relative to the rest of the team, but the main problem is physical. None of them are especially tall and although Edelberto is fairly strong, for a Verdean, they’re going to struggle against top class internationals. Jairo is a superb timer of tackles and can reliably clear the ball out – if it’s on the ground. Moreau, a true tough-tackling defender’s defender, and Arquímedes a superb passer who can play in a holding midfield role, are talents for the future behind the experienced Calequén duo. Tafalla is a good, busy, but ultimately very raw prospect.

Holding midfielders:

5. Ana-Ximena Pareja Carvallo (23) – Image Concord Heights Suburban – Vice-captain
15. Edgar Nieves Liñares (27) – Image Holhot United
XX. Valery Nazaret “Valentinha” Garrido García (21) – Francisco Teixidó
XX. Román “Máno” de la Cruz (25) – Francisco Teixidó

Despite Enriqueta’s own background, she recognizes the game has moved on from the days of pure defensive midfielders hacking down attackers in front of the back four. Ana-Ximena and Edgar are more suited to playing a more advanced role, supporting a dynamic midfield set-up. Ana-Ximena isn’t as skilful on the ball as Edgar but has a higher work rate, impressing with her pressing, tackling, and physicality, and winning the start ‘5’ shirt once worn by Enriqueta herself. Tactical shifts could see Edgar getting playing time alongside her anyway, as he’s a better passer. Valentinha is a very versatile player who is naturally suited to a more attacking role but relegated to holding midfield given the depth at her club.

Central midfielders:

8. Kristjana Eiríksdóttir (24) – Deportivo Launia
11. Cristobal Elizondo “Cristo” Díaz (20) – Francisco Teixidó
17. Ángel Rafael Reyes Bregmann (32) – Francisco Teixidó
XX. Emma Narváez (23) – Francisco Teixidó

Don’t worry, not getting any puppet strings tangled here: Kristjana is 100% Verdean except for her name, reflecting her background in the tiny minority Græntfjaller population. She plays alongside Cristo Díaz in the center, but they have different roles: she’s more of a distributor and uses her flying pace to whip out to the wings, while he holds down a relentless box-to-box role pressing everywhere and quickly offloading to open up rapid attacks. Bregmann is a more physical player but lacks Cristo Díaz's speed; Emma isn’t as methodical in her passing as Kristjana but is another real speedster.

Attacking midfielders:

10. Thomás “Primitivo” Ceballos Cantú (20) – Scunthorpe de Puyevier
18. Sara Ariadna Nazario Alonzo (23) – Image Nowy Orpington United
21. Julia Pastora Rodríguez Varela (25) – América de Santa Margarita de Yacuija

There’s nothing “primitive” about the play of the young Scunthorpe midfield general. He’s being asked to play a little higher than he would for his club here, but the skilful Primitivo has earned it. Bigger than most of his teammates, his strong physicality can be deceptive as he has a silky touch off both feet. And watch out for his wicked curling strikes if there’s a free-kick in the vicinity of goal. Sara Ariadna is a bit of an enigma, not quite the pace of a striker but not quite the complete skills of a central midfielder, prone to some impulsive actions on and off the field.


7. Teodosio “Osito” Orellana Cerda (19) – Olimpia La Limana
9. Naomí Berrocal Encarnación (22) – Image Concord Heights Suburban
19. Thiago Rivas Montilla (30) – Image Fliserboding
22. Isabel Páez Gálvez (26) – Image Brattleboro Westside
XX. Verónica Ximena González Saelices (22) – Francisco Teixidó
XX. Raúl Jesús Cabal Morterero (27) –Calequén

The young Osito is a huge target man. It’s still not entirely clear he’s not two regular sized Verdeans wearing a trenchcoat. He’s mainly a goal-scorer, not all that good at assisting and rarely tracking back, but an obvious target for crosses and through balls. Naomí Berrocal is naturally a right winger but in this system plays as more of floating second striker in behind Osito; she can run, pass, and shoot, but is quite small even by Verdean standards. Thiago Montilla is a well rounded player but lacks a really sharp finishing touch; he’s very short but powerful and stocky. Isabel is a true “9”, a fiercely competitive goal-scorer with a brash side. She has ambitions to start, and has moved to Cassadaigua to push those ambitions forward. Verónica Ximena is a fairly versatile 9/10 hybrid who can do a bit of everything without excelling in anything.


Style modifier: +3

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, I determine severity
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, I determine severity
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes, no more than 4 per game
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, no more than 1 per game without contacting me
Godmod other events: Yes, but preferably shoot a TG if you have something in mind

Please don't use photographs and say they're my players without asking
Please use the bolded names/nicknames
No major violence on Verdean soil or by Verdean players or fans

All domestic players are available for transfer

Home games will be played at the c. 41,000 cap. Estadio Metropolitano Máximo Encarnación in the capital city, Santa Margarita.
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Postby Sarzonia » Fri Apr 23, 2021 8:15 am

Sarzonia Stars


Note: Home kits have a primarily navy colour scheme; away kits are primarily white; keeper kits are green. Kits designed by Starblaydia

If my opponent RP's first, they have permission to do the following:
Style: 1.75
Formation: 4-4-2
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y (stuff like deciding who scores a PK, who passes to whom and how the goal's scored is cool. Weird shit is not.)
Injure Players: N
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y (no more than one more than you do for your own team)
Yellow Card Players: Y (same rule as red cards)
Godmod Other Events: N

Manager: Nicola Mentes
Mentes previously served as the manager of thw Megistos Under 18 national team and led that unit to the semifinals. He looks to bring increased defensive energy and speed and has already made his mark on the Stars.
Assistant Manager: Nathan Hanifer
The former manager of Sarzonia's Under 21 national team, Hanifer was the other finalist for the Stars managerial role. He assumes the assistancy at the request of Mentes.

HOME GROUND: Dave Wilson Stadium, Woodstock (105,690 capacity, natural grass field); alternate home ground i Joe Gibbs Stadium in Woodstock (75,900 capacity)

Roster (Starters in bold)

1 Carlton Sandt, 22, 6-foot-3, 215 pounds (Lakiska SC, Banijan Soccer League)
Sandt is the younger brother of legendary Stars goalkeeper Horace Sandt. He won the starting job for the Wanderers as a true freshman and led a previously downtrodden side to the national semifinals. He has catlike reflexes and is quick off his line. Can get too aggressive.
30 Paolo Gomes, 30, 5-foot-9, 165 pounds (Portland Timbers)
Gomes recently migrated to Sarzonia and earned a spot on the Stars national team with his quickness in the box. Plays a lot on instinct.
48 Marce' George, 22, 5-foot-8, 145 pounds
George (her first name is pronounced Mar-SAY) shows great athleticism. She backstopped the Sarzonian women's national team to a shock Wonder Cup III title after taking over the first choice duties following disciplinary issues with erstwhile starter Klarissa Knight-Langham.

4 Charlie King, 28, 5-foot-11, 155 pounds (Saugerties Snakes)
King plays as a defensive-oriented fullback, often marking the opposing team's top striker. He relies more on positioning and reading his opponent's tendencies and body language to figure out where to run than on speed. He's not exactly a burner.
5 Tommy Benignati, 32, 6-foot-2, 200 pounds (Wilmington FC)
The older brother of Marco Beningnati, Tommy plays a much more rugged style than Marco does. Can play sweeper in a three-back lineup.
7 Matt Taylor, 27, 6-feet, 185 pounds (Burlington Browns)
Taylor's speed lends itself to being a fullback, but he plays halfback for the Browns. He has a tendency to struggle with more physical forwards and offensive midfielders.
6 John Taylor, 22, 5-foot-10, 175 pounds, Portsmouth University
The younger twin brother of Under 21 national team player Carlette Taylor, John plays a similar style to his sister's, although with much more speed.
18 Ben Russell, 33, 6-foot-1, 190 pounds, Rochester Renegades
In his first season as team captain of the Renegades, he led the team to a Sarzonian Football Confederation championship, resulting in the team's promotion to the Cyanea League. If he's on the pitch in the event Howard gets subbed for, he will don the captain's armband. He is a reserve halfback for the Stars.
22 Carmela Bowen, 30, 5-foot-8, 145 pounds, Woodstock Justice
Brown plays fullback for the Justice, a Sarzonian women's football team, and typically marks whomever the playmaking midfielder is. Her stamina earned her a spot on the national team.
44 Pat Meyers, 24, 5-foot-8, 152 pounds, unaffiliated
Meyers won a lawsuit against the Portland Timbers third division affiliate when the team dismissed them after successfully proving the club released them due to their gender non-conforming status

8 Ernie Mabree, 28, 5-foot-10, 175 pounds (FC Corcorran)
Mabree has one of the better left-booted shots in the Sarzonian league structure and is one of the fastest players in Sarzonia. He'll play an important role in Sarzonia's offence.
10 Brady Reynolds, 30, 6-foot-2, 185 pounds (Portland Timbers
Donning the 10 shirt for the Stars, Reynolds can be very creative with the ball and will often take corner kicks and free kicks. Predominantly a right-booted player, but he's worked a lot during the offseason on improving with his left boot.
20 Clayton Wilson, 23, 5-foot-10, 170 pounds, (Woodstock Wild) Captain
A grandson of legendary Stars forward Brian Wilson and great-grandson of coach Dave Wilson, Clayton is not just a fourth generation star among the Stars, he served as the playmaker for the Under 21 Stars and is a sterling wing player on the Wild.
18 Carlos dos Santos, 27, 5-foot-11, 175 pounds (Woodstock Wild)
A right wing player, he will sometimes be called upon to take free kicks if Reynolds is unable to for some reason.
23 Jaxon Hennepin, 28, 5-foot-7, 155 pounds (Wilmington FC)
Hennepin earned a starting role as a playmaking midfielder for WIlmington, but also played half a season in defensive midfield when the team was beset with injuries.
30 Erik Swann, 25, 5-foot-11, 175 pounds (Portland Timbers)
Swann's strength is being a late-match offensive substitute who can score in a pinch.

11 Cayden Aguirre, 34, 5-foot-10, 170 pounds (Nicksia Knights)
Aguirre is the creative forward on the squad with an ability to pinch hit as a playmaking midfielder in late-match situations in the event of defensive-minded substitutions.
21 Jake Campos, 23 6-foot-3, 210 pounds, (Portland Timbers)
Campos is a straight up target player in the front line. His leaping ability makes him a prime candidate for headers in the box off corner kicks and indirect free kicks. He played on the Junior Stars team that competed in the most recent AOCAF.
17 Mek'hi West, 35, 6-foot-3, 215 pounds (Woodstock Wild)
West is similar in style to Campos, but with West 18 months removed from a torn ACL, he's still working toward being match fit for a full 90 minutes. He can give a good 45-50 minutes at a time before he has to be substituted for when he's a starter.
19 Holly Cambrio, 28, 5-foot-7, 145 pounds (Woodstock Justice)
Cambrio adds flair and ball movement skill and the ability to serve as a sparkplug off the bench, but would be a starter for a women's national team if that competition got resurrected.
Member of the WBC Council. the IBO Committee, and the WCoH Federation. He/him/his.
World Cup 22; World Baseball Classic 18; Di Bradini Cup 8 (U21 World Cup 29); World Bowl XI & XIV; FHWC 15 & 18; Quidditch World Cup 9; NS World Cup of Masters; Wonder Cup: Back From The Stars; World Indoor Soccer Championship I; Aussie Rules Football World Cup I & III; World Softball Classic I; AOCAF XII & XXIX; Gold Coast Basketball Tournament; AOLC 3; 3-time Draggonnii Inviyatii champions; 4-time IBC champions; 5-time Scott Cup and 6-time WLC champions.
First nation to win NSWC grand slam (Baptism of Fire Cup 3; Cup of Harmony 10; World Cup 22; AOCAF XII and XXIX). NSWC Hall of Fame

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Txakhaxi Football Federation

National Football Team of Txakhaxi
Home and away kits of the national team

On the occasion of the 88th edition of the World Cup, the Txakhaxi Football Federation (TFF) has formed a national team that will officially represent the country on the international scene of this sport for the first time. The delegation created for this purpose was criticized because, due to the lack of proper organization, the football association of the state of Txa Xuemakhi was entrusted with the management of the team. For this reason, most of the country is not represented in the player pool. The TFF has asked fans to be understanding of the delicate situation, and has pledged to have all organizational issues resolved for WC89.

Expectations are not set high for this cup. Txakhaxi is a small country, with delicate political stability and serious infrastructure problems. However, the Txakhaxis look forward to seeing their compatriots carry the national flag around the world. Results are clearly not first in the order of priorities. The history of Txakhaxi in football begins here. Achieving the dream of a future of glory depends solely on them. The twilight of the war years begins to fade as a great red sun begins to emerge on the horizon. It's the dawn of Txakhaxi football.


The United Socialist States of Txakhaxi was established as such just a year ago. After years of war, the fifteen states managed to unify under a single flag that represents them. Each of the states is governed following the principles of democratic centralism. Small groups of people called cells elect a representative who will represent them at a higher regional level, where they will meet representatives from other cells. This regional council again elects one of its members to participate at a higher level, until reaching the national government.

Each Socialist State has a certain economic and political independence from the national government, so there are some regional differences within the Union. For example, while the Socialist State of Txa Xuemakhi is totally secular, the Socialist State of Adaxa Txakra is more permissive of religions.

The main ideology of the Union government is based on the fundamental right to personal property. This means that, although private property is allowed, the State works actively to develop the productive forces and achieve the complete appropriation of the means of production in the hands of those who work them, understanding the generation of surplus value as theft of the value of the labor of the employee. The construction of a future society guided by the principle of 'from each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs' is the ulterior objective of the Txakhaxis.


The culture of the United Socialist States of Txakhaxi has a history of thousands of years. The three ethnic groups that inhabit its lands have coexisted here for centuries, constantly feeding each other, but also fighting countless times throughout history. The Txakha are a people originating in the northern mountains. They constitute the ethnic majority, and mainly populate the mainland. The Goakha have traditionally inhabited the larger islands. For their part, the Adaxakha come from the easternmost archipelago and have gradually spread towards the central area of the Txakhaxi Sea. Each of these peoples speaks their own language, although Txakhaxi is used as the main language throughout the country.

The vast majority of the population considers themselves atheist or non-religious, although there are a few religions, with a higher prevalence in certain areas.



The two stadiums selected to host the World Cup Qualifier matches are Huxabe City Stadium and Adaxa Park. Both cases are low-medium range stadiums, with a capacity for more than twenty-three thousand people seated.

Huxabe City Stadium: home of [teams don't exist yet], Huxabe City Stadium was built seventy years ago, and remodeled ten years ago. It has a capacity of 23400 people seated. This stadium is characteristic for the unusual dimensions of its field: 91m x 77m (100yd x 85yd). This favors the horizontal movement of the ball along the field, which is why high ball games and cross passes predominate in matches played here. The Txakhaxi, of robust complexion and great stature, can represent a greater difficulty in this field.

Adaxa Park: this stadium has a capacity for 23500 people, which makes it the largest in Txakhaxi. It is home to [teams don't exist yet], which plays the Txakhaxi Professional Football League. Adaxa Park was built 68 years ago, and rebuilt 12 years ago. It has a section of boxes for authorities and special guests.


Formation: 5-4-1Style Mod: -4Coach: Gokhobe Magokhitxe

When selecting Gokhobe Magokhitxe as coach of the national team, the directors of the Txakha Huemaxi Football Association (THFA) were looking for someone with the level of discipline to take a squad of erratic and poorly prepared players, and turn them into a solid and difficult team to overcome.

Txakhaxi doesn't focus on playing better than their opponents to beat them (would that even make sense?). Instead, the eleven players play as defensive bulwarks, protecting the goal at all costs, at all times. The tall and strong center-backs, lighting-fast wingers, and strikers with a good presence in the box, make the Txakhaxi national team a counterattacking machine.

The general idea of the game that Magokhitxe seeks to provoke is to force the opposing team to move the ball on the wings. For this, the defenders seek to close tightly, blocking any space that the opponents could take advantage of. In addition, Txakhaxi's defensive line is usually located far back on the field, so they force their rivals to bring more players towards the box. By closing the gaps, opponents have no choice but to play the ball on the wings and throw cross passes into the box. This is where the strategy shines. The Txakhaxi may not be excellent players, but they usually have enviable physiques. It's not easy, even for high-level strikers, to out-balance a Txakhaxi defender. Turnovers can be hit by midfielders, who quickly rush to counter.

This strategy is certainly risky, but it takes advantage of the benefits while neutralizing as much as possible the disadvantages of a team that lacks technical quality. It is not a tactical approach that seeks to reach the top of the group, but rather one that tries to avoid last place at all costs.

Player pool

  POS   NAME                  AGE    TEAM
GK Maihe Kobotxau 30 No teams yet :c
GK Fahia Kaopokatxai 26 -
GK Toxihi Gubakhakhan 31 -
GK Xibauhai Xatxaihu 23 -
CB Huatxehai Exaimahe 24 -
CB Adaxa Kaoñahani 25 -
CB Hakhan Fubaxiki 25 -
CB Dahiu Adatxi 21 -
CB Nomau Goñuebao 23 -
CB Ñae Tosaihau 26 -
LWB Grakhe Baokubafa 26 -
LWB Dabao Muikhuedage 26 -
LWB Saifu Dubikhemi 24 -
RWB Huomi Muaniak 23 -
RWB Krabe Bibatxomu 33 -
  POS   NAME                  AGE    TEAM
RWB Soñue Emihebuaimei 29 No teams yet :c
CM Khitxu Dautxaba 25 -
CM Raoxu Nosaemo 28 -
CM Mafugu Hubangu 26 -
CM Buikhuñi Daofahim 30 -
CM Haihai Maikhata 27 -
LW Ñabege Rahimo 23 -
LW Dakhae Imuameni 23 -
RW Kabai Ofakhatxa 27 -
RW Ñao Taikhaka 21 -
RW Txasiu Saifaugetxu 22 -
CF Katxe Sakhakhai 25 -
CF Arabe Uraikheta 33 -
CF Xabai Grakhaega 23 -
CF Huañehai Bautxietxe 31 -

OOC: I will create the teams throughout the WCQ. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Most notable players

GOALKEEPERS: Kaopokatxai gets all the attention among the goalkeepers. For the overall low level of the team, Fahia Kaopokatxai is an interesting exception. Their sharp reflexes matched with their agility makes them an excellent choice for defending the Txakhaxi goal. Their disciplined attitude gives them an important plus in the eyes of the coach, who looks for a serious and orderly team, and picks them to don the captain's armband most of the time.

CENTER-BACKS: Fubaxiki and Adaxi are the most outstanding center-backs in the team. They both have a similar style. Lacking dexterity, they use their great size and physical power to destabilize opponents. Their ability to head and defend the from cross-balls makes them very important pieces of the Txakhaxi defense.

WING-BACKS: Emihebuaimei is one of the most experienced players on the team. He has a very well rounded style that combines defensive ability with offensive prowess. Along with Saifu Dubikhemi, they were especially chosen for their precision when making long passes. This characteristic makes them essential factors in the offensive transition of a team that bets on counterattacks as its main strategy.

CENTRAL MIDFIELDERS: For most matches, the coach chooses either Daofahim or Hubangu as their playmaker. Both players have good ball handling and are usually in charge of organizing the team when they play at ground level, however both have good ability to recover the ball in defense. They were given priority in the team over other more technically gifted Txakhaxis simply because of the team's prevailing need to defend.

The other midfielder position is usually filled by Raoxu Nosaemo. From their style of play, they appear to be a center-back standing in the middle of the field. Their only notable skill is tackling and intercepting passes, but admittedly, they really shine at it. Their temperament sometimes causes problems, but it is a price that the coach is willing to pay in order to have them.

WINGERS: Imuameni is perhaps the best player on the team. Unlike the other wingers, they are not that fast. Instead, they specialize in high passes and long shots. They are also very good at free kicks, and their dribbling skill is decent, unlike most of their teammates. On the other hand, Rahimo and Taikhaka are both incredibly fast. They are not gifted players, but their effectiveness in breaking through defensive lines makes them extremely destabilizing.

CENTRAL FORWARDS: The coach uses two types of central forwards depending on the game. On one hand, Sakhakhai and Bautxietxe are burly goal poachers. They seek to run to the box to receive a key pass from a teammate and get the ball into the goal. On the other hand, Uraikheta and Grakhaega seek to get in contact with the ball more often, participating in the attack plays and often withdrawing for wingers to surpass them.

Relevant things for RPs

Captain: 1. Kaopokatxai 2. Emihebuaimei 3. Imuameni 4. Uraikheta 5. Dubikhemi

Most likely to score: 1. Sakhakhai, Uraikheta, Grakhaega, Bautxietxe 2. Imuameni, Maikhata, Rahimo 3. Saifaugetxu, Hubangu, Dautxaba

Most likely to score a header: 1. Sakhakhai, Bautxietxe 2. Uraikheta 3. Grakhaega

Most likely to assist: 1. Imuameni 2. Emihebuaimei, Dubikhemi, Daofahim 3. Taikhaka, Hubangu, Grakhaega

Most likely to take a long shot: 1. Imuameni, Rahimo 2. Grakhaega 3. Sakhakhai

Most likely to be booked: 1. Kaoñahani, Tosaihau, Bibatxomu, Nosaemo 2. Exaimahe, Muaniak, Dautxaba 3. Daofahim, Dubikhemi, Maikhata

Most likely to be sent off: 1. Kaoñahani 2. Tosaihau, Bibatxomu 3. Nosaemo, Exaimahe, Muaniak

Most likely to take a free kick: 1. Imuameni 2. Rahimo, Emihebuaimei, Dubikhemi 3. Grakhaega, Uraikheta

Most likely to take a corner kick: 1. Imuameni 2. Emihebuaimei, Dubikhemi 3. Rahimo, Daofahim, Taikhaka

Most likely to take a penalty: 1. Sakhakhai, Uraikheta 2. Imuameni, Grakhaega, Bautxietxe 3. Maikhata, Saifaugetxu

If there's any info you'd like to know about the nation or the players feel free to ask me on Discord or send me a TG. Sadly, I haven't had the time to put together much of a background so there are still like a million things missing. Sorry about that, and thank you for understanding.

RP permissions

If my opponent RP first, they may do the following
Choose my scorer: Yes
Choose Scoring events: Yes
God-mod Scoring event: Yes
RP injuries to my Players: Yes
God-mod injuries to my Player: Yes
Yellow Card my Players: Yes
Red Card my Player: Yes
God-mod Other Events: Yes
Mispronounce last names: I would prefer not, but if there is no other option that's fine I guess
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Postby International Defense Shield Force » Fri Apr 23, 2021 10:34 am

Welcome to The International Defense Shield Force. This is a multi-layer nation that is controlled by officers and founders of IDSF, an organization on the forums that encourages Peace, Democracy, and Slavery Abolition. As we know, It also has a champion Sports team that is elegant in playing the World Cup and winning. This is the official Roster of IDSF and Good luck !

Appendix A. IDSF team Players

“ Every Team needs A playerrrr “ - from Alphazi

1. Dennis Fischer
2) Fred Howard
3) Albert Jacobs
4) Bill Williams
5) Henry Davis
6) Jake Daniels
7) Patrick Andrews
8) Martha Smith
9) Paul Gonzalez
10) Tom Richardson
11) Vernon Edwards

RP permissions : My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes/No Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes/No Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes/No Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes/No Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes/No Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes/No Yes
Godmod other events: Yes/No No

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Postby Muralos » Fri Apr 23, 2021 10:45 am

About Muralos
Muralos is a cosmopolitan collection of islands located in the corner of the Far East: RL’s Sakhalin and Kuril Islands. It is home to a population of Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and indigenous (Ainu and Nivkh) origins. The official language of Muralos is Esperanto- a language designed to be universal and easy to learn- but the population is exceptionally multilingual, with each citizen knowing an average of 4 languages.

The Muralosian National Soccer Team
(also known as the Hawks, after Muralos’ national animal, the Muralosian Hawk)

The Muralosian national soccer team represents Muralos in association football (or soccer, as Muralosians call it). It is controlled by the Muralosian Soccer Association, the governing body for soccer in Muralos. Muralos' home ground is the Komcatt Arena in the capital city of Urbego, and its current coach is Jozefo Koltakov, former striker for CSKA Urbego and later Muralosian national team captain. Hina Kageyama and Pavel Li serve as assistant coaches.

Unusually, the Muralosian national soccer team elects to use one kit with the national colors of Muralos.

Diagram of player positions for reference

The Muralosian roster is built around the former Muralosian men's national soccer team, whose members comprise the starting lineup. The starting players were quite young when they joined the roster in 2016. Now, they are tried-and-true forces, who (as part of the former men's team) won the Second International Football Cup in Squidroidia in 2020 after 4 years of not facing competition.

The former Muralosian men's national team and former Muralosian women's national team merged in December 2020 to form the current co-ed team. In doing so, the Muralosian Soccer Association preserved the starting lineup of the former Muralosian men's national team, while adding players from the former Muralosian women's national team to the reserves. To make up for this less-than-ideal arrangement, the Hawks' management frequently starts its female players– including Tanya Lubimova, Rebeka Mori, Aminda Mori, Galina Shchedrina, and Valora Lin– not only in the interests of gender equity, but also because of these players' exceptional skill.

The co-ed Muralosian national team has found success, though it has not earned any titles yet. The co-ed Hawks reached the Round of 16 in the 74th Baptism of Fire, as well as the Round of 16 in the 12th Independent Associations Championship, which Muralos co-hosted with Almuzahara.

Starting Lineup of the Muralosian National Soccer Team
  • #1 Rodion Markov - Goalkeeper - as part of the U-20 Muralosian squad, he was nicknamed "the Prophet" for his formidable accuracy in guessing the direction of penalty kicks and capability to pass very wide, "seeing beyond" any obstacles.
  • #2 Ryo Takeda - Right back - the only team member with Ainu ancestry and hailed as a symbol of Muralosian diversity and Esperantism. (Of course, he is also a great player in his own right.)
  • #4 Aleksandro Kim - Center back - born in Kurilo of Korean descent, Kim moved to Urbego at the age of 13 to attend Urbego's Zamenhof High School and was part of the team that won the FIS, Muralos' premier high school championship, in 2008.
  • #5 Rikardo Lei - Center back - his grandparents were Fengjieans who were doctors during the Muralosian Civil War. (Unfortunately, the nation of Fengjie ceased to exist.) Exceptionally strong defender who played a very large role in the Asian Archipelago Regional Cup, most notably in the match against Elbaron in which the Hawks won 2-1.
  • #3 Koralo Petrov - Left back - another player who rose to fame through an FIS championship. Makes very wide passes and is regarded as a good team player.
  • #6 Mikhail Zheng - Left midfield - part of the same FIS-winning team as Aleksandro Kim. Had a brief stint playing in the Premier League of Li Qing (now the Confederation of Australian States) before returning to become a member of the Hawks.
  • #7 Johano Abramovich - Center midfield - Formidable dribbling skills, also the leader in assists during the Asian Archipelago Regional Cup. Jokingly dubbed "the creative type" by coach Koltakov, Abramovich is known for his long-range, curved shots, which proved useful in Muralos' 7-4 victory against Li Qing in early 2016.
  • #8 Nikolaj Granda - Center midfield - No relation to Walter Granda, who represents Muralos in professional tennis. Despite what his last name may suggest, Granda is a rather petite player. At only 5'7", his shorter stature allows him to be more agile and less injury-prone compared to taller opponents.
  • #11 Vilhelmo Lumin - Right midfield - a cum laude graduate of Urbego National University, where he played in the Muralosian University League, Lumin made his first international appearance as a substitute player during the Asian Archipelago Regional Cup. Following the retirement of veteran Klaus Sverov, however, he joined the starting lineup in Muralos' match against New Zhengguo in the Embassy Cup.
  • #9 Rui - Striker - Born Rui Zhang, he changed his name legally to Rui in July 2014. Remarkably fast and shoots penalties with good accuracy. One of the more underrated members of the team.
  • #10 Adamo Brava - Striker - the 29-year-old team captain (not 25 as previously stated!), widely considered to be the star player of the Muralosian team and an answer to some premier overseas soccer players. Despite his status, however, he is also known for his maturity and humility, often representing the Muralosian team in interviews and awards ceremonies.

Reserves of the Muralosian National Soccer Team
The reserves of the Muralosian national soccer team are newer to the team. All of the female players joined in the winter of 2020 as the Muralosian Soccer Association consolidated the men's and women's national teams into one.

  • #18 Tanya Lubimova - Goalkeeper - starting goalkeeper for the former Muralosian woman's national soccer team, Lubimova's performance has long been regarded as equal to Rodion Markov's. Her role in the 74th Baptism of Fire tournament, in which she substituted often for Markov, has proven that further.
  • #17 - Ji-yong Park - Goalkeeper - starting goalkeeper for FC Havenurbo, a top-tier team in the men's Muralosian Premier League, usually second to CSKA Urbego. The 24 year-old Park uses "he" and "they" pronouns interchangeably, and they are one of Muralos' most notable non-binary athletes.
  • #28 Rebeka Mori - Left back - played for Nord-Urbo High School and now studies microbiology at the University of Oleo, where she plays for their University League team and works in the biology department's Permafrost Research Center.
  • #29 Aminda Mori - Right back - Rebeka's fraternal twin sister, she plays for the University League team at the University of Havenurbo, where she studies digital art and design. The women's teams of U. Havenurbo and U. Oleo have a long-lasting rivalry, and recently faced each other in the June 2020 women's soccer University League final. (U. Oleo won 1 - 0.)
  • #30 Daniel "Lerta" Donaldson - Left midfield - played for Zamenhof High School and made major contributions to their semifinal and runner-up finishes in 2018 and 2019, respectively. In 2019, he enrolled at the Havenurbo Institute of Technology, where he studies mathematics and plays for the soccer team – reigning University League men's soccer champions. In the summer of 2020, he was invited to practice with the former Muralosian men's national team, becoming the second African-Muralosian player in the team's history and the youngest player on the former squad. Donaldson is now the second-youngest player on the Muralosian national team.
  • #32 - Yonghua Liang - Center midfield - a starting midfielder for the Nogliki Wolves and a former winger for the Muralosian women's national soccer team. Liang grew up learning the clarinet and was adamant about learning a sport that didn't require much arm movement, for fear that she injure an arm and be unable to play clarinet. (This is why she started soccer.) She reached the University League final with the University of Oleo's women's soccer team, and was also in the concert band that performed Muralos' anthem at the match.
  • #21 Georgo Zhong - Center midfield - a current teammate of Lerta Donaldson at Havenurbo Tech and an economics major there. While a student at Nord-Urbo High School, he scored a hat-trick against Urbego High School, securing Nord-Urbo's first FIS qualification in 10 years.
  • #23 Galina Shchedrina - Right midfield - a recent graduate of Urbego National University like starting midfielder Vilhelmo Lumin, Shchedrina has made a splash with her debut in the 74th Baptism of Fire. She is known to play well in high-pressure situations, making accurate passes even when surrounded by opposing midfielders and defenders. Currently playing for the Veriasod Lakers of the Tikariot Premier League, Shchedrina is the only player on the Muralosian national team who is currently playing overseas.
  • #20 Valora Lin - Striker - a starter for the former Muralosian woman's national soccer team, Lin's presence on the new co-ed team is a boon for Muralos' efforts in international competition. She is sure to hold her own against starting strikers Adamo Brava and Rui, and Coach Jozefo Koltakov has considered playing her as a third striker on the field.
  • #22 Daniil Lee - Striker - formerly a defender and sometime striker for Nord-Urbo High School, Lee transferred to Urbego High School this year due to its more forgiving academic calendar. Now-national team coach Pavel Li noticed the 15 year-old Lee's ability last December at a U-20 national team tryout; after the Hawks' exit from the Baptism of Fire, Lee was granted a spot on the reserves as a striker. Lee scored his first goal for the Hawks in April 2021, during Muralos' group stage match against Grey County in the 12th Independent Associations Championship.

Komcatt Arena, Urbego
Komcatt Arena, named for one of Muralos' largest telecommunications companies, is the home ground of the Muralosian national team in the capital Urbego. Matches here are sure to generate hype for players and fans alike.

City Stadium of Havenurbo
The City Stadium of Havenurbo is noted for its modern architecture and unique design, but it was constructed over 80 years ago during Muralos' Japanese period. Since then, it has been renovated various times, most recently in 2013. In March 2016, a Hyperloop connection between Havenurbo and Urbego was completed, allowing teams to travel from stadium to stadium at supersonic speeds. The stadium is now only a 5 minute journey from the Muralosian capital.

"Dynamo Stadium" of Nord-Urbo
While the name "Dynamo Stadium" evokes Muralos' Soviet period, the Dynamo Stadium of Nord-Urbo was actually built in 1985, long after Muralos' declared its independence. The stadium is accessible via the Urbo Monorail (which connects to the Urbego subway). Ironically, despite being much closer to Urbego than the City Stadium of Havenurbo, it takes longer to get from Urbego to Nord-Urbo than to Havenurbo. The journey to Nord-Urbo is much more scenic, though, with a refreshing view of the Krasnoselsky River.

Style Modifier and RP Permissions
Style modifier: +2

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
- Choose my goalscorers: Yes
- Godmod scoring events: No
- RP injuries to my players: Yes
- Godmod injuries to my players: No
- Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
- Hand out red cards to my players: Telegram first. (This Muralosian squad isn’t infallible, but they have been pretty sportsmanlike through the years.)
- Godmod other events: No

Qualifying Matches
- May 11 - Ranoria vs. Muralos @ Smith Field, Richardson, Ranoria
- May 12 - Muralos vs. South Newlandia @ Komcatt Arena, Urbego
- May 13 - Eura vs. Muralos @ Eura
- May 14 - Muralos vs. Qasden @ Dynamo Stadium of Nord-Urbo, Urbo
- May 15 - Himebaugh vs. Muralos @ Himebaugh
- May 16 - Xanneria vs. Muralos @ XANAir National Stadium II, Dominica City, Xanneria
- May 17 - Muralos vs. Sahuarita @ City Stadium of Havenurbo
- May 18 - Natanians and Nosts vs. Muralos @ Natanians and Nosts
- May 19 - Muralos vs. Bigtopian Isles @ Zemlinsky National Stadium, Urbego
- May 20 - Muralos vs. Ranoria @ Komcatt Arena, Urbego
- May 21 - South Newlandia vs. Muralos @ South Newlandia
- May 22 - Muralos vs. Eura @ City Stadium of Havenurbo
- May 23 - Qasden vs. Muralos @ Qasden
- May 24 - Muralos vs. Himebaugh @ Dynamo Stadium of Nord-Urbo, Urbo
- May 25 - Muralos vs. Xanneria @ Komcatt Arena, Urbego
- May 26 - Sahuarita vs. Muralos @ Sahuarita
- May 27 - Muralos vs. Natanians and Nosts @ City Stadium of Havenurbo
- May 28 - Bigtopian Isles vs. Muralos @ Bigtopian Isles
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Muralos (RL's Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands; flag is that of Sakhalin Oblast, Russia)
Founder of the Asian Archipelago (as New Zhengguo; previously as Li Qing)
12th Independent Associations Championship - Round of 16, co-hosts with Almuzahara
74th Baptism of Fire Tournament - Round of 16
11th Independent Associations Championship - Eighth-finalists (round of 16)
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Postby Communist republic of North Yorkshire » Fri Apr 23, 2021 2:23 pm

CRNY Team Sheet

Starting team

Igor Sergovic - GK
Vladimir Ivansky - LB (C)
Josef Filiphev - CB
Fyodor Tamarkin -CB
Yevgeny Pyotrokov -RB
Vadim Yakunin -CM (V)
Bogdan Kopeykin -CM
Gavril Shishkanov -CM
Ilya Rychenkov -LW
Valentin Svortksov - CF
Grigori Tryndin -RW


Zhenya Salnikov -GK
Denis Galkin -DEF
Aleksandar Bezhrodny -DEF
Maksim Glukhov -MID
Oleg Lyutov -MID
Ilya Zaytsev -ATT

Vasil Kurdin -GK
Vadik Rozanov -DEF
Fyodor Grigoryev -MID
Slava Ignumov -MID
Timur Zhzhyonov -ATT
David Burov -ATT

Style: -3 Formation: 4-3-3

Manager : Gabriela Pyerfyev
Pyerfyev has a long history of managerial Roles, having been the manager of Putingrad-Marxton wanderers for 6 years, leading them to the top of the Trotsky Cup 3 times, including the infamous 9-0 thrashing against Stalin-Leninburg City in 75.
As a player he brought the Team he would later manage to new nights winning the Marxist super league in his 4th season at the club. He then had short spells abroad in Bigtopia and Blackacre, winning their leagues with his respective clubs, before returning to manage the Wanderers for the 79 season. He is the first manager for the newly formed North Yorkshire Team who are hoping to win big in the 88 World Cup.

Vladimir Ivansky has had a great season next to Himi Jendrix in the world renowned team Trotsky Town Rovers, securing soviet cup qualification by finishing third in the Marxist super cup, coming closely behind huge rivals Khrushchev City. Speaking of ‘City, Fyodor Tamarkin has been the rock that supports the side throughout their entire campaign, saving over 7 shots per match! Hopefully the ancient rivalry between the two sides will result in a great partnership from two of the largest names in Trotskyist football.

Top scorer in the Marxist super cup Bogdan Kopeykin has scored 27 goals this season for Stalin-Leninburg city, bringing them to the top of the Super cup this season. Young players Slava Ignumov and Fyodor Grigoriev play together for recently promoted side Yorkshire Tigers, Playmaking for the club which was key for their 86 season promotion.


And finally attack- not a huge focus for a largely defensive side, but Valentin Sboryskov narrowly lost out to Kopeykin for the golden boot with 23 goals for Red Star Castrinsky, which adds hopefully some creative flair to the team alongside one of the best playmakers in the division, Ilya Rychenkov who created a total of 41 goals and scored 12 himself over the course of the season. He’ll bring some experience to a predominantly younger side.

RP preferences

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod Scoring Events: Y
RP injuries to my players: N
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: N
Hand out Red cards to my players: N
Godmod Other Events: N


Expect a warm game in the communist republic of North Yorkshire, as temperatures have been steadily rising even though sunlight is at a decrease.


Group matches will take place in the Hammer arena (capacity 78,000) in Stalinville-Castrinsky in the south of the nation.
In the unlikely event of reaching the knockouts, all matches except the final will take place at the Red Star ground (capacity 94,000) in Putingrad-Marxton, with the final taking place at the Josef Stalin Memorial Arena(capacity 150,000), also in the capital.


Home kit: Red on yellow horizontal stripes with long sleeves in red and green collar

Away kit: Green on blue diagonal stripe with long sleeves and pink collar

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Postby Damukuni » Fri Apr 23, 2021 9:58 pm

The Damukuni Football Association
(New) Co. Ltd.

Nation Name: Damukuni
Trigramme: DKI
Manager/Head Coach: Hatu Sekurno
Style Mod: -5

NO    POS      NAME                                         G     AGE      HOMETOWN                   .
1 GK (C) Ozeltar Kaminewski M 28 East Town, EF .
12 GK Joelle Pessão F 28 Moaria, ILO .
23 GK Shunsuke Unayashi M 23 Keitendō, KT .

2 LF Bob Soccer M 31 Dudleyville, WB .
3 CF Abelutio Hernandes M 29 Shinzoba, NT .
4 CF Patchuru Alzinti F 29 Port Flowers, CD .
5 RF Kimberly Fezzik F 33 Namagoro, NG .

13 LF Mimzi Luerte F 31 Fujiwara, CF .
14 CF Morihei Tetsuya M 32 Ūto, DP .
15 CF Kyōsuke Mumashita M 25 Furugawa, CF .
16 RF Rebecca Donlin F 27 Atarashii-Damushuto, FD .

6 LM Renata Patchogue F 29 Gyōto, NE .
7 CM Nestor Cordeiro M 31 Moaria, ILO .
8 CM Linnea Jean Arducci F 27 Furugawa, CF .
9 RM Orange Line M 23 West Bay, WB .

17 LM Ingrid Takeda F 27 Izaki, IR .
18 CM Jennica Myers F 30 A Missão, ILO .
19 CM Abigail Joaquines F 24 Ūto, DP .
20 RM Patrick Nakamura M 28 Forest Glade, EF .

10 ST Alif Garak M 31 Nasutani, NT .
11 ST Lightning Michigan F 28 Iruko, IR .

21 ST Elizabeth Akitaro F 30 Youngstown, WB .
22 ST Thattelby Fivedollerz M 29 Fujiwara, CF .

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may:
Choose my scorer: Yes
Choose my scorers: Yes
God-mod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, no career-ending injuries
God-mod injuries to my players: Yes
Yellow Card my players: Yes
Red Card my players: Yes, no more than 2 per game without TGing or DMing me first
God-mod Other Events: Yes, within reason; if it wouldn't happen in real life, it probably won't happen in a match. Unless you don't post a roster or RP. Ask Hampton Island.

Players proudly represented by
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Host: CE 22

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Postby Valanora » Sat Apr 24, 2021 1:03 am

From the Offices of the VSC does the Marauder information come

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players Y (no more than three weeks out)
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players N
Godmod Other Events Y

What is the name of…

…the five time World Cup champions?
The Eternal Empire -or- Valanora (known prior to World Cup 37 as Elves Security Forces)

...the other nations involved in Valanora?
Sabine and Caddonia, Vyinta, and Dark Templara

…the nation in which this Commonwealth play their home matches?
Elves Security Forces (sometimes ESF in shortphrase)

…people from the Commonwealth?
Vanorians or Vanors

…the person who created this mess?
Elves Security Forces

Style Modifier: +2

Stadium: Hatire Memorial, Capri (60,000)



Home Away

Didrik Gjedrem
Age: 55
Everything that Didrik has touched has turned to gold and he looks to have seamlessly flowed from club management in his first cycle in charge of the Marauders, having lead them to an Eagles' Cup victory, a semifinal appearance in the last World Cup, and a respectable showing in the AOCAF. While the recent venture in the most recent Eagles' Cup was a bit of a miss, he did take a youthful squad to explore the fringe of the Marauders' pool and now has a better idea of who is ready and who is not for the upcoming cycle. His methodical attack proved to encourage the dominance of Raynor City United and has provided good results thus far for the Marauders, but all those attached to the national team program dream of one thing and that is adding a sixth star to the crest, something that seemed within his clutches last cycle only to slip away at the last. He will have to regather himself and lead his charges on once more attempt that long sought after task and with one of the Empire's own at the helm.

Assistant Manager
Jens Reiniger Image
Age: 52
Reiniger was an intelligent defender in his playing days with Crawford City FC and the idea of stepping away from the game after his playing retirement didn't sit well with him. Reiniger believes in strict discipline but in being fair, while also preferring to play a possession based defensive tactic, that takes advantage of the opposition when they overextend. Much was admired about his single-minded approach to playing the 'right way', but his lack of a Plan B sank him in the rough waters of the Nepharim Premiership. He has been a fairly responsible middle man between the manager and the players, but yet his own ambition may have him seek other ventures once this cycle comes to an end.


1 Julius Miljeteig, Cednia Beach AFC Image
Age - 33
Sex - M
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 162 lbs
After finally making his name in Turori, Julius was handed the number one shirt last cycle and proved to be an adequate replacement for Sean Smørdal, despite not possessing the same elite level reflexes as his predecessor. A reliable shot stopped is all that the Marauders were looking for and they got exactly that last cycle, letting the former Raynor City United keeper keep his hold on the position, for now.


4 Vårin Løvland, Mar Sara FC
Age - 28
Sex - F
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 148 lbs
As pacy as most Vanorian footballers come, tenacious as well, she is one of those rare defenders who is as comfortable with the ball at her feet as she is in defending her marks. Quick to get stuck in and throw her body at an opponent, she is perhaps a bit more reckless than a normal Vanorian defender, but her play with the Flames as been stellar and has produced the results that have given her the chance to start for the national team.

6 Ralph Winter, Kitara AA Image
Age - 23
Sex - M
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 172 lbs
A strong and versatile defender who can play both as a fullback or as a centerback when called upon as he does for his club side, a club side who just managed to bring home the Champions' League. Winter will be looking to use the competition to go from the reserve pool to be considered for the starting lineup.

2 Ulrike Kluge, SC Rinaldi
Age - 28
Sex - F
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 168 lbs
A quick and pacy defender who can sometimes get caught out by smart opposition but her raw physical skills allow her to overcome any such mistakes with the recovery speed needed to be an elite level defender. Her lack of consistency is why it has taken her so long to get into the first team.


8 Pánfilo Veliz, FC Capri
Age: 30
Sex - M
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 156 lbs
The first player born in Sabine and Caddonia to make the national team, Veliz was carefully groomed to be a dynamic attacking winger coming through the Capri youth and reserve teams. That masterful ability to dribble, cross, or if needed even finish moves makes him a wonderful assist for the offensive side of the ball, but does mean he is a bit more lax when it comes to his defensive responsibilities.

7 Heike Schoß, Jinja City FC Image
Age - 23
Sex - F
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 167 lbs
A young attacking midfielder that has learned to play a little further back in order to have a chance to break into the national team rather than trying to dislodge Hawk. She is intelligent on the ball and seems to be on the upwards part of her career after joining Jinja City in the highly competitive S-FPL.

10 Laborious Hawk, Bastion Image
Age - 751
Sex - M
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 213 lbs
Words do not even begin to define his talent, his talent defines words. He was awarded one of the spots that the Vanorians have in the World Cup Hall of Fame, with it being very well deserved, as he has and continues to earn everything he has been given every single day. Hawk simply strives to be the very best footballer, captain, and teammate that there can be, with the hunger for perfection driving him forth on and off the pitch.

5 Gideon Riemann, AS Bezieres Image
Age - 23
Sex - M
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 184 lbs
Gideon emerged as a powerful and reliable center midfielder during the Finals, coming to play a destroyer role alongside Larsen and was able to be a highly influential impact substitute. Strong and pacy, versatile enough to play both in the center of the park as well as on the wing when called upon, he looks to be a long term starter for the Marauders as long as his club career doesn't have him fall out of favor.

3 Indra Söderström, Brinemouth Image
Age - 23
Sex - F
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 142 lbs
Thought to be one of the next great attacking wingers for the Marauders, Indra made the interesting decision to go to one of the struggling sides of the Audioslavia league. She did her best to keep them up for several seasons before they were relegated but she catapulted to one of the best teams in the world in Brinemouth on the basis of her talent showcased both for club as well as country. Still in need of a bit of refinement, she is nonetheless a very lethal player out wide for the Marauders.


9 Harlem Saxstrom Image, Mar Sara FC
Age - 32
Sex - F
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 154 lbs
Saxstrom has been everything a Marauders supporter could have hoped for after she switched national allegiances following the collapse in Apox. Despite starting to get on in years, she is still a prolific goalscorer at all levels of the game, though it is highly expected that this will be her last time in the Vanorian pool as that top level speed is ever so gradually slowing down, though her lethality in front of net has not.

11 Lothas Ludwig, FC Felsenkirchen 1879 Image
Age - 23
Sex - M
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 161 lbs
The meteoric rise of Ludwig has been nothing short of remarkable and now he gets a chance to start for the national team, following that of Thor Møller, and to try and help lead the line alongside Saxstrom. A more unselfish player than his predecessor and a bit more versatility, with the ability to play out on the left wing or even in the middle of the park in a pinch, Ludwig is a well rounded striker who can play provider as well as finish off opportunities. He is not a superstar in the making, he is a star now and has all the skill and highlights to prove his worthiness in the discussion as one of the best players of his generation.

12 GK Isak Helland, age 28, Rolalas FC
23 GK Juliane Eiffel, age 27, Gladerial United (F)
15 CB Ida Hansen, age 22, Straightdale FC (F)
13 LRCB Pierre Wisniewski, age 23, Rolalas FC
17 RB Ralf Austerlitz, age 27, FC Longview
18 LW Jaimes Ybarra, age 28, FC Capri
21 AMLR Miriam Troegner, age 23, Kingsgrove Image (F)
20 MC Zahra Solhaug, age 30, Char Sara FC (F)
16 MC Otto Lyecht, age 24, Soldarian FC
22 AMC Marco Grunewald, age 28, Raynor City United
14 ST Elias Hammer, age 24, Lonngeylin Coast Image
19 ST Thor Møller, age 33, Shamrock Cathair Image

Reserve Pool
GK Günter Obermaier, age 23, Ulsa Image
CB Samira Lindström, age 18, Raynor City United (F)
CB Armin Freihof, age 23, SW Stahlberg Image
LB Karoline Wellenbrink, age 23, Anomalies Image (F)
RB/RW Gudrun Bißmeier, age 23, Crystal Fair HC Image
RW Joacim Lind, age 21, Soldarian FC
MC Claudia Makatsch, age 23, Stahlburg City Image (F)
MC Götz Konstantin, age 23, Bastion Image
MC: Olof Lindberg, age 21, Hondo FC
LW: Malin Fossum, age 21, Rolalas FC (F)
ST Jutta Palminger, age 23, FC Capri (F)
ST Torsten Hahn, age 21, Soldarian FC

Captain: Laborious Hawk
Set Piece Taker: Laborious Hawk
Penalty Taker: Harlem Saxstrom
Right Corner: Pánfilo Veliz
Left Corner: Pánfilo Veliz
World Cup 40, 42, 43, 52, & 61 Champions
WC 47, 51 (2nd), WC 34, 38, 39, 41, 44, 45, 53, 60, 67 (3rd), WC 49, 58 (Semifinalist), WC 33, 35-37, 46, 48, 54, 55, 62, 63, 65, 72, 83 (Quarterfinalist)
WCoH VII, VIII, XVII, XXVIII, XXX, XXXII (1st), WCoH I, XXXI, XL (2nd), WCoH II, XXIX (3rd), WCoH XII (4th)
AOCAF 44, 46, 51, & 53 Champions, AOCAF 39 & 43 Runners Up
Co-Hosted: too many events to count

EPL Season 20,073

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Postby Murphtannia » Sat Apr 24, 2021 4:35 am ... id=1424040

The Manager

George Murphy is the Manager of Murphtannia, he is also the manager of Domestic Giants Villa.

Murphy's History

Murphy has been manager of Villa for 2 seasons. In that time he has won the Murphtannian Premier League x2, 1 Murphtannian FA cup, 2 Murphtannian League Cups and 1 super cup.


Murphy prides himself on his fast paced attacking style of football, he uses a 4-4-2 diamond narrow with a very attacking sense (+3).

2 wings backs are employed to bomb up and down the field to provide width in the attack and will seek to cross the ball into the box.

A Defensive Midfielder sits in front of 2 centre backs, with 1 centre back covering for the other.

In-front of the DM is a box to box midfielder and a deep-lying play maker. While the BTB gets the ball and carries it up field the DLPM will get the ball and seek to pass it to a wing back bombing on or the BTB.

Finally there is a front 3 of 1 Attacking Midfielder and 2 strikers. The CAM will get the ball and seek to pass a through ball to the Advanced forward making runs behind the defence or to the Target Man who will hold up the ball, trying to make space for a pass or shot. If the CAM can't find a pass he will use his advanced footwork to move into space and pick out a pass.

The defence will normally try and pass out of the back and employ tiki taka, keeping possession and exploting passes to make space and move forward.

The Team

The Starting 11

Goalkeeper - Adam Ball- 26- 6ft5- Played for The Wolves Club and recently moved to West Rowling Albion. Recently won the Golden Glove award in the Murphtannian Premier League for keeping 20 clean sheets. Prefers to catch the ball rather than punch and tends to come off his line. Good shot stopping and reflexes, struggles when assembling his wall. World Class keeper.

Left-Wing back- James Cartlidge -24 -5ft7 - Urbizania Wanderers wing back, renowned for his pace and stamina he can easily pick up the ball and run to the other end of the field, better at attacking than defending. In his first season he got 15 assists as Villa won the title, he helped Villa win a second title and League cup befopre earning a move to ASG club Urbizania Wanderers . Excellent crosser of the ball, has work to do on slide tackles.

Ball playing Centre back - cover - Shaun Banks - 27 - 6ft - This Liverpool Town CB singed from Villa and he kept 13 clean sheets and was able to get across the back line to make that vital tackle. Good heading and Jumping ability make him ideal for covering his CB partner, excellent tackling and speed. Can also play LB or RB.

Ball Playing Centre back - Callum Pallet- 6ft 5- 21 - Widely regarded as a brick wall, his strength and tackling ability make him hard to play against. He will use his speed and ability to be in the right place at the right time to make blocks or inch perfect tackles, the villa centre back kept a clean sheet on 15 occasions and is widely regarded as the best CB in Murphtannia. He is good friends with Shaun Banks and George Murphy, both the Manager and Striker. He has a very good passing ability and ability to hoof the ball up the pitch. Can also play at Left Back and is a decent Goalkeeper when needed.

Right Wing Back - Jack Bridge - 5ft4 - 24 - This Villa right back, like his friend and partner Cartlidge, is renowned for his pace, crossing and slide tackles. On many occasions this season Jack has run up the pitch to whip in a ball, and managed to sprint back and get an inch perfect slide tackle to win back the ball. While he is also a more attacking player he is more balanced than his partner, getting less assist but better defensive stats. Moved to Tikariot, however after a poor season was relegated, and it remains to be seen if they can retain their NT team place this WC, or with Hayes performing badly as well, if a new player can rise to the occasion A poor header of the ball, Jack prefers to deliver crosses rather than be on the receiving end of them.

Defensive Midfielder - Jacob Marley - 28 - 5ft8 - Vice Captain - The experienced and cool head in front of the defence, Jacob has been a AFC Walsall United player for 2 seasons. He is excellent at organising the defence and is the 1st line of defence. Jacob's short and long passing ability means he can easily get the ball and distribute it to the midfield.

Bob to Box Midfielder - Conner Owen - 22 - 5ft5 - Conner is one of Villa's star players, having scored 6 goals and gotten 15 assist's. Short, Pacy and never tiring, Conner could cover every blade of grass without getting tired. With Great ball control, pace, stamina and passing ability Conner can easily get the ball and carry it up field to the CAM or Target Man. He is quite strong making it harder to wrestle the ball of him and has excellent heading ability and jumping despite his small stature. Although only 21, Conner has already won the Murphtannian Ballon Dor and the Murphtannian Premier League twice.

Deep lying Play maker - George Jenkins - 21 - 6ft7- A very tall and strong midfielder Jenkins is an intimidating presence on the field, strong tackling and pace makes him ideal for a deep lying play maker roll, he will frequently try and pick a pass to the Box-to-Box or RWB. He can also do a job as extra defensive cover. Being tall his is very good in the air, having scored 10 headed goals in the Murphtannian Premier League, the most of any player. Heading isn't his only asset with him being the set piece specialist. He scored 10 goals from free kicks and 5/5 pens as he went on to be the joint top scorer in the league. He also got 15 assists from free kicks and corners.

Central attacking Midfielder - Jake Styler - 25 - 5ft4 - Jake isn't built physically and is quite short, however his technical ability is second only to Murph. With the most assist's for Liverpool Town, 23, it highlights Jakes excellent ability to pick a perfect pass, find space, beat the defender with excellent dribbling. While he isn't the strongest defender's struggle to keep up with Jake at the best of times, sitting just behind the 2 strikers Jake is a key part of Murphtannia's famous front 3. Styler earned a move to GRF team Molding last season

Target Man - Jake Pole - 26 - 5ft9. Jake Pole Isn't the strongest player ever but his hold up play is second to none. When receiving the ball he will use this hold up play and decent pace to keep the ball, bringing other teammates into play, scoring 14 goals this season shows Jake still has an eye for goal however his 18 assists speak louder as to the type of player he is, he is also Murphtannia's and Villas greatest header of the ball in terms of ability, having scored 5 of his goals via headers.

Advanced Forward - George Murphy (Murph to avoid confusion with the manager) - 6ft - 17 - Captain - Murphy regarded as the Greatest Murphtannian player of his generation. Despite being only being 18 Murphy is already Villa and Murphtannia captain. His age doesn't show with the leadership qualities his posses and his ability to deal with pressure well. Murph is rapid and has excellent stamina, combined with his ball control, superb finishing, decent ability to hold up the ball and ability to pick a perfect pass, it is no wonder Murphy is the top scorer in the Murphtannian Premier League, the boyhood villa fan scored 30 goals and got 10 assists, Murph is unselfish and will happily pass the ball to a teammate with a better scoring position. A decent penalty taker, Murphy prefers to be on the receiving end of set pieces rather than taking them. Many a time this season has he used his skill and ball control to beat a defence and his finishing ensures he has never missed a 1 on 1. He is by far Murphtannia's key player. Can also play LW, RW, CAM, LWB and LB.

Reserve Team

2nd choice keeper - Steven Philling - 23 - AFC Walsall United number 1, excellent at penalties, having saved 9/10 penalties he's faced this season.

3rd choice keeper - Tom Hardy - 32- Liverpool Town number 1- Experienced player.

LWB/LW- Tom Doyle - 27 - Plays for Birmingham United FC

RWB/RW - Lucas Hayes- 29 - Plays for AFC Walsall United FC

RWB/RW - Jude Elliott - 17 - Plays for Villa, has been called up to see if they can displace Bridges and Hayes.

CB/CDM - Kai Leafy - 31 - Plays for Portsmouth city

CB/LB - Oliver Jenkins - 22 - Older Brother of George Jenkins- Plays for Burnley United

CB/RB - Sam Hogan - 26 - Plays for Leicester Village

CDM - Jason Henderson -30- Liverpool Town captain, excellent player.

CAM/CM - Caolan O'Reilly -27- Plays for Villa - Similar player to Jake Styler- good free kicks

Box-to-box/CM - Jason Sterling - Portsmouth city player - 24

DLPM/CM/CAM/CDM - Steven Hurricane - 21 - Villa player

Advanced Play maker/CAM - Aaron Baxter - 26 - good at his job, can come on to add a new dynamic to the game

LW/LM - Steven Sancho - 24- Pacy winger- can be used if Murphy reverts back to his 4-4-1-1 formation

RW/RM - James Sterling -24 - Pacy winger

ST/LW/RW/CAM - Anthony Boland - 26- AFC Walsall United's main striker - 19 goals - Brilliant player

ST - Jordan Davis - 28 - Target Man - plays for The Southampton footballers - top scorer in the Murphtannian Championship with 34 goals, top assists with 26.

ST - Alex Saunders - 18 - pacy triker - plays for Kinetik Islanders - backup but impressed enough to get a call up to the reserve team.

GK - Ted Houghton - 26 - plays for Birmingham United

ST - Brandon Jackson - 20 - Plays for Nickelson FC

backroom staff

Assistant Manager - Spencer Owen - Father of Conner Owen - former Landywod lucals manager.

Coaches - GK coach - Neil Butler , Fitness Coaches - James Armstrong, George Rooney, Coaches - Shay Murphy, Steven Given, Thomas Murphy, Ian Noles, Charlotte Bail, Sophie Mcgiven.

The Murphtannia stadium

The Murphtannia stadium was first constructed in 1920, since then it has been the home of the Murphtannian national team and the stadium in which all cups finals are played.

[size=200]Facilities [/size]

The Murphtannia stadium has state of the art training centres, youth facilities, lighting, flood lights, pitch quality, and anything else you can think of. It has a capacity of 100,000 people and has seen many memorable moments such as the national team lifting the British Murphtannian Championships..

Other stadiums

The main stadiums used by the Murphtannian national team other than the Murphtannia stadium are Villa Park , where the Murphtannian FA vase, Murphtannian FA cup and League semi finals are held, and Anfield. These stadiums are stacked with History and some of the finest in Murphtannia. Finally Wembley stadium can also be used however it is mostly used by the English national team. (OOC: Most Murphtannian teams played in England until our independence and annexation of the UK. However each country still has their own FA like before.)

The Fans

The Murphtannian fans are passionate and loyal. Football is a very large part of Murphtannian culture and most games sell capacity, even in the lower depths of the football pyramid or amateur football. Murphtannian fans aren't known for hooliganism and are mostly kind and respectful, until the game begins, where the banter begins. When Murphtannia wins anything parties can go on for days and everyone is given time off work.

History of the national team

For an in depth history please refer to the fact book on footballing history in Murphtannia.

For those too lazy for that here is a basic history of our achievements

Our first international game was a 3-2 friendly win over Megistos.

Finally Murphtannia invented and hosted the First British Murphtannian Championships (Between members of the Commonwealth) in 1950, winning it in the years of 1954, 1956 and finally in 2004.

All-time Stats and records (subject to change at anytime)


Ball 20 caps 0 goals 0 assists

Cartlidge 20 caps 2 goals 0 assists

Bridges 14 caps 0 goals 0 assists

Hayes 55 caps 0 goals 1 assists

Pallet 20 caps 0 goals 1 assists

Banks 20 caps 0 goals 0 assists

Jenkins 21 caps 4 goals 1 assists

Owen 21 caps 1 goals 0 assists

Marley 18 caps 0 goals 0 assists

Styler 21 caps 1 goals 1 assists

Boland 16 caps 6 goals 5 assists

Pole 10 caps 2 goals 1 assists

Murphy 20 caps 17 goals 8 assists

Pilling 1 cap 0 goals 0 assists

Jason Sterling 1 cap 0 goals 0 assists

James Sterling 1 cap 0 goals 0 assists

Leafy 2 caps 0 goals 0 assists

O’Reilly 1 cap 0 goals 0 assists

Hogan 1 cap 0 goals 0 assists

Hall of fame

Oldest all time player : Tony Baldwin (Goal Keeper, 46 years old) (the oldest player to ever get a cap)

Youngest all time player: George Murphy (Striker, 17 years old) (the youngest to ever get a cap)

Record all time goalscorer : George Murphy (Striker, 17 goals) (all competitions)

Record current goalscorer (a player not currently retired): George Murphy (Striker, 17 goals) (all comps)

Record all time assist maker : Soumilya Datta (CAM, 30 assists)

Record current assist maker : George Murphy (Striker, 6 assists)

Most capped player: Lucas Hayes, 54


The Murphtannia stadium during the Recent Murphtannian FA Cup final

Of course no football team is complete without a kit to play in. The Murphtannian Culture Minister has been hard at work creating a kit that not only makes Murphtannian players look stylish, but also have a practical use. The Minister of Defense decided to get involved, and was quoted as saying "What do you mean we can't give them invisibility suits" After many weeks of hard work the following kits have been comissioned.

Home Kit Front and Back:



While the whole thing doesn't follow the national colours of red and black, it has seen record sales across Murphtannia.

The Gk Kit for Murphtannia is where the Minister for Defense got involved, designed for the goalkeeper to be camouflaged against the pitch, of course he didn't realize goalkeepers stand up not lie down, and all this do was made him stand out.

Home GK Kit front and back:


Of course the away kit looks equally stylish, the minister of culture decided to go with a mix of gold and black, in an attempt to stand out.

Finally the GK away kit, original designs were scrapped until one day one of the assistants working for the Minister of Culture dropped a melon on the design, before cleaners could clear it up the Minister looked at it for 15 minutes and went "no no, it's perfect." which was how the Melon kit was created.

GK away kit(the melon kit) front and back:


RP Permissions

RP scoring events Y
God mode scoring Y ( nothing too weird)
Give Injuries Y (as long as it doesn't leave them out for more than 2 matches)
God mode Injuries N
Give Yellow Cards Y
Give Red Cards Y but please notify me via Discord DM's or Telegram
God mode other events Y
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West Zirconia
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Postby West Zirconia » Sat Apr 24, 2021 7:13 am

Image Image

West Zirconia marked their return to the international arena with a creditable performance in World Cup 87, which has led manager Ben Phillips to keep faith with the 22 that performed so admirably.

The 22-man squad that will attempt to better its World Cup 87 performance has been confirmed as follows:

GK: Adam Horton (Markham)
DL: Andy Newby (Bradley Swifts)
DC: Michael Read (Banks)
DC: Sam Carlisle (Taylor’s Cross)
DR: Roy Hewitt (Banks)
ML: Brian Humphreys (Redwood Forest)
MC: Dom Byrne (Markham)
MC: Connor French(c) (Stanley United)
MR: Greg Clarke (Civil Service)
ST: Mark Heath (Mort Park)
ST: Tom Adamson (Taylor’s Cross)


Goalkeepers: Terry Guy (Mort Park), George Boyle (Bradley Swifts)
Defenders: Harry Wood (Houghton Kestrels), Danny Mowbray (Broxton and Marrs Hill), Freddie Thackeray (Houghton Kestrels)
Midfielders: Steve Banks (Houghton Kestrels), Darren Little (Bradley Swifts), Stewart Cadden (Mort Park)
Forwards: Ben Holland (Currie), Saul Blair (Banks), Neil Hooper (Broxton and Marrs Hill)

Style modifier: A counter-attacking +1
Permissions: Anything physically feasible, the funnier the better.

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WC88 Roster

Postby Squornshelous » Sat Apr 24, 2021 8:36 am

Imperium of Squornshelous
World Cup 88 Roster

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers:           Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y
Give yellow cards to my players: Y
Give red cards to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y

Anything goes, I'll roll with it

General Background
The Imperium of Squornshelous is a proud and ancient nation, extant for an indeterminate number of years, early records being largely lost to the mists of time. It made its debut in World Cup 5, and continued to participate in every edition from that time until World Cup 41. In the wake of that tournament, anti-government demonstrations spiraled out of control into a civil war which resulted in the country being split in half. The Eastern half remained under the Imperium, while the Western half reorganized itself as the Confederacy of Squornshelan Remnant States. At present, the Imperium exists at a cyberpunk tech level in a pocket dimension consisting solely of itself. It is not wholly unlike the Dreamed Realm, except for the part where it is wholly unlike the Dreamed Realm. More of a nightmare, really. A history of inexplicable temporal and spatial phenomena suggests that this may not be a permanent situation. At present, the Imperium has had great difficulty coaxing its technology into functionality when beyond the bounds of this pocket dimension. As a result, the national team was initially assembled from members of a fringe group within Imperial society. This Luddite religious sect consider cybernetic implants to be anathema, and as a result, suffer no ill effects from the abrupt cessation of function of such implants when leaving the country. While certainly not up to the standards of old, this hastily assembled team during World Cup 84 qualifying and at the ensuing Cup of Harmony were respectable enough that the team was brought back intact for the following cycle with one notable exception. Striker Lyyti Vang, who led the team in goals during qualifying, vanished following the team's final match at the Cup of Harmony. No information on her current whereabouts has been made public in the Imperium, though some media outlets introduced the notion that she was abducted by a terrorist organization. (ooc:those in the wider multiverse may be aware that she fled the country and was granted asylum in the Squornshelan Remnant States, where she is now playing club football for Sporting Jaglan)
Since the conclusion of Cycle 86, continuing work by Imperial neurosurgeons and cyberneticists has still yet to yield the secret which will allow Squornshelan tech to function outside the Imperium. They have, however, developed therapies to lessen the withdrawal affects on those who employ such implants, opening the door to the possibility that implanted players might realistically be able to participate. This would present an obvious advantage for the Imperium at home matches, and the legality of such under the WCC is uncertain at best. The Ministry of Sport has announced a return to the more select, smaller roster for qualifying, citing the necessity of team chemistry. Some have speculated, though that after the events of IAC 12, the Ministry has more thoroughly vetted the political leanings of the roster to avoid another embarrassment.

Recent Events
Two years has passed since the event that has become known to some as Liberation Day. Regarded by many as a mere nuisance which did little more than organize occasional protests, the left wing, antiauthoritarian group known as the Alliance for a New Confederacy (NewCon for short) launched coordinated raids on covert detention centers across the nation. Thousands of political prisoners and captured NewCon operatives were freed. This action coincided with a message to the nation using the government's own emergency broadcast system. The message was brief, just a couple minutes, and nearly completed its second repetition before being cut off. In short, it called for Squornshelan citizens everywhere to lift their eyes up from their daily grind, to witness what they country truly was, and to join NewCon in doing something about it.

Simultaneously, major changes within the government were taking place. High Minister Oleg Fedotenko was deposed, tried for crimes against the Imperium and executed. The Emperor, Girma Zeta, abdicated his position, and in a surprising move, named former Minister of Sport Sweyn Petrov as his successor. Petrov quickly appointed Bjarni Riihijarvi as High Minister. The government has attempted to downplay the suddenness of this transition of power, and vociferously denies any allegations of a coup. Petrov, a much more visible presence as Emperor than his predecessor, has emphasized that he wishes nothing more than for life to continue as normal. Since that time, NewCon strikes both physical and electronic on military and law enforcement installations, infrastructure, and government offices have become commonplace. Thousands and thousands of citizens have been detained, but nothing the government does seems to stop the onslaught. Desertion from the military is at its highest rate since the War, and people whisper that many of those who leave are not simply going home, but joining NewCon. A year ago, at the Independent Associations Championship national team Tyra Volam became the center of the latest controversy, as she was allegedly detained by Imperial Security after protesting the government's crackdown during the national anthem. Escaping with the assistance of Muralosian authorities, she has since arrived in the SRS, joining fellow expat Lyyti Vang at Sporting Jaglan. Whatever the Emperor might insist, life in the Imperium is anything but normal.

Trigram: SQU
Competitive Record: 491-135-146; 1788 GF, 910 GA
First International: Audioslavia 0-4 Squornshelous (WC5 Qualifying, Matchday 1)
Biggest Win: Spaamanian Plijous 0-8 Squornshelous (WC27 Qualifying, Matchday 16)
Worst Loss: Turori 7-1 Squornshelous (WC33 Qualifying, Matchday 14)

Style: +5
Manager: Teresa Lagerkron
Assistant Managers: Timofei Sobol, Kaja Frisk
Team Doctor: Aagot Gren
Formation: 4-3-3
Home Stadium: Imperial Arena (cap. 85,000), Vogsphere

First Team in Bold:
Goalkeepers:          AGE   GEN
#1 Hege Vogdahl 34 F
#31 Guro Anthonsson 27 M
#13 Embla Keltteri 29 F
Left Backs:
#3 Iosif Chaika 30 M
#32 Vasilii Nyberg 23 M
Right Backs:
#2 Dorthe Storvoll 32 F
#29 Pirjo Loefgren 20 F
Center Backs:
#4 Mirjami Sykko 29 F
#5 Anselmi Voronin 33 M
#20 Juhani Ljungman 28 M
#35 Halvar Skovgaard 25 M
#22 Berit Rapp 28 F
#8 Alla Kirylenko 31 F
#21 Vilde Martikainen 27 F
#7 Pyotr Arikansky 19 M
#23 Danila Sokolov 30 F
#6 Yngve Nikandrin 20 M
Left Wingers:
#9 Lucia Krupin 30 F
#27 Thorgnyr Bondarov 21 M
Right Wingers:
#10 Havard Popov 28 M
#26 Tyyne Hult 30 F
#11 Tove Anker 29 F
#40 Snorre Fridtjofs 22 M
#16 Lisbet Naumov 21 F

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The Imperium of Squornshelous
Rightful Overlord of the Rogue Provinces of West Squornshelous
Trigram: SQU
KPB Ranking: 22.41 (32nd)
World Cup 31 Champions
Runners Up: WC15 & WC38
Third Place: WC20, WC25
Semifinalist: WC18, WC27
Quarterfinalist: WC5, WC11, WC12, CoH6, WC22, WC30, WC32, WC33, WC34, WC40, CoH77
Second Round: WC6, WC7, WC9, WC16, WC21, WC23, WC24, WC28, WC36, WC37, WC39
Group Stage: WC8, WC10, WC13, WC17, WC19, WC26, WC29, WC35, WC41, CoH76
Worst Day of My Life: WC14
Other days that were not the absolute worst, but when we also didn't qualify: WC84, WC85, WC86

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Postby Garbelia » Sat Apr 24, 2021 11:32 pm


Code: Select all
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y, I will choose length
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y (no more than 2 per match)
Hand out red cards to my players: Y, but only if I have no other suspended players and only for 1 match
Godmod other events: Telegram me, and I will decide what is acceptable.

Trigramme: GAB

Garbelery National Football Team:

Lutri Ottodottir was formerly the manager of the Garbelia Under-21 team. Under her relaxed management, they achieved a surprising run to the Quarter Finals. Upon appointment as first team manager, she promptly promoted several of her youth players into the squad and lineup. She sets the team up as 4-3-3, with two fullbacks, wide centre-mids and wide forwards and a -3 style modifier.

The Team: (Lineup subject to change, I will try and release an RP with the exact one, otherwise assume this)

Ottery Otterface - 32 - GK - 6ft 7in
Having won the Garbelian title 4 times, with Norvis FC, Otterface is an excellent keeper. He is best at saving long shots and one-on-ones, but he is not good at defending crosses and scrambles. He is awful at goal kicks, so he always goes short to a defender, who can then hit a long pass up the pitch.

Marge Findus - 23 - DL - 6ft 2in
Marge Findus is considered by many to be the roughest player on the Garbelia team. Despite playing on the wing, she relies on physicality, however she is often beaten by pace. On the other hand, even when outpaced, she is an expert at stopping the ball reaching a striker's head, no matter what the cost.

James Lutrison - 22 - DC - 6ft 1in
James Lutrison, despite having never won a title, is regarded as the best defender in Garbelia, and plays well with Ottery Otterface, specialising in headers, both attacking and defending set pieces, and from open play. He is still young, however, and has a tendency to foul the striker if he is beaten.

Nutria Huron - 19 - DC - 6ft
Nutria Huron is an extremely aerial defender, focusing on headers rather than tackling.

Otter McCat - 27 - DR - 6ft 4in
The last member of Garbelia's defence, Otter McCat is a good all-round defender, who can effectively tackle and head the ball and also has pace. He is good at laying the ball off to the winger in front, but can't cross well.

Opspore Kawauso - 20 - MC - 6ft
Opspore Kawauso is a young player, who enjoyed her breakthrough in the Di Bradini Cup 21. Similar to Otto Otter, she is excellent at set pieces and long shots, but also has a lot of pace, preferring to play on the wing. She is very generous with passes, and has been known to assist other players when she could have scored herself.

Otto Otter - 18 - MC - 5ft 1in
Otto Otter is widely thought to be the best player in Garbelia. At only 18, he is famous for his free-kicks, which seem to be drawn towards top corner, and having scored a corner against the Garbelian champions of the time, Norvis FC. He is very quick, has an excellent tackle and can score goals for fun. His only weakness is that he is quite selfish and will often choose to make a dribble himself rather than passing to an open teammate.

Lonivan Blisset - 19 - MC - 5ft 8in
Lutrini is almost the opposite of Otto Otter. A slow, young player, he rarely scores or provides an assist, but is excellent at protecting the back line, and can send short passes out to any other player.

Steve Ottoman - 30 - 6ft 9in - CF
Steve Ottoman is a talisman for Garvenord Rovers and has provided over half their goals since he joined them. He is not very good at long shots, but has an incredible header and almost never misses a cross, if it reaches him.

Arthur Goodotter - 20 - FR - 5ft 5in
Arthur Goodotter is a young striker who has a knack for being in the right place, and smashing penalties or mid-range shots home. He is still learning, so hardly even attempts headers. For a finisher, he is very good at regaining the ball off the back line of defenders.

Ote Vydra - 20 - FL - 6ft 1in
Ote Vydra is a similar player to Arthur Goodotter, but is more physical and will take on defenders.

Players who regularly start:
Ottery Ottoerson - 23 - MC (forward thinking) - 6ft 3in
Ottery Ottoerson is a slight attacker, who can round any defender and has an excellent finish. He is very quick, but has never scored a header. He won the league twice, finishing as the league's top scorer on both occasions.

Penalties: Goodotter, if not available, Ottoman, O. Vydra, Kawauso, Ottoerson.
Free Kicks: Otter, Kawauso, Avianuin
Corners: Otter, Kawauso, Avianuin

Miaow Otterinein ~ GK ~ 37
Ludtro Muto ~ 24 ~ DC
Lutro Ludovitch ~ 27 ~ DC
Steoarian Barnes ~ 22 ~ FC
Lefiné Avianuin ~ 30 ~ ML

Loes Snaijer ~ GK ~ 23
Famke Van Bokhoven ~ ML/MR/AMR/AML ~ 22
Janna Watanabe ~ MR ~ 23
Minato Watanabe ~ MC ~ 28
Mariëlle Verhoeven ~ CF/FL/FR ~ 27
Mari Katō ~ AMC ~ 33
Lutra Vydra ~ DC ~ 21
Otto Otterata ~ RB ~ 21
Vid Otterra ~ LB ~ 20

Assistant Manager: Ludwig Van Otter
Head Coach: Xisco Lutro
Physio: Pat McFerret

There are no separate away kits. The Goalkeeper wears a plain white shirt.
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Postby Central Shaneville » Sun Apr 25, 2021 7:46 am

The Central Shaneville side is a side that has remained unchanged for a while now with the Shaneville Sports Association saying "If it isn't broken, don't fix it." World Cup 88 will be a big campaign for Central Shaneville as they still try and figure out where they stand in the football world with new manager Cam Meister at the helm who nearly gave them a knockout round spot in the Independents Cup 12 competition early in the year.

The "Strikeforce of Central Shaneville" will once again return to action as David Vujanic and Josh Smith return however this duo maybe broken up for a few games as backup striker Taylor Anderson looks to break into the first team after two great performances at the last Independents Cup.

The Red Bull Arena in Shaneville City will once again open its doors for only the second time in its history to host Central Shaneville's home games.

The roster will look like this:

GK - James Penford
LB - Tommy Vance
CB - Danny Weaire
CB - Anthony Wessels
RB - Brandon Ekins
CAM - Danny Staniar
CAM - Shane Wray
LW - Spencer Owen
RW - Sam Wray
ST - David Vujanic
ST - Josh Smith

GK - Jordan Berry
D - Lewis Young
D - Luke Graham
M - Daniel Cutting
M - Olly Kenyon
M - Jeff Shreeves
F - Taylor Anderson

Code: Select all
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
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13th Winter Olympics - Men's Giant Slalom - Gold Medalists
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Postby Taeshan » Sun Apr 25, 2021 11:33 am


Nation Name:Taeshan
Demonym: Taes, Taeshanis
Team Nickname: Purple Knights
Modifier: -5
Captain: Shiloh Morgenstern
Vice-Captain: Santiago Santiago

Image Image Image

Manager: Daigo Coshan
A less than brilliant performance in the Copa Rushmori after a home world cup that started with a lot of fanfare, but only a little bit of success in the opener and a lot of disappointment after that. But such is life? We get closer and closer to glory only to find new ways to fail each time and inevitably that is the result I fully expect to see.


1 – Florian Wagner – FC Almintora (Turori) 133 Caps, 0 Goals, 24 Years Old
I wish I could say Wagner continues to be a strong presence in front of the net but after lifting a trophy for club in the B Series finals he couldn't seem to do much for his country once again. Two world cups, but only a little bit to show for it.

12 – Emmit Nickleby – Taeshan City Miners 2 Caps, 22 Years Old
The goalkeeping corps is young but ultimately it is not as exciting as many would hope for. Nickleby just got relegated to the second division in the weirdest premier league season in decades, and while surely the Miners will quickly return to the top division, it is not a great sign that he couldn't keep them up.

24– Isaac Leyton – New Capetown Falcons 4 Caps, 25 Years Old
The Falcons have been a stronger team since Leyton moved cross town from rivals Nordiques and Leyton has been a big part of that. A Pure shot stopper he is the elder statesmen of the three keepers, but he is likely third in the depth chart of the team as they wish to qualify for their 13th world cup.

4 - CB, Liam McKenzie - Yaton FC 87 Caps, 4 goals, 26 Years Old
A stunning season for Yaton sees them qualify for international play after selling all of their seemingly good players not native to the city. McKenzie is a strong ball player and his left footed play is unmatched in the eastern shores of Rushmore.

20- CB, Foster Benjamin - Soldarian (Valanora) 68 Caps, 0 goals, 22 Years Old
Foster Benjamin continues to be a pioneer with his strong play in the Elven Premiership yet his play in the World Cup for his nation lacked a certain headiness you would expect from a man playing in one of the most competitive leagues in the world. We shall see if this turns around in this qualifying campaign.

22 - RB, Sullivan Garrett - Olympia Borograd (Siovanija and Teusland) 106 Caps, 0 Goals, 22 Years Old
Many wondered if Garrett would move across the field with Santiago likely retiring, but neither of these things has happened so the left footed Garrett continues to be a little awkward. It's not a major issue for the Siovanijan based Fullback, but it definitely is a little bit of a hindrance.

23 - LB, Santiago Santiago – Oljestaden (Audioslavia) 168 Caps, 1 Goal, 30 Years Old
Santiago decided not to retire and has given it one last harrah at the World Cup. Quite ominous isn't it? Will the team reward him with another shot at glory for his nation, or will he and the team once again go up in flames.

2 – Lyle Marchand – 1093 Club de Football Atlantea 21 caps, 21 Years Old
A young center back option on the bench Marchand continues to push for minutes alongside McKenzie with Foster Benjamin's play in the Purple and Gold making many wonder if he could end up forcing himself above the Vanoran based defender.

3- Blaise Fortunato– X Island Marauders 18 Caps, 22 Years Old
Blaise looked likely to be a big part of a return to title winning ways for X Island but the Marauders, likely some other usual contenders just did not have their mojo this season. He played well, but the team as a whole just could not keep the competition going and so we have a player likely hungry to show his owrth.

5 - Falstaff Kyte– New Capetown Nordiques 20 Caps, 0 Goals, 20 Years Old
The bench fullback, Kyte is likely the most aggrieved by Santiago's refusal to retire, but he still sits next in line and will likely see a lot of play off the bench as Santiago likely can't play a full grueling qualifying campaign.


6- CDM, Yoshimi Hirahito – Urbizania Wanderers (Astograth) 151 Caps, 5 Goals, 26 Years old
After a less than stellar World Cup Yoshimi Hirahito seems to be back to battling some form of the cancer that had afflicted him as a child, but he is back on the lineup and much like Santiago may not have the energy to start every qualifying match, but will be a key cog for the Knights as they hope to return to the World Cup.

14 - RM, Nycolas Jackson – RGS Athletic (Eastfield Lodge) 160 Caps, 11 Goals, 28 Years Old
A possible last campaign for Nycolas Jackson as many wonder if Shiloh Morgenstern and Santiago Santiago stayed around one more year possibly so the trio could head out together, with perhaps even an early retirement from Hirahito as well.

18- LM, Shiloh Morgenstern – Sabrefell Moths (Nephara) 170 Caps, 32 Goals, 30 Years OldCaptain
Morgenstern has often been criticized for his leadership skills by the media, but yet he has played in more world cups than any captain before him, and that is a big deal for the Skipper. This team is older than it has been in a while but the Purple Knights have a lot of hope for this qualifying campaign.

20 – CAM, Benjamin Moriarty – Yaton FC 119 Caps, 6 Goals, 28 Years Old
A weird world in which Moriarty continues to be the starter on a weaker team that just barely qualified for international play but Larson Sneijder sits on the bench as a reigning premier league champion. More on this story as it develops but don't hold your breath on everything going Moriarty's way as the season progresses.

8 - Xavier Ydrissil - Atlantea Hurricanes 30 Cap, 1 Goal, 21 Years Old
One of the players most frustrated by the lack of retirements Ydrissil is close to playing as a starter, but yet here we are another season of just being a great bench option, and the second best bench option at that so we will see how things go.

15 – Elton Kenoby – Mierton Manatees 39 Cap, 3 Goals, 23 Years Old
The super-sub this team has the most use for. Two titles in Taeshan, and a quarterfinal appearance in the Champions League so we will see how much Elton Kenoby does off the bench and in likely spot starts for the national team moving forward.

17- Porter Ajax – Al Haxire 20 Caps, 1 Goal, 22 Years Old
A strong personal effort for the Al Haxire midfielder whose team continues to not be the most impressive, but he stays in the premier league fight each season. Can he be a wildcard to take a starting spot eventually or is their too much "talent" ahead?

16 – Francesco Tzimisces – Bayern Phoenix 24 Caps, 4 Goals, 22 Years Old
A strong central midfielder a spot very rarely fully used for this squad so Francesco sees himself as a bench change of pace option more than anything, and that is quite sad for one of the most technically gifted midfielders Taeshan has ever produced.

21 – Lionel Ninetails – Bayern-Algaer 40 Caps, 2 Goals, 24 Years Old
An attacking flair option on the bench Ninetails has the most caps of the bench midfielders but most of those were in a host year World Cup friendly campaign, and he hasn't been truly tested in any event of meaningful matter.


8 - LS, Pierre Elciega - Mierton Manatees 44 Cap, 8 Goals, 21 Years Old
The hottest forward in Taeshan in decades Elciega tried for a threepeat last season with another league title but the Manatees just didn't have the strength of the last few seasons. Hopefully for the nation he can return them to a world cup after scoring in this past one.

9 - RS, Wilhelm Nkitilina – KT Itzalovalle (Audioslavia) 158 Caps, 74 Goals, 28 Years Old
Another possible retirement after this season Nkitilina has been the head of the line for over a decade for the national team and for a while plying his trade in Audioslavia. He is a strong forward and will score a lot of goals this upcoming season.

11-LS, Larson Sneijder – Tintown Terrapins 126 Caps, 15 Goals, 26 Years old
Sneijder is a slashing forward for the national team but a ball playing attacking midfielder for his club and the Purple Knights benched him for a weak move from Yenvil to Tintown, yet now he has a title winner's medal on a club he lead to the title. Hard to keep him on the bench at this point.

13 – Shannon Lafayette - Chalesm FC (Sqournshelous) 44 Caps, 6 Goals, 28 Years Old
Shannon Lafayette may continue to be on this team for reasons i'm sure.

19 – Markus Packard-Grey – Unioneers (Eura) 16 Caps, 3 Goals, 20 Years Old
A second offseason on the move as AFC Mayville was relegated but Packard-Grey did enough to earn a move across the Euran league to Unioneers and now he sits in a great position to earn his way to a starting spot for the country soon.

Formation 4-4-2 (Diamond)
Champions - Copa Rushmori 22, Cup of Harmony 35, Di Bradini Cup 19, World Baseball Classic 13, Gridiron World Championships (World Bowl 0), World Bowl 34, World Lacrosse Championship 2

World Cup Qualifications-41, 44, 46, 59, 61(RoS), 62(Quarterfinals), 63 (RoS), 64 (Quarterfinals), 83, 84 (RoS), 85, 87

Hosts-Cup of Harmony 55, Copa Rushmori 14, Sporting World Cup 10,
Quidditch World Cup 10, World Cup of Hockey 41, World Cup 87



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